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Muhurta effects !

12th house and gains !

Ketu in 12th house gives dhanalaabh while all planets in 12th house gives expenditure .

sun gives heavy tax liabilities , loss of money through govt agencies
moon gives ill fame loss of reputation and dissatisfaction , unnecessary expenditure plus lack of food .
mars gives expenditure on account of enemies , crime etc
mercury gives expenditure on account of education
jupiter gives savings
venus gives long-term savings
Shani rahu gives bad habits and expenditure due to them
ketu gives gain of money

malefic in 12th give foreign travels if aspected by benefic gives progress in foreign countries .
if aspected by malefic one will lose wealth in foreign lands sometimes have to beg also .
malefic if aspected by malefic one will involve in crimes
if 12th lord is with sun one will go to hell after death
if mixed planets in 12th and lagna well placed one will get swarga

12th lord in own house and 12 th aspected by benefic MUSAL YOGA
one will lead difficult life , after many insults and expenditure will stabilise in life BUT still one will go to SWARGA ..

Saturn even if exalted gives miseries in its dasha !

Saturn in its exaltation sign , native will leave his native place on force ( देशभृंश) , mentally afflicted , unhappy sorrowful , losses in business , destruction of agricultural produce cattle land , conflict with superiors , authorities , king and subsequent anger shown by King .

Saturn in deep exaltation i.e. 20 degrees libra will get in its dasha head of dept. , village , division , state etc .. Will engage in various modes of amusements .. But will suffer death / separation / deserting of father , there will be difference of opinion and clashes with relatives .

In own sign saturn in its dasha will give dislike hate towards ones own family ..even as fame will increase , power will increase status will be high .. Favours from govt ..he alone will be benefited from his acts , there will be increase of gold ..
However he may die in this dasha. But that will be peaceful death .

In mooltrikona saturn in its dasha will live in isolated distant land .there he will have a alternate name pen name or a title .. If he gets fortune of heading a village or institution or city , he will be deprived of wife son relatives .. He may be hated by women .

Exalted saturn is aspected by malefic he will get best comforts happiness of highest kind .there will be loss of profession only to take up profitable business or become a ruler .

Vrishabha lagna – Position of Sun and its results !

1.sun in lagna gain of lands house and happiness , will have a good job
2.sun in second house too heavy expenses but good earnings
3.sun in third house , earning not sufficient , however hard one tries one will always be in deficit no svaings .
4.sin in fourth house ,will ahve power in hand , will become a good offcier secretary general manager etc
5.sun in fifth house inheritance of house lands property , much earningss from a job .
6.sun in sixth house will spend away all the properties got from ancestors and also self earned properties . lossof eductaion , debts and troubloes frome enemies . loss of health
7.sun in seventh , good married life with spouse having good qualities yet person will not be happy with good natured wife .
8.sun in 8th troubles in urinating ,break in education , obstacles in growth , tight financial position ,troubles from authorities
9.sun in 9th house increase in fortunes , increase in education , increase in opulence of place of stay
10.sun in 10th house political power , teerthayatra ,devatakaarya , favours from higher officials will do good deeds , recognition from govt .
11. sun in 11th house , will get good job , house lands and fame .
12. sun in 12th house one will spend like anythinga nd finally will have to beg . loss of lands house .always trouble in office , if saturn is in second even business will not be favourable . if with staurn life will be difficult .
if shani si alone in kendra he will be a achiever liked by all .

Laya Chintana !

* One gets moxa only when does laya chintana everyday .the phala of this chintana is release from janma-mrityu cycle

* There is an in-depth version for the advanced Sadhakas, for a novice the given chintana is adequate

* Prior to sleeping one must the laya chintana. Enters means laya. In other words, each entity is tatva and it recoils, merges into the former

* Laya is of two types : Garuda Marga and Sesha Marga


1. Indra Marga-1:

a. Varnashrama dharmarata Manushyottam get laya into Nirruti

b. Nirruti along with= all “pitrus’, 100 kings like Prithu etc., together with Vaivasta etc., and 12 Manus enters Yamadharmaraya

c. Yamadharma enters Swayambhu Manu

d. Swayambhu manu along with Shatarupadevi enters Indra [this is one sub Indra marga]

2. Indra Marga-2:

a. Forty-nine Maruts along with Pravaha Vayu and Ahankarika Praana enter Indra

3. Indra Marga-3:

a. Sadhyagana enter Ganesha and stay in Akaash

b. Mrityu gana and Rubhugana enter Prithvi tatva

c. Sons of Agni and all sons of devatas enter Agni and Agni enters Aditya

d. Akaash, Prithvi and Aditya get Laya in Brihaspatiacharya

e. Brihaspati alongwith Taradevi enter Indra (this is the third Indra marga)

4. Indra Marga 4:

a. All 100 less 100 crores rishis, 80 special rishis -Marichi etc, Saptarishis, Bhrighu Rishi, Narada and all Devarishis enter Daksha Prajapati

b. Daksha Prajapati with Prasuti Devi enters Indra (this is the fourth Indra marga)

5. Indra alongwith Sachidevi enters Sauvarnidevi and Jambawatidevi enter Sauvarni devi

6. 6. Sauvarni Devi enters Garuda in Garuda Marga.


Here there is only one marga:

1. Manushya Gandharva enter into Devagandharva, Devagandharva who in turn enter Ajanaja devatas. These Ajanaja devatas enter Kubera

2. Kubera enters Varuna

3. And Varuna enters Chandra

4. Chandra along with Vishwaksena, Jaya, Vijaya enter Aniruddha

5. Aniruddha alongwith Sanakaadi enter Kaamadeva

6. Kaamadeva and Ratidevi, enter Vaaruni devi

7. Vaaruni devi enters Shesha. This is Shesha Marga

1. (Gurukulite query: what about Nagas such as Vasuki, Takshaka etc)

8. Both Garuda and Shesha deva enter Saraswati devi

9. Saraswati enters Brahma

10. Brahma enters Tejomaya Lakshmidevi

11. Lakshmidevi enters Atyanta Saamipya of Lord and engages in Dhyaana

12. In this manner while doing Laya chintana upto Narayana, one must do aikya chintana of Dakshinakshigata Vishwa namak Paramatma, Swapna Preraka Kanthagata Taijas in Taijas namak paramatma and Suptiprada Hrudgata Jeevantaryaami Pragnya namak Hari (aikya) into Bimba roopi Hari


Question: How to visualise and should we remember the previous sequence?

Chiraan : For example Saraswati is Smara Tatva and merges in Mahatatva. What does merging mean, how can souls do this?

One can imagine Saraswati entering Brahmas heart. Manushyas represent Varnashrama dharma.

Question: Does this happen till last janma for manushyas? Happens at the end of brahma kalpa 100 years of brahma and sadhana happens until then. Laya happens in taratamya order.

Chiraan : Laya happens at 4 levels. 1. Nitya Manujanma level 2. Manykalpa level 3. Brahma dina kalpa 4. Brahma Mahakalpa.

Question: Who is Aniruddha who enters Kamadeva and what is his function?

Chiraan : Aniruddha is Shatrughna of Ramayana

Question: Is Aniruddha roopi Hari same as Aniruddha in the 10th kaxa of taratamya? Similar is the query in the context of Pradyumna and Kamadeva who in 8th kaxa.

Chiraan: Vishnu roopas are supreme and do not occur in any kaxa.

Note: Aniruddha is devata for procreation. Kamadeva is devata for avidya, shadvairis. Laya chintana and panchikarana aata by Sri Vadirajaru.

If we do karma samarpana in this way which will finally reach Hari. When we say Krishnarpana it goes in this marga.

Question: Is there a difference between laya chintana and golaka chintan?

Chiraan: Each step mentioned is Laya chintana is golaka. But Mukhya golaka is Vayu for the Lord. Hence during Arpana we say prana antargat Lord.

Question: Who are mrityu ganas and rubhu ganas?

Chiraan : Yama dhootas are mrityu gana and Shiva/marut ganas are rubhuganas

||Shri Krishnarpanamastu||

Laxana of Hari Bhakta !

MAITREYA says “Oh Guru Parashara, I have known from YOU that there is not a thumb-sized place in this entire universe, which does not have a JEEVA/a praani, which is KARM baddha i.e. tied to KARMA. Oh muni, once this longevity is over everyone becomes vashavarti [goes into the control] of YAMA. But some jeevas don’t undergo YAMAYATNA at all!!!!!!! Then by avoiding YAMAYATNA completely these SOULS take birth as DEVATAS is the conclusion of shastras. Human owing to such PURE karmas do not get into sway of YAMA. I would like to hear that details KARMA rupa DHARMA!”

PARASHARA muni continues, “O, Maitreya! This question was asked by PUNYAVANTA NAKULA to BHEESHMA pitamaha and what Bheesmha said I am going to elaborate!”

Nakul asked this question to Bheeshma, to which Bheeshma replied that he had asked this question to a Bramhan and whatever he said it turned out to be true in his experience. Bheeshma said that he (the Brahmin) had heard that as a discussion between YAMA and his dootas.

Bheesham says to NAKULA, “O, son! In early days my BRAMHANA friend named KALINGAK had visited my house, I had asked him this question, KALINGAK was

JAATISMAR [one who remembers his PAST births] whatever he said I did believe in it and later I found no difference in what he said and what I experienced in my lifetime.

Jaatismar KALINGAK said he knew a secret which happened before his eyes, YAMA directing his YAMA-kinkara is what KALINGAK remembers! He said once YAMA sitting on his throne called upon his servant who was having a PASHA in his hands and secretly uttered in his EARS, “whoever is GRACED by LORD NARYANA, who have earned ANUGRAHA who are PATRA for NARAYAN anugraha, LEAVE them all! I am not the chief of those VISHNU bhakta jeevas! [i.e. I can give punishments to only those are not VISHNU bhhaktas].

The LEADER of DEVATAS Chaturmukha BRAMHA has named me YAMA because I do niyamana of PRAJA, he has employed me to DO hitaahit i.e. GOOD and BAD betterment and punishment of PRAJA. I AM under the control of SRIHARI and GURUJI only but NOT independent [so says YAMA]. ONE who enables me to do NIAYMANA [maintenance and rule the world] is SRIHARI NARAYANA only. ONE who CONTROLS me and does My niyaman is LORD VISHNU he is my LORD too. Just Like GOLD is instrumental in becoming KIRIT KUNDAL KAVACH abharan etc.

But all are GOLD only and has one abheda [indistinguishable quality of GOLD] though similarly, the CREATOR and reason of this WORLD LORD Vishnu alone resides in

swaroopa as DEVATAS, PASHU, manava etc. and is called thus. During Pralaya, all the devatas find LAYA in SRIMANNARAYANA.

Since it is LORD Narayana who does SARVA NIAYAMAN everyone everything is UNDER his CONTROL he is EXTOLLED a SARVASWAROOP.

Just as EARTH and WATER PARTICLES [paramanus], which get accumulated in AIR as the air gets destroyed [NEELAANTE] gets mixed back in earth and water, so also DEVATAS pashu and manavs after PRALAYA [due to GUNA KSHOBHA] find laya in LORD [i.e. stay in SUXMA sithithi].

The man who does NAMASKAARA to the LOTUS feet of LORD VISHNU, which is worshipped by all DEVATAS, such man is free of all sins. Thus, leave that MAN thinking him to be akin that FIRE which has soaked and absorbed the GHEE

PASHAYUDH holding YAMABHAT listening to such words of YAMA asked, “oh YAMADHARMA RAJA! Our LORD, the ruler [palak] of the all PRAPANCHA, HOW does this HARIBHAKTA look like and behaves like what are his LAXANAS?”

YAMA says, “one who thinks that among sukh dukha dwandva [happiness and miseries] just as DUKHA miseries happen in life without our asking for it and even if one does not desire [i.e. it comes without our ichcha], so also SUKHA comes even if we don’t desire. Without our asking for it, KNOWING this, one who stays with sama buddhi and keeps the same stance among FRIENDS and FOES one who does

VARNASHARAM DHARMA as BHAGVAD AGNYA- order of GOD, and does not LEAVE it, does not partake OTHERS’ wealth/things [not even an IOTA] one who does not TROUBLE others that atyant RAGAADIDWESHAHEEN [who is without raaga dwesha hate and attachment] such SHUDDHA MANSKA [clean-minded] one is VISHNU BHAKTA! Know thus!

Even among such VISHNU bhaktas who have clean mind shudhdha manas, if such person even though in KALIYUGA but has not been AFFECTED by KALIYUGA dosha and its SINS in mind i.e. UNTOUCHED by PRAMAADA ANYATHA GYANA MOHA shunya MANAS and  ALWAYS does dhyana in such clean mind DHYANA of DUSHTAJANANASHAK SRIHARI [the destroyer of evil ones] such a MANUSHYA KNOW him to be ATYANT HARI BHAKTA.

One who find GOLD in a place where no one is around and still does not desire for it thinking it to be akin to a grass blade and keeps his mind [mind bereft of sense objects vishyashunya manas] only ON LORD NARAYANA such a person KNOW him to be SHRESHTHA HARI BHAKTA.

LORD NARAYANA is DOSHADOOR i.e. he is UNTOUCHED by DEFECTS not a speck of it or smell of it is in LORD and when such LORD stays in someone’s HEART [manas] how can there defects/doshas like matsarya be in him? Just like a heat of fire does not take effect when in ICE cold weather, when in whose HEART LORD

NARYANA, who is sarvatrayaami (with his VISHESHA VIBHUTI rupa VASUDEVA rupa) stays that person is NIRAMAL BUDDHI [clean minded] and is without doshas like asuyaa, he is calm minded and with clean conduct [shuddha charitra] a friend of all praanis, dear to all, speaks words favorable to all, free from ahankaar and shaathya.

How does VISHNU bhakta look like?

LORD VISHNU who nitya sits in the heart of VISHNU bhakta, His VISHESHA sannidhi makes the face of VISHNU bhakta exhibit vishesha sign on MUKHAPRAASAAD [the sign that indicates the presence of EVER SMILING COMPLETELY BLISSFUL NARAYANA] that PARAMANANDA is evident by SAUMYA aura radiating through the face. Just like a SAAL tree shows a KOMALTA [tenderness] indicating the JUICY earth under its ROOTS.

BY the yamas – ahinsa satya asteya bramhacharya aparigraha and by NIYAMAS like shauch santosh tapasya vedadhyayan SHRIHARI DHYAAN removing kalmmash [dirt] of mind always keeping the mind fixed in NITYA NARAYANA, having lost the MADA, which makes mind chest bloat due to increase in wealth and subsequent garva having rejected the PUJYATA buddhi bestowed by people that what is called MAANA and leaving the EGO that I will not bow to others called matsar. All humans who have overcome these dootas LEAVE them don’t come near them.

When AVYAHAT, SHADGUNAISHWARYA POORNA UTPATTI-shunya chakra-shankha-gadadhar chaturvidh Naashrahit swaroop SRIHARI sits in our hearts, how does SINS be in heart where destroyer of SIN sits? WHEN SUN has risen can there be DARKNESS [when a strong BALAVAdirOdhi vastu being there drubal vastu cannot be there].

What are the laxanas of EKANTA VISHNU bhakta?

One who thinks this entire world and himself under the CONTROL of VASUDEVA and that HARI alone is SUPREME and sarvaniyamak and thus does his chinatan of this ACHYUTA with DHRUDHA buddhi in the mind! LEAVE them from FAR distance  yama dootas don’t go near them! One who engages only his KEERTANA, stay in His [HARI’s] sharan only such ekanta bhakta laxans I shall enumerate, “hey Pundarikaksha! hey VASUDEVA! hey BHUDHARA! Hey MAHAVISHNU! hey SHANKHA chakrapani! hey Achuyata! Be my savior! Those who keep saying these words such VISHNU bhkatas, oh Dootas, stay very far away from them! “why should you leave these from FAR distant away- because that person [purush shreshtha], whose heart is always engaged in the DHAYAN of NARYANA because of vishesha SANNIDHAAN of LORD Vasudeva, all the circumference of that area till where this persons EYES can gauge, till that area SUDARSHAN chakra of LORD Vishnu revolves and DOOTAS yours and mine [YAMA’s] bala [strength] and veerya [capability] is not enough to counter it to escape being BURNT even while BRINGING sinners PAAPIS living in that

area of circumference leave alone this man” that person is VAIKUNTHA LOKAarha, he is not for our LOKA.

KALINAGK says to BHEESHMA, What SURYA putra Yama told to that YAMA-BHATA, that Yama doota told me this and I am narrating the same to YOU!” BHESHAM tells NAKUL that bramhan told me that EXCEPT MAHAVISHNU there is no one who can get us relieved from SANSAARA let this be registered completely in our minds. Those whose atma always does atmarpana to BRAMHARUDRA pravartak SHRI Keshav and resides in His shelter for such men women, YAMADOTAS cannot use their pasha danda ayudha to gain them and give  yama yatna. PARASHAR says “oh MAITREYA! Thus is the mahima of VISHNU BHAKTA!”


Note: First to be a Hari bhakta, second atyant hari bhakta, then shreshtha hari bhakta, and then EKANTA Hari bhakta” this is the gist of PURANDAR dasaru’s song –

MUTTABEDI MUTTAbediu urgavahanan dasarannu.”


Maithun Prashna !

Sometimes people come to astrologer with a question “SWAMIJI you know what happened yesterday night, please tell me what should I do now? ” especially woman come up with such questions … HOW to answer them ? [ ab kal kiske ghar me kya hua , yeh swamiji kaise janenge bhai ] is there a way ? it is called SURATA prashna !!

In Manomushtika Adhyaya it is said that things unknown should be always predicted from sthira chakra only and not from chara chakra. But when a scholar is asking one must use chara chakra only. If one is asking while walking so also one must chara chakra . In all indeterminate conditions one must use chara chakra.
While dealing with chara chakra,  which lagna is to be used in moving zodiac ? NARADA muni says ONLY bhava chakra should be used and not actual lagna !
What is Bhava Lagna ?
From sunrise onwards add 30 degrees to sun’s longitude for every two hours i.e. 5 ghatika lapsed till prashna time, the lagna arrived is bhava lagna
But if future is asked like “Will my wife oblige today ? ” i.e Is my stree anurakta or virakta , one must answer with Uday lagna only.

  • If moon is aspected by malefics then virakta wife else if shubha yoga then anrakta
  • If ravi is aspecting moon or with moon , then husband will have to force onto his wife, marital rape. But, if ravi is with malefics, then woman will do balaatkaar on man
  •  If moon or venus does not aspect lagna, but malefics aspect occupy then astrologer can safely say there was no coition that night
  • If venus and moon aspect lagna then woman was completely in love with man … if saturn mars associate with such moon venus .. then woman had no love in the man …
  •  If moon is in sun’s varga then man was fortunate and happy … if sun is in moon’s varga woman was fortunate
  •  If the planet aspecting the lagna is own house of navamsha varga , then he was with his wife only else if in other vargas , it was a parastree
  • if the planet is exalted then parastree is of high status, if mitra kshetra then parastree was in relations, and if neecha, neecha stree
  • Uday lagna for stree shubhashubha and Arudha for purusha shubhashubha and Chatra rashi for type of women
  • If odd sign lagna and aspecting planet also in odd sign then coition was only once. if dual sign arise then twice. if venus and mars aspect then many times. if mars shadvarga or venus shadvarga comes, then also many times
  •  If lagna is sun’s varga then in morning times if in moons varga then it was in night
  •  If mars and or moon happens to be in 5th and 9th from lagna then both wife and husband were in anger , they fought and yet had good coition. But if saturn comes in 5th nd 9th then coition was only in dreams.
  •  if mars moon involve in above combination, such coition will result in Pregnancy …
  • if sun moon involve in the 5th and 9th . then couples might have involved in just guhya sparshan but actual maithun did not take place. THIS iS very important because in villages many feel they have done maithun and yet woman has not become pregnant and woman will be blamed. But truth will be that, there would have been no maithun at all for months years. This happens with modern couples too. There are many on wordpress site who have got married for months but maithun did not happen at all.
  •  if venus stands in 5th and 9th then there were multiple partners
  • Mars gives fear of fire
  • Saturn fear of thieves
  • If shani was in lagna and mars in seventh or vice versa then maithuna was out of fear. Some kind of bijalii kadki and then ganaga jamuna saraswati.
  •  If moon afflicted in seventh there was violence and fight between couples while maithun. Woman would have been responsible for violence. if sun is in lagna, then man was responsible for violence
  • if venus was associated with sun then couples have used somebody else’s bed
  • But if venus is associated with both mars and satun then both wife and husband slept separately in different beds .
  •  if mars in 3rd than they slept separately after a big fight
  •  If venus is in kendra in above combination then dress was torn in the fight. if seventh is male sign then it was male who tore the dress in fight. But if above planets are not in kendra then wife tore the dress. if mars is in seventh then other woman was the reason for the fight and woman slept on the ground.
  • If ketu is aspected by venus in above combination, all night both were awake
  • If jupiter aspects ketu, woman had alankaar
  • If mercury then then both spent time talking and arguing
  • Jupiter ‘s aspect on lagna will give a good son and delivery will be painless …


First HOUSE – 1st Bhava [ a study ]

|| Om AINDHANAAY namaha ||

  1. If there are benefics shubh grahas in the first house [lagna ] then one will be longlived [deerghayushi ] and wealthy and wise . If papa evil grahas are there in lagna in exaltation or own house we will see similar results .
  2. if Lagna is mesha vrishchik and if SUn is there one will be wealthy
  3.  for vrushabha tula – sun in lagna – one will be blind in night ,
  4. for mithun kanya -sun in lagna will give broad eyes and one will be fool
  5. for karkataka sun in lagna – one will have eye problems
  6. for simha sun in lagan will give problems with sight
  7. for tula sun in lagna , one will be abandoned by the parents
  8. for makara kumbha  sun in lagna one will be greedy
  9. for Meena dhanush sun in lagna will make one slave to  woman
  10. if sun in lagna is with malefics or especially Rahu and moon is in 8th , child will die during the birth while surgery or by sharp instruments or weapons
  11. if lagna lord is rahu and jupiter   and in 1 6 8 12  and sun is also with malefics then one will be always troubled by diseases
  12. if lagna lord is malefic and lagna is also weak then one will be ever angry and dissatisfied , and diseased .
  13. Lagnadhipati in kendra trikona one will not have any diseases ..
  14. if the lord of bhava where  lagnadhipati  is deposited ,if it is in 6 8 then one will be weak constitution
  15. if 5th and 9th from lagna have shani afflicted with malefics or rahu ketu , or if rahu is in lagna with malefics and 5 9 from there have gulika , or rahu in lagna with gulika or lagnadhipati in lagna with malefics and rahu , one will be troubled by snakes , thieves and deciet .. [ fraud ,scam concipiracy ]
  16. if lagna is with shani and sun then also one will be troubled by thieves again and again  ,  iN previous life such people would have looted a temple ..especially a shivalinga … REMEDY – chandrayan rudra homa .. and at river bank surya japa 51000 and shani 1 lakh with shivaling daana ..
  17. if SHani is with rahu in LAGNA then one will have swollen testicles .. in the rpevious life one would have killed a pregnant cow raised in own house ..- remedy = prajapatya homa , and godaana with milk and 10000 gayatri .
  18. Mars in lagna , navel and cheeks and testicles will be enlarged
  19. SUn aspecting lagna one will have his fathers property and will be liked by govt ..and will get favours and wealth from govt .
  20. one will be obese if sun aspects 3rd house and one will be adicted to prostitutes and will be wealthy and happy and make good progress socially
  21. Saturn aspecting lagna will make one always lusty even in old age will be associated with women
  22. SUn aspecting lagna will make one follow fathers profession , will be brave and bold and will be liked by his father . MOON aspecting will make one famous and educated wise .. mars aspecting lagna will make one writer and mercury’s aspect will make one  designer sculptor , Jupiter aspecting will make one disciplined , liked by all and will have fortunes that others will be envy of …venus aspecting makes one attractive and will be liked by opposite sex and will be wealthy .. saturn’s aspect will make one be a fool  , suffering from poverty and anti social ..
  23. Jupiter venus aspecting lagna will make one a minsiter
  24. if friendly planets but malefics aspect lagna then one will be brave and difficult to control by others … if three benefics aspect lagna then he will be very wealthy and equal to KING .. if jupiter and friendly planet aspect then there will be wealth and diseases .. if none aspect lagna then one will not have any special qualities ..
  25. if there are only benefics in 6 7 8 from lagna then king minister or senapathy is born
  26. if full moon is there in lagna one will be trader of preciosu stones , if ksheena chandra is there then one will be lustful , angry , evil , and cheat
  27. if lagna is meena and budha in it then one will be slave ..
  28. if tula lagna has shani then one born will be wise , and will head a state or village or city ..
  29. If benefics aspect lagna one will be famous , wealthy and beautiful and happy .
  30. if all benefics aspect then all the yogas in the horoscope will give only benefic results .if moon also joins them then even if one is harsh and eveil one will stay as king for a long time ..  If moon is in debilitation then much miseries will strike ..if exalted then all evils will dissapear ame will happen if  moon aspects the lord of the rashi in which it is placed ..


MONEY EARNINGs and WEALTH – a vedic view point !

Daksha Prajapati says ” father ,mother, guru, brother ,son, servants and dependents and those who look forward to us ..abhyagat, atithi and agni ..all these are to be looked after by a grahastha .. these come under POSHYA VARGA ..one must feed them at all times .. one must protect them at all times ..

MANU says the above mentioned poshyavarga should be protected and for this one requires money , thus one has to do dhansanchay … ie earn money … to protect the bodies sharira deha of poshyavarga dependents .  For this one has to do dhan sanchay or sangraha according to the directions that has been laid for one’s jati and ashrama only  .  one must not push oneself into nindita [ shameful professions ] one should not do prohibited karya ,.. and one should also not earn wealth by giving lot of trouble to ones own body …

Daksha says ” divide the part of dayinto 8 … and in that third part should be utilised for the earning of wealth for dependents . ”

BRAMHANA  has to do 1.adhyaapan means teaching  lessons 2. adhyayan  learning lessons 3. yajan  means to do yagnya and other vedokta karya . 4. yaajan means getting yangya done for others 5 . daan to give daan 6. pratigraha means to take daana … these are six karmas

but out of this six //  getting yagynas for others …. taking daana from parishuddha clean satvik yejamana … and teach the lessons … these three a bRAMHANA can keep as options for living an earning … BUT he should do them compulsorily is not a rule .

GAUTAM says ” bramhana kshatriya vaishya are dwijatis because they are born aain by a upanayana .. these dwijatis /// should do compulsorily adhyayan yajan and daan ….

But adhyaapan yaajan and pratigraha is exclusive rights of BRAMHANA only others must not do this .. BUT BRAMHANA should do them only when necessary not as compulsion ..

apart from three KSHATRIYA should live by shastra and astra and he should protect the people ..that is kshatriyas jeevanopaaya .. OPENING a shop and doing trade and rearing cattle and protecting cattle and doing agriculture can be taken as jeevan upaya [modes of earning for ] vaishya .

Yagnyavalkya says a vaishya should live by

  1. giving money on interest
  2. agriculture
  3. taking one good at lesser cost and selling at higher cost is known as vanijya
  4. protecting animals [rearing cattle ]

among cattle SHANKHA muni has said some special about COW and its raising by vaishyas

  • one must not drink water before cows had drunk water
  • when cows are standing one must not sit
  • one must not move  a cow which is sitting or sleeping, by force
  • one must use green just erupted plants to wake up cows .. one must not use sticks or batons
  • one must not force ox into steep places or places where there is no water
  • one must take care personally by personal pesence the sick , young , or very aged or tired cattles with all possible upachaara .
  • one must relieve them from pain and difficulties as much as possible as far as possible within one limits .

one who does not do as said above will get undesired results .

there are seven ways in which a money can come to a person .

  1. daay means  wealth  which comes by inheritance of dynasty ..
  2. labh means wealth got from under the ground as nidhi ..
  3. kraya means getting a goods at a gain ..[ these three daaya labh and kraya is common for all the three bramhanas kshatriyas and vaishyas ]
  4. jaya means winning from enemies this is fit for kshatriyas
  5. prayoga means using the wealth for interest banking or transactions
  6. karmayoga means  agriculture and vanijya [ these are fit for vaishyas ]
  7. satparigraha means taking daana from sajjanas [ this is exclusively for bramhanas ]

AMong all the means of wealth .. for second one VISHNU bhagavaan in Vishnu smriti has laid special rules ..

  • A bramhana if he gets wealth as treasure , he can keep everything for himself ..
  • if a kshatriya gets wealth as treasure then he has to make four parts of the wealth ..  one part he should give to KING second part he should give to bramhanas as daana … and rest two part he can keep it to himself
  • if a vaishya gets a treasure then he should also make three parts .. one he should give it to king and two parts he must give it to bramhanas … and one part he can keep it with himself ..
  • if a shudra gets treasure he should make twelve parts of it … five parts he must give to king and five parts to bramhanas .. and two parts he can keep it .. [ kanaka dasa did this thats why he was called kanaka dasa ]
  • One can live by two types of living .. ruta and amruta
  • one can also live by two more methods knwn as mruta and pramruta
  • sanyanruta means vanijya one cn live by it
  • serving menials [ neecha seva ] is known as shvavrutti this one should never do

Smrutimuktavali –

when a agriculturist has taken all his grains from the farm .. when his harvest is over .. and has left the farm for next season .. at that time when someone goes to the farm and collects left over dhanya grains and living by that is known as UNCH vrutti .. .. instead of that complete grains if one just picks up few strands  unplucked and lives by the grains in it .. is known as SHEEL vrutti ..

this sheel and unch vrutti is known as ruta 

living by something which comes all by itself without asking for is known as AMRUT

everyday living by bheeksha is known as mruta

living by agriculture is known as pramruta ..

opening a shop and living is known as satyanruta which involves speaking some truth and lies .. it can also mean vanijya

living by serving people lesser in qualities oneself is known as living by shvavrutti ..[ means living like a dog ]

out of these under any circumstances a bramhana should not resort to shvavrutti

out of six earlier once are better than later ones

yagnyavalkya says –

  1. one who has capacity to save grains worth a box is kusuldhanyak
  2. four mushthi [ handful] grains is known as ” kudupa” …..four kudupa makes one “prastha ” four prastha makes one “adaka ”  four adaka grains makes one ‘DRONA ” two drona makes one “KHARIKA ”  three KHARIKAS makes one “BHAAR ”  four bhaar becomes one kumbhika .. SO second type of collector is one who saved KUMBHIKA DHANYA and is known as KUMBHIDHANYAK
  3. one who has saved for a three days worth food grains is known as “Tryahika “
  4. one who uses the grain brought the same day not keeping anything for next day is known as “Ashvastan”

kusuldhanya is one who does all the six karmas of bramhana .. kunhidhanyak is one who does only three trayhik does only yaajan and adhyaapan .. ashvastan does only adhyaapan ..

PARASHARA says in kaliyuga bramhana along with six karmas should do agriculture also but he must produce everything by himself and then do panchyagnya ..

kshatriya must also do agriculture but all by himself .. vaishyas can do agriculture and vanijya and can do yajan and daana ..

shudra must only do agriculture and vanijya … he must not do yajan etc ..

HARITASA says ..

eight bulls and agriculture with it is known as dharma .. six bulls can not  be sadhan to dharma  it can be only for self sustainance … using four is known as ghatuk .. and two bulls is known as neecha /// using calves , vehicles should not be used for agriculture .. old ox should not be used … one should use bulls only till afternoon fron morning aftre that one must bathe them .. decorate them and give them food fit for bramhanas ..

1/30 part of agriculture should be used for bramhanas .. 1/20 part for devatas and pitrus .. by this sins acrued in kaliyuga by doing agriculture doesnt come for a bramhana kshatriya or vaishya …

1/6 should be given as tax

shudra should live by serving others .. and live by salary given … if salary is not given by others .. then he can live selling goods .

devala says by which karm shudras can serve bramhana kshatriya vaishya … ? thaose work is known as shilpa karma [ engineering construction ] karuk karma panyavyavahara … finacial transacions .. process works .. designs chitra karma … sangeeta nartana .. music fashion …. veena tamata ..vaadya .. all these sudras can do ….

when in need one can ask money …. a praja can ask money to a king …. a guru can ask money to shishya .. purohit can ask yejamaan 

when in much troubles a bramhana can ask money from any jaati ….

good money or bad money when it reaches raaj kosha it becomes pure .. so one can alwasy take money from king … fresh graduates must alwasy ask king for their livelihood …

one must not take money from patit …

the items that can be taken from patit also are

  • bed
  • grass
  • house
  • perfumes
  • iron parts
  • flowers
  • precious stones
  • curds
  • grains
  • fish
  • milk
  • meat
  • vegetables
  • these items if they come all by itselves without asking for even if they belong to patit can be accepted in apattakala
  • yagnyavalkya adds water to above items and says if they come all by itself it shoudl not be rejected

but all the item are known as amrut vastu … hey can be accepted in toubled times … but then by accepting … for 15 years after acceptance pitrus will not accept pinda .. ie even if shraddha is done pitrus do not accept tem …

agni does not take his havishya in homa to devtas

amrut vastu can be accepted but if they belong to /// a vyabhichirini , napunsaka .. a hari nindak .shatru . vaidya ,hunter ,gambler murderer . it should not be accepted …  [YAMA VACHAN]

bramhana when faced with death situation can give upadesha for saving his life ..he can do yaajan too .. he can eat at ayogya’s house too and take daana from him ..but he can do this only if he has a old parents to look after .. a pativrata stree .. a small child …one can do 100s of sins to save them and look afer them

when faced with extreme hunger one can eat anything .. if one does not get anything to eat for six consecutive meals … then one can eat anything he will not get any sins … vaamdeva ate dog but did not get any sins … ajigarta muni killed his own child when unable to bear the hunger  he did not get any sins .. BHARADWAAJ muni unable to bear hunger accepted to eat infinite cows … pressed with hunger VISHWAMITRA snatched  the half eaten testicles of dog from the hands of chandaala … he did not get any asuchi or sin … no did he get any ill fame they all were praised as one who knew dharma and adharma ..

so in nutshell in apatkaal one must do all akaarya also to save one’s life ..

when there is scope for living with ones own way of life one should not live like others .. when there is no scope fo living in ones own prescribed method .. one should try for other living ..

one should not live by giving money on interest ..  ieven if one gets lot of troubles .. says narad muni ..

But koorma puraana says .. one can live by giving money on interest in tiimes of trouble but thye should try to leave it as early as possible ..

now two authorities are contradicting … SMRITIMUKTAVALI reconciles thus ..

taking money from other on interest and giving it at higher interest is known as VARDHOOSHIKI .. this should not be done .. one can give ones own money on interest and live with that interest till apatkaal is over ..

vasishtha says .. keep in one side of scale the sins of abortion .. and on the other side the sins of  giving money through vardhooshiki .. the abortion one looks lighter ..

for one year one must charge 25 paise interest on rs 100  .. ie 0.25% pa ..

following should not be sold ..

  1. fruits
  2. ruby
  3. madi vastra
  4. somarasa
  5. humans
  6. sweet apup
  7. cane juice
  8. til
  9. cooked rice [hotel ]
  10. salt
  11. milk
  12. curds
  13. ghee
  14. water
  15. arms
  16. alcohol
  17. honey
  18. jaggery
  19. grass
  20. gopichandan
  21. skins
  22. flowers
  23. posion
  24. butermilk
  25. chamar
  26. resham
  27. lands
  28. meat
  29. horses
  30. glass
  31. ginger
  32. cattles
  33. perfumery
  34. sprouts
  35. liquids

but  shudras can sell the above items  but not bramhanas ..

GAUTAM says barter can be done in any form

one can give milk can take curds … give cooked food and take liquids  in return or nay other cooked food ..

when one wants to do dharma karya one can give him til and take in return equivalent of weight any other thing but  not money …

One must earn to look after poshyavarga  ..all the earnings should be accomplished between 9 and 10.30 am .. only …

one must spend less and keep oneself happy.  

one should have hot rice to eat , he should have ghee to be put on it .. tht is enough .. the dress one wears if it is not tearing that is enough ./.. if there is no necessity to serve others .. that is enough ..

having anna food as said above and dress as said above and does not have misfortune to serve a menial only that MAN IS FORTUNATE


krishnarpana ..

Vyasaraja Vaishishtya !


Vyasaraj pratishthita HANUMAN

Bhrigu rishi is Manas putra of Bramha . Bhrigu rishi amsha came on to earth as Shri Vijaydasaru , who was aparoxa gyaani . NArad Muni the guru of Bhrigu rishi also became guru to Vijayadasru through Narad amsha Purandar Dasaru .

As both of them  were aparoxa gyanis they could see many extraordinary events and have recorded them in their compositions

Vijayadasaru says

” Prahalaadane Vyasmuni Raghavendraru | ahudendu bhajisiro vijayviththal oliva |”

Madhvacharya says there is no difference between amsha and amshi ..so also there is no difference between VYASARAJ and RAghvendra Swamy , so also Vijaydasaru confirms that and directs all the devotees to believe that they are one and  same  jeeva and worshipping thus will only  bring the grace and favour of VijayVIththal

Though a Rakshas Prahalaadraya did not have any qualities of demons . That is because he is a DEVATA in his moolaswaroopa . He is SHankukarna a devata in the service of LOrd Brahma ..Every day Shankukarna used to bring tulasi to the Pooja of MOOLARAMA in the Bramhaloka .. once he failed to bring Tulasi in time for the pooja of MoolRAAMA . Bramha Deva cursed him to be born as Demon ..

