Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Rayar Mahima !

Context: Should one leave their non-cooperative or adharmic spouse?
a story of BRAMHANA whose wife was kidnapped !
Once upon a time there lived a king called Uttam. Uttam was son of great Uttanpada! He married a beautiful princess called Bahulla!
Uttam was fascinated by his wife, he never thought about any woman other than Bahulla. His aasakti toward Bahulla was so much that he would lose his senses once he touched her. He, thus, always abided by her words. On the contrary, Bahulla never cared for his love. She was just not interested in him and never cared for his presence. When king was eating if he would catch her hand and compel her to eat something she would very uninterestingly have little food and get up and move away. When king in fully inebriated condition would want her company she would release herself from him and move away.
She did not participate in any of his activities and was completely pratikool to him! Yet king only loved her and was mad about her. In one big occasion when all kings were invited and beautiful song were sung by danseuse in the sabha, king offered a glass of madira to his wife, which she refused in full presence of kings. King immediately called his guards and in anger asked his wife, the queen, to be dropped in dense forest alone and deserted her!
At the same time there lived a brahmin, by the name of Susharma, in the same kingdom, he had an abusive wife. Daily the brahman was engaged in nitya karma. One day, even with his door being locked the bramhans wife went missing! Brahman went to the king and demanded help to look for his wife!
King Uttam said, “I have not seen your wife, who has abducted your wife that you must know else how I can find her!”
Brahman said, “she is a lady not so beautiful, of karkash/harsh speech, she is a very cruel woman with cruel looks, irregular face, small breasts, lean waist and long stomach. She is very tall and has short limbs. She is past the prime of youth.
While we were sleeping the doors windows were locked from inside still somehow someone has abducted her! You must find her else my nitya karya is hampered. Without her my dharma is incomplete. Since, as a king, you take 1/6th of our dharma, in return for our protection and it is because of you promising our safety that we all sleep tension-free during the night. So it’s your duty to find her. Else my not being able to do nitya karma is sin on to you!”
King said, “Why are you after such a woman who is cruel and non-cooperative and abusive? What happiness will you have from her, I shall give you another beautiful woman who will give you happiness full of good features and cooperative, why don’t you live happily with another woman?
Brahman said, “Vedas say wife should be looked after irrespective of any situation/under all circumstances. Because wife is dharma patni, that is her first and most important good quality that she enables grahastha dharma, which gives bramhaloka. My dharma is intact because of presence of dharma patni [whether she is abusive or non-cooperative, even with such bad qualities, she has made me eligible for dharma karya]. Secondly, dharma patni gives santaana, a man is born himself as child in her womb.. This gives pitru shanti and anugraha. By deserting her and not looking after her there is maximum possibility of vanra sankarya sankeerna santaan, who will bring pitrus down from swarga. So, looking at all these aspects of dharma having a wife [as she is] and looking after her is important. So get me my wife it’s your duty so that I can resume my nitya dharma! Just as a wife does not leave husband at any cost, similarly, a man should not leave his wife at any cost!”
King set out to look for the wife of brahman [he was the king of the entire bhumandala, yet he set out all alone and not send his army, brahman karya should be done by self].
King entered deep jungles and there after tiresome hunt found a muni ashram, where tapasavi muni was sitting in dhyana. When he got up from dhayna and sees the king and asked his shishya to get arghya paadya and asan for the king! Sishya said, “Acharya kindly inspect whether this king is fit for arghya paadya and then if you still instruct I shall bring arghya!” Both guru and shishya were trikaal gyaani. After a little more dhyana the muni asked the shishya to only only give asan to the king!
Then muni said to the king, “I know why you have come, the brahmans’ wife has been abducted by the rakshasa by name Balaak. If you go deeper into the forest you shall find her there.”
King said, “Oh muni, if you don’t mind my asking I shall like to ask why was I denied arghya and paadya? I feel that I am an eligible abhyagat [not atithi]. If that is the case, then if that be then I must have done some great sin. What is that sin that I have committed?
Muni said, “oh king being from the lineage of great Swayambhu Manu and son of Uttanpada, you indeed are eligible for arghya and hence I ordered one earlier, but my shishya is also trikaal gyani, he insisted on seeing your immediate past! You have deserted your wife. A person who has stayed away from nitya karma for 15 days is akin to asprushya but it’s been nearly one year you have not done nitya karma [due to absence of wife]. So you are not eligible for arghya paadya. And also go soon and get the brahman’s wife so that he also doesn’t suffer any further loss of dharma!”
King went deep into the jungle and there he saw a woman exactly as described by the brahmana enjoying and eating fruits in a garden. King asked are you the same lady as brahman described are you wife of Susharma?” The woman said, “Yes.”
“Who has brought you here?”
“A rakshasa has brought me here but neither has he eaten me nor misbehaved with me! Strange, but he stays litte inside the forest where you can meet him.”
King went inside and saw a huge rakshas, who immediately got up and gave arghya paadya to king and requested the king to take and asana and asked him, “Oh great king, I live in your kingdom so I am your servant kindly let me know how is it that I can serve you, please give me an order. I am at your service.”
King asked, “You have done a good satkaar with shastrokta arghya paadya. You seem to have beautiful women in your palace. So why did you abduct this brahmani’s wife who is not even a beautiful women, and you have not eaten her yet? Why?”
Rakshasa said, “King! We are not man eating rakshasas! Those rakshasas are different! We eat only punya phala of the people. Not only that when a woman or man shows disrespect to us we then eat his good qualities or bad qualities, we don’t eat flesh, nor do we eat living people! If for any reason we have eaten a person’s forgiving nature then person becomes hard hearted and dushta and becomes krodha swavabhaav person. If we eat anyone’s dushta swabhaav then he becomes a one of very good qualities. Maharaaj I have many apasara like strees in my house, so i don’t get attracted to human women.”
King asked, “If this brahmani was not fit for your consumption then why did you bring here from the brahman’s house!”
Rakshasa said, “That brahman is shreshtha Brahman, he is nitya yagnya parayana, whenever we tried to stay there his rakshogna mantra pathana stopped us and sent us very very far away! But then I was very hungry too what will I eat if such mantras are used. My ucchatana was happening every day, as this brahman was taking part in yagnya everyday. So I caused distress [udvega] in the mind of the Brahman because without wife he will not be able to do any yagnya!”
Listening to those words king felt as if he has been slapped on his face, he thought to himself, is this rakshasa hinting at me too, even I have left my wife. Earlier it was the muni who said no arghya now this rakshasa is saying udevga. Seems that everything is directed at me.
Rakshasa said, “Oh king, any seva for me!
King said, “Oh rakshasa if you treat me as an aththi and want the athithi to be happy and his desire be fulfilled, fulfill this wish of mine and make me happy. As you have just said you can eat both good and bad qualities, so eat the dushta virodha swabhava of this stree and making qualities of this woman. So that she becomes good and send her back to her husband’s house immediately.
Rakshasa entered the body of the brahmani and with his special abilities ate her bad qualities. Thus, the brahmani became free of her dushta swabhava. Then she said to the king, “Oh maharaaj! I have been punished only by my own karma pahala and kaal prabhaav, this rakshasa is only a nimitta. I have separated people from their loved ones, caused disturbance to couples’ life in previous life so I have suffered this state. One reaps what one sows, so no use blaming anyone for any fault. I forgive this rakshasa. And she was left back into the house of Brahman.
King said. “Oh rakshasa, now I want you to be present anytime I call you, this is my second order to you.”
King thought, I have also deserted my wife, what should I do now? I should go and ask the solution to the same trikaal gyani muni.
Muni said, “I have known all your recent works, now you want to know your extra course of action so listen! Patni is the only means for dharam artha kaam, deserting patni is like deserting dharma. Brahman akshatriya vaishya shudra whoever deserts his wife he becomes ineligible for karmanushthana. Just as woman cannot desert his husband under any circumstances so also man should not desert his wife.”
King said, “What should I do now muni? I think it’s all my poorva janma phala, I had always loved to her. She herself was cooperative to me at all, as she didn’t like me. Hence, I had to desert her. Even now I am suffering because of her separation [I have not remarried nor have I even thought of anyone even in dreams] just for that love I have even forgiven her all misdeeds too. But how will I get back my wife who has been left in dense forest? What if any wild animal has eaten her or some rakshasa might has eaten her?”
Muni said, “Neither any wild animal has eaten her nor any nishachar has eaten her. She remains chaste and is safe in rasatal.”
King asked again, “Brahma gyani! Who has taken her there? And what has saved her from not being taken by anyone till now [safety from kalanka, how is she chaste till now] let me know yathartha!”
“There is one nagaraj by name Kapoth, took her captive and took to her patala. There nagkanya Manorama the wife of Kapoth who has a daughter by name Nanda. Nanda thought that this woman (your wife) woman might become a stepmother if not taken away from the sight of her father. With that fear she took your wife and hid her in the antahpur. When her father, Kapoth, asked where is Bahulla, Nanda did not answer. In anger, Kapoth cursed his daughter to be dumb. Even though cursed she protected Bahulla in her own house,” informed the muni.
The king happy at that asked, “Oh! Muni I have so much love and affection from various people no one hates me or defies me! So why is it that my wife does not have anuraaga in me? What is the reason for it? I love my wife more than my life but she only uses harsh words towards me? Why?”
Muni explained that at pnigrahan kale [i.e. at the time of marriage], king’s lagna was aspected by sun mars and Saturn and Jupiter and Venus were in eighth. Additionally, in the muhurta lagna both Moon and Mercury were in seventh. So, one had to undergo so many troubles in married life. But then the muni blessed the rajah to have a good life from then on.
King went and met the brahman.. Bramhan blessed him and said, “King, you are dharma nishtha rajah so you have given me my wife back.”
King said, “No, you have in fact given me kartavya bodha.”
Then brahman asked, “Why don’t you marry another woman?”
King said, “No my wife is alive and chaste so how could I marry another woman?”
Brahman asked, “If she is chaste then you should bring her back?”
King said, “She is not at all happy with me so what use is it to bring her back. When she doesn’t have any love left for me? Oh Brahman, is there any way for my problem can you suggest a way out so that she would love me again?”
Brahman said, “Oh maharaj! I will do yagnya anushthana for you to get back the love and anuraga of the queen. This is known as mitravinda yagnya.
One must do ansuhthana of this yagnya for increasing love and affection between stree and purusha this yagnya has shakti to bring more and more prema between the couples. So maharaj bring back your wife don’t worry she will be ever attached to you thereafter and you will also be in tune with dharma!”
King made arrangements for the yagnya. Bramhana did one after the other seven yagnay to increase prema anuraaga for the royal couple.
Queen had a change of heart she started feeling positive love for the king. When brahman was confirmed about his success in his yagnya he asked king to bring back his wife and live a peaceful life. King was surprised at the confidence of Brahman. Then he remembered and summoned adrinandan Balaak. Ballak went to pataal and brought the queen back through his maya. Quen having seen king after long time said, “Oh king, please be pleased with me!”
King said, “Oh lovely one you need not request me that way! I have always loved you and am ever happy with you! ”
Queen said, “Oh king, if you are really happy and pleased with me, then please do a favor. I shall be always indebted to you!”
King said, “Anything for you is never a burden for me, I shall always strive to bring whatever you wish for, it will be my pleasure!”
Queen said, “Oh king! For me my friend has to even bear a curse, she has become dumb, I cannot see her like that. Kindly, if it’s in your hands, please get her voice back!”
King looked at the brahman Susharma and requested thus, “Oh viprottama! Is there any way this can be done?”
Brahman said, “I shall do Sarswat-ishti and she would get back her voice.”
Bramhan did the yagnya and in pataala Nanda regained her voice.
Garga muni doing tapasya in patal said to Nanda, “Your friend Bahulla has done this upakaara on you!” On hearing this Nanda went running to the king’s capital. Having embraced Bahulla, she said, “You are really a great soul. For you both a great son will be born.”
When a son was born to the king he had beautiful uttam avayava, kaanti and tejas. On seeing him rishis said, at uttam time in uttam kingdom, to a uttam couple with fathers name as uttama, for the uttam kalayaa of the people a uttama jeevi has taken birth so he be called “Outtam”. Thus, started outtam manvantara with Outtam manu.
To make sure that such rakshasas eat negative qualities in us and leave the positive qualities intact one must do nitya pooja that is the only solution.
Shri Krishnarpanamastu



Unbridlled flow of PLEASURES , wealth and prosperity is known as NIDHI !

One who has such nidhis [drishTi], his future generations also enjoy its fruits.

* Some nidhis stay for only one generation, some for three, some for eight.

* Some nidhis give enjoyment only to owner and not to his family members like wife children brothers [they continue to live in poverty] but owner lives luxuriously.

* Some nidhis give all the enjoyments till the owner is alive but takes away all his wealth either by theft or misfortune and results into death the owner. Thus, does not pass onto the next generation.

* Some nidhis grows 8 times with every generations and stays but only indulges owner and his children in sins 

On the whole people become rich only when Nidhi Devi casts her eye on the subject and not by anyone’s hard work! This is the bitter truth of the world!

The best among nidhis is known as Padmini Nidhi, owner of this nidhi is supposed to be most fortunate person in the world. Person having this nidhi drishti has a stable income source, which is ever increasing, full of family- children, grandchildren, and he is able to builds temples and tanks and roads. That person gives immense daana, does yaag yagnya, upavasa, vratas. As his money is satvik, it will stay for 8 generations in the family.

