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RAHU in Lagna !

Any planet in ascendant fairly modifies the characteristics of the rashi in which ascendant [ lagna ] falls . Similarly Rahu also gives the results of the sign in which it tenants to a maximum and in mysterious way . The results are experienced in a greater way by the subject much to the observation of surrounding people .

Some of the results of RAHU being prominent in horoscope are :

  • Giving the feeling of things that are not existent ..
  • sensing extrasensory objects
  • something reeling into the head and to reason which is inexplicable
  • experiencing things beyond perception of other normal men ..
  • treading in the dream world
  • Trying to figure out meanings beyond dreams
  • Trying to see through the mystique
  • whatever result a sign exhibits among them presence of rahu makes it exhibit to the extent which is untenable to logic and imperceptible
  • as rahu has innate connection with moon , subconscious activities are more pronounced
  • many a times rahu exhibits the characteristics traits acquired in previous births which is dormant in the corner of mind and gets ignited with time .

Many a astrologers say Rahu is akin to shani .. but Rahu has been seen to give fierce results like mars too .. similarly ketu is akin to mars  but ketu gives vaata roga like shani …

experience shows Rahu excites other planets in conjunction with it ..It gives results of the planets it associates aspects or tenants [nakshatra lord ] .

RAHU in LAGNA people always make sure they honor the word ..they fall in love with many women , are highly passionate and immersed in pleasures . Such people always are well dressed and fashion conscious .

Rahu in shubh avastha shubh yoga in lagna gives favorable results of the sign …in fire signs it gives enthusiasm ,ambitions, straightforwardness,optimism ,courage brave achievements ,brimming with self confidence . especially in saggitarius it gives  interest in yoga siddhi , good physique ,sports achievements  etc ..in leo it gives interest in music drama and literature .. and study in these fields to the level of research ..

In earth signs it imparts beauty intelligence and practical mind ,stability ,and sharp attitude . legal education ,critical analysis ,civil service .

In Airy signs literary pursuits ,scientific research , etc

In water signs it gives imaginations , emotional expressions ,devotion ,passion for service , philanthropy ,compassion ,sense of justice . In pisces the extrasensory faculties are more developed ,will give tendency to help and religiousness is seen .In scorpio secret societies ,secret mystique sciences

on the whole rahu in good yoga in lagna  gives mystique experiences of past life , post death knowlegde  ,administering medicines , healing capabilities etc .relieving from goblins ..mantra vidya , karna pisach , all such arts will be known .

Mars with rahu gives rise to a revolutionary .. venus rahu gives excellence in profession , mercury rahu gives acute intution

Rahu in lagn  especially gives good artists with magnificent vision photography etc ..wherever there is need for secrecy such a yoga stands good .. wherever there is need for backdoor operations .. backroom management , invisible control .. rahu in lagna helps a lot ..showing illusions , making empty talks , struggling hard for some unknown concepts ,,or for some ancestors’ happiness  in family is trademark of these people .These are heavily influenced by grandparents ..


If the rahu in lagna is in ashubha yoga it gives very inauspicious  results . it gives diseases but such diseases will not be diagnosed by doctors .These will have full awareness of the disease but medically nothing would be present . mostly the disease will be psychological in nature and subsequently manifesting in body .

Mostly they suffer from the prarabdha ..which has no cure .. sometimes these will be terribly hurt during childhood and carry the mental wound .. sometimes these may be in previous births too carried forward as terrific dreams .. sometimes fear of unknown grapples them ..

These become easy prey to abhichara like banamati ,sammohan ,vashikarana, and black magic ..Most of the time skin diseases occur , snake troubles erupt . or fall prey to food poisoning or poison attack .

Aspect of saturn on rahu in lagna gives pisacha badha .. they also suffer from evil eye of the people repeatedly ..owing to which self confidence is lost and they get attracted to lower status and mean base people .

Unfavorable rahu gives divorce , failures in relationships and widowhood . it also leads to loss of morals . being under some addiction ,they get eagerly ready to do a antisocial activity like a possessed person .extreme hardness of mind and unnecessary ego ,loss of mental peace , jealousy and unrealistic presentations ,,suicidal tendency and roaming aimlessly and changing partners forms the major signs of afflicted rahu .

SOme of the famous personalities are BAJIRAO peshwa , machiavelli , nostradamus ,trueman ,Mahaveer , actress rekha ,madhubala vaijayanthi bala etc ..

The only remedy for such a position is DIVINE INTERVENTION and Psychological treatments ..PRAYING VARAHA NARSIMHA will alleviate all the ill effects of such a rahu .. DONATING Buffalo is another such remedy .. CHANDI homa or pratikaar bali is also a good remedy ..

DURGA ANTARGAT PARSHURAAM seva will give life long good health and protection .

krishnarpanamastu .








MangalaGauri Vrata – katha evam Vidhi !

Once , the daughter of Drupad Draupadidevi , having completed her daily chores , seated in a relaxed mood ..asked All knowing SUTA puranik [ after bowing to him religiously ] , ” Oh holy one , I have known many vratas and niyamas and poojas fom you previously …. Now I wish to know the most auspicious among vratas namely MANGALGAURI vrata .. kindly enlighten me about the same !

Suta puranik explains Draupadi ,” Oh daughter of Drupada listen ! The vrata which you intend to know is the one which delivers highest merits in this world ….This vrata increases the longevity of the husband ,gives enormous fame ! I shall narrate it specially for you !

Once upon a time  , in the beautiful famous city of KUNDANIPUR , there lived a very rich  ,extremely devoted to Bramhins and very pious and famous trader  by name DHARMADUTTA . He was living very happily with his equally pious wife . One day a Bhikshu Sanyasi wearing orange robes rudraksha and vibhuti and holding kamandalu and kundala passed by his house . His wife rushed to give him bhiksha , but he went away without noticing her . Second day again he went past deliberately avoiding her bhiksha ….. This happened everyday , the sanyasi just refused to accept bhiksha from her … Sad at these events , She complained to her husband …. Her husband said ” not to worry about it so much … just see to it tommorrow , you carry a bowlfull of gems and gold coins , and put it in his bag ….