MAdhvacharya says Devatas are all aparoxa gyaani , they do not have sanchita agaami karma phala .. so Shankukarna getting cursed is not owing to the mistake or karma [ either sanchita or agaami ] but it is Prarabdha ,. so therefore Bramhadeva cursing him is also a anugraha and not shaapa per se … the result of which is that even after being a DEMON , Prahalaad still had devaswabhava , he had divine qualities despite being born as Demon .

Hiranyakashipu went into penace and with it he made all the lokas unbearable for dwelling due to the heat emanating from him .. pleased Bramha asked him to seek a boon ..

Could he not ask for Gyaan Bhakti vairagya ! atleast some sadgunas , good qualities . BUt how could he ask for it ? his heart was filled with HALAHAL ..not a ordinary halaahal , but poison of HARIDWESHA in his heart [ by the avesha of KALI ] Dwesha means hate, this hate is reason for all the bad qualities [durgunas] in any person .

Hiranyakashipu was this hate personified . his mind was boiling with the precipitated force of ahankaar and mamakaar . Siddhis obtained with such mind is of no use . The whole puranas stress this point .

There is no enemy equal to fame and self honour ..Bhagavat upholds this view .

” I am great , all are my servants , everywhere my greatness should remain ” keeping this motive , without caring for society or good people  ,immersed in pride if one pursues his obstinacy and does all sorts of misdeeds is the trademark of evil .

disturbing the family who is dependent on , or without realising being the centre of gravity for the well wishers , spreading terrorism,unhappiness,jealousy ,hate in society is the very personification of Hiranyak..

By his radiance , knowledge devotion and vairagya ,one who demolished such a viewpoint , keeping self and others unaffected by such evil and upholding the EVERTRUE LORD and showing that he alone is ever  VICTORIOUS is the personality of PRAHALAAD .Who is first among the greatest DEVOTEES .

OUR VYASARAJ is the avatara of Prahalaad and again took avataara as RAGHAVENDRA swamy .

Madhvacharya says Same Prahalaad with special VAYU avesha took avatara as BALHIKA in the times of MAHABHARATA .

BALHIKA raja took birth as VYASARAJ owing to the boon of BHEEMSEN .

Vijayadasaru writes , BALHIKA raja was son of KING PRATIP and elder brother of SHANTANU [ uncle to BHEESHMA ]  . just before the Marraige of PRATIP , his father in law had asked for a promise that one of his sons will be given in adoption to the father of Bride … as father of bride did not have any sons and wanted a successor . This is known as PUTRIKA PUTRA arrangement , So he was given in adoption to BALHIKA king even though born in Kuru vansha he ascended the throne of BALHIKA .

Balhika was a devamsha  kshatriya , every kashtriya desires to die in battlefield to reach higher lokas. In mahabharata war he fought from the side of Duryodhan . [ HE was more aged than BHEESHMA ] .

Balhika raja had special VAYU avesha [ MADHVACHARYA confirms this tatparya nirnay ] ..SO he had tremendous strength . He could not be defeated or killed by anyone except BHEEMSEN .

Bheemsen had taken  a vow  that He would not raise weapon first  all by himself against anyone who is VAISHNAV .BAlhika was VAishnav and had desired to die at the hands of BHEEMSEN . SO using the avesha strength of VAYU within himself ,RAJA BALHIKA hit BHEEMSEN with gada mace [ 732 times ] . This moved the body of BHEEMSEN a bit , owing to which in a reflex BHEEMSEN hit KING BALHIKA and he immediately rolled onto ground .

BHEEMSEN  asked BALHIKA to seek a boon .BALHIKA offered his chariot and asked a boon to be born as bramhin [ as he knew Bheemsen would take birth as bramhana ] and ascend the peetha established by him ..and should get opportunity to worship all the idols that he is worshipping . Bheemsen said ‘tathastu’ THUS PRAHALAAD amsha Balhika took avatara as VYASARAAJ .

Out of the 14 top gotras  Vishwamitra gotra is one such gotra . Sheshagiri Sharma belonging to Vishwamitra gotra was married to the daughter of landlord and village head of BANNUR village VALLABHDEVA , her name was BHARATIDEVI .

JAYATEERTHA muni is one of the greatest peethadhipati of MAdhva Sampradaya . his sisters’ two sons were taught by him and made them great scholars . After VIDHYADHIRAj teertharu ascended the peetha of MOOLAMAHASANSTHANA , he gave sanyasa ashrama to the two scholars and named them Shri RAJENDRA TEERTHARU and Shri KAVEENDRA teertharu .. The peetha mahasansthaana was branched into two ..

SHri MoolRAAMa and DIgvijay RAama were given to Kaveendrateertharu and Satybhama Rukmini sahit Gopala Krishna was given to RAJENDRAteertharu ,

SHESHAGIRI SHARMA was sisters’ son of RAJENDRA teertharu . SHESHAGIRI sharma had five sons .. All the five sons became later in seriatim peethadhipatis namely

  1. Purushottam teertharu
  2. Swarnavarna teertharu
  3. Bramhanya teertharu
  4. Laxminarayana teertharu
  5. SURENDRA teertharu

After Purushottam teertharu Bramhanaya teertharu came onto peetha . Bramhanya teertharu is amsha of SURYA .

Braamhanya swamy once cane to BANNUR and there one BALLANA SUMATI along with his wife pleaded swamiji to bless them as they did not have any children for a long time after marriage .

Swamiji blessed them under one condition that last born will be handed over to the mutt . As the couple agreed . Bramhanya teertharu made a YAGNYA and havishyashesha was given to the wife of Ballana  shrimati LAxmidevi . SHe became pregnant and gave birth to a girl by name BHEEMAKKA .  Second time she gave birth to a son by name MADHVAPATI .

Third time when she was about to deliver she had in her womb PRAHALAAD with VAYu and Shesha avesha .

Prabhava naam samvatsara ADHIKA VAISHAKHa sudhdha saptami  Sunday . AD 1447 april 22 .  VYASARAJA . was born .

The Boy born was not touched on to the ground [ so was the order of BRAMHANYAteertharu ] ,  so as soon as the boy was delivered , he was taken in a golden HARIVAANA [ the plate on which saligrama is kept for abhisheka etc ..]  and taken to mutt and handed over to SWAMIJI ..

Bramhanyateertharu took the baby to KANVA river , washed his umbilical chord and raised the new born baby with the milk given as ABhisheka to GOPALAKRISHNA .

 ” what was the reason for raising the baby without BHUSPARSHA? “

Dasaru says ” Devatas when in womb also always do PARAMATMA dhyaana [ ie they could see the LORD and prasie him through stotras even in womb ], as they are delivered , after Bhusparsha [ touching of the ground ] the parmatma dhyaana suddenly disappears . SInce there was vayu avesha and SHesha avesha , Bramhanay teertharu knew it and without Bhusparsha , raised the baby so that its devata Dhyaana did not stop and continued even after it came into world out of the womb .”

Secondly .. there is no instance of SANYASI raising a  baby that too from the day of birth ... this is the first instance .. and then Baby was named VYASARAAJ and this name continued even after SANYASA showing This boy was born to spread the LORD’s name like VEDAVYASA .


at the age of 5 chaula , at six aksharabhyasa and at the age of SEVEN VYASARAJA was given sanyasa . YATI at the age of SEVEN that means VAIRAGYA was complete even by SEVEN . taking river bath at birth , growing drinking only abhsheka milk , raised by a Peethadhipati , all these are pointers to vishesha VAYU AVESHA and Vyasaraj being a devamsha .

Further Vyasaraaj was sent to SHRIPADARAJ to study . Shripadaraja though lesser in tartamya [ sripadaraja is DHRUVA avatara ] but this gave Sripadateertharu immense fame and also contributed to event that VYASARAJ worshipped TIRUPATI BALAJI for 12 years continuously in garbhagudi [ even today VYASARAj mutt is famous in Tirupati and is accorded  morning pooja ] .. such a opportunity is not seen in anyone till date .

AD 1500 Vyasaraaj established 732 HANUMAN temples . [ Pratishtha of 732 PRANA vigraha ] [ perhaps because of this RAYARU brundavana are twice thrice this number all over INDIA ]

AD 1498 VYASARAJ came to Vijayanagar empire there He became RAAJ GURU to CHAKRAVARTI SALUVANARSIMHA  and NARSANAYAK’s son Veersinha and KRISHNADEVARAYA .

AD 1521  Krishnadevaraya was forewarned of KUHUYOGA which endangered his KINGDOM and his LIFE . Then A congregation of all the scholars MAntrikas and MAntragya  were consulted and called to do remedies . BUT  the force of YOGA was so high that even the most able and stalwarts did not come forward to take on the remedies as they felt they were not capable to face it .

Shri VYASARAAJ then sat on the throne of the KRISHNADEVARAYA . At that instance KUHUYOGA to swallow [ kill ] KRISHNADEVARAYA , came in the form of SNAKE .. while everyone ran helter skelter , SHRi VYASARAJ , threw his orange robe onto the snake and it died on the spot due to the TAPAH shakti [ also due to SHESHA AVESHA ] Krihsna devaraya was relieved of great danger ..

To show his gratitude , KRISHNADEVARAYA  donated the village of KANDAKUR

VYASARAYARu built a pond in KANDAKUR . and he donated all the lands to able bramhins .. these are recorded in the GAZETTE and can be seen even today .

DAAN PATRA in the gazzte at present in museum on pages 269 to 271  says

as having given to three sons of PURANDAR DASARU //

” dheeman Laxmandasakhya shri purandardasjah | vasishtha gotrajo vruttidwaya matriti yajush ||

vashishthaanvaya sambhoota shri purandar dasajah | dwijo hevandasakhyo yajushotra dwivrittika ||

vashishtha gotra sambhoota shree purandardasajah | shreeman madhvapatidasakhyo yajushotra dwivrittika || ”

Quoting Vaaman purana MAdhvacharya says

one who builds the tank pond lake etc gains Preeti of HARI , and give moksha . Vyasaraj did this great work .

shi Vyasaraj took brundavan in AD 1539 -3-8 . Vilambi naam samvatsara phalguna bahula chauti shanivaar in NAVABRUDAVAN ,

At the time of departure  vyasaraj left his mortals through BRamharandra .. He was taken to Vaikuntha through a divine plane , accompanied by gandharvas ,singing , devatas showering flowers and HARI himself giving him a hand to seat onto plane ..taking him to VAIKUNTHA ..

PURANDAR DASA says he has seen him seated in adivine plane and leaving for VAIKUNTHA .

Purandar dasaru writes ‘

” chittasida vyasaraya chitaajanayyan sabhege ….. ”

these words have a special meaning ..

MADHVACHARYA has explained chitti chitta two words as follows ..

chittirbuddhirgnyeya chittantu smruti kaaranam ” – shabdanirnay

the part of the buddhi which is responsible for reasoning and coming to stable conclusion is known as chitti …

the part which is responsible for recollection and memory is chitta ..

fixed minded [chitti ] vyasaraj  rasied his udaan vayu in the heart , lifting the jeeva in the hrudya kamala and slitting the head crown  he left for the abode through sushumna .Such a death takes one to VAIKUNTHA .

Purandardasaru writes VYASARaj as ” suryamandalgeri ”

Mahabharath says ” only two types of persons cut through Suryamandal  after death ..

  1. Kshatriya who die in the ranaranga ie battlefield
  2. sanyasi – yogi who does dhyaan of bramharandra .

Vysarajaru went to  VAIKUNTHA through both types ..

Purandardasaru says ” PURANDAR vitthaalanu sirisahitadi bandu karapididettiddu kande ”

I saw ,LOrd VITTHALA alongwith sridevi , gave a helping hand to VYASRAJA into a plane .

VYSARAJA stayed in AMUKTA VAIKUNTHA and enjoyed the closeness of HARI for over 50 years , After 50 years due to Prarabdha he came back to earth ..Vijayadasaru writes

TImmanacharya even though he had a son .. to get a son who would enrich their dynasty he did tapasya for 12 years in TIRUPATI along with his wife .

Venkateshwar as if to point out 12 years of WORSHIP of  VYASARAJ . gave the couples VYASARAJ himself as son .. VYASARAJ was born as VENKANNAchar to the divine couple .. later after study , Venkanna took sanyaasa under the tutorship of SHRISUDHEENDRA TEERTHA as SHRI RAGHEVNDRA SWAMY , who is sitting in MANTRALAYA for 700 years .

AS VYASARAJ he worshipped MOOLGOPALAKRISHNA  for 86 years without a break of single day …. [ as BHEEMSEN had given boon to worship all the idols , by then MOOLRAMA was with KAveendrateertharu ] so HE again came back to WORSHIP MOOLARAMA as SHRIRAGHVENDRASWAMY for 50 years

But didnt RAYARU sit in Samadhi then has he not stopped worship of IDOL ..

MADHVACHARYA says[ quoting KAPIL samhita ]  if a ordinary jignyasu stops pratimaarchana he gets dosha ..but if APAROXA gyani does pratima archana he gets increase in happiness in moxa .. but if he stops worsip of pratima he does not get any dosha .

GOPALADASRU says .. RAYARU has four HARI rupas in BRUNDAVANA ..

  1. RAAMA
  2. KRishna
  • AS NARHARI sitting in brundavana , LOrd removes obstacles , miseries , dangers ,abhichara and bramhahatya dosha ..[ of devotees of RAYARU who do seva in mantralayam ]
  • As SRIRAAMA , staying in brundavana , Lord gives stability of career , food to those who have lost food , work , career due to displacement of place . those who are suffering from repeated transfers also get stability .
  • as Shri KRISHNA staying in Brundavana , Lord gives marraige , son ,festivities , upanayana and other desires [ mannat ] and fulfilling all those gives immense happiness .
  • As VEDVYASA Lord , drives away durvaadis , evil debators , and puts down their evil  philosophies . upholding the HARISARVOTTAMATVA .

LORD can do all this activity in one single rupa only ..why he takes so many rupas ?

Madhvacharya quoting bramhatarka in MADUKAUPANISHAT bhashya says

Though there is no diference between HARI rupas ..due to vishesha bala ..He shows himself as BAHURUPA ..and he does only some karya through one rupa and others through other Rupa even though each rupa is capable of doing all karyas .

Those who worship VYASARAJ and RAYARU [ as one and same ] will get complete anugraha of SRIHARI ..


” vyaasraaj vyaas raj  iti bhaktya japan | muchyate sarvadukhebhyo stadantaryamiNo balaat ”

Those who say VYASARAj VYASRAj with devotion will get out of all miseries by the grace of NARAYANA as present in the Guru .

After MADHVACHARYA , JAYATEERTHA if anyone on this earth can completely fulfill desires it is VYASARAAJ and RAYARU only if one worships them as one ..

Oh RAGHEVNDRA SWAMIYE , you are a greatest YAti . you do not have any defects , but on the contrary infinite qualities are there in you like a ocean ,Those who believe in you , you remove all their defects ..You bestow all the desires of those who serve you near your brundavana like kamdhenu and kalpavruksha …. You are complete personality in all respects .. with a mine of good qualities , SRIKRISHNA could not leave you and came back to you as santaan gopala krishna .. and as you have infinite blissfull persona .. So also VISHWAKARMA NIRMITA BRAMHAKARARCHITA MOOLRAAMA came into your hands and thus JAGANNATHDASARU writes and praises RAYARU as


krishnarpanamastu ..

BharatVarsha !


Jambudweepa is 1 lakh yojan .. in the centre of Jambudweepa is Meru which is 16000 yojan at base and 32000 yojan at the top .

At the base is ilavrata khanda which is squarish . ..Meru in between is like a karnika inside the lotus … just as the karnika inside the lotus has many kesaris ..there are many kesar pavats along the meru-border of ilavrat khanda ..each is 100 yojan in height and 80 yojan in circular periphery at base .  all along the ilavrat khnada boundary towards other khanda like Bhadrashva onthe east and ketumal on the west kuru on the north and bharat on the south .. are the series of mountain ranges which leave Ketumal bhadrashva Kuru and BHARAT VARSHA as a outer petal like structure for JAMBUDWEEPA .[ BHUPADMA PATRANI ]

Nishad and neel parvat are 1 lakh yojan  along the east west samudra ..forming border for ketumal bhdrashva and ilavrat from east west direction .. Surrounding Ilavrat is MANDAR GANDHAMADAN SUPARSHAVA AND VIPULA ..On these parvat are big  1100 yojan JAMBU tree whose fruits keeps falling on these kesar parvats and break . The juice of the fruits falling continuously form a river called JAMBUNADI .. the grounds around the kesar parvat get drenched in this fruit juice as river soaks through it .. when wind blows the banks of this river soaked with the jambu fruit juice become dry and land mixed with this juice when dry become a gold mine of GOLD named JAMBUNAD GOLD which DEVATAS use for their jewellery known as divine GOLD . … JAMBUNAD GOLD .. there are vaibhraj ,forest , gandhamadan forest nandan and chitrarath forest are there . similarly there are ARUNOD MAHABHADRA SEETOD ad MAANAS sarovar ..which are always treaded by Devatas only .

The people [ devatas ] who drink the water of this river JAMBU never get OLD nor do they have diseases .. They never become unhappy and are always in joyous mood . They dont get tired and uneasy feeling never bothers them . Hunger doesnt trouble them and they never fear anything . The people here in all the eight KHANDAS [except BHARAT VARSHA ] are always happy .. these land are like SWARGA On BHUMI .. the people here have varnashram dharma and YUGA never applies to them they remain truthful in all yugas and Miseries never touch people here .. The people of these Khandas live for 10000 and 12000 years with constant ayushya … Indra never gives rainfall here the water in these lands are sufficient for the people .

People who have done extreme punya get birth here and live happily to enjoy their punya ..

Bharat VArsha is the only land in entire universe where karma done in this land gives either Swarga or NARAKA ..and nishkaam karma gives moksha .. so one gets phala for the KARMA in BHARAT VARSHA .

On the MERU parvat at the top by the side of BRAMHAPURI is three shringakaar Parvat which is 14000 yojan in height .. like a TRISHUL .. the SWARGA loka is based on this trishoolaakar Parvat … The Ganaga from the Bramhaloka falls amidst this TRishul onto MERU and divides into four stream .. SEETA towards Bhadrashva khanda ..  CHAKSHU nadi into  Ketumal , Bhadra Nadi into Uttarkuru and ALAKANANDA nadi falls towards  SOUTH and flowing through the sky falling on NISHAD HIMAKOOTA and HIMACHAL parvat via akaash marga it falls into BHARATVARSHA and divides into seven streams to flow into BHARAT and finally meets samudra .

Bharat varsha is the only bhumi for KARMANUSHTHANA rest all are BHOGABHUMI … here there are kulagiri [ mountains ranges ] namely mahendra , malay sahyachal shuktimanta ruksha vindhya and PAriyatra ..among these mountains men do the karma which make them eligible to enjoy in other khandas , or do papakarma to go to naraka or take animal births or do tapasya etc to get higher lokas .thus this is sadhan bhumi .


This BHARAT VARSHA is nine thousand yojana and has nine divisions


This Bharat khanda is 1000 yojana was once rules SAAGAR . Sagarputra the sons of Saagar ploughed this land to look for the divine horse and cut through the mainland into EIGHT smaller upadweepa . [ continents ] and ocean rushed through in between these continents ,.. forming big sea known as Sagar .. these EIGHT dweepas are [ note the sanskrit name of modern continents ]

  8. LANKA

The centre of the ninth dweepa BHARAT live bramhan kshtriya vaishya  shudra by doing yaga yagnya karma etc ..to the east are Kiratas ..to the west live yavanas .

  • Shatadru and chandrbahga rivers sprout from Himaparvat ,
  • vedasmriti srings from pariyatra parvat ,
  • narmada surasa  spring from vindhya parvat
  • tapi river,payokshini and nirvindhya  from Ruksha parvat
  • From the foothills of sahyachal the rivers whose names if taken with devotion alone destroys many sins ,such rivers are Godavari bheemarathi krishnaveni
  • krutamala tamraparni from malaya parvat
  • trisaama rushikul from mahendra parvat
  • kumaradhara from shuktimat parvat
  • These rivers further divide into many thousand smaller rivers

Now the names of countries on earth ie Bharata khanda spread into east west north south and northeast southeast  northwest  and south west  directions from HASTINAPUR ..

In the centre of Bharat dweepa are the countries ruled by Krittika rohini and MRIGASIRA . they are

bhadra arimeda mandavya salva neepa ujjihan sankhyat maru vatsa ghosha yamun saaraswat matsyadesha , madhyamik desha , mathur , upajyotisha , dharmaranya ,shoorsen ,shaurgreeva uddehika pandudesha gudadesha ashwaththa panchaal saaket kanka kuru kaalkoti kukur paariyatra naha audumbar kapishthala and HASTINAPUR .

Towards East are the countries governed by ARDRA PUNARVASU AND PUSHYAMI they are

Anjan vrushabdhwaj padma maalyavaan giri, vyaghrmukha suhya karvat chaandrapura shoorpakarna khas MAGADH , shibirgiri MITHILA ,samathat ODRA ashvaavadan danturak , PRAGJYOTISH , Laohitya Ksheerodsamudra , purushad udaygiri Bhadra gaudak PAUNDRA utkala KASHI mekal ambhastha ekpad Tamraliptak kaushalak Vardhamaan

Towards South EAST countries governed by Ashlesha MAGHA and Poorvaphalguni are

Koshal KALINGA VANGA UPABANGA jatharanga shaulika vidarbha vatsa ANDHRA chedi urdhwakantha Vrush naliker , charmadweepa , Vindhyantvasinistripuri ..shmashrudhar ,hemakoot vyalgrev mahagreeva , KISHKINDHA kantaksthal ,NISHADRASTRA , PURIK dasharNa  , Nagna parna shaabar

towards SOUTH countries giverned by uttara Hasta chitta  are

LANKA kalajin saurikirna , TALIKAT , girinagar , malay parvat , dardur mahendra malindya BHARUKACHCHA , kankat , konkan , vanavasi ,shibika , phanikar , ABHIRA , aakar . ven , avartak , dashpur , gonarda . KERAL KARNAT , MAHATAVI , chitrakoot . nasikya . kollagiri , CHOLA , KRAUNCH , jatadhar , kaveri ,RUSHYAMOOK , Vaidurya shankhamuktakar desha . atriashram  varichar  Dharmapattan dweepa ,ganarajya , krushna vellur ,pishika , shoorpadri , kusum naag , TUMBAVAN KARMAENY KAYAMBO tapasashram . dakshin samudra ,rushika , kanchi , maruchipattanam , cheryay desha , SIMHALA rushabha , baladevapattanam , dandakavanam , TIMINGILASHAN , Bhadra , KUTCH , KUNJARDARI  TAmraparni

SOUTHWEST countries governed by swati vishkha anuradha are


WESTERN countries ruled by Jyestha moola and poorvashadha are

MANIMAAN MEGHVAN Vanaough kshurarpan Astagiri aparantak ,shantik  HAIHAY , PRASHASTADRI , VOKKON , PANCHANAD , RAMATH , PAARAT TAAR   KSHITJRUNGHA VAISHYA KANK SHAKA , inhabited by nirmaryada mletcha


North western countries ruled by uttarashadha shravan dhanishtha are

MANDAVYA TUSHAR Taalhal MADRA  ashmak kuluth halada STREERAJYA  NRUSIMHAvana KHASTHA , VENUMATI . Phalguluka , guluha , marukuchcha charmaranga ekvilochana shoolik  deerghgreeva  aasykeshi

Northern countries ruled by shatabhshaga uttarabhadra and poorvabhadra are

Kailash himavaan vasumaan dhanushmaan krounch vasaati  merugiri uttarkuru kshudrmeena KEKAY YAMUN bhogaprastha ARJUNAYAN , AGNIDRA , adarshant dweepa trigarta , TURUGAAnan svamukha  keshdhar , chipitnasika , daserak vaatdhaan shardhaan  Takshasheela pushkalavat kailavat ,kantdhaan ambar madrak maalav paurav kachhar dandapingalak Maanhal  HUN kohal sheetak BHOOTAPURA gandhara yahsovati nagari hemataal  rajanya khachar gavyadesh yaoudheya dasameya shyamak kshemadhoorta

Countries in NORTHEASTEN region governed by Revati ashwini Bharini are

Meruk nastarajya pashupaal keer  KASHMEERA , Abhisaar , darad , tangan , kuloot sairandri vanarashtra bramhapura darvadamar vanrajya keerat CHINA KAUNINDA BHALLA PATOLA JATASUR Kunat Khas Ghosha Kuchika ekcharan anuvidhdha SUVARNABHU Vasudhan divishta Paurav cheeranivasi Trinetra  Munjadri gandharva

EVEN devatas sing that a birth in BHARATVARSHA  is for the very fortunate among devatas for they can take  step forward towards MOKSHA .

Krishnarpanamastu .


Snana -5 !

Pratah snana vidhi


as per panchasanskaarsangraha snana should be done in following way

  1. One desirous of nityasnana should go to the banks of the river or jalashay . while going one must take saligrama in a box . for abhisheka he must carry a harivaNa .. and for snana tulasi mrittika . he should take three dips in the river for cleaning sweat and dirt .
  2. then one should come to the bank .
  3. clean the body by rubbing it profusely and again take  a dip in the river
  4. again come back to the bank of the river and sit .
  5. open the box containing saligrama .
  6. remove the tulasi flower nirmalya and do visarjana of nirmalya
  7. keep the saligrama pratima sudarshan in the harivana .
  8. keep the tulasi mrittika before th LORD ..
  9. say the tithi day etc for sankalpa and ” vishnupreranaya vishnuprithyartham ” snana sankalpa should be done
  10. with pranava “OM ” one must do prokshana of mrittika
  11. do japa of gayatri for three times on mrittika
  12. make three parts of the mrittika
  13. take the first part in two hands
  14. show it to the surya .. if before sunrise do dhyana of surya and give samarpana
  15. ” nyona prithivi …” mantra should be chanted and with first part clean the foot from knees downwards
  16. wash the two hands
  17. repeat it second time
  18. take the second part of the mrittika
  19. show it to surya deva and do surya dhyana and samarpana
  20. rub it on the forehead forearms and legs chanting ” gandhadwaram …” mantra . two sides of the body should be rubbed with ” udhrutaasi varaheNa .. ” mantra
  21. wash the two hands
  22. repeat it second time
  23. ” namah kamalnabhaay namaste jalashayine | namastestu hrishikesh grahaNaamarghyam namostute || ” give arghya with this mantra for three times
  24. atitikshna mahakaay kalpantadahanopam | bhairavay namastubhyamanugnyam datumarha ||  with this mantra one must take the permission of BHAIRAVA who protects the teertha .
  25. “samasta jagadadhar shankhachakragadadhar | dev dehi mamanugnyam yushmatteerthanishaveNe || ” with this mantra one must take permission of teerthantargat Parmatma
  26. take the thrid portion of the mrittika in the right hand tightly .
  27. with left hand one must clean the place where mrittika has been kept
  28. one must do namaskaara to deva and guru
  29. get down into the river
  30. one must stand with water till waist or knees . one must stand opposite to the flow of river , if in jalashay one must face SUN .and take three dips
  31. keep the mrittika in the right hand on shoulder
  32. do achamana for three times
  33. do pranayama for three times
  34. take some part of mrittika on shoulder and mix it water
  35. rest of the part keep in the hand
  36. from head to toe cleanse with mrittika reciting OM .
  37. dip three times reciting dwadashakshar mantra three times . with ashtakshar three times . with shadakshar three times .
  38. while taking dip inside the water one must do smarane of NARAYANA as sleeping in the water .
  39. as much as possible recite the mantras being completely immersed in the water
  40. with OM come rise from the water .
  41. close all the fingers of left palm like a mushthi . inside this mushthi keep the right thumb and rest four fingers of right hand keep on the left mushthi .this is known as shankha mudra . ” aapo hishtha mayo bhuva …” etc mantras are knwon to praise AAP namak HARI .. hence they are known as ‘ablingmantras’. chanting these mantras with shankha mudra dipping in the water one must do prokshana of head heart  two shoulders and all the body .
  42. ” rutan ch satyam ..” three times recite this mantra OR in kumbhaka recite aghamarshana suktam
  43. DHYANA of NARAYANA in water
  44. rise from the water
  45. with shankha mudra recite purush sukta and do prokshana on head and do dhyana of NARAYANA having abhisheka in your heart …
  46. do achamaan  
  47. with water make urdhwapundra naam
  48. come to the banks of the river
  49. wash the place three times, where one  stands
  50.  yagnyopaveet should be apasavya [ only those who have pitru adhikaara ] ,    “ye ke chasmatkule jaata aputra gotriNo mrutaah | te gruhNantu maya dattam vastranishpeednodakam || ” with this mantra squeeze the clothe [vastra ] that one is wearing [wet ] .while squeezing pitru teertha in the palms must be facing downwards and rest of the part should be on vastra .
  51. second time achamaan
  52. deva saligrama abhisheka should be done [ savya ]
  53. that saligrama teertha should be given to sanakadi muni and other devatas
  54. put some teertha on the head
  55. give deva tarpana rishi tarpana and pitru tarpana [ those who have adhikaara ]
  56. do achamaan
  57. brush your hairs with hands till the water running from head stops . do dhyana of srihari during this time
  58. ” apavitra pavitro va sarvavasthaam gatopi va | yah smaret pundarikakasham sa bahyabhyantar shuchi ” do prokshan with this mantra on a clean clothe vastra .
  59. first cover the head with one vastra and use the other part to cover body and put kacche upper side .
  60. sit down
  61. wash the legs .
  62. rinse the mouth ..
  63. twice achamaan
  64. use gopichandan
  65. achaman
  66. sandhyavandan
  67. join two edges of the clothe , this is knwon as dwiguna, again join the edges of the cloth , this is chaturguna . this chaturguna vastra we should squeeze after coming out of the river .
  68. this vastra should not be kept on the wrist , if kept it will become asuchi .
  69. if done twice achamaan should be done for shuddhi
  70. one should not keep the squeezed clothe on the shoulder ..if kept it ios known as rakshas karma .. for shuddhi one must do snana again .

Thus the different parts of the kriya known as PRATAH SNANA should be carried out to get proper snana phala .






Malapakarshana Snana

The snana carried out to cleanse oneself of dirt ,sweat and other doshas is known as malapkarshan snana . Abhyanga is also a kind of malapkarshana snana . Abhyanga snana should be done on monday wednesday and saturday only . monday abhyanga gives lustre to body ,wednesday gives allround health and saturday gives good enjoyments and pleasures . Dwitiya tritiya chaturthi panchami saptami trayodashi these days are good for abhyanga dahsmi dwadashi is good for children .

sunday tuesday thursday friday are not good for abhyanga snana , janma nakshatra , vyatipata yoga ,parva dina , ekadashi , jyeshtha nakshatra , shravana nakshatra , ardra nakshatra and night times are not good for abhyanga .

small children ,person with diseases ,aged these can take abhyanga on any day .and can also take bath with hot water without any dosha . 

when taking bath on prohibited day abhyanga oil should be mixed with ghee and water to give relief from dosha and the oil gets shuddhi .

On sunday put some flowers in oil to cleanse it , thursday use darba in oil for shuddhi . friday mix gomaya in oil and on Tuesday mix with soil , during grahan mix tulasi with oil to get relieved from doshas .

Dashami abhyanga for kshatriya causes loss of children , ,trayodashi abhyanga for shudra causes death similarly tritiya abhyanga for vaishya causes death . one must not do tailabhyanga on vrata shraddha and upavas days .

One has prayashchitta for those who take bath with alcohol but there is no prayaschitta for those who take abhyanga before 6 ghati of suryoday . But ashwij krishna chaturdashi is exception to this rule . narak chaturdashi one must take abhyanga before sunrise at the time of chandrodaya .. one who does not do abhyanga goes to hell …naraka bhaya  will be there for such and those who take abhyanga will not have narka bhaya thus it is naraka chaturdashi .

1.massaging oil onto the foot. 2, massaging oil on head . 3. cleaning the plates leaves in which bramhins have taken food

these give more punya than raajsuya yagny

krishnarpana mastu .

Snana – 3 !

Jalashay Prabheda

There are 14 types of water body fit for taking bath . they are

  1. Mahanadi
  2. nad
  3. srotah
  4. sarovar
  5. devakhaata
  6. naal
  7. taTaak
  8. kunD
  9. dhaara
  10. Koop
  11. Bila
  12. PrasravaN
  13. Udapaan
  14. KoTeer

the jalashay from 1 -5 are uttama , 6-10 are madhyam and 11-14 are adhama . One must do nitya naimiitika and kaamya snana in these jalashaya only .


1> It should be flowing all the three times a day [morning evening and night ] such a flow is known as jalasantati or jalapravaah . This jalasantati must begin from some mountain [parvat ] ,it should end in samudra ocean . Such a water flow jalasantati is known as MAHANADI . the snana here will destroy all the sins .

2> Jalasantati beginning from a mountain parvat should travel atleast 100 yojana before reaching ocean . such a jalapravaah is known as mahaanadi .

Nad laxan

From eastern Mountains if jalasantati begins and ends in western ocean [paschim samudra ] is known as NAD

Srotas laxan

beginning from a mountain and ending in some river or taking a still form at some place on earth and ending inside the earth bhumi is known as Srota

Sarovar LAxan

The water body circular in shape either on the top of ,mountain or at the botto of the mountain , which never dries is known as sarovar . These are very wide and have many lotus in it .

Devakhaat laxan

Either in open place on earth or on the monutains when the banks of such water body are automatically generated by devatas and water in it never dies having broad mouth of the body with large banks natural in shape in known as devakhaat ..

Naal laxan

For the benfit of the village or for agricultural activity , those flow created by humans diverting water from the river is known as NAAL .

taTAAk laxan

In a village or mountain or in a forest , the water body in the shape of half moon [ardhchandra akaar ] is known as taTaak .

KunDa laxan

There should be four corners for the water body , no steps and banks should be formed with stones ,big or small full of water is known as KunDA

Dhaara laxan

the water flow should begin from a hole or opening in a mountain high above the sealevel , it should fall from a great height and fall on the ground and then without stopping there it should flow continuously .. such a jalasantati is known as Dhaara

Koopa Laxan

The water body as wide as five meters  ,circular in shape ,built with wood and bricks by humans full of water such a jalashay is known as koopa .

Bil laxan

water body in a desert under sand atleast 3 feet wide and full of water naturally  is known as bila by the scholars .

Koteer laxan

the lengthier canal in a mountain or forest or on a tree or natural wooden creek with evry little flowing water but never drying is known as koteer .

Prasravan laxan

either in monutain or at some place on earth , little by little water should get accumulated naturally and then it should start flowing as canal ..this is known as prasravan ..

OOdapaan laxan

In a garden or in aplace where cows tread , the small pond craeted with bricks or wood for animals to drink water is known as oodapaan

Samudra laxan

one which has natural waves , which acnnot be easily crossed , whose depth acnnot be easily estimated and one which is surrounded by a island or land all through its banks is known as SAMUDRA .



Punya equivalent to One year continuous fasting will be got by taking bath in GANGA .. half of it will be the punya in Godavari snana .

Mahanadi snana phala

1.chandrayan Vrat 2. three krichcha vrata 3.10000 gayatri japa  4. Mahanadi snana all these are equivalent .

Mahanadi Taartamya .

  1. saraswati nadi
  2. yamuna nadi
  3. ganga
  4. narmada

these four rivers are knwon as best among mahanadi ..

Ganga nadi immidiately destroys the sins as one takes bath .. saraswati nadi destroys after three days of bath .. narmada and yamuna destroys after 5 days of snana . All teertha created by Devatas and Bramhanas give same phala as mahanadi snana ..

Those river that does not meet ocean gives phala of each snana equivalent to 5 days of ordinary snana at home .

Those river that meet the ocean gives 15 days worth of snana phala by one snana in it … The snana is samudra itself will give one months snana phala .

The water quenched from a well is inferior to natural water inside the earth , Prasravan water is better than water in the bhumi . Sarovar is better than prasrvan .rievr water is more punyakar than sarovar . Teertha jal is more shreshtha than nadijal .Godavari water is more punyakar than all the waterbodies .

Deva rushi nirmita many teertha are fit for snana .. water from bila prasravan koteer and oodupaan shoudl not be used directly they must be taken in bucket and then used .. when there is dearth of water in any water body , they shoudl be taken ina  bucket and use .. but such a water in patra can be only fit for sandhyavandan but will not give any punya for snana ..

Puraan prasiddha KIngs and other characters like muni devtas et who have created koop tataak etc are alwasy fit for snana .

