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Rayar Mahima !

Should One desert an adharmik Spouse ?

Context: Should one leave their non-cooperative or adharmic spouse?
a story of BRAMHANA whose wife was kidnapped !
Once upon a time there lived a king called Uttam. Uttam was son of great Uttanpada! He married a beautiful princess called Bahulla!
Uttam was fascinated by his wife, he never thought about any woman other than Bahulla. His aasakti toward Bahulla was so much that he would lose his senses once he touched her. He, thus, always abided by her words. On the contrary, Bahulla never cared for his love. She was just not interested in him and never cared for his presence. When king was eating if he would catch her hand and compel her to eat something she would very uninterestingly have little food and get up and move away. When king in fully inebriated condition would want her company she would release herself from him and move away.
She did not participate in any of his activities and was completely pratikool to him! Yet king only loved her and was mad about her. In one big occasion when all kings were invited and beautiful song were sung by danseuse in the sabha, king offered a glass of madira to his wife, which she refused in full presence of kings. King immediately called his guards and in anger asked his wife, the queen, to be dropped in dense forest alone and deserted her!
At the same time there lived a brahmin, by the name of Susharma, in the same kingdom, he had an abusive wife. Daily the brahman was engaged in nitya karma. One day, even with his door being locked the bramhans wife went missing! Brahman went to the king and demanded help to look for his wife!
King Uttam said, “I have not seen your wife, who has abducted your wife that you must know else how I can find her!”
Brahman said, “she is a lady not so beautiful, of karkash/harsh speech, she is a very cruel woman with cruel looks, irregular face, small breasts, lean waist and long stomach. She is very tall and has short limbs. She is past the prime of youth.
While we were sleeping the doors windows were locked from inside still somehow someone has abducted her! You must find her else my nitya karya is hampered. Without her my dharma is incomplete. Since, as a king, you take 1/6th of our dharma, in return for our protection and it is because of you promising our safety that we all sleep tension-free during the night. So it’s your duty to find her. Else my not being able to do nitya karma is sin on to you!”
King said, “Why are you after such a woman who is cruel and non-cooperative and abusive? What happiness will you have from her, I shall give you another beautiful woman who will give you happiness full of good features and cooperative, why don’t you live happily with another woman?
Brahman said, “Vedas say wife should be looked after irrespective of any situation/under all circumstances. Because wife is dharma patni, that is her first and most important good quality that she enables grahastha dharma, which gives bramhaloka. My dharma is intact because of presence of dharma patni [whether she is abusive or non-cooperative, even with such bad qualities, she has made me eligible for dharma karya]. Secondly, dharma patni gives santaana, a man is born himself as child in her womb.. This gives pitru shanti and anugraha. By deserting her and not looking after her there is maximum possibility of vanra sankarya sankeerna santaan, who will bring pitrus down from swarga. So, looking at all these aspects of dharma having a wife [as she is] and looking after her is important. So get me my wife it’s your duty so that I can resume my nitya dharma! Just as a wife does not leave husband at any cost, similarly, a man should not leave his wife at any cost!”
King set out to look for the wife of brahman [he was the king of the entire bhumandala, yet he set out all alone and not send his army, brahman karya should be done by self].
King entered deep jungles and there after tiresome hunt found a muni ashram, where tapasavi muni was sitting in dhyana. When he got up from dhayna and sees the king and asked his shishya to get arghya paadya and asan for the king! Sishya said, “Acharya kindly inspect whether this king is fit for arghya paadya and then if you still instruct I shall bring arghya!” Both guru and shishya were trikaal gyaani. After a little more dhyana the muni asked the shishya to only only give asan to the king!
Then muni said to the king, “I know why you have come, the brahmans’ wife has been abducted by the rakshasa by name Balaak. If you go deeper into the forest you shall find her there.”
King said, “Oh muni, if you don’t mind my asking I shall like to ask why was I denied arghya and paadya? I feel that I am an eligible abhyagat [not atithi]. If that is the case, then if that be then I must have done some great sin. What is that sin that I have committed?
Muni said, “oh king being from the lineage of great Swayambhu Manu and son of Uttanpada, you indeed are eligible for arghya and hence I ordered one earlier, but my shishya is also trikaal gyani, he insisted on seeing your immediate past! You have deserted your wife. A person who has stayed away from nitya karma for 15 days is akin to asprushya but it’s been nearly one year you have not done nitya karma [due to absence of wife]. So you are not eligible for arghya paadya. And also go soon and get the brahman’s wife so that he also doesn’t suffer any further loss of dharma!”
King went deep into the jungle and there he saw a woman exactly as described by the brahmana enjoying and eating fruits in a garden. King asked are you the same lady as brahman described are you wife of Susharma?” The woman said, “Yes.”
“Who has brought you here?”
“A rakshasa has brought me here but neither has he eaten me nor misbehaved with me! Strange, but he stays litte inside the forest where you can meet him.”
King went inside and saw a huge rakshas, who immediately got up and gave arghya paadya to king and requested the king to take and asana and asked him, “Oh great king, I live in your kingdom so I am your servant kindly let me know how is it that I can serve you, please give me an order. I am at your service.”
King asked, “You have done a good satkaar with shastrokta arghya paadya. You seem to have beautiful women in your palace. So why did you abduct this brahmani’s wife who is not even a beautiful women, and you have not eaten her yet? Why?”
Rakshasa said, “King! We are not man eating rakshasas! Those rakshasas are different! We eat only punya phala of the people. Not only that when a woman or man shows disrespect to us we then eat his good qualities or bad qualities, we don’t eat flesh, nor do we eat living people! If for any reason we have eaten a person’s forgiving nature then person becomes hard hearted and dushta and becomes krodha swavabhaav person. If we eat anyone’s dushta swabhaav then he becomes a one of very good qualities. Maharaaj I have many apasara like strees in my house, so i don’t get attracted to human women.”
King asked, “If this brahmani was not fit for your consumption then why did you bring here from the brahman’s house!”
Rakshasa said, “That brahman is shreshtha Brahman, he is nitya yagnya parayana, whenever we tried to stay there his rakshogna mantra pathana stopped us and sent us very very far away! But then I was very hungry too what will I eat if such mantras are used. My ucchatana was happening every day, as this brahman was taking part in yagnya everyday. So I caused distress [udvega] in the mind of the Brahman because without wife he will not be able to do any yagnya!”
Listening to those words king felt as if he has been slapped on his face, he thought to himself, is this rakshasa hinting at me too, even I have left my wife. Earlier it was the muni who said no arghya now this rakshasa is saying udevga. Seems that everything is directed at me.
Rakshasa said, “Oh king, any seva for me!
King said, “Oh rakshasa if you treat me as an aththi and want the athithi to be happy and his desire be fulfilled, fulfill this wish of mine and make me happy. As you have just said you can eat both good and bad qualities, so eat the dushta virodha swabhava of this stree and making qualities of this woman. So that she becomes good and send her back to her husband’s house immediately.
Rakshasa entered the body of the brahmani and with his special abilities ate her bad qualities. Thus, the brahmani became free of her dushta swabhava. Then she said to the king, “Oh maharaaj! I have been punished only by my own karma pahala and kaal prabhaav, this rakshasa is only a nimitta. I have separated people from their loved ones, caused disturbance to couples’ life in previous life so I have suffered this state. One reaps what one sows, so no use blaming anyone for any fault. I forgive this rakshasa. And she was left back into the house of Brahman.
King said. “Oh rakshasa, now I want you to be present anytime I call you, this is my second order to you.”
King thought, I have also deserted my wife, what should I do now? I should go and ask the solution to the same trikaal gyani muni.
Muni said, “I have known all your recent works, now you want to know your extra course of action so listen! Patni is the only means for dharam artha kaam, deserting patni is like deserting dharma. Brahman akshatriya vaishya shudra whoever deserts his wife he becomes ineligible for karmanushthana. Just as woman cannot desert his husband under any circumstances so also man should not desert his wife.”
King said, “What should I do now muni? I think it’s all my poorva janma phala, I had always loved to her. She herself was cooperative to me at all, as she didn’t like me. Hence, I had to desert her. Even now I am suffering because of her separation [I have not remarried nor have I even thought of anyone even in dreams] just for that love I have even forgiven her all misdeeds too. But how will I get back my wife who has been left in dense forest? What if any wild animal has eaten her or some rakshasa might has eaten her?”
Muni said, “Neither any wild animal has eaten her nor any nishachar has eaten her. She remains chaste and is safe in rasatal.”
King asked again, “Brahma gyani! Who has taken her there? And what has saved her from not being taken by anyone till now [safety from kalanka, how is she chaste till now] let me know yathartha!”
“There is one nagaraj by name Kapoth, took her captive and took to her patala. There nagkanya Manorama the wife of Kapoth who has a daughter by name Nanda. Nanda thought that this woman (your wife) woman might become a stepmother if not taken away from the sight of her father. With that fear she took your wife and hid her in the antahpur. When her father, Kapoth, asked where is Bahulla, Nanda did not answer. In anger, Kapoth cursed his daughter to be dumb. Even though cursed she protected Bahulla in her own house,” informed the muni.
The king happy at that asked, “Oh! Muni I have so much love and affection from various people no one hates me or defies me! So why is it that my wife does not have anuraaga in me? What is the reason for it? I love my wife more than my life but she only uses harsh words towards me? Why?”
Muni explained that at pnigrahan kale [i.e. at the time of marriage], king’s lagna was aspected by sun mars and Saturn and Jupiter and Venus were in eighth. Additionally, in the muhurta lagna both Moon and Mercury were in seventh. So, one had to undergo so many troubles in married life. But then the muni blessed the rajah to have a good life from then on.
King went and met the brahman.. Bramhan blessed him and said, “King, you are dharma nishtha rajah so you have given me my wife back.”
King said, “No, you have in fact given me kartavya bodha.”
Then brahman asked, “Why don’t you marry another woman?”
King said, “No my wife is alive and chaste so how could I marry another woman?”
Brahman asked, “If she is chaste then you should bring her back?”
King said, “She is not at all happy with me so what use is it to bring her back. When she doesn’t have any love left for me? Oh Brahman, is there any way for my problem can you suggest a way out so that she would love me again?”
Brahman said, “Oh maharaj! I will do yagnya anushthana for you to get back the love and anuraga of the queen. This is known as mitravinda yagnya.
One must do ansuhthana of this yagnya for increasing love and affection between stree and purusha this yagnya has shakti to bring more and more prema between the couples. So maharaj bring back your wife don’t worry she will be ever attached to you thereafter and you will also be in tune with dharma!”
King made arrangements for the yagnya. Bramhana did one after the other seven yagnay to increase prema anuraaga for the royal couple.
Queen had a change of heart she started feeling positive love for the king. When brahman was confirmed about his success in his yagnya he asked king to bring back his wife and live a peaceful life. King was surprised at the confidence of Brahman. Then he remembered and summoned adrinandan Balaak. Ballak went to pataal and brought the queen back through his maya. Quen having seen king after long time said, “Oh king, please be pleased with me!”
King said, “Oh lovely one you need not request me that way! I have always loved you and am ever happy with you! ”
Queen said, “Oh king, if you are really happy and pleased with me, then please do a favor. I shall be always indebted to you!”
King said, “Anything for you is never a burden for me, I shall always strive to bring whatever you wish for, it will be my pleasure!”
Queen said, “Oh king! For me my friend has to even bear a curse, she has become dumb, I cannot see her like that. Kindly, if it’s in your hands, please get her voice back!”
King looked at the brahman Susharma and requested thus, “Oh viprottama! Is there any way this can be done?”
Brahman said, “I shall do Sarswat-ishti and she would get back her voice.”
Bramhan did the yagnya and in pataala Nanda regained her voice.
Garga muni doing tapasya in patal said to Nanda, “Your friend Bahulla has done this upakaara on you!” On hearing this Nanda went running to the king’s capital. Having embraced Bahulla, she said, “You are really a great soul. For you both a great son will be born.”
When a son was born to the king he had beautiful uttam avayava, kaanti and tejas. On seeing him rishis said, at uttam time in uttam kingdom, to a uttam couple with fathers name as uttama, for the uttam kalayaa of the people a uttama jeevi has taken birth so he be called “Outtam”. Thus, started outtam manvantara with Outtam manu.
To make sure that such rakshasas eat negative qualities in us and leave the positive qualities intact one must do nitya pooja that is the only solution.
Shri Krishnarpanamastu


Gayatri has been alluded as prayashchitta for many a sins- We are talking about BRAMHA Gayatri only not Sandhya.
There is a pramana that because it imparts rakshana [safety] from doshas and sins thus it is called as Gayatri, one who sings it will be saved from daana 
sweekara dosha, dushta anna bhojana dosha, bramha hatya patak, pashu hinsa, upapataka shuddhi. Gyanis strongly recommend Gayatri.
In agni purana Mahapatak prayashchitta homa is being narrated. It is mentioned thereby that 1 LAKH japas for Bramha hatya, surapaana, and suvarnasteya.
These get parihaar by the japa of Gayatri. Pitru matru hatya more than lakh japa, 100 for papa parihaar, 1000 for upapatak parihaara.
Similarly, homa of Gayatri gives phala of pryashchita. Til homa for sarva papa prayashchitta, Ashwath samit for graha peedha parihaar. Homa with honey and salt brings back wife who has gone to her parents’ home in anger. Homa with mango leaves gives good health, homa with laza (haralu in kannada and podval in tulu) gives beautiful girl as wife.

But do homa or japa, which are jada actually give phala?
No mantra japa homa do not give phala but it’s the MANTRA PRATIPADYA BHAGAVAN ANUGRAHA that gives the PHALA.
In Brahma Sutra lord’s Narsimha is only Duritapariharak, so one must do
To do NARSIMHA ANUSANDHAN in GAYATRI: Suryanarayan atyant 
abhinna Narsimha guna amhima anusandhan from gayatri is as follows:
Gayatri has ten shabda= TAT : in narayan varma “vidikshu diskhurdhwam” shloka tells about ten directions and multidimensional up-down everywhere omnipotent Lord staying thus removes the fears of His devotees by His Garjan [loud roar] and is established all-round safety providing Karmas everywhere such durita nivarak NARSIMHA!

SAVITUH: By being inside the papapariharak karmas like daana japa homa, He manifests [srushti] the papa pariharak phala. He himself manifested through a pillar [so such feat should not be difficult for him].
VARENYAM: He is sung [bhajaniya] by the devotees for their duritanivaran. He
appeared in adhbut rupa and upheld that He is sarvottama and established His
supremacy that he alone is ocean of gnana sukha shakti (etc.) auspicious
BHARGA: Narsimha burns all the heaps of sins done by a devotee and relives him, and then kills all the dushta shaktis [sin abhimani devaas and rakshas who trouble devotees] and while he does rakshan and poshana of the devotees and gets some work done by them to create a nimitta for such dahan, in the course He removes AGNYANA.
DEVASYA: Narsimha is praised by greats like Prahalaad [dev stutau] and then while doing duritaparhaar He also removes dukha klesha that arises during the presence of durita and brings a smile on the faces of the devotees hence He is devasya [deva means one who brings moda].

DHIMAHI: Narsimha Deva is present in Rudra devaru, manoniyamak Rudra
through him He (Narsimha) inspires the antahkarana to do dhyana of Narsimha and he also makes himself seen in such dhyaana. To get rid of brahma-hatya Devendra also did Narsimha dhyana.
DHIYO YO NAH PRACHODAYAAT: Those devotees who have done pataka etc., He inspires them to do paschattapa and then compels them to do Sadhana prayaschitta that “sadbuddhi” is given by Narsimha only just as He inspired Prahalaad not to do sakaam bhakti and remain nishkama.

Just as how we do upasana we get such phala by that pramaana, by this
anusandhan in Gayatri japa we get papa parihaara and its phal quickly by japa homa daana through Narsimha rupa dhyana anusandhan.
The most important aspect of thsi post is without anusandhana no phala can come! So anusandhan is important.

Narsimhavapu : One who has body of Nar and Simha. One who has body which can destroy the sins of nara 

Paapanashana: The rupa which does durita nivarana and papa parihaar 
Bhayakrut Bhaya Nashana: One who gives fear in the minds of enemies of His devotees and removes the fears of devotees

Jitmanyu: Jitkrodha: Even though Narsimha was looking very angry at
Hiranyakashyapa, this was not rajas or rajoguna vikaara, but it was another form of kshama guna only this was completely under his control
Surariha: One who killed the enemy of devatas Hirankashyap 
Vikarta Vidrana: One who tore the chest of Hirankashyap 
Sragvi: One who adorned Himself with the intestines of Hirankashyapa as a garland

Uattrano Dushkritiha: One who avoids mishaps to devotees and uplifts them
even though they do evil acts He removes their sins and cleanses them and saves them from troubles
Paryavasthitha: Narsimha deva is everywhere in all directions, up below side in all surroundings and by His loud roar removes our fears

Antaka: One who destroys everyone during pralaya 
Vikramah Vikrami – During pralaya Narsimha tears apart linga deha of all jeevas and dances, his steps are very intense and special
Rudra Manohara: One who looks very ferocious. One who does sanhaar of all by being in Rudra. Being bhayankara and called as Rudra and is sanhaar karak for Shiva also and residing in him, He is the Makaar in the syllable OM.

||Shri Krishnarpanamastu||


* Why do we fail in getting results of our karma?

* Why do we feel caught in a web and nothing moves in ou life even though we do lot of pooja and vrata niyama?

There is list of karmas, which goes to rakshasas and circumstances in which it goes to rakshasas results in dissppointment. The karma which goes to devatas gives results.

King Bali [tied in naagpasha] asked Vishnu, “Shankha-chakra-gadadhar! Mahabhag Devadeva! Suraasur Guru! Sarvashrestha! Sarvalokamaheshwar! When I am in pataal-loka what should I do for my living (jeevanopaya)? What will come to my share kindly let me know? Shatraudamana! Surashreshtha! What will be edible for me? What would give me satisfaction? Kindly tell me!

Lord said: One doing shardhdha without help of shrotryiya bramhana, or doing adhyayan without bramhacharya palan, doing vrata yagnya without giving dakshina, doing homa without ritvij, giving daana doubting its result, without belief in daana, havishya which has not been offered with sanskaara (homa dravya put in fire without mantras) or done by women, non dwijas) all will go to you Bali as your share.

Daityendra! The punya of those who hate me [Krishna] and my devotees, who abuse my devotees, all their punya will reach you. The agnihotris who sell or trade their punya that punya will come to be in your share, if anyone doing daana yagnya without belief in them in mind the phala of that yagnya dana will be your share.

Then Lord Vaman, gave back kingdoms to Indra, Yama, Nirutti, Varun, all dikdevatas and Swarge simhasana to Indra and went away. Here Bali was tied in a blanket (kambal) and Ashwatarjati serpent with which he was suffering also by seeing all devatas happily regaining their kingdoms. Seeing Bali’s plight Naarad

Muni came there and told him, I shall give you a remedy to get rid of Sarpabandhan (sarpadosha nivaran) with which you shall be free again. Worship with this stotra, the kindhearted Vasudeva and you shall be free. Then after taking upadesha from Naarada, Bali with indriya nigraha and manah-shuchi recited Mokshavimshak stotra as japa.

This stotra is about Naryana doing udhdhar of Prithvi, Annata-swaroop and swamy of Anannag Lord Vishnu is worshipped through this stotra.

After the stotra japa, all the ayudhas of Lord, shankha chakra gada padma sharngdhar dhanus, garuda all requested Hari to release Bali. Lord then sent Garuda to relieve the sarpabandhan. Even as Garuda was coming the news reached pataal loka, sarpa started to loosen the grip on Bali and he was freed. Garuda said “Oh Bali by the order of Mahavishnu you are supposed to stay here only and not move anywhere. I have freed you from sarpa bandhan but you should not move even a 1 unit place from here else you shall be again held and tied. And if you go beyond my order then your head will be broken into 100 pieces.”

Bali said, “Oh Garuda Khagendra! I will always abide by your words I will not move anywhere but how should I live here, what is my next course of action as ordered by Sri Hari.”

Garuda said, “Earlier Lord had told you about the jeevanopaya, I shall elaborate it for you: One who does prayashchitta without knowing the deatils or trying to know the right method [nyunatireka], one who without consulting bramhins, without taking help of bramhins does japa tapa all by themselves, one who without knowing vidhi nihsedha [right and wrong correct procedures] only for the show purpose do the homa yaga japa pooja, all the phala of that act will reach you. No devatas will touch such Havirbhaga, all that you can accept- whatever is done without correct procedure let those reach you only. With that your strength will increase it will give you happiness (sukha) and your life will go effortlessly. This message Lord Vaman son of Kashyap has asked me to deliver to you.”

One who does Parayan of Mokshavinshak stotra, his sins will get destroyed, his gohatya bramhahatya papa will vanish. Those who do not have children [due to sarpa dosha] will get children. That kanya who recites this will get a husband of her liking.

The pregnant women reciting this will get over her prasavvedana [delivery pains and a yogi will be born, a yogi who knows sankhya and nyay], by reciting this one will reach moxapada shwetadweepa.

This anant-stuti gives all desired has been told, one does snana in early morning and with shuchi and ekagra mana does parayana of this stotra that person will get all siddhi in sadhana. Let there be no doubt.

Note: When one takes pratigya and fails to abide by it, Varun immediately holds him into Pasha and forms a bandhana. Ashtadikpalakas rule this world and maintain it through some rules, Raja Bali had promised three steps land but could not give as both akaash and prithvi was taken away by the Lord, so having failed pratigya he came under sarpabandhana. Thus, when we don’t carry out our promises sarpa dosha occurs.


||Shri Krisharpanamastu||


Shri LaxminArAyaNAy Namah


One day Dhanurmasa pooja equals 1000 years of daily pooja.


Godaan, bhudaan, tildaan, hiranya daana can be done in dhanurmasa. On Vyatipat yoga pitru tarpana should be given and one must give arghya. For ishta prapti laxmi dwadash naam is must.


Give Bramahan bhojana in ushah kala [i.e. before sunrise] after giving naivedya of mudganna mixed with curds. Such Bramhana santarpana will give Gnana.


No vrat, japa, niyama, or daana equals mudganna naivedya to Hari.


Shachi devi by giving this naivedya in dhanurmasa, got Indra back his padavi when Indra had lost the throne to rakshasas. Thus, one gains back lost glory by doing this Dhanurmasa Pooja.


1. Mudganna mixed with cashews ghee

2. Mudganna with guD, elaichi, raisins

3. Mudganna with ghee ilaichi amla sharkara

4. mudganna with adrak kalimirch, kopra ghee cashews

5.Mudganna mixed with curds


One must give dana of fruits, jiggery, ghee, sugar, makkhan [butter] for Lord’s preeti along with Mudganna.

Mudgaan should be hot during naivedya. One must reduce his usual pooja time and quickly do naivedya in Dhanurmasa just like sadhana dwadashi as delaying naivedya will make one poor diseased and Vishnu drohi. Sandhi Kala is atyant siddhiprada, Dhanurmasa is sandhi kala for devatas. In Dhanurmasa  Sandhyavandan, itar, Pooja, anushthana, etc. can be done after naivedya.


Offering Mudganna Naivedya gives:

* Ishtartha siddhi

* If one does it for entire month he will become a YOGI

* At the same time he will become very rich in every janma

* He will be a Vaishnava in every JANMA- janma after janma

* Proper offering of Mudganna naivedya to SRIHARI, in proper proportion, will make one (the person offering the naivedya) overcome his enemies in no time.

* One who does this naivedya becomes CHIRAYU and DHANIK and VEDA parangat

* For one who does adrak (ginger) mixed huggi (seasoned Rice gruel) naivedya for him what is the use of ganga snan, japa, tapa, yagnya, yaaga as all these phala will be begotten through the offering this naivedya alone.

* One who gives naivedya of Mudganna and then gives Bramhan bhojana in the name of Pitrus, he will get 10000 times more punya phal than gaya shraddha and Raam Setu shrAddha as such a Bramhan bhojana will ensure Vishnu-pad for Pitrus.

* One who does naivedya himself in Dhanurmasa is Bhaagavat Shrestha

* 100 agnishoma 100 vaajpeya yagya will not equal HUGGI naivedya in Vyatipaat Yoga of Dhanurmasa- tommorrow (December 20th, 2012) is Vyatipat yoga

* Even paapis such as veda bhrastha, vrata bhrashta, karma bhrasta, and/or mitra-drohi become clean by doing Mudganna daan in Dhanurmasa.


Note: Vyatipat is Vishnu Chakra- It is Hari rupa with infinite arms.


||Shri Krisharpanamastu||

Sankshipt Tulasi pooja !



  • shrI tulasye namaHa
  • shrI viShNu patniyai namaH
  • shrImahalakShmayai namaH
  • shrIvidyayai namaH
  • shrIavidyayai namaH
  • shrIyashaswinyai namaH
  • shrIdharmayai namaH
  • shrIdharmaananai namaH
  • shrIdevayai namaH
  • shrIdevadevamanahpriyayai namaH
  • shrIlakShmipriyasakhai namaH
  • shrIdivyayai namaH
  • shrIshAntayai namaH
  • shrI bhumyai namaH
  • shrI achalai namaH
  • shrI chalai namaH


shrI Gopal Krishna prithyartham Tulsi poojaam karishye – sankalpa

Establish a kalasha, and then kalash pooja [near a Tulasi brundavana, these who can afford can decorate a small mantap near Tulasi in the angan -courtyard].


dhyayami tulasim devim shyamaam kamalalochanaam| prasannaam padmakahlaarvaraabhayachaturbhujaam || kireethaarkeyoor kuNdaladivibhooshitaam| dhavalaamshukasanyuktaam padmasananishedushitaam || sri tulasyae namaha| dhyayaami dhyanam samarpayaami ||

  • bhagavatyai tulasyai namaha|avahayaami||
  • vishnuvallabhayai namha| asanam samarpayaami||
  • sarvadevamayaayai namaha| paadyam samarpayaami|
  • sarva teertrhamayaayai namaha | araghyam  samarpayaami ||
  • daityantakkrutpriyayai namaha | aachamaniyaam samarpayaami ||
  • sarvalokahitayayai namha snanam samarpayaami ||
  • lakshmi sahodarayai namaha | vastram samarapayaami ||
  • mahadevayai namaha | gandham samarapayaami ||
  • ramavasayai namaha | pushpam samarpayaami ||
  • abhishtadayai namaha | dhoopam samarapayaami ||
  • papaharinyai namaha | deepam samarapayaami |
  • bhagavatyai namaha | naivedyam samarapayaami ||
  • amrutasambhutaayai namaha | taamboolam samarapayaami ||
  • amrutrupiNayai namaha | dakshiNAam samarpayaami | |
  • jagaddhatraiyai namaha | niraajanama samarapayaami | |
  • sadakshiNaiyai namaha | pradakshiNaam samarpayaami | |
  • paramaishwaryai namaha | namaskaaram samarapayaami ||
  • AbhishTyai namaha PRARTHAANAAM samarpayaami ||

Tulasi srisakhi shubhe paaphariNi punyade | namaste naradnute narayaNmanahpriye ||

[recite the above mantra 108 times]

shriyah priye shriyaavaase nityam shridharvallabhe | bhaktyaadattam mayarghyam hi tulasi pratigruhyataam || [ give prasannarghyam to Tulasi Damodar]

This Tulasi pooja should be done by all. In the simplest way get a Tulasi vrundvan [tulasi plant in good decorated pot] and place a branch of Amla with amala fruits by its side. This is donates Lakshmi Narayana. One can even place a Krishna pratima. Those who do not have tulasi plant can do pooja to silver Tulasi plant also.

Take some rice and mix haldi kumkum and ghee in it, this is akshata. Rest of the pooja can be done by reciting the mantras given previosuly and sprinkling akshata. For naivedya one can give coconut, bananan, amala, sugar-candy, and dry fruits. Offer Dhoop and Deepa. Deepa should be given in a special way- place a cotton wick on an amala fruit and [wick should be thoroughly dipped in ghee] place five amala fruit deepa and light it. Other deepas forty (40) in number should be given to Tulasi. Even aarati should be done by amala fruits.

Those who can afford place a gold sutra around Tulasi and then donate it to Bramhana. Those who have anukulya can do Dhatri Homa.

Giving arghya means taking milk, flowers, and sandal paste few coins in the palm and reciting the mantra leave it in a bowl before Tulsi.

Bramhana bhojana daana completes the Pooja.

||Shri Krisharpanamastu||

Surya Stuti !

aadityadeva tvatpaadyugaLke abhi- vaadanav maaLpe anudina| anudinadi sajjanar vyaadhigaL kaLedu sukhaviyo || SangnyaramaNa ninage vignyapisuvenu s- arvgnya neenendu sarvatra | sarvatra yenage bra-mhajnana bhakuti karuNiso || Sureegamyane vaak shareerbuddheejvaad-paar doshagaLa yenisade | yenisade bhagavanta- naradhaneyanittu karuNiso ||

the above is SURYA stuti everyone can recite this it is very powerful because its vyakhyaana is very detailed .. i encompasses CHANDOGYA UPANISHAT BHaashya , it details GAYATRI importance …and also it highlights KARMA sakshitva of SURYA antargat NARAYANA. So this is no ordinary prayer .. it does what all mantras put together gives.


Hey aditya dev surya dev! I daily do namaskaara to your two feet , kindly remove the diseases of SUJEEVI [ mokshyogya jeevas ] and grant the dehasaukhya [ physical health , bodily felicity]

For all saajna engaged in MOXa sadhana NAvagraha anugraha is very essential .. Grahantargat VISHNU is main subject/focus of PRAYER Chandogyaupanishat says ” Asau vaa adityo devamadhu ” , this is how MADHU vidya starts …here ADITYAnatargat VISHNU is only MADHU namak paramatma ..

MADHu means SUKHASHRAYA ie one who bestows happiness . SO continuous upasana [ swayogya ] if it has to be successful and result into happiness for that good HEALTH is required .. , ROGA is known as UPADRAVA [ a obstacle ] and also deerghayushya is REQUIRED ..[ LONGEVITY] apamrutyu should not bring ABRUPT end to SADHANA .. we have 12 adityas for 12 months .

. EVEN MADHWACHARYA in his bhashya says ” Adityanaam Prarthanena tadgam mrytyumapanudet “ that By worshipping SUn ADITYAs one must avoid /overcome Diseases ,apamrutyu [ parihaar]. the above vyakhyana clearly says ONE must be inclined to DO SADHANA , but for that one requires GOOD HEALTH and HAPPINESS and PEACE of MIND .. for this one must do MADHU namak Parmatma upasana .. that is easily gained by ADITYA prarthana as MADHU namak dev is always inside SURYA .. so this SURYA stuti is NANDI for SADHANA.

Sangya devi is wife of SURYA hence SangyaramaNa , Oh SUrya dev PAti of Sangya devi , since you are SARVAGNYa all knowing , hence I place my request with devotion , I urge with sincerety , in every birth and everywhere Please grant me , BRAMHA GYAANA – anantakalyaan guNa poorNa NArayana guna MAhima Gyaana and DHRUDh bhakti in NARayana .

  • GYaana BHAKTi vruddhi [ increase ] is possible only through UPASANA of SURYANATARGAT GAYATRI namak HARI seva .
  • SURYA lights up BHUMI antariksha swarga three worlds and he supports life in these theree worlds .
  • HE is ever present in eyes CHAKSHURINDRIYA and is also called as JAGATCHAKSHU. Thus, SURYA is SARVAGNYA .. as devata and ALSO SURYANATARGAT NARAYANA is always SARVAGNYA
  • SURIgamya – Oh suryadeva one who is GOT by GYAANis only , manovaak deha janit appar dosha samooh , [ the doshas arising out f body mind and speech ] , unlimited mistakes ,without actually looking into them , without taking notice of these kindly bless ME with NARAYAN dhyaan rupa seva and and let NARYANA inside you be pleased with me
  • LORD NARYANA is attained by KNOWLEDGEd , and for this SURYA anugarha is IMportant ..  WHence one leaves his body , he gets MARGA which one traverses and gets SURYA gati and CHANDRA gati thus say shastras …..in this SURYA gati is GOt by GYAANis with BODY on which pierces through LOKAs and SURYA loka is prominent here .
  • All the actions done by BODY MIND and SPEECH is seen by SURYA DEVA so he is witness for all the KARMAS and is known as KARMA SAKSHI .. so all the GUna dosha of each KARMA is known by SURYa and also NARYANA as present in him .. Thus SURYA sees to it that by Giving GYAANA he reduces possibilities of DUSHKARMA and thus gradually at some point nOt noticing the doshas OH SURYA deva TAKE us near to HARI .. !!!!

SO beautifully JAgannath dasaru has worshipped SURYA DEVA and tadantargat NARYANA .. this anusandhana will give definite surya shanti and siddhi


Adhika masa

To Day  ADHIKMAS starts ! Also Known as Purushottam masa is a passport to
VAIKUNTHA after one enjoys to the full in the world ..

15 types of vratas can be undertaken in this month .. of which five are more rigorous 1.sampoorna upavasa 2. ratri bhojana 3. ekbhukta with water 4 dharan parana 5 ayachitvrata

  • whole month if one donates TAMBOOLA one will get saubhagya [ good fortunes ]
  • Monthlong if one LIGHTS a akhanda deepa before Hari sannidhi will give immese wealth
  • Every day if one takes early morning bath in ganga etc in ADHKAMASA will get relieved from all sins
  • 33 APOOP daana everyday will give anishta nivrutti and ishtaprapti
  • Grantha daana will give give vishesha anugraha of NARAYANA
  • EVERyday one must do BHAGAVAT shravan in this masa one gets infinite punya which even BRAMHa cannot describe
  • One must do one lakh tulasi archana in this masa to a saligrama
  • one who does this vrata , YAMADOOTA will run away just as elephants run away as lion approaches
  • One purushottam masa vrata is greater than 100 MAHAYAGNYAS
  • YAGNYA gives only SWARGA Purushottam masa vrata will give Vaikuntha
  • The vratacharana of this adhika give masa will relieve from DUHSWAPNA [ evil dreams] daridrya [poverty ] it also relieves kayik vachik and manasik TAAPA .. miseries arising out of sins from body speech and mind
  • ALL the DEITIES INDRA etc save the one who does this vrata from all the difficulties and troubles and obstacles [vighna ].
  • One who does this vrata wherever they are at that place Bhuta preta pisacha etc cannot stand.
  • With single minded focus on Purushottam one who does this vrata will get complete grace of the LORD
  • Everyday trikaala VSN with silver flowers.. take 100 silver and repeat ten times … offer same again and again .. so after 30 days you will have completed 1 lakh)


  • ONE who donates DEEPA in this month … he will get money , grains , cattle , sons ,grandsons, fame easily …. EVEN a barren woman will beget a child if she donates a DEEPA .. women will get saubhagya , her husband will like her and stay with her …separated will reunite … One who has lost job will get it back .. Kings will get kingdom back ..it fulfills all wishes … DONAte silver Deepa .in adhika masa.
  • Deepa daana will get a compatible husband that is the husband of her choice and dreams he will be longlived and sadguNi … and BOYS unmarried will get a anooroop sushil pativrata wife .. ..
  • those desirous of knowledge will get knwoledge of shastras .. they will get siddhi ,
  • one who is desirous of money will get lot of money and one who seeks MOKSHA will get doubtlessly moksha by DEEPA DAANA.
  • wick can be changed everyday after bath …

MUKHYA kartavya [ very important duty ] of a person in ADHIKAMASA is one must
donate APOOPA 33 in numbers made of RICE JAGGERY and GHEE ….[ apoop means anaras ] to a yogya bramhana [ remember the preparation should be in madi so give dravya in matha ] everyday.

One must put apoop in a kansya patra and give dana reciting daana mantra meditating
on 33 devatas and 33 VISHNU RUPAS .. one will get Prithvi daana phala ..This will
gradually give GYANA and then moksha .. without doubt

one must pour ample GHEE on APOOP and amppe dakshina should be given to

FOr every vrata undertaken specific daana should be given

‎1 ratri bhojana vrata [ eating only in night for 30 days ] one must give BRAMHAN
bhojana DAKSHINA

‎2. AYACHIT VRATA [ asking nothing and living by whatever got ] one must give
suvarna daana

‎3. AMLA snana daily vrata … curds and milk daana

‎4.Phalahaara niyama – donate fruits

‎5. NOT applying oil Vrata [ daily giving taila deepa ] — donate ghee

‎6. ghruta vrata .. eating only liquid ghee [ or daily lighting ghee lamp ] – donate milk.
donate curd at the end of VRATA …

7. DHANYA VRATA .. worshipping LORD in heaps of Grains .. and not consuming
grains .. vrata —— donate rice or wheat

8.BHUMISHAYAN vrata – sleeping on ground – donate bed pillow and chadar blanket ..

