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Should One desert an adharmik Spouse ?

Context: Should one leave their non-cooperative or adharmic spouse?
a story of BRAMHANA whose wife was kidnapped !
Once upon a time there lived a king called Uttam. Uttam was son of great Uttanpada! He married a beautiful princess called Bahulla!
Uttam was fascinated by his wife, he never thought about any woman other than Bahulla. His aasakti toward Bahulla was so much that he would lose his senses once he touched her. He, thus, always abided by her words. On the contrary, Bahulla never cared for his love. She was just not interested in him and never cared for his presence. When king was eating if he would catch her hand and compel her to eat something she would very uninterestingly have little food and get up and move away. When king in fully inebriated condition would want her company she would release herself from him and move away.
She did not participate in any of his activities and was completely pratikool to him! Yet king only loved her and was mad about her. In one big occasion when all kings were invited and beautiful song were sung by danseuse in the sabha, king offered a glass of madira to his wife, which she refused in full presence of kings. King immediately called his guards and in anger asked his wife, the queen, to be dropped in dense forest alone and deserted her!
At the same time there lived a brahmin, by the name of Susharma, in the same kingdom, he had an abusive wife. Daily the brahman was engaged in nitya karma. One day, even with his door being locked the bramhans wife went missing! Brahman went to the king and demanded help to look for his wife!
King Uttam said, “I have not seen your wife, who has abducted your wife that you must know else how I can find her!”
Brahman said, “she is a lady not so beautiful, of karkash/harsh speech, she is a very cruel woman with cruel looks, irregular face, small breasts, lean waist and long stomach. She is very tall and has short limbs. She is past the prime of youth.
While we were sleeping the doors windows were locked from inside still somehow someone has abducted her! You must find her else my nitya karya is hampered. Without her my dharma is incomplete. Since, as a king, you take 1/6th of our dharma, in return for our protection and it is because of you promising our safety that we all sleep tension-free during the night. So it’s your duty to find her. Else my not being able to do nitya karma is sin on to you!”
King said, “Why are you after such a woman who is cruel and non-cooperative and abusive? What happiness will you have from her, I shall give you another beautiful woman who will give you happiness full of good features and cooperative, why don’t you live happily with another woman?
Brahman said, “Vedas say wife should be looked after irrespective of any situation/under all circumstances. Because wife is dharma patni, that is her first and most important good quality that she enables grahastha dharma, which gives bramhaloka. My dharma is intact because of presence of dharma patni [whether she is abusive or non-cooperative, even with such bad qualities, she has made me eligible for dharma karya]. Secondly, dharma patni gives santaana, a man is born himself as child in her womb.. This gives pitru shanti and anugraha. By deserting her and not looking after her there is maximum possibility of vanra sankarya sankeerna santaan, who will bring pitrus down from swarga. So, looking at all these aspects of dharma having a wife [as she is] and looking after her is important. So get me my wife it’s your duty so that I can resume my nitya dharma! Just as a wife does not leave husband at any cost, similarly, a man should not leave his wife at any cost!”
King set out to look for the wife of brahman [he was the king of the entire bhumandala, yet he set out all alone and not send his army, brahman karya should be done by self].
King entered deep jungles and there after tiresome hunt found a muni ashram, where tapasavi muni was sitting in dhyana. When he got up from dhayna and sees the king and asked his shishya to get arghya paadya and asan for the king! Sishya said, “Acharya kindly inspect whether this king is fit for arghya paadya and then if you still instruct I shall bring arghya!” Both guru and shishya were trikaal gyaani. After a little more dhyana the muni asked the shishya to only only give asan to the king!
Then muni said to the king, “I know why you have come, the brahmans’ wife has been abducted by the rakshasa by name Balaak. If you go deeper into the forest you shall find her there.”
King said, “Oh muni, if you don’t mind my asking I shall like to ask why was I denied arghya and paadya? I feel that I am an eligible abhyagat [not atithi]. If that is the case, then if that be then I must have done some great sin. What is that sin that I have committed?
Muni said, “oh king being from the lineage of great Swayambhu Manu and son of Uttanpada, you indeed are eligible for arghya and hence I ordered one earlier, but my shishya is also trikaal gyani, he insisted on seeing your immediate past! You have deserted your wife. A person who has stayed away from nitya karma for 15 days is akin to asprushya but it’s been nearly one year you have not done nitya karma [due to absence of wife]. So you are not eligible for arghya paadya. And also go soon and get the brahman’s wife so that he also doesn’t suffer any further loss of dharma!”
King went deep into the jungle and there he saw a woman exactly as described by the brahmana enjoying and eating fruits in a garden. King asked are you the same lady as brahman described are you wife of Susharma?” The woman said, “Yes.”
“Who has brought you here?”
“A rakshasa has brought me here but neither has he eaten me nor misbehaved with me! Strange, but he stays litte inside the forest where you can meet him.”
King went inside and saw a huge rakshas, who immediately got up and gave arghya paadya to king and requested the king to take and asana and asked him, “Oh great king, I live in your kingdom so I am your servant kindly let me know how is it that I can serve you, please give me an order. I am at your service.”
King asked, “You have done a good satkaar with shastrokta arghya paadya. You seem to have beautiful women in your palace. So why did you abduct this brahmani’s wife who is not even a beautiful women, and you have not eaten her yet? Why?”
Rakshasa said, “King! We are not man eating rakshasas! Those rakshasas are different! We eat only punya phala of the people. Not only that when a woman or man shows disrespect to us we then eat his good qualities or bad qualities, we don’t eat flesh, nor do we eat living people! If for any reason we have eaten a person’s forgiving nature then person becomes hard hearted and dushta and becomes krodha swavabhaav person. If we eat anyone’s dushta swabhaav then he becomes a one of very good qualities. Maharaaj I have many apasara like strees in my house, so i don’t get attracted to human women.”
King asked, “If this brahmani was not fit for your consumption then why did you bring here from the brahman’s house!”
Rakshasa said, “That brahman is shreshtha Brahman, he is nitya yagnya parayana, whenever we tried to stay there his rakshogna mantra pathana stopped us and sent us very very far away! But then I was very hungry too what will I eat if such mantras are used. My ucchatana was happening every day, as this brahman was taking part in yagnya everyday. So I caused distress [udvega] in the mind of the Brahman because without wife he will not be able to do any yagnya!”
Listening to those words king felt as if he has been slapped on his face, he thought to himself, is this rakshasa hinting at me too, even I have left my wife. Earlier it was the muni who said no arghya now this rakshasa is saying udevga. Seems that everything is directed at me.
Rakshasa said, “Oh king, any seva for me!
King said, “Oh rakshasa if you treat me as an aththi and want the athithi to be happy and his desire be fulfilled, fulfill this wish of mine and make me happy. As you have just said you can eat both good and bad qualities, so eat the dushta virodha swabhava of this stree and making qualities of this woman. So that she becomes good and send her back to her husband’s house immediately.
Rakshasa entered the body of the brahmani and with his special abilities ate her bad qualities. Thus, the brahmani became free of her dushta swabhava. Then she said to the king, “Oh maharaaj! I have been punished only by my own karma pahala and kaal prabhaav, this rakshasa is only a nimitta. I have separated people from their loved ones, caused disturbance to couples’ life in previous life so I have suffered this state. One reaps what one sows, so no use blaming anyone for any fault. I forgive this rakshasa. And she was left back into the house of Brahman.
King said. “Oh rakshasa, now I want you to be present anytime I call you, this is my second order to you.”
King thought, I have also deserted my wife, what should I do now? I should go and ask the solution to the same trikaal gyani muni.
Muni said, “I have known all your recent works, now you want to know your extra course of action so listen! Patni is the only means for dharam artha kaam, deserting patni is like deserting dharma. Brahman akshatriya vaishya shudra whoever deserts his wife he becomes ineligible for karmanushthana. Just as woman cannot desert his husband under any circumstances so also man should not desert his wife.”
King said, “What should I do now muni? I think it’s all my poorva janma phala, I had always loved to her. She herself was cooperative to me at all, as she didn’t like me. Hence, I had to desert her. Even now I am suffering because of her separation [I have not remarried nor have I even thought of anyone even in dreams] just for that love I have even forgiven her all misdeeds too. But how will I get back my wife who has been left in dense forest? What if any wild animal has eaten her or some rakshasa might has eaten her?”
Muni said, “Neither any wild animal has eaten her nor any nishachar has eaten her. She remains chaste and is safe in rasatal.”
King asked again, “Brahma gyani! Who has taken her there? And what has saved her from not being taken by anyone till now [safety from kalanka, how is she chaste till now] let me know yathartha!”
“There is one nagaraj by name Kapoth, took her captive and took to her patala. There nagkanya Manorama the wife of Kapoth who has a daughter by name Nanda. Nanda thought that this woman (your wife) woman might become a stepmother if not taken away from the sight of her father. With that fear she took your wife and hid her in the antahpur. When her father, Kapoth, asked where is Bahulla, Nanda did not answer. In anger, Kapoth cursed his daughter to be dumb. Even though cursed she protected Bahulla in her own house,” informed the muni.
The king happy at that asked, “Oh! Muni I have so much love and affection from various people no one hates me or defies me! So why is it that my wife does not have anuraaga in me? What is the reason for it? I love my wife more than my life but she only uses harsh words towards me? Why?”
Muni explained that at pnigrahan kale [i.e. at the time of marriage], king’s lagna was aspected by sun mars and Saturn and Jupiter and Venus were in eighth. Additionally, in the muhurta lagna both Moon and Mercury were in seventh. So, one had to undergo so many troubles in married life. But then the muni blessed the rajah to have a good life from then on.
King went and met the brahman.. Bramhan blessed him and said, “King, you are dharma nishtha rajah so you have given me my wife back.”
King said, “No, you have in fact given me kartavya bodha.”
Then brahman asked, “Why don’t you marry another woman?”
King said, “No my wife is alive and chaste so how could I marry another woman?”
Brahman asked, “If she is chaste then you should bring her back?”
King said, “She is not at all happy with me so what use is it to bring her back. When she doesn’t have any love left for me? Oh Brahman, is there any way for my problem can you suggest a way out so that she would love me again?”
Brahman said, “Oh maharaj! I will do yagnya anushthana for you to get back the love and anuraga of the queen. This is known as mitravinda yagnya.
One must do ansuhthana of this yagnya for increasing love and affection between stree and purusha this yagnya has shakti to bring more and more prema between the couples. So maharaj bring back your wife don’t worry she will be ever attached to you thereafter and you will also be in tune with dharma!”
King made arrangements for the yagnya. Bramhana did one after the other seven yagnay to increase prema anuraaga for the royal couple.
Queen had a change of heart she started feeling positive love for the king. When brahman was confirmed about his success in his yagnya he asked king to bring back his wife and live a peaceful life. King was surprised at the confidence of Brahman. Then he remembered and summoned adrinandan Balaak. Ballak went to pataal and brought the queen back through his maya. Quen having seen king after long time said, “Oh king, please be pleased with me!”
King said, “Oh lovely one you need not request me that way! I have always loved you and am ever happy with you! ”
Queen said, “Oh king, if you are really happy and pleased with me, then please do a favor. I shall be always indebted to you!”
King said, “Anything for you is never a burden for me, I shall always strive to bring whatever you wish for, it will be my pleasure!”
Queen said, “Oh king! For me my friend has to even bear a curse, she has become dumb, I cannot see her like that. Kindly, if it’s in your hands, please get her voice back!”
King looked at the brahman Susharma and requested thus, “Oh viprottama! Is there any way this can be done?”
Brahman said, “I shall do Sarswat-ishti and she would get back her voice.”
Bramhan did the yagnya and in pataala Nanda regained her voice.
Garga muni doing tapasya in patal said to Nanda, “Your friend Bahulla has done this upakaara on you!” On hearing this Nanda went running to the king’s capital. Having embraced Bahulla, she said, “You are really a great soul. For you both a great son will be born.”
When a son was born to the king he had beautiful uttam avayava, kaanti and tejas. On seeing him rishis said, at uttam time in uttam kingdom, to a uttam couple with fathers name as uttama, for the uttam kalayaa of the people a uttama jeevi has taken birth so he be called “Outtam”. Thus, started outtam manvantara with Outtam manu.
To make sure that such rakshasas eat negative qualities in us and leave the positive qualities intact one must do nitya pooja that is the only solution.
Shri Krishnarpanamastu

