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Dasha vichara !

  1. Dasha graha if it is in kendra to lagna and 2-5-8-11 to moon will give auspicious results . if in kendra to moon as well will give medium results
  2. Dasha lord’s exaltation sign and own sign or friend’s sign , if in these signs moon is posited or moon is in 3-5-7-9-10-11 from dasha lord then the bhava in which moon is placed its good results will also be experienced .
  3. If dasha and bhukti lords if they are  friends good results will flow , if enemies difficulties will be experienced .
  4. dasha and bhukti lords if they are in shashtashtaka or dwirdwadasha then there will be fall in respect and post . [ padachyuti] .especially if one the planets is in mars saturn rahu ketu stars .
  5. moon with sun mars or rahu and ketu or in their stars  will give many mental disturbances .
  6. if dasha and bhukti lords both are in chara signs or have sambandha of 6-10 lords than there will be change of place .
  7. dasha lord or bhukti lord if they own 22nd drekkana and be placed in vrushabha 3rd drekkana or kanya middle drekkana or tula first drekkana then there will be fall from high place
  8. There will abortions if dasha bhukti lords have evil aspects on 5-9 rasi or navamsa
  9. if 2-10 th lord have good aspects dasha lord then there will rise promotion in the dasha bhukti
  10. there will be distant travels if 7-9 lord have any aspect or conjunction with the dasha bhukti lords
  11. dasa lord with good aspect to 10th lord and if in gochara there is  budha guru or shukra in lagna than there will be rise in power and promotion
  12. if there is sixth house link to the dasa bhukti lord and sixth lord transits the lagna or 10 th lord house there will misunderstanding with the boss , memos or mental stress atwork place .
  13. if dasha and bhukti lord being 3rd lord has any connection with 10th brings about change in place transfers etc .
  14. dasa and bhukti lord is 9-10th lord then life will flourish
  15. Retrograde planets gives its results through the dasa for as many years as it takes days to get into normal motion , one day equals one year .
  16. Yogkarak planet if it is in good nakshatra like own nakshatra or benefic nakshatra  life will be rosy with much respect and wealth .
  17. bhukti lord if it is in 3rd-6-8-12  lord star  or in aspect to 2-7 th lord or badhak lord , if the said planet is in malefic conjunction in navamsa or debilitated in navamsa than there will loss of respect , loss of land , insult , and obstructions in the work is seen .
  18. Bhukti lord gives its result in cohesion with the star lord in which he is posited , ie sun bhukti if it is in moons’ star will give revolutionary thoughts ,in mars star it will give destructive thoughts , mercury will give respectful or thoughts leading to fame . jupiter star gives helping nature , venus will give fame through qualities and also wealth through talent , saturn shows hard toil .
  19. bhukti lord mars in mercury star gives less money more work , jupiter star gives power , venus will give below par living , saturn will give struggle
  20. bhukti lord mercury in jupiter star will live  a intellectual life , venus star will live for higher purpose , saturn star will give alternate profession or unconventional way
  21. bhukti lord jupiter in venus star earnings will be from religious institutions , in saturn star will give dual profession
  22. bhukti lord venus in saturn star life will start after the marriage .
  23. …………………….to be continued …………………………


Maranam – Elimination through incantation !

What a Kshatriya achieves through the power of his arms and weapons , a bramhin should achieve through the power of his learning and mantrashakti.

When enemy physically tries to attack , and when there is no other option to save the self , then unwittingly bramhin resorts to maran.

Saturn in house of mars [weak ] aspected by mars and gulika [mars being in the navamsa of cancer or jupiter ] the person is killed by abhichara .

Bring the deepagni or dhoopagni of the enemy and begin the Abhichara . Maran karma should not usually accompany the sacrifice of kravya . With the neem oil dipped feather of crow or owl ,homa should be performed by chanting continuously ” enam daray, enam shoshay , enam maray ” then going to the rear of the kunda ,invoke a kritya and chant ” yo me ch kantakam duraadduram va chantikeapi ch pibataddyamsruk ” within 9 days enemy dies a miserable death .

A yantra with ” swaha maray hum amuk hrim phat ” if worn in neck on Tuesday kills enemies if the following mantras ” chandalini kamakhya vasini vandurge klim klim thah swaha ” has been made siddhi .

if not used on appropriate enemies it kills the one who invokes.