9. niyama of eating only on PATRAVALI [ leaves ] – donate ghee and sugar

10. Mauna vrata – donate excellent GHANTA , til or gold

‎11 . Not shaving beard , not having hair cut or nails no cosmetics vrata – donate MIRROR

12. Not using chappals shoes – donate shoes or padaraksha

13. Not using salt vrata – DOnate variety of liquids

14 . Vrata of lighting akhanda deepa – Give daana of the deepa in which vrata has been undertaken

15 . DHaran paran vrata – donate clothes vastra .. or gold or copper vessel

If one cannot donate 33 apoopa everyday then one can donate on krishn ashukla
dwadashi , poornima amavasya .. bahula ashtami .. navami , chaturdashi … vaidhruti
vyatipaat yoga. as many holes in the apoopa that many thousand years one will spend in swarga


achamaan ! pranayama ! deshkaal uchcharan ! evam guna visheshan vishishTayaam ,
shubha tithau shruti smriti puraNokta phalaprapthyartham Vasu rudra aditya prajapati
vashtakaarantargat bharatiramaNa Mukhyapranantargat maas niyamak purushottam
preraNaya Purushottama prithyartham ………………..gotray …. ………..sharmaNe
brmahNaay mama Nikhil paapkshyapoorvak puNyabhivruddhyartham Dhan
Dhaanya kshema samruddhi lokdwayasukhahetu bhudaan phalapraapyaiy
apoopchidrasamasankhya varsha sahasravadhi svarloka nivasaadi phalsidhdhyartham
Purushottam masa prayukta trayastrinshat apoopdaanamaham karishye ! tadangataya
pushotam poojaam bramhana bhojanam ch karishye

note: Purushottama is RADHIKA SAHITA KRISHNA is what writen in

deepa daaana means .. two deepa whose weight should be 40 gms .. and should hold
40 gms batti .. and month long supply of ghee or til oil .. along with dakshina to the
bramhana ,..silver , bronze , brass panchaloha .. as per capacity …

Tamboola Dana: In Tambool, ilaichi lavanga karpoor ,beetle leaves, kasturi , jayaphal ,
chunna , kadhir …

one can stay away from one vegetable month long and then donate it at the end so that he can consume regularly late

Apoopa dana: one 33 apoopa is ideally done by 1 kg rice 1 kg jaggery and 1 kg ghee.
apoopa should be fried in ghee not oil. ghee should be extra ,, as apoopa daana should be
in kansya patra and ghee should be placed with it .. and with dakshina … patra should be
two … one above and one to hold .. [ this is ideal ] but one can give yatha shakthi

Two types of karma 1> ananyagatik 2> sagatik are there


Vishnuroopi saharanshuh sarvapaap praNashanah | apoopaanna pradaanena
mama paapam vyapohatu || narayaNa jagadbeeja bhaskar pratiroopadruk |
vratenanen putranshch sampadam chabhivardhay || yasya hastagadaachakre
garudo yasya vahanam | shankha karatale yasya sa me vishnu praseedatu
|| kalaakashThaadirupeNa nimesha ghatikadina | yo vanchayati bhutaani
tasmai kaalaatmane namaha || kurukshetra mayodeshah kaalah parva dwijo
harih | prithvisamamidam daanam gruhaaN purushottama || malaanaam ch
vishudhdhyartham paapprashamanaay ch | putra pautraabhivrudhdhyartham tein

daasyaami bhaskar ||

PadmapuraNokta Balkrishna vrata !!



tamadBhutam baalkambujekshaNam chaturbhujam shankhagadaryudayudham | srivatsalaxmam galashabhikaustubham peetambaram saandrapayodasaubhagam || mahaarhavaiduryakiriTkunDalatvisha parishvatkasahasrakuntalam | uhdhamkaanchyangadakanKanadibhirvirochamaanam vasudev ekshat ||

iti dhyanam

Vishnu sahsranaam , krishnaastottarshatnaam stotram keshavaadi chaturvimshati naam , mastsyaadi dasha naam … with that Tulasi archana

Give DHOOP [ agarbatti ]

dhoopam dugdhabdishayanam gandhadyaih sumanoharam | sarvabhiShTapradam deva gruhaNasurbhanjan ||Shri baalkrishNay namaha , Dhoopam samarpayaami


saajyam trivartisamyuktam jnanam vaijnaansaadhanam | deepamgruhaaN devesh kaivalaphal daayakam || Shree baalkrishnay namah , Deepam samarpayami

give deepaarti


sprinkle some water on ground  , make a square mandal .. write shree on it ..put a plate and naivedya on it .. [ butter , fruits , poha , dry fruits ]  put tulasi ..[moolmantra japam ] show tarkshya etc mudra ..

with vyahruti parishinchan

Shree Baalkrishnaya namaha

  • aaposhanaartham uakam samarpayaami
  • pranatmane NaraYanay svaha
  • apaanatmane vasudevaya svaha
  • Vyanatmane sankarshaNaya svaha
  • udanatmane pradyumnaya svaha
  • samanatmane  aniruhdhaya svaha
  • bramhane purushottamaya svaha
  • bhakshyabhojyaphalopetam dadhyodanamanvitam |naivedyam sveekurushaththavedam devakya saha Keshava |
  • Shree baalkrishNaya svaha Naivedyam samarpayaami

Amrutapidhanamasi svaha

  • SHree BaalkrishNAya namaha “Uttaraposhanarthe ” udakam samarpayaami
  • SHree BaalkrishNAya namaha ” Hastaprakshaalanarthe ” udakam samarpayaami
  • SHree BaalkrishNAya namaha ” Gandoosharthe ” udakam samarpayaami
  • SHree BaalkrishNAya namaha ” karodvanarthe ” chandanam samarpayaami

leave a water in a bowl and at the same time take a flower apply some sandal paste and offer it To LORD ..


taamboolam ch sakarpooram sugandhadravamishitam | naagvallidalairyuktam  GruhaaN varado bhava | Shree BaalkrishNay namaha , Taamboolam samarpayaami

place a beetle leaves with dryfruits and supaari ..

DakshiNaam |

sauvarNaam rajatam taamra nanaratnasamanvitam | karma shadGunyasidhyartham dakshiNa  pratigruhyatam || Shree BaalkrishNay namaha , DakshiNaam samarpayaami || place  tulasi and some coins ..

Phalaani ||

Rambhaphalam naarikelam tathaivaamraphalaani | poojitoasi surshreshTha gruhyataam kansasoodan || shree BaalkrishNay namaha Nanavidhaphalaani samrapaaami || keep fruits , coconut .. etc .. with tulasi

Mangalaarti ||

Agyaandhwaantshamanam jnanasadhanamuttamam | Neerajanam GruhaaNedam Krushnakarpoorsamyutam || karpoorakam maharaaj rambhodbhutam ch deepakam | mangalaanthe mahipaal sangruhaaN jagatpate || Shree BaalkrishNay namaha Neerajanam karpoorartikyam ch samarpayaami ||

make an aarti


Pushpanjalim gruhaNemam vividhaih kusumairyutam | moordhni chaaropitam bhaktya tava saanidhyamichchita || SHree baalkrishnay namaha, mantrapushpanjali samarpayaami ||


Shree balkrishnay namha ,rajopachaaraan samarpayaami


pour water tulasi in shankha and make three rounds ..


devakigarbhsambhoota kamsapranaapaharaka | idamarghyam pradasyaami mama krishna praseed bho || shree Baal krishNaya namaha prasannaarghyam samarpayaami ||

  • Vishnave namaha Prasannarghyam samarpayami
  • govindaya namaha Prasannarghyam samarpayami
  • garuddhwajaya namha Prasannarghyam samarpayami
  • hrishikeshaya namaha Prasannarghyam samarpayami
  • padmanabhaya namaha Prasannarghyam samarpayami
  • jishnave namaha Prasannarghyam samarpayami
  • haraye namaha Prasannarghyam samarpayami
  • Shree Narayanay namaha Prasannarghyam samarpayami


yani kani ch papani janmantar krutaani ch| tani tani vinashyantu pradakshina  pade pade | damodar padmanabh shankha chakra gadadhar |pradakshinaam karishyaami kalpasadhan me prabho ||

shree balkrishnay namaha , Pradakshina samarpayaami

Namaskaar ||

anagham vaamanam shaurim govindam purushottamam | vaasudevam hrishikesham madhavam madhusudanam || daamodaram padmanabham keshavam garuddhwajam | govindamachyutam krishNamanantamparajitam || adhokshajam jagadbeejam argasthithatyantkaariNam | anadinidhanam vishnum devdevam trivikramam || narayaNam chaturbahum shankhachakragadadharama | peetambaradharam saumyam vanamaalvibhshitam || srivatsavakshasam shresham shreedharam shreepatim harim || upendram devakisunum praNamami prajapatim || krushNay vaasudevay haraye paramatmane | pranatkleshanaashay Govindaay namo namaha || namo bramhanyadevay go bramhanhitay ch | jagaddhitaay krushnay govindaya namo namaha || namastubhyamjagannatha devakitanay prabho vasudevatmajanant yashodanandvardhan | govinda gokulaadhar gopikant namostute  ||

make sastanga namaskaar

Kshamaapanam ||

aparaadh sahasraaNi kriyante aharnisham maya | taani sarvaani me deva kshamasva purushottama ||

Prarathana ||

devakinandan shreesh hare sansaarsaagaraat | durvruttaamstraayase VisHno ye Smaranti sakrut sakrut || soaham devaatidurvrattah  traahi mam shokasaagaraat || pushkaraksha nimagroham vahatyajnanasaagare || traahi maam devedevesh tvamruteanyo na rakshita || paapoham paapkarmaaham paapatmaa paapsambhavah || Traahi maam krupaya dev sharaNagat vatsal ||  anytha sharaNam naasti tvameva sharaNam mama | tasmaat kauNyabhaaven raksha raksha janardhan || krishNa KrishNa sadananda bhaktaabhishtapradayak ||

putrapautraadisampattim dehi me madhusudan || kale varshatu parjanya prithvi sashyashalini | deshoyam kshobharahito bramhaNah santu nirbhayah || aputra putriNah santu putrinah santu poutriNah |    adhanaah sadhnaah santu jeevantu sharadaam shatam || shree BaalkrishNay namaha Prarathanaam samarpayaami ||

KrishNArapanam ||

kayen vaacha  manasendriyairva budhdyatmana va prakrutisvabhavaat | karomi yadyat sakalam parasmai narayaneti samarpayaami ||

vartmane ,samvatsare , dakshinayane , varsharutau , shravanmase krishNapakshe , ashtamayaam tithou …vasaare , Shree vishnupreranaya Shree Vishnu preetharthaam  chandrodaykaale anena mayaacharitena Shree Krishnajanmashtamivratena .. Shree baalkrishnapoojaaradhanena Bhagavaan Shree BALKRISHNA priyataam preeto bhavatu |

SHreekrishNa pratigruhNaati Shree KrishNO vai dadhaati ch | ShreeKrishnaastaakobhabhyaam shreekrishNAy namo namah ||

iti SHreepadmapuraNokta Shree baalkrishNapooja sampoornaa ||  Krishnarpanmastu


chandrodaya arghya ..

श्रीRaghavendraashtakshar stotra for Women !

गुरुराजाष्टाक्षरम् स्यात महापातकनाशनम् । एकैकमक्षरम् चात्र सर्वकाम्यार्थ सिद्धिदम् ॥ रकारोच्चारणमात्रेण रोगहानिर्न संशयः । घकारेण बलं पुष्टिःआयुः तेजश्च वर्धते ॥ वकारेणात्र लभते वांछितार्थान्न संशयः। द्रकारेणाघराशिस्तु द्राव्यते द्ृतमेव हि ॥ यकारेण यमाद्बाधो वार्यते नात्र संशयः । नकारेण नरेंद्राणाम् पदमाप्नोति मानवः ॥ मकारेण माहेंद्रमैश्वर्यम् याति मानवः। गुरुर्नाम्नाश्च महात्म्यम अपूर्वम् परमाद्भुतम् ॥ तन्नामस्मरणादेव सर्वाभिष्टं प्रसिध्यति । तस्मान्नित्यम पठेदभक्त्या गुरुपादरतस्सदा ॥श्रीराघवेंद्राय नमः इत्याष्टाक्षरमंत्रतः । सर्वान्कामानवाप्नोति नात्र कार्या विचारणा ॥ अस्टोत्तरशतावृत्तिम् स्तोत्रस्यास्य करोति यः । तस्य सर्वार्थसिद्धिस्यात गुरुराजप्रसादतः ॥ एतदष्टाक्षरस्यात्र महात्म्यम् वेत्ति कः पुमान । पठनादेव सर्वार्थसिद्धिर्भवति नान्यथा ॥ स्वामिना राघवेंद्राख्य गुरुपादाब्जसेविना । कृतमष्टाक्षरस्तोत्रमगुरुप्रीतिकरम् शुभम् ॥

इतिश्रीगुरुजगन्नाथदासार्यविरचित श्रीराघवेंद्राष्टाक्षरस्तोत्रम संपूर्णम ॥ श्रीकृष्णार्पणमस्तु ॥

Panchamukhi MARUTI !


अस्य श्रीहनुमन्महामन्त्रस्य

श्रीपंचमुखिहनुमान देवता

हानुमाान इति बीजम्

वायुसुत इति शक्तीः

अंजनासुत इति कीलकं

ॐ श्रीरामचंद्रवीरहनुमतप्रसादसिद्धयर्थंसकललोकोपकारार्थम्  पंचमुखिकवचस्तोत्रमंत्रजपे विनियोगः

ॐ अंजनासुताय अंगुष्ठाभ्याम नमः

ॐ रुद्रमूर्तये तर्जनीभ्याम् नमः

ॐ वायुपुत्राय मध्यमाभ्याम् नमः

ॐ अग्निगर्भाय अनामिकाभ्याम नमः

ॐ रामदूताय कनिष्ठिकाभयाम नमः

ॐ पंचमुखिहनुमते करतलकरपृष्ठाभ्याम नमः

[ एवं हृदयादिन्यासः ]

अथ ध्यानम्

उद्यन्मार्तंडकोटीरुचिरमययुतम् चारुवीरासनस्थम् मौंजीयज्ञोपवीताभरणमुरुजटाशोभितम् कुण्डलाभ्याम  ॥ भक्तानामिष्टदम् तम् प्रणयमनुदितम् वेदनादप्रणादम् ध्यायेद्देवम् विधेयंप्लवगकुलपतीम गोष्पदीभूतवार्धिम् ॥

श्रीरामचंद्रदूताय अंजनावायुपुत्राय महाबलाय सीतादुःखनिवारणाय लंकादहनकारणाय महाभयप्रचंडाय फाल्गुनसखाय कोलाहलसकलब्रम्हांडविश्वरुपाय सप्तसमुद्रनिरालंबिताय पिंगलनयनायामितविक्रमाय सूर्यबिंबफलसेविताय दुष्टनिरालंकृताय अंगदलक्ष्मणकपिसैन्यप्राणनिर्वाहकाय  दशकंठविध्वंसनाय रामेष्टाय फल्गुनसखाय सीतासमेतरामचंद्रप्रसादकाय ॥

षटप्रयोगागम- पंचमुखिहनुमंतम् ध्यात्वा

ॐ ह्रीं मर्कटमर्कटाय वं वं वं वं वं वषट स्वाहा ॥

ॐ ह्रीं मर्कटमर्कटाय फं फं फं फं फं फट  स्वाहा ॥

ॐ ह्रीं मर्कटमर्कटाय खें खें खें खें खें मारणाय स्वाहा ॥

ॐ ह्रीं मर्कटमर्कटाय ठं ठं ठं ठं ठं ठं स्तंभनाय स्वाहा ॥

ॐ ह्रीं मर्कटमर्कटाय ॐ ॐ ॐ ॐ ॐ  आंक्रसि सकलसंपतकराय स्वाहा॥

ॐ कं खं गं ङ घं चं छं जं झं ञ टं ठं डं ढँ णं तं थं दं धं नं पं फं बं भं मं यं रं लं वं सं शं षं हं ळं क्षं स्वाहा ॥[इति दिगबंधः]

ॐ पंचमुखिवीरहनुमते ऊर्ध्वमुखीहयग्रीवाय रुं रुं रूं रुं रुं रुद्रमूर्तये सकलनिर्वाहकरणाय  स्वाहा

ॐ  पंचमुखिवीरहनुमते पूर्वेकपिमुखाय ढं ढं ढं ढं ढं कवचमूर्तये  सकलशत्रुसंहाराय  स्वाहा

ॐ  पंचमुखिवीरहनुमते दक्षिणे नृसिंहायमुखाय  हां हां हां हां हां  करालमूर्तये  सकलभुतप्रेतदमनाय  स्वाहा

ॐ  पंचमुखिवीरहनुमते पश्चिमे गरुडमुखाय  मं मं मं मं मं  नीलकँठमूर्तये  सकलविषहराय स्वाहा

ॐ पंचमुखिवीरहनुमते उत्तरे वराहमुखाय लंलंलंलंलं आदिमुर्तये सकलदोषहराय स्वाहा

पंचमुखिहनुमते अंजनासुताय वायुपुत्राय सीताशोकदुःखनिवारणाय द्रोणाद्रिवरहरणाय श्रीरामचंद्रपादसेवकाय माहावीर्यप्रथमब्रम्हांडनायकाय पंचमुखिमाहावीरहनुमतेनमः ॥ भूतप्रेतपिशाचब्रह्मराक्षसग्रहपरमंत्रपरतंत्रोच्चाटनाय स्वाहा ।सकलनिर्वाहकरणायपंचमुखिहनुमद्वरप्रसादकाय जंजंजंजंंजं इतिकवचम पठेत ॥

Shri Krishna Stutih !

ॐ॥ यदि दिशसि नयनपटुताम तर्हि भवच्चरणकमलसेवायै । आयास्यामि दयालो कृष्ण न चेत्पूजयामि कथमन्धः ॥

सम्भावितस्य पुंसो मरणादतिरिच्यते किलाकीर्तिः । इति गीतासु हि गीतं भवता भवतापतिमिररवे ॥

नानापराधशतकं हीने यद्यस्ति कृष्ण मयि मत्ते । दिनानामुद्धर्त्रा क्षन्तव्यं तत्क्षमावता भवता ॥

कुंतलसंततिलसितं चूडात्रयशोभिमौलिभागमहं । शतपत्रपत्रनेत्रं शशिवदनं प्रतिदिनं दिदृक्षामि ॥

कुण्डलमण्डितगण्डं कम्बुग्रीवं मनोरमोरस्कम् । दण्डं दाम च दधतं पाण्डवसखमर्च्यमर्चयामि कदा ॥

रम्यतमोदरजघनं कम्रोरुं वृत्तजानुयुगजञ्गम् । रक्ताब्जसदृशपादं हस्ताभ्याम् त्वाऽर्चयामि सदय कदा ॥

दोषातिदूरं शुभगुणराशिं दासिकृताखिलानिमिषम् । भूषणभूषितगात्रं नेत्राभ्यां चित्रचरित वीक्षे त्वाम् ॥

मध्वप्रतिष्ठितं त्वां विध्वस्ताशेषकुजनकुलम् । मूर्धना प्रणम्य याचे तद्विरचय यद्धितं ममाद्य हरे ॥

स्तुतिमिति पुण्यकथन ते प्रथितकृते वादिराजयतिरकृत । सततं पठतां हि सतामतिविशदां देहि कृष्ण विततमतिम् ॥

इति श्रीमद्वादिराजपुज्यचरणविरचिता श्रीकृष्णस्तुतिः समाप्ताः ॥

Note : this shloka was composed by Sri VAadiraj pujyacharan swamiji to aid a blind Bhakta to have vision . VAADIRAJARu asked him to recite this daily 100 times and the person got the vision . This shloka gives relief from all the trouble of eyes .

SOmetime when Shree Vrundavanacharya was ruling , one of the bhaktas came to see SHREE KRISHNA and was unable to see the pratima of the LORD KRISHNA … Vrundavanaacharya  gave him this very shloka , after 1000 recitals LORD krishna could be seen by the Bhakta .

So this excellent of shlokas can be recited by all those who have eye troubles , fear of loss of vision , or those aspiring regaining of vision , partial vision or those undergoing operation of eyes can recite these shlokas …

Those desirous of having DARSHAN OF LORD in the heart can also recite this Shloka through purashcharana .


श्रीवराहहयवदनस्तोत्रम् ॥ Shree VarahaHayavadana Stotram !

ॐ ॥ विदारितनिशाचरौ विशदवेदविद्याकरौ प्रपन्नजनतावनौ प्रशिथिलीकृताश्वाननौ । मनोरमतमकृती मदनमानिताधःकृती वराहतुरगाननौ वनजलोचनौ नौम्यहम् ॥

वराभयदरारिभिर्वलयवल्गुहस्तद्युभिः प्रबोधशुभपुस्तकप्रगुणशँखमाल्यैर्युतौ।हरिन्मणिमणिद्युती हरवितायमानस्तुती वराहतुरगाननौ वनजलोचनौ नौम्यहम् ॥

मनोज्ञपदसारसौ महितजानुमध्योरसौ त्रिरेखशुभकन्धरौ त्रिजगदाद्ृतश्रीकरौ । विभुषणगणाश्रयौ विमलहारमालाश्रयौ वराहतुरगाननौ वनजलोचनो नौम्यहम् ॥

रसामृतरसाञ्कितौ रसिकभक्तवर्गाञ्चितौ प्रसादभरितेक्षणौ प्रमथमण्डलीशिक्षणौ ।विरुद्धधुरसञ्गरौ महितशक्तितोऽभंगुरौ वराहतुरगाननौ वनजलोचनो नौम्यहम् ॥

सुखानुभवविग्रहौ सुजनसँघरक्षाग्रहौ विनोदजितदानवौ विलसदाकृती श्रीनवौ । भवाब्धिभयभञ्जनौ निजपदं सदा ध्यायिनां वराहतुरगाननौ वनजलोचनो नौम्यहम् ॥

वराहतुरगास्ययोर्वरनुतिं निजैर्वश्ययोः कृपानिलयनेत्रयोः कृपणभक्तहन्मित्रयोः । यतिः शमलशान्तये यमिविमृग्यह्रद्दान्तये व्यधत्त विलसत्पदां विमलवादिराजाभिधः ॥

॥इति श्रीमद्वादिराजपुज्यचरणविरचितं श्रीवराहहयवदनस्तोत्रम् सम्पूर्णम् ॥


This stotra gives

  • Stability to people in business
  • stability for those struggling in career
  • gets you a stable job
  • gets you promotion in job
  • gets one a Govt. job
  • takes one to a top post
  • it gives stability and peace in life
  • it gives innovation in ones area
  • it gets good review in profession
  • it settles a person in best possible way
  • it brings still mind and Lord stays in it .
  • it brings satsanga
  • for students bad habits and bad influence will stop
  • it will give good education and admission into good institutes
  • It will give vashikarana of near and dear ones . [ already known people]


Note-This post is intended for preists who unertake japa tapa homa on behalf of the yejamana to releive them of doshas … ordinary people should not chant these as only anartha will come by doing so .. those who have upadesha can chant them as per their upadesha ..

All veda mantras give phala with anushthaana .. Anushthaana is process which simplifies the difficult situation .. siddhi is dependent on the anushthaana .

  • Anushthana should be started on an auspicious day in shubh muhurta .. panchami poornima sunday thursday shbh tithi nakshatra should be known as per the prayoga ..  chitra or ashwin navaratri is best ,.
  • where the anushthaan is to be take up that place should be satvik clean and suchi . snana is imminent and swachcha vastra should be used for such purpose . always face east [ unless for maran mohan uchchatan ]  dhoop deepa should be there all through .
  • use mrugaasan for satvguna sadhana cotton dres .. rajoguni sadhan sutaasan yellow flowers reshmi vastra north facing .. tamoguna sadhna wollen asan red flowers wollen dress kambal etc ..wet facing ..
  • bramhcharya
  • do not sleep on bed or cot
  • do not use slippers /shoes
  • do not eat salt
  • one can take up vrata of annatyaga . both times milk fruits or one time food
  • no shaving hair cut
  • do not allow others to touvh you or your dress
  • do not take any help do your work your self
  • do shastradhyayan shravan manan dhyaan
  • speak only truth during anushthaana do not criticicse anyone, donot abuse , do not get angry , do not get into fight , do not cause any loss to anyone , do not use others money fortune or things , avoid tamoguni people , try to create satvik environment . increase sadaachaar .
  • take up ishta mantra do punahscharan ..[ every mantra has different tyoe of punahscharan method . must know them from guru and accordingly apply .. no general application ]
  • know any shapa is ther fo the mantra … know the upaya for removal of shaapa ..
  • know if mantra has keelaka .. ge upadesha of utkeelana .. else 1 lakh recitation will also not give any phala
  • know if rushi tarpana is required for the mantra …
  • know if shakti kunthan is thee for mantra
  • sankalpa is necessary
  • daily sankalpa is also necessary
  • know if ahuti is daily or at udyaapan for the mantra
  • knwo if pratistapana is required for mantra ..
  • knwo if  other shaktis are to be propietiated with mantra
  • know the havan samgri sambhar
  • know the havishya needed for mantra
  • know the vanaspati
  • know if vratbandha is necessary
  • know if mantap is required 
  • know if daana is required daily
  • know the mandal
  • know the number of kalash
  • know the aushadhi
  • know if any other moolmantra is also to be recited .. for sucess

after knwoing all these

YAjurved mantras

pProtection from fire

1> om aachyaa jaanu ……………….purushata karaam |

general auspiciousness

2> om yathema vacham …..maapo namatu | …abhi pravanta ………agnim |ghrutasya ………………………………………………..jaatavedah |

for happy life

1. om rutam ……aygnena kalpantaam |

2> upayam ………..mahase tva ||

3> om bheshajamasi …….meshye |

for auspicous events in house

om asau ……..esahe |

sushloka sumangal satya rajan |

for family peace

om drushtva ……..prajapati | …….payomrutam madhu ||


for releif from danger

om samudrosi ……… devapane bhuyaat ||

protection from demons and demonic forces

om ye rupaani ……………………………………………………..bharantyagnishtanllokaatpranudatyasmaat ||

for removing shatruvirodh

devasya ……..seabhishinchaami ||

for nirvighna pravasa

om dropa …..kinchanaammat ||

to get vashikarana

eka ch me dash ch ….. |1

…………………………………| 10

shatam ch me sashsram …….rutajaat …..madhulakruti | 11

to get good thoughts

punantu ma devajanah …….. asmaan punihi chakshase |

to get success in religious activities

savita prasavaana …… devahutyaam svaha |1



———————————————————|devahutyaam svaha |17


for quick progress in life

hastivarchasam …………………………….

aditi sajosha |1



hasti mruganam …………………….

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,shinchaami mamaham|6

for ending enemity fight between friends enemies and family members

sahrudyam …………………..

devaimamruta rakshamanah sayapraat saumanso vo astu |7

for protection from enemies

preinaan nrude … ……………………………nudamahe |

if shatru is strnger than you

tannatsyojah ….



malvo …….muchyate | 10


for bringing husband and wife together

yatha nakulo …….dehi veeryavati


for shoka nasha

rudra sukta


for daridrya naash

durga sukta


for roga nivaran  and veerya vriddhi

soma sukta [ kaushitaki ]

for court election exam etc

vijay sukta

for starting aventure

sanrakshan sukta

for external peace  ie in employment business general trasactions . court divorce litigations etc ..property division national calamity and for general when there is no mental peace

bahya shanti sukta


for internal peace .. like failure , stress , shoka bhya chinta nirasha , krodha kaam , kuvichara kusanskaara all these lead to continuous mental unhapiness ashantata for all such use

antah shanti sukta for you have gained something and want to safeguard it and feel it can be destroyed by someone .. use

bhadra sukta

for in todays world one has totally materialistic objective .. gaining vehicles houses wealth and be among the most succesful is the motto of life .. when pursuing such motto one becomes totally shrewd and uses all kinds of tactics harmful or otherwise to reach one’sgoal this leads to degeneration of mind and sanskaar and is hurdle to adhyatmik development ..

so one needs atma parikshan in such situation and to get knwoledge to lead life in right way and earn welath in right way .. for all this one needs to do

pavaman sukta

this purifies one and get him initiated into the path of devotion .. and sucess also ,.


FOr those who have underconfidence .. their mansaik daurbalya leads even small problems into great troubles which cannot be handled ..

for all such people to face problems with dhairya and win ..

one must use


HAVING good friends is great asset always .. some are without friends and get freinds of useless character .. who are of no use to themselves or others .. but a good friend wil always be the side in trouble or happiness .. such a friend is great boon ..

use mitra sukta to befriend all in your vicinity ..

Use yama sukta to get disciplines

krishnarpanamastu ..






PeeDhaparihaar stotras for Planets – Bramhand purana !

गृहाणामादिरादित्योऽ लोकरक्षणकारकः । विषमस्थानसम्भूताम् पीडाम् हरतु मे रवी

रोहिणीशः सुधामूर्तिः सुधागात्रः सुधाशनः । विषमस्थानसम्भूताम् पीडाम् हरतु मे विधुः

भूमिपुत्रो महातेजा जगताम् भयकृतसदा । वृष्टिकृदवृष्टिहर्ता च पीडाम् हरतु मे कुजः

उत्पातरूपी जगताम् चंद्रपुत्रो महाद्युतिः । सूर्यप्रियकरो विद्वान पीडाम् हरतु मे बुधः

देवमंत्री विशालाक्षः  सदा लोकहिते रतः । अनेक शिष्य संपूर्णः पीडाम् हरतु मे गुरुः

दैत्यमंत्री गुरुस्तेषाम् प्रणवश्च महाद्युतिः । प्रभुस्तारागृहाणाम् च पीडाम् हरतु मे भृगुः

सूर्यपुत्रो दीर्घदेहो विशालाक्षः शिवप्रियः । दीर्घचारः प्रसंन्नात्मा पीडाम् हरतु मे शनिः

महाशिर्षो महावक्त्रो दीर्घदंष्ट्रो महाबलः । अतनुश्चोर्ध्वकेशश्च पीडाम् हरतु मे तमः

अनेकरुप वर्णैश्च शतशोऽथ सहस्रशः । उत्पातरुपी जगताम् पीडाम् हरतु मे शिखि

॥इति नवगृहपीडापरिहारस्तोत्रम् संपूर्णम् ॥


श्रीनृसिंहवराहस्तोत्रम् ॥ Shree Narsimha Varaha stotram !


प्रह्लादाह्लादहेतुं सकलगुणगणं सच्चिदानंदमात्रं  सैंहासह्योग्रमूर्तिं सदभयमरिशंखौ रमां बिभ्रतं च ।

अंहस्संहारदक्षं विधिभवविहगेन्द्रेन्द्रचंद्रादिवंद्य रक्षोवक्षोविदारोल्लसदमलदृशं नौमि लक्ष्मीनृसिंहम् ॥

वामंाकस्थधराकराञ्जलिपुटप्रेमातिह्रष्टान्तरं सीमातीतगुणं फणीन्द्रफणगश्रीमान्यपादाम्बुजम् ।

कामाद्याकेचक्रशञ्ख ‍‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌सुवरोद्दामाभयोद्यत्करं सामादीडय्वराहरूममलं हे मानसे तं स्मर ॥

कोलाय लसदाकल्पजालाय वनमालिने नीलाय निजभक्तौघपालाय हरये नमः ।

धात्रीं शुभगुणपात्रीमादायाशेषविबुधमोदाय शेषे तमिममदोषे धातुं  हातुं च शंकिनम् शंके ।

नमोऽस्तु हरये युक्तिगिरये निर्जितारये । सम्तगुरवे कल्पतरवे परवेदिनाम् ॥

॥इति श्रीमद्वादिराजपुज्यचरणविरचितं श्रीनृसिंहवराहस्तोत्रं संपूर्णम् ॥

  1. This stotra relieves one from doshas of RAHU .
  2. it removes guru chandal dosha
  3. it gives good mental state of mind
  4. it grants auspicious qualities
  5. it grants that special reasoning which would result in happiness ,pride among peers
  6. it removes doshas that are left even after performing japa homa tapa remedies .
  7. it removes fears of planets ,bad times and ill luck
  8. it gives a able guru
  9. it releases one from the grip of wrong people wrong philosophy
  10. This stotra brings the  grace of VARAH NARSIMHA who is  like kalpvruksha in granting the desires .


|| shrI nRusiMhavarAhastOtram ||

OM || prahlaadaahlaadahEtuM sakalaguNagaNaM sacchidaanaMdamaatraM
saiMhaasahyOgramoortiM sadabhayamarishaMkhou ramaaM bibhrataM cha |
aMhassaMhaaradakShaM vidhibhavavihagEMdrEMdrachaMdraadivaMdyaM
rakShOvakShOvidaarOllasadamaladRushaM noumi lakShmInRusiMham || 1 ||

sImaatItaguNaM phaNIMdraphaNagashrImaanyapaadaaMbujam |
saamaadIDyavaraaharoopamamalaM hE maasanE taM smara || 2 ||

kOlaaya lasadaakalpajaalaaya vanamaalinE |
nIlaaya nijabhaktoughapaalaaya harayE namaH || 3 ||

dhaatrIM shubhaguNapaatrImaadaayaashEShavibudhamOdaaya |
shEShE tamimamadOShE dhaatuM haatuM cha shaMkinaM shaMkE || 4 ||

namOstu harayE yuktigirayE nirjitaarayE |
samastaguravE kalpataravE paravEdinaam || 5 ||

|| iti shrImadvaadiraajapUjyacharaNavirachitaM shRInRusiMhavaraahastOtraM saMpUrNam ||

courtesy Hariprasad

|| ಶ್ರೀ ನೃಸಿಂಹವರಾಹಸ್ತೋತ್ರಮ್ ||

ಓಂ || ಪ್ರಹ್ಲಾದಾಹ್ಲಾದಹೇತುಂ ಸಕಲಗುಣಗಣಂ ಸಚ್ಚಿದಾನಂದಮಾತ್ರಂ
ಸೈಂಹಾಸಹ್ಯೋಗ್ರಮೂರ್ತಿಂ ಸದಭಯಮರಿಶಂಖೌ ರಮಾಂ ಬಿಭ್ರತಂ ಚ |
ಅಂಹಸ್ಸಂಹಾರದಕ್ಷಂ ವಿಧಿಭವವಿಹಗೇಂದ್ರೇಂದ್ರಚಂದ್ರಾದಿವಂದ್ಯಂ
ರಕ್ಷೋವಕ್ಷೋವಿದಾರೋಲ್ಲಸದಮಲದೃಶಂ ನೌಮಿ ಲಕ್ಷ್ಮೀನೃಸಿಂಹಮ್ || ೧ ||

ಸೀಮಾತೀತಗುಣಂ ಫಣೀಂದ್ರಫಣಗಶ್ರೀಮಾನ್ಯಪಾದಾಂಬುಜಮ್ |
ಸಾಮಾದೀಡ್ಯವರಾಹರೂಪಮಮಲಂ ಹೇ ಮಾಸನೇ ತಂ ಸ್ಮರ || ೨ ||

ಕೋಲಾಯ ಲಸದಾಕಲ್ಪಜಾಲಾಯ ವನಮಾಲಿನೇ |
ನೀಲಾಯ ನಿಜಭಕ್ತೌಘಪಾಲಾಯ ಹರಯೇ ನಮಃ || ೩ ||

ಧಾತ್ರೀಂ ಶುಭಗುಣಪಾತ್ರೀಮಾದಾಯಾಶೇಷವಿಬುಧಮೋದಾಯ |
ಶೇಷೇ ತಮಿಮಮದೋಷೇ ಧಾತುಂ ಹಾತುಂ ಚ ಶಂಕಿನಂ ಶಂಕೇ || ೪ ||

ನಮೋಸ್ತು ಹರಯೇ ಯುಕ್ತಿಗಿರಯೇ ನಿರ್ಜಿತಾರಯೇ |
ಸಮಸ್ತಗುರವೇ ಕಲ್ಪತರವೇ ಪರವೇದಿನಾಮ್ || ೫ ||

|| ಇತಿ ಶ್ರೀಮದ್ವಾದಿರಾಜಪೂಜ್ಯಚರಣವಿರಚಿತಂ ಶೀನೃಸಿಂಹವರಾಹಸ್ತೋತ್ರಂ ಸಂಪೂರ್ಣಮ್ ||

courtesy N Hariprasad

ShriHayagreeva stotram !

ॐ ॥ हयग्रीव दयासिंधो बन्धो सज्जनसंततेः । त्रयीग्रीव नमश्चान्द्रसान्द्रकान्तिसमांशुमन् ॥

स्वामिन्सघृण काप्यम्बा किं बालकममुञ्चत । पालय श्रीपते तस्मादस्मान्सेवकान् ॥

ईश तेऽनीश जीव त्वं तत्त्वं वक्ति न युक्तिमान् । अश्वो भूत्वाऽपि यो मर्त्योऽमर्त्यो वाश्वो जगत्त्रये ॥

हयास्य पश्य भृत्यं ते हन्तेमे भूतराक्षसाः । जिघांसंत्यात्तचक्रस्त्वं सत्वं विस्तार्य रक्षमाम् ॥

यमोऽपि ते भटस्त्वं च पञ्चरूपो भवान्प्रभुः । आज्ञापयतु राजाऽसौ दासायं मयि मोचयेत् ॥

अनन्तगुणसंपूर्ण धूर्न काऽप्यत्र मे प्रिया । तव पादाब्जसेवैव जैवबन्धविमोिचनी ॥

सुरम्य सुखचिद्रूप धूपदीपार्चनादिकम् । तव प्रियं सदा कु्र्यां पुर्यां वा पर्वतेऽपि वा ॥

विद्यां देहि  विवेकं च शं च सर्वत्र देहि मे । श्रद्धां देहि तथा पाहि मा हिनस्ति यथा परः ॥

ससुरासुरगंधर्वपूर्वसर्वजगत्पते । शरणं भव वाणीशवीशभोगीशसेवित ॥

हयाननं हर क्लेशं लेशं दर्शय नः प्रभो । भवन्मुखाम्बुजे  नृत्यच्छुत्यन्ताख्यवधूहृदाम् ॥

वादिराजाख्ययतिना सादरं रचितां स्तुतिम् । श्रीधरांघ्रियुगे भक्तीं साधयान् सर्वदा पठेत्॥

॥इति श्रीमद्वादिराजपुज्यचरणविरचितं हयग्रीवस्तोत्रं समाप्तम् ॥


Pujyaay Raghavendraaya !