Next day waiting for sanyasi with a bowl full  of gold coins .. as soon as sanyasi came she just turned the bowl into his bag even before he could take notice of it ….. Angry at her conduct .. sanyasi cursed her to be without children …then pained at curse , crying profusely she ran after sanyasi and fell at his feet to redeem her from curse , or give some remedies to absolve her off her misconduct …. so that she could beget a child ”

Sanyasi took pity on her and advised , ” oh best among the women , repeat before your husband what I say to thee now , Ask you husband to wear black dress and ride a black horse  towards the forest … wherever the horse stops , get down and dig the soil there . He will find a temple full of nine types of jewels .. the deity there is MANGALGAURI .. If your husband worships her with devotion and faith ,  both of you would get relieved from the curse ..and saying thus SANYASI disappeared …

She narrated the same to her husband , pained at the event ,,. next day wearing a black dress and riding black horse , Dharmadutta proceeded towards the forest , the horse took him deep into forest …. Dharmadutta did not partake food or water riding on the horse …. deeply devoted to DEVI … for next 21 days horse went on deeper into the forest …..after 21 days it stopped .. Dharmadutta dug the soil around carefully and as he dug a temple came out of excavation fully decorated with all types of jewels …. MANGALGAURI devi was the deity in the temple…. other deities were in the periphery …. the temple was fully laden with trees and sculptures ….

Dharmadutta thanking sanyasi in the mind ,went further into forest looking for many flowers , barks and leaves to perform pooja of devi in the temple …. BHAVANI impressed and pleased with his devotion ….appeared before him … and asked him ‘Oh trader let me know what type of wealth you wish I shall grant you ”

Dharmadutta said ” Oh devi , By your grace I have all the wealth required to live my life ….. I yearn for a child .. please grant me …. ” DEVI said ” Oh arya ! you do not have yoga for child …. But still I give you one boon , so choose what you want among the options I Give  ……

  1. a beautiful daughter who would become widow soon after marriage or
  2. short lived handsome boy
  3. longlived blind son

Dharmadutta said Oh devi give me a short lived handsome son …. so that I can be relieved of my pitru runa ….

PARVATI devi granted and said “behold  the tree above the ganpaty temple , the tree has a fruit … take it and give it to your wife she will bear a child ”

Happy the devi’s words , trader climbed the temple of GANAPATY and plucked many fruits from the tree , as he got down to his utter surprise , he would have only one fruit in his hand … so he again climbed and collected many fruits , but again as he descended , only one fruit would remain in his hand … this way he climbed 16 times , but failed to carry many fruits except one …. Ganapaty angry at his conduct . cursed him , since you have climbed on me 16 times …. your son will die at the age of 16 by a snake bite ….

Heavily pained by the curse accepting it as fate … dharmadutta went back to his house …. He gave the fruit to his wife … who after eating it conceived the following night through her husband …..After nine months on  a good muhurta , a very beautiful male child was born …The couple were overjoyed and named the child as “SHIVA” . SHIVA born as he was with the grace of DEVI was growing like a moon in the bright half ….About eight years of age , HE was given UPANAYANA …and his schooling began ,… he was bright and picked up the vidya in two years … at ten His mother insisted that He be married .. Dharmadutta said let him go to KASHI and finish kashiyatra and then we shall get him married … So brotherin law of DHARMADUTTA was designated to take SHIVA along with him to KAshi …

So shiva set out on pilgrimage to KASHI along with his mama …on the way they visited many places of PILGRIMAGE ….and along the way came to a very large famous city of ‘PRATHISHTHA NAGAR ” THe city had a very large garden , so SHIVA and his uncle took rest in the beautiful garden … there were some beautiful damsels playing in the garden …. the most beautiful among them was ‘ SUSHEELA ”   and all the girls were unmarried …. as they were playing , owing to some misunderstanding a verbal fight broke  out between the girls … the other girls started abusing each other with dirty inauspicious words like ‘ vidhwa [ widowed ] , veshyaa ,ganika etc …. SUSHEELA said ” freinds . you are mistakenly , abusing me without reason . i dont understand why ? But these will not affect me because my mother is always engaged in  MANGALAGAURI VRATA  , By the grace of goddess [due to vrata ] I shall always be sumangali till death ….. You know wherever the lamps are lit [ diya ] for mangalgauri vrata , the people dwelling there will never face inauspiciousness ….

As SHE WAS saying these words …. Uncle of SHIva observed this and determined , this girl will be befitting bride for SHIVA ….. so he followed her  to find her whereabouts and talk to her parents …. So he took shiva and stayed in the temple just near the SUSHEELAs house .. here Susheela ‘s father  named Hari was also worried about her marraige and so also his wife ,and wife incindentally spotted a very handsome boy in the temple and urged her husband to talk about their daughter … so HAri went to Shiva’s uncle and proposed the marraige of Shiva and SUsheela ..,Uncle agreed and both were married ….religiously on a fixed date and hari chose to keep the son in law in his house for some days … and did not permit him to go for several years .. Susheela was worshipping MANGALGAURI vrata piously , one day when Shiva and Susheela were sleeping ,,,, Susheela dreamt of GAURI in her dreams instructing her ,,” Oh SUSHEELA get up ,  behold a snake is coming to bite your husband .. place a milk bowl before it and an earthen pot …  snake will drink milk and get into the earthen pot , then you remove your blouse and tie over the pot to seal it …..

Susheela was terrified as her dream broke … she got up and was surprised as a snake crawled towards SHIVA , she immediately put a bowl of milk before it and with courage moved an earthern pot before it … snake drank the milk and went into the pot … , she immediately removed her blouse and tied the pot and sealed it …. and slept peacefully … after some time . SHiva woke her up and said he was feeling hungry …. so she gave him laddos kept as prasaad for the MAA gauri …and he ate them and drank water … just as Susheela was asleep . Shiva and his uncle [ by the inspiration MAA Gauri ] decided to continue their yatra to KASHi as instructed by his Father … and decided to leave without informing them ,…so SHIVA kept the wedding ring in a secret place …. and went away ..

Hari the father in law was highly devoted to his family deity Kuldevata EESHWARA .. so RUDRA took the form of SHIVA and stayed in his house to avoid embarrassment to the family as son in law disappeared ,,..Susheela wanted to complete the vrata next day and gave vayandana to her mother … Mother found  a very precious necklace in the dana box … Mother was extremely happy nd thought her daughter was very happy with her husband .. but she gave the necklace back to the daughter and enquired about such a precious gift , how did son in law accept to donate it to in laws …..