ONE must not take bath in a water bodies created by those

  1.  who are lesser in caste to ourselves and have earnt money in wrong way ..
  2. who are of same caste but have fallen due to non carrying of the duties of varnashram ..
  3. Vardhushika vrutti .. one who has earned money through commisions or by selling goods at a high price , which he himself has purchased at very low cost . such a trade is knwon as Vardooshika and is totally decried in shastras ,.. such a vaardhosshika vrutti person is disallowed in all ceremonies and food partaken in his house leads to all types of sins .
  4. If for any reason unknwoingly a bath has been taken in such a place then one must do prayashchitta and krichhvrata .
  5. Such a bath in nindita jalashya does not give any punya but gives the sins of the owner of the jalashay ..
  6. If one has to take the snana in a jalashay created by others eligible , than one must enter the jalashay and throw away atleast five or ten mushthi soil from it …and then take bath .. else one gets the sins of the owner .
  7. those jalashay which has been donated for saarvajanik use , taking bath in such jalashay one need not throw away mushthi soil ..,
  8. the jalashay to be created for public use must be constructed with two sanskarra a>  through vedic injunctions  b> it shoudl be donated in a vedic manner as daana for public use . After that the owner must never take bath in that jalashay
  9. The jalashay where there is no water enough to take a dip should not be used for snana .
  10. when there is scope and availability of deva nirmit better jalashay for snana , in such situations one must not take resort to jalashay constructed by others .The vaapi koopa tataak constructed by mletchas should never be used for snana or drinking . this gives mahadosha .. only prajapatya vrata ..this if done with knwoledge of such occurence .. if done unknowingly then one must do upavaasa for one complete day to get shuddhi and then with bramha koorcha panchagavya praashan one will get purification .. one need not do prajapatya in such case .  So says Vignyaneshwar rishi .

krishnarpanamastu .






Snana -2 !


snana with indian gooseberry [ nellikayi ,amla ] and eating amla give VISHNUPREETI . HARI is especially pleased with those who take bathw ith amla powder on ekadashi day and dwadashi day both snana and eating of amla is very auspicious and gains special affection of LORD Vishnu

VYASA rishi says ,

those days where snana with amalaki is prohibited are

  1. saptami
  2. navami
  3. sunday
  4. tuesday
  5. eclipse
  6. sankranti
  7. sashti
  8. parvadina
  9. night times
  10. pournima
  11. amavasya

shatataap rishi says one must not take snana with amalaki in the early morning hours .. this puts all the days as nishiddha .. then dwadashi one must do snana with amalaki becomes an exception …rest days afternoon bath ,evening bath can be done with amalaki .

If one does snana with malaki on the nishiddha prohibited days than one will suffer poverty ..

if prohibited days fall on ekadashi then amalaki snana on such days gives immense punya .. so say shattrinshansmriti …


  1. snana with til
  2. applying til powder to entire body
  3. homa with til
  4. pitru tarpana with til
  5. eating til and jaggery
  6. giving dana of til

those who perform these six karmas will never get tired and tiredness will cease if any ..

Vyasa says those who desire the betterment of servants ,friends and wife should never touch til  on

  1. amavasya
  2. sankraman
  3. ashtami
  4. sunday
  5. poornima
  6. vyatipaata
  7. eclipse
  8. vaidhruti yoga
  9. midnight
  10. ekadashi
  11. dwadashi
  12. vrata days

during the evening and night times one must use oil or powders of til either for eating or snana ,eating food which is larger than its seed during night reduces wealth ..


  1. Pashaan mantra
  2. Avahana
  3. namaskaar
  4. arghya
  5. prarthana
  6. anugnya
  7. snana
  8. ten tarpana

these eight kriya completes the samudra snana and makes one eligible to get samudra snana phala .

these are :


पिप्पलाादसमुत्तन्ने कृत्ये लोकभयँकरी । पाषाणम ते मया दत्त माहारार्थम प्रकल्पितम् ॥

आ‌वाहन मंत्र

पिशाची च घृताची च विश्वयोने विशाम् पते । सानिध्यम् कुरुमे देव सागरे लवणांधसि ॥

नमस्कार मंत्र

नमस्ते विश्वगुप्ताय नमो विष्णुवपां पते ।नमो जलधिरूपाय नदीनाम् पतये नमः ॥

अर्घ्य मंत्र

सर्वरत्नमयः श्रीमान सर्वरत्नाकराकर । सर्वरत्नप्रदातस्त्वं  गृहाणामर्घ्यम् महोदधे ॥

प्रार्थना मंत्र

पृथिव्याम् यानि तीर्थानि प्राविशंस्त्वाम् महोदधे । स्नातस्य मे फलम् देहि सर्वस्मादपि चांधसः ॥

अभ्यनुज्ञा मंत्र

समस्तजगदाधार शंखचक्रगदाधर । अनुज्ञाम् देहि मे देव युष्मत्तीर्थनिषेवणे ॥

स्नान मंत्र

वेदादयो वेदवशिष्ठ योनिः सरित्पतिः सागररत्नयोनिः । अग्निश्च मे तेज इला च तेजो रेतोधा यज्ञममृतस्य च नाभिः ॥इदं तेऽन्याभिरसमानमद्भिर्याः काश्च सिंधुम् प्रविशंत्यापः । सर्वो जीर्णामिव त्वचं जहाते पापं शरीरात्सशिरस्कोऽभ्युपेत्य ॥

तर्पण मंत्र

  1. पिप्पलादम् तर्पयामि
  2. कविं तर्पयामि
  3. कण्वं तर्पयामि
  4. कृतांतम् तर्पयामि
  5. जीवकेश्वरं तर्पयामि
  6. मन्युम् तर्पयामि
  7. कालरात्रिम् तर्पयामि
  8. विद्यां तर्पयामि
  9. अहर्गणेश्वरं तर्पयामि
  10. समुद्रम् तर्पयामि

तदनंतरं  देव तर्पणम्  ‍रिषि तर्पणम् पितृ तर्पणम्

this completes the smaudra snana

one must not do achamana with samudra water .. one must not do achaman with hot water and tarpana should be given from samudra water only ..





Snana -1 !

Snana is karma . it is just not cleansing of body with water but a karma that gives different results fruits in various situations.

Snana is nitya karma , that we do on a daily basis in three sandhyas .

Snana taken on specific occasion like 1> eclipse , 2>  after having touched rajaswala stree ,or antyaj mletch or 3> during asuchi  are all naimittika snana

Snana undertaken to get the desires of the life fulfilled like increase in longevity ,wealth , health etc increase in beauty , lustre ,skin tone ,increase in radiance of body , etc .. OR having desires of other life like Svarga etc is known as KAAMYA SNANA .

Those desirous of fruits of karma should carry out snana for phala those who do not desire fruits should carry out the SNANA for HARIPREETI ..

How to do such SNANA we shall elaborate .

PULASTYA rishi says :

  1. every month Pushya nakshatra
  2. ones own janma nakshatra
  3. vaytipaata yoga
  4. vaidhriti yoga
  5. amavasya
  6. dintraya

SNANA on these days will release the seven ancestors from their sins .. that means a snana taken with proper instructions on these days will not only destroys one’s own sins but also destroys sins of father grandfather their father and forefathers seven generations .. and if done on dintraya it will grace a crore [kulkotim samuddharet ] generations .

SUNDAY and TUESDAY one should take bath in river , for those who do that , just as LION does not have fear of other wild animals in forest similarly one will not have fear of diseases .

One who takes bath in a river near the sannidhi of RUDRA DEVARU on CHAITRA KRISHNA CHATURDASHI one will never attain the pretatva [ one will never become preta ,bhoota pisacha etc ] . If done in GANGA river it is very much more effective .

BHAVISHYA purana says

The water body very near to a SHIVALINGA is known as SHIVAGANGA , those who take bath in this Shivaganga , get relived from all their sins and reach abode of RUDRA DEVA

Yamasmriti says

Kartik pournami bath in PUSHKAR and MAGH Pournami a snana in Prayaag will destroy all the sins of the person .

Jyestha SHUKLA NAVAMI if there is hasta Nakshatra on that day the it is very auspicious .. a bath in ganga on this day will relieve one from the sins made in last 10 TEN BIRTHS .

MAGH KRISHNA CHATURDASHI if one takes bath in YAMUNA river or VAISHAAKH SHUKLA TRITIYA [ akshya tritiya ] in GANGA will take away all the sins of this birth .


Surya grahana -during solar eclipse a bath in GANGA will give punya equivalent to donating infinite cows in a proper vedic manner .

Padma purana says

KARTIK shukla  NAVAMI is very dear to Pitrus .. so a snana dana homa on this day by the side of river pleases the forefathers who have departed .


MAGHA saptami is equivalent to Surya grahana .. a snana during arunodaya on this day will give immense punya .

Chaitra shukla ashtami if it is with Punarvasu nakshatra and also if that day happens to be Wednesday than it is a very very auspicious day .. a  snana in river on this day will give punya of having done VAAJPEYA YAGNYA .- VISHNU vachan .

SHATATAP rishi says

On an amavasya if it is SUNDAY or Tuesday just a snana on this day in ganga will give punya equivalent to having donated 1000 cows .

puranas say

Ashwij pournami to kaartika pournami one should take bath everyday in river , do japa of vishesha mantras ,should eat only havishya items , and remain with complete indriya nigraha .. then one gets relieved from all sins and becomes purified in mind and body .

The months of libra ,capricorn and aries , one should get up early in the morning and take bath in rivers and should be in bramhacharya vrata eat only havishya then one will get relieved from all sins of this birth .

YAMA says

Those who desire wealth and worldly pleasures and also svarga should take bath during lunar and solar eclipse . and should take bath before sunrise during pushya pournami to phalguna poornima  everyday .

matsya purana says ,

Four months from ASHADHA poorima to KAARTIKA poornima  everyday one should take bath early in the morning …everyday one should give bramhna bhojana andon KAARTIKA poornima one should give GODAANA … This is Known as  VISHNU VRATA . One gets Vishnuloka by doing this .


The month starting the end of Pushya masa and before the beginning of Phalguna masa is known as MAGHA MASA . according to sage NARADA month occurs in three ways ..

  1. From poornima to poornima it is knwon as poornimaantamasa  … in this type pushya poornima to magha poornima is known as MAGHA MASA
  2. from amavasya to amavasya is known as amavasyantamaas ….in this krama pushya amavasya to magha amavasya will be magha masa . both above are chandra maana masa .
  3. from one solar ingress to another solar ingress is known as saurmasa  ,,, in this krama the month starting from makar sankranti to kumbha sankranti is known as magha masa .. this is saura maana masa ..

In these three types of magha masa ,one can choose as per their tradition or can choose all the three types of months for snana which will give immense punya .

In this month rivers keep saying aloud from arunoday time till suryodaya       .. ” please come take bath we shall relieve you of all sins ,.. lets see who is lucky among you .who is the fortunate one ! ”

small children or young boys or old men women or transgenders , all and everyone should take bath during maghamasa in a river ..This will give all sorts of desires to the one who takes bath …

While doing this snana ,one should not cover oneself with sweater or blanket while going to the river . If one gets troubles by the cold wind then one must resist such a cold weather and continue the snana .. One must never try to get rid of cold during the snana ..if one does the snana in this manner taking the cold into ones stride .. with each step he takes towards river while going and coming from river ONE GETS ASHWAMEDHA YAGNYA punya for each step .

one should not use fire agni before or after snana .. to relieve oneself of cold weather .

SNANA in river gives mahaphala … for those who do not have river …

  1. river water
  2. water flowing with quick speed
  3. water taken in a new pot a previous day ,if this water is kept in an open place below sky ,where wind flows freely .. if kept from night till dawn

these three types of water is equivalent to Ganga . This water can be used for Snana and will give ganga snana phala .

before starting MAgha snana , one should do snakalpa that I will do the snana daily in a river for a month .. Then one should recite what type of niyama one will undertake for the month .. and then start the snana …

One must do sankalpa everyday before snana too

MANTRAs to be recited while doing snana will be given in subsequent posts ..

one must recite them ..With much devotion one must take bath month long in the river water ….

After the snana one must take the mrittika of that teertha river and annoint himself .. one must also put the mrittika on ones head ..

then one must put gopichandana and mudras …one must give arghya to SURYA in a vedokta manner .. one must give tarpana to Pitrus ..

then one must come out of the water .. in any circumstance one must not speak ..JUST AS WOOD DOES NOT SPEAK .. one must be like wood … This is known as KAASHTHAMAUNA . One must come home with this type of mauna .

One must worship with stotra the MADHAVA rupa of HARI which has SHANKHA CHAKRA .. one must give agnihotra in agni ..other homas should be done ..

Entire month one must not travel anywhere .. one must reside at one place only ..one must sit in single aasan .  Those who are capable should do bramhacharya vrata and sleep on ground … those who are not capable and those who are rich can stay as they wish .. But in magha masa those capable or incapable must adhere to some special niyamas , that would give effective results ..


to be continued …. this post will go on  for several days !




RAHU in Lagna !

Any planet in ascendant fairly modifies the characteristics of the rashi in which ascendant [ lagna ] falls . Similarly Rahu also gives the results of the sign in which it tenants to a maximum and in mysterious way . The results are experienced in a greater way by the subject much to the observation of surrounding people .

Some of the results of RAHU being prominent in horoscope are :

  • Giving the feeling of things that are not existent ..
  • sensing extrasensory objects
  • something reeling into the head and to reason which is inexplicable
  • experiencing things beyond perception of other normal men ..
  • treading in the dream world
  • Trying to figure out meanings beyond dreams
  • Trying to see through the mystique
  • whatever result a sign exhibits among them presence of rahu makes it exhibit to the extent which is untenable to logic and imperceptible
  • as rahu has innate connection with moon , subconscious activities are more pronounced
  • many a times rahu exhibits the characteristics traits acquired in previous births which is dormant in the corner of mind and gets ignited with time .

Many a astrologers say Rahu is akin to shani .. but Rahu has been seen to give fierce results like mars too .. similarly ketu is akin to mars  but ketu gives vaata roga like shani …

experience shows Rahu excites other planets in conjunction with it ..It gives results of the planets it associates aspects or tenants [nakshatra lord ] .

RAHU in LAGNA people always make sure they honor the word ..they fall in love with many women , are highly passionate and immersed in pleasures . Such people always are well dressed and fashion conscious .

Rahu in shubh avastha shubh yoga in lagna gives favorable results of the sign …in fire signs it gives enthusiasm ,ambitions, straightforwardness,optimism ,courage brave achievements ,brimming with self confidence . especially in saggitarius it gives  interest in yoga siddhi , good physique ,sports achievements  etc ..in leo it gives interest in music drama and literature .. and study in these fields to the level of research ..

In earth signs it imparts beauty intelligence and practical mind ,stability ,and sharp attitude . legal education ,critical analysis ,civil service .

In Airy signs literary pursuits ,scientific research , etc

In water signs it gives imaginations , emotional expressions ,devotion ,passion for service , philanthropy ,compassion ,sense of justice . In pisces the extrasensory faculties are more developed ,will give tendency to help and religiousness is seen .In scorpio secret societies ,secret mystique sciences

on the whole rahu in good yoga in lagna  gives mystique experiences of past life , post death knowlegde  ,administering medicines , healing capabilities etc .relieving from goblins ..mantra vidya , karna pisach , all such arts will be known .

Mars with rahu gives rise to a revolutionary .. venus rahu gives excellence in profession , mercury rahu gives acute intution

Rahu in lagn  especially gives good artists with magnificent vision photography etc ..wherever there is need for secrecy such a yoga stands good .. wherever there is need for backdoor operations .. backroom management , invisible control .. rahu in lagna helps a lot ..showing illusions , making empty talks , struggling hard for some unknown concepts ,,or for some ancestors’ happiness  in family is trademark of these people .These are heavily influenced by grandparents ..


If the rahu in lagna is in ashubha yoga it gives very inauspicious  results . it gives diseases but such diseases will not be diagnosed by doctors .These will have full awareness of the disease but medically nothing would be present . mostly the disease will be psychological in nature and subsequently manifesting in body .

Mostly they suffer from the prarabdha ..which has no cure .. sometimes these will be terribly hurt during childhood and carry the mental wound .. sometimes these may be in previous births too carried forward as terrific dreams .. sometimes fear of unknown grapples them ..

These become easy prey to abhichara like banamati ,sammohan ,vashikarana, and black magic ..Most of the time skin diseases occur , snake troubles erupt . or fall prey to food poisoning or poison attack .

Aspect of saturn on rahu in lagna gives pisacha badha .. they also suffer from evil eye of the people repeatedly ..owing to which self confidence is lost and they get attracted to lower status and mean base people .

Unfavorable rahu gives divorce , failures in relationships and widowhood . it also leads to loss of morals . being under some addiction ,they get eagerly ready to do a antisocial activity like a possessed person .extreme hardness of mind and unnecessary ego ,loss of mental peace , jealousy and unrealistic presentations ,,suicidal tendency and roaming aimlessly and changing partners forms the major signs of afflicted rahu .

SOme of the famous personalities are BAJIRAO peshwa , machiavelli , nostradamus ,trueman ,Mahaveer , actress rekha ,madhubala vaijayanthi bala etc ..

The only remedy for such a position is DIVINE INTERVENTION and Psychological treatments ..PRAYING VARAHA NARSIMHA will alleviate all the ill effects of such a rahu .. DONATING Buffalo is another such remedy .. CHANDI homa or pratikaar bali is also a good remedy ..

DURGA ANTARGAT PARSHURAAM seva will give life long good health and protection .

krishnarpanamastu .








Brahma Mimamsa Shastra !

Bramha sutras Are known as Bramha Mimamsa Shastra . Lord NARAYANA as Vedavyasa himself has composed BRAMHA SUTRAS . WHY?

Vedas are infinite ! what does it mean vedas are infinite ?

a contemplation on the issue will bring to light certain mind-boggling tenets … what are they …?

To delve deeply we must understand what are vedas ? they are group of naturally ordered sequence of aksharas . what are aksharas ? kshara is perishable commodity … akshara is imperishable commodity ! so its existence in universe is TRUTH .. as it is imperishable it exists naturally and is indestructible … so it is visible too .. one who sees this is known as RISHI …

Now a rishi is someone who has realised this imperishable sequence of aksharas and has visualised it and is able to recite it at will [as he sees it regularly he can read it too in space …. so a readily accessible concept for him ] …

Now every person be it RISHI or otherwise has a limitation and hence cannot be knowing entire Infinite VEDAS or might have realised entire infinite Vedas …

but according to the sadhana carried over by rishis each might be knowing a specialised VEDA thus may be unique in his exposition of knowledge .. Each Rishi is exponent of specific unique mysterious knowledge …

In KRUTAYUGA the path showed by VEDAS was still non wavering and uniform all through the UNIVERSE …that means each exalted soul was engaged in his own pursuit of excellence and meeting such people always resulted in new exposition of new concept .. World was Ideal …

In treta the wavering of path of VEDAS occurred due to downfall of one leg of DHARMA ..and in Dwapara yuga it experienced a jolt .. by the end of DWAPARA yuga it extinguished completely … People say it was chiefly due to the curse of sage GAUTAM //

What happened due to the curse ? Failure to recollect verses was experienced …

SO vedas as it was present in the form of lineages of various rishis in various parts of the world ..suffered a discontinuity …and vedas as it was distributed and separated in various places in the form of few enlightened souls .. stood the risk of annihilation …

Here at this point LORD VEDAVYASA manifested himself making the SATYATI and PARASHAR episode as excuse [nimitta ] … and reestablished vedic way of life by dividing VEDAS into four 10 25 100 1000 parts and distributed them among the rishis and munis and to practise ….

Yet when these were practised .. rishis and munis and learned scholars could not understand the meaning of Vedas [ as in limited distributed learning  ] .. SO in order to make people understand the meaning of vedas ,rather to enumerate  the pointers to understanding of Vedas LOrd VEDAVYASA wrote BRAMHA SUTRAS ..

In the first part of Kaliyuga for few thousand years in NAIMISHARANYA sages propagated them in strict adherence to Sutras … slowly as kaliyuga progressed intellect of human decreased with increase in sins .. and slowly the disappearance of sages made it further difficult for common learned people to decipher the meaning of the SUTRAS ..

Upon that in came onslaught of various different paths of avedic culture which gained strength … In the mixup of various philosophies … People came up with various interpretations of SUTRAS to suit their own philosophy … and within no time 21 various interpretations of SUTRAS were in vogue making it very difficult for scholars to decipher the real meaning of VEDAS ..

At this point of time ACHARYA MADHVA gave his BHASHYA commentary to the SUTRAS .. the earlier commentaries 21 in number were not acceptable to the original SUTARKAAR Shri VEDAVYASA as it did not reflect even remotely the intent of the LORD ..the 22nd  commentary by SRIMADANANDA teertha not only reflected the original intent of LORD but also simplified it for the scholars to come .


In an elaborate and precise manner SUTRA BHASHYA has been written and then again ANUVYAKHYANA  to crush the apavyakhyana of the SUTRAS to help the sajjanas … However to understand the logic employed in these granthas to uphold the real meaning of VEDAS .. it required a mammoth skill and hence to help such exercise and ease them ACHARYA collected various logics and inferences and pramanas in another exposition namely NYAYAVIVARANA ..

To concisely bring them to memory of the sadhaka he composed a small reference text known as ANUBHASHYA .. this is only for the namesake ANUBHASHYA but actually is a  magnum opus of ACHARYA exhibiting his infinite skill in comprising the meanings of many a sutras in one single word .. each sutra nd set of sutras have been just explained in a word in ANUBHASHYA .. to understand them succeeding ACHARYAS like JAYATEERTHA and RAGHAVENDRA swamiji have written many books .. one among them being TATVA MANJARI of RAGHAVENDRA SWAMY  only through which we understand the beauty and unfathomable knowledge of ACHARYA MADHVA in representing various concepts in single word .. just like KRISHNA SHOWED the whole creation to his mother yashoda in his small mouth .. so also ACHARYA compressed the entire infinite VEDIC knowledge into concise ANUBHASHYA …easy for parayana ..

BRAMHA Sutra has 564 sutras grouped into 223 adhikaranas each propounding a certain aspect of VEDA ,..

Some adhikarana have only one Sutra and some have two or three or more …

these adhikarnas are divided into Four ADHYAYAS and each Adhyaya is further divided into four padas .In all making 16 padas ..

In the first pada of the first Chapter .. which is known as SAMANVAYA adhyaya .. a samanvaya has been made with respect to all words occurring in nature as representing LORD .. ie it has been made samanvaya that all words convey only GOD … and he is PARIPOORNA …

There will be eight types of words that would require samanvaya

  1. the words which are different from those that represent GOD and convey names [namatmak ]
  2. the words which are expressions of form gender  etc and in reference in world generally not representing GOD [ lingatamak]
  3. words those are nounal and are used in reference to GOD as well as others simultaneously
  4. words that are ref to form , gender etc lingatmak but simultaneously used for both GOD and others
  5. namatmak words different from above four types
  6. lingatmak words different from above four types
  7. namatmak words representing only GOD
  8. lingatmak words representing only GOD
  • the first pada of first chapter deals with point 1
  • the second pada deals with point 2 ie type 2
  • the third pada deals with type 3 and 4
  • the fourth deals with type 5 and 6

as 7 and 8 types do not require any samanvaya they are not covered ..

In ADHYAYA 2  .. there is khandana [ refutation ] of the argument that there is contradiction in VEDAS as regards to SUPREMACY of LORD with respect to time .,inference ,and sentences in VEDAS are contradictory …

this is known as AVIRODHADHYAYA as it shows there is no difference in the vedic verses as per the meaning they convey .. all the verses convey SUPREMACY of LORD and do not contradict ..with respect to creation of universe  and auspiciousness of  LORD

  • in the first pada of this adhyaya is shown avirodha with respect to yukti
  • in the second pada avirodha wrt time [darshan ] is established
  • in the third pada the diferrences in SHRUTI vakyas seemingly contradictory have been reconciled
  • in the fourth pada nyayopet yuktisahit shruti avirodha has been established

 the Third ADHYAYA is known as sadhanaadhyaya ..

In the first adhyaya Lord is established as SUPREME .. in the second any objection raised by various thought processes have been refuted .. so a scholar reading these two chapters is confirmed with the knowledge of VISHNU SARVOTTAMATVA .. then what next ?

SO different sadhana are enumerated to facilitate BRAMHA JIGNYASA in the third adhyaya ..

  • in the first pada VAIRAGYA has been explained
  • in the second pada the most instrumental in VAIRAGYA  is BHAKTI is enumerated
  • the subject matter of third pada is UPASANA which gives rise to BHAKTI
  • the subject matter of fourth pada is APAROKSHA

the fourth ADHYAYA then elaborates once vairagya dawns with bhakti owing to upasana leading to APAROKSHA then what is the use of all this ? It explains the fruits of such exercise and is known as PHALADHYAYA

Bramhagyana when dawns it results into MOKSHA and its swaroopa is explained and path leading to it after aparoksha  is also explained ..

  • The first pada explains the result of  KARMANAASH
  • the second deals with deha laya of those who have achieved KARMAKSHAYA  owing to gyana and BHOGA
  • the third deals with place and path reached by  the souls who leave through BRAMHANAADI or other naadi known as UTKRAMANA
  • The fourth deals with achieving the  PARABRAMHA through chaturmukha BRAMHA and BHOGA or enjoyments of MUKTA JEEVA …

In this way starting with ATHATO BRAMHA JIGNYASA … Bramha sutras  instruct the  scholars to inquire about the SUPREME as a vidhi and kartavya through its four adhyayas … and with SHRAVNA MANANA AND NIDHIDHYASANA forms of sadhana and acquiring SHAMA DAMA etc wealth adhikaari  should aspire for MOKSHA which is result of BRAMHA JIGNYASA and it is a compulsory duty “avashya ” through steady meditation of BRAMHA Sutras BHASHYA and VYAKHYANA is the clear proclamation of BRAMHA MIMAMSA SHASTRA ..



Rayar Mrittika mahima – Gyaan Bhakti Shree:Punya Vardhana : – Mey Syadbhayapaha !

Bahgavata says Prahalaad always advised to anoint oneself with dust below the feet of Gyaani .. this dust should be applied as abhisheka to all the body … body should get drenched with the Paadkanjarajas  [ yatpaadkanjarajasa paribhooshitaanga ]

Just as we adorn our body with beautiful gold ornaments and feel happy .. so also we must adorn [ paribhooshan ]  with the dust [ rajas ] of the feet of ANSHA of PRAHALAAD raya RAYARU or the mrittika of RAYAR brindavaan .. This will be the true alankaara for the body …

Yatpaadpadmamadhupaayit manasa – those who are intoxicated by the honey of the lotus namely feet of RAYARU … and even in such intoxication still aspire for more honey and the mind is still concentrated on the lotus feet in aspiration …

Yatpaadpadma padma parikeertan jeerna vacha – Those who relentlessly speak about RAYAR mahima .. those whose tongue and words have exhausted in the praise of RAGAHVENDRA swamy and his greatness .. those who spend time in only such praises  these devotees of RAGHVENDRA swmay who live their life just by serving Raghavendra swamy , such devotees [ who have annointed with RAYAR mrittika ] , if Someone happens to see , all his sins gets destroyed like a DEnse Forest which has been ignited by the fire …just reduced to ashes [ like KHANDAV dahan ] …

If The devotee’s darshan[ glimpse ] can cause such an effect , Oh RAGHVENDRA , then You are served by these devotees day and night , what could be the effect of your seva and darshan .. and how much more could be the effect and mahima of the LORD NARSIMHA who is relentlessly served by you Oh GURUSARVABHAMA , It is beyond imagination …

Note – in the previous lines we have mentioned praises what are they ?

Oh RAGHEVENDRA you are sarvatantra svantantra –

IN the previous era , todays era and eras to come , , there were and are many a philosophies like Baudha charvaak etc ….infinite philosophies in vogue ..OUR GURU RAGHAVENDRA swamy knows all these philosophies from roots till the surface in its entirety and hence HE is known as SARVATANTRA SWATANTRA …

SREEMADHVAMATVARDHAN – the wealth of Moksha can be had by the shastras propounded by SriMadanandteertha .., our Guru has written many a commentaries on the ACHARYA’s philosophy like PARIMALA etc …and  brought to the fore to a gaining heights propagating  the philosophy of MADHVACHARYA …

WHile giving sanyaasa , the guru keeps his palm on the head of the shishya [ student ] …and then gives the upadesha of ‘PRANAV’ mantra .. with this shishya is initiated into sanyasaashrama … This is a new birth to a shishya ,.. just as we take new birth in this world , our previous birth’s relations , family wealth and belongings and all other sambandha cuts off …. similarly with this new ashrama the family relations cuts off …  thus a new beginning a new birth occurs … This begins with the placing of palm of the GURU …. so the shishya sanyasi is said to have been born from the palms of the GURU .. and placing the palm is giving vara [ boon ] so also the sanyasi is VARAputra … son out of boon of guru …

RAGHAVENDRA swamy is called asVIJAYEENDRAKARABJOTTHAM SUDHEENDRA VARAPUTRA by appanacharya … RAGHAVENDRA swamy son born out of [ vara putra ] boon of SUDHEENDRA TEERTHARU who in turn   was blessed by the palm of very dynamic VIJAYEENDRA TEERTHARU [ karsanjaat ]


Those who serve this great guru [ by having his padodaka , mrittika and serving his devotees ] one will get

  1.  HARI sarvottamatva gyana
  2. ..hari bhakti …
  3. a very good son and progeny [ grandsons included ] 
  4. to spend time in satkalakshepa [ better spiritual time pass ]  a long life
  5. much fame and much wealth to enjoy
  6. all along one will get much punya [ which will also ensure good next birth  , everauspiciousness in this birth , destroying day-to-day sins and mishaps o day starts with only good things  ]
  7. all the items and objects of enjoyments and collectibles souvenirs giving a worthy lifestyle
  8. what has been collected and obtained with hard work is of no use if it does not remain stable .. nothing remains stable if it is not increasing  so wealth and articles and pleasure objects one must always keep on increasing else it gets destroyed … So rayar seva keep on increasing our status wealth and earnings and amassed objects of desire
  9. All the mentioned above[ pleasures and good results ] if it is not obtained or is not up to mark or is failing or decreasing or is being hurt , wounded or partially suffered setback … causes lots of anxiety .. even if they are intact the fear of losing them lingers in the mind .. this fear is a great obstacle to the journey of life and also for peaceful existence …SHRIRAGHVENDRA who is best among the gurus ..who is guru for all the previously and presently known gurus … saves us from all these fear by destroying the possibility of angst .. and instilling the confidence of gain pleasure and prosperity  …. [ SHRIGURURAGHVENDRA YATIRADGURURMESYADBHAYAPAHA ]


Dustaapatraynashino- Padodaka Mahima !

GURURAYAR PAdodaka – water which has touched the feet of RAYARU ….

When Chakravarti BALi agreed to grant three steps of land to Lord VAMAN … VAMAN [ a dwarf avatara ] of VISHNU instantly turned into a gigantic multidimensional Avatara of Vishnu namely TRIVIKRAMA ,,, Shri Trivikrama when he raised his foot to cover entire antariksha …. his feet went high above the Bramha loka and touched the edge of BRAMHANDA above …His toe as it pierced the BRAMHANDA Kharpara  , SHUDDHODAKA [ APATATVA] water  that prevails outside Bramhanda rushed inside the Bramhanda from the crack that appeared in the BRAMHANDA outer cover due to Toe of VISHNU …

As the water rushed inside , it brushed past the feet [ washing it along ] of LORD TRIVIKRAMA and flew like a river into the BRAMHANDA in various LOKAS … This river came to be known as GANGA …

Just Because it has originated from the feet of LORD VISHNU it is PADODAKA of VISHNU and is very sacred for this reason …

Various other rivers are also sacred for other reasons … These rivers purify the person who takes bath in it .. it cleanses them of their sins if one takes bath or touches it or simply remembers them in heart ..

On a special occasion these give immense PUNYA … if someone takes bath three times  a day everyday . his punya is seamless .. there cannot be any other punya equal to it ….

2. But taking water after washing a feet of Veda bramhana is supposed to give  more punya then trikaal snana in the rivers like GANGA and others ..

3. The originator of GANGA and desireless LORD Krishna has aptly demonstrated this in RAJSOOYA yagnya in Mahabharat by washing the feet of bramhins himself and sprinkling it on his head … thus sowing the importance of Bramhana Padodaka ..

4. Bahagavat also says ” teerthe kurvanti teerthani swatmasthena gadabrutha ”  that even GANGA and other teerthas rivers also become pure by the touch of those bramhins who always are engrossed in the dhyana of SHRIHARI …

5. The Brundavana of RAYARU has sannidhi of all the DEVATAS from BRAMHA to Agni ..It has 700 saligramas and also all the nadi abhimani devatas are present in it ..  The water when poured over it for Abhisheka gets the sparsha of all rivers making it equivalent to all rivers .. along the way it touches the feet of HAYAGREEVA and all the other devatas … making it even more sacred … finally It washes the feet of Sri RAGHAVENDRA who is ever engrossed in SHRIMAN MOOLRAMA and hence it is even most sacred enough to purify GANGA herself …[ that is the reason why RAYARU himself is known as RAGHAVENDRATEERTHA as it purifies teerthas themselves the saint is teertha himself ]

so also as per BAHGAVATA vachan it is conclusive  RAYARY Padodaka is sacred and manifold times imparting punya than trikaal snana sandhya in the river GANGA and other rivers all through the life ….

There are three types of TAPA [ kashta , difficulties, miseries etc ] .

  • The diseases and difficulties  arising inside the body are known as Adhyatmik tapa
  • The difficulties like dog bite , donkey kicks , accidents are Adhibhoutik tapa these are external to body
  • The difficulties arising due to excess rains tsunami famine earthquakes etc are adhidaivik tapa

Again these tapas are of two kinds the above mentioned are malevolent tapas … these can be benvolent as well …benevolent tapas are

  • The difficulties experienced during Upavas like EKADASHI etc is Adhyatmik tapa
  • the difficulties during panchagni tapasya etc are Adhibhoutik tapa
  • The difficulties caused by Devatas to Rantidev , Harishchandra etc are Adhidaivik tapa

These later tapas result in the purification of mind and finally lead to MOKSHA ..These are Uttamatapatraya.. The opposite to these are known as DUSHTATAPATRAYA.

The dustapatraya of devotees are destroyed by the sevana [ by sprinkling drinking of ] Rayar PADODAKA ..

THere are many types of VANDHYA – [ women having no children ] ..

  • some do not conceive early ..
  • some frequently undergo miscarriages
  • some give rise still-born baby again and again
  • some give birth to one child  and then stop conceiving
  • Some get children after long time late in their life
  • Some absolve the sins of previous life or janmantar sins by prayashchittas like HARIVANSHA purana shravana etc and then conceive and get birth of child .
  • Some get children after prayaschitta [ vrata niyama upavasa japa homa havana etc]   and  medicines [ ayurveda ]
  • Some do not get children even after all the above …
  • the last one is known as MAHAVANDHYA ..

This MAHAVANDHYA too if they take with utmost devotion everyday without fail the padodaka of SHRIRAGHAVENDRA  will get a son [ MAHAVANDHYA suputraprado ] not just a son but an able UTTAMA putra ..

Some are handicapped by birth due to previous life sins .. some become handicapped by the sins in this very life ..All these people if they partake Padodaka will get their sins destroyed and regain their organs limbs etc … EVen if there are defects in the body or they will get resolved by regular sevan of PAdodaka ..They will be very strong and work ably thereafter .. [ those who feel shy of their personalities due to inabilities low confidence stammering vikruti etc all of them will benefit with optimum praiseworthy qualities by regularly taking the padodaka ]

If the tapatrayas are experienced out of bad placements of planets [ astangata neecha khala kopa vikala deena avasthas ] like shani mangal rahu ketu surya etc … or if the miseries are owing to BRAMHAHATYA abhichara , etc or due to some MAHAPATAKA terrible sins attacking again and again onto us[ grahamahapapaapahastam shraye ] .. all these difficulties will get destroyed by the PADODAKA of our Guru Shri Raghavendra


Parishuddha Bhakti Datva Doshaan hatva sa nah avyaat Guru RAGHAVENDRA !

One must get a satputra [ an able son ] to get absolved of pitru runa [ debt of forefathers ] . To live a carefree life one needs ample wealth and riches … These riches should not result in  pride [ durahankara ] but instead we must gain Nishchal bhakti [ unmixed devotion ] towards HARI … One who has this type of bhakti ,even if he has wealth and riches pride does not touch him .

The love towards GOD Hari is known as bhakti . This love should be infinitely greater than the love that we harbour towards other things . In whatever circumstances whether of good or of highest danger , this love should not cease nor should it decrease …Such type of PARISHUDDHA  bhakti comes by the  knowledge of HARI sarvottamatva .. Knowing that HARI is supreme , none is or was or will be ever equal or greater than Vishnu  is what is known as HARI SARVOTTAMATVA gyana …To get this knowledge one must have clairvoyant VIGNYANA …This Vignyana comes by relentless study under an able GURU and it increases by relentlessly imparting the knowledge to able students .

