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12th house and gains !

Ketu in 12th house gives dhanalaabh while all planets in 12th house gives expenditure .

sun gives heavy tax liabilities , loss of money through govt agencies
moon gives ill fame loss of reputation and dissatisfaction , unnecessary expenditure plus lack of food .
mars gives expenditure on account of enemies , crime etc
mercury gives expenditure on account of education
jupiter gives savings
venus gives long-term savings
Shani rahu gives bad habits and expenditure due to them
ketu gives gain of money

malefic in 12th give foreign travels if aspected by benefic gives progress in foreign countries .
if aspected by malefic one will lose wealth in foreign lands sometimes have to beg also .
malefic if aspected by malefic one will involve in crimes
if 12th lord is with sun one will go to hell after death
if mixed planets in 12th and lagna well placed one will get swarga

12th lord in own house and 12 th aspected by benefic MUSAL YOGA
one will lead difficult life , after many insults and expenditure will stabilise in life BUT still one will go to SWARGA ..

Vrishabha lagna – Position of Sun and its results !

1.sun in lagna gain of lands house and happiness , will have a good job
2.sun in second house too heavy expenses but good earnings
3.sun in third house , earning not sufficient , however hard one tries one will always be in deficit no svaings .
4.sin in fourth house ,will ahve power in hand , will become a good offcier secretary general manager etc
5.sun in fifth house inheritance of house lands property , much earningss from a job .
6.sun in sixth house will spend away all the properties got from ancestors and also self earned properties . lossof eductaion , debts and troubloes frome enemies . loss of health
7.sun in seventh , good married life with spouse having good qualities yet person will not be happy with good natured wife .
8.sun in 8th troubles in urinating ,break in education , obstacles in growth , tight financial position ,troubles from authorities
9.sun in 9th house increase in fortunes , increase in education , increase in opulence of place of stay
10.sun in 10th house political power , teerthayatra ,devatakaarya , favours from higher officials will do good deeds , recognition from govt .
11. sun in 11th house , will get good job , house lands and fame .
12. sun in 12th house one will spend like anythinga nd finally will have to beg . loss of lands house .always trouble in office , if saturn is in second even business will not be favourable . if with staurn life will be difficult .
if shani si alone in kendra he will be a achiever liked by all .

First HOUSE – 1st Bhava [ a study ]

|| Om AINDHANAAY namaha ||

  1. If there are benefics shubh grahas in the first house [lagna ] then one will be longlived [deerghayushi ] and wealthy and wise . If papa evil grahas are there in lagna in exaltation or own house we will see similar results .
  2. if Lagna is mesha vrishchik and if SUn is there one will be wealthy
  3.  for vrushabha tula – sun in lagna – one will be blind in night ,
  4. for mithun kanya -sun in lagna will give broad eyes and one will be fool
  5. for karkataka sun in lagna – one will have eye problems
  6. for simha sun in lagan will give problems with sight
  7. for tula sun in lagna , one will be abandoned by the parents
  8. for makara kumbha  sun in lagna one will be greedy
  9. for Meena dhanush sun in lagna will make one slave to  woman
  10. if sun in lagna is with malefics or especially Rahu and moon is in 8th , child will die during the birth while surgery or by sharp instruments or weapons
  11. if lagna lord is rahu and jupiter   and in 1 6 8 12  and sun is also with malefics then one will be always troubled by diseases
  12. if lagna lord is malefic and lagna is also weak then one will be ever angry and dissatisfied , and diseased .
  13. Lagnadhipati in kendra trikona one will not have any diseases ..
  14. if the lord of bhava where  lagnadhipati  is deposited ,if it is in 6 8 then one will be weak constitution
  15. if 5th and 9th from lagna have shani afflicted with malefics or rahu ketu , or if rahu is in lagna with malefics and 5 9 from there have gulika , or rahu in lagna with gulika or lagnadhipati in lagna with malefics and rahu , one will be troubled by snakes , thieves and deciet .. [ fraud ,scam concipiracy ]
  16. if lagna is with shani and sun then also one will be troubled by thieves again and again  ,  iN previous life such people would have looted a temple ..especially a shivalinga … REMEDY – chandrayan rudra homa .. and at river bank surya japa 51000 and shani 1 lakh with shivaling daana ..
  17. if SHani is with rahu in LAGNA then one will have swollen testicles .. in the rpevious life one would have killed a pregnant cow raised in own house ..- remedy = prajapatya homa , and godaana with milk and 10000 gayatri .
  18. Mars in lagna , navel and cheeks and testicles will be enlarged
  19. SUn aspecting lagna one will have his fathers property and will be liked by govt ..and will get favours and wealth from govt .
  20. one will be obese if sun aspects 3rd house and one will be adicted to prostitutes and will be wealthy and happy and make good progress socially
  21. Saturn aspecting lagna will make one always lusty even in old age will be associated with women
  22. SUn aspecting lagna will make one follow fathers profession , will be brave and bold and will be liked by his father . MOON aspecting will make one famous and educated wise .. mars aspecting lagna will make one writer and mercury’s aspect will make one  designer sculptor , Jupiter aspecting will make one disciplined , liked by all and will have fortunes that others will be envy of …venus aspecting makes one attractive and will be liked by opposite sex and will be wealthy .. saturn’s aspect will make one be a fool  , suffering from poverty and anti social ..
  23. Jupiter venus aspecting lagna will make one a minsiter
  24. if friendly planets but malefics aspect lagna then one will be brave and difficult to control by others … if three benefics aspect lagna then he will be very wealthy and equal to KING .. if jupiter and friendly planet aspect then there will be wealth and diseases .. if none aspect lagna then one will not have any special qualities ..
  25. if there are only benefics in 6 7 8 from lagna then king minister or senapathy is born
  26. if full moon is there in lagna one will be trader of preciosu stones , if ksheena chandra is there then one will be lustful , angry , evil , and cheat
  27. if lagna is meena and budha in it then one will be slave ..
  28. if tula lagna has shani then one born will be wise , and will head a state or village or city ..
  29. If benefics aspect lagna one will be famous , wealthy and beautiful and happy .
  30. if all benefics aspect then all the yogas in the horoscope will give only benefic results .if moon also joins them then even if one is harsh and eveil one will stay as king for a long time ..  If moon is in debilitation then much miseries will strike ..if exalted then all evils will dissapear ame will happen if  moon aspects the lord of the rashi in which it is placed ..