Looking at the gift , Susheela immediately sensed , that Shiva in her house was not her husband ….. She told everything that happened previous night to her parents … here the LORD ISHWARA as SHIVA disappeared … he had come only to complete the vrata for SUSHEELA …

Hari then pained at sudden disappearance of the Son in law … started giving  annadana  to every new visitor of the city [from the hands of SUSHEELA ]… this was going on and on ,, thinking with this he would get his son in law back … [ there is no punya equivalent to annadana , it is perfect remedy for all miseries ]

Here SHIVA along with his uncle visited KASHI and after the darshan of VISHWESWARA , they went to HARIDWAR and took the holy dip in holy ganges .. In Haridwar Shiva gave many dana to able brahmins ,,.and all the meritorious bramhins [ by the inspiration of MANGALGAURI devi ] gave him aasheervada of deerghayush ….

On the way back … suddenly SHIVA collapsed with a loud cry as ‘HA’ ,.. Immediately Uncle tried to revive him after repeated sprinkling of Ganaga water … Shiva regained consciousness …. SHiva said .. ” UNCLE , actually  some terrific looking yamadootas had dragged me out …. they were carrying me away , just when MANGALGAURI DEVI came and shooed them away with her sword … all of them went away , obeying MAA … and I regained my life .. MANGALAGAURI saved my life ”  uncle said do not tell this to anyone … let us go back to our home KUNDANI

While on the way they came to PRATISHTHA nagar .. there they saw people preparing food for the great annadana which was going on for all the new visitors of the city … They asked for some place in the grand kitchen so that they could cook themselves …. The chefs said they are preparing food for the visitors why dont they take food , why they had to cook …. SHIVA said they are back from vrata niyama and teerthayatra  , they will not accept paranna bhojana …

The chefs ran to the master Hari and said someone is insisting on cooking themselves … Hari said kindly bring them to our house with sound of bells and music with utmost respect in a procession like grandeur ….The attendants brought the uncle and SHIVA to their house …. Hari asked Susheela to welcome the atithi … just as susheela bent down to wash the feet .. looking at the marks and beauty of the feet she recognised her husband … She told her father , that the guest was indeed her husband ….

FAther happy but failed to see the wedding ring and  to confirm .. asked the guest whether he indeed was SHIVA his son in law and can he prove it …. SHIVA went inside the house and brought the wedding ring from the secret place …. Father in law was extremely happy.. asked susheela to cook food and give to her husband and thanked his kuldevatas to grant him his wish at succesfful completion of remedy [ annadana ] …….

Hari allowed Shiva to take his wife to his house in KUNDANIPUR …  On the way they found a temple fo MANGALGAURI and it was tuesday of shravana masa …. so SUSHEELA worshipped at the temple and others accepted prasaad stayed in the temple and proceeded further to their house in KUNDANI … just they entered the city , the citizens were overwhelemed at pious couples and ran towards them in groups to welcome them …..

Just a sthey recahed the house .. all the three made sashtanga namaskara to DHARMADUTTA and mother in law of SUSHEELA asked … oh blesssed one .pativrata .. how did you save my son from impending death … what is the vrata you undertook which gave my son deerghaayush ,[longevity ] kindly enlighten that vrata to us all too .. SUSHEELA said oh mother . I do not know of any vrata other than just that , YOU are the Mangalgauri [ maa as present in you ] , Your HUSBAND ,my father in law is indeed PARMESHWARA [ as present in him ] , this son you have borne is only My husband , my deity [ Lord as present in him ] , Serving you three is in itself a vrata for me which brings all the auspiciousness , i know only of this vrata …Thus she served them for many many years ….

SUTA concluded thus to DRAUPADi , ” hey DRUPADNANDINI , those who do this  vrata gain all the wealth fame an longevity ….to the husband and themselves and live happily with sons and grandsons with all auspiciousness …..”

Thus ends the Extract of BHAVISHYOTTARA purana of discourse of SUTA and DRAUPADI ABOUT MANGALAGAURI VRATA ..



Get up early morning take mangalsnana . this vrata is done for five years …. one year in mothers house and rest in in laws house ,,, presence of Husband is must ….

mangalsnana is taken with tulasi powder , haldi , mango leaves flowers petals  …immersed in water …

smear the place where pooja is to be performed with cowdung and gomutra and decrate with rangavalli colourful

decorate house with mango leaves … flowers..

decorate mantap

take sankalpa

prepare a kalash … keep a gauri made out of haldi [ haridra gauri ] … keep two blouse pieces by the side .. and mirror … keep a tambula behind the gauri …. and spread all the auspicious mangaldravyas before her … like bangles mirror , kukum etc ….

sprinkle water from kalash on all the materials to be used for the devi …

Install mangalgauri antargat Bharatiraman mukhyapranantargata LAXMINARAYANA [ saligrama or laxminarayana vigraha ]

MAHAGANAPATy antragata Vishwambhar moorty pooja …. [ nirvighna prarthana ]


Neelalohita tatanka haridra kumkumaadishu | taamboola pushpagandheshu darpaneka ch shodhake ||

sindhoore kajjalevastre kankaNAdau phlaadeeshu | jwalaaya putradeepasya mangaLadravya bhaajane ||

Shubhakaaryeshu santoshe nityaleela vilaasineem | sampoorNa chandravadanaam sarvagnyaam shivasundareem ||

varaabhaya karaambhojaam pashaankush karojjwalaam | saavitreem sadayaam deveem sarvamangal devataam ||

balaanapoDhaam sampoojyaam mangaldravya vaasineem | sarvaalankaar sampoorNam bhaayet sarvamangaLAam ||

Om Aim hreem Shreem namassarvmangaLAayai MangaLgauriye namaha || dhyanam

with above mantra give panchamruta shodoshopachara … 

in shodoshopachaara … include kukum haridrasamrpayami

take a iron spoon .. pour paste of beetel leaves and burn it … that will give kajal … apply this kajal … kajjalaadikam samrpayaami .. give blouse piece …two … and swarNottiriya … gold laced shawl ….