“Nidhi Devi is Laxmidevi”

Nidhis are satvik, rajasik,tamasik, satva rajasaik, rajas tamo, satva tamo, rajo satva, mishra

Nidhis come to the house of a person, pleased with that person’s sadhana, which surpasses in the respective category. Nidhis automatically come to that person. So extreme riches are result of seva of Guru [like Rayaru] and not out of some brainy venture or hard work- so SAYS Jaimini Rishi.

Nidhis are guarded by yakshinis. Looking at a life of a person his growth and success and living style one can say which yakshini is staying in his house.

How do we know, which nidhi we have- by the events in our lives, by the type of children born, and/or by the type of expenses we make, all give a good pointer on which nidhi we are enjoying.

Whenever one encounters good days like regular income growth in financial status, accumulation of good things of consumable goods, yet one faces difficulties of varied nature [personal, children, parents, disease, professional, enemies etc] with these we can find out source of our sorrow. These sorrows stop only when we reject the wealth (streaming from wrong source) that we are getting. But how many of us can reject the wealth, even if it results in difficulty, how many of us can discern that that could be the cause?

Certain wealths and earnings do not allow you to do any form of Vishnu Sadhana, even if one does sadhana it destroys it with excessive indulgence, bringing unwanted uncontrolled atmosphere, which is against satvik behavior. Thus, nullifying all the satvik efforts. 

A small hint, wealth that grows from generation to generation is not satvik at all.

Hejjaye melina hejjaye nittuta; Gejjaye taale dhwaniya toruta; Sajjan sadhu poojaye velege; majjige dolagina benne ante bhagyaada laxmi baramma; Nammama ni saubhagyada “nidhiye” baramma! narada uses nidhi.

Nidhis automatically come to a person who is enaged in Pranantargat Naryana Sadhana. Leaving that if one engages in yakshini sadhana to gain nidhi for self, he will always end up in sins and go to nitya naraka. This is a totally new perspective of materialism.

Shivaradhana, pratyek stree devata aradhana/Kalai sadhana, other tamas sadhanas gives rise to tamas nidhis. And people will get caught in whirlpool of sins [which they can never come out of it as it gives more and more moha]. And ends up in disaster that is why madhwa shastra prohibits itar devata sadhana!

So, next time one must not get awed or confused by the wealth of a criminal, tamas person or a rajas person or confuse his sadhana to be better. 


Itar Devata Sadhana means, worshipping only Rudra as the giving force. Madhwas to Vishambhara Moorty upasana in the name of Ganpati sadhana, we do not do Ganesh Sadhana alone. 

why not “particular rupa of Narayana,” because certain rupas operate inside particular jeevas only [in creation], also all jeevas below such Vibhuti rupas in tartamya must worship these rupas as tadantargat is Lord’s dictum. 

Satvik nidhi is attained purely by grace of poorvaja, but if we ourselves are the generators of such a wealth then extreme fortune is required, which is seen by Devata anugraha directly in our lives (like conversing with DEVATAS etc.). such people can see feel luck through and through and attribute it to Aradhyaa devatas. Saatvik nidhi doesn’t increase is the rule.

Wealth is not about earning good salary and decent bank savings…when person does not have to strive for livelihood, yet can serve 100s of people and help them with livelihood that is called wealth. 

Wealth is never earned sadhana merely maintains it. Once a purvaja [pitru] accumulates a nidhi], from then on it starts decreasing if it is satvik, yet generations enjoy and live happily.

* Wealth, if it has increased from generation to another means it is raja or tamas. It will bring only sins, associations with natya strees, kulatas, dancers etc. and get wasted on them. Not a single pie will go towards daana, as such nidhi does not give any faith in afterlife. 

* If wealth stays for three generations even that is rajas, it brings downfall to every generation. 

* If wealth does not go to children but to someone else, it is certainly tamas.

* When the money that you are earning is not being of any use to family even then it is TAMAS wealth.

* The wealth that creates love among people, respect among relatives, paves way for building temples, daana, accumulation of precious stones, and also makes children behave in same way is SATVIK. This welath reduces to half in every geneartion but still stays still generations.

* Whenever one keeps faith [undeterred] in advaita, non vedic, sadhana, TAMAS nidhi comes flowing into the house. then after that there is no escape. Vishishta advaita, shaiva, shakta, ganapatya, saurya, sadhnas makes one get rajas nidhi, which is engulfed with the ‘I’, ‘mine’, ego.

Certain sadhanas brings in huge wealth and fame but gives jada buddhi. This makes person duller and duller day by day.

Rajo and tamas sadhana gives prospect for progress but gives little progress and then brings in loads of troubles and it all these becomes cyclic. If you leave that sadhana then progress comes to stand still. The nidhi obtained through rajo tamas sadhana, brings in many women of doubtful characters on to the center stage of life, and dealing with them becomes obligatory. In the whole, process a little lapse of satvik sadhana [which such nidhi forces] makes you immerse in samsara of sins without even realizing that such a thing has happened. Unless a strong force like that of Rayaru pulls you back.

When such type of wealth gets donated to mutts, the children of mutt get into company of prostitutes, drink, gamble and wealth gets wasted.

When serving such wealthy people one partake his wealth as salary, even they spend it on movies, masti, magic, and fun. And finally get restive mind. All the people serving mletcha organizations, will not have inclination to eat food in satvik way, they most of the time end up eating standing, or in a avedic way. They will never be able to do vaishvadeva in their house.

When you serve an organization, owned by a divorcee or vyabhichaari, you will invariably have fights with spouse and frequently you will get to hear words like- I will leave you, I will not live with you, I am no more your spouse etc.

If you are serving organizations, which takes its source of income from babas of Himalayas then you will get immense greed, you will invest in stock, you will laugh at mutts, brahmanical rituals, you will give a sly look towards scholars and deems them as beggars or money mongers.

When you are serving organizations, which have vaishya characteristics, you will feel hastodaka, bramhan bhojana are cheap, unsophisticated, rustic or unprogressive ways of gathering. Homa, havan, japa are escapist methodology. 

Whenever you get such thoughts, peek into your source of income, and look for remedies.

If without drinking a bottle of coke or wine one does not feel elated rejuvenated and in absence of that he feels bored and stale. Two days into vrata if one feels – how long is this austerity period, how quickly will it end, can I eat after 12, be sure that you are serving a mletccha.

When you have decided to work for a mletccha organization, then you must stop pestering about family peace, unable to concentrate, no motivation towards Lord,  lethargy, heavy pull towards para stree, want of luxuries- these thoughts should not disturb you and you should understand whatever remedies will be done shall last only temporarily. 

Today, tamas nidhi is in full swing and present in mletccha lands, so opportunity to earn is easy there. But what it means is that tamas is waiting to engulf you, genetic defects, loss of rights, caste, loss of spiritual legacy, loss of tradition (no passing of tradition to next generations), lack of parental love, lack of discipline, extreme difficulty towards indriya nigraha, and having a polluted mind are all waiting. The web of such a wealth is that it will not give chance to think and will keep you entangled.

Shri Krishnarpanamastu



Shri Hayagreevaye Namah

Popular opinion on Indriya Nigraha (IN)

  1. Understanding difference between right and wrong karma as guided by lord and then Restraining wrong to Sin via Mind body Speech
  2. Controlling the wavering mind along with negative vibes
  3. Indriya nigrha means- the senses should not come under sway or flow towards its respective vishayas even in presence of it, for example, eyes towards rupa, tongue taste, ears to sound etc.
  4. Indriyas are inputs to manas-when mind is undeterred or sthira even when in contact with all visayas then its mano/nigrha
  5. Controlling senses is indriya nigrha. It is achieved by having satvik food and also eksdasi upavasa, yama, niyama
  6. Don’t have IN means, inclination towards bad things (actions) and not reverting back
  7. This happens even when he knows what he is doing is wrong or harmful; i.e. it becomes addiction/compulsion. Indriyas can be our worst enemies
  8. In absence of indriya nigrha a person can’t do any sadhana and gets addicted to visayas ruining his life. so developing indriya nigraha is the first requisite for any sadhana
  9. When no I.N. a person sins has impaired judgment
  10. Indriyas are those through which we perceive. Nigraha means maintaining them in balance by keeping a tab on them. By giving LESS IMPORTANCE to it and just letting them to do their work, as they are needed for the body to function
  11. Indriya nigraha is channelizing the experiences gained through the indriyas in gaining sugyan, hari nam sankeertan
  12. Any experience through the indriyas- if the experience is sukh dayak remembering that is due to Hari Kripa. If it is dukh dayak remember it is Hari Chitta/Hari Sankalp to wash off your sins . Letting them not to lead you to any mano vikara is indriya nigraha

Analysis and Inference

Thus, avoiding nindita prekshan, nindita aghrana, nindita bhojan, abhakshya bhakshan, nindita gaman, nindita bhashan, and nindita shravan all constitute Indriya Nigraha.

Let’s analyze the human body, which constitute of these: 1) manas; 2) indriyas 3) buddhi 4) gyaan 5) bhakti 6) vairagya 7) prarabdha 8) dhairya 9) sthairya

Indriyas run amuck it’s in their nature. Nobody can do anything about it. Does that affect us? Technically it should not, but it does because mind takes interest in it! Why?

Mind is a restive element it wants to run along with indriyas. Why? Because that gives satiation and this satiety becomes addiction of mind. Why? Because initially it has no knowledge and it cannot sit quiet so it goes after indriays. Indriays prey upon vishays.

Now does indriya shaman gives happiness? No, it gives misery! Because small things give attachments but attachment is not small thing, it brings misery. So it is necessary that mind is told that attachment is misery and it should not unify with senses. How to do that?

To separate mind from senses and its unification [mind identifies itself with indriyas alike as if there is no tomorrow]. One must train mind to seek expert opinion of budhdhi. Buddhi is expert commentator to conscience. He is retd ex famous player which always feeds on his good and bad memeory and tells his experience on an issue and give pros and cons.

Although over the time, it might have lost grip on ground reality and desh, kaal, and paristhithi.

When mind is trained to seek buddhi- that is known as viveka, when mind stops seeking opinion of buddhi it is said to have lost viveka. It becomes imperative that buddhi should be prakahra and nirmal and nischhal ruju, subservient to conscience. Buddhi should not be chapel, kutil, vakra, dusht pravrutt, nastik, vibhramit, digbhrant, asatprerit and/or kalushit.

So after initial training of mind to seek buddhi at every step [for this neeti shastra is must]. Now all the attention turns towards how to keep buddhi prakhar-nirmal, nishchal, and avoid being kutil, kalushit, digbhrant. Sharp brain is need of hour. A clean thought is need of hour.

Filters for Judging Oneself

Analyze yourself with the following filters:

  • It is by always feeling for others as you would feel for yourself- Atmavat pashyet. When you want to say something to other, think what if same words are told to me how do I feel, if I feel bad. Then I must not say that to others. This small implementation will make one think clean.
  • Digbhrant is coming under peer pressure, dussanga, bad habits- Vyasan. When one has started spiritual journey one must ask, ‘Am I taking my own decisions?’ If your answer is no then, ‘am I taking decisions thinking oh what others will think if I do like this? Then you are digbrhrant.
  • Sometimes we try to be very smart, we want to outwit others. Or we are under impression that this world is full of bad people so we must check others, come what may? Then you have become kutil.
  • Sometimes we don’t know how to do thgings but bitten by jealousy we try to seek harm to others our buddhi is kalushit here
  • Sometimes we are so much opposed to someone that we want to just hamper whatever he/she says and just oppose or put obstacles. This is vakra buddhi.
  • Sometimes, we are so satisfied with our lives that we just experiment. We know right from wrong but still as we are complacent and think nothing can happen to me, I am lucky. In such a state one experiments with dushtasastra. This chapal buddhi.
  • I am in good days what is this indriya nigraha- thinks a naastik.
  • When I was in need he didn’t help me, now it is my turn, it is payback time- thinks a dushta prerit buddhi.
  • Wow! What an attitude, I shall do whatever it takes to get attention of ‘a certain person- thinks a man with vibhramit..
  • What is true and what is false, who cares this world is maya- is the thinking of and udaseen buddhi

How to Attain Indirya Nigraya

After you analyze yourself through the abovementioned filters your problem becomes simpler because you have to try to find and antidote to that vikkar of manas. That is Indriya Nigraha! Here is how:

Tell your mind [tell hundred times in a day] to follow the right mind (by controlling the urge that caused the vikaar in the first place)

  1. Control your mind again and again no foul play
  2.  No kutil kalushit bhranti bhrama entertained
  3. Keep away from dushta, udaseen, and other elements that can cause bhanga (women)
  4. Study neeti shastra to sharpen the brain

To keep away from women one classic formula is given by Bhartuhari, which if followed will control one’s senses even in presence of the most beautiful kamini. If one visualizes the above two, he will never fall in trap of a prostitute or other wayward women.

“A woman, while in company of one, talks of another, while her attention is on one her thoughts are with someone else. Thus, a woman cannot be yours just because she is with you or glances at you.

What we tend to desire the most the body- is just a lump of medha/fat/charbi, which when seen below the skin may harbor infinite krimi, keeta, rakta, and rudhir that may not be desirable at all.

Once again, the action plan is:

  1. Train your mind to seek buddhi [never lose viveka]
  2. Train your buddhi as per neeti shastra. For that read neeti shastra daily
  3. Introspect as such- Am I in good company? When you are not in good company and when you are under peer pressure, you are more prone to change your decision to satisfy peers. Thus, change such a company promptly. When company appreciates you and encourages you and puts you on right path then stick to it
  4. Do not waste time with women. How is a woman looked at is sort of a litmus test for a woman. Most women have instinctive feeling about a glance made at them they can judge the intentions of the glancer. A good woman gets uncomfortable while the bad ones make advances. Both are harmful to a sadhaka.