Surya Stuti !

aadityadeva tvatpaadyugaLke abhi- vaadanav maaLpe anudina| anudinadi sajjanar vyaadhigaL kaLedu sukhaviyo || SangnyaramaNa ninage vignyapisuvenu s- arvgnya neenendu sarvatra | sarvatra yenage bra-mhajnana bhakuti karuNiso || Sureegamyane vaak shareerbuddheejvaad-paar doshagaLa yenisade | yenisade bhagavanta- naradhaneyanittu karuNiso ||

the above is SURYA stuti everyone can recite this it is very powerful because its vyakhyaana is very detailed .. i encompasses CHANDOGYA UPANISHAT BHaashya , it details GAYATRI importance …and also it highlights KARMA sakshitva of SURYA antargat NARAYANA. So this is no ordinary prayer .. it does what all mantras put together gives.


Hey aditya dev surya dev! I daily do namaskaara to your two feet , kindly remove the diseases of SUJEEVI [ mokshyogya jeevas ] and grant the dehasaukhya [ physical health , bodily felicity]

For all saajna engaged in MOXa sadhana NAvagraha anugraha is very essential .. Grahantargat VISHNU is main subject/focus of PRAYER Chandogyaupanishat says ” Asau vaa adityo devamadhu ” , this is how MADHU vidya starts …here ADITYAnatargat VISHNU is only MADHU namak paramatma ..

MADHu means SUKHASHRAYA ie one who bestows happiness . SO continuous upasana [ swayogya ] if it has to be successful and result into happiness for that good HEALTH is required .. , ROGA is known as UPADRAVA [ a obstacle ] and also deerghayushya is REQUIRED ..[ LONGEVITY] apamrutyu should not bring ABRUPT end to SADHANA .. we have 12 adityas for 12 months .

. EVEN MADHWACHARYA in his bhashya says ” Adityanaam Prarthanena tadgam mrytyumapanudet “ that By worshipping SUn ADITYAs one must avoid /overcome Diseases ,apamrutyu [ parihaar]. the above vyakhyana clearly says ONE must be inclined to DO SADHANA , but for that one requires GOOD HEALTH and HAPPINESS and PEACE of MIND .. for this one must do MADHU namak Parmatma upasana .. that is easily gained by ADITYA prarthana as MADHU namak dev is always inside SURYA .. so this SURYA stuti is NANDI for SADHANA.

Sangya devi is wife of SURYA hence SangyaramaNa , Oh SUrya dev PAti of Sangya devi , since you are SARVAGNYa all knowing , hence I place my request with devotion , I urge with sincerety , in every birth and everywhere Please grant me , BRAMHA GYAANA – anantakalyaan guNa poorNa NArayana guna MAhima Gyaana and DHRUDh bhakti in NARayana .

  • GYaana BHAKTi vruddhi [ increase ] is possible only through UPASANA of SURYANATARGAT GAYATRI namak HARI seva .
  • SURYA lights up BHUMI antariksha swarga three worlds and he supports life in these theree worlds .
  • HE is ever present in eyes CHAKSHURINDRIYA and is also called as JAGATCHAKSHU. Thus, SURYA is SARVAGNYA .. as devata and ALSO SURYANATARGAT NARAYANA is always SARVAGNYA
  • SURIgamya – Oh suryadeva one who is GOT by GYAANis only , manovaak deha janit appar dosha samooh , [ the doshas arising out f body mind and speech ] , unlimited mistakes ,without actually looking into them , without taking notice of these kindly bless ME with NARAYAN dhyaan rupa seva and and let NARYANA inside you be pleased with me
  • LORD NARYANA is attained by KNOWLEDGEd , and for this SURYA anugarha is IMportant ..  WHence one leaves his body , he gets MARGA which one traverses and gets SURYA gati and CHANDRA gati thus say shastras …..in this SURYA gati is GOt by GYAANis with BODY on which pierces through LOKAs and SURYA loka is prominent here .
  • All the actions done by BODY MIND and SPEECH is seen by SURYA DEVA so he is witness for all the KARMAS and is known as KARMA SAKSHI .. so all the GUna dosha of each KARMA is known by SURYa and also NARYANA as present in him .. Thus SURYA sees to it that by Giving GYAANA he reduces possibilities of DUSHKARMA and thus gradually at some point nOt noticing the doshas OH SURYA deva TAKE us near to HARI .. !!!!

SO beautifully JAgannath dasaru has worshipped SURYA DEVA and tadantargat NARYANA .. this anusandhana will give definite surya shanti and siddhi


GAYA Mahatmya!

This is one of the most powerful puranas in our literature. It relieves from all sorts
of miseries as it is one of the most instantly rewarding purana gatha.
Gaya mahatmya contains Gaya gadadhar Stotra by Bramha Shiva. These stotras
when chanted will definitely give a good child to those who aspire for one. [it is
Santakumar vachan]. Gaya mahtmya when read and if poeple follow what is told
in it, there are many advantages:
1. It will instantly relieve one of many sins
2. It wil lrelive sins of Pitrus
3. It will take Pitrus to Vishnu loka

It also will make up for all the sins that a Pitru might have done. Additionally,
Lord will make the Pitrus (of the one visiting Gaya) get closer to Vishnu. Pitru
will understand Vishnu Mahima. Those who have opposing fathers, avaishnav
father, unwilling parents, can visit Gaya and recite this Gadadhara stotra and
their parents will start worshipping Vishnu too.