Vishvamitra created a Rakshas [kritya ] with his mantra shakti and sent it to kill only surviving Son of Vashishtha Shaakti Rishi [ father of Parashar muni] . Rakshas killed Shakti muni in absence of Vashishtha , when Shakti was in meditation .

When Parashar knew about this through his friends , he started a vedic homa to remove entire Rakshas clan in the universe. Slowly all the rakshasas fell in the homa kunda one by one and the Homa went on for a year long . when all the Rakshasas were slowly getting extinguished , Rishi Pulastya and pulaha were deeply disturbed by the genocide of their clan . Pulastya went to rishi vashishtha to pacify his grandson .

Sage Vashishtha appeared before Parashar and addressed him thus ” Oh grandson , regain your calm and put aside the hatred and anger in you . Hatred and anger does not suit a Bramhin . All the human beings on this earth reap their fruits by the virtue of their previous karma . No one kills the other by his own self will , its the purvajanma karma that kills the person , My son Shakti also died because of his purvajanma karma and not by the Rakshas . Rakshas was just an instrument . So setaside your anger on Rakshas jati and stop this yagnya . May good senses prevail on you and let Shanti [ peace be setin into your heart] .”

Taking the words of the Grandfather as an order , Parashar stops this yagnya giving relief to the Rishi Pulastya , Pulastya then says ” Oh Paraashar , having stopped this yagnya at out behest and through the words of Vashishtha , we are all relived and we give you a boon that may all the shastras be realized by you easily and may you be the Puran pravakta for the ages to come , let every purana be your Lore ., let there be a siddhi to you for all the words of vedas and vedanmga and let Lord be born to you as your Son and be the light for the world through his wisdom . Let this all be known as the words of Parashar , as a result of which let the shastras be always alight in your heart as Lord dwell in heart as Gnyana , May he be visible to you in your heart”

Happy with the boons , Parashar stopped the yagnya leaving the remaining Rakshas to save their lineage . All these were recollected by Parashar when Maitreya put the question to Parashar about the beginning of Universe .


Marriage Compatibility

The compatibility between the couples should be based on Janma Rashi. The following kutas should be considered while deciding the marriage they are

  1. Rashyadhipa
  2. Nakshatra
  3. Varna
  4. Gana
  5. Rishi
  6. Pakshi
  7. Mriga
  8. Vedha
  9. Bhuta
  10. Rajju
  11. Vasya
  12. Yoni
  13. Ashtakavarga
  14. Chitta

Of these Maitri ,nakshtra,gana,rajju,vashya ,yoni are very important. so what they represent .