To teach as well as to learn one must have able body and speech .. Once a human body is acquired one cannot remain without karma even for a second . AMong these karmas ,sins are in majority as life passes .. And also as the body commences its journey it encounters diseases … As long as these diseases and sins exist [ or habit of sinning or sufferings from disease exist ] no learning or teaching is possible .. rather such a learning or teaching does not give rise to Vignyana …nor does it increase Vignyana which is chiefly responsible for Parishuddh Bhakti .. which gives real enjoyment [uninterrupted unabashed ] of progeny and wealth . Thus Oh Guru RAGHAVENDRA save us by destroying [ hatva] these sins and diseases and give us PARISHUDDHA bhakti along with satputra and wealth that would increase vigyana and having granted[ datva ] you [ sah ] protect [ avyaat ]  us [ nah ].


NirastadoshoNirvadyaVeshah !

Punya is of Two types

  1. Ishta Punya
  2. AnishTa Punya

when doing punya [ virtuous act ] , one does the karma expecting a result out of it …[ like if homa is done with laja one gets a compatible woman /man as spouse ] so when doing the virtuous act of homa , one does it with aim to get a wife /husband …

Thus this act of doing homa gives punya but this punya is Ishta punya … Similarly various acts of karma satkarma to get job etc form a Ishta punya for the person .. These punya [ depending on days done , such as parvakala , punyakala etc ] is manifold in size and gives results in birth after birth for  a long time ….

In the times to come This Punya becomes a hinderance if a better Punya phala is awaiting for fructification ….At this point this punya [ hindering one ] becomes ANISHTA as opting this would result in loss of better results …

for ex .. one applies for a job in clerical grade and puts in lots of effort to get it .. One also gets the job .. just at the time of joining as the clerk ,, one suddenly gets an opportunity to become a CIVIL servant .or an officer … Now the efforts and result of the previous clerical grade exam is ANISHTA for the person .. though it was ISHTA at a previous instant ..

Similarly APAROKSHA gyanis , before the advent of APAROKSHA gyana might have performed many a karma for various results … AT that time those punyas and its fruits might have been ISHTA for them …

After the advent of APAROKSHA gyana , when MUKTI is nearer , these punyas guaranting SWARGA or birth on a earth as wealthy man or KING seems ANISHTA as it becomes an hinderance to their MUKTI .. why ?

If the previous Ishta Punya has to be exhausted ..Then they will have to take birth on earth or spend time in Swarga , and while in these births they will again have to do few more anishTa punyas resulting in further more karma .. and thus the cycle becomes inexhaustible to such an extent that actual Phala of MUKTI seems a distant impossible dream … as it becomes impossible to exhaust the heaps of karma AGAMI as it may take infinite births to do so  … Thus such a situation never exists so for Aparokshagyanis these ANISHTA punya is never experienced …

SO what happens to this ANISHTA punya ?

Those who devotedly serve the Aparoksha gyanis .. they get these Anishta punya … similarly there are ANISHTA sins as well … So thsoe who hate or harbour hate towards the saints aparoksha gyanis will get their Anishta sins ….

Both sins and punya of AParoksha gyanis do not touch them …. They go to the adversaries and devotees respectively …

All the karmas done prior to getting AParoksha gyana by APAROKSHI is termed as SANCHITA karma …Among the heaps of Sanchita karma .. the karma which was operational just as APAROKSHA dawned is known as PRARABDHA .karma …

This prarabdha has to be experienced by the Soul without fail , there is no escape from these karma … IT has to be exhausted by experiencing only …

WHile experiencing the Prarabdha Karma , after advent of APAROKSHA whatever karma a soul does is known as AGAMI karma ..

while prarabdha has to be experienced ,.,..BOTH sanchita and agaami are punya pap are anishta and are given to bhaktas and dweshis by HARI and only ISHTA punya is experienced by APAROKSHA gyani ..

RAGHAVENDA guru is SHANKUKARNA in his moolarupa … SHANKUKARNA was devata adjduicated to bring PUSHPA tulasi etc for BRAMHA ji for his daily worhsip of NARAYANA …

Pramana says ” Na devapadamaaruDhaa bramhadarshanvarjitah ” 

means devata post does not come without having APAROKSHA ..

so SHANKUKARNA was a devata and APAROKSHA gyani .. SO whatever karma done in the avataras of PRAHALAAD , BALHIKA VYASARAYARU and RAGHVEDNRA swamy is all agaami karma .. As Prahalaada he has done immense satkarma [ His devotion resulted in pradurbhava of NARSIMHA ] thus all this still remains ANISHTA punya for RAYARU and all the devotees who pray sing his leelas are bound to get benefit by his ANISHTA punya which is sure shot remedy for fulfillment of all desires …

But GURURAJA has no experience of all these punya that he has previously done in his previous births as PRAHALAAD Balhika etc .. Thus he is known to be NIARASTADOSHAh … 

ANy karma done aspiring the fruits of KARMA  or for the sake of revenge owing to hatred .. is known as KAMYAKARMA ..RAghvendra swamy [ so also in his previous births ] never harboured any desires ,,, In BHAGAVAT every character elucidated to have devotion towards HARI harboured some desires and then worshipped HARI .. like DHRUVA wanted to sit on the lap of his FATHER … and went in jungle … MARKANDEYA wanted to have longevity and thus worshipped NARSIMHA …AJAMILA steeped in sins , wanted to call his son and subsequently sees NARAYANA  ,BALI wanted to become INDRA … BUT PRAHALAAD is one devotee who never wished anything in return as reward …

SO RAYARU never had any KAMYAKARMA … even in MANTRALAYA he is sitting only to fulfill the desires of his devotees and not for himself .. thus even that is also not a kamyakarma … just as he does not have the dosha of hatred or desires and does pure BHAGAVAT karma only , so also he is called as NIRASTADOSHAh  …

Muktiyogya jeevas have perfect lakshanas as per lakshana shastra … As per tartamya they exhibit uttama lakshanas .. BRAMAH exhibits complete lakshnas and leser jeevas exhibit lesser lakshanas.. TAMOYOGYA jeevas do not have even one uttama lakshana and exhibit only durlakshanas ..and KALI exhibits complete durlakshans … Absence of uttama lakshanas itself is a dosha …

Such a defict of uttama lakshan dosha does not exist in GURU RAGHAVENDRA and on the contrary He exhibits perfect lakshanas and also exhibits the signs of his ashrama in a perfect manner by wearing a KAUPIN kashaya [ orange robes ] vatsra danda kamandalu fit for a sanyasi .. which are in accordance with Shastras  thus he is known as NIRVADYAVESHAH ..

Krishnarpanmastu ..


BhavaDukhatoolSanghagniCharya: !

SHriRaghvaendra Guru has feet akin to lotus . Lotus attracts the bees . bees insearch of honey , are unable to leave the lotus and keep circling it . Similarly devotees [ bees ] must always be engaged in the dhyana of Lotus feet of RAGHAVENDRAswamy for the sake of honey [ moksha ] unable to leave it …keep again again and again meditating on it … having done so Rayaru  will give all the desired [ both desires of this world and other world ] ….

 Devendra’s Vajrayudha shattered many a mountains ….. we must keep our eyes fixed on the lotus feet of RAYARU and in turn RAYARU casts his graceful glance on us .. This graceful glance like VAJRAYUDHA destroys all our sins that have accumulated to form a mountain .. Oh Raghavendra of such might be pleased with me …

My ishta guru RAGHAVENDRA has been described by an adjective viz Bhavadukhtoolsanghagnicharya:  By appanacharya ..

every person has miseries dukha inhis life ,..this dukha in sansaara namely sansaaradukh are infinite , they have taken the dimension of a mountain in size and seem impossible to overcome … and day by day the count of such mountains are also increasing … even one mountain of this misery is impossible to cross over and yet many other spring up day by day making it a cumbersome journey not fit to live …when a jeeva /person  remembers RAYARU as his guru and browses through the great saints life and events …RAyaru akin to a fire [ agnicharya  ] all these sansaara dukh burns out like a heap of cotton ..[toolasangha ]

Along the lines He relieves one from dushta graha like pisacha betala etc and also reins in effects of planets like shani mangal etc ,..[ samstadushtagrahanigrahesho ]  and easily helps cross over mountains of misery and misfortune to attain the eternal bliss ..

Note : In the previous para we have seen that RAYARU is agni charya ie has the capabilities of agni .. in destroying the heap of cotton like sansaara dukha .

Dukha [ misery ] are of two types …

1. Swaroop dukha

2. sansaara dukha

among these swaroopa dukh is experienced by only those souls who are tamoyogyas like KALI etc … For a tamoyogya souls swaroopa dukha is very embodiment of its soul and is anadinitya just as soul … There is no destruction for this swaroop dukha .. Thus GURURAJA  does not destroy this swaroop dukha …of tamoyogyas …

Sansaarik dukha is experienced by all the souls … But Tamoyogya and Nityasansaari jeevas as they do not have even an iota of devotion in HARI , the foremost among the devotees Shri RAYARU does not destroy even the sansaarik dukha of these two types of people ….ONly sansaaradukh of devotees are eligible for destruction of sansaarik dukha on worshipping RAYARU .. [ so there may be infinite people who would say .. I have gone to Mantralayam 100 times but I did not get any result … even chiraan’s prediction  failed in my case he advised remedy and I did  not get result even after visiting mantralayam … no regrets .. make  a reality check  are you DEVOTEE of Krishna ? ]

Only Muktiyogya sansaarik Dukha RAYARU destroys … so dukha word denotes Muktiyogya sansaaarik dukha ….

But isnt the above explanation obvious by shastras .. but Appanacharya has used BHAVA dukha .. isnt the word BHAVA redundant .. scholars dont use redundant words .. so above explanation may not be perhaps right , may be some other perspective needs to be explored …

So not only RAJARU destroys the sansaarik dukha but also the root cause of this dukha ie Sansaara ie BHAVA also gets destroyed by RAYARU’s dhyana … and hence BHAVA dukha tool sanghagni charya has been attributed to RAYARU …

But In BHAGAVATA  it is said that Only VISHNU has the capability to destroy the BHAVA ie sansaara

“varam varay bhadram te rute kaivalyamatmanah | ek evaeshavarastasya Bhagavaan Vishnuravyayah || ”

SO RAYARU CANNOT HAVE SANSAARPARIHARAK SHAKTI  it seems from this sentence of BHagavat …SO even the second perspective how can it be correct ?

In the first vie BHAVA word becomes redundant and in the second it becomes meaningless as such a quality cannot be seemingly attributed to RAYARU according to Bhagavat …

To reconcile the two … we take recourse to the word ‘ AGNICHARYAh ”

here RAYARU has been said to be akin to AGNI …

How does agni fire burn the cotton …

1. either cotton should fall on the fire

2. Fire should catch up with heap of cotton directly

In these two cases there is direct contact between the fire and the cotton .. and cotton burns to ahes …. So also by the direct seva of RAYARU  like darshana  padasevanam pradakshina stuti aradhana  ones sansaarika dukha burns to ashes in a direct manner …

3. thirdly a cotton can be kept in a container and kept on fire … here fire catches up with container and then having pervaded the container burns the cotton ..

even though there is no direct contact between fire and cotton …in sequence cotton gets burnt … Similarly RAYARU may not directly destroy the BHAVA of devotees like HARI but by his upadeshas of HARI sarvottamatva and VAyu jeevottamatva gyana .. which when ignited in Devotees mind ..increases grace of HARI and devotion to HARI gradually and consequentially qualifies for Destruction of BHAVA ..

So RAYARU destroys sansaarik dukha directly and gradually qualifies one to overcome BHAVA as well …

VEDAS say .. ” VishNurhi dataa mokshasya Vayuscha tadanugnya ”

VISHNU gives MOKSHA independently and VAYU gives MOKSHA by Vishnu’s permission …

SO Bhagavat sentence when it says only VISHNU can give MOKSHA and others cannot give … is not right interpretation , others can also give under the instruction of VISHNU …

But again there are many gurus ..and everyone preaches about TAttvavada and they also create Vishnu bhakti and gradually makes one eligible for MOKSHA … whats so special about RAYARU then ?

again we take recourse to the word ‘ Agnicharyah ”

here the word AGNI answers the above question ..

Cotton can be buried into the ground …

cotton can be dissolved into water or other solutions …

iN BOTH ABOVE CASES  ,, cotton is destroyed but after a long time … Put it in fire instantly it is ashes within no time …

Other gurus who are lesser in tartamya to RAYARU take a long time to dissolve the sansaarika dukha … And for those who are higher in tartamya to RAYARU .. owing to extreme affection on RAYARU choose to grace through RAYARU only … as he has been specially deputed to fulfill the wishes of devotees … So like a fire all the dukha of devotees gets destroyed instantly  and one becomes eligible for MOKSHA…

EVen the the fire during PRALAYA burns the cotton … the spark arising out of this fire also burns the cotton .. HARI like a pralayaagni destroys the sansaara of the jeevas by his own prowess ,,,, so also Ragahvendra swamy like a spark obtained by his unparrallel grace Of HARI destroys the sansaara of the Jeevas devoted to MUKUNDA … Thus the word AGNICHARYA has been aptly attributed by APPANACHARYA to our beloved guru SHRI RAGHAVENDRA ….



Dantadhavanam !

Dantadhavanam – – Dental Care Vedic ISHTYLE !

A thought occurred one fine morning , almost entire civilisation is today using tooth brush and tooth paste ….. In the olden days when there was no tooth paste, were all the people suffering from bad breath ? Or pyorrhea was order of the day ? or nasal herbal outburst was accepted disorder ? The way tooth brush brushed aside a natural phenomena of using twigs for dental care is a research unto itself !

Does using branches of tree forms bad dental care ?

EVen today many villager still use neem … Even in some major cities neem twigs are sold across the footpath …But prolonged use of such non juicy dry sticks of neem [ just for the sakeof nostalgia of yester era ] will definitely give way to dental disorders , more so inconsistent qulaity of breath …  So how did the people of yore managed their tooth ? were they using a mantra ” hari….. saaSon  me taazgi ….. dehi me svaha ”

On an another note – if Satyavati could throw a frangrance for a yojana , did she still suffer bad breath as she never used COLGATE PEPSODENT CLOSEUP Vicco Neem CIBACA [ so much for brand recall ] …{ are yaar yeh datun ke mammle mein ramayan Mahabharat kahan se cchid gaya …. yeh chiraan ka pichle janam ka bimari hai kya }

Mao se Tung had a lavish lifestyle [ all the while communism was for only common idiotic masses ] , his concubines had only one complaint he had a very stinking pyorrhea [ perhaps that was responsible for regime change and according to promoters of tooth care his single most reason of death , as he only used  jungle weeds and leaves , puss ooozed out of his gums and yet HE continued to rule China under great pain ] [ are mere baap ,. tumhara kya HUL se panga hai kya ? ab Mao tse kahan se agaya is discussion mein , Kabhi to present mein jiyo mere bhai ,, yah to astro bolke future mein ghus jate ho nahi to MAHABHARAT utha ke latei ho , koi mujhe is chiraan ke atyachaari phekam-phaak  se bachaye ! mujhe jeene do – Live and let live  ]


Samhita says there are thousands of varieties of datavan[ tooth care ] involving Valli , lata , gulma and vruksha [ ie weedlets  weeds creepers trees etc ] , without going into numerous details . only few which are common and useful and available to people at large shall be discussed ..

The twigs of tress hitherto unknown , whose properties of leaves are unknown , which have twin outgrowths and the twigs that have crest/phalange  divding it into two , twigs which are broken ,torn ,and those that have dried on the tree itself or the one which has no skin  , should not be used for dantadhavanam [ sanskrit term for brushing teeth ] .

The twigs should be 12 inches in size and soft at the front to be chewed and brushed alonside the teeth and gums gently with the fresh juice of the twig cleansing the toungue and throat equally .. . The aam [ bile like scretions or wetern equivalent of serum ] collected overnite obstructs the nadi in the agnya chakra … and with fresh juice of dantadhavan sticks , this nullifies the aam and freshens up the day ….cleanses sinuses and improves vision and gives clear voice  and fresh breath .

But samhita describes specific result arising out of each tree –

  • Vaikankat , coconut and kashmari tree twigs when used for tooth brushing increases BRAMHI DYUTI [ bramhinical light ]
  • Kshem tree gives a beautiful and intelligent ,chaste wife
  • Vata vruksha gives lots of money
  • Arka [ aak ] increases the TEJ [ the spiritual radiance ]
  • Madhu vryksha gives brith of  child
  • Arjun tree gives ability that makes one lovable among the surrounding people
  • Shirish tree and Karanja tree if used for brushing teeth brings in wealth
  • Plaksh tree gives fulfillment of all desires
  • Chameli if used for brushing teeth gives lot of respect in the vicinity
  • Peepal tree will give leadership qualities
  • Badari and Brihati [ Ber [ berries ] and kateri ] gives health and relief from diseases and increase in longevity
  • Khadir and Bel gives enormous prosperity
  • Tanye tree [ tenduva tennesse] and Kadamba tree  gives obtainment of all the desired articles
  • Neem increases the finances
  • Karveerand Bhandeer tree  gives gain of grains
  • Shami tree gives victory over enemies
  • Arjun tree gives capability to wipe out enemies
  • Shyama tree enables to kill enemies
  • Shaal and Ashvakarna tree brings in laurels and awards
  • Devadaru and Vaasika  tree gives honours and medals
  • Priyangu , Apaamaarga , Jaamun and Daalinmba tree gives enormous attraction to the personality whereby everyone adores …
  • One must brush tree in the east or north direction
  • After brushing one must wash and leave the remains of the twig in a neat place and not throw in dust bin … the place where twig is thrown should be pavitra
  • If while dropping the twig the eaten part falls in the eastern or northern direction one will get auspicious results  or stands still firm upwards ….one will get very auspicious results
  • If it stands firm and falls down then one would get sumptous meal that day ..

The method of preparation of the Dantakashta

One should not pluck the twig from the branch and brush , this would only create more plaque and perhaps may be unhygenic as well in long run ….

Jyotish samhita gives an excellent formulae for the preparation such sticks ..

  • Take plenty of twigs 12 inches in size 


  • Mix Haritaki powder in Gomutra [ cows urine ]
  • soak the twigs in this mixture for seven days

Stage 2

  • Take elaichi , daalchini gandhapatra , sauveer ,honey  , kalimirchi , naagkesar  and kooth  in equal parts and mix it in water to amke a gandhodaka
  • soak the twigs for several days in this mixture

Stage 3

  • Take jayphal 4 parts
  • gandhapatra 2 parts
  • elaichi 1 part
  • Karpur 3 parts
  • make a powder
  • Apply this powder to the twigs

Stage 4

Dry this specialised twigs in SUN

When such a twigs are used for the brushing of teeth one gets

  •  happy disposition
  • Excellent radiance in face
  • Clean mouth
  • Fragrant oral aura
  • and perfumed speech output
  •  and pleasnt to ears VOICE

One must resolve expressively the desire in mind [ to be achieved in an year ] and then remember EIGHT limbed NARAYANA and then brush ones teeth


Astrology of twins -a study !

The following is jut an application of what I had learnt from my father ! Infact the very astrology samhita was composed by Sage Lomash , when sumati came to him asking for the knowledge of Astrology .

Sage sumati was summoned by the KING who had two children born as twins with similar charts in all vargas and yet one was fair and well mannered and like by the subjects , the other one was dark , ill faced and evil by nature . Sage sumati said he had not learnt astrology so was unable to predict or give reason for the diversity in twins . King highly dissapointed insulted Sumati in anguish . Sumati went into forests and deep in Himalayas he found sage LOMASH and started his lessons .

A very interesting research has been done By SHRI RAYUDU on the birth of twins .


In my recent visit to USA to give lectures there in the conferences of the American Federation of Astrologers and Arsha Vidya Gurukulam, on their invitation, I found in the World Almanac that for every 3 seconds 9 births and 6 deaths take place (the scholars can think wherefrom the other 3 births, 9 births minus 6 deaths, are coming from). In India alone, I think that for every second a birth takes place. What happens to an astrologer if such 3 charts with a time difference of 1 second are given at one time for analysis? Generally, many of the astrologers are lucky enough not to get into such a mess and hence they survive with their various gimmicks.

Therefore, it is very essential to know the background of the native regarding the details about grand parents, parents, brothers sisters, education, marriage, husband/wife, children, profession etc to verify the past events, before proceeding to give other future predictions. How to verify the past events and rectify the time of birth (including the male/female birth) is still a riddle, in view of the differences in the Ayanamsha by different stalwarts.

I do not propose to claim that I know these tricks and I am still struggling to understand these intricacies, in spite of my study of this for the last three decades, maintaining the birth data and life pattern events of the known individuals. I humbly request that all astrologers should record the past events of their clients with birth data and discuss amongst themselves with an open and research mind so that some concrete conclusions and rules may come out to read a chart as per the present modern times.

However, for the sake of those who are interested in deep research, I give herewith three typical charts of twins with their birth data and some known past events with birth time difference of 2 to 3 minutes. I myself could not analyze them satisfactorily and I am keen if someone can analyze them to suit the past events and give future predictions. I find similarity of sounds in the names of twins. It is essential to give degrees of planets and lagna whenever a chart is quoted along with the Vimsottari Dasas. ” UNQUOTE

Shri RAYUDU also elsewhere notes that

” . If the birth time difference is of a minimum of 2 to 3 minutes, the lagna of Shashtiamsa 7 3 chart( 1/60 divisional chart) only will be effected and all the analysis of other charts regarding marriage, children, profession etc will be the same. In such a case, how to distinguish the differences of the life patterns of the twins is really a riddle. If there is birth of two persons to different parents in different places or on same place with a difference of 2 to 3 minutes in birth time, then to analyze the life patterns is still a problem. Some astrologers correctly pointed out that we do not have the sufficient knowledge of how to use the 16 divisional charts given by Maharishi Parasara”

Shri RAYUDU goes on to give example charts of twins and their lives .

One such example Shri RAYUDU gives is ….


Two twin females,

Date of birth

25 November 1967,

Time of birth 10. 20 pm and 10. 23 pm,

Place of birth Longitude 78. 27 East, 17. 26 North.

  • One elder brother;
  • 2 sisters younger/elder not known;
  • nonbrahmin;
  • father retired municipal commissioner; mother house-wife.
  • Elder twin BSc degree, chest trouble,
  • marriage 1989,

husband conservative mind

electron  ics engineer worked as lecturer left lecturer job in 1993 started joint business,

  • female child born in 1993,
  • native continuing her beauty clinic in India;
  • Younger twin
    • B. Com open university,
    • marriage 1994,
    • went abroad 1995,
    • husband open minded doctor doing MD in USA went abroad Jun 1994,
    • she did courses in beauty clinic in USA. (Data as on 30 April 1996).

The charts are as follows:

Elder /younger twin: Lagna Cancer 14. 58. 48/15. 59. 34; Leo Jupiter 11. 19. 05/11. 19. 05, Moon 17. 56. 32/17. 58. 15; Virgo Venus 23. 31. 31/23. 31. 39

Libra Ketu 4. 01. 51/4. 01. 52, Mercury 21. 54. 30/21. 54. 41; Scorpio Sun 9. 20. 16/9. 20. 34; Capricorn Mars 1. 53. 10/1. 53. 16; Pisces Saturn retrograde 12. 24. 48/12. 24. 48; Aries Rahu 4. 01. 51/4. 51. 02. Ayanamsha 23. 24. 22.

Dasa periods are Moon-Venus-Mercury for elder from 26 Feb 1996 to 21 May 1996 and for the younger from 11 Feb 1996 to 6 May 1996.

Navamsha chart same for both: Lagna Scorpio Ketu in lagna; Mars in Capricorn; Mercury in Aries; Rahu in Taurus; Jupiter in Cancer; Venus in Leo; Sun Moon in Virgo; Saturn in Libra.



The above charts are given by SHRI RAYUDU as per his calculations . MOSTLY drigganitha and lahiri paksha ayanamsha . We see that there is no change in position of planets for a considerable part of the DAY with drigganita . Applying SURYA SIDDHANTA we see a different chart , yet all the charts upto SHASHTIAMSHA are same .


We can see that there is no difference in any charts with surysiddhanta as well except for positions of planets in NAVAMSHA and SHASTIAMSHA[ difference is wrt ayanamsha but not charts of twins ] ,in both systems still they are same for both twins .

So what could be the reason for the difference in lives of the twins .

LET us see what are the areas in which two differ .

  • Difference in area of education one BSC and other BCOM
  • Difference in marriage times one at age 22 and other at 27 late
  • Different background of Husband , one engineer and other doctor
  • Abroad residence . One remained in INDIA at the same time though dasha are same .
  • Both same profession of beautician .

These are serious differences which cannot be ignored when both the horoscopes are similar upto the point of Shashtyamsha . Even though Shashtiamsha lagna is different , a different lifestyle cannot be attributed to shashtiamsha lagna .

Because most of the astro-discussions by sages only give analysis through rashi chart only , never is there any reference found to shashtiamsha chart or any divisonal chart while giving a major prediction on a chart . SO how did the twins vary in different course of LIFE ?


LET me divert attention for a moment towards the time of birth , even in speciality hospitals the clock in operation theatres of a labour ward are not well tuned . When my daughter was born I made it a point to tune my laptop to continually update and sync with Internet standard time [ atomic clock]

It was Ganesh chaturthi and after evening prayers and welcoming LORD GANESH to my house with mantap aasan arghya padya snana dhoop deepa naivedya , at 12.30 my wife complained of severe pain , I immediately alerted our regular Doctor and she immediately called her hospital the best in CITY with one of the most advanced care and world renowned [ why I am reiterating these adjectives is to emphasize the state of clock ]

At 12 .50 we reached hospital and unbelievably my daughter was born at 1.06 with synchronous accurate time , yet hospital clock showed 1.10 . The expertise of doctor was high as birth happened so quickly .

A difference of 4 minutes even with a superspeciality hospital in one of the most internet savvy cities of world .

Secondly a year later when my son was to be born I decided not to take any chances this time and admitted my wife well a day before as my intuition said there would be a birth today .

It was same hospital , Doctor with previous experience of quick birth , decided to keep her in labour room only instead of suit . The whole day passed by , by evening a meeting sprang up , it was a secretary of some mantri along with a team of NRIs ,who wanted an urgent audience , so I decided to go and meet ,

While the meeting was still going on at TAJ , an urgent message from my doctor , really unsettled me . But the meeting did not get over for next three hours . My nervousness grew even more as the lagna with rahu and mars was nearing . I apologized and took leave and rushed directly to the hospital .

My doctor showed there were some zero pulses observed at regular intervals from ultrasound output , I said why not check the transducer may be some lose contact may be causing the drop in pulse .

DOCTOR obliged , and replaced the machine and yet there were zero pulsing . The reason was a suspected wrapping of umbilical chord around the neck which might be restricting the child from finding its way out and any attempt was choking its neck causing drop in the pulse .

So DOCTOR wanted permission to go for c section . She was really very sad as previous two births were normal and smooth and this third one she had to operate . [ she was also afraid that people would blame her ] . The condition was indeed serious , so without consulting elders and also my wife , I said we shall go for C section .

She was relieved , and quickly hurried towards the theatre . For next few moments I was reciting VENKATESH stotra ,

The operation was readied but in hurry I had forgotten to fine tune my watch with that of doctor . Now I told a attendant novice surgeon [ intern ] to tune his watch to mine and go inside . He obliged . When he came back . He gave me the most pleasant news of birth of a son . 11.59pm as per accurate time . 12.02am as per doctor and 12.05 am as per records .

AGAIN a difference of time of 3 minutes in a most advanced hospitals as well .


Being an astrologer and penchant for accuracy if I could encounter this differences of 3 – 5min , then ordinary people would definitely have their birth time defective for sure 99% of times .

The above birth is in 1967 where internet was unknown and people relied upon watched which might have been tuned to ALL INDIA RADIO as television era had also not started . So timing going off ten twelve minutes should not be a surprise .

This I am emphasizing to justify the birth time rectification .

Now if we go back twelve minutes . Now we can safely assume that two twins have born with a time difference of three minutes ,

At 10 . 08 .45 pm if we take as first 10 . 11 45 pm

To be precise , birth before 10 hours 9 minutes and after 10 hours 9 minutes .

Which can be a possibility as the difference is only a ten – twelve minutes , and can occur if doctors have not tuned their watches to radio time for quiet sometime , watches do get delayed . Or In that era there was a habit of advancing watch by few minutes by office goers ,

Now assuming that birth occurred before and after 10 – 9 minutes

Let us see the planetary positions .

Elder TWIN CHART RASHI -D60 [ mark position of SUN in Aries Shashtyamsha ]


Screen clipping taken: 4/27/2011 3:29 PM



Screen clipping taken: 4/27/2011 3:33 PM

CAN there be difference of life altogether by a change of position in one planet in D60 , definitely not a considerable change . So what makes these difference manifest : A slight inspection of longitude of SUN will lay bare all the keys to the drastic changes a chart can exhibit even though charts are same .

Longitude of SUN in elder twin mark the view in below table painted yellow

It is 8 degrees scorpio 59 min .

After 10 pm 9 minutes this degrees changes to 9 degrees in scorpio which is what is highlighted in table for Younger twin

What happens by this transition :

If we inspect saturns logitude it is 9 degrees pisces 42

Just as sun enters 9 degrees , it gives rise to a exception by PARASHARA in seven karaka scheme

What does that say : when degrees of the two planets became same , then rahu is included in the seven karaka scheme

So for elder twin ATMA KARAKA is VENUS

And For Younger twin ATMA karaka is RAHU .

There is also change in bhava hora and ghatika lagna navamshas navamshas .

Note the following differences in the chart

  1. AK is different for both charts
  2. the PK putra karaka is different for both the charts .
  3. As charaputra karaka is different so is its Upapada
  4. Lagna in Shashtiamsha ,khavedamsha , akshavedamsha charts are different
  5. Darakaraka [ palnet governing husband ] is associated with sun in shastyamsha in one chart .




  NATAL Longitude







12 Cn 20′ 07.48″





Sun – GK            

8 Sc 59′ 59.95″





Moon – BK

20 Le 13′ 17.94″





Mars – DK

2 Cp 06′ 58.30″





Mercury – AmK

     22 Li 00′ 44.39″





Jupiter – MK

  12 Le 52′ 38.01″





Venus – AK       

  23 Vi 57′ 21.71″





Saturn (R) – PK    

9 Pi 42′ 18.30″






4 Ar 46′ 51.69″






4 Li 46′ 51.69″





Bhava Lagna      

   2 Cn 59′ 21.18″





Hora Lagna        

27 Aq 38′ 24.03″





Ghati Lagna       

11 Aq 35′ 32.58″




Vighati Lagna     

21 Sc 21′ 15.36″





Varnada Lagna   

   12 Aq 20′ 07.48″





Sree Lagna         

18 Cp 19′ 11.81″





Younger one


NATAL Longitude







13 Cn 09′ 29.52″






9 Sc 00′ 09.25″





Moon – PiK

  20 Le 15′ 24.94″





Mars – DK

  2 Cp 07′ 05.29″





Mercury – BK

22 Li 00′ 57.00″





Jupiter – PK      

12 Le 52′ 38.80″





Venus – AmK

     23 Vi 57′ 31.92″





Saturn (R) – GK

  9 Pi 42′ 18.09″





Rahu – AK           

4 Ar 46′ 51.20″






4 Li 46′ 51.20″





Bhava Lagna

3 Cn 54′ 21.18″





Hora Lagna

29 Aq 28′ 24.03″





Ghati Lagna

16 Aq 10′ 32.59″





Varnada Lagna

13 Aq 09′ 29.52″





Sree Lagna

20 Cp 05′ 43.01″






Now let us understand how each of the factors has affected

ATMAkaraka is venus for elder twin , its seventh house saturn

Putrkaraka saturn its graharudha is scorpio . There SUN in upapada is benefic as it is in mitra kshetra .

Thus upapada is well placed as lord of upapada is exalted too . Causing marriage at right time .

For the younger twin , upapada is grahaarudha of jupiter is Aries , upapada is conjunct RAHU aspected by mars and mercury [afflicted ] three malefic affliction , which shows delay in marriage .

Affliction to upapada is cause for delay of marriage . This is evident in RASHI CHART itself of twins .

Mars in shastyamsha is DK [ dara karak ie planet governing husband  is same for both twins , but one is associated with sun and other not associated with sun .sun governs GOVT and Medical fields . ]

second from it is mercury [ for both ] showing good education of husbands .

Profession is known by atmakaraka or 10th from it .

Rahu in karkamsha gives a person indulging in LOHAYANTRAKRUT [ engineering ] …. Seventh from lagna in shastyamsha  of elder twin has RAHU as jupiter is aspecting gives auspicious results .[ usually just rahu gives losses and person adheres to malpractises ]

Seventh from Lagna in younger one is pisces [ d 60 ] 10th from this has moon aspected by mercury

Budh drishte vidhao sadvaidyah …… so says parashara .

Sadvaidyah means a good doctor .

Thus elder one married Engineer and younger married a doctor .


why residence in foriegn for one ?

Twelfth from Atmakarak in elder one has jupiter moon and lord sun is free from malefic effects showing residence in own country , however 12th jupiter has mars aspect may give foreign travels later in life .

In shashtiamsha 12th lord and 12 house is free from malefic s .

BOth charts D60 and rashi of elder twin  have benefic  influences only .

whereas in younger twin …..

Twelfth from Rahu [ in rashi ]  has saturn and its lord jupiter also has mars aspect , indicating residence in foriegn country  ,as shashtiamsha has 12 th and 12 lord both heavily afflicted .

Now for marriage timing

Elder one married in moon dasha mercury antar in venus

In navamsha seventh house has mercury aspected by moon .

NOW why did second twin not marry in this dasha .

When we look at kala dasha

Saturn dasha is operating , saturn is papargala for upapada of younger one and shubhargala for elder one ie saturns aids marriage for elder and stopped marriage for younger one .

Both of them married in kalachakra dasha of pisces ie saptamadhipati  saturn and younger one married in MARS dasha a planet in seventh house .

Both of them married in chakra dasha of virgo where venus is posited , and antardasha of their respective upapada rashi .



Note : Astrology is a definitive science , and it offers wide range of analysis to  a person , if only everyone strives hard to get exact time of birth of their new borns , one can delineate all the events accurately .


AstroConfusions !

Parashara enumerates the qualities of astrologer who can give accurate predictions :

  1. Expert in mathematics
  2. Must have toiled hard to gain proficiency  in grammar [science of sounds and words  ]
  3. Well versed in Law of the land .
  4. Intelligent
  5. Having complete grasp of geo political situation of the Land at the time .
  6. Having grasp of time zones ,directions and space .
  7. having conquered Senses. [ principled ]
  8. Fertile imagination , well versed in logic and adept at reasoning and logical inference .
  9. Uses his knowledge in accordance with treatise on astronomy and astrology .
  10. Truthful

Such an astrologer will never fail in his words .

Why so much of stringent qualities have been put on Astrologers ?

Astrology is a complex shastra ! It has many variants in practise . Each Practitioner has his own interpretation of shastra and consequently a new theory ! In the overall run to master astrology , if these theories are not carefully filtered , astrology remains a fascinating jugglery in the realms of statistics and probability !

Lets look at variants .

>To start with Astrology is science of Planets and its motion around earth and subsequently their impact on Human beings .

counterview 1 : Planets and its motion around SUN .

Implication : If Planets affect the humans then every object circling SUN should affect human beings so URANUS NEPTUNE and scores others should also affect human beings . so if a some effect is due to Neptune and if it is not mentioned in shastra that is because , astrology is still evolving and rishis of yesteryears were not adept in astronomy as much as NASA so they could not find Neptune etc and hence could only predict for NINE planets only . Now that NEPTUNE etc have been discovered , additional  results have been attributed . HOW ? trial and error !

Objection : Suppose if few more planets that are not yet discovered , if discovered later will change astrology ! The result that I am facing may be due to some unknown Planet not yet discovered but still we are trying to fix it to existing planetary configuration ! Isn’t it unscientific ! Oh I think its hard to say which planet discovered /undiscovered is currently responsible for my miseries ! No one cannot say it with authority ! WHo knows there dozen other RAHu ketus in system ? By the PARASHARA did mention there are may ketus in the space .

Oh ASTROLOGY is probabilistic science , its evolving ! Nothing can be said definitely !

> The Zodiac [BHACHAKRA]  is constant

counterview: Zodiac – BHACHAKRA is moving .

Implication :  Say sun moves in zodiac , lets say on Mar 21 xxxx Sun was at 00 Aries .

 So when Sun returns after one year on Mar 21 xxxx+1 . Is Sun at 0 deg Aries or Zodiac has moved ahead . so Which Zodiac should we consider moved one or previous one .

Counterview : Mar 21 occurs taking into consideration  moved zodiac . so the current position of SUN is new year .

No the position of planets should be calculated as per fixed zodiac . So  correction be made .

The above problem is classically known as AYANAMSA .

As the fixed zodiac and moving zodiac meet or overlap with common start points , such a point can be taken in recent times to fix a ayanamsa . Unfortunately scores of astrological treatises exists giving various points of coincidences of Nirayana and SAYANA bhachakra .