Pujyaay Raghavendraay Satyadharma rataya ch | Bhajataam Kalpavrukshaaya Namataam Kaamdhenave ||

Pujyaay – The most eligible to be worshipped by one and all sajjanas ..

satyadharma rataay – one always engrossed only in Truthfulwords and the acts of  dharma

bhajataam kalpavrukshaay – Kalpavruksha [ celestial tree which bestows everything desired when standing underneath it ] for those who serve with devotion

ch – and

namataam kaamdhenave – kaamdhenu [ celestial cow which grants all that is wished for ] for those who prostate before Him with folded hands or those who bow before him .

shri raghavendray namah karomi – Oh sri Raghavendra I bow before thee …

Taatparya –

There is no kriyapad in this shloka ..SO many scholars feel this to be incomplete shloka …BUT from many centuries this shloka has been used for worshipping ShriRaghavendra swamy in a concise manner as tradition ..THus we cannot conclude this to be as incomplete shloka ..

So we can interprete and elaborate on the shloka by either

  1. taking any of the words in the shloka as a kriyapada
  2. taking kriyapad from the previous shloka and interpreting
  3. Or concatenating a suitable kriyapad [through rules of grammar ] and interpreting

let us take recourse to 3rd one first ..

So concatenating a suitable kriyapad – kriyapad adhyaahaar

1> here SriRaghavendraay this word is ending in chaturthivibhakti …so naturally available word in natural language processing which can be concatenated with chaturthivibhaktyaant pada should be selected ..

‘namaha ‘  ‘svasti ‘ ‘svaha’ ‘svadha ‘ etc are words which go well with chaturthivibhaktyant pada as per panini sutras .

 SriRaghavendraya  [ in this shloka the shloka is mainly for stuti so ] namaha seems more apt and making adhyaahaar of this kriyapada “namaha” ,let us interprete this shloka …

Oh SriRaghavendra Yatiraj

  1. You only speak Truthful words always and always are engaged in DHARMAkarya only
  2. SrimanNARAYANA is known as ‘Satya ‘ as HE is the creator [srishtikarta ] of the entire universe [all lokas ] and HE is known as ‘DHARMA’ because he holds supports [  dharaka -who holds ] the entire creation, all the lokas ..so NARAYANA is Satyadharma .. Oh rayare! you are always engaged in the dhyaan of this Satyadharma Narayana ..ie you are engaged in Satyadharma’s service only and nothing else except that .
  3. Dharma is of two types – kaamya & Akaamya . Dharma done with some desires towards the fruits of the Dharma is known as Kaamyadharma .. This does not become a means for MUKTI .. The dharma done without the desire for its fruits but only for the service of SHRIHARI gives rise to HARIPREETI and becomes means for MUKTI . Hence Akaamyadharma is uttama . Oh Raghavendra ! You are engaged in only Nishkaamdharma towards the SATYA naamak Hari .

These three reasons entitle you to be known as SATYADHARMARATA … Oh RAGHAVENDRA ! I bow [ namaskaara ] to you .. kindly always make me speak truth and inspire me to be engaged in nishkaamdharma and Let HARIPREETI be graced upon me by your anugraha ,.. blessings .

Whatever we desire is granted instantly by a plant in devaloka . It is known as Kalpavruksha . Similarly there is one cow by name KAAMDHENU which also grants within a second ,whatever is wished for ! Both these appeared during samudra manthan [ the great churning of ocean ] by the grace of SHRIHARI ..they have become the object of affection of LORD ..

Oh Raghavendra ! You are also the object of affection for LORD NARSIMHA [ you have complete blessings of LORD NARAYANA ] and Oh gururaja ! you are also capable of fulfilling all the wishes of the devotees .. You grant all the wishes by the grace of immense blessings of HAri on you .

Thus for those who serve you with devotion you are a Kalpavruksha and for those who do namaskaara with devotion , you are akin to KAamdhenu to those devotees .

Thus I with devotion am in your service oh Pujya Rahavendra ! I with devotion bow before you Oh Satyadharmarata Raghavendra ! Kindly bestow all the desires [ishtaartha ] and Also make me eligible for MUKTI by the blessings of NARAYANA .

2> or If we assume ‘bhajataam’ and ‘namataam’ as kriyapad then we can interprete the shloka as …

can namataam be taken as kriyaapad ?… ‘Namu’ dhatu in panini vyakaraN is parasmaipada But Chandra and other shastrakaaras declare it as Ubhayapada ..Therefore atmanepada ‘Lot’ pratham purush ‘bhajataam ‘  can be applied to ‘Namataam ‘ as well … But we need to concatenate the word ‘ ‘Bhaktajanah ‘ …meaning the devotees like me bhaktajanah .. Sriraghavendraay – SriRaghavendra swamy to be pleased with them in all prospects ‘ Bhajataam ‘ let them serve and ‘ Namataam ‘ let them bow to Raghavendra who is pujya satyadharmarata and is akin to kalpavruksha and kaamdhenu . In this case namah need not be concatenated to complete the shloka .. Bhaktajanah we have concatenated though but except ‘aham ‘ ‘tvam ‘ all other words suitable according to the panini sutra ‘ Sheshe Pratahamah ‘ can be used ..without any defects …

If we take ‘ bhajataam ‘ as kriyapad ..

‘namataam kalpavrukshaay kaamdhenave Sriraghavendraay Bhaktajanah Bhajataam ‘ 

taking thus as above we can interprete

Pujya Satyadharmarata Sriraghavendra who is akin to Kalpavruksha and kaamdhenu for those who bow before him ,to be pleased and to grace us with desires let the devotees like me serve him .

here the contradiction to panini sutra regarding parasmaipada words does not arise ..

3> suppose if we say let both ‘ namataam’ and ‘ bhajataam ‘ words be not taken as verbs but only as naampada ie nouns .. Then we must imagine a verb …suitable ..

the poet Appanacharya has been large hearted  to give freedom to the devotee to imagine his own verb[ action ] to obtain the grace of SRiRaghavendra who is Pujya satyadharmarata and akin to kalpavruksha for those who serve and kamadhenu for those who bow ..

here if devotee

‘ pujyaya satyadharmarataay bhajataam kalpavrukshay namataam kaamdhenave ch Raghvendraay ‘ [devotee can use ] pranamaami , namami , vande , namaskaromi etc infinite namaskaraath[ bow worthy verbs ] …

else if he is doing pooja he can use

 pujyaya satyadharmarataay bhajataam kalpavrukshay namataam kaamdhenave ch Raghvendraay ‘ poojayaami archaami etc  etc infinite poojarth verbs ..

else if devotee wishes to do stuti ..

 pujyaya satyadharmarataay bhajataam kalpavrukshay namataam kaamdhenave ch Raghvendraay ‘ [devotee can use ] staumi , abhishtavimi ,etc stutyartha dhatu ..

similarly  raghavendraay which means for gururaja to become anukoola and bless us with desires,  devotees can choose to do any seva action fit for them or that which suits them interests them  as per their taste and choice to please Raghavendra and as per their actions ,use appropriate verbs in the shloka and get the blessings of RAYARU ; with this largehearted intention poet appanacharya ji has not used any verbs ..

because had he used any verb like staumi or namaskaromi .. then people would think that RAGHAVENDRA swamy would bestow the desires instantly like KALPAVRUKSHA KAAMDHENU only if we do namaskara or stuti .. or if pooja is done .. and it becomes limited to that particular action …and thus by leaving out the action Appanacharyaji has indicated [ broadened the scope ] that whatever acts of devotion is done towards the RAGAHVENDRA swamy like writing japa tapa homa havana namaskara upavasa jagarana adhyayana , archana , abhisheka mridwlepana aarti naivedya bhajan etc he will give the desired like KAAMDHENU and KALPAVRUKSHA ..

4> The shloka previous to this there is a word  ” krutam ‘ if we continue interpretation …

what is the shloka previous to this shloka ?

“iti sriraghavendrarya gururaajprasadatah | krutam stotramidam punyam shrimadbhihyappanabhidhaih || ”

if we reconstruct the shloka thus

Pujyaya Satyadharmaratay bhajataam kalpavrukshaay naataam kaamdhenave Sri raghahvendraay — shrimadbhih appanabhidhaih iti idam stotram sriraghavendraaryagururaajprasadatah krutam ”

Pujya satyadharma rata [ etc qualities qualified with ] SriRaghavendra  in order to be pleased with us to be bestowed with desires .. the above mentioned divine punyakara  stotra [ entire raghavendra stotra ie ‘Sripoornabodha ..’ stotra  ] has been composed [krutam ] by APPANACHARYA who is full of gnyana bhakti and vairagya etc ..

The stotra in the beginning has a word ‘ SRIPOORNABODHA ‘ which addresses complete and allknowing  LAXMIPATI NARAYANA ,,

it also starts with ‘ SRI” the word which conveys the one who bestows all wealth and is abhimani devta for all the wealth and prosperity Sarvasampatniyamak SRIDEVI Mahalaxmidevi … ‘

 ‘Sri’ also conveys the knower of VEDAS and one who knows it to the full capacity is Sriman MADHVACHARYA and according as yogyata is JAYATEERTHA and Sri RAghavendra teertha etc all yatis till date occupying the seat of Moolramchandra sansthaana ..

So this stotra starts with name of NARAYANA LAXMI AND MADHVACHARYA AND RAGHVENDRA swamy ..

the end of the shloka contains ..the word KAAMDHENU … the one which gives all the desired …

Thus this stotra when recited bestows the blessings of NARAYANA which is nothing but MOKSHA  , it bestows blessings of LAXMIDEVI which is the material pleasures and wealth of all kinds in this world .. and it bestows the blessings of MAdhvacharya and all the acharyas till Raghvendra swamy and present acharyas .which is nothing but the KNOWLEDGE of shastras which lead to MOKSHA ..there need not be an iota of doubt in these words ..

The stotra Sripoornabodha can be divided into two parts …one beginning with  “Sripoornabodha ….. till …. mamagna roopam sadaa …..” here Rayaru mahima has been extolled in these shlokas and RAyaru has been declared as Pujya worshipworthy ..

the second part begins with ” RAGHAVENDRA guru stotram …..and till end ” in every shloka Raghavendra stotra if recited, its phala results fruits have been declared in every verse ..second part  is phalashruti of the stotra as to how the devotee is benefitted by the reciting this stotra of RAghvednra swamy who is described and his mahima is described in the first Part starting from Sripoornabodha ‘

similarly the words in present shloka  Poojyaya raghvendraya declared RAYARU as worship worthy and the words Namataam kalpavrukshaya bhajataam kaamdhenave is phalashruti .. ie declaration of fruits of the stotra .

and SATYADHARMA RATAYA ch is the complete explanation of qualities of RAGHAVENDRA declaring him to be Pujya .

thus first stanza of Shloka is the precise summary of the FIRST part of the stotra written by APPANACHARYA and the last stanza of the shloka summary of the phalashruti second part of the STotra sripoornabodha ..

Thus this one stotra is akin to the summarised version of the entire RAYAR stotra as first part declares RAYARU as PUJYAY  RAGHAVENDRAAY through his mahima described in entire stotra which summarises SATYADHARMARATYACH  and second part summarises to phalashruti which can be realised by reciting raghavendra stotram , it is concisely written as NAMATAAM KAPAVRUKSHAAY BHAJATAAM KAAMDHENAVE ‘


whatever is known to my mind I have written here as per my capacity .. any defects elders and scholars should forgive it as attempt of novice ..Let RAYARU antargat Mukhyapranantargata ShrimoolRAAMAdeva be pleased with this writing .. KRISHNARPANAMASTU ..



मध्वराय वैभव !

पीठे रत्नोपक्लप्ते रुचिररुचिमणिज्योतिषा सन्निषण्णं ब्रह्माणं भाविनं त्वाम् ज्वलति निजपदे वैदिकाद्या हि विद्याः।     सेवंते मूर्तिमत्यः सुचरितचरितम् भातिगंधर्वगीतम् प्रत्येकम् देवसंसत्स्वपि तव भगवन्नर्तितद्योवधुषु ॥

अर्थ ः –

  1. सुचरित ‘ – सबसे श्रेष्ठ आचरणवाले हे मध्वाचार्य
  2. ” निजपदे” – आपके स्वयोग्य पद जो कि सत्यलोक मे है।
  3. “रुचिर ” – मन को  एकप्रकार से आकर्षित करने वाली
  4. रुचि ” – प्रकाशमय
  5. “मणि ” – माणिक्यों के
  6. ” ज्योतिशा ” – किरणों से
  7. ” ज्वलति ” – प्रकाशित
  8. ” रत्न ” – रत्नो से (नवरत्न )
  9. ” उपक्लप्ते ” – सुसज्जित
  10. ” पीठे ” – सिंहासन पर
  11. ” सन्निषण्णं ” – चक्रवर्ति योगय वैभव से युक्त आस’न्न
  12. “भाविनम् ब्रह्माणम् “-  आगे आने वाले कल्प मे ब्रह्म पदवि पर विराजमाान होने वाले
  13. “त्वाम् ” – आप ,
  14. ” वैदिकाद्या ” – वेद संबंधी विद्या इत्यादि विद्याभिमानिदेवताआों द्वारा
  15. “मूर्तिमत्यः सत्यः ” – अपने निजस्वरूप को स्वीकारकर
  16. ” सेवंते “- ओ मध्वाचार्य आपकी सेव मे संलग्न हैँ
  17.  “अपि ” – एवं
  18. “भगवन ” – एैश्वर्यादि सकल गुणो से परिपूर्ण हे गुरुराज
  19. ” नर्तत ” –  नर्तन करते हुये
  20. “द्योवधुषु ” – देवलोक मे वास करनेवाली अप्सराएें
  21. “देवसंसत्सु ” – देवसभाओं मे
  22. प्रत्येकं “-  हर एक एेसे अन्य लोको के सभाओं मे
  23. “गंधर्वगीतम् ” – गंधर्व नामक देवलोक के संगीतकारो द्वारा गायन
  24. ” तव ” – आपके
  25. “चरितम् “- चरित्र कि गाथा आौर महिमा
  26. ” भाित ” – सुशोभित है
  27. “हि” – आौर यह विषय सर्वत्र अतिप्रसिद्ध  है

तात्पर्य ः- सकलवेदविद्याभिमानि देवता अपने निजस्वरूप मे शरीर स्वीकार कर श्रीमध्वाचार्यजी (जो कि सत्यलोक मे अति प्रकाशमय नवरत्न खचित, मणियों से सुसज्जित सिंहासन पर विराजमान है अौर आगे भावी कल्प मे ब्रह्मा के पदवी पर अानेवाले  हैं)  की सेवा मे संलग्न है इस महिमा का गुणगान सर्व देवसभाआो मे अप्सराएेँ नर्तन करते हुये ,गंधर्व गायन करते है यह इस श्लोक से बोध होता है ।

विस्तार ः-

कलि अौर इतर दैत्यो के प्रवेश से सभी सज्जन अौर देवता प्रायः कभी कभी शास्त्र विरुद्ध मार्ग का अाचरण करते है । लेकिन ऋुजुगणों मे दैत्यावेश नामक दोष न होने के कारण वे सर्वथा शास्त्र विरुद्ध कार्य का आचरण नही करते है अौर एैसे आचरण के संदर्भ उनके जीवन मे सर्वथा नही आते है ।केवल शास्त्र सम्मत कर्म मे आसक्त होने के कारण अौर सदगुण परिपूर्ण होने से इनको “सुचरित” विशेषण उपयुक्त है ।

ऋुजुगण अनादि काल से हरी के विशेष अनुग्रहार्थ तपस्या मे तल्लीन हैं । इनमे सबसे अधिक साधना का श्रेय प्रथम ब्रह्माजी को है अौर तदनंतर हे वायुदेव आपका है ।आपके उपरांत लातव्यजी का है अौर बाद गव्यजी का है।अनेक ऋुजुगण एक समान योग्यता के होने पर भी अपने अपने तपस्या अवधी के तारतम्यानुसार सत्यलोक मे अपने अपने स्थानो को गृहण करते हैं । इसमे ब्रह्माजी का स्थान अग्रगण्य है । ब्रह्माजी के मुक्तावस्था को प्राप्त होने पर , इस स्थान के दावेदार अाप स्वयं श्री वायुदेव हैं । वायुदेव के स्थान पर लातव्य अौर लातव्य के स्थान पर गव्य विराजमाान होंगे । इसी क्रम से इतर ऋुजुगण अपने स्थानो मे उन्नति पायेंगे। अौर क्रम से ब्रह्मा के पद को प्राप्त कर मुक्ती को प्राप्त होते हैं। ब्रह्म पदवी के प्राप्त होने पर ऋुजुगणों को सत्यलोक का अधिपत्य जो कि 14 लोको का अधिपत्य भी है वह प्राप्त होता है । इसी कारण से सत्यलोक को ऋुजुगणों का “निजपद “ के रूप मे कहागया है ।

ऊपर कहे गये सर्व विषयो को अाधारकर प्रस्तुत ब्रह्माजी के मुक्त होने पर आप उस पद पर विराजमान होंगे इसलिये हे वायुदेव आपको भावी ब्रह्मा के रूप मे जाना जाता है ।

समस्त ऋुजुगणों से भी अधिक तपस्या करने से आप अग्रगण्य हैं इसलिये आप सुचरित हैं । अौर सत्यलोक का सिंहासन आपकी प्रतीक्षा मे हैं , इस पर आपका निज अधिकार हैं ,इसलिये आप इसके सत्यलोक के युवराज हैं ।युवराज के लिये सिंहासन अपना होता है , अर्थात सिंहासन ‘ पद ‘ युवराज का अपना अर्थात ‘निज’ है ।ब्रह्माजी का सत्यलोक का पद श्रीवायुदेव के लिये ‘निजपद’ है । आपके आधिपत्य के योग्य पद ।

ऋुजुगण सभी सत्यलोक मे ब्रह्माजी को प्रधान पद पर , आपको युवराजपद पर नियुक्तकर अपने अपने योग्य पदों पर तारतम्यानुसार विराजमाान होकर श्रीहरि की आराधना करते हैं ।

आपसे सुशोभित इस आसन के वैभव का गाान करते हैं । आपका सिंहासन नवरत्नखचित है । उसमे उत्तम माणिक्य है । प्रत्येक मणि ,अनेको सूर्य के एक साथ उदय होने पर जो प्रकाश होता है , उस समान तेज से सुसज्जित है अौर नेत्र को भेदने का सामर्थ्य रखने वाले  प्रकाश से सुशोभित आपका सिंहासन है जिस पर आप युवराजयोग्य वैभव से  स्थित है । आप ! अनेक इतर युवराजों कि तरह  गर्व को प्रदर्शित करते हुए ,अहंकार से युक्त होकर सिंहासन पर नही बैठे है । श्रीहरि के अनुगृह से प्राप्त यह स्थान ,मुझे कर्तव्य निर्वाहन के लिये मिला है , इसका परिपालन हरि की सेवा है , इस भावना से , हरि को मनःपूर्वक एकनिष्ठ तरीके से स्मरण करते हुये ,हरि स्मरण से आनंद का अनुभव करते हुये अक्षों से अश्रुओं को बहाते हुये , हरिभक्तों के कल्याण की कामना करते हुये अौर उसके हेतु हि कार्यक्रमों का निर्वाहण करते हुए आप सिंहासन पर विराजमान  हैं । इस विषय को “संनिषण्णं “ शब्द से सूचित किया है । अौर उसी समय …

वेद इत्यादि अपौरुषेय ( किसी भी व्यक्ती द्वारा न रचा गया अौर अनादि काल से उपलब्ध) एवं पौरुषेय अर्थात वेदव्यास आदि हरि के अवतारोंद्वारा अौर उनके शिष्यवृंदों द्वारा रचे गये मूलरामायण पंचरात्रागम इ॰ ग्रंथो को विद्या के रूप मे जाना जाता है । इनसभी विद्याओं के अभिमानी देवता, हे वायुदेव आपकी सदा सेवा करते रहते हैं। अन्य लोको मे यह विद्याएें कभी प्रत्यक्ष मे तो कभी अदृश्य रूप मे स्थित रहकर  सेवा करते रहते हेै । लेकिन सत्यलोक मे ये विद्याएँ अपने निज शरीर को धारण कर मूलरूप से आपकी सेवा मे संलग्न रहते है। यह विशेष है ।

आपने भूलोक मे जन्म लेकर श्रीमन्मध्वाचार्य के नाम से प्रसिद्धि प्राप्त की ।आपने इस अवतार मे अनेक विद्याओं के अपव्याख्यान को निराकरण कर यथार्त को घोषित किया अौर इन विद्याओं को कृतार्थ किया । इस रक्षाकार्य एवं उपकार का स्मरण करते हुये इन विद्याओं के अभिमानीदेवता आपकी सेवा मे अपने मूलरूप मे प्रस्तुत हैं ।इसमे कोई आशचर्य नही ( रक्षक कि सेवा )

ओ मध्वराया ! एैशवर्य इ॰ गुण रुद्रदेव इ॰ सभी देवताओं मे भी पाएे जाते हैं । लेकिन आपमे यह सर्वाधिक हैं । इसीलिये ‘भगवान” यह उपाधि आपको सुशोभित है ।

देवलोक मे संगीतकारों मे गंधर्व नामक संगीतकार अतिप्रसिद्ध है । देवलोक मे नर्तन करनेवाले स्त्रियो मे अतिश्रेष्ठ श्रेणि के स्त्रियो को अप्सरा शब्द से संबोधित किया जाता है । हरि के अनुग्रह से इन अप्सराओं को सभी लोको मे वास करने की योग्यता उपलब्ध है । भिन्न भिन्न लोको मे भी देव सभा्एें है । उन समस्त लोको के देव सभाओं मे आपके भक्तगण ये गंधर्व अौर अप्सराएेँ ,आपके अवतार ( हनुम भीम मध्व ) मे अौर मूलरूप मे किये गये लीलाओं का गुणगान गायन द्वारा करते रहते है अौर उस गायन के अनुरूप  अपसराएें मधुर आभिनयन उत्तम नर्तन  करती है । इससे सभा मे उपस्थित सभी देवता एवं ऋुषिगण भक्ती मे लीन होकर खो जाते है  । “हि ” शब्द का प्रयोग कर श्री त्रिविक्रम पंडिताचार्य कहते है …हे मध्वाचार्या ! यहाँ  वर्णित अनेक विषय , मै अपनी कल्पना से नही कह रहा हूँ वरन् यह बात अनेक असंख्यप्रमाणो से स्वयंसिद्ध है ।एेसे समस्त लोको मे अतिप्रसिद्ध आपके असंख्य गुणों अौर माहिमाओं का संपूर्ण वर्णन करना असंभव है ।आपके गुण अौर महिमा अपरिमित है ।

श्रीकृष्णार्पणमस्तु ॥


The above shloka is from HARIVAYUSTUTI composed by Shri Trivikrampanditacharya in praise of Shrimanmadhvacharya …


The words in the shloka and their brief meaning are thus –

  1. sucharita   – o’ madhvarya , your conduct is one of only auspiciousness and ever virtuous ,hence you are sucharita charitam
  2. nijpade – The position befitting your status and self righteously own ie the ownership of satyaloka
  3. ruchir – one attracting the minds incessantly
  4. ruchi – the glare ,glow of
  5. mani- the rubies
  6. jyotisha – the rays
  7. jwalati – emanating from
  8. ratna – gems [nine types of jewels ]
  9. upklupte – set in
  10. peethe – throne of
  11. sannishaNNam –  seated befittingly like a prince [ Emperor in waiting ]
  12. Bhavinam bramhaNam – The futuristic Bramha [ in next creation ]
  13. tvaam – thyself
  14. vaidikadya – vedas and other auxiliary studies and literature and its deities incharge
  15. moortimatyah satyah – in their most primal forms in person attending to
  16. sevante – in service of shri VAYUDEV
  17. api – and
  18. bhagvan – one complete in wealth and prosperity
  19. nartat – dancing
  20. dyovadhushu – the apsaras [nymphs] of the devlokas
  21. devsansatsu – in the devsabhas [courts of devatas ]
  22. pratyekam – ine every such devsabhas in each of the various lokas
  23. gandharvageetam –  songs sung by gandharvas
  24. tav – your
  25. charitam –  greatness and various acts of valor of VAyudev
  26. bhati – unparalleled ,gloriously displayed
  27. hi – thus famously renown everywhere in each loka ..

excerpt – Oh Madhvacharya ! the vedas and other shastras like panchartra etc and its diety incharge always personally attend to your service in person in their original primal form [moolrupa ] as You are seated on the throne [which is bejewelled with nine types of precious stones and specially fatastically glowing rubies ]of Satyaloka befitting a crown prince , as You are the future Bramha the creator of the next cycle of creation by HARI , so enact the apsaras dancing to the tunes of gandharvas singing ode to the glorious qualities and  valorous acts describing the greatness of SHri VAyudev ..

elaboration –

Rujuganas are special type of Souls among the set foremost in the groups of Muktiyogyas . The other souls in course of their journey of life sometimes faulter in their conduct and act against the principle injunctions of Shastra . This is chiefly due to the possesion of daityas demons like KAli etc ..

Rujuganas do not have defects like such possessions of demons , thus they never fault er in their conduct . They always act in accordance with dharma and tread the path laid down by shastras in a perfect manner .. Thus they are knwon as rujus and their conduct is always auspicious and virtuous and hence the adjective  ‘ SUCHARIT “is apt for them ..

rujus are always engaged in the act of tapasya and seek on augmentation of  HARI anugraha [grace of LORD ] .. Among them BRAMHA has accumulated highest merit owing to tapasya of longest duration .. After Bramha . OH VAYUDEV ! you are the only next to be honoured with this reputation of having highest merit .. similarly LATAVYA occupies next position and GAVYA the next in succession .. Though they are all equals ,, owing to the length of duration of tapasya they were in since their manifestation into creation ,differentiates their position in subtle heirarchy . SO Bramha occupies the main throne of SATYALOKA .. and as Bramha attains Mukti in this creation , the next cycle of  creation sees Oh VAYUDEV ! yOu as the next BRAMHA .. thus Latvya becomes VAYU and GAVYA becomes LATAVYA .. so on so forth each of the rujus occupy their next preceding posts ..Thus this post of BRAMHA is the ownership of SATYALOKA , also the kingdom of entire 14 lokas , is occupied by each of ruju at some point in their sadhna and subsequently they attain MOKSHA .Thus this post of BRAMHA ie throne of Satyaloka is their selfrighteously their own place . thus it is reffered to as ‘ NIJAPADA’

Oh Vayudeva ! you are one among the ruju and hence you are addresed as one having sucharita and after present Bramha attains Moksha will occupy Satyaloka throne thus this throne is your Nijapada ..as you are the crown prince of this LOka .

You are seated on the throne befitting a crown prince . Your Throne is studded with precious jewels of all kinds . the rubies set in the throne is glowing and emanating rays as though many a  SUN have risen simultaneously at a time , the rays and glow of the throne is piercing the eyes of the beholder with its wonderful glare .

You are seated onto this throne , not like other princes of world would seat themselves with pride and ego ..But You have seated yourselves with a feeling expressing gratitude towards HARI that he has bestowed upon you the KINGDOM of 14 worlds to rule and its your duty to carry out his wishes and you are seated with complete awareness of HARi’s grace on you owing to which you have surrendered yourselves to him your mind only occupied with his thoughts and tears of joy flowing through your eyes as LORD  is visible to you in your mind , and YOu oh VAYUDEV recommending the welfare the HARIBHAKTAS [ devotees of LOrd ] and carrying out the necessary chores of RULE of Kingdom in accordance to such desires of welfare of Universe in complete humility and devotion of LORD , with gait full of all charm and capabilities befitting the Prince .this is addressed with adjective ‘SannishaNNAM’

Veda are Apourusheya ie not composed by any author and beginingless and others paurusheya compositions like moolramayana ,pancharatra agama etc composed by HARI in his avataras like vedvyasa and his disciples are collectively known as VIDYA . these Vidya have a deity incharge ,,all these deities incharge have a moolrupa which is completely potent and in full vigour ,,such primal presence is not everywhere in other lokas .. in other lokas these deities are visible partially and intermittently . But in satyaloka they are present in moolarupa in your service with complete devotion . as In one of your avataras You have resurrected these Vidyas from the abysmal commentaries they were subjected to by demons ,through beautiful commentaries  showing the true meaning and purpose of such shastras and Vidyas leading to LORD NARAYANA .and making these Vidyas a meaningful respected entity . You are exhibiting the full glory in this loka sitting on the throne , your wealth and possesions are unsurpassing greater than the prosperity of RUDRA and other deities in different lokas like maharloka and swargaloka . Thus BAGHAVAN is apt  description for you ..Thus sing the celestial nymphs of the court gatherings of the devatas dancing to the tunes sung by GANDHARVAS not only in satyaloka but each of such lokas and each of such gatherings .. As the nymphs enact the plays enumeration your stories of glorious avatars like HANUMAN BHEEMA AND MADHVACHARYA . oh Vayudeva beholding such a blisfull acts of Apsaras dancing  on songs of GAndharvas , devatas and rishis forget their minds and belongings completely immersed  in the bewitchment of your GLORY .

This I am not addressing you thus in a poetic manner composed  out of my imagination taking poetic liberty BUT the facts enumerated in above lines are supported by inifinite pramanas in vedas and shastra and thus your GLORY and fame is inexplicable and infinite to be summarised by a human effort . and hence poet Shri TRIVIKRAMAPANDITACHARYA adds a word ‘HI’ to the couplet to indicate that mahima of SHRIMANMADHVACHARYA cannot be expressed in mere words .

Krishnarpanmastu .

32 Aparadhas !

VARAHA purana gives in details the  32 mistakes that one should not commit while doing VISHNU pooja . committing which pooja is not accepted by the LORD ./. what are they ?

Sridevi Asks Lord after having known 100 aparadhas that could be committed while devatarchana which should be averted  by alert sevaka .. i wish to know 32 main amongst these which needs to be absolutely avoided !

Varaha deva says !

Devataarchana after:

  1. anointing tirayak pundra [ addanaama , vibhuti ]
  2. after having taken meals
  3. without brushing teeth
  4. archana with borrowed [pleaded begged bargained  ] flowers leaves and fruits
  5. without washing feet and legs entering temple and doing pooja
  6. eating chewing pan masala or tamboola before the idol
  7. having eaten food made of safflower /sunflower leaves flowers and then doing devataarchana
  8. flowers of creepers , palash should not be used for archana
  9. the fools should not worship at asuri kaala [ after vihit kaala ]
  10. giving naivedya of the anna prepared by avaishnava
  11. doing pooja of VISHNU when elders / gurus are present in the vicinity
  12. burning incense [ gugullu ] without using ghee for LORD
  13. using only ghee for the incense
  14. using palms  for aarti or only thread or cotton [ or not dripped enough ]
  15. doing pooja while in presence of avaishnavas looking at them
  16. bathing LORD with idol in left hand or using left hand during pooja
  17. giving naivedya of the items which are a day old or prepared previous day ,giving naivedya of the dishes prepared through remote heat [ like microwave or like tandoor ] steek tikka sizzler etc  is prohibited
  18. doing pooja wearing blue dress or giving blue dress to LORD ,adorning LORD with dress which is washed nine times or torn or worn out dresses
  19. offering lord any item that has contacted the nails or contacted water falling through nails .doing pooja making noise , conversation , without silence ,doing pooja with profusely sweating body
  20. doing pooja of lord holding the vaat mutra [ urine . fart or faeces ],when  there is urge for it ,if passed the air [ vaata ] through anus then continuing pooja without achamana
  21. doing pooja with complete covering from head to toe
  22. sitting/standing on high pedestal giving dhoop deepa ,giving dhoopa deepa without naivedya
  23. without doing pooja of the tatavdevatas in the dhamnis proceeding to vishnu pooja
  24. being shiva dweshi [ hating SHIVA ] ,or Hating Vishnu doing Shaiva pooja
  25. the pooja of those who do not do nakta vrata on ashtami is not accepted by lord ,the pooja of those who do not do harivasara is not accepted by lord
  26. worshipping Vihsnu as someoneelse or someone else as vishnu is not acceptable 
  27. doing pooja without worshipping  Vighneshwara and Kaapali is not acceptable [ this would result in difficulties all the three times a day ]
  28. worshipping in darkness touching idols  like  a blind man 
  29. worshipping Lord after talking to rajaswala
  30. lighting the oil lamp with safflower castor  oil is prohibited
  31. one who does not do ekadashi upavas his pooja is not acceptable
  32. doing archan without the knwoledge of tantrasara

all the above aparadhas are considered as mahaaparadhas and LORD does not forgive them .. but those who stay awake in the night of ekadashi and recite vishnusahasranaam LORD forgives thousands of aparadhas ..




NirastadoshoNirvadyaVeshah !

Punya is of Two types

  1. Ishta Punya
  2. AnishTa Punya

when doing punya [ virtuous act ] , one does the karma expecting a result out of it …[ like if homa is done with laja one gets a compatible woman /man as spouse ] so when doing the virtuous act of homa , one does it with aim to get a wife /husband …

Thus this act of doing homa gives punya but this punya is Ishta punya … Similarly various acts of karma satkarma to get job etc form a Ishta punya for the person .. These punya [ depending on days done , such as parvakala , punyakala etc ] is manifold in size and gives results in birth after birth for  a long time ….

In the times to come This Punya becomes a hinderance if a better Punya phala is awaiting for fructification ….At this point this punya [ hindering one ] becomes ANISHTA as opting this would result in loss of better results …

for ex .. one applies for a job in clerical grade and puts in lots of effort to get it .. One also gets the job .. just at the time of joining as the clerk ,, one suddenly gets an opportunity to become a CIVIL servant .or an officer … Now the efforts and result of the previous clerical grade exam is ANISHTA for the person .. though it was ISHTA at a previous instant ..

Similarly APAROKSHA gyanis , before the advent of APAROKSHA gyana might have performed many a karma for various results … AT that time those punyas and its fruits might have been ISHTA for them …

After the advent of APAROKSHA gyana , when MUKTI is nearer , these punyas guaranting SWARGA or birth on a earth as wealthy man or KING seems ANISHTA as it becomes an hinderance to their MUKTI .. why ?

If the previous Ishta Punya has to be exhausted ..Then they will have to take birth on earth or spend time in Swarga , and while in these births they will again have to do few more anishTa punyas resulting in further more karma .. and thus the cycle becomes inexhaustible to such an extent that actual Phala of MUKTI seems a distant impossible dream … as it becomes impossible to exhaust the heaps of karma AGAMI as it may take infinite births to do so  … Thus such a situation never exists so for Aparokshagyanis these ANISHTA punya is never experienced …

SO what happens to this ANISHTA punya ?

Those who devotedly serve the Aparoksha gyanis .. they get these Anishta punya … similarly there are ANISHTA sins as well … So thsoe who hate or harbour hate towards the saints aparoksha gyanis will get their Anishta sins ….

Both sins and punya of AParoksha gyanis do not touch them …. They go to the adversaries and devotees respectively …

All the karmas done prior to getting AParoksha gyana by APAROKSHI is termed as SANCHITA karma …Among the heaps of Sanchita karma .. the karma which was operational just as APAROKSHA dawned is known as PRARABDHA .karma …

This prarabdha has to be experienced by the Soul without fail , there is no escape from these karma … IT has to be exhausted by experiencing only …

WHile experiencing the Prarabdha Karma , after advent of APAROKSHA whatever karma a soul does is known as AGAMI karma ..

while prarabdha has to be experienced ,.,..BOTH sanchita and agaami are punya pap are anishta and are given to bhaktas and dweshis by HARI and only ISHTA punya is experienced by APAROKSHA gyani ..

