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Vyasaraja Vaishishtya !


Vyasaraj pratishthita HANUMAN

Bhrigu rishi is Manas putra of Bramha . Bhrigu rishi amsha came on to earth as Shri Vijaydasaru , who was aparoxa gyaani . NArad Muni the guru of Bhrigu rishi also became guru to Vijayadasru through Narad amsha Purandar Dasaru .

As both of them  were aparoxa gyanis they could see many extraordinary events and have recorded them in their compositions

Vijayadasaru says

” Prahalaadane Vyasmuni Raghavendraru | ahudendu bhajisiro vijayviththal oliva |”

Madhvacharya says there is no difference between amsha and amshi ..so also there is no difference between VYASARAJ and RAghvendra Swamy , so also Vijaydasaru confirms that and directs all the devotees to believe that they are one and  same  jeeva and worshipping thus will only  bring the grace and favour of VijayVIththal

Though a Rakshas Prahalaadraya did not have any qualities of demons . That is because he is a DEVATA in his moolaswaroopa . He is SHankukarna a devata in the service of LOrd Brahma ..Every day Shankukarna used to bring tulasi to the Pooja of MOOLARAMA in the Bramhaloka .. once he failed to bring Tulasi in time for the pooja of MoolRAAMA . Bramha Deva cursed him to be born as Demon ..

MAdhvacharya says Devatas are all aparoxa gyaani , they do not have sanchita agaami karma phala .. so Shankukarna getting cursed is not owing to the mistake or karma [ either sanchita or agaami ] but it is Prarabdha ,. so therefore Bramhadeva cursing him is also a anugraha and not shaapa per se … the result of which is that even after being a DEMON , Prahalaad still had devaswabhava , he had divine qualities despite being born as Demon .

Hiranyakashipu went into penace and with it he made all the lokas unbearable for dwelling due to the heat emanating from him .. pleased Bramha asked him to seek a boon ..

Could he not ask for Gyaan Bhakti vairagya ! atleast some sadgunas , good qualities . BUt how could he ask for it ? his heart was filled with HALAHAL ..not a ordinary halaahal , but poison of HARIDWESHA in his heart [ by the avesha of KALI ] Dwesha means hate, this hate is reason for all the bad qualities [durgunas] in any person .

Hiranyakashipu was this hate personified . his mind was boiling with the precipitated force of ahankaar and mamakaar . Siddhis obtained with such mind is of no use . The whole puranas stress this point .

There is no enemy equal to fame and self honour ..Bhagavat upholds this view .

” I am great , all are my servants , everywhere my greatness should remain ” keeping this motive , without caring for society or good people  ,immersed in pride if one pursues his obstinacy and does all sorts of misdeeds is the trademark of evil .

disturbing the family who is dependent on , or without realising being the centre of gravity for the well wishers , spreading terrorism,unhappiness,jealousy ,hate in society is the very personification of Hiranyak..

By his radiance , knowledge devotion and vairagya ,one who demolished such a viewpoint , keeping self and others unaffected by such evil and upholding the EVERTRUE LORD and showing that he alone is ever  VICTORIOUS is the personality of PRAHALAAD .Who is first among the greatest DEVOTEES .

OUR VYASARAJ is the avatara of Prahalaad and again took avataara as RAGHAVENDRA swamy .

Madhvacharya says Same Prahalaad with special VAYU avesha took avatara as BALHIKA in the times of MAHABHARATA .

BALHIKA raja took birth as VYASARAJ owing to the boon of BHEEMSEN .

Vijayadasaru writes , BALHIKA raja was son of KING PRATIP and elder brother of SHANTANU [ uncle to BHEESHMA ]  . just before the Marraige of PRATIP , his father in law had asked for a promise that one of his sons will be given in adoption to the father of Bride … as father of bride did not have any sons and wanted a successor . This is known as PUTRIKA PUTRA arrangement , So he was given in adoption to BALHIKA king even though born in Kuru vansha he ascended the throne of BALHIKA .

Balhika was a devamsha  kshatriya , every kashtriya desires to die in battlefield to reach higher lokas. In mahabharata war he fought from the side of Duryodhan . [ HE was more aged than BHEESHMA ] .

Balhika raja had special VAYU avesha [ MADHVACHARYA confirms this tatparya nirnay ] ..SO he had tremendous strength . He could not be defeated or killed by anyone except BHEEMSEN .

Bheemsen had taken  a vow  that He would not raise weapon first  all by himself against anyone who is VAISHNAV .BAlhika was VAishnav and had desired to die at the hands of BHEEMSEN . SO using the avesha strength of VAYU within himself ,RAJA BALHIKA hit BHEEMSEN with gada mace [ 732 times ] . This moved the body of BHEEMSEN a bit , owing to which in a reflex BHEEMSEN hit KING BALHIKA and he immediately rolled onto ground .

BHEEMSEN  asked BALHIKA to seek a boon .BALHIKA offered his chariot and asked a boon to be born as bramhin [ as he knew Bheemsen would take birth as bramhana ] and ascend the peetha established by him ..and should get opportunity to worship all the idols that he is worshipping . Bheemsen said ‘tathastu’ THUS PRAHALAAD amsha Balhika took avatara as VYASARAAJ .

Out of the 14 top gotras  Vishwamitra gotra is one such gotra . Sheshagiri Sharma belonging to Vishwamitra gotra was married to the daughter of landlord and village head of BANNUR village VALLABHDEVA , her name was BHARATIDEVI .

JAYATEERTHA muni is one of the greatest peethadhipati of MAdhva Sampradaya . his sisters’ two sons were taught by him and made them great scholars . After VIDHYADHIRAj teertharu ascended the peetha of MOOLAMAHASANSTHANA , he gave sanyasa ashrama to the two scholars and named them Shri RAJENDRA TEERTHARU and Shri KAVEENDRA teertharu .. The peetha mahasansthaana was branched into two ..

SHri MoolRAAMa and DIgvijay RAama were given to Kaveendrateertharu and Satybhama Rukmini sahit Gopala Krishna was given to RAJENDRAteertharu ,

SHESHAGIRI SHARMA was sisters’ son of RAJENDRA teertharu . SHESHAGIRI sharma had five sons .. All the five sons became later in seriatim peethadhipatis namely

  1. Purushottam teertharu
  2. Swarnavarna teertharu
  3. Bramhanya teertharu
  4. Laxminarayana teertharu
  5. SURENDRA teertharu

After Purushottam teertharu Bramhanaya teertharu came onto peetha . Bramhanya teertharu is amsha of SURYA .

Braamhanya swamy once cane to BANNUR and there one BALLANA SUMATI along with his wife pleaded swamiji to bless them as they did not have any children for a long time after marriage .

Swamiji blessed them under one condition that last born will be handed over to the mutt . As the couple agreed . Bramhanya teertharu made a YAGNYA and havishyashesha was given to the wife of Ballana  shrimati LAxmidevi . SHe became pregnant and gave birth to a girl by name BHEEMAKKA .  Second time she gave birth to a son by name MADHVAPATI .

Third time when she was about to deliver she had in her womb PRAHALAAD with VAYu and Shesha avesha .

Prabhava naam samvatsara ADHIKA VAISHAKHa sudhdha saptami  Sunday . AD 1447 april 22 .  VYASARAJA . was born .

The Boy born was not touched on to the ground [ so was the order of BRAMHANYAteertharu ] ,  so as soon as the boy was delivered , he was taken in a golden HARIVAANA [ the plate on which saligrama is kept for abhisheka etc ..]  and taken to mutt and handed over to SWAMIJI ..

Bramhanyateertharu took the baby to KANVA river , washed his umbilical chord and raised the new born baby with the milk given as ABhisheka to GOPALAKRISHNA .

 ” what was the reason for raising the baby without BHUSPARSHA? “

Dasaru says ” Devatas when in womb also always do PARAMATMA dhyaana [ ie they could see the LORD and prasie him through stotras even in womb ], as they are delivered , after Bhusparsha [ touching of the ground ] the parmatma dhyaana suddenly disappears . SInce there was vayu avesha and SHesha avesha , Bramhanay teertharu knew it and without Bhusparsha , raised the baby so that its devata Dhyaana did not stop and continued even after it came into world out of the womb .”

Secondly .. there is no instance of SANYASI raising a  baby that too from the day of birth ... this is the first instance .. and then Baby was named VYASARAAJ and this name continued even after SANYASA showing This boy was born to spread the LORD’s name like VEDAVYASA .


at the age of 5 chaula , at six aksharabhyasa and at the age of SEVEN VYASARAJA was given sanyasa . YATI at the age of SEVEN that means VAIRAGYA was complete even by SEVEN . taking river bath at birth , growing drinking only abhsheka milk , raised by a Peethadhipati , all these are pointers to vishesha VAYU AVESHA and Vyasaraj being a devamsha .

Further Vyasaraaj was sent to SHRIPADARAJ to study . Shripadaraja though lesser in tartamya [ sripadaraja is DHRUVA avatara ] but this gave Sripadateertharu immense fame and also contributed to event that VYASARAJ worshipped TIRUPATI BALAJI for 12 years continuously in garbhagudi [ even today VYASARAj mutt is famous in Tirupati and is accorded  morning pooja ] .. such a opportunity is not seen in anyone till date .

AD 1500 Vyasaraaj established 732 HANUMAN temples . [ Pratishtha of 732 PRANA vigraha ] [ perhaps because of this RAYARU brundavana are twice thrice this number all over INDIA ]

AD 1498 VYASARAJ came to Vijayanagar empire there He became RAAJ GURU to CHAKRAVARTI SALUVANARSIMHA  and NARSANAYAK’s son Veersinha and KRISHNADEVARAYA .

AD 1521  Krishnadevaraya was forewarned of KUHUYOGA which endangered his KINGDOM and his LIFE . Then A congregation of all the scholars MAntrikas and MAntragya  were consulted and called to do remedies . BUT  the force of YOGA was so high that even the most able and stalwarts did not come forward to take on the remedies as they felt they were not capable to face it .

Shri VYASARAAJ then sat on the throne of the KRISHNADEVARAYA . At that instance KUHUYOGA to swallow [ kill ] KRISHNADEVARAYA , came in the form of SNAKE .. while everyone ran helter skelter , SHRi VYASARAJ , threw his orange robe onto the snake and it died on the spot due to the TAPAH shakti [ also due to SHESHA AVESHA ] Krihsna devaraya was relieved of great danger ..

To show his gratitude , KRISHNADEVARAYA  donated the village of KANDAKUR

VYASARAYARu built a pond in KANDAKUR . and he donated all the lands to able bramhins .. these are recorded in the GAZETTE and can be seen even today .

DAAN PATRA in the gazzte at present in museum on pages 269 to 271  says

as having given to three sons of PURANDAR DASARU //

” dheeman Laxmandasakhya shri purandardasjah | vasishtha gotrajo vruttidwaya matriti yajush ||

vashishthaanvaya sambhoota shri purandar dasajah | dwijo hevandasakhyo yajushotra dwivrittika ||

vashishtha gotra sambhoota shree purandardasajah | shreeman madhvapatidasakhyo yajushotra dwivrittika || ”

Quoting Vaaman purana MAdhvacharya says

one who builds the tank pond lake etc gains Preeti of HARI , and give moksha . Vyasaraj did this great work .

shi Vyasaraj took brundavan in AD 1539 -3-8 . Vilambi naam samvatsara phalguna bahula chauti shanivaar in NAVABRUDAVAN ,

At the time of departure  vyasaraj left his mortals through BRamharandra .. He was taken to Vaikuntha through a divine plane , accompanied by gandharvas ,singing , devatas showering flowers and HARI himself giving him a hand to seat onto plane ..taking him to VAIKUNTHA ..

PURANDAR DASA says he has seen him seated in adivine plane and leaving for VAIKUNTHA .

Purandar dasaru writes ‘

” chittasida vyasaraya chitaajanayyan sabhege ….. ”

these words have a special meaning ..

MADHVACHARYA has explained chitti chitta two words as follows ..

chittirbuddhirgnyeya chittantu smruti kaaranam ” – shabdanirnay

the part of the buddhi which is responsible for reasoning and coming to stable conclusion is known as chitti …

the part which is responsible for recollection and memory is chitta ..

fixed minded [chitti ] vyasaraj  rasied his udaan vayu in the heart , lifting the jeeva in the hrudya kamala and slitting the head crown  he left for the abode through sushumna .Such a death takes one to VAIKUNTHA .

Purandardasaru writes VYASARaj as ” suryamandalgeri ”

Mahabharath says ” only two types of persons cut through Suryamandal  after death ..

  1. Kshatriya who die in the ranaranga ie battlefield
  2. sanyasi – yogi who does dhyaan of bramharandra .

Vysarajaru went to  VAIKUNTHA through both types ..

Purandardasaru says ” PURANDAR vitthaalanu sirisahitadi bandu karapididettiddu kande ”

I saw ,LOrd VITTHALA alongwith sridevi , gave a helping hand to VYASRAJA into a plane .

VYSARAJA stayed in AMUKTA VAIKUNTHA and enjoyed the closeness of HARI for over 50 years , After 50 years due to Prarabdha he came back to earth ..Vijayadasaru writes

TImmanacharya even though he had a son .. to get a son who would enrich their dynasty he did tapasya for 12 years in TIRUPATI along with his wife .

Venkateshwar as if to point out 12 years of WORSHIP of  VYASARAJ . gave the couples VYASARAJ himself as son .. VYASARAJ was born as VENKANNAchar to the divine couple .. later after study , Venkanna took sanyaasa under the tutorship of SHRISUDHEENDRA TEERTHA as SHRI RAGHEVNDRA SWAMY , who is sitting in MANTRALAYA for 700 years .

AS VYASARAJ he worshipped MOOLGOPALAKRISHNA  for 86 years without a break of single day …. [ as BHEEMSEN had given boon to worship all the idols , by then MOOLRAMA was with KAveendrateertharu ] so HE again came back to WORSHIP MOOLARAMA as SHRIRAGHVENDRASWAMY for 50 years

But didnt RAYARU sit in Samadhi then has he not stopped worship of IDOL ..

MADHVACHARYA says[ quoting KAPIL samhita ]  if a ordinary jignyasu stops pratimaarchana he gets dosha ..but if APAROXA gyani does pratima archana he gets increase in happiness in moxa .. but if he stops worsip of pratima he does not get any dosha .

GOPALADASRU says .. RAYARU has four HARI rupas in BRUNDAVANA ..

  1. RAAMA
  2. KRishna
  • AS NARHARI sitting in brundavana , LOrd removes obstacles , miseries , dangers ,abhichara and bramhahatya dosha ..[ of devotees of RAYARU who do seva in mantralayam ]
  • As SRIRAAMA , staying in brundavana , Lord gives stability of career , food to those who have lost food , work , career due to displacement of place . those who are suffering from repeated transfers also get stability .
  • as Shri KRISHNA staying in Brundavana , Lord gives marraige , son ,festivities , upanayana and other desires [ mannat ] and fulfilling all those gives immense happiness .
  • As VEDVYASA Lord , drives away durvaadis , evil debators , and puts down their evil  philosophies . upholding the HARISARVOTTAMATVA .

LORD can do all this activity in one single rupa only ..why he takes so many rupas ?

Madhvacharya quoting bramhatarka in MADUKAUPANISHAT bhashya says

Though there is no diference between HARI rupas ..due to vishesha bala ..He shows himself as BAHURUPA ..and he does only some karya through one rupa and others through other Rupa even though each rupa is capable of doing all karyas .

Those who worship VYASARAJ and RAYARU [ as one and same ] will get complete anugraha of SRIHARI ..


” vyaasraaj vyaas raj  iti bhaktya japan | muchyate sarvadukhebhyo stadantaryamiNo balaat ”

Those who say VYASARAj VYASRAj with devotion will get out of all miseries by the grace of NARAYANA as present in the Guru .

After MADHVACHARYA , JAYATEERTHA if anyone on this earth can completely fulfill desires it is VYASARAAJ and RAYARU only if one worships them as one ..

Oh RAGHEVNDRA SWAMIYE , you are a greatest YAti . you do not have any defects , but on the contrary infinite qualities are there in you like a ocean ,Those who believe in you , you remove all their defects ..You bestow all the desires of those who serve you near your brundavana like kamdhenu and kalpavruksha …. You are complete personality in all respects .. with a mine of good qualities , SRIKRISHNA could not leave you and came back to you as santaan gopala krishna .. and as you have infinite blissfull persona .. So also VISHWAKARMA NIRMITA BRAMHAKARARCHITA MOOLRAAMA came into your hands and thus JAGANNATHDASARU writes and praises RAYARU as


krishnarpanamastu ..


NARAYANA is SARVOTTAMA , the supreme !  VAYUDEVA is the HIghest among the DEVATAS .. HE is known as JEEVOTTAMA ! VAyudev is ever ready to Serve the Lotus feet of LORD NARAYANA in moolarupa as well as in AVATARA rupa ..

In tretayuga When LORD took avatara as SHRIRAAM .. VAYUDEV took avatara as HANUMAAN to serve the LORD in establishing the Truth ..by Killing RAVANA who wanted to become Seetapati …and thought RAAMA as mere mortal .. HANUMAAN killed his enitre army single handedly and showed if a devotee of RAAM can cause such a devastation than HOW would be the wrath of MASTER ..

When LORD came as KRISHNA in Dwapara VAYUDEV took form as BHEEMSEN and killed all the Kauravas ..and served LORD KRISHNA ..

when LORD came as VEDVYASA to establish the Vedas and BRAMHA sutras and Puranas .. MADHVACHARYA upheld his views and wrote commentaries to serve the LORD ..

Are the above sentences written in ecstacy ? are there any proof for such comments and conclusions ?

here are the words of VAYU PURAANA 

vayurdivyaani rupaaNi padmatrayayutaani ch | trikotimoorty sanyuktastretaayaam raakshasaantakah || hanumaaniti vikhyaato Raamakaarya dhurandharah | sa vaamurBheemsenoabhuuddwaparaante kurudvah || KrishNamsampoojayamaas hatva duryodhanaadikaan | Dvaipayanasya sevaartham badaryaam tu kalao yuge || vayushch yatirupeNa krutva dushashtra KHANDANAM |

tatah kaliyugeh praapte tritiyo MADHVAnamakah | bhurekha dakshiNeh bhageh MANIMAdgarvashaantaye | dhikkurvanstprabhaam sadyoavateerNoatra dvijaanvaye ||

the above vayupuraana shloka says ..

VAYUDEVA  has 3 crore rupas in his moolarupa and is always at the service of LORD NARAYANA .. in treta yuga vayudeva took avatara as HANUMAAN and killed many rakshas and was famous for his strength intellegence and devotion and other such qualities  which he used to serve LORD RAAMA .. all this is conveyed by the word RAAMKARYADURANDHARA ..

In dwwapara yuga when LORD took avatara as Krishna ,. to worship Krishna He took avatara as Bheesena in Kuru clan and kiled duryodhan and his brothers  ..

when Lord came down as Vedvyasa [ krishna DWAIPAYANA ]to write down puranas .. vayudeva took avatara and as sanyasi condemned all the dushahstras ..

In kaliyug he came for third time as MADHVA in south India  and shattered the ego of MANIMAN and made him lustrless as he was [ by the aid of RUDRA vara boon ] was brimming with pride that there is ‘NONE EQUAL TO HIM ”

Sriman MADHVACHARYA has written Bramhasutra bhashya and other in depth granthas .. there is no dispute on this ..

Now jeevas ae of three types .. devatas …manushyas and danavas ..

among these those who have devotion on  Vishnu are known to be devatas is also undisputed fact .. Daityas have clear cut hate towards the VISHNU …this is time and again proven by Puranas …

Manushaya have udaasen bhava towards GOD ,.. the are always in dilemma whether there is GOD or NOT .. they are always unsure about it … So manushyas have known to be powerless .. they do not have any special capacities is also a known fact ….

So Manushyas cannot all by themselves create any granthas of deep philosophical impact [ as their own knowledge is always under doubt ] ,,,

daityas though not capable of writing granthas but they have capacity to do tapasya and owing to these they get boons from RUDRA and other devatas to write ganthas and create shastras …

Devatas by the grace of LORD vishnu are themselves capable of writing granthas ..

MADHVACHARYA has writtena bramha sutra bhashya  and other granthas so HE cannot be normal human being …in all his granthas he exclusivley writes about VISHNU SARVOTTAMA .. so he has to be a devata only .

By this logic those granthas which induce Vishnu bhakti are deva granthas and those which create VISHNU dwesha are those writtten by Daityas can be easily concluded ..

In his granthas NARAYANA is Anantakayaangunapoorna is what MADHVACHARYA has written in a elaborate manner such a elaborate and absolute bhakti is exhibited by VAYU only and granthas does induce unparalleled bhakti in VISHNU ..

so who are other granthakartas then? let us evaluate !

In SrikRIshna’s time there was a daitya famous by name ‘ SALVA ”  . when we see his words spoken in mahabharta [ as written by VEDAVYASA ] and analyse it we see that Salva  repeatedly reiterates that KRISHNA is not there neither is any other jeeva  in this universe ..this was Salvas’s conclusion in deates with Bheemasena ..

This is akin to saying GUNAPOORNA Krishna does not exist neither any gunapoorna soul exists  ie only nirguna bramha  is truth .. this is ADVAITA vaada which counts on prapanach ABHAAVA and its main propitiator is SALVA he is moolapurusha for advaita Siddhanta ..

BAKASUR had a thought process that He should eat Krishna .. why ? because this entire UNIVERSE with charachar jeevajadatmak parapancha resides in KRISHNA and if Krishna is eaten entire universe is eaten and there will be no UNIVERSE at all .. thats why he also believed in PRAPANCHA ABHAAVA vaada of ADVAITA which says no GUNA to NARAYANA bramha and by saying so they feel BRAMHA becomes nirguna ..

SO SALVA and BAKA should be daityas only for having thought this way and mool purushas of ADVAITA ..prapancha ABHAAVA .[ beleief in non existence of universe and attempting to create such a situation ] both are works of SALVA and BAKASuR ..

NOw let us analyse DURYODHAN’s words ..” there cannot be a kingdom of even a pins head size for the PANADAVAS .. entire KINGDOM is mine ”

With respect to PANDAVAs there is no kingdom .. ie the concept of KINGDOM for PANDAVAS is FALSE ie  not TRUE ie Sadvilakshan 

BUTwith respect to himsef Duryodhan says KINGDOM is mine .. ie concept of kingdom is TRUE ie not FALSE ie asadvilakshan ..

SO KINGDOM is satya as well as asatya sadvilakshan as well as asadvilakshan ..

ADVAITI also say Prapancha is neither truth nor False ..sadvilaskhan nor asadvilakshan .. So this line of thinking is started by DURYODHAN only ..

there is one sentence which DURYODHAN makes …He says ..” all kingdoms are under my sway I alone am the Supreme ruler  and there exists no other ”

It is akin to saying ” I alone am GOD and there exists no other GOD ‘  even this sounds like ADVAITA isnt it .. SO who is the moolpurusha for ADVAITA ..

this philosophy started by SALVA BAKA DURYODHANA ie Kali  can be contained by Equally powerful DEVATAS only .. In mahabharat we have seen even RUDRA ie ASHWATTHAMA and other deities like SURYA ie KARNA  BRAMAHSPATI DRONA etc come under the sway of DURYODHAN .. so these people could not have created a grantha to cut down such a mighty daitya philosophy ..

It requires VAYUDEVA BHEEMSEN only to uproot DURYODHAN .. and SALVA  BAKASUR ///

ADVAITA is crushed by MADHAVACHARYA as extolled by VAYUPURANA 

So BHEEMSEN himself is MADHVACHARYA …only VAYU can cut down so heavily grown forest of MAYAVAADA ..

In VEDAS there is one sukta by name BALITTHA SUKTA  in praise of VAYUDEV

three words are exclusively used to describe the three avataras of VAYU .. they are

‘mati ‘ pitumaan’ ‘dashapramati’

which words describe which avatara we shall analyse !

with pitumaan there is a word ‘dwitiyam ‘ and with dashapramati there is word tritiyam succeeding ..

so pitumaan should describe second avatara and dashapramati should describe third avatara .. but there is no prathamam word for ‘ mati ‘  in the beginning .. but mati clearly means HANUMAAN is what we shall see ..

‘han hinsagatyoh ‘

this dhatu vyakhyaan shows that ‘ gati ‘ is the meaning that we get from the word ‘HAN’

so HAn can mean gati .. BUT all dhatus which give meaning of gati gives the meaning of GYAAN also .. this is of common knowledge … SO HAN also means GYAAN .. but mati means GYAAN ..is well known .. thus MATI and HAN are synonyms ..

WHEN a ‘u’ is attached to a HAN .. it becomes ‘HANU ‘ now ‘U’ is attached to show the meaning of ‘ SHEEL ‘ so HANU becomes GYAANsheel means one who IS NATURALLY KNOWLEDGED .. SVABHAVIK GYAAN [ NOT ACQUIRED IE NOT KRUTAK GYAAN ]


iN THIS WORLD BUDDHI is the word ..which if it has to be used for  praise then one says BUDDHIMAAN .. but if one is very very knowledged then the person himself is sometimes called as BUDDHI .. this is a practical coloquial ways of the world calling a very highly wise man as ‘buddhi ‘ [how are you buddhi today ? is common usage for sanyasis or wise people by common men ] 

SO when one has highest  svabhavik knowledge ie mati he becomes matimaan .. mati is hanu so HANUMAAN .. but when such buddhimatta is beyond imagination one is enititled to be called buddhi so also HANUMAAN ie MATIMAAN is entitled to be called as MATI in vedas ..

BRaMHANA is that part of vedas which elaborates difficult aspects[ kathin bhaga vyakhyana ] .. there is one bramhanavakya ‘ piturityannanama’  

here pituh word is used for ‘anna’ [ food ] .. why should we take recourse to bramhana vakyas in vedas because .. there is no prasiddha devata famous by name pitumaan in the universe .. so that is indeed difficult to decipher thus kathin and resot to kathin vyakhyaan …..

now pituhmaan means one who has more food ie one who eats more food …

but everyone eats food .. some eat more food so how can we attribute pitumaan to VAYUDEV only .. so the word should mean one who eats more food where more means the quantity ….. what quantity ?  the quantity which cannot be eaten by anyother … so one who eats more than others .. is none other than ..BHEEMSEN ..

since there is word dwitiyam in sukta with pitumaan it means second avatra of VAYUDEVA ie BHEESEN .. pitumaan one who eats more quantity  food which cannot be eaten by any other person in this universe ….

the third avatara is dashapramati .. we dont see any famous person by thus name as well .. So we must decipher the meaning of this word as well to know the person ..

Dashapramati on the superficial level shows that one who has ten knowledges .. [ dasha means ten ]

one multiplied by ten gives ten is known by ten …..ten multiplied by ten makes  hundred i known as ten times ten …similarly thousand is known by ten of hundred .. so on .. when ten is multiplied by ten .. it shows ten of a number .. so on .. infinite can be achieved by ten of tens of ten .. ie infinite = poorna .. so ten actuall represents a poorna ..

thus dasha pramati can be said as POORNAPRAMATI ..mati is gyaan .. so PRAMATI is PRAGYAN .. POORNAPRAGYAN .. WHO is POORNAPRAGNYA

none other than SRIMADANANDTEERTHA ie MADHVACHARYA … but same balittha sukta goes on to say ..’ matarishva madhva h ” in later parts of the sukta leaving no doubts at all ..

now lets look into our ACHARYAs works ..

” Anandteerthavarnaamvati trityaa Bhaimi tanurmarut aha katha parasya | ” – mahabharat tatparyanirnay 3rd adhyaay 8th shloka

meaning .- By the auspicious name of ANANDATEERTHA  BHAIMI = the vatara of BHEEMSEN —- maruta = vayudevs …… trityaatanu = third avatara .. parasya katha aha = is narrating this story of HARI ..

” chatuh sahsre trishatottare gate samvatsaraanam tu kalao prithvyaam | jatah punarvipratanuh sa BHEEMO daityanirgudham haritatvamaah ||” – mahabharat tatparya niranaya  32nd adhyaya 131 shloka

after 4300 years of kali Bheemsen again comes back as BRAMHIN to reveal the shatras dear to HARI which was concealed by the daityas ..


After MADHVACHARYA himself has written that he is BHEEMSEN .. he proves it by showing the place where BHEEMSEN had buried his gada [ mace ] at kurukshetra .. when it was dug .. a large gada made of gold was visible .. but scores of elephants and hundreds of men  together with lots of efforts pulled it out .. .. what took hundreds of men and elephants to pull .. MADHVACHARYA lifted the gada with ease showing and proving that HE IS BHEEMSEN ..

TRIVIKRAMA PANDITACHARYA has written entire vayustuti praising MADHVACHARYA as VAYUDEV ..

Teekacharya has praised MADHVACHARYA as VAYUDEVA ..

VADIRAJARU says .. bheemen kalau grahitam Madhvakhyam rupam ..

that in kaliyuga Bheemasen has taken avatara as MADHVA …

In yuktimallika VADIRAARu says .. I rejoice in yukti … i dont rejoice in words of fools who say world is unreal .. BUt  my yukti are the pearls brought from the deep diving into the MADHVAMATA .which is vayumata ,,, dear to HARI ..

RAGHVENDRA SWAMIJI says he is follower of VAYUMATA .. dvaita mata ie MATA of MADHVACHARYA ,,,

Many more rigveda mantras to follow in forthcoming posts which talks exclusively about MADHVACHARYA ,…


Saturn & Sade Sati – The cycle of Seven and Half Years !

Saturn is the most fascinating planet of the nine planets ! I am a great fan of Shani antargat Bharatiraman mukhyapranantargat Shimshumaar abhinna Kurma rupi HARI !

Saturn is great teacher! It teaches with a stick in the hand ! Dharma is very important in one’s life and society . No individual can progress without accumulating dharma . 1- 5- 9 denotes dharma . 2-6-10 denotes artha . 3-7-11 kama . 4-8-12 gives moksha !

The three entities that undergo binding [ bandha ] samsara is

  1. ATma [ soul ] [ Sun ] [ karkamsha ]
  2. Manas [ mind ] [ moon ] [aarudhamsha ]
  3. Deha [ [body ] [lagna ] [ lagnamsha ]


  • 9th denotes atma dharma
  • 5th denotes manas dharma
  • 1st denotes kayik dharma
  • 10th atmaartha [ vrutti ][ agaami karma , 10th from lagna ]
  • 6th mano artha [ panchruna ] [prarabdha karma 10th from 9th ]
  • 2nd deha artha [ wealth ] [ 10th from 5th sanchita artha ]
  • 11th atma kaama [adhyatmik ]
  • 7th mano kaamana [ adhidaivik ]
  • 3rd dehik kama [adhibhoutik ]
  • 12th [ sadhana vehicle 4th from 9th atma ]Moksha atmanivrutti [ 8th from 5th mano nirayana ][maran karma 11th ]
  • 8th [ 4th from 5th manas ] prananivrutti [ 8th from 1st deha nirayana ][ marana karta 7th ]
  • 4th [ 4th from 1st deha ] deha nivrutti [ 8th from 9th atma nirayana ] [marana karana 3rd ]


In every karma chaturvidh purushartha is aspired . Saturn is karmakaraka ! Saturn makes prarabdha come alive !

It is in Saturn cycle of gochara that person resigns to fate ! Saturn is terrible on individual when transiting 1 ,12 , 4 , 5 ,7,8 from moon’s sign and lagna !

