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Namaste shimshumaarrupinye Svaha

Astrology will be traditionally taught in these pages . Since it is vedanga only eligible students should take  up this study .

we shall make step by step progress going in a methodical manner from the beginning right into complex topics ..

Students are encouraged to ask question but pertaining to the subject matter discussed only and not jump the topics and do not ask questions  on the topic not yet covered ..

Lastly do not ask questions in this section let this section/page form a seriatim of lectures easy to browse …. all the question be addressed in sadhna page or in astro discussion page only …

The vidya learnt here should not be misused and should be put to good use only .

Wishing you all a divine learning experience

krishnapanamastu .

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  1. SHubhaSHub Adhyaya

    Five shubha shakun if seen then it can be declared that desired thing will gained . auspicious will happen
    Five inauspicious shakun omens if seen then karyahaani , incidents against wishes or desires may take place
    shakun should be clear and bigger in occurence .. smaller issues should not be considered .
    types of omen
    1.things seen by eyes
    2.heard words
    4.earthquakes ,meteors
    5. unnatural incidents

    the bhava which has aspect its lord that bhava will have auspicious results .
    the bhava which has benefics in 2 4 7 10 12 will give good results
    if malefics are are there then there will be opposite results
    for each bhava there are certin significances .. munis have declared ..as according to the query that bhav has to be seen .

    health respect qualities nature behaviour longevity caste character pleasure troubles physical-characteristics , bodytype , colour creed ,beauty ,sisters son’s wife all these should be seen from 1st bhava

    ruby pearls gems , jewels ,metals , dress , silver gold ,bank balance ,selling-purchasing transaction , all these should be seen second bhava

    daughter in law , youner brothers , kshema , buddhi , labh , servant , dasi , bravery , brothers all should be seen from third bhava


    • house , treasure , entering caves ,best medicine , fertile lands , waterbourne vegetation , water [borewell ] friends , matters related to ancestors , normal tresspassing , cows , happiness , change of place , gruhapravesh , prosperity , parents , maternal inheritance vehicles have to be seen from fourth bhava

      various avocations , humility , professionalism , wisdom , vidya , nyay , intelligence , mantra , scheme , pregnancy , children , pragnya , happiness from children , money , should be seen from fifh bhava

      disease , bad position , opposition , enemy , das servant , abhichar ugra karya , doubt , war , mama , buffalo , fever , etc should be seen from sixth bhava


      • buying something , health , business , debate , pleasure , wife , women , theft , return from travel , son of sister , transportation , etc should be seen from seventh house .

        longevity ,obstacles , death , kingdom and divisions , difference of opinion among relatives , hate , fort , death of wife , death of enemy , crossing rivers , all this can be seen from eight bhava

        study of granthas , teerth yatra , rajayabhisheka , guru , dharma karya , jalashay , brother in law , sister in law .. all should be seen from ninth bhava


        • akaashvaani , parjanya , fathers’ position and profession , fame , success in venture , kingdom , power , punyam , mudradhikara , rise and fall or promotion demotion ..all should be seen from tenth bhava

          progress in venture undertaken ..success , gains in business , elephants , horses , wealth , possesions , beautiful ornaments , vehicles , frnitures , cots , earned assets , gold , gain of women , father in law .. all should be seen from eleventh bhava

          tyaag , bhoga , daan , agriculture , expenditure , wounds , uncles an aunties , war , loss in war , all these should be seen from twelfth bhava


          • what is seen from bhava is known through its name viz tanu dhan sahaj matu putra shatru jaya ayu bhagya karma laab vyaya
            one must see those things as mentioned from each bhava

            whichever query occurs that bhava must be taken as first and accordingly predictions should be given

            present should be seen from bhava , its past from its vyaya and future from dhan sthan

            one must see bhava bhava karka and bhavesh to give the predictions

            if at the time of query the lagna is shirshodaya , if the lagna is of benefic rashi , then positive result will come
            if not then negative result will come .. if mixed mixed result will come ..