AstroConfusions !

Parashara enumerates the qualities of astrologer who can give accurate predictions :

  1. Expert in mathematics
  2. Must have toiled hard to gain proficiency  in grammar [science of sounds and words  ]
  3. Well versed in Law of the land .
  4. Intelligent
  5. Having complete grasp of geo political situation of the Land at the time .
  6. Having grasp of time zones ,directions and space .
  7. having conquered Senses. [ principled ]
  8. Fertile imagination , well versed in logic and adept at reasoning and logical inference .
  9. Uses his knowledge in accordance with treatise on astronomy and astrology .
  10. Truthful

Such an astrologer will never fail in his words .

Why so much of stringent qualities have been put on Astrologers ?

Astrology is a complex shastra ! It has many variants in practise . Each Practitioner has his own interpretation of shastra and consequently a new theory ! In the overall run to master astrology , if these theories are not carefully filtered , astrology remains a fascinating jugglery in the realms of statistics and probability !

Lets look at variants .

>To start with Astrology is science of Planets and its motion around earth and subsequently their impact on Human beings .

counterview 1 : Planets and its motion around SUN .

Implication : If Planets affect the humans then every object circling SUN should affect human beings so URANUS NEPTUNE and scores others should also affect human beings . so if a some effect is due to Neptune and if it is not mentioned in shastra that is because , astrology is still evolving and rishis of yesteryears were not adept in astronomy as much as NASA so they could not find Neptune etc and hence could only predict for NINE planets only . Now that NEPTUNE etc have been discovered , additional  results have been attributed . HOW ? trial and error !

Objection : Suppose if few more planets that are not yet discovered , if discovered later will change astrology ! The result that I am facing may be due to some unknown Planet not yet discovered but still we are trying to fix it to existing planetary configuration ! Isn’t it unscientific ! Oh I think its hard to say which planet discovered /undiscovered is currently responsible for my miseries ! No one cannot say it with authority ! WHo knows there dozen other RAHu ketus in system ? By the PARASHARA did mention there are may ketus in the space .

Oh ASTROLOGY is probabilistic science , its evolving ! Nothing can be said definitely !

> The Zodiac [BHACHAKRA]  is constant

counterview: Zodiac – BHACHAKRA is moving .

Implication :  Say sun moves in zodiac , lets say on Mar 21 xxxx Sun was at 00 Aries .

 So when Sun returns after one year on Mar 21 xxxx+1 . Is Sun at 0 deg Aries or Zodiac has moved ahead . so Which Zodiac should we consider moved one or previous one .

Counterview : Mar 21 occurs taking into consideration  moved zodiac . so the current position of SUN is new year .

No the position of planets should be calculated as per fixed zodiac . So  correction be made .

The above problem is classically known as AYANAMSA .

As the fixed zodiac and moving zodiac meet or overlap with common start points , such a point can be taken in recent times to fix a ayanamsa . Unfortunately scores of astrological treatises exists giving various points of coincidences of Nirayana and SAYANA bhachakra .

> Classic issue of Planetary motion : old treatises give Motion of Sun around zodiac in one year ie 360 deg  revolution in 365 days 6 hours 9 min 12 seconds . The actual figures in para and apara truti [ milliseconds etc ]renders the calculation to leave a residual year after year , which English calendars add as LEAP year day .

But Classics have ordered to use practical observations to rectify such differences arising out of accumulation of residuals . Let me be more elaborate ,

If we approximate Suns revolution time for a year to second , ignoring milliseconds etc , over 1000 of years , the exact position of sun will differ by few second min and hours and over few lakh years it may go off by days even .  instead of one leap day we should perhaps add two .

So corrections are necessary to these and hence Driksiddhanta should be used is one such opinion ,. Driksiddhanta means , physical observation of Eclipses and other astronomical phenomena to verify the calculations . and subsequently rectify the planetary calculations

Based on this dictum many Beeja sanskaras  have been suggested to arrive at accurate planetary positions .

Some have resorted to NASA based data to calculate Planetary positions .

Objections :

  • Much before NASA came into existence were astrologers not calculating the planetary positions ?
  • Were these astrologers not competent ?[ as far as we know yesteryears astrologers were accurate and mystique ]
  • As there were no telescopes and  space laboratories , how come the data of these astrologers given by rishis is so much nearer to the modern day speeds of the planets .
  • So when a dispute arises out of such calculations , should we resort to age old wisdom or recent experimentation we keep ever changing in theories and data .
  • Final does the acid test of accurate eclipse moment is achieved by any of the NASA or traditional or corrected calculations ,. Answer is NO !