Let us see some of the results that Saturn attributes in these houses when in transit :

  • In the 1st house Saturn destroys the tejas of a person , person becomes lusterless , then he introduces matibransha -loss of reasoning , then manahpeedha-mental agony , some disease and bandhuvaira-enemity with relatives ,vyasana-some vices catch fancy of the native !
  • 2nd house – matibransham continues , manhklesha – mental struggle and irritation towards some person/s , sarvakaryavinashkrut – destroys all undertakings , dehaalasyam- laziness (more so one becomes inactive due to less motivation ) , manastapam – continuous tention in the mind !
  • 4th house – shool vaat dadhchehedam- continuous pain swelling etc , bhayam-fear , svasthan hani krut –destruction of place of settlement , masurika –sores pimples piles etc , dehapeedha – physical distress !
  • 5th house – karyahani- destruction of work undertaken ,failure ; manastapam-mental pressures, gnyativyajyakalapkrut – manternal side relatives , forefathers litigations , business litigations ; heenastreebhogsantapam-intercourse with base woman ,and fears and pressures arising out of it !
  • 7th house – vyadhipeedha pravasam klesham – pain due to disease , travels , litigations , unhappiness [ adversities in pleasures ] , losses , dushta chintam- evil thoughts , worries on account of evil people ;
  • 8th house – failures in everything ; physical torture ; financial loss ; fears & loss of life ;
  • 9th house –depression , diseases ,little happiness , fever , problems from children
  • 10th house – anxiety , depression , troubles , loss of profession , resistance at workplace , sins , enterprise agriculture losses;
  • 12th house – insults ,loss of reputation , ill fame , scandals , travels [useless] , less work less earnings , less appetite , always arguments in every sphere , poverty ;


Let us see how Saturn has troubled great personalities in several ways! How the above results hold truth in every such cases! Almost every person religious and theist unswervingly accepts supremacy of Saturn in troubling endlessly without recourse! And then in such troubled times might have gone through most of the contents that I present here and thus instead of highlighting story contents; I would be more elaborate in behavioral analysis of these characters to the best of my capacity!

Once in Ujjain King Viram was ruling justly ! He was honored by kings and subjects equally ! He was king of kings ! One day he called gathering of all pandits . There in that gathering a debate on planets was mooted . Which planet is most important ?

Gathering saw pandits arguing in favour of Sun ! Sun is Lord of planets , it is responsible for day and night , without Sun world would collapse etc and thus Sun is most beneficial !

Some argued in favour of moon as giver of potency to medicines and agriculture produce without which world would be hungry etc

Yet some said mars was good some mercury and some Jupiter . Some favoured venus yet some said RAHU ketu .

At last a pandit said None of the above is as important as Saturn . Saturn is planet to be feared of , as soon as he was born sun lost his radiance , he split into thousand parts , his charioteer arun lost his legs . Saturn’s glance is most fierce ! He is the Lord of miseries , he bestows good senses and wealth when happy and takes away everything when adverse ! He gives vairagya and he leads to Moksha !

King laughed and said what good is son who brings destruction to the father . such a birth is abhorred !

Saturn was moving in he akaash over Ujjain when such remarks were made against him ! Immediately Saturn appeared in the court of Vikram . Vikram raised and welcomed Saturn [ as he is devata a set above manushya ] Vikram’s pleasing manner did not appease Saturn , He angrily said , Oh Vikram You made scathing remarks against and this sabha laughed at me making fun of me , so I shall show you my prowess when I am in the kanya rashi [ 12th to the rashi fo Vikram tula ].

Despite many pleadings from King Saturn went away in anger ! King was very depressed ! many a pandits asked him to undertake japa and homa to appease Saturn to reduce his wrath , But King waved aside all that saying fate cannot be changed , he is destined to suffer and these will not help him in any manner .

In came Saturn in KAnya rashi . Ministers started japa in the name King ! but king was in no mood !

One day Saturn came in the form trader to the kingdom . He was attracting whole kingdom with many new items on display , and many a beautiful horses . slowly news reached King about good adbhut horses . So king decided to try one , Saturn /trader showed him a horse that could fly . King sat on the horse to test it ! Horse took him to a distant land ! king could not return back and trader took money from ministers and went away deeming the purchase done !

[Notes : matibransha phala can be seen here ! the first thing saturn gives is sense of dejection resignation , this leads to loss of reasoning , loss of faith in established principles , person acts in a way detrimental to his own interests ;

All the arthshastra classics proclaim from the top of the roof that King should never try anything that is new without getting it tested by his subordinates! Here King Vikram is so overconfident about his riding skills and overrides the classic rule : 1 matibhransh – loss of reasoning : Saturn specifically tests the persons steadfastness in shastras . usually people with vipareet gyana brush aside shastras and give more importance to self-acquired knowledge or experience . with repeated failure of self applications or ekalavya style learnings they become digbramntha [ directionless] and then owing to bitter experiences , they seek solace in shastra . [ lesson number one at any cost shastra should not be shunned ]

Secondly Saturn brings a great change in environment , one can be pretty settled in one environment and draws his own box around himself ; he feels world starts and ends in that box { kupastha mandook } ,one feels world does not exist any beyond , even if it exists it has no meaning or impact on his day to day activities .

One must have seen many people especially when they are in settled mode , good income steady life , they ridicule others saying ” I never go to any temple ,Nor I do any pooja , I just work hard , my life is pretty straight , I never felt any necessity to ask anything , I get what I want by my hard work and efforts !! why should we trouble planets and GOD ?

When Saturn hits , their steadiness is disturbed , environment changes , box no longer exists even before they realize they are in mess which may take years to understand !

This sthan chyuti is remarkable aspect of Saturn . lesson two one ust never get attached to place of stay and environment etc and be ever ready to face new circumstances , new challenges and new paths !


Vikram was into a new land and there horse dropped him in the middle of jungle and vanished. King immediately knew bad times have started . Thinking of Saturn , he smiled at his destiny and started crossing dense forest seeking some open land . He was exhausted ,without water and food , fatigue overcame him ! King Vikram prayed forgiveness to Shanidev !

[ note ; aimless wandering , without knowing destination and result of the destination is another marked feature of Saturn ]

Vikram finally landed in the city of Tamralipti ! there after prolonged roaming , he sat near a shop pavement [ of vaishya ] a rich merchant ! That day the business of the merchant was unusually low , but as soon as the handsome young man sat on the pavement , the business grew manifolds , unusually greater than everyday sales ! Merchant had a whooping profit ! Merchant thought this man is very lucky for him , why not get him permanently into his household ! besides he looks charming, radiant and with all the auspicious marks ! Merchant asked Vikram [king] about his whereabouts ! dejected Vikram said he is a Kshatriya and has come from a distant land , is struck by a heavy bad luck and has lost his way and is terribly thirsty and hungry ! .

Merchant took Vikram to his house , gave him an excellent meals and asked him to take rest in a very comfortable bed !

[ People with fortunate signs and radiance always bring luck to people in their association irrespective of their own fate and dasha ; one must always thus associate with people of high birth from fortunate and pure lineages ! One must seek company of pure breds and one must always give shelter to a person who has lost everything [ if he is of pure lineage ] ;Even during bad phases some solace is always found if planets are propitiated ]

Vaishya Merchant now thought of marrying his daughter to the Kshatriya . So he called his daughter ALOLIKA , who was very beautiful and expressed his desire to get her married to the Kshatriya . The girl said ,” he is a stranger ! yet I do not know whether he suits me ,what are his views about me and in a short a VARAPARIKSHA is necessary ! ” . Father agreed , and told ” do what you find fit ! ”

[note : Varapariksha is done on person to determine his nature and potency , A king has to undergo this is a height of bad days ! The associates always feel superior during the phase of saturn , people around suddenly rejoice in newfound right to test the skills of skilled or worst so undermine the capabilities of the able personalities ! Most unwarranted advices flow during these times , even the King of Kings is not spared of a test and analysis ]

In the night , the guest was given a fine bed fully bejeweled and cushioned with most expensive makhmal [satin ] ! The room had picturesque view with many garden and many animals birds ! on close inspection one caould observe that they were actually a painting ! which looked as real ! There was also a painting of a Rajhansa !

[Note : here King has more luxuries than a vaishya , but in the given circumstances , a lesser enjoyments are also deemed more auspicious ,such a fate strikes , whatever is got is a fortune , mind reduces to such a state . choice itself is luxury ]

In the night , ALolika came completely dressed in astounding garments and jewellery , she could surpass as any apsara [ angel from on the heavens in beauty ] on that day ! her beauty coupled with full moon night was bewitching ! She brought all the items that would incite a cupid’s arrow and placed it in the room and slept by the side of Vikram ! King Vikram was flabbergasted , he thought of shani and impending danger coming ! He thought this could be another bad event in offing , Not knowing How to react, he chose to stick to basics that any man of virtue[ sheelasampanna ] would do ! He slept sideways without looking at beautiful ALOLIKA !

[note: Even the most pious associations behave awkwardly during the phase ! Although runanubandha makes all the behaviours even out later , but in the consciousness of the moment [that moment ] things look very testing , but the golden rule is never leave sadachaar, it always saves ! here no advances from Vikram carried the risk of him being labeled an impotent and yet King chose sadachaar ! what to say trying circumstances are forte of SHANIdev ]

Alolika took him to be impotent and dumb witted and with a ridiculous smile went into deep slumber setting aside all the jewelry in a casket { especially a pearl necklace } by the bed ! By the prowess of Shani , The Raj hansa in the painting came alive and gulped entire pearl necklace ! All these Vikram was observing and wondering at the new twist about to come in his life ,He resigned himself to the fate !

Next day morning when Alolika found her necklace missing ! She made a big ruckus about it and accused Vikram of theft ! She complained to her Father ! Merchant got his servants and guards to tie and beat Vikram mercilessly to let know the whereabouts of the Necklace ! Vikram denied any theft ! When Merchant said , ” I was anyhow making you my son in law , this entire wealth would have been yours ! but like a petty thief you chose to swindle only necklace ! I gave you shelter and food and this is how you repay my kindness” ; King Vikram told he has not swindled , it’s his bad days that are making things happen like this !

[note : the more powerful one feels , the more strangely and surprisingly Shani troubles , illusions and false implications are common features of Saturn cycle ! King was capable of fighting many warriors , he was adept in warfare and fighting skills yet he gives in to be captured and beaten by petty guards ! this is classic sign of resignation to fate ! in such situations one loses ineterst in daily chores of life , one does not even protect ones interest and losses become a common feature one gets vairagya towards profit loss win failure , display of talent and winning accolades etc . For king his display of valour would have lead to discovery of being king of kings and his plight would have become even cumbersome shame , in order to save oneself of greater danger and humiliation one undergoes humiliation of different kind ! such forced behavior is trademark of Saturn punishments . Underperformance and acceptance of failure is biggest achievement in these periods ! cause becomes more important than personal success ]

This sentence made merchant red with anger , one the theft of necklace second a philosophy that would conceal the crime ! So it was decided to hand over the thief to the KING Chandrasen ! King Chandrasen was kindhearted man. He asked in stern voice whether the theft was done , if accepted he would be liberal ! KingVikram said the RAJHANSA in the painting ate the necklace !

[ note ; words of wisdom do not look nice from the mouth of the person in deena avastha ; one must never speak philosophy during down time ; silence is the only golden rule ! the more u speak the more people misunderstand and more philosophy leads to more adverse comments as chips are down , only thing visible to the surrounding is helplessness and inability to achieve success, philosophies and Vedanta and planetary adversary is not socially acceptable reason for failures and downfall ]

King with anger commanded the confession as it was impossible to believe such a story ! to this Vikram said , when planets are adverse all calamities strike in impossible ways , He cannot justify his stance as his planets are adverse and all he would say would look like a story or fairy tale !

This statement of Vikram angered the Chandrasen even more and He ordered amputation of legs and hands of Vikram and be thrown in jungle ! it was ordered None should give food or water to the criminal ! Vikram was amputed [all the limbs ] and thrown in jungle ! There in terrible pain he cried day and night with thirst and hunger , wild animals lurking near him and no one to help ! Not able to move , not able to do anything Vikram extremely pained at his plight started praying SHANI with distraught and agony . He repeatedly sought forgiveness from Shanidev ! After few days Shani bestowed some mercy , Chandrasen allowed food and water be given to Vikram .

[ note : People in administration always expect practical answers , one cannot attribute one’s failures to unknown forces even though it may be true . if spoken in such manner authorities feel person has lost his senses or perhaps is hiding a bigger controversy ! punishments are bound to be harsher ! But even the most intelligent commits mistakes ! here a King was standing before a KING , he knew all the mindset of the counterpart , yet he pleads in a different tone partially due to EGO , oh what r you going to judge my credibility , U see I am a set above ! if not for my bad days even You would tremble standing before me in battle field ! This mindset makes one err more before superiors [ temporary phase superiors] ! Thirdly Uttam person should never be under ADHAM or MADHYAM personalities , it always causes the ire of the others ! However we are good and claim to be judicious , just minded , All these hold true only till we are surrounded by people lesser than us , once we confront superior beings , we become a prey to jealousy complex etc we err , so one cannot judge superiors and should abstain from doing so ! VIRAT was a just King but failed to be just to YUDHSITHIR under HIM ,Bheeshma failed to deliver justice to Draupadi , RUTUPARNA was just king but failed to oblige BAHUK under him , SUGREEVA failed in his duties before RAM ]

One day a newly married girl from Ujjain happened to be coming to tamralipti , her in laws house ! She recognized the KING and looking at his plight, decided to take him Home . Her father in law was engaged in the business of pressing oil from grains nuts and sesame. Father in law of the newly wedded bride went to King and asked permission to give shelter to Vikram . King agreed !

Vikram everday with his forehead started pushing the axle of the turbine to extract oil from the seeds . While doing his work he prayed Lord Shani with devotion !

[note :One must always realize presence of HARI in every person irrespective of upbringing and intellect . When one sees a anulomaj one must worship Aniruddha namak parmatma in him ! You never know Lord comes in which form and with whom we would be indebted to in troubled times , an ego of high birth dwindles down when one is forced to take help of anulomaj pratilomaj subjects . more so when one’s livelihood becomes dependent on such individuals , pride of high birth is vanquished ! in short pride of every nature is vanquished in Saturn cycle , A king of the entire world , is now seeking refuge with a anulomaj and is paying for his caretakership through manual labour : A kshatriya serving a anulomaj , there is no possibility of getting his kingdom back or restoration of fate as without limbs he is useless ! so neither can he say in ego I would one day repay the debt with wealthy rewards ! I am KING ! he is in absolutely at the mercy of anulomaj oilman till death ! total indebtedness !complete slavery ]

Everyday til oil was offered to Shani and as seven and half years neared an end, Vikram who was adept in 64 arts , suddenly got inspired by the grace of Shanidev to sing Raag Deepak . He was singing with brilliance and perfection ! Such was the rendering of raga perfect that entire kingdoms lights were lit automatically and it seemed as if there was a festivity in the capital ! Princess Padmasena was astonished by the dancing lights by the side of her pool ! She immediately ordered the singer to be brought before her !

Soldiers caught Vikram and presented before princess ! Vikra again rendered Deepak raga and the whole palace was lit ! Seeing the amazing lights Chandrasen also came to the princess chamber !

[ note : All through seven years he never felt like singing deepak raga ! though talented , talent never shows up during bad phase. Even if it shows up , it does not find right ear /eyes to appreciate ! ]

By the vaious rendering of different ragas in perfect manner , Shani became appeased and appeared before Vikram ! Vikram happy at the sight of devata , he worshipped him in all possible ways . Shani Dev asked him to seek a boon !

Vikram said promise to give a boon that you would not trouble mankind again so harshly ! saying this Vikram fell on the feet of the Saturn ! Saturn said I give you your limbs back ! now say seek another boon ! King stood on his feet and became radiant again ! the whole gathering was astonished at the sight of King of KINgs and shani dev ! But Vikram fell on the feet of Shani and pleaded to promise never he will trouble mankind so harshly !

Vkram said oh Lord , I am the greatest among the humans in these times , fully blessed with prowess and wealth and happiness yet you made a twig out of me , What poor creatures of earth can do before your magnanimous self ! I on behalf of entire human race ask forgiveness for our ingrained follies , kindly spare us your KRUR drishti , mellow dow on the people ! Saturn gave back his kingdom and said Oh KING , what I have done to you is nothing compared to others ! My teacher brihaspati reached gallows in a span of few hours , Ganapti lost his head , Shiva went into hiding , Nala lost his kingdom and wife , So did Yudhisthir , Vishwamitra went without food , Vashishtha lost his hundred sons , Ravana lost his kingdom and life so did Kauravas by my wrath ! Every soul undergoes prarabdha under my supervision .!

[Note : King was a true Kshatriya , even when he lost everything , his satvik buddhi and varna dharma never left him , his rajyaparipalan , hich includes prajakshema ,welfare of subjects , made him seek boon from Saturn to spare punishments and mild troubles ; Any other person would have sought limbs , pleasures kingdom etc , but King sought welare of mankind ! This what separates great from ordinary , even during testing times , morality , duticonsciousness and upright nature sacrifice of selfish interest are never forsaken by the satvik devotees ! MAY BE dejection might have been a cause for pseudo sacrificial tendency , so shani tests him with restoration of radiance and strength and limbs ! here a normal man would jump towards the enemies , CHANDRASEN and vaishya and punish them in filmy style , boy I was innocent yet you people tortured me and now take it from me I HAVE THE POWER !! !! but NO KING VIKRAM is still holding on to his thought spare the mankind ! This is Vikram the great , deservingly he got all the wealth and prosperity and chaturvidh purushartha ]

Saturn showed Chandrasen that it was indeed , the painted rajhansa which had gulped the necklace , the painting was brought back and the Rajhansaa spilled out the necklace much to surprise of Everyone ! King chandrasen was ashamed and he begged pardon from King Vikram and offered him Padmasena his daughter ! Vaishya marchant too offered his daughter ALOLIKA in marriage and asked pardon !

Vikram said its all in the hands of planet , when they were adverse so was everyone now when they were favorable so was everyone beneficial ! Vikram worshipped Lord Shani and forgave one and all and went back to his Kingdom with two wives [Kshatriya and Vaishya ] and amply rewarded the oilman , Everyone were blessed by the grace of Shanidev .

Note { Shani dev troubles owing to presence of KALI , as VAyu has no Kali avesha , Shani could never trouble him on the contrary lost a leg for making an attempt ! So Shani declared that he would never trouble Nishkaam devotees of VAYu anatargat NARAYANA ! He would not trouble those who remember nala damayanti rituparna ! Those who worship him with stotra by Dasharath and pippalada ! }

Bharatiraman mukhyapranantargata Shimshumaar rupi RAMANARAYANA supreeto bhava !








Vridhhkanya itihasa – importance of marriage to Girls !

Stree is the composite of ‘s’ and ‘tri’ !

Stree is assistive in attaining three ‘dharm artha and kama ‘ ! One who is sahagamini in these three is stree . ——–Mahabharat !

Skanda purana says , what is not prohibited by dharma  to attain such happiness ,grahasthashram is important and  anukool [ she should be anu and cool ]  agrahini is instrumental for it . Husband can get fruits of dharma artha and kaama only if he has a anukuul sati .

secondly tri also refers to manasa vacha karmana . Patiantaryami Parmatma aradhana [ sadhana ] should be carried out sincerely through mind , speech and body !

Only if mind to serve husband is there is not enough .it should reflect in speech , just few good sweet words also doesnt qualify for uttam sadhana towards Lord , it should be through actions as well . All actions [ not against shashtra ] should be carried out to please Husband [ Pati antarayami Parmatma ] .

tri karan seva one who does is stree . if done properly towards Pati then SHRIPATI [ Vishnu ] will be happy and grace her Moksha . So says Katyayan !

Gautam dharma sutra describes stree as one who exercises regulation over tri – vaak ,chakshu and karma .Stree is one who does not desire anything from thought ,vision and actions not liked by the husband .

Markandeya purana says . what a man earns [ punya ] by lot of efforts and miseries , wife gets half of it by just by serving him wholeheartedly .

But in devakarya and pitrukarya , stree gets half punya only when she accompanies and assists him in it .

So what is DHARMA ?

when elders prescribe that this act will bring auspicious results and gives the desired ,then that actions [karma ] is known as dharma . What gives misery and not clearly prescribed or recommended y elders [tradition ] is not dharma .

Dharma is of two types , sadharan and vishishta .

sadharan dharma applies to everyone . everyone must carry them out . Swadhyaya , bramhacharya , patiseva these are vishishta dharma . These cannot be carried out by everyone , These can be carried out only buy those who have undergone sanskara .Sanskaara gives adhikaara [ entitles to right to carry out dharma ]

Upanayana is sanskaara for males and VIVAHA [ marraige is sanskaara ] for kanyas .

As bramhacharis [ vatu ] does agnikarya and guruseva , so also a grahini does pati seva and her gruhakarya is quivalent to agnikarya .

Shikha yagnyopaveeta maouna ,vedaadhyayan bhiksha  all these are prohibited for girls .

Similarly Sanyasa is also prohibited for WOmen .

Once upon a time in the Garga rishi’s lineage there was a rishi by name KUNI . He was mahatapasvi [ very austere ]. Knowing this world to be inconclusive and miserable , he decided to stay as bramhachari all through his life and did not marry . Except Hari dhyana , japa , tapa , anushthana he did not spend his time in any other activity . The time went  by and he became aged and old . As he became old and weak , he aspired for someone to assist him in his daily chores . He aspired if only I had a child .[ but still he did not wanted to marry ]

Visnu bhakta !!!!! can a vishnu bhaktas’ desire go unfulfilled !!!! As he wished strongly , a grown up girl took birth from his mind and stood before him as his child to serve him . Witnessing the  extreme grace of  HARI , KUNI ‘s mind exhilarated n ecstasy ! HE continued his tapasya .

Kuni’s daughter also engaged herself in tapasaya . All the proposals that Kuni brought for her , she found no match for her . she rejected all of them . At the end no proper match could be found for her .  As the time passed by , KUNI also died . Now munikumari [ daughter ] was even more free to carry out her tapasya . She undertook severe austerities , what was not possible for men even those vratas also  she undertook  with zeal . Finally she undertook Kaumar bramhcharya and she became aged and old . Her youth passed by in her jest for vratas . neither was she ever interested in marriage .

She became a VRIDHHAKANYA , she was frail ,lost lustre of youth and wrinkles appeared onto her body . SLowly with age hands and legs too lost strength . Now she was in no position to do any dharma karya or tapasya .

She decided to end her life by casting off the body and get good loka [ a place in heaven ] .As she was thinking of casting her body away , Sage NARADA came to her and said , ” oh Vriddhakanya , you have done many vrata and tapasya ! with all these austerities you have dried by your youth and body , also you have attained high wisdom and knowledge . All these will be fruitful for you [ to attain heaven , nariloka ] only  if you had done PATISEVA  [ served a husband ] . That you have not done neither have you given birth to a  child [satputra] , so you how will you get a good place in heaven . These are not just my words but also the talk in the heavens  ,So do not hurry to cast away your sadhan instrument , the body and think again what is to be done with cool mind .{ thinking his work is accomplished sage NARADA dissappeared } .

Vriddhkanya thought over the matter seriously . She came to a conclusion and called upon a gathering of all the rishis .

In the meeting she floated a proposal , that she has amassed a lot of punya . so whoever will marry her , she would give  half of her punya .  Easily and effortlessly   punya will come , in such anticipation , A rishi from the lineage of GALVA by neame ‘ Shringavaan ‘ accepted her proposal . But he insisted upon a condition . that he too wished for a austere life at that age and cannot accept to be trapped in sansaara , so he would marry vriddhakanya and stay with her for only one night .

Vriddhakanya agreed . Marriage took place .  To please Shringavaan vriddhakany with her tapas shakti acquired beauty and youth and annointing herself with all the beautiful ornaments and garments she consummated her marraige and saw to it that Shringavaan was happy . Serving him one fine day She left her body and gained upper lokas . Shringavaan also attained a good place on account of her punya .

This story suggests that marraige is just very important for fructification of the karmas for Women . All the karmas for women fructify with saoubhagya ,

What is saoubhagya ?

the shabdakalpdruma gives the meaning of subhaga as ‘patipriya ‘ . Who is more soubhagyavati , one who is most priya to her husband . [ dulhan wahi jo piyaman bhaye ]

So how to get Soubhagya [ patipriyatva ] , katyayansmriti  says it in a beautiful manner .

why only pati husband , elders , devata , gurus and supreme NARAYANA all these become pleased with santosha . So Santosha is very root of human bond and for preeti to take roots in the heart .

How to give ‘ SANTOSHA” to husband is a big question ?

Each person may have his own desires ! which desire is valid and SADHU . it is very difficult to determine . MONEY , FIGURE , BEAUTY ,CAREER ,FAME , TAPAS , PATIENCE ,  this way the list can be endless as to what makes a husband be pleased .

Money may please a person and perhaps such a person could be pleased as well but such a pleasure is temporary and preeti out of such pleased husband may also be temporary .

May i get this wife for ever in every birth and birth after birth such a feeling to come is impossible from pleasures of money fame etc . Such a feeling is possible only through Santosh !!!!!!

The lotus blooms only due to one factor , SURYAKIRAN . ie rays of SUN .

Whats one factor that makes Santosh bloom between couples , let us see what rishis say on this >>>>>

1> Bharturaadeshvartinya : one who obeys the husband [ undertakes all his words which are not against shashtra ] . such a action increases love and strengthens relationship .

2> bahubhi: vrataih agnishch toshita;  – Paramatma resides in heart of PATI [ husband ] he is the one hwo gives the feeling to love his wife and HE is the one who increases it with time and strengthens it .  SO pleasing such AGNINAMAK Paramatma residing in the husband through vrat and niyama . [ pati agnya is important in starting such a vrata ]

3> Agni can be pleased by : a. agni is symbol of speech , so keeping clean speech is agnivrat , agni is in kitchen , keeping suchi in paaka[ cooking ] is agnivrata and assisting in agnihotra  is agnivrata .

Such a upasana will give Santosha to the husband and paramatma which in turns give Soubhagya giving fructifcation to all the karmas.

Just as GURU is prateek [ idol ] for UPASANA of Vishnu for males so is HUSBAND [ PATI } is prateek for Upasana of VISHNU for females .

krishnarpanamastu .

Vijayadasaru !!!

Vijayadasaru has a unique place in madhvaparapara especially Dasa parampara . Dasa parampara is unique to Madhvasampradaya > here on one hand there were great saints renouncing all the worldy comforts have educated satvik subjects about srimadanand teertha’s philosophy , and also on the other hand are Dasa like Purandar dasa Vijayvittaldasaru who have composed excellent songs in kannada to bring out the essence of MAdhva literature to common man irrespective of birth and status and gender to carry out Sadhana . Before the advent of Dasa culture the philosophy was restricted to only Sanskrit scholars now even women and others were dancing to the tume of DASA rayaru’s melody singing the glory of HARI in simple prakrut language .

Vijayadasaru was born in a very poor Brahmin family in Chekalaparvi of Manwi Taluk in Raichur District. He went to Kashi (Varanasi) for four years for studies and later returned to his native land.

He married at the age of 16 . He went back to Kashi (Varanasi) after his parents’ death. He became a renowned sanskrit scholar

Vijayadasaru is known to be an incarnation of BHRIGU RISHI , Bhrigu rishi is higher in tartamya to spatarishis and shishya to NARADA , Purandar dasa is NARAD himself and from him mantle was passed to Vijayadasru to carry the flame of bhakti .

From the life of Vijaydasaru we come to know that BHRIGU is chief instrument for acquisition of KNowledge and without his grace one cannot achieve great academic success or scholastic aptitude . All the devatas surround BHRIGU rishi to gain the knowledge and attain siddhi , Even in the great gathering in Naimisharanya when it was discussed as to who the greatest LORD was among the TRINITY , it was BHRIGU who was designated to inspect different LOKAS and arrive at comclusion for the human welfare ,

Bhrigu was instrumental in bringing LORD BALAJI  to TIRUPATI and MAHALAXMI to KOLHAPUR . [ all the devotees should be indebted to him ]

Most of astrological treatise owes its origin to BHRIGU SUTRAS . BHrigu NADI is famous in PUNJAB and NORTH INDIA . BHRIGU NANDI NADI is famous in south INDIA . BHrigu is the originator of two impostant gotras , BHARGAV [ SHUKRACHARYA ] and PARSHURAAM .

MARKANDEYA was given upadesha of VASUDEV  mantra by BHRIGU Rishi and he overcame death .

Such mighty BHrigu Rishi descended on earth as Vijayadasaru . The greatness of Vijayadasru can be seen from the fact that When dasaru went to Tirupati to have  a darshan of the LORD VENKATESHA , he somehow could not get it . frustrated Vijayadasaru went far away from the temple and sat on a small pedestal resolving he would see Venkatesha only if he calls him else he would just sit there forever .

In the evening when utsav moorty of Lord Venkatesh was brought out for RATHOTSAVA chariot , the chariot did not move at all . many a elephants were pressed into the service yet the chariot did not move /. This was very surprising as chariot would normally move with few persons in front dragging it but that day even elephants could not drag the chariot . Immediately astrologers were pressed into the service to find the reason . The REASON Lord wishes for a special devotee to be present and carry out the seva . The direction was noted and also there  was a AKASHvani  . Thus people ran towards the pedestal and requested VIJAYADASARU to appease LORD VEKATESHA and carry out Rathotsava . Surely LORD could not have ignored the very person who was responsible for his descent ON the BHUVAIKUNTHA TIRUMALA .

Vijayadasaru with tears in his eyes composed a beautiful song on LORD HARI which then made the chariot MOVE .

His songs on VAYU as pavamana is simply a deva gana and songs on rudra inspire many madhvas to pray Rudra with fullfledged devotion , He has wriiten 25000 songs and suladis which enumerate the rare secret knowledge of  deha vivar , nadi sadhan , bramhanda vivar and srishti suladi are all very deeply ingrained in shastras .

Vijayadasru was a beacon light for great dasaru like GOPAL DASARU and JAGANNATHA DASARU . who has written HARIKATHAMRUTSARA . Together all these dasaru have special affinity to RAYARU GURUSARVABHAUMA and make no secret that they reached the said position in life with his seva to the Brindavan , making RAYARU a deity of the order of BHRIGU though RAYARU belongs to karmaj devata kaskha in tartamya .

In one of the incidents a scholar of very high intellect was carried away by the pride of scholarly achievements , In one of his lectures , Vijayadasaru entered the gathering as a cook and called upon a person who was a known idiot and metally retarded . He placed his palm onto him and the man of less intellect started delivering a scholarly discourse which even the scholars present had never heard of or could decipher easily  .

This went on to show that Vijaydasaru’s grace was enough to be a great scholar and not rote learning or years of sadhana in sanskrit literature .

Thus VYASA VITTAL DASARU wrote a beautiful kavach in praise of VIJAYADASARU : which I try to translate for the benefit of  readers to the best of my capacity although I am not capable of describing the prowess of grace of VIJAYADASARU .