Ninety nine percent of indriya nigrah can be accomplished when you keep your eyes from prying here and there. Therefore, practice keeping eyes fixed at center of eyebrows.

There is technique in swara shastra, where the other man/woman becomes oblivious to the world while speaking to yogi. So it makes no difference whether you see or not. There is 100% attention- Conversation should be done like Dhritarashtar! As your own eyes are blank the topic oozes out of mind with force. I think that solves purpose of conversation.

Next step after indriya nigrah has come and mind is listening. But chapalatva is still there. This gives chances of vipareet gyaan and udaseenta to creep up. To remove chapalatva sthairya is required.

Sthairya is usually disrupted by istahta (desireableness). Istahta works like this- we have learnt our lessons and consequently put mind to practice. Mind obeys also. But now you want to take a risk in your overconfidence and say to self- Hey my mind is under control. I can do anything and come back to this state again at my whim. And then you experiment- This totally disrupts years of practice.

Sthairya is an abstract matter. It is not about discipline or practice, but about how much you love to have your indriya nigraha intact. Pooja paath without indriyaanigrah leads to skin diseases, extramarital affairs, and sudden loss of an accomplished position.

Stahiraya comes by keeping breathing under control. A slow and steady breath ensures there is no chapalatva. For this one has to practice pranayama. More the practice, more the sthairya.

Being in state sthairya for long is treading the command of lord. But to tread steadily on this path you need extreme bhakti. On the day when it fails you have to tell our mind, let my mind get some rest today. This sort of thinking needs trimming we have to instill fear of God. Can I afford taking leave of God’s dictum? For example, when one does Narsimha upasan or Hari-Vayu Stotra regularly, but let’s go of the niyam a strong rebuttal comes, which instills fear.

When in abhyasa of indriya nigrah sadhna, if one fails untoward incidents follow him as a result one leaves sadhana or leaves the wrong path and corrects his course.

This point is turning point in life and the decision making that either I am going to stop enjoyments outside permissible account mansa vacha karmana. That becomes the greatest Mahabharata in a man’s life.

Shri Krisharpanamastu

Laya Chintana !

* One gets moxa only when does laya chintana everyday .the phala of this chintana is release from janma-mrityu cycle

* There is an in-depth version for the advanced Sadhakas, for a novice the given chintana is adequate

* Prior to sleeping one must the laya chintana. Enters means laya. In other words, each entity is tatva and it recoils, merges into the former

* Laya is of two types : Garuda Marga and Sesha Marga


1. Indra Marga-1:

a. Varnashrama dharmarata Manushyottam get laya into Nirruti

b. Nirruti along with= all “pitrus’, 100 kings like Prithu etc., together with Vaivasta etc., and 12 Manus enters Yamadharmaraya

c. Yamadharma enters Swayambhu Manu

d. Swayambhu manu along with Shatarupadevi enters Indra [this is one sub Indra marga]

2. Indra Marga-2:

a. Forty-nine Maruts along with Pravaha Vayu and Ahankarika Praana enter Indra

3. Indra Marga-3:

a. Sadhyagana enter Ganesha and stay in Akaash

b. Mrityu gana and Rubhugana enter Prithvi tatva

c. Sons of Agni and all sons of devatas enter Agni and Agni enters Aditya

d. Akaash, Prithvi and Aditya get Laya in Brihaspatiacharya

e. Brihaspati alongwith Taradevi enter Indra (this is the third Indra marga)

4. Indra Marga 4:

a. All 100 less 100 crores rishis, 80 special rishis -Marichi etc, Saptarishis, Bhrighu Rishi, Narada and all Devarishis enter Daksha Prajapati

b. Daksha Prajapati with Prasuti Devi enters Indra (this is the fourth Indra marga)

5. Indra alongwith Sachidevi enters Sauvarnidevi and Jambawatidevi enter Sauvarni devi

6. 6. Sauvarni Devi enters Garuda in Garuda Marga.


Here there is only one marga:

1. Manushya Gandharva enter into Devagandharva, Devagandharva who in turn enter Ajanaja devatas. These Ajanaja devatas enter Kubera

2. Kubera enters Varuna

3. And Varuna enters Chandra

4. Chandra along with Vishwaksena, Jaya, Vijaya enter Aniruddha

5. Aniruddha alongwith Sanakaadi enter Kaamadeva

6. Kaamadeva and Ratidevi, enter Vaaruni devi

7. Vaaruni devi enters Shesha. This is Shesha Marga

1. (Gurukulite query: what about Nagas such as Vasuki, Takshaka etc)

8. Both Garuda and Shesha deva enter Saraswati devi

9. Saraswati enters Brahma

10. Brahma enters Tejomaya Lakshmidevi

11. Lakshmidevi enters Atyanta Saamipya of Lord and engages in Dhyaana

12. In this manner while doing Laya chintana upto Narayana, one must do aikya chintana of Dakshinakshigata Vishwa namak Paramatma, Swapna Preraka Kanthagata Taijas in Taijas namak paramatma and Suptiprada Hrudgata Jeevantaryaami Pragnya namak Hari (aikya) into Bimba roopi Hari


Question: How to visualise and should we remember the previous sequence?

Chiraan : For example Saraswati is Smara Tatva and merges in Mahatatva. What does merging mean, how can souls do this?

One can imagine Saraswati entering Brahmas heart. Manushyas represent Varnashrama dharma.

Question: Does this happen till last janma for manushyas? Happens at the end of brahma kalpa 100 years of brahma and sadhana happens until then. Laya happens in taratamya order.

Chiraan : Laya happens at 4 levels. 1. Nitya Manujanma level 2. Manykalpa level 3. Brahma dina kalpa 4. Brahma Mahakalpa.

Question: Who is Aniruddha who enters Kamadeva and what is his function?

Chiraan : Aniruddha is Shatrughna of Ramayana

Question: Is Aniruddha roopi Hari same as Aniruddha in the 10th kaxa of taratamya? Similar is the query in the context of Pradyumna and Kamadeva who in 8th kaxa.

Chiraan: Vishnu roopas are supreme and do not occur in any kaxa.

Note: Aniruddha is devata for procreation. Kamadeva is devata for avidya, shadvairis. Laya chintana and panchikarana aata by Sri Vadirajaru.

If we do karma samarpana in this way which will finally reach Hari. When we say Krishnarpana it goes in this marga.

Question: Is there a difference between laya chintana and golaka chintan?

Chiraan: Each step mentioned is Laya chintana is golaka. But Mukhya golaka is Vayu for the Lord. Hence during Arpana we say prana antargat Lord.

Question: Who are mrityu ganas and rubhu ganas?

Chiraan : Yama dhootas are mrityu gana and Shiva/marut ganas are rubhuganas

||Shri Krishnarpanamastu||


Gayatri has been alluded as prayashchitta for many a sins- We are talking about BRAMHA Gayatri only not Sandhya.
There is a pramana that because it imparts rakshana [safety] from doshas and sins thus it is called as Gayatri, one who sings it will be saved from daana 
sweekara dosha, dushta anna bhojana dosha, bramha hatya patak, pashu hinsa, upapataka shuddhi. Gyanis strongly recommend Gayatri.
In agni purana Mahapatak prayashchitta homa is being narrated. It is mentioned thereby that 1 LAKH japas for Bramha hatya, surapaana, and suvarnasteya.
These get parihaar by the japa of Gayatri. Pitru matru hatya more than lakh japa, 100 for papa parihaar, 1000 for upapatak parihaara.
Similarly, homa of Gayatri gives phala of pryashchita. Til homa for sarva papa prayashchitta, Ashwath samit for graha peedha parihaar. Homa with honey and salt brings back wife who has gone to her parents’ home in anger. Homa with mango leaves gives good health, homa with laza (haralu in kannada and podval in tulu) gives beautiful girl as wife.

But do homa or japa, which are jada actually give phala?
No mantra japa homa do not give phala but it’s the MANTRA PRATIPADYA BHAGAVAN ANUGRAHA that gives the PHALA.
In Brahma Sutra lord’s Narsimha is only Duritapariharak, so one must do
To do NARSIMHA ANUSANDHAN in GAYATRI: Suryanarayan atyant 
abhinna Narsimha guna amhima anusandhan from gayatri is as follows:
Gayatri has ten shabda= TAT : in narayan varma “vidikshu diskhurdhwam” shloka tells about ten directions and multidimensional up-down everywhere omnipotent Lord staying thus removes the fears of His devotees by His Garjan [loud roar] and is established all-round safety providing Karmas everywhere such durita nivarak NARSIMHA!

SAVITUH: By being inside the papapariharak karmas like daana japa homa, He manifests [srushti] the papa pariharak phala. He himself manifested through a pillar [so such feat should not be difficult for him].
VARENYAM: He is sung [bhajaniya] by the devotees for their duritanivaran. He
appeared in adhbut rupa and upheld that He is sarvottama and established His
supremacy that he alone is ocean of gnana sukha shakti (etc.) auspicious
BHARGA: Narsimha burns all the heaps of sins done by a devotee and relives him, and then kills all the dushta shaktis [sin abhimani devaas and rakshas who trouble devotees] and while he does rakshan and poshana of the devotees and gets some work done by them to create a nimitta for such dahan, in the course He removes AGNYANA.
DEVASYA: Narsimha is praised by greats like Prahalaad [dev stutau] and then while doing duritaparhaar He also removes dukha klesha that arises during the presence of durita and brings a smile on the faces of the devotees hence He is devasya [deva means one who brings moda].

DHIMAHI: Narsimha Deva is present in Rudra devaru, manoniyamak Rudra
through him He (Narsimha) inspires the antahkarana to do dhyana of Narsimha and he also makes himself seen in such dhyaana. To get rid of brahma-hatya Devendra also did Narsimha dhyana.
DHIYO YO NAH PRACHODAYAAT: Those devotees who have done pataka etc., He inspires them to do paschattapa and then compels them to do Sadhana prayaschitta that “sadbuddhi” is given by Narsimha only just as He inspired Prahalaad not to do sakaam bhakti and remain nishkama.

Just as how we do upasana we get such phala by that pramaana, by this
anusandhan in Gayatri japa we get papa parihaara and its phal quickly by japa homa daana through Narsimha rupa dhyana anusandhan.
The most important aspect of thsi post is without anusandhana no phala can come! So anusandhan is important.

Narsimhavapu : One who has body of Nar and Simha. One who has body which can destroy the sins of nara 

Paapanashana: The rupa which does durita nivarana and papa parihaar 
Bhayakrut Bhaya Nashana: One who gives fear in the minds of enemies of His devotees and removes the fears of devotees

Jitmanyu: Jitkrodha: Even though Narsimha was looking very angry at
Hiranyakashyapa, this was not rajas or rajoguna vikaara, but it was another form of kshama guna only this was completely under his control
Surariha: One who killed the enemy of devatas Hirankashyap 
Vikarta Vidrana: One who tore the chest of Hirankashyap 
Sragvi: One who adorned Himself with the intestines of Hirankashyapa as a garland

Uattrano Dushkritiha: One who avoids mishaps to devotees and uplifts them
even though they do evil acts He removes their sins and cleanses them and saves them from troubles
Paryavasthitha: Narsimha deva is everywhere in all directions, up below side in all surroundings and by His loud roar removes our fears

Antaka: One who destroys everyone during pralaya 
Vikramah Vikrami – During pralaya Narsimha tears apart linga deha of all jeevas and dances, his steps are very intense and special
Rudra Manohara: One who looks very ferocious. One who does sanhaar of all by being in Rudra. Being bhayankara and called as Rudra and is sanhaar karak for Shiva also and residing in him, He is the Makaar in the syllable OM.

||Shri Krishnarpanamastu||


What is the phala of cleaning the Vishnu temple premises and sprinkling water there?


Once in vanvaasa (exile) Pandavas were moving deeper into forests and visiting many teertha kshetras. They crossed shoolakantak kshetra and reached uttamteertha.

There one rakshasa by name bahuroma saw pandavas and with an aim to abduct Draupadi Devi hatched a plan. He sat on the banks of Reva and with darbha sat on a peetha in complete dhayna and doing japa of a mantra.

Yudhisthira seeing a great yogi rishi on the banks, came to him and sat next to him and asked him to give upadesha on rahasya about Linganadi Narmada teertha. Yudhsihthir said, “A darshan of muni is always a scope to know more about sadhana” [importance of being alert on sadhana and means to know it is being exhibited by Yudhisthir].

Around the same time another rakshas called Sthulashiras in a muni disguise came and pleaded, “is there anyone to protect! One who saves protects one in trouble will get complete phala. And if the person is brahman shreshtha it will be even more complete. As on one hand bhudaan is equivalent of meru parvat and on the other hand saving of dwija stree children cows from the hands of dushta, saving a person from a deathbed. These are all equal. One who abandons bramhans in distress, men in life and death situations such person will fall in RAURAV Naraka. Hey veeer! I have lost everything as a danav has taken away everything from me, my parnashala, kamandalu, akshamala, asan… everything.”

Pandava seeing the muni in such a state, decided to help him. Leaving Draupadi devi by the side of bahuroma and five set out with sthula shiras.

After long search seeing no signs of any danger, Yudhishthir gots some doubts. He thought to himself there seems no signs of dacoity as told by this muni and then he asked Arjun to go back and check on the welfare of Draupadi who had been left alone! Then looking at the Sun he said, “Oh! Devatas, I am now in a

doubt, by the power of my shaurya and punya I ask what is the real situation. Please let me know!