Gaya is the most sacred place in the Universe! It has 55 places of importance,
each place is very sacred. Gaya can be visited by those who have parents alive
too as here any form of japa yagnya anushtahana tapa will give instant sidhdhi.
On top of that Gaya yatra will give fame. For those who have no parents [either]
at Gaya there is no doshas mentioned in previous Shardhdha post apply.

Avahana arghya for pitrus is not done in Gaya, so anyone can go to Gaya and just
recite naam gotra and give pinda, that completes the shradhdha. If he is poor it
will still give Gaya shradhdha phala. Those who do with full procedure will get
akshya punya. Any punya karya done here gives infinite results.

Dana especially to be made at Bharat ashrama. Those who are suffering with
bad marital issues. wife and husband going to Agastya Ashrama and worshipping
Agastya along with wife of the Rishi with arghya padya will get good marital life.
Pitrus always stay in Gaya thinking any one of the sons they have given birth
to would someday come and give tarpana pind here so that they will get Vishnu
The main aspects of Gaya mahatmya are:
1. About Gaya kshetra
2. Gaya shila

3. Gaya Gadadhar
These three stories form the basis of Gaya mahatmya. All along 55 places are
explained in detail. Then there is Vidhi for Gaya yatra. How to do Gaya yatra.

Narad Muni asks Sanatkumar Rishi: Which is the most sacred place?

Sanatkumar says: Gaya is the most sacred place more sacred than all teerthas
all deshas. Listen to its mahtmya.


Once Brahman wanted to do a big Yagnya so he asked Gayasur to do tapasya
here and then established a big shila on his head and completed a yagnya. After
the yagnya, so that Gayasur doesn’t move from his place. All the devatas and
and Gadadhar Vishnu along with phalgu teertha and others stayed here forever
at this teertha.

Here Brahma gave many types of dana to Bramhanas here and then this place
became known as Gaya, being most sacred and liked by devatas.

Pitrus who are afraid of naraka, aspire for a place in Gaya, they always think of
whether any one sons or grandsons would ever go to Gaya and relieve them.
When a son starts his journey towards Gaya pitrus dance in joy and make
festivities. Pitrus have only one desire whether my son will do Gaya yatra or will
he do Ashwamedha Yagnya or will he do Neelvrishotsarga?

The son who goes to Gaya and does Annadana, pitrus call him as only son and
those who don’t are not accepted as sons. The person who stays for three weeks
in Gaya will get 7 generations of pitrus relieved.
Staying for at least three nights will destroy the sanchita papa karma of entire
Pinda daan here will relieve the person [himself] of bramnha hatya, madira paan,
theft, gurustree samagam, sansarga paapa [pataki sansarga] etc.
It doesn’t matter whether son gives pinda or anyone else. If pinda is given in
Gaya on a soul’s name and gotra that soul will go to BRAMHALOKA for sure.
Four karmas are Moksha dayaka [one guarantying MOKSHA ] what are they?


Gaya shraadhdha

Isn’t it so easy for a son to go to Gaya! Buddhimaan person will do pinda dana
anytime in Gaya. Adhikamas, guru shukrasta, guru simhastha yoga all these
should not form excuses for not doing Gaya Shraadhdha. Normally, when one is
injured [kshat dosha] [cancer etc diseases], one should not do shraadhdha. But
even if you have mahavrana [bleeding wounds cancer gangrene infection etc.]
still you can do shraadhdha in Gaya it will ensure BRAMHALOKA to pitrus.

One who has done SHRADHDHA in Gaya need not lament for anything less
everything he shall get on this earth. If only once he does yatra it is enough.
BRAMHA and other devatas like this place immensely so if anyone dies in this
ploace even by accidentally..he will get good lokas. People who have died in
KEEKAT magadh desha usually do not good lokas so their sons must do Gaya
There is no MUNDAN allowed in Gaya vishala and viraja rest other places mundana
can be done. But only a bhikshu can show his DANDA and not actually do
pindadaana in Gaya. Bhikshu sanyasi has no papa or punya lepa so he has
to only do Vishnu pooja at these places as a sanyasi should leave everything
except VEDA.
Gaya teertha is 2and half kosa Gaya kshetra is 5 kosa Gaya shira is 1 kosa all
the teerthas of the universe exist within this. SHARDHHA in Gaya kshetra will
relieve one of PITRU RUNA. Shardhdha in Gaya shiras does udhdhar of 100
kulas. One who just leaves his house with Gaya with these aims his pitrus start
getting ladder for SWARGA as the son progresses each step thus a step in
ladder is given to PITRUS.
Daana of dugdha mishrit charu, sarttu, pishtaka, tandul, phalmoola til kalka
ghruta samet gudakhanda or just curds and best of honey gives infinite trupti to
pitrus and one gets ashwamedha yagnya phala.
Teertha shradhdha has vidhi of, pinda asan, pinbdandaana, punah pratyvanejan
dakshina and anna daana should be done at feet of Gaya GADADHAR.
Achachadan avahan is not necessary in Gaya.

As there is no drishtijanya dosha in all other places PITRUS come by avahana
but in Gaya pitrus always stay there so avahana is not necessary. One must do
shardhdha with faith here.
One must leave kaam krodha lobha while doing shardhhda else it will not be
BRAMHA CHARYA VRATA one time bhojan, bhoomishayan, satyavachan, and
mana sharira pavitrata is must.
One must not hurt others most importantly in SHARDHDHA one must leave
PAKHAND [artificialness, falsehood, cleverness, vanchana buddhi, vyapaar,

sanshay, sandeha, vyakulata, shoka, uttejana, etc]. With complete nishtha if one
does shardhdha then one will give bramha loka to pitrus.
There is river VAITARNI in Gaya, one who does snana in this river and then
gives godaana, he will send 21 pitrus to higher lokas. AKSHYA VATA is another
place in Gaya, here dana to vedic bramhanas one can make all devagan and
pitrugana simultaneously happy. Meena mesha kanya dhanu and vrushabha
rashi when sun enters Gaya shardhdha is atyant shreshtha even devatas give
pind adana here duitring these times.
MAKAR amavaysa who gives pindadana that phala cannot be got in doing
good karmas many crore kalpas- is infinite.Narad Muni asks Who was Gayasur? What was his specialty? How was he to
look at? What tapasya did he do? How did his BODY become so PAVITRA?

Lord Vishnu gave birth to BRAMHA from his navel and BRAMHA created
deavtas and asuras. GayaSUR was most powerful asura. He was 100 Yojanas
tall and 60000 yojanas broad. GAYASUR was vishnubhakta and he started
a UGRA tapasya inj the plaace named KOLAHAL a beautiful mountain. He
stopped his breath in kumbhak for many thousands of years. This tapasya
started burning devatas, so devatas along with bramha and shiva went to
KSHIRSAGAR and worshipped VISHNU, “Oh lord you are creator and regulator
of all the souls in this world. You are always victorious, you limit all the rakshasas
and wear on yourself all the creation, you reside in the heart of YOGIS, your
greatness is inexplicable, You progress ever and ever and we bow to YOU OH
VISHNU LORD, please save us from this Gayasur.
VISHNU along with all the devatas went to GayaSUR and sad OH GayaSUR we
are all happy with you. Then why are you doing TAPASYA? What is it that you
aspire? ASK a BOON.
GAYASUR said, “Oh Devatas if you want to make me happy, then please grant
me a boon that I become more PAVITRA than all devatas rishis dwijatis teerthas,
kshetras, yagnyas, and parvatas. I must be most pavitra [holiest of holy ] I must
be more than all the rishis put together. Dev mantra devi devata, yogi snayasi,
grahastha yati, all those who are termed as PAVITRA I should be more than
them all!!
LORD Vishnu gave the boon and all agreed!
All the devatas touched GYASUR and went to their lokas. But then YAMAPURI
became empty as everyone started going to GayaSUR and see him and became
cleansed and no one ever entered YAMAPURI. People stopped doing yaga
yangya and just went to GayaSUR and had a darshan and thus all lokas became
empty and everyone ascended swarga.
Seeing all the lokas as empty YAMA and others went to BRAMHA and said, Oh
Taat ! You have given us this work, but it seems there is nothing to do. So kindly
take back my DANDA and seat and power I surrender it to YOU! So said YAMA
and all other devats that it is no use, We surrender all our powers and privileges
to YOU back BRAMAH ji.