  1. The smarana[ constant remembrance ] of Vijayadasaru’s name and his sacred feet is all that is required to get rid of miseries coming in day today affairs .
  2. Vijadasaru has seen the blemishless complete auspicious  LORD and his grace through other dasa greats.
  3. Vijayadasaru is highly knowledged and gyani with complete peaceful appearance with a gait of orators and honourable saints .
  4. Vijayadasaru is everengaged in Hari bhajan and yajan of Narahari ,constantly tackling the miseries of the devotees and pouring them with happiness such that joy overflows.
  5. Filled with joy and having clear knowledge of panchbhedha ,with a lifestyle of  a sadhu /hermit untouched by mental distortions .
  6. Believers of Vijayadasaru do not have rebirth , this is the point of view of our sampradaya .
  7. crores of sins do not attach by his smarana and tensions in the life all vanish by the grace of this kind hearted ocean named vijaya dasaru
  8. He worships Lord hari  in KAVAN rupa he saw lord Madhav in the form of VAMAN
  9. Vijayadasaru has capacity to bring back the people from clutches of the death and is very auspicious and fulfills wishes just by knowing the mind of the devotee [ one need not ask at all ]
  10. He has obtained grace of VYASA in the city of KASHI , all this he has witnessed himself in excitement .
  11. Just forget your depressions and get free of tense miserable thoughts ,and keep engaged in the faith of lotus feet of serene GURU Vijayadasaru
  12. You will be out of miseries and pain and only joy will flow and also you will get the grace of ADIDEVA [ VISHNU ie MOKSHA ]
  13. He will dismantle the worldly heat [ misery] and cut down the sins and will place you near the lotus feet of SRIPATI [ VISHNU ]
  14. One will not be able to find means of reading VEDAs or debating shashtras without bowing to feet of Budha [ wise] Vijayadasaru
  15. DIpping in GANGA may only be helpful in reducing the mala sins of the body but RANGA [ KRISHNA ] will grace only if one aspires for the sanga [ presence /company ] of great devotees like VIJAYADASARU
  16. If one roams in all the pilgrimages it will only give tiredness and pain but will not give any increase in BHAKTI
  17. The knowledge to give dana or sing a  divine [ gana] song will not cross the mind without the subservience to Vijayadasaru .
  18. Why all the pain ,trouble and hardwork in maintaining NISHTHA ,just why dont you touch the feet and sing the glory of Vijayadasaru [ bhajan ]
  19. What can be had with continuous pooja and every form of remedies through mantras [ beeja] all these can be had in simple way ! Worship Vijayadasaru
  20. Because then  all the Devatas will protect and  extend their helping hand and all demons run away from devotees of VIJAYADASARU .
  21. All the planets with helpful and friendly infact they will aid the devotee , and will give only happiness day and night .
  22. Diseases will not strike and Physical pain/discomfort  will not occur and yet ADIDEVA ‘s grace will occur .
  23. Being patit pamar [ fallen and less ] and mandmati [ stupid /moorkha ] i am not capable  describe more and more or completely  though Vijayadasaru is great Dasavarya .
  24. Yet I know with a kind heart and deep affection and pity on us he drives away crores of  miseries quickly .
  25. Fools do not understand him and critics will definitely experience hell
  26. Indirapati [ Krishna ] dances before him and will bring to truth all that has been said till now .
  27. Reciting this in the morning even a fool will become a scholar
  28. This is truth and VYASAVITTALA knows this . This can be recited by SATVIKAS .

tommorrow is VIJAYADASAR ARADHANA , let us all worship his lotus feet to attain our desires and gain knowledge of shastras and reserve the GRACE of ADIDEVA .


krishnarpanamastu .


Mishra GUNI – The proverbial NS

When lagna is of mercury rashi in a majority of divisional charts , aspected/occupied  both malefics and benefics .
When saturn and mercury and venus are more powerful than other planets .
When bha amsa of mercury is of mitra /swaochcha and others are in ari neecha .
when shastiamsa of atmakaraka is not of shubh graha .

The person born will be of Mixed nature . Such people will be given to both good and bad deeds and always in a confused state of mind ,Their thoughts will be against that of social norms . 99% of these people are always mediocre and pessimists .
My interaction with such people always always ends up bitterly . The only thing I discern is  a company of mediocre or the pessimists . Those who have no thought process or any occupation for welfare or even a good words for members beyond the family limits . Life revolves and ends with their own family . Such people when in a phase of life where everything goes smoothly sets upon themselves a rigid cover of ignorance and  every member of their family walks into the same realm and boundaries .

I and few of the people who are “APNE JAISE TYPES ” call such set of people as NS.
The proverbial NS – NITYA-SAMSAARI , [ GOD forbid an interaction with such people ] .

Quiet a long ago when concept of Vairagya had not dawned , I was a kind of SAPNO KA Saudagar who would like to move even a stone with his flute of optimism .
Well Success follows in this aspect only untill you meet a classic NS .

A NS has n thought of his own . He is kismat ka mara [ good or bad] never makes an attempt to even think what’s wrong with him . He cries at every failure and is extremely fearful when faced with success and is cautious and sad that someone will rob his success . But at the same time so much without forethought that he would ignore the obvious threat .

There is a kind of sheath of ignorance covering eyes yet they say the world is ignorant .
These are not fighters , they never like wars and always shy away from confrontation . Such people seek consensus in putting forward their views and would lead only when they have assured a majority of their similar thinking persons are  accompanying them .

These people are popularly known as UDASEEN .
You cannot motivate them they run away at the slightest doubt of defeat . They crumble under slightest pressure . They  heap praises on the opposition for having crumbled them and encourage their own members to give up the fight or shun the idea of confrontation .

In a bad days , these people are greatest discouragement .
A crowd full of such people always makes for a great spectatorship .
When in bad days these people rejoice in saying

  1. Pata nahi mere hi saat aise qyun hota hai
  2. Bhagavan hamesha achche ke saath hi bura karta hai
  3. Bure log to maje karrahe hain unko to koi saja nahi hoti ,sani vani sirf humko hi lage rehte hai
  4. upar wale ko yeh sab karte bahut maja ata hai
  5. achche achchon ke bara baj  gaye hum log toh aise hi ud jayenge
  6. India ka kuch nahi hone wala
  7. Tum aise hi dev dev karte raho saamne wala baji mar jayega
  8. Dhanda bahut mand achal raha hai [ and if you say :kya baat kar rahe ho bhai , teji hai; he would say ” a are jane do yaar kahe ki teji , dhandhe me  pehli wali baat kahan  ]
  9. if you persist, nahi seth bahut achche din chal rahe hai , sabhi to kama rahe hai , tumne bhi to tarraki ki hai , NS would say  ” kya ise kabar me saath leke jayenge , sab chod ke hi jana hai ]
  10. Then at the same time if someone comes by asking for some relief .”  dekho bhai dosti ek taraf business ek taraf

before you could even try to figure out is he spiritual when he talks about kabar or is he materialistic when he talks about profits .That’s typical NS .

You talk about spirituality they talk about importance of money and you show them the importance of money they would pick up a spiritual line [ all these  only for  namesake internally he is neither ]

Such people always get mixed results  , when extreme happy moment hits their life simultaneously they get a equally a bad news . They are unable to decide whethere they should rejoice or cry .

If a success comes by perhaps they will be  in a jail and their fans will be celebrating their success .

Onec I was narrating [ to a NS ] a story of ” vyadh who was not ready to give his punya of EKADASHI to a rakshas in lieu of his life  , Rakshas insisted to give half the punya, he refused , he insisted on 1/4th , vyadh refused and accepted to be killed , Rakshas went on asking for less and less and vyadh kept on refusing , finally Rakshas asked for a punya accumulated in a second [of time] on ekadashi by vyadh to be given to Rakshas . Vyadh accepted and Rakshas was relieved off the curse and became a Gandharva . blessed the VYADH .

I narrated this story and told can you get the mora how important and precious is Ekadashi day in accumulating the punya . The NS said ” main point toh aap bhul gaye [ You have forgotten the main and important lesson ]
I asked him what ;

” Vyadh ki bargaining capacity solid thi , pehle maan jata toh phukat me adha punya jata , jaan bhi bach gayi aut punya bhi  ” [ VYADH had excellent bargaining capacity had he agreed earlier he would have lost half the punya , look he saved his life and also punya ]

I have  a feeling the world has a majority of such people otherwise the kind of lyrics that are becoming popular cannot be digested by any sane wise person . Most of them challenge GOD’s omnipotence and also attribute defects of anger , lust , sorrow and cruelty to GOD . Earlier people used to object and decry such thoughts and lyrics and sentences , but people use them liberally now .

  1. isko banate waqt khudha ki najare bhi lalchayi hongi
  2. Aaj uparwala bhi mujhe nahi rok sakta [ main jeetu yeh usko pasand nahi]
  3. Ae uparwale ,do ashq jaroor tune bhi bahaye honge
  4. duniya ke dene wale …. preet meri cheenke bata tujhe kya mila
  5. Rab ko kahin gussa to nahi ayega , kyunki mere liye tum rab se jyada ho
  6. Khush to bahut hoge tum
  7. Yeh UPAR bhaith kar tum kya karte rehte ho yaar
  8. Agar tumko kisi ko chheenna ho to [oh god]mujhe lelo magar ise jeene do
  9. sab achche logon ko upar bula leta hain
  10. uparwala pariksha le raha hai
  11. jitni pooja karoge utna dukh bahdta hai
  12. we can go on and on and on
  13. All these even if it seems innocent is actually a hate towards GOD

It shows reluctance to accept GOD as good supporting and one fulfilling all the wishes .
We become what we think or meditate about if we constantly meditate GOD as cruel sadist torturing , inflicting pain , we only get pain sorrow in our life .
To get happiness first thing is shun NS mentality . and start thinking positively . Optimism is the first step to MOKSHA , For optimism to build up , we need immense faith in Lord , faith in lord comes by shastras which keeps on bombarding that GOD is merciful , fulfilling all the wishes and one who gives rlief frompain and sorrow , this belief becomes stronger when we read BHAGAVAT . MAHABHARAT etc ,. and slowly when our belief becomes steadfast , we become liberated .
Else we remain nitya samsaari . NS one who keeps on rotating in samsara .

Jananat Purvam Pitru maran yoga: The story of Parikshit

Sun in eigth twelfth or sixth , eigth lord with ninth , twelfth lord in lagna and sixth lord in fifth ,such a person ‘s father will have died before his birth .

Duryodhan fell on the ground ,he was troubled by dogs and wolves ,which were preying on his wounded body . Just then Ashwaththama alongwith Kritavarma and Kripacharya came near him , looking the plight of Duryodhan Ashwaththama was deeply moved and asked Duryodhan if he can do anything for him : Duryodhan asked Ashwaththama to produce a child through his wife and install him on the throne after killing all the sons of Pandavas .To bind ashwaththama to is words , he took the dust on the ground on poured it onto ashwaththama to give him Deeksha to his actions . Ashwaththama accepted .

Just then Ashwaththama saw an owl killing many crows , inspired by this He decided he can kill single handedly all the remaining people and Pandavas . He went towards the Pandavas camp , there He saw Rudra himelf guarding the camp , he fought with Rudra . [ Ashwaththama is Rudravatara , how could he fight himself , for this Acharya says this is akin to suicide where a person tries to kill himself ]

All the weaopons fired by ashwaththama Rudra promptly swallowed it . Vexed Ashwaththama performed Manas Yagnya and offered himself in the Yagnya , Pleased RUdra let him through the camp and took away BHeemsena’s son from Kalidevi by name Sharvatrat with him to Rudraloka [ because Kalidevi’s father Kashi Raja had prayed Rudra that his grandson should be one without death , as ashwaththama would kill all the Pandava sons and Krishna wanted Parikshit to assume throne , Rudra took him to heavens with him , Sharvatrat is still surviving son of Bheemasen ]

Aswaththama went into camp and Dhrishtadhyumna was sleeping , he kicked him , Dhrishtadhyumna seeing his death near pleaded Ashwaththama to give him time to get hold of his sword so that he can have veermaran , but Ashwaththama said good death is for good people and not for Guruhatya or Brahmaghati , he deserves death like animal . Ashwaththama dragged Dhrishtadhyumna and slit his throat .But before his head could fall off , Dhristadhyumna left the body through Yoga and reached agni loka [ he was incarnation of Agni]

Ashwaththama then kiled his brothers Shikhandi , yudhamanyu , Uttamataijas , janmayjay . Then he killed all the sons of Pandavas .To kill all the remaining people in the camp he torched the camp with fire . All those who came out of the camp in panick were killed by Kripacharya and Kritavarma at the enterance .

Dhristadhyumna’s Sarathi escaped in the night and told Bheemasen , Bheemasen went after Ashwaththama , Ashwaththama ran towards the forest but after he felt running would be of no use , He stooped and used Bramhastra .

Krishna the lord has already set the order that Bramhastra would never go waste and at the same time Krishn also never lets Bheemasen to be ever Lose battle . So in this situation both could not be possible , so he asked Arjun to counter Bramhastra with another Bramhastra with a sankalpa that let this pacify astra , safeguard guruputra ashwaththama , all the Pandavas and the world in general .

Ashwaththama had sankalpa of bramhastra that i kill the Pandavas , Nakul Sahadev had no knowledge of this Astra leaving astra on those who are not aware would also harm the one who uses it ie ashwaththama . Thus Arjun made sankalpa that it safeguard Guruputra Ashwaththama also [ so kind of Arjun] , he safeguareded self brothers , when two astras collide it brings harm to world also thus he also made sankalpa to safeguard world .

Yet even after all this care the astras would have caused more harm to the surrounding , thus Shri Vedvyasa appeared in between the two Astras . temporarly holding it , Vedavyasa said earlier also there were people who were knowers of Astra but they never used such irresponsibly , Arjun said I have used in distress , Ashwaththama also said the same .Then Vedvyasa asked to withdraw the astras . Arjun took back the astra but Ashwaththama could not take it back .

Krishna said even being Kshatriya Arjun had conserved Bramhacharya but Ashwathama though being Bramhachari had ost his bramhacharya [ by giving word of raising son in Duryodhan’s wife] . thus he faied to take back astra .

Arjun though married waas bramhachari How? [ After marriage if one copulates with wife leaving ashtami tithi chatushtaya parvakala remains a bramhachari]

Vedvyasa asked Ashwaththama to atleast change his Sankalpa to safeguard Uttara’s womb . Ashwaththama refused out of anger . Srikrishna then said I have already made up my mind to get the Pandavas[ their sons] rule the earth for 1000 years , so even if your astra is used I shall get the son in Uttara [ Abhimanyu’s wife] womb to Survive . Thus Lord cast a protective spell around the womb , this spell was Lord himself protecting the child in the womb . Inside the womb child used to alweays inspect with curiosity as to who tghis strange person is who is protecting me . This curious inspection of his led him to be called ” PARIKSHIT” one who has been inspected [ tried tested ]thoroughly . Parikshit was born after the death of his Father Abhimanyu and was installed on the Throne of Hastinapur as successor to Yudhisthir after 36 years of Rule By BHEEMASEN [ As guided by Krishna ] which was akin to RamRajya .

Vedvyasa cursed Ashwatththama to suffer from bad odour of wounds till one thousand years and then return to NARAYANASHRAM resuming the shishyatve of Vedavyasa and then in the next cycle be born as VYASA to bifurcate VEDAS.


Maranam – Elimination through incantation !

What a Kshatriya achieves through the power of his arms and weapons , a bramhin should achieve through the power of his learning and mantrashakti.

When enemy physically tries to attack , and when there is no other option to save the self , then unwittingly bramhin resorts to maran.

Saturn in house of mars [weak ] aspected by mars and gulika [mars being in the navamsa of cancer or jupiter ] the person is killed by abhichara .

Bring the deepagni or dhoopagni of the enemy and begin the Abhichara . Maran karma should not usually accompany the sacrifice of kravya . With the neem oil dipped feather of crow or owl ,homa should be performed by chanting continuously ” enam daray, enam shoshay , enam maray ” then going to the rear of the kunda ,invoke a kritya and chant ” yo me ch kantakam duraadduram va chantikeapi ch pibataddyamsruk ” within 9 days enemy dies a miserable death .

A yantra with ” swaha maray hum amuk hrim phat ” if worn in neck on Tuesday kills enemies if the following mantras ” chandalini kamakhya vasini vandurge klim klim thah swaha ” has been made siddhi .

if not used on appropriate enemies it kills the one who invokes.

Vishvamitra created a Rakshas [kritya ] with his mantra shakti and sent it to kill only surviving Son of Vashishtha Shaakti Rishi [ father of Parashar muni] . Rakshas killed Shakti muni in absence of Vashishtha , when Shakti was in meditation .

When Parashar knew about this through his friends , he started a vedic homa to remove entire Rakshas clan in the universe. Slowly all the rakshasas fell in the homa kunda one by one and the Homa went on for a year long . when all the Rakshasas were slowly getting extinguished , Rishi Pulastya and pulaha were deeply disturbed by the genocide of their clan . Pulastya went to rishi vashishtha to pacify his grandson .

Sage Vashishtha appeared before Parashar and addressed him thus ” Oh grandson , regain your calm and put aside the hatred and anger in you . Hatred and anger does not suit a Bramhin . All the human beings on this earth reap their fruits by the virtue of their previous karma . No one kills the other by his own self will , its the purvajanma karma that kills the person , My son Shakti also died because of his purvajanma karma and not by the Rakshas . Rakshas was just an instrument . So setaside your anger on Rakshas jati and stop this yagnya . May good senses prevail on you and let Shanti [ peace be setin into your heart] .”

Taking the words of the Grandfather as an order , Parashar stops this yagnya giving relief to the Rishi Pulastya , Pulastya then says ” Oh Paraashar , having stopped this yagnya at out behest and through the words of Vashishtha , we are all relived and we give you a boon that may all the shastras be realized by you easily and may you be the Puran pravakta for the ages to come , let every purana be your Lore ., let there be a siddhi to you for all the words of vedas and vedanmga and let Lord be born to you as your Son and be the light for the world through his wisdom . Let this all be known as the words of Parashar , as a result of which let the shastras be always alight in your heart as Lord dwell in heart as Gnyana , May he be visible to you in your heart”

Happy with the boons , Parashar stopped the yagnya leaving the remaining Rakshas to save their lineage . All these were recollected by Parashar when Maitreya put the question to Parashar about the beginning of Universe .


Syamantakopakhyaan – A story about Krishna Ganapaty and False Allegation

When saturn is in the fourth house in any of the divisional charts one faces allegation in his life.

Krishna in order to Save yadavs from Jarasandha’s repeated attacks , called Vishwakarma and created a beautiful city of DWARAKA . This city was fully golden with gates doors of each house made of gold . It had 16000 palaces for gopika stree of Lord Krishna . Also it had 11000 crores houses for all yadavs . The vastu of the city was such that none would ever fall sick or die prematurely .

note: today world population is itself 6 billion whereas in dwapara each city itself had the population of 110 billion .This proves the purana statement that distances , men hieght and living places all change as the yuga changes. In nutshell world shrinks with age.people fight for land food and living . cultivation has reduced to twice a year , in Dwapar it was 6 times , in treta it was 9 times and in krutyuga cultivation was year long . In kruta yuga the mode of exchange was precious stones , In treta it was Gold and in Dwapara it was silver , in todays era , the bill of exchange are of plastic ,paper or coins are copper and iron .

In such dwaraka lived one by name UGRASEN . he had two sons Satrajit and Prasen . Satrajit undertook ‘ANSHAN VRAT'[fasting unto death ] to please Surya [Sun diety] devata. Surya devata , with his bright gayatri swaroop appeared before him , Deity asked him to seek a boon . Satrajit asked for the dangling Ruby in the deity’s neck and sought as boon . This ruby [ Syamantak MANI ] was very lusturous , it had to be worn only by the pious and clean [ shuchi] person . It would end the life of the person who is unclean by mind and body . At the same time this Mani would give every day a 8000 kgs of gold .

Wearing the precious stone in his neck , Satrajit came back to the city , as he entered the city everyone thought Sun himself has come to meet kRISHNA . Such was the radiance of Satrajit . Satrajit fearing that Krishna would ask his MANi for himself , he gave it to his brother Prasen . Prasen once wearing the stone went for hunting . On the same day from a different direction even Krishna went for the Hunt .

Prasen was killed by a lion and lion took the Syamnatak mani from him . After a few stroll Lion was killed by a bear [ Jambavanta] and he carried the Mani to his cave and tied it to the cradle of the baby .

Seeing Krishna return and no trace of Prasen , Satrajit alleged that krishna has killed his brother for the want of Syamantak mani. Krishna to get rid of allegation ,wnet into the forest alonmg with all his relatives. They saw the remains of [ leftover by lion] Prasen and followed the footmarks of Lion , there they found the footmarks of a bear and killed lion. They follwed the footmarks of the bear into a cave . cave was dark and deep . Thus Krishna ordered all his relatives to stay at the entrance and as he was self illuminating personality , he entered the cave all by himself. There after the dark patch , he suddenly saw a bight palace with many dazzling lights . onto cradle was dangling the Syamantak mani. the lady of the house advised Krsihna to take away the mani and go away before jammbavan wakes up . Krishna smiled and blew is conch thus waking up jambavan . Jambvaan and Krishna had a terrible fight which went onto many days . After seven days when Krishna did not return , relatives at the enterance of the cave assumed Krishna as dead and went back to Dwaraka . there they also peformed the last rites.

here after 21 days of Fight Jambavaan was defeated and fell on the ground exhausted . Jambavaan exclaimed ,I belong to the time of Lord SriRAM , No one can defeat me in a straight combat , but since you have defeated me , you must be Sriman Narayana himself . Krishna showed his RaM roopa to Jambavaan , Jambavaan fell on the feet of the LOrd , gave Syamantak Mani and also Kaustubha mani along with his daughter Jambavati in marraige to SriKrishna .

SriKrishna came back to Dwaraka and called a huge gathering to clear the allegation that was put unto him and handed back the Syamantak Mani to satrajit . Satrajit afraid of the backlash of Yadavas and also out of Fear of Srikrishna gave the mani and his Daughter SATYABHAMA to Lord Krishna in marriage .

Shatdhanva and Akrur were not happy with this marraige and in the absence of Krishna [ Krishna when he had gone to see the pandavas ] attacked Satrajit and killed him and took away the Syamantak mani fron Satyabhama .

Fearing that Krishna would wage a war , Shatdhanva gave the mani to Akrur and Akrur fled to Kashi alongwth the Mani and started living a pious life there . He built many temples with the gold avaialable through Syamantak mani.

Knowing all these , yet Krishna pretending as if he knows nothing about Akrur , inspired Balaraa to go togetehr and bring back Syamantak mani from Shatdhanva . Both the brothers chased Shatadhanva , Shatadhanva fearing for his life climbed a mare and rode away , Krishna and balarama chased him , in a day Shatadhanva crossed over 800 miles. lastly the mare died of thrist , leaving it to its fate , Shatadhanva fled on foot . Krsihna followed him and finally cut his throat thrugh Sudarshan . Then as a normal human he searched for the MAni in his dress . Balraam arrived a bit late , As Krishna declared there is no Mani . Balaraam grew angry 1. for unncessarily making a false pretext to kill relative Shatadhanva . Secondly Balaraam suspected , Krishna ahd no intenetion to give Syamantak Mani to Him [ though elder brother] , as Balraam was alcoholic .

Balaraam developed anger and frustration on Krsihna and left him and settled in a new town of MITHILA for next five years brothers did not interact with each other .

Seeing this opportunity Duryodhan went to Balaraam under the pretext of learning Gadayudha from him [ art of fighting with Mace] . In thes efIve years Duryodhan expected to gain over Balaraam and ask for the hand of Subhadra , If Balaraam promises , Krishna would not object and once He marries Subhadra , both the brothers would be under his sway for the sake of sister. [ Such was the Plan of Duryodhan ] . However he managed to get the promise from Balaraam .

Here Akrur became pious day by day . Narad muni asked Srikrishna to perform Ganesh Chaturthi Vrat to get rid of all the allegation onto him . Narad said , as Krishna ahad seen the moon on the Ganesh Chaturthi day [ Bhadrapad shukla chaturthi] [ Ganapaty had cursed moon that whoever sees the moon on the Bhadrapad shukla charturthi day , he would face false allegation] .

As KRISHNA performed the vrat , Akrur completely guilty ridden went back to Dwaraka and handed over the Syamantak mani to Krsihna . All the allegations were cleared.

Seeing ugrasen , Balraam and Satyabhama all wanting to keep the Mani with them Krsihna felt giving it any would annoy the other and hence asked Akrur to keep it for himself as he was pious and always engaed in Yagnya.

Thus one who does Ganesh Vrat gets rid of all allegations and all his works undertaken will be successful and without obstacles.


Vashikaran – The story of Chitrasena

When Venus and moon are in libra one indulges in vashikarana to attract other women.

  • Punarnava root brought in pushyami nakshatra ,if enchanted with sarvalokvashankar mantra seven times and tied on the arm will make one easily attract others . [ the mantra should have been made siddha upto lakh times ]
  • fruit , flower , bark ,leaves , twig , brought on a sunday ,powdered and mixed with karpoor kumkum and gorochan , applied on forehead will attract others.
  • first kamakhya mantra should be practised , then bramhadandi powder mixed with corpse ashes when applied on any person he becomes subservient
  • teeth of neelgay and human when powdered with oil and applied on forehead will bring to toes most difficult of spouse.
  • Bhaskar mantra chanting on kumkum chandan and karpoor with tulasidal in cows milk , applied on forehead will make a king obey to your words.
  • chirchira seeds on pushyami nakshatra if given to king in his ood will make him grant all wishes .
  • Yakshini mantras practised well with japa and homa , chanted on a banana juice mixed with sweat and gorochan will make ones husband always be enchanted .
  • kalika mantra chanted on crossroads for 1 lakh times makes all and sundry enchanted.

Once Indra was tiored of all his wealth and power , he decided to renounce the world and decided to strive for moksha. He went to Kailash parvat and started serving Parvati and Rudra there . oNe day while serving them he sawa beautiful woman . She was Chitrasena , wife of Kubera . Indra lost his senses to her beauty .

Indra called Manmath and ordered him to get Chitrasena to swoon over him . Manmath with his bow of Sugarcane and arrow of flowers caused intense passion in Chitrasena to be attracted to Indra . Indra pulled her into his arms and took her into his plane to a place never known to Devatas and asuras inside the kandara of Mandar parvat .

There he personally looked after the beautiful chitrasena enchanting her with every happiness of the swarga .

Here Kubera became totally devasted at the news of his missing wife from mansarovar. He decided to commit suicide . His minister Kantha kubja advised him not to loose heart and look for his wife and seek her release from the unknown thief . He adised him to take the help of Vibheeshan his brother .

Kubera went to Vibheeshan and in loneliness told him of his plight , Vibheeshan called his most able Rakshashi Nadijangha , who was expert in maya to look for the wife of Kubera , chitrasena among all the devatas and asuras in the world.

Nadijangha tooka a beautiful form , such a form that no one could keep his eyes off her and swooned to possess her .

Soon she reached Amaravati . Indra saw her and desired to possess her . He sent Ashvini devatas to get her to his chamber . Ashwini devatas pleaded her to be with their king Indra . She asked them to briong Indra himself to her to please her and she would not go to him,.

Indra came to the beautiful women . She said she would like Indra to fulfill her wish and only then take her to his palace. Indra gave her a word. Nadijangha asked , she would like Indra to introduce her to all the women he has enjoyed till date , to see if any of them is as beautiful as she is ? only then she would oblige Him . Indra agreed .

He showed her entire Amravati and all his palaces . Nad then said I have one more in madar parvat , I shall show you but you must not tell anyone about it . So both set out towards Mandar in aplane . While flying , Indra [ posessed by Kali ] happened to befront Narad muni , he became shy in the presence of muni , but Narad playfully asked , “Indra is everything Okay in Amravati , and how about you Nadijangha , Is Vibheeshana doing fine “

Indra immediately understanding the deciet of NADIJANGHA , TOOK HER DOWN INTO THE FOREST , and was about to kill her . The forest belonged to the muni Trinabindu , Muni objected to killing of woman in his ashram . But Indra disregarding Muni Killed her . Trinabindu cursed Indra to become a woman . Indra became a woman instantly .

All the devatas worried about ther king in a womans body , went to Bramha to seek his release . Bramha told except Vishnu none will be capable of relieving Indra for his misdeeds . All the devatas , went to Mandar and sent back Chiterasena to Kubera and asked Bramha to give some mantra to relieve Indra from the body of woman .Bramha advised two lakhs japa of Astakshara mantra . Indra practisede ashtakshara and was relieved from muni shapa and became male again to Rule over Swarga.


Rajodarshan- First menses [ Story of Sharmistha ]

When mars aspects the moon [lagna] in a unupachaya place , a girl attains her first menses. If the first menses [rutu] falls on :

  1. Padyami -issueless
  2. Dwitiya – happy
  3. tritiya – wealthy
  4. chaturthi – Wicked
  5. Panchami – progeny
  6. Shashti – cruel mind
  7. Saptami – riches and ornaments
  8. Ashtami – Bold
  9. Navami- sorrows
  10. Dashami – Leader
  11. Ekadashi – Pure [shuchi]
  12. Dwadashi – Scandal monger
  13. Trayodashi – Joyous
  14. chaturdashi – Sinful
  15. Poornima – Strong body
  16. Amavasya – poor
  • Sunday – diseased
  • Monday – Virtuos
  • Tuesday- sorrow
  • Wednesday – good married life
  • thursday – polite
  • Friday – obedient
  • saturday – vicious

Result of cloth on the first menses

  1. white cloth – happy
  2. silk /fibre – queen or fortunate
  3. New cloth – happy
  4. torn cloth – poverty
  5. red cloth – diseased
  6. black cloth – widowhood
  7. diry cloth – poverty

results of number of drops on first menses

  1. drop gives wealth
  2. drops gives good enjoyments
  3. drops diseases
  4. many drops poverty
  • If mars joins the star in which the first menses occurs , the girl will have dead children
  • guru makes her pious
  • ravi will give loss of husband
  • rahu will make her adulterous
  • sani will make her a maid servant .
  • no planets will make her a happy and long lived.
  • moon in eigth will bring dangers
  • venus in seventh will give marriage in foreign lands
  • saturn will give enslavement .

Sharmistha was the daughter of asura King Vrishaparva. Shukracharya was the daitya guru to the King. One day Sharmishtha and Devayani ,daughter of Shukracharya were playing in the garden . Playfully Sharmistha pushed Devayani into well owing to an argument as to who was more powerful , as daughter of king Sharmistha or Devayani as the daughter of Bramhin .

Yayati a powerful King passed by pulled Devayani out helping her through his right hand. As Yayati had held the hand of Devayani , Devayani insisted he marry her owing to have taken her hand [ Panigrahan] .

Yayati with the blessings of Shukracharya married Devayani .And As a punishment Vrshaparva king [ to pacify his guru] made Sharmishtha the maiden of Devayani .

Sharmishtha accompanied Devayani to the land of Yayati . In course of time Sharmistha attained puberty . Yayati was around at the same time.

Sharmistha asked Yayati to marry her . Yayati refused . Sharmistha explained shastra words to Yayati saying :

“Oh king , Those who refuse to marry the girl having attained her first rutu during rutu kala [ out of her own will if wishes to have progeny from a man] will get sin equal to bHrun hatya.

King says ” marriages are to be performed by the wishes of parents of Kanya , and without the wish of the Vrishaparva or Shukracharya it is not possible”

Sharmishtha says ” oh King smriti says , parents have right onto the girl only till she attains puberty , after the rutu kala has passed even when a Parent is unable to find a suitable groom for the girl , then girl has an independence to choose the man for herself. Therfore being the daughter of a king though living like a slave in your house , I choose you to be my husband , kindly accept me. else you will have to embrace the sin of stree hatya and bhrun hatya as if you will not marry then I am surekly not going to be alive. “

hearing this King Yayati secretly married Sharmistha and bore her three sons. Devayani after seeing three healthy babies in her courtyard asked her about their father . When the kids pointed to the KIng , she felt decieved and Shukracharya instantly cursed YAYATI to become old aged . When yayati narrated the circumstances in which he had to marry Sharmistha , Shukracharya said his curse cannot be reversed but he can exchange his old age with any young man.