An Ashareervaani informs Yuddhishthira, saying, “there is nothing wrong, all this is Maya of this rakshasa called Sthulashiras who is by your side.”

Just as the voice finished, Bheemssen caught the rakshasa and hit him hard and the rakshasa unable to bear pain had to take his original form and fight with Bheema.

In the meanwhile Arjun had rushed back to find that there was no Bahuroma and Draupadi. He started to look for her here and there and then climbing a tree invoked his distant viewing telescopic eye. There he saw Bahuroma carrying Draupadi on his shoulder and Draupadi crying out ‘Bheemsen Bheemsen.”

Arjun without losing a moment, took a long steps to run after Bahuroma. On the way he as Arjun was jumping from tree to tree each tree fell and making return journey impossible for the rakshasa.

Seeing huge piles of trees behind rakshasa got terrified and sensing that soon Arjun would catch up with him, he left Draupadi Devi and planned an escape. But Arjun did not stop following him, thus, they both ran a long distance.

Suddenly rakshasa, losing pace, stopped and turned back. And stood still as Arjun came nearer the rakshasa transformed into Vishnu’s form- four armed, shanku, chakra, gada, and padma holding divya person. A dismayed Arjun stood with folded hands and said, “human being and his intelligence is just so limited Vausdeva. Oh! What a karma that I chased you with my silly doubts. How shall I beg forgiveness from you Oh! Krishna!”

Chaturbhuja says, “Hey Mahanubhav Arjun! I am not Krishna! I am Bahuroma rakshasa. By my good deeds in previous janmas I have got a deha body similar to that of Lord Hari!”

Having heard this surprised Arjun asked, “Hey Bahuroma chaturbhuja! Which karma did you do in previous birth that you have got this saroopya of Mahavishnu? Please let me know about that karma vishesha in yathartha.”

Chaturbhuj said, “Oh Arjun let me tell my surprising interesting story to all your brothers! I was a king in the Somavansha by name Jayadhwaja. I was immensely devoted to Mahavishnu Narayana. But even though being a king I used to daily

go to a Vishnu temple and clean its premises with broom and cloth and then sprinkle water regularly! This I was doing sincerely.

I used to clean the temple garbha gudi with gomaya and lighta deepa. Then there was a brahman by the name of Vitihotra he was very famous and highly learned. Vitihotra too used to get surprised at my daily cleaning of the premises. Vitihotra was learned in Rigveda, Shiksha, Vyakarana, vedanga etc.

Once after cleaning as I was sitting on the pavement, Vitihotra asked me, “Hey Rajan! I am sure you know what you are doing? It shows in the conviction with which you are doing this, and I find it very different.

You are devoted that is evident in sincerity with which you clean. That is something unimaginable as you are a king. There are so many ways to please Hari! Hey Punyashaali! Some may please Hari even more! But you seem to know the phala of what you are doing? Do you know this work has more punya than anything else? If you have some good will on me then do let me know what is the secret?”

Jayadhwaj king says, “Oh bramhana! I am a jaatismara [one who knows his past life clearly]. What I would say would be indeed surprising! Oh bramhin! I was also a brahmin in my previous birth by name Raivat.

As Raivat I used to do yaaga for those who were ineligible, those who were- cruel, extracted money, always engaged in business like attitude, selling even liquids and doing all sort of NISHIDDHA karmas. All my (Raivat’s) relatives had left me, which made me immerse into many more sins and neecha karyas. I, as Raivat was always interested in paradravya, parastree, and pranihimsa. I drank alcohol daily and slowly developed hate towards others brahmins too.

I used to stop and loot travelers and everyday seduced other bramhan woman and take them to a secluded place to enjoy. I had chosen an old Vishnu temple where poojas were not taking place there for this dushkarma. When I would take a woman, I would clean this old temple and would tear the edge of my dhoti to make a deepa of it and light it in the temple so that I could have sambhoga.

One day villagers found me red-handed when they saw the small light in the devalaya. After they caught me they beheaded me (Raivat) bramhana for his dushkarma.

But then there came Vishnu Doootas to pick me up and I reached Uttam Swarga. I enjoyed swarga with a beautiful form and that too for 100 kalpas. And then I took birth in chandrakul as a king with lotus eyed beautiful body by the name Jayadhwaj.”

Thus, Chaturbhuja narrated to Arjun further, “Even as Jayadhwaj I left my body and reached Swarga then from there I reached Indra Loka and then to Rudra loka and then from there while going to Satyaloka on the way I happened to meet Narad muni but I did not pay my respects to him, and continued journey as if I did not notice him.

Then Narad Muni intercepted but, as Jayadhwaj, I made of upahasa (laughed at Narad Muni). Thus an insulted Narad Muni cursed me to become rakshas.”

On this, immediately I fell at the feel of Narad Muni and relented to him. The softhearted Narad muni was immediately pleased and said, “okay when you abduct Draupadi Devi that’s when you will be chased at that time you will get relief from the rakshasa curse. Oh! Yudhshthir! Now released from that curse, I find myself in saroopya of Mahavishnu and now I leave for vaikuntha.”

As the Pandavas watched with Draupadi Devi, he ascended the seat of Garuda and went to vaikuntha.


Even when Raivat did Vishnu devalaya sanmarjan unknowingly, he got uttam janma. In the next janma he also got past life remembrance and he with devotion did the Vishnu Devalaya Sanmarjan Seva now knowingly to get rid of sins completely and got moksha. So doing cleaning of the home temple [where Saligram and Devata vigraha are situated] is a great punya and doing it with knowledge of its mahima is even greater. There is no greater seva than this now woman and non-dwijas cannot say they have nothing to do as seva.

Thus you all men and women, do Vishnu pooja there is no better Purushartha than this, this I say with two hands raised again and again Krishnarpanamastu!

||Shri Krishnarpanamastu||

Vishnu Durga Pooja !

Sri Hayagreevaya Namaha
1. Upasana Moorty
• Ambika
• Mahalakshmi
• Saraswathi
[Choose one] or all three
2. Durga Kavach
3. Argala Stotra
4. Keelaka 
5. Navaarna Vidhi – Matrika Nyasa Dhyaan Japa [108]
6. Ratri Sukta
7. Charitra Traya Nyasa -Kara Nyasa Anganyasa Dhyaan
8. Prathama Charitra 
9. Madhyam Charitra 
10. Uttama Charitra [Uttama Pakhsha Is Saraswati Pooja]
11. Devisukta [Rigved]
12. Rahasya Traya
• Pradhanik
• Prakruti
• Moorti Rahasya
13. Aparadh Kshamapana.

The three  Rupas of Upasana of DURGA are
1. Chandi- this is Vishnu Maya Rupa, it can also be taken as Umahyamavati which gave Mokshopadesha to Indra in Kenopanishat– Vajseney Sanhita if you are following then this upasana becomes that of Rudra Sahodari, if Aitereya Upasana is to be done than this is Bhuvaneshwari and lord of night. rupa – ten heads
2. Mahalakshmi [ Ambhrani ] colour is RED 18 arms 18 weapons- Mahishasur Mardini Rupa
3. Saraswati — param satvik, 8 arms.This upasana is for brahmanas it is of fair colour very bright Shumbh Nishumbh sanhaara.
Devi can also be done upasana in following rupas:– Vidhwansini, Raktadantika Shatakshi, Shaakambari, Durga Bheema Bhramari.  Another form of upasana is of Durga Upavasa on Ashtami and reciting Durga Gayatri, Durga Utsav, Navaratri, Durga Ashtottar, Durga Sahasra Naam & Durga Katha Shravana.
Durga-upasana is the one upasanas, which puts an end to agyana and vipareeta gyana, those who do not do Durga Upasana it can be safely assumed [without a doubt] that they have vipareeta gyana. Durga sadhana is the ultimate point in moxa sadhana. Any work undertaken without praying to Durga will result in some kind of asamaadhaan.  Even Arjun and Yudhisthir worshipped Durga before  starting of  Mahabharata  war.
Before Ravan Samhaara Rama, before Tripura Samhaara Shiva and to get over Durvasa Shaapa even Indra worshipped Durga. This is very important to note.


1. Achamana
2. Pranayama
3. Sankalpa For All 13 Steps given
4. Ganapati Prarthana
5. Deepa, Stahpana, Panchopachaara, Pooja Prarathana
6. Saraswati Pooja – Keep Sarvamoola Grantha and recite Mantra “Om Namah Pisachinyi,” and Namo Devai Mantra, Avahayami, and do Panchopachaar Pooja to Sarvamoola Granthas
7. Shapodhdhara Mantra Japa
8. Utkeelan Mantra Japa
9. Choosing right tithi for parayana:-
• Ashtami
• Navami
• Chaturdashi
• Navartari is also good
One must do Durga Patha when one has bad dream, shanti karma, graha peedha, upadrava, civil war, agni karya balidaan pooja- Parayana must be done.
10. Kavach – one must do Parikalpana of Navadurga or Saptamartruka in the Beejakashar and then do aradhana.  This gives dharmasadhan (i.e. cleanliness to start the parayana), shubha, mrityu nivarana, dushta shakti, abhichara vishabadha mukti & kavach is important as it increases satva guna.
11. Argala Stotra –one must do parayan only after argala stotra (start as “jayanti mangala kali”) Argala stotra making one conducive for Parayana gives rupa, jaya, yashas, shatrunash, saubhagya, and arogya and most importantly sukha- happiness comes and gives Sampadvruddhi.
12.  Keelak — this stotra if done without krama does not get anugraha of Durga, hence Keelak is a must for ishtartha siddhi.
13. Uchchran Vidhi- [Durga Parayan should be done in Uchcha swara]
14. Navarnav Mantra Japa, Nyasa etc.
15. Japa Samarpana by Ratri Sukta
16. Tantrokta Devi Pooja– parayana nyasa etc.
17. Parayana
18. Phalastuti
19. Uttara Nyasa
20. Devi Sukta Pathan
21. Tantrokta Sukta Pathan
22. Rahsya Pathana
23. Kshamapana
24.  Krishnaarpana
If Durga is prayed as Maya then Harini Parshuram Anusandha, if Ambika or Saraswati then Laxmi Narsimha Anusandhan. Durga stotra is full of namo stute so involves lot of namaskaras. I discovereVishnu Durga when guruji prescribed Parvati Swayamvar Mantra to one of the persons, who are not getting married.
Durga has all three manifestations:-
1. Mahalakshami [as Vishnu Maya] – anusandhan is Durga antargat Parshuram.
2. Saraswati – anusandhan is Durga antargat Laxmi Narsimha.
3. Parvati– anusandhan is Shakambari antargat Laxmi Narsimha.
Parayan means recitation with particular Niyama, this niyama one should decide as per capacity and take sankalpa and should not do ullanghan. The paarayana can be done in the evenings.
These are tantra special: Utkeelan mantra, Navarnav mantra, uttara nyasa, rahsya pathana, keelak (Rahasy traya a>pradhanik b>prakruti c> moorti rahasya). One must know them when doing it after taking deeksha. The  naivedya krama for Shakambari Devi is after Rudra Deva.

||Sri Krishnaarpanamastu||

Secrets of KARMA !

A karma has many aspects:
1. Proper desha
2. Proper kaala
3. Proper uddeshya
4. Proper culminations [complete in angas]
1. Rashi = dasha
2. Kala = graham
3. Uddeshya = nakshatra
4. Sanchita karma = 5th house (secret)
Thus, what a person does is pretty well defined.
• He has a set of prarabdha, which is known by rashi chart
• How he is going to react on it is known by agaami through gochaar
• How much gocahra will drive his decision is known by ashtakvarga
So what is in man’s hands if everything is fixed (as it appears)?
If gyAna is not there then everything thing is fixed, because man acts as per his circumstances and desires and not as per knowledge. Thus, dasha + gochara + ashtakvarga = fixed
dasha + gochara + ashtakvarga + gnana = right life
Not getting gyAna is fixed!
After getting gnana , if one does not strive to maintain gnana or get more gnana and instead strives for pleasures, then he gets back into category of fixed.
For an ordinary man all his future births would be fixed. It’s the gnanis who are given choice by yama as to what he wants next. For a gyani before getting gyana, his births are fixed but he is progressing in fixed manner one day he understands that knowledge is the power then his life really starts.
Let’s say there are bottles of wines and good drinks and a bottle of poison, a normal man would open first bottle drink finding wine tasty he would next day drink another drink another one day will progress toward the bottle of poison drink the contents and suffers. With this experience next time when he sees a series of bottles he would inspect each and every bottle and drink. One fine day he will get solid gnana that not every bottle is wine and then finally even when there will always be poisonous bottle in the series better he will stay away from bottle and its pralobhan. Now gnani has started to make choice, he also has ability to distinguish between bottles, but then if he gets back to old ways of inspecting bottles and drink then he will lose distinction capabilities again becomes normal.
Q: Going with the above example, drinking wine, then next one, then poison and then again in next life inspecting everything is predicted or fixed right. Till something strikes him, which prompts him to start looking for what is happening, everything is fixed. The question is who and why someone becomes eligible for this and is it happens by accident or by God’s will?
A: God’s will
Q: So if this Gnana is God’s will on soul, then what are the eligibilities for this, as till that time everything is fixed right?
A: Yes, eligibility is given in Geeta, one in lakh!
Q: Could it be decided on probability?
A: Not probability, one in lakh applies gnan, and hence LORD gives him his nod
Q: Where is the freedom to apply Gnana, as till he gets Gnana he is Agnani and everything is fixed?
A: There is freedom to apply, to know and to act as per application. The term natural is nothing but GOD’s will. When you act as per gnana things become natural, else unnatural things happen in our lives.
For example, if one gets up early in morning and practices cricket he becomes expert in CRICKET is natural event. Why? Because one who practices God gives him expertise is the rule. Now forgetting that rule if one just listens to a coach and practices without disturbances he becomes an expert, [whether he knows God’s rule or not he still becomes expert]. Now to make one expert two things are said in shastra:
1. Listen to coach at all times and do as coach says
2. Practice regularly and apply either result will be there
In many births what happens is, one finds coach and still says “what to listen to this person, if it is in my luck I shall end up as an expert. If a coach makes an expert then why don’t all gold medals are got by this coach,” thus, he fails, fails, and again fails. Sometimes he says- Ah! Who will practice so much? If I get I get or let it be,” he fails, and fails again and again. After many failures he finds- I failed so many times. Maybe I should have listened to the coach once. That’s when he succeeds.
So, what was fixed in the above example? Progress gave gnana! But next time to progress he has to maintain that he has to listen to the and be in regular practice – both with dedication. One cannot avoid basics and still hope for success.
Q: And even after getting Gnana we may fail, if we are not alert?
A: Yes, that is right! Else, the meaning of the word Mahaprayatna, which Madhvacharya says will be futile. Even after aproxa gnana though Moxa is fixed, one does Mahaprayatna, sadhna in previous janma becomes poorvapunya!

||Shri Krisharpanamastu||


* Why do we fail in getting results of our karma?