            • if benefics re kendr and kona .. and simultaneously malefics are in 3 6 11 and if malefics are not in kendra dn 8th then success will come definitely

              if kendradhipati is in lagna if friends of lagna are in kendra , if malefics are not in kendra 8 and 12 then also success will come or positive results will come ..

              if human rashi [ manavi rashi ] becomes lagna … and simultaneously if there is benfic aspect over lagna ,,, benefics in 1 4 7 10 , malefics in 3 6 11 everything will be according to the desires ..
              great progress and only shubha will happen ..

              kanya tula mithuna kumbh are human rashis , if benefics in them then good will happen , if makefics in 12th no good will happen , ksheena chandra will not give good result in lagna , but in tenth yes it will …

              dwipad rashi – mithun kanya tula first half of dhanu ,kumbh
              chatushpaad rashi – mesha simha vrushabh , dhanu next half , .. if these become lagn and are aspected by malefics then those dwipad and chatushpad itmes will get haani … destroyed … if benefic then all these itmes will see progress ..

              if benefic aspects lagna and moon then only shubha will happen , if malefic aspect then unhappiness will prevail ..
              all Prediction should be given after analysing moon ..


  2. Prashna shastra

    After bowing to NArsimha Varahamihira writes the prashna shastra grantha

    The astrologer who after studying ten avasthas of deepta etc ..of grahas and studies bhava phala in detail .. and then predicts the auspicious inauspicious , such astrologers words will never fail

    ten avasthas of grahas are as follows ..
    1.deepta – graha in uchcha rshi
    2.deena – gramha in neecha rashi
    3.swastha – in own house
    4.mudita – in friends house
    5.supta – in enemies house
    6.mushita – astangata
    7.nipidita – defeted in war
    8.pariheeyamaanveerya – neechabhimukha ie going towards the debilitation
    9.pravruddhaveerya -uchhabhimukha ie going towards the exaltation ..
    10.adhikaveerya – shubhavargastha vipula rashmi …

    deepta – siddhi [ work desire accomplished ]
    deena – helplessness
    swastha – fame ,success and happiness
    mudita – all round pleasure..getting the desired objective
    prasupta – vipatti sankat peedha [troubles ,misery ]
    prapidita – trap consipiracy of enemies ..incarceration
    mushita – loss of money
    pravruddhaveerya – owning vehicles ,cattles lands gold
    pariheen -apayash insult
    adhiveerya – shaktitraya sampada labh vipul sampatti

    on who wishes to know his future or ask any question to astrologer .. must get up early in the morning .. worship [namaskaar archana ] deva guru bramhana ..then worship graharashi chakra with flowers fruits ratna gold in ones own house by mentioning his nakshatra and kula gotra ..

    then taking flowers fruits akshata and suvarna dkashina tamboola should reach a astrologer and place it before him after namaskara to astroger should place his querry with devotion and faith .facing a good auspicous direction ..one must ask only one question at one time ..

    taking into consideration first letter uday lagna and shakuna that is happening inside and outside one must speak shubha or ashubha with complete attention and inspection of the shastra and kaala and chakra

    the ground spread with gomaya . trees full of fruits flowers ,happy disposition waterfall pots or cups ful of gandha akshta flower water .land pleasing to feet all such scenes would always bring auspicious results to the querry

    acharya maya manittha say while a query is being asked .. anything pleasing to eye and auspicious things appearing will get the desired for the querist or his questions answer will be one giving happiness and auspiciousness .

    thus ends chapter one prashnavatra naam adhyaya


  3. meena vrischik karka are vipra rashi
    mesha simha dhanu are kshatriya
    kumbha mithun tula are vaishya
    vrushabha kanya makar are shudra rashi

    mesha vrush sinha become blind at midnight

    karka mithun kanya become blind at midnoon

    tula vrushchik in morning are deaf

    dhanu makar become deaf at mid noon and handicapped at sunset

    karka vrushchik and meena at nakshatra sandhi they are known as gandaant

    mesha is red
    vrush is wheatish
    mithun is green
    karka is pink
    simha is white
    kanya is multicloured
    tula is blue
    vruschik is golden
    dhanu is yellowish
    makar is pale
    kumbha is brown /dark grey
    meena is bright coloured

    mars owns mesha vruschik
    venus owns vrushb tula
    budh owns mithun kanya
    moon karka
    sun simha
    jupiter dhanu and meena
    shani makar kumbh

    sun exalts in mesha debilitates in tula
    moon in vrushabha and deb in vrushchika
    mars exaltation in makar debn in karka
    budh exal in kanya debn in meena
    jupiter exal in karka deb in makar
    venus exaltaion in meena debn in kanya
    shani exal in tula debn in mesha
    rahu kumbha mooltrikona kanya own house mithun exaltation


  4. Pranamya vandarujanabhivandyapadaarvindam Raghunayakasya purnapragnyasya ch |sangruhya gargaparasharadirachitam mukhyatantram karomhyam horaphalam ||