Yayati called all his sons to accept his old age , none accepted except PURU . Thus puru gave up his enjoyments in young gae and embraced the old age of his father , after a lakhs of years too Yayati found that his thrist for sexual pleasure did not weaken or die. Thus concluding this thirst cannot be quenched unless renounced. He renounced the world and gave back his youth to Puru and also the kingdom .


Optimism – Bhagavat Dweetiya Skanda

  • One who has [shadbal poorna] venus in the fourth house is ever optimistic and happy all through his life.

Optimistic attitude is must in this world. One must be optimistic about one’s fate . One must be optimistic about Lord’s Grace onto us. One must be optimistic about achieving the desired through the efforts and grace of Lord and Guru even in the most challenging situation.

Taking even the most negative incident in one’s life as a an opportunity given by God to betterment is the highest form of Optimism . And yet again blessing those [ who were responsible for such Hardships] for having provided this opportunity and being indebted to Them is again an extreme Vairagya.[coupled with Optimism] .

Maharaja Parikshit exhibited these qualities when cursed by the Rishikumar Sringi to die within seven days. Maharaja did not go into a gloom or despondency at the fast approaching certain Death .But Instead called for a great gathering of the wise to advice him to achieve what a best can be achieved in seven days.

Shuka Muni Arrives there and King Asks Him whether is there anything that can be achieved great in Seven DAYS.. As He has a certain Death awaiting Him in seven days .

Shuka muni explains [ Bhagavat Dweetiya Skanda Prathamo Adhyaya Shloka 13]


khatvango nama rajarshir

jnatveyattam ihayushah

muhurtat sarvam utsrijya

gatavan abhayam harim

There is one Solution for all the problems of the world that a man may face , that is the Knowing the Glories of Lord Srikrishna the Supreme .

[ Note : When someone suggest say Chant These names , listen to Bhagavat etc , an immediate question arises of what use will it be? Then it has to be explained look such and such person had done so and he achieved this result . immediately second question arises , will I reap similar results ? Yes be optimistic and give it a try ! this is what ,a background ,Shuka muni is creating for the Phalashruti of Bhagavat from above verses]

Bhagavat is the Full of Glories of Lord Krishna . But Parikshit wants to Know whether seven days are enough ?

Shuka says there was once a King called Khatvanga , when this rajarishi enquired devatas as to how much longevity was leftover , Devatas said only a muhurtha .

[Note : one muhurtha is two ghati . One ghati is 24 minutes and hence Muhurtha is 48 minutes.]

Khatvanga raja after ascertaining his life would end after 48 minutes , immediately withdrew his senses from all the material enjoyments of life. and attaining unattached mental state to all his belongings and being completely engrossed in the Glories of Lord achieved Moksha.

Shukamuni says ‘ Oh King Parikshit if Moksha has been achieved in one muhurtha 48minutes by king Khatvanga , then by that measure you have complete seven days . each day has 30 muhurtha and you have 210 muhurthas at your disposal.

In this world No one can guarantee whether he will get up alive next day morning to see the rising SUN and his family . [ that means death can strike any moment , it is always uncertain] But Fortunate are You ‘ Oh Parikshit that RISHI Sringi has cursed you to DIE after seven days. He has ensured that you would LIVE Definitely for next seven days . King Parikshit is indebted to RISHI kumar for having cursed him and the recourse[ optimistic ] that King took over next seven days of Listening to SRIMADBHAGAVATA MAHAPURANA, definitely gave him Moksha .


RajYoga-The story of Narahari teertha

|| sasItAmUlarAmArchA koshe gajapateH sthitA |
||yenAnItA namastasmai shrImannR^iharibhixave||

Narahari teertha -3rd Pontiff in the Shree Madhacharya -Raghavendra Mutt (1324-1333-Hampi-Thungabhadra)

PooRvashram name SHyam shaastri.

When Jupiter is in Lagna and sun in the tenth house at the time of travel one will acquire a Kingdom in his travel.

Shyam Shastri was the minister of Kalinga State. His father was Narasimha Bhatta. who was also an officer in that state. They were powerful in many respects. Many temples were erected during their time.The inscriptions at Srikurmam says He had donated a Village to bramhins for the welfare of King Bhanudev II . He was expert swordsman and able statesman.He was a scholar. Lead a life like rajaRshi ,working as an minister in the court of King Gajapathi of Orissa(Kalinga) State.

Sriman Madhwacharya camped at Orissa after returning from Badarikashram. A Vidwat sabha was arranged. The Father and the son took part in the debate. Both father and son duo were traditionally ADVAITI bramhins ,thus they were debating against the Dvaita philosophy of Sriman Madhvacharya .They could not succeed. They accepted the defeat..

Impressed by the discourses of SriMadhvacharya Shyama Shastri accepted the Vaishnava-dvaitha Math and became his disciple. He was ordained the Name NARHARI Teertha

Stayed for some time with his guru. Sriman Madhwacharya asked him to go to Kalinga State and spread the Dvaitha Philosophy.

At that time the king died leaving a infant heir to the throne. A caretaker was neccessary till the infant prince grew Youngand capable. The subjects were in dilemma. They decided and made arrangements for the Royal elephant to go round the State with a garland at its trunk and to put to the neck of a person to whom it chooses as the best.- That person would rule the kingdom. The Royal elephant saw a Sanyasi coming out of Lord Jagannatha temple, after performing pooja. It garlanded the Sanyasi and prostrated before him. The subjects felt that Lord Jagannatha had come in the form of Swamiji and entrusted the State to the control of the Swamiji. He was none other than Sri Narahari TheeRtha. The subjects were more than happy to see erstwhile minister now back to look after them.

Sri Narahari theertha also thought that it was the will of God to protect the kingdom till the prospective ruler would grow and was able to take charge of the kingdom. Thus he looked after the Kingdom for 12 years.

The history of orissa well records this fact in the following extract



Narasimhadeva I was successful in his campaigns against the Muslims and humbled the pride of his enemy. Like his father he was a devotee of Lord Purushottama. He is remembered in history as the builder of the world famous temple at Konarka.

In 1264 A.D. Narasimhadeva I was succeeded by his son Bhanudeva I born of queen Sitadevi. During his time Narahari Tirtha the disciple of Ananda Tirtha (Madhvacharya) had great influence in Orissa. He was even appointed as a Governor of Kalinga. During the rule of Bhanudeva, Chandrikadevi, the daughter of Anangabhimadeva I, constructed the Ananta Basudev temple at Bhubaneswar in 1278 A.D. That year Bhanudeva died and his son Narasimhadeva II was an infant. Narahari Tirtha worked as regent for long twelve years. Narasimhadeva II is known to have fought against the Muslims of Bengal the results of which were decisive. His long reign from 1278 to 1306 was peaceful

During his rule , he remained a sanyasi and converted many adjacent princes and kings to Vaishnav Dvaita fold and renamed them .The Matsya rulers of Oddavadi became independent of the Gangas and were converted to Vaisnavism by Narahari Tiirtha. Arjuna became Narasimha Vardhana, Annamaraja Gopalavardhana and Munjaditya Srirangavardhana. Sri Narahari Tiirtha was also responsible for the conversion of many princely and aristocratic families of Kalinga and Andhra regions to Madhva fold. The descendants of these families still flourish in the coastal Andhra and adjoining states.

When the successor had attained maturity to take charge of the kingdom, he handed over the State and left for the UDUPI. The Young Raja wanted to give presents to the outgoing Sanyasi. But Sri Narahari theertha did not accept anything. When the young Rajakumar persisted him to have something as a memento, he took the MoolaRama idols from the Raja Bhanadara and arrived at the Udipi Kshetra on Kartheeka shudhdha Dwadashi evening. He submitted these idols to SriMan Madhwacharya. The morning Pooja were over due to Dwadashi. Yet Sriman Madhwacharya again went to Sri Madhwa sarovara and took bath and completed the Ahneeka . Taking these Bramha KaraaRchitha [one adorned and prayed by Bramha] idols and kept by the side of Lord Kadagol Krishna and performed the Pooja.

Sri Narahari theertha was performing Sanchara in all the directions like Sri PadmanaBha theertha spreading the Dwaitha doctrine. He came to a village called GollarahaLLI. That early morning, Lord Sriman NarayaNa appeared in his dream informing the saint that he was in the form of an idol in the nearby tank. Accordingly, the saint with his parivara went to the spot indicated by the lord and brought a beautiful idol of Sri LakshminarayaNa and installed in a temple specially constructed for it. The Tank was improved. It started yielding good crops for the nearby fields. People called the tank as NarayaNa Kere .Tipu sulthan on horse back, on his way to a war, happened to see this Lakshminarayana idol and went on to conquer KoppaLa, on his return, Tippu saw the idol again. He was pleased. As a mark of his victory he made arrangements for a diamond studded crown for this idol.

The saint came to a village called Chikkera haLLi near MoLakalmanoor. The saint dreamt that Anjaneya was inside a big anthill in that village. The mud was extracted and the saint found Anjaneya Vigraha Pratishtapana was done as per the wishes of Anjaneya and people believe that it belonged to Janamejayaraya’s period. A separate temple was constructed.

Sri Narahari teertha was Acharya’s pet student. He wrote commentary for Geetha Bhashya. He also wrote commentaries for Yamaka Bharatha. Also wrote Keerthana’s in Kannada language. He lived for 80 years in Kalinga, Andhra, and Karanataka States He gave ashram to Sri Maadhawa Theertha. Behind the Vijaya vitala temple of Hampi near Chakratheertha, he entered Brindavana.


What was the neccesity for Madhvacharya to send Narhari teerth to Kalinga?

The story ends with Narhari teertha bringing the MOOLRAMA vigraha .This is gold idol still in Mantralayam and has interesting background which warrants a naration.

God Narayana is omnipotent . Lord has all his roopa intact and imperishable. So Lord MoolRama was /is present even before Lord Ram actually appeared as son of Dasharath.

Bramha was praying this idol Moolrama in Satyaloka . He had appointed a deity by name “ShankhaKarna” to bring everyday tulasi and flowers without fail and punctually at the time of pooja of Bramha .

Shankhakarna was prompt in his duty for yugas. However one day , as he gazed the idol , a desire to do the pooja himself to the idol of MoolRama and hold it in the his hands , crisscrossed the mind of the deity. Engrossed in his desires and such thoughts and dreams , he forgot to hand over the tulasi and flowers to Bramha in time.

Bramha in anger cursed him to be born on earth as rakshas . When prayed ardently by the ShanhaKarna , Bramha smiled and said this was not a curse but a anugraha shapa [ a boon in disguise] . He had grased his desire and in his one of the births he would pray the idol with his own hands. And all his births he will be specially devoted to VISHNU.

ShankhaKarna was born as Prahlad.[ chief inspiration behind the advent of lord as NARSIMHA] . Then he was born as BALHIKA [ elder brother of SHANTANU and uncle of BHEESHMA fought war and died in the hands of BHEEMA, he was the eldermost[elder to bheeshma ] warriors in MAhabharata war] .Then he took birth as Shri RAGHAVENDRA Swamy.

Bramha gave the idol to Ikshvaku of Solar dynasty. From there it came to Dasharath and the Lord RAM gave it to Lakshman ,subsequently to Hanuman.

Hanuman gave this to Bheemasen . Bheemasen after the war handed it over Kalinga King. In this Kalinga lineage , this remained in orrissa but the pooja had long ago stopped and hence it was kept in the Royal storage.

It was through Narahari teertha it came back to Bheemsen [ Madhvacharya] and in the mutt was continuouskly prayed daily by the MUtt POntiffs. Thus in this tradition Shri Raghavendra was appointed Pontiff by Sudhindra teerth. and Shriraghavendra [ShankhaKarna] fulfilled his long cherished dream of praying MOOLRAMCHANDRA

||Sriman moolramo Vijayate|| ||Sri Gururajo Vijayate||




Moon Mind & Abhimanyu

Moon indicates mind in astrology. Moon also indicates ability to attract near and dears m. Moon indicates royal favors and cheers from subjects. Moon also indicates hasty decisions .Moon indicates able ruler and his heirs.Moon is the dynasty .Moon also indicates manes.

Abhimanyu was the incarnation of moon. Abhimanyu was Angad in his previous life in ramayana . Arjun was Vali. He carried forward his runanubandha even in this life.

Due to extreme devotion Angad had in Rama , Abhimanyu became very dear to Krishna.

When Mind is firmly fixed in the Lord Ram , then no evil can even enter your mind or disturb your gait /goal and resolution. Although every type of evil is ever engaged in disturbing /moving the tranquil of the Brain and mind. Such a mind when fixed in Rama becomes firm just like Angad put his step firmly on the ground taking the name of Lord Ram. none in the court of Ravan could even move it leave aside uproot it. All the demons [ various sins ,evil thoughts] tried their best to move Angad’s feet but without success.

A firm resolute mind is only possible when it is fixed unconditionally towards Ram. Your mind automatically purifies and achieves the great feat. Even under hostile circumstances it fears not to convey the message of RAM.

Abhimanyu leant great Vidya by Lord Krishna in the womb . Lord impregnates mind with multitudes of capacity .Abhimanyu was dear to all the Pandavas. Abhimanyu represents Half knowledge .

With half knowledge one can never come out of delusion [ padmavyuha ] called life. Logic cannot help in gain victory over senses . Neither it helps solve mystery of life . When mind is not fully equipped it keeps revolving in padmavyuha.

When such a mind is not accompanied by [ Bheem , Yudhisthir, Nakul Sahadev] ,ie.perfect Knowledge & devotion towards divine , Dharma [do’s and don’ts] , good neeti and conduct.

Though it can successfully tackle problems of life but cannot overcome it .When such accompaniment fails due to interference owing to lust [jayadrath] , it is severally attacked by jealousy[Karna] ,ego[Ashvaththama] , sense of dejection[ Kripa] ,Greed[Duryodhan],perverted Knowledge[ dushyashan] and confusion[shakuni] all aided by atheism [ Drona].

Such an unprepared mind is afflicted severally by these and there is no hope whatsoever about escape from such a situation . One gets lost into such delusion named chakravyuha. One ends up with his head hit by the mace of [ Kushashtra] ,son of Dushyashan [ perverted knowledge gives birth to delusive scriptures and beliefs].

Such Chakravyuha can only be successfully tackled by Arjun[ shravan , manan ,dhyana] directed by Lord Krishna in body which is purified by the presence of Hanuman .

Always engage the mind in the practice of meditation of Lord else one will get stuck in the chakravyuha of life never to come out of it afflicted by shadvairy [ six enemies of Kama krodha lobh mada moha matsarya]. Never leave the company of dharma gyana neeti and suvartan.


Karna -The Astrologer

When Krishna the lord of Universe offers Karna the lordship of the World to leave Duryodhan and side with Pandavas .

Karn said – “You are right, Krishn, I now know that whatever you have said to me that  Kuntee bore me when she was a maiden through her connection with Soorya. At the command of Soorya she abandoned me as soon as I was born without thinking of my welfare. Soot Adhirath found me and took me home. There his wife Raadhaa brought me up with all her affection. Adhirath gave me the name Vasusen. When I grew up, I married the wives according to his selections. I have now sons grandsons through them. My all rites and religious duties are performed with Soot. With Duryodhan I have enjoyed sovereignty for over 13 years. Now when Duryodhan has decided to fight with Paandav considering me as against Arjun, I cannot go back because of fear, death or bloodshed. If I do not indulge with Arjun in single combat, it will be an insult to both of us. 

I am sure that Paandav will do whatever you have said but for now, you must hide this for the benefit of both of us. Let Yudhishthir be king for ever. He has collected a great crowd of warriors. I am repenting for what I said to Paandav. Duryodhan is going to do a Yagya. When you will see me slain by Arjun then Punachiti of this Yagya will begin, when you will see Bheem drinking the blood of Dushaasan’s chest then the Som drinking of this Yagya will take place, and when the two sons of Drupad – Shikhandee and Drishtdyumn will overthrow Bheeshm and Drone, then this Yagya will be suspended for interval. When Bheem will kill Duryodhan then the Yagya of Duryodhan will be concluded. When all Kuru women will lament for their husbands and sons in the battlefield without their protector, it will be the last bath of this Yagya. [ Karna predicts the future ]

I just pray you that don’t let these Kshatriya be perished miserably for thy sake. Let them die by weapons in the most sacred place among the three worlds. Whatever you have in mind, accomplish it on this spot only. Till I face Arjun in the field, keep our talks secret.”

Krishn said – “O Karn, Don’t you wish to rule over the whole world? You know that Paandav’s victory is certain. Divine Bhaum has set up Hanumaan banner like Indra’s banner. Extended for one Yojan it will never be obstructed by any thing. When Arjun will twang his bow then that signs off all Yug (Sat, Tretaa and Dwapar). All kings will get excellent state after dying for Duryodhan in the battlefield.” Karn worshipped Krishn and said – “Knowing everything why do you want to baffle me? This war is going to happen. The great fierce planet Shani (Saturn) is afflicting the Nakshatra Rohinee which indicates the destruction on Prithvi. Mars is coming to Nakshatra  Anuraadhaa through Jyeshthaa indicating a great a slaughter of friends. Certainly a great calamity will come over Kuru family when the planet Mahaapat will afflicts the Nakshatra Chitraa. Moon’s position has changed and Raahu is also proceeding towards Soorya. A black circle surrounding the solar disc appears to view.” [ Karna’s command on astrology can be seen here ]

Krishn said – “Yes, The destruction of the world is at hand but you are not agreeing for it.” Karn said – “If we have come out of the war then we will meet here again, otherwise we shall surely meet in Heaven.” and embraced Krishn very hard. Keshav dismissed him and he came back with us.”


Kunti went to Gangaa River where she heard Vedic mantra chanting by her son. Karn was standing facing east, so Kuntee stood waiting behind him burning in hot Sun. Then she shifted under the shade of upper cloth of Karn. And Karn continued his prayers until his back was very hot with Sun. Then he turned back and was surprised to see Kuntee standing there. He saluted her properly and bowing his head Vrish (Karn), the son of Vikartan (Adhirath), said to her – “I am Karn, Raadhaa and Adhirath’s sson. Why have you come here and what can I do for you?”

Kuntee said – “You are Kuntee’s son, not Raadhaa’s, nor your father is Adhirath, nor you are born in a Soot family. I bore you when I was a maiden. You were born in the palace of Kuntibhoj. I gave you birth in my father’s house along with Kavach and Kundal on your body. You stand in Duryodhan’s camp not knowing your brothers, is not proper. Duryodhan has wickedly snatched Yudhishthir’s wealth. You take that wealth back from them and enjoy it. Let people call you like Raam Balraam. If you both are united what is in this world which cannot be accomplished?”

As Kuntee finished, Karn heard a soft loving voice coming from Soorya – “What Prithaa is saying is true. Follow her words, it is for your good.” Karn could not answer immediately because his heart was following only truth. He said – “I cannot accept what you have said to me. Although I should obey you as you are my mother. You abandoned me as soon as I was born. This was the greatest injury you did to my life and fame. Thus I was deprived of all the rights of Kshatriya. You have never thought about my good before this and you are telling me something for my good today? Who is not afraid of Arjun? And if I go to Paandav today, people will say that “I did so because of fright”. Just to fulfill my own desires how can I leave Duryodhan’s friendship? They always respect me, bow down to me and wait on me. I will surely fight with Paandav. However except Arjun, your other four sons will not be slain by me. I will fight only with Arjun. Whether he will be slain, or me, in both cases my life will be glorified and your five sons will always be alive.”

————————————————————–end of extract ———————————————————

Points to be noted in the above speech by Karna ;

  • Karna Knew he was going to be slained by ARJUN
  • Karna had complete knowledge of the Planetary scenario at the MAhabharata WAR , he was great astrologer as he completely predicts the future about Bheem slaying Kauravs .
  • Karna was chanting Vedic mantra [ Only higher caste chant VEdic mantra , Karna was not considered Low born as depicted ,soota is not low caste or untouchable]
  • One’s birth is not alone important in determining caste as much as His Sanskara , Karna had sanskara as SOOTA ,mark Karna’s words , and hence He remained a SOOTA all along even if Duryodhan gave him Kingdom, even if he was born a Kshatriya  . This was the point made in Vidyapradarshan BY BHEESHMA , when he objected to Arjun fighting Karna . That a Kshatriya should not fight with Soota at the competition .
  • Karna admits to Duryodhan’s Soverignty to as recent as 13 years and Not from the day He was made the King . why?
  • Karna was made the King when Yudhisthir and Duryodhan were around 25 years of Age .
  • Then intermittently pandavas suffered treason in Varnavat .
  • Then they were married in disguise .
  • When Pandavas went to Vanvas , Yudhisthir was 57 years old .
  • When they came back Yudhisthir was 70 years old .
  • So Karna should have told 50 years of soverignty , why 13 years .
  • because After Raajsooya Yagnya his Kingdom was snatched by BHEEMASEN and given back to him after his  acceptance of soverignty  of Yudhisthir .
  • The kingdom of Yudhisthir was usurped in dice by Duryodhan and hence 13 years of soverignty .
  • Karna is persuaded by Lord ,but  to only Fight Arjun he refuses Krishna’s Proposal [  Lord’s command is not so important for him than his prestige [ego] that he will be declared coward . Lord could have as well made him a hero had he accepted , NO faith ! ]
  • Karna is persuaded by Kunti and SOORYA . He admits he must obey them but cannot for the desire of Fighting Arjun . Karna does not grant what his MOTHER asks for , only for his good ! [ DAANVEER of no use to MOTHER ].
  • krishnarpanamastu.

    Superiority of Arjun vis-a-vis Karna – A Debate

    Karna failed in Swayamvar . HE failed to even string the bow .
    Surya counters  Radha’s son is not KARNA but brother of Karna
    “And that bow which Rukma, Sunitha, Vakra, Radha’s son, Duryodhana, Salya, and many other kings accomplished in the science and practice of arms, could not even with great exertion, string”
    Views of Prof Pandurangi
    HOD Sanskrit  Bangalore University Rashtrapati awardee , MAHAMAHOPADHYAYA Tirupati Sanskrit University
    “First Shishupala tried and failed. Then, Jarasandha, Shalya tried and failed. In the case of Karna a ticklish point is raised. According to North India recession of Mahabharatha Draupadi remarked that “Naham Variyam Sutham” I do not like to marry a charioteer. On the other hand when Arjuna asks Dhristadyumna whether a Brahmana can participate in the svayamwara contest, Dhristadyumna replies that “Brahmano Vatha Rajanyo Vaishyo va shudra aeva va?” Whetehr one is Brahmana, Kshatriya, Vaishya or Shudra if he can wield the bow and hit the mark, I shall give my sister. From this it is clear that Karna lost the chance by his incapacity bit not on the ground of his caste. The North Indian version seems to be interpolation.
    …………..end of extract ……………….
    C Rajagopalachary view 
    Sisupala, Jarasandha, Salya, and Duryodhana were among these unsuccessful aspirants. When Karna came forward, all the assemblage expected that he would be successful but he failed by just a hair’s breadth and the string slid back flashing and the mighty bow jumped out of his hands like a thing of life.
    Vivekananda View
    Now, there came kings and princes from different parts of India, all anxious to win the hand of the princess, and one after another they tried their skill, and every one of them failed to hit the mark.When all those princes failed in hitting the mark, then the son of King Drupada rose up in the midst of the court and said: “The Kshatriya, the king caste has failed; now the contest is open to the other castes. Let a Brahmana, even a Shudra, take part in it; whosoever hits the mark, marries Draupadi.” Among the Brahmanas were seated the five Pandava brothers. Arjuna, the third brother, was the hero of the bow. He lifted the bow in his hand, strung it without any effort, and drawing it, sent the arrow right through the wheel and hit the eye of the fish. 
    Then there was great jubilation. Draupadi, the princess, approached Arjuna and threw the beautiful garland of flowers over his head

    Ekalavya – the GuruDrohi

    Ninth lord if in mruduswabhava rasi or in aspect or association of Jupiter ,the native will have Gurubhakti . if associated with malefics the native will go against Guru .

    Ninth lord in navasmsa if placed well , the navamsa lord if aspected by jupiter , the person will be endowed with guru bhakti , if afflicted the person will offend his preceptors.

    • Ekalavya is known for the Guru bhakti in the popular history,
    • His story has been celebrated as cruelty on part of Guru Dronacharya
    • Also Ekalavya has been portrayed as that of being a victim to the partiality of Acharya Drona ,for his love towards Arjun.
    • Ekalavya is supposed to have learnt everything all by himself .
    • Ekalvya is portrayed as one from lower caste and untouchable.
    • Ekalavya is seen as another victim of Pandav favoritism ,just like Karna
    • Incidently Ekalavya is brother-in law of Karna .

    Contrary to the above popular belief let me give you the real facts to uncover the myth  about EKALAVYA .

    Before venturing into the character named Ekalavya ,it is important to know the greatness of Acharya Drona .

    • Dronacharya was a man without desires ,he used to live on shillonch vrutti [ that which prohibits one to ask anything from anyone ]
    • He was taught astra Vidya By Lord Parshurama [ not different from Krishna] .
    • He was very devoted to Lord and his Guru .
    • He was true to his profession of teaching and to his employers and kept his words always.
    • Arjuna had promised to caryy his mission [ to conquer Drupad] ,and thus HE had promised Arjun to make him the greatest Archer .
    • Archery consists of plain skill of holding bow and relieving arrows + knowledge of astras [missiles]
    • Without knowledge  of missiles plain archery is of limited use.
    • Astras involve usage of vedic techniques .[these can be learnt only from Guru ]
  • Drona was divine personality , his grace would make anyone a great .
  • Now let us move to Ekalavya ,

    • Ekalavya was not a lower caste , He was nishada prince [ a son of nishad king].
    • Nishada is a caste sprung from the intermixing of bramhins and sudras[ parasava + kshatra] . These are tribes that dwell in forests and are adept in various skills from hunting to boating . They form an important part of forest life and governance in general , as they are cheitains overwhich a kingdom stands.
    • Ekalavya and his father etc were in the service of Kashi raja .
  • Ekalavya went to Drona to learn Vidya Why?
    • Ekalavya had a inherent hate towards Lord Krishna .
    • Ekalavya was the incarnation of demon MAnimanta .
    • He had gone into deep forest to learn astras from Pisachas .[ Paisaach vidya and paisaach astras]
    • He had used them against Krishna but could not succeed ,thus he understood that he should acquire Deva astras .
    • Only Guru Drona could impart such Knowledge .
    • Thus he Approached Drona
  • Why did Drona reject Ekalavya ?
    • Drona knew he was inherently a hater of Lord Srikrishna [ His Guru not diffrent from Parashurama]
    • Entertaining him would be to go against his Guru .
    • Secondly By then Guru Drona was in the service of teaching Princes of Hastinapur.
    • School where Princes are taught ordinary citizens are not allowed to learn by their side.
    • Only Royals  and bramhins in Royal service  could enroll themselves in such schools.
    • This is the reason why even Karna was rejected .
    • Those were the days when Governance itself was beased on a caste .
    • Hence an outcaste could not have dared to go to a bramhin [ A Royal servicemenin the service of Monarch of the world] to teach him if it were against rules .So Ekalavya was not an outcaste . neither a low born because astra vidya could be taught to only higher caste warriors.
  • Disappointed Ekalavya went to the forest , prepared a IDOL of Dronachary and started practising the archery .
    • This gave him profound mastery in archery .
    • This is not the greatness of Ekalavya but greatness of Dronacharya himself ,that even worshipping his idol too gave extraordinary brilliance in the vidya. If this was not so , then Ekalavya could have practised all by himself without the idol . But He knew the greatness of Drona and thus resorted to this form of Practise.
    • This shows extreme determination of Ekalvya to gain the vidya [ determination to kill Krishna] .
    • But all daitya [rakshasas ,demons] are known to have done tapasya earlier and gained boons from Shiva and others , this is just another example of Ekalavya doing tapasya to Dronacharya.
  • Dronacharya asked his right thumb
    • When in the forst ,royal dog was stopped from barking by Ekalavya [without hurting the dog , ekalavya had gagged the dog with the arrows]
    • This created a concern in the mind of Arjun and asked whether Drona was true to his words.
    • Drona to keep his words and to prevent Ekalavya from going against his guru [ Lord] and principles , asked for his right Thumb as Gurudakshina .
  • Ekalavya cut off his thumb
    • because , he knew refusing Gurudaksina would render his Vidya useless [ just as Karna had suffered] thus it is better to give up the thumb rather than risking curse.
    • Dronacharya was divine from the fact that he restored The THUMB equivalent to Arjun in plain archery and less stiff when using astras .
    • This way Acharya Drona fulfilled his words and also kept his duty .
  • Later on th mount Raivat Dronacharya taught Astra Vidyas to Ekalavya .
  • Equipped with the Astra Vidya ,

    • Ekalavya along with Paundraka Vaasudeva [ another son of Vasudev from the diti ] attacked Dwaraka in the night .
    • Krishna had gone to Kailash to beget a son .
    • Satyaki and Balaraam alongwith the army fought with the Ekalavya and Paundraka Vaasudeva their army with lamps.
    • Ekalavya and others extinguished all the lamps .
    • So Balaraam went to back to bring additional Lamps
    • Satyaki kept at bay both Ekalvya and Paundraka .
    • Just then Krishna returned , he cut all the weapons of Ekalavya and Paundraka and destroyed their chariots.
    • Balaraam then happy at the return of Krishna , with full vigour raised his musal and attacked Ekalavya .
    • Ekalvya afraid of furious Balraam , started running away .
    • HE ran and fell in the ocean .
    • Balaram stood near the banks , but ekalavya fearing and assuming Balraam is chasing , swam 80 yojanas and reached an island . there he looked back and seeing Balraam at the banks relieved a sigh .
    • Then Ekalavya undervent tapasya to Shiva to get the boon of being defeatless . ever victorious .
    • Shiva granted him the boon .
    • Now with much more pride and strength Ekalavya attacked Krishna again and used all the astras given by Drona and Shiva but Krishna cut all the astras and finally with his Sudarshan cut his head off .

    Story of Ekalavya is the portrayal of greatness of Dronacharya as how when in dilemma a man should act and yet uphold the Dharma ,and duty towards society , king , Guru and pupils and finally towards GOD .

    Gurubhakti is not in showing histrionics before GURU , Guru bhakti is in total surrender to teacher , obeying his everyword , upholding his every value and treading the path shown by him. Ekalavya only showed histrionics and acted contrarily to his guru’s views , loyalties and culture and principles.This is GURU DROHA , thus  finally he achieved nothing and met with death at a young age at the hands of Lord SRIKRISHNA .


    Kuke kshetra puraan [24th chapter]

    Rishis exclaim” hey suta puraanic, kindly give some more information extolling Kumar ” ! Suta explains ” whence one lisens to the mahima of Subramhanhyam , one will not fear the samsaar . In kritayuga , he is known as skanda , in treta as shanmukha , in dwapar as mayurvahan, in kaliyuga as Subramanhyam . in krita this parvat is known as Ram parvat , tretaas Rishyashringa , in dwapar as skandaparvst ,in kaliyuga as kumaarparvat .

    Kumardhara relieves all from sins , Subramanhyam relieves everyone who just remember him of hunger and thirst . Those who pray lord skanda will always get food without fail. early morning recitation of his name will give clean mindset free of evil .