Let me illustrate how these affect a human horoscopes !

case 1 ! Driksiddhanta  chart of a person X  Chart A 


navamsa  chart
sat in ascendant  
moon in second house
sun venus and mer in 9th navamsa libra 
rasi  chart
sun moon mer in ascendant  
venus in second house



Chart B with a different ayanamsa



chart b
navamsa position has considerably changed
sat moon in second house
sun mer venus in scorpio navamsa rendering malefic results . 



Chart C Same data but with traditional calculations


chart c where traditional astrology is used
all the planetary position in navamsa has changed .
with moon saturn in ascendant
venus in scorpio
sun debilitated
mer in sagittarius .
Jupiter in exaltation .


Three astrologers with different concepts would give three different predictions ranging from good , mixed to bad results for a the same person . In some typical cases One astrologer may declare a subject to be MANGLIK and other as NON MANGLIK ! Which one is correct ! Can one believe any of them ! IS ASTROLOGY TRULY A DEFINITIVE SCIENCE ?

Confusions of BHAVA :

Astrology is combination of bhava , rashi , graha .

Here a classic confusion arises , when a person is born in LEO 10deg . Does planet in 6 deg LEO belong to first bhava or twelfth bhava . that means IS BHAVA and rashi same or different !

  • Some people take BHava and rashi as one . ie IF 10 deg Leo is asc . The LEO is first house and Virgo is second house  so on .
  • yet some people think Bhava is 30 deg each and it starts from 10 deg LEO to 10 deg Virgo . so planets in 11 deg virgo onwards form second house , if any planet in 5 deg virgo it still is in first bhava . so bhava chart varies .  So venus in virgo is debilitated but it should give result of venus in lagna debilitated or venus in second house debilitated . first one gives health hazards owing to women , second one gives financial liabilities owing to women .
  • Yet some say , as sunrise is taken as visibility of suns half disc over horizon in the east .So 10deg LEO means bhava midpoint and bhava extends from 25deg cancer to 25 deg LEO . In this case planet in 26deg cancer happens to be in first house and virgo firmly becomes second house but any planet in 26 deg virgo will go to third house . 


Bhava chart example

bhava A

Bhava chart A
mars has moved from 3rd house to second
from RASHI
Rahu from 12 th to 11th
venus from 2nd to asc
jupiter from 11th to 10th .

There are  entirely different predictions

Bhava chart example 2.

bhava b


Confusion of Divisional chart !

Parashara has given 16 divisions of rashi chart to be minutely studied to give accurate predictions .

Whether divisional charts should be viewed or only varga signs be considered .

For example when analysing jupiter in rashi chart , only its varga signs in other divisions should be considered .

Should higher divisions be considered ?

Let us assume  birth occurs at 12 : 12 pm

the chart in Rashi changes a degree every 4 minutes , with a change in degree there can be change in planetary positions in bhava chart .

A chart in trimshamsha changes every 4 minutes only lagna changes .

A shashtiamsha ascendant changes every two minutes .

View one ;

See Rashi chart , look at various divisions obtained for each of the  planet and predict .

here most of planets have fixed amsha positions except moon which changes its shashtiamsha position every 50 minutes ,and navamsha position every 6 hours .

So Karkamshas in amshas are relatively constant even if birth time is erratic and can still give good results .

View 2 : divisional charts should be seen and houses in the divisional charts must be weighed before giving predictions . But With a change in birth time by two minutes , a shashtiamsha chart will be thrown off gear with planets moving from 5th house to sixth house in the span of two minutes and thus rendering the planet useless and malefic .

How confidently can we predict in such scenario . What is the guarantee that querist [ owner of horoscope ] is giving accurate time of birth .

Parashara has given four schemes

Shadvarga [6charts ], saptavarga[7 chart ] ,dashavarga [10 chart ],shodashvarga [16 chart ]

While this is good news for people who would be put off by just 12 signs and nine planets in astrology and say how can humanity be divided into 12 parts and predict . Here are 16 charts for a human being and this combination is unique for a birth every two minutes apart .

But confusion arises as to what is the relative importance of these charts , are they weighted linearly or nonlinearly . But Parashara surprises even more .

The weighted configuration are

Varga shadvarga saptavarga dashavarga shodashvarga result
rasi 6 5 3 3.5 body
hora 2 2 1.5 1 wealth
dreshkana 4 3 1.5 1 brothers
navamsa 5 4.5 1.5 3 spouse
dwadashamsa 2 2 1.5 0.5 forefathers
trimshamsa 1 1 1.5 1 evils
saptamsa   2.5 1.5 0.5 progeny
dashamsha     1.5 0.5 glory
shodashamsa     1.5 2 pleasures
shashtiamsha     5 4 complete
vimshamsa       0.5 spirituality
siddhamsha       0.5 Education
Bhamsha       0.5 strength
turyamsha       0.5 fortunes
khavedamsha       0.5 auspiciousness
Akshavedamsha       0.5 entirety
total weights 20 20 20 20  


Here arises a confusion , if the scheme changes why is it that weights of the divisions changing . some say in saptavarga its actually dwadashamsa which gets 4.5weight  and not navamsa .

The problem is if  a chart A has exalted planets in navamsha , its weight will tilt a planet favourable in shadvarga scheme , but becomes unfavourable in dashavarga scheme .

So how can a planet be favorable and unfavourable at the same time . These schemes give results in dasha bhukti  periods , so if an astrologer is considering only six charts , he may declare a planet good and healthy in a dasha whereas another astrologer choosing another scheme or perhaps going into depths of 1o charts may render the same dasha as useless .