* Why do we feel caught in a web and nothing moves in ou life even though we do lot of pooja and vrata niyama?

There is list of karmas, which goes to rakshasas and circumstances in which it goes to rakshasas results in dissppointment. The karma which goes to devatas gives results.

King Bali [tied in naagpasha] asked Vishnu, “Shankha-chakra-gadadhar! Mahabhag Devadeva! Suraasur Guru! Sarvashrestha! Sarvalokamaheshwar! When I am in pataal-loka what should I do for my living (jeevanopaya)? What will come to my share kindly let me know? Shatraudamana! Surashreshtha! What will be edible for me? What would give me satisfaction? Kindly tell me!

Lord said: One doing shardhdha without help of shrotryiya bramhana, or doing adhyayan without bramhacharya palan, doing vrata yagnya without giving dakshina, doing homa without ritvij, giving daana doubting its result, without belief in daana, havishya which has not been offered with sanskaara (homa dravya put in fire without mantras) or done by women, non dwijas) all will go to you Bali as your share.

Daityendra! The punya of those who hate me [Krishna] and my devotees, who abuse my devotees, all their punya will reach you. The agnihotris who sell or trade their punya that punya will come to be in your share, if anyone doing daana yagnya without belief in them in mind the phala of that yagnya dana will be your share.

Then Lord Vaman, gave back kingdoms to Indra, Yama, Nirutti, Varun, all dikdevatas and Swarge simhasana to Indra and went away. Here Bali was tied in a blanket (kambal) and Ashwatarjati serpent with which he was suffering also by seeing all devatas happily regaining their kingdoms. Seeing Bali’s plight Naarad

Muni came there and told him, I shall give you a remedy to get rid of Sarpabandhan (sarpadosha nivaran) with which you shall be free again. Worship with this stotra, the kindhearted Vasudeva and you shall be free. Then after taking upadesha from Naarada, Bali with indriya nigraha and manah-shuchi recited Mokshavimshak stotra as japa.

This stotra is about Naryana doing udhdhar of Prithvi, Annata-swaroop and swamy of Anannag Lord Vishnu is worshipped through this stotra.

After the stotra japa, all the ayudhas of Lord, shankha chakra gada padma sharngdhar dhanus, garuda all requested Hari to release Bali. Lord then sent Garuda to relieve the sarpabandhan. Even as Garuda was coming the news reached pataal loka, sarpa started to loosen the grip on Bali and he was freed. Garuda said “Oh Bali by the order of Mahavishnu you are supposed to stay here only and not move anywhere. I have freed you from sarpa bandhan but you should not move even a 1 unit place from here else you shall be again held and tied. And if you go beyond my order then your head will be broken into 100 pieces.”

Bali said, “Oh Garuda Khagendra! I will always abide by your words I will not move anywhere but how should I live here, what is my next course of action as ordered by Sri Hari.”

Garuda said, “Earlier Lord had told you about the jeevanopaya, I shall elaborate it for you: One who does prayashchitta without knowing the deatils or trying to know the right method [nyunatireka], one who without consulting bramhins, without taking help of bramhins does japa tapa all by themselves, one who without knowing vidhi nihsedha [right and wrong correct procedures] only for the show purpose do the homa yaga japa pooja, all the phala of that act will reach you. No devatas will touch such Havirbhaga, all that you can accept- whatever is done without correct procedure let those reach you only. With that your strength will increase it will give you happiness (sukha) and your life will go effortlessly. This message Lord Vaman son of Kashyap has asked me to deliver to you.”

One who does Parayan of Mokshavinshak stotra, his sins will get destroyed, his gohatya bramhahatya papa will vanish. Those who do not have children [due to sarpa dosha] will get children. That kanya who recites this will get a husband of her liking.

The pregnant women reciting this will get over her prasavvedana [delivery pains and a yogi will be born, a yogi who knows sankhya and nyay], by reciting this one will reach moxapada shwetadweepa.

This anant-stuti gives all desired has been told, one does snana in early morning and with shuchi and ekagra mana does parayana of this stotra that person will get all siddhi in sadhana. Let there be no doubt.

Note: When one takes pratigya and fails to abide by it, Varun immediately holds him into Pasha and forms a bandhana. Ashtadikpalakas rule this world and maintain it through some rules, Raja Bali had promised three steps land but could not give as both akaash and prithvi was taken away by the Lord, so having failed pratigya he came under sarpabandhana. Thus, when we don’t carry out our promises sarpa dosha occurs.


||Shri Krisharpanamastu||

Mahasagar seeing Hanuman fly inspired Mainak, who was drowned in the sagar, “O, Mainak, rise up and do the seva of Rama doota, ask him for taking rest on your peaks ”

Mainak parvat rose in the ocean and asked Hanuman, “Oh! Veera kindly take some rest on me and eat fresh sweet fruits.”

Hanumanta embraced the golden peak, and there was pushpa-vrishti (shower of flowers) from devatas as even when there was scope for rest and some enjoyment, Vayudeva rejected it and concentrated on Raam Karya only [we do get sukh intermittently in life but life is about sadhana, if sukha becomes a hindrance to sadhana that that sukha should be rejected].

Devndra Indra applauded Mainak, “I am happy with you Mainak, you have done Raam seva and thus, I give you Abhaya-protection.”

Just because Mainak served Hanuman he got preeti of Indra that too without asking. Vayudeva seva will give preeti of all devats they will bless unasked and give phala. Indra immediately came and said all by himself, when Mainak was actually hiding in ocean by from the fear of Indra. The prelude to this unasked blessing from Indra is the story where Indra had cut wings of all mountains, but, Mainak had escaped that. But by offering seva to Hanuman instantly, a major problem of Mainak got solved.

For many years Mainak was afraid of Indra and never came up due to that fear. Mainak Parvati Devi’s brother, shyala (brother in law) for Rudra, even Shiva could not help. Mainka was in dayniya parishthithi (miserable situation), he was hiding obscure from world. This bad karma of Mainak also got washed away [without thinking about it] and he was given relief.

When one does very high order punya, its effect is seen immediately [one does not have to wait till nexd janmas to get its fruits] and Vayudeva’s seva is Atyutkat Punay- punya of highest order, it immediately gives results, sheeghra phal dayak- gives desired instantly [even if you have not intended for it in seva sankalpa].

The immediate problem at hand gets solved if one does Hanumat seva. even if elders [whom we fear] are not happy and we feel uncomfortable, Hanumat seva solves those issues without having to think about it or struggle to find solution for it.

At times we face very bad days, destiny goes against us, nobody helps us, even our own relatives express inability, and finally, we resign to fate and say to ourselves, “homa japa are not giving any phal, do they give instant result, all karmas give phala in next janma, now I am asking for job, money, these homas etc. What is the use if they give good job in next janma? What use is it if I am born wealthy in some other janma? Will my problem get solved now? Is there a WAY?”


Some thoughts that can occur in one’s mind- Does Vayudev listen to our request? He is a busy soul and I am alpa jeevi, should I be praying directly to .. HANUMAN, even when I know is ever busy with important assignments assigned by the Lord. This doubt can be cleared by the following instance-

Hanuman asked Mainak, “what is your problem? Why are you staying in the ocean like this? Look at the karuna of atyant dayalu Vayudeva he did ignore Mainak by saying, I am busy here, as I have a very important work to do, even though he was on Raama Karya, what could be more important than that- Samudra Langhan was the highest mission of Hanuman’s life, yet he kept an open mind, enquired the kushal mangal of Mainak, observed his vyatah and addressed it. That is an utmost SATTVIK laxan.

A satvik Guru always addresses the difficulties of one who approach them, even if one has NOT ASKED for that.

In today’s world, even ordinarily successful person would forget about problems of others and be busy in show of their so-called success. They, when asked for help, will repeatedly say, “I don’t have time; I have to catch next flight; can we discuss this later? Okay, two minutes, can you sum up your problems? Your two minutes are over, next time gentleman you have just wasted my time- all these are durlaxanas. Giving an ear to needy is must but most SATTVIK does not even

give ear he asks [however busy he may be] never fails to enquire the trouble and difficulties and addresses them.

When a request is made to anyone whom we love, but that person feels people that he is being flocked because he is great what does he do- he rejects the love and the request that is made due to that love.

But Vayudeva is not like that, even in his busiest moment [even in the middle of an important work such as Rama-Karya] he asked Mainak, “why are you in the ocean?” And when Mainak offered service (seva), he EMBRACED him not disappoint him, because a Sattvika soul does not show constraints or contempt, he simply obliges. He finds ways and means to oblige. He is attentive because he intends to oblige, he doesn’t feign a busy schedule.

We all have constraints, but when faced with acute constraints some abhyagat is before us we will say, I want to help, but my hands are tied. Sorry, I cannot do anything at this moment but friend I sympathize. God is great,” such words are empty words. They show denial, they hurt. Sattvika people do not use these words; they assist others in finding solutions, by being with them, and not leaving them half way.

Hanuman embraced Mainak, and saw to it that Indra comes to Mainak and gives him abhaya. For a small gesture a SATTVIK gives back in mountainous amounts. What a Sattvika did even if MAINAK was disturbance in work, he (HANUMAN) did not scold him, and he helped. Hanuman is our person in charge and he is very dayalu, he doesn’t allow us to open our mouths, he himself asks, “yes any problem? Why are you looking dull today?”

Some people, who like to show their power and busyness need a following so that their egos are continuously satiated, but Hanuman did not ask Mainak to follow him, he waited saw his plight, asked him his kushal-mangal and also embraced him [all the while explaining what is the importance of Raam karya, why rest is not needed, as he is not tired] etcetera. So much indulgence our boss shows in those who offer him service.

In our lives we keep false hope on people and run after to appease them for a favor- job, interview, position, etcetera], but that favor from a mere human becomes a far-fetched idea.

But our boss (Hanuman) is not like that, he sees your preparation, your problems, appreciates your intentions, and awards you immediately. One must serve those people where results are immediate, why serve the ONE who doesn’t even know what’s their capacity?

I have written with my alpamati what little I have understood. But each incident in Ramayan one can dwell for years- that’s what Narayna Panditacharya says!

So, without any worry just do Hanumat Seva!



Shri LaxminArAyaNAy Namah


One day Dhanurmasa pooja equals 1000 years of daily pooja.


Godaan, bhudaan, tildaan, hiranya daana can be done in dhanurmasa. On Vyatipat yoga pitru tarpana should be given and one must give arghya. For ishta prapti laxmi dwadash naam is must.


Give Bramahan bhojana in ushah kala [i.e. before sunrise] after giving naivedya of mudganna mixed with curds. Such Bramhana santarpana will give Gnana.


No vrat, japa, niyama, or daana equals mudganna naivedya to Hari.


Shachi devi by giving this naivedya in dhanurmasa, got Indra back his padavi when Indra had lost the throne to rakshasas. Thus, one gains back lost glory by doing this Dhanurmasa Pooja.


1. Mudganna mixed with cashews ghee

2. Mudganna with guD, elaichi, raisins

3. Mudganna with ghee ilaichi amla sharkara

4. mudganna with adrak kalimirch, kopra ghee cashews

5.Mudganna mixed with curds


One must give dana of fruits, jiggery, ghee, sugar, makkhan [butter] for Lord’s preeti along with Mudganna.

Mudgaan should be hot during naivedya. One must reduce his usual pooja time and quickly do naivedya in Dhanurmasa just like sadhana dwadashi as delaying naivedya will make one poor diseased and Vishnu drohi. Sandhi Kala is atyant siddhiprada, Dhanurmasa is sandhi kala for devatas. In Dhanurmasa  Sandhyavandan, itar, Pooja, anushthana, etc. can be done after naivedya.


Offering Mudganna Naivedya gives:

* Ishtartha siddhi

* If one does it for entire month he will become a YOGI

* At the same time he will become very rich in every janma

* He will be a Vaishnava in every JANMA- janma after janma

* Proper offering of Mudganna naivedya to SRIHARI, in proper proportion, will make one (the person offering the naivedya) overcome his enemies in no time.

* One who does this naivedya becomes CHIRAYU and DHANIK and VEDA parangat

* For one who does adrak (ginger) mixed huggi (seasoned Rice gruel) naivedya for him what is the use of ganga snan, japa, tapa, yagnya, yaaga as all these phala will be begotten through the offering this naivedya alone.