> Classic issue of Planetary motion : old treatises give Motion of Sun around zodiac in one year ie 360 deg  revolution in 365 days 6 hours 9 min 12 seconds . The actual figures in para and apara truti [ milliseconds etc ]renders the calculation to leave a residual year after year , which English calendars add as LEAP year day .

But Classics have ordered to use practical observations to rectify such differences arising out of accumulation of residuals . Let me be more elaborate ,

If we approximate Suns revolution time for a year to second , ignoring milliseconds etc , over 1000 of years , the exact position of sun will differ by few second min and hours and over few lakh years it may go off by days even .  instead of one leap day we should perhaps add two .

So corrections are necessary to these and hence Driksiddhanta should be used is one such opinion ,. Driksiddhanta means , physical observation of Eclipses and other astronomical phenomena to verify the calculations . and subsequently rectify the planetary calculations

Based on this dictum many Beeja sanskaras  have been suggested to arrive at accurate planetary positions .

Some have resorted to NASA based data to calculate Planetary positions .

Objections :

  • Much before NASA came into existence were astrologers not calculating the planetary positions ?
  • Were these astrologers not competent ?[ as far as we know yesteryears astrologers were accurate and mystique ]
  • As there were no telescopes and  space laboratories , how come the data of these astrologers given by rishis is so much nearer to the modern day speeds of the planets .
  • So when a dispute arises out of such calculations , should we resort to age old wisdom or recent experimentation we keep ever changing in theories and data .
  • Final does the acid test of accurate eclipse moment is achieved by any of the NASA or traditional or corrected calculations ,. Answer is NO !

Let me illustrate how these affect a human horoscopes !

case 1 ! Driksiddhanta  chart of a person X  Chart A 


navamsa  chart
sat in ascendant  
moon in second house
sun venus and mer in 9th navamsa libra 
rasi  chart
sun moon mer in ascendant  
venus in second house



Chart B with a different ayanamsa



chart b
navamsa position has considerably changed
sat moon in second house
sun mer venus in scorpio navamsa rendering malefic results . 



Chart C Same data but with traditional calculations


chart c where traditional astrology is used
all the planetary position in navamsa has changed .
with moon saturn in ascendant
venus in scorpio
sun debilitated
mer in sagittarius .
Jupiter in exaltation .


Three astrologers with different concepts would give three different predictions ranging from good , mixed to bad results for a the same person . In some typical cases One astrologer may declare a subject to be MANGLIK and other as NON MANGLIK ! Which one is correct ! Can one believe any of them ! IS ASTROLOGY TRULY A DEFINITIVE SCIENCE ?

Confusions of BHAVA :

Astrology is combination of bhava , rashi , graha .

Here a classic confusion arises , when a person is born in LEO 10deg . Does planet in 6 deg LEO belong to first bhava or twelfth bhava . that means IS BHAVA and rashi same or different !

  • Some people take BHava and rashi as one . ie IF 10 deg Leo is asc . The LEO is first house and Virgo is second house  so on .
  • yet some people think Bhava is 30 deg each and it starts from 10 deg LEO to 10 deg Virgo . so planets in 11 deg virgo onwards form second house , if any planet in 5 deg virgo it still is in first bhava . so bhava chart varies .  So venus in virgo is debilitated but it should give result of venus in lagna debilitated or venus in second house debilitated . first one gives health hazards owing to women , second one gives financial liabilities owing to women .
  • Yet some say , as sunrise is taken as visibility of suns half disc over horizon in the east .So 10deg LEO means bhava midpoint and bhava extends from 25deg cancer to 25 deg LEO . In this case planet in 26deg cancer happens to be in first house and virgo firmly becomes second house but any planet in 26 deg virgo will go to third house . 


Bhava chart example

bhava A

Bhava chart A
mars has moved from 3rd house to second
from RASHI
Rahu from 12 th to 11th
venus from 2nd to asc
jupiter from 11th to 10th .

There are  entirely different predictions

Bhava chart example 2.

bhava b


Confusion of Divisional chart !

Parashara has given 16 divisions of rashi chart to be minutely studied to give accurate predictions .

Whether divisional charts should be viewed or only varga signs be considered .

For example when analysing jupiter in rashi chart , only its varga signs in other divisions should be considered .

Should higher divisions be considered ?

Let us assume  birth occurs at 12 : 12 pm

the chart in Rashi changes a degree every 4 minutes , with a change in degree there can be change in planetary positions in bhava chart .

A chart in trimshamsha changes every 4 minutes only lagna changes .

A shashtiamsha ascendant changes every two minutes .

View one ;

See Rashi chart , look at various divisions obtained for each of the  planet and predict .

here most of planets have fixed amsha positions except moon which changes its shashtiamsha position every 50 minutes ,and navamsha position every 6 hours .

So Karkamshas in amshas are relatively constant even if birth time is erratic and can still give good results .

View 2 : divisional charts should be seen and houses in the divisional charts must be weighed before giving predictions . But With a change in birth time by two minutes , a shashtiamsha chart will be thrown off gear with planets moving from 5th house to sixth house in the span of two minutes and thus rendering the planet useless and malefic .

How confidently can we predict in such scenario . What is the guarantee that querist [ owner of horoscope ] is giving accurate time of birth .

Parashara has given four schemes

Shadvarga [6charts ], saptavarga[7 chart ] ,dashavarga [10 chart ],shodashvarga [16 chart ]

While this is good news for people who would be put off by just 12 signs and nine planets in astrology and say how can humanity be divided into 12 parts and predict . Here are 16 charts for a human being and this combination is unique for a birth every two minutes apart .

But confusion arises as to what is the relative importance of these charts , are they weighted linearly or nonlinearly . But Parashara surprises even more .

The weighted configuration are

Varga shadvarga saptavarga dashavarga shodashvarga result
rasi 6 5 3 3.5 body
hora 2 2 1.5 1 wealth
dreshkana 4 3 1.5 1 brothers
navamsa 5 4.5 1.5 3 spouse
dwadashamsa 2 2 1.5 0.5 forefathers
trimshamsa 1 1 1.5 1 evils
saptamsa   2.5 1.5 0.5 progeny
dashamsha     1.5 0.5 glory
shodashamsa     1.5 2 pleasures
shashtiamsha     5 4 complete
vimshamsa       0.5 spirituality
siddhamsha       0.5 Education
Bhamsha       0.5 strength
turyamsha       0.5 fortunes
khavedamsha       0.5 auspiciousness
Akshavedamsha       0.5 entirety
total weights 20 20 20 20  


Here arises a confusion , if the scheme changes why is it that weights of the divisions changing . some say in saptavarga its actually dwadashamsa which gets 4.5weight  and not navamsa .

The problem is if  a chart A has exalted planets in navamsha , its weight will tilt a planet favourable in shadvarga scheme , but becomes unfavourable in dashavarga scheme .

So how can a planet be favorable and unfavourable at the same time . These schemes give results in dasha bhukti  periods , so if an astrologer is considering only six charts , he may declare a planet good and healthy in a dasha whereas another astrologer choosing another scheme or perhaps going into depths of 1o charts may render the same dasha as useless .

What is the secret behind the schemes ?

Does that mean deeper insight into a horoscope may give lesser results than superficial analysis . What about the predictions given only on RASHI CHART as usually all astrologers do , It will definitely go off the mark .

SO what is right 16 charts , 10 charts or seven charts , or six charts or just 1 chart ?

Confusions in aspects Drishti :

Should drishti be taken from sign or longitudes ?

if signs are absolute then signs in seventh from a planet receives full aspects , if longitudes are taken then sign in eighth from a planet may also receive full aspect , then should we consider beneficence to eighth house ? with just a chart and no minute details of longitudes an astrologer will declare the planet in 8th as dangerous for longevity but longitudinal aspect will show increase in longevity !

Oh GOD what is right ?

Is there a drishti in divisional chart ?

View 1: how can there be a aspect in divisional chart , there is only one zodiac and planets in zodiac cast aspects drishti via rays , if subdivisions chat is erected and if it is said to have aspects  , then planet in Libra in amsha , and planet in Capricorn in Aries amsha , how can they aspect , how can rays of makara reach Libra navamsha .?

View 2 : aspects are not a ray phenomenon , it is equally debatable that a planet in zodiac can see selectively 3 rd house 10 house etc , if rays are responsible then rays must reach equally at all signs . Aspects are special phenomenon and hence  can be extended to even amshas .

Karkamsha specially looks into planets in different signs and good and bad aspects also count .

View 3: only rashi drishti should be seen in amshas .


Confusion with IShta kashta phala !

The planet is supposed to give shubha phala as per shubha rashmi :

view 1 : shubha rashmi is calculated as  [ square root ( Uccha rashmi X chesta rashmi )]

U= uccha rashmi rays due to exaltation to debilitation

C = rays due to motional strength

S = effective rays  [ which should always be less than 8 ]


View 2 :  If U is zero ie planet is in deep debilitation and retrograde 

then S = sqr root (0 * 60 ) = 0

ie the concept of NEECH BHANGA RAAJ YOGA does not exist as even if retrograde the planet in deep debilitation is still having 0 auspiciousness . This is against dictum so shubha rashmi should be average of uchha and chesta rashmi .

S= (U + C )/2

But this formula does not ensure the upper limit of eight for S .

Confusion confusion .

View 3 : why do we require ishta kashta ,? What are strenghths ?

Why should we use shadbala when Vimsopaka is there ? when analysing strength of planet should we use shadbala or just vargottama and benefic aspects in navamsa and rashi is enough ? does planet in debiliatation with good shadbala give more miseries or gives happiness ? A malefic with strength does it trouble more or gives good results ? A malefic aspected by benefic of lesser shadbala will it overcome bad result or add to bad result ?

When shadbala calculations itself takes care of aspects and associations of malefic benefics why additionally ishta kashta phala be multiplied in case of aspect of malefic and or benefic ? is it not repetitive exercise ?

confusion confusion

Confusions in Ashtakavarga

Should we include Lagna in sarvashtakavarga ?

Should total be taken from longitudes of planets or bhava of rashi ?

whether prastara ashtakvarga is contribution of benefic on rashi or benefic from rashi ?

Is Gochara important or ashtakvarga ? why sade sati to my friend is not a s severe as mine though we both are same RASHI ?

Will one get same results every 12 hours , 12 minutes  12 monthss and 12 years according to sudarshan dasa ?

Lastly the mother of all confusions !

Which dasha should be used and what is the definition of year .

Some say Vimshottari is best , some say kalachakra dasha is best .

But varahamihira never mentioned about vimshottari he used pinda dasha . Pinda dasha makes sense as it is individualistic to horoscope . and results are due to ashtakvarga which is again chart specific .

Do all the planets in divisional chart give results in dasha or antardasha ?

Whether all dashas have to be applied ? how can I know I am getting miseries owing VIMSHOTTARI or  Pinda or kalachakra ?

Finally what is my dasha as of now ?

If the solar year is taken i am running  MARS dasha

But if Lunar year is taken I am in Moon dasha saturn bhukti

Should I take 360 days dasha . then it is MOON dasha Mercury bhukti.

Okay let me rectify by the data , yes My son was born in xxxx date , with solar year it is moon jupiter bhukti ****** yes birth of son can happen in jupiter bhukti as jupiter is karaka for children ******************* yes solar year is correct !!!!!! WAIT A MINUTE

With lunar year  it comes to MOON SATURN  BHUKTI and PARASHARA says saturn bhukti gives birth of a son **********************

Oh God which is correct ?

As far as I know i was born on 15 oct , should I say my year begins and ends with 15 oct .

But we usually see in shastras birthdays of saints as on panchami navami , krishna astami is done on rohini nakshatra in shravan , so i should use 360 thithis as one year .

But then My birthday is never on 15 oct every year it changes every year .

So how can i say i am so much year old >

with 354 days a years , in 50 years I am off  [ 365 –354 ] * 50 = 550 days , WHEW that is two years behind , means , i may say 50 but i am actually  48 .

so my dasha is off mark .

finally a difference of  5 minutes in birth time will cause

moon traverses a 3 min arc in 5 minutes .

200arc minutes = 5 years maximum in venus dasha .

180 months / 200 = 9* 3 = 27 days .

so a difference of 5 minutes in recording birth time will give dasha difference of +- 27 days

An astrologer should safely say that two months margin of error remains in timing of the events  But he can never be accurate when all these confusions prevail in his mind . Ye MAN one can never be sure what is correct and what is not ? Its all intuition u see ! No scientific base ! Can you definitely say this result occurred due to jupiter in rashi in ninth house , or venus in tenth in dashamsa or perhaps , a exalted mars in chaturthamsa gave this result and why do you worry I said so it happened , See This astrologer can never fail ?


note : Readers would You go to any astrologer after reading this !!!!!!!!!

AS all the sciences , KALI has not left even VEDANGA to be tarnished ! Madhvacharya resurrected tattvavada from the Confusions of MANIMAAN adi daityas ! He gave precise hints in yati pranav kalpa , jayanti nirnaya and KRSIHNAMRUTA MAHARANAV  to lead us a steadfast Astrology !!!!1



Saturn & Sade Sati – The cycle of Seven and Half Years !

Saturn is the most fascinating planet of the nine planets ! I am a great fan of Shani antargat Bharatiraman mukhyapranantargat Shimshumaar abhinna Kurma rupi HARI !

Saturn is great teacher! It teaches with a stick in the hand ! Dharma is very important in one’s life and society . No individual can progress without accumulating dharma . 1- 5- 9 denotes dharma . 2-6-10 denotes artha . 3-7-11 kama . 4-8-12 gives moksha !

The three entities that undergo binding [ bandha ] samsara is

  1. ATma [ soul ] [ Sun ] [ karkamsha ]
  2. Manas [ mind ] [ moon ] [aarudhamsha ]
  3. Deha [ [body ] [lagna ] [ lagnamsha ]


  • 9th denotes atma dharma
  • 5th denotes manas dharma
  • 1st denotes kayik dharma
  • 10th atmaartha [ vrutti ][ agaami karma , 10th from lagna ]
  • 6th mano artha [ panchruna ] [prarabdha karma 10th from 9th ]
  • 2nd deha artha [ wealth ] [ 10th from 5th sanchita artha ]
  • 11th atma kaama [adhyatmik ]
  • 7th mano kaamana [ adhidaivik ]
  • 3rd dehik kama [adhibhoutik ]
  • 12th [ sadhana vehicle 4th from 9th atma ]Moksha atmanivrutti [ 8th from 5th mano nirayana ][maran karma 11th ]
  • 8th [ 4th from 5th manas ] prananivrutti [ 8th from 1st deha nirayana ][ marana karta 7th ]
  • 4th [ 4th from 1st deha ] deha nivrutti [ 8th from 9th atma nirayana ] [marana karana 3rd ]


In every karma chaturvidh purushartha is aspired . Saturn is karmakaraka ! Saturn makes prarabdha come alive !

It is in Saturn cycle of gochara that person resigns to fate ! Saturn is terrible on individual when transiting 1 ,12 , 4 , 5 ,7,8 from moon’s sign and lagna !

Let us see some of the results that Saturn attributes in these houses when in transit :

  • In the 1st house Saturn destroys the tejas of a person , person becomes lusterless , then he introduces matibransha -loss of reasoning , then manahpeedha-mental agony , some disease and bandhuvaira-enemity with relatives ,vyasana-some vices catch fancy of the native !
  • 2nd house – matibransham continues , manhklesha – mental struggle and irritation towards some person/s , sarvakaryavinashkrut – destroys all undertakings , dehaalasyam- laziness (more so one becomes inactive due to less motivation ) , manastapam – continuous tention in the mind !
  • 4th house – shool vaat dadhchehedam- continuous pain swelling etc , bhayam-fear , svasthan hani krut –destruction of place of settlement , masurika –sores pimples piles etc , dehapeedha – physical distress !
  • 5th house – karyahani- destruction of work undertaken ,failure ; manastapam-mental pressures, gnyativyajyakalapkrut – manternal side relatives , forefathers litigations , business litigations ; heenastreebhogsantapam-intercourse with base woman ,and fears and pressures arising out of it !
  • 7th house – vyadhipeedha pravasam klesham – pain due to disease , travels , litigations , unhappiness [ adversities in pleasures ] , losses , dushta chintam- evil thoughts , worries on account of evil people ;
  • 8th house – failures in everything ; physical torture ; financial loss ; fears & loss of life ;
  • 9th house –depression , diseases ,little happiness , fever , problems from children
  • 10th house – anxiety , depression , troubles , loss of profession , resistance at workplace , sins , enterprise agriculture losses;
  • 12th house – insults ,loss of reputation , ill fame , scandals , travels [useless] , less work less earnings , less appetite , always arguments in every sphere , poverty ;


Let us see how Saturn has troubled great personalities in several ways! How the above results hold truth in every such cases! Almost every person religious and theist unswervingly accepts supremacy of Saturn in troubling endlessly without recourse! And then in such troubled times might have gone through most of the contents that I present here and thus instead of highlighting story contents; I would be more elaborate in behavioral analysis of these characters to the best of my capacity!

Once in Ujjain King Viram was ruling justly ! He was honored by kings and subjects equally ! He was king of kings ! One day he called gathering of all pandits . There in that gathering a debate on planets was mooted . Which planet is most important ?

Gathering saw pandits arguing in favour of Sun ! Sun is Lord of planets , it is responsible for day and night , without Sun world would collapse etc and thus Sun is most beneficial !

Some argued in favour of moon as giver of potency to medicines and agriculture produce without which world would be hungry etc

Yet some said mars was good some mercury and some Jupiter . Some favoured venus yet some said RAHU ketu .

At last a pandit said None of the above is as important as Saturn . Saturn is planet to be feared of , as soon as he was born sun lost his radiance , he split into thousand parts , his charioteer arun lost his legs . Saturn’s glance is most fierce ! He is the Lord of miseries , he bestows good senses and wealth when happy and takes away everything when adverse ! He gives vairagya and he leads to Moksha !

King laughed and said what good is son who brings destruction to the father . such a birth is abhorred !

Saturn was moving in he akaash over Ujjain when such remarks were made against him ! Immediately Saturn appeared in the court of Vikram . Vikram raised and welcomed Saturn [ as he is devata a set above manushya ] Vikram’s pleasing manner did not appease Saturn , He angrily said , Oh Vikram You made scathing remarks against and this sabha laughed at me making fun of me , so I shall show you my prowess when I am in the kanya rashi [ 12th to the rashi fo Vikram tula ].

Despite many pleadings from King Saturn went away in anger ! King was very depressed ! many a pandits asked him to undertake japa and homa to appease Saturn to reduce his wrath , But King waved aside all that saying fate cannot be changed , he is destined to suffer and these will not help him in any manner .

In came Saturn in KAnya rashi . Ministers started japa in the name King ! but king was in no mood !

One day Saturn came in the form trader to the kingdom . He was attracting whole kingdom with many new items on display , and many a beautiful horses . slowly news reached King about good adbhut horses . So king decided to try one , Saturn /trader showed him a horse that could fly . King sat on the horse to test it ! Horse took him to a distant land ! king could not return back and trader took money from ministers and went away deeming the purchase done !

[Notes : matibransha phala can be seen here ! the first thing saturn gives is sense of dejection resignation , this leads to loss of reasoning , loss of faith in established principles , person acts in a way detrimental to his own interests ;

All the arthshastra classics proclaim from the top of the roof that King should never try anything that is new without getting it tested by his subordinates! Here King Vikram is so overconfident about his riding skills and overrides the classic rule : 1 matibhransh – loss of reasoning : Saturn specifically tests the persons steadfastness in shastras . usually people with vipareet gyana brush aside shastras and give more importance to self-acquired knowledge or experience . with repeated failure of self applications or ekalavya style learnings they become digbramntha [ directionless] and then owing to bitter experiences , they seek solace in shastra . [ lesson number one at any cost shastra should not be shunned ]

Secondly Saturn brings a great change in environment , one can be pretty settled in one environment and draws his own box around himself ; he feels world starts and ends in that box { kupastha mandook } ,one feels world does not exist any beyond , even if it exists it has no meaning or impact on his day to day activities .

One must have seen many people especially when they are in settled mode , good income steady life , they ridicule others saying ” I never go to any temple ,Nor I do any pooja , I just work hard , my life is pretty straight , I never felt any necessity to ask anything , I get what I want by my hard work and efforts !! why should we trouble planets and GOD ?

When Saturn hits , their steadiness is disturbed , environment changes , box no longer exists even before they realize they are in mess which may take years to understand !

This sthan chyuti is remarkable aspect of Saturn . lesson two one ust never get attached to place of stay and environment etc and be ever ready to face new circumstances , new challenges and new paths !


Vikram was into a new land and there horse dropped him in the middle of jungle and vanished. King immediately knew bad times have started . Thinking of Saturn , he smiled at his destiny and started crossing dense forest seeking some open land . He was exhausted ,without water and food , fatigue overcame him ! King Vikram prayed forgiveness to Shanidev !

[ note ; aimless wandering , without knowing destination and result of the destination is another marked feature of Saturn ]

Vikram finally landed in the city of Tamralipti ! there after prolonged roaming , he sat near a shop pavement [ of vaishya ] a rich merchant ! That day the business of the merchant was unusually low , but as soon as the handsome young man sat on the pavement , the business grew manifolds , unusually greater than everyday sales ! Merchant had a whooping profit ! Merchant thought this man is very lucky for him , why not get him permanently into his household ! besides he looks charming, radiant and with all the auspicious marks ! Merchant asked Vikram [king] about his whereabouts ! dejected Vikram said he is a Kshatriya and has come from a distant land , is struck by a heavy bad luck and has lost his way and is terribly thirsty and hungry ! .

Merchant took Vikram to his house , gave him an excellent meals and asked him to take rest in a very comfortable bed !

[ People with fortunate signs and radiance always bring luck to people in their association irrespective of their own fate and dasha ; one must always thus associate with people of high birth from fortunate and pure lineages ! One must seek company of pure breds and one must always give shelter to a person who has lost everything [ if he is of pure lineage ] ;Even during bad phases some solace is always found if planets are propitiated ]

Vaishya Merchant now thought of marrying his daughter to the Kshatriya . So he called his daughter ALOLIKA , who was very beautiful and expressed his desire to get her married to the Kshatriya . The girl said ,” he is a stranger ! yet I do not know whether he suits me ,what are his views about me and in a short a VARAPARIKSHA is necessary ! ” . Father agreed , and told ” do what you find fit ! ”

[note : Varapariksha is done on person to determine his nature and potency , A king has to undergo this is a height of bad days ! The associates always feel superior during the phase of saturn , people around suddenly rejoice in newfound right to test the skills of skilled or worst so undermine the capabilities of the able personalities ! Most unwarranted advices flow during these times , even the King of Kings is not spared of a test and analysis ]

In the night , the guest was given a fine bed fully bejeweled and cushioned with most expensive makhmal [satin ] ! The room had picturesque view with many garden and many animals birds ! on close inspection one caould observe that they were actually a painting ! which looked as real ! There was also a painting of a Rajhansa !

[Note : here King has more luxuries than a vaishya , but in the given circumstances , a lesser enjoyments are also deemed more auspicious ,such a fate strikes , whatever is got is a fortune , mind reduces to such a state . choice itself is luxury ]

In the night , ALolika came completely dressed in astounding garments and jewellery , she could surpass as any apsara [ angel from on the heavens in beauty ] on that day ! her beauty coupled with full moon night was bewitching ! She brought all the items that would incite a cupid’s arrow and placed it in the room and slept by the side of Vikram ! King Vikram was flabbergasted , he thought of shani and impending danger coming ! He thought this could be another bad event in offing , Not knowing How to react, he chose to stick to basics that any man of virtue[ sheelasampanna ] would do ! He slept sideways without looking at beautiful ALOLIKA !

[note: Even the most pious associations behave awkwardly during the phase ! Although runanubandha makes all the behaviours even out later , but in the consciousness of the moment [that moment ] things look very testing , but the golden rule is never leave sadachaar, it always saves ! here no advances from Vikram carried the risk of him being labeled an impotent and yet King chose sadachaar ! what to say trying circumstances are forte of SHANIdev ]

Alolika took him to be impotent and dumb witted and with a ridiculous smile went into deep slumber setting aside all the jewelry in a casket { especially a pearl necklace } by the bed ! By the prowess of Shani , The Raj hansa in the painting came alive and gulped entire pearl necklace ! All these Vikram was observing and wondering at the new twist about to come in his life ,He resigned himself to the fate !

Next day morning when Alolika found her necklace missing ! She made a big ruckus about it and accused Vikram of theft ! She complained to her Father ! Merchant got his servants and guards to tie and beat Vikram mercilessly to let know the whereabouts of the Necklace ! Vikram denied any theft ! When Merchant said , ” I was anyhow making you my son in law , this entire wealth would have been yours ! but like a petty thief you chose to swindle only necklace ! I gave you shelter and food and this is how you repay my kindness” ; King Vikram told he has not swindled , it’s his bad days that are making things happen like this !

[note : the more powerful one feels , the more strangely and surprisingly Shani troubles , illusions and false implications are common features of Saturn cycle ! King was capable of fighting many warriors , he was adept in warfare and fighting skills yet he gives in to be captured and beaten by petty guards ! this is classic sign of resignation to fate ! in such situations one loses ineterst in daily chores of life , one does not even protect ones interest and losses become a common feature one gets vairagya towards profit loss win failure , display of talent and winning accolades etc . For king his display of valour would have lead to discovery of being king of kings and his plight would have become even cumbersome shame , in order to save oneself of greater danger and humiliation one undergoes humiliation of different kind ! such forced behavior is trademark of Saturn punishments . Underperformance and acceptance of failure is biggest achievement in these periods ! cause becomes more important than personal success ]

This sentence made merchant red with anger , one the theft of necklace second a philosophy that would conceal the crime ! So it was decided to hand over the thief to the KING Chandrasen ! King Chandrasen was kindhearted man. He asked in stern voice whether the theft was done , if accepted he would be liberal ! KingVikram said the RAJHANSA in the painting ate the necklace !

[ note ; words of wisdom do not look nice from the mouth of the person in deena avastha ; one must never speak philosophy during down time ; silence is the only golden rule ! the more u speak the more people misunderstand and more philosophy leads to more adverse comments as chips are down , only thing visible to the surrounding is helplessness and inability to achieve success, philosophies and Vedanta and planetary adversary is not socially acceptable reason for failures and downfall ]

King with anger commanded the confession as it was impossible to believe such a story ! to this Vikram said , when planets are adverse all calamities strike in impossible ways , He cannot justify his stance as his planets are adverse and all he would say would look like a story or fairy tale !

This statement of Vikram angered the Chandrasen even more and He ordered amputation of legs and hands of Vikram and be thrown in jungle ! it was ordered None should give food or water to the criminal ! Vikram was amputed [all the limbs ] and thrown in jungle ! There in terrible pain he cried day and night with thirst and hunger , wild animals lurking near him and no one to help ! Not able to move , not able to do anything Vikram extremely pained at his plight started praying SHANI with distraught and agony . He repeatedly sought forgiveness from Shanidev ! After few days Shani bestowed some mercy , Chandrasen allowed food and water be given to Vikram .

[ note : People in administration always expect practical answers , one cannot attribute one’s failures to unknown forces even though it may be true . if spoken in such manner authorities feel person has lost his senses or perhaps is hiding a bigger controversy ! punishments are bound to be harsher ! But even the most intelligent commits mistakes ! here a King was standing before a KING , he knew all the mindset of the counterpart , yet he pleads in a different tone partially due to EGO , oh what r you going to judge my credibility , U see I am a set above ! if not for my bad days even You would tremble standing before me in battle field ! This mindset makes one err more before superiors [ temporary phase superiors] ! Thirdly Uttam person should never be under ADHAM or MADHYAM personalities , it always causes the ire of the others ! However we are good and claim to be judicious , just minded , All these hold true only till we are surrounded by people lesser than us , once we confront superior beings , we become a prey to jealousy complex etc we err , so one cannot judge superiors and should abstain from doing so ! VIRAT was a just King but failed to be just to YUDHSITHIR under HIM ,Bheeshma failed to deliver justice to Draupadi , RUTUPARNA was just king but failed to oblige BAHUK under him , SUGREEVA failed in his duties before RAM ]

One day a newly married girl from Ujjain happened to be coming to tamralipti , her in laws house ! She recognized the KING and looking at his plight, decided to take him Home . Her father in law was engaged in the business of pressing oil from grains nuts and sesame. Father in law of the newly wedded bride went to King and asked permission to give shelter to Vikram . King agreed !

Vikram everday with his forehead started pushing the axle of the turbine to extract oil from the seeds . While doing his work he prayed Lord Shani with devotion !

[note :One must always realize presence of HARI in every person irrespective of upbringing and intellect . When one sees a anulomaj one must worship Aniruddha namak parmatma in him ! You never know Lord comes in which form and with whom we would be indebted to in troubled times , an ego of high birth dwindles down when one is forced to take help of anulomaj pratilomaj subjects . more so when one’s livelihood becomes dependent on such individuals , pride of high birth is vanquished ! in short pride of every nature is vanquished in Saturn cycle , A king of the entire world , is now seeking refuge with a anulomaj and is paying for his caretakership through manual labour : A kshatriya serving a anulomaj , there is no possibility of getting his kingdom back or restoration of fate as without limbs he is useless ! so neither can he say in ego I would one day repay the debt with wealthy rewards ! I am KING ! he is in absolutely at the mercy of anulomaj oilman till death ! total indebtedness !complete slavery ]

Everyday til oil was offered to Shani and as seven and half years neared an end, Vikram who was adept in 64 arts , suddenly got inspired by the grace of Shanidev to sing Raag Deepak . He was singing with brilliance and perfection ! Such was the rendering of raga perfect that entire kingdoms lights were lit automatically and it seemed as if there was a festivity in the capital ! Princess Padmasena was astonished by the dancing lights by the side of her pool ! She immediately ordered the singer to be brought before her !

Soldiers caught Vikram and presented before princess ! Vikra again rendered Deepak raga and the whole palace was lit ! Seeing the amazing lights Chandrasen also came to the princess chamber !

[ note : All through seven years he never felt like singing deepak raga ! though talented , talent never shows up during bad phase. Even if it shows up , it does not find right ear /eyes to appreciate ! ]

By the vaious rendering of different ragas in perfect manner , Shani became appeased and appeared before Vikram ! Vikram happy at the sight of devata , he worshipped him in all possible ways . Shani Dev asked him to seek a boon !

Vikram said promise to give a boon that you would not trouble mankind again so harshly ! saying this Vikram fell on the feet of the Saturn ! Saturn said I give you your limbs back ! now say seek another boon ! King stood on his feet and became radiant again ! the whole gathering was astonished at the sight of King of KINgs and shani dev ! But Vikram fell on the feet of Shani and pleaded to promise never he will trouble mankind so harshly !

Vkram said oh Lord , I am the greatest among the humans in these times , fully blessed with prowess and wealth and happiness yet you made a twig out of me , What poor creatures of earth can do before your magnanimous self ! I on behalf of entire human race ask forgiveness for our ingrained follies , kindly spare us your KRUR drishti , mellow dow on the people ! Saturn gave back his kingdom and said Oh KING , what I have done to you is nothing compared to others ! My teacher brihaspati reached gallows in a span of few hours , Ganapti lost his head , Shiva went into hiding , Nala lost his kingdom and wife , So did Yudhisthir , Vishwamitra went without food , Vashishtha lost his hundred sons , Ravana lost his kingdom and life so did Kauravas by my wrath ! Every soul undergoes prarabdha under my supervision .!

[Note : King was a true Kshatriya , even when he lost everything , his satvik buddhi and varna dharma never left him , his rajyaparipalan , hich includes prajakshema ,welfare of subjects , made him seek boon from Saturn to spare punishments and mild troubles ; Any other person would have sought limbs , pleasures kingdom etc , but King sought welare of mankind ! This what separates great from ordinary , even during testing times , morality , duticonsciousness and upright nature sacrifice of selfish interest are never forsaken by the satvik devotees ! MAY BE dejection might have been a cause for pseudo sacrificial tendency , so shani tests him with restoration of radiance and strength and limbs ! here a normal man would jump towards the enemies , CHANDRASEN and vaishya and punish them in filmy style , boy I was innocent yet you people tortured me and now take it from me I HAVE THE POWER !! !! but NO KING VIKRAM is still holding on to his thought spare the mankind ! This is Vikram the great , deservingly he got all the wealth and prosperity and chaturvidh purushartha ]

Saturn showed Chandrasen that it was indeed , the painted rajhansa which had gulped the necklace , the painting was brought back and the Rajhansaa spilled out the necklace much to surprise of Everyone ! King chandrasen was ashamed and he begged pardon from King Vikram and offered him Padmasena his daughter ! Vaishya marchant too offered his daughter ALOLIKA in marriage and asked pardon !

Vikram said its all in the hands of planet , when they were adverse so was everyone now when they were favorable so was everyone beneficial ! Vikram worshipped Lord Shani and forgave one and all and went back to his Kingdom with two wives [Kshatriya and Vaishya ] and amply rewarded the oilman , Everyone were blessed by the grace of Shanidev .

Note { Shani dev troubles owing to presence of KALI , as VAyu has no Kali avesha , Shani could never trouble him on the contrary lost a leg for making an attempt ! So Shani declared that he would never trouble Nishkaam devotees of VAYu anatargat NARAYANA ! He would not trouble those who remember nala damayanti rituparna ! Those who worship him with stotra by Dasharath and pippalada ! }

Bharatiraman mukhyapranantargata Shimshumaar rupi RAMANARAYANA supreeto bhava !








तामस मंत्र कोष:॥ { मोह शास्त्र }!

नास्ति नारायण समो देवो न भूतो न भविष्यति । ऐतेन सत्यवाक्येन सर्वाऽर्थान साध्याम्यहम् ॥

रावण उवाच ।

Ravan asked Rudra sitting on Mount Kailash , ” kindly enlighten me about the science that gives instant results ”

Rudra said” I shall explain you tantra which can move the oceans and mountains .Those who do not master tantra, what use is their anger ? ”

A man without GURU is akin to a  night without moon ,day without sun , kingdom without King !

Without guru upadesha no mantra in tantrashastra will be fruitful .One does not have right to practise without gururpadesha .

Shatkarma is very important aspect in this shastra . Resorting to it will give all sot f success !

  1. Shantikarma
  2. vashikaran
  3. stambhan
  4. vidweshan
  5. uchchatan
  6. Maran
  • The act with which one can subside diseases , abhichara , and planetary ill effects is known as shantikarma !
  • One by which people can be controlled is known as vashikaran
  • One by which the motion and direction of the person [ and his mind ] can be stopped is known as stambhan
  • Creating enemity between  friendly persons is known as vidweshan
  • The act by which one is forced to leave his own place is known as uchchatan
  • the one which life is destroyed is known as maran !

Every such act will be successful only if ishta devta ishta kaal and ishta disha is known and obliged .

  • Rati is deity incharge of shantikarma
  • Vani for vashikaran
  • rama for stambhan
  • jyeshtha for vidweshan
  • durga for uchchatan
  • Kali for maran

first these have to be worshipped and then proceeded for the shatkarma .

  • NE for shantikarma
  • N for vashikaran
  • E for stambhan
  • SW vidweshan
  • NW for uchchatan
  • SE for maran
  • hemanth for shanti
  • vasant for vashikaran
  • shishir for stambhan
  • greeshma vidweshan
  • varsha for uchchatan
  • and sharad for maran

Maran with neemoil by doing abhichara with the fire / ash or lamp from the house of enemy [ with sankalpa of enam maray ] and hawan and after hawan [kunda sameepe krutyamaaradhye kantakam chantike ] order the krutyaa to eat the flesh of enemy ! [ japa shud be with the beads made of teeth of human not dead in war and beaded in human nerves  , beads shud be 15 in number , japa shud be with angushtha and anamika sitting in south , homa with nails or hair  of enemy with sheep milk mixed with human bones and flesh and cotton seed in mustard oil will kill enemy  ]

protect the agni for nine days with japa in the night and on tenth day enemy dies !


  • ॐ शान्ते शान्ते सर्वारिष्टनाशिनिस्वाहा
  • this gives jwara shanti
  • ॐ संसांसिंसींसुंसूंसेंसैंसोंसौंसंसः वंवांविंवींवुंवूंवेंवैंवोंवौंवंवः हंसः अमृतवर्चसे स्वाहा
  • this gives abhichaar shanti
  • आपत्त शान्ति  ,भूत प्रेत पिशाच राक्षस नर व्याघ्र सिंह रीछ श्रृगाल नाग गज अश्व पीडा शान्ति
  • ॐ हंहांहिंहींहुंहूंहेंहैंहोंहौंहंहः क्षंक्षांक्षिंक्षींंक्षुंक्षूंक्षेंक्षैंक्षोंक्षौंक्षंक्षः हंसः हम्
  • क्रोध शान्ति
  • ॐ शान्ते शान्ते प्रशान्ते सर्वक्रोधोपशमनि स्वाहा
  • 21 time face wash with above mantra to get rid of anger of deities or men !



