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Karma Vipaka -Discourse of Yama

A rich man invites entire city to his function ,where a grand pooja is held ,rich man performs pooja with much grandeur and display of wealth .He offers gold ,silver ,pearls,precious stones ,fruits,incense with loud chanting of mantras .Aarti is performed with bells resounding the air and frenzy atmosphere is created , but alas ,the entire show was only to impress the gathering ,with a pride that everybody is watching and probably to create an impression how devotional one is. There is no devotion towards the lord.its all “adambar pooja” .

But nonetheless that was a Karma!

A child was born in a rich family , birthday was planned , child was completely dressed with ornaments ,gold ,silver,pearls,precious stones ,silk robes,golden cradle .House was decorated with flowers ,perfumes,lights etc.There was a huge gathering ,everyone was praising the child,singing songs ,wishing him long life. everyone around him was happy ,but child alas was unaware of what was going on.

The correlation of the two stories is the child was none but rich man reborn and the effect was the result of his karma “adambar pooja”.He did a splendid job without sincerity of mind ,he  reaped a splendid result sans consciousness.

  • Karmas are of three types
  • satvik,
  • rajasik
  • tamasic.
  • They are further divided as
    • papa
    • punya
  • Thus we have
    • satvik punya
    • ,rajasik punya ,
    • tamasic punya.
  • similarly
    • satvik papa ,
    • rajasik papa,
    • tamasik papa
    • Further these are divided into
    • papa beeja
    • punya beeja .
    • Thus we have
    • papa beeja punya ,
    • papa beeja papa ,
    • and punya beeja papa
    • ,punya beeja punya.
  • Beeja itself is again
    • satvik ,
    • rajasik
    • tamasik.
  • These can be further divided as manasa vacha and karmana.
    • That which is done by
    • mind ,
    • speech ,
    • body.
  • they are further classified as
    • Dhrud
    • Adhrud.
    • prakat
    • Gupt
    • sahaj
    • utprerita
    • Avishta
  • They are further classified as
    • Prarabdha
    • Sanchita
    • Agami
  • These are Further classified as
    • Ishta
    • Anishta.
  • and many more subtle differentiations beyond the scope of general readers.
  • The effects of each are also known as the secret science of Danda neeti  .
  • Thus karmas unfold life after life in an inexhaustible manner throwing the soul into cycle of births and deaths.


    Panchavidha Samvatsara

    There are five types of years in astrology. 1.solar year(saura mana 365.266 days) 2.lunar year(chandramana 354days ) 3.nakshatra mana(324 days) 4.brahaspatya (jupiterian year 395 days) 5. Savanamana (360 days year)

    Each has its own significance in astrology. For mass regulation solar year is best suited. for day today affairs lunar year should be adopted. For shanti  nakshatra year is adopted . For political forecast brahaspatya is used, For birthdays,longevity,dasas vrata,niyama,yagna,Savana year is used.

    Indian panchanga is soli-lunar calendar. It takes into account 360 tithis rather than days. it is unique and very apt for dharma shastras. This takes into account the tithi at sunrise, and this remains for entire day for the celebration of certain festivals. For example, if at sunrise ,it is Navami , then whole day that day will be considered as RAMNAVAMI , though in actual practise dashami might have come by noon.

    For shradhha , whatever tithi is at noon is considered as shrahdhha tithi . So eve if you have dwitiya in the morning , but  tritiya at noon then tritiya shradhha can be performed.For vratas , tithi mixed with previous tithi is prohibited, tithi mixed with forward tithi is auspicious. But for sankashta chaturthi , tithi at evening chandrodaya is only apt.Krishnaashtami is celebrated on a day when both rohini or ashtami is bound on midnight , it is more auspicious if it is wednesday on that day. Fasting is done till both ashtami and Rohini are exhausted.

    Thus panchanga enables us to perform our daily karmas (Nitya karmas and Naimittika karmas ,and kamya karmas) at a proper time to avail destined results. Nitya karmas are those that are must , like bathing everyday, sandhyavandane ,ekadashi etc.These if not done attracts sins. Naimittika are those which are done on special occassions like Magha snana , Kumbha snana etc. These if done gives merit ,but does not culminate into sin not done. Kamya karma are those which are done to achieve certain goals. All these should be done at right time to get results. Astrology helps to time these with the help of five types of calculation Panchavidha samvatsara.