  1. champa
  2. kakunda
  3. mandaar
  4. punnag
  5. bruhati

if you dont get above then

  1. aparnaye namaha — jaji pushpa
  2. parashaktaye namaha —- sevantika
  3. mahadeviye namaha —-mallika
  4. bhaktidaye namaha —- kamal
  5. veershaktaye namaha —parijaat

worship with dhoop deep naivedya ..

namaskaar pradakshina aarti

give vayan daan to 16 suvasini

give vayan daan to mother …

lit 16 diyas ,… and listen to the story … and  distribute kajal devi prasad , sindoor , kumkum haldi and other mangal dravyas …

eat along with mother reltives and 16 suvasinis …



on the last shravan tuesday f fifth year .. one must do udyaapna ..

one must get up early and complete mangalagauri pooja …and invite acharya to the house …

Acharya should install all the kalasha onto a decoration namely LINGATOBHADRA ..mandala

kalasha should be for Uma maheshwara , ananta ,. bramha . ganapaty kumaar .shachi puranadar .

separately one each  for LAXMINARAYANA savitri and navagraha .. And One for inviting all the devatas .. [ if so many kalasha are not possible then atleast five shoudl be installed ]

fasting completely and worshipping all through day and night …reciting the mantras fit for you shakha … one must perform homa with arali , ajya ,doorva ,payasa , jeera and guda ..ahutis

with mantra given earlier … give poornahuti ….

invite 16 suvasini … perform sumangali POOJA

then with ” Uddeepasya ..” mantra give dana …to bramhin couple ….ad then invite as many people to give feast and satisfy all the guests ,and complete the vrata … this brings enormous enjoyments , auspiciousness , fortune and wealth and psossesions and thus saying this MANGALAGAURI udyapana ends ..




KRishnarpanamastu …


There are six chakras in the human body . So says Brihadaranya upanishad . These chakras are sukshma kendras where Lord resides to control various koshas of the body .The various koshas are , annamaykosha , pranamay kosha , manomay kosha etc ….

The first chakra is mooladhara situated at the point called kanda which is 2inches above the rectum[between anus guda and vrushana testicles ] , it is 4 inches by two inches spherical. ABOVE this kanda is situated a four petals of LOTUS encompassing a TRIKONA AGNI mandal . [ Triangular basin of fire ] The beejaakshar LAM activates this chakra .

The second chakra is MANIPURA situated at the navel [ nabhi] . It is LOTUS of eight petals , encompassing a vayu mandal in shatkona [ hexagon ]. yam is the beejakshar

The third chakra is of anahat  [ hruday chakra ] it consists of eight petals of LOTUS encompassing surya mandal of dwadashkona [ 12 side polygon ] . rum is the beejakshar

The fourth chakra is in vishuddha  INDRAYONI [ near the backside of the tongue ] ,This eight petal LOtus with spherical chandra mandal . ham is the beejakshar.

The fifth is brumadhya chakra of agnya [ forehead ] it consists of  two petals of LOTUS with  trikona agni  mandal . varun beeja is the akshar .

The sixth is 12inches above head is sahasrar  chakra , it consists of 1000 petals of LOTUS inside six petals at base moordhni  and spherical budha  mandal . OM is the beejakshar . turiya is the rupa .

The first three chakras are red in colour and rest are white in colour .

Vasudev etc five rupas o the LORD should be meditated in each chakra .

Vasudev is white in color ,sankarshana is pingala in color , pradyumna is harita in color , aniruddha is neela in color , Narayana is lohita in color .

The mooladhara consists of sushumna which rises till the bramharandra in the head , this is made up of five nadis ie vajrika , arya, avabhasini ,vaidhruta , bramhanadi .

Sushumna[ Narayana ] is surrounded by IDA[ Aniruddha ] to the left  PINGALA                  [ sankarshana] to the right DHARINI[ vasudeva ]  in front and VAJRIKA [ Pradyumna ] in back .

Without seeing the LORD there cannot be moksha . To see him one must engage in shravan manan and after getting his complete knowledge then one can engage in DHYANA and not before that .

There are two types of upasana : Adhyayan Adhyapan is one and DHYAN is second .

DHYAN has limbs like yama niyama asana pranayama .

Pratyahaar dharana dhyan samadhi are for aparoksha ,

Yama means satya asteya ahimsa bramhacharya aparigraha .

Shouch tapasya trupti svadhyaya Haripooja all these are Niyamas .

Svastikaasan , Veerasana , padmasan etc are asanasa .

YagnyaValkya says , not troubling anyone by speech mind and body is known as AHIMSA.

satyam bhutahitam proktam na yatartha bhashanam .

TRUTH is what is beneficial to satvikas and not speaking as is .

Not aspiring[ body and mind and speech ] others wealth and belongings is what is ASTEYA .

Completely avoiding thoughts of sex with  women  by body mind and speech is what is known as BRAMHACHARYA .

Aparigraha : totally isolating self from the worldly pursuits of money mongering and gossip .

Shouch – two types , bahya / antar  . CLEANING the body with water soaps and other cosmetics is bahya shouch . restricting mind from anger lust etc is antah shauch .

Tapasya – concentration[ ekagrata ] of mind and chitta and indriyas is known as tapasya .

ASAN – devata smaran can be done in any position , but dhyana should be in the asana only . if body is fragile , so is mind ,so to get steadfast mind , asan is necessary . PADMASAN is best .

Pranayam ; Rechak poorak and kunbhak are three parts of PRANAYAMA . If pranayam is done without mantra then it becomes preparatoryfor dhyana , if done with mantra and devta smarana [ VISNUM VAYUM SMARET ] then it becomes dhyana itself ,

For MUKTI sadhana shravan is important . those who donot know tattva they must listen to shastras only . Those who have learnt shastra they must do manana to consolidate their learnings , Those who have consolidated the shastras must do dhyana .

BUT Shastra vimarsha [ contemplation ] is 10 times more better than dhyana . ANd hundred times better is teaching atleast one student . EVEN aparokshagyanis teach because HARI is pleased by teaching of shastras ,

In dhyan only few gunas of HARI is what meditated , but while shastra vimarsha there is opportunity to contemplate many qualities of LORD .

SHAUCH and ASAN are means to MOKSHA SADHANA but they themselves are not sadhana so much importance and time should not be spent on only making asanas and shuchi .Otherwise people spend hours in sculpting body with yogasanas .These dont even give punya by themselves ,

Pranayam , aparigraha , ahimsa ,satya,  asteya , bramhacharya , tushti among these , each is greater than other by two times . Shastrabhyasa is one crore times greater . HARIPOOJA is infinite times greater than these . DHYANA is three times better . SHATRA vimarsha and pravachana is manyfolds greater than DHYANA .