ॐ नमो भगवते उड्ड्ामरेश्वराय मोहय मोहय मिलि मिलि ठः ठः

make a small balls of priyangu ,tagar ,koshtha ,chandana nagakeshar and krishn dhatura [ bark flowers seeds leaves and fruits powder ]  in equal portions each , mix it with food of the one to be controlled or attracted . [ seven times write the name in the mixture ]

30000 japa will give vashikaran[ single commited mind is necessary ]

2> on a pushya nakshatra the roots of punarnava when energised with following mantra will give vashikaran if win on arms .

ॐ नमः सर्वलोकवशंकराय कुरु कुरु स्वाहा

similarly leaves of bilva and matulungu in sheeps milk when ground with mantra chant and applied on forehead will give vashikaran .

3> RAAJvashikaran

kumkum chandan gorochan karpur in cows’ milk if made into a tilak with following mantra will bring even kings under control

ॐ ह्रीं सः [ नाम अमुकं ] मे वशमानय स्वाहा


the following  mantra will make a woman become a kinkari to the man .

bramhadandi and corpse ash with following mantra when put on the girl she will swoon on to the person .

ॐ नमः कामाख्यादेवि [अमुकी नाम ] मे वशमानय स्वाहा

black lotus , bee feathers , tagar root , white kakjangha powder when sprinkled onto the woman , she gets attracted to the person .

ocean salt honey and saliva of pigeon if applied on private parts and copulated the woman will ever be enslaved by the charms of man .


gorochan ,fish fat , or peacock feather ,honey , and ghee when mixed and applied onto the coitus ,husband and wife experience  orgasm and husband will never leave the wife .

kulathi, bilva ,gorochan and manahshila when marinated in oil in copper vessel and this oil if applied on the yoni and if copulated with husband , husband will become a slave will never go for other woman .



ॐ नमो दिगंबराय [अमुकासन ] स्तम्भनं कुरु स्वाहा

put soil in the skull along with white ghunghuchi seeds and sow it . everyday pour milk and when they sprout , wherever the roots are thrown there asan will be still .


ॐ नमो अग्निरूपाय मम शरिरे स्तम्भनम कुरु कुरु स्वाहा

ghee and sugar should be drunk and then dry ginger chewed will not burn mouth .

fat of frog with the liquid of kaumari juice when applied on body fire is stalled ,


ॐ अहो कुम्भकर्ण महाराक्षस कैकसीगर्भसंभूत परसैन्यस्तम्भन महाभगवान् रुद्रोपर्यति स्वाहा

kharjur in the mouth , ketaki in the waist and aak in the shoulder will stall weapons .

bel leaves tender when brought on sunday if the paste is apllied on the body no weapons trouble .


ॐ नमः कालरात्रि त्रिशूलधारिणि मम शत्रुसैन्यस्तम्भनम कुरु कुरु स्वाहा


ॐ नमो भयञ्कराय खड्गधारिणे  मम शत्रुसैन्यपलायनं कुरु कुरु स्वाहा

if the name of the enemy is written on bhurjpatra and the yantra is tied to a owl and left , as this bird reaches the army the army runs away .

ॐनमो भगवते रुद्राय जलंस्तम्भय स्तम्भय ठः ठः ठः

padmak when energise with mantra and mixed with water it stops the overflow .

ॐनमो भगवते रुद्राय मेघं स्तम्भय स्तम्भय ठः ठः ठः

the fire of burning corpse if got onto the burning brick and buried in the forest stops rains .

ॐनमो भगवते रुद्राय नौकां स्तम्भय स्तम्भय ठः ठः ठः

any milky weed when put on a boat on the bharani star will stall the boat .

ॐनमो भगवते रुद्राय [अमुकं ]स्तम्भय स्तम्भय ठः ठः ठः

a cloth wet with mensturating women dipped in gorochan and with the name of enemy written on it will stall the enemy

ॐनमो भगवते रुद्राय निद्रां स्तम्भय स्तम्भय ठः ठः ठः

the powder of bruhati and mulethi when inhaled will stall sleep

ॐनमो भगवते रुद्राय गो महिष्यादीन् स्तम्भय स्तम्भय ठः ठः ठः

bones of camel if buried around the stable will stall animals

ॐनमो भगवते रुद्राय [अमुकं पशुं ]स्तम्भय स्तम्भय ठः ठः ठः

any animal will stop when  a  camel hair is dropped before it .


ॐ ह्रीं कालि कपालिनि घोरनादिनि विश्वं विमोहय जगन्मोहय सर्वं मोहय मोहय ठः ठः ठः स्वाहा

white gunja with brmahdandi when juice is extracted and applied onto body will attract one and all .

tulasi with bhang seeds and ashvagandha when pasted with milk[cow] this mixture if taken daily will make one very attractive to crowds .

shwethkarmool root and sindur with juice of banana flowers if applied on forehead will make one popular among masses .

the tilak of bilva powder in cows milk will also give fame .


ॐ नमो नारायणाय [अमुकस्य अमुकेन ] सह विद्वेषं कुरु कुरु स्वाहा

elephant hair and lion hair tie it to the idols of the two people as hair and then bury it in the soil . on it establish a homa kunda and in the agni give homa of malati pushpa , both the people will start hating each other .

take the teeth of elephant and lion and  grind it on a stone with butter and then apply it to the two people ‘s forehead , both will hate each other forever .


ॐ नमो भगवते रुद्राय दंष्ट्राकरालाय अमुकं स्वपुत्रबांधवैः सह हन हन दह दह पच पच शीघ्रमुच्चाटय हुंफट् स्वाहा ठः ठः

Apply bramhadandi and ash to a shivalinga and in the evening of saturday remove the paste and put it onto the doors of the enemy , enemy will leave the place in no time .

ॐ नमः आदिपुरुषाय [अमुकस्य ] आकर्षणम् कुरु कुरु स्वाहा

write the above mantra in blood from the little finger on a bhojpatra , dip the patra in a bottle of honey . the loved one who has left you away for different foreign land will come running back to you .


one must never do maran in life only when hit with life and death situation one should resort to maranam .

maranam when applied wrongly kills self .

the following mantras when done with rituals will kill the enemy in no time .

the below mantra when written on bhurjpatra with gorchan and kesari on tuesday or saturday and worn as yantra will kill enemy

ॐ चाण्डालिनि कामाख्यावासिनि वनदुर्गे क्लीं क्लीं ठः स्वाहा

sarvakaal mantra if it has been achieved siddhi . then following procedure will give death to the opponent .

ॐ नमः सर्वकालसंहारय अमुकं हन हन क्रीं हुं फट भस्मीकुरु स्वाहा

get the soil below the footprints [ both legs]  of the enemy . mix it with ash of the corpse .and pour the blood of middle finger into it , make a small doll . cover the doll with a black cloth and black thread and place it on  a grass bed in a sleeping position . lit  a lamp . get japa done till siddhi . pour the bengal gram dal into the mouth of the doll at midnight . then in the early morning get the last rites done for doll in the cemetry . most powerful enemy will also be laid to rest .

ARDRAPATI vidya by durvasa muni if practised for a month will sent enemy to abode of yama ,

ॐ नमो भगवते आर्द्रपटेश्वरि ……………………एहि एहि …………. हुं फट ………शत्रून ……………पिब पिब ……….हुं फट ……………

all as previously create a doll and give bali of a sheep . with the sheep blod soak the doll . by the time blood dries enemy would have left the mortal remains .

Aghor mantra will put the life back into the dead .

ॐ अघोरे ………………..रुद्रेभय

ॐ रामायै रामाय ………………………………..शोषय …………….देहि स्वाहा

KAli mantra with give one capability to disappear

ॐ हुंफट कालि कालि …………………………हुंफट स्वाहा


Ravan says what are different doshas in a mantra oh lord ,

There are many dosha in a mantra , [ like chinna hina parngmukh , badhir , hatveerya ,heena shakti , chyut , keelith etc ] these doshas have to be removed before doing japa of the same .Doshas can be removed by keeping the mantra in mooladhara and raising each letter towards bramhrandra with puraka and kumbhaka , alternatively matruka samputikaran will give dosha nivrutti .

Ravan asks what if mantra does not get siddhi even after jap . Rudra says then seven techniques must be applied to the mantra ,.

these are

  1. bhraman
  2. rodhan
  3. vashikaran of mantra
  4. peedhan
  5. soshan
  6. poshan
  7. dahan

each kriya is done with a beeja mantra like vayu beeja sarswati beeja agni beeja ,kamabeeja , mayabeejam , lajja beejam ,varun beejam etc

any mantra begining and ending with maya kaam and lajja beja will give siddhi .

keelan mantras if not unlocked will not give siddhi even if one crore japa is completed . Utkeelan , uddepan and and samputikarana gives siddhi .

Ravan what is symptoms of siddhi .

Rudra says , the fulfillment of desire is first sign of siddhi .increase in longevity is second sign . devata darshan is thrid sign .

mantras when resorted to tapasya will give devata darshanam .

Such a siddhi will make one move in unknown lands . Can listen to secret talks of devatas and other celstial beings .

some smaller siddhis have following characteristics ,

  • a sweet smelling body
  • fame in all directions
  • many vehicles
  • many jeweleries accessories
  • long life
  • rewards from kings
  • royal service
  • Man becomes a wonderman for others and keeps exhibiting magical personality and lives a happy life
  • people experience gain of fortune and relief from misery just by seeing him and visiting him
  • he will know all the shastras
  • will master four types of advisory skills
  • will become desireless
  • immersed in devotion
  • he can at will engage in attracting many people and at will be able to get disengaged
  • he will be able to involve with others deeply and at the same time come out of  the involvement with ease .
  • he will have ease of yoga
  • completely unattached to senses
  • compassionate with all the people
  • patient
  • lineant
  • All knowing

All these qualities are known to be had by having madhyam [ medium level siddhi ] siddhi .

uttam siddhi will lead to qualities of levitation , entering others bodies , entering palaces and forts without obstructions . moving thru fire water with ease  etc .

Finally Man aspires to be at the lotus feet of LORD .











VENUS MARS combination -a compilation !

Venus is a lovely planet in astrology , it is a planet of pleasures ! Most novice astrologers are pessimistic in predictions when they see a afflicted Venus in a horoscope .Affliction to venus especially by mars , i would not be surprised if every astrologer would hesitate to give a clean chit to the subject , in a hush hush tone he would like to suggest a extramarital affair or break in relationship or troubled marriage to the native !  This study consumed a greater part of my life all the more because my both parents have fifth lord {son}venus and fifth house exalted , my wife has seventh lord{husband } venus in peak , my brother in law has exalted venus [ his fifth ie seventh from 11th lord {elder sister’s husband } ] , my son has ninth lord [father ] venus in mooltrikona myself though do not have exalted venus[ according to suryasiddhant my venus is in moolatrikona ] but venus is  most strongest planet in kendra in my  horoscope making me a Venusian in all aspects .My entire two generation  above in my family each and every member[ all the siblings of my mother ] has an exalted venus , some afflicted some clean . One thing was common in them[ people having exalted venus ] is  their quality of living and sense perceptions were optimal , they are extremely beauty conscious , there is an extreme appreciation for anything artistic and their choice of objects of desire were too selective and standardized as if borrowed from character of epics or novels .

every abstract aura stimulated them ! Shuchi being prominent ingredient in their daily life . People who might have spent time among these exalted venus will definitely not miss one thing that these people leave a long lasting impact on the psyche of the people around them . Their interaction will throw up an array of like and dislikes , which would be found wanting in a person of non venus exalted , ie the comparison will be too evident to the naked eyes . In nutshell people who might have interacted with venus exalted natives will find fault with other interaction in their life as that experience will never be found with others except for another venus exalted person .

Venus in exaltation even if afflicted does not give malefic results . In general Affliction of venus with mars should be carefully delineated with other combinations especially in shadvargas and only then malefic results should be attributed because many a venus affllicted natives have been seen to lead  a happy conjugal life . Certain questions do arise in minds of astrologers while learning viz

  • venus is karaka for wife
  • venus is karaka for passion
  • venus is karaka for potency
  • venus is karaka for sexual tendencies
  • venus is karaka for veerya
  • venus is karaka for objects of happiness

So does affliction of venus gives perversion ?

does perverted people get perverted wife ?

does affliction denote affliction to potency ?

does affliction denote lesser passion or lesser accumulation of objects of happiness ?

Its very difficult to analyse these all by mere logic and intelligence ! let us resort to classics on these .

We shall restrict our compilation to affliction by mars alone .

What does parashara say on this ?

venus conjunct mars or aspected by mars in any house will give loss of spouse in its dasha .

venus in exchange of house with mars in shadvargas or in ekamsa with mars only then creates perversion .

Brihatjatak says :

Venus mars conjunction makes one a GOpalaka [ owner of cattle ] if lesser in strength then one who supervises cattle .

he may become  a wrestler , a driver of boat vessel streamer , an able administrator or a club owner where gambling and betting is revenue model .

thirdly he says parayuvatirata: – one who will cohabit other women !

if we literally take this as dictum then all drivers of water bourne  vehicles , wrestlers , diary owners cattle breeders and able administrators definitely will cohabit other women .

Just as the dictum cannot make every venus mars combination a driver administrator or wrestler all at the same time . some may become drivers others may become wrestlers , yet others may become administrators . One may not become the other in his entire lifetime . So also all these cannot become adulterers !

So what is it that differentiates these services ? one must look into other combinations . so also for fructification of venus mars adultery some more confirmatory test are necessary !

Let us further see how venus mars gives varied results in different bhavas .

  1. kapha roga/dosha , unsuccessful ventures , cheat others , ungrateful , a successful offspring \
  2. artistic
  3. good qualities , pilgrimage , upright character , professional artist
  4. very handsome , artistic
  5. inimical, insulted, hates bramhins
  6. other women , shackled in love of prostitutes , sinful , wicked , no learnings
  7. frequently spurned by women , severe wounds [cancerous ] , schematic
  8. enthusiasm to do kukarma , deceitful, inappropriate expenses
  9. beautiful physique , atithipriya , pleasing personality , head of the family , cultured .
  10. very modest , large palacial house , build shrines , dhandhanya samriddhi
  11. religious , will undertake vows and deeksha , well read , attain higher post , close confidant and loyal trustee of king
  12. alpadhani , son troublesom , miser , sick, ungrateful .

In most of the places the reference to perversion is absent except in sixth and other malefic houses .

Lets also examine how aspect of mars affects venus in various houses .

  • ARIES -SCORPIO [VENUS ] ASPECTED BY MARS  – bereft of happiness ,honor ,and money , pitiable condition and excessively shabby
  • VRISHABH-TULA [VENUS ] ASPECTED BY MARS – will not be happy with his house , troubled in getting accomodation , always in some disputes
  • MITHUN-KANYA [VENUS ] ASPECTED BY MARS – will have good wife , highly expert in kaamshastra , will spend huge fortune on his women
  • CANCER [VENUS ] ASPECTED BY MARS – will have excess training in vocal and music and dance , will  win over enemies , will achieve happiness through his intelligence [ alternatively will think too much about happiness only in mind ] , always in troubled state of mind wrt women .
  • LEO[VENUS] ASPECTED BY MARS – will be liked by kings and employed by them , will have abundant grains and gains , will be addicted to women due to uncontrolled passion .
  • DHANUR-MEENA[VENUS] ASPECTED BY MARS –  enemies will not withstand his prowess , rich , happy , madly adored by womenfolks [ female fanfollowing] , will acquire punya and do acts of dharma , will have excellent vehicle .
  • MAKAR-KUMBHA[VENUS ] ASPECTED BY MARS – will be extremely fatigued by heavy work load and diseases , will lose money on account of treachery or dubious people . will have always some disease pertaining to mind due to unfulfilled desires .

As a second lord venus being in second if aspected by mars makes one a good logician .

So as we can see there are many good results that venus and mars combination bestows on the native . only in malefic houses does the malefic results occur , if these are aspected by benefics then malefic results do not occur ,  And venus in meena aspected by any malefic gives only good results .

krishnarpanamastu .

Surya Upasana !


। जपाकुसुम संकाशं काश्यपेयं महाद्युतीम्  तमोघ्नं सर्वपापघ्नं प्रणतोऽस्मि दिवाकरम् ।

Suryanarayana The SUN is the visible form of VISHNU for all the devotees . It is an excellent pratima for upasana for quick siddhi and Moksha . It is a Nitya upasana for all the BRAMHINS , the GAyatri Upasana is towards Suryanarayana . Vishnu present in SURYA devata is the most quick to give results and ever protecting . Acharya Srimadanandateertha when confronted with the muslim King proclaimed ” We are the followers of Great God who is ever present in SUN and worship HIM “, Hence its not surprising if there is entire upanishad dedicated to Surya UPASANA . Those who aspire for physical ,material and spiritual success  must pray LORD SURYANARAYANA .

  • Suryopasana with daily arghya to Suryanarayana helps maintain dwijatva .
  • All sankalpa at Suryodaya accomapanied with Suryopasana will  be successfull .
  • Upanishads declare SUN as the centre of UNIVERSE .
  • Devatas attain aparoksha though Suryopasana .
  • It is Graha RAJa ,, King of planets . Praying SUN will give excellent planetary effects and ill effects will get minimized .
  • The chakshopanishad gives Surya mantra to ward away eye problems like cataract  ,short /long sight , to get rid of spectacles , blindness etc .
  • Suryopanishad gives SuryaUpasana to get excellent health .
  • Suryopasana gives win over enemies [aditya hrudaya of Agstya Muni incidental not instrumental in Killing RAVANA by LORD SRIRAM ]
  • SURYOPASANA GIVES EXCELLENT EDUCATION and excellence in vyakarana shastra [ Hanumanji did his schooling under Surya narayana with Suryopasana ]
  • Suryaupasana relieves one of skin diseases ,heart diseases , strengthens bones and  increases Longevity .[ Samba ,son of Srikrishna and Jambavati   ,when tired of his incurable skin disease tried to take permission from Srikrishna to suicide , Srikrishna advised him to do Suryopasana , Samba was relieved off skin disease regained his beauty and Longevtity ]
  • Surya Upasana gives excellent wealth . [ Raja Satrajit got syamantak mani through Surya Upasana  ,which would give him 8000 kg of gold  every day ]
  • In yogashastra Dharana /samayama on Surya gives knowledge of entire creation .
  • Exercising early morning with Surynamaskaar with twelve surya mantras give extreme physical strength and excellent wrestling capacity .
  • Varahamihira Bhatt  amassed excellency in Jyotishshastra through Suryaradhana for a one complete year .
  • Suryopasana gives excellence in medical field ,it gives aushadhsiddhi [ Chyavan rishi got his Ayurved siddhi through Suryopasana ]
  • Suryopasana gives excellent proficiency in Architechture science shilpavidya [ Maya became a great architect by Suryopasana ]
  • Suryopasana gives Rajayoga .[It gives political power and  it gives easy success in exams For high Govt Posts ie IAS IPS IES IRS etc ] All  FAVOURS FROM GOVT  can be had through Suryopasana .

SO Suryaupasana is a way of life for all vedic followers . How this Suryopasana can be done ?

Fast on every Sunday without taking salt , oil , vegetables , alcohol , nonveg , honey , and no cohabitation with females . Get up early morning before sunrise and pray SuryaNARAYANA with following prayers .

Surya dwadashnaam stotram

आदित्यम प्रथमं नाम द्वितीयं तु दिवाकरं । तृतीयं भास्करं प्रोक्तं चतुर्थंम् तु प्रभाकरं ॥

पंचमम् हरिदश्वं च षष्टं त्रैलोक्यलोचनम । सप्तमम तु सहस्रांशुमष्टमं तु विभाकरम ॥

नवमम स्याद्दिनकरं दशमम् द्वादशात्मकं । एकादशम् त्रिवेदात्म द्वादशं सूर्यमेवच ॥

द्वादशैतानिनामानि प्रात:काले सदा पठेत् । कुष्ठादिहृद्रोगो दारिद्र्यं नैव जायते ॥

॥ इति ब्रह्मांडपुराणे सूर्यद्वादशनामस्तोत्रं संपूर्णंम ॥


॥ सूर्यकवच स्तोत्रं ॥

याज्ञवल्क्य उवाच ॥

शृणुष्व मुनिशार्दूल सूर्यस्य कवचं शुभं ।शरीरारोग्यदं दिव्यंसर्वसौभाग्यदायकम् ॥

देदीप्यमानमुकुटम् स्फुरन्मकरकुण्डलम् ।ध्यात्वासहस्रकिरणं सतोत्रमेतदुदीरयेत ॥

शिरो मे भास्कर: पातु  ललाटम् मेऽमितद्युति: । नेत्रे दिनमणि: पातु श्रवणे वासरेश्वर: ॥

घ्राणं घर्मघृणि: पातु वदनम् वेदवाहन: । जिव्हां मे मानद: पातु कण्ठं मे सुरवंदित: ॥

स्कंधौ प्रभाकर: पातु वक्ष: पातु जनप्रिय: । पातु पादौ द्वादशात्मा सर्वांगं सकलेश्वर: ॥

सूर्यरक्षात्मकंस्तोत्रम लिखित्वाभुर्जपत्रके । ददाति य: करे तस्य वशगा:सर्वसिद्धय: ॥

सुस्नातो यो जपेत सम्यगोऽधीते स्वस्थमानस: । स रोगमुक्तोदीर्घायु: सुखं पुष्टिंच विंदति ॥

॥इति याज्ञवल्क्य विरचितम सुर्यकवचसतोत्रं संपूर्णंम ॥


।सूर्याष्टकं ।

सांब उवाच ।

आदिदेव नमस्तुभ्यं प्रसीद ममभास्कर । दिवाकर नमस्तुभ्यं प्रभाकर नमोऽस्तु ते ॥

सप्ताऽश्वरथमारूढं प्रचंडं कश्यपात्मजं । श्वेतपद्मधरं देवं तं सूर्यंम् प्रणमाम्यहम ॥

लोहितं रथमारूढं सर्वलोकपितामहं । महापापहरं देवं तं सूर्यम् प्रणमाम्यहम  ॥

त्रैगुण्यं च महाशूरं ब्रह्मविष्णुमहेश्वरं । महापापहरं देवं तं सूर्यंम् प्रणमाम्यहम ॥

बृंहितम् तेज:पुंजं च वायुमाकाशमेव च । प्रभुं च सर्वलोकानाम् तं सूर्यंम् प्रणमाम्यहम ॥

बंधूकपुष्पसंकाशं हारकुण्डल भूषितं । एकचक्रधरं देवं तं सूर्यंम् प्रणमाम्यहम ॥

तं सूर्यम् जगत्कर्तारं महातेजप्रदीपनं । महापापहरं देवं तं सूर्यंम् प्रणमाम्यहम ॥

तं सूर्यम् जगतां नाथं ज्ञानविज्ञानमोक्षदं ।महापापहरं देवं तं सूर्यंम् प्रणमाम्यहम ॥

सुर्याष्टकं पठेन्नित्यं गृहपीडा प्रणाशनम् । अपुत्रो लभते पुत्रं दरिद्रो धनवन भवेत ॥

आमिषं मधुपानं य: करोति रवेर्दिने । सप्तजन्म भवेद्रोगी प्रतिजन्म दरिद्रता ॥

स्त्रीतैलमधुमांसानि यस्त्यजेत्तु रवेर्दिने । न व्याधी: शोकदारिद्र्यं सूर्यलोकं स गच्छति ॥

।इति सुर्याष्टकं संपूर्णं ।




Adityam prathamam nAm  dwitIyam tu diwakaram | tritIyam Bhaskaram proktam chaturtham tu prabhAkaram ||

panchamam hardashvam ch shashTam trilokyalochanam | saptamam tu shasranshumashTamam tu vibhakaram ||

navamam syaddinkaram dashamam dwashatmakam | ekadasham trivedAtmA dwadasham sUryamev ch ||

dwadashaitaninamAni prAtahkAle sada paThet  tasya kuShThAdi hrudrogo dAridryam naiv jayate ||

|| iti sribramhaNdpurane sUryadwadashNaam stotram sampUrNam ||

Pravrajya YOGA !!!

There are many types of sanyasis :

  1. yati
  2. dandi
  3. tridandi
  4. ajeevaka
  5. sakya[baoudhak]
  6. charak
  7. kutichaka
  8. nirgrantha
  9. vivasa
  10. vanyasan
  11. vanaprastha
  12. bhikshuk
  13. naga
  14. kapali
  15. chakri
  16. vriddhashravak
  17. hansa
  18. paramhansa


When there are four or more than four [ five six seven ] planets in a single rashi than the person becomes a sanyasi of the order of the planet which is stronger among the four .

if sun is stronger he becomes a tapasvi, moon  a kapali , mars one wearing red robes , mercury one becomes a dandi [ staff holder] , jupiter a yati [ hansa paramhansa ] , venus a chakri , saturn a digambar [ Nirgranthika ]

similarly when more planets are involved , or aspects are cause of ascetism , mars gives  shakya , mercury  ajeevak , jupiter a bhikshu[dandi ] , moon a yati hansa etc , venus , charak, saturn a nirgrantha or vivasa , sun  a vanyasan or vanprastha .

tapasvi engages is penance , vanprastha lives in nearby jungles with wife and  disciples , vanyasana lives in deep jungles , vivasa dwells on hills and deep forests with a deerskin , naga is naked sanyasi, nirgrantha is digambar inside society , bhikshu is always engaged in study of scriptures and has a bowl and a staff .  charaka is roaming sanyasi , shakya is baoudha sanyasi with tonsured head , a yati is sanyasi attached to a institution which teaches and is endowed with royal attributes like pallaki etc . ajeevak is glutton and is given to feeding his stomach and senses .

hansa and paramhansa are the sanyasis of highest order .A hansa bird when given a bowl of milk mixed with water , it drinks only milk filtering the water out of it . SO also this world and its events are ever mixed with acts of LORD the divine  [ milk ] and materialistic or the wordly [ water ] , when a person only partakes the divine and is unaffected by the wordly , he is known as paramhansa .

one must always seek knowledge , every incident is engrained with a knowledge that we must learn and also it is just a worldy event , most of us get lost into success and failure of wordly events and its result of happiness or unhappiness but rarely we try to seek a knowledge or divine tattva hidden in our day to day events .  one who does that is hansa .

When a planet is combust among the sanyasa giving planets , one gets into the order withour initiation , if the same planet is defeated in planetary war , one leaves sanyasa after the initiation .

if the combust planet is strong and also ravi is strong than one becomes  tapasvi .

if the planet owning the house where moon is placed [ janma rashi adhipati ] if aspects saturn without being aspected by any other planet , will enter the order signified by rashyadhipati or saturn whichever is stronger .

if rashyadhipati is weak and is aspected by saturn than one becomes a digambar .

one becomes a naga if moon is in saturn or mars navamsa / dreshkana aspected by saturn

Saturn in ninth with strength gives sanyasa even if one has rajyoga , after becoming a king one becomes a sanyasi .

One will establish a new system of philosophy if jupiter moon and ascendant are all aspected by saturn and jupiter is in ninth

Madhvacharya established TATVAVADA .

As a child when he decided to gain sangatyaga [ and regain permanent sanga with LORD ] he decided to enter sanyasa ashrama . The opponents of HARI must always be punished , but as HANUMAN , BHEEMA he had done all that , now opponents o hari were present as bramhins ,these were not fit for physical punishments , and also , for others who were fit for punishments , DURGA DEVI had decided to take avatara on the banks of river payasvini .

SO to make people understand the real meaning of vedas , VAsudevacharya decided to take up sanyasa . BUt Father was very upset with the decision of the son . SO father MAdhyageha bhatt said , oh son , one who takes up sanyasa should not have a father , mother or anyone , but must have to rely only on LORD .

your decision is wrong why do you trouble me at this age , please change your mind , I beg you i bow to you , and Father makes  a namaskara . VASUDEVA [ MADHVACHARYA ‘s name before taking sanyasa ] says , one must only bow to elders or sanyasis, look BRAHMA the creator himself has given the permisiion by making you bow , father you have bowed to show I can become sanyasi [ elders aged bow before a young sanyasi ] as your child I am not eligible to be made namaskara by YOU !!!!!

Father anguished at the childs’ adamancy laments , I would end my life with suicide if you persist .

VASUDEV tearing a piece of linen and making a kaupin setting aside with a firmness says ” let me see how you dare that suicide ”

[ the inner meaning is VASUDEV is MUKHYAPRANA , the life breath of all the souls , only if he leaves than does a person dies , so technically without his permission or will his father cannot die ]

Father says , people bear children so that he can look after them and also shastras say one must always protect and lookafter the aged parents , pativrata wife , a child even if one has to carryout akarya [ prohibited karma ]. You are the only child and earlier children have died ,

VAsudeva says , one should abandon the life and take up sanyasa as soon as one becomes virakta [ unattached ] towards the worldly issues so say vedas , anyhow I would wait till another baby is born to you to take care [ VISHNUTEERTHA is the brother of MADHVACHARYA who is still praying in the KUMARPARVAT of subramanya ]

FAther said I have heard these and i can convince myself but how will you convince if Your mother . VASUDEV said , you give me the permission first OH father than I woud convince mother too .

FATHER permistted with heavy heart , After the another son was born , VAsudev told his mother , MA , if you wish to see your son always in front of you permit me to take up sanyasa and don’t be a roadblock for the work of HARI . if you still do not give permission than I would leave this place and go away and you will never see me again , NOT seeing again is akin to death for a child . SO better I become a sanyasi and be before your eyes .

MOTHER permitted .

Vasudeva performed the timely acts of jeevashraddha etc the activities to be accomplished before taking up Sanyasa . Than on a given day ACHYUTPREKSHA swamy initiated VASUDEV into sanyasa and MADHVACHARYA who was given the name PURNAPRAGNYA by his guru was aptly known so as he is the knower of all the shastras even before he declare “sanyastam ” I offer all my senses and body and soul to you the LORD of all My lORD HARI .

WHen Achyutpreksha offered to initiate in the activities of sanyasa to be carried out for the first time , The teacher himself felt that is disciple is doing things in a extra perfect manner which is worth noting and imbibing .

ADVAITA was prevalent in those days and thus ACHYUTPREKSHA to make his disciple proficient , decided to teach him the grantha ” ISHTASIDDHI ” , MAdhvacharya never had any interest in such books , yet as an order from guru he opened it and pointed out a 32 defects in the evry first shloka of the grantha ,

AChyutpreksha could not give satisfactory answer to the questions raised as reagrds the defects neither did the book address them .AGAIN in the evening when ACHYUTPREKSHA took POORNAPRAGNYAcharya to ANATESHWAR temple as acharya prostarted before the LORD , ANANTESHWAR entered a nearby devotee and with a deep voice took the acharya into his arms and produced him before ACHYUTPREKSHA and proclaimed ” HE is the answer to all your questions in the mind “. THUS ACVHYUTPREKSHA understood that a new teacher has come down to show the path of salvation .

Acharya srimadacharya santu me janmajanmani

krishnarpanamastu .



Panchikarana – Modus operandi de creation!

As the previous creation[ universe] is destroyed in pralaya water , Lord takes the form of a child of 7crore yojan size . He transforms the whole of 50 crore yojan bramhanda into a  leaf of vata vruksha and sleeps on it in YOGANEEDRA .This Lord is known by the name “SHUNYA” !

As  12.5 years are left in the lapse of pralaya kala , Lord inspires AMBHRANI devi [ LAXMI DEVI] to sing the Shrutigeet stotra in the form of jayavandana [ suprabhaat] . As AMBHRANI devi commences  the Shrutigeet , Lord takes many amazing  forms . Lord as he wakes swallows up the TAMAS ,the vatapatra merged into BHUDEVI and pralaya water merged into SRIDEVI.

Later SHUNYA namak paramatma [NARAYANA] took forms of

  5. He took 24 forms viz KESHAVA ……. ETC
  6. He took 100 forms viz  AJA ……ETC
  7. He took thousand forms viz VISHWA …….ETC
  • THUS these infinite forms of Lord as they appear ,it is known as ATMASRISHTI .
  • AS LORD takes the various forms so does LAXMI DEVI  takes various forms by the will of Lord , this is known as PARADHEENVISHESHAVAPTI  SRISHTI
  • BRAMHANDA AND JEEVA [SOUL] STHULA DEHA  srishti with trigunatmak prakriti [ satva rajas tamas ] is known as KEVAL SRISHTI


CREATION  starts with 1 part tamo rasi , 2 part rajo rasi and 4 part satva rasi . Total 7 parts  of prakruti .

  • Firstly there are three piles [blocks of gunas ]
  1. A – Tamas [ 1 part ]
  2. B – Rajas   [ 2 parts ]
  3. C – Satva   [ 4 parts ]

ie  the quantum of B = twice the quantum of A


the quantum of C = twice the quantum of B

  • Of these A B C , A unmixed with  B or C is kept aside ———– D
  • Rajas is created by ———————————————————-E
  1. one part Tamo  -A
  2. 100 parts Rajo – B
  3. 10000 parts  Satva – C

ie Rajas is formed by mixing 1A+100B+10000C = 10101 bindus in  —–E

  • Tamas is created by ————————————————————-F
  1. one part Rajo B
  2. ten parts Tamo A
  3. 100 parts Satva C

ie Tamas is formed mixing  10A+B+100C = 111 bindus in ———————F

Now we have A , B , C in one group  these are never used in creation they form the bodies of MUKTA jeevas shuddha satva for muktiyogya and shuddha tamo for yatna sharir of tamoyogya .

second group D E F  , is used in creation of which D only is used to enhance certain tatvas and is never directly a part of composition inside creation in its pure form .

E F effectively form creation of UNIVERSE .

Further references to Satva rajas tamas point to D E F only .

  1. Ambhrani is adidevata for avyakrutaakasha .
  2. Satva rashi is presided by Sridevi
  3. Rajo by Bhudevi
  4. Tamas by Durga
  5. This  prakruti is conspicuous and effect-ive [ karya rupa  ]  and hence is known as ” SAT”
  6. It is also in the Karan rupa [ cause -ative]  and hence known as ” Chit “
  7. It is obstructive to knowledge hence known as ” Avidya
  8. It is infatuating so it is also known as ” MAAYA
  9. It also aids as a check on Moha hence it is “ AMAAY
  10. AMAAY has equal satva rajas and tamas in composition .
  • 100 parts satva + 12 parts Rajas + 1 part tamas = 113 bindus form the avyakta deha or deha of Bramha ie Mahattatva ——————————G
  • Mahattava is divided into 3parts to 1 part . namely Rajas and tamas . ———————————————————————————————–H & I
  • 100000 part of Satva + 1200 parts of Rajas [ H + E ]  + 10 parts Tamas [ I + F ]  is the aniruddha deha or Ahankartaava——————————J
  1. Ahankara is divided into three parts  ; Vaikarik Ahankara presided by son of Brahma , Bramhaputra Rudra [ Garuda ] with wife Varuni
  2. Taijas ahankara presided by Vayuputra Rudra [ Shesha ] with  wife Sauparni .
  3. Tamas ahankara presided by Sheshaputra Rudra[ Shiva ] with wife  Uma .
  4. vaikarik is used to create the bodies of DEVATAS and manas [ mind ] of HUMANs [ MANUSHYA ]
  5. Taijas is used to create Dashendriyas [ Ten indriyas  – panch gyanendra + panch karmendra ]
  6. Tamas is used to create Panchbhuta , Panchtanmatra .

As these Tattvabhimani devatas started praying Lord , LaxmiNarayana enter the Bramhanda and create a Viraatrupa of himself [ Mahavishnu ] and from the Nabhi Kamal[ navel ] rises the Bramha in a Golden Bramhanda . Thus HE is known as PADMANABHA .

This is known as Asansrusta .

hereafter everything that is created inside Bramhanda is known as SANSRUSHTI.