* One who gives naivedya of Mudganna and then gives Bramhan bhojana in the name of Pitrus, he will get 10000 times more punya phal than gaya shraddha and Raam Setu shrAddha as such a Bramhan bhojana will ensure Vishnu-pad for Pitrus.

* One who does naivedya himself in Dhanurmasa is Bhaagavat Shrestha

* 100 agnishoma 100 vaajpeya yagya will not equal HUGGI naivedya in Vyatipaat Yoga of Dhanurmasa- tommorrow (December 20th, 2012) is Vyatipat yoga

* Even paapis such as veda bhrastha, vrata bhrashta, karma bhrasta, and/or mitra-drohi become clean by doing Mudganna daan in Dhanurmasa.


Note: Vyatipat is Vishnu Chakra- It is Hari rupa with infinite arms.


||Shri Krisharpanamastu||

Laxana of Hari Bhakta !

MAITREYA says “Oh Guru Parashara, I have known from YOU that there is not a thumb-sized place in this entire universe, which does not have a JEEVA/a praani, which is KARM baddha i.e. tied to KARMA. Oh muni, once this longevity is over everyone becomes vashavarti [goes into the control] of YAMA. But some jeevas don’t undergo YAMAYATNA at all!!!!!!! Then by avoiding YAMAYATNA completely these SOULS take birth as DEVATAS is the conclusion of shastras. Human owing to such PURE karmas do not get into sway of YAMA. I would like to hear that details KARMA rupa DHARMA!”

PARASHARA muni continues, “O, Maitreya! This question was asked by PUNYAVANTA NAKULA to BHEESHMA pitamaha and what Bheesmha said I am going to elaborate!”

Nakul asked this question to Bheeshma, to which Bheeshma replied that he had asked this question to a Bramhan and whatever he said it turned out to be true in his experience. Bheeshma said that he (the Brahmin) had heard that as a discussion between YAMA and his dootas.

Bheesham says to NAKULA, “O, son! In early days my BRAMHANA friend named KALINGAK had visited my house, I had asked him this question, KALINGAK was

JAATISMAR [one who remembers his PAST births] whatever he said I did believe in it and later I found no difference in what he said and what I experienced in my lifetime.

Jaatismar KALINGAK said he knew a secret which happened before his eyes, YAMA directing his YAMA-kinkara is what KALINGAK remembers! He said once YAMA sitting on his throne called upon his servant who was having a PASHA in his hands and secretly uttered in his EARS, “whoever is GRACED by LORD NARYANA, who have earned ANUGRAHA who are PATRA for NARAYAN anugraha, LEAVE them all! I am not the chief of those VISHNU bhakta jeevas! [i.e. I can give punishments to only those are not VISHNU bhhaktas].

The LEADER of DEVATAS Chaturmukha BRAMHA has named me YAMA because I do niyamana of PRAJA, he has employed me to DO hitaahit i.e. GOOD and BAD betterment and punishment of PRAJA. I AM under the control of SRIHARI and GURUJI only but NOT independent [so says YAMA]. ONE who enables me to do NIAYMANA [maintenance and rule the world] is SRIHARI NARAYANA only. ONE who CONTROLS me and does My niyaman is LORD VISHNU he is my LORD too. Just Like GOLD is instrumental in becoming KIRIT KUNDAL KAVACH abharan etc.

But all are GOLD only and has one abheda [indistinguishable quality of GOLD] though similarly, the CREATOR and reason of this WORLD LORD Vishnu alone resides in

swaroopa as DEVATAS, PASHU, manava etc. and is called thus. During Pralaya, all the devatas find LAYA in SRIMANNARAYANA.

Since it is LORD Narayana who does SARVA NIAYAMAN everyone everything is UNDER his CONTROL he is EXTOLLED a SARVASWAROOP.

Just as EARTH and WATER PARTICLES [paramanus], which get accumulated in AIR as the air gets destroyed [NEELAANTE] gets mixed back in earth and water, so also DEVATAS pashu and manavs after PRALAYA [due to GUNA KSHOBHA] find laya in LORD [i.e. stay in SUXMA sithithi].

The man who does NAMASKAARA to the LOTUS feet of LORD VISHNU, which is worshipped by all DEVATAS, such man is free of all sins. Thus, leave that MAN thinking him to be akin that FIRE which has soaked and absorbed the GHEE

PASHAYUDH holding YAMABHAT listening to such words of YAMA asked, “oh YAMADHARMA RAJA! Our LORD, the ruler [palak] of the all PRAPANCHA, HOW does this HARIBHAKTA look like and behaves like what are his LAXANAS?”

YAMA says, “one who thinks that among sukh dukha dwandva [happiness and miseries] just as DUKHA miseries happen in life without our asking for it and even if one does not desire [i.e. it comes without our ichcha], so also SUKHA comes even if we don’t desire. Without our asking for it, KNOWING this, one who stays with sama buddhi and keeps the same stance among FRIENDS and FOES one who does

VARNASHARAM DHARMA as BHAGVAD AGNYA- order of GOD, and does not LEAVE it, does not partake OTHERS’ wealth/things [not even an IOTA] one who does not TROUBLE others that atyant RAGAADIDWESHAHEEN [who is without raaga dwesha hate and attachment] such SHUDDHA MANSKA [clean-minded] one is VISHNU BHAKTA! Know thus!

Even among such VISHNU bhaktas who have clean mind shudhdha manas, if such person even though in KALIYUGA but has not been AFFECTED by KALIYUGA dosha and its SINS in mind i.e. UNTOUCHED by PRAMAADA ANYATHA GYANA MOHA shunya MANAS and  ALWAYS does dhyana in such clean mind DHYANA of DUSHTAJANANASHAK SRIHARI [the destroyer of evil ones] such a MANUSHYA KNOW him to be ATYANT HARI BHAKTA.

One who find GOLD in a place where no one is around and still does not desire for it thinking it to be akin to a grass blade and keeps his mind [mind bereft of sense objects vishyashunya manas] only ON LORD NARAYANA such a person KNOW him to be SHRESHTHA HARI BHAKTA.

LORD NARAYANA is DOSHADOOR i.e. he is UNTOUCHED by DEFECTS not a speck of it or smell of it is in LORD and when such LORD stays in someone’s HEART [manas] how can there defects/doshas like matsarya be in him? Just like a heat of fire does not take effect when in ICE cold weather, when in whose HEART LORD

NARYANA, who is sarvatrayaami (with his VISHESHA VIBHUTI rupa VASUDEVA rupa) stays that person is NIRAMAL BUDDHI [clean minded] and is without doshas like asuyaa, he is calm minded and with clean conduct [shuddha charitra] a friend of all praanis, dear to all, speaks words favorable to all, free from ahankaar and shaathya.

How does VISHNU bhakta look like?

LORD VISHNU who nitya sits in the heart of VISHNU bhakta, His VISHESHA sannidhi makes the face of VISHNU bhakta exhibit vishesha sign on MUKHAPRAASAAD [the sign that indicates the presence of EVER SMILING COMPLETELY BLISSFUL NARAYANA] that PARAMANANDA is evident by SAUMYA aura radiating through the face. Just like a SAAL tree shows a KOMALTA [tenderness] indicating the JUICY earth under its ROOTS.

BY the yamas – ahinsa satya asteya bramhacharya aparigraha and by NIYAMAS like shauch santosh tapasya vedadhyayan SHRIHARI DHYAAN removing kalmmash [dirt] of mind always keeping the mind fixed in NITYA NARAYANA, having lost the MADA, which makes mind chest bloat due to increase in wealth and subsequent garva having rejected the PUJYATA buddhi bestowed by people that what is called MAANA and leaving the EGO that I will not bow to others called matsar. All humans who have overcome these dootas LEAVE them don’t come near them.

When AVYAHAT, SHADGUNAISHWARYA POORNA UTPATTI-shunya chakra-shankha-gadadhar chaturvidh Naashrahit swaroop SRIHARI sits in our hearts, how does SINS be in heart where destroyer of SIN sits? WHEN SUN has risen can there be DARKNESS [when a strong BALAVAdirOdhi vastu being there drubal vastu cannot be there].

What are the laxanas of EKANTA VISHNU bhakta?

One who thinks this entire world and himself under the CONTROL of VASUDEVA and that HARI alone is SUPREME and sarvaniyamak and thus does his chinatan of this ACHYUTA with DHRUDHA buddhi in the mind! LEAVE them from FAR distance  yama dootas don’t go near them! One who engages only his KEERTANA, stay in His [HARI’s] sharan only such ekanta bhakta laxans I shall enumerate, “hey Pundarikaksha! hey VASUDEVA! hey BHUDHARA! Hey MAHAVISHNU! hey SHANKHA chakrapani! hey Achuyata! Be my savior! Those who keep saying these words such VISHNU bhkatas, oh Dootas, stay very far away from them! “why should you leave these from FAR distant away- because that person [purush shreshtha], whose heart is always engaged in the DHAYAN of NARYANA because of vishesha SANNIDHAAN of LORD Vasudeva, all the circumference of that area till where this persons EYES can gauge, till that area SUDARSHAN chakra of LORD Vishnu revolves and DOOTAS yours and mine [YAMA’s] bala [strength] and veerya [capability] is not enough to counter it to escape being BURNT even while BRINGING sinners PAAPIS living in that

area of circumference leave alone this man” that person is VAIKUNTHA LOKAarha, he is not for our LOKA.

KALINAGK says to BHEESHMA, What SURYA putra Yama told to that YAMA-BHATA, that Yama doota told me this and I am narrating the same to YOU!” BHESHAM tells NAKUL that bramhan told me that EXCEPT MAHAVISHNU there is no one who can get us relieved from SANSAARA let this be registered completely in our minds. Those whose atma always does atmarpana to BRAMHARUDRA pravartak SHRI Keshav and resides in His shelter for such men women, YAMADOTAS cannot use their pasha danda ayudha to gain them and give  yama yatna. PARASHAR says “oh MAITREYA! Thus is the mahima of VISHNU BHAKTA!”


Note: First to be a Hari bhakta, second atyant hari bhakta, then shreshtha hari bhakta, and then EKANTA Hari bhakta” this is the gist of PURANDAR dasaru’s song –

MUTTABEDI MUTTAbediu urgavahanan dasarannu.”


Sankshipt Tulasi pooja !



  • shrI tulasye namaHa
  • shrI viShNu patniyai namaH
  • shrImahalakShmayai namaH
  • shrIvidyayai namaH
  • shrIavidyayai namaH
  • shrIyashaswinyai namaH
  • shrIdharmayai namaH
  • shrIdharmaananai namaH
  • shrIdevayai namaH
  • shrIdevadevamanahpriyayai namaH
  • shrIlakShmipriyasakhai namaH
  • shrIdivyayai namaH
  • shrIshAntayai namaH
  • shrI bhumyai namaH
  • shrI achalai namaH
  • shrI chalai namaH


shrI Gopal Krishna prithyartham Tulsi poojaam karishye – sankalpa

Establish a kalasha, and then kalash pooja [near a Tulasi brundavana, these who can afford can decorate a small mantap near Tulasi in the angan -courtyard].


dhyayami tulasim devim shyamaam kamalalochanaam| prasannaam padmakahlaarvaraabhayachaturbhujaam || kireethaarkeyoor kuNdaladivibhooshitaam| dhavalaamshukasanyuktaam padmasananishedushitaam || sri tulasyae namaha| dhyayaami dhyanam samarpayaami ||

  • bhagavatyai tulasyai namaha|avahayaami||
  • vishnuvallabhayai namha| asanam samarpayaami||
  • sarvadevamayaayai namaha| paadyam samarpayaami|
  • sarva teertrhamayaayai namaha | araghyam  samarpayaami ||
  • daityantakkrutpriyayai namaha | aachamaniyaam samarpayaami ||
  • sarvalokahitayayai namha snanam samarpayaami ||
  • lakshmi sahodarayai namaha | vastram samarapayaami ||
  • mahadevayai namaha | gandham samarapayaami ||
  • ramavasayai namaha | pushpam samarpayaami ||
  • abhishtadayai namaha | dhoopam samarapayaami ||
  • papaharinyai namaha | deepam samarapayaami |
  • bhagavatyai namaha | naivedyam samarapayaami ||
  • amrutasambhutaayai namaha | taamboolam samarapayaami ||
  • amrutrupiNayai namaha | dakshiNAam samarpayaami | |
  • jagaddhatraiyai namaha | niraajanama samarapayaami | |
  • sadakshiNaiyai namaha | pradakshiNaam samarpayaami | |
  • paramaishwaryai namaha | namaskaaram samarapayaami ||
  • AbhishTyai namaha PRARTHAANAAM samarpayaami ||

Tulasi srisakhi shubhe paaphariNi punyade | namaste naradnute narayaNmanahpriye ||

[recite the above mantra 108 times]

shriyah priye shriyaavaase nityam shridharvallabhe | bhaktyaadattam mayarghyam hi tulasi pratigruhyataam || [ give prasannarghyam to Tulasi Damodar]

This Tulasi pooja should be done by all. In the simplest way get a Tulasi vrundvan [tulasi plant in good decorated pot] and place a branch of Amla with amala fruits by its side. This is donates Lakshmi Narayana. One can even place a Krishna pratima. Those who do not have tulasi plant can do pooja to silver Tulasi plant also.