    Those who listen or tell this purana during gayatri japa , riverside , near gooseberry tree , neem pipal etc will attain bramhaloka.he will get success and victory . A mental recitation with devotion will definitely fetch favours from skanda ,also mukti is also ensured by this . Thosewho write this puraana also obtain vishnusayujya . He will be blessed with children and grandchildren without fail , He will be blessed with riches , grains and  lands giving much harvest , gold and pompous life.  This recitation will ensure good physical features , and many learnings of secret sciences . One who listens also will obtain progeny , and health .Thus one must make efforts to pray lord subramanhyam “

    Kumardhara Kshetra puraana

    Shri Suta continues ,” Hey all muni gathered kindly listen to Shatabindu and his father’s story , interesting and ashcharykara[exhilarating]; In tretayuga , Sahasrabindu sat for a difficult penance on the peaks of Rushyashringa parvat. HE undertook severe austerities to commence the penance , in summer ,he kept gazing at the sun and continued tapasya ,in rains he stood in the open ground to continue the tapasya , in winter in surrounded himself with snow and yet continued the tapasya . The snow that was around his neck melted to give way for a river .This river is known as Kumardhara . Sun impressed with Sahasrabindu appeared before him to give him a boon. Sahasrabindu asked for a son . Surya [Sun] told him look this river which has originated from your body will assume another form as your son. That son became famous as Shatabindu . “

    Rudra continues to tell Shanmukha ,” In another yuga Shatabindu was born and he to please Agni undertook severe tapasya . But his tapasya caused strife to devatas in suryamandal Everyone was unable to bear the heat of that tapasya as it was emanating a huge flames towards the sun . The devatas ,siddha sadhya,chanar, gandharva, birds ,animals and men all were unable to carry out day to day activities due to this tapasya . Thus saptarishis , Kashyap ,atri,bharadwaj,shatanand,gautam,vaikhanas,valkhilya maharshi all went to shatabindu and asked him ” why he was undertaking this tapasya that is inconvenience to thers , good people do not do karma going against the humanity” . Just as they were speaking these words , a huge flame was engulfing them , seeing this shatabindu stopped his tapasya . But the sweat from his body flew as a river all around . This came to be known as kanishtha .

    Agni appeared before Shatabindu and urged him to ask a boon . Shatabindu said I would want this river to wipe off the sins however grave they may be for those who bathe here. Anyone who might have committed , bramhhatya ,go hatya ,bhrunhatya ,streehatya or engaged in drinking alcohol or debauchery all such people too ,if they take dip in this river be relieved off the sins and become pure. In hemant rutu margashirsha shahti , or any other punya yoga on panchami or chaturthi, one be relieved off skin diseases . Agni obliged .

    Shatabindu prayed,” Garhapatye ,dakshinagnaye ,avahaneeya namaha” jwalatmane namaha ” and Agni dissappeared. Thus these rivers were known as jyeshta kanishtha , Kumardhara and flowing beore subramhanyam ,it is cleansing the sins of the devotees and purifying their minds enables them to attain sadgati.




    Subramhanya Kshetra Puraan [Sarpa Dosha Nivaran]

    Note: Many of the people on the earth are troubled by sarpa dosha in the horoscope . Such people face lot of hurdles and untold miseries . Skin diseases , inability to conceive , extraordinary struggle , Unable to find suitable match for marriage , Mangal Dosha ,Chronic debts , frequent fights in the house , Sudden loss of fortunes , Aimless wanderings all point to presence of Sarpa dosha in the horoscope .

    Evey person may not be able to perform sarpa pooja ,sanskara, pratishtha etc So for such people reading about Kuke Kshetra mahima will relieve them from this dosha . starting today everyday a chapter in this puraana will be posted for the benefit of all May lord Anantapadmanabh bless us all .

    SrimanMoolaramo vijayate|

    Shri Gurubhyo namaha |

    Kshipraprasaday namaha |

    Annadam Pranadam nityam nrytyantam yoginaam hrudi|

    Ayuraarogyadam devam Subramhanyamaham bhaje||




    Shri Suta preached to Shaunak and others that ” Parshuram kshetra where lord had performed tapas ,the place where Rushyashrunga had lived ,famously known as Kumar parvat ,on whose peak lives Subramhanya ! I recite the story of such Kumar as known to me  ; Listening to this story ,relieves one of kushtha [skin diseases ] and other miseries  .Shanmukha mahima relives us all of the pain and thus I recitethe story of Kumar parvat , kumar dhara and Shanmukha  as told to Parvati by Shiva , also as known by conversation between Bramha and Narada as told by Sahasrabindu  to his son shatabindu ,may this bring happiness to all and this bestow punya .

    In tretayuga Sahasrabindu told thus to  his son shatabindu ” oh dear son , I narate to you what shiva had narrated to his son Shanmukha  in his childhood . Mahasesha ,one day tired of bearing the earth on his head ,prayed Lord Vishnu , Lord appeared and blessed Sesha to take a break and happily choose his dwelling place for sometime till then he would support the Bramhanda as Koorma . Then Sesha chose the best among the mountains Rushyashringa took the form of Subramhanya and resided peacefully for many years in Vishnu Dhyana .

    Katyayani devi yearning for a son came to this ranges and did penance for many years observing anantpadmanabh vrat . Sesha ,happy with her penance and austerity blessed her to conceive and also established a avesha of his roopa in the child. Thus blessed with the boon , Agni entered the virya of Shiva , Parvati Devi gave birth to a Son of six faces [ Shanmukha ] . That blessed son , bowing before the Parents and after obtaining their permission .went away for penance in the western direction , in the Kshetra of Parshuram , Rushyashrung Ashrama , Shanmukha ,seated in the tapasyaof Shesha antargata Anantapadmanabh Swamy . Since Kumaar had undertaken tapasya , this came to be known as Kumar parvat . And the river that flew from this place is known as Kumardhara. Andthe linga here is known as kukelinga . Those who know this will be relived of the pains of the world . Thus Men should try his best  to serve Kumar .Those who pray Skanda seated on a peacock will achieve all the desired . Just by mere recital of this devata’s name relieves off the sins . ”

    Shaunaka asked ” Hey Mahatma , How come this place of Parashuram became Rushyashringa Kshetra ? how did subramhanya come to kumar parvat ? Why did he stand here ? Kumaardhara ,where did it origin and where did it flow towards ,kindly narrate the mahima !”

    Thus ends chapter 1 of Kuke kshetra puraana fron Skandapurana !!



    AyuhKshinam Ayuhvriddhi

    When 8th and ninth lord in 12th then one will lose his longevity by the dishonouring the elders. Aspect of benefics on 8th house and its lord increases the longevity.Having good Ayur yogas also increases the strata of longevity .12th sun for libra ascendant also confers longevity.

    One loses his longevity by

    • disrespecting elders, fire ,cow,idols
    • eating in iron plates
    • having hair cut on saturdays sundays and tuesdays or amavasya ,chaturdashi etc
    • having haircut in the noon
    • drinking curds in the night before sleep
    • going to places where one is not respected
    • when elders make sasthtanga namaskar [bow ]
    • marrying woman elder in age
    • having sex in the morning
    • having  intercourse for an unusually longer time

    Once there was a very learned bramhin by name Srinivasachar in 18th century. He was a great scholar in sanskrit and philososphy . He was very proud of his scholarly aptitude . It was also around same time ,when bhakti movement had gained importance in south India and Das culture was on the rise . Das way of life was initiated by Purandardas [incarnation of Narada] in the south when Vijaynagar empire was at its peak under the able guidance of Vyasateertha [Incarnation of Balhik] a pontiff in the line of Madhvacharya. Das culture mainly emphasised the delivery of Vedic Knowledge in local language [Kannada] through poems and melodious songs for the Lord Vittala .Thus common men and women were suddenly bestowed the nectar of geeta and puranas in the common man’s language then prevalent. Vijaydas [ incarnation of sage BHrigu] was also one such illustrious personality of those times. VijayDas was also maternal uncle to Srinivasachar.

    Srinivasachar owing to the pride ,he had cultivated, did not recognize the fact that philososphy could be delivered to common man in simple man’s language. The philosophy which could not be guaged by immense learning in sanskrit ,how could they be delivered in simple dismal languages.

    True ! Sanskrit is a complex language ; its grammar is vast ; its difficult to master it ;perhaps takes many years for the same; Then comes the grasp poetry in sanskrit ! still difficult ; upon that philosophy ; its totally incomprehensible ; Almost all the philosophic literature is available in archaic sanskrit in poetry form ; difficult to decode. it takes many years of study and mastery to exhibit command over such philosophic understandings. All such efforts would seem ridiculous , if somebody claims he understands philosophy although he does not understand sanskrit. Amazing still will be the statement if one says he can express all the intricacies of the Vedas in common man’s language! even if we were to accept this  ; How come the common man is going to understand them; Can such claim be accepted ?

    SrinivasAchar felt these Das culture guys were fooling people in the name of God for common man and dancing around with bells in their anklets;He seriously doubted their credentials and claims of sainthood.

    One day VijayDas came visiting to his place and even visited his house. Srinivasachar out of ego and pride did not respect the Learned VijayDas and did not even welcome him in his house. VijayDas went away smiling .But soon after this insult , Srinivasachar started losing out on health.Slowly his health deteriorated. He contracted Kushtha [skin disease ] and slowly his moments became restricted.

    SrinivasAchar  now contemplated he is heading for Apamrutyu [ his longevity has decreased ]. He however could not comprehend the loss of longevity[ Ayuhkshina] . So to gain longevity he prayed Lord Hanuman in the mountains near Panchamukhi on the banks of TungaBhadra river. After 42 days of Vayustuti Purascharan ,he had  a dream , where Lord Hanuman directed him to pray Shri Raghavendra swamy in Mantralaya for further directions. [ Shri Raghavendra has been specially sent from heavens by God to grant the wishes of the humans, hence the direction ].

    Srinivas achar spent next few days under austere conditions as penace towards Shri Raghavendra Swamy  at Mantralayam. The following night Shri Raghavendra swamy appeared and explained to him the reason for his loss of longevity .[ Disrespect towards very learned VijayDas] ,so he asked him to seek his pardon and blessings.

    Srinivas Achar went to VijayDas and sought pardon and accepted the supremacy of poetry and dance in gaining lords’ Grace . VijayDas directed him to go to his disciple Shri GopalDas [incarnation of Ganapathy] to seek blessings and accept him as Guru  .GopalDas was a very learned man , he kept the entire place clean of pebbles lest his disciple would be hurt [ Srinivasachar was troubled by lack of moment and kushtha ] .

    When SrinivasAchar came and bowed to GopalDas , he transfered his 40 years of longevity [ through yoga] to a Roti of Jowar[Bhakri] and asked him to eat it to gain a 40 years. When one loses longevity owing to disrespect no austerities can actually increase it . someone has to donate his longevity to make a person live more. [SO never ever lose longevity we would not find anyone to donate life] Without life and longevity all the riches and fame are useless.

    Despite donating 40 years GopalDas lived for 80 years of age and gave to this world  a wonderful science and technique of Vishwopasana . He rechristened Srinivasachar as JagannathDas [ srinivasachar is incarnation of AHLAD brother of Prahlad , and hence had a very special relationship with Shri Raghavendra swamy ,a incarnation of Prahlad]

    JagannathDas gave a magnum opus “HARIKATHAMRUTASARA” a treatise on the qualities of God Narayana in the comman man’s language specially to be read by women and others inelligible for Vedas.



    Ninth lord exalted in the kendra aspected by jupiter , man acquires everything in his life by luck and grace of the Guru.

    Once there was a simple ,poor,average bramhin .[ Not very brilliant or charismatic] . But he had immense faith and devotion in the Shri Raghavendra swamiji . He was serving swamiji with single minded reverence. After many years of worship and service , he decided to visit his native place and his parents. To take the leave of the Guru he waited patiently at the gates of the abode of HIs Holiness Shri Raghavendra swamiji.Swamiji had just finished his daily chores was out from the toilet and was washing the hands with the soil in the garden .

    The disciple wished the guru and insisted on giving him some momento to carry home from the Guruji. Guru picked up the mrittika[soil] from the earth and gave him . He happily [ and piously] tied it into his angavastra[ mufler cloth] and set out for the village. All the while thoughts crisscrossed his mind , that he had served the teacher for so long , Swamiji was known to change people’s life , but nothing actually did happen in his case. Perhaps [he thought to himself ] I was not very bright student and thus did not deserve any special attention . Or may be I had not impressed him by my service. Well just accepting the fate , the lad set out towards the goal.

    Night fell on ; thus he had to take shelter in the nearby village . It so happened he slept in the verandah of a noted rich noble family of the village . Now this family had history of miscarriages and birth of dead child from many years. There was no male issues to the lady of the house except for a grown up daughter . For past ten years every child born was dying under mysterious conditions.Today also the lady was about to give the birth.

    IN the midnight a huge Rakshas appeared at the door of the Noble man . But this day Rakshasa was not able to enter the house as a fire was emanating from the doorstep . It so happened that our hero [disciple] was sleeping with the angavastra [ the one which contained the soil from the Swamiji] under his head near the doorstep in the verandah. Rakshasa woke him up , somehow the lad was not afraid a bit at the sight of a gigantic huge demon. Instead sleepily he rebooked him , Rakshas said , his prey was about to take birth and he was unable to enter the house . What was it he was carrying in the mufler . Feeling insecure the disciple hid his mufler and shyed away from the demon . Not to part with it  as it was a momento of the Swamiji. A tussle arose between the two , angered disciple hit the demon with the mufler. Demon died on the spot.

    Day broke out and people were surprised to see the huge demon dead at the doorstep of the noblemen and inside lady had delivered a baby boy ,ha;e and healthy. Now understanding the mystery behind their misfortune , they thanked the bramhin .

    Thinking the disciple to be very blessed personality and also being indebted to him , the noble chief offered his daughter to him and also his half wealth. He called upon his parents and with a great pomp and show married the couples off gifting them all the amenities of house utensils , ornaments , cloth,chieftainship of village as livelihood and many more gifts. The couple and family lived happily by the grace of SHri Raghavendra swamiji. So much for a average man’s selfless service.

    Pujyaya Raghavendraya Satyadharma ratayacha !Bhajatam kalpavrukshaya namatam kamdhenave!!

    Arishta Bhanga-[Avoidance of unfortunate Yoga]

    There are many arishta yogas in Astrology . These bring misfortunes or even death to the native and his prospects.But a single strong benefic in the kendra destroys all the evils .If malefic causing arishta yoga is hemmed between the benefics then the maleficence will cease and only benefic results will flow.

    Once Shri Raghvaendra Swamy was on a pilgrimage towards south India . On his way he stooped along with his entourage at a village . A village is headed by the Desai . Desai accorded a welcome to the entire Swami’s disciple at his house and requested for the MoolRama ‘s pooja to be held in his house that day. The whole village and nearby people had gathered in his house.

    [ All the Swamiji’s carry some Idol of divine presence with them given their respective gurus . They must perform daily pooja in a detailed manner as prescribed to Sanyasi’s to this idol and saligrama etc. The lapse in this routine causes the Sanyasi to lose his post and authority . Shri Raghavendra Swamy had Shri MoolRama idol with him . This Idol was handed down from Bramha to Sanatkumar to Durvasa and others on to the earth. Even Lord Shri Rama  prayed this Idol himself . Thus Shri MOOLRAMAidol and its pooja is held in high esteem even to this date]

    Desai arranged for the prasad [ grand lunch ] to all the participants in his house . The whole atmosphere got festive as Shri Raghavendra swamiji performed Pooja to Lord Rama . The atmosphere resembled that of Bramha’s abode resplendent with all the devatas as the pooja commenced [ primarily because Devatas themselves come everyday to witness this grand pooja].

    Delicious sweets were being prepared in the large kitchen . A vessel full of KHEER was also prepared. Desai had a son of eight years age. He merrily went into kitchen at the smell of sweets . Everyone was busy in the prayer hall attending to guests and witnessing pooja. Boy accidentally slipped into the vessel and died. The parents having noticed this went into untold grief . But laying aside the grief and their son in another room , they hid their emotions and also the news of their son’s death , lest it would put an end to the celebration in the house and guests would return without partaking food.

    Thus with  a heavy heart they ordered the neighbour to carry on with the serving of food to the guests and completion of the ritual. Shri Raghavendra swamiji enquired about the hosts Desai and his family and their well being. But the relatives refused to divulge the details. Swamiji ordered to bring the Family before him. The couple appeared with heavy heart . Swamiji also ordered their son to be brought out in the open .

    The whole atmosphere was grief ridden as the body of the infant was brought before the Swamiji.  Shri Raghavedra swamiji sprinkled the holy teertha of shri Moolrama on the body of the boy and chanted the mantra . The boy’s life was restored. The boy got up as usual and went to his mother playfully unaware of the details. The entire family was moved to tears with gratitude towards the great saint . EVEryone had a hearty meal all the while wondering the greatness of the MoolRama teertha and Swamiji’s mantra shakti and his merciful act .

    Aapadi mouli paryatam gurunam akrutim smaret! ten vignaha pranashyanti sidhyanti cha manorathaha!!

    krishnarpana mastu


    When there are benefics in 3rd and 9th house and Ninth lord is in gopuramsa ,one will have upadesha of secret mantra and blessings of a Guru.

    In 17th century there was a bramhin boy by name venkanna. He had no parents and was living in his uncle’s house. Though being  a bramhin he did not have opportunity to study the shastras .Also his guardians were not interested in spending on boy’s education.They had set upon him the task of grazing cattle . The boy was very sad but had resigned to his fate.

    One day a Great seer by name Shri Raghavendra Swamy [ peethadhipati of Madhvacharya’s Mool samsthan ,and author’s ishta guru ,beacon light of Madhva school of Vedanta , Kalpavruksha to many devotees in the country] came to the village . Everyone rushed to take the blessings of the seer . Shri Raghavendra was known to grant all the wishes of his devotee . He was known for his magnanimity, merciful and quick to grant boons .

    Venkanna too went to the Acharya and after a sashtanga namaskaar ,and expressing his desire to study , gazed at the guru for some heartening words. But His holiness called the boy and uttered a upadesha in his ears and guided the boy to “remember him in the time of distress and chant the mantra”.

    Venkanna keeping faith in the Guru went about grazing cattle as usual. Many days passed by ,the boy had grown adult but yet was uneducated. One day Nawab of  Adoni was passing by on a war trail . His troops were tired and reluctant .A terrible battle was anticipated. Just then a messenger came by with a written message in sanskrit . Unfortunately none in the camp were educated. All the troops were unable to decode the message . Nawab happened to see the Bramhin boy grazing cattle in the ground nearby .

    Now it was foregone conclusion that bramhins were adept at sanskrit . Thus he ordered the boy to be brought before him.As the soldiers presented the Venkanna before the Nawab . Nawab requested him to read out the message for him. VEkanna as illiterate he was , pleaded he did not know to read and write. This angered Nawab ,he excalimed ” Bamman ka bachcha aur padhna nahi ata ;Bewakoof banata hai ” He threatened to kill him if he does not read out the message.

    Venkanna closed his eyes remembered the Guru Shri Raghavendra and chanted the mantra to save himself . Alas !!!!

    He instantly became the scholar of seven languages , he decoded the message that there was no need to go for war as friendly neighbourhood had intercepted the army and enemies had retreated looking at the friendly armies encircling from all sides.Infact the attack was planned thinking that Nawab was deprived of friends ,but as he amassed strength from neighbourhood they dropped their plan . At the same time Nawab was also blessed with a son. [All this was translated into pharsi for the nawab by venkanna]

    Nawab was overwhelmed ,seeing the good omen in the bramhin he made him his Diwaan . Venkanna’s life changed in a moment ,not only was his desire of studying fulfilled but also he achieved the notable post to serve his people and the GURU.

    Venkanna having witnessed Guruanugraha in his life, continued with faith and worship in MoolRama of ShriRaghavendra swami.

    Many years later Swamiji came to Adoni ,Venkanna was overwhelmed and decided to give royal welcome to the Guru. He took permission from Nawab and as a routine expressed the mystique that is Guru Raghavendra . He obliged but at the same time decided to test the Swamiji .

    Diwaan was anxious and nervous at the prospect of possible insult that would come Guru’s way. but there was no solution to his dilemma . He remembered Guru and chanted the mantra . Something in him assured that everything would be allright.

    Next day Swamiji was accorded Royal welcome. Nawab himself came to pay his respect ,but Nawab had a plate full of nonveg covered and presented it to the Swamiji to accept it to be offered to Lord Ram that he prays. Swamy Raghavendra took water from his kamandalu and sprinkled it on the plate to purify it as ritual before offering to the Lord Rama .

    Lo!!!! when plate was uncovered it was full of fruits and flowers !!!!!!!!

    Nawab was taken aback ,he was quiet ashamed and at the same time was afraid that if Swamiji is outraged than he may very well turn his kingdom into null .Petrified he offered to donate land and riches to The Saint . He offered many well nurtured lands with plantation and agricultures and mines. But Shri Raghavendra swami refused to take them but as a token gift he requested him to donate the barren lands of Manchala village. Nawab donated it along with lots of riches and arrangements to establish the mutt there at manchala .

    This is the modern Mantralaya on the banks of Tungabhadra river in Adoni taluk , Kurnool District Andhra  pradesh . Swamiji took jeeva asampragyat samadhi in this place is still present in th Brundavan at Mantralayam blessing his devotees .

    Mukopi yat prasadena mukund shayanayate !RajRajayate rikto Raghavendram Tamashraye!!



    If the Atmakaraka is in scorpio navamsa ,one will be troubled by snakes. If 8th lord is in sarpa drekkana or 22nd drekkana is sarpa drekkana then one will be troubled by snakes.

    Once Bheemasena went to the forest for hunting .There in the forest , a python [ajagar] attacked Bheema and caught him in its grip. Bheemasena did not make any attempt to release himself .Bheemasena also did not attack it back. He stood still . Because of Bheema’s hard body , python was under distress while strangling , [if you grip a hard substance and press it hard ,your hands pain ] Bheema was stronger and his body was tough ,tougher than diamond ,iron casts and indra’s vajrayudha . Then Snake [python] asked few questions to BHeemasena , if answered it offered to leave him. Bheemasena did not offer to answer him . [ one must not use Vidya to earn money or benefits , this applies to Bramhins so also to Kshatriyas ; one must not be vidyopajeevi] .Slowly Python started losing grip and tiring ,its body started to pain and wither .The snake started losing strength.Bheemasena was in deep meditation of Narayana . That was his natural charactreristic and he was not meditating to get rid of snake.

    WHo was python ? Why did Bheema not Kill it ?

    Once when Indra had killed a demon named Vratrasura , the sin of Bramhahatya chased him [Vratrasura was bramhin] . Fearing Bramhahatya he hid in a lotus stalk on the earth . The kingdom of Swarga was kingless ,thus devatas decided to replace Indra with another worthy person . After Long  thought and discussion ,it was decided The son of king AYU , Nahusha ,who had done many yagnyas was worthy of sitting on the Indra’s throne .Thus a human king was selected to preside over the three worlds . Thus to enable him to rule over three worlds ,they bestowed him with the boon that he would get all the punya and tapasya shakti of the one whom he sees. Thus Nahusha became the King of the three worlds .

    Nahusha grew in strength day by day by acquiring the punya of everyone he saw. Thus he became arrogant with excess punya and lost his balance . He then demanded union with Shachi [ the wife of earlier Indra ] as he was indra for all purpose now ,he thought he was entitled to gain Shachi as well . All the sages grew anxious at the evil thought of Nahusha , but they could not stop him from doing sin as they were all powerless , Their power to curse him was no more as their punya and shakti would be his as he sees them.

    Shachi was very scared but there was none she could turn to . Indra had given her one advice before leaving the Swarga to be used in such situations. As Nahusha sent his emissary to her palace that he would arrive for her , She said she would accept only if he comes in a Palaki which is carried by Agastya and other prominent Rishis.[She knew rishis would save her]

    Nahusha ordered Agastya and others to carry him on their shoulders to Shachi’s palace . Sage Brigu was always present in the Jata[hairlocks ] of Agastya . Now while carrying Agastya initiated a discussion with Nahusha ” whether Vedas are pramana [valid statements ] “

    intention was , if Nahusha says yes ,then parastree sanga [ cohabitating other woman ] is prohibited in Vedas , then why was he doing such ghastly thing ? If Nahusha persists then he will be entitled to curse !!!

    But Nahusha was quick to grasp this intention and thus said ” He did not consider Vedas as Valid” , Agastya persisted with argument of proving Vedas as Valid , angered Nahusha kicked the jata of Agastya . Now Bhrigu was in the jata of Agastya , and he was not yet seen by the Nahusha and his powers were intact ,thus cursed him ” that he become python ” [Those who copulate with friend’s wives or wives of elders become python in the next birth] .

    Nahusha prayed Bramha for relief , thus Bramha said when he will be effectless against a human stronger than him and if he does not budge to his grip and neither answers him , then all the punya gathered by him from rishis will be transfered to him and he will be released from his curse .

    Yudhisthira seeing apashakuna everywhere , enquired about Bheema , and started to look for him . There they found huge trees fallen in a arranged manner in the forest , it confirmed Bheema might have gone in that direction [ When Bhemma runs ,his mere touch of thighs towards forest trees fell them] . There Yudhisthira saw Bheema in the grip of struggling python. Yudhisthira asked python as what was his intention , it asked him few question , Yudhisthira answered them for Bheema , and Nahusha appeared in celestial form went away to Swarga.


    5th House -Putrika Putra Dattaputra yoga

    If 5th house be owned by saturn or mercury and be occupied or aspected by saturn and mandi ,one will have adopted issues

    Once there was a king named Pratip in the lineage of Kuru. He had three sons, Devapi ,Balheek and Shantanu . Devapi the eldest was disinterested in the worldly affairs and hence seeking the permission from Father went away to other lands for tapasya , He will be under penace till the end of this kaliyuga and come back for the procreation of subjects in the new mahayuga.

    Balheek was a very auspicious birth , as he took birth there was a loud roar in the heavens , and this roar created a fear among the rakshasas at the time and they fled away to caves and forests ,and many horses and animals vomited blood as the earth shook with tremors. Thus Balheek was the most powerful of his time . very strong by the grace of Vayu and terror for evil during his times. Balheek was the reincarnation of Prahlad . Balheek was given as dattak putra to the inlaws of King Pratip and thus became king of Balhik country beyond Gandhar[modern afganistan] . Balheek had son by name Somadatta who had three sons Bhuri ,Bhurishravas and Shalya.

    As Balhik was given away in adoption , Shantanu became king of Hastinapur even though he was the youngest . BAlhik was elder to Bheeshma as he his uncle and the oldest warrior in the Mahabharath . He was the only Vishnu Bhakta whom Bheemsena Killed . Balheek had the capacity to die at will , He was more aged than Bheeshma . Balheek requested Bheemasena to kill him . Balheek had a wonderful chariot which could fly into heavens , He donated this chariot to Bheemasena when struck with Mortal blow as mark of respect and obsolvence of sins to have fought against Krishna and his devotees.He happily accepted death at the hands of Bheemasena.

    Similarly Babruvahan was also adopted by Chitrangada’s Father ,ruler of Tripura and Kaamrupa desha. Babruvahan though son of Arjun and alive after Mahabharath war did not ascend the throne of Hastinapur . Because when Arjuna was being married to , Chitrangada , her father took a promise from Arjun that if a son would be born to his daughter ,he be known as his son ,as he is without a son . This is known as Putrika Putra vidhana . { one can accept the son of the daughter as adopted son , but this has to be done before marriage of daughter }In such cases , daughter never goes away to the land of husband but remains with her father and her lineage is continued as father’s. Thus Babruvahan was not made heir to the throne of Hastinapur.

    After the battle of Mahabharat was over , Pandavas decided to perform Ashvamedha yagnya. Thus Arjun took up the mantle of winning the world again . Winning across the world , he came to the land of Babruvahan. Babruvahan came with kamandalu and sandal paste flowers to welcome Arjun his father. Arjun felt unhappy that a lad being kshatriya is devising ways to avoid war. He challenged the boy to fight then resort to worship . Babruvahan enraged fought bravely . But unable to contend Arjun by mere arrows decided to use astras. [He was also anxious whether his astras that he had learnt were really potent ] Thus remembering a astra taught by Uluchi , he used it on Arjun . Arjun died on the spot . Babruvahan bereaved at fathers’ death and his own folly prepared to kill himself , just when uluchi appeared and with her mantra shakti brought Arjun back to life [ She was a nag kanya and was aware of mrutsanjeevani vidya] .

    Arjun happy at the prowess of his son was immensely delighted seeing his son cross over the valour of Father. Blessing his son to be worthy and accepting supremacy of Hastinapur [ Victory of son is Victory of Father] Babruvahan prayed his Father. Apsara and Gandharvas showered flowers on Him.

    Worthy son of  a Worthy Father


    Ninth House – Bhikshashanam

    When ninth lord is debilitated and 10th lord and 3rd lord are weak , the subject will go begging for the food .

    Vedvyasa took all the Pandavas to Ekchakra nagar to a Bramhin and told him that these were his disciples and He should give them shelter. Bramhin agreed as per the Lord’s words. Pandavas and Kunti devi were living in the house of bramhins . Pandavas were engaged in study of vedas and lived by Bhiksha.

    Kshatriyas should not ask BHiksha . Bhima was param Bhagavata and hence would never go against Dharma. but here there was no option but to beg. How to save themselves from defaulting Dharma?

    Just then a potters house got caught fire  from all the side . Bheemasena , standing a few feets away from the house amidst fire , kicked hard in the ground . By the force of his kick , the house on the otherside emerged out of the ground along with the earth beneath it. Bheemasena lifted entire house by his hands and put it out of fire on to the other side.

    Indebted potter created a earthen vessel as big as the village itself and  gifted it to Yudhisthira. Now Bheemasena taking the earthen vessel just roared into the air, panicked by his roar , villagers gave away Bhiksha into the vessel even without their asking for it . This was akin to Kings giving their wealth as a tax to Indraprastha for the fear of losing kingdom and acceptance of Pandava supremacy.

    But Yudhisthira said , this type of roar and eating  vessel full of meals would alert Duryodhana and his friends about their whereabouts and thus requested Bheema to stay away from BHikshashan and eat whatever they would bring for him . Bheema was happy to save his dharma.

    One day the bramhin and his family were bereaving and loud cry’s were heard. Bheema asked Kunti to find out the reason for the distress of their host. He could have gone himself but woman in the family would get uncomfortable at the sight of another man ,thus he sent his mother.

    Kunti standing by the wall heard their conversation before asking them .

    The bramhin said ,” oh my wife I had already told to leave this place you were not ready look now its time for embracing death ! I shall go from my family and embrace death . “

    Wife said ” oh my lord , Let me go into the mouth of death , for i would attain good lokas for having saved you.”

    Daughter said ” a daughter is of no use , why not let me go to the den of BAkasur ?”

    Father said ” Shruti[vedas] say a daughter is the one who graces the dynasties of both father and husband by her deeds and good virtue , a son only uplifts one family.birth of  a daughter is more auspicious , sending you will only put me further into naraka ,so as worthy son of my lineage let me take on death”.

    the child in the family tottered and with a small twig in the hand said ” oh father I will kill bakasur with this twig let me go!”

    Taking these words of child as good omen [ Bheemasena her child would break Bakasura as easily as a twig] , Kunti entered to ask Bramhin for their plight.