Bramhaji said okay lets go to vishnu to find a solution.
VishnuJI SAID Oh Bramha why dont you do a yangya and ask Gayasur to give
his body for doing yagnya.

So all devatas went to Gaya and Gaya did arghya padya pooja to all and said
today I feel fortunate as Bramha himself has come as yachaka to me. My pitrus
have become satisfied.
Bramha said I want to do yagnya and am on lookout for a very sacred palce.
Your body is most sacred so will you allow this yagnya to be performed on your
I am very honoured if my body becomes means of yagnya then my PITRUS will
be happy and moreover you are the creator of this body so you have all the right
on it as you have provided PAVITRATA to this, yourself.
Keeping his head north and legs to south west Gaya laid onto the ground.
BRAMHA collected all the useful things for YAGNYA and then for conducting
YAGNYA he created manas PUTRAS [for pourohitya] they were “agnisharma,
amruta, shaunak, janjali, mrudu, krumuthi, vedkaundinya, harita, kashyap,
kaushika, vashiushtha, bhargava, vrudhdha parashar, kanva, mandavya,
shruti keval, shweta, sutaal, daman, suhotra, kanka, lokakshi, mahabahu,
jagishavya, dadhipanchmukha, vipravar, rushabh, karka katyayan, gobhila,
mahavratashali munivar ugra, su[palak, gautam, vedashirovrta, avyagrachitta,
jayamali chattuhaas, daruna, atreya, angiras, aupamanyu, gokarna, gruhavasa,
shirkhandi, umavrat, he also created many vipras to conduct yagnya on gayasur.

AGNISHARMA created from his mouth FIVE types of agni, namely, dakshinagni,
garhapatya, avahaniya, sabhya avasabhya.
Yagnya was performed with anushthana of all the agnis, and bramhans
were given many many dakshinas. BRAMHA then gave poorna ahuti and did
avabhruta snaana.
Devatas erected a yangya stambha they put it in bramha sarovara and then
erected it. BUT suddenly yangya bhumi started moving. It caught everyone by
surprise. BRAMHA asked YAMA to bring the shila in his house to keep on the
head of the GayaSUR to make him still.
So YAMA brought this heavy shila and placed it on the head. BUT still the body
was moving. To keep it still all the devatas SHIVA Indra started standing on the
shila and exerted pressure to make him STILL.
But it still kept moving. So BRRAMHA went to VISHNU and asked what could
be done. VISHNU gave him his MOORTY [idol] from his heart and handed it to
BRAMHA. BRAMHAN placed it on the body but still the body was MOVING.

So BRAMHA then did avahana of LORD vishnu in the moorty. LORD came as
Gaya GADHADAHR and installed himself in that Mooryty and stayed there.. to
make the BODY FIRM… BRAMHA Also..took five rupas and installed himself as

VINAYAKA as gajarupadhari satyed on it. SURYA took rupas as GayaDITYA
UTTARARK, DAKSHIANARK and stayed here. LAXMI stayed on GayaSUR as
SEETA. GAURI became MANGALA, and stood on shilakhanda.
BRIHASPATI PUSHA asta vasu, vishwedeva, ashwini, marut yagnya
gandharva,uarag everyone stayed onto SHILAKHAND. LORD became

Gaya said, if only everyone wanted to make me still JUST the words of VISHNU
would have been enough. YET now because you all have chosen to stay here I
urge ALL of YOU stay here forever till bramhanda exists till moon and sun exist
till earth exists all of you must stay here only then I shall stay still. Please make
this promise. LET this place be most suitable for deva pitru karya. Let this place
be known by my NAME and do uddhara of thousands of kula of ANUSHYA.
Then when all the devatas stood still, BRAMHA gave all the barmahans many
dakshina, he gave 55 places to the bramhanas, he made it known as panchkoshi
To make bramhanas live peacefully, he asked kamdehenu kalpavruksha stay
there. Parijjat vruiksha was asked to stay here. He created many beautiful
mansions for grahasthas. He created rivers of milk wells of ghee, ponds of
honey, various types of ghee sarovar, golden wheels, and many forms of anna
parvats, bhakshya bhojya mountains, phal aphoola moolikadi forests and gave
daana to bramhanas and said FROM NOW ON DO NOT ASK ANY DAANA TO
ANYONE. Then he did namaskaar to GADAADHAR and went back to BRAMHA
Once DHARAMARAYA observed aygnay here and then all the bramhanas
took daana from him. When Brahama came to know this he gave curse to the
brahmana- let kaamdhenu kalpavruksha parijaat return to swrga, let the adbhut
mansions become those of SOIL and bricks, let the parvat becomes that of
stones, let rivers and wells become of water. Let all the bramhana living there
become RUNAGRASTHA [loan debt ridden].
Thus, bereft of wealth and means all the bramahanas took shelter of BRAMHA.
Brahman thus pleased, said those who do daan in these kshetras let these reach
you and let all the people in future also worship these bramhanas.

In gaya there is one VIRAAJ mountain. This is actually a stomach portion of
the GayaSUR, there is one well named Like NAVEL, here VIRAJADEVI stays.
Anyone who does pinda dana here will relieve 21 KUlas. MAHENDRA giri is
daitya feet here pind adan releives 7 kulas.

NARADA asks WHAT is this famous SHILA? how was it obtained ? what is its
DHarma had a beautiful PAtivrata wife VISHWAROPA dedvi. They both gave
birth to a very beautiful daughter named DHARMAVRATA. Entire people put
together whatever qualities they had on this earth, DHARMAVRATA had all
those qualities, and this made her very special. DHARMA could not find any
suitable husband for his daughter in the three lokas. So he called his daughter
and asked her to TAPASYA to get an ANURUUP pati. So the kanya started
doing tapasya. Tapasya started in shweta kalpa. For the first ten thousand
YUGAS DHARMAVRATA stayed only on VAYU [air no food ] and did tapasya.

BRAmha had a manas putra MARICHI, who was looking for a good wife. So
he started doing The PRITHVI paryatan [world tour] to look for a suitable bride.
During that time he came to the place where kanya was doing tapasya. Looking
at her extreme beauty and youth he was taken aback as to why such beautiful
women is doing tapasya.
MARICHI expressed his curiosity to the GIRL: Who are you ? Whose daughter
are you? You are so attractive and young and my mind is totally absorbed in you!
Do not fear! I am son of BRAMHA, I have completed adhyyaan of all veda and
introspected in it. This world knows me as MARICHI.
The girl said, “I am dharma putri name DHARMAVARTA. I am looking for a
nurupa PATi and to obtain PATIVRATA dharm I am doing TAPASYA.
MARICHI says ” oh lovely one! JUST my vision to YOu, have made you
PATIVRATYA. I have been touring day and night in search of a good pativrata
girl! If you want to be one pativrata then accept me as PATI I accept you as patni.
THERE is no one equal to you in this world, nor is anyone better suitable than
me for you in this world. Why don’t you marry me! DO become my wife!
DHARMAVRATA said ‘ oh muni you will have to speak to my FATHER on this
issue ”
MARICHI went to DHARMa..dharma saw a tejaswi bramhan and gave him seta
and did arghya padya seva and asked what is the good purpose of his visit..
MArichi said MAHANUBHAV! I am in lookout for a suitable bride and am touring
the entire bhumandal, and in the meanwhile I just happened to see your religious
daughter. DO give me your daughter as WIFE. It will do good to you!
HAppy at munis words DHARMA called back his daughter from Forest and with
proper ritual of marraige gave the hand of DHARMAVRATA to MARICHI rishi
and many bramhana were given rattna gold etc. for this auspicious event.

