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All Visitors can leave their general opinion about this site and articles and thier experiences on this page.All suggestions to improve the Site are also welcome.
If you have any special views to be contributed ,you can express them here ,it will be published on this page and add to our user experience.
You can present your appreciation , dissent ,dismay ,forte and strengths to our viewers . This page can also be used as a discussion panel among viewers ,chiraan will not present his views on this page . This is a reaction forum ,Do make use of it to enhance our knowledge and study.
This kind of interaction will build a forum for exchange of thoughts on Astrology among those who want to learn, contribute ,exhibit or interact with like minded people .
Lastly do keep up the theistic nature of the page and religiously follow the code of worship of the divine Lord Narayan.
With best wishes

Comments on: "Guest Page" (939)

  1. guest one said:

    hare rama
    hare krishna

    Sir, I had taken to your blog like a fish takes to water. I believed every word that you had written on your blog. I had no differences with you regarding religion, though members of your community who belonged to different traditions differed with you. Initially when I had visited the blog, it was about mantras, strotras and astrology. As time passed by you started writing what can be considerd as bold. Though hindus form a majority of our nation, it is tough practising hinduism or preaching it. If we were to go by the law of the land then hindu religion is illegal, hindu scriptures are illegal and those who believe in hinduism or preach it are the biggest criminals. Even heads of the mutt would not dare to say in public 1% of what you have written in your blog.

    Reading your blog was a daily routine for me. Initially the focus was just on reading the blog. Then later you had mentioned that you are an IT entrepreneur. After a long time, it dawned on me that you are a part of the IB network because you were able to write about hindu religion. Being a part of the IB network, you are able to listen to private conversations and monitor internet. After a long time you had mentioned that you employ spies and moles but you had said that you had done that as a corporate. You did not reveal your IB connections. Now it transpires that you have a strong support even from foreign intelligence agencies and not to forget about the Indian establishment which survived thus far thanks your brilliance at work. I know you through your blog. I am not sure if I have seen you. I am not sure of your name. I was only making assumptions and you did not confirm your name to me. I have only vague ideas about you. And that too seems wrong now. After a long time, you had mentioned on your blog about cooked up stories. You were tracking me even before I visited your blog. Instead you were following me even before you started the blog. At that time, I had no clue about your existence. You intruded into my life without me even knowing about it. Can I complain about a stranger intruding into my life. Can I complain about a stranger monitoring me. Nobody would be happy that they are being monitored. At that time I could not complain because I did not know that I was being monitored. Actually it was sabotage in the name of monitoring. The equations have slightly changed since I started visiting your blog. Even now you monitor me. But there is a difference, you are powerful than ever before and have much more resources at your disposal now. Can I complain about you monitoring me.

    I was not your discovery. I was under the radar much before you arrived on the scene. The only difference is that previously the agencies were able to keep me under wraps. Now things have gone haywire. Now the agencies are using enormous money power and force to keep the situation under their control.

    Later I discovered that you are a part of IB network and you were monitoring me. You have never mentioned on your blog that you were a part of the IB network. Anbody else in my place would have been agitated. Anybody else would have thought it as treachery, decption or backstabbing. Even powerful people fear IB, then how much should the lay men fear IB. Suprisingly I did not feel agitated and I was corresponding to you in a civil manner. Every day I spent on your blog made the agencies powerful and the ever insecure establishment was more than happy to be on your side.

    Then the stirring by the agencies got out of control. I started speaking against you. Whom else could I complain. You were the face of the agencies. You were their front person. You were their man friday. I was not talking out of anger or frustration. For some unknown reason started talking against you. It did not make sense to talk against a person who is a part of the IB network. I felt close to you. I was not very concious of your corporate or IB network. I speaking to you as anybody would speak to someone close to them. Resentment against you was resentment against a section of the IB or the establishment. Though for some unknown reason always felt there are some good people in the IB or the agencies who were saving the day for me. Also I feel that there is section of the foreign agencies that are beneficial. I am of the opinion most of these good people are at the lower levels. But they have their limitations. Agencies are known to be ruthless.

    Your prominence has increased exponentially. And you are also behaving like an important person. I am not complaining but just making an observation. I always maintained that you are genius and even now maintain that you are a genius. Like I said before you are the second major influence in my life. Your association with the agencies has muddied the water. You have always stressed on the company of satvik souls. Definitely the agencies or the establishment is no company of satvik souls. You are in the muddied water for a very long time. You were watching me from the muddied water.
    You had mentioned on your blog that your situation is like the Guru who is on the side of Kauravas but whose heart is with the the Pandavas. I would say that you are neither on the side of Pandavas nor on the side of Kauravas. For you its your convenience that matters. You derive your strength from the Kauravas and you use the Pandavas to target the Kauravas. Your people will strongly disagree with and are just waiting to lynch me. If you were on any one side such a havoc would not have arisen. Krishna was on the side of Pandavas but he was fair to the Kauravas, he gave them an opportunity to reform and though they were on the enemy side, he always gave them sane advice. Here by Pandavas I mean good forces and by Kauravas I mean evil forces. I have no clue of the compostion of the forces. But can say with confidence that some good people are trapped in the evil forces.