    Bramhin said , there is a demon named Bakasur in the vicinity , who demands a cart full of food ,milk, animal ,birds and a human as bali , every thirteen years a family has to send a human from their family to satisfy the demon . Its now their turn. Kunti said she has five sons and would send one of her sons. Bramhin says it will be a sin to take someone else’s life to save oneself . Kunti assured that his son has a VIDYA which cannot be confronted by devatas and demons and hence she is not afraid.

    Kunti came back and told Bheema about the Bakasura.Bakasura was a demon and maternal uncle of Ravana. By the fear of RAMABANA  of Lord Rama had hidden in the caves, After Ramayana , he came out and was not defeated by Bharath , jarasndha,narakasura etc was freely creating havoc. Now Bheemasena killing him would have an opportunity to please Lord .

    Yudhisthira and others came back from Bhiksha and seeing BHeema in a very happy mood asked Kunti ” Ma ,why is Bheema so happy?” Kunti said he is going tommorrow to Bakasura’s den . Yudhisthir panicked said ” what a bad decision , we are all living by the hope of BHeema , owing to his strength and protection we are dreaming of gaining back our kingdom , now Bakasura is living giant from tretayuga , how will we live without BHeema?”

    Kunti said , ” let there nopt be a doubt about Bheema ‘s strength , even as a child he powdered the entire mountain range Shatashrunga , NO [MAI KA LAAL ] among devatas and demons can kill him as he is very VAYU himself . ”

    Thus next day Bheemasens set out with the cart full of food and milk . He thought to finish the meals even before demon touches it and makes it impure. as demon swa him eating his food , he became angry and uprooted a tree to hit the Bheema, Bheema  stooping the tree with his left hand drank all the milk and then did ACHAMAAN . [ this implies that food should be eaten in  a pure manner untouched by others and achamaan should be done after meals] .

    Bakasura threw a mountain on the bheema , it broke to pieces , after long battle , BHeema set his foot on one foot of the  Bakasura and he held the other feet with his palms and slit him through middle like a sugarcane . Thus Baka was killed . He brought the dead body to the village gate and left it , People afraid of the giant body ran here and there in fear . After Bramhin assured them about his death , Villagers became happy and agreed to pay the cart full of meals to Bheema from then . BUt Bheema asked them to offer it Lord Narsimha in the village temple.

    Thus from there Pandavas went to Draupadi swayamvar.


    DwiPitru Yoga – The story of MitraVarun

    When  Sun and moon are in the same rasi and navamsa then the child so born will be raised by Two Fathers.

    This story when read with devotion gives children very soon to those who have not conceived  , without doubt .Those who read this everyday will live happily by the grace of devatas and their  forefathers .The following story relieves one of all sins when read early in the morning .

    Once there lived a very learned Daksha a prajapati . He had thirteen daughters by name aditi,diti,danu,kalamuhurta,simhika,muni,ira,krodha,surabhi, vinata,surasasvasa,kadru,devashuni , He married all of them to Kashyap . The eldest Aditi gave birth to 12 adityas akin to Agni in lustre. They were Bharga, amsha ,aryama,Mitra ,Varuna , Savita ,Dhatru ,Vivasvan,Tvashtru,Pusha,Indra , Vishnu .

    The world is illuminated by these twelve suns [Adityas] and thus there is day and night . The heat and rains are due to these Adityas . Varun is the middle among the twelve and attained fame as Lokpalak and obtained the ownership of western direction.He shines over the western ocean [pashchim samudra] .There is a golden mountain by name Shilochchaya It is very beautiful mountain with many mines of precious stones , beautiful ponds ,rivers and many a fauna and flora.Many parts of this mountain range were inhabitatedby siddas , gandharvas . When Sun goes beyond these ranges  the inhabitants of the region near this part of the world experience the night. Vishvakarma the devashilpi has constructed a beautiful golden city by name Vishvavati for Varun . Varun himself gives sunlight to this western part of Meru . He is served by gandharvas and apsaras by the grace of Bramha

    Once Varun  along with his brother Mitra went to the Kurukshetra ,where bramharishis were always engaged in penace ,which is full of vanamool kanda [edible roots ] and flowers. There both the brothers decided to wear deerskin and engage in tapasya. Nearby a beautiful Pond named “Paundarik” was full of lotuses ,creepers ,birds and colourful fishes and tortoises .Suddenly “URVASI” along with her maids , descended in the pond and singing beautifully ,started taking the bath playfully . Her beauty was bewitching ,fair skinned ,with lustre of newly sprung lotus flower illuminated by morning sun , she was carelessly venturing in the pond with exuberance.Her lustrous wavy hair locks wet with water , face like that of moon in full bloom , lips like a buds ,Her every part of the body was oozing with beauty reflecting her equally beautiful mind ,with a bewitching smile and gait of intoxicated elephant that symbol Youth Urvasi ,attracted both Mitra and Varun engaged in tapasya .

    Both of them suffered retahskhalan [ejaculation] at the sight of Urvashi ,by the wish of Lord Narayana. The retas fell at three places equally from both Mitra and Varuna [mixed] . One on a lotus flower , one on the pitcher on the ground and other in the water in the pond . As both were engaged in long penance , their semen was very potent  . The one that fell on lotus gave rise to VASHISHTHA rishi , one in the pitcher gave birth to AGASTHYA rishi and one in the pond developed into a a big fish . As this was happening , Urvashi left for swarga unaware of all the incidents.

    Thus Vashishtha and Agasthya came to be known as sons of both Mitra and Varuna. And Mitra Varun continued their tapasya and then Virinchi appeared and assured them that Vishnuloka will be given to them , but for now let the two remain as Loksakshi the observers of world [Karma of people] . For having begotten such illustrious Sons their lives were as well very auspicious.

    Any one who desires a child ,when he listens to this [papanashak] story with purity of mind and body begets a illustrious child.


    Rahu- A prelude to Kurma Avatar

    Rahu was a demon ,son of Simhika He took penace or many years to obtain Amrut [nectar] .Bramha gave him the boon to obtain thus. Amrut gives one immortality.

    Once Sage Durvasa was giving a discourse on Lord’s supremacy .Indra was passing by . So the rishis listening to the discourse ,made a garland and offered it to The Indra as a mark of respect . Indra out of haughtiness ,kept the garland on the Elephant [kumbhasthala] ,As elephant  shook its head the garland fell down . Seeing the disrespect and carelessness of Indra , Durvasa cursed him to loose his opulence.

    Immediately Demons took over the kingdom of swarga and Devatas lost their charm. All of them went to Kshirsagar and requested Narayana to end their plight . Narayana advised them ,since their time is presently not favourable ,they must make mends with Demons and get ready for great churning of the ocean together and share everything that comes out of it.

    Devatas and Danavas agreed . To churn they chose the Mandar parvat . But none could lift it . So God effortlessly plucked it and summoned Garuda[Anantha] and he took it to the place of action . But again both Devatas and demons together tried to grip the Mandar parvat , but it slipped and fell on the earth and many got disabled and crippled under it . Again God with his left hand plucked it and placed it on Garuda ,and also cured those crippled . Garuda with his wings held it for Churning but ocean could not be churned and it slipped to the bottom of the ocean .

    Lord Narayana then took the form of the Tortoise [Kachchap] Kurma , held the mountain Mandar on its back and brought it above the ocean and it stayed still supported on the Kurma. Narayana entered the mandar , devatas and demons to renew their strengths to churn the ocean with the Vasuki the snake offering the services as rope to churn the ocean with the golden Mandar.

    Demons preferred to hold the face of the Vasuki as tail was inauspicious. But as the churning would commence ,Vasuki breathed heavily and dispelled poison and fire though its mouth causing distress to Demons and Devatas at the tail were at ease. [Evil intentions bear always negative results and discomfort even if good choices are made , here though a face is more auspicious than tail ,it turned out to be uneasy option]

    While churning the deadly poison of KaalKuut emerged . This was very embodiment of Kali . By the boon of Bramha ,it could not be even touched as it burnt heavily . Lord Vayu took it in his palm and in a Golden Vessel . He took a drop out of it , placed in his palm and rubbed it to reduce its potency , and then a small portion of it ,placed on the tongue of Shiva , Shiva before it could reach his throat , fell unconscious , his Neck turned blue [ He was thus called NEELKANTH] . Lord Vayu drank the whole vessel full of poison and nothing happened as he digested it.

    As the drop was being given to Shiva , a few droplets fell on the earth , as it was Kali himself ,it spread rapidly and the poison assumed various forms of manifestations as .serpents , wolf, lions and other poisonous creatures and Poisonous tribes of maneaters and cannibals. Many weapons of poisonous nature also emanated from it .

    Lord Narayana placed his gracious palm on the Shiva ,he got up ,but unable bear heat of the poison , He chose to stay in the cold snow regions of Kailash near  Meru ,but still his pain and heat was unbearable ,thus he kept Ganga in his hairLocks [Ganagadhar] ,still he could not relieve severe headache ,thus he Kept the Moon on his head . Yet to save himself from pain and swelling ,he invited serpents round his neck to give soothing effect.

    Churning continued a whole vessel of intoxicating Madya came up Demons accepted it ,and out came Uchhaishrava ,Bali kept it for himself . Then came Airavat ,it was given to Indra . Many Apsaras emanated they were all sent to Swarga . Then came Moon , Parijat , Kamadhenu and Kalpavraksha ,Kaustubha gem , Lord Narayana accepted it as a present from Bramha. Then came IndiraDevi as Mahalakshmi , She adored the chest of Narayana as Srivatsa.

    Then finally Lord Dhanvantari came up with a kamandalu and a vessel full of nectar[Amrut] . Rakshasas snatched it from HIM . God allowed it to be snatched. as one must commit crime to be punished , Demons transgressed the rule that everything must be shared ,thus were entitled to be punished .Demons started fighting amongst each other as Narayani the beautiful form of the Lord appeared .

    Demons struck by her beauty handed over the pot of nectar to her distribute . Devatas and Demons sat in opposite rows and Mohini , poured the nectar to Devatas and just water to Demons.Here God betrayed Demons to validate the dictum according to the Dharma

    Dharmachhellam papajaneshu Dharma

    Cheating evil people is akin to Dharma or One must not apply usual parameters of Dharma to sinners. one must pay back in the same terms as used by sinners.


    But Rahu took his position between Sun and the Moon among the devatas . Lord put a drop in his palm [to honour the Bramha’s words] But when alerted by Sun and moon , he slit of the throat of the Demon with his Sudarshan chakra. But by then the Nectar had already entered his neck . Thus his both head and the Body [headless kabandh] became immortal . Head became one of the navagrahas and the body is still in the Shubodh Sagar . Aspiring for things undeserving always results in disaster . Though Rahu aspired for Amrut but failed to obtain grace of Lord Narayana ,he suffered .But vowed to avenge ,Thus time and again eclipses Sun and Moon ,who suffer at the hands of Rahu owing to his immortality . Though Rahu’s head was severed by Narayana , just a mere touch of Amrut entitled him to survive .[ what a greatness of Amrut the nectar !].

    5th House – Sankalpa and Emperor Raghu

    God is SatyaSankalpa .He never fails in carrying out the work that he resolves to undertake or carry out. Puranas written at the beginning of each manvantara are Hari sankalpa ,and they occur as it is ordained.God never breaks the rules set by himself.

    Humans are on the contrary are sankalp Bhrasta .They always break the resolutions made by themselves. What is sankalpa ?

    In our tradition before performing any work we undertake sankalpa ,a kind of declaration to ourselves and the God within us that On such and such day ,at such and such place ,I [ so and so belonging to so and so race and in the lineage of such and such personality ] by name ………… decide to undertake this [work ,desire, karma ] for obtaining such and such thing .

    The purpose of this sankalpa is that it is registered and human undertakes many births to complete this sankalpa ,even if he fails in first attempt . If he fails , even then his desire does not vanish away or fade away ,it remains in his heart till death and even after death it remains as” vasana “[samskara] in the mind . This gives rise to further birth and further attempts till the soul acquires vairagya towards the object of the sankalpa.

    Without sankalpa no objective can be accomplished. No remedies pooja or karma succeeds without sankalpa. Thus one must always start a work with proper sankalpa . For example ,

    Sankalpa is of the form :

    • such and such day ; which day what is the reference ?
    • Aadya bramhane dwitiya parardhe [ From the day Bramha came into existence in universe , in his second half of the life cycle ie after 50 years to Bramha in 51 st year]
    • Shwetavaraha Kalpe [ a day in a bramha’s life starts with fresh creation of species ,so each day is special and this day is that when Lord Narayana took the form of White Boar and salvaged the earth from the deep waters and raised it with his tusk .
    • Vaivasvat Manvantare [ in every day of Bramha there are 14 manus of which 5 have passed in the sixth the Son of Vivaswan is the Manu ,hence this is Vaivastwat Manvantara ]
    • Kaliyuge pratham pade [ in this Manvantara 27 mahayugas have passed and in 28th , Krita ,Treta and Dwapar has also passed now we are in Kaliyuga and in the first quarter 5109 years later ]
    • Bauddha avatare [ In the time When lord has taken birth as Buddha]
  • at such and such place ,which geographical reference?
    • Jambudweepe [ In this Bramhanda on the earth Bhumandala there is a Jambudweepa island surrounded by lavan samudra ]
    • Meru: Dakshin bhage [ In the centre of Jambudweepa there is a golden mountain named Meru , to the south of this mountain ]
    • Bharatvarshe [this southern region is divided into three portions 1. Himvat varsha 2,Kimpurush 3.Bharathvarsha]
    • Bharath khande[ there are nine globes in the Bharath varsha ,the ninth last globe bordering lavan samudra is what we call prithvi and is known as Bharath Khand- aasetu himachal paryantam]
    • Godavari Dakshin teere [Land on the to the southern banks of the Godavari river ]
    • Mamagruhe [ In my house]
    • Devata sannidhau [ near the Lord dwelling in my house]
  • description of the day
    • evam guna vishesha vishistayam
    • Sarvadhari naam sanvatsare
    • Uttarayane
    • Hemant rutau
    • Pushya masau
    • Krishna Pakshe
    • Budha vasare
    • Ekadashi tithau
    • Anuradha nakshatre
    • Vriddhi yoge
    • Bava karane
    • Shubhe Shoban Muhurte
  • Who am I ?
    • Angirasa Bharamyashva Moudgalya pravaranvit [In the lineage of Angirasa ,Bharamya and Mudgal ]
    • Moudgalya Gotrotpanna [ directly descending in the line of Moudgalya]
    • Chiraan naamdheyasya [ By Name Chiraan]
    • Mam Gyaan Bhakti Vairagya prapthyartham [to gain knowledge ,devotion and detachment]


    • Bhagavad prernaya prapta vidya anusarenaYatha shakti Hari Guna varnan lekhan sevamaham Karishye                     [Inspired by the lord ,in accordance to my learning and capacity I write blogs about the attributes of Hari]


    • Bharatiya raman Mukhyapranantargata SriLaxmiNarsimha supreeto Bhava.                                                              [ May lord as present in Mukhyaparana be pleased ]

    This is Sankalpa. Sankalpa made thus gives us strength to complete the task thoroughly and accomplish the desired.

    Note :This sankalpa is being uttered by everyone in India from time immemorial . This was used by my ancestors as well and also the ancestors of every Bramhins in India . This was taught from father to son in every family . There does not arise any  scope for doubt in this words as father would never mislead his son.Not every father in a nation of billion people .This goes on to prove that we Indians have a lineage of lakhs of years as dates of the rishis mentioned as forefathers exists in every literature and dates back to many millions of years. There was a prosperous civilization even millions of years ago and we take pride in the fact that they were our forefathers and every story recounted thus is not a myth but a reality and a lesson in humanity.

    This disproves darwin that we have emanated from apes as none of the mentioned above were ever apes .This also proves that kaliyuga is 5109 years old and great war of Mahabharatha was fought before that.

    • The fifth pada if exalted and aspected by jupiter and ninth lord and simultaneously 10 pada be in mutual trine , once sankalpa will be successful.
    • Benefics in trines and malefics in 3 6 11 will ensure success in sankalpa
    • Thus choosing good muhurtha for a task is equally important for success of the task .

    If mental resolution is strong and dedicated and according to dharma then success is foregone conclusion.

    The story of Raghu the Great grandfather of Shri Ramchandra Prabhu is testimony to this .

    Once there was a bramhin sage by name Varatantu who was Kulpati of a school in pratishtapur . Kautsa was  a disciple who had completed the study under his tutorship . After completing the study Kautsa wished to give Gurudakshina to the sage . Sage said an able students zeal in completing the study is enough for a Guru as dakshina. Money is not to be sought for imparting education . 

    Kautsa repeatedly pleaded for the Guru to ask for a Gurudakshina . Angered by this pestering Guru said ok then get me 14000 crores of gold coins for the fourteen years of the study .

    Kautsa was deeply taken aback by this . Now a word is word it has to be carried out . Kautsa set out to earn such a wealth. He contemplated for a while and decided to ask dana to Emperor Raghu .

    Raghu was the son of Dileep and Father of Aja [grandfather of Ram]. Raghu had won entire earth . But he undertook Vishwajit yaag ,where by one gives up all his wealth and then lives all by himself not dependent on the people or land that he has donated.

    So after donating everything he had , Raghu was living in a small hut ,eating in an  earthen vessel and sleeping on a kusha [grass] . The disciple came looking after the King and surprised at his fate and king’s state of existence [Impoverished] ,he cursed unto himself the moment whence he insisted for Guru Dakshina.

    King Raghu welcomed the Bramhin and asked for the purpose of his visit , Hesitatingly Kautsa put forward his necessity for  14000 crores of gold coin . King Raghu asked him to accept his hospitality for  that day and promised to give him the money in a three days. Kautsa agreed .

    King Raghu thought that kind of wealth will probably not be there anywhere on the earth to be instantaneously acquired . BUT Kubera might definitely be having it , so why not wage a war on him and get the wealth . Raghu made a sankalpa to give the Bramhin Kautsa 14000 crores of gold coins from Kubera’s treasury. Thinking so , he prepared to go to the land of Yakshas [ Alkapuri] in the north of Meru . He gathered all the arrows and astras in is trench and slept that night to start towards Alkapuri .

    Kubera having known Raghu’s Sankalpa , thought ” why war for just few gold coins ” Raghu is invincible and would definitely get his desired . So why not give him what he wishes for and avoid conflict .So he deposited much more wealth than what Kautsa demanded on a shami tree in the Raghu’s hutment [during the night] and went away . Next day seeing the wealth got , Raghu was happy and thanked Lord Narayana for having completed his sankalpa . and gave the gold coins to Kautsa.

    Kautsa took just 14000 crore coins and presented it to Varatantu . Sage though happy at his disciples’s feat said , wealth is not meant for bramhins, Bramhins must not accumulate wealth for selfish purpose , The King is the right owner of this wealth as he uses it for the welfare of his subject. Sage returned it to the King for the welfare of the state. Thus great wealth came to city of Ayodhya to the delight of its citizens whose all wishes were fulfilled by it .

    Great is the capacity of the kings in Surya vamsa of Ikshvaku lineage , Great is king Raghu ,who fulfilled his people’s need just by a mere Sankalpa.


    Rebirth-Justice ShriRamachandra and RamaRajya

    Ramarajya is the best rule ever on the earth by any Emperor. It lasted for 13000 years . Raghupati Raghav Rajaram was the just King ,where in his kingdom everyone knew the interpretation of LAW.Not only humans  but also animals enjoyed rights and went to the court for any misgivings or mishaps. The dharma shastra says miseries to the subjects[praja] is due to the laxity of rule by the King. so every citizen in the tretayuga demanded an explanation from the king for his misfortunes.Men never experienced grief on account of death of children ,Wife never faced any widowhood.No one died before the age of 10000 years .everyone lived full and happy life with all the amenities of life .There were crops all the twelve seasons of the year .It never rained in a non agricultural area and Sun never was too hot . Wind blew with full pleasure of citizens.Trees bore only sweet fruits .Jewels were use of everyday items , utensils were only of gold. All the people were born beautiful and women exhibited complete beauty and youth to the delight of their husbands.In the morning when their blouses got stuck in the ornaments of  husband SUN hesitated to rise ,fearing the disturbance in the conjugal pleasure of the citizens. That was Ramarajya

      This story from RAMAYANA is the crown jewel of episodes during RAMARAJYA.

    Once when Shri Ramachandra the great king in the lineage of Ikshavaku, the avatar of Vishnu was ruling in Ayodhya .One day fa bhikshu [sanyasi] was walking all through the streets for bhiksha[alms] , BUT a great sabha was organised in the palace of  Jagatpati Ram . All the saptarishis and celestial beings and citizens had gathered in the sabha. Owing to it all the streets were empty and Bhikshu could not get any food ,As he was walking in the sun [midday] , he saw a dog lying in his way . Angry with hunger and frustration , he showed his ire on the DOG and hit it with his stick.

    DOG became upset and headed straight to the durbar of ShriRamchandra Prabhu. As it was standing at the gates of the palace , Shri Rama asked LAxman to look if someone has come to ask justice.[Shri Ram did not instruct his servants or gatekeepers dwarpala ,sevak  but he asked Laxman the prince to go and check for himself to ensure anybody is asking for justice] Laxman looked for all the places and did not find anyone and at the gates HE found a dog sitting quietly. He went back and told Shri Ram that except a dog none is there at the gates.

    Shri Rama asked Laxman to bring the Dog inside the Hall . LAxman went to the gates and asked Dog if he had any grievance .Dog replied ” Yes but since I am a dog , I should not enter Rajmahal , as there will always be presence of Devatas in Rajpraasad and houses of holy men , by entering will render it impure and Devatas would leave those places and also good fortunes will leave along with them ,So oh prince kindly take my message to LORD ” . Laxman went back to Lord Ram . Ram instructed Laxman to bring the DOG inside the palace with due respect [ because DOG had the extraordinary sense of dharma and behaviour ,it entitled him to enter Rajpraasad] . Laxman brought the Dog before the Lord Rama.

    Rama asked what is the grievance. Dog with utmost devotion said ” Oh King I seek justice , I was unnecessarily beaten by a BHikshu with no fault of mine whatsoever , it was unwarranted ” Lord Rama summoned the Bhikshu .Bhikshu said ” he was hungry and frustrated and took his ire and anger on the dog ” .

    So in the Sabha of ANGIRASA PULASTYA VASHISTHA VISHWAMITRA GAUTAM  PULAHA AGASTYA ETC  were asked by Ram to give a verdict on the appropriate punishment to the Bhikshu . everybody was surprised and after prolonged deliberation asked Shri Ramchandra to adjudicate the punishment himself.

    Shri Ram declared BHikshu be made the mathadhipati [priest head of institution] of the richest matha [temple] at the outskirts of Ayodhya. Everybody was stumped , is this a punishment or Reward ? saptarishis said this seems to be a reward rather than chastising the BHikshu for wrong doing.

    Shri Ram said verdict should be such that it should bring the feeling of justice being done to the petitioner or aggrieved.So the dog should be the primary one who should be convinced of the verdict .So let us ask if the dog is convinced!

    Dog is delighted at the verdict and expresses its deep gratitude towards Lord RAM. Astonished all the rishis request Lord Ram to explain the reason for such verdict. Lord Ram says” why not hear it from the DOG itself”

    Dog says ” he was the earlier bramhin head priest of that temple in his previous birth . He was very sincere and performing his duties towards the deity in the temple with complete devotion and as per shastras .But still out of some unknown sins he had to take a birth and reborn as dog . This bhikshu does not have control of senses at all , he can neither resist hunger nor anger , thus he is bound to be born as a dog  [owing to the preisthood of the temple ] there cannot be better punishment than this for him”

    The use of donations and gifts and materials given to LORD in a temple by priests will ensure them a rebirth as a dog .

    Everybody applauded the knowledge of the dog and Justice of Raghuvanshi Shri Ramchandra .


    Venus -The Bhargava Manmath Mohini

    • Shukra is a planet that encompasses all the emotions of a man on the earth.
    • The Shukracharya [presiding diety for the planet] is a great rishi and exhibits all kinds of knowledge .
    • He is daitya guru . But Param vaishnava.He is first to invent Mrut sanjeevani Vidya [ giving life to dead]
    • Venus is the planet that imparts beauty with lustrous hair .[ Rukmini devi had a beautiful curly hair]
    • Venus also gives warrior like nature.
    • Parashurama is the Vishnu rupa that arises out of Venus .
    • Parashurama killed all the kshatriyas on the earth not once but 21 times . 
    • So Venus is also a violent planet.
    • Venus gives great urge for knowledge because its father is sage Brighu ,the ultimate in knowledge.
    • Without the blessings of Bhrigu no knowledge can be mastered in this world.
    • Venus is known as Bhargav
    • Venus is the most sensuous planet
    • Kaamdev is the manifestation in Venus .one who stirs the heart of the people is known as Manmath
      • People can stay calm and unnerved and controlled when their Mann[mind] is still .
      • When this mind whirls due to churning  [mathan] ,one loses self control and is infatuated and yearns for a mate . The very presence of Manmath ,churns ones heart ,wherecome then the senses listen . Manmath is specially present in darkness of night , on the bosom of a woman , in the vicinity of jasmine ,mango leaves ,full moon night and picturesque view of mountains ,forests ,lakes and gardens. Thus these arouse passion in the man. But even this manmath looses his senses before Rati , who is responsible for this [ of course lord Narayana who is sakshat Manmath Manmath. one who churns the heart of Manmath]
      • But the same Manmath can also become ferocious like Skanda [avatar of Manmath, the great commander of Devatas]
      • Shiva under the influence of Venus mated with Parvati for a 1 lakh year .The retas became so hot and energetic due to prolonged mating that it became golden in colour and Parvati unable to bear it gave it to krittikas , thus ferocious Kartikeya was born.Venus gives rise to Martial nature.
    • Same venus [Manmatha] can be very obedient Bharath .
    • Venus also gives rise to innocence and  Vairagya seen in Bharath ,Sanat kumar , Samba [all avataras of MAnmath]
      • Venus is a poet [Kalidasa]
      • Venus is also an Astrologer [Sahadev].
      • Venus strongly placed in horoscope automatically makes one a good daivagnya [Jyotishi]
      • Kalidasa  in uttarakalamrita says  Venus in saturn antardasa exhibits its virakta swabhava [withdrawal tendencies ]
      • Narada was a great poet but also a virakta.
    • Venus in kendra exalted gives  Mahapurush yoga .
      • Kings born in this yoga are handsome ,great warriors ,excellent administrators , knowledged and excellent singers [ King Vikram of ujjain appeases Shani with rare exposition of Deepak Raga]
    • So Venusians exhibits all the qualities that are there in this world .
    • And no planets gives enjoyments akin to Venus.
    • It gives the great intoxication of the self Ahankara to the Souls due to abundance of joys
    • Shiva is the adhipati for Ahankara ,
    • Shiva is Ashvaththama as Ahankara
    • Venus as learned and Angry in shiva gives Durvasa
    • But same Shiva can be most calm and serene and Viraktha as Shuka muni.
    • Lagnadhipati if weak and aspected by Venus and moon attains sanyasa in the later years of the life.

    During samudra manthan when Amruta came up , Devatas and Rakshasas started fighting for it . But Amrut was meant only for Devatas as per the wishes of Narayana . One who partook Amrut he became immortal and rakshas if immortal would create havoc in the universe. So to delude Rakshasa from Amrut[nectar] Narayana took the Form of Mohini , one of the most beautiful female forms of Narayana , a 16 years damsel who could get everyone yearning for her beauty .

    Rakshasa as they were lechers by nature lost their senses and asked Mohini to distribute nectar for them. Mohini in all her beautiful and youthful peak , suggested that she would feel shy at the peircing glances of rakshas [who could just not take their eyes off her beauty even for blinking] , thus everyone must close their eyes and she would pour the nectar in each one’s palm . Demons agreed and Devatas also agreed.

    So Devatas and Demons formed a row and Mohini out of her maya created two pitchers ,one with original Amrit and other with sweet water . Amrit she gave it to Devatas , just water to Demons , who drank it out of their ill senses.

    Shiva was lying unconscious due to consuming of Poison [halahal]that had just emanated  before Amrit , his neck had become deep blue and thus he came to be known as NEELKANTHa .

    He could not witness the Mohini rupa of Narayan. Having heard the beauty of the Mohini , he pleaded Narayana to show him his beautiful rupa once again. Narayana asked him to come next morning alongwith his wife parvati .

    When Shiva came to Vishnus abode , having a look at the Mohini he lost all his control he just embraced her in passion even when Parvathi was present. Narayana smilingly brings back Shiva into his senses.

    This is the same Shiva who had burnt Manmath to ahses when he tried to disturb the tapasya . But such a controlled Shiva who had won Manmath , lost to the MANMATH MANMATH shriman Narayana.


    5th House,Siddhi and Arjun – The Savyasaachi

    Siddhi is about executing things faultlessly . consider following scenarios

    • Astrologer A studies a horoscope and mutters some predictions recollecting from the few combination that strikes his mind
    • Astrologer B takes a paper pencil writes down some calculations refers few books and gives better prediction than A
    • Astrologer C has a computer and a very good software of astrology and an online predictive notes , he browses through a series of notes and gives perhaps even better predictions than B
    • Astrologer D looks at a horoscope closes his eyes and then after deep contemplation reveals startling incidents about the person . Every word he says is nodded in affirmation .
    • Astrologer E looks at the person even before he places his natal chart before Dr.E ,E starts smiling telling about the life incidents about the person as if he was visualising the whole thing .

    What’s the difference between these astrologers? each has better siddhi than the previous one

    .A has just  knowledge of astrology , B has deeper knowledge ,C has an aided knowledge ,D has siddhi .E has paroksha .

    The level of expertise is greater in each of them than the previous one. so what is siddhi ?

    • Expertise depends upon the practice of the knowledge .
    • Knowledge that is not practiced is akin to a sword that has lost its sharpness and killer edge .
    • So when one practices his knowledge , knowledge itself offers better understanding to the student.
    • when knowledge is practiced with devotion tools become available to the student.
    • when practiced with zeal , one gets hold of advanced tools and also gets knowledge of its usage.
    • When one’s  mind is in unison with the knowledge by constant such practice with advanced tools one’s dependence on tools vanishes . This is Siddhi
    • When such expertise is put to the use of the mankind as a service to God , one attains the vision of the knowledge. |This is known as paroksha.

    so is all this happening in a mechanical way with only one condition of practice ,practice and practice?Well both YES and NO .

    Yes because  Practice is the important tool to gain siddhi .

    No because it is not the only and sufficient condition .It should be accompanied with the grace of the abhimani devata of the vidya that we are seeking siddhi for.

    What is the devata of Vidya ? Yes every vidya that we seek is presided by a devata . It is the grace of this devata that gives us proficiency .These devata are assisted by Vidhyadharas , these are celestial beings living in the sphere around 50000 yojanas above earth and are assistants of the Devatas. They bestow grace on the student who is relentless in studies. These give blessings just if you make an attempt to study sincerely.So you can get one level of expertise .

    Chanars are another set of celestial beings that grace when one practices hard. These give special tools for upliftment of Vidya to a level of expertise.

    Siddhas are celestial beings living around meru and bless with Siddhi to the devotee who considers his job as worship and practises day and a night .

    All these are under the service of Vidya abhimani Devata ,who when completely satisfied by the relentless abhyasa of the vidyarthi grants him Paroksha [One can also attain siddhi by chanting the mantra of the relevant Devata for the Vidya]

    When one surpasses his devotion he is blessed by Goddess Saraswati to attain Aparoksha , the divine Vision.