MArichi gave boon to YAma for this and then entered ashram along with his
newly wed bride and after a prolonged happy anandopabhoga the couple had
1000 sons.
Once MARICHI rishi went into forest to get fruits and flowers and when
he returned he was too tired so he called his wife and asked her to press
his legs while he wanted to take rest.. WIFE took some ghee and started
paadsamvahan… rishi felt asleep.
At that very time BRAMHA came to the house and now DHARMAVRATA
became confused what to do- get up and do aadar satkar to father in law or stay
put in the PATISEVA. She then decide BRAMHA is jagadguru his pooja is very
important. SO she got up gave arghya paadya to BRAMHA and bramha happy,
took another cot and went to sleep.
In the meanwhile MARICHI got up and seeing his wife not pressing his legs he
got angry and cursed her YOU have gone elsewhere without my permission
stalling my orders of pressing my legs. You have sinned thus so YOU become a
WIFE said ” your FAther had come, it was your duty to get up and serve him
with arghya padya, since you were in deep sleep, I have done your DHARMa
too and saved you from lapse. I am innocent yet you curse me. So I too curse
you that you be cursed by SHIVA. BOTH became unhappy at mutual curse.
With unsettled mind they went to BRAMHAji but he was asleep, so DOING
namaskaara DHARMAVRATA entered AGNI and did ugra TAPASYA. MARICHI
too became immersed in TAPASYA. Seeeing the couple in deep ugra tapasya
the entire devaloka started burning. All of them went to VISHNU to stop these
from ugra tapasya.
All of then went to dharmavrata and said till date no one has done tapasya sitting
inside the FIRE. oh devi please stop this ugra tapasya. BRAmha also got up
and said this is terrible tapasya it will terrify the world, oh please stop it and ask
WHATEVER you want. YOu are the knower of dharma, please do oblige. ASK
something you want, whatever, but stop this!
DHARMAVRATa said, if only you want to give boon I am not able to overcome
curse given by my husband on my own swatejashakti so I am doing tapasya to
overcome the curse. LET me not become a shila this is my wish.
All the devatas said, look devi the curse is not from ordinary person it is from a
MARICHI. No devata can make it nishpahala no one has that much shakti. So
dharmaputri, keeping within the limits of DHARMA MARYADA kindly ask any
boon whichever in this three world you shall get it.
Dharmaputri said iF no devata can stop me becoming SHILA then let me be shila
a shila which most sacred in entire BRAMHANDA. My pavitrata should be more

than all nadi teertha kshetra sarovar all put together. Let all the teerthabhimani,
samsta devi devata, samsta nakshatra muni all reside in me as shila. Anyone
who does snana in these teertha on this shila get relived by all sins, let the pind
apradaan on this shila give bramhaloka to the pitrus..let vishnu stay here as
visible teertha. Let one who gives shradhdha before drushyateertha GADADHAR
get mukti for his Pitrus. All the jarayuj andaj svedaj udbij all tyopes of souls, if
they leave their prana here on this shila get VISHNU SAYUJYA. Just as DOING
pooja of VISHNU completes all the YAGNYA so also DOing SHardhdha here
copmplete the GAti for the PITRUS. Let all ganaga etc. teerthas, manas etc
sarovar, samudra, kshetra, indradi devagana all be seated in this shila to bless
shardhdha karta. LET devatas stay in MOORTA rupa here and till BRAMHANA
sing the glory of VISHNU till that time devatas will stay in this shila. Let every act
of homa ahavana japa tapa anushthaana everything become infinite if done here.
Let every devata take a form of parvata shikha river and also stay on this shila.
All the devatas gave her the boon and said NO one should ever doubt this and
installed THIS SHILA upon GayaSUR.

to be contnd ……..

BharatVarsha !


Jambudweepa is 1 lakh yojan .. in the centre of Jambudweepa is Meru which is 16000 yojan at base and 32000 yojan at the top .

At the base is ilavrata khanda which is squarish . ..Meru in between is like a karnika inside the lotus … just as the karnika inside the lotus has many kesaris ..there are many kesar pavats along the meru-border of ilavrat khanda ..each is 100 yojan in height and 80 yojan in circular periphery at base .  all along the ilavrat khnada boundary towards other khanda like Bhadrashva onthe east and ketumal on the west kuru on the north and bharat on the south .. are the series of mountain ranges which leave Ketumal bhadrashva Kuru and BHARAT VARSHA as a outer petal like structure for JAMBUDWEEPA .[ BHUPADMA PATRANI ]

Nishad and neel parvat are 1 lakh yojan  along the east west samudra ..forming border for ketumal bhdrashva and ilavrat from east west direction .. Surrounding Ilavrat is MANDAR GANDHAMADAN SUPARSHAVA AND VIPULA ..On these parvat are big  1100 yojan JAMBU tree whose fruits keeps falling on these kesar parvats and break . The juice of the fruits falling continuously form a river called JAMBUNADI .. the grounds around the kesar parvat get drenched in this fruit juice as river soaks through it .. when wind blows the banks of this river soaked with the jambu fruit juice become dry and land mixed with this juice when dry become a gold mine of GOLD named JAMBUNAD GOLD which DEVATAS use for their jewellery known as divine GOLD . … JAMBUNAD GOLD .. there are vaibhraj ,forest , gandhamadan forest nandan and chitrarath forest are there . similarly there are ARUNOD MAHABHADRA SEETOD ad MAANAS sarovar ..which are always treaded by Devatas only .

The people [ devatas ] who drink the water of this river JAMBU never get OLD nor do they have diseases .. They never become unhappy and are always in joyous mood . They dont get tired and uneasy feeling never bothers them . Hunger doesnt trouble them and they never fear anything . The people here in all the eight KHANDAS [except BHARAT VARSHA ] are always happy .. these land are like SWARGA On BHUMI .. the people here have varnashram dharma and YUGA never applies to them they remain truthful in all yugas and Miseries never touch people here .. The people of these Khandas live for 10000 and 12000 years with constant ayushya … Indra never gives rainfall here the water in these lands are sufficient for the people .

People who have done extreme punya get birth here and live happily to enjoy their punya ..

Bharat VArsha is the only land in entire universe where karma done in this land gives either Swarga or NARAKA ..and nishkaam karma gives moksha .. so one gets phala for the KARMA in BHARAT VARSHA .

On the MERU parvat at the top by the side of BRAMHAPURI is three shringakaar Parvat which is 14000 yojan in height .. like a TRISHUL .. the SWARGA loka is based on this trishoolaakar Parvat … The Ganaga from the Bramhaloka falls amidst this TRishul onto MERU and divides into four stream .. SEETA towards Bhadrashva khanda ..  CHAKSHU nadi into  Ketumal , Bhadra Nadi into Uttarkuru and ALAKANANDA nadi falls towards  SOUTH and flowing through the sky falling on NISHAD HIMAKOOTA and HIMACHAL parvat via akaash marga it falls into BHARATVARSHA and divides into seven streams to flow into BHARAT and finally meets samudra .

Bharat varsha is the only bhumi for KARMANUSHTHANA rest all are BHOGABHUMI … here there are kulagiri [ mountains ranges ] namely mahendra , malay sahyachal shuktimanta ruksha vindhya and PAriyatra ..among these mountains men do the karma which make them eligible to enjoy in other khandas , or do papakarma to go to naraka or take animal births or do tapasya etc to get higher lokas .thus this is sadhan bhumi .


This BHARAT VARSHA is nine thousand yojana and has nine divisions


This Bharat khanda is 1000 yojana was once rules SAAGAR . Sagarputra the sons of Saagar ploughed this land to look for the divine horse and cut through the mainland into EIGHT smaller upadweepa . [ continents ] and ocean rushed through in between these continents ,.. forming big sea known as Sagar .. these EIGHT dweepas are [ note the sanskrit name of modern continents ]

  8. LANKA

The centre of the ninth dweepa BHARAT live bramhan kshtriya vaishya  shudra by doing yaga yagnya karma etc ..to the east are Kiratas ..to the west live yavanas .

  • Shatadru and chandrbahga rivers sprout from Himaparvat ,
  • vedasmriti srings from pariyatra parvat ,
  • narmada surasa  spring from vindhya parvat
  • tapi river,payokshini and nirvindhya  from Ruksha parvat
  • From the foothills of sahyachal the rivers whose names if taken with devotion alone destroys many sins ,such rivers are Godavari bheemarathi krishnaveni
  • krutamala tamraparni from malaya parvat
  • trisaama rushikul from mahendra parvat
  • kumaradhara from shuktimat parvat
  • These rivers further divide into many thousand smaller rivers

Now the names of countries on earth ie Bharata khanda spread into east west north south and northeast southeast  northwest  and south west  directions from HASTINAPUR ..

In the centre of Bharat dweepa are the countries ruled by Krittika rohini and MRIGASIRA . they are

bhadra arimeda mandavya salva neepa ujjihan sankhyat maru vatsa ghosha yamun saaraswat matsyadesha , madhyamik desha , mathur , upajyotisha , dharmaranya ,shoorsen ,shaurgreeva uddehika pandudesha gudadesha ashwaththa panchaal saaket kanka kuru kaalkoti kukur paariyatra naha audumbar kapishthala and HASTINAPUR .