  • Maitri[rashyadhipa] indicates friendship that would exist between the couples after the marriage . This involves understanding ,analysis ,feeling better ,counting on each other ,support etc that couple would be in a position to offer each other will be determined by Maitri.
  • Nakshatra will determine stree dheerghya ,that means it is the measure of closeness that a couple would feel or experience after marriage . Many a times it is seen a some people though in distant lands separated by miles still feel closer to each other mentally .Physical separation do not hinder them in loving each other and they don’t each other , time would have passed by in the measures of years ,yet when they meet again they would chat as if they had been together as always.On the contrary there are some who staying in the same house would be mentally apart ,they would never feel that each person is closer to the other the distant seems to be there in mind. Yet again some people forget each other the moment the other person is out of sight . Some carry them in heart even if the other has died long ago.
  • Gana shows the measure of compromise one would make for the other in the marriage.
  • Deva gana are known for giving and they are happy giving everything , they adjust and make room for the other partner.When marriage is between two devaganas ,it is complete with each person silently adjusting to he needs of other without expressing any pain ,the pain that does not exist and disappears with joy expressed by the other
  • Manushya gana is adjusting and compromises only when he needs something from the other ,at all other times he protests and expresses his anguish at the pressure that is being created by the others’ demands and needs. the other partners’ needs endangers his desires [such is the feeling of the manushya gana].
  • Rakshasa gana is ever demanding gives back nothing. He feels strange when someone expresses the need for sharing , though not sharing or adjusting himself ,asks others to make room for him and sometimes grabs it steals it to the discomfort of the other. His needs are paramount to him/her and others needs is invasion into his space.
  • when Devagana boy  marries manushya gana girl [ The girl will ask for the moon and boy earnestly will strive for it , even after getting it girl will keep saying why aren’t you excited ,look we are on the moon ,dont you think its wonderful , Dev gana will just admire her with a smile , and she would smiff ” aap to kuch bolte hi nahi”]
  • Manushya gana boys  marry manushya gana girls[ girl spots a donkey and says ” aji sunte ho aapka rishtedar ja raha hai “, snipes the boy ” namaste sasurji”]
  • Manushya gana girls marry Rakshas gana boy [ but they will be ever sobbing at their fates ,boy snipes ” woh pehli wali baat nahi rahi” ,girl says ” pata nahi kis kisko ghurte rehte ho”]
  • Raksha gana boys marry Rakshasa gana[ “dekhiye aisa kuch main hone nahi doongi ” ” tum boriya bistar bhandke ja sakti ho”]
  • Dev gana boy marries Rakshas gana girls[ ” boy ” hare Narayan eis sansar ke moh maya me mat pado priye”,girl ” Ghar me rashan khatm ho gaya hai “]
  • Rajju is the breath that flows constantly between the couples as they glance each other or come closer to each or whenever thoughts of each other crossover the minds. These breaths must be in a opposite direction for the boy and the girl. Eka nadi couples will always have wrong breath flowing and hence will always fail in responding to the stimulus of the other. When one will be thinking of something ,the other one would be caught napping or dreaming something else .
    • when a boy glances at the girl if they are at the time having opposite breaths there will be definite attraction between them , women will definitely glance back , when man touches the desired woman and breath flows through the right nostril then be assured woman will not resist him , he can be physical with his woman only till as his breath is in right nostril , the moment it changes to the left ,the activity stops . The ability to keep breath in the right goes a long way in amassing physical prowess. Nonetheless opposite rajju can always sustain the relationship and mutual attraction and sense of power exists all through.[the warrior class likes such relationships]
    • Children born to couples with varying breath patterns are healthier and stronger
    • Children born to couples with mismatched breath patterns are defective
  • Vasya is very important kuta , certain signs are naturally subservient to the other sign like capricorn can never say no to Pisces , there is natural vasya between the two signs , when vasya exists between the couples one will be very happy to boss around and the other will happy to have granted permission for such bossing.
  • Yoni is the method to estimate the sexual compatibility between the couples If yonis are matching , however different the views of the couples be they will never raise these issues during copulation . If yonis are mismatching then couples will spend most of the time in discussing their differences and inner thoughts rather then the actual act.Act remains just a formality to  declare  a cease fire . Most of the couples in todays’ era would like to keep marriage intact just because their yonis are matching. Thus among the majority this compatibility rates higher in keeping the marriage stronger .Couples agree to disagree/
  • Chittanukulyam sarvanukulyam , Couples hopelessly in love need not see any compatibility , if there is compatibility of minds then there is compatibility in everything.
  • Rasi on account of these kutas total upto 36 points , it is very rare to see marriages between such compatible stars. However an average of 18 points and above makes the marriage work . This is for the unintelligent. Intelligent must think and come to conclusion that while one cannot be completely happy with a woman he lives with , if he choose to count every virtue in her to his advantage , one must learn to live with the inabilities of the person we are destined to marry .The more we look at the positive aspects more compatible will be the married  life, If a woman is all adjusting then even if her horoscope does not match still she would make an excellent wife.

    Even if the more than 18 points match and the kuta which is of paramount importance to a woman or man is mismatching , they would be lamenting and cursing entire life each other or perhaps one would silently sob in the darkness of the night at his fate [ such things frequently comes out in the fight ,” pata nahi meri woh kaun si manhoos ghadi thi jis din inse shaadi hui” pata nahi teri ammi ne us din chay me kya mila diya jo main tumhe dekhke latto ho gaya”]

    even if you see 100 horoscopes you reject them on one count or the other [“dil me woh ghanti nahi baj rahi] Yet again when time comes you marry a person with all the same defects which you earlier scorned at.[ dimag ki siti baj gayi]

    Its true the mind is never under control to decide these issues when it comes to marriage. The great Dushyant when he saw Shakuntala , he had unusual wave of passion .But what he was seeing was a rishi kanya ,He was a kshtriya King , he felt   How come my righteous mind is getting attracted to a  Bramhin girl [rishi kanya] ,which is prohibited by the shastras. The whole day during his shikar his mind could not move away from the sight of the beautiful Shakuntala , but his conscience was teasing him to be a unworthy man. Gathering his senses , Dushyant concluded if at all I am a high born righteous man then my thoughts cannot betray me , this  beaytifull lass must definitely be born off th loins of a Kshatriya. To ascertain he goes to her maid and asks her the caste of the Girl from whom he is unable to take off his eyes , Priyamvada consoles him by assuring that she is a Kshatriya lass girl born of Vishwamitra and Menaka.