RAGHAVENDA guru is SHANKUKARNA in his moolarupa … SHANKUKARNA was devata adjduicated to bring PUSHPA tulasi etc for BRAMHA ji for his daily worhsip of NARAYANA …

Pramana says ” Na devapadamaaruDhaa bramhadarshanvarjitah ” 

means devata post does not come without having APAROKSHA ..

so SHANKUKARNA was a devata and APAROKSHA gyani .. SO whatever karma done in the avataras of PRAHALAAD , BALHIKA VYASARAYARU and RAGHVEDNRA swamy is all agaami karma .. As Prahalaada he has done immense satkarma [ His devotion resulted in pradurbhava of NARSIMHA ] thus all this still remains ANISHTA punya for RAYARU and all the devotees who pray sing his leelas are bound to get benefit by his ANISHTA punya which is sure shot remedy for fulfillment of all desires …

But GURURAJA has no experience of all these punya that he has previously done in his previous births as PRAHALAAD Balhika etc .. Thus he is known to be NIARASTADOSHAh … 

ANy karma done aspiring the fruits of KARMA  or for the sake of revenge owing to hatred .. is known as KAMYAKARMA ..RAghvendra swamy [ so also in his previous births ] never harboured any desires ,,, In BHAGAVAT every character elucidated to have devotion towards HARI harboured some desires and then worshipped HARI .. like DHRUVA wanted to sit on the lap of his FATHER … and went in jungle … MARKANDEYA wanted to have longevity and thus worshipped NARSIMHA …AJAMILA steeped in sins , wanted to call his son and subsequently sees NARAYANA  ,BALI wanted to become INDRA … BUT PRAHALAAD is one devotee who never wished anything in return as reward …

SO RAYARU never had any KAMYAKARMA … even in MANTRALAYA he is sitting only to fulfill the desires of his devotees and not for himself .. thus even that is also not a kamyakarma … just as he does not have the dosha of hatred or desires and does pure BHAGAVAT karma only , so also he is called as NIRASTADOSHAh  …

Muktiyogya jeevas have perfect lakshanas as per lakshana shastra … As per tartamya they exhibit uttama lakshanas .. BRAMAH exhibits complete lakshnas and leser jeevas exhibit lesser lakshanas.. TAMOYOGYA jeevas do not have even one uttama lakshana and exhibit only durlakshanas ..and KALI exhibits complete durlakshans … Absence of uttama lakshanas itself is a dosha …

Such a defict of uttama lakshan dosha does not exist in GURU RAGHAVENDRA and on the contrary He exhibits perfect lakshanas and also exhibits the signs of his ashrama in a perfect manner by wearing a KAUPIN kashaya [ orange robes ] vatsra danda kamandalu fit for a sanyasi .. which are in accordance with Shastras  thus he is known as NIRVADYAVESHAH ..

Krishnarpanmastu ..


BhavaDukhatoolSanghagniCharya: !

SHriRaghvaendra Guru has feet akin to lotus . Lotus attracts the bees . bees insearch of honey , are unable to leave the lotus and keep circling it . Similarly devotees [ bees ] must always be engaged in the dhyana of Lotus feet of RAGHAVENDRAswamy for the sake of honey [ moksha ] unable to leave it …keep again again and again meditating on it … having done so Rayaru  will give all the desired [ both desires of this world and other world ] ….

 Devendra’s Vajrayudha shattered many a mountains ….. we must keep our eyes fixed on the lotus feet of RAYARU and in turn RAYARU casts his graceful glance on us .. This graceful glance like VAJRAYUDHA destroys all our sins that have accumulated to form a mountain .. Oh Raghavendra of such might be pleased with me …

My ishta guru RAGHAVENDRA has been described by an adjective viz Bhavadukhtoolsanghagnicharya:  By appanacharya ..

every person has miseries dukha inhis life ,..this dukha in sansaara namely sansaaradukh are infinite , they have taken the dimension of a mountain in size and seem impossible to overcome … and day by day the count of such mountains are also increasing … even one mountain of this misery is impossible to cross over and yet many other spring up day by day making it a cumbersome journey not fit to live …when a jeeva /person  remembers RAYARU as his guru and browses through the great saints life and events …RAyaru akin to a fire [ agnicharya  ] all these sansaara dukh burns out like a heap of cotton ..[toolasangha ]

Along the lines He relieves one from dushta graha like pisacha betala etc and also reins in effects of planets like shani mangal etc ,..[ samstadushtagrahanigrahesho ]  and easily helps cross over mountains of misery and misfortune to attain the eternal bliss ..

Note : In the previous para we have seen that RAYARU is agni charya ie has the capabilities of agni .. in destroying the heap of cotton like sansaara dukha .

Dukha [ misery ] are of two types …

1. Swaroop dukha

2. sansaara dukha

among these swaroopa dukh is experienced by only those souls who are tamoyogyas like KALI etc … For a tamoyogya souls swaroopa dukha is very embodiment of its soul and is anadinitya just as soul … There is no destruction for this swaroop dukha .. Thus GURURAJA  does not destroy this swaroop dukha …of tamoyogyas …

Sansaarik dukha is experienced by all the souls … But Tamoyogya and Nityasansaari jeevas as they do not have even an iota of devotion in HARI , the foremost among the devotees Shri RAYARU does not destroy even the sansaarik dukha of these two types of people ….ONly sansaaradukh of devotees are eligible for destruction of sansaarik dukha on worshipping RAYARU .. [ so there may be infinite people who would say .. I have gone to Mantralayam 100 times but I did not get any result … even chiraan’s prediction  failed in my case he advised remedy and I did  not get result even after visiting mantralayam … no regrets .. make  a reality check  are you DEVOTEE of Krishna ? ]

Only Muktiyogya sansaarik Dukha RAYARU destroys … so dukha word denotes Muktiyogya sansaaarik dukha ….

But isnt the above explanation obvious by shastras .. but Appanacharya has used BHAVA dukha .. isnt the word BHAVA redundant .. scholars dont use redundant words .. so above explanation may not be perhaps right , may be some other perspective needs to be explored …

So not only RAJARU destroys the sansaarik dukha but also the root cause of this dukha ie Sansaara ie BHAVA also gets destroyed by RAYARU’s dhyana … and hence BHAVA dukha tool sanghagni charya has been attributed to RAYARU …

But In BHAGAVATA  it is said that Only VISHNU has the capability to destroy the BHAVA ie sansaara

“varam varay bhadram te rute kaivalyamatmanah | ek evaeshavarastasya Bhagavaan Vishnuravyayah || ”

SO RAYARU CANNOT HAVE SANSAARPARIHARAK SHAKTI  it seems from this sentence of BHagavat …SO even the second perspective how can it be correct ?

In the first vie BHAVA word becomes redundant and in the second it becomes meaningless as such a quality cannot be seemingly attributed to RAYARU according to Bhagavat …

To reconcile the two … we take recourse to the word ‘ AGNICHARYAh ”

here RAYARU has been said to be akin to AGNI …

How does agni fire burn the cotton …

1. either cotton should fall on the fire

2. Fire should catch up with heap of cotton directly

In these two cases there is direct contact between the fire and the cotton .. and cotton burns to ahes …. So also by the direct seva of RAYARU  like darshana  padasevanam pradakshina stuti aradhana  ones sansaarika dukha burns to ashes in a direct manner …

3. thirdly a cotton can be kept in a container and kept on fire … here fire catches up with container and then having pervaded the container burns the cotton ..

even though there is no direct contact between fire and cotton …in sequence cotton gets burnt … Similarly RAYARU may not directly destroy the BHAVA of devotees like HARI but by his upadeshas of HARI sarvottamatva and VAyu jeevottamatva gyana .. which when ignited in Devotees mind ..increases grace of HARI and devotion to HARI gradually and consequentially qualifies for Destruction of BHAVA ..

So RAYARU destroys sansaarik dukha directly and gradually qualifies one to overcome BHAVA as well …

VEDAS say .. ” VishNurhi dataa mokshasya Vayuscha tadanugnya ”

VISHNU gives MOKSHA independently and VAYU gives MOKSHA by Vishnu’s permission …

SO Bhagavat sentence when it says only VISHNU can give MOKSHA and others cannot give … is not right interpretation , others can also give under the instruction of VISHNU …

But again there are many gurus ..and everyone preaches about TAttvavada and they also create Vishnu bhakti and gradually makes one eligible for MOKSHA … whats so special about RAYARU then ?

again we take recourse to the word ‘ Agnicharyah ”

here the word AGNI answers the above question ..

Cotton can be buried into the ground …

cotton can be dissolved into water or other solutions …

iN BOTH ABOVE CASES  ,, cotton is destroyed but after a long time … Put it in fire instantly it is ashes within no time …

Other gurus who are lesser in tartamya to RAYARU take a long time to dissolve the sansaarika dukha … And for those who are higher in tartamya to RAYARU .. owing to extreme affection on RAYARU choose to grace through RAYARU only … as he has been specially deputed to fulfill the wishes of devotees … So like a fire all the dukha of devotees gets destroyed instantly  and one becomes eligible for MOKSHA…

EVen the the fire during PRALAYA burns the cotton … the spark arising out of this fire also burns the cotton .. HARI like a pralayaagni destroys the sansaara of the jeevas by his own prowess ,,,, so also Ragahvendra swamy like a spark obtained by his unparrallel grace Of HARI destroys the sansaara of the Jeevas devoted to MUKUNDA … Thus the word AGNICHARYA has been aptly attributed by APPANACHARYA to our beloved guru SHRI RAGHAVENDRA ….



KrishNaashTAmi Vrat !

||SHriGurubhyo namaha ||

At the stroke of midnight when moon tenants  Rohini Nakshatra  in the dark half of the lunar month when kalaashtami tithi exists  , that ashtami is considered as ‘ JAYANTI ” in the shastras which is capable of destroying all the evils and sins .On such  a ashtami even though HARi is without birth and death , he manifested [ SHRIKRISHNA PRADURBHAVA ] as SHRI KRISHNA .

AS LORD has manifested in a  beautiful form , that day is most sacred and removes all miseries of devotees in an extraordinary way . So everyone must worship in a special way , especially dwijas must worship without fail by fasting as per shastras, without fail .

Those who out of loss control of senses eat or partake food  , it would be akin to eating blood soaked meat , Thus one must undertake  fast on this auspicious day .

One must get up early in morning before sunrise  and after completing morning chores , leaving aside laziness , should bathe in a manner as prescribed by agamas …while bathing following mantra should be recited

Yogaay yogapataye yogeshwaraaya yogasambhavaay Shree Govindaaya namo namah ||”

again with above mantras one should complete sandhyavandan and nityakarmas ..

 In the afternoon /evening again one must bathe with above mantra …. [ before 11 am ]

Then onemust perform nitya pooja with follwoing mantra

yagnyay yagnyapataye yagneshwaraya yagnasambhavaya shree govindaya namo namah ||

at this point one must also worship vasudeva ,devaki ,nandgopa yashoda and subhadra and balaraama ..along with Krishna …

Just as  the moon  rises in the night around midnight , one must stand up to  give Achyuta as present in chandramandala [ bimba of the moon in the sky ]  arghya and other archana with follwoing mantra

‘Jaatah kamsavadhaarthaayah bhoobhaarottaarNaya ch | kaouravaNaam vinaashaaya daitayaanaam nidhanaay ch || paaNDavaaNaam hitaarthaya dharmasansthaapanaaya  ch | grahaaNaarghyam mayaa dattam devakyaa sahito Hare  ‘ ||

take milk  along with sandal paste tulasi fragrant flowers coins  and leave it in the plate near tulasi looking at the moon [ remember bharatiya ramana mukhyapranantargata krishna in the moon ] in a standing position  .. repeat the mantra with water …

the similarly give arghya to MOON seated along with his wife ROHINI … with following mantras

‘KSheerodaarNav sambhoot atri gotra samudBhava | grahaNaarghyam maya dattam RohiNya sahitah Shashinah  ||

Worship KRISHNA with manyusukta [ non dwijas with Krishnastaka ]

and worship MOON with following mantra

” Shashine chandradevaaya somadevaaya chendave | mrugiNE sheetabimbaaya lok deepaay deepine | sheeta deedhiti bimbaay taarakaapataye namaha ”

After upasanhaara .. one must remain with bramhacharya and controll all the senses .. recite

‘Vishwaay vishwapataye vishweshwaraay vishwasambhavaay shree govindaaya namo namaha ||

and then one must say Krishnaarpanamastu and sleep ..

Get up next day early in the morning … complete nityaahnika and then

give daana to a bramhin as per capacity reciting following mantra

” sarvaaya sarvapataye sarveshwaraaya sarva sambhavaaya Shree govindaya namonamaha ||”

then recite following mantra to give bramhana bhojana  and then  complete paarane

” Dharmaya dharmapataye dharmeshwaraaya  dharma sambhavaaya shree govindaaya namo namaha  ” ||

By  completing the vrata as above one will attain swarga as sins burn out completely and relieved one attains Moksha …



Raghavendra Suprabhaat-3 !


Oh Raghavendraguruvarya , just as large black bees are ever engrossed in the lotus flower lost in collecting  nectar from it …. similarly Guru Raghavendra is ever engrossed in the LOTUS FEET OF  MOOLRAAMAA …..

Acharya SRIMADANANDTEERTHA’s Philosophy [ Madhvamat] is very pleasant and  exhilarating like an ocean of nectar …[ amrutsamudra]   … Moon is said to have arisen from the ocean[ during amrutmanthan ] similarly  Oh RAGHAVENDRA GURU YOU are the  MOON that has taken avatara  from this amrutsamudra of MADHWACHARYA’s tatvavada [ sripoornabodhamataramyasudhabdi chandra ] .

You have taken birth in auspicious dynasty of SHRI GAUTAM muni ..Just Like SUN brightens the day in the entire universe . so also you have brightened the lineage of entire GAUTAM clan ..Oh RAGHAVENDRA a very good auspicious morning be to you ….. [ suprabhatam ]

Shloka 9

Oh RAGHAVENDRA swamiye .. you have written a book named “BHATTSANGRAH ” . Shree krishna has shown a very large bramhanda [universe ] in his very small mouth to YASHODADEVI .. similarly JAIMINI rishi and his disciples found all the important topics  of their writings about  the huge [very large ] “POORVAMIMANSA SHASHTRA ” covered in minute details in this very small GRANTHA named BHATTSANGRAHA  .. It gave them immense pleasure seeing such a compact compendium cum commentary .. and they all are felicitating You and respect you till date … Oh Guru RAGHAVENDRA a very good auspicious morning to YOU [SUPRABHAATAM ]

shloka 10

Oh YATISARVABHOUMA .. YOU HAVE written a granth to elaborate the meanings of ” BRAMHA SUTRAS ” ..it is called as ” TANTRADEEPIKA ” .. it is very compact small granth .. it contains very short sentences …sutras in it are very lucid and compact and of few letters … BUt they elaborate all the meaning of BRAMHASUTRA in a detailed manner … a lamp  though smaller in size ,when it gives light enough to brighten entire world .. then it is no longer said to be a small lamp , it is praised as wonder lamp- atishayadeepa  .. Oh guru your work namely TANTARADEEPIKA is aptly named so  and is like atishaydeepa … by writing this work you have immensely served the author of BRAMHA SUTRA LORD VEDVYASA .. who it seems is also immensely pleased by your work and it can be seen in his grace on you  in the form of adoration and fame  that comes from all corners  of universe , towards you OH RAGHAVENDRA a very auspicious good morning be to you [ SUPRABHAATAM ]

Shloka 11

Oh YATIVARYA … there are many shastras .. each shastra has its own moolpurush [ legacy author]  all other authors bequest/bequeath from its original content … in their writings… such moolpurushas like ‘PANINI , JAIMINI , GAUTAM , PARASHAR .. all these authors have inspected your works … ALl the topics from their granthas find place in your books … and what they have missed and what they could not elaborate or dwell upon even such topics also are included in your writings ,… Finding all their contents very well compiled about their shastra  All the rishis were extremely happy ,,.. finding newer topics which they could not dwell upon and seeing its elaboration and lucid  expression with ease and clairvoyance .. they were extremely humbled …. Not one granthakarta but everyone were humbled by their new experience and exploration of newer concepts in their own shastra … their respect towards RAGHAVENDRA swamy increased ..and they are bestowing their  love devotion and  admiration … Oh RAGHAVENDRA a very auspicious good morning be to YOu [ SUPRABHATAM ]

note : every scholar studies a shastra .. and majors in that shastra … namely VYAKARANA [ grammar ] MIMAMSA ..[epistemology ] ,nyaya [ logic ]  Jyotish [astrology ]etc .. while studying each refers to a particular author and study his texts … but if one studies only one text and concludes he has mastered the subject . then it would be a folly … and the person would not be considered as a pandit …. a PANDIT should have studied all the aspects of topic or subject … one author might have covered only few topics … some might not have been covered .. these might have been covered in other books on same subject by different authors … finally we find that all authors we are studying are bequeathing their contents from an orginal author who is known as MOOLPURUSHA … other proudly call themselves to be of his legacy .. for example MIMAMSA is written by JAIMINI ..then – The foundational text for the Mimamsa school is the Purva Mimamsa Sutras of Jaimini . A major commentary was composed by Śābara in ca. the 5th or 6th century CE. The school reaches its height with Kumārila Bhaṭṭa and Prabhākara . Both Kumarila Bhatta and Prabhākara (along with Murāri, whose work is no more extant) have written extensive commentaries on Śābara‘s Mimamsasutrabhāshyam. Kumārila Bhatta, Mandana Misra, Parthasarathi Misra, Sucharita Misra, Ramakrishna Bhatta, Madhava Subhodini, Sankara Bhatta, Krsnayajvan, Anantadeva, Gaga Bhatta, Appayya Dikshitar, Paruthiyur Krishna Sastri, Mahomahapadyaya Sri Ramsubba Sastri, Sri Venkatsubba Sastri, Sri A. Chinnaswami Sastri, Sengalipuram Vaidhyanatha Dikshitar were some of the Mimamsa Scholars.

reading one authors book will not clarify the issues …

But when you have done enough sadhan or research in a particular subject you find there are certain more issues which remain unexplained ,… for example .. in grammar PANINI is said to be highest authority ,… but whatever given in ASHTADHYAYI of PANINI  still falls short of explaining vedic grammar … so more topic is found in CHANDRA  ‘s vyakarana  …

BUT RAGHAVENDRA’s writings when you inspect you shall find that extra light on the subject hitherto unknown to even the originators of the subject which gives immense pleasure to readers and researchers equally …

This phenomenon continues with every topic and subject under earth .. RAGHVEDNRA SWAMY has mastery on it more than the moolpurushas … who are humbled by the lucidity and clairvoyance and content of the writings of SHRI RAGHAVENDRA SWAMY …..

shloka -12

Oh gurusarvabhaouma — SUDHA means nectar [ amrut ] … this amrut has a divine parimala [ scent ,smell ,perfume ] .. this spreads all over the place and makes amrut even more desirable … Similarly NYAYASUDHA is one such nectar in philosphy ,.. oh Raghavendra you have written a beautiful vyakhyana by name PARIMALA … which indeed is divine parimala of this nectar called NYAYASUDHA …

SACHCHANDRIKA means a beautiful extra divine bright light  of  fullmoon  … chandrika is also a grantha of SHRI VYASATEERTHA  it found its special illumination in the form of vilasatprakash – ie PRAKAASH granth written by RAGHAVENDRA teertha a commentary on the former CHANDRIKA …

A Light[ lamp deepa ] especially enlightens the object around it by removing the darkness and people know about the objects clean and clear and it enhances the knowledge of the objects to the viewer … similarly Oh RAGHVENDRA you have written the  grantha namely BHAVA DEEPA to explain teekacharya various TEEKA granthas …. that is indeed a DEEPA which enlightens various concepts and gives complete knowledge  .. Oh RAGHAVENDRA a very good auspicious morning to you [ SUPRABHATAM ]

  • notes …  SHri VEDAVYASA has written BRAMHA SUTRAS to elucidate the meaning of VEDAS …
  • To give its right meaning … MADHVACHARYA has written ANUVYAKHYANA  …
  • JAYATEERTHA acharya has written NYAYASUDHA to further explain the ANUVYAKHYAANA
  • THIS NYAYASUDHA is like SUDHA nectar …just as NECTAR attracts everyone towards it  through its exotic smell …. so also this NYAYASUDHA explains its meaning clearly through PARIMALA grantha of RAGHAVENDRA swamy and and thus attracts the  minds of scholars gyanis towards it .
  • JAYATEERTHA muni [ ARJUN ] has written  TATVAPRAKASHIKA granth to elaborate its meaning ….
  • SHRI VYASARAJA has written a commentary on TATTVAPRAKASHIKA  known as TATPARYACHANDRIKA to simplify the menaings to lesse intelligent beings …
  • This CHANDRIKA grantha is more beautiful than Normal chandrika [ ie bright rays of fullmoon ] thus it is addressed as SACHCHANDRIKA by poet because it has divine rays  that attract one and all towards the MOON namely HARI …
  • This  SACHCHANDRIKA  was temporarily clouded .. so its light had diminished …. The clouds of wrongful misleading commentaries by lesser authors had eclipsed to diminish its bright divine rays …
  • RAGHVENDRA teertha then wrote a grantha named ‘ PRAKAASH’ as a true commentary to this beautiful CHANDRIKA … and true to its name this grantha removed the clouds of diminish [ misleading explanations ] and brought out the brighter light of DIVINE FULL MOON [ ie true clairvoyant menaing of original grantha ] and thus poet says it was a ‘ vilasatprakaash ‘   as it reached all the scholars and just as rays of full moon quench the desires of the onlookers and enhances their joy … this grantha enhanced and quenched the thirsts of philosophers .
  • MADHWACHARYA wrote many granthas to bring out the actual purport of VEDAS as told by VEDAVYASA BHAGAVAAN ..
  • To these many granthas JAYATEERTHA muni has written many many teeka grantha [ special commentaries ] ,.. they are very elaborate and taxing on scholars brain …
  • So RAGHAVENDRA SWAMY has written a single grantha namely BHAVADEEPA as and explanatory notes to all these TEEKAs .. just as small deepa light enlightens many objects … and shows its true nature .. BHAVADEEPA shows many concepts hidden in the various granthas of teekas of ACHRAYA JAYATEERTHA and removes darkness in the minds of pupils of PHILOSOPHY thus the name BHAVA DEEPA is apt to this grantha …
  • Oh RAGHAVENDRA suprabhaatam

shloka 13

Oh GURUVARYA , You have written BHASHYA for all the FOUR VEDAS ..[ explaining its meanings ] You have written VYAKHYAN for all the UPANISHATS …VEDABHIMANI devi is MAHALAXMI … You have offered a GARLAND of precious RATNAS [ stones ] namely your GRANTHAS which explain the meanings of VEDA , [ vedaartharatna ]  to the VEDABHIMANINI MAHALAXMI … ADORNED with the GARLAND  LAXMIDEVI etremely pleased at your devotion has granted [ CROWNED ] you the [ simhasana ]THRONE OF VEDANTA SAMRAJAYA [ KINGDOM ] and SHE is personally protecting You oh the EMPEROR of VEDANTA SAMRAJYA …  GURU RAGHAVENDRA a very good auspicious morning to you [ SUPRABHAATAM ]



yoga Narsimha


oh Prahlaad Shrihari has exclusively incarnated as NARSIMH …. He even sent your father Demon king HRANYAKASHIPU to VISHNU’s abode [ despite he being most inimical to HARi full of HARIDWESHA [ hate towards HARI ] …  only on account of love and affection towards you as you are his greatest Devotee …. Oh Raghavendra swamy  you are the one who had taken birth as PRAHLAAD …. a very good auspicious  morning to you  [ SUPRABHAAT ]

note : In bhagavat { yadnindatvitatubhyam …….. tvadbhakte mayi chaghvaan | tasmatvita me pooyet durntaaaddustaraadghaat ||

this bhagavat shloka says …. Prahlaad asks a boon to NARSIMHA … OH NARSIMHADEVA  .. my father  has hated you all along his life ….. reason me Being your devotee , he also hated me …………. For both these sins there is no prayashchitta … these sins do not wash away by prayashchitta [ they are unpardonable ] just because they are unpardonable  if one ventures to say OKAY i shall exhaust it by suffering its prarabdha … means Okay i shall experience the results of these sins and exhaust it …. i shall bear the pain … even then it is inexhaustible and one can never come out the misery due to this sins … [ hating bramhins vishnu bhakta VISHNU is unpardonable sins … ones misery never ceases ]

SO such sins which cannot be washed by either anubhava [ experience ] or by prayashchitta ..Please be merciful to pardon and save my Father from eternal HELL and misery ….

This is the boon Prahalaad asked NARSIMHA …. AND LORD NARSIMHA granted him the boon … [ Intha makkalu yellargu Aa NARSIMHANU kodali ]

What could not be achieved in this world … what was never achieved in this world before … Such a feat PRAHALAADA achieved through his BHAKTI …. LORD changed his rules for PRAHALAADA and pardoned HIRANYAKASHIPU just because he was father of PRAHALAAD … this goes on to show oh RAGHAVENDRA .. how much LOVE and affection SRIMAHAVISHNU has on You … what a great grace he always keeps on YOU .. OH RAGHAVENDRA ,….. A very good auspicious morning be to you …. and let all the devotees of yours also seek such miraculous escapes from prarabdha [ unpardonable unavoidable miseries ] by worshipping you …. and Just as LORD has greatest grace on you … LORD NARSIMHA never refuses any of your demands recommendations … kindly keep your graceful palm on me too OH RAGHAVENDRA i am a slave to senses … and commit very heinous sins everyday …. but I know only one mantra … that is ardently worshipping YOu … even this mantra YOU inspire from within my heart sitting in my heart … OH raghavendra ther never can be again any Great SAINT like you .. who fulfills the desires of his disciples and cleanses him from heinous sins and saves him from miseries and All at the same time brings the grace of HARI through recommendations …., Oh RAGHAVENDRA swamy let there be only one  desire in my heart … that I be always in your good books …. I always remember YOU for then not I fear any prarabdha … any sins … any desires unwanted … I fear not the KIngs of this world ../ I fear not the bad days … I fear not the miseries … If i FEAR I fear only loss of sight of your LOTUS feet in my heart … LET there not be moment without your presence in MY HEART ….

I am incapable of describing the mahima of your BHAKTI towards NARSIMHA oh RAGHAVENDRA …..  end of note by chiraan ]

shloka 6

Oh RAGHVENDRA you were bon as BALHIKA raja … You were KIng among KINGS of the chandra vamsha .. so you were the CROWN among the Kshatriyas .. With your mere strength of arms you relieved this earth from Rakshasa and evil kshatriya and pleased KRISHNA with this act of lightening in the burden of earth … You were the abode of many countless qualities that a KING should be ordained  with  .in that birth as BALHIKA ….  Oh RAGHAVENDRA SWAMIYE a good auspicious morning be to you ! SUPRABHAATA

Note : MAny people with vipareeta gyana allege how PAndits come to self conclusions that BALHIKA was RAYARU ‘s previous incarnation ….  for them here is pramana ….

hiranyakashipoh putrah prahlaado bhagavatpriyah | VAYUNA ch samaavishtoh mahaabalasamanvitah || BHUBHAARkshapaNe VishNohragtaamaaptumeva sah | prateepputrataam praapya Balhikeshva bhavatpatih ||

this is mahabharat tatparya nirnay words …. by ACHARYA MADHVA …. MADHVACHARYA the avatara of VAYU is saying here  that  ” one very dear to NARAYANA’s affection ..hiranyakashipus son known as Prahalaada has taken birth, to please and serve KRISHNA , in the dynasty of MOON chnadravamsha …as a son to PRATEEP … HE had special VAYU AVESHA , due to this sannidhaan He had extreme strength and hailed as most powerful …and since he ruled the country named BALHIKA [ eurasia ] , he came to be known as BALHIKA RAJA ….To reduced the burden of the earth  from demons  KRISHNA took avatara .. as if to aid him in his work he contributed heavily into this work of KRISHNA   and  pleased HIM … ]  these are the words of none other than VAYU himself ..

Prateep raja is father SHANTANU and grandfather of BHEESHMA …. BALHIKA RAJA as elder brother of SHANTANU that means UNCLE TO BHEESHMA …. PRATEEP was married to daughter of BALHIKA  princess … at the time of Marraige then BALHIKA king [ who had no son ] had taken a promise  from PRATEEP that he would give his son to be adopted by BALHIKA  for the future of BALHIKA kingdom … Prateep as  a promise gave his in adoption  to his father in law …. Thus SHANTANU next born became King of HASTINAPUR …

BALHIKA raja was uncle to BHEESHMA and so as a relative and under order of KRISHNA fought for the KAURAV army in MAHABHARATA WAR …. many people think BHEESHMA was the oldest warrior in MAHABHARATA  , but here is his UNCLE BALHIKA was several hundred years older than BHEESHMA  and fighting a war  .. it is said HIS war cry would KILL hundreds of warriors …. his pound of foot on ground would raise dust so dense that soldiers ran away in fear and confusion …. Such was the might of BALHIKA  …. When KRISHNA urges him to fight from the side of KAURAVA …. BALHIKA accepted it as order from ALLMIGHTY and obeyed but with a condition that His death be at the hands of BHEEMASEN the jagadguru ….BHEEMASENA Obliged and in battlefield BALHIKA RAJA WAS KILLED BY BHEEMSENA and just before DEATH BALHIKA DONATED HIS DIVINE CHARIOT TO BHEEMSENA …. for which BHEEMSENA blessed him to have many chariot sevas in furture birth [ rathotsava ] ….  this is a very strange test KRSIHNA PUTS to his devotees .. HE asks the greatest devotee to fight against HIM and HE demands KARNA TO  come over to PANDAVAS Camp   …… devotee obliges come what may truth or sins … right or wrong … YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND OH KRISHNA  thus MADHVACHARYA  SAYS HE PLEASED KRISHNA ………end of Note by chiraan ]

Shloka 7

Oh RAGHAVENDRA SWAMI , You were born as VYASARAJA guru … then the chakravarti SRIKRISHNADEVARAYA served you with utmost devotion ….. HE surrendered himself and his KINGDOM [ erstwhile VIJAYANAGAR EMPIRE ] to you ….YOU saved him and his Kingdom … You have a divine a body and are the greatest among the saints , your wisdom is divine ,,,,Oh RAGHAVENDRA , born as VYASARAYA ,, a very very good auspicious morning to YOU ! SUPRABHAAT !

Vyasaraya has given VIDYA  to many a stalwarts in MADHVA SAMPRADAYA ….. Vijayeendra teertha VADIRAJA .. KANAKDASA .. PURANDARADASA …and many many yatis … KINGS bowed before him …. Once there was declared that KUHU YOGA [ a yoga in astrology which destroys the KINGS and KINGDOMS ] existed on the THRONE of VIJAYANAGAR EMPIRE … fearful KING KRISHNADEVARAYA ran to VYASA RAAJA …

KUHU YOGA says whoever sits on the throne dies of mishaps and strange experiences … Vijaynagar empire ,HAMPI was thriving capital and one of richest empires in INDIAN HISTORY in KALIYUGA …. this was the golden era of SOUTH INDIA … where arts culture and wealth was at peak …. it is said diamonds and pearls and gold coins  were sold on the streets in open market in heaps ….it was a bustling economy ……every citizen of the empire  were adept in 64 arts … the specialists exhibited mastery …. women were extremely beautiful and very colorfully clad .. while men exhibited extraordinary talents ….. it is said in writings of that era as thoigh KING INDRA had himself come down to RULE the empire ….. as streets of KUMBHAKONAM HAMPI MADURAI TANJORE SriRANGAM  defeated AMRAVATI in splendour …… SUCH a bustling empire covering entire central india and south India and far east  upto cambodia …and all parts of south east ASIA  …… falling into KUHU yOGA seemed a fearful proposition to people of KINGDOM and KINg as well [ this was known through astrology  RAJYA  PRASHNAM  goes on to show how people were adept in SAMHITA ] ….. when in such distress   when saviour himself is in danger … and when kingdom at large is in danger…. people became sad [ we must realise …. this is early 16th century medieval period when invasions were rampant an social fabric was tearing apart  a  stable kingdom was a bane to citizens when culture was paramount to society …. so such  a danger brings sadness and a GODSENT help is what people expect   especially when KING himself has lost confidence …

Thi enhnces the prominence of VYASARAYA .. a MADHVA STALWART  .. whom KRSIHNADEVARAY seeks refuge … and like his earlier births …oh  RAGHAVENDRA SWAMY  … HE with his mantrashakti and KRISHNA BHAKTI … sat on the throne of KRSIHNADEVARAYA and warded of evil for not one day two day but TWELVE YEARS …and saw to it that KINGDOM WAS INTACT people were happy and no evils ever entered KINGDOM …. HE warded of the evils of throne [ it is widely believed that  this throne is in mysore and even to this day it gives a cerebral shock to the occupant owing to which subsequent GOVTS [ both foreign and native ] or individuals never ever tried to besiege  it …. ]

During the time VYASARAJA … yatis like VIJAYEENDRA TEERTHA exhibited mastery in 64 arts ….  VYASARAYARU taught him entire vedas and puranas and other arts in just eight days …. so much to say about this great GURU …..

He gave shelter to PURANDARDASARU .. and praised him in his song that HE was one dasa  who worshipped KRISHNA with a live vision ……

EVERYDAY during the reign of VYASA RAJA was eventful  with scholars debating …. sungers singing celestially … people engaged in dharma ….. VYASARAYA worshipped VENKATESHA in TIRUPATI personally … and till date there is VYASARAYA mutt staright oppsite the temple ….

HE gave us VAADIRAJARU who lived ripe till the age of 120 years .and gave us innumerable stotras and vyakhyana ….

HE gave us KANAKADASA  who also lived to ripe age … and met both VYASARAJA and RAGHVENDRA swamy in his lifetime [ both avatara of rayaru ] …

VYASARAYA  gave ashram to VIJAYEENDRA and again took ashrama from hIm as disciple as RAGHAVENDRA teertha …..

ADVAITIS and NON MADHVAS ran away from the kingdom unable to face the logic of VYASARAYA …. people of those days murmured as long as VYASARAYA is there like abhinava VEDVYASA   there is no scope for vipareeta gyana to reign the spiritual world …. He was like a LION to the wolves of  MAYAVADIS …. [ remembering these lines of mine will give all the desired in one stroke ..below shloka is testimony to it ] Vyasaraja lived from 1447 – 1539 AD ..

 Arthikalpita kalpoyam prathyarthi gajakesari/. Vyasathirtha Gurubhoryarth asmad Ishtartha siddhaye||

oh RAGHVENDRA teert ha suprabhaata to you ………


Shree Raghavendra Suprabhaatam !

Shri gurubhyo namha

Shree Raaghavendra suprabhatam

AUTHOR  – tarka vidwaan jyodishvidwaan vedaantshiromaNi , mysooreaasthanavidwaan , panditbhooshan , vidyaavaachaspati , Shree Raghavendra mutt aasthaan vidwaan



translator – chiraan

Shree raghavendra mangalashasanam !

shrimate raaghavendraaya sarvaabhishTapradaayine | mantraalaynivaasaaya gururaajaay mangaLam ||

Oh Raaghavendra teertha gururaaja [ Just as emperor is the man with  a highest qualities and of highes order in terms of greatness among the men …. so also among the men qualified to be gurus [ spiritual teachers ] Raghvendra swamy is emperor among such men , ie with  highest and greatest place attributed by LORD narsimha ]

Oh guru Raghavendra , you give all the material desires to your devotees sitting in Mantralaya with vishesha sannidhi [ why vishesha sannidhi ?] Rayaru is still alive in Mantralaya … He has been there since 1671 …… in these 340 years many a saints scholars sadhaka … who were of celestial amshas …. aparoksha gyanis …. themselves yet before achieving aparoksha gyana have visited Mantralaya and performed seva and attained their desires ….and knowledge … after they have achieved aparoksha gyana too they have praised RAYARU in their devotional songs …..

Some were devatas born on earth who were lesser in tartamya to RAYARU [ Prahlaad rayaru ] like Ahlaad [ brother of PRAHLAAD ] ie Jagganath Dasaru …. like GANAPATY [ GOPALADASARU ] etc …. Some were highere in tartamya like VIJAYADASARU [ sage BHRIGU ] …… while they have praised rayaru as jagadguru even after attaining aparoksha gyana shows on to say they revered RAYARU because RAYARU has vishesha VAYU sannidhi , and all the devatas reside In RAYARA vrindavana … and praising Rayaru also becomes automatically the praise of LORD Pradyumna present as five fold HAYAGREEVA NARSIMHA KRISHNA RAAMA VEDVYASA  in RAYARU to bless all the normal and aparoksha gyanis their desired on earth alnd that too instantly as KALIYUGA KAAMADHENU ]

hence the word vishesha sannidhi ….. Oh raghavendra let there be auspiciousnness …..

Shree MOOLARAAMA suprabhaatam

seetaapate vidhikaraarchita koormaraajbhanDaarto Nrahareeteerthamuneendralabdha | aanandateerthamunivanshyayateendrapoojya  shreemoolaraama bhavataattava suprabhaatam ||

Oh Moolraama dev  seetapati , Bramha has himseff worshipped you … Then Narahariteertha swamy has obtained you from the stores of gajapati kings of Koorma Kingdom of Orrissa … Madhavacharya and ShriRaghvendra teertha   and all the yatis [ peethadhipatis ] coming in his tradition have worshipped you .. Oh raama let there be Auspiciousness !

note – Moolarama and moolseeta idols were created by BRAMHA .. and BRAMHA himself worshipped it for many years …..Then pleased with the tapasya penace of Vaivasvat Manu son Ikshavaku  .. Bramha gave him the IDOLS …. For generations Ikshvaku and his sons in his lineage worshipped MOOLARAMA so that someday LORD will bless his dynasty with a birth ….So also RAJA DASHARATH worshipped with piety MOOLARAMA and was finally blessed with a son LORD HIMSELF LORD RAAMA …. as thesse idols were primary cause of birth of VISHNU avatara …. RAAMA the idol is known popularly as MOOLARAAMA ….