What is the secret behind the schemes ?

Does that mean deeper insight into a horoscope may give lesser results than superficial analysis . What about the predictions given only on RASHI CHART as usually all astrologers do , It will definitely go off the mark .

SO what is right 16 charts , 10 charts or seven charts , or six charts or just 1 chart ?

Confusions in aspects Drishti :

Should drishti be taken from sign or longitudes ?

if signs are absolute then signs in seventh from a planet receives full aspects , if longitudes are taken then sign in eighth from a planet may also receive full aspect , then should we consider beneficence to eighth house ? with just a chart and no minute details of longitudes an astrologer will declare the planet in 8th as dangerous for longevity but longitudinal aspect will show increase in longevity !

Oh GOD what is right ?

Is there a drishti in divisional chart ?

View 1: how can there be a aspect in divisional chart , there is only one zodiac and planets in zodiac cast aspects drishti via rays , if subdivisions chat is erected and if it is said to have aspects  , then planet in Libra in amsha , and planet in Capricorn in Aries amsha , how can they aspect , how can rays of makara reach Libra navamsha .?

View 2 : aspects are not a ray phenomenon , it is equally debatable that a planet in zodiac can see selectively 3 rd house 10 house etc , if rays are responsible then rays must reach equally at all signs . Aspects are special phenomenon and hence  can be extended to even amshas .

Karkamsha specially looks into planets in different signs and good and bad aspects also count .

View 3: only rashi drishti should be seen in amshas .


Confusion with IShta kashta phala !

The planet is supposed to give shubha phala as per shubha rashmi :

view 1 : shubha rashmi is calculated as  [ square root ( Uccha rashmi X chesta rashmi )]

U= uccha rashmi rays due to exaltation to debilitation

C = rays due to motional strength

S = effective rays  [ which should always be less than 8 ]


View 2 :  If U is zero ie planet is in deep debilitation and retrograde 

then S = sqr root (0 * 60 ) = 0

ie the concept of NEECH BHANGA RAAJ YOGA does not exist as even if retrograde the planet in deep debilitation is still having 0 auspiciousness . This is against dictum so shubha rashmi should be average of uchha and chesta rashmi .

S= (U + C )/2

But this formula does not ensure the upper limit of eight for S .

Confusion confusion .

View 3 : why do we require ishta kashta ,? What are strenghths ?

Why should we use shadbala when Vimsopaka is there ? when analysing strength of planet should we use shadbala or just vargottama and benefic aspects in navamsa and rashi is enough ? does planet in debiliatation with good shadbala give more miseries or gives happiness ? A malefic with strength does it trouble more or gives good results ? A malefic aspected by benefic of lesser shadbala will it overcome bad result or add to bad result ?

When shadbala calculations itself takes care of aspects and associations of malefic benefics why additionally ishta kashta phala be multiplied in case of aspect of malefic and or benefic ? is it not repetitive exercise ?

confusion confusion

Confusions in Ashtakavarga

Should we include Lagna in sarvashtakavarga ?

Should total be taken from longitudes of planets or bhava of rashi ?

whether prastara ashtakvarga is contribution of benefic on rashi or benefic from rashi ?

Is Gochara important or ashtakvarga ? why sade sati to my friend is not a s severe as mine though we both are same RASHI ?

Will one get same results every 12 hours , 12 minutes  12 monthss and 12 years according to sudarshan dasa ?

Lastly the mother of all confusions !

Which dasha should be used and what is the definition of year .

Some say Vimshottari is best , some say kalachakra dasha is best .

But varahamihira never mentioned about vimshottari he used pinda dasha . Pinda dasha makes sense as it is individualistic to horoscope . and results are due to ashtakvarga which is again chart specific .

Do all the planets in divisional chart give results in dasha or antardasha ?

Whether all dashas have to be applied ? how can I know I am getting miseries owing VIMSHOTTARI or  Pinda or kalachakra ?

Finally what is my dasha as of now ?

If the solar year is taken i am running  MARS dasha

But if Lunar year is taken I am in Moon dasha saturn bhukti

Should I take 360 days dasha . then it is MOON dasha Mercury bhukti.

Okay let me rectify by the data , yes My son was born in xxxx date , with solar year it is moon jupiter bhukti ****** yes birth of son can happen in jupiter bhukti as jupiter is karaka for children ******************* yes solar year is correct !!!!!! WAIT A MINUTE

With lunar year  it comes to MOON SATURN  BHUKTI and PARASHARA says saturn bhukti gives birth of a son **********************

Oh God which is correct ?

As far as I know i was born on 15 oct , should I say my year begins and ends with 15 oct .

But we usually see in shastras birthdays of saints as on panchami navami , krishna astami is done on rohini nakshatra in shravan , so i should use 360 thithis as one year .

But then My birthday is never on 15 oct every year it changes every year .

So how can i say i am so much year old >

with 354 days a years , in 50 years I am off  [ 365 –354 ] * 50 = 550 days , WHEW that is two years behind , means , i may say 50 but i am actually  48 .

so my dasha is off mark .

finally a difference of  5 minutes in birth time will cause

moon traverses a 3 min arc in 5 minutes .

200arc minutes = 5 years maximum in venus dasha .