    Similarly when smitten by love for Urvashi Pururava says , ” My state is like that of a donkey following the female even after repeatedly being kicked and turned around and made fool off, donkey religiously follows the other one for a mate”.

    When Shantanu meets YojanaGandha and is totally shaken by her beauty , he repeatedly thinks why is it that his steadfast mind wandering towards her beauty and captivating body fragrance that spread to a 8 miles in periphery .Why is it that very thought of foregoing her is causing one’s soul to leave the body dead. why is it he unable to stick to  Dharma and uphold the right of the Devavrata to the throne. Shantanu was a yogi of highest kind , he had the power to die at will , He was the only blessed Man on the earth to have a wife from Devaloka retaining Devata body , all others had to forego deva body and acquire human body.

    Shantanu had controlled his mind but his inabilty [ As Srikrishna says in Geetha ” I am the desire in the humans “] was sensed by his Son devavrata and he took a vow of celibacy and became BHEESHMA .


    Planetary results

    1. Planets give results according to the vimsopaka bala.
    2. Planets give results also according to its distance from the sun.
    3. Vimsopaka bala is sum of strength on account of panchdha maitri in shodash varga .
    4. It is normalized on a scale of 20 .
    5. anything above 15 points gives extraordinary results
    6. lesser gives ordinary results.
    7. results proportionately increase if away from the sun .
    8. Planets away from the sun are brightest.
    9. so a result will carry brilliance and be noticed by others only when planet is farthest from sun.
    10. When nearer to sun , the planet’s brilliance is overshadowed by Sun and hence technically planet is invisible so are the results.
    11. Closer to sun Planet gets astangata [combust], this is kopa avastha.
    12. results are frustration on account of underperformance ,underachievement .This is inspite of having talent promised by vimsopaka bala.
    13. Contrarily when farthest from sun, planet is retrograde ,is brightest and hence even if planet has scant strength ,owing to retrogression ,it is visible and noted by the people and appreciated.[a launch of son of superstar , even if film flops he is promoted and made to take note of]
    14. retrogression also increases chesta bala, ie much efforts are made to get success.
    15. Normal planets give results by the rule of three.[trirashika]



    Astrology and Mantra Shastra -1

    There are nine crores mantras in the world which could give various amazing results to the one who has siddhi. Hanuman has siddhi of all the 9crores mantras.Hanuman never uses any mantras not even to save himself from astras. He is shuddha Bhagavat .He never does any sakaam karma [only nishkaam karma]. Ordinary people resort to Mantras to obtain desired fruits.There are three crores satvik mantras,3 crores rajas mantras and 3 crores tamas mantras.

    Different tantras are

    • Panchratra,brahmayamal,rudrayamal,shambhav,jamal,kalottar,
    • kakul,rajtantra,uddisha,batul,siddhayogeshwari,maul,siddha,
    • shabar,swacchanda,malini,bhutdamar,apara etc.different sadhanas are,
    • shatkarma,koutuk,indrajaal,chetika,anjan,paduka,gutika etc vidyas.

    Shatkarma are

    1. shanti [rati devi] – ritual to calm/appease diseases,misfortunes etc
    2. vashikarana [vani] – ritual to attract people
    3. sthambana [rama] – ritual to immobilize
    4. vidweshan [jyeshta] -ritual to create hate
    5. ucchatan [Durga] – ritual to evacuate
    6. maran [Bhadrakali] – ritual to give death blow.

    following tithis give success to shatkarmas.

    • 2,3,5,7 tithis wed,thu,fri and monday are best for shanti
    • 10,11,15,9,1st tithi , sun,friday for akarshan
    • saturday/sunday+poornima best for vidweshan
    • saturday+6,14,8th for ucchatan[evening]
    • krishna 14,8,15 +sat.tue sunday for marana
    • wed,monday+5,10,poornima for sthamban
    1. when benefics are rising ,shanti and pushti karma are successful
    2. malefics are rising ,sthamban,vidweshan etc .
    3. In mrutyu yoga marana will be successful.
    4. vishti vyatipata vidweshan ,uchchatan will be successful.

    there are 51 syllables in sanskrit.This forms matrukadevi. mantras are formed from these . Mantras from these syllables cause fear in three worlds.