Later after tretayuga dwapara in KALIYUGA 43rd century these idols went to the KIngdom of orissa whose capital was at Koormakshetra  where gajapatis were ruling …..

in the same year SRIMANMADHVACHARYA took established KRISHNA at UDUPI and sent his disciple NARAHARITEERTHA to orissa to fetch the idols …NAHARITEERTHA sat outside the kingdom on the banks of  a river for penace … few months later the KING of the Koormanagari died …. his son was too tender a age to rule ….. SO ministers of the kingdom decided to decorate an ELEPHANT with Vishnu avahana …. give it a GARLAND and a golden vessel with sacred incanted water… [ matrapoota jala ] … The ELEPHANT was left in the kingdom to roam about freely … the idea was whoever the elephant garlands and then bathes with the water from golden vessel will be appointed as the KING of the KOORMAnagar …

The elephant chose to garland NARHARITEERTHA and did abhisheka with the water from golden  vessel ….. NARHARI TEERTHA ruled justly for 12 years the kingdom justly …. and after the Prince became of eligible restored him to the throne and while leaving the KINGDOM prince offered him the IDOL of MOOLARAMA from the stores as Gurudakshina [ prince had a  dream to that effect  that night ]

Narhari teertha offered the IDOL to MADHVACHARYA and from then on all the yatis in his dynasty [ tradition ] includimng Shree RAGHAVENDRA swamy worshipped MOOLARAMA devaru . EVEN till today SHREE MOOLARAMa is worshipped in SHREERAGHAVENDRA SWAMY mutt by the PONTIFFS …

Oh SHREEMOOLARAAMA deva  let there be auspiciousness …..

Shree VAYUAVATARATRAYA suprabhatam

Shreeraamadootahanuman yadunaathdaas Shree Bheemsen vararoupyapuraavataar | shreevyaasahrutprayatmaameetashuddhabuddhe shreemadhvaraaj bhavataattav suprabhaatam ||

Oh hanumaan the messenger of LORD RAAMA , Oh Bheemsen the attendant of LORD KRISHNA , Oh MADHVARAAJ of clean mind and infinite intelleigence , very dear to the LORD VEDVYASA , SUPRABHAATA to you [ Good auspicious morning ]

note : from here onwards 38 shlokas are  RAGHAVENDRA swamy suprabhaath  …. 14 15th 16th August SHree RAGHAVENDRA swamy ARADHANA starts …. its a earnest directive to take part in this samaraadhane at the nearest Raghavendra swamy temple …. contribute to various sevas ,… give for bramhan abhojana …. partcipate in geeta vaadya  nrutya  seva ….. on these three days especially worship Raghavendra swamy in special ways to attain all the desired …..   in the previous posts I have given various stotras  fo various problems … these stotras work when there is only karma relating to the problem alone  … but f curses are operating in the horoscope , then the desired results dont come even after 100 recitals …. if other doshas exists even then these remedies dont seem to work …. when there is prabala prarabdha then too remedies dont work …. and one suffers endlessly …. what to do in such situation ….?  except with head down and accepting the fate one has no option …. One option is to ask for strength [ to HARI ] to face the situation … another option is borrow good fortune from RAGHAVENDRA SWAMY ….. usually one has to return whatever borrowed , but RAGHAVENDRA swamy does not expect things back .. so its for free … condition …. VISHNU BHAKTI … VISHNU SARVOTAMMATVA VAYUJEVOTTAMATVA GYANA ….

But to get this devotion our day should start with peace so we have necessary mindsetup to concentrate on HARI … but with prabala prarabdha day starts with jolts and endlessly draws into whirlpool of sins and misery ….. unless [ mangal vastu darshan occurs in morning , no good descends ]  …. there is no mangal [auspicious ] vastu than auspiciousness personified MOOLARAMA DEVA VAYU DEVA AND SHREE RAGHAVENDRA SWAMY …. hence getting up early in the morning and reciting this suprabhaata will give necessary auspiciousness to begin the day in a good way and get fortunes from SHREE RAGHAVENDRA which will offset our prarabdha … and also as a bonus we get SHRIHARI BHAKTI which will set us free from SANSAARA ….


Bramhagnyayaa ditikule bahudoshapoorNe jaatoapi bhaktibharito bhuvanam samastam | yoapeepavo diviShadaam var shankukarNa Shree RAAghavendra bhavataatav suprabhaatam ||

Oh shankukarna the best among devatas …You have taken birth [ as per the instructions of BRAMHA ] in the lineage of DITI by the name PRAHALAAD ….. this dynasty known to have  qualities  full of countless  HARIDWESHA  … etc …and many many defects …. BUt still none of these , not a single of defects ever manifested in YOU oh PRAHALAADRAYA ….. Instead VISHNU BHAKTI and infinite satvik qualities are seen in PRAHALAADARAYA … with such qualities PRAHALAADRAAYA you are completely clean and pure and auspicious and you make all those who serve you with devotion similarly [ as per capacity ] clean pure and auspicious ….Oh Prahalaadraaya , you have now descended again on earth as GURU SHRIRAGHAVENDRA SWAMY .. suprabhaata to you [ a very good auspicious morning ]

Note- some people may ask how do MADHVAS declare Such and such person is avatara of such and deity … isnt it glorification of self philosophy and self assumed glorification of our pontiffs …

To refute such illogical arguments …… the following lines from NARSIMHA PURANA presents the prooof of PRAHALAAD having descended as RAGAHVENDRATEERTHA …

ShankukarNaakhyadevastu bramhavaakyascha bhootale | Prahlaad iti vikhyaato bhoobhaar kshapaNE ratah | sa eva RAAGHVENDRAAKHYA:  kalau MANTRALAYEABHAVAT |


to be continued …………………………

Nadi Tartamya – heirarchy among rivers !

srigurubhyo namha

  1. Ganga
  2. godavari
  3. Krishnaveni , swamichandrapushkarani , manas sarovar , kaveri ,saraswati
  4. sarayu , tungabhadra
  5. kalindi
  6. narmada , sindhu sarita , bhavanashini
  7. kumudvati
  8. malapaha
  9. tamraparni
  10. Bheemarathi , manjula , pinakini  , all the rivers that merge in ocean are equal to bheemrathi
  11. others which do not merge in ocean are lesser
  12. taTaka
  13. other Pushkarini , devaakhata
  14. vaapi
  15. kuupa

when giving arghya to one nadi other nadi should not be mentioned …

This nadi tartamya by SHree RAGHAVENDRA swamy teertha appears in bramhanda purana .

krishnarpanamastu …

SHREE SEETAARAM STOTRA – for happy married life !

श्रीगुरुभ्यो नमः

नमो नमो रामा देवो ।त्तमांजनेय प्रेमा । क्षमापश्रितजनसमूह कल्प । द्रुमापराध क्षमापनम कुरू ॥ अजात नररूप रघुजाम् । जजाप्त कुलदीप ॥ अजेश भुजगाद्विजेंद्र मुखसुर ।व्रजाधिपति हरे गजेंद्रवरद ॥ अयोध्यापूरि निलया नित्याऽ-।वियोगिनि प्रिया ॥ दयाप अस्मदभयापहर  रुषि । सुयाग रक्षक त्रयिमयात्मा ॥ सनातन सुमित्रा दशश्यम् – । दनाख्य नृप पुत्रा ॥ अनादिमंगल सुनाम चरिता ॥ घनाशनभिनव जनार्दनविठ्ठल ॥

Those who long for happy married life …. those who have been separated and want to reunite .. those looking for loving husband …those looking for long lasting marriage .. those looking for infinite qualities in wife /. husband ….. those looking for a perfect spouse ….perfect relationship between spouse …. harmony in conjugal life ….. those aspiring for made in heaven jodi …..those struggling with dissatisfaction in mutual relationship …. those trying to mitigate misunderstandings amongst beloved couples ….. those who do not have access to estranged  spouse and yet aspire for a new beginning …. those who are missing something in marital aspects ,,,,,those who have committed grave sins against spouse and want to atone for it ….those who cannot come to terms with each other due to ego …… those who just want things magically to set up for themselves .

All those can recite this stotra daily with shuchi ….. and most importantly anusandha should be

seeta raama nityavayogini priya ……

SEETA RAAMA are never separated … RAMAYANA is for daitya mohana …. SEETADEVI always resides in the heart of RAAMA as Srivatsa mole .. she is never separated from her husband ….. neither was actual seeta at RAVANA’s ashoka vatika … it was seetakruti led by INDRA .. RAAMA never missed SEETA ..  RAAMA looking for Seeta in RAMAYANA is Lokvidamban ……

LORD RAAMA gives instant results … he gives all the desired to his devotees and his name is RAAMA …. one who attracts everyones and grants all his wishes to his fullest satisfaction and then seats permanently in their heart ,….

LORD RAAMA , as He is in our hearts similarly  HE is also present in others heart … RAAMA in our heart is no different than RAAMA in our spouse’s heart ,,,,  so if RAAMA in our heart is pleased with us  , so also the RAAMA in our spouse’s heart is pleased ,… thus when RAAMA in our heart is pleased with someone standing before us … we have a benign charm on them …. we think positively about the person and so also the other person responds favourably [ one need not ask a mortal spouse for our happiness when RAAMA does everything for us ] …. As RAAMA is especially a MODAMOORTY , he causes immense pleasure ….  RAAMA means one who gives bliss  happiness and creative sporting joy …  when he decides to shower his grace .. one finds heaven in his house …..

So oh HANUMADANTARGAT SEETA  RAAMA  be pleased with me !

With this anusandhana if one reads this stotra ,will get all his marital issues solved ….


Dhanvantari Stotra – for good health !

श्रीगुरुभ्यो नमः

रोगनिवारण वागुवदिदु महा- । योगीगलु नेरेदु निगम सुपुराण ।भागवत पंचरात्रागमव शोधिसि । वेगदिंदलि दुग्धसागर मध्यदोलगे । नागराजनमेले योगनिद्रेयोलिप्प । वागीशपितन  इंबागिनेनिसलु । पोगुवुदघवेदु योगीश्वररु शिर ।दूगि सारुवरू चेन्नागि श्रीहरिनाम । ईग संसारवेंबो ब्यागि मध्यदि नररु ।जागुमाडदे बलु जागररागि तंबलागुवंते ऊंडु । तेऽगि तृप्तिबडुवुदु भोगानंद निमगे योगानंद । हागार हागवित्तु लोगर कैयिंद । तूगि बेलेगे वस्तु वेग तरुवुदल्ल । श्रीगुरु धंवन्त्री विजयविठ्ठल नाम द्वेष । भागिगलिगे सल्ल श्री गौरी पति बल्ल ॥॥

The above shloka will relieve one off all the long term diseases , it will give immense faith in LORD as present in DOCTOR , LORD as present in medicines ,, Lord as present in treatment ,,,,,and it will drive away daityas as present in diseases ,… it will give new strength ….. it will rejuvenate and make one fit for further sadhana through this body ….

it will destroy diseases arising out of eating unhygienic food , unhygienic lifestyle , by excessive work … excessive enjoyments by excessively keeping awake late till night ,,,  it will finally destroy the disease namely samsaara …

Shloka for heart disease …and diseases of mind …

Rudrantargat Srilaxminarsimha Shloka

रुद्रांतर्गत नारसिंह । पाहि । भद्रमूरुति निर्गताम्ह ॥ हृद्रोग कलेदु ज्ञानार्द्रस्वांतन् माडू । पद्र सामगघसमुद्र दाटिसो बेऽग ॥ एसेऽसु जन्म गलल्लि । निन्न दासनेन्दु  एन्न बल्लि ॥ ईश नीनेम्बुदु लेऽशवरिये क्लेश । नाशन प्रभुवे वाराशिजेवल्लभ ॥ वासवानुज वनधि शयन । महेश वंदित वरद हे करू । णा समुद्र करालवदनने ॥ नी सलहदिरे काणे कावरा॥ हेमकश्यपु तन्न सूतन नोयिेसे । श्री मनोहरने अनाथन । प्योऽमपर्वतांबुधि धामदोलुलुहिद । भौम सनमुनिगण स्तोमवंदित पाद ॥ सामजेंद्रन सरसियोलु सु- । त्रामनंदनना रणदि कुरु -। भूमिपति सभेयोलगे द्रौपदि -। या महात्मर काय्द करुणि ॥ वेदगम्य वेदव्यासाकपिल । यादवेश महिदासा ॥ श्रीद श्रीश अन्नद विश्वधन्वन्तरि । मेधाविपतिये वमादिरूपक विष्णु । कादुको निन्नवर मनद वि- । षाद रोगंगलनलिदुमहदादि देव जगन्नाथ विठ्ठल । आदरदि प्रह्लाद वरद ||

this stotra removes all kinds of epilepsy ,, mental tensions … mental disturbances ,,. mental instability … fears … phobias …. mental illness .. schizophrenia …. dementia … heart ailments … hypertension … disorders of blood … disturbances of tridosha ..Drishti dosha … administration of poison ….etc ..

Sometimes it becomes difficult to come out of infatuation for somebody , something or some issue ….even though brain says this is not good for us … heart makes in the invariable folly putting at risk reputation , self respect and honor …. sometimes it becomes impossible to come out of shackles of influence of people around us … sometimes due to some self imposed logic we cannot answer a certain person .. nor can we regulate them … all such mental weaknesses will be destroyed by this stotra

This also removes wrong notions about spirituality ,,, it gives clear conscience …. it creates fear of right and wrong ….. of hell and heaven …. it removes sins accumulated by mind ,,,,,, it gives clairvoyance needed for accurate vision ….. it brings one closer to JAGANNATH VITTALA ..


Panchamukhi Maruti Karavalamban Stotra !

श्रीगुरुभ्यो नमः

श्रीरामपादसरसीरुहभृंगराज ।संसारवार्धि पतितोद्दरणावतार॥ दुस्साद्यराज्यधनयोषिददब्रबुद्धे। पंचाननेश मम देहि करावलंबम् ॥

आप्रातराश्रितकुनाथनिकेतनाली । संचारकृत्यपटुपादयुगस्य नित्यं ॥मानाथसेविजनसगमनिष्कृतम् नो । पंचाननेश मम देहि करावलंबम् ॥

षड्वर्गवैरिसुखकृबहुदुर्गुहायाम् । अज्ञानगाढतिमिरातिभयप्रदायम् ॥ कर्माऽनिलेऽन विनिवेशितदेहधर्तु ः । पंचाननेश मम देहि करावलंबम् ॥

सच्छास्त्रवार्धिपरिमज्जनशुद्धचित्ताः । त्वतपादपद्मपरिचिंतनमोदसांद्राः ॥ पश्यंति नो विषयदूषितमानसं मां । पंचाननेश मम देहि करावलंबम् ॥

पंचेंद्रियार्जित महाखिलपापकर्म । सक्तो न भोक्तुमिह दिनजने दयालो ॥ अत्यंत दुष्टमनसो दृढनष्टदृष्टेः । पंचाननेश मम देहि करावलंबम् ॥

इत्थं शुभं भजकवेंकटपंडितेन । पंचाननस्य रचितं खलु पंचरत्नम् ॥ यः पापठीति सततं परिशुद्धभक्त्या । संतुष्टमेति भगवान खिलेष्टदायी ॥

॥इति श्रीमत पंचमुखीमारुतीस्तोत्रम् संपूर्णम् ॥



this stotra removes fear of attending interviews …. gives a good job very quickly … this stotra gives mode of earning to those who have lost their livelihood …. this gives right form of living … it stops excessive expenditure …. it increases wealth and gives stable income and satisfaction …

Vaishnava Stotras for women and Non-Dwijas !

Srigurubhyo namaha


a aa e ee u oo ae ai O ou

k kh g gh

ch Ch j Jh

p ph b bh m

ta th d dh n

Ta Tha D DH N

ya ra la La va sh Sh sa ha Ksh tra gny

Note :The following shlokas can be recited by anyone irrespective of shuchi asuchi and caste creed and nationality and gender ….at all times and yet results will be guaranteed ……


Narsimha Stuti

laT laTaa laT laTaa LaTkaTisi vanajanDa | kaTah paT paT puTutkaTadi bichchu taliralu | puT puTa putanegadu chirihrutta pa | lkaTakaTa kaT kaDidu roShadinda | miTi miTi miTane raktakshiyalli noDi | taTitkoTi OOrBhaTaga aarBhaTvaagiralu KuTil rahita vyakta vijayaviTTHala shakta | diTa niTil netra surkaTaka paripalaa ||

नरसिंह स्तुति
लट लटा लट लटा ळटकटिसि वनजान्ड | कटह पट पट पुटुत्कटदि बिच्चुतलिरलु | पुट पुट पुतनेगदु चिरहृत्त प | ल्कटकट कट कडिदु रोषदिन्द | मिटि मिटि मिटने रक्ताक्षियल्ली नोडि | तटित्कोटि ऊरभटग आरभटवागिरलू  कुटिल रहित व्यक्त विजयविट्ठल शक्त | दिट निटिल नेत्र सुर्कटक परिपाला ||

Durga mantra

durge haa hey ho haa: durge mangaLa durge | durgati koDadiru vijayaviTTHala priye ||

 दुर्गा मन्त्र
दुर्गे हा हे हो हा: दुर्गे मंगला दुर्गे | दुर्गति कोडदिरु विजयविट्ठल प्रिये ||

durga stotra

durgaa durgeye mahaaduShTajana samhaare | durgaantargata durgey durlaBhe sulabhe | durgamvaagide ninna mahime bomme | bhargaadigaligella gunisidaroo | swarga bhumii paataaLa vyaaputa devi | vargakke meerida balu sundari  | durguNadavar Bhadhe bahaLavaagide taayii | durgatihaare naanu peLuvade | durgandhavaagide sansruti noDidare | nirgama na kaNenamma mangaLaange | durge hey durge mahadurge bhudurge viShNU | durge durjaya durdaksh shaktii | durgkaanan gahan parvatghor sarpa | gargar shabda vyaaghra karaDi mrutyu | varg bhoot preta paishaach modalaad | durgaNa sankaT praaptvaag | durgaadurgey yendu uchchaswaradinda | nirgaLitnaagi omme koogidroo | swargaapavargadalli hariyoDane iddaru | surgaNa jaya jaya vendu pogaLutir | kargaLindali yetti saakuva saakshibhoote | nirguDHidante  loka leele ninage | swaragangajanak namma vijayaviTTalananghri | durgashrama maaDi badukuvante maaDu ||

दुर्गा स्तोत्र
दुर्गा दुर्गेये महादुष्टजन संहारे | दुर्गान्तर्गत दुर्गेय दुर्लभे सुलभे   | दुर्गम वागिदे निन्न महिमे बोम्मे | भरगादिगलीगेल्ल गुनिसिदरू | स्वर्ग भूमि पाताल व्यापूता देवि | वर्गक्के मीरिद बलु सुंदरी  | दुर्गुणदवर भाधे बहळवागिदे तायी | दुर्गतिहारे नानु पेळुवदे | दुर्गन्धवागिदे संश्रुति नोडिदरे | निर्गम ना काणेनम्म मंगलांगे | दुर्गे हे दुर्गे महादुर्गे भुदुर्गे विष्णु | दुर्गे दुर्जय दुर्दक्ष शक्ती | दुर्गकानन गहन पर्वतघोर सर्प | गर्गर शब्द व्याघ्र करडि मृत्यु | वर्ग भूत प्रेत पैशाच मोदलाद | दुर्गण संकट प्राप् त्वाग | दुर्गादुर्गेय येन्दु उच्चस्वरदिन्द | निर्गळितनागि ओम्मे कूगिद् रू| स्वर्गापवर्गदल्लि हरियोडने इद्दरु | सुर्गण जया जया वेन्दु पोगळुतिर | करगळिन्दलि येत्ति साकुवा साक्षीभूते | निर्गुढिदन्ते  लोक लीले निनगे | स्वरगंगजनक नम्म विजयविट्ठलन‍ँघ्रि | दुर्गश्रम माडि बदुकुवन्ते माडु ||

Panchamukhi hanumaan stotra

kapimukhamapi poorvam dakshiNe naarsimham | garuDamukhamapi pashchaaduttare sookaraasyam || hayavadanamatordhvam chintayet vaayusunoom | sakalduritaharam sriiraamadootam shirasaanamaami ||

पंचमुखी हनुमान स्तोत्र

कपिमुखमपि पूर्वम दक्षिणे नारसिंहं | गरुडमुखमपि पष्चादुत्तरे सूकरास्यम || हयवदनमतोर्ध्वम चिन्तयेत वायुसुनूं | सकलदुरितहरम
श्रीरामदूतम शिरसानमामि ||

rudra stotra

dhavaLagangeya gangaadhar mahaalinga maa-| dhavan torisayya gurukulottunga || archisidavarigebhiShTaya koDuva | hechchina aaghgaLataridu bisuDuvaa || duShcharitagaLella doordalliDuvaa na-| mma chyutagallada asurara baDivaa || maaranna gedda manoharmoorti | saar sajjanarige Shubhchakravarti || DhaaruNiyaoLage tumbida ninna keerti | muraariya torisayyaa ninage sharaNaarti || chinna prasanna shreehayavadananna | anudin nenavante maaDo nee yenna || anyanallavou naanu guruvemba ninna | innadaroo tOrO hariya mukkaNNa ||

रुद्र स्तोत्र
धवळगन्गेय गंगाधर महालिन्ग मा-| धवन तोरिसय्य गुरुकुलोत्तुन्ग || अर्चिसिदवरिगेअभिष्टय कोडुव | हेच्चिन आघगळतरिदु बि सुडुवा || दुष्चरितगळेल्ल दूर दल्लि इडुवा न-| म्म च्युतगल्लद असुरर बडिवा || मारन्न गेद्द मनोहरमूर्ति | सार सज्जनरिगे शुभचक्रवर्ती || धारुणियओलगे तुम्बिद निन्न कीर्ति | मुरारिय तोरिसय्या निनगे शरणार्ति || चिन्न प्रसन्न श्रीहयवदनन्न | अनुदिन नेनवन्ते माडो नी येन्न || अन्यनल्लवौ नानु गुरुवेंब निन्न | इन्नादरू तोरो हरिया मुक्कण्ण ||

Gauri stotra

bhadraaNi dehi me gauri gauri | bhadraaNi dehi gauri rudraaNI bhooryaabharaNi || garvaadi nirmitaani durvaas sukhdaayini | sarvaaNi paatakaani sharvaaNi Bhinditaani || ambhojanaabh sahit rambhoru shambhudayite | gaambhirya suguNa sahite kumbhodbhavaadi vinute || indivaraabhanayane vandithayavadana | kundakuDmalardane chandrasahasravadane ||

गौरी स्तोत्र
भद्राणि देहि मे गौरी गौरी | भद्राणि देहि गौरी रुद्राणी भूर्याभरणी || गर्वादि निर्मितानि दुर्वास सुखदायिनी | सर्वाणि पातकानि शर्वाणि भिंदितानि || अंभोजनाभ सहित रंभोरू शम्भुदयिते| गाम्भिर्य सुगुण सहिते कुम्भोद्भवादि विनुते || इन्दिवराभनयने वन्दित हयवदन | कुन्दकुड्मलर्दने चंद्रसहस्रवदने ||

raaghvendra stotra …

raaghavendra raaghvendra raaghavendra paahi maam |  raaghavendra raaghvendra raaghavendra raksha maam ||

राघवेन्द्र स्तोत्र …
राघवेन्द्र राघवेन्द्र राघवेन्द्र पाही माम |  राघवेन्द्र राघवेन्द्र राघवेंद्र रक्ष माम ||
अच्युताय नम: अनन्ताय नमः गोविन्दाय नमः अच्युतानन्तगोविन्दाय नमः

Benefits of shloka

These are all stotras very powerful to be recited when in danger of enemies ,….abhichara and stiff resistance at work place …. much hurdles in getting accomplishments …. when troubled harassed by evil people …. when discriminated by superiors …. attrocities of powerful …. when in acute loss of wisdom words and when limbs fail ….. when life is in danger ….. when in debts …. when spouse is not under control …. when abused by in laws ….. when one wants to leave a  bad company ….. when a son is not obedient ,.,…. when in foriegn countries …… when one wants cleanse oneself of sins ……

in all such situations these stotras which are very ugra and brings downfall of the opponents within short time …. enemies give up and fall on feet ….. some will earn from their enemies too ,…. those who recite this shlokas will speak unabshedly in courts and gathering even though inimcal …
one will get extra daring attitude and be  shelter to others …..

there are many benefits of this hslokas if it is done continuously for 108 times in a day for seven days …. eleven days … 21 days …. one month and one year .. one gets many unimagined results that is called as anusandhana and anushthana …… even women and non bramhins can gain siddhi by doing parayana these shlokas


Hindi transliteration courtesy Smt SHUCHI SHUKLA

Venkatesh stotra – phalashruti !

Itiidam keertitam yasya Vishnoramitatejasah |trikale yahpaThennityam paapam tasya na vidyate ||

In the previous posts many of the qualities of Lord Srinivasa has been enumerated , with such qualities Srinivasa is amitatejasah ………infinitely radiant ……… Such Srinivasa if worshipped with the eight shlokas beginning with ” VENKATESHO VASUDEVAH …..” three times a day ,i.e morning , afternoon and evening at sunset ..everyday ……all the sins of a person will get destroyed and no new sins will touch him in future …..By the grace of LORD SRINIVASA …

rajadware paTethghore sangrame ripusankate | Bhutsarpapisachadi bhayam naasti kadachan||

rajadware – at the gates of palace of KING [ president  PM , BOSS , Interview , Officers , any other person of importance who would get the work done for us ]

ghore – dangerous ………

sangrame – during wars

ripusankate – when caught in between enemies , trapped by opponents .. in difficulties created by enemies ….

bhoot – goblin

sarpa – snakes

pisaach – spirits /zombies

aadi – all other such cruel creatures ……

bhayam – fear

naasti – does not occur

kadachana – never again

Note : This is a very important , time tested , shloka ……… it has a deeper impact when understood properly ………. EVeryone in their lifetimes become anxious about a probable high profile meeting , which may carry a life turning consequences …. it may be  a meeting with high profile minister for a businessman resulting in royal favours ..

it may be a hearing in a court for a favourable judgement ….

it may be a interview call for a probable job prospect …

it may be a board meeting /general body meeting for a favorable placement / response and applause ……..

it may be  a crucial appearance for a selection /audition etc

it may be a appraisal with a superior / boss/ professor  for a promotion / project submission /credits /PhD etc

it may be crucial meeting with PM or party president for a plum post  in cabinet …

In all such events , one becomes anxious /nervous when the D day arrives and especially at the gates / door of the premises of performance ……..

This extreme anxiety, fear  is difficult to curb .. sometimes it becomes impossible to overcome this syndrome …… most of the time this gives way to mental blockade and many people fail or underperform tilting under pressure , even though they are quiet capable / efficient intelligent and   deserving , they fail ………

REASON extreme anxiety and fear ……… One needs divine intervention to overcome this ………. SO all these are classified under the term  ” RAJADWARE ”

so when in above situation known as Rajadware when one recites this Venkatesha stotra all this fears will vanish and never appear again ………..

[ there will be crores of madhvas who will vouch for this statement of mine , this need not be doubted even for a second … and one should make it an habit to rceite this stotra at every meeting ]

2. Many of us have the habit of getting into troubles … especially when one is troubled with Ketu .. one gets entangled into dangers every now and then ,,,, fear is imminent in such circumstances ,,,,,,,,, all such events are known as ghore … and fears will vanish after reciting the shloka … ghore also indicates times as floods earthquake tsunami …volcanic eruptions ,,,, tornado …… hurricane ……famine …landslide .. breakdown of aircraft ship vehicles in unhabitated areas  .etc …  reciting stotra brings in instant relief …

3. sangrame – when a war breaks out  ……. both soldiers and citizens anxiety rises to a uncertain levels … an outcome of war cannot be predicted … a losing side ends up paying a heavy price …… your home is no longer yours … it is forcibly taken away by the invaders … your stable life [ business / family / employment ] everything gets disturbed .. for no fault of yours …. someone loses a war and you pay the price … your belongings are looted at gun point with external force … abuse of all sorts awaits a losing side … a loss may be even for a day …. [ next day your forces may recapture ] but that day is horrible ….  it shows how our stability is no stability at all ,,, how we all living in our own box of comfort …….. and think this is permanent and plan for  a great future  and even think our destiny is in our hands and we can create our fortunes [ all these looks good only in stable economy and stable kingdom , once destabilisation occurs one loses everything without misefforts — and then one thinks yes there is something called destiny ]  forcible eviction from box of comfort is something one never anticipates or even thinks about … all such people  suffer at the hands of destiny …

a WAR is horrible in consequence … no efforts can save us from disaster ….. one man cannot change the events in a war … lest a common man is utterly helpless ,,..  fear is but very natural … THEN WHO IS THE SAVIOUR in such times ,,,,,

SRINIVASA ….. recite this stotram many times during such times ,,,,relief will come in a personal manner ……..

WAR also gives jitters to soldiers ,,. they first time realise that life is just a bullet away … all the near and  dears come to remembrance  …. but unhappiness nothing seem to strike the mind ,,, along with it fear of loss of life becomes paramount and misery of losing near and dear ones ….brings in extreme agony … all this leads to fear of starting war ….

ARJUN too felt jitters at the beginning of war  ……….

SRNIVASA stotra recitation will allay all such fears gives extreme bravery and peace …. it will also bring relief from ill effects of WAR .sangrame …

Ripu sankate – when caught in the grip of enemies …… it becomes extremely fearful moments …….. prisoner of war .. kidnapped persons …. ransom ……..blackmail …..detention ……… victims of secret enemies .. abhichara black magic ,,,,,,,,,, machiavelian traps ….. business rivalry ..  conspiracies ……….. chall kapat ……civil war …..racial attacks ..riots …… in all such situations .. every other person becomes enemy and is out to harm ……….

In all such situations there is no hope and  self efforts does not serve any useful or meaningful relief …… SRINIVASA alone helps in such situation just he helped DRAUPADI …….. reciting this stotram brings in that invaluable help  instantly ……. need not doubt an iota ……….. SRINIVASA is very merciful to those who recite this stotra daily ……

BHOOT SARPA PISACHADI ——– bhoot are the attendants of LORD SHIVA ……They are absolutely single minded … they only create havoc in the life of the people … some people continuously suffer at the hands of some family members as physical abuse ,,,, mental torture … or ill treatment or differential treatment … this also extends to office atmosphere or some premises …. People always feel  why a particular relationship is going sour or why the atmosphere on office is not conducive and why each day ends up with fight , unhappiness or some dissatisfaction ..

they never get an answer …… the answer is presence of bhootgana in the vicinity …. these are extremely hardhearted cruel creatures ,… as long as they exist there will be miseries …….They create extreme fear …. fear to face the abuse / torture /misery ..

sarpa – sarpa  snake is an extremely vengeance full creature …  any harm done to snakes in any life .. snake keeps on tormenting the offender , it does not even forgives once even after repeated repentance ………. this sarpa dosha gives rise to frequent failures …. loss of words at crucial juncture ,,,, failed marraiges ,,,, difficulties in every undertaking ……… nothing materialises ………… once life becomes a drudgery ……….

SArpa not knowing kindness , troubles endlessly and remotely invisibly …… driving person to low self esteem and fear of failure becomes manifested ,,,,,

PISACHA – all those who are buried after death ,,, whose sanskaar after death has not been performed properly ……… those whose shraddhas are not performed regularly … those who die with unfulfilled dreams ……. those who have unusual deaths …. become pisacha ………. These pisachas are extremely troubled themselves from hunger thirst and lust ..all the bodily feeling and needs trouble them but due to lack of body …. these constantly lookout for bodies , grab them and satisfy their hunger thirst and lust … the body of the person suffers unknown miseries and breakdowns ,,,,,,,,,,, pisachas do not have any tenderness or understanding they use the bodies with utmost disrespect ………. this causes extreme fear in the body …

There are many such beings like rakshasas , apsmara etc ……. who behave very brash with possession …….. These fears are very hard to remove ,…….. slowly victims lose life …. self esteem and disinterest in life ..   SRNIVASA stotra removes these fears once for all and they never appear again in ones life…………….

Aputro labhate putran nirdhano dhanvaan bhavet | rogarto muchyate rogatbadhdo muchyet bandhnaat ||

Those who do not have children …….. [ aputro ] they will beget child [ labahte putran ] nirdhano – those suffering from poverty or in dire need of money ….. will get money and become rich [ dhnavaan bhavet ] by reciting these stotram with devotion and faith …

Roagarto [ roga artah ] those who are suffering from diseases they cry in bewilderness as only they can understand their misery and pain .. this pain is individualistic and relative to the past sins ………. it becomes unbearable ………. reciting this stotram in such situations .. reduces the pain and gives relief and diseases also subside never to trouble again ……[ rogat muchyate ]

bhaddho – those who are languishing in jails [ undertrials / convicted ]  those who have been held in custody …….those who are undergoing judicial cases … they will be released from custody ……….  fear of jail will also be destroyed ……..by reciting this stotram daily ….

Yadyatishtatamam loke tattatprapnotyaasanshayah |Aishwaryam raajsanmanam bhuktimuktiphala pradam ||vishnorlokaikasopanam sarvadukhaika nashanam |sarvaaishwaryapradam nrunam sarvamangal karakam ||

Those who recite this shloka daily … they will

loke – In this world [ three worlds – swarga antariksha bhumi ]    ….. yatyat  – all that that — ishtatamam  —is most desired …. [utmost desires , even desires of highest kind .. impossible types but most ishta desirous ] ……….. tat tat- .….. all those those ……….. prapnoti –— will be fructify [ materialise attained  ] ……asanshayah – without doubt … do not even doubt it …….. your desires of imposible kind and yet most desirous in the three worlds  , it may not be just one desire ….. all that has been desired by the one who recites this daily …. [ man keeps desiring and probably everyone takes it for dejection that all desires may not be fulfilled ..] but madhvas who recite this stotra  daily … all those fortunate initiated into reciting this as daily part of their daily pooja …… can rest be assured that  , their every desire as they get up early in the morning and as life progresses ,,,,, however difficult , far fetched , impossible desires they may ……….. each and very such desires … and all such desires that prop up in future …… all those even if they are somewhere in other worlds too …. will be fulfilled without doubt ……… condition attached is recite the Venkatesh stotram three times a day …. everyday ……….and forget how it fructifies … just desire .. and lo it gets materialised …. SRINIVASA has one palm in vara mudra … he is here to grant wishes ……..

AISHWARYAM – prosperity wealth ………  RAajsanmanam – awards /recognitions /felicitations / academic excellence /trophies /world cup / championship / bharat ratna / padmashree / national awards /oscars /nobel prize / olympic medal / scholarships everything will be materialised …[aapnoti ]

Bhukti – all kinds of enjoyments of wealth vehicles house of material kind

mukti – relief from cycle of birth and death……..

phala – all such fruits

pradam – SRINIVASA gives …

 VISHNUH – NARAYANA …. LOKAIKAsopanam – vishnulok means VAIKUNTHA  eksopanam – to get into the VAIKUNTHA loka it is foremost step …….. reciting this stotra forms first foremost step in sadhana to reach vaikuntha …..

NRunam – for all humans ……….  SARVAAISHWARYAPradam ———- it gives all the wealth of various kinds [ yogaishwarya , sidhhaishwarya ,ashtaishwarya ] to the one who recites this stotra with devotion ……..

 Sarvadukhaiknashanam –  for all sorts of miseries , unhappiness , dissatisfactions , this stotra is foremost instrument of destruction ..

Sarvamangal karakam – All sorts of auspiciousness is brought in by this stotra …

In this world one desires … desires many things ……. things after things ……

even if desires are fulfilled … one is unhappy because of lack of qualities [ asihwarya ] even if they are there , there may be no dearth of good things ……. but still there may be miseries ………all these miseries arising out of sansaara will be destroyed ..

even if desires are fulfilled and no miseries exist ……… inauspiciousness may cause dissatisfaction … so this stotra brings more auspiciousness ,,,,,

All material benefits may be enjoyed .. fame may be enjoyed …….. desires may be manifested ……all auspicious may hit our perfect life .. but with death all ends …. BUT with this stotra even after death these remains intact as it gives relief from sansaara and places one at the pedestal of VAIKUNTHA ……….

 Mayavi parmanandam tyaktva Vaikunthamuttamam | swamipushkarniteere ramaya saha modate |

In sansaarvastha all the souls will have their svaroopananda covered by a sheath .. thus they are not able to realise true self happiness …When they reach Vaikuntha , this sheath is uncovered and all souls experience unrestricted free flowing their svaroopananda ……… Thus this VAIKUNTHA is known as Sarvottama loka …… VAIKUNTHAUTTAMAM …….[ in all other lokas this ananda is less and in Vaikuntha it is highest that is why it uttam loka because soul cannot find happiness of the kind in Vaikuntha in any of the other lokas .. in the least on earth .. ]

BUt Srinivasa NARAYANA has no constraint with respect to his ananda in any lokas ,,, In any lOka he may be He exhibits his ananda in a poorna  manner completely …..It neither reduces or increases with LOkas ….. Thus He can stay anywhere everywhere as per HIS wish [ MAYAVI ]… So For sometime LORD SRINIVASA decided to leave VAIKUNTHA [ VAikuntham TYAKTVA ] and stay for a while in SWAMIPUSHKARNI at VENKATACHALA  ….