One must practise PRANAYAMA for more and more times . One must remove the inner air through pingala and take in fresh air through IDA and hold it in sushumna and then remember VISHNU and VAYU .

If there is break while doing such VISHNU samrana  then it is dharana , if there is no breaks and if it is continous than it is DHYANA . if outer world totally elapses for a sadhak then it is samadhi . SUCH prolonged samadhi gives aparoksha , COntinuous shastra parisheelana [ contemplation also gives aparoksha ] . This should be accompanied by devotion only then aparoksha is possible ,. Affection full of DIVINE KNOWLEDGE of shastras is what known as devotion BHAKTI , This BHAKTI alone is important for  MOKSHA .


Pravrajya YOGA !!!

There are many types of sanyasis :

  1. yati
  2. dandi
  3. tridandi
  4. ajeevaka
  5. sakya[baoudhak]
  6. charak
  7. kutichaka
  8. nirgrantha
  9. vivasa
  10. vanyasan
  11. vanaprastha
  12. bhikshuk
  13. naga
  14. kapali
  15. chakri
  16. vriddhashravak
  17. hansa
  18. paramhansa


When there are four or more than four [ five six seven ] planets in a single rashi than the person becomes a sanyasi of the order of the planet which is stronger among the four .

if sun is stronger he becomes a tapasvi, moon  a kapali , mars one wearing red robes , mercury one becomes a dandi [ staff holder] , jupiter a yati [ hansa paramhansa ] , venus a chakri , saturn a digambar [ Nirgranthika ]

similarly when more planets are involved , or aspects are cause of ascetism , mars gives  shakya , mercury  ajeevak , jupiter a bhikshu[dandi ] , moon a yati hansa etc , venus , charak, saturn a nirgrantha or vivasa , sun  a vanyasan or vanprastha .

tapasvi engages is penance , vanprastha lives in nearby jungles with wife and  disciples , vanyasana lives in deep jungles , vivasa dwells on hills and deep forests with a deerskin , naga is naked sanyasi, nirgrantha is digambar inside society , bhikshu is always engaged in study of scriptures and has a bowl and a staff .  charaka is roaming sanyasi , shakya is baoudha sanyasi with tonsured head , a yati is sanyasi attached to a institution which teaches and is endowed with royal attributes like pallaki etc . ajeevak is glutton and is given to feeding his stomach and senses .

hansa and paramhansa are the sanyasis of highest order .A hansa bird when given a bowl of milk mixed with water , it drinks only milk filtering the water out of it . SO also this world and its events are ever mixed with acts of LORD the divine  [ milk ] and materialistic or the wordly [ water ] , when a person only partakes the divine and is unaffected by the wordly , he is known as paramhansa .

one must always seek knowledge , every incident is engrained with a knowledge that we must learn and also it is just a worldy event , most of us get lost into success and failure of wordly events and its result of happiness or unhappiness but rarely we try to seek a knowledge or divine tattva hidden in our day to day events .  one who does that is hansa .

When a planet is combust among the sanyasa giving planets , one gets into the order withour initiation , if the same planet is defeated in planetary war , one leaves sanyasa after the initiation .

if the combust planet is strong and also ravi is strong than one becomes  tapasvi .

if the planet owning the house where moon is placed [ janma rashi adhipati ] if aspects saturn without being aspected by any other planet , will enter the order signified by rashyadhipati or saturn whichever is stronger .

if rashyadhipati is weak and is aspected by saturn than one becomes a digambar .

one becomes a naga if moon is in saturn or mars navamsa / dreshkana aspected by saturn

Saturn in ninth with strength gives sanyasa even if one has rajyoga , after becoming a king one becomes a sanyasi .

One will establish a new system of philosophy if jupiter moon and ascendant are all aspected by saturn and jupiter is in ninth

Madhvacharya established TATVAVADA .

As a child when he decided to gain sangatyaga [ and regain permanent sanga with LORD ] he decided to enter sanyasa ashrama . The opponents of HARI must always be punished , but as HANUMAN , BHEEMA he had done all that , now opponents o hari were present as bramhins ,these were not fit for physical punishments , and also , for others who were fit for punishments , DURGA DEVI had decided to take avatara on the banks of river payasvini .

SO to make people understand the real meaning of vedas , VAsudevacharya decided to take up sanyasa . BUt Father was very upset with the decision of the son . SO father MAdhyageha bhatt said , oh son , one who takes up sanyasa should not have a father , mother or anyone , but must have to rely only on LORD .

your decision is wrong why do you trouble me at this age , please change your mind , I beg you i bow to you , and Father makes  a namaskara . VASUDEVA [ MADHVACHARYA ‘s name before taking sanyasa ] says , one must only bow to elders or sanyasis, look BRAHMA the creator himself has given the permisiion by making you bow , father you have bowed to show I can become sanyasi [ elders aged bow before a young sanyasi ] as your child I am not eligible to be made namaskara by YOU !!!!!

Father anguished at the childs’ adamancy laments , I would end my life with suicide if you persist .

VASUDEV tearing a piece of linen and making a kaupin setting aside with a firmness says ” let me see how you dare that suicide ”

[ the inner meaning is VASUDEV is MUKHYAPRANA , the life breath of all the souls , only if he leaves than does a person dies , so technically without his permission or will his father cannot die ]

Father says , people bear children so that he can look after them and also shastras say one must always protect and lookafter the aged parents , pativrata wife , a child even if one has to carryout akarya [ prohibited karma ]. You are the only child and earlier children have died ,

VAsudeva says , one should abandon the life and take up sanyasa as soon as one becomes virakta [ unattached ] towards the worldly issues so say vedas , anyhow I would wait till another baby is born to you to take care [ VISHNUTEERTHA is the brother of MADHVACHARYA who is still praying in the KUMARPARVAT of subramanya ]

FAther said I have heard these and i can convince myself but how will you convince if Your mother . VASUDEV said , you give me the permission first OH father than I woud convince mother too .

FATHER permistted with heavy heart , After the another son was born , VAsudev told his mother , MA , if you wish to see your son always in front of you permit me to take up sanyasa and don’t be a roadblock for the work of HARI . if you still do not give permission than I would leave this place and go away and you will never see me again , NOT seeing again is akin to death for a child . SO better I become a sanyasi and be before your eyes .

MOTHER permitted .