Towards East are the countries governed by ARDRA PUNARVASU AND PUSHYAMI they are

Anjan vrushabdhwaj padma maalyavaan giri, vyaghrmukha suhya karvat chaandrapura shoorpakarna khas MAGADH , shibirgiri MITHILA ,samathat ODRA ashvaavadan danturak , PRAGJYOTISH , Laohitya Ksheerodsamudra , purushad udaygiri Bhadra gaudak PAUNDRA utkala KASHI mekal ambhastha ekpad Tamraliptak kaushalak Vardhamaan

Towards South EAST countries governed by Ashlesha MAGHA and Poorvaphalguni are

Koshal KALINGA VANGA UPABANGA jatharanga shaulika vidarbha vatsa ANDHRA chedi urdhwakantha Vrush naliker , charmadweepa , Vindhyantvasinistripuri ..shmashrudhar ,hemakoot vyalgrev mahagreeva , KISHKINDHA kantaksthal ,NISHADRASTRA , PURIK dasharNa  , Nagna parna shaabar

towards SOUTH countries giverned by uttara Hasta chitta  are

LANKA kalajin saurikirna , TALIKAT , girinagar , malay parvat , dardur mahendra malindya BHARUKACHCHA , kankat , konkan , vanavasi ,shibika , phanikar , ABHIRA , aakar . ven , avartak , dashpur , gonarda . KERAL KARNAT , MAHATAVI , chitrakoot . nasikya . kollagiri , CHOLA , KRAUNCH , jatadhar , kaveri ,RUSHYAMOOK , Vaidurya shankhamuktakar desha . atriashram  varichar  Dharmapattan dweepa ,ganarajya , krushna vellur ,pishika , shoorpadri , kusum naag , TUMBAVAN KARMAENY KAYAMBO tapasashram . dakshin samudra ,rushika , kanchi , maruchipattanam , cheryay desha , SIMHALA rushabha , baladevapattanam , dandakavanam , TIMINGILASHAN , Bhadra , KUTCH , KUNJARDARI  TAmraparni

SOUTHWEST countries governed by swati vishkha anuradha are


WESTERN countries ruled by Jyestha moola and poorvashadha are

MANIMAAN MEGHVAN Vanaough kshurarpan Astagiri aparantak ,shantik  HAIHAY , PRASHASTADRI , VOKKON , PANCHANAD , RAMATH , PAARAT TAAR   KSHITJRUNGHA VAISHYA KANK SHAKA , inhabited by nirmaryada mletcha


North western countries ruled by uttarashadha shravan dhanishtha are

MANDAVYA TUSHAR Taalhal MADRA  ashmak kuluth halada STREERAJYA  NRUSIMHAvana KHASTHA , VENUMATI . Phalguluka , guluha , marukuchcha charmaranga ekvilochana shoolik  deerghgreeva  aasykeshi

Northern countries ruled by shatabhshaga uttarabhadra and poorvabhadra are

Kailash himavaan vasumaan dhanushmaan krounch vasaati  merugiri uttarkuru kshudrmeena KEKAY YAMUN bhogaprastha ARJUNAYAN , AGNIDRA , adarshant dweepa trigarta , TURUGAAnan svamukha  keshdhar , chipitnasika , daserak vaatdhaan shardhaan  Takshasheela pushkalavat kailavat ,kantdhaan ambar madrak maalav paurav kachhar dandapingalak Maanhal  HUN kohal sheetak BHOOTAPURA gandhara yahsovati nagari hemataal  rajanya khachar gavyadesh yaoudheya dasameya shyamak kshemadhoorta

Countries in NORTHEASTEN region governed by Revati ashwini Bharini are

Meruk nastarajya pashupaal keer  KASHMEERA , Abhisaar , darad , tangan , kuloot sairandri vanarashtra bramhapura darvadamar vanrajya keerat CHINA KAUNINDA BHALLA PATOLA JATASUR Kunat Khas Ghosha Kuchika ekcharan anuvidhdha SUVARNABHU Vasudhan divishta Paurav cheeranivasi Trinetra  Munjadri gandharva

EVEN devatas sing that a birth in BHARATVARSHA  is for the very fortunate among devatas for they can take  step forward towards MOKSHA .

Krishnarpanamastu .


RAMAYANA- Shwetaraaj charitra !

ShriRAMA after reining Ayodhya for 13000 years once  visited Agastyashram . [ This is after killing Shambuka ] .

Agastyamuni who is born out of pitcher is known as  Kumbhasambhava  . Immediately rose from his seat on seeing LORD RAAMA and offered his prayers .And after prayers offered one beautiful  MAALA [ garland ] which was clean and crystal clear and very pleasing to the mind –  nirmala amalina malaa . With devotion Agastya muni says ”

HEY RAAM ! This garland has been given to me by KING SHWETA to be offered at your LOTUS feet .

Once while Agastya muni saw a  dead body in the midst of the jungle . After sometime SAGE saw a very bright divine aircraft  descending from the heavens .From the PLANE alighted a Luminous KINGLY personality . The KING in divine heavenly form descended from the PLANE and started eating the flesh of the dead body . Looking at the ghastly sight .. Sage AGASTYA asked OH divine King who are You ? why are you performing this dastardly act . what besieges you to eat a dead mans’ flesh . You do not seem to be a demon or demonic creature either .. and you are descending from heaven so you must have done only good deeds in previous birth as you have reached heaven .. then why this evil has befallen you ?

The KING said ” Oh salutation to you Oh Sage Agastya ! its my good fortune and end of bad karma that I have had a holy sight of divine person like yourselves .. Now my miseries have ended … ! Listen Oh pious Bramhin rishi … I am king Shweta .

I was doing tapasya [ penace ] in this region known as Dandakaranya . This region was ruled by a KIng named DANDA . it was once a beautiful KINGDOM full of palaces and streets . Once Danda was infatuated with the daughter if SHUKRACHARYA . For this Shukracharya the guru of demons cursed him and his kingdom to become a uninhabited dense Forest . [ ie king became daridra for having lusted guru’s daughter  ] and this place came to be known as DANDAKARANYA .

KING Shweta had done many tapasya and conducted many vratas , yagnyas . BUT after completing the VRATAS NIYAMA YAGNYA etc ,, KING did not do nay bramhana BHOJANA .. so all his yagnyas became anannayagnya . Because the yagnyas he did get Swarga  but there he could not  eat any food for himself .. All sort of food abhorred him … He was dissatisfied  even in HEAVEN among apasaras and all sorts of enjoyments but Hunger troubled him a lot and all the food available could not be eaten by him … SO unable to bear hunger He asked BRAMHA as to why this evil had befallen him . BRAMHA devaru said .. as he had not given for Bramhana bhojana and annadana after yagnyas …He will be dissatisfied even though he got heaven for his karma , he  will not be able to eat heavenly food . SO king asked where to seek satisfaction from hunger .. He said his heavenly body still in the DANDAKARANYA and he has no option but to eat his own flesh there to find satisfaction ..

Unable to bear this bad situation .. KING shweta pleaded BRAMH deva to relieve him off his pain .. and give him some remedy for his FOLLY ..

BRAMHA ji  took pity on him and said .. Oh KIng SHWETA .. take this garland .. and give it to SAGE AGASTYA to offer this LORD RAAMA .. THis will relieve you from this evil state .

saying so King Shweta offered with devotion a divine garland to Sage AGASTYA .. and the dead body disappeared .. and again KING Shweta went to heaven peacefully in the divine plane .

SAGE AGASTYA offered the GARLAND to LORD RAAMA narrating this incident.

note – why did BRAMHAji not ask KING shweta to offer garland directly to LORD RAAMA .. ?

ans – KIng’s problem was only to get relieved from the state of hunger .. Offering garland to RAAMA would have resulted in much more punya , which KING was not seeking .and was not eligible either … Thus BRAMHAJI asked KING to give garland to sage AGASTYA and it was Sage AGASTYA who offered GArland to RAAMA and became eligible for complete Punya arising out of such offering …

special point to be noted – OFFERING GARLAND TO LORD RESULTS IN OBTAINING ANNA FOOD [ this is a great secret ] ..

“devaay maalarpaNena analabho bhavatiti paramarahasyam ” – poojakalapalata grantham

Thus while narrating this story SUN set in the west and SO LORD RAAMA spent the night among the sages in the ashram .

NEXT day LORD RAAMA said ” punaste darshanam BHUYAAT ” .. to agastya muni that “We shall meet again .Oh Sage you are the one who cleanse the men off their sins and make them pure ” .. sage burst into tears and said ” Oh RAAM ! by constant remembrance of  lotus feet I HAVE BECOME CLEANSED myself  ! You are the very GOD Oh RAAM ! just by listening to your name , remembering your avataras and singing your praises , even those who have sinned with mahapatakas ie unpardonable sins also get purified cleansed and respected devout ”

LORD RAAMA with a soft smile looking at the SAGE boarded the PUSHPAK VIMANA and reached AYODHYA .. and then asked PUSHPAK to return whenever called for .. Having said that PUSHPAK automatically left for KUBERA’s place . on a autopilot mode .

THEN LORD SRIRAAMA invited BHARAT AND LAKSHMAN to his palace and decided to do a YAGNYA .. LAKSHMAN suggested ASHWAMEDHA YAGNYA ! .

krishnarpanamastu .


Namaste Oh  VEdvyasa and following the path of Shri  Sarvagnyacharya ..I write about the details of Bhumandal as laid down by SHri SUmateendrateertharu and Vadeendrateerthru .. This knowledge increases the wealth of man day by day …

Sumateendra teerthatru is a magnanimous personality .. third in line occupying the seat of RAghavendra vidyasamsthaana ..