Laxmidevi preconstruing the desire of the LORD [ a excellent wife construes her HUSBANDS’ desires along with his contemplation ……… ] Now as LORD desired to stay in pushkarini on earth .. SHe too decided to LEAVE VAIKUNTHA [ in one form ] , to stay with her Husband .. so she took up a  dispute ……throwing wanton tantrum [ PREMA KALAHA ] over sage BHRIGU’s kick and left for earth ..

Now SRINIVAS is staying in PUSHKARINI teere …banks of SWAMIPUSHKARNI .. sporting [ modate ]along with [ Ramaya saha ] LAXMIDEVI [ one form  in his vakshsthala … mole on chest srivatsavaksha … and one form in invisible mode ] expressing his complete PARAMANANDA …as MAHALAXMI serves her LORD ……

Kalyanaadadbhutgatraya kaamitartha pradayine | Srimadvenkatnathaya srinivasaya te Namaha ||

Kalyan – auspicous  adbhut – full of surprising , spell bounding, ashcharyakar , gatraya – bodied …….. kamit – desired  …. arth – things 

pradayine – one who bestows …………..

Srimad venkatnathaya – the most fortunate and  full of wealth and mysteriously auspicious .. sarvasoubhagyadayak ……. Venkatachal — mount venkatachal … is being presided by SRINIVAS thus he is SRIMADVENKATNATHA …

SRINIVASAYA— Lord who is known in all the universe  by name SRINVASA Oh such Lord

TeNAMAHA— Namaskaras to YOU ….

Oh LORD you have a APRAKRUT deha … Thus You are full of auspicous qualities and thus you are KALYANA …..such a body no other person has thus it is ascharya .. and ADBHUTGATRA …..  You grant all the boons to the devotees more than their expectation and satisfaction in this world and other world , in this birth and after death too … so you are KAMITARTHA PRADAYINE …  You are the presiding Deity [ worshipped in whole universe as SRINIVASA ] of VENKATACHALA and thus it has become very auspicious and fortunate for those who touch it or land on it ……. Thus  OH LORD  SRINIVASA  , namaskara to YOU ….

KRishnarpanamastu ..

Venkatesha stotra -8

sarvadevaikasharanam sarvadevaikdaivatam | samastadeva kavacham sarvadeva shikhamani ||

sarvadevaiksharanam –  sarvadeva – for all deities [ Bramha shiva Indra etc ] ……..’ek’ HE Srinivasa  alone ………..’sharanam’ – is the protector and shelter ……..

when any of the devatas encounter trouble …. SRinivasa alone comes to their rescue and He alone is capable of relieving the dangers that befall even to DEvatas ……….All the Devatas too take his shelter and seek relief from their miseries …. hence Srinivasa is Sarvadevaika sharanam ……….

Sarvadevaikdaivatam – sarvadeva – for all deities , ‘ek’ He is chief ……….’daivatam ‘—- deity ……. All diety chiefly worship SRINIVASA as their kuladevta , ishtadevata ……

Samastadeva kavacham – kavach is the armour that  protects  the warriors from enemies and their weapons …For all deities [ samstadeva ] …….. Srnivasa is the KAvach that saves them from enemies and troubles …and protects them like a armour KAVACH .

Sarvadeva shikhamani – mani – is a precious stone …….  Shikha mani is one that is worn in the head … Shikhamani is accorded the highest respect , as it occupies the head …….crown …..

Head is the most important organ of the body …. it is considered most sacred and pious …..and is held in high esteem by everyone … the one which adorns the head is automatically more sacred and auspicious and revered to the owner of head …….  because head comes under the SHikhamani , it subordinates  the head the self .

Srinivasa’s feet are always sought after by the heads of the devotee , as they do namaskara [ bow and pay respects ] to the feet of LORd Srinivasa …..

The heads of the Deities constantly look forward to and are ever engaged in the namaskara to the feet of SRINIVASA and thus it is akin to the SHIKHAmani that adorns these heads of the deities .


note – next posts follows the phalashruti ……. ie the benefits of reciting this stotram ..


Venkatesha stotra -5 !

RAMANAATH –  Ramaa means LAXMI devi ,’ natha ‘ means husband .  Ramaadevi is uttama superior among both women and men in this creation . SRINIVASA is husband to HER and hence superior to everyone in this creation . FOREVER LAXMIDEVI is nityamukta and SRINIVASA is her husband , wherever LORD marries other jeevi still only LAXMI sannidhaan qualifies them to be his consort so this RAMAANATH quality is forever there in HARI .

MAHIBHARTA –   mahi means bhudevi , mother earth , bharta means husband . LAxmidevi has three rupas , sri bhu durga . Among these rupas , bhudevi , has mahibharta Srinivasa as her husband and through her He protects all the jeeva and jada on the earth .

 BHUDHARA –   BHU MEANS  bhudevi , dhara means one who holds , All the beings in this creation are dependent on the support of BHU . Srinivasa supports this Bhu as ADIKURMA in the waters below patala . Thus he supports Bhu which in turn supports all the creatures.

PURUSHOTTAMA –   All the chetana [sentient ] beings are known as purush , uttama means superior . All the jeevas have prakrut deha [ boy made of primordial components] thus they have death as they leave the body as it decays with age . Thus they are all known as ‘KSHARAPURUSHA ” . LAXMi devi does not have decay or death thus SHe is known as ‘ AKSHARAPURUSHA ” , SRINIVASA is superior to even AKSHARA and thus HE is PURUSHOTTAMA .

CHOLAPUTRAPRIYA – chola means chola country [ tamilnadu ] , putra , son , a son who is fit to liberate the pitrus ancestors . priyah- one who has affection on such cholaputra .

King of chola had all the qualities of  a good son . Srinivasa was taking rest in the valmik . Bramha as a cow took shelter in the chola kings shed , and everyday used to milk the valmik where Srinivasa was sitting . everyday seeing no milk from the cow , the wife of the KING chided the cowherd , cowherd angry spied on the cow and found it pouring all the milk on the anthill. In anger he raised his axe to hit the cow , Immediately Srinivasa protected the cow by taking the hit on his head , and blood oozed out of it .

Cow went to darbar of the KING and asked for justice ,. King sent his men to seek the reason . They saw the anthill profusely bleeding , KING went and saw SRINIVASA , SRINIVASA cursed him to be a pisacha till end of the KALIYUGA , KING asked for his forgivance and thus donated DIAMOND crown in his MARRIAGE , and requested HARI to wear it every friday evening and during those time KING as pisachi would have extreme happiness and relief ,

Thus out of affection accepted the CROWN and thus HE is CHOLAPUTRAPRIYA .

SHANTA – Regulate the world one needs a calm mind , this shanta quality is extremely important for protecting the world . Thus SRINIVASA as he protects efficiently is parama SHANTA .

BRAHADIVARAPRADA –   In this world many rakshasa seek boons from devatas like BRAMHA SHIVA etc . But BRAMHA and others Seek boons from SRINIVASA . Just as others seek boons and be happy from BRAMHA and others , so Bramha and others become gretaer superior to rakshas , humans and all those who seek boons . BUt since Brahma himself seeks boons from HARI Srinivasa is sarvottama and BRAMHADIVARAPRADA .


Venkatesha stotra – 4 !

SRIDHAR – SHREE means Laxmidevi , ‘Dhara’ one who has held . SRINIVASA has held sridevi in his chest as mole . The name of this mole is SRIVATSA . LAXMIDEVI is ever present in this mole thus HE is known SRIDHAR .

PUNDARIKAKSHA – ‘Pundareek ‘ means lotus . ‘aksha ‘ means eyes . One who has the eyes as beautiful as  lotus  is known as PUNDARIKAKSHA .

Sarvadevastutah – sarva deva  means all the devatas  ‘ stutah ‘ means one who is worshipped . Srinivasa is worshipped by all the deities . He is supreme .

HARI –  All the sins and enemies of HIS devotees get destroyed in complete and with roots . Thus Srinivasa is HARI .

SRINARSIMHA –  Sri means laxmi and NARSIMHA is avatara of half lion and human . So The form of NARSIMHA with LAXMIdevi on the lap is SRINARSIMHA . NARSIMHA that killed Hiranyakashipu is ugra narsimha and very huge and ferocious , But SRINIVASA has another small and shant swaroop of NARSIMHA which is accompanied by LAXMIDEVI and is always protecting HIS devotees . Hence he is SRINARSIMHA

MAHASIMHA – While killing Hiranyakashipu and also at the time of Pralaya SRINIVASA takes a huge form , as big as Bramhanda itself and destroys it and thus He is MAHASIMHA .

SUTRAKARA –  Srikrishna in geeta says , HE is supporting the entire universe and lokas and beings in it just as manis [ precious stones ] are held by the thread[ sutra ] in a necklace .  Thus HE is SUTRA akara , he supports like a sutra by bieng of the shape of sutra .

 PURATANAH –  This creation is full of JEEVA souls and JADA , various nonsentient things like mountains trees and rivers and ocean  . Of all these objects in creation , Srinivasa is the oldest . Bramha etc all the beings are born , HE is not born and hence exists since time immemorial and thus HE is PURATANA .

krishnarpanamastu .

Venkatesh stotra -3 !

Shloka 3

Govindah – 1. ‘go’ means veda . ‘vindah’ means who can be known .

Vedas declare that only KRISHNA is known through Vedas , others do not hve this previlige . All the vedas essentially praise VISHNU . Hence SRINIVASA is GOVINDA one who can be known through vedas .

2. In Srikrishna avatar , Lord saved many cows , infact he looked after cow as cowherd . As Hari has protected her offspring , KAMDHENU the celestial cow poured/bathed  her milk over KRISHNA as KSHIRABHISHEKA . Thus SRINIVASA is known as GOVINDA .

3 .When BRAMHA was giving abhisheka of milk  everyday in the form of cow to SRINIVASA , the cowherd of CHOLA KING tried to hurt this cow , and VENKATESHA saved the cow . thus HE is GOVINDA , one who protects cow .

GOPATIH– ‘go ‘ means vidya [different branches of learnings ] ‘ patih ‘ adhipati incharge ,presiding deity . It is Lord alone who knows vedas completely and hence he alone is the adhipati of all the learning that is vidhyadhipati -GOPATI .

KRISHNA– even though He resides on the earth ,HE is full of complete happiness . He attracts the mind of all the devotees. VAYU and other deities when they take birth on earth or in their original form , they always have a ‘ prakrut ‘ body . a body made up of primordial elements [satva rajas tamas] but KRISHNA in avatara also does not take prakrut sharira and remains aprakrut , thus HE is free from blemishes and is ever happy at the same time gives utmost happiness to all thus HE is KRISHNA .In all the avataras HE shows many miracles and attracts the minds of the devotees towards HIM , thus also HE is known as KRISHNA .

KESHAVA – K means ‘ BRAMHA ”  esha means RUDRA  , va means one who protects by giving boons . THUS SRINIVASA is KESHAVA as he protects both BRAMHA and SHIVA and is superior to them .

GARUDADHWAJ– GARUDA means the celestial PAKSHIRAJ , Dhwaj means flag . SRINIVASA went to AKASHRAJ ‘s kingdom on his vehicle GARUDA .and hence HE is GARUDADHWAJ .

VARAHA– vara means GREATEST , supreme , ” aha ” means one without defects . SRINIVASA is supreme and also does not have any defects thus HE is VARAHA . Also in VARAHA avatara HE has protected EARTH and stabilised it on his tusk . The great boar .

VAMANA– vamana means very short dwarf . To give back Kingdom to INDRA , HARI took very small rupa and took away Kingdom from BALI . VAMANA also means very beautiful .

NARAYANA – ‘ NARA ‘ means auspicious qualities , nara also means , knowledge , nara also means liberated ‘muktas’ . ‘ayana’ means one who is ashraya ,abode  [ the place where one can reside ] . NARAYANA is abode to auspicious qualities , He is embodiment of knowledge and residing place for MUKTAS , liberated soul .

‘ARA” means defects , ‘n’ means no defects , thus NARAYANA is not an abode to defects , he is defectless .

n ara means opposite of defects means only good qualities and abode of such infinite auspicious qualities is NARAYANA . anantakalyana guna poorna.

Nar means purush ie  man /soul , the knowledge about such nar is NAAR , ‘ ayana ‘ means marga ie way . The way of Knowledge leading to parampurush is NARAYANA himself . knowing HIM gives MOKSHA .

‘ara’ means death and birth cycle , absence of such cycle is NAAR , ‘ ayana ‘ is state such a state of freedom from cycle of birth and death is got from NARAYANA .

one who is full of defects is ‘arayana ‘ when we add ‘N ‘ to it it becomes who is not of any defects . NARAYANA .

NAR means one who does not get destroyed in pralaya . the waters that arise from HIM is known as NAAR . One who resides in such waters is NARAYANA . [ earlier we have seen PADMANABH swamy slept in YOGA NIDRA in pralayawaters ] .Before creation one who was in YOGNIDRA was NARAYANA himself , HE is none other than SRINIVASA .

ADHOKASHAJA – ‘aksh ‘ means Indriyas [ senses] . akshaj means the knowledge arising from the perception through senses . ADHOKSHAJ means one who is beyond the perception of senses .

SRINIVASA cannot be known by sense perception , SENSES are eyes ears nose tongue and skin , the perception through these can give rise to worldly knowledge . GOD SRINIVASA  cannot be seen , cannot be heard , smelt or tasted or felt through touch , thus HE is adhokshaj .

SRINIVASA though cannot be known through senses , HE should be known only through Shastras and vedas and through pramanas . One should not ask why I cannot see HIm , If GOD is there why I cannot feel HIM . Why He does not speak . In TIRUPATI Lord is standing in his NIJAROOPA only , it is aprakrut deha .Just our senses see HE is not made up of STONE , BUt he is made up of KNOWLEDGE and HAPPINESS . HE is gnyanaanandatmak deha as laid down in SHASTRAs .

Om shastrayonitvat OM . He should be known through VEDAS only .

Krishnarpanamastu .

Venkatesha Stotra-2 !

Shloka 2

Janardana –

Jan – one without the birth , ” Ardana” – One who destroys everyone .

Lord Srinivasa has been hailed as son of DEVAKi YASHODA , BAKULA etc . So BAkula etc have been praised as HIS mother , but HE never took birth FROM their womb or to be precise HE never stayed in their womb for nine months . BUT since he manifested in this world as their SON , He is mistaken to be born . In reality He is never BORN . Similarly He is destroyer but Himself does not get destroyed . He exists even in PRALAYA . Thus HE is JANARDANA

PADMANABHA – Padma – the lotus , Lotus of BRAMHANDA  ” Nabhi ” – navel , one who has navel of BRAMHANDA LOTUS .

During Pralaya NARAYANA went into YOGANIDRA , He broke his sleep [ enactment] as the end of PRALAYA approached . He created 23 Tatvas [ mahat , ahankara , manas , panchatanmatra , pancha gyanendriya , pancha karmendriya , panch bhuta ] total 23 elements . 24 th mool prakruti

He created Bramhanda with these tatvas [elements ] and then He created Avyakta Jala and made the Bramhanda float on it . then HE entered the BRAMHANDA and slept in YOGANIDRA for another 1000 deva mana years .At this point a lotus appeared from his NAVEL and This was of GOLDEN form like  a mini Bramhanda just like the one created by HARI earlier . [ a rupantara Bramhanda ]

CHATURMUKHA BRAMHA thus took birth in this BRAMHANDA LOTUS  . Thus SRINIVAS is known as PADMANABHA .

VENKATACHALAVASANAH – VENKATACHAL  means mount VENKATA [ sheshadri ]  ” vasanah” means made fit to be habitated by all .

Earlier this mount was ordinary . As LORD SRINIVASA  inhabitated , all the devatas , rishis , gandharvas ,and men Flocked towards this mountain to serve the LORD . Thus HE is venkatachalvasanah

SRISHTIKARTA – One who has created the UNIVERSE , usually BRAMHA is known as SRISHTI KARTA , but This BRAMHA himself came from the navel of SRINIVASA , which is known  by the word PADMANABH , the 23 elements responsible for BRAMHANDA did not come from BRAMHA but FROM VISHNU thus VISHNU is SRISHTIKARTA and not Chaturmukha BRAMHA .

JAGANNATHAH – JAGAT means world all the LOKAS , ” natha” meanly  BOSS LORD , YEJAMANA , Who is boss ? one who takes care , regulates and feeds is known as BOSS . one who creates and destroys need not neccessarily be BOSS . ie there is no such rule that one who creates be only the BOSS . THOUGH OX is the creator of the calf , yet GOPALA becomes the BOSS owner of the calf .Thus SRINIVASA feeds , regulates and takes care of this world HE is rakshak  , thus he is natha of this jagat . JAGANNATH.

MADHAV- Ma means Knowledge and proofs  , “dhav: ” means presiding deity . HARI is the chief purport of all the Knowledge and pramanas .Hari himself teaches the Knowledge to bramha and other devatas . He regulates all the shastras . He reveals all the science and literature . Thus HE is MADHAVA .

BHAKTAVATSALA – Bhakta – devotees , ” vatsala ” one who has special affinity . So SRINIVASA has a special affinity towards his devotees , LAXMIdevi is HIS foremost devotee and for her HE accepted PADMAVATI as his consort . Out of affection towards PRAHALAD , He gave  sadgati to JAYA [ HiRANYAKASHIPU ] even though he was his enemy . These are examples of his VATSALYA .

thus ends second shloka anuvada .

note ” BHAKTAVATSALA has a very special meaning .

Quiet a many times as astrologer we say ‘ such and such thing will happen ” then we say perform this pooja or worship this devata and you will see good

say someone asks , DO I HAVE A TRANSFER ?

Astrologer says NO .

Any remedies ?

Astrologer says Recite mangal antargata Bharati raman mukhyapranatargata Narsimha stotra etc .

immediately querist says , DOES this shows in my horoscope . that if I recite I will get transfer ?

If astrologer says YES , then if it is there then why did you say no transfer .

if astrologer says NO then what is the use of this remedy ?

So the answer to this is BHAKTAVATSALA . LORD is BHAKTAVATSALA , he has very special affection to devotees , so when worshiped with devotion , HE gives what is not there also ,. Because such a provision HE has made , people pray and worship HIM adore HIM and seek his blessings and grace . If there were no vatsalya then none would worship or seek remedies as fate would then be the only cruel outcome .

But because HARI is bhaktavatsala and sincere worship he turns the gravest of sins of devotees into punyakarya [ INDRA-AHALYA , Chandra-tara , mudgal – indrasena , sugreeva-tara  ] ,  He can turn events in the favour of devotee .So one must seek remedies with full confidence and faith as HARI is BHAKTAVATSALA . those who do remedies with half heart actually commit sins by doubting the VATSALYA of HARI and are liable to go to hell as well . infact performing remedies with full faith is itself an act of meditation on the bhaktavatsalya guna of HARI .

when one gets repeated realisation of  this vatsalya guna quality of HARI [ like PANDAVAS ] , one becomes steadfast in HARI devotion and astrology karma prarabdha ceases to have any fear in them . As they seek refuge in only HARI and his vatsalya . remember In the full sabha DRAUPADI was subjected to distress and yet she did not give curse to DURYODHANA and Others ,because She had extreme faith in VATSALYA quality of KRISHNA and only depended on HIM to rescue .

Infact entire Shastra is written , preached and displayed only to increase faith in the devotees that YES here is SRINIVASA bhaktavatsala , to save you from all the miseries , whether astro or no astro , HARI is always there to save so says sastro.

Bhagavata katha step by step introduces characters like PRAHALAD , DHRUVA , AJAMIDHA  VIBHEESHANA , UDDHAVA , PARIKSHITA only to show that whether you are  a sinner or a great religious exponent without the grace of HARI one cannot achieve MOKSHA , so everything lies in his GRACE and HE is bhaktavatsala to bestow shower his grace as we seek his blessing with devotion ,.

EVEN if AJAMIDHA had foregone his caste and duties He was resurrected with a single SHOUT of NARAYANA though intended towards his son named NARAYANA .

EVen though PRAHALADA was RAKSHASHA [ the clan which traditionally got slayed by HARI ] yet He achieved the status of highest devotee as He displayed unwaivering devotion towards NARSIMHA .

EVEN though DHRUVA was a small child [ people of his age would not even be considered as devotees ] yet HARI considered his plea and gave him the status of a STAR .

EVEN though MARKANDEYA was short of longevity , his sadhana of dwadashakshar with devotion made HARI bestow him deathlesness even during pralaya waters .

EVEN though DRAUPADI made the mistake of questioning her HUSBAND and demanded explanation disregarding his summon . HE saved her from the worst as she kept full faith on HIM .

EVEN though PARIKSHIT insulted the great bramhin yet HE was showered mukti that too in seven days of devotional SHRAVANA of BHAGAVAT .

EVEN though MADHAV lived a life of CHANDAAL though born as bramhin , He was relieved off his sin just by the Desire to VISIT Sheshadri and LORD himself became his SON in LAW again and again in every birth ,

WHAT can be said of your VATSALYA towards the devotees OH NARAYANA.

NANENA madideno VENKATARAMANA nee yenna kaye beko .


Venkatesha stotra – Bramhanda Purana !











‘Vasu ‘ means one who is inside ‘ deva ‘ means one who sports . Lord resides
in all of us . He sports being inside us . As lord resides in everyone . When we
have extreme happiness we should owe it to God and thank . because it is He who
has given us all this being in others . Similarly when we face sorrow we must
think God has given us sorrow to wash off our sins . We should not hate the
person who is responsible for sorrow .

‘Vasu’ means one who covers everywhere , everything . God Srinivasa covers us
like a sheet and protects us from external dangers and calamities . He regulates
the entire universe by being outside and inside it . Thus he is vasudev .

Va means one with complete strength. ‘asu’ means one who controls everyone .
‘de ‘ means one who gives everything and ‘va’ again here means one who is
present everywhere . Being present everywhere , he controls everyone and gives
whatever wished for to those who pray him . Thus Srinivas is vasudev .

being the son of vasudev He is also known as VASUDEV .









Pradyumna :
NARAYANA in his moolarupa
, took the forms of Vasudeva , pradyumna , sankarshana ,aniruddha , before the
start of the creation . His wife MAHALAXMI also took the forms of MAYA , KRITI ,

  • MAYAPATI VAsudev gives mukti to all
  • kritipati Pradyumna creates the srishti
  • Jayapati sankarshana destroys the bramhanda
  • Shantipati Anirudhha maintains the srishti

Srinivas [ Lord
Venkatesh ] is Vasudev as stated earlier thus he is the one who confers Mukti ,
now we call HIM PRADYUMNA so that the task of creation also belongs to
Pra means SARVOTTAMA the superiormost , ‘dyumna ‘ means one with
auspiscious qualities infinite and complete with a golden hue .Thus VENKATESHA
is known as PRADYUMNA.

AMITAVIKRAMA – Amit means infinite – which cannot be counted or estimated or computed , VIKRAMA means one who has parakrama , valour ,brilliance capacity . Lord Srinivasa has infinite capabilities , HE can create ,sustain and destroy the creation within seconds , with his will and just a mere thought . tHIS CANNOT BE  emulated by anyone and thus he creates infinite Bramhandas , sustains it and destroys just byb his ICHCHA .

SANKARSHANA – sam – means ,well, complete ,thoroughly etc , KARSHANA means to destroy or to reduce . LORD Srinivasa destroys everything completely . If we try to destroy something we can utmost make two or three pieces of a thing  , we cannot reduce things to its atomic particles . BUT HARI destroys this world complete with charachatmak jada to ANURUPA of moolaprakruti . This sanhaar shakti is with only GOD NARAYANA and thus he is Sankarshana and Our SRINIVASA is known as SANKARSHANAas HE carries out LOKASANHAARA .

ANIRUDDHA – cha———–HARI when he decides anything , HE cannot be stopped or none can resist his SANKALPA . Nobody can change what LORD decides one , such a capacity none carried earlier , nor anyone exists who can change what HARI has resolved to do , nor anyone would come in future who would be capable to do so .

So the stories or tthoughts that SRINIVASA had been hurt in  a war or His HEAD started bleeding due to injury etc are not TRUE . The enactment of getting caught helplessly in NAGAPASHA of INDRAJIT is all for DAITYA mohana . OTHERWISE even while kiling Kharasur or RAVANA MOOLABALA , LORD has taken many rupas and exhibited his infinite prowess . SO his resolve cannot be superceded thus he is ANIRUDDHA .

2, AN means VAYUDEVA , ANI means devotees of VAYU devaru , one who is ruddha[ captivated ] by ani – devotees of VAYUDEVARU .

In the previous para we had shown that LORD is not under anybody’s influence nor can he be made vasha [ captivated ] by anyone , no one can cause virodha to him or his sankalpa . YET VAYUDEVA is his devotee of highest kind . WHoever has the anugraha of VAYUDEVA , they can have vashikarana on LORD , and he becomes vash to them . ie Only by the grace of VAYUDEVA one can captivate LORD in his heart .

VALI though  a great devotee , but did not have anugraha grace of HANUMAN and hence LORD RAAMA did not become vasha to him instead HE became inimical . on the contrary SUGREEVA though a  alpabhakta [ lesser devotee than VALI ] but still had the grace of HANUMAN VAYU , and thus enjoyed grace of RAAMA .

Thus SRINIVASA though independent , yet comes under control of DEVOTEES like VYASATEERTHA and RAGHAVENDRAteertha [ thye exhibit extraordinary powers of siddhi and HARI showers unmixed uninterrupted grace on them like bewitched DIETY ] only because these great yatis have complete anugraha of VAYUDEVA , thus HE is known as ANIRUDDHA . SRINIVASA has a capacity and strength to sustain the lokas and hence he is same as LOKPALAKA  ANIRUDDHA .

SHESHADRI patih eva cha ——- and SHESHA – sheshadeva had encoiled the mountain ADRI – anandaparvata  and patih means ownership , SRINIVASA is the owner and head of the Mountain encoiled by SHESHA thus known as SHESHADRI . the word eva shows SRINIVASA has alwasy this evrlasting ownership .

why this word eva because …… once in VAKUNTHA when HARI was in YOganidra and HE appointed SHESHA to guard the doors . There SHRI VAYU deva arrived to see HARI . SHESHA stopped him and then went on bragging about his own greatness and strength .

Then HARI appeared at the gates and asked SHESHA to encoil with all might and strength the mountain ANANDADRI and If VAYU could move it then VAYU is greater in strength else SESHA will be declared greater .

SESHA accepted and with all his might he encoiled the mountain and with thousand fangs poured out enormous venom and heat , thus making mountain inaccesible and venomous . VAYU with his just a touch of toe cause the mountain to fall 51000 yojana away .

Sesha deva accepted defeat and sang praises of VAYUDEVA . Thus from that day the mountain came to be known as SHESHADRI . and SRINIAVASA is yajamana BOSS for that mountain .

SHESHADRI might not have been there earlier and might not be there later too , so SHESHADRPATITVA quality may be a temporary one ,which would vanish with destruction of SHESHADRI mountain  this doubt can crop up . Thus word eva has been used ….

LORD is ananatabramhanda  nayaka , so infinite bramhandas exist at all times and all these bramhandas hav seshadri and OUR SRINIVASA is BOSS yejamana for all those mountains and thus HE remains the BOSS of seshaddri  FOREVER .


next shloka contd …… in coming posts .




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  • It will make spiritual journey a cakewalk .


  1. Get up early  on a SUNDAY before sunrise .
  2. MAke a sankalpa of the UPAASANA
  3. Sitting on the bed , remember LORD SEETA RAAMA along with LAXMAN and HANUMAN . recite RAMESH STUTI !
  4. Remember LORD  NARAYANA with eight arms and eight weapons while brushing teeth [ use neem or mango twig ]
  5. Take bath with Tulasi mrittika mixed in the water bucket .
  6. While taking bath remember NARAYANA with SRI and BHU on his two laps , and other deities bathing him with amruta [nectar ] from the CHANDRA MANDALA.
  7. REMEMBER UPENDRA namak HARI while wearing a dry clothes [ Upendra is brother of INDRA and VISHNU Avatara ]
  8. After wearing dry clothes , remember BRAMHA etc devatas ,, KASHYAPA etc rishis and VASU etc pitrus .
  9. DO sankalpa [ remember your Great grandfather , grandfather and FATHER and resolve that this punya be shared by them] that You will carry out the UPAASANA this day and RAGHAVENDRA SWAMY antargata HANUMAT antargata Seeta RAAMA be pleased ]
  10. Apply gopichandana [ Bramhins 12 naamas and others only one ]
  11. make a space between the naama invite HARI there .[ bramhins papapurusha visarjana , bhutochchatan , asan shiddhi , digbandhan ,pranayama anganyasa karanyasa ]
  12. Bring in the fresh water and filter it with muslin cloth thrice .
  13. make five  patra [ fill one with sandal and flowers , 2 with padmaka and flowers , 3 with lavancha ,4with  kumkum kesari karpoor 5 plain water ][ ganga avahana moolamantra ,ghantanadam deepa prajwalan shankha pooja , pooja dravya shuddhi]
  14. keep ready some Tulasi leaves or tulasi kastha .
  15. mix some sandal powder with tulasi kastha [ BRAMHINS make a sandal paste with sandal stick with saffron and karpoor and tulasi kastha ]
  16. Achamana .[ asan mandal shuddhi ]
  17. Keep a RAJYABHISHEKA SRIRAAMA PHOTO before you on a clean raised altar [ if there is no alter use a peetha ][ Bramhins bramha paara stotra ]
  18. clean the photo with a spoon of water and clean cloth . [ Bramhins use shaligrama and recite ambhrani sukta  and make nirmalya visarjana make a dhyana of rudra holding the nirmalya on his head  ]
  20. DO dhyana of SHRIRAMA as present in HANUMAN in the PHOTO [ shaligrama ] [ Bramhins 108 moolmantra japa , tatva nyasa , akshara nyasa , avahana of hrutkamal stith SRIRAMA shavasa margena into pratima through a pushpa flower ,or bimbaaikya chintana in shaligrama , nirmalya snana is bimbaaiykya chinatana ]
  21. Recite RAAMA nama for 108 , 1008 as per capacity .
  22. offer a tulasi dala to the LORD . Ask Lord to be seated firmly happily on to simhasanam.
  23. Put plain water as padya
  24. put some padmaka agaru and karpoor with flowers in a small patra and offer arghya to the RAAMA .
  25. Kukum kesari water as achamaneeya
  26. sandal water with flowers as snana . [ BRAMHINS recite  pururshsukta ] for a photo just sprikle water with a flower .
  27. place a tulasi dala [ vastra ]
  28. place a tulasi dala [ yagnyopaveeta]
  29. Then apply gandha sandal paste [ gandham ]
  30. recite RAAMA dashakam [ women need not offer tulasi instead place flowers and recite dashakam ] offer flowers
  31. Recite Vishnu sahsranaam, use akshata or kumkum haridra parimala for archana ,
  32. Bramhins can do avarana pooja here .
  33. Offer deepam soak well in ghee or til oil five batti and then lit the wicks .
  34. Offer dhoop [ only hand rolled ones or get  charcoal and put dashanga powder on it ] [ all the while read rama stuti ]
  35. recite nAivedya prakara stotra and offer coconut , bring some cowdung lit it , hold a small pan put some ghee , after ghee is hot pour some wheat floor and jaggery,[ if possible you can use dry fruits , and cows milk only ]  in three minutes you will get a good cooked mixture . make five laddoos out of it .
  36. keep laddos in a silver plate or panchaloha plate or plain banana leaves .along with coconut . make a mandala and then place plate . if not mandala draw a good rangavalli .
  37. Put some tulasi dala on it , [ Bramhins use gayatri and parisinchan mantra paryavekshana mantra ] . [ show mudras ]
  38. recite Naivedya prakara stotra
  39. if time permits dwadash stotra .
  40. with lavancha water offer naivedya with prana apana mantra ..
  41. give two spoons of water as madhy madhye paaniyam samarpayami [ use sandal and lavancha water ]
  42. recite RAAMA naammantra 108 time[ bramhins moola mantra ]
  43. offer the same naivedya to HANUMAN [ narsimha prasadoyam pratigruhyataam  Acharya Srimadacharya santu me janma janmani ]
  44. recite avatar traya stotra .
  45. recite SriRaama kavacham .
  46. pushparadhana [ offer remaining flowers and kumkum ]
  47. Give dhoopa again
  48. Give aarti [ recite Venkatesh stotra or kuldevta stotra NARAYANA only ]
  49. Make a pradakshina namasakaara
  50. read once kuru stotra . [ Bramhins show chamara darpana vyajana and shankha bramana mantra pushpa and then read once manyu sukta  vayu sukta and Raghavendra astottara .and end with moolmantra japa ]
  51. sit quietly and read adya anta shloka of RAAMCHARITRA MANJARI .
  52. take teertha and prasaad
  53. Out of five one is for self ,one for family , one for homa [ if you do anuyaga ] one for atithi if he comes during the pooja . Last one invite one bramhin couple to the house , offer it to then along with tamboola and dakshina and other upacharas as per capacity . Say krishnarpanamastu .
  54. eat along with family and friends good festive food .
  55. sprinkle the remaining kalash water to all corners of the house .

It is for this Same RAAMA upasana RAYARU has come on the earth from BRAMHALOKA . As Shankukarna he was deity incharge of bringing Tulasi to the RAAMA upasana that BRAMHA was doing in BRAMHALOKA ,. Everyday as BRAMHA was worshipping MOOLARAMA  VIGRAHA , Shankukarna secretly nurtured the desire to do the archana of SRIMOOLARAAMA . One day As SHRIRAAMACHANDRA present in SHANKUKARNA inspired him to delay the supply of TULASI to Bramha . BRAMHA [ though a sampoorn saatvika and adhipati of MAHATTATVA does not have an iota of tamas in him to have dosha like anger ] yet showed anger on SHANKUKARNA and cursed him to be born on earth firstly as demon and later as human . The idea behind the curse was let SHANKUKARNA fulfill his desire of worshipping the RAAMA vigraha on the earth .This is known as ANUGRAHA SHAAPA !

Shankukarna was born as Prahalada . and then as SHRI RAGHAVENDRA SWAMY ,

Bramha gave the MOOLARAMA vigraha to MANUputra KING IKSHVAKU and then it remained with SURYA VANSHI KINGS including LORD RAAMA whereby it was worshipped by BHARAT SHATRUGHNA VIBHEESHANA and HANUMAN , from there it came to BHEEMSENA during DWAPARA , from there it remained with GAJAPATY kings in orissa ,  FROM ORISSA NARHARITEERTHA [ disciple of MADHVACHARYA ] who ruled KALINGA for 12 years [ as a result of RAAMAUPASANA as stated above ] brought it and gave it MOOLSANSTHANA of MADHVACHARYA . as the parmapara descended , GURUSARVABHOUMA RAGHAVENDRA teertha worshipped this MOOLARAAMA VIGRAHA fulfilling his long cherished desire .

MOOLRAAMA is still being worshipped in MANTRALAYAM by the saints of this Great PARAMAPARA of which we are all proud to be part of !