180 months / 200 = 9* 3 = 27 days .

so a difference of 5 minutes in recording birth time will give dasha difference of +- 27 days

An astrologer should safely say that two months margin of error remains in timing of the events  But he can never be accurate when all these confusions prevail in his mind . Ye MAN one can never be sure what is correct and what is not ? Its all intuition u see ! No scientific base ! Can you definitely say this result occurred due to jupiter in rashi in ninth house , or venus in tenth in dashamsa or perhaps , a exalted mars in chaturthamsa gave this result and why do you worry I said so it happened , See This astrologer can never fail ?


note : Readers would You go to any astrologer after reading this !!!!!!!!!

AS all the sciences , KALI has not left even VEDANGA to be tarnished ! Madhvacharya resurrected tattvavada from the Confusions of MANIMAAN adi daityas ! He gave precise hints in yati pranav kalpa , jayanti nirnaya and KRSIHNAMRUTA MAHARANAV  to lead us a steadfast Astrology !!!!1



5th House – Chiratputra Yoga [Vaman avatar]

  • When ascendant lord and fifth lord are in shubha rashi and and benefics and jupier ,venus and mercury are in fifth ,one will have a son after many years of penace[ chiratputra prapti ] .
  • When mars as lagnadhipati is exalted and saturn , sun is in eighth is aspected by benefics one will have offspring after many years of austerities.
  • Benefics in lagna , malefics in 2nd and 3rd , fifth lord benefic placed in benefic rashi will give son in a old age after many prayers.

King Bali was the son of Virochan [son of Prahlad] , He had defeated Indra and occupied the three worlds . In those days all the yagnya done were accepted by Demons in Swarga ,as INdra had fled. Seeing the plight of her son ,Indra’s mother ADITI decided to get him his kingdom back. She started praying Lord Vishnu ,for twelve years she performed PAYOVRATA . After 12 years of penace Vishnu appeared and gave her a boon that HE would be born to her as VAMAN and get her son INdra his kingdom back.

After some time Vaman was born to Aditi and Kashyap , He was accorded jatakarma  upanayan  etc by Bramha himself . Then Lord Vaman proceeded to Bali’s Yagnya .As he kept his feet , entire earth trembled and fire in the Yagnyashala extinguishes and Ritwij mantras misspelled .seeing this Bali asked his Guru Shukracharya ,what was the reason ?

Shukracharya said VAman is coming to take away your wealth and kingdom to give it back to Devatas , your oblations are hence not being accepted by Agni . Do not promise to give anything to Vaman. Bali says I cannot refuse alms to Lord or for that matter anyone during my yagnya .

Vaman appears before Bali , Bali welcomes Lord with arghya pada etc. He then pleads Hari to let know the purpose of his visit , Vaman asks for three steps Bhumi [land] dana . Bali agrees , So Vamana says if you have agreed then let the water from the kamandalu be poured onto my palm as promise . BALI prepares but shukracharya becomes tiny and obstructs the hole[mouth] of Kamandalu to prevent the fall of water . Vaman with a kusha[grass] clears the hole ,Shukracharya loses his eye . He comes out and speed away to a distant land for penace . water falls onto the palms of Hari

Instantly the dwarf  Vamana takes on a huge form spanning entire universe [This form is known as Trivikram ] and with one step spans the entire earth and with another he reaches and covers the top edge of Bramhanda . There remains no space in the universe for the third step .

This is achintyadbhut shakti of the Lord [ making impossible possible] Changing a form from small dwarf VAman to a huge gigantic Trivikram is an impossible task as change of mass and density in time cannot be instantaneous for material bodies. But Lord exhibits this quality instantly , As his foot reaches the edge of Bramhanda , his toes nail pierces the Bramhanda Kharpar , Outside Bramhanda is a layer of Shudhodaka [the original water ”  Apa ” one of the 24 mool tatvas , not the water on the earth which is panchabhutamaya  “toyam” ] This water as it touches ,adorns [washes is not a right word] Lord’s lotus foot  , it acquires the name of Haripadodaka [ In temples teertha is nothing but water that sweeps through God’s idol and collects at the feet ,this is very sacred everyone takes it with reverence as it is sanctified by touch of Lord’s feet] .

Here this water is touching not the idol but the Lord himself [ Hari -> Lord , Pada-> feet , Udaka -> water ] thus this is Haripadodaka and is more important and sacred ,shreshtha ,it flows like a river into Bramhanda , Chaturmukha Bramha realising the opportunity to accept this ,extends his kamandalu and collects the entire water ,rest flows into the swarga as GANGA If ordinary teertha in temples can wash of sins then Ganga can assuredly can cleanse one of Sins as Ganga is very sacred because it has come from the feet of the Lord. But it was all in swarga [ before bali there was no ganga in universe]. Afterwards it came to earth only when Bhagirath brought it through penace .

So there was no space left for third step , those who fail in fulfilling promise , Varuna captivates them , Thus Bali was tied down by Varun Pasha , Bali offers his head as the third step , Lord Steps onto his head forcing him to Patala , and gives back the KIngdom to Indra and other devatas , Killing all the demons.

Why did Lord not Kill Bali?  Usually We hear Rakshasas troubling Devatas and Vishnu appearing and killing the Demon . But in this case Vishnu appeared to ask dana , he did not uses Danda neeti . why?