    Dashavatar and Astrology

    Sage Parashara says , in every human body ,there is Parmatma  amsa and Jeevatma amsa. Ther is no difference with respect to parmatma and parmatma amsa , amsa and amsi of Pamatma are same. But same cannot be said about the Jeeva. Amsa and amsi of Jeevatma are different . When Only Parmatma amsa takes over , it is declared as Avatara. Every Avatara also emanates from full manifestation of each planet .From

    1. Sun,    God  came as  Rama
    2. Moon ,God came as  Krishna
    3. Mars ,  God  came as Narsimha
    4. Mercury,God came as Buddha
    5. Jupiter ,God  came as  Vaman
    6. Sukra  God  came as    Parsuram
    7. saturn manifested as   Kurma
    8. Rahu  took avatar as    Varaha
    9. Ketu   God  came as     matsya
    10. when saptarishi enters cancer with jupiter in it , Kalki is born to clean the earth of mletchhas , who would be all but size of human thumb with maximum longevity of only 20 years.

    when sun rises with moon also entering cancer along with jupiter and saptarishi in cancer along with star agasthya,kaliyuga ends and  Satyayuga starts again .Saptarishis descend on earth to recreate this progeny who would be again 28 ft in height and longevity of 1 lakh years, Dharma will be totally on its four feet ,there will be no need to cultivate as crops will be available 12 months ,no rainfall would be neccessary , precious gems will be used in day today life. There would be peace everywhere. The great Manu will be born again and from him his sons would be known as \manavs\ .

    1. “Matsya”(the fish) will come to save Vedas from madhu and kaitabh 
    2. Devatas and Rakshasas will agree to skim the ocean for nectar “Kurma” (the tortoise)comes to hold the mount Meru for churning.
    3. Hiranyaksha abducts prithvi into the ocean “Varaha”(the boar) kills Hiranyaksha and lifts  the Prithvi from his tusk.
    4. “Narsimha”(half lion-half man) emerges from a Pillar to kill Hiranyaksha and graces Prahlada.
    5. “Vamana”(the dwarf) turns into “Trivikrama”(the dimensionless) to stop Bali.
    6. “Parsurama”(Bramhin with  axe) destroys all kshatriyas 21 times kills Kartyavirayaarjuna.
    7. “Rama”(one who attract everyone’s minds) The \king slays Ravana and Kumbhakarna
    8. “Krishna”(one who reduces the crest of demons) Kills Shishupal and Dantavaktra
    9. “Buddha” (the all knowing) destroys Tripurasura .
    10. “Kalki” destroys all the mletchas.



    Pati ,Patni aur Jyotish-[Husband,wife and Astrology]

    One of the astrological principle is , if the two people involved have friendly moon signs or ascendants , they become good friends, relationship between them is harmonious and happy. According to astrology seventh sign is that which describes wife.Seventh lord if it is friendly to ascendant lord then husband and wife will be coherent. But strangely no sign in astrology has its seventh as a friendly sign.

    1. Aries < libra         neutral/neutral
    2. taurus <scorpio     neutral/neutral
    3. gemini <saggittarius enemy/enemy
    4. cancer<capricorn  neutral/enemy
    5. leo <     aquarius   enemy/enemy
    6. virgo<pisces          enemy/enemy

    thus we can see nowhere freindship is found between the two signs showing this relationship can never be friendly and harmonious except when aries /libra taurus/scorpio pair have in their respective horoscopes ,venus and mars within four signs .This would make them temporary friends , and man woman can have very happy life. Incidentally , aries /scorpio is ruled by mars and libra /taurus belongs to venus. So it is only venus and mars pairs that can get happy in a marriage , all others brave a at the most neautral realtionship with either one of them dominating. This is perhaps a great balance levered by God to induce a person to seek other world , else man would never ever want to leave this world , when he is happy with his wife . He would like to have his time freeze forever . So what are a happy marriage combinations?

    1. seventh lord exalted in kendra
    2. aspect of jupiter on seventh house
    3. arudha lord and upapada lord in mutual angles
    4. jupiter in second from upapada
    5. jupiter and moon in seventh from  karkamsa
    6. Venus exalted/own house in other than seventh.
    7. venus seventh lord and seventh in Navamsa well disposed.

    moon in the seventh house gives shy and soft spoken wife . Sun gives wife who is always ready to pack bags to her mother’s house.mars gives a short tempered wife.mercury gives  a clever and communicative  wife.Jupiter gives a pious ,knowledged and well mannered wife.venus gives a voluptous wife with very attractive features but spoils happiness in  married life . saturn gives if placed well  a religious wife ,if otherwise a sickly woman,if afflicted, an elder woman as wife.