रमेश स्तुतिः

ॐ ॥ प्रातः स्मरामि वरकुण्डलशोभिगण्डं शीतांशुमण्डलमुखं सितवारिजाक्षम्।आताम्रकम्रमुदिताधरबिम्बजृम्भिध्यातृप्रहर्षकरहासरसं रमेशम् ॥ प्रातर्भजामि शुभकौस्तुभकम्बुकण्ठं स्फीतात्मवक्षसि विराजितभूरिहारम्। भीतस्वभक्तभयभञ्जनपाणिपद्मं शातोदरार्पितजगदभरमब्जनाभम् ॥ प्रातर्नमामि शुभकिंकिणिमेखलांगम् पीताम्बरं करिकरोरुमुदारजानुम् । ख्यातांघ्रियुग्मरुचिरंजितकञ्जजात वातादिदेववरमौलिमणिं मुकुंदम् ॥ वादिराजयतिप्रोक्तं श्लोकत्रयमिदं शुभम्।प्रा्तःकाले पठन् मर्त्यः पापेभ्यः प्रविमुच्यते ॥



प्रातः स्मरामि रघुनाथपदारविन्दं मन्दस्मितं मधुरभाषविशालफालम्।कर्णावलंबिचलकुण्डललोलगण्डं कर्णान्तदीर्घनयनं नयनाभिरामम् ॥ प्रातर्भजामि रघुनाथपदारविन्दं रक्षोगणाय भयदं वरदं द्विजेभ्यः । यद्राज्यसंसदि विभज्य महेशचापम् सीताकरग्रहणमण्डलमाप सद्यः ॥ प्रातर्नमामि रघुनाथपदारविन्दं वज्रांकुशादिशुभरेखध्वजावहं मे। योगीन्द्रमानसमधुव्रतसेव्यमानं शापापहं सपदि गौतमधर्मपत्न्याः॥ प्रातःश्रये श्रुतिनुतां रघुनाथकीर्तिम् नीलाम्बुदोत्पलसितेतररत्ननीलाम् ।आमुक्तमौलिकविभूषणभूषणाढ्यां ध्येयां समस्तमुनिभिर्जनमृत्युहन्त्रीम् ॥ प्रातर्वदामि वचसा रघुनाथनाम वागदोषहारि सकलं शमलं निहन्ति । यत्पार्वती स्वपतिना सह भोक्तुकामा प्रीत्या सहस्रहरिनामसमं जजाप ॥ यः श्लोकपञ्चकमिदं नियतं पठेद्यः प्रातः प्रभातसमये पुरुषः प्रबुद्धः । श्रीरामकिञ्करजनेषु स एव मुख्यो भूत्वा प्रयाति हरिलोकमनन्यलभ्यम् ॥ वादिराजयतीप्रोक्तं पञ्चकं जानकीपतेः।श्रवणात् सर्वपापघ्नं पठनान्मुक्तिदायकम् ॥



ॐ॥ हे राम जलदश्याम स्वामिन्निर्दोषपूरूष । भीम तामसयोनीनां मा मा मुञ्च तवानुगान् ॥ उपकृत्यै सज्जनानामपकृत्यै तथाऽसताम । नमतामंहसो हत्यै भूत्यै सर्वदिवौकसाम् ॥ भीत्यै खरादिदैत्यानां प्रीत्यै च वनवासिनाम् । स्वस्यापि महिमोन्नत्यै नीत्यै चारण्यचारिणौ ॥ ब्रह्मरुद्रादिभिर्देवैर्रचितौ श्रुतिचर्चितौ । ज्ञानानन्दमयौ ध्यातृप्रियौ सर्वगुणाश्रयौ ॥ ध्वजवज्रांकुशाम्भोजराजितौ राजपूजितौ । रक्तपद्मोपमौ ध्वस्तश्रमौ विद्रावितभ्रमौ ॥ नारीकृतशिलौ रम्यतळौ दिव्यांगुलीदलौ । वृत्तमौक्तिकसङ्काशनखौ त्रिजगतीसुखौ ॥ विचित्रभूषणोपेतौ भीषणौ त्यक्तदूषणौ । लक्ष्मीधराकराम्भोजसेवितौ सिद्धभावितौ ॥ अनन्तवैदिकपदास्पदौ स्वजनसम्पदौ । अजाण्डभञ्जनौ धूताञ्जनौ भुवनरञ्जनौ ॥ क्ष्माभारहारिणौ मुक्तिकारिणौ भववैरिणौ । पार्थदत्तधनौ युक्त्याऽपार्थीकृतसुयोधनौ ॥ तेवनौत्सुक्यतो भूमिपावनौ प्रणतावनौ । सीताभीरामौ श्रीरामचरणौ शरणं मम ॥ इमानि दश पद्यानि श्रमापह्रतये सताम् । यतिना वादिराजेन कृतिना रचितानि वै ॥





कौसल्यासुत ताटकामथ मखत्रातर्मुनिस्त्रीहित छिन्नेष्वासन जानकीवृत वनवासिन् खराद्यन्तक । मारीचघ्न हनूमदीश रविजार्तिच्छेद बद्दाम्बुधे सेनाभ्रातृसमेत रावणरिपो सीतेष्ट रामाव माम् ॥


नैवेद्य प्रकारःस्तोत्र

ॐ॥ नित्यानन्द चिदाकृते त्रिजगतीचित्रान्नभुक्तेऽनिशं विष्वग्व्याप्त बृहच्छरीर निरनिष्टावद्यविद्रावण ।मुक्ताधीश्वर दुर्घटान्नघटनाचातुर्यधुर्य प्रभो कः कुर्यात्प्रति ते विनाऽञ्जलिपुटं भक्तोऽल्पको वा महान् ॥ सर्पिः पायसकर्दमामृतनदीनाथेदमाद्यं किल क्षुद्रक्षीरमपूपशाकविविधान्नाद्यं किलेदं तव । दुग्धाब्ध्युन्मथनोत्थसद्धन सुधाविश्राणनं योऽकरोस्तस्य श्रीश तवान्वहं नम इति प्रह्वत्वमेवार्हणम् ॥ भक्त्या नाभजमीदृशं त्वसदृशं त्वां सद्वशं मादृशं प्रत्यप्यार्दृतया दृशं निजमनस्याद्यादृशं तादृशं । सोऽहं दुर्विषयौघमोहविषमो दोषोत्थरोषो द्विषो नाथेमां सुरयूथनाथ कुरुते गाथाब्धिपाथःपथम् ॥ वादिराजयतिप्रोक्तं श्लोकत्रयमिदं सदा पूजावसानसमये पठेत्केशवसन्निधौ ॥





Runamochana stotra & Avataartraya stotram !

ॐ ॥ देवताकार्य सिद्धयर्थं सभास्तंभसमुद्भवम् । श्रीनृसिंहं महावीरं नमामि ‍‍‍‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌रूणमुक्तये ॥

लक्ष्म्यालिञ्गितवामाँगं भक्तानाम् वरदायकं ॥ श्रीनृसिंहं महावीरं नमामि ‍‍‍‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌रूणमुक्तये ॥

आंत्रमालाधरं शंखचक्राब्जायुधधारिणं । श्रीनृसिंहं महावीरं नमामि ‍‍‍‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌रूणमुक्तये ॥

स्मरणात्सर्वपापघ्नं कद्रूजविषनाशनं । श्रीनृसिंहं महावीरं नमामि ‍‍‍‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌रूणमुक्तये ॥

सिंहनादेन महता दिग्दन्तिभयनाशनम् । श्रीनृसिंहं महावीरं नमामि ‍‍‍‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌रूणमुक्तये ॥

प्रह्लादवरदं श्रीशं दैत्येश्वरविदारणं । श्रीनृसिंहं महावीरं नमामि ‍‍‍‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌रूणमुक्तये ॥

क्रूरगृहैः पिडीतानां भक्तानामभयप्रदं । श्रीनृसिंहं महावीरं नमामि ‍‍‍‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌रूणमुक्तये ॥

वेदवेदांतयज्ञेशं ब्रह्मरुद्रादिवंदितम् । श्रीनृसिंहं महावीरं नमामि ‍‍‍‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌रूणमुक्तये ॥

य इदं पठते नित्यमृणमोचनसंज्ञितम् । अनृणी जायते सद्यो धनं शीघ्रमाप्नुयात् ॥


लक्ष्मीद्वादशनाम स्तोत्र

श्रीदेवी प्रथमम् नाम द्वितीयममृतोद्भवा । त्रितीयम् कमला प्रोक्ता चतुर्थम् सुरसुंदरी ॥

पंचमम् देवगर्भा च षष्ठं च मधुसूदनी । सप्तमम् तु वरारोहा अष्टमम् हरिवल्लभा ॥

नवमम् शार्ञ्गणी प्रोक्ता दशमम् देवदेवता । एकादशम् तु लक्ष्मी : स्यात द्वादशम् भुवनेश्वरी ॥

एतद् द्वादश नामानि त्रिसंध्यम् य: पठेन्नर: । आयुर्ारोग्यमैश्वर्यमतिपुण्य फलप्रदम् ॥

द्विमासम सरवकार्याणि षणमासाद्राज्यमेव च । संवत्सरम् तु पूजाया: श्रीलक्ष्म्या: पुज्य एव च ॥

लक्ष्मीम क्षीरसमुद्रराजतनयाम् श्रीरंगधामेश्वरीम् । दासिभूतसमस्तदेववनिताम् लोकैकदीपांकुराम् ॥

श्रीमन्मंदकटाक्षलब्धविभवब्रह्मेंद्रगंगाधराम् । ताम् त्रैलोक्यकुटुम्बिनीम सरसिजाम् वंदे मुकुंदप्रियाम ॥

॥इति लक्ष्मीद्वादशनााम स्तोत्रम् ॥



ॐ ॥ मध्वहृत्कमलस्थितम् वरदायकं करुणाकरं लक्ष्मणाग्रजमक्षयं दुरितक्षयं कमलेक्षणम् ।

रावणांतकमव्ययं वरजानकीरमणं विभुं अंजनासुतपाणिकञ्जनिषेवितं प्रणमाम्यहम् ॥

पालयस्व निपालयस्व निपालयस्व रमापते वादिरामुनींद्रवंदित वाजिवक्त्र नमोऽस्तु ते ।1।

देवकीतनयं निजार्जुनसारथिम् गरुडध्वजं पूतनाशकटासुरादिखलान्तकं पुरुषोत्तमम् ।

दुष्टकंसनिमर्दनम् वररुग्मिणीपतिमच्युतम् भीमसेनकराम्बुजेन सुसेवितम् प्रणमाम्यहम् ॥

पालयस्व निपालयस्व निपालयस्व रमापते वादिरामुनींद्रवंदित वाजिवक्त्र नमोऽस्तु ते ।2।

ज्ञानमुक्तिसुभक्तिदं वरबादरायणमव्ययं कोटिभास्करभासमानकिरीटकुण्डलमण्डितम् ।

वाक्सुदर्शनतः कलेः शिरघातकं रमया युतं मध्वसत्करकञ्जपूजितमक्षयं प्रणमाम्यहम् ॥

पालयस्व निपालयस्व निपालयस्व रमापते वादिरामुनींद्रवंदित वाजिवक्त्र नमोऽस्तु ते ।3।


सर्पराजस्तुति ः

फणाष्टदलशेखरम्  धृतसुवर्णपुंजप्रभम् सवज्रवरभूषणम् नवसरोजरक्तेक्षणम् । सुवर्णमुकुटोज्ज्वलम सकलवांछितार्थप्रदम् नमामि शिरसा सुरासुरनमस्कृतम् वासुकीम् ॥ सहस्रवक्त्रम् द्विसहस्र जिव्हाम् पिशंगनेत्रम् कपिलाशुकाद्यम । विषायुधम् प्रोज्ज्वलदंष्ट्रबाहुंतम् नागराजम् प्रणतोस्मि नित्यम् ॥ सहस्रशीर्षम् जगदेककुंडलम् पीतांबरम् धूम्रसहस्रलोचनम् । उदारवीर्यम् विषदंष्ट्रकाननम् नमाम्यनंतम् भुवनैकनाथम् ॥


शृणु पुत्र प्रवक्ष्यामि नराणामिष्टदम् परम् । सुब्रह्मण्यद्वादशनामस्तोत्रम् शुभप्रदम् ॥ प्रथमम् स्कंद इत्युक्तः शक्तिधारी द्वितियकम् । हेमचूडस्तृतीयम् तु भद्रसेनश्चतुर्थकम् ॥ भवानीजः पंचमम् तु भवपुत्रश्च षष्ठकम् । अन्नदानादिशीलश्च सप्तमम् कुक्कुटध्वजः ॥ अष्टमम् नवमम् चाथ मयूरवरवाहनः ॥ दशमम् च गुहः प्रोक्तो देवसेनापतिस्तथा ॥ एकादशम् द्वादशम च महासेनः प्रकीतितः । द्वादाशैतानी नामानि षण्मुखस्य महात्मनः ॥ त्रिकालम् यः पठेनित्यम सर्वाभिष्टमवाप् नुयात । सर्पबाधाप्रशमनम्सर्वसिद्धिकरम् शिवम् ॥ गृहपीढ्ाहरम् व्याधिदुःखदोषनिवारकम् ॥ गोप्यादगोप्यतरम् स्तोत्रम् त्वयि स्नेहात्प्रभाषितम् ॥



Sati should get up early in the morning , change her dress and with clean dress she must do namaskaara to her husband and then Pati antaryami Parmatma should be worshiped thus ..

In one way this stotra enumerates the qualities that a husband should have or a husband should cater for and strive to achieve these qualities . A woman should look forward to having these qualities in the husband and thus pray for it to HARI .

पति स्तोत्र
नमः कांताय भर्त्रे च शिरश्चंद्रस्वरूपिणे । नमःशांताय दांताय सर्वदेवाश्राय च ॥
नमो ब्रह्मस्वरुपाय सतीप्राणापराय च । नमस्याय च पूज्याय हृदयाधाराय ते नमः ॥
पंचप्राणाधिदेवाय चक्षुसस्तारकाय च । ज्ञानाधाराय पत्नीनां परमानंदरूपिणे ॥
पतिःब्रह्मा पतिर्विष्णुः पतिरेव महेश्वरः । पतिश्चनिर्गुनाधारः ब्रह्मरूप नमोस्तुते ॥
क्षमस्वभगवन् दोषं ज्ञानाऽज्ञानकृतं च युत्। पत्नीबंधोऽ दयासिंधू दासीशेषं क्षमस्व मेऽ॥
‌इदं स्तोत्रम् महापुण्यं सृष्ट्यादौ पद्मयाकृतं । सरस्वत्या च धरया गंगया च पुरा वृज ॥
सावित्र्या च कृतं पुर्वं ब्रह्मणे चापि नित्यशः । पार्वत्या च कृतं भक्त्या कैलासे शंकराय च ॥
मुनीनां च सुराणाम् च पत्नीभिश्चकृतं पुरा । पतिव्रतानाम् सर्वासाम् स्तोत्रमेतच्छुभावहम् ॥
इदं स्तोत्रम् महापुण्यं या श्रुणोति पतिव्रता । नरोऽन्यो वाऽपि नारी वा लभते सर्ववांछितम् ॥
अपुत्रो लभते पुत्रं निर्धनो लभते धनं । रोगी च मुच्यते रोगाद्बद्धो मुच्येत बंधनात ॥
पतिव्रता च स्तुत्वा च तीर्थस्नानफलं लभेत । फलं च सर्वतपसां व्रतानाम च व्रजेश्वराः ॥

इदं स्तुत्वा नमस्कृत्य भुंक्ते सा तदनुज्ञया ॥ ब्र. वै .

shloka 1. namaha kantaya bhratre ch shirashchandrasvarupine | namshshantay daantaya sarvadevashrayay ch ||

Oh husband you are my beloved very dear to me . In all circumstances you look after me ,you feed me and protect me , You are my husband , namaskar to you as  blessings of the one having moon on his head are there on you . My husband is always cool shanta towards me . Always engrossed in the mind about HARI , Keeping all his senses under control and he being the abode of all the devatas in his body . I bow before you .

shloka 2.

Oh my husband , ever engaged in the pooja of gunapurna LORD . Pleased Lord has blessed him with the exceptional qualities . He never steps back and is ready to forego everything for me and my happiness . Thus he is eligible for my worship and is respectable to me My mind is steadfast in him and my heart is dependent on him it beats for him .Thus i bow with my head down to my husband my support system .

shloka 3.

my adhidevta of my panchaprana , as if Seeing you[ husband ] with fondness and love is the only duty of my eyes [ my eyes continuously is focussed on you and as such its a festival for my eyes ] . You are the adhaara /foundation for the my knowledge leading to MOksha . Oh Lord as present in my husband you are the real happiness[paramananda] for all satis .

shloka 4.

oh my husband , you have complete blessings of srishtikarta bramha , you are totally subservient to Vishnu , You are blessed by sadashiva the destroyer .You are the refuge that i seek for my qualities .Though I have not strived hard to gain bhakti gyana vairagya but with steadfast knowledge and devotion in HARI you also bestow the same to me out of love and affection making me thus eligible for Bramhanugraha . Thus I bow before you wholeheartedly .

shloka 5.

Whatever mistakes I have done knowingly or unknowingly YOU forgive them all out karunya bhava .This qulaity of yours I always cherish and have faith in you .Husband is the only relative for a wife , You are a ocean of patience and karuna . Thus taking me for your dasi kindly always pardon me in my moments of aparadha .

This stotra was done in the begining of creation  by LAXMIDEVI to HARI . Then SARASAVTI and GANGADEVI others everyday worship their respective husband with this stotra .

This way even savitri has worshipped BRAMHA , PArvati has done stuti of SHANKARA with devotion .

Indra and devata and their wives have worshiped through this stotra . Even wives of munis have benefited with this stotra . Early in the morning reciting this shloka increases pativratya .

If any woman human or otherwise ,even if she listens to this stotra with devotion [this stotra is param punyaprada ] it gives all the desired . This is also good for unmarried girls to listen to get the desired .

Those who are aspiring for children beget children by daily reciting this shloka . Those desirous of wealth become wealthy through this stotra . Diseased gets relief from diseases , imprisoned gets released by reciting this stotra .

This stotra enables a pativrata stree to get all the punya of teerthayatra , it will bring all the benefits of tapasya and it is akin to all the vratas done at a time in giving results . One should always eat only after reciting this stotra .

One must always aspire for a Vishnu bhakta as husband . One who sees a agnihotra bramhin , a pativrata stree , a cow or a deep or yagnyakunda early in the morning never gets misfortunes .

Those who illtreat wife or leave a religiously wedded wife become a woman in the next seven lives and are left by their husbands and also suffer widowhood for next seven births .One must never leave a yogya stree but if one has to leave a dushta stree then one must give her 1/3rd of his property if one does not have any property then one must earn the same upto 1/3rd and then leave . so says yagyavalkya smruti .

The wife who is sahdharmini and satvik should never be left in the young age [ this hsows that in old age she can be left ] yes in the old age if sanyasa has to be taken then she has to be entrusted in the safe hands of her brother or able children and then  take sanyasa . For a vanaprasthi if patni wishes to accompany him to forest then he must  take her to forest too .

One who has left his wife if he wants to atone for his sins then prayashchitta ordained is covering oneself with donkey skin with hairs /pores outside and taking bhiksha from seven houses and eat for next six months ,thus he gets relieved of the sins .

A woman should never ever get married to a qualityless man [ gunaheena ] Vishnu bhakti is the prime guna . EVEN if she has to sit at home as kanya for a long period or till death but avaishnav husband should not be resorted to . One must resist if one of the family memebers , father mother etc force for such marriages and resort to strike till they accept the wish . Shastra accords such a right to kanya .

Thus ends the extract from bramhavaivarta purana

Krishnarpanamastu .

Surya Upasana !


। जपाकुसुम संकाशं काश्यपेयं महाद्युतीम्  तमोघ्नं सर्वपापघ्नं प्रणतोऽस्मि दिवाकरम् ।

Suryanarayana The SUN is the visible form of VISHNU for all the devotees . It is an excellent pratima for upasana for quick siddhi and Moksha . It is a Nitya upasana for all the BRAMHINS , the GAyatri Upasana is towards Suryanarayana . Vishnu present in SURYA devata is the most quick to give results and ever protecting . Acharya Srimadanandateertha when confronted with the muslim King proclaimed ” We are the followers of Great God who is ever present in SUN and worship HIM “, Hence its not surprising if there is entire upanishad dedicated to Surya UPASANA . Those who aspire for physical ,material and spiritual success  must pray LORD SURYANARAYANA .

  • Suryopasana with daily arghya to Suryanarayana helps maintain dwijatva .
  • All sankalpa at Suryodaya accomapanied with Suryopasana will  be successfull .
  • Upanishads declare SUN as the centre of UNIVERSE .
  • Devatas attain aparoksha though Suryopasana .
  • It is Graha RAJa ,, King of planets . Praying SUN will give excellent planetary effects and ill effects will get minimized .
  • The chakshopanishad gives Surya mantra to ward away eye problems like cataract  ,short /long sight , to get rid of spectacles , blindness etc .
  • Suryopanishad gives SuryaUpasana to get excellent health .
  • Suryopasana gives win over enemies [aditya hrudaya of Agstya Muni incidental not instrumental in Killing RAVANA by LORD SRIRAM ]
  • SURYOPASANA GIVES EXCELLENT EDUCATION and excellence in vyakarana shastra [ Hanumanji did his schooling under Surya narayana with Suryopasana ]
  • Suryaupasana relieves one of skin diseases ,heart diseases , strengthens bones and  increases Longevity .[ Samba ,son of Srikrishna and Jambavati   ,when tired of his incurable skin disease tried to take permission from Srikrishna to suicide , Srikrishna advised him to do Suryopasana , Samba was relieved off skin disease regained his beauty and Longevtity ]
  • Surya Upasana gives excellent wealth . [ Raja Satrajit got syamantak mani through Surya Upasana  ,which would give him 8000 kg of gold  every day ]
  • In yogashastra Dharana /samayama on Surya gives knowledge of entire creation .
  • Exercising early morning with Surynamaskaar with twelve surya mantras give extreme physical strength and excellent wrestling capacity .
  • Varahamihira Bhatt  amassed excellency in Jyotishshastra through Suryaradhana for a one complete year .
  • Suryopasana gives excellence in medical field ,it gives aushadhsiddhi [ Chyavan rishi got his Ayurved siddhi through Suryopasana ]
  • Suryopasana gives excellent proficiency in Architechture science shilpavidya [ Maya became a great architect by Suryopasana ]
  • Suryopasana gives Rajayoga .[It gives political power and  it gives easy success in exams For high Govt Posts ie IAS IPS IES IRS etc ] All  FAVOURS FROM GOVT  can be had through Suryopasana .

SO Suryaupasana is a way of life for all vedic followers . How this Suryopasana can be done ?

Fast on every Sunday without taking salt , oil , vegetables , alcohol , nonveg , honey , and no cohabitation with females . Get up early morning before sunrise and pray SuryaNARAYANA with following prayers .

Surya dwadashnaam stotram

आदित्यम प्रथमं नाम द्वितीयं तु दिवाकरं । तृतीयं भास्करं प्रोक्तं चतुर्थंम् तु प्रभाकरं ॥

पंचमम् हरिदश्वं च षष्टं त्रैलोक्यलोचनम । सप्तमम तु सहस्रांशुमष्टमं तु विभाकरम ॥

नवमम स्याद्दिनकरं दशमम् द्वादशात्मकं । एकादशम् त्रिवेदात्म द्वादशं सूर्यमेवच ॥

द्वादशैतानिनामानि प्रात:काले सदा पठेत् । कुष्ठादिहृद्रोगो दारिद्र्यं नैव जायते ॥

॥ इति ब्रह्मांडपुराणे सूर्यद्वादशनामस्तोत्रं संपूर्णंम ॥


॥ सूर्यकवच स्तोत्रं ॥

याज्ञवल्क्य उवाच ॥

शृणुष्व मुनिशार्दूल सूर्यस्य कवचं शुभं ।शरीरारोग्यदं दिव्यंसर्वसौभाग्यदायकम् ॥

देदीप्यमानमुकुटम् स्फुरन्मकरकुण्डलम् ।ध्यात्वासहस्रकिरणं सतोत्रमेतदुदीरयेत ॥

शिरो मे भास्कर: पातु  ललाटम् मेऽमितद्युति: । नेत्रे दिनमणि: पातु श्रवणे वासरेश्वर: ॥

घ्राणं घर्मघृणि: पातु वदनम् वेदवाहन: । जिव्हां मे मानद: पातु कण्ठं मे सुरवंदित: ॥

स्कंधौ प्रभाकर: पातु वक्ष: पातु जनप्रिय: । पातु पादौ द्वादशात्मा सर्वांगं सकलेश्वर: ॥

सूर्यरक्षात्मकंस्तोत्रम लिखित्वाभुर्जपत्रके । ददाति य: करे तस्य वशगा:सर्वसिद्धय: ॥

सुस्नातो यो जपेत सम्यगोऽधीते स्वस्थमानस: । स रोगमुक्तोदीर्घायु: सुखं पुष्टिंच विंदति ॥

॥इति याज्ञवल्क्य विरचितम सुर्यकवचसतोत्रं संपूर्णंम ॥


।सूर्याष्टकं ।

सांब उवाच ।

आदिदेव नमस्तुभ्यं प्रसीद ममभास्कर । दिवाकर नमस्तुभ्यं प्रभाकर नमोऽस्तु ते ॥

सप्ताऽश्वरथमारूढं प्रचंडं कश्यपात्मजं । श्वेतपद्मधरं देवं तं सूर्यंम् प्रणमाम्यहम ॥

लोहितं रथमारूढं सर्वलोकपितामहं । महापापहरं देवं तं सूर्यम् प्रणमाम्यहम  ॥

त्रैगुण्यं च महाशूरं ब्रह्मविष्णुमहेश्वरं । महापापहरं देवं तं सूर्यंम् प्रणमाम्यहम ॥

बृंहितम् तेज:पुंजं च वायुमाकाशमेव च । प्रभुं च सर्वलोकानाम् तं सूर्यंम् प्रणमाम्यहम ॥

बंधूकपुष्पसंकाशं हारकुण्डल भूषितं । एकचक्रधरं देवं तं सूर्यंम् प्रणमाम्यहम ॥

तं सूर्यम् जगत्कर्तारं महातेजप्रदीपनं । महापापहरं देवं तं सूर्यंम् प्रणमाम्यहम ॥

तं सूर्यम् जगतां नाथं ज्ञानविज्ञानमोक्षदं ।महापापहरं देवं तं सूर्यंम् प्रणमाम्यहम ॥

सुर्याष्टकं पठेन्नित्यं गृहपीडा प्रणाशनम् । अपुत्रो लभते पुत्रं दरिद्रो धनवन भवेत ॥

आमिषं मधुपानं य: करोति रवेर्दिने । सप्तजन्म भवेद्रोगी प्रतिजन्म दरिद्रता ॥

स्त्रीतैलमधुमांसानि यस्त्यजेत्तु रवेर्दिने । न व्याधी: शोकदारिद्र्यं सूर्यलोकं स गच्छति ॥

।इति सुर्याष्टकं संपूर्णं ।




Adityam prathamam nAm  dwitIyam tu diwakaram | tritIyam Bhaskaram proktam chaturtham tu prabhAkaram ||

panchamam hardashvam ch shashTam trilokyalochanam | saptamam tu shasranshumashTamam tu vibhakaram ||

navamam syaddinkaram dashamam dwashatmakam | ekadasham trivedAtmA dwadasham sUryamev ch ||

dwadashaitaninamAni prAtahkAle sada paThet  tasya kuShThAdi hrudrogo dAridryam naiv jayate ||

|| iti sribramhaNdpurane sUryadwadashNaam stotram sampUrNam ||

PrarthnaDashak Stotra – A new begining !

। प्रार्थनादशकस्तोत्रम ।

रमारमण मध्वादिदेशिकश्रीहृदब्जग । हयग्रीव कृपालो मे प्रार्थनाम श्रुणु सादरम्॥

अयोग्य विषये स्वामिन् सर्वथा न मनो भवेत। चांचल्यम मूलतश्छिंधि दुराशां हर दूरत:॥

दुर्बुद्धिम् च न मे देहि दु:शास्त्रावर्तने रतिम्। हापयस्व च दुर्मानं दुर्गुणम मोचय प्रभो ॥

दु:संगम दुष्क्रियाम छिंधि हर लोकाटनात्पदौ । न नियोजय चक्षूंषि परदारादिदर्शनं ॥

दुष्प्रतिग्रह दुस्पर्शे करौ मा चोदय ध्रुवं । अगम्यागमने गुह्यं घ्राणमाघ्राणनेऽसताम ॥

अपकर्षतु जिव्हां मे लोकवार्तादुरन्नत:। दुर्वार्ता दुष्टशब्देभ्यो निवर्तय हरे श्रुती ॥

भवदिच्छानुगम चेतो योग्यसद्विषयं भवेत। यदृच्छालाभसंतृप्तं निश्चाञ्चल्यं भवेत्त्वयि ॥

सुज्ञानम सर्वदा देहि सच्छास्त्रावर्तने रतिम । सत्संगम सत्क्रियाम चैव पादौ त्वत्क्षेत्रसर्पणे ॥

श्रीमध्वशास्त्रश्रवणे नियुंक्ष्व  श्रवणे सदा । हयास्य चक्षूंषि चेमे दर्शने सन्नियोजय ॥

करौ तदर्चने नित्यम सुखतीर्थस्य लेखने । त्वदालापे त्वदुच्छिष्ट भोजने कुरु जिव्हिकाम ॥

घ्राणम भवतु निर्माल्याघ्राणने नमने शिर:। देहि मे तु ज्ञानभक्तिपशुपुत्रधनादिकम ॥

प्रार्थना दशकम चैततत्रिकाले य: पठेन्नर: । तस्याऽभिष्टम  हयास्योसौ दत्वा रक्षति सर्वदा ॥

॥इति श्रीवादीराजयतिकृत प्रार्थना दशक स्तोत्रम ॥


Let the new Year begin with a prayer composed by Shree Vaadirajyati   . This is an excellent composition which forms the first step towards the sadhana . This stotra pleads Lord Hayagreeva to direct our senses in the right direction .

Oh hayagreeva with Ramaaraman and Madhva and other gurus in the heart I pray to thee kindly hear to my pleaA .

do not let my mind wander unto unwanted [ not fit ] subjects . fickleness be destroyed from the roots , let unwanted evil desires be stopped at the outset .

Do not give evil mindset that will take me to evil shastras and act according to it .Let evil pride be subdued and evil qualities be washed out .

tear apart the evil company and evil karma and save me from this evil travail . Do not let my eyes be employed towards the lure of other woman .

Never let me not accept evil dana or touch evil things with hands at any cost .let me not engage in the company of those prohibited  nor smell those not fit to smell .

restrict my tongue in engaging in gossip and eating inedible things . Let my ears not hear evil news and evil words as well .

By your grace alone eligible subjects [sense objects ] will be known . So whatever profit has been obtained whatever has been given against desires make my mind be happy and satisfied and totally unperturbed in your thoughts .

Kindly give good knowledge always  and let me lead life according to satshastra .Give satsang[good company ] satkriya and with legs let me visit your pilgrims .

Kindly employ my ears in shastra preached by Srimadanandateertha , arrange for  a darshan of HAYANAN to these eyes .

Let my hands always be employed in your archana as per writings of Sukhteerth [ madhvacharya ] . Let my mouth sing your praises and  let the tongue taste only your UCHCHISTA[ prasad ,leftovers] .

Let my nosehave the good fortune of always being in contact of your nirmalya and the same be adorned by my head .Bless me with gnyana,bhakti , cattles , sons , and wealth etc .

Prarthana dashak if recited thrice in a day at three sandhyas everyday by humans , Hayagreeva will bestow all the desired and will protect always .






वैष्णव स्तोत्रमञ्जरि !!!!!

नृसिंह कवचम

नृसिंह कवचम वक्ष्येऽ प्रह्लादनोदितं पुरा । सर्वरक्षाकरं पुण्यं सर्वोपद्रवनाशनं ॥

सर्वसंपत्करं चैव स्वर्गमोक्षप्रदायकम । ध्यात्वा नृसिंहं देवेशं हेमसिंहासनस्थितं॥

विवृतास्यं त्रिनयनं शरदिंदुसमप्रभं । लक्ष्म्यालिंगितवामांगम विभूतिभिरुपाश्रितं ॥

चतुर्भुजं कोमलांगम स्वर्णकुण्डलशोभितं । ऊरोजशोभितोरस्कं रत्नकेयूरमुद्रितं ॥

तप्तकांचनसंकाशं पीतनिर्मलवासनं । इंद्रादिसुरमौलिस्थस्फुरन्माणिक्यदीप्तिभि: ॥

विराजितपदद्वंद्वं शंखचक्रादिहेतिभि:। गरुत्मता च विनयात स्तूयमानं मुदान्वितं ॥

स्वहृतकमलसंवासम कृत्वा तु कवचम पठेत

नृसिंहो मे शिर: पातु लोकरक्षात्मसंभव:।

सर्वगोऽपि स्तंभवास: फालं मे रक्षतु ध्वनन । नरसिंहो मे दृशौ पातु सोमसूर्याग्निलोचन: ॥

शृती मे पातु नरहरिर्मुनिवर्यस्तुतिप्रिय: । नासां मे सिंहनासास्तु मुखं लक्ष्मिमुखप्रिय: ॥

सर्वविद्याधिप: पातु नृसिंहो रसनां मम । वक्त्रं पात्विंदुवदन: सदा प्रह्लादवंदित:॥

नृसिंह: पातु मे कण्ठं स्कंधौ भूभरणांतकृत । दिव्यास्त्रशोभितभुजो नृसिंह: पातु मे भुजौ ॥

करौ मे देववरदो नृसिंह: पातु सर्वत: । हृदयं योगिसाध्यश्च निवासं पातु मे हरि: ॥

मध्यं पातु हिरण्याक्षवक्ष:कुक्षिविदारण: । नाभिं मे पातु नृहरि: स्वनाभिब्रह्मसंस्तुत: ॥

ब्रह्माण्डकोटय: कट्यां यस्यासौ पातु मे कटिं । गुह्यं मे पातु गुह्यानां मंत्राणां गुह्यरुपधृत ॥

ऊरु मनोभव: पातु जानुनी नररूपधृत । जंघे पातु धराभारहर्ता योऽसौ नृकेसरी ॥

सुरराज्यप्रद: पातु पादौ मे नृहरीश्वर: । सहस्रशीर्षा पुरुष: पातु मे सर्वशस्तनुं ॥

महोग्र: पूर्वत: पातु महावीराग्रजोऽग्नित:। महाविष्णुर्दक्षिणे तु महाज्वालस्तु निर्रुतौ ॥

पश्चिमे पातु सर्वेशो दिशि मे सर्वतोमुख: । नृसिंह: पातु वायव्यां  सौम्यां भूषणविग्रह: ॥

ईशान्यां पातु भद्रो मे सर्वमंगलदायक: । संसारभयद: पातु मृत्यूर्मृत्युर्नृकेसरी ॥

इदं नृसिंहकवचं प्रह्लादमुखमंडितं । भक्तिमान्य: पठेन्नित्यं सर्वपापै: प्रमुच्यते ॥

पुत्रवान धनवान लोके दीर्घायुर्उपजायते । यंयं कामयते कामं तंतं प्रप्नोत्यसंशयं॥

सर्वत्र जयवाप्नोति सर्वत्र विजयी भवेत । भुम्यंतरिक्षदिवानां ग्रहाणां विनिवारणं ॥

वृश्चिकोरगसंभूतविषापहरणं परं । ब्रह्मराक्षसयक्षाणां दूरोत्सारणकारणं ॥

भूर्जे वा तालपत्रे वा कवचं लिखितं शुभं । करमूले धृतं येन सिद्ध्येयु: कर्मसिद्धय: ॥

देवासुरमनुष्येशु स्वं स्वमेव जयं लभेत । एकसंध्यं त्रिसंध्यं वा य: पठेन्नियतो नर: ॥

सर्वमंगलमांगल्यंभुक्तिं मुक्तिं च विंदति ।

द्वात्रिंशतिसहस्राणि पाठाच्छुद्धात्मभिर्नृभि: । कवचस्यास्य मंत्रस्य मंत्रसिद्धि: प्रजायते ॥

आनेन मंत्रराजेन कृत्वा भस्माभिमंत्रणम । तिलकं बिभृयाद्यस्तु तस्य गृहभयं हरेत ॥

त्रिवारं जपमानस्तु दत्तं वार्यभिमंत्र्य च । प्राशयेद्यं नरं मंत्रं नृसिंहध्यानमाचरेत ।

तस्य रोगा: प्रणश्यंति ये च स्यु: कुक्षिसंभवा: ॥

किमत्र बहुनोक्तेन नृसिंहसदृशो भवेत । मनसा चिंतितं यस्तु स तच्चाऽप्नोत्यसंशयं ॥

गर्जंतं गर्जयंतं निजभुजपटलं स्फोटयंतं हरंतं दीप्यंतं तापयंतं दिवि भुवि दितिजं क्षेपयंतं रसंतं ।

कृंदंतं रोषयंतं दिशिदिशि सततं संभरंतं हरंतं । विक्षंतं घूर्णयंतं करनिकरशतैर्दिव्यसिंहं नमामि ॥

॥इति प्रह्लादप्रोक्तं नरसिंहकवचं संपूर्णंम ॥


॥विष्णुपंजरस्तोत्रं ॥


परं परस्मात प्रकृतेर्नादिमेकं निविष्टं बहुधा गुहायाम । सर्वालयं सर्वचराचरस्थं नमामि विष्णुं जगदेकनाथं ॥

विष्णुपंजरकं दिव्यं सर्वदुष्टनिवारणम । उग्रतेजो महावीर्यं सर्वशत्रुनिकृंतनं ॥

त्रिपुरं दहमानस्य रहस्यं ब्रह्मणोदितं । तदहं संप्रवक्ष्यामि आत्मरक्षाकरं नृणाम ॥

पादौ रक्षतु गोविंदो जंघे चैव त्रिविक्रम:। ऊरु मे केशव: पातु कटीं चैव जनार्दन: ॥

नाभिं चैवाच्युत: पातुं गुह्यम चैव तु वामन:: । उदरं पद्मनाभश्च पृष्ठं चैव तु माधव: ॥

वामपार्श्वंम तथा विष्णुर्दक्षिणं मधुसुदन: । बाहु वै वासुदेवश्च हृदि दामोदरस्तथा ॥

कण्ठं रक्षतु वाराह: कृष्णश्च मुखमण्डलं ।माधव: कर्णमूलेतु हृषिकेशश्च नासिके॥

नेत्रेनारायणो रक्षेल्ललाटं गरुडध्वज: ।कपोलौ केशवो रक्षेद्वैकुण्ठ: सर्वतोदिशं ॥

श्रीवत्सांकश्च सर्वेशामंगानाम रक्षतो भवेत । पूरवस्याम पुण्डरीकाक्ष आग्नेय्याम श्रीधरस्तथा ॥

दक्षिणे नारसिंहश्च निर्रुत्याम माधवोऽवतु ।पुरुषोत्तमे मे वारुण्याम वायव्याम च जानार्दन: ॥

गदाधरस्तु कौबेर्याम्यैशान्याम पातु केशव: । आकाशे च गदा पातु पाताले च सुदर्शनं ॥

सन्नद्ध: सर्वगात्रेषु प्रविष्टो विष्णुपंजर: । विष्णुपंजरविष्टोऽहं विचरामि महितले ॥