    The loss was always mine. And the loss will always be mine. I have lost so much of precious time and had to go through such tough times. I do not want to gloat over those things.

    But I dont think you have a reason to complain. The takeway from your blog is that service to the Lord Almighty is very important. Religion is very important to you. And your community is extremely important to you. By writing this blog you have served the Lord Almighty. You are presenting in the public domain the teaching of our religion, which was earlier not possible due to the law of the land. The law of our land is anti hindu. There is some sort of revival as far as hindu religion is concerned. The mutts were lost in the dark world. And the heads of the mutt were more concerned about keeping the powers that be in good humour than the service of the Lord. It was their last priority. And what to talk about your community. A miracle has taken place. Now people at large have accepted the supremacy of your community. Even the non hindus and foreginers who are ever ready and ever eager to sabotage our religion have accepted our community. The different sections of your community have come together. There is a never before seen unity in your community. Your community is the biggest benificiary of the recent times. So all your efforts have paid off. Also there is a never before seen unity in our country among different communities, linguistic groups. What has brought all of them together. Fear of me and hatred towards me. I have become the wood that burns to give fire. Everybody except the wood benefits.

    Now let us talk about the future. I want all of the nonsense to end. I want to let the bygone be bygones. It seems neither you nor the agencies want it to end anytime soon. Out of public interest and not out of personal interest, I try to solve these issues. Even though it is not necessary, I always end up making the first move. Whenever one problem is solved the vested interests create another problem. The agencies have succesfully created smoke without fire. A smoke screen is created. And people do not know what is happening.

    I hope and pray that Lord Rama destroys all the evil souls and give the public much needed peace, happiness and prosperity.

    hare rama
    hare krishna


  2. aarti tripathi said:

    jai sriman narayana jai shri hanumanji
    i am from bokaro and now i am student of bca and live in hostel in ranchi…

    gurudev my name is aarti tripathi, i love a boy his name is nikhil sharma,we both love each other alot ,we want t know that can we get married in future if yes when we will get married. I give you all the details about us…
    1) Name- Aarti tripathi
    dob- 29/10/1991
    Born time- tuesday at 2:45pm
    place of birth- bokaro steel city,jharkhand
    2) Nmae- Nikhil sharma
    dob- 5/08/1992
    Born time- dont know sir
    place of birth- gaya,bihar,jharkhand


  3. Om Namoh Narayan Namoh Namah
    On Hum Hanumantai Namah


    12:40 PM
    Sector 56: Gurgaon

    Donate 2 Virtual Beetle Leaves
    Donate 2 Nuts
    Donate 2 Fruits

    Place of Birth: Bareilly (Uttar Pradesh)
    Time of Birth: 08: 42 AM Morning
    Date of Birth: 19th March 1977

    I am touching my Heart

    Om Hari OM

    Dear Sir;
    Charan Sparsh

    I am passing through a big problem in my life. I am now so frustrated that do not know what to do. I am an educated 36 years old Man living in Gurgaon. I am an MBA in Marketing. I am currently UNEMPLOYED and also UNMARRIED.

    Simple Question: When will I get a GOOD JOB? When Will I Get MARRIED?
    You understand this is a big problem that even my Mom and Dad are also worried and remain tense. Is business there in me for future ? Also what type of wife will it be there for me?

    Kindly help as you are my very sincere hope. Please Please help me in Detail Sir.

    Om Hari Om

    Thanking You With Regards

    Shobhit Srivastava
    Now it is 12:41 PM
    Sector: 56, Gurgaon

    Please Help

    Om Namho Narayan Namoh Namah
    Om Hum Hanumantai Namah


    • you will get an excellent job .. marriage delay is better ..


      • Shobhit said:

        Please help Sir. You can understand how much frustrated. Kindly give a clear reply. Any Remedies. I am wearing Moonga. Ix it OK. Even Parents are very worried.
        also What type of marriage will be and when I will get job. Please Please Help. Shobhit.


        • kindly send the mail i shall reply ..


          • Shobhit said:

            Respected Sir,

            I have sent you many mails. Please Please Reply Sir.

            I have got job after a long gap. Presently working in Gurgaon at a Salary of 40000/= Per Month.

            The Problem is I am 37 Years old. I am still UNMARRIED.

            Two Questions only:

            1. When will I get married? Is it Love or Arranged Marriage ? What type of wife will I get ? I am already 37 Years.

            2. Although I am working. But the satisfaction level with the job is not great. Is a shift in the job for better company is there and at double salary. I am 37 Years old. When will I shift job. I only want to go for a big company if I shift. What are my future CAREER PROSPECTS ?

            An E-Mail has been sent. Please Reply. Please Reply.