Because Bali was Grandson of Prahalad . Prahalad never asked a boon in his life to the Lord. But Lord insisted to ask a Boon . Prahalad after much pursuing by Lord to ask for a boon asked Oh my Lord Narsimha let my offsprings never hurt or insult any Bramhin in their lives , and I ask your devotion to all  my offsprings and my father [whom you have killed now] ,for Rakshasa as we are They are bound to commit some mistakes. You [The Lord] forgives all the mistakes of devotee except hurt or insult to a bramhin. [Thus he ensured his  offsprings be saved from being killed by Lord]

Having given this Boon to Prahalad , Lord never killed Bali or Banasur etc.  Instead personally  protected him in Patala  and Promised him the seat of Indra in the next Manvantara.


5th House – Satputra The story of ASTIK

If jupiter as fifth lord is strongly placed and also sun is in ninth then one will have Satputra yoga.Satputra is the one who brings joy to the ancestors of both Father and Mother’s lineage .One whose birth is a meritorious and sets fortune among maternal and paternal relations.He is the one who will be a beacon lamp among the dynasty [kuldeepak] . The whole relatives would see a  sense of hopes in such progeny.He is the one who relieves the father of his Pitru runa and brings sanctity to a mothers’ womb. Blessed is a soul and its lineage where a Satputra takes birth. One such child can wash away the sins of 21 forefathers and 21 grandchildren generations .

  • A man when born in this world is born with Panch Runa[five debts]
  • Pitru Runa [ debt towards the father ]
  • Matru Runa [ debt towards the Mother]
  • Dev Runa [ debt towards Devatas]
  • Rushi Runa [ debt towards preceptors]
  • Bhuta Runa [ debt towards the elements /environment]

Pitru Runa gets cleared as a child is born to the Man .[he is free from debt of the father]

Matru Runa does not get cleared at all [ one can never repay what a mother does to his child . We are all ever indebted to a mother for having brought us into this world bearing all the pain and nourishing us selflessly]

Deva Runa is cleared by performing our duties as worship

Rishi runa is cleared when we make correct usage of our knowledge and teach it to an able disciple

Bhuta runa can be cleared only by proper use of materials made available to us by God ,whether it is fire ,water ,air , house utensils and grain and other objects .[By not polluting them and respecting them in its correct usage avoiding abuse and ill distribution]

These runa if not properly handled and cleared rebounces to us in every births giving us what we have returned. and snatching from us what we  have not returned earlier.

A satputra relieves one of Pitru runa .

The following story is one such in MAHABHARATH ,which shows how God readies us a remedy for our problems even before the root of the problem or its cause has taken birth.

This is  a story of Astik a learned bramhin ,whose birth was awaited by both the lineages of his Father and Mother with lots of hopes and anticipation.

Once there lived a bramhin named JARATKARU , who was not interested in worldly life .He after studying shastras decided to take up NAISHRUSHTIK BRAMHACHARYA . HE stayed only on air without food and meditated on Lord .He spent most of his time in pilgrimage and rivers and mountains.One day as he was roaming ,he saw a seven old men tied upside down to a branch of tree which was about to fall in a deep well below.The branch had only one string left and that too was being eaten by a worm.

Surprised Jaratkaru asked those holy men ,what is this sorrowful sight ,why are you all suffering like this.The old men said ,oh we are all a ancestors of a single race yayavar , we have no off springs except one named JAratkaru , but even he is not interested in family life and bent upon ending his life in penace .old as he has grown ,very soon our lineage will end ,this tree is our lineage we are ancestors ,this single string is the Jaratkaru and the worm is the time .which is eating away , this well is the hell that we all will fall , if there is no offspring for Jaratkaru.

Jaratkaru moved by his ancestors plight said ” Oh my Pitru I am that Jaratkaru , please tell me my immediate duty to relieve you all of this plight”.

The holy men said ” Go and marry a deserving girl for our upliftment” Jaratkaru said ” I shall not ask for the hand of the woman myself, Anyone who would come all by himself and give his daughter or sister unto me , I shall marry provided her name is also Jaratkaru like mine”.

Saying thus Jaratkaru roamed entire world but owing to his old age and ascetic like way of life none came forward to give their girl to him. Thus reaching the end of the world , Jaratkaru decided if fate had init a bride for him then He would shout thrice that “My ame is Jaratkaru and anyone having a girl by that name wishes to marry her to me ,can come and do so” if someone comes okay or else would go the ascetic way.

As he mentioned it twice The great Snake VAsuki appeared and said I am bramhin snake son of Kashyap ,my sister is Jaratkaru and beautiful and I would like to marry her to you if you have no objection to marrying a NAgkanya .

Jaratkaru accepted with one condition he will stay with her as long as she does not annoy him . If annoyed he will desert her and go away for penace.Vasuki accepted. Once when sage was sleeping in the lap of his wife , it was about time to sunset . Fearing lapse of karma of sandhyavandana after sunset , Wife woke him up for his duties. Sage in anger said ” He never lapsed in his duties , And Sun dare not set till he wakes up and complete his karma , NOt knowing this she has annoyed him and thus he would leave her .” Wife in grief said , it would not be right of him to leave her for no fault of hers. But atleast not before giving her a son. She asked ” is there a child in her womb ?” The sage said “ASTI” [there is ],he would be blazing like sun and Agni well versed in all shastras and vedas.

Vasuki and all took care of his sister and Astik was born and learnt Vedas under Rishi Chyavan. to the delight of all.

Why did GOD want a child to be born to a bramhin and a Snake? In this world child has extreme affinity to the relatives of the Mothers’ side . Their plight the child when grows up naturally tries to alleviate out of affection. Also a child takes on the qualities of his Father . So a child who would be as learned as a Bramhin well versed in all shastras and with affinity towards Snakes was what God created here .WHY?