The name Vidya sansthaana .. the throne of this peetha is VIDYA simhasana .. the throne of Knowledge .. SO much of research and study has been done by those occupying this seat that practically everything under the earth has been covered in this journey of masters ..

Raghvendra Swamiji has writen more than 51 books .. when asked why it was necessary to write subject matter in so much depth while people around are merrymaking with influence of kaliyuga .. Raghvendra swamiji told that it is for someone named Sumateedra teertha who would be coming in this lineage that I write all these and he would elaborate it simpler manner for the world later.. Such is the stature of Shri Sumateendra teertharu who was praised by RAGHAVENDRA SWAMIJI even before he was born ..

Sumateendra teertharu was grandson of Elder brother of RAGHVENDRA swamiji in poorvashrama ie before taking sanyaasa ..

Raghvendra swamiji himself has taught him vedas in his childhood ..Sumateendra teertharu has written many many granthas ..and his compilation on BHUGOLA from various puranas and shastras is exemplary .. He was a bolder Scholar who would not hesitate in declaring that none other than HImwould be able to write the commentaries on certain subjects expounded by SUDHEENDRA teertharu ie Guruji of shri RAGHVENDRA swami ..

Similarly VADEENDRA teertharu is another such great scholar ..whose Brindavan is just adjacent to that of RAGHVENDRA swamiji .. Raghavendra swamiji had got prepared a brindavan for himslef from the rock on which LORD RAAMA had sat for two minutes ..the first of the brindavana that was carved was kept aside [reserved ] by RAGHVENDRA swamiji for a yati yet to come in line [ not born even then ] .. and another one was carved for himself again …

This reserved one was used for VADEENDRA teertharu ..who is incarnation of DRONACHARYA ..and is great grandson of SHRI RAGHVENDRA SWAMIJI ..Vadeendra teerthru was a composer and musician beyond comprehension because as He composed GURUGANASTAVANA in praise of SHRI RAGHEVNDRA swamy who was already in BRUNDAVANA … the entire brundavana [ the gigantic structure ] swung to rythm and tune of the singing of vadeendra teertharu … RAYARU enjoyed his music even from inside ..and proved that he is still alive inside ..

Both sumateendra teertharu and Vadeendra teertharu have written exhaustively on BHUGOLA ..the extract of which is what I am presenting here ..

before going into the details let me write what each acharya has written about this beautiful shastra ..

ACHARYA says This is the ultimate tuth to be know by the jeeva .. and after knowing this truth only one gets the mOXA .. ie this penultimate round of realisation for MOXA ..

So no way Tamoyogyas and nityasamsaaris can understand this subject ..

This is so complicated that even if INDRA is show it he fails to understand completely the VINYAASA [ layout ] of BHUMANADALA …

etadgyantva tu bhugolam yathavadanuvarNitam | sa muktah sarvabandebhyo yaati VISHNO param padam ||

Yah pravruttamshrutim samyak shastram ch rushibhaashitam | dooshayedanbhgnyaay sa bhaved bramhaghatakah ||

the first stanza says this shastra if known will get one relieved from sansaara and give moxa ..

while the second verse says ..

This shastra is rushi bhashitam ie told and retold by rishis ..in accordance with revealed  VEDAS .. not realising this as vedasammata .. ie approved by rishis and vedas  if one criticises this or falsifies this due to lack of grasp of words of rishis … such a person will fall prey to ignorance and will get bramha hatya dosha .. and will be termed as bramhaghataki .

Till the place where the rays of SUN and MOON reaches that entire space which is filled with oceans mountains and rivers  is known as BHUMANDALA

As much wide the BHUMANDAL is spread so also is spread the SPACE AKAASH above ..

100 crore yojana is the diameter of the Enitre bramhanda .. So also BHUMANDALA is 100 crore yojanas in the centre of BRAMHANDA …

In the centre of BHUMANDALA is circular shaped JAMBUDWEEPA .THis Jambudweepa is NAVAKHANDATMAK .. ie is divided into nine regions .


Thus JAMBUDWEEPA has Nine Khandas .. surrunding ILAVRATA KHANDA in middle . In the ILAVRATA KHANDA .. at the centre is a GOLDEN mountain which is wider at the peak and narrow at the base .. and is in the shape of a GIANT GOLDEN EAR ..called MERU

This mountain is 1 lakh yojan in hiegth .. Of this 84000 is above the BHUMANDALA .. and 16000 below the Bhumandala ..

At the base in ILAVRATA KHANDA The mountain is 16000 yojan wide .. and at the peak has a surface of 32000 yojana ..


AT the centre of this 32000 TOP .. [ above 84000 from base ] .. there is BRAMH PURI .. which is 1000 yojana and is 100 crores in height ..the city of BRAMHA [ this is akin to SUSHUMNA NADI In the navel of MAN ]

GANGA NADI from Bramhanda kharpara actually falls here and divides into four streans Seeta alaknanda chakshu and bhadra ..

The eight cardinal directions FROM the BRAMHA PURI is situated the eight cities of ASHTADIKPALAKAS ..each is 2500 yojana ..

At the base of MERU  in each direction lies small kesar parvatas …ie mountains emanating as strands [ as in lotus flower ] by name kurang kurar kusumb vaikank trikuut shikar patang ruchak nishad shikhivas kapil shankh vaidurya jarudi hansa vrushabh naagkal anjana and narad parvat famous in history ..

in the east of MERU is MANDAR parvat .south is merumandar , in the north is Kumud ..west is suparshva each is 10000 yojan in wide ..

each of the FOUR mAHAPARVATAS have FOUR VERY LARGE TREES MAHAVRUKSHA 1100 yojan  in  width on  MOUNTAIN and 100yojana wide SAROVARS four of the kind ..

There are valleys which are full of milk honey sugarcane juice and Sweeteed water ..these are inhabited y UPADEVATAS ..These valleys when touched upon gives YOG siddhi ..

There are four gardens fit for only DEVATAS by name NANDANvan CHAITRARATH VAIBHRAJAK SARVATOBHADRA . East of meru are two big mountains by name JATHARGIRI and DEVAKOOT , it is 18000 yojana along NORTH SOUTH direction and 2000 yojan along EAST WEST .. Similarly to the SOUTH is KAILAS and KARVEER just as much as DEVAKOOT AND JATHAR in size . To the west is PARIYATRA AND PAVAN and to the NORTH IS SHRUNGI AND MAKAR

Thus these eight mountains cover ILAVRAT KHANDA FROM ALL SIDES LIKE A SQUARE .

In this ILAVRATA KHANDA UMAPATI AND JAYAPATI SANKARSHAN live .. this s squarish land and is 34000 yojana …whoever enters this land becomes a WOMAN .. there is always SUNSHINE in this LAND ..

To be continued ..

Next we shall see BHADRASHVA  KHANDA …

31000 yojan is gandhamadan parvat forming a limit between bhadrashav khand and ilavrat khand ..,it is 2 housand yojana width .. and 34000 is length along north south …Lord Hayagreeva resides here in this Bhadrashva Khanda ..

HariVarsha Khanda

Nishad parvat is the limiting parvat between the Ilavrat Khanda and the HARIVARSHA Khanda ..two thousand is the width of the nishad parvat

Harivarsha is wide from east to west samudar and is 9000 Yojana in width ie north south direction ..LORD NARSIMHA along with Prahalad resides here in the HARIVARSHA ,..


Hemakoot Parvat is in between the HARIVARSHA and KIMPURUSH khanda ..

it is two thousand yojan wide .. and 10000 yojann heightand is extended all along east west samudra ..KIMPURUSH is 9000 yojan in width along NS direction . Here LORD SRIRAMCHANDRA with HANUMAN resides .


Himachal Parvat is limiting parvat between KImpurush and Bharat Varsha  . This is two thousan yojan wide and 10000 yojan in height .. and BHara Varsha  is 9000 yojana in width and in length till east west samudra .. .

Here there are kula parvats by name simhadri , malayachal ,venkatadri Shrishaila

and nadis are tamraparni krutamala kaveri krushnaveni godavari and GANGA .

In badrikashram NARA NARAYANA live in this Varsha ..

Prashaant Vidya preached by Bouddhavatara !

Shrikrishna is aprakrut sharira , yet for asuramohana HE created a prakrut sharira which fell nishcheta [ dead] to the arrow of  Jara …

Shrikrishna then kept one rupa on the earth to fulfill the desires of those who do the Krishna japa instantly …. one more rupa he kept in Surya mandala .. one exclusively he gave it RUdrA in Kailasha for  sadhana …  One rupa he  resided with Bramha in satyaloka …

AND then he merged with the moolarupa NARAYANA in vaikuntha …

DAARUK came and informed ARJUN .. Arjun did the antim sanskaar in fire of the prakrut sharira ..