Vasudeva performed the timely acts of jeevashraddha etc the activities to be accomplished before taking up Sanyasa . Than on a given day ACHYUTPREKSHA swamy initiated VASUDEV into sanyasa and MADHVACHARYA who was given the name PURNAPRAGNYA by his guru was aptly known so as he is the knower of all the shastras even before he declare “sanyastam ” I offer all my senses and body and soul to you the LORD of all My lORD HARI .

WHen Achyutpreksha offered to initiate in the activities of sanyasa to be carried out for the first time , The teacher himself felt that is disciple is doing things in a extra perfect manner which is worth noting and imbibing .

ADVAITA was prevalent in those days and thus ACHYUTPREKSHA to make his disciple proficient , decided to teach him the grantha ” ISHTASIDDHI ” , MAdhvacharya never had any interest in such books , yet as an order from guru he opened it and pointed out a 32 defects in the evry first shloka of the grantha ,

AChyutpreksha could not give satisfactory answer to the questions raised as reagrds the defects neither did the book address them .AGAIN in the evening when ACHYUTPREKSHA took POORNAPRAGNYAcharya to ANATESHWAR temple as acharya prostarted before the LORD , ANANTESHWAR entered a nearby devotee and with a deep voice took the acharya into his arms and produced him before ACHYUTPREKSHA and proclaimed ” HE is the answer to all your questions in the mind “. THUS ACVHYUTPREKSHA understood that a new teacher has come down to show the path of salvation .

Acharya srimadacharya santu me janmajanmani

krishnarpanamastu .



RajYoga-The story of Narahari teertha

|| sasItAmUlarAmArchA koshe gajapateH sthitA |
||yenAnItA namastasmai shrImannR^iharibhixave||

Narahari teertha -3rd Pontiff in the Shree Madhacharya -Raghavendra Mutt (1324-1333-Hampi-Thungabhadra)

PooRvashram name SHyam shaastri.

When Jupiter is in Lagna and sun in the tenth house at the time of travel one will acquire a Kingdom in his travel.

Shyam Shastri was the minister of Kalinga State. His father was Narasimha Bhatta. who was also an officer in that state. They were powerful in many respects. Many temples were erected during their time.The inscriptions at Srikurmam says He had donated a Village to bramhins for the welfare of King Bhanudev II . He was expert swordsman and able statesman.He was a scholar. Lead a life like rajaRshi ,working as an minister in the court of King Gajapathi of Orissa(Kalinga) State.

Sriman Madhwacharya camped at Orissa after returning from Badarikashram. A Vidwat sabha was arranged. The Father and the son took part in the debate. Both father and son duo were traditionally ADVAITI bramhins ,thus they were debating against the Dvaita philosophy of Sriman Madhvacharya .They could not succeed. They accepted the defeat..

Impressed by the discourses of SriMadhvacharya Shyama Shastri accepted the Vaishnava-dvaitha Math and became his disciple. He was ordained the Name NARHARI Teertha

Stayed for some time with his guru. Sriman Madhwacharya asked him to go to Kalinga State and spread the Dvaitha Philosophy.

At that time the king died leaving a infant heir to the throne. A caretaker was neccessary till the infant prince grew Youngand capable. The subjects were in dilemma. They decided and made arrangements for the Royal elephant to go round the State with a garland at its trunk and to put to the neck of a person to whom it chooses as the best.- That person would rule the kingdom. The Royal elephant saw a Sanyasi coming out of Lord Jagannatha temple, after performing pooja. It garlanded the Sanyasi and prostrated before him. The subjects felt that Lord Jagannatha had come in the form of Swamiji and entrusted the State to the control of the Swamiji. He was none other than Sri Narahari TheeRtha. The subjects were more than happy to see erstwhile minister now back to look after them.

Sri Narahari theertha also thought that it was the will of God to protect the kingdom till the prospective ruler would grow and was able to take charge of the kingdom. Thus he looked after the Kingdom for 12 years.

The history of orissa well records this fact in the following extract



Narasimhadeva I was successful in his campaigns against the Muslims and humbled the pride of his enemy. Like his father he was a devotee of Lord Purushottama. He is remembered in history as the builder of the world famous temple at Konarka.

In 1264 A.D. Narasimhadeva I was succeeded by his son Bhanudeva I born of queen Sitadevi. During his time Narahari Tirtha the disciple of Ananda Tirtha (Madhvacharya) had great influence in Orissa. He was even appointed as a Governor of Kalinga. During the rule of Bhanudeva, Chandrikadevi, the daughter of Anangabhimadeva I, constructed the Ananta Basudev temple at Bhubaneswar in 1278 A.D. That year Bhanudeva died and his son Narasimhadeva II was an infant. Narahari Tirtha worked as regent for long twelve years. Narasimhadeva II is known to have fought against the Muslims of Bengal the results of which were decisive. His long reign from 1278 to 1306 was peaceful

During his rule , he remained a sanyasi and converted many adjacent princes and kings to Vaishnav Dvaita fold and renamed them .The Matsya rulers of Oddavadi became independent of the Gangas and were converted to Vaisnavism by Narahari Tiirtha. Arjuna became Narasimha Vardhana, Annamaraja Gopalavardhana and Munjaditya Srirangavardhana. Sri Narahari Tiirtha was also responsible for the conversion of many princely and aristocratic families of Kalinga and Andhra regions to Madhva fold. The descendants of these families still flourish in the coastal Andhra and adjoining states.

When the successor had attained maturity to take charge of the kingdom, he handed over the State and left for the UDUPI. The Young Raja wanted to give presents to the outgoing Sanyasi. But Sri Narahari theertha did not accept anything. When the young Rajakumar persisted him to have something as a memento, he took the MoolaRama idols from the Raja Bhanadara and arrived at the Udipi Kshetra on Kartheeka shudhdha Dwadashi evening. He submitted these idols to SriMan Madhwacharya. The morning Pooja were over due to Dwadashi. Yet Sriman Madhwacharya again went to Sri Madhwa sarovara and took bath and completed the Ahneeka . Taking these Bramha KaraaRchitha [one adorned and prayed by Bramha] idols and kept by the side of Lord Kadagol Krishna and performed the Pooja.