    If there is a relationship between lagnadhipati and fifth house then the person will be Medhavi, Pratibhashali . When second lord ,fifth lord and lagna are all powerful and mutually related in kendra simultaneously attains 8 or 9 good amshas then one attains siddhi.

    Arjuna was an ideal student . He was practising day and night Dhanurvidya ,without sleep . He practised to master the use of  the bow and arrow by both the hands [left and right] . Thus he was known as SAVYASACHI . Because of this dedication , Agni gave him GANDEEVA bow[tool] .

    Gandeeva was actually used by Bramha , it was 220 quintals in weight. its string was so strenuous that its recoil would kill a 10000 warriors . it could dispel arrows at a speed 100000 times faster the normal warriors in the battlefield . Thus even before 100000 ordinary warriors could fasten their bows they were killed by the arrows of Arjun from Gandeeva . The arrows appeared automatically and infinitely on the bow string of Gandeeva. It made a thundering sound and lightning when pulled .Its string rejoined automatically when cut and regenerated when slit.

    No human or devata could even lift Gandeeva , Bramha gave this Gandeeva to Shiva to kill Tripurasur , From him it came to Indra and then to Chandra and finally Varuna got it. Now this Arjuna being Indra himself could lift the Gandeeva by the grace of Sri Krishna.

    Arjuna practised Roudri mantra in the dark caves on the INDRAKEEL mountain . There he spent six months without food ,water and sleep  and hence achieved the name GUDAKESHA . Shiva happy with his penace gave him Pashupatastra.

    After Abhimanyu was killed in Padmavyuha due to Jayadrath using his boons . Arjun vowed to kill him before sunset next day or commit suicide by jumping into fire.

    Dronacharya assures Duryodhan that he will specially protect Jayadrath from Arjun . So he creates shakataabja vyuha and  puts Jayadratha at the end of it in the last quarter , appoints Karna and Ashwaththama to specially protect him. He gives Duryodhana aYantra on his wrist to render his invincible in the middle , At the intersection he sets Shrotayudh [ who had a special weapon which would never fail but would kill himself if used on somebody who doesn’t fight ]and  Alambusa and HImself stands at the gate and entrance to avoid any lapses .

    Arjuna enters the battlefield and after making a pradakshina to Guru he forces his chariot inside at a lightning speed , He knew if he fights Drona it would be sunset by then , so he takes a peripheral route . soon he is attacked by Alambusa . Ghatotkacha gives him covering and takes on Alambusa in an aerial fight . Soon Arjuna confronys shrotayudh ,they fight a fierce battle , in an ecstacy he throws his weapon on Krishna , as Krishna is non fighting sarathi ,the weapon returns and kill Shrotayudha.

    Duryodhana comes to fight with Arjuna, as Arjuna’s arrows does not hurt Duryodhan due to yantra , Arjuna decides to use astra ,Ashwaththama swiftly intercepts al the astras of Arjuna and both fight a day long battle.

    Karna and Ashwaththama and Duryodhana  one after the other ensures a tough battle with Arjun and sunset draws near . seeing Arjuna’s words go in vain to save him Krishna creates a [TAMAS] by his maya , thus night engulfs everywhere on the battlefield .Ashwaththama and others stop the battle . Arjuna prepares for suicide , Jayadratha elated comes out of tent to witness the suicide of Arjuna. Just as Jayadratha is seen in the open , Shri Krishna orders Arjuna to Kill Jayadrath . Arjuna’s Arrow cuts of the head of the Jayadrath , [But Jayadrath’s Father had given him a boon that whoever throws his head down on the earth his head would blow off into thousand pieces] . Shri Krishna advices Arjuna to use Pashupatastra ,in such a way that , Astra releases arrows one after the another keeping the head high in air , till it falls into the hands of Jayadrath’s Father on the banks of river Ganga , where he was observing sandhya . As the head fell on the palm of the father , he suddenly terrified threw it onto the ground and simultaneously his head blew off into thousand pieces. Shrikrishna withdraws tamas and Sun is seen in the sky and every kaurava shook his head in disbelief , Bheemasena roared like a lion, Krishna blew Panchajanya shankha and Arjuna blew Devadutta Shankha[conch] All of the Pandava army knowing Jayadratha to be dead rejoiced , Such was the Vidya siddhi of the Arjuna – Savyasachi .


    7th House – Chaste Wife -[Pativrata upakhyana]

    • If seventh is hemmed between benefics one will get good wife.
    • If 7th lord 7th house and venus are strong and aspected by jupiter one gets devoted wife.
    • If  sun is aspected by venus or mercury ,and 7th lord with jupiter ,the wife will be chaste and virtuous minded
    • seventh occupying quadrant ,and in a benefic navamsa the wife will be a paragon of chastity.

    Shukamuni once asked his Father Shri VedaVyasa , ” kindly tell me the most interesting and surprising incident in this world that would bring lots of punya having listened to and destroy all the sins”.

    Vedavyasa says”oh son listen to the conversation that once took place between a Bramhachari and a Pativrata

    Once there was a bramhin named Kashyap ,well versed in all the vedas and neeti. He had the clear understanding of all the shastras and the meaning they conveyed, and and imparted it to many.He was completely immersed in his Dharma , performing agnihotra ,pitrukarya atithiseva and meditation of  Lord Narsimha .

    He had a equally pious and very chaste wife named Savitri ,she was very dear to him because on account of  her excellence in household work she had attained the Paroksha Gyana and he was very proud of her.The very brilliant and learned couple lived happily in the Madhyadesha ,in a village named Nandigrama.

    In the vicinity there lived another bramhin named YagnyaSharma ,highly learned in many fields alongwith his wife named Rohini.Excellently qualified Rohini gave birth to a male child to the happiness of the husband, who ,after having a holy bath , performed the jatahasamskara to the child .On twelfth day after the punyavachan ,he named him as “DEVASHARMA”

    in the fourth month he took him a temple as nishkrama samskara ,sixth month he performed annaprashana and by the year end he performed choodakarma. In the eighth year he completed vratabandha. After completing upanayan samskara  ,devasharma without fault started his vedadhyayan . As he completed his first veda, his father died .

    Having lost in grief both mother and son completed the last rites with difficulty , Devasharma in the company of sadhus thought of taking sanyasa and leaving his bereaved mother and after a bath in ganga started living on the banks of the river calmly chanting the japa and vedas. He was living by bhiksha in the nandigrama .

    One day as he was drying his clothes ,two birds caught hold of his clothes in their beak , Devasharma tried to scare them , they after excreting on the clothes flew away , Bramhin gave an angry glance to the two flying birds , both birds burnt down and fell on the ground.

    Devasharma was very surprised at his new found power on account of vedic study.completely arrogant of his power ,he went into the village still in an elated and excited state of mind.  Slowly he came to Savithri’s house and waited for the BHiksha . Savithri readied for the bhiksha just as her husband came by , she setting aside the bhiksha , offered a seat to her husband and washed his feet with warm water , having satisfied her husband ,she came back to Devasharma and offered him bhiksha .

    The delay made devasharma angry and he glanced at her angrily , nothing happened , he glanced at her again and again . Savithri smiled and said ” oh Bramhin of a short tempered nature , I am not those two birds lying dead on the banks of the river ,whom you have burnt down, if you wish for bhiksha kindly take it” .

    Surprised by her ability to know the things that have happened far away from her house ,he started thinking what could have made her amass so much power[shakti] , he after accepting the bhiksha , asked her ,” oh punyavati, kinldy tell me the truth as to how you have the knowledge of things that have happened far away at a distant place from your place of living”

    Savithri said ” Oh bramhin listen to my words carefully ,I am always engrossed in my dharma , For  a woman , service of the husband is only primary dharma[Patiseva] ordained by God . oh intelligent and learned bramhachari , I am completely devoted to my husband and his well being I do this as my duty and worship and do not have interest in any other avocation except the means to make my husband happy .I do not get into any act that is not liked by him or not approved by him.Because of my swadharma nishtha ,i have the power of knowing things happening all over the world without actually having seen or hearing or reading about them.If you like to know sincerely then I have something more to tell you listen”

    ” Your father was excellent bramhin living only by unchhavrutti ,thus he was most purified being ,Having learned from him a Veda and having completed his last rites you have come here. Your mother is alone , unhappy ,miserable and widow , instead of looking after her ,you have deserted her come here to fill your belly daily in this village . One who has taken pains to give you a birth ,raised you , protected you and took care of you in the childhood ,you have shunned such mother in the name of Dharma.

    What Dharma will you gain by deserting your mother drenched in misery and pain of separation of near and dears and roaming in the forests . Since you have ill treated your mother and caused her a pain , you are suffering from bad odour of the mouth .And because you have been taught by a illustrious father ,you have acquired the powers of tapasya. But oh sinner , what have you got by killing the birds unnecessarily .Your Tapasya has no meaning

    • One whose mother is suffering with pain and unhappiness [dukha] ,his life is utterly a waste and purposeless.
    • One who looks after his mother well with bhakti and vishvas[faith sincerity], his all karmas give good results
    • Those excellent among men ,who never transgress mother’s words , are worshipped in this and other worlds.
    • So you immediately go back to your mother and take care of her.
    • This is only the greatest dharma and tapasya for you .

    After being advised thus by Savithri , devasharma  asked her to forgive him and further insisted on telling her about ” what should constitute his future course of action”

    Savithri said” First go and protect your mother from succumbing to grief , Perform prayashchitta for killing the two birds and purify yourself . In the next street there is a bramhin named yagyasharma , his daughter will be your wife . If you go to him he will give his daughter’s hand to you in marraige. Live with her according to the dharma , you will beget a son worthy of your family. You will also live like your father by unchchavratti . After your wife would die ,you would take tridandi sanyasa . Having ordained in the yati ashrama and treading truthful path and prayer to Shri Narsimha , you would attain Vishnu Loka. If you believe in my words ,kindly go back to your mother”

    Devasharma expressing gratitude towards the PATIVRATA ,hurriedly went back to his mother and having lead life as predicted by Savithri attained MOKSHA.

    For a Man born on the earth protecting once mother is the greatest dharma and duty [ paramdharma ] One who follows and treads  this path of the Dharma , he will cut off the tree named samsara ,an  imprisonment due to avidya and agyana  and attain SHRI VISHNU LOKA ,thus said Vyasa to Shuka as per Sutas words to Bharadwaj .


    7th House – Polygamy

    • If there are malefics in second house ,seventh house and if seventh lord is debilitated or combust ,one will have three marriages.
    • if seventh lord is exalted in kendra aspected or associated by 10 lord will give many wives.
    • 12 and 2 lord in third aspected by jupiter will give many wives
    • navamsha lord of the planet ,who is navamsha lord of the seventh lord in navamsha if exalted and associated with benefics in Rashi chakra will give 100 wives.
    • Lord of the rashi tenanted by second lord in rashi , if its lord in shastiamsha is exalted and itself in gopuramsa then one will marry 200 wives.
    • if a strong exchange of seventh and tenth lord and associated with strong second lord will give unlimited wives.

    Moon was married to 27 daughters of Daksha Prajapati, Dharma married another 10 of his daughters ,Kahyap married 13 daughters of the Prajapati. Kashyap spread the population all over the earth in a diversified forms and species.

    Dashrath[Illustrious father of Shri Ram] had three wives ,Vasudev[ Father of ShriKrishna] had 24 wives , Pandu[Father of Panadavas had two wives].Bheemsena had 28 wives ,Arjun had 16 wives.

    • ShriKrishna had 16108 wives ,He remained on the earth for 105 years .
    • ShriKrishna had 10 sons and 1 daughter from each of his wives.
    • This means he had 1 lakh 77 thousand one hundred and 88 children
    • By logic [ if he has spent one day each with one wife to impregnate them ] he should spend at least 177188 days/nights just consummating his marriage.
    • He married 16100 wives when he was 23 years old. that means till he left earth He had lived only 365*82=29930 days
    • How can one beget 177188 children in 29930 days from 16108 unless one spends his day and night with 6 of his wives this way his whole day and night would be spent only among his wives all the 100 years with an average of four hours to each .
    • But even this would give him a child of about 1 month old at the age of 105 , but contrarily ShriKrishna had all the 177188 children quiet grown up by the time he was 60 years , this makes this feat even impossible .
    • Also Shrikrishna was known to have been very close to Pandavas helping them across many places quiet far away from the Dwaraka , also HE did many other leelas in different parts and finally he is known to have spent full 18 days in Mahabharath war ,that makes the count even less .[so the whole feat is humanly impossible]
    • So how was that possible.
    • Narada rishis had a similar doubt so he decided to inspect the love life.He went to each of the palace where his each wife was staying and there he found a Krishna living happily merrily in the company of his wife . This surprisingly was same at every of the 16108 palaces , at the same time HE was also found with the Pandavas , exclusively he granted time for his friends and other yadavas. wherever Narada went he saw Krishna .
    • Lord Krishna [Paramatma] is present in everyone’s heart and governs our action.
    • He is inside and outside this world [vaasudev] supporting this universe/creation .
    • He is the one who has shown entire bramhanda in his mouth to Yashoda
    • He is omnipotent all pervasive
    • He is infinite with infinite roopas.
  • So this feat of having 10 lakh progeny[sons and grandsons] is just infinitesimal compared to what he does in controlling entire UNiverse.[Jagadoddhara]
  • krishnarpanamastu 

    177188   ,31025

    Marriage Compatibility

    The compatibility between the couples should be based on Janma Rashi. The following kutas should be considered while deciding the marriage they are

    1. Rashyadhipa
    2. Nakshatra
    3. Varna
    4. Gana
    5. Rishi
    6. Pakshi
    7. Mriga
    8. Vedha
    9. Bhuta
    10. Rajju
    11. Vasya
    12. Yoni
    13. Ashtakavarga
    14. Chitta

    Of these Maitri ,nakshtra,gana,rajju,vashya ,yoni are very important. so what they represent .

    • Maitri[rashyadhipa] indicates friendship that would exist between the couples after the marriage . This involves understanding ,analysis ,feeling better ,counting on each other ,support etc that couple would be in a position to offer each other will be determined by Maitri.
    • Nakshatra will determine stree dheerghya ,that means it is the measure of closeness that a couple would feel or experience after marriage . Many a times it is seen a some people though in distant lands separated by miles still feel closer to each other mentally .Physical separation do not hinder them in loving each other and they don’t each other , time would have passed by in the measures of years ,yet when they meet again they would chat as if they had been together as always.On the contrary there are some who staying in the same house would be mentally apart ,they would never feel that each person is closer to the other the distant seems to be there in mind. Yet again some people forget each other the moment the other person is out of sight . Some carry them in heart even if the other has died long ago.
    • Gana shows the measure of compromise one would make for the other in the marriage.
    • Deva gana are known for giving and they are happy giving everything , they adjust and make room for the other partner.When marriage is between two devaganas ,it is complete with each person silently adjusting to he needs of other without expressing any pain ,the pain that does not exist and disappears with joy expressed by the other
    • Manushya gana is adjusting and compromises only when he needs something from the other ,at all other times he protests and expresses his anguish at the pressure that is being created by the others’ demands and needs. the other partners’ needs endangers his desires [such is the feeling of the manushya gana].
    • Rakshasa gana is ever demanding gives back nothing. He feels strange when someone expresses the need for sharing , though not sharing or adjusting himself ,asks others to make room for him and sometimes grabs it steals it to the discomfort of the other. His needs are paramount to him/her and others needs is invasion into his space.
    • when Devagana boy  marries manushya gana girl [ The girl will ask for the moon and boy earnestly will strive for it , even after getting it girl will keep saying why aren’t you excited ,look we are on the moon ,dont you think its wonderful , Dev gana will just admire her with a smile , and she would smiff ” aap to kuch bolte hi nahi”]
    • Manushya gana boys  marry manushya gana girls[ girl spots a donkey and says ” aji sunte ho aapka rishtedar ja raha hai “, snipes the boy ” namaste sasurji”]
    • Manushya gana girls marry Rakshas gana boy [ but they will be ever sobbing at their fates ,boy snipes ” woh pehli wali baat nahi rahi” ,girl says ” pata nahi kis kisko ghurte rehte ho”]
    • Raksha gana boys marry Rakshasa gana[ “dekhiye aisa kuch main hone nahi doongi ” ” tum boriya bistar bhandke ja sakti ho”]
    • Dev gana boy marries Rakshas gana girls[ ” boy ” hare Narayan eis sansar ke moh maya me mat pado priye”,girl ” Ghar me rashan khatm ho gaya hai “]
  • Rajju is the breath that flows constantly between the couples as they glance each other or come closer to each or whenever thoughts of each other crossover the minds. These breaths must be in a opposite direction for the boy and the girl. Eka nadi couples will always have wrong breath flowing and hence will always fail in responding to the stimulus of the other. When one will be thinking of something ,the other one would be caught napping or dreaming something else .
    • when a boy glances at the girl if they are at the time having opposite breaths there will be definite attraction between them , women will definitely glance back , when man touches the desired woman and breath flows through the right nostril then be assured woman will not resist him , he can be physical with his woman only till as his breath is in right nostril , the moment it changes to the left ,the activity stops . The ability to keep breath in the right goes a long way in amassing physical prowess. Nonetheless opposite rajju can always sustain the relationship and mutual attraction and sense of power exists all through.[the warrior class likes such relationships]
    • Children born to couples with varying breath patterns are healthier and stronger
    • Children born to couples with mismatched breath patterns are defective
  • Vasya is very important kuta , certain signs are naturally subservient to the other sign like capricorn can never say no to Pisces , there is natural vasya between the two signs , when vasya exists between the couples one will be very happy to boss around and the other will happy to have granted permission for such bossing.
  • Yoni is the method to estimate the sexual compatibility between the couples If yonis are matching , however different the views of the couples be they will never raise these issues during copulation . If yonis are mismatching then couples will spend most of the time in discussing their differences and inner thoughts rather then the actual act.Act remains just a formality to  declare  a cease fire . Most of the couples in todays’ era would like to keep marriage intact just because their yonis are matching. Thus among the majority this compatibility rates higher in keeping the marriage stronger .Couples agree to disagree/
  • Chittanukulyam sarvanukulyam , Couples hopelessly in love need not see any compatibility , if there is compatibility of minds then there is compatibility in everything.
  • Rasi on account of these kutas total upto 36 points , it is very rare to see marriages between such compatible stars. However an average of 18 points and above makes the marriage work . This is for the unintelligent. Intelligent must think and come to conclusion that while one cannot be completely happy with a woman he lives with , if he choose to count every virtue in her to his advantage , one must learn to live with the inabilities of the person we are destined to marry .The more we look at the positive aspects more compatible will be the married  life, If a woman is all adjusting then even if her horoscope does not match still she would make an excellent wife.

    Even if the more than 18 points match and the kuta which is of paramount importance to a woman or man is mismatching , they would be lamenting and cursing entire life each other or perhaps one would silently sob in the darkness of the night at his fate [ such things frequently comes out in the fight ,” pata nahi meri woh kaun si manhoos ghadi thi jis din inse shaadi hui” pata nahi teri ammi ne us din chay me kya mila diya jo main tumhe dekhke latto ho gaya”]

    even if you see 100 horoscopes you reject them on one count or the other [“dil me woh ghanti nahi baj rahi] Yet again when time comes you marry a person with all the same defects which you earlier scorned at.[ dimag ki siti baj gayi]

    Its true the mind is never under control to decide these issues when it comes to marriage. The great Dushyant when he saw Shakuntala , he had unusual wave of passion .But what he was seeing was a rishi kanya ,He was a kshtriya King , he felt   How come my righteous mind is getting attracted to a  Bramhin girl [rishi kanya] ,which is prohibited by the shastras. The whole day during his shikar his mind could not move away from the sight of the beautiful Shakuntala , but his conscience was teasing him to be a unworthy man. Gathering his senses , Dushyant concluded if at all I am a high born righteous man then my thoughts cannot betray me , this  beaytifull lass must definitely be born off th loins of a Kshatriya. To ascertain he goes to her maid and asks her the caste of the Girl from whom he is unable to take off his eyes , Priyamvada consoles him by assuring that she is a Kshatriya lass girl born of Vishwamitra and Menaka.

    Similarly when smitten by love for Urvashi Pururava says , ” My state is like that of a donkey following the female even after repeatedly being kicked and turned around and made fool off, donkey religiously follows the other one for a mate”.

    When Shantanu meets YojanaGandha and is totally shaken by her beauty , he repeatedly thinks why is it that his steadfast mind wandering towards her beauty and captivating body fragrance that spread to a 8 miles in periphery .Why is it that very thought of foregoing her is causing one’s soul to leave the body dead. why is it he unable to stick to  Dharma and uphold the right of the Devavrata to the throne. Shantanu was a yogi of highest kind , he had the power to die at will , He was the only blessed Man on the earth to have a wife from Devaloka retaining Devata body , all others had to forego deva body and acquire human body.

    Shantanu had controlled his mind but his inabilty [ As Srikrishna says in Geetha ” I am the desire in the humans “] was sensed by his Son devavrata and he took a vow of celibacy and became BHEESHMA .


    6th House- Shirachcheda Karachcheda Yoga

    • Sixth  lord with venus and sun or saturn with rahu in krur shashtiamsa ,the native will die on account shirachcheda [ cutting off of head]
    • ninth saturn and third jupiter or eigth saturn and twelfth jupiter , makes one lose his hands[karachcheda yoga]
    • moon in seventh or eighth along with mars as sixth lord is weak ,one will get his hands cut off.
    • saturn rahu and mercury in tenth makes one go without hands .

    Bhurishravas was an excellent warrior who could not be defeated as long  as he had a sword in his hands. the speed at which BHurishravas[Yuupketu] used his swords rendered other person numb , his sword could not be located while fighting. He had a natural rivalry and family feud with Yadavas [ on account of Marriage of Devaki[krishna’s mother] to Vasudev .]. Satyaki was a yadava who fought from Pandavas as he was very dear to Krishna .Satyaki was Arjuna’s Disciple . In the war when Arjuna’s Gandiv sound was not heard by Yudhisthira , he asked Yuyudhan[Satyaki] to go and get the information about Dhananjay . Satyaki after appointing Dhrushtadhyumna to look after Yudhisthir , went furiously fighting to look for Arjun in the battlefield.  killed Jalasandha on the way, and was totally tired when he caught sight of Arjun , happy to see him , he wanted to go back and inform Yudhisthira , when he was intercepted by BHurishravas[son of Somadatta] , old  rivalry ,family feud and passion of hatred ignited and both attacked each other fiercely ,after prolonged fight lost chariot and sarathis and bows, then holding sword in the hand , they collided like wild tigers and the a very long battle ensued between them , suddenly satyaki exhausted due to fatigue and prolonged fight fell unconscious , Bhurishravas caught his hair and dragged him by the ground into the open. He was cheered by the Kauravas [as Satyaki was most dear to Krishna being grandson of his uncle] .Bhurishravas put a foot onto the chest of unconscious SATYAKI and raised his right hand with a sword to cut off the head of Satyaki .

    The All knowing Krishna urged to Arjuna to save Satyaki .Arjuna while fighting samshaptak rakshas ,cried how can he help him while Bhurishravas has not challenged him to war. neither is he facing him to challenge him. Though Satyaki is very dear and has come to this war to lay down his life for Him and his family , he feels utterly helpless to stop Bhurishravas on account of Dharma.

    Krishna says it is dharma to save  a friend in distress ,trouble , look he is unconscious and unarmed and Bhurishravas is killing him , waste no time stop Bhurishravas for Satyaki had sacrificed everything for the sake of Pandavas ,it is Arjuna’s Duty .

    Arjuna used bhallayudha to cut off the raised arm of Bhurishravas.[ Karachcheda]

    Surprised Bhurishravas and other kauravas  looked for who had cut off , looking at Arjuna yelled , “so you developed the qualities of deception by the company you are in. who has taught you this unworthy fighting skill ,INdra or Drona . is it right to use weapons on me when i am not aware or when I am not fighting with you.”

    Arjuna said ” who would not yearn for such a company that does not come by years of tapasya even in multiple births, You were killing a man unconscious and unarmed ,where come your good senses of warfare had gone then , where was your skills in fighting and challenging a tired Satyaki. I have done my dharma in saving my friend in trouble .”

    Bhurishravas realising his mistake , took shastra sanyas and laying his shara on the ground and went into Yogic samadhi .

    Satyaki just resuming from slumber without any loss of moment in a fit of anger , even before Srikrishna and other pandavas could stop him , he slit of the head of Bhurishravas [ Shirachcheda].

    Bhurishravas attained heaven for having died in battlefield . SATYAKI was the only warrior along with Kritavarma who survived Mahabharath war by the grace of Sri Krishna.


    6th House -Ripu Runa Roga [Debt Diseases and Enemies]

    • A benefic in the sixth house turns ones enemies into friends.
    • A malefic there will be conflict with the enemies.
    • sixth is upachaya sthana thus the saying that ,ripu roga and runa shesha should not be entertained , as being upachaya sthana ,it grows/multiplies again.

    What was the enmity between Pandavas and Kauravas?

    • Dhruthrashtra was a blind man ,though elder he could not be made a King .
    • Pandu wins over entire Bharat varsha and then retires to forest .
    • Dhritarashtra is made caretaker King.
    • Now son born to Dhritarashtra cannot be made King.
    • Kunti’s son were born in forest and Pandu had died in the forest.
    • Yudhisthira had to be given back his kingdom.
    • Dhuryodhana refuses to give him his kingdom .
    • This can be called as greed of power ,evil duryodhana out of greed for power nurtured enmity with Pandavas.

    So entire Mahabharath is a struggle for power/throne between two brothers! NO.

    This happens in any story , what qualifies this story into according it a status of epic. Why it was necessary for God SriKrishna to come down to earth to side with Pandavas and get Duryodhana killed ? ONLY to give him his Kingdom.

    God could have forgiven Duryodhan for such folly or infatuation of power[ every person ordinary can have such fascination] and hermits as Yudhisthira was , he could have elevated him to heaven for his sacrifice ? why Mahabharath ?

    upon that even Pandavas had agreed to shed violence [old as they were 70 years at the time of war , what kingdom could have been enjoyed at that age , it was time for retirement] Arjuna had refused to wage war.

    Sri Krishna gave Bhagavadgeetha and then again resumed war.

    Why was Sri Krishna so much interested in getting Duryodhana killed?

    If the enmity between Pandavas and Kauravas were just for the sake of Kingdom then Mahabharat cannot be termed as epic or pancham veda. There is a whole gamut of philosophy that is hidden in the answers to  the above question.

    If the philosophy part is omitted then the story seems to be a case of two brothers warring on account of kingdom pleasure and woman named Draupadi. This degrades entire civilization to the level of a culture less tribe where men fight for the sake of cattle and woman. Most of the people who fail to grasp the philosophy or perhaps to augment atheism do often term this epic as a struggle between two tribes . That can be termed as intellectual bankruptcy  .

    First let us establish that  it was not an era where culture was evolving or worst there was no culture and rule were akin to a tribe where might is right.[ Discovery of India assumes these concepts ,unfortunately our text books also derive a lot from these.some historians call it a stone era bronze era etc etc…].

    • A culture of a era is exhibited by the qualities of the Individuals present in that era.
    • Rules existing in the society at that time.
    • Rule of Law , beautification of cities ,architectural marvels ,
    • strength and formation of the army .modes of communication, weaponry .
    • Religion rituals and general well being of the people and wealth ,trade and commerce.
    1. Culture And Individuals
    1. Bheeshma sacrificed his stake for kingdom for the sake of his Father’s happiness ,to the extent he swore to remain a celibate all through his life.
    2. He was bestowed death at will [science] , one can bestow such boons only when himself is capable of such feat , ie even Shantanu had death at will power .
    3. When individual had excellent virtues and a great art of defying death ,can that be called cultureless or nomadic .
    4. we are still struggling today to find medicines for simple diseases [ death at will is milkyway away]
    5. So that culture was higher than ours and highest at any point in history.
  • Rules and society,
    1. Many learnt vidya in forests under rishis . People were safer and saner even in forest [ today only wild animals are found in forests]
    2. Eklavya approaches Drona ,shows even a tribesman like eklavya had access to highest priest of ruling class .
    3. Karna is made King by duryodhana , even a commoner could aspire to become king through his qualities.
    4. Vidura is minister of Dhritarashtra ,though born to a slave , he is accorded ministership.
  • Rule of Law
    1. Game of dice was opposed tooth and nail by many in the presence of King
    2. Draupadi asks questions on law of the land to the King
    3. Not only woman were  educated but their voices were heard in the court of Law .
    4. Architecture of each palace outwits todays’ efforts
    5. Mayasabha is a unrivalled masterpiece.
  • Army, communication and weaponry
    1. Army was collected from far east ,china ,eurasia etc shows global control
    2. Kaal yavan [ means from Greek] was summoned to fight Krishna
    3. Arjuna marrying ladies from Tripura Manipur shows communication of a high quality
    4. Arjuna upsets all the army except BHeeshma shows pinpointed weaponry of high control and command
    5. Arjuna brings out sweet water from the ground to quench Bheeshma’s thirst by his arrows[weaponry]
    6. Every hour a 800 crores  of arrows were shot .
    7. 808 loads of carriages of weapons arrived every hour to each chariot in the warfield.
    8. they had a bulbs fitted to elephants which illuminated by the lunar power[ we have solar cells] in the night.
  • Religion,rituals wealth
    1. Yudhisthira performed rajsuya and Ashwamedha yagnya [religion]
    2. srikrishna was prayed everywhere ,
    3. 20kgs of gold was donated everyday ,
    4. Syamantak mani was a precious stone mentioned
    5. crores of cows were donated
    6. people ate in silver vessels
    7. every house had its own storage of butter , a potfull of butter [unimaginable these days]

    with all these facts recorded in a history which has survived 5000 years cannot brushed aside as a cultureless and nomadic society . Mahabharth era was a cultural Peak in India.

    Now in such  a peak era why did this happen ? what can be made out of enmity between the two sides.

    the answers:

    Mahabharath is about those who hate God and those who are devoted to God.

    Mahabharath is about atheism versus theism.and the role God plays between them.

    Mahabharath is about Truth and Sin and Liberation.

    Mahabharath is about eternal enmity between Good[ Devatas] and Evil [Rakshasas]

    Mahabharath is the zoom on the thin line that exists between DHARMA AND DHARMASOOKSHMA

    Duryodhana hated Srikrishna ,because Pandavas were his devotees he hated them.Kingdom was only an excuse for him to advance his hate. He expressed his hate towards Pandavas to challenge God, to provoke him ,his intentions were to prove himself greater than  Srikrishna , he did not consider Srikrishna as God.

    God had given him all the resources . He made him to keep his kingdom for almost all his life. He ruled for 70 years. God allowed him to keep his kingdom and give Pandavas only barren lands , which they turned into beautiful Indraprastha .

    They won the entire world and amassed all the pleasure , which God allowed Duryodhan to enjoy by deciet.[ he could have never got them through war but through dice].

    In the earlier era when Rakshasas and Devatas fought , everytime Vishnu came to the help of Devatas and fought along to defeat the Rakshasas . Or He came down as Rama, Parashurama etc and killed them all.

    So Rakshasas thought ” if only Vishnu did not participate , We would finish off all the Devatas”.

    To disprove them this time Srikrishna chose not to fight.