Brahma started the srushti :

  • Shabda tanmatra  gave rise to AKASHA
  • Sparsha  gave rise to Vayu  [ vayu has both shabda and sparsha ]
  • Rupa gave rise to AGNI  [ agni has rupa shabda and sparsha ]
  • Rasa gave rise to  Apa      [ water has rupa shabda sparsha and rasa ]
  • Gandha gave rise to Prithvi [ prithvi has all the qualities of taste shape sound and touch and smell]

Thus from tanmatras were created Panchabhutas

Akasha divided into two parts , second part divided into four subparts to be mixed with other panchbhutas . similarly others vayu agni apa prithvi too divided into parts .

the first part becomes mukhyamsha  and second part becomes samanamsha . lets call mukhyamsha  as $ and samanamsha as #

Gnyanendriya utpatti

  1. #Akaash + $ Agni  = Shrotrendriya [ faculties of hearing ]
  2. #vayu + $ Agni = tvagendriya [ faculties of touch ]
  3. #Apu + $Agni = Jivhendriya [ faculties of taste ]
  4. #Prithvi + $Agni = Ghranendriya [ faculties of smell ]
  5. # Agni + $Agni  = chakshurindriya [ faculties of eye ]
  6. Agni transmits its property of ushnatva [ heat ] to all the other tattvas through its # amsha
  7. agni is responsible for kshattu pipasa nidra alasya vyavasaya

Karmendriya Utpatti

  1. #Akaash + $ Prithvi = vaagindriya [ organ of speech ]
  2. #Vayu + $ Prithvi = Panindriya [ organ of hand ]
  3. #Agni +$ Prithvi = Padendriya [ organ of legs ]
  4. #Apu + $ Prithvi = jananendriya [ organ of reproduction ]
  5. #Prithvi + $ Prithvi =  Guhyendriya [ organ of anus ]
  6. Prithvi transmits its property of kathinatva [ hardness ] to rest of the tattvas through its # amsha
  7. Prithvi is responsible for Asthi mansa snayu charma roma

Tanmatra utpatti

  1. #Akaash + $Apu = Shabda
  2. #Vayu + $ Apu = Sparsha
  3. #Agni +$Apu =  Rupa
  4. #Apu + $ Apu = Rasa
  5. #Prithvi + $Apu =  Gandha ]
  6. apu transmits its property of Dravatva  [ Viscosity/ flow ] to rest of the tattvas through its # amsha
  7. Apu is responsible for shukla medas majja rakta mutra

Prana Panchaka

  1. #Akaash + $ Vayu = Samaan
  2. #Vayu + $Vayu= Udaan
  3. #Agni +$ Vayu = Vyana
  4. #Apu + $Vayu = Apaan
  5. #Prithvi + $ Vayu =  Prana vayu
  6. Vayu transmits its property of chalanatva [ movement ] to rest of the tattvas through its # amsha
  7. vayu gives prasaran akunchan sthairya  uddyan patan

Mano Panchak

  1. #Akaash + $ akaash = Kartru  / Antahkarana
  2. #Vayu + $ akaash = Manas
  3. #Agni +$ akaash = Buddhi
  4. #Apu + $ akaash = chitta
  5. #Prithvi + $ akaash =  ahankara
  6. Akaash transmits its property of  [ accomodaing/resting /forming base /holding ] to rest of the tattvas through its # amsha
  7. akaash gives kaam krodha lobha mada matsarya

Lord himself stay put in all our organs and elements inspires us to do the karma and by surrendering this karma attributing it to HIM , oh lord I seek MOKSHA!!!!!!!!!


Dasha vichara !

  1. Dasha graha if it is in kendra to lagna and 2-5-8-11 to moon will give auspicious results . if in kendra to moon as well will give medium results
  2. Dasha lord’s exaltation sign and own sign or friend’s sign , if in these signs moon is posited or moon is in 3-5-7-9-10-11 from dasha lord then the bhava in which moon is placed its good results will also be experienced .
  3. If dasha and bhukti lords if they are  friends good results will flow , if enemies difficulties will be experienced .
  4. dasha and bhukti lords if they are in shashtashtaka or dwirdwadasha then there will be fall in respect and post . [ padachyuti] .especially if one the planets is in mars saturn rahu ketu stars .
  5. moon with sun mars or rahu and ketu or in their stars  will give many mental disturbances .
  6. if dasha and bhukti lords both are in chara signs or have sambandha of 6-10 lords than there will be change of place .
  7. dasha lord or bhukti lord if they own 22nd drekkana and be placed in vrushabha 3rd drekkana or kanya middle drekkana or tula first drekkana then there will be fall from high place
  8. There will abortions if dasha bhukti lords have evil aspects on 5-9 rasi or navamsa
  9. if 2-10 th lord have good aspects dasha lord then there will rise promotion in the dasha bhukti
  10. there will be distant travels if 7-9 lord have any aspect or conjunction with the dasha bhukti lords
  11. dasa lord with good aspect to 10th lord and if in gochara there is  budha guru or shukra in lagna than there will be rise in power and promotion
  12. if there is sixth house link to the dasa bhukti lord and sixth lord transits the lagna or 10 th lord house there will misunderstanding with the boss , memos or mental stress atwork place .
  13. if dasha and bhukti lord being 3rd lord has any connection with 10th brings about change in place transfers etc .
  14. dasa and bhukti lord is 9-10th lord then life will flourish
  15. Retrograde planets gives its results through the dasa for as many years as it takes days to get into normal motion , one day equals one year .
  16. Yogkarak planet if it is in good nakshatra like own nakshatra or benefic nakshatra  life will be rosy with much respect and wealth .
  17. bhukti lord if it is in 3rd-6-8-12  lord star  or in aspect to 2-7 th lord or badhak lord , if the said planet is in malefic conjunction in navamsa or debilitated in navamsa than there will loss of respect , loss of land , insult , and obstructions in the work is seen .
  18. Bhukti lord gives its result in cohesion with the star lord in which he is posited , ie sun bhukti if it is in moons’ star will give revolutionary thoughts ,in mars star it will give destructive thoughts , mercury will give respectful or thoughts leading to fame . jupiter star gives helping nature , venus will give fame through qualities and also wealth through talent , saturn shows hard toil .
  19. bhukti lord mars in mercury star gives less money more work , jupiter star gives power , venus will give below par living , saturn will give struggle
  20. bhukti lord mercury in jupiter star will live  a intellectual life , venus star will live for higher purpose , saturn star will give alternate profession or unconventional way
  21. bhukti lord jupiter in venus star earnings will be from religious institutions , in saturn star will give dual profession
  22. bhukti lord venus in saturn star life will start after the marriage .
  23. …………………….to be continued …………………………


Karmavipaka -1

Parvati devi requests Lord SHiva to reveal the nature of different Karma . Shiva says , People suffering from diseases and misery should inspect their horoscopes after properly propitiating the bramhins and devatas . Praying Vishnu he must address his concerns to the astrologer . Astrologer must inspect his birth chart and prashna lagna and based on the Ashwini nakshatra etc padas must declare the prayashchittas .

The karma is of three types , Sanchita , Prarabdha and AGAMA . Presently we deal with Prarabdha .

Once there lived a bramhin ,who was learned and goodlooking . He was married to a kshatriya girl by name Vishalakshi . He had a  son by name NARHARI who was totally given to vices and diseases . Narhari had a reind by name Lagnasharma who was pious and wealthy with Gold and  sons . One day Lagnasharma visited Narhari . Narhari knowing about his wealth Killed him along with his sons and wife . He started spending gold day by day , In the end he donated 1/6 th of the gold as gurtadanam at the sangam of GANGA and YAMUNA .

Overthe period of time he died owing to grahapeedha . Yamadootas by the order of YAMA put him in the hell for 70 yugas , After spending time in hell he was born as wolf in the deep jungles . Then he became an insect . As his sins exhausted he took birth in a family of fame of gaudas in a town named sundargrama in madhyadesha . He was wealthy ,flesh eating and married to same girl of previous life named as Lokmati . Lokmati month after month could not conceive even though she had regular periods . Even when she concieved she bore dead children .

Parvatu intercepted and asked what makes people suffer like this , isnt karma inspired by maya .

SHIVA says karma are of three types , ISHTA ANISHTA MISHRA . the first gives the swarga , second gives hell and nagaloka , third gives birth in human loka . Diseases and state of mind and sometimes the behaviour of men women give clues to the karma .

  1. Raajyakshma disease is on account of bramha hatya
  2. One who kills a guru or relative  gets repeated death of sons and daughter
  3. one who does not pray fall prey to Panduroga [ malenin destruction]
  4. One who begets only female child must have insulted vedas
  5. one loses his wife /lover  if one has killed birds or a girl
  6. one who has killed his brother/sister is ever troubled by diseases
  7. those who have hurt whistles ,bells , or musical instruments gets diseases of hands
  8. one who has killed a child/animal will beget dead children
  9. one who has disfigured someones body , or instigated miscarriage abortion or stolen a book or copyright is born as blind
  10. Stealing clothes , always teasing others , landgrabbing will result in poverty .
  11. One who ,marries into his own gotra gets a prolonged disease of skin .
  12. killing or binding a buffalo gives a disease of shivering
  13. killing  a bull will make one impotent and have diseases of genitals
  14. Illtreating parents will give leprosy
  15. illicit relationships will give prolonged sickness
  16. Killing a cow will give white leprosy
  17. premarital sex with immature girls will give diseases with poverty .
  18. Stealing perfumes made of flowers will result in bad breath
  19. stealing ghee butter etc will give skin diseases and birth as insects
  20. Stealing perfumes made of bark or trees will make one a crow
  21. grabbing wells ponds will give rashes and itches
  22. robbing tourists in temples will give diseases of neck and throat
  23. one who burns forests or cuts them will get cancer of eyes and nose
  24. stealing oil will make one seller of oils
  25. stealing sugar will give heavy temperature
  26. one will not have children if one steals gold
  27. ears will be affected if one hurts servants and slaves
  28. leukemia if one steals iron etc
  29. milk and curds if stolen will give disease of stomach
  30. multiple diseases will come if one robs on highways .
  31. if one troubles peacocks , hens , chicken ,turtles he will have diseases of wind and be born as impotent again and again
  32. alcoholics , animal eaters fish eaters will i again and again indulge in hide
  33. Those who disrupt grain and water sources will get diseases of teeth
  34. If one steals the house of a bramhin will be troubled by epilepsy
  35. Thus many diseases trouble humans as the karma fructifies .

People suffering Like NARHARI owing to stealing of GOLD and murder . should perform 5LAKHS gayatri and trayamabak pooja to get rid of diseases and get progeny .


Anusandhaan- Ten Contemplations !!!!



THE ABOVE MANTRA  consists of 16 Hari naam sankirtana . The names of the Lord is repeated 16 times . 8 times the name HARI , four times RAAM and Four times KRISHNA .  Mere mechanical chanting of this mantra does not  give any result but result will be more pronounced and multitude if chanted with contemplation of its meaning . It conveys   6 rupas of the LORD and four qualities . The four qualities which HUMANS must know before death without doubt , if they have to reach VAIKUNTHA .  However we may ask when there are only three names in this mantra [ HARI RAAM KRISHNA ] how this corresponds to various contemplations of qualities of  the lord .

For this we need to know what HARI means . Hari means LION [ simha]  in sanskrit . hence Narsimha rupa of Lord is also known as NARAHARI . Is LORD known as HARI just because he happens to have a head of LION ? NO !!!

Atishayen harati pariharati bhaktaanam bhayam duritam cheti HARI:

Lord takes away [destroys] fears and ill effects [ undesired or untowards events that are to come  ] of the devotees . This he does in abundance ,limitlessly . So devotees are saved by HIM and he takes away their fear and avoids mishaps and dangers .

This anusandhaana [ contemplation ] is necessary when chanting Hari .

Again when we chant HARI ,we must remember that LORD who has rescued GAJENDRA in TAPAS manvantara from a crocodile . This LORD known by the name TAPAS is also known as HARI and saves GAJENDRA elephant and relieves from the curse of DEVAL and AGASTYA  and gives MOKSHA. This Lord has been called upon as HARI in bhagavat by the Gajendra .

Thus second contemplation is DUSHTA shaktinaam akramanam pariharati means for all devotees Lord saves from the attack of evil . Such attacks bring about hurdles in the sadhana of the Devotee and HARI saves us from that .

RAAM gives us contemplation of DASHARATHI RAAM and JAMDAGNI RAAM Parshuraam .

Dasharathi RAAM , son of Dashrath , as Madhvacharya praises is the one who has the quality of ” swabhakta santaap harta ” RAAM  kills all the evil rakshasas and thus saves devtas [ his devotees ] from the santaap ie miseries attrocities etc and all along gives happiness to them . For us HE removes TAAPTRAYA and saves us from miseries of the world and gives happiness .

EVil Kshatriyas were killed by PARSURAAM and thereby destroyed their egoes . Similarly RAAM name destroy our egoes and help us in advancing our sadhana . ALso Lord RAAM [ Parsuraam] resides in the AGNI [ agnyantargata PASURAAM] This AGNI is ever present in our mouth enabling us to speak and chant . Let LORD RAAM enable us to chant his mantras with contemplation .We must remember this while chnating RAAM a second time .

KRISHNA name reminds us of YASHODA Krsihna and Vaashistha KRISHNA . As YADAV Krishna HE is most Attractive and cleanses the Kali KALUSHYA [POLLUTION of KALI ] by killing all the RAKSHASAs and masterminding MAHABHARATA .

Vashishtha KRISHNA [ VEDVYASA ] cleanses the pollution of KALI by giving us the right kowledge through Puranas and MAHABHARATA etc granthas , BOTH have done the karshana of KALI hence are Known as KRISHNA .

We must thus remember these rupas along with their qualities while chanting , These Six qualities apart ALL the humans aspiring moksha must necessarily know Four important qualities of the LORD . They are : Sat, chit, ananda, atma [ sacchidanand atma]

  1. Nirdushtatva
  2. Gyanrupatva
  3. Anandarupatva
  4. Swamitva

These qualities should ever be meditated upon by all the humans at all times they must do the upasana of these gunas of LORD in order to get MOKSHA . Thus says Bramha tarka a treatise on Upasana .

When contemplating Narsimha removing fears and dangers and TAPAS saving from Evil we must also contemplate upon the Nirdushtatva that means as LORD saves from fear , dangers and enemies , HE himself does not have such aspects as fears or dangers or enemies . LORD cannot be subjugated to defects like fear , Lord does not fear , nothing endangers him or no enemies ever can trouble HIM and thus HE is capable of removing our defects of fears dangers and enemies .

While chanting Krishna [ Vedvyasa ] contemplate on Gyanrupatva . Lord is all knowing and his body is made up of KNOWLEDGE . He is the one who has brought entire philosophical literature to the light and thus he is GYANSWARUPA ,

While chanting RAAM [ dasharathi RAAM ] one must also contemplate on the ANANDA guna of the LORD . Lord RAMA is embodiment of happiness . anandaparipurna and thus gives complete happiness to the devotees , He does not have any unhappiness [ his lamenting for SEETA is thus not real ,SEETA LAXMI DEVI always resides in the heart of NARAYANA as SRIVATSA mole . she never separates from the LORD NITYAAVIYOGI , as RAAM is no different from NARAYANA SEETA always resides in HIM there is never a separation ] EXcept for 700 years of absence of SEETA alonside RAAM in RAMAYANA RAAM has lived Happily for rest 11000 years , so says SKANDA purana . Thus RAAM name should also give anusandhana of ANANDAguna paripurna .

Swamitva this quality of LORDSHIP over everyone is clearly exhibited in PARSURAAM and GOPALKRISHNA avataraas . Crores of RAKSHAS could not vanquish Krishna and he established HIS Supremacy 21 times as PARSURAMA and KRISNA as well . Thus HE is SARVA SWAMY , SUPREME.

Thus Hare RAAM ……… mantra should give anusandhana of six rupas ie NARSIMHA TAPAS   RAAM PARSURAAM KRISHNA AND VEDVYASA alongwith their mahimas and leelas . Also it should give anusandhana of quaities of defectlessnes , allknowing , everhappy and Supremacy . MAY ALL BE BLESSED BY SUCH ANUSANDHANA |||

krishnarpanamastu .

Shadgunyam- The essentials of WAR

Lord Ram advises Laxman thus :

A king must always look out for the strength and weakness of the twelve types of Kingdom around him known as mandala.

  • Once own Kingdom’s friends
  • The kingdom’s  enemy .
  • The friend of a friend is also a friend
  • The friend of an enemy is enemy
  • The enemy of Friend is Enemy
  • The enemy of enemy is Friend

This is ardha mandal based on self . Similar other six crop up when you consider

  • The vijigeesh the  nation in question
  • the Parshnigrah  the kingdom by the border.
  • Akrand the enemy of Parshnigraha .
  • The Friend  of the Akrand  is asaar .
  • The kingdom in between the self and Enemy is madhyam
  • The kingdoms beyond the mandal is Udaseen
  1. Sandhi
  2. Vigraha
  3. Yaan
  4. Aasan
  5. Dwaidhibhav
  6. Sanshraya

these are the six qualities necessary for a King [ Shaadgunya]

When there is prospect of a war with a stronger one its always better to make sandhi . Total sixteen varieties of sanshi exist

  1. kapal
  2. upahar
  3. santaan
  4. sangat
  5. upanyasa
  6. pratikaar
  7. sanyog
  8. purushantar
  9. adrashtanar
  10. aadishta
  11. aatma
  12. upagraha
  13. parikrama
  14. chinna
  15. pardushana
  16. skandhopaneya

But Broadly Sandhi is four types

  1. paraspar upakaar
  2. maitra
  3. sambandha
  4. upahara

One must not make Sandhi when opponents involve child ,old ,sick, shunned by relatives , timid , one who inspires timidity ,greedy, ingreeded , dispassionate , fiend , unstable mind ,one who insults dev and bramhana , unfortunate , non believer of destiny ,affected by famine , misuses power,one who has not travelled out , always surrounded by enemy , flowing against the time , and one who has left dharma and Truth . These twenty people should always be opposed and fought without striking truce-Sandhi .

Mutually harming each other will create animosity -Vigraha . One who is equipped with the strength and knowledge of time and space . one who aspires his progress , and one who is troubled by others can make vigraha in this world .

Kingdom , women , place, country , stealing of data and force , pride , honour , terrorising , destruction of knowledge , dharma and selfrespect ; fortune ,  insult to a friend , destruction of relatives , cruelty towards animals , polution of geo political allignment , adamancy of superpower are the root causes of war .

Animosity are of five types ;

  1. Natural animosity [ evil vs Good]
  2. Material territorial dispute
  3. owing to speech
  4. owing to women
  5. owing to crime

These should be pacified appropriately through intelligent solutions .

  • When only little benefit arises out of dispute
  • or no result arises post dispute ,
  • or presently dispute may give rise to adverse results ,
  • may also be futile in future
  • or adverse in both future and present ,
  • or dispute is generated by unknown enemies ,
  • if dispute is for others
  • if dispute is for the sake of  a women
  • during misfortunes
  • if for friendship but showing no immediate results
  • no hopes of benefic results in future
  • long lasting dispute [possibility]
  • against bramhins

In all above forms vigraha should be given up .

King should do only those karma which is beneficial in present as well as future . When army is strong well fed , and friends , akrand and asaar are all in favorable positions towards the King and enemy army is in opposite state only then Vigraha should be made .

Yaan is the advent of army , It is of five types

  1. Vigrahya
  2. sandhaay
  3. prasangatah
  4. upekshay
  5. nipunair

When owing to mutual destruction shatru and vizigishu both stop fighting then they are known to be in the state of AASAN .

AASAN is also of five types aka YAAN .

Taking  aposition in between the two armies in  aasan is Dwaidhibhav , Such a king should arrive with louder announcement with a kee eye on the both the opponents like a crow . If at the instant both the armies break out into war again then one must join the stronger of the two .

If both do not allow to join then one must join the enemy of the two and make hi more stronger ,

If one gets into enemity with a stronger man and is hit badly and owing to circumstances cannot retaliate , then one must take shelter [ sanshraya] of the well bred , fortunate , dynamic strong  king .  At the instant , one must exhibit , extreme loyalty , obedience and gratitude towards the protector .

  • Aries leo , scorpio , capricorn , aquarius , if one of these occupy lagna and moon also is in other one of them then there will be disastrous war .
  • if moon and sun occupy own rashis then there will be sandhi
  • if malefics are in 3 ,5 ,6 12 then there will be yaan of the shatru sena .
  • if malefic is in fourth house from lagna then satru sena will not come ie no YAANA .
  • if moon and Sun are in each others  houses then there will be aasan among the two armies owing to mutual destruction and heavy casualties.
  • if lagna and tenth and fourth house are heavily afflicted in yuddha prashna then the king will lose his kingdom and take shelter else where .
  • On the contrary if benefics are in tenth house then the King will win and gain wealth in the war .


The above excerpt is from Agni puraana

Mishra GUNI – The proverbial NS

When lagna is of mercury rashi in a majority of divisional charts , aspected/occupied  both malefics and benefics .
When saturn and mercury and venus are more powerful than other planets .
When bha amsa of mercury is of mitra /swaochcha and others are in ari neecha .
when shastiamsa of atmakaraka is not of shubh graha .

The person born will be of Mixed nature . Such people will be given to both good and bad deeds and always in a confused state of mind ,Their thoughts will be against that of social norms . 99% of these people are always mediocre and pessimists .
My interaction with such people always always ends up bitterly . The only thing I discern is  a company of mediocre or the pessimists . Those who have no thought process or any occupation for welfare or even a good words for members beyond the family limits . Life revolves and ends with their own family . Such people when in a phase of life where everything goes smoothly sets upon themselves a rigid cover of ignorance and  every member of their family walks into the same realm and boundaries .

I and few of the people who are “APNE JAISE TYPES ” call such set of people as NS.
The proverbial NS – NITYA-SAMSAARI , [ GOD forbid an interaction with such people ] .

Quiet a long ago when concept of Vairagya had not dawned , I was a kind of SAPNO KA Saudagar who would like to move even a stone with his flute of optimism .
Well Success follows in this aspect only untill you meet a classic NS .

A NS has n thought of his own . He is kismat ka mara [ good or bad] never makes an attempt to even think what’s wrong with him . He cries at every failure and is extremely fearful when faced with success and is cautious and sad that someone will rob his success . But at the same time so much without forethought that he would ignore the obvious threat .

There is a kind of sheath of ignorance covering eyes yet they say the world is ignorant .
These are not fighters , they never like wars and always shy away from confrontation . Such people seek consensus in putting forward their views and would lead only when they have assured a majority of their similar thinking persons are  accompanying them .

These people are popularly known as UDASEEN .
You cannot motivate them they run away at the slightest doubt of defeat . They crumble under slightest pressure . They  heap praises on the opposition for having crumbled them and encourage their own members to give up the fight or shun the idea of confrontation .

In a bad days , these people are greatest discouragement .
A crowd full of such people always makes for a great spectatorship .
When in bad days these people rejoice in saying

  1. Pata nahi mere hi saat aise qyun hota hai
  2. Bhagavan hamesha achche ke saath hi bura karta hai
  3. Bure log to maje karrahe hain unko to koi saja nahi hoti ,sani vani sirf humko hi lage rehte hai
  4. upar wale ko yeh sab karte bahut maja ata hai
  5. achche achchon ke bara baj  gaye hum log toh aise hi ud jayenge
  6. India ka kuch nahi hone wala
  7. Tum aise hi dev dev karte raho saamne wala baji mar jayega
  8. Dhanda bahut mand achal raha hai [ and if you say :kya baat kar rahe ho bhai , teji hai; he would say ” a are jane do yaar kahe ki teji , dhandhe me  pehli wali baat kahan  ]
  9. if you persist, nahi seth bahut achche din chal rahe hai , sabhi to kama rahe hai , tumne bhi to tarraki ki hai , NS would say  ” kya ise kabar me saath leke jayenge , sab chod ke hi jana hai ]
  10. Then at the same time if someone comes by asking for some relief .”  dekho bhai dosti ek taraf business ek taraf

before you could even try to figure out is he spiritual when he talks about kabar or is he materialistic when he talks about profits .That’s typical NS .

You talk about spirituality they talk about importance of money and you show them the importance of money they would pick up a spiritual line [ all these  only for  namesake internally he is neither ]

Such people always get mixed results  , when extreme happy moment hits their life simultaneously they get a equally a bad news . They are unable to decide whethere they should rejoice or cry .

If a success comes by perhaps they will be  in a jail and their fans will be celebrating their success .

Onec I was narrating [ to a NS ] a story of ” vyadh who was not ready to give his punya of EKADASHI to a rakshas in lieu of his life  , Rakshas insisted to give half the punya, he refused , he insisted on 1/4th , vyadh refused and accepted to be killed , Rakshas went on asking for less and less and vyadh kept on refusing , finally Rakshas asked for a punya accumulated in a second [of time] on ekadashi by vyadh to be given to Rakshas . Vyadh accepted and Rakshas was relieved off the curse and became a Gandharva . blessed the VYADH .

I narrated this story and told can you get the mora how important and precious is Ekadashi day in accumulating the punya . The NS said ” main point toh aap bhul gaye [ You have forgotten the main and important lesson ]
I asked him what ;

” Vyadh ki bargaining capacity solid thi , pehle maan jata toh phukat me adha punya jata , jaan bhi bach gayi aut punya bhi  ” [ VYADH had excellent bargaining capacity had he agreed earlier he would have lost half the punya , look he saved his life and also punya ]

I have  a feeling the world has a majority of such people otherwise the kind of lyrics that are becoming popular cannot be digested by any sane wise person . Most of them challenge GOD’s omnipotence and also attribute defects of anger , lust , sorrow and cruelty to GOD . Earlier people used to object and decry such thoughts and lyrics and sentences , but people use them liberally now .

  1. isko banate waqt khudha ki najare bhi lalchayi hongi
  2. Aaj uparwala bhi mujhe nahi rok sakta [ main jeetu yeh usko pasand nahi]
  3. Ae uparwale ,do ashq jaroor tune bhi bahaye honge
  4. duniya ke dene wale …. preet meri cheenke bata tujhe kya mila
  5. Rab ko kahin gussa to nahi ayega , kyunki mere liye tum rab se jyada ho
  6. Khush to bahut hoge tum
  7. Yeh UPAR bhaith kar tum kya karte rehte ho yaar
  8. Agar tumko kisi ko chheenna ho to [oh god]mujhe lelo magar ise jeene do
  9. sab achche logon ko upar bula leta hain
  10. uparwala pariksha le raha hai
  11. jitni pooja karoge utna dukh bahdta hai
  12. we can go on and on and on
  13. All these even if it seems innocent is actually a hate towards GOD

It shows reluctance to accept GOD as good supporting and one fulfilling all the wishes .
We become what we think or meditate about if we constantly meditate GOD as cruel sadist torturing , inflicting pain , we only get pain sorrow in our life .
To get happiness first thing is shun NS mentality . and start thinking positively . Optimism is the first step to MOKSHA , For optimism to build up , we need immense faith in Lord , faith in lord comes by shastras which keeps on bombarding that GOD is merciful , fulfilling all the wishes and one who gives rlief frompain and sorrow , this belief becomes stronger when we read BHAGAVAT . MAHABHARAT etc ,. and slowly when our belief becomes steadfast , we become liberated .
Else we remain nitya samsaari . NS one who keeps on rotating in samsara .

18th Day – Lord Krishna resents Yudhishthir

A malefic in the third and kendras makes one put heavy efforts to accomplish the task
Similarly many malefic in tenth shows one has to make Mahaprayatna

After the deat of Karn Shalya and Shakuni ,Duryodhan was very unhappy . Kritavarma , Ashvaththama and Kripacharya were repeatedly troubled by  Bheem and Arjun finally they fled to nearby Forests .

Dhritarashtra send Sanjay to know the welfare of Duryodhan , Satyaki captures Sanjay . Vedvyasa urges to Set free Sanjay . Duryodhan angered runs towards the battlefield all alone . He defeats Sahadev Nakul . With his arrows he hits Arjun hard and Arjun falls unconscious . Then Bheemsen runs after him and destroys his chariot .
Duryodhan mounts a elephant and attacks Satyai , Satyaki fall unconscious . Duryodhan taking a pras weapon attacks Yudisthir . Nakul and sahadev , All hit sit on the chariot motionless . Bheemsen kills the elephant and cuts out Pras . Then Duryodhan mounts a horse as the horse is killed by BHEEMSEN . Duryodhan flees the battlefield and enters Dwaipayan sarovar with his gada .

There in the Dwaipayan pond , he undertakes jalsthambhan . Duryodhan undertakes the japa of mantra given to him by Durvasa muni , This japa if continued for 7 days would bring back from death entire army of the kauravas and they would never die again in battlefield .

Out of 11 akshouhini sena 6 were killed by BHEEM and 5 by Arjun  , whatever was left was killed  by Dhristadhyumna , Gatotkach and Abhimany  Satyaki .other pandavas .  seven akshouhini of PAndavas , three was killed  by Ashwaththama , rest by Bheeshma Drona Karna kritavarma each less than the former .
Panadavas happy about victory went to Dwaipayan sarovar , there Ashwaththama seeing them alongwith Krishna ran away .

krishna ordered Yudhisthir to use harsh language against Duryodhan .
Yudhisthir said come out for a fight , Duryodhan replied , ” You enjoy the Kingdom ” Yudhisthir said Duryodhan you had said not even a size of needle head would be given to PAndavas , now after taking bali of Bheeshma DRona , talking this does not make sense ,we cannot enjoy the kingdom without killing you, I dont think so you are a Kuru born for you are denying war “

Aggravated Duryodhan rose from the water and came to the shore . he said ” yudhisthir , you all are with kavach and armoury and weapons , i have none . still i will fight with you all single handedly ”
Yudhisthir said ” you  will be provided weapons and kavach , and you can choose anyone of us to fight and if you kill anyone of us , rest of us will go to the forest and if you die we will all together rule ” .
duryodhan ‘ Arjun and sahadev nakul and yourself are all too meek to fight with me , Only Bheem is fit for me . I choose a the gada “
Bheemsen takes a gada 1 and half times more heavier than Duryodhan’s gada and fight begins .

Krishna resnts Yudhisthir , says your giving choice to Duryodhan to fight was wrong . If Duryodhan had chosen Arjun , or any other four other than Bheem all these efforts uptill now would have gone waste .
Because the other four are no match for him . Even Bheem would kill him ” somehow “.
Duryodhan  if he holds mace [ gada] none in the three worlds not even Indra and all deities put together can defeat him . This is because he is very ‘nipuna ‘.

Krishna shows utter displeasure towards Yudhisthir .

Many doubts arise with these words of krishna towards Duryodhan . Also to be noted is Duryodhan praises Bheema before fight begins as someone worth fighting . Better than Arjun .

This incident also Shows Krishna rating Bheema higher than Arjun .
Now the doubts ?
Duryodhan is nipun , does that mean Bheem is not nipun or not as nipun as Duryodhan ?

secondly Krishna says Bheem would kill Duryodhan ‘ somehow’? Somehow means  , Does Bheem have to struggle to kill him . or is Bheem not as strong as Duryodhan etc etc .

The answer to this should be contemplated against the background that , Bheem is the strongest has been declared by Krishna and Duryodhan himself in virat prasang also . Krishna while jarasandha episode declares him to be strongest . Also Krishna says Bheem you have many times  more qualities than what you actually think you have .
Vedayasa says There is none equal to Bheemsen in both the armies in terms of strength and knowledge as well .
So it cannot be dismissed that these words  Of krishna meant anythig less wrtr BHEEM.

The word nipuna in terms of Duryodhan is to indicate that , Duryodhan was mahaprayatna shali . Both Duryodhan and Bheem had learnt from Balaram . so only Duryodhan could have been nipun aowing to this training  from balaram .
Nipuna was due to extreme efforts he was putting in practising gada yudha to kill Bheemsen . This mahaprayatna was a plus factor in his favour [ excessive efforts and practise cannot be discounted it is a potent factor ]
Also Duryodhan had a mantrashakti . these factors weighed heavily against arjun and other four to counter Duryodhan .

Bheemsen was he not mahaprayatnashali . was Bheem not putting maximum efforts in his endeavour . No because killing duryodhan was not a very difficult task for Bheemsen . Putting extra extreme efforts on fairly simple tasks is not the quality of Uttam Purush , great personalities .

Bheemsen would kill somehow does not mean with little possibility .
what is meant by it ,Bheem had vowed to break the thighs of Duryodhan . hitting below the navel is adharm in gadyudh .
Now carrying out the Pratignya is more important dharma failure of which will give more adharma vartan [ failure to stick to dharma] if Duryodhan is killed by hitting above the waist , then pratignya will be broken . If he kills by hitting the thigh , then pratignya is upheld but gadayudh niyam will be broken . So without getting into situation of breaking some rule , Duryodhan cannot be killed , so the word somehow is used by the Lord Krishna .


Tatvavada – Tenets of Dvaita philosophy

shrIman.h madhva-mate In Sriman Madhva’s doctrine

1> hariH parataraH Hari (Vishnu) is Supreme
2> satyaM jagat.h The world is true (real)
3> tattvataH bhedaH The differences between
soul God and non sentient are real
4> jIvagaNAH hareH anucharAH The sets of souls are dependent on Hari
5> nIchochcha bhAvaN^gatAH And differ in the status even in the MUkti
6> muktiH naija-sukha-anubhUtiH mukti (liberation) is the
experience of the joy of one’s
own nature
7> amalA-bhaktiH-cha tat.h sAdhanaM That is achieved by flawless
devotion and Yathartha Gyana
correct understanding]
8> axAditritayaM hi pramANaM [perception ] anumana [logic] and
agama [ scriptures] etc.,
are indeed the sources of knowledge
9> akhila-AmnAya-eka-vedyo hariH Hari alone is conveyed in all
the Veda

A tatva is areal entity . A entity [ object ] when perceived as it exists
[ a thing in itself] it is said to be real .
For example a rope is perceived as rope[only] then the object rope is a real entity . But if it is percieved as snake ,
then the object snake is superimposed perception and not real .
All the entities which convey themselves in real are known as tatvas .
Tatvas are of two types , Svatantra and asvatantra [paratantra].
Independent and dependent .
Supreme God Vishnu alone is svatantra independent .
and all others are dependent on HIM .
The paratantra is again divided into BHAVA and ABHAVA.
Bhava is of two types Chetan and ACHETANA .
Chetana is of two types ,
One afflicted by Sorrow and One untouched by Sorrow .
Goddess Laxmi devi is Nitya mukta and untouched by Sorrow .
She is the consort of Vishnu .
The other type Those afflicted by Sorrow are of two types ,
Muktayogya and Muktiayogya .
Muktiyogya are those liberated and unliberated.
rest are of two types , Neech madhyama [ Tamoyogya and nityasamsari].

Muktiyogya are Devata rishi Pitru Raja narottama
Tamoyogya are classified as
daitya rakshas pishacha and naradhama four types .
Muktiyogya reach Vaikuntha and tamoyogya reach andhatamisra .
Both worlds have no return .
Mukti is achieved by Nirmal Bhakti towards the Supreme
and unmixed hate guarantees the andhatamisra .
It is the intrinsic nature of the soul to be under a class .
Achetan is classified as Nitya Anitya And nityaanitya ,
veda akshara and Avyakrut akasha are all nitya .
Purana , kala and prakruti are all nityanitya .

krishnarpanamastu .

Kojagir Purnima

people born on purnima are learned , handsome , agreeable personalities ,usually leader among their kinsmen . But as moon happens to be in kendra for the poornima birth , the wealth and prosperity and intelligence of the individual will not come out tob full potential . only when Moon is in apoklima to sun the individual reaps his destiny to the full is the dictum of classics .

The same Moon [full moon ] if it is vargottama gives rise to a man who is prominenet in his profession . If such a full moon vargottama has an aspect of four or more planets gives rise to a unique RAjyoga . The subject rules a vast land with four types of army under his rule .
C RAJAGOPALACHARI  had this combination , and even during British rule he was chef minister [ akin to] MAdras presidency  and then became first GOVERNOR GENERAL of INDIA after the british left and  Dr Rajendra Prasad took over as President of INDIA. The Rajyoga operates irrespective of  world scenario .

Ashvayuja Purnima is also known as KOJAGIR Purnima , KUMAR Purnima or Sharad Poornima . Goddes Laxmi manifested on this day . People facing finanacial problems can be assured of relief from poverty and excessive expenses by praying Goddess Laxmi on this night just by staying awake .

Unmarried girls can get handsome mates on this day praying KUMARKartikeya . This day the moon is brightest and such a full moon has inspired many a poets in comparing the characters with richness of moon light .

Madhvacharya ,Vyasa teertha and Raghavaendra swamy all of them have been  compared with Sharad indu in bestowing beacon light to those who were astray ed in darkness of ignorance . Just as the Sharad purnima moon these great teachers have shown the path to the people on the earth  to regain their self and direct their sadhana towards the Moksha .

Krishnarpana mastu .

Note :Chiraan also came into this world on Ashvayuja Purnima .

Pitru Vatsalya – The story of Bhagirath

If the lagna of father is 10th to that of son , son will have extreme devotion towards his father and ancestors . similarly pitru pada and lagna pada are in mutual kendras there will be extreme affection between the son and the father .

Sanatan dharma [ vedic way of life ] stresses extreme importance of the kartavya [duties] towards our pitru[ father and ancestors]
. Pitru tarpan and solace to ancestors departed is very essential to the happiness and general well being of the family . However it is quality of followers of dharma that they perform duty out of consciousness of Dharma coupled with love towards Pitrus rather than greed of well being . This is known as Pitru vatsalya .

The story of Sagar putra is good example of this vatsalya as how generations together a dynasty struggled to free its ancestors from sin and curse. This is a great lesson to us that we our actions affect our pitrus and vice versa . So one must be careful with one’s karma as it affects 7 generations prior to us and seven generation following us . a man can suffer himself but cannot bear to see his children and manes suffering owing to him .

Once there lived a very pious King named SAGAR . he had two wives , one son named ASAMANJAS from one wife and 60000 from other . Asmanjas grew to be very cruel , he threw the children of the city into sarayu river . The subjects complained to the King and King abandoned Asamanjas . Asamanjas had developed ‘vairagya ‘ and wanted to take sanyas and leave the world . But as sagar was intent on making him King , He acte like cruel , once abandoned he made his real intention clear and brought back all the children from sarayu river.