Sri Narahari theertha was performing Sanchara in all the directions like Sri PadmanaBha theertha spreading the Dwaitha doctrine. He came to a village called GollarahaLLI. That early morning, Lord Sriman NarayaNa appeared in his dream informing the saint that he was in the form of an idol in the nearby tank. Accordingly, the saint with his parivara went to the spot indicated by the lord and brought a beautiful idol of Sri LakshminarayaNa and installed in a temple specially constructed for it. The Tank was improved. It started yielding good crops for the nearby fields. People called the tank as NarayaNa Kere .Tipu sulthan on horse back, on his way to a war, happened to see this Lakshminarayana idol and went on to conquer KoppaLa, on his return, Tippu saw the idol again. He was pleased. As a mark of his victory he made arrangements for a diamond studded crown for this idol.

The saint came to a village called Chikkera haLLi near MoLakalmanoor. The saint dreamt that Anjaneya was inside a big anthill in that village. The mud was extracted and the saint found Anjaneya Vigraha Pratishtapana was done as per the wishes of Anjaneya and people believe that it belonged to Janamejayaraya’s period. A separate temple was constructed.

Sri Narahari teertha was Acharya’s pet student. He wrote commentary for Geetha Bhashya. He also wrote commentaries for Yamaka Bharatha. Also wrote Keerthana’s in Kannada language. He lived for 80 years in Kalinga, Andhra, and Karanataka States He gave ashram to Sri Maadhawa Theertha. Behind the Vijaya vitala temple of Hampi near Chakratheertha, he entered Brindavana.


What was the neccesity for Madhvacharya to send Narhari teerth to Kalinga?

The story ends with Narhari teertha bringing the MOOLRAMA vigraha .This is gold idol still in Mantralayam and has interesting background which warrants a naration.

God Narayana is omnipotent . Lord has all his roopa intact and imperishable. So Lord MoolRama was /is present even before Lord Ram actually appeared as son of Dasharath.

Bramha was praying this idol Moolrama in Satyaloka . He had appointed a deity by name “ShankhaKarna” to bring everyday tulasi and flowers without fail and punctually at the time of pooja of Bramha .

Shankhakarna was prompt in his duty for yugas. However one day , as he gazed the idol , a desire to do the pooja himself to the idol of MoolRama and hold it in the his hands , crisscrossed the mind of the deity. Engrossed in his desires and such thoughts and dreams , he forgot to hand over the tulasi and flowers to Bramha in time.

Bramha in anger cursed him to be born on earth as rakshas . When prayed ardently by the ShanhaKarna , Bramha smiled and said this was not a curse but a anugraha shapa [ a boon in disguise] . He had grased his desire and in his one of the births he would pray the idol with his own hands. And all his births he will be specially devoted to VISHNU.

ShankhaKarna was born as Prahlad.[ chief inspiration behind the advent of lord as NARSIMHA] . Then he was born as BALHIKA [ elder brother of SHANTANU and uncle of BHEESHMA fought war and died in the hands of BHEEMA, he was the eldermost[elder to bheeshma ] warriors in MAhabharata war] .Then he took birth as Shri RAGHAVENDRA Swamy.

Bramha gave the idol to Ikshvaku of Solar dynasty. From there it came to Dasharath and the Lord RAM gave it to Lakshman ,subsequently to Hanuman.

Hanuman gave this to Bheemasen . Bheemasen after the war handed it over Kalinga King. In this Kalinga lineage , this remained in orrissa but the pooja had long ago stopped and hence it was kept in the Royal storage.

It was through Narahari teertha it came back to Bheemsen [ Madhvacharya] and in the mutt was continuouskly prayed daily by the MUtt POntiffs. Thus in this tradition Shri Raghavendra was appointed Pontiff by Sudhindra teerth. and Shriraghavendra [ShankhaKarna] fulfilled his long cherished dream of praying MOOLRAMCHANDRA

||Sriman moolramo Vijayate|| ||Sri Gururajo Vijayate||





If the Atmakaraka is in scorpio navamsa ,one will be troubled by snakes. If 8th lord is in sarpa drekkana or 22nd drekkana is sarpa drekkana then one will be troubled by snakes.

Once Bheemasena went to the forest for hunting .There in the forest , a python [ajagar] attacked Bheema and caught him in its grip. Bheemasena did not make any attempt to release himself .Bheemasena also did not attack it back. He stood still . Because of Bheema’s hard body , python was under distress while strangling , [if you grip a hard substance and press it hard ,your hands pain ] Bheema was stronger and his body was tough ,tougher than diamond ,iron casts and indra’s vajrayudha . Then Snake [python] asked few questions to BHeemasena , if answered it offered to leave him. Bheemasena did not offer to answer him . [ one must not use Vidya to earn money or benefits , this applies to Bramhins so also to Kshatriyas ; one must not be vidyopajeevi] .Slowly Python started losing grip and tiring ,its body started to pain and wither .The snake started losing strength.Bheemasena was in deep meditation of Narayana . That was his natural charactreristic and he was not meditating to get rid of snake.

WHo was python ? Why did Bheema not Kill it ?

Once when Indra had killed a demon named Vratrasura , the sin of Bramhahatya chased him [Vratrasura was bramhin] . Fearing Bramhahatya he hid in a lotus stalk on the earth . The kingdom of Swarga was kingless ,thus devatas decided to replace Indra with another worthy person . After Long  thought and discussion ,it was decided The son of king AYU , Nahusha ,who had done many yagnyas was worthy of sitting on the Indra’s throne .Thus a human king was selected to preside over the three worlds . Thus to enable him to rule over three worlds ,they bestowed him with the boon that he would get all the punya and tapasya shakti of the one whom he sees. Thus Nahusha became the King of the three worlds .

Nahusha grew in strength day by day by acquiring the punya of everyone he saw. Thus he became arrogant with excess punya and lost his balance . He then demanded union with Shachi [ the wife of earlier Indra ] as he was indra for all purpose now ,he thought he was entitled to gain Shachi as well . All the sages grew anxious at the evil thought of Nahusha , but they could not stop him from doing sin as they were all powerless , Their power to curse him was no more as their punya and shakti would be his as he sees them.

Shachi was very scared but there was none she could turn to . Indra had given her one advice before leaving the Swarga to be used in such situations. As Nahusha sent his emissary to her palace that he would arrive for her , She said she would accept only if he comes in a Palaki which is carried by Agastya and other prominent Rishis.[She knew rishis would save her]

Nahusha ordered Agastya and others to carry him on their shoulders to Shachi’s palace . Sage Brigu was always present in the Jata[hairlocks ] of Agastya . Now while carrying Agastya initiated a discussion with Nahusha ” whether Vedas are pramana [valid statements ] “

intention was , if Nahusha says yes ,then parastree sanga [ cohabitating other woman ] is prohibited in Vedas , then why was he doing such ghastly thing ? If Nahusha persists then he will be entitled to curse !!!