राजद्वारेऽपथे घोरे संग्रामे शत्रुसंकटे । नदिषु रणे चैव चोरव्याघ्रभयेषु च ॥

ढ़ाकिनीप्रेतभुतेषु भयं तस्य न जायते । रक्ष रक्ष माहादेव रक्ष रक्ष जनेश्वर ॥

रक्षंतु देवता: सर्वा ब्रह्म विष्णु महेश्वरा:। जले रक्षतु वाराह: स्थले रक्षतु वामन: ॥

आटव्याम नरसिंहश्च सर्वत: पातु केशव: ।दिवा रक्षतु माम सूर्यो रात्रौ रक्षतु चंद्रमा: ॥

पंथानाम दुर्गमं रक्षेत सर्वमेव जनार्दन: । रोगविघ्नहतश्चैव ब्रह्महागरुतल्पग: ॥

स्त्रीहत्याबालघाती च सुरापी वृषलीपति: । मुच्यते सर्वपापेभ्यो य: पठेन्नात्रसंशय: ॥

अपुत्रोलभते पुत्रं धनार्थी लभते धनं ।विद्यार्थी लबते विद्यां मोक्षार्थी लभते गतीं ॥

आपदो हरते नित्यं विष्णुस्तोत्रार्थसंपदा । यस्त्विदं पठते स्तोत्रम विष्णुपंजरमुत्तमम॥

मुच्यतेसर्वपापेभ्यो विष्णुलोकं स गच्छति। गोसहस्र फलं तस्य वाजपेयशतस्यच ॥

अश्वमेधसहस्रस्य फलं प्राप्नोति मानव:। सर्वकामं लभेदस्य पठनान्नात्र संशय:॥

जलेऽविष्णु स्थलेऽविष्णुर्विष्णुपर्वतमस्तके । ज्वालामालकुलेऽविष्णु: सर्वं विष्णुमयं जगत ॥

॥ इति चंद्रनारद संवादे वुष्णुपंजरस्तोत्रम ॥




हयग्रीव संपदास्तोत्र


श्री श्रीशगुणदर्पणम

या सुगंधास्यनासादिनवद्वाराऽखिलेन या । दुराधर्षा सर्वसस्योदयार्थम या करीषिणी ॥

यानित्यपुष्टा सर्वांंन्गै: सौंदर्यादिगुणैरपि । ईश्वरीं सर्वभूतानां तामिहोपह्वये श्रियं ॥

मातर्लक्ष्मी नमस्तुभ्यं माधवप्रियमानिनि ।युवां विश्वस्य पितरावितरेरतयोगिनौ ॥

सुमना किल मातस्त्वममुना ततयोगिनी । मम नाथेन देवश्च विमनाश्च न स त्वयी ॥

त्वम वेदमानिनी वेदवेद्य:  किल स ते प्रिय: । त्वम मूलप्रकृतिदेवी स चादिपुरूष:किल ॥

यस्त्वामुरसि धत्तेऽम्ब कौस्तुभद्युतिभासिते ।स त्वाम् नैवाच्युत: सर्वस्यात्ययेऽसत्यपि त्यजेत ॥

देवी त्वम् ललनारत्नम् देवोसौ पुरुषोत्तम: । युवाम युवानौ सततम युवयोर्न वयोधिक: ॥

त्वम पद्मिनी पद्मवक्त्रा पद्माक्षी पद्मविष्ठरा । पद्मद्वयधरा पद्मकोशोद्यत्स्तनशोभना ॥

पद्महस्ता पद्मपादा पद्मनाभमन:प्रिया । पद्मोद्भवस्य जननी पद्मा च वरवर्णिनी ॥

अम्बाम पितांबरश्रोणीम लंबालकलसंमुखीम ।बिंबाधरोष्ठीम् कस्तूरिजंबालतिलकाम भजे ॥

रत्नोद्दीप्तसुमांगल्यसूत्राऽवृतशिरोधराम ।कुण्डलप्रभयोद्दण्डगण्डमंडिताम ॥

कूचकंचूकसंचारिहारनिष्कमनोहराम । काञ्चीकिञ्कणिमंजीरकञ्कणाद्यैरलंकृताम॥

सुवर्णमन्डपे रत्नचित्रसिंहासनोत्तमे । नमामि हरिणा साकमिंदिराम् कृतमंदिराम्॥

ब्रह्माद्या विबुधश्रेष्ठाब्रह्मणाद्या: सुरांगना :। याम पुजयंते सेवंते सा माम पातु रमा सदा ॥

सरवालंकारभरितौ सर्वज्ञौ सर्वसद्गुणौ । शर्वादिसर्वभक्तौघसर्वसर्वस्वदायकौ॥

सुमुखौ सुंदरतरौ सुनासौ सुखचित्तनू । सुराराधितपादाब्जौ रमानारायणौस्तुम: ॥

चतुष्कपर्दा या देवी चतुरास्यादिभि: स्तुता । चतुर्वेदोदितगुणा चतुर्मूर्तेर्हरे:प्रिया ॥

घृतप्रतीकाम् ताम् नित्यं घृतपूर्णान्नदयिनीम्। यथेष्टवित्तधात्रीम् च नतोस्म्यभयदाम् श्रियम ॥

वादिराजेन रचितम श्री श्रीशगुणदर्पणम । इमम स्तवम पठन मर्त्या: श्रीमान स्यान्नात्रसंशय: ॥

॥इति श्रीवादिराजपुज्यचरणयतीरचितम श्री श्रीसगुणदर्पणस्तोत्रम ॥


॥यंत्रोद्धारक हनुमत्स्तोत्रं ॥

नमामिदूतं रामस्य सुखदम् च सुरद्रमम । पीनवृत्तमहाबाहूं सर्वशत्रुनिवारणम ॥

नानारत्नसमायुक्तकुन्डलादिविराजितम । सर्वदाऽभिष्टदातारम् सताम् वै दृढमाहवे ।

वासीनं चक्रतीर्थस्य दक्षिणस्थगिरौ सदा ।तुंगांभोधितरंगस्य वातेन परिशोभिते ॥

नानादेशागतै: सद्भि:सेव्यमानं नृपोत्तमै: ।धूपदीपादिनैवेद्यै: पंचखाद्यैश्च शक्तित: ॥

भजामि श्रीहनुमंतम हेमकांतिसमप्रभं ।व्यासतीर्थयतींद्रेण पूजितम् च विधानत: ॥

त्रिवारं य: पठेन्नित्यम स्तोत्रम भक्तया द्विजोत्तम: । वांछितम लभतेऽभिक्ष्यणम षण्मासाभ्यंतरे खलु ॥

पुत्राऽर्थी लभते पुत्रम यशोऽर्थी लभते यश: । विद्याऽर्थी लभते विद्याम धनाऽर्थी लभते धनं ॥

सर्वथा माऽस्तु संदेहो हरी: साक्षी जगत्पति: । य: करोत्यत्र संदेहं स याति नरकं धृवम ॥

॥इति श्री व्यासराजविरचितम् यंत्रोद्धारक हनुमत स्तोत्रं ॥


॥सरस्वती द्वादशनाम स्तोत्रम् ॥

वाग्वाणी भारती ब्राह्मी भाषा गी: शारदा स्वरा । सरस्वती कामधेनु : वेदगर्भाऽक्षरात्मिका ॥

द्वादशैतानि नामानि सरस्वत्यास्त्रिसंधिशु । जपन् सर्वज्ञताम मेधां वाक्पटुत्वं लभेद्धृवम् ॥

षण्मासान्नि:स्पृहो लब्ध्वालभेज्ज्ञानमविमुक्तिदं ।

॥इति सरस्वती द्वादशनामस्तोत्रं॥


|गरुड़ द्वादशनाम स्तोत्रम् ।

सुपर्णम् वैनतेयम च नागारिम् नागभूषणम ।विषांतकम् शशांकम च आदित्यम विश्वतोमुखं ॥

गरुत्मंतं खगपतीं तार्क्ष्यंम् कश्यपनंदनम । द्वादशैतानि नामानि गरुडस्य महात्मना: ॥

य: पठेत प्रातरुत्थाय सर्वत्र विजयी भवेत । विषं नाक्रमते तस्य न तं हिंसति पन्नग: ॥

संग्रामे व्यवहारे च कार्यसिद्धींम् च मानव: । बंधनान्मुक्तिमाप्नोति यात्रायाम सिद्धिमाप्नुयात॥

कार्यसिद्धीम् कुरुष्वार्य विहगाय नमोस्तुते ॥

॥इति गरुड़द्वादशनाम स्तोत्रम ॥


॥ रुद्र द्वादशनाम स्तोत्रं ॥

प्रथमं तु महादेवं द्वितीयं तु महेश्वरं । तृतीयंशंकरं प्रोक्तं चतुर्थं वरषभध्वजं ॥

पंचमं कृत्तिवासं च षष्टं कामाञ्गनाशनं  ।सप्तमम् देवदेवेशम् श्रीकण्ठं चाष्टमम् तथा ॥

नवमम् तु हरं देवं दशमम् पार्वतीपतिं । रुद्रमेकादशंप्रोक्तं द्वादशं शिवमुच्यते॥

एतद्द्वादशनामानि त्रिसंध्यम् य: पठेन्नर:। गोघ्नश्चैव कृतघ्नश्च भ्रूणहा गुरुतल्पग: ॥

स्त्रीहत्याबालघातकश्चैव सुरापो वृषलीपति: ।सर्वम् नाशयते पापं शिवलोकं स गच्छति ॥

शुद्धस्फटिकसंकाशं त्रिनेत्रं चंद्रशेखरम् ।इंदुमण्डलमध्यस्थं वंदे देवं सदाशिवं ॥

॥ इति रुद्रद्वादशनाम स्तोत्रं संपूर्णम ॥

|| navagraha stotram ||

Bhasvanme bhasyet tatvam chandrshcha ahlaadkrudbhavet|Mangalomangalam dadhyatbudhascha budhatam dishet||Gururme  gurutam dadhyatkavishcha kavitam dishet|shanishcha sham prapyatu ketuh ketum jayerpayet||rahurme rahyedrogam grahah santu kargrahah| navam navam mamaishwaryam dishantvete navagrahah||shane dinamaneh suno svanekgunsanmane|arishtam haramebhishtam kuru ma kuru sankatam|| hareranugraharthaya shatrunam nigrahaya cha vadiraj yatiproktam graha stotram sada pateth||










Suta says :

HEY RISIS , Infinitely brave KING Manu asked LORD MATSYA about the PATIVRATA women and their stories .

  1. WHo is great among the pativrata women ?
  2. Who has defeated the Death ?
  3. WHose name should be always chanted by humans ?
  4. Kindly narrate to me the story that destroys the sins quickly !


Hey dutiful KIng ! EVEN DHARMARAJ [ deity of death ] can not act against the pativrata women because even these women are held in high esteem and respect by him . I shall narrate a story in this aspect as to how a women of high devotion towards husband managed to rescue him from the shackles of death himself .

In the previous era , in the country of MADRA [ present day SIALKOT ] there was a KING in the lineage of SHAKAL vansh by name ASHVAPATI . He did not have a son . So to get a son, King consulted the bramhins . By their advice he started the worship of SAVITRI devi , after ten months , once when KING finished homa of hundred ahutis  with white mustards and gave scores of bramhins the dakshina and dana . DEVI SAVITRI appeared in his dreams on a chaturthi day and said , ” Oh King you are my devotee and am pleased with your continuous devotion ,so I would bless you with a GIRL child and she would be most beautiful . With a lightning the goddess disappeared

AT AN appropriate time MALATI gave birth to a very beautiful girl who resembled goddess Savitri and hence all the bramhins present gave her the name “SAVITRI” .

Savitri grew into a marriageable girl and KING promised her hand to KING DHYUMATSEN ‘s son SATYAVAAN . Sage NARAD then appeared and said that prince Satyavaan has only one year of his longevity left .

King was highly disturbed at the words of SAGE NARAD but to keep his words He said to himself that GIRL ‘s KANYADAAN is done only once  so there cannot be reversal of the decision .So SAVITRI married SATYAVAAN and was serving the in laws and husband with utmost devotion even though the words of sage were disturbing her day and night with utmost pain and misery .Her plight was pitiable yet she served her elders and Husband with utmost devotion in the jungle in a hut because Suddenly KING DHYUMATSEN and his wife lost their eyesight and also their Kingdom .

Her devotion and selfless serving was giving more misery to the King DHYUMATSEN who felt that he had spoilt the life of beautiful princesses and also they could not see her exceptional qualities owing to their blindness .

WHen astrologers  came and told her that , “fourth day from now her husband would DIE “ SAVITRI taking the permission of in-laws manifested herself into ” TRIRATRA VRAT ANUSHTHAAN ” a three day marathon vrat austerities .

On the fourth day when SATYAVAAN asked her to accompany her to the jungle to collect flowers and fruits and some wood for fire . SHE accepted as refusing would constitute ‘ YACHANABHANGA ” [ note : however austere the rules of vrata may be , but for a married woman , advice/ order /desires /needs /command of  husband is paramount , not heeding to these constitutes vratabhanga , giving into desire of husband , obeying his commands , looking after his needs even if they are against the austere measures of vrata niyama , is the only dharma , it does not constitute vratabhanga but in the name of vrata niyama , if husband is neglected his desires not fulfilled , that actually constitutes vrata bhanga ]

She followed Satyavaan although fearing the words of sage NARADA with extremely unhappy mind and very thought of losing husband that day was bringing tears in her eyes , yet she collected her calm and followed the husband deep into the jungle .In  order to hide her state of mind from the husband and to keep him happy and engaged, she asked him to educate about the flora and fauna of the forest . Though she knew most about the forests and its inhabitants and trees and flowers , she asked  her to keep him, his mind  and herself  engaged . SATYAVAAN too kept on showing various animals trees and flowers to the beautiful large eyed SAVITRI and assured her of his love towards her just to relieve her of the tiredness of walking into deep jungles .


” Oh large eyed SAVITRI , look at the green soft grass of this jungle as if spring has dawned , and MANMATH along with rati have come down to enhance the atmosphere of lOVE with these mango trees lush green full of ripe mangoes giving delight to eyes and nose with ripe smell contributing to increasing  romance in the air ..

These ashoka trees full of flowers seems to be teasing me and perhaps laughing at me amidst the spring . Just look at the captivating array of  kinshuk trees with flowers like flames of burning charcoal . These sweet smelling flowers and its scent carried by the breeze is kindhearted in refreshing us by curing the tiredness and freshening US .

Look at the west how appealing is the beauty of bushes with golden flowers of kaNer tree . The weeds and creepers of TINEES have blocked the way . Flowers over these are looking great all through the way . How enchanting is this earth with these flowers  . The bees humming all through over these is indicating that Deity MANMATH is surely drawing his bow [ to strike the cupid’s arrow] .

These small dense groups of tilak trees with kokila birds singing over it and harmonizing the atmosphere with their sweet notes which have been sweetened by the tasting the various tasty fruits of the forest . this scenery is as beautiful and attractive as YOu yourself are oh SAVITRI .

The mangoes ripe on the tree have imparted their yellow colour to the kokila and this kokila is singing the notes as if a cultured man is giving his introduction to impress a attractive damsel .

Look at the bees among the backdrop of beautiful arrays of colourful flowers seems like following their beloveds madly in love .

The male kokila even though there are many fruits on the trees still they are eating from the fruits in the mouth of the beloved . The crow is dragging its children in its feathers and still giving its food in the beak to its pregnant lady .

The lovestuck KAPINJAL [ teetar ] is not eating anything just sitting on the ground .Oh large eyed SAVITRI , this chatak [ goraiya bird] is playing with the feathers of its counterpart . The parrot sitting on the branch of a tree is pulling the fruit laden branch with its feather to tease and help its beloved.

The meat eating LION is asleep with satisfaction and the lioness is sleeping amidst its legs . The tiger couples are so lovestruck that their eyes are illuminating the caves differently nearby . The hippopotamus is licking the tongue of its beloved again and again . The monkey is getting its beloved free of lice and giving a good massage onto the head . The big cat is lying on the ground showing her stomach and the other one is pinching and striking its teeth onto it but the cat is not feeling hurt or pain . Look at the pair of rabbit , they have moved into each other in a such a way that except ears nothing can be seen of them .

The elephants in the pond full of lotus is hitting each other with lotus stalks and sporting in the water . The wild boar is uprooting the bushes on its way which its children and family are eating along . The she buffalo with all the dirt and mud onto it is chasing the male with passion . Oh beautiful one ! look at this deer staring at both of us with atrractive eyes in wonder . ANd the other deer is pushing it back lovingly with its horns all at the same time scratching her ears with the legs .

Look at the wild cow moving lazily towards the oX , and this ox is struggling to get the crow off his back . just as a neelgay makes an attempt to shoo the crow away . Look at the sheep trying to place its legs onto its male and trying to eat the fruits from the tree .

The cranes in the pond are enchanting and looks like a moon in the shining sunlight . The chakrawaak is circling around the female amongst the lotus and she is blooming like lotus in sun .

SATYAAVAAN said ” I have collected the fruits and you have also collected the flowers , let me make some arrangements for wood !! Oh bhamini !!! you rest here near the pond for a minute under the shade and I shall get some wood .”

Savitri said . ” KANT !!!! as you say , i shall abide , but do not go away from my sight as I fear staying alone in this forest !!!!!”

So SATYAVAAN stayed nearby collecting the wood but little distance separating them still made savitri as having lost HIM !!!!!

While cutting the wood , SATYAVAAN experienced a severe headache and ran towards his wife and keeping his head onto her LAP , he said ” I am perhaps tired and am in pain , I feel like entering darkness and i am unable to think anything and I just want to sleep in your LAP . !!!!”  Thus he slept in her LAP .

At that time SAVITRI SAW , DHARMARAJ coming himself with bluish[ lotus ] hue on the body wearing a yellow silk pitambar , He was appearing as cloud  amidst the lightning and golden Crown on his head was akin to a SUN , bright and shining , he even had two earrings . The garland was beautiful dangling down his chest . There were shoulder cuffs . He was accompanied by MRUTYU and MAHAKAAL .

YAma as he arrived , with his pasha took away the PRANAby drawing a man  from the body of SATYAVAAN , who was of the size of THUMB . ANd THUS YAMA sped away towards the southern direction .

SAVITRI realizing that her husband has died without wasting a moment in laziness and distress , ran towards YAMARAAJ and with folded hands near the heart told DHARMARAAJ :

” By the devotion towards the mother  one gets the enjoyments on the earth , By devotion towards the FATHER one gets enjoyments in the loka of swarga etc medium planes . By the devotion and concentration towards the Teacher GURU , one gets the BRAHMALOKA . One who has served these three he has served everyone and and has adhered to all the dharma . One who has not served any one of these three all his karma is fruitless and all his merits go waste . Till these three are alive in this world , there is no necessity of  any other dharma . Spending time in the welfare of these three itself is dharma and one should spend his time in it . If by their command one has to undergo slavery even that should be acceptable and should be offered to them by speech mind and action . ALL the karma of a man starts and ends with mother father and guru !!!

Yama says ”  LEAVE the wish that is driving you to follow me , and kindly return back !!!YES there is no karma and dharma bigger than serving mother father and guru !!! But  you are hurting yourself by taking this strenuous path and also creating an obstacle to my work !! You are fully tired and hence I am saying so . Oh dharmik lady !!! your husband was indeed devoted to guru and you are also devoted to your husband , at this point of time you are in trouble , kindly return back !!! ”

SAVITRI said ” For a woman , husband is  a DEVATA , husband is the one who protects her and thus all the women should follow their husbands wherever they go ! Father brother and SON give limited  [ whatever they can give  ] but husband gives infinitly everything ! Then HOW will one not worship such a husband . Oh Best among the deities !! wherever you are going or taking my husband , I should also be going there !!

DEV! If at anypoint I am unable to follow you in the journey of my husband , I shall leave my mortal body and embrace death !!! Its unfortunate to live like  a widow even for a second !!!!!

YAMA said ” Oh most FORTUNATE  pious lady !!!! I am very pleased with you so except the life of your husband ask a boon I shall grant it . !!!”

SAVITRI said ” DHARMAGNYA !!! One who is bereft of KINGDOM and eyes as such My father in law , kindly grant him KINGDOM and EYESIGHT !!! ”

YAMA said ” Oh protected one ! you have travelled a long way , kindly return , Your these wishes will be fulfilled !! Your walking behind me will cause obstacle to my work and also cause tiredness to your self kindly heed my words !!!!!

SAVITRI said ” Oh the great amongst devatas ! What’s tiredness / hardship in the process of begetting the company of  satpurush [ a satvik holy men ] . I do not feel unhappy or any misery in the company the great men like yourself . In this world only holy drive the goals of both sadhu [ pious ] and asadhu [ unholy sinful ] people . Sinners neither are helpful to pious , unpious and not even to themselves . Poison , fire and weapons do not cause much destruction as a evil man who without reason takes up enmity with the world .Just as good men sacrifice their lives to the benefit of others so also evil men give up their lives in quest of causing harm to others .

To attain the upper worlds [ heavens ] the holy men do not care for self and own lives , so also to stop the holy men from recahing heavens evil makes everyattempt without caring for their lives . Thus BRAMHA has chosen and appointed a KING to control such evil people in this creation . KINg should keep testing people and his subject , those who are holy he should protect and honour them and those who are evil he should punish them . One who does this is great among the kings !! Honoring holy and punishing evil makes him the KING !!!!! Hevaens will open gates for such KINGS !!! THere is no other dharma for the KINGs except ruling the subject in this manner !! Those who cannot be chastised by such KINGS , such evils are taken to task by YOU oh Dharmaraaj ! Thus you are the most powerful and important among the kings and DEVATAS . This world is lead by the holy men , and YOU are the leader amongst such holy men and hence I have no hardship in following you !!!!!!”

YAMA said ” I am very pleased by your words full of wisdom and DHARMA !!! Thus You can ask any boon except the life of SATYAVAAN!!! Do ASK without delay !!!!”

SAVITRI said ” Oh the author of destiny VIBHO ! I want to be the sister of a hunded brothers , my father is without a son and so let him be bestowed with the happiness of son !!!!”

Yama said ” Oh woman of no blemish !!! just return the way you have arrived , and get the preparation done for the creamation of your dead husband’s body . Satyvaan has now entered another sphere[ loka] , now you cannot walk behind him . But as you are a PATIVRATA , you can walk another few minutes ! Oh protected one , Your HUSBAND has served gurus well and has amassed a lot of punya and thus I am taking him personally !! Oh beautiful one !!! learned always should spend time in serving elders like mother father and guru . Satyavaan has done all the three very well in the forest and has pleased them all . Hence he has gained swarga , On account you being his wife you have also reserved a place in swarga . Oh auspicious one ! men attain swarga with tapasya , bramhacharya and serving agni and guru !  SPECIALLY ONE MUST TAKE CARE IN NEVER  INSULTING BRAMHINS TEACHERS FATHER MOTHER AND ELDER BROTHER !!! because acharya [bramhin ] is image of BRAMHA . father of PRAJAPATI , mother of PRITHVI , ELDER  brother is an image of the SELF !!!!!!! The amount of hardship that parents undergo in giving birth to a child cannot be repaid in crores of lives . So humans should strive hard to satisfy the desires of parents and guru , because when these three are pleased all the tapasya is said to have been accomplished !!!!

SERVICE to these three guru [ father mother and acharya ] is highest tapasya and no other dharma should be undertaken without their exquisite permission !!!!!

These three [ mother father and acharya ] are the three worlds [ lokas . swarga antariksha and bhumi ] , these are the three vedas , these are the three agnis .

Father is grahyapatya agni , mother is dakshinagni , acharya is avahaniya agni !!!!

These three agnis are great and grahasthas should never get inattentive in the matters of these three agnis . they should be always alert and then they become eligible to win over the SWARGA with their deity like bodies .Oh Protected one ! your work has been accomplished , you must return ! whatever you have asked for will be fullfilled , this way by following you are obstructing my work and also you are too tired , that is the reason why I say so to return !!!!”

  • Savitri said ” Oh great among the deities ! what can there be hardships and miseries in accomplishing dharma . The Dharma is in the very worship of your feet !!! Oh DEV ! men of wisdom should be engaged in the activity of accumulating the dharma , because gain of dharma is infinitely greater than all gains !!!!The birth is the result of DHARM ARTHA KAAM all in a single go !!!!
  • Because one without dharma his artha and kaama is akin to a son of a barren women !!!! Dharma alone gives rise to artha and kaam and also with the help of dharma alone one gets the heavens !!!!!
  • The one who goes anywhere with his will [ jeeva ] is always accompanied by his DHARMA alone , ALL other material things associated with body [ wife relations sons wealth honor etc ] everything ends with the end of the body , JEEVA  takes birth alone and dies alone ,but dharma alone accompanies the jeeva after his death not his wife , nor brothers nor relatives or friends none gives you company !!!!!
  • Success in undertaking , good fortune , beauty everything is possible through dharma only .
  • Oh the ruler of men’s lives [ purushantak ] !!!! VISHNU Bramha Shiva Indra ,chandra yama ,surya ,agni , varuna vayu vasu ,ashvini kuber etc devatas who fulfill the wishes and their worlds are all obtained by Dharma alone ,
  • HUMANS live in pleasure giving beautiful islands and varshas [ harivarsha plaksh dweep etc ] only by DHARMA
  • DEvatas’ gardens like NANADAN VANA etc is obtained by Dharma/punya  alone
  • SIMILARLY amazing aircrafts swarga apsaras are all obtained by punya through dharma alone !!!!
  • The lusturous valorous bodies of men are result of punya alone.
  • The kingship , kingdoms , honor from kings ,obtaining long cherished desires and well cultured upbringing are all the result of accumulated punya alone ,
  • Oh the presiding Deity !!! One with punya alone can have a chamar of gold and vaidurya and will be bright as SUN .
  • Like a full moon the chatra will look decorated with cloth spun in precious stones over a ma of PUNYA
  • The beat of success by the magadhbandi’s with their shankh and other auspicious instruments ready with abhisheka for a man on the ROYAL THRONE [ SIMHASAN ] are the fruits of  puya alone ,
  • Good food , water , songs , servants , garlands , sandal paste , precious stones , and precious clothes all these are results of PUNYA .
  • Lovely and highly attractive damsels  full of compassion and beauty and life in  palacial house are all the outcome of PUNYA through auspicious deeds .
  • The horses with golden bells on the head and chariots attached to such horses are results of PUNYA
  • ELEPHANTs like a walking mountains , with golden seats [ ambari ] with cushioning steps is the property of people with PUNYA .
  • Such wishes can be fulfilled in swarga , and these swarga are obtained only through PUNYA , and bhakti in such swargas can only be had through PUNYA again .
  • SUch PUNYA can be obtained by –
  1. yagnya , tapa , dana, indriyanigraha , kshama
  2. ,bramhacharya , satya , teerth yatra ,
  3. swadhyaya , seva , satpurusha sangati , devatarchana ,
  4. gurujan sushrusha , bramhana pooja ,
  5. controlling senses , and jealosyless  bramhcharya !!!!!
  • Wise learned should always strive to amass these because death never waits for anyone . DEATH does not reason whether one has accomplished his work or not , whether anything is pending or not , it just strikes mercilessly !!!!
  • DEv! thus one should strive to accumulate punya from the childhood because life is never permanent . who can say who will die today ?
  • oh great among the deities ! As we stand death stares at us yet we live as if we do not have death! this is most surprising !!!!! a youth feels he is away from death more than an old and child feels he is away from death than youth !!!!! But whom will the old compare with sitting in the lap of death !!!!!!
  • AND what will be the fate of those who try to find ways to escape death !!!!!!
  • HUMANS in this world not only have fear of death but they also do not have any place to get away from it or save themselves from DEATH !!!!!
  • THUS ONLY PUNYAVAAN holy  lives on this earth fearlessly in this world !!!!”

YAMA said ” oh wide eyed beauty !!!! I am very much pleased with your words of wisdom about dharma !!! Except the life of your husband ask for a boon !!!”

SAVITRI said ” I ask for  a boon of hundred sons from my womb [ putram aurasam ] . because without son there will not be good afterlife !!!! ”

YAMA GRANTS her the boon !!!!!

SAVITRI recites a very beautiful stotra for YAMA Thus .

Oh deity KNOWER of all the dharm and adharma and himself the abider of SUCH DHARMA !!! You are the Lord of this wold and lord of all the men

  1. , you make people abide by dharma hence sarvadharmapravartak
  2. You are the destiny of the person and hence you are vidhanagnya
  3. You are ruler of the world hence jagatonatha:
  4. You regulate and carry out niyaman of these men thus you are Known as MANU
  5. because you regulate all according to their karma  you are known as DEV YAMA
  6. You rule and regulate as per DHARMA and hence you are DHARMARAAJ
  7. men come before you with both their good and bad karma hence are MRUTYU
  8. You keep record of all the seconds kshan kalaa etc thus you are known as KAAL
  9. You are MAHADHYUTE  as you emanate like a light among all the deities .
  10. You end everything you are known as ANTAK
  11. You are the son of VIVASWAAN the SUN so you are known as VAIVASWAT
  12. Once the longevity is over you catch people by surprise thus you are SARVAPARANAHAR
  • The dharma as ordained by RUk YAJUS and SAAm is steady in this world only by your grace .
  • By your grace alone people in this world are engrossed in dharma
  • By your grace people  will not beget children of  intermixed castes
  • By your grace holy men achieve their goals
  • by your grace jagannath , this world is intact in its maryada [ boundaries of behaviour and physical boundary limits  ]ie everybody is in their limits !!!!
  • Oh great among the three worlds and ten directions . I am in distress and in your sharan. [subjudicated abode ] Please help me and this prnces’ father and mother are also unhappy !!!!! “

YAMA SAYS ” I am pleased with your devotion and stotra and thus I release your HUSBAND  SATYAVAAN from the shackles of death !!!!!!  Oh frail one ! return to your place with all the wishes fulfilled !!!! This SATYAVAAN will live with you for FIVE HUNDRED years and happily enjoying the kingdom and then will be happy in swarga as well along with other devatas . He will give you hundred sons all having devata like qualities and able kshatriyas , will live complete life and be famous . Your Parents will also beget hundred sons in the country of MALAVA and hence they will be famous as MALAVS and will live full lives alongwith their children and grandchildren   , they will all possess qualities like devatas and will be worthy kshatriyas .

Oh The virtuous women Whover recites this stotra early in the morning will be blessed with long life !!!!!! ”

SAYING these golden words , YAMA leaving Satyavaan disappeared alongwith KAAL and MRUTYU !!!!!

Later SAVITRI came back through same way towards the jungle and took her husband head in her LAP !!! . SATYAVAAN , slowly got up and asked ” where did that man go who was dragging me along ! Oh beautiful one , I did not know who he was , oh one with complete beauty  !!! complete day has passed by in this jungle , you must be hungry due to fast and tiredness !!!! Because of my laziness my parents have gone hungry and have undergone some discomfort !!! Oh one with beautiful eyebrows !!! I would like to see them instantly let us go !!!”

SAVITRI said ” Oh dear LORD !!! sun has set , if you like we shall go back to the ashram , as parents are blind they would be worried . LEt me tell you about the man after we reach the ashram !!!”

Thus they went to the ashram . DHYUMATSEN and his wife had regained the eyesight but not finding their daughterinlaw , were worried ! ALl the tapasvis nearby had gathered and they were consoling them . Just then  FRAIL SAVITRI and SATYVAAN came by , SEEING them DHYUMATSEN was very happy ., SATYAVAAN paid his respects to the gathered TAPASVIS . SAVITRI retold all that happened , TOGETHER all of them resided there in the ashram and in the night completed the vrata .

AS the dawn broke , ALL the subjects of the KING DHYUMATSEN arrived with loud auspicious sounds and requested KING to rule his kINGDOM again as , the old KING who had usurped the kingdom from DHYMATSEN OWING to his loss of eyesight had been killed by the ministers and PEOPLE wanted the old KING to come back !!!! .

By the grace of LORD YAMA DHYUMATSEN regained his Kingdom . SAVITRI got hundred brothers , In the time to come she also bore hundred children .

Thus MAHASADHVI PATIVRATA SAVITRI upheld the honor of both her lineage and husbands lineage [ PITRU PAKSHA < PATI PAKSHA ] and FREED  back her husband from the shackles of MRUTYU  !!!!!!

MEN should always respect the women of high virtue !!! By the grace of such virtuous women these worlds stand !!! Their words in this world never go waste or false  !!!! Those wishing to get their desires fulfilled always worship women !!!! Those who listen to this story wholeheartedly with devotion , get success in all their undertakings and experience happiness and never experience miseries in life !!!!!!!

Krishnarpanamastu .

Note :

The words of astrologer , destiny , misery ,happiness  all are limited in knowledge and all are under the grace of lord , If with devotion anyone prays LORD and with conviction that his miseries will be erased . LORD protects and fulfills their desires , no matter how big the astrologer may be . no matter what his rants of predictive achievements may be ! HARI can remove any misery provided one worships him with DEVOTION > NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE < !!!!







Naarsimha Nakhastuti !!!


ANgeerasa gotra has given rise to many a lineage of scholars . One such lineage is that of LIKUCHI  dynasty [ also known as pejataye dynasty ] which is well known . ALL the bramhins born in this dynasty were great tapasvis and excellent in poetic skills and well versed in all shastras . In this dynasty in vaivasvat manvantara 28th kaliyuga in 43rd century was born a great scholar by name SUBRAMHANYA panditacharya . He had a son by name TRIVIKRAMpandiatacharya who had mastered all shastras in his early years .He was  poet of extraordinary brilliance .

Father being in the ADVAITA parampara in his last days called his son and said ” oh son , when there is realization of the fact [ sakshatkaar ] that jeevatma and paramatma are one , there remains nothing to be known and nothing exists after that !  Me or people before me have never had such a realization . If anyone had had this realization then from that second the lineage would have stopped as world did not exist for him and world neither existed nor did we . But as this is not experienced , world is false[ mithya ] and jeeva and parmatma are one such an idea is not to be believed and do not keep faith in this . To know the truth serve LORD VAASUDEV sincerely !!!!!”

saying this Father died . Trivikramacharya served LOrd with complete devotion . In those days he heard about Shri MADHVACHARYA  of udipi . He debated with ACHARYA MADHVA for fifteen days in defence of ADVAITA , but lost to MADHVACHARYA and became his disciple . From that day onwards , he accompanied Madhvacharya and started learning about the divine DVAITA philosophy .

Acharya Madhva once went to BADRIKASHRAM ,. there  while performing daily pooja to BADRINARAYANA , he asked TRIVIKRAMACHARYA to stand outside the garbhagriha and closed the doors . For  a long time when doors were not opened ,curiosity caused Trivikramacharya to peep through the small hole in the door latch .

There he observed ACHARYA MADHVA worshipping the BADRINARAYANA , LORD HANUMAN in his two rupas doing alankara [ decoration and fanning ] to LORD . BHEEMASENA preparing naivedya for the LORD .

Seeing such a celestial vision TRIVIKRAMPANDITAACHARYA  BELIEVING firmly that MADHVACHARYA is indeed avatara of VAYU , in ecstasy composed the praises of VAYU and his three rupas HANUMA BHEEMA MADHVA . This composition is popularly KNOWN as HARIVAYUSTUTI !!!!!!

Note : HARIVAYUSTUTI remains one of the most difficult to pronounce shlokas till date and occupies the numero uno position among the mantras !!!!!

ACHARYA MADHVA  as he came out of the temple Trivikramacharya submitted this composition to the lotus feet of ACHARYA MADHVA , SRIMADANANDATEERTHA  expressing his appreciation over the composition said that let the composition become a MAHAMANTRA . let each shloka [ it is 42 shloka composition ] give a specific result and wishes when a punascharana is practised on this mahamantra . Thus it became a great boon to the souls coming in this saampradaya [ paramapara ] .

However entire 42 shlokas pertains to only VAYU and not HARI so MADHVACHARYA composed two shlokas of LORD LAXMI NARSIMHA’s nails [ nakha] and ordained that when these two shlokas are recited before and after the recitation of 42 shlokas , let one gain the results of a parayana .

This two shlokas are popular as NARSIMHA NAKHASTUTI . second shloka of this stuti starts with ” LAXMIKANTH ” some scholars raise an objection that this shloka second one speaks only about the NARSIMHA and not his nail nakha . IN UDIPI the tulu version does not have this second shloka , therefore mostly argue that this muist not have been composed by MADHVACHARYA only one shloka has only been composed .

entire 42 shloka does not speak of hari but only vayu but last shloka says ” stutimkrut harervayudevasya cha” also tells about hari so Laxmikanth shloka must have been actually written by Trivikrampanditacharya only thus opine certain scholars .

LORD has no organic differnces and thus NAIL [ NAKHA ] of narsimha is same as that NARSIMHA . THUS NAIL of NARSIMHA aslo qualifies to be LAXMIKANTH and hence second shloka is as well the NAKHASTUTI .

In mangalacharana shloka of RAGHAVENDRA VIJAYA kavya [ poem]

” shrimallaxminrusimhasya sriyam dishatu me nakhah ! svabhaktabhishtadanaay samupattadashakruti:!!

it says all the dashaavtaras have been taken by the nail of NARSIMHA thus opines the poet NARAYANPANDITACHARYA . Thus NAKHASTUTI is NARSIMHA STUTI an we shall see the two shlokas and its translation in next posts !!!!!!







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