    1. one syllable[ekakshar] mantra is known as kartari
    2. suchi
    3. mudgar
    4. musal
    5. krur
    6. shrankhal
    7. vrukach
    8. shool
    9. vajra
    10. shakti
    11. parashu
    12. chakra
    13. kulish
    14. narach
    15. bhushundi
    16. Shodashakshari mantra  is known as padma

    stamban is easily achieved through vajra ,maran by bhushundi,shanti pushti by padma,vidweshan by parashu etc.

    Men when recite mantras with desire ,they get fulfilled.


    Upagrahas in astrology

    1. Dhooma   [Sun + 133’20]
    2. Vyatipata [Dhooma + 53’20]
    3. Parivesha [Vyatipata + 180] Parivesha is also called as Paridhi.
    4. Chapa       [Paridhi  – 53’20]  Chapa is also called as Indra Dhanus
    5. Dhwaja     [Chapa + 16’40]   Dhwaja is also called as Upaketu or Sikhi
    6. Gulika       A day divided into eight portions ,eighth is gulika
    7. Pranapada  [Pranapada varies with the birth time . birth time /15 +sun] if it is in 2,5 9 ,10,11,4 from lagna ,person born is auspicious else inauspicious.

    These are all upagrahas ,aprakash graha they can never be conjuct Sun ,however they can afflict sun ,moon or ascendant.

    • when with sun ,native’s dynasty will not grow.[loss of sons]
    • when with moon natives’ knowledge will be destroyed[mental afflictions]
    • when with ascendant one’s longevity is afflicted.[short life is indicated]
    1. the portions of Sun in a day is known as Kala
    2. the portions of Mars in a day is known as Mrityu
    3. the portions of Mercury in a day is known as Ardhaprahar
    4. the portions of Jupiter in a day is known as Yamagantaka
    5. the portions of Saturn in a day is known as Gulika


    Dasha Bhukti

    Effects of different dashas depend on

    1. inherent qualities of the planet( naisargik shubhashubha)
    2. qualities determined by ownership(adipatya)
    3. Signification(karakatva)
    4. Five fundamental principles(panchasidhdhanta)

    Planet which is a benefic according following eight factors will extend good results in its period:

    • Natural benefic
    • placement in benefic sign
    • exaltation
    • retrogression
    • Benefic by ownership
    • Ruler of benefic star from janmaNakshatra
    • Shubha varga
    • Motion towards exaltation

    Planets which is malefic according to the following eight points will give negative results:

    • Natural malefic
    • inimical  and debilitation sign
    • Heliacal setting(astangata)
    • Atichara
    • Malefic due to ownership
    • Ruler of evil star from janma star
    • Malefic in trines and angles
    • moving towards debilitation.

    Rasis , navamsa and the lord of the star in which malefic is placed becomes malefic and yield evil results.

    Rasis , navamsa and the lord of the star in which benefic is placed becomes benefic and yield good results.


    Yatra in Astrology

    Yatra prakaran in astrology consists of knowledge of tithi,day,karan,star,muhurtha,ascendant,yoga,fluttering of body parts(angasphuran),dreams,victory,king’s victory bath,graha yagnya,ganayaga(seven days before travel ) , agnilinga(shape of agni in homa),the postures of elephants and horses,motivation of army,wind,clouds,,rain,etc, shadgunya( sandhi vigraha,yan,aasan,dwaidibhava,sanshraya) and how planets guide them to success and failure , upaya (sama dama bheda danda) and its successfull implementation,auspicious,inauspicious shakun, army’s placement ,colour of fire,qualities of minister, sepoy,diplomat,deployment of tribes,gain of forts. All these comprise Yatra in Astrology.



    Things governed by krittika nakshatra

    White colored objects,flowers,one who performs agnihotra,  one who knows mantras , yagnya,grammarian,mines,sculpture,hair dresser,villager,potter,purohit,and astrologer all these people are governed by krittika star.

    krittika is governed by sun. lord agni is the abhimani devata.This star is of mixed nature and simple in disposition. Day to day activities can be carried out on this star. Mixed works (one which consists of both bad and good) ,kamyavrushotsarga etc can be performed on this star.This star is adhomukha nakshatra , ie one can dig wells borewell in this star.one can buy cows and ox on this day.Selling on this star will yield profits.Krittika is a sulochan star , things lost on this day will not be obtained back. Normally harvest is done on this star.In the event of fever on this day, fever does not subside for atleast six days.

    people born in krittika are gluttons,clever at amassing others’ belongings,they are very bright and achieve fame easily.


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