Parikshit was son of Abhimanyu .King Parikshit ruled justly this world after Pandavas left .One day while he was hunting He saw a Kingly featured ugly man kicking a Cow . King immediately tried to stop him But The wicked man said “Oh King know me as Kali , my time has come I have asked you the permission to enter your kingdom” King resisted ,but when He found out that in Kaliyuga people would get punya easily just by chanting name of LOrd as ” Hare ram Hare Ram ram ram Hare hare , Hare Krishna Hare krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare” This punya would be equivalent to what would be got by doing Dhyana in Satya yuga , Yagnya in a Trtayuga and Pooja in DwaparaYuga  . Thus what is got in a 100 years Krita yuga and 10 years in Treta yuga and 1year in Dwapara can be got in half a day in Kaliyuga .

Thus seeing this one virtue of Kali and also compulsion to follow YugaDharma , Parikshita allowed Kaliyuga to enter ,but asked him to stay away from his kingdom and subjects except five places where there is ,1 Gambling 2 Prostitutes 3.Alcohol 4 Deciet    5 Gold .  As Parikshit was wearing a golden Crown Kali entered His crown and was on his head.

This resulted in bad company , King hunted a deer which went deep into the jungle , chasing the KIng reached the ashram of Uttanak Rishi . He asked rishi whether he has seen deer , The king was exhausted and hungry 60 years of age as he was.got frustrated as Rishi was in maunvrata and did not respond .King grew angry out of ego and frustration owing to presence of Kali [ one acquires bad qualities in bad company] , King felt insulted for not being given welcome by Rishi .He took a dead snake and hurled it around the rishi’s neck. Rishi showed no expression and king went away.

Rishi had a very bright son name Sringi he was all but 10 years of age  very much pious and given to study of vedas ,but highly short tempered. He was returning from his gurukul and on the way he learnt from his friends that his father was insulted by king with  a dead skin and his father did nothing to punish King . So Sringi took the water in nearby pond and cursed King that ” He would die by the bite of TAKSHAK [empowered by my penace ] within seven days. [ what was the penace ” Practice of Gayatri for two years “]

Rishi uttanak said ” king was  a just man by killing him this way he has deprived the citizens of a good king . He requested his son to divert the curse but Sringi refused and said ” my words would never go futile” So Rishi sent his disciple to King to let know of his fate .

King by then had kept his crown aside and immediately realised his mistake and after hearing from Disciple repented not for loss of his life but for his folly. He constructed a a big palace in midst of sea and  stayed there and asked Sages of a way to get MOksha within seven days . Sages advised him Bhagavat by Sage Shuka would emsure him Moksha . SO Bhagavat was recited for the first time in this world.

Takshak set out to kill Parikshit , on the way he met a Bramhin Kashyap by name , he asked where he was heading to , Kashyap said he was well versed in art of reviving dead by snake bite and that he would revive king Parikshit . Takshak said lets examine ,

He showed a tree and bit it ,the tree blasted into ashes by the poison . The bramhin chanted a mantra , onto ashes ,firstly it turned into seed then sprout and two leaves appeared and then a trunk and branches and whole tree was lush green again as earlier , also there was a man sitting on the branches , he also got restored . The man ran  away.

Seeing the power Takshak asked him why would he revive Parikshit whose longevity was indeed over by the curse of Sringi , Bramhin closed his eyes and after deep contemplation agreed with Takshak , Takshak gave him ample wealtha nd sent him away. There in the middle of sea all the routes were closed and bramhins were appointed to chant sarpa mantras to prohibit direct entry of snakes. Daily fruits were being taken to KIng , Takshak entered one of the fruits and as the KIng opened it HE came out and bit him to ashes and whole palace was set ablaze by poison.

The Son of Parikshit was child , he was enthroned and when he grew up JAnmaejaya son of Parikshit asked how his father left to heavens , The man on the tree survived by Kashyap narrated him story , Angry Janmejaya thought Takshak could have allowed KAshyap to revive his Father but out of fear that his name and reputation of fierce poisonous snake would get tarnished he has corrupted Kashyap , so he must be punished.

He summoned all his purohits and ministers , They suggested SARPAYAGA . A yagnya  was prepared for genocide of snake species. Swetaketu Pingal Moudgalya ,Chandbhargava  Jaimini all presided as sadasyas and HOTRI for the Yagnya . The Yaga began and as butter was poured with sacrificial mantras , crores of snakes fell into the fire , with stench and fat converted into a river of marrow of snakes . All the snakes fell one by one into the Yagnya Kunda ”

Takshaka took shelter of INDRA . Vasuki out of fear of loss of life called Astika to do something for their race. Astika pained by the deaths of maternal relatives headed for the Yagnyashala , he praised Janmejaya in  a very notable fashion comparing his yaga with that of SOMA VARUNA YAMA, Indra , Ajameedha , Ramachandra , YUdhisthira presided by Krishna Dwaipayana , Meanwhile Takshak was not coming due to Indras’ shelter , King was happy with the praises of ASTIK , he wished to give him boon on account of his knowledge of so many yagas and their presiders and  though of tender age and blazing like a sun and agni and having crossed the doorkeepers easily by his charm and tejas inside the Yagnyashala. He offered him a boon.