    NO OF 1800= 656
    NO OF FRUIT = 05
    NO OF NUTS=24

    TIME OF BIRTH 21:55:00


  5. Dear Guruji Namaskar
    No.within 1800 =999
    Single digit No.06
    No of fruit= 02
    No of beetle leaves =15
    No of nuts =18
    Part of body touch lips
    place asking from mehsana ( GUJARAT)
    date & time 26/09/2013 12:58:00
    name jagruti barot
    date of birth 24/11/1971
    21:55:00 mehsana gujarat
    shadi nahi ho rahi age 42 running kya upay karu
    krupya kare 2 baar likh rahi hu pls give me a ans namaskar guruji


  6. manish sharma said:

    jai sriman jai shri hanuman

    my name-manish sharma date of birth- 9 nov 1983 time of birth- 9.15 am place of birth- bhartapur,rajasthan.

    meri wife mere gharwalo ke presure mai mujse naraj hoke apne ghar chali gai hai 5 june 2012 ko.plz koi samadhan bataiye ki wo kis tarah wapas aa sakti hai.wo kbhi mere pass wapas lotke aayege ya nahi.aaj 16.9.2013 ko meri wife ko gye hue 1 year 3 month ho chuke hai.5june 2012 ko jab wo gyi thi us din se aaj tak meri wife or meri koi baat nhi hue hai aapas mai.mujhe plz ye bhi btaiye ki meri wife mere pass kbhi wapas aayege ya nhi.main aapni wife ke bina nahi rah skta hu.

    my wife name-richa sharma
    date of birth-3 april 1980
    place of birth- bharatpur,rajasthan
    time of birth-6.30 pm

    manish sharma


    • woh badi mushkil se ayegi , rahu japa 21000 , on dwitiya .. along with green saari doante some kulithha dhanya .. do it for 5 dwitiyas .. she will come


  7. saikala717 said:

    I think am unfortunate and unlucky person am not getting any response from you guruji .
    Have sent mail several times in june month but no luck This time have sent again hoping you will defiantly give response. Please Guruji am in trouble ..please help . i want to save my marriage and lead life with him till death. Please kindly check mail sent now.Please help.
    Hoping this time will get response.please ..
    Thanks a lot.Please reply


  8. HARI !
    1250 5,
    4:59 Atlanta USA 101 bettle leaves ,101 fruits and dry fruits and My place of birth is 4th February 1984 time of birth is 22:20 karnal Haryana and my husband DOB is 17 august 1978 and time 15:20 Jhajjar Haryana.I am not able to conceive from 3 years .Pls let me know when can I conceive.I am touching my forhead.Hari !


    • you will concieve there is putra yoga ..
      GET shani and rahu japa ..
      donate a silver plate after the japa .. donate 1 gm of gold
      kept on a bronze vessel full of tur daal along with balkrishna vigraha


  9. Shri HariVayuGurubhyo namaha

    Dear Acharya,
    We all members of the group “Madhwa Rayar Sabha – An e-Goshthi by Shri Chiraan ” request you to continue to guide us by your teaching. The day remains incomplete without reading your comments on FB group / blog.

    Shri HariVayuGurubhyo namaha


  10. Srinivas.R said:

    Dear Sir,

    When ever some one posts a question, how do you judge whether it is genuine or they ask just for the sake of asking.

    As per you, you will answer only “genuine” questions. most questions are genuine, as you can feel the

    Dont you think you should respond to them?

    If you feel you are overburdened, then start a paid service, people with genuine problems will definately get answers. I am not pointing out at your capabilities, but you will come to know of the “genuine” people with “genuine”problems.

    There will be lot of expectation fom the individual who posts the quations, at least “genuine ones”.

    Hope you will reply to my query.


    • All genuine questions get answered ! Genuineness is not in question or seriousness of problem, genuineness is in the appeal to god ! I answer over a 100 questions a day ! And they are directed by lord , if a question is not answered one must ponder onto pages and learn certain tenets ! Then genuineness appears naturally ! Most questions are also mailed if answered by mail , same is not answered here


      • Srinivas.R said:


        Well!. thanks for your reply. I think i need to do more inner searching as to what am looking for.
        Lucky are those who get answers.

        Good day.

        Srinivas. R


      • Respected Guruji,

        I am still not able to understand, what else one must do get that genuineness in life or in our prayers. please guruji guide me. You did help me last year for my treatment guruji. From then i have been waiting for further guidance. We have failed in all my treatment. Please help me guruji whether do i have destiny to have children? Extremely sorry for keep bothering you. but other than you i have no where to go.


Dear Readers , If you are asking a query , Kindly do not forget to worship SRIMAN NARAYANA and HANUMANJI and then write a number within 1800 followed by single digit number [ within 1-8 ] ,kindly Give time and current Place where you are asking query from ! , followed by number of virtual beetle leaves ,nuts and fruits you would like to give astrologer , and clear place ,time and date of birth . [take your hands off keyboard ] TOUCH a BODY part and kindly mention which part of the body Your hand is touching [ sprishtanga ] .... state your problem clearly , let us know what is it that your are looking for without ambiguity ! start and end with salutation to HARI ! If above procedure is not adhered to ,then no answers will be given !

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