Many years later Sagar decided to perform Ashwamedha yagnya . The horse of Aswamedhayagnya was stolen by Indra and tied it near Kapila Muni in patala loka .60000 sons of Sagar went to search the horse . In their attempt to reach Patal they dug the entire earth . This resulted in lowering of the land and samudra [ocean ] surrounding jambu dweep entered the earth and thus we could see formation of SAAGAR .[ sea] . as samudra gave way to smaller sea [ this was due to Sagar sons’] and thus named SAAGAR .

Now as they reached Patala loka , they thought Kapila muni himself has stolen the horse , in ignorance like patanga insects attacking fire flame , attacked Kapila . [ Kapila is form of VISHNU] Lord Kapila opened his eyes and all the 60000 were reduced to ashes . [ Lord who is capable of bringing pralaya and reducing entire creation to ashes , this act is no surprising] .

Asamanjas ‘s son Anshuman went looking for the horse , As he came to patala , he prayed Lord kapila and asked his forgivance towards his uncles . Lord blessed Anshuman and gave him the horse , also told him that only Ganga if brought down on earth to Patala , when flows over the ashes of the sagar sons will ensure them a place in swarga .

Anshuman took the horse and Sagar completed the yagnya . To give solace to his pitrus , Anshuman started a penace to bring the Ganga to the earth . Even before achieving the task , he left the world . His son Dileep also went into forest to bring the Ganga , but died before achieving the task in his life time . [ imagine spending a lifetime in penace and giving life in the pursuit to bring solace to Pitrus]

Dileeps son Bhagirath  too wnet into forest and after a penace of 1000 years to Bramha asked the Ganga to be brought down to the earth . Ganga expressed her force was too heavy and would split the earth if she falls unchecked and hence would require someone to control and check her flow. Bhagirath went into penance for another 1000 years to Lord Shiva and requested him to take it into his jata . But AS GANGA FELL INTO THE JATA  , to teach ganga a lesson and relieve her from ego , Shiva tightened his jata that not a single drop flew out of it . Bhagirath again prayed for many years to request Rudra to release ganga . 

Shiva released a strand and with great flow Ganga fell on himalayas . Bhagirath the noble minded in order to make many places pure and blessed , took Ganga to trace  a long track around earth to Patala . On the way , Ganga ‘s flow disturbed Agastya muni and Sage drank entire ganga . Bhagirath again prayed to the sage and Sage brought out the River through his ears . [ Thus all bramhins are said to have sannidhi of ganga in the ear ] .

Bhagirath brought the Jhanhvi [ being daughter of kingJahnu , Ganga is also known as Jahnvi] to Patala to flow over his mane’s ashes , Sagar sons went to swarga .

Ganga had come into existence by the touch of foot of Lord Trivikrama[ haripada] .So ganga is HaripadaUdaka . and thus by the touch of sacred pada of the Lord , it can destroy many sins and purify the sagar’s sons and absolve them of the sins . here should not be any doubt then that Pada of Hari himslef when resorted to can destroy many a sins and purify us .  Thus shravan manan and kirtan [ listening to , meditating on lords’ feet] will definitely give Moksha
Krishnarpanamastu .

Drishti – The Possesion -1

When there is an association /aspect between bhadak adhipati /sthana with lagna lord / seventh lord there is Drishti badha . The person is possessed .If the sign is movable then the person is possessed by Devatas .

  • The sun governs Rudraganas ugradec and naga graha[ saiva bhuta]
  • moon – kinnara yaksha , pisacha[ dharma]
  • mars – rakshas bhuta bhairav [ subramanhya , bhairava]
  • mercury – attalas , devata [ gandharva ,siddha chanur ]
  • Jupiter deva grahas naga[ bramhan varga, deva , trimurti]
  • venus- yakshee matruka , naga [bramha rakshas , deva , indra]
  • sani- nisteja ,bhasmak, kshudra vidya ,kashmala ,sasta kirata [pancha bhuta ]
  • rahu – pisacha , naga ,sarpa ,pannaga[ sesha ]
  • ketu – preta , pitru [ ganesha , garuda ,marut ]
  • gulika – abhichara preta .

If bhadaka is aspected by benefics the devatas will do good and increase happiness , fame and victory.

If aspected by 6 , 8 th ,there will be harm .

These grahas usually attack people at , mines , tombs , parks , temples[ crowded] , water tracts , tanks which are not known , pleasure places , ,wild animals habitat , multistoried elevations , cowsheds , ,stables , bazaars , anthills , deep forests , millitary barracks , war zones , high walls , malls , deep caves .

When Deva grahas possess one’s strength increases , his eyes becomes numb and watery with radiance coming out of it . He frequently takes bath , performs poojas ,wears garland and is fond of milk and sweet preparations . he is unusually strong and speaks extra ordinarily . his presence oozes charm and luck to the surroundings . such people when they enter someones house , there suddenly comes a good news to the house owner , or they get windfall gains . when they enter a shop suddenly empty shops get full customers .a quarrel is resolved and is people in general get their problems solved when they come into contact of such person .

such people have very fast moving eyes , subtle expressions and extremely radiant and strong . well dressed and completely attractive with clear and loud voices, such people always win over others and perform extraordinary deeds. Sometimes these deeds defy their natural abilities.

When Satyaki faced Karna in the battle of Mahabharta He suddenly grew stronger and larger and his attack was so ferocious that Karna had to flee the battle , this was due to the possesion of Garuda in Satyaki as Satyaki himself could not vanquish Karna . The momentary Presence of Garuda made him most powerful warrior for that moment .

Ghatotkach troubled Duryodhan and Karna relentlessly to the point both wre exhausted and ran for cover because of presence of Rudra and Nirutti .

Abhimanyu defied all logic in facing all the kauravas put together on a single day due to resence of Indra , kama , moon , and Vayu all together .

Arjuna by himself could never face Ashwaththama the latter being superior in warfare , But in Mahabharta Arjun whenenver faced Ashwaththama , Arjun was possesed by Sesha which enabled him to better Ashwaththama .

Dhritarashtra was incarnation of Hu Hu gandhrava and Pandu ha ha gandharva . But both had special possesion by maruts to conquer entire world , Dhritrashtra could have divine vision whenever Maruts possesed him .

Dronacharyaa was incarnation of Brahaspati but could teach [Indra-Arjun , Bheema -vayu ] because of Possesion of Bramha in him ] This entitled him to be respected by Bheemasen .

Though Balarama is incarnation of Sesha he could teach Bheemasen gadayudha because of presence of Swetakeshi Narayana . Because of this presence Balaram was also considered as Avatara .

Pancha Pandavas had the possesion of Pran apan vyan udana Vayu along with VasudeV , Sankarshana , Aniruddha ,Pradyumna .Since Nakula and sAHADEVA were single soul with two bodies they had similar possesion.

This possesion kept them together and bonded.

Strange are the ways of Lord that can never be deciphered by ordinary human beings.



Mercury with mandi or gulika aspected by mars in badhak sthana will make one suffer from abhichara dosha .

Enemies resort to abhichara when they cannot harm a person through wits and schemes . Abhichara acts only through purva janma yoga . When a person is having a good phase of time abhichara does not affect him but affects in due course when bad times strike.

It will not be an exaggeration if a statement is made to the effect that 90 % of the people in the world are affected by abhichara .

Sometimes a very good family with happy ties and bonds suddenly fall prey to internal mishaps and severe enmities . Brothers suddenly stop talking to each other . Two families eager to tie knots to their siblings stop conversing and worst become severe enemies. Two most loving couples fall prey to misunderstandings and stay apart for long time .

though in all such cases there is longing for reunion but when they come across face to face a moment of rashness destroys their peace attempts unknowingly they drift away from and lament later .

All these times all these people keep sighing If only …….

These are all definite signs of abhichara being applied onto the people by enemies . Vidweshan is powerful form of abhichara which brings two people at war . Then maran is applied to kill all the parties involved . This is tamas vidya and should not be adhered to even in extreme danger .

Vidweshan can be cast , when teeth of elephant and lion powdered and mixed with butter if applied onto two people they will become enemies forever .

homa between two houses with malati flowers can cause vidweshan . however vidweshan mantra should be made sidhdha with two falcons in each hand .

Enemies are constantly in effort to separate good friends , brothers and lovers . etc . To avoid these one must always protect self from sudarshan mantra and Hanuman kavach .

When Yudhisthir put on gamble bait his brothers , Duryodhan exclaimed to Bheema , ” hey Bheem and Arjun , deplore your elder brother , who has treated you like objects and I shall grant you the freedom “

Bheem says , even now Yudhisthir is very dear and respectable to us . He has every right onto all of us and whole of Indraprastha . nothing wrong in putting us on bait as son is the property of the father , elder brother is akin to father , to obey is our duty . We do not seek freedom you , as an order from Yudhisthir will be enough to release Him from your clutches as I send you to the clutches of Yama . “

The attempt by Duryodhan to create Vidweshan through mantras given by durvasa and Shukracharya did not have any effect on Bheemsen . As Bheemsen was reciting Manyusukta . Even while killing Duryodhan Bheemsen recited Vrushabh sukta as Duryodhan was chanting 3 crores of mantras all at once onto Bheemsena .. This goes on to show that one must always protect oneself from enemies .

In Ramayana Agastya muni asks Lord Shri Rama as to how he manages to keep his siblings so dear to him , how come there never has been a squabble between them and why when enemies in this world are always attempting to dismantle a family harmony , what is a secret to his happy family . Shri Rama says . Kshama is the only mantra for keeping the family intact , one must always forgive severest of severest mistakes of brother and he will ever remain loving to the all . Else a small angry rift will make enemies take advantage and sow seeds of enmity among brothers . That is the reason why Rama did not kill Vali at the first instance giving a chance to the siblings to come to terms as brothers are naturally born of same blood and hence sibling fraternity can arouse any moment . One must never fight with younger brothers and treat them like one’s own son .


Vashikaran – The story of Chitrasena

When Venus and moon are in libra one indulges in vashikarana to attract other women.

  • Punarnava root brought in pushyami nakshatra ,if enchanted with sarvalokvashankar mantra seven times and tied on the arm will make one easily attract others . [ the mantra should have been made siddha upto lakh times ]
  • fruit , flower , bark ,leaves , twig , brought on a sunday ,powdered and mixed with karpoor kumkum and gorochan , applied on forehead will attract others.
  • first kamakhya mantra should be practised , then bramhadandi powder mixed with corpse ashes when applied on any person he becomes subservient
  • teeth of neelgay and human when powdered with oil and applied on forehead will bring to toes most difficult of spouse.
  • Bhaskar mantra chanting on kumkum chandan and karpoor with tulasidal in cows milk , applied on forehead will make a king obey to your words.
  • chirchira seeds on pushyami nakshatra if given to king in his ood will make him grant all wishes .
  • Yakshini mantras practised well with japa and homa , chanted on a banana juice mixed with sweat and gorochan will make ones husband always be enchanted .
  • kalika mantra chanted on crossroads for 1 lakh times makes all and sundry enchanted.

Once Indra was tiored of all his wealth and power , he decided to renounce the world and decided to strive for moksha. He went to Kailash parvat and started serving Parvati and Rudra there . oNe day while serving them he sawa beautiful woman . She was Chitrasena , wife of Kubera . Indra lost his senses to her beauty .

Indra called Manmath and ordered him to get Chitrasena to swoon over him . Manmath with his bow of Sugarcane and arrow of flowers caused intense passion in Chitrasena to be attracted to Indra . Indra pulled her into his arms and took her into his plane to a place never known to Devatas and asuras inside the kandara of Mandar parvat .

There he personally looked after the beautiful chitrasena enchanting her with every happiness of the swarga .

Here Kubera became totally devasted at the news of his missing wife from mansarovar. He decided to commit suicide . His minister Kantha kubja advised him not to loose heart and look for his wife and seek her release from the unknown thief . He adised him to take the help of Vibheeshan his brother .

Kubera went to Vibheeshan and in loneliness told him of his plight , Vibheeshan called his most able Rakshashi Nadijangha , who was expert in maya to look for the wife of Kubera , chitrasena among all the devatas and asuras in the world.

Nadijangha tooka a beautiful form , such a form that no one could keep his eyes off her and swooned to possess her .

Soon she reached Amaravati . Indra saw her and desired to possess her . He sent Ashvini devatas to get her to his chamber . Ashwini devatas pleaded her to be with their king Indra . She asked them to briong Indra himself to her to please her and she would not go to him,.

Indra came to the beautiful women . She said she would like Indra to fulfill her wish and only then take her to his palace. Indra gave her a word. Nadijangha asked , she would like Indra to introduce her to all the women he has enjoyed till date , to see if any of them is as beautiful as she is ? only then she would oblige Him . Indra agreed .

He showed her entire Amravati and all his palaces . Nad then said I have one more in madar parvat , I shall show you but you must not tell anyone about it . So both set out towards Mandar in aplane . While flying , Indra [ posessed by Kali ] happened to befront Narad muni , he became shy in the presence of muni , but Narad playfully asked , “Indra is everything Okay in Amravati , and how about you Nadijangha , Is Vibheeshana doing fine “

Indra immediately understanding the deciet of NADIJANGHA , TOOK HER DOWN INTO THE FOREST , and was about to kill her . The forest belonged to the muni Trinabindu , Muni objected to killing of woman in his ashram . But Indra disregarding Muni Killed her . Trinabindu cursed Indra to become a woman . Indra became a woman instantly .

All the devatas worried about ther king in a womans body , went to Bramha to seek his release . Bramha told except Vishnu none will be capable of relieving Indra for his misdeeds . All the devatas , went to Mandar and sent back Chiterasena to Kubera and asked Bramha to give some mantra to relieve Indra from the body of woman .Bramha advised two lakhs japa of Astakshara mantra . Indra practisede ashtakshara and was relieved from muni shapa and became male again to Rule over Swarga.


Rajodarshan- First menses [ Story of Sharmistha ]

When mars aspects the moon [lagna] in a unupachaya place , a girl attains her first menses. If the first menses [rutu] falls on :

  1. Padyami -issueless
  2. Dwitiya – happy
  3. tritiya – wealthy
  4. chaturthi – Wicked
  5. Panchami – progeny
  6. Shashti – cruel mind
  7. Saptami – riches and ornaments
  8. Ashtami – Bold
  9. Navami- sorrows
  10. Dashami – Leader
  11. Ekadashi – Pure [shuchi]
  12. Dwadashi – Scandal monger
  13. Trayodashi – Joyous
  14. chaturdashi – Sinful
  15. Poornima – Strong body
  16. Amavasya – poor
  • Sunday – diseased
  • Monday – Virtuos
  • Tuesday- sorrow
  • Wednesday – good married life
  • thursday – polite
  • Friday – obedient
  • saturday – vicious

Result of cloth on the first menses

  1. white cloth – happy
  2. silk /fibre – queen or fortunate
  3. New cloth – happy
  4. torn cloth – poverty
  5. red cloth – diseased
  6. black cloth – widowhood
  7. diry cloth – poverty

results of number of drops on first menses

  1. drop gives wealth
  2. drops gives good enjoyments
  3. drops diseases
  4. many drops poverty
  • If mars joins the star in which the first menses occurs , the girl will have dead children
  • guru makes her pious
  • ravi will give loss of husband
  • rahu will make her adulterous
  • sani will make her a maid servant .
  • no planets will make her a happy and long lived.
  • moon in eigth will bring dangers
  • venus in seventh will give marriage in foreign lands
  • saturn will give enslavement .

Sharmistha was the daughter of asura King Vrishaparva. Shukracharya was the daitya guru to the King. One day Sharmishtha and Devayani ,daughter of Shukracharya were playing in the garden . Playfully Sharmistha pushed Devayani into well owing to an argument as to who was more powerful , as daughter of king Sharmistha or Devayani as the daughter of Bramhin .

Yayati a powerful King passed by pulled Devayani out helping her through his right hand. As Yayati had held the hand of Devayani , Devayani insisted he marry her owing to have taken her hand [ Panigrahan] .

Yayati with the blessings of Shukracharya married Devayani .And As a punishment Vrshaparva king [ to pacify his guru] made Sharmishtha the maiden of Devayani .

Sharmishtha accompanied Devayani to the land of Yayati . In course of time Sharmistha attained puberty . Yayati was around at the same time.

Sharmistha asked Yayati to marry her . Yayati refused . Sharmistha explained shastra words to Yayati saying :

“Oh king , Those who refuse to marry the girl having attained her first rutu during rutu kala [ out of her own will if wishes to have progeny from a man] will get sin equal to bHrun hatya.

King says ” marriages are to be performed by the wishes of parents of Kanya , and without the wish of the Vrishaparva or Shukracharya it is not possible”

Sharmishtha says ” oh King smriti says , parents have right onto the girl only till she attains puberty , after the rutu kala has passed even when a Parent is unable to find a suitable groom for the girl , then girl has an independence to choose the man for herself. Therfore being the daughter of a king though living like a slave in your house , I choose you to be my husband , kindly accept me. else you will have to embrace the sin of stree hatya and bhrun hatya as if you will not marry then I am surekly not going to be alive. “

hearing this King Yayati secretly married Sharmistha and bore her three sons. Devayani after seeing three healthy babies in her courtyard asked her about their father . When the kids pointed to the KIng , she felt decieved and Shukracharya instantly cursed YAYATI to become old aged . When yayati narrated the circumstances in which he had to marry Sharmistha , Shukracharya said his curse cannot be reversed but he can exchange his old age with any young man.

Yayati called all his sons to accept his old age , none accepted except PURU . Thus puru gave up his enjoyments in young gae and embraced the old age of his father , after a lakhs of years too Yayati found that his thrist for sexual pleasure did not weaken or die. Thus concluding this thirst cannot be quenched unless renounced. He renounced the world and gave back his youth to Puru and also the kingdom .


Optimism – Bhagavat Dweetiya Skanda

  • One who has [shadbal poorna] venus in the fourth house is ever optimistic and happy all through his life.

Optimistic attitude is must in this world. One must be optimistic about one’s fate . One must be optimistic about Lord’s Grace onto us. One must be optimistic about achieving the desired through the efforts and grace of Lord and Guru even in the most challenging situation.

Taking even the most negative incident in one’s life as a an opportunity given by God to betterment is the highest form of Optimism . And yet again blessing those [ who were responsible for such Hardships] for having provided this opportunity and being indebted to Them is again an extreme Vairagya.[coupled with Optimism] .

Maharaja Parikshit exhibited these qualities when cursed by the Rishikumar Sringi to die within seven days. Maharaja did not go into a gloom or despondency at the fast approaching certain Death .But Instead called for a great gathering of the wise to advice him to achieve what a best can be achieved in seven days.

Shuka Muni Arrives there and King Asks Him whether is there anything that can be achieved great in Seven DAYS.. As He has a certain Death awaiting Him in seven days .

Shuka muni explains [ Bhagavat Dweetiya Skanda Prathamo Adhyaya Shloka 13]


khatvango nama rajarshir

jnatveyattam ihayushah

muhurtat sarvam utsrijya

gatavan abhayam harim

There is one Solution for all the problems of the world that a man may face , that is the Knowing the Glories of Lord Srikrishna the Supreme .

[ Note : When someone suggest say Chant These names , listen to Bhagavat etc , an immediate question arises of what use will it be? Then it has to be explained look such and such person had done so and he achieved this result . immediately second question arises , will I reap similar results ? Yes be optimistic and give it a try ! this is what ,a background ,Shuka muni is creating for the Phalashruti of Bhagavat from above verses]

Bhagavat is the Full of Glories of Lord Krishna . But Parikshit wants to Know whether seven days are enough ?

Shuka says there was once a King called Khatvanga , when this rajarishi enquired devatas as to how much longevity was leftover , Devatas said only a muhurtha .

[Note : one muhurtha is two ghati . One ghati is 24 minutes and hence Muhurtha is 48 minutes.]

Khatvanga raja after ascertaining his life would end after 48 minutes , immediately withdrew his senses from all the material enjoyments of life. and attaining unattached mental state to all his belongings and being completely engrossed in the Glories of Lord achieved Moksha.

Shukamuni says ‘ Oh King Parikshit if Moksha has been achieved in one muhurtha 48minutes by king Khatvanga , then by that measure you have complete seven days . each day has 30 muhurtha and you have 210 muhurthas at your disposal.

In this world No one can guarantee whether he will get up alive next day morning to see the rising SUN and his family . [ that means death can strike any moment , it is always uncertain] But Fortunate are You ‘ Oh Parikshit that RISHI Sringi has cursed you to DIE after seven days. He has ensured that you would LIVE Definitely for next seven days . King Parikshit is indebted to RISHI kumar for having cursed him and the recourse[ optimistic ] that King took over next seven days of Listening to SRIMADBHAGAVATA MAHAPURANA, definitely gave him Moksha .


The fate of astrologer post prediction

Once a Yavan King tried to test an astrologer . He asked astrologer to predict from which of the four doors he would leave that day. He asked astrologer to write it in a paper. Astrologer wrote in a piece of paper and it was sealed in an envelop. Yavan King drilled a hole in the eastern wall and went out that day.

Next day the durbar was called . The envelope was opened ,it was written king will leave by a hole in the eastern wall and not by the doors.king was very upset because he wnted to have a last laugh and a dig at astrology but failed and himself became a laughing object.

He ordered astrologer to be thrown away from the top of the terrace of fort . The soldiers threw him down , but Astrologer survived by falling on a heap of gunny bags below.He was brought back alive to the court , King asked whether he had forseen this event , Astrologer took a pocket diary out and showed a scribling today i will be thrown from the height but would survive by the grace of GOD.

How can one predict the future of self while giving predictions ? Incidently one must never predict if the questionaire wants to test.

Addition of lgna chandra and gulika sphuta gives Trisphuta. Similarly one can find Pranasphuta , Dehasphuta , and Mrityusphuta .

Adding these three will give Sukshma Trisphuta . If gulika occupies this Longitude then Astrologer will be in trouble.

Success in Prediction – Significance of Aarudh

Most of the clocks are inaccurate , not tuned to the IST [ or local mean time]. Perhaps people are not so serious about the accuracy. Or shall we say we do not have yet smart clocks who auto update themselves with IST [GMT or LMT].

This being the case , when the time is 10:45:46 , most hospital may be showing , 10:40 :21 or 10:48:52 or may be 11:00:04 also .

yet all of them think they are right [ Fuzziness of the time sense] . When a child birth occurs seldom do doctors or parents give a serious thought about tuning their watches . when tuned they will certainly have to adjust their clocks by pretty 4-5 minutes.

There are 12 rashis . Each rashi is 30 deg . Each deg has 60 secs.Thus total gunanphal K = 12 X 30 X 60 =21600 .

Incidentally a man in his entire day takes only 21600 breathes.[shwas]

In hamsa mantra Japopasamhara it is written thus : ” purvedyu: pratah suryodayadarabhya aadya pratah suryodyaparyantam madhridistithena mukhyapran kruten shatshathadhikyaekvimshatsahasrasankhyak[21600] shwasroop hamsa mahamantra japen tatha mukhyapranpreriten mayakruten dash hamsa mahamantra japen bhagvan mukhyapran pati: hamsarupi lakshminarayan : priyataam “

In a rashi shashtyamasa is also 60th part of the rashi. The time taken to change one rashi in shashtiamsha is 2 minutes. So a horoscope changes every two minutes.

thus when the time is offtrack by 4-5 minutes then the predictions change drastically.[ shashtiamsa chart is totally unreliable in this case] rest of the charst may differ accordingly.

The moment of the person at any given crucial time is governed by Shashtiamsha and according to vimsopaka this divison enjoys more strength and importance than Rashi.[ vimsopak of 5 ie a strength contribution of 5 out of total twenty 20 ] That means a planet ill placed in shashtiamsha never gives good results .

as there 21600 shastiamshsa operating in a day in a human life. every moment he faces is his private moment and completely influences his existence for that moment.

ie a moment of danger, that moment is very crucial for a life irrespective of whether the person is KING or a beggar that moment both are equally vulnerable. This inner moment of vulnerability is governed by Shashtiamsha .

When a person temporarily loses his cool [ his actual characteristic vanishes and he may become inhuman for a minute. Perhaps may regain his cool and become normal . Such behaviors may be unexplained when a very good man suddenly behaves in a sinful manner for a short moment of time.

How does this happen . The shashtiamsha are elaborated as 1 rakshas amsha , kubera amsha , yaksha amsha , gandharva , heramba etc ; when these are operative man is possessed by such deities /demons to carry out such activity . Woman on silver screen dazzle and look heavenly due to presence of gandharva amsha , when met at other times may look normal and disappointing . When in yaksha amsha some people may give extraordinary performances on stage and yet in interviews they may seem to squeak with their voice when told to sing without microphone and accompanying orchestra.

However This shasti amsha changes when there is defect of 2 minutes in birth chart which usually every hospital may carry as a result of approximate clocks.

Next let us assume moon’s degree at 3 18′ in cancer

moon travels 200 ‘ in 360 min . so when there is difference of 4 minutes in clock then 200/90 = 2 ‘ 02′ ; then moons degrees will have a difference of 2’ ; Then the number of days for which the prediction goes off track is 5 X 360/100 =18 days. approx . So a dasha system of 18 days difference is carried out by the calculation of astrologer . Thus astrologer will never be able to identify the events of importance like marriage or loss of job etc.

If someone has just lost the job after a beautiful stint astrologer would still be giving better results to the native.

Thus in absence of accurate time , predictions will never be successful . In such situations AARUDHA is the best tool to decipher the events. Aarudh is the piece of gold laid out by non astrologers over a rashi chakra or the direction in which querist is sitting this determines the exact nature of the query and its result .Aarudh gives the result accurately .


Palabha Prashna Phalaprapti kaal

  • A 12 angul Shanku when erected on a plain ground gives a shadow on to the ground due to sun at various times at a given place. This shadow is known as Shankuchaya
  • The prashna Ascendant [rashi kala vikala] when converted to vikalas gives kalapinda
  • Each planet has a gunaka[multiplier] ,sun=5 moon=21 mars=14 mercury=9 jupiter=8 venus=3 saturn=11.
  • Kalapinda when multiplied with chaya be divided by 7 whatever remainder R is obtained .[1 -7 sun -sat] that planets ‘ gunak be multiplied by kalapinda and chaya.
  • Kalapinda X chaya / 7 =remainder R
  • Z= kalapinda X Chaya X [R corresponding gunaka]
  • Z / 7 =remainder if sun mars or shani then the prashna will have negative result else positive result is obtained.
  • Kalapinda X chaya /71 =remainder K
  • Keep deducting sun 5 moon 21 from this K where deduction is not possible that planets and remains will the number of days months or years time taken to attain the result.

Here chaya is important in knowing both prashna lagna and timings. What is chaya . In olden days Astrologers used to have a stick 12 angul erceted in the house and year long shadow markings for various hours at various months were marked .This is impractical in todays times.

So without erecting shanku [stick ] can we find the chaya . Lets use some mathematics.


Chayakarna² = chaya ² + Shanku ²

This principle can be found in grahalaghav , sarvanandkaran ,makarand etc treatises of Astrology.

Vishuvat is sayan mesha sankranti and Sayan tula sankranti normally falls on 21 march and 23 september .On these days at NOON, 12 angul shanku at whatever place gives the shadow , that shadow is known as PALABHA .

At Vishuvat rekha ie akshansha 0° deg at equator shadow will be zero.

As we go northwards or southwards the shadow increases so does Palabha proportional to lattitudes. that means if akshansha is known [ longitude /lattitudes] then plabha can be known. and vice versa.

ie If shadow is accurately cast then lattitudes and longitudes of the place can be found out.

Palabha ²= {625 -(Akshansha X 10 )} ²

if Palabha is known then chaya can be found out as follows

Y= [charapala / {palabha X 10 }]² X 2 ;

Bhajya= Y+ Y/5 +114 ;

Bhajak = charapala /5 ± 114 ;

Sama= {Natkal +0.30 }² / 2 ;

Palakarna = [Palabha ² /25] + 12 ;

Abhista har ={Bhajak- sama } / Palakarna ;

Chayakarna = Bhaja / Ishta har ;

Chaya ² = chayakarna ² – Shanku ²

This is shadow at the time of prashna .

Example :

Let there be a question at 10 am delhi when ascendant was 4. 22° .46′.

kalatmakpinda = 4X 30 =120 +22 =144° X 60 =8640 +46 = 8686 ;

Let chaya be 9.13

kalapinda X chaya = 8686 X 9.13 = 80055.58

80056/7 = remainder 4 [ Mercury ] gunak =9

8686X 9 = 720504

720504/7 remainder =1 [ sun] thus the result will not be favourable.

80056/71 = remainder 36 .

36- surya 5 = 34

34- moon 21 = 13

13- mars 14 [ deduction not possible ] thus thus 13 days trouble are indicated as sun is not favoravle.

if remainder is sun mars = days ,venus moon =fortnight , jupiter =months , mercury = 2 months , saturn =years ; as many days months years etc. should be predicted for timing of the event such as travel , return from foriegn trip , loss gain , destruction of enemies ,advent of finance etc.

For details One can refer Surysidhdhanta triprashnadhikar.


RajYoga-The story of Narahari teertha

|| sasItAmUlarAmArchA koshe gajapateH sthitA |
||yenAnItA namastasmai shrImannR^iharibhixave||

Narahari teertha -3rd Pontiff in the Shree Madhacharya -Raghavendra Mutt (1324-1333-Hampi-Thungabhadra)

PooRvashram name SHyam shaastri.

When Jupiter is in Lagna and sun in the tenth house at the time of travel one will acquire a Kingdom in his travel.

Shyam Shastri was the minister of Kalinga State. His father was Narasimha Bhatta. who was also an officer in that state. They were powerful in many respects. Many temples were erected during their time.The inscriptions at Srikurmam says He had donated a Village to bramhins for the welfare of King Bhanudev II . He was expert swordsman and able statesman.He was a scholar. Lead a life like rajaRshi ,working as an minister in the court of King Gajapathi of Orissa(Kalinga) State.

Sriman Madhwacharya camped at Orissa after returning from Badarikashram. A Vidwat sabha was arranged. The Father and the son took part in the debate. Both father and son duo were traditionally ADVAITI bramhins ,thus they were debating against the Dvaita philosophy of Sriman Madhvacharya .They could not succeed. They accepted the defeat..

Impressed by the discourses of SriMadhvacharya Shyama Shastri accepted the Vaishnava-dvaitha Math and became his disciple. He was ordained the Name NARHARI Teertha

Stayed for some time with his guru. Sriman Madhwacharya asked him to go to Kalinga State and spread the Dvaitha Philosophy.

At that time the king died leaving a infant heir to the throne. A caretaker was neccessary till the infant prince grew Youngand capable. The subjects were in dilemma. They decided and made arrangements for the Royal elephant to go round the State with a garland at its trunk and to put to the neck of a person to whom it chooses as the best.- That person would rule the kingdom. The Royal elephant saw a Sanyasi coming out of Lord Jagannatha temple, after performing pooja. It garlanded the Sanyasi and prostrated before him. The subjects felt that Lord Jagannatha had come in the form of Swamiji and entrusted the State to the control of the Swamiji. He was none other than Sri Narahari TheeRtha. The subjects were more than happy to see erstwhile minister now back to look after them.

Sri Narahari theertha also thought that it was the will of God to protect the kingdom till the prospective ruler would grow and was able to take charge of the kingdom. Thus he looked after the Kingdom for 12 years.

The history of orissa well records this fact in the following extract



Narasimhadeva I was successful in his campaigns against the Muslims and humbled the pride of his enemy. Like his father he was a devotee of Lord Purushottama. He is remembered in history as the builder of the world famous temple at Konarka.

In 1264 A.D. Narasimhadeva I was succeeded by his son Bhanudeva I born of queen Sitadevi. During his time Narahari Tirtha the disciple of Ananda Tirtha (Madhvacharya) had great influence in Orissa. He was even appointed as a Governor of Kalinga. During the rule of Bhanudeva, Chandrikadevi, the daughter of Anangabhimadeva I, constructed the Ananta Basudev temple at Bhubaneswar in 1278 A.D. That year Bhanudeva died and his son Narasimhadeva II was an infant. Narahari Tirtha worked as regent for long twelve years. Narasimhadeva II is known to have fought against the Muslims of Bengal the results of which were decisive. His long reign from 1278 to 1306 was peaceful

During his rule , he remained a sanyasi and converted many adjacent princes and kings to Vaishnav Dvaita fold and renamed them .The Matsya rulers of Oddavadi became independent of the Gangas and were converted to Vaisnavism by Narahari Tiirtha. Arjuna became Narasimha Vardhana, Annamaraja Gopalavardhana and Munjaditya Srirangavardhana. Sri Narahari Tiirtha was also responsible for the conversion of many princely and aristocratic families of Kalinga and Andhra regions to Madhva fold. The descendants of these families still flourish in the coastal Andhra and adjoining states.

When the successor had attained maturity to take charge of the kingdom, he handed over the State and left for the UDUPI. The Young Raja wanted to give presents to the outgoing Sanyasi. But Sri Narahari theertha did not accept anything. When the young Rajakumar persisted him to have something as a memento, he took the MoolaRama idols from the Raja Bhanadara and arrived at the Udipi Kshetra on Kartheeka shudhdha Dwadashi evening. He submitted these idols to SriMan Madhwacharya. The morning Pooja were over due to Dwadashi. Yet Sriman Madhwacharya again went to Sri Madhwa sarovara and took bath and completed the Ahneeka . Taking these Bramha KaraaRchitha [one adorned and prayed by Bramha] idols and kept by the side of Lord Kadagol Krishna and performed the Pooja.

Sri Narahari theertha was performing Sanchara in all the directions like Sri PadmanaBha theertha spreading the Dwaitha doctrine. He came to a village called GollarahaLLI. That early morning, Lord Sriman NarayaNa appeared in his dream informing the saint that he was in the form of an idol in the nearby tank. Accordingly, the saint with his parivara went to the spot indicated by the lord and brought a beautiful idol of Sri LakshminarayaNa and installed in a temple specially constructed for it. The Tank was improved. It started yielding good crops for the nearby fields. People called the tank as NarayaNa Kere .Tipu sulthan on horse back, on his way to a war, happened to see this Lakshminarayana idol and went on to conquer KoppaLa, on his return, Tippu saw the idol again. He was pleased. As a mark of his victory he made arrangements for a diamond studded crown for this idol.

The saint came to a village called Chikkera haLLi near MoLakalmanoor. The saint dreamt that Anjaneya was inside a big anthill in that village. The mud was extracted and the saint found Anjaneya Vigraha Pratishtapana was done as per the wishes of Anjaneya and people believe that it belonged to Janamejayaraya’s period. A separate temple was constructed.

Sri Narahari teertha was Acharya’s pet student. He wrote commentary for Geetha Bhashya. He also wrote commentaries for Yamaka Bharatha. Also wrote Keerthana’s in Kannada language. He lived for 80 years in Kalinga, Andhra, and Karanataka States He gave ashram to Sri Maadhawa Theertha. Behind the Vijaya vitala temple of Hampi near Chakratheertha, he entered Brindavana.


What was the neccesity for Madhvacharya to send Narhari teerth to Kalinga?

The story ends with Narhari teertha bringing the MOOLRAMA vigraha .This is gold idol still in Mantralayam and has interesting background which warrants a naration.

God Narayana is omnipotent . Lord has all his roopa intact and imperishable. So Lord MoolRama was /is present even before Lord Ram actually appeared as son of Dasharath.

Bramha was praying this idol Moolrama in Satyaloka . He had appointed a deity by name “ShankhaKarna” to bring everyday tulasi and flowers without fail and punctually at the time of pooja of Bramha .

Shankhakarna was prompt in his duty for yugas. However one day , as he gazed the idol , a desire to do the pooja himself to the idol of MoolRama and hold it in the his hands , crisscrossed the mind of the deity. Engrossed in his desires and such thoughts and dreams , he forgot to hand over the tulasi and flowers to Bramha in time.

Bramha in anger cursed him to be born on earth as rakshas . When prayed ardently by the ShanhaKarna , Bramha smiled and said this was not a curse but a anugraha shapa [ a boon in disguise] . He had grased his desire and in his one of the births he would pray the idol with his own hands. And all his births he will be specially devoted to VISHNU.

ShankhaKarna was born as Prahlad.[ chief inspiration behind the advent of lord as NARSIMHA] . Then he was born as BALHIKA [ elder brother of SHANTANU and uncle of BHEESHMA fought war and died in the hands of BHEEMA, he was the eldermost[elder to bheeshma ] warriors in MAhabharata war] .Then he took birth as Shri RAGHAVENDRA Swamy.

Bramha gave the idol to Ikshvaku of Solar dynasty. From there it came to Dasharath and the Lord RAM gave it to Lakshman ,subsequently to Hanuman.

Hanuman gave this to Bheemasen . Bheemasen after the war handed it over Kalinga King. In this Kalinga lineage , this remained in orrissa but the pooja had long ago stopped and hence it was kept in the Royal storage.

It was through Narahari teertha it came back to Bheemsen [ Madhvacharya] and in the mutt was continuouskly prayed daily by the MUtt POntiffs. Thus in this tradition Shri Raghavendra was appointed Pontiff by Sudhindra teerth. and Shriraghavendra [ShankhaKarna] fulfilled his long cherished dream of praying MOOLRAMCHANDRA

||Sriman moolramo Vijayate|| ||Sri Gururajo Vijayate||




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