    Mars in seventh and fourth if unaspected by jupiter shortens  marital  life. Saturn denies marriage. Saturn with venus , aspect of saturn on seventh or rahu in seventh delays marriage. association of ketu with venus or seventh brings many obstacles in marriage. A  good wife indicates a person also enjoys good food . If somebody has abundance of Ghee and butter it indicates he will invariably marry a good girl . Those who eat in golden plates marry well. Those who are happy in marriage are also successful in transactions, travels,and almost always recover lost wealth. Marriages happen only by the will of destiny, when marriage yoga occurs irrespective of time, position and wealth ,marriages takes place. Like Draupadi marrying unknown, ordinary appearing, men ; who had won her swayamvar.

    King Drupad worried as to who had won the hand of his daughter, sent his son Dhrustadhyumna to spy on the Pandavas in disguise.(Pandavas were thought as dead in Laksha graha , their last rites were also performed ) .Dhrushtdhyumna finds that these men, though looking like ordinary people, were speaking extraordinarily and their gaits were kingly ,yet they were wearing a dress of brahmins, but living like ordinary peasants. to test them Drupad prepares four houses suitable for four castes.

    1. one with all the stores of articles for homa and yagnya
    2. second with arms and the articles of  weaponry
    3. third full of wealth/cattle
    4. last full of grains and pots

    pandavas enter second one ,giving immense pleasure to Drupad ,who asks why they were living a simple life when they were kshatriyas. To this Yudhistira replied “oh King you had not declared swayamwar only for kshatriyas ,ordinary men could also take part. Now are you repenting that? ”

    Then Yudhistira told they were pandavas ,to give immense pleasure to Drupad. Though a King, Pandavas married everytime they were either in exile or forest, in ordinary circumstances.

    One should marry good people ,giving preference to the qualities rather than pomp and show. King Manu gave away his daughter  to a Hermit in the forest ,after he came to know that he was the best in the qualities, instead of giving his daughter to a prince. Princess served her husband for many years in forest without having any  pleasure since rishi was engaged in penace . Both grew older and when rishi realised he had not given any happiness to his wife ad they had got older now , he acquired youth through penace for both himself and wife and enjoyed bodily pleasures for hundred thousand years by creating palaces , gardens, rivers through his mystical powers. and in the process creating the entire clan of human mankind. Thus is told the story of first man and woman who procreated manyfolds thus fortifying the belief of MANU.


    HOME PAGE                                                           Shri Krishna,Astrology and Arjuna: The great Pandava

    Rama,Astrology and Hanuman

    Hanuman was born in Poorvabhadra nakshatra.Meena Rasi , moon sign Pisces . Since this sign is 9th in an angle(kona) to cancer,this shows natural compatibilty with Ram . His thoughts matched that of Rama, his actions were acceptable and in accordance with Rama’s plan. Hanuman born in cancer ascendant with jupiter in ascendant in simhasanamsa , saturn in devalokamsa , and mars in paravatamsa , indicates limitless longevity ,he is still living in Kimpurush Khanda of Bhuloka. Lord Ram dedicated his Roopa to Hanuman to exclusively worship.

    Person born in cancer ascendant with jupiter and moon there, with venus and mercury in angles enjoy limitless longevity amitaayu.All people with extraordinary longevity are born ,when cancer rises and few brilliant combinations. Other ascendants invariably kills man.

    Hanuman never faced any death like situation in his entire avatara, even bramhastra also only bound him ( that he permitted it ).His tail was set afire , did agni (fire) cause him any heat and burn? No. Hanuman was hotter than Fire ,how ? Lanka was a fire poof city , ordinary fire could not burn it , then Hanuman burnt Lanka . Was it with fire in his tail ( no chance) , He burnt it with heat (tezas) emanating from his body. He  killed 85 crore rakshas in ashoka vatika in just an hour . Later he killed 1/3 of the Ravanas’ army. What an assault!Single handedly.

    When Indrajit used Nagapasha astra , whole of the vanar sena(monkey army) died. Laxmana fell unconscious , Rama too became immovable ,closed his eyes , sumanta(brahaspati), jambavanta (immortal) was also immobilized  but were breathing.

    here interesting dialogue takes place between brahaspati and dharma(jambavanta) . Brahaspati says” oh elder one , all of us were fooled by this mortal Rama , we all thought he was God and followed HIM to this war , Indrajit has finished the entire army, look Rama is also lying dead. You were wise and  elder to all of us ,how could you mislead us all into this  misfortune , lying and waiting for death in the battlefield. I say there is no GOD ,else how come these Asuras have triumphed today , we supposedly fighting for Dharma (righteousness) have failed miserably.”