But Nahusha was quick to grasp this intention and thus said ” He did not consider Vedas as Valid” , Agastya persisted with argument of proving Vedas as Valid , angered Nahusha kicked the jata of Agastya . Now Bhrigu was in the jata of Agastya , and he was not yet seen by the Nahusha and his powers were intact ,thus cursed him ” that he become python ” [Those who copulate with friend’s wives or wives of elders become python in the next birth] .

Nahusha prayed Bramha for relief , thus Bramha said when he will be effectless against a human stronger than him and if he does not budge to his grip and neither answers him , then all the punya gathered by him from rishis will be transfered to him and he will be released from his curse .

Yudhisthira seeing apashakuna everywhere , enquired about Bheema , and started to look for him . There they found huge trees fallen in a arranged manner in the forest , it confirmed Bheema might have gone in that direction [ When Bhemma runs ,his mere touch of thighs towards forest trees fell them] . There Yudhisthira saw Bheema in the grip of struggling python. Yudhisthira asked python as what was his intention , it asked him few question , Yudhisthira answered them for Bheema , and Nahusha appeared in celestial form went away to Swarga.


Ninth House – Bhikshashanam

When ninth lord is debilitated and 10th lord and 3rd lord are weak , the subject will go begging for the food .

Vedvyasa took all the Pandavas to Ekchakra nagar to a Bramhin and told him that these were his disciples and He should give them shelter. Bramhin agreed as per the Lord’s words. Pandavas and Kunti devi were living in the house of bramhins . Pandavas were engaged in study of vedas and lived by Bhiksha.

Kshatriyas should not ask BHiksha . Bhima was param Bhagavata and hence would never go against Dharma. but here there was no option but to beg. How to save themselves from defaulting Dharma?

Just then a potters house got caught fire  from all the side . Bheemasena , standing a few feets away from the house amidst fire , kicked hard in the ground . By the force of his kick , the house on the otherside emerged out of the ground along with the earth beneath it. Bheemasena lifted entire house by his hands and put it out of fire on to the other side.

Indebted potter created a earthen vessel as big as the village itself and  gifted it to Yudhisthira. Now Bheemasena taking the earthen vessel just roared into the air, panicked by his roar , villagers gave away Bhiksha into the vessel even without their asking for it . This was akin to Kings giving their wealth as a tax to Indraprastha for the fear of losing kingdom and acceptance of Pandava supremacy.

But Yudhisthira said , this type of roar and eating  vessel full of meals would alert Duryodhana and his friends about their whereabouts and thus requested Bheema to stay away from BHikshashan and eat whatever they would bring for him . Bheema was happy to save his dharma.

One day the bramhin and his family were bereaving and loud cry’s were heard. Bheema asked Kunti to find out the reason for the distress of their host. He could have gone himself but woman in the family would get uncomfortable at the sight of another man ,thus he sent his mother.

Kunti standing by the wall heard their conversation before asking them .

The bramhin said ,” oh my wife I had already told to leave this place you were not ready look now its time for embracing death ! I shall go from my family and embrace death . “

Wife said ” oh my lord , Let me go into the mouth of death , for i would attain good lokas for having saved you.”

Daughter said ” a daughter is of no use , why not let me go to the den of BAkasur ?”

Father said ” Shruti[vedas] say a daughter is the one who graces the dynasties of both father and husband by her deeds and good virtue , a son only uplifts one family.birth of  a daughter is more auspicious , sending you will only put me further into naraka ,so as worthy son of my lineage let me take on death”.

the child in the family tottered and with a small twig in the hand said ” oh father I will kill bakasur with this twig let me go!”

Taking these words of child as good omen [ Bheemasena her child would break Bakasura as easily as a twig] , Kunti entered to ask Bramhin for their plight.

Bramhin said , there is a demon named Bakasur in the vicinity , who demands a cart full of food ,milk, animal ,birds and a human as bali , every thirteen years a family has to send a human from their family to satisfy the demon . Its now their turn. Kunti said she has five sons and would send one of her sons. Bramhin says it will be a sin to take someone else’s life to save oneself . Kunti assured that his son has a VIDYA which cannot be confronted by devatas and demons and hence she is not afraid.

Kunti came back and told Bheema about the Bakasura.Bakasura was a demon and maternal uncle of Ravana. By the fear of RAMABANA  of Lord Rama had hidden in the caves, After Ramayana , he came out and was not defeated by Bharath , jarasndha,narakasura etc was freely creating havoc. Now Bheemasena killing him would have an opportunity to please Lord .

Yudhisthira and others came back from Bhiksha and seeing BHeema in a very happy mood asked Kunti ” Ma ,why is Bheema so happy?” Kunti said he is going tommorrow to Bakasura’s den . Yudhisthir panicked said ” what a bad decision , we are all living by the hope of BHeema , owing to his strength and protection we are dreaming of gaining back our kingdom , now Bakasura is living giant from tretayuga , how will we live without BHeema?”

Kunti said , ” let there nopt be a doubt about Bheema ‘s strength , even as a child he powdered the entire mountain range Shatashrunga , NO [MAI KA LAAL ] among devatas and demons can kill him as he is very VAYU himself . ”

Thus next day Bheemasens set out with the cart full of food and milk . He thought to finish the meals even before demon touches it and makes it impure. as demon swa him eating his food , he became angry and uprooted a tree to hit the Bheema, Bheema  stooping the tree with his left hand drank all the milk and then did ACHAMAAN . [ this implies that food should be eaten in  a pure manner untouched by others and achamaan should be done after meals] .

Bakasura threw a mountain on the bheema , it broke to pieces , after long battle , BHeema set his foot on one foot of the  Bakasura and he held the other feet with his palms and slit him through middle like a sugarcane . Thus Baka was killed . He brought the dead body to the village gate and left it , People afraid of the giant body ran here and there in fear . After Bramhin assured them about his death , Villagers became happy and agreed to pay the cart full of meals to Bheema from then . BUt Bheema asked them to offer it Lord Narsimha in the village temple.

Thus from there Pandavas went to Draupadi swayamvar.


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