The sages stopped him saying Takshak has not yet come , Janmaejaya said to bring him along with Indra into the sacrificial fire. Indra too was getting dragged to Fire , Indra left Takshak , Takshak unconscious and drawn towards fire from heavens , was roling in the air as he was about to fall , King said I want to give you a boon a oh meritorious bramhin ask, ASTIKA said ” oh king let no more snakes be dropped into the fire “stop stop stop ” , King said ask any other boon except this , gold silver damsels , these three worlds kingdom everything dont ask me to stop , Astika refused , Sages of the yagnya said since this noble bramhin has asked nothing else his boon be given , simulatneously uttering STOP , Takshak stood still in air the whole world stopped . Seeing the prowess of the ASTIKA , King janmaejaya stooped the yaga , thus snakes were saved , realatives were saved Uncle Vasuki was saved.

The extermination of Snake race was halted by an able bramhin , who out of love for snake uncles and profound knowledge  of Vedas and mantras , forewent the wealth of three worlds and other gifts and saved the race of his mother and saved the ancestors of his Father.

Thus Lord Narayana showed that even before sarpa yaga took place he had already readied a remedy for it in the form of ASTIKA .


4th House -Sukha Dukha Asha

  • The fourth ,tenth and seventh bhava are sukha sthanas for a person in a horoscope.
  • These denote special happiness that strike humans .
  • These places if placed well man will be happy .
  • Venus in fourth will give all kinds of wealth and enjoyments all through the life.
  • People with venus in the 10th house are rarely found to be hard working ,but surprisingly the whole world works for them , there is something special about a bhog graha in a karma sthana ,that even he enjoys during work hours too. he exerts very little and yet achieves a lot . People are mad about these personalities and form a subject matter of gossip due to envy.
  • 4 th house especially points to general happiness , venus well placed in this house makes one a happy go lucky . He will be a ashavaadi .[” boss Umeed pe duniya kayam hai” , this will be his mantra]
  • But venus in the seventh house is not preferable as this will not give conjugal bliss due to excessive demands of the person. He will have multiple partners and always unhappy about his marital status.
  • However venus in 4th house gives abundant joys , friendships and a place of admire among relatives.
  • Moon in fourth house gives enjoyments with  a woman in a unfinished house .
  • Mars in such position gives enjoyments in a stable of horse
  • Venus and mars makes one enjoy in a cow shed or buffalo shed.
  • ketu will give a  broken house
  • saturn will give a house made of iron
  • sun that of wood
  • mercury will give modern house.
  • moon with rahu makes one adjust to pleasures in a water pump room.
  • Affliction to fourth house will make one weep in his lifetime
  • If fourth house is polluted then the person will fall prey to schemes by others.
  • If fourth lord is with malefics one will leave hopes and become pessimistic
  • Fourth gives what is known as quality of life , standard of living.
  • Fourth in the rasi indicates external signs of happiness
  • Forth in kalamsa gives internal happiness
  • If fourth lord  is badly placed in kalamsa then however happy his position would reflect ,he will be straining his mind in terms of anger and jealousy and inner fear and sense of loss.
  • On the contrary when fourth lord is ill placed in rasi yet well placed in kalamsa , however unhappy a man seems to be , however unfortunate his position may seem to be , he would be infact making merry all the time in solitude.

Pandavas lost father at a young age

  • Their births were questioned
  • They grew in jungle
  • They suffered murder attempts every now and then all through youth
  • They were denied a place to live
  • They were insulted
  • They were exiled
  • They wandered from place to place
  • They had to marry in disguise
  • They had to live in a broken house
  • They had to live separately from wives time and again
  • They bore children in anonymity
  • Their children grew without their presence
  • They were always war stricken
  • They faced poverty
  • They faced tough enemies
  • They had to serve others as unknowns .[identity]
  • Lost manliness
  • They were repeatedly spied ,chased and troubled
  • They lost all the children before them
  • They had to kill their own relatives
  • When they got kingdom they had none to share it with , only one grandson  of Arjun survived.
  • They reached swarga by walking entire Himalayas and shedding their bodies[death]during cumbersome journey .
  • All this when HImself Lord was with them by their side.

Can all this be called misfortunes.? Yet they never complained . Infact Kunti [Pandavas mother] goes onto say ” Oh Krishna give us only miseries every now and then , for it will make us remember you all the time and our miseries will definitely be destroyed by YOU”.

Kauravas had everything in this world that a soul could wish for

  • Parents fully supportive
  • Royal birth
  • Royal upbringing
  • Royal Guards[ Bheeshma Drona etc]
  • Royal friends [ Karna shishupala etc]
  • Obedient advisor [ shakuni]
  • Kingdom at young age
  • Riches of others easily got
  • Mild and patient opponents
  • Many wives and no separations
  • All relatives supported them [everyone wanted to marry their daughters to these and not pandavas or their sons]
  • Whole world leadership
  • All the world admired and obliged
  • Got everything he wished for[material wishes]
  • When in peak he shared his riches fame and wealth among kith and kin [ 100s in number ]
  • Body immortal except thighs
  • Died in battlefield and went to swarga while gandharvas showered flowers on him and a special aircraft[viman ]arrived to take him.
  • He never acknowledged Krishna as Lord .

Can this be called Fortunes ? Yet he always complained , He was dissatisfied , He grew jealous day by day . He could never sleep .He spent most of time hitting the statue of BHeema as practice. He was preoccupied by schemes to trouble Pandavas and they always failed. He was extremely unhappy all through his life .Gandhari [mother of kauravas] cursed Krishna that his clan be wiped just as her sons had been wiped out .

On the contrary Pandavas were as happy as in Moksha and lead a contented life as they never had any desires and were only preoccupied with service to Lord Sri krishna.


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