    Idaanim rashim namaantaraaNyuchchyante :
    meshah- ajah , vishwah, kriyah , tumburah , aadyashchaite mesha rashi paryayah santi |

    vrushabha – uksha gau taburu gokulamiyete vrushrashau sangya
    mithun – dwandwa ,nruyugma , yama , trutiya
    kark – kulir , karkataka , karkat
    simha – kantirava , mrugendra , leya
    kanya – pathona , ramani , taruni ,
    tula – tauli vanika juk
    vrishchik – ali , astam , kaupi , keeta
    dhanu – dhanvi , chaap ,sharasan
    makar – mruga mrugasya nakra
    kumbh – ghat , toyadhar
    meena – antya , pruhuroma , matsya jhash

    Nakshtra Ashwini Bharani Kruttika rohini mrugasira ardra punarvasu pushyami ashlesha makha poorvaphalguni uttarapahaluni hasta chitta swati vishakha anuradha jyeshtha moola poorvashadha utaarashadha shravana dhanishtha shatabhishaga poorvabhadra uttarabhdra revati .

    each Nakshatra has 4 padas charna .. Nine padas of the nakshatras make one rashi .. this rashi is also known as ..kshetra rucha bhavan and BHa ,,


    • Kaal namak paramatma is present as KAALchakra .He is known as Kaalpurush . The rashis are his body parts viz

      mesha – shirah
      vrushabh – mukhsdesha
      mithun – vaksha
      karka – hrudaya
      simha – kuskhi ,udar
      kanya – kati
      tula – basti [ nabhi lingayormadhyadesha ]
      vrushchik – linga guda
      dhanu – uru dwayam [ thighs ]
      makar – janudwayam [ knees ]
      kumbha – jangha dwe [ ankles shin ]
      meena – pada dwayam

      the importance of these are .. wherever there are benefic planets there will be moles and malefics will give scars .. and during gochar and prashna organs will be accordingly affected .

      Rashi swaroop

      meena – two fish with tail to its mouth …
      kumbha – a man with a pitcher on the shoulder
      makar – crocodile
      dhanu – half man half horse from waist downwards horse and with human face carrying a bow and arrow
      vrushchik – scorpion
      tula – a man with a wieghing scales
      kanya – a virgin sitting in a boat with grains and fire ..
      simha – a lion
      karka – a crab
      mithun – a couple carrying veena and mace
      vrushabh – ox
      mesha – a ram

      Places of rashi

      mesha – minerals and places of precious stones
      vrushabha – jungle .. peaks of mountain , goshala and plain agricultural lands
      mithun – gambling dens , tourist spots and places where sex takes place , gardens valleys
      karka – wells , ponds , lakes .,man made water bodies .. banks of river
      simha – deep forests , caves , aforested mountains
      kanya – green grass filled plain lands , lands where couple live , sculptures etc .. playgrounds
      tula – markets , buildings , business houses work place shopping complexes
      vrishchik -insects place .. serpent bil ,anthills ,poisonous places
      dhanu – stable where horses elephants chariots are kept ..
      makar – places where water bodies are there in forrests
      kumbha – palces where pitchers , water containers are kept
      meena – oceans , laes where fishes are found ..

      vrushabha – mesha – kumbha are smaller in size

      makar – mithun -dhanu – meena -karka = medium in size

      vruschika – kanya – simha – tula – broad tall large in size

      mesha mithun simha tula dhanu kumbha = nara rashi masculine
      vushabha karka kanya vruschika makar meema = stree rashi feminine

      prayojanam – nararashishu jatastejasvinah stree rashishu jata mrudavo bhavantiti

      alternatively rashis are krura and shubha

      mesha vrusha mithun and karka represent east south west north directions respectively and so on it repeats like simha is east kanya is south etc

      prayojanam – hrutnashtaadau dravyasya chauradeshch dikvigyanam

      mesha karka tula makar = chara rashi
      vrushabha simha vruschik kumbha = sthir
      mithun kanya dhanu meena = dwisvabhava

      meena karka vrushchik makar = jalachar
      kumbh kanya mithun vrushabha = jalashrayi
      mesha tula dhanu simha = jalaheena

      mesha simha dhanu – agni rashi
      vrushabha kanya makar = prithvi
      mithun tula kumbh – vayu
      karka vrushcik meena = jala

      mesha vrushabha karka hanu makar = prushthoday
      simha kanya tula vrushchik kumbha mithun – shirshoday
      meena ubhayodaya

      prushtoday are ratri bali shirshoday are divabali .. mithun is ratribali ..


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