    He empowered Duryodhana with

    1. Bheeshma [ death at will]means cannot die.
    2. Ashwaththama [ immortal] cannot die
    3. Kripacharya [ immortal] cannot die
    4. Dronacharya[ invincible] cannot be defeated
    5. Karna [ kavach kundal] cannot die.
    6. Bhargavdatta [ possess Vaishnav astra that cannot be stopped] means always victory
    7. Kritavarma [ ON a given day of his choice he cannot be defeated ,boon by SriKrishna]
    8. Bhurishravas [ as long as he holds his sword , none can defeat him]
    9. Alamaban Alambusa [can assume any shape and size and be invisible during fight]
    10. Jayadrath [ can defeat anybody as per his wish on a given day]
    11. Balhika [can choose his death blowing opponent]
    12. Shakuni [can create illusions and possesed deadly poisons that could burn whole earth]
    13. Shalya [could not be defeated in a arm to arm combat]
    14. 10 lakh sons of srikrishna and Yadava army
    15. Almost double the army [11 akhouhini]from entire world.
    16. 99 brothers
    17. himself Suyodhana[ having entire body immortal except thighs]
    18. ********No fight Promise from Sri Krishna***************

    Even with all these factors aiding him [4 deathless warriors and rest invincible] ,

    Pandavas having lesser number of army , all mortals .

    Just beacuse they had grace of SRIKRISHNA and Kauravas did not have Grace of GOD , they still got wiped off .

    Evil however powerful it may be , Truthful however weak it may be can overcome evil only by the grace of GOD.

    NO one can triumph without grace of GOD even if he has all the boons of the world and immortality.

    Faith in God alone can give us triumph in the life called Mahabharath.


    5th House – Children

    Children are indicated by the 5th bhava in the horoscope. A son is called as putra in Sanskrit.Those who die without bearing a son are destined to go to  PUTA namak Hell . all the ancestors of that tree  fall in the hell named Puta. Since a son protects[rakshati] his ancestors from the Puta hell ,that means he does [“ra”ksha ] from [“put”a] hence he is known as “putra”

    Woman become pregnant to concieve a child. For this their rutukala plays an important role. Moon and mars are important in determining rutukala that may lead to pregnancy. When moon is anupachaya places from a janma rashi of the woman , if being at any of these places ,if it is being aspected by mars ,that period/month will be capable in  bringing about the conception [garbhgrahartav] to those who wish to have a child.

    that means if a woman becomes rutumati in an upachaya rashi from her janma rashi ,she will not concieve in that cycle. If in such a combination the moon is aspected by jupiter ,the couple will try for a baby.

    if on the fourth day at the time of rutuvirama if aspected by venus woman will have extreme passion towards her husband.The seventh from lagna at the time samyoga ,if it is aries ,taurus ,leo sagitarius then they will engage in the sexual act akin to animals. if it is gemini virgo or aquarius ,then it will be like humans.if there are malefics aspecting then union will spring out of anger and difference of opinion. if aspected by the benefics they will have affectionate union. if not aspected by any planet it will be a quiet union.if both benefics and malefics aspect ,then union will start with affection and end up in discord or vice versa.

    All these will have bearing on the birth and life of the child. venus ,mars,jupiter sun,moon,saturn,mercury,lagnadhipati[garbhadaan],moon and sun are sequentially guardians of the child in the womb for 10 months till birth of the child.

    1. Rahu with benefics in  fifth and jupiter also with benefics give many sons
    2. a benefic fifth lord with benefics and jupiter in kendra gives many sons
    3. Jupiter in kendra , exchange of first and fifth lord gives many sons.
    4. jupiter being strong [full] ,first lord in fifth and fifth lord very strong gives many sons
    5. fifth lord in own house aspeted by benefics gives many sons.

    Srikrishna had 10 sons and a daughter each from all of his 16108 wives . Yet he prayed Shiva to give him a son in Himalayas and Pradyumna was born . At the time of war he had in all 1000000 [ten lakhs] sons and grandsons.

    1. Pandavas had From Draupadi Prativindya[son of Yudhisthira]
    2. Shrutasoma [son of Bhima]
    3. Shrutakirti   [son of Arjuna]
    4. Shatanik      [son of nakul]
    5. Shrutakriya  [son of sahadev]

    they were all incarnation of vishvedevas and gandharva named 1chitrarath 2.abhitamra 3.kishore .4.gopal 5 bala .

    Abhimanyu was born to Subhadra was incarnation of mercury [Budha]

    Ghatotkacha was son of Bheema from Hidimbi .He was incarnation of Nirutya[lord of south western direction ]

    Babruvahana was born to chitrangada -Arjun ,he was incarnation of manmath.

    Iravant was born to Ulupi-Arjun was the incarnation of Mars [ mangal]

    All these died in the war of Mahabharath except Babruvahan who did not participate.

    Parikshit was son of Abhimanyu Uttara and thus was the only heir left after the war and hence was throned onto hastinapur.Since Krishna was protecting him through sudarshan , while in the womb he was inspecting the presence of  Lord He is known as Parikshit.


    4th house-Vehicles

    • If fourth lord and fourth bhava is extremely strong and aspected by benefics ,one will have good vehicles.
    • If fourth lord is in kendra and that lord is in eleventh then one will have many vehicles.
    • If fourth lord along with lagnadhipati is in fourth ,ninth or eleventh then one will have many vehicles.
    • If fourth lord is in sixth eigth twelfth aspected by ninth lord not in debilitation one will have unlucky vehicles.

    Arjuna had  a chariot which was earlier used by SriRamachandra. Now it is driven by Srikrishna , it had Hanuman on its Flag , it could move at such a speed that it would leave behind the arrows shot by Arjuna before hitting the target. It had horses that could not be killed. He was additionally protected by Bheema by being always by its side. Yet Arjuna. felt proud that  HE was invincible warrior all by himself . He was cautioned by Hanuman for forgetting the presence of Lord Sri Krishna

    • Arjuna is Jeeva ,
    • the chariot is the body ,
    • horses are the mind guided by God himself
    • and Protected by Mukhyaprana ,both inside and outside the body.
    • Yet jeeva attributes its actions to the self  and not to the God ,
    • who is personally guiding as the sarathi ,this human body in this mahabharatha called life.
    • where a soul[jeeva] constantly faces danger from sins[kauravas] ,
    • is constantly confronted and troubled  by jealousy [irshya asuya,krodha,Karna]
    • is swayed by illusion of indriyas [Bheeshma ,Drona Kripa , etc] ,
    • falls prey to dice of atheism[nastikvada  shakuni with astik Yudhisthira],
    • at crucial time loses hopes ,resumes after upadesha[divine blessings]
    • and fights with the help of virtues[ Pandava Sena],
    • headed by Dhrustadhyumna[fire,agni, sadhana] ,
    • accompanied by suneeti[nakula sahadev],
    • inspired by Draupadi[veda],
    • and wins over vipareeta gyana [dushyasana] and Agyana[Duryodhana] aided by ahankara[ashwaththama]
    • only by the grace of BHeemasena[ knowledge ,devotion and vairagya]


    3rd house – Valour

    • 3rd house is known as vikram sthana .
    • If third lord or sun is very strong, one will be valorous [parakram yoga].
    • If third lord is exalted ,aspected by benefics in kendra ,native is brave[dheer yoga]
    • if mars is in soumya navamsha in a benefc rasi [ dhairya yoga]
    • if navamsha lord of the third lord , if placed in a good house in navamsha ,that navamsha lord in which it is placed is in own navamsha ,then native will be expert in war [ yuddha pravin yoga]
    • if third lord is in 12th aspected or associated with  malefics ,one will run away from the war field.
    • If mars is in krur shashtiamsa ,one will have mental block in the battlefield.

    Valour is about not running away from the battlefield. during war.

    except Bheema every warrior makes a retreat in the Mahabharath.

    1. When Bheeshma attacks , satyaki,dhrustdhyumana ,etc make a retreat.
    2. When Abhimanyu attacks Kripacharya ,Dronacharya all run away.
    3. All the four pandavas avoid Bhagadatta sitting on his divine elephant Suprateek [son of airavat] ,till he exhausts Vaishnavastra.
    4. When Ashwatthama attacks yudhisthira ,nakula sahadeva make a retreat and finally Yudhisthira asks Ashwatthama , though being a Bramhin ,it is not right on his part to trouble good Kshatriya like him[yudhisthira] , thus Ashwaththama leaves him.
    5. After Ashwatthama uses Narayan astra , all run away from the battlefield ,except pandavas . except Bheema rest all accept its superiority , thus seeing Arjuna alive even after this , Ashwaththama decides to stop fighting .[but is inspired by Vedavyasa to carry on ]
    6. Karna’s Bhargava astra makes everyone in Pandavas side run away from the battlefield [ Bhargava astra does not trouble those who run away from it] Bheema sena takes on the astra , astra collides on BHeemsena , nothing happens to HIM.
    7. Karna runs away from battlefield 22 times while fighting with BHeema.
    8. Duryuodhana runs away each day after Ghatotkach attacks him. every time he is attacked by Ghatotkach , he faints and thus is saved from death.
    9. When Bheemasena catches Dushyasana by his throat and raises him in the air, he roars ” if any one is a man here ,if anyone thinks he is braver,valorous than me , then come and save this evil Dushyasana” no one comes to save him. Bheema tears his heart and drinks his blood dancing in the battlefield holding Dushyasan[who is still alive ] in air , this scene creates a panic in the warfield . Karna vomits and faints . Duryodhana tries to run away but faints with fear.Unable to bear the fearsome [most] aspect of BHeemasena , soldiers ,warriors and animals run away from the battlefield , whole battlefield is empty for 48minutes with not a single person daring to resume the fight , trembling in fear. with Bheema dancing and roaring like a wild Lion [Nrasimha] .
    10. When Ashwaththama kills upapandavas and uses Bramhastra on Parikshita in womb of Uttara.[wife of Abhimanyu] .Bheemasena plucks his mani in the head and He runs away into Forest [He,Ashwathhama will be back as Vyasa in the next dwapara yuga].

    Thus such was the valor of BHeemasena ,none in both sides in Mahabharath could equal him in strength ,valor and knowledge .

    2nd House – Truth Lies And Yudhisthira

    • When second lord and second house is not tenanted by a malefic ,if second lord is in kendra trikona man will always speak truth.
    • If second lord is in the rasi of Saturn or mars with malefic in kendra or trikona ,one will speak lies.
    • If second house and second lord both are with malefics then certainly the native is a liar.

    What is Truthful words ?

    Shri Krishna says ” Truth is not about saying things as it exists ,as it is seen and heard.” once there was a Bramhin , who never spoke a lie. one day certain bandits were chasing a group of villagers . These villagers came and took shelter in the Bramhins house. Bandits also came by , they asked Bramhin has he seen villagers and where are they? Bramhin showed them the place. The bandits killed all the villagers. Bramhin went to hell. Hell for saying truth. thus

    “Na bruyath satyam apriyam” never speak truth that has ill consequences and not dear to good people .

    Yudhisthira was the most truthful person on the earth. His chariot was four angul[inches] higher in space during war. This was because he never transgressed Dharma on all four quarters. Krishna asks him to utter a lie that Ashwatthama had died , Yudhisthira refuses to say a lie , Bheemasena kills an elephant named Ashwatthama , and asks his brother to say now Ashwatthama has died ,you can say so. Yudhisthira says Ashwatthama died , and slowly utters the words ‘Elephant’ !

    [ his chariot comes down by one angul] why? Surprises Yudhisthira looks at Bheema for explanation .

    Bheema says

    Speaking truth and all other Dharma are primarily to please God . They independently don’t hold any special place .[or meaning] ,By refusing God’s order you have transgressed Dharma ,thus your chariot has come down

    . There is no bigger dharma than following Lord’s dictum.


    Ascendant – Qualities of Individual

    Ascendant is the sign rising in the east ,at the time of birth. Ascendant determines the qualities of an individual.

    • When aspected by benefics one will have beauty and happiness of the body.
    • when tenanted by benefics ,one will have bodily beauty.
    • When moon is conjunct benefics , one will be beautiful.
    • when moon is aspected by benefics ,one will be beautiful.
    • when in good bhavas, one will be righteous.
    • Jupiter or venus in kendras will make one righteous

    Pandu wanted a son who would justly rule the world. Thus he asked Kunti to pray Dharmaraj[Yama] to bestow a son by his grace who would be Just and righteous.Thus Yudhisthira was born.

    Again at the end of the year Pandu thought ,it will just be not enough to be good and righteous ,one requires strength to save oneself from the enemies , thus he asked Kunti to pray the most powerful in the universe to bestow son. Lord is most powerful ,after him Lord vayu is most powerful ,thus Kunti prayed Vayu to bestow her a strong son. Bheema was born. as she was holding him[child] on the peak of a mountain[shatshrunga] ,the child slipped , mother was in a state of shock ,but Lo! as the child fell on the mountain ,it broke it pieces [such was the strength of Bheema ,even as a child] ,now it rightly justified its shatashrunga[mountain with hundred peaks owing to cracks.]

    Pandu again contemplated , when enemy attacks ,Bheema may save him from external aggression , on an expedition, other enemies might attack the land ,hence there has to be one more strong warrior son to save the land during such times. Now Vayu was the most powerful , he has already been approached , Kunti cannot call him again[ as per the boon of Durvasa], after Vayu , Garuda shesha and Rudra are powerful , Garuda does not take birth on earth[as principle] , Shesha and Rudra are very hot tempered personalities ,thus it would not be wise to have such sons. So next in line is INDRA , so Kunti prays Indra to bestow a son ,thus Arjuna is born.

    Pandu now wished to have more sons ,but this time a handsome one, with bodily felicity. Kunti refused ,just as previous requests were justified for the sake of kingdom , this one was purely personal and did not justify the niyog process of obtaining a son.So Pandu insisted on giving the devavashikarana mantra to Madri , Kunti gave upadesha to Madri with a condition that she could use it only once [ because if she had more sons than her ,then they may engage in mutual fight] .Madri wanted two sons and hence thought to call Ashwini twins to get two sons in one stroke. thus Nakul and Sahadev were born .They were extremely beautiful.

    Bheema and Arjuna were also beautiful[handsome] but their bodies were extremely hard and well toned . Probably people consider only tender bodies to be handsome and beautiful in the world.Beauty is of two types 1. inner beauty of qualities,beauty of mind[suniti] and external beauty of features.

    Nakul was very handsome [beauty of body] and Sahadeva was extremely noble  with expertise in neetishastra[beauty of mind].

    • All women like people who are noble .[Sahadev]
    • Women like people who have good features more than noble persons. [Nakul]
    • Women like truthful people more than men with beauty.[Yudhisthira]
    • Women like dynamic ,brilliant, successful people more than truthful men[Arjuna]
    • Women like well built , intelligent saviour men more than anything else in this world[Bheemasena].

    Thus Bheema was most liked by Both Krushnaa[Draupadi] and Krishna[Lord Vishnu].


    5th House -Poorvapunya

    What is poorva punya?

    A man when attains a age of 14 years ,everyday [each day] he performs karma ,which can be exhausted by enjoying or suffering in next 10 births.That means it takes 10 births to exhaust a days karma performed after the age of 14. thus in a life time a man performs karma that would make him take 2 lakhs of  of births if he lives for 65 years. Then in every next birth he would again amass these karma , thus backlog of karma to be exhausted piles up , in few initial births itself ,it assumes a form of mountain. This is sanchita karma. Of these sanchita karma some are punya and some Papa and some mishra.

    This Punya is known as Poorva Janma punya .this is denoted by 5 th house in astrology. whenever fifth house lord operates , this punya assumes role and gives happiness to the native. Thus 5th house is very auspicious and any association with 5th house lord or bhava ,gives immense happiness due to that factor.

    When malefics or debilitated planet aspect fifth house or lord, it is said there is loss of poorva punya.What is meant by loss of poorva punya?

    on a plain terms loss of punya means loss of a chance to enjoyment that was destined to come. This missing of a chance to enjoy benefits can be as a loss to win over a maid, win a competition or lottery or a election.When such loses occur on account of forced mistakes , it can be understood that there has been a loss of poorva punya.

    When suddenly a bad incident occurs amidst good days ,cutting short a good run of successful stint, it can be recorded as loss of poorva punya.

    Poorva punya is lost by vrata bhanga, hurting elders, abusing elderly, ill treating parents, bringing frown in parents minds, guru’s mind,bramhins,teachers,and vaishnavas.Cursing the one who is unblemished also destroys poorvapunya.

    Curse in general reduces poorva punya.quality of poorva punya determines efficacy of a curse given by an individual. If a poorvapunya is not operating , then one’s curse will not take effect. Similarly a good wishes also reduces poorva punya , they take effects immediately if there is poorvapunya operating, else they will take off in another realm of time.

    Sometimes poorvapunya becomes unwanted to Jeevanmuktas , thus they would like it to be destroyed [ as they do not want it to become a reason for a birth again on the earth].

    Dyut Krida was not played on account of misfortune of Yudhisthira [ it was not the result of sins of previous birth of Yudhisthira] , it was played to reduce the poorva punya of Yudhisthira [ on his own will] , thus causing distress to his brothers and wife , which reduced his Punya .


    Swamsha Results- Pandava Vanavasa

    When A planet is in own Navamsha or vargottama, ,the results if benefic will be experienced to full , if malefic the result will be reduced in effect ,sometimes fully nullified. So it is always better to have planets well placed in Navamsha and trimshamsa rather than Rasi. For a women trimshamsa and Navamsha results are more pronounced. SITADEVI HAD ALL THE PLANETS EXALTED IN NAVAMSA.

    Pandavas went to exile , popular notion is of pandavas in valkal clothes ,making their way alone through thick forest ,as along with Draupadi and five brothers. Wrong.

    There were 10000 sanyasis [yati] .88000 grahasthas ,each had 30 dasa dasis .nearly a crore people were always with Yudhisthira all through his Vanavasa[exile] . He was worried about their food and other necessities. Thus Yudhisthira prayed Surya and got AkshayaPatra ,which could feed everyone till Draupadi ate .So when all had eaten Pandava brothers except Yudhisthira ate and then Yudhisthira ate ,and lastly Draupadi ate. Yudhisthira was donating 20 kg’s of Gold everyday. Whole  day was spent in the discussion on Spiritual topics and discourses by holy men and a sumptuous meals with fearless dwelling due to protection from worlds mightiest Bheema and Arjuna. [can this be called exile] he had virtually a kingdom of his own even in exile. it was a dwelling that could put to shame greatest of cities.

    Of the 12 years exile , a year in Indrakeel parvat to amass astras, 5 years were spent by Arjuna in Swargaloka by the side of INDRA[ where he spew the advances of Urvashi] . Bheema and others spent  four years in the  gardens of city of KUBERA in the gandhamadan parvat .Last four years together all the six spent on MERU parvat with Bramha  and others .Last year[13th] was spent in matsya desha in Virat raja’s Palace in disguise.

    Thus even in exile these lived as royally as ever. with no touch of sadness[natural yogis as they were by the grace of Krishna] . All this is the blessing of a shubha amsha planets. They ensure happiness even in bad phase. Rightly it is said that Pandavas were as happy as in mukti even in Vanavasa.


    Efforts : Bheema and Yudhisthira-A dialogue

    Bheema was the greatest Pandava. He was the main hero of Mahabharath . Bheema was extremely intelligent , knowledged and foremost in Dharma and most dearest to Krishna [more than Arjuna]  . Yudhisthira was eldest among Pandavas .He had a fetish for worldly Dharma only.

    Yudhisthira while in exile[Vanavasa] in forest , had almost become a recluse and withdrawn personality. He had more or less given up the desire to get back his Kingdom , and planned to spend rest of his life in the forest. Bheema knew this was against Kshatriya Dharma.He sent Draupadi to inspire Yudhisthira to gear up for a war against Kauravas ,in case they refuse to return their Kingdom[which was eventual given the nature of Kauravas] .

    Draupadi said” Oh King ,it is not a Dharma to let the criminals go free ,for they should be punished and this is the duty of a King.”

    Dharmaraj said ” Man suffers by the will of the GOD , Kauravas have not insulted on their own without the will of the LORD , lest it is not right to keep a revengeful attitude towards them , Forgiveness is the best quality needed , moreover a war with Kauravas means ,killing Bheeshma and guru Drona ,Kripa etc which is completely adharma and full of Sin. Please do not inspire me towards such heinous act , there is nothing wrong living rest of the life as hermits here. Be in your limits as wife and woman .”

    seeing Yudhisthira adamant and melancholic, Bheema the wisest added” oh king , Listen to my words carefully

    • It is right both good and the bad are under the control of the GOD
    • But it is also true that a soul has to make efforts  .
    • It is the efforts according to which a fruits are given by the Lord.
    • Know this efforts to be also under the control of this LORD.
    • one must make efforts[prayatna] to please God.
    • Efforts should be in accordance with the law laid down by the God.
    • Kshatriya should punish those who are against the laid down Law.
    • those who steal others property ,wife,kingdom,and wealth
    • those who kill people for the sake of wealth
    • those who trouble other innocents without any purpose
    • All these are known as atatayis
    • There is no sin in killing these atatayis
    • even if one surrenders ,if he has commited those heinous crimes ,he must still be killed
    • however this time he must be killed through one’s servants and not by self [king].
    • Kauravas are atatayis , there is no sin in killing them through war.
    • whatever is lost by giving to a woman [ while being taken away by her beauty] , in a gambling ,and whatever given out of fear can always be taken back.there is no sin in it.
    • So make efforts towards war , without your permission we cannot wage war.
    • One gets fruits due to action
    • Action is dependent on
    • Yogyata[Capacity]
    • anadi poorva Karma[past merits,horoscope]
    • prayatna [efforts]
  • Yogyata is determined by the will power[Hatha]
  • Poorva janma karma is in accordance with the Yogyata
  • Prayatna follows the poorva karma.
  • All the three are under the control of God
  • but we must always do karma with prayatna
  • Prayatna should be full and sincere , as per the shastra
  • When there is complete proof of a action in accordance with all the three pramanas
  • efforts should be made towards the object as laid in shastra.
  • when one of the pramanas conflicts the stronger pramana should be adhered to , but efforts should still be made irrespective of consequences . It is only the efforts that qualifies the action to a fruit [phala].”
  • listening to this discourse Yudhisthira finally agrees to wage a war and Thanks his brother to have got him into the right Path.

    Likewise Bheema is the Vayu present as breath in all of us , inspiring us to do the  right karma , efforts is the only way with which we can show gratitude to this Jeevottama[ the greatest among the souls].


    Interpreting strengths- Graha Bala

    Planets are considered strong in various ways in different circumstances.

    1. A planet by just being in good houses is declared strong when analysing effect revealing capability of the planet.
    2. A planet when analysing to deliver auspicious results can be considered strong over others if it is vargottama.
    3. A planet when differentiating between two aspects , delivers stronger results if in own navamsa or mitra navamsa
    4. A planet to give exemplary results can be considered for strength only when exalted .
    5. A planet if considered for magnanimity of results becomes strong only by occupying vaisheshika amsa only.
    6. A planet is strong to deliver effort only when it is retrograde or with moon.
    7. A planet will dominate if it has strength in saptavargaja bala.
    8. A planet will deliver[ results of amsas]in proportion to half its strength of saptavargaja bala .
    9. In both above cases saptavargaja bala is multiplied by planetary anka due to exaltation or debilitation etc placements
    1. for ex. planet gets 60 ,45,30,15,8,4,2,1,0 ankas in rasi and amsas etc for exaltation to debilitation.
    2. This anka is multiplied by the saptavargaja bala.
    3. that means if a horoscope 1 has  fifth saturn exalted in rasi chart with shadbala of 3 rupas his effects will be 60X3 =180
    4. if horoscope 2 has fifth saturn in own house in rasi chart with shadbala of 8 rupas ,his effects will be          30X 8=240
    5. The horoscope 2 will have more happiness of fifth house than horoscope 1 even though horoscope 1 has exalted saturn
    6. similarly when such position occur in navamsa effects will be 60X3/2 =90 . this much will be effect of navamsa, trimasamsa etc.
    7. now if a planet gives one result in rasi chart say seventh house , its anka X bala = y;  and same seventh house result in navamsa is comes to be 2y then navamsa result will prevail rather than rasi result.here if two marriages are predicted in navamsa and one in rasi , than person will have two marriages only even if rasi is not showing any signs of it. contrarily if rasi is poweful only one marriage will take place , however the other one will end up as affair[ not shown in rasi].
    8. Thus horoscope results should not be declared purely on rasi chart.
  • When many people take part in the race , some end up 3rd …….10 th 11 th ……. last .These results are due to 1/4 , 1/2 aspects.
  • Sometimes a sportsman does well in particular country and fails in other , this is because of digbala in that direction.
  • A particular day also happens to be good because of digbala.
  • We always get saved at the nth moment in a crisis , this is due to aspect of the benefic.
  • However things go wrong , we come out unfazed , the planet is well placed in amsas
  • We are happy with whatever little we have , so all the planets are in kendra.
  • krishnarpana.

    Sun-Birth of Ashwini Devatas The celestial Twins

    Aditya (sun) was born to Aditi ,the daughter of Daksha prajapati.Aditya was married to Sangya devi ,daughter of Tvashtrva (architect of devatas).Sangya was very beautiful and Sun was very happily living with her. However Sangya finding the heat of Sun as unbearable , one day went back to her father’s house. Father assured that he would reduce the brilliance of his son inlaw in due course ,but it is not wise of chaste woman to leave their husband. So Sangya returned and carried on with Sun, givimg birth to Manu , Yama,and Yami.

    But unable to bear Sun’s brilliance , Sangya created her replica ,Chayadevi [who resembled her in appearance] ,went away to forest in Uttara Kuru in the disguise of Mare [female horse] .Chayadevi serving Sun as Sangya (his wife), within one year gave birth to Manu,Sani and Tapti.

    However Chaya grew partial towards Sangya’s children and Yama noting this complained to Father . Father showed discern towards Chaya . Chaya out of anger Cursed Yama ,” You lord over the dead ” and to Yami as ” You be a river (yamuna)” . Sensing mother never curses her child , Sun suspected Chaya . Then He found out the truth and cursed Saturn ” You become lame and cruel planet” , Tapati to become the river.

    Sun out of his Divyadrishti found out Sangya was roaming in the forest of Kuru as mare , he took the form of Horse and lived with her again in the forest .Thus were born two beautiful horses(twins) Ashwini. Bramha came to the forest and appointed the Ashwini as Physicians of Devatas and offered them a boon of being extremely handsome .

    Vishwakarma then prayed Aditya and subsequently he reduced his brilliance to accomodate the growth of civilization on the earth .

    This story also gives the philosophical reason behind the results of Sun in seventh house.Sun in seventh house invites seperation from husband in a woman’s horoscope. Sometimes husband abandons the lady. In some cases lady has to compromise as second wife.

    Thus this story of birth of Ashwini devatas, narrated by Vyasa ,brings beauty and health to those who listen or reads it.


    Karma Vipaka -Discourse of Yama

    A rich man invites entire city to his function ,where a grand pooja is held ,rich man performs pooja with much grandeur and display of wealth .He offers gold ,silver ,pearls,precious stones ,fruits,incense with loud chanting of mantras .Aarti is performed with bells resounding the air and frenzy atmosphere is created , but alas ,the entire show was only to impress the gathering ,with a pride that everybody is watching and probably to create an impression how devotional one is. There is no devotion towards the lord.its all “adambar pooja” .

    But nonetheless that was a Karma!

    A child was born in a rich family , birthday was planned , child was completely dressed with ornaments ,gold ,silver,pearls,precious stones ,silk robes,golden cradle .House was decorated with flowers ,perfumes,lights etc.There was a huge gathering ,everyone was praising the child,singing songs ,wishing him long life. everyone around him was happy ,but child alas was unaware of what was going on.

    The correlation of the two stories is the child was none but rich man reborn and the effect was the result of his karma “adambar pooja”.He did a splendid job without sincerity of mind ,he  reaped a splendid result sans consciousness.

    • Karmas are of three types
    • satvik,
    • rajasik
    • tamasic.
  • They are further divided as
    • papa
    • punya
  • Thus we have
    • satvik punya
    • ,rajasik punya ,
    • tamasic punya.
  • similarly
    • satvik papa ,
    • rajasik papa,
    • tamasik papa
    • Further these are divided into
    • papa beeja
    • punya beeja .
    • Thus we have
    • papa beeja punya ,
    • papa beeja papa ,
    • and punya beeja papa
    • ,punya beeja punya.
  • Beeja itself is again
    • satvik ,
    • rajasik
    • tamasik.
  • These can be further divided as manasa vacha and karmana.
    • That which is done by
    • mind ,
    • speech ,
    • body.
  • they are further classified as
    • Dhrud
    • Adhrud.
    • prakat
    • Gupt
    • sahaj
    • utprerita
    • Avishta
  • They are further classified as
    • Prarabdha
    • Sanchita
    • Agami
  • These are Further classified as
    • Ishta
    • Anishta.
  • and many more subtle differentiations beyond the scope of general readers.
  • The effects of each are also known as the secret science of Danda neeti  .
  • Thus karmas unfold life after life in an inexhaustible manner throwing the soul into cycle of births and deaths.


    Karma vipaka- The story of Nachiketa

    Nachiketa was a great scholar. His father wanted to donate everything to everybody and start a fresh life.(sarvasva dana-this is form of vrata which in  olden days every able persons confident of their abilities and to reiterate their dependence on notion that everything is given by God and taken away by him at his will,) But while donating one must donate only those which we would like to use ourselves and not those that would be useless to us.

    Nachiketa’s Father was about to donate two old sick cows, when Nachiketa objected and advised his father ,”oh my father giving such dana would get you a place in santanik loka which does not have peace ” Father furious at son’s disobedience says” even you are useless to me and i have donated you to Yama ” .

    Adhering to Father’s words Nachiketa sets his journey  for Yama Loka . Father after having his anger settled ,repents but words are words. Nachiketa after long journey to the land of dead (alive),with his tapobala reaches Yamapuri to the south of Meru. But Yama was not at his residence , his wife Shyamala devi having a Bramhin at the doorstep , rushes to invite him with respect. But Nachiketa refuses to step inside as shastras prohibit entering of a house when the owner is not present. Hence Nachiketa spends next three days fasting, at the doorsteps of Yama.

    Yama arrives and having seen a Bramhin lad fully engrossed at his doorstep is immensely pleased ,after feeding him , agrees to grant three boons. Nachiketa asks for Bramha vidya , Yama offers wealth of a golden city ,kingship of a ethereal world and  1000 apsaras to a young boy , he rejects and sticks to  learning Bramha vidya,Finally convinced of his capacity ,Yama gives discourse to Nachiketa on Bramha vidya ,what is known as popularly Kathopanishad .

    As a second boon Nachiketa preferred to know the different kinds of Karma a man does and their subsequent fruits/effects he experiences in the subsequent births. Yama explains to him the theory of karma in what is known as Karma Vipaka . This is a discourse on

    1. what are the different kinds of actions  a man undertakes.
    2. How these actions can be classified.
    3. what are the ramifications of this action.
    4. How are planets responsible in bringing out this ramifications.
    5. What are different experiences of soul in different worlds
    6. why does one take birth in one particular combination of planets
    7. What are importance of birth in a particular nakshatra as per karma
    8. Who determines the karma and who keeps record of it .
    9. what is the process of Vipaka
    10. How can one come out of this cycle of birth and death after knowing ones Karma and its Vipaka.

    Nachiketa as a third boon asks for forgivance to his father’s folly , To which Yama says ,Blessed are the 21 generations of forefathers in which a son like NACHIKETA is born. Nachiketa was an extraordinary lad who had the capacity to face the lord of Death in his own city alive.


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