Take some rice and mix haldi kumkum and ghee in it, this is akshata. Rest of the pooja can be done by reciting the mantras given previosuly and sprinkling akshata. For naivedya one can give coconut, bananan, amala, sugar-candy, and dry fruits. Offer Dhoop and Deepa. Deepa should be given in a special way- place a cotton wick on an amala fruit and [wick should be thoroughly dipped in ghee] place five amala fruit deepa and light it. Other deepas forty (40) in number should be given to Tulasi. Even aarati should be done by amala fruits.

Those who can afford place a gold sutra around Tulasi and then donate it to Bramhana. Those who have anukulya can do Dhatri Homa.

Giving arghya means taking milk, flowers, and sandal paste few coins in the palm and reciting the mantra leave it in a bowl before Tulsi.

Bramhana bhojana daana completes the Pooja.

||Shri Krisharpanamastu||

Surya Stuti !

aadityadeva tvatpaadyugaLke abhi- vaadanav maaLpe anudina| anudinadi sajjanar vyaadhigaL kaLedu sukhaviyo || SangnyaramaNa ninage vignyapisuvenu s- arvgnya neenendu sarvatra | sarvatra yenage bra-mhajnana bhakuti karuNiso || Sureegamyane vaak shareerbuddheejvaad-paar doshagaLa yenisade | yenisade bhagavanta- naradhaneyanittu karuNiso ||

the above is SURYA stuti everyone can recite this it is very powerful because its vyakhyaana is very detailed .. i encompasses CHANDOGYA UPANISHAT BHaashya , it details GAYATRI importance …and also it highlights KARMA sakshitva of SURYA antargat NARAYANA. So this is no ordinary prayer .. it does what all mantras put together gives.


Hey aditya dev surya dev! I daily do namaskaara to your two feet , kindly remove the diseases of SUJEEVI [ mokshyogya jeevas ] and grant the dehasaukhya [ physical health , bodily felicity]

For all saajna engaged in MOXa sadhana NAvagraha anugraha is very essential .. Grahantargat VISHNU is main subject/focus of PRAYER Chandogyaupanishat says ” Asau vaa adityo devamadhu ” , this is how MADHU vidya starts …here ADITYAnatargat VISHNU is only MADHU namak paramatma ..

MADHu means SUKHASHRAYA ie one who bestows happiness . SO continuous upasana [ swayogya ] if it has to be successful and result into happiness for that good HEALTH is required .. , ROGA is known as UPADRAVA [ a obstacle ] and also deerghayushya is REQUIRED ..[ LONGEVITY] apamrutyu should not bring ABRUPT end to SADHANA .. we have 12 adityas for 12 months .

. EVEN MADHWACHARYA in his bhashya says ” Adityanaam Prarthanena tadgam mrytyumapanudet “ that By worshipping SUn ADITYAs one must avoid /overcome Diseases ,apamrutyu [ parihaar]. the above vyakhyana clearly says ONE must be inclined to DO SADHANA , but for that one requires GOOD HEALTH and HAPPINESS and PEACE of MIND .. for this one must do MADHU namak Parmatma upasana .. that is easily gained by ADITYA prarthana as MADHU namak dev is always inside SURYA .. so this SURYA stuti is NANDI for SADHANA.

Sangya devi is wife of SURYA hence SangyaramaNa , Oh SUrya dev PAti of Sangya devi , since you are SARVAGNYa all knowing , hence I place my request with devotion , I urge with sincerety , in every birth and everywhere Please grant me , BRAMHA GYAANA – anantakalyaan guNa poorNa NArayana guna MAhima Gyaana and DHRUDh bhakti in NARayana .

  • GYaana BHAKTi vruddhi [ increase ] is possible only through UPASANA of SURYANATARGAT GAYATRI namak HARI seva .
  • SURYA lights up BHUMI antariksha swarga three worlds and he supports life in these theree worlds .
  • HE is ever present in eyes CHAKSHURINDRIYA and is also called as JAGATCHAKSHU. Thus, SURYA is SARVAGNYA .. as devata and ALSO SURYANATARGAT NARAYANA is always SARVAGNYA
  • SURIgamya – Oh suryadeva one who is GOT by GYAANis only , manovaak deha janit appar dosha samooh , [ the doshas arising out f body mind and speech ] , unlimited mistakes ,without actually looking into them , without taking notice of these kindly bless ME with NARAYAN dhyaan rupa seva and and let NARYANA inside you be pleased with me
  • LORD NARYANA is attained by KNOWLEDGEd , and for this SURYA anugarha is IMportant ..  WHence one leaves his body , he gets MARGA which one traverses and gets SURYA gati and CHANDRA gati thus say shastras …..in this SURYA gati is GOt by GYAANis with BODY on which pierces through LOKAs and SURYA loka is prominent here .
  • All the actions done by BODY MIND and SPEECH is seen by SURYA DEVA so he is witness for all the KARMAS and is known as KARMA SAKSHI .. so all the GUna dosha of each KARMA is known by SURYa and also NARYANA as present in him .. Thus SURYA sees to it that by Giving GYAANA he reduces possibilities of DUSHKARMA and thus gradually at some point nOt noticing the doshas OH SURYA deva TAKE us near to HARI .. !!!!

SO beautifully JAgannath dasaru has worshipped SURYA DEVA and tadantargat NARYANA .. this anusandhana will give definite surya shanti and siddhi


GAYA Mahatmya!

This is one of the most powerful puranas in our literature. It relieves from all sorts
of miseries as it is one of the most instantly rewarding purana gatha.
Gaya mahatmya contains Gaya gadadhar Stotra by Bramha Shiva. These stotras
when chanted will definitely give a good child to those who aspire for one. [it is
Santakumar vachan]. Gaya mahtmya when read and if poeple follow what is told
in it, there are many advantages:
1. It will instantly relieve one of many sins
2. It wil lrelive sins of Pitrus
3. It will take Pitrus to Vishnu loka

It also will make up for all the sins that a Pitru might have done. Additionally,
Lord will make the Pitrus (of the one visiting Gaya) get closer to Vishnu. Pitru
will understand Vishnu Mahima. Those who have opposing fathers, avaishnav
father, unwilling parents, can visit Gaya and recite this Gadadhara stotra and
their parents will start worshipping Vishnu too.

Gaya is the most sacred place in the Universe! It has 55 places of importance,
each place is very sacred. Gaya can be visited by those who have parents alive
too as here any form of japa yagnya anushtahana tapa will give instant sidhdhi.
On top of that Gaya yatra will give fame. For those who have no parents [either]
at Gaya there is no doshas mentioned in previous Shardhdha post apply.

Avahana arghya for pitrus is not done in Gaya, so anyone can go to Gaya and just
recite naam gotra and give pinda, that completes the shradhdha. If he is poor it
will still give Gaya shradhdha phala. Those who do with full procedure will get
akshya punya. Any punya karya done here gives infinite results.

Dana especially to be made at Bharat ashrama. Those who are suffering with
bad marital issues. wife and husband going to Agastya Ashrama and worshipping
Agastya along with wife of the Rishi with arghya padya will get good marital life.
Pitrus always stay in Gaya thinking any one of the sons they have given birth
to would someday come and give tarpana pind here so that they will get Vishnu
The main aspects of Gaya mahatmya are:
1. About Gaya kshetra
2. Gaya shila

3. Gaya Gadadhar
These three stories form the basis of Gaya mahatmya. All along 55 places are
explained in detail. Then there is Vidhi for Gaya yatra. How to do Gaya yatra.

Narad Muni asks Sanatkumar Rishi: Which is the most sacred place?

Sanatkumar says: Gaya is the most sacred place more sacred than all teerthas
all deshas. Listen to its mahtmya.


Once Brahman wanted to do a big Yagnya so he asked Gayasur to do tapasya
here and then established a big shila on his head and completed a yagnya. After
the yagnya, so that Gayasur doesn’t move from his place. All the devatas and
and Gadadhar Vishnu along with phalgu teertha and others stayed here forever
at this teertha.

Here Brahma gave many types of dana to Bramhanas here and then this place
became known as Gaya, being most sacred and liked by devatas.

Pitrus who are afraid of naraka, aspire for a place in Gaya, they always think of
whether any one sons or grandsons would ever go to Gaya and relieve them.
When a son starts his journey towards Gaya pitrus dance in joy and make
festivities. Pitrus have only one desire whether my son will do Gaya yatra or will
he do Ashwamedha Yagnya or will he do Neelvrishotsarga?

The son who goes to Gaya and does Annadana, pitrus call him as only son and
those who don’t are not accepted as sons. The person who stays for three weeks
in Gaya will get 7 generations of pitrus relieved.
Staying for at least three nights will destroy the sanchita papa karma of entire
Pinda daan here will relieve the person [himself] of bramnha hatya, madira paan,
theft, gurustree samagam, sansarga paapa [pataki sansarga] etc.
It doesn’t matter whether son gives pinda or anyone else. If pinda is given in
Gaya on a soul’s name and gotra that soul will go to BRAMHALOKA for sure.
Four karmas are Moksha dayaka [one guarantying MOKSHA ] what are they?


Gaya shraadhdha

Isn’t it so easy for a son to go to Gaya! Buddhimaan person will do pinda dana
anytime in Gaya. Adhikamas, guru shukrasta, guru simhastha yoga all these
should not form excuses for not doing Gaya Shraadhdha. Normally, when one is
injured [kshat dosha] [cancer etc diseases], one should not do shraadhdha. But
even if you have mahavrana [bleeding wounds cancer gangrene infection etc.]
still you can do shraadhdha in Gaya it will ensure BRAMHALOKA to pitrus.

One who has done SHRADHDHA in Gaya need not lament for anything less
everything he shall get on this earth. If only once he does yatra it is enough.
BRAMHA and other devatas like this place immensely so if anyone dies in this
ploace even by accidentally..he will get good lokas. People who have died in
KEEKAT magadh desha usually do not good lokas so their sons must do Gaya
There is no MUNDAN allowed in Gaya vishala and viraja rest other places mundana
can be done. But only a bhikshu can show his DANDA and not actually do
pindadaana in Gaya. Bhikshu sanyasi has no papa or punya lepa so he has
to only do Vishnu pooja at these places as a sanyasi should leave everything
except VEDA.
Gaya teertha is 2and half kosa Gaya kshetra is 5 kosa Gaya shira is 1 kosa all
the teerthas of the universe exist within this. SHARDHHA in Gaya kshetra will
relieve one of PITRU RUNA. Shardhdha in Gaya shiras does udhdhar of 100
kulas. One who just leaves his house with Gaya with these aims his pitrus start
getting ladder for SWARGA as the son progresses each step thus a step in
ladder is given to PITRUS.
Daana of dugdha mishrit charu, sarttu, pishtaka, tandul, phalmoola til kalka
ghruta samet gudakhanda or just curds and best of honey gives infinite trupti to
pitrus and one gets ashwamedha yagnya phala.
Teertha shradhdha has vidhi of, pinda asan, pinbdandaana, punah pratyvanejan
dakshina and anna daana should be done at feet of Gaya GADADHAR.
Achachadan avahan is not necessary in Gaya.

As there is no drishtijanya dosha in all other places PITRUS come by avahana
but in Gaya pitrus always stay there so avahana is not necessary. One must do
shardhdha with faith here.
One must leave kaam krodha lobha while doing shardhhda else it will not be
BRAMHA CHARYA VRATA one time bhojan, bhoomishayan, satyavachan, and
mana sharira pavitrata is must.
One must not hurt others most importantly in SHARDHDHA one must leave
PAKHAND [artificialness, falsehood, cleverness, vanchana buddhi, vyapaar,

sanshay, sandeha, vyakulata, shoka, uttejana, etc]. With complete nishtha if one
does shardhdha then one will give bramha loka to pitrus.
There is river VAITARNI in Gaya, one who does snana in this river and then
gives godaana, he will send 21 pitrus to higher lokas. AKSHYA VATA is another
place in Gaya, here dana to vedic bramhanas one can make all devagan and
pitrugana simultaneously happy. Meena mesha kanya dhanu and vrushabha
rashi when sun enters Gaya shardhdha is atyant shreshtha even devatas give
pind adana here duitring these times.
MAKAR amavaysa who gives pindadana that phala cannot be got in doing
good karmas many crore kalpas- is infinite.Narad Muni asks Who was Gayasur? What was his specialty? How was he to
look at? What tapasya did he do? How did his BODY become so PAVITRA?

Lord Vishnu gave birth to BRAMHA from his navel and BRAMHA created
deavtas and asuras. GayaSUR was most powerful asura. He was 100 Yojanas
tall and 60000 yojanas broad. GAYASUR was vishnubhakta and he started
a UGRA tapasya inj the plaace named KOLAHAL a beautiful mountain. He
stopped his breath in kumbhak for many thousands of years. This tapasya
started burning devatas, so devatas along with bramha and shiva went to
KSHIRSAGAR and worshipped VISHNU, “Oh lord you are creator and regulator
of all the souls in this world. You are always victorious, you limit all the rakshasas
and wear on yourself all the creation, you reside in the heart of YOGIS, your
greatness is inexplicable, You progress ever and ever and we bow to YOU OH
VISHNU LORD, please save us from this Gayasur.
VISHNU along with all the devatas went to GayaSUR and sad OH GayaSUR we
are all happy with you. Then why are you doing TAPASYA? What is it that you
aspire? ASK a BOON.
GAYASUR said, “Oh Devatas if you want to make me happy, then please grant
me a boon that I become more PAVITRA than all devatas rishis dwijatis teerthas,
kshetras, yagnyas, and parvatas. I must be most pavitra [holiest of holy ] I must
be more than all the rishis put together. Dev mantra devi devata, yogi snayasi,
grahastha yati, all those who are termed as PAVITRA I should be more than
them all!!
LORD Vishnu gave the boon and all agreed!
All the devatas touched GYASUR and went to their lokas. But then YAMAPURI
became empty as everyone started going to GayaSUR and see him and became
cleansed and no one ever entered YAMAPURI. People stopped doing yaga
yangya and just went to GayaSUR and had a darshan and thus all lokas became
empty and everyone ascended swarga.
Seeing all the lokas as empty YAMA and others went to BRAMHA and said, Oh
Taat ! You have given us this work, but it seems there is nothing to do. So kindly
take back my DANDA and seat and power I surrender it to YOU! So said YAMA
and all other devats that it is no use, We surrender all our powers and privileges
to YOU back BRAMAH ji.