Similarly SATYABHAMA created a prakrut sharira and burnt it with yogadhyana … RUKMINI jumped into fire ….

similarly vasudev and his wives left their bodies … Arjun taking remaining women and wealth from dwaraka started for HAstinapur … OCEAN drowned the city of  DWARKA ….

ABHIRS attacked ARJUN  , and kidnapped the wives of SRIKRISHNA [ one day when these women exhibited their  ego and pride  before Krishna they were cursed by LORD to be kidnapped by lowly men ]  and as curse was in operation ,ARJUN could not tie the string to GANDEEV as tightly as he used to ..somehow he managed but arrows could not go further nor with might ..ARJUN tried to use astras ,, he could not recollect a single astra mantra …..surprisingly his casket which never stops supply of arrows [ by HARI sankalpa ] emptied … there were no more arrows with arjun … ARJUN fought with gandeev as weapon without arrows and killed Abhirs and ABHIRS ran away with whatever they could lay seize on ..Arjun with remaining women and children reached KuruKshetra there Arjun saw VEDVYASA rishi .. Arjun fell on the feet of LOrd and cried like a child .. LORD consoled him saying it was curse of Krishn operating and also said he has sent DALBHYA rishi to those kidnapped women to gain swarga again … RISHI advised them to perform GOVINDA ekadashi [ ashadha ekadashi ] and leave their bodies in saraswati river … this way all attained swarga …

Arjun then installed sons of SATYAKI and Kritavarma onto the thrones of Kurukshetra and kingdoms on the banks of saraswati …. He installed Aniruddha’s son VAjra onto INDRAPRASTHA and handed him all the women children and wealth of dwaraka …

went to Hastinapur and PANDAVAS remembered that SRikrishna had told them that they should do daitya samhaara only till HE is present on the earth after that they shoudl leave to their abodes …. So Yudhisthir coronated PARIKSHIT and asked him to kill abhirs .. Parikshit killed al of them and ruled justly …. except SUBHADRA  all the wives of Pandavas left their bodies in fire …. Subhadra and DHRITRASHTRA’s  son from  VAISHYA wife YUYUTSU stayed back to help Parikshit run the world affairs …


After PArikshit PANDAVA dynasty ruled for 1000 years on earth …KSHEMAKA being the last ruler .. In these 1000 years rule was very just and everywhere people followed Bhagavat dharma and satshastra was predominant everywhere on the earth .. people followed vedic VAISHNAVA dharma only these shastras guaranteed MOKSHA .. as RIshis like Shaunaka etc were preaching BHAGAVAT everywhere … Vedavyasa and all other rishis were appearing in the PUblic whenever Kings performed yagnyas .. so till 2200 BC everywhere there was only VAISHNAVA religion prevalent all over the world ..

Around this period … Tripurasur and his bandwagon of asuras who were killed by SHIVA  took birth again on the earth … but as Vedic dharma as much in vogue these people also got into frenzy and started the vedic sadhana .. and forgot their real swaroopa .[ rishis and LORD VEDVYASA stopped his appearances among the people of earth ] ..  as they progressed spiritually all the DEVATAS became upset as satshashtras were being practised by demons …. why were they upset ? if the havishya [ edibles  kept to be put in homa / yagnya ]  is taken away by a dog will one not be upset ? so also Devatas were upset ..

They went to SRIMANNARAYANA in Kshirsagar along with BRAMHA Rudra  and Indra and others and pleaded HIm to put an end to the satvik sadhana of the demons … TRipurasur had taken birth as JIn SHUDDHODANA and his wife gayadevi . They had a newly born child .. LORD cast aside this child and placed himself in the cradle … In a normal VEDIC manner Suddhodan  and wife called RAJpurohit and arranged for vedic sanskaaras like JATAHKARMA etc …. Just preist prepared for the VEDIC rituals … CHILD started laughing loudly ..and made mockery of the VEDIC RITUALs .. child’s behaviour came as a surprise to all those present .Those present asked the child ” WHO ARE YOU “? the child said ” I AM BUDDHA [ the gyanswaroopa ] ”

He preached this world is KSHANIKA , GNANA , SHUNYA , ASAT , ABHAAV .

They all hesitated  to believe the child ..TO give them more assurance of his prowess … Lord ordered RUDRA And other devatas .. all the devatas knowing LOrd’s intention attacked the child for preaching anti vedic shastra and stopping the KINg to perform vedic yagnyas and depriving tthe devatas of their share in yagnya ..

RUDRA used Trishula and Indra vajrayudha . everyone their weapons .. CHILD swallowed all the weapons .. Finally VISHNU came and used his SUDARSHAN chakra on the BUDDHA .. Buddha the child stopped chakra and made it his asana and sat on it .. seeing this all the devatas praised Buddha and left for their abodes ..

All the people who had amassed many punya till date through vaishnava sadhana lost their punya by adhering to new avaidik shastra and they started believing the world to be kshanika gyana  Shunya asatya and abhaav with that anusandhana they got ready to be sent to andhatamas ..

LOrd then returned to DEVALOKA , where he was surrounded by all the devtas and rishis to explain the meaning of the words KSHANIKA GYANA SHUNYA ASAT ABHAAVA ..

LORD BUDDHA then gave the real meaning to the devatas …

EVERY kshana [ a unit of time ] is in its own kshana … it does not exist in some other kshana .. [ a subunit of time is part of its Unit and not other unit ] . when things exist for greater period of time than kshana even then its existence in that particular kshana is a reality ..JUST as a man having 100 rupees also has 50 rupees with him naturally .. a thing existing in 10 seconds exists for  a second as well ..

so a existence is for kshana is a reality ///

BUt this world though existing for many years is going to end some day and thus carries a quality called ashuutarvinaashi …because it is going to end some day it is called as Kshanik … this quality of ending some day of this world is permanent and exists forever as long as world are created .. thus there is permanency associated with being KSHANIK [ temporary ] .

This quality[ of being vinashi ]  is inseparable from the world and thus it is one with world and in this way world is KHSANIK is permanent truth …

How come world is temporary and permanent at the same time ? this doubt may arise ..

to reconcile .// the inseparability of temporary world with the quality of getting destroyed exists through a special quality of independent implementation of its quality VINASHI … if we accept that there is abhedha of jagat being KSHANIKA and its dharma of being VINASHI then a vishesha dharma of bhedhakarya nirvahana shakti exists to get the world destroyed must also be accepted   ..

In this background The world is kshanika does not mean it remains for a second only [ as people preach ] but it means it is temporary in existence ..ie Kshanika means ANITYA ..

The world [ jagat ] is gnyana swaroopa … what does this mean ?

GNYA – means one wh is always full of knowledge [ sada gnyani ]

ANA – means one who inspires ananiya … this world is GNYANIYA means this world is always inspired by the ever knowledged LORD NARAYANA ..hence it is gnyana swaroopa .. [ instead people preach it is just a mere knowledge / feeling /awareness of existence – tao ]

secondly this world is called world as there exists life [ chetana ] on it .. chetana is full of knowledge ,,and as this world is full of chetan who are gyanaswaroopa ..

then what is SHUNYA ? generally it should mean “nothing ” but did LORD NARAYANA who is BUDDHA mean it ? if not then what is SHUNYA as per VEDAS … a per VEDAS all words describe VISHNU and there is no contradictions between vedic sentences …



Shu means Sukhswaroop

oo means uccha utkrushtha

niya means from which it is niyamita regulated ..

This world is regulated by the one who is uchhautkrushtha Sukhaswarropa who NARAYANA … hence this jagat worls is SHUNYA …

Then JAGAT is ASAT – means JAGAT world is false ???? did BUDHDHA mean this ?

so what is meant by ASAT ?

‘A’ is normally used to negate[ without  ]  …’ A ‘ denotes LORD … as LORD is without any defects he is known as ‘ a ‘ .. he is dosharahit [ he has dosha viruddha gunas qualities ]

‘a ‘ also denotes difference .. LORD is different than this world hence he is known as ‘A” … this LORD ‘a’ who is different and defect-less destroys this world … so the world has a quality of being destroyed which is ‘ saadya ‘ by whom by the lord named ‘ a ‘ so this world is knowns as ‘ASAT”

SIMILARLY tis world is created [ BHAAVYA ] by the LORD named ‘ a’  hence it is called as ABHAAV …

This was the real intention of LORD BUDHDHA and LORD never speaks a lie or misconceptions but people of lesser intellect and taamas pravrutti take it otherwise .. This vidya as spoken by BUDHDHA is known as PRASHAANT vidya which gave much happiness to DEVATAS ..thus BUDHDHA dissapeared uniting with the moolarupa …



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