Hitherto Unknown Secrets !


shri gurubhyo namaha


  1. Time of excessive monetary gains
  • note the position of ninth lord
  • note the sign in which the ninth lord is in navamsa
  • take the transit chart
  • note the position of jupiter in transit
  • when this jupiter during retrogression if it is in kona to sign of navamsa of the ninth lord
  • there will be huge monetary gains and fortune .


THE factors leading to a yoga will be determined thus

  • if a yoga occurs in a sign
  • note the lord of the sign
  • note the planet which this lord of the sign aspects .
  • the house for which this planet is lord becomes the factor for the fructification of yoga .
  • if there is no planet to be aspected then sign aspected becomes the karaka .

ex’ if saturn sun mars are in sagittarius , then planet aspected by jupiter becomes a factor for bringing the losses indicated by saturn sun and mars .

if moon is aspected by jupiter and moon is seventh lord , then person will suffer losses on account of wife . wife becomes instrumental in bringing losses .

Comments on: "RESEARCH IN ASTROLOGY !" (101)

  1. How important is balabal for marriage? My friend who is a girl has a strong balabal (14) ? How does it affect married life?


    • It is very important to have happy married life !
      There are seven articles posts on this issue in this blog !
      However if one is interested in one particular aspect in a married life , and that one aspect is covered in 14 points then marriage will be happy
      But if that aspect is not covered which psychologically a person yearns for even if 28 points match person will be unhappy in marriage !
      Itvis duty of astrologer to single out that yearning and match horoscope
      For example for bramhins rashi maitri is enough
      Kshatriyas rajju
      Vaishyas streedairghya
      Sudras yoni compatibility

      So these must be given priority

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  2. astroit said:

    I liked your blog and very informative.I’m a learner of astrology. Have you learnt astrology from somethere. can you guide the predictive technique or reference of books to do accurate prediction. are you only following parashara principles for prediction or there eare some other.


  3. anju purohit said:

    Sriman Narayana Jai Shree Krishna, Sir according to above my sisters has though just left a very good job she got what was entitled to her but it was above her expectations it thinks it was due to her jupiter and mars transit though now she doesnt have a job and searching her details are 18feb.1969 8.11.00pm mumbai


    • sriman narayan hari hari

      d.o.b.: 27 sep 1998
      p.o.b. : jagadhri (haryana)
      t.o.b. : 04:40pm

      the above is my elder son kundli…kindly guide the nature & job /or work for career / life-long earnings…so that he can live with some prosperity and shanti…

      Jai shri RAM
      HARI OM


  4. Anubhuti Shukla said:

    Jai shree raghavendraya namah
    i have a similar kind of placement where jupiter aspects moon in 5th and moon is the 7th lord.does it hold good for females as well??
    My details are
    9th august 1985
    18:20 hrs


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