    [ Brahaspati is author of the great nyaya shastra ( Logic) , which essentially undermines presence of GOD. his comments reflect this atheist conclusion]

    Jambavan( represents Dharma) replies ” oh learned priest , you are mistaken , my experience cannot betray me , Lord Rama is indeed God , here He might be enacting  some leela.( playful act).just look around and see if anyone is alive “.

    Brahaspati says” All are dead except Hanuman who seem to be intact ” Jambavan says ” then we are all are intact just take shelter in Hanuman , have faith in him , we will be out of troubles”.

    When these were engaged in fruitless discussion , Hanuman spared no time in flying to Himalayas to bring sanjeevani . Himalayas are two , one beyond Kashmir ,uttaranchal , and another bordering BharatKhanda and Kimpurush khanda. Hanuman looks for herbs since they are not visible( these herbs make themselves visible to the needy) Even when God’s army needed these herbs showed arrogance hence Hanuman uprooted entire mountain,

    Now a mountain means an entire ecosystem. There are tribes living on a mountain, animals ,trees many inhabitants with their houses ,children and flora and fauna. Uprooting it would mean bringing an earthquake like situation, creating chaos and danger to this ecosystem. These living beings on this mountain would be left devastated, uprooting would leave a big hole there on the earth . Did Hanuman disturb this creatures on the mountain?

    No , Hanuman executed a lateral blow to the Mountain such that it slided on to his fist without even disturbing a smallest pebble stone on the mountain, the cut left no hole but a clean level playground. . Hanuman flew towards Lanka, mountain had four herbs,Sashailikarni.Savrittikarni,Savarnikarni,and Sanjeevani . These herbs acted just by their smell alone, application of herbs was not neccessary.

    In a war many weapons and missiles are used  , some pierce body and break bone and cuts and wounds and some die. If some one injured is treated , his bones may be set, his cuts may be stitched , but still he would look horrible ,disfigured and would perhaps prefer death than this ugliness, His mental wounds would never be pacified. So much for a WAR.

    These herbs automatically removes pieces of missiles from the body( sashailikarni), sets the bones stronger( savrittikarni), stitches the wounds and brings back normal skin color and hue ( savarnikarni) and if somebody’s dead it brings them back to life( sanjeevani) . Hanuman brings all of these ( entire army) back to life . Laxmana is also cured . brahaspati and jambavan recover ,  Hanuman does not go back to himalaya to keep the mountain. He tosses the mountain playfully with his left hand such that it sits back at its original place more intactly than before without disturbing anyone

    All this happened in a just three NIMISHA . nimisha is a time taken by a person to wink his eyelids . even before one could wink thrice , whole army was upright and more charged and waiting to finish Indrajit. What a feat by Hanuman ! A mans’ accomplishments earns appreciation only when we know how difficult the task was, how remote was a possibility of the solution,and how perfectly it was executed and how easily it was achieved , speaks volumes of the intelligence , valour,capacity,strength and knowledge of Hanuman.

    After this Hanuman garlands Lord Rama with both hands and takes almost 1 1/2 hour to complete this task.( This for him was more serious and important task requiring his greater attention)

    Philosophic interpretation of the above incident:   There are times in this world when evil takes over reigns , everything is smashed , even GOD appears to be silent , people with usual and ordinary intellect declare non existence of truth . All can get smashed but knowledge and Dharma still survives.( jambavan)  Hanuman.( devotion, unattachement, divine teachings ) always remain intact. We face many such situation in life when there is only gloom and no hopes , God does not seem to help us , we think o HIM as otherwise,  There seems to be no solution to our problems. Solution if one exists, it is highly remote( like himalayas ) and sometimes unthinkable ( like sanjeevani  miraculous  does not appear).  but instead of arguing about our misfortunes and debating on presence of GOD ( like brahaspati) , if we stick to devotion and think of Hanuman ( like jambavan) , however impossible our state may be . however impossible the recovery may be , He is going to get it for us in just three winks , even before you finish your worship, your sanjeevani is there to rejuvenate you  .In this world when we are attacked with evil designs , misfortunes, our state of mind is beyond repair, even if we seek some worldly remedies our state is still disfigured like a wounded soldier in the war.

    But think of Hanuman , all your problems are solved . This incident Rama has enacted only to highlight Hanuman. Thinking of God present elsewhere doesn’t Help people , Thinking of God as present in Hanuman brings invincible results .

    Such is the greatness of Hanuman Jai Hanuman .                                                                                      HOME PAGE



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