Bramhaji said okay lets go to vishnu to find a solution.
VishnuJI SAID Oh Bramha why dont you do a yangya and ask Gayasur to give
his body for doing yagnya.

So all devatas went to Gaya and Gaya did arghya padya pooja to all and said
today I feel fortunate as Bramha himself has come as yachaka to me. My pitrus
have become satisfied.
Bramha said I want to do yagnya and am on lookout for a very sacred palce.
Your body is most sacred so will you allow this yagnya to be performed on your
I am very honoured if my body becomes means of yagnya then my PITRUS will
be happy and moreover you are the creator of this body so you have all the right
on it as you have provided PAVITRATA to this, yourself.
Keeping his head north and legs to south west Gaya laid onto the ground.
BRAMHA collected all the useful things for YAGNYA and then for conducting
YAGNYA he created manas PUTRAS [for pourohitya] they were “agnisharma,
amruta, shaunak, janjali, mrudu, krumuthi, vedkaundinya, harita, kashyap,
kaushika, vashiushtha, bhargava, vrudhdha parashar, kanva, mandavya,
shruti keval, shweta, sutaal, daman, suhotra, kanka, lokakshi, mahabahu,
jagishavya, dadhipanchmukha, vipravar, rushabh, karka katyayan, gobhila,
mahavratashali munivar ugra, su[palak, gautam, vedashirovrta, avyagrachitta,
jayamali chattuhaas, daruna, atreya, angiras, aupamanyu, gokarna, gruhavasa,
shirkhandi, umavrat, he also created many vipras to conduct yagnya on gayasur.

AGNISHARMA created from his mouth FIVE types of agni, namely, dakshinagni,
garhapatya, avahaniya, sabhya avasabhya.
Yagnya was performed with anushthana of all the agnis, and bramhans
were given many many dakshinas. BRAMHA then gave poorna ahuti and did
avabhruta snaana.
Devatas erected a yangya stambha they put it in bramha sarovara and then
erected it. BUT suddenly yangya bhumi started moving. It caught everyone by
surprise. BRAMHA asked YAMA to bring the shila in his house to keep on the
head of the GayaSUR to make him still.
So YAMA brought this heavy shila and placed it on the head. BUT still the body
was moving. To keep it still all the devatas SHIVA Indra started standing on the
shila and exerted pressure to make him STILL.
But it still kept moving. So BRRAMHA went to VISHNU and asked what could
be done. VISHNU gave him his MOORTY [idol] from his heart and handed it to
BRAMHA. BRAMHAN placed it on the body but still the body was MOVING.

So BRAMHA then did avahana of LORD vishnu in the moorty. LORD came as
Gaya GADHADAHR and installed himself in that Mooryty and stayed there.. to
make the BODY FIRM… BRAMHA Also..took five rupas and installed himself as

VINAYAKA as gajarupadhari satyed on it. SURYA took rupas as GayaDITYA
UTTARARK, DAKSHIANARK and stayed here. LAXMI stayed on GayaSUR as
SEETA. GAURI became MANGALA, and stood on shilakhanda.
BRIHASPATI PUSHA asta vasu, vishwedeva, ashwini, marut yagnya
gandharva,uarag everyone stayed onto SHILAKHAND. LORD became

Gaya said, if only everyone wanted to make me still JUST the words of VISHNU
would have been enough. YET now because you all have chosen to stay here I
urge ALL of YOU stay here forever till bramhanda exists till moon and sun exist
till earth exists all of you must stay here only then I shall stay still. Please make
this promise. LET this place be most suitable for deva pitru karya. Let this place
be known by my NAME and do uddhara of thousands of kula of ANUSHYA.
Then when all the devatas stood still, BRAMHA gave all the barmahans many
dakshina, he gave 55 places to the bramhanas, he made it known as panchkoshi
To make bramhanas live peacefully, he asked kamdehenu kalpavruksha stay
there. Parijjat vruiksha was asked to stay here. He created many beautiful
mansions for grahasthas. He created rivers of milk wells of ghee, ponds of
honey, various types of ghee sarovar, golden wheels, and many forms of anna
parvats, bhakshya bhojya mountains, phal aphoola moolikadi forests and gave
daana to bramhanas and said FROM NOW ON DO NOT ASK ANY DAANA TO
ANYONE. Then he did namaskaar to GADAADHAR and went back to BRAMHA
Once DHARAMARAYA observed aygnay here and then all the bramhanas
took daana from him. When Brahama came to know this he gave curse to the
brahmana- let kaamdhenu kalpavruksha parijaat return to swrga, let the adbhut
mansions become those of SOIL and bricks, let the parvat becomes that of
stones, let rivers and wells become of water. Let all the bramhana living there
become RUNAGRASTHA [loan debt ridden].
Thus, bereft of wealth and means all the bramahanas took shelter of BRAMHA.
Brahman thus pleased, said those who do daan in these kshetras let these reach
you and let all the people in future also worship these bramhanas.

In gaya there is one VIRAAJ mountain. This is actually a stomach portion of
the GayaSUR, there is one well named Like NAVEL, here VIRAJADEVI stays.
Anyone who does pinda dana here will relieve 21 KUlas. MAHENDRA giri is
daitya feet here pind adan releives 7 kulas.

NARADA asks WHAT is this famous SHILA? how was it obtained ? what is its
DHarma had a beautiful PAtivrata wife VISHWAROPA dedvi. They both gave
birth to a very beautiful daughter named DHARMAVRATA. Entire people put
together whatever qualities they had on this earth, DHARMAVRATA had all
those qualities, and this made her very special. DHARMA could not find any
suitable husband for his daughter in the three lokas. So he called his daughter
and asked her to TAPASYA to get an ANURUUP pati. So the kanya started
doing tapasya. Tapasya started in shweta kalpa. For the first ten thousand
YUGAS DHARMAVRATA stayed only on VAYU [air no food ] and did tapasya.

BRAmha had a manas putra MARICHI, who was looking for a good wife. So
he started doing The PRITHVI paryatan [world tour] to look for a suitable bride.
During that time he came to the place where kanya was doing tapasya. Looking
at her extreme beauty and youth he was taken aback as to why such beautiful
women is doing tapasya.
MARICHI expressed his curiosity to the GIRL: Who are you ? Whose daughter
are you? You are so attractive and young and my mind is totally absorbed in you!
Do not fear! I am son of BRAMHA, I have completed adhyyaan of all veda and
introspected in it. This world knows me as MARICHI.
The girl said, “I am dharma putri name DHARMAVARTA. I am looking for a
nurupa PATi and to obtain PATIVRATA dharm I am doing TAPASYA.
MARICHI says ” oh lovely one! JUST my vision to YOu, have made you
PATIVRATYA. I have been touring day and night in search of a good pativrata
girl! If you want to be one pativrata then accept me as PATI I accept you as patni.
THERE is no one equal to you in this world, nor is anyone better suitable than
me for you in this world. Why don’t you marry me! DO become my wife!
DHARMAVRATA said ‘ oh muni you will have to speak to my FATHER on this
issue ”
MARICHI went to DHARMa..dharma saw a tejaswi bramhan and gave him seta
and did arghya padya seva and asked what is the good purpose of his visit..
MArichi said MAHANUBHAV! I am in lookout for a suitable bride and am touring
the entire bhumandal, and in the meanwhile I just happened to see your religious
daughter. DO give me your daughter as WIFE. It will do good to you!
HAppy at munis words DHARMA called back his daughter from Forest and with
proper ritual of marraige gave the hand of DHARMAVRATA to MARICHI rishi
and many bramhana were given rattna gold etc. for this auspicious event.

MArichi gave boon to YAma for this and then entered ashram along with his
newly wed bride and after a prolonged happy anandopabhoga the couple had
1000 sons.
Once MARICHI rishi went into forest to get fruits and flowers and when
he returned he was too tired so he called his wife and asked her to press
his legs while he wanted to take rest.. WIFE took some ghee and started
paadsamvahan… rishi felt asleep.
At that very time BRAMHA came to the house and now DHARMAVRATA
became confused what to do- get up and do aadar satkar to father in law or stay
put in the PATISEVA. She then decide BRAMHA is jagadguru his pooja is very
important. SO she got up gave arghya paadya to BRAMHA and bramha happy,
took another cot and went to sleep.
In the meanwhile MARICHI got up and seeing his wife not pressing his legs he
got angry and cursed her YOU have gone elsewhere without my permission
stalling my orders of pressing my legs. You have sinned thus so YOU become a
WIFE said ” your FAther had come, it was your duty to get up and serve him
with arghya padya, since you were in deep sleep, I have done your DHARMa
too and saved you from lapse. I am innocent yet you curse me. So I too curse
you that you be cursed by SHIVA. BOTH became unhappy at mutual curse.
With unsettled mind they went to BRAMHAji but he was asleep, so DOING
namaskaara DHARMAVRATA entered AGNI and did ugra TAPASYA. MARICHI
too became immersed in TAPASYA. Seeeing the couple in deep ugra tapasya
the entire devaloka started burning. All of them went to VISHNU to stop these
from ugra tapasya.
All of then went to dharmavrata and said till date no one has done tapasya sitting
inside the FIRE. oh devi please stop this ugra tapasya. BRAmha also got up
and said this is terrible tapasya it will terrify the world, oh please stop it and ask
WHATEVER you want. YOu are the knower of dharma, please do oblige. ASK
something you want, whatever, but stop this!
DHARMAVRATa said, if only you want to give boon I am not able to overcome
curse given by my husband on my own swatejashakti so I am doing tapasya to
overcome the curse. LET me not become a shila this is my wish.
All the devatas said, look devi the curse is not from ordinary person it is from a
MARICHI. No devata can make it nishpahala no one has that much shakti. So
dharmaputri, keeping within the limits of DHARMA MARYADA kindly ask any
boon whichever in this three world you shall get it.
Dharmaputri said iF no devata can stop me becoming SHILA then let me be shila
a shila which most sacred in entire BRAMHANDA. My pavitrata should be more

than all nadi teertha kshetra sarovar all put together. Let all the teerthabhimani,
samsta devi devata, samsta nakshatra muni all reside in me as shila. Anyone
who does snana in these teertha on this shila get relived by all sins, let the pind
apradaan on this shila give bramhaloka to the pitrus..let vishnu stay here as
visible teertha. Let one who gives shradhdha before drushyateertha GADADHAR
get mukti for his Pitrus. All the jarayuj andaj svedaj udbij all tyopes of souls, if
they leave their prana here on this shila get VISHNU SAYUJYA. Just as DOING
pooja of VISHNU completes all the YAGNYA so also DOing SHardhdha here
copmplete the GAti for the PITRUS. Let all ganaga etc. teerthas, manas etc
sarovar, samudra, kshetra, indradi devagana all be seated in this shila to bless
shardhdha karta. LET devatas stay in MOORTA rupa here and till BRAMHANA
sing the glory of VISHNU till that time devatas will stay in this shila. Let every act
of homa ahavana japa tapa anushthaana everything become infinite if done here.
Let every devata take a form of parvata shikha river and also stay on this shila.
All the devatas gave her the boon and said NO one should ever doubt this and
installed THIS SHILA upon GayaSUR.

to be contnd ……..

Maithun Prashna !

Sometimes people come to astrologer with a question “SWAMIJI you know what happened yesterday night, please tell me what should I do now? ” especially woman come up with such questions … HOW to answer them ? [ ab kal kiske ghar me kya hua , yeh swamiji kaise janenge bhai ] is there a way ? it is called SURATA prashna !!

In Manomushtika Adhyaya it is said that things unknown should be always predicted from sthira chakra only and not from chara chakra. But when a scholar is asking one must use chara chakra only. If one is asking while walking so also one must chara chakra . In all indeterminate conditions one must use chara chakra.
While dealing with chara chakra,  which lagna is to be used in moving zodiac ? NARADA muni says ONLY bhava chakra should be used and not actual lagna !
What is Bhava Lagna ?
From sunrise onwards add 30 degrees to sun’s longitude for every two hours i.e. 5 ghatika lapsed till prashna time, the lagna arrived is bhava lagna
But if future is asked like “Will my wife oblige today ? ” i.e Is my stree anurakta or virakta , one must answer with Uday lagna only.

  • If moon is aspected by malefics then virakta wife else if shubha yoga then anrakta
  • If ravi is aspecting moon or with moon , then husband will have to force onto his wife, marital rape. But, if ravi is with malefics, then woman will do balaatkaar on man
  •  If moon or venus does not aspect lagna, but malefics aspect occupy then astrologer can safely say there was no coition that night
  • If venus and moon aspect lagna then woman was completely in love with man … if saturn mars associate with such moon venus .. then woman had no love in the man …
  •  If moon is in sun’s varga then man was fortunate and happy … if sun is in moon’s varga woman was fortunate
  •  If the planet aspecting the lagna is own house of navamsha varga , then he was with his wife only else if in other vargas , it was a parastree
  • if the planet is exalted then parastree is of high status, if mitra kshetra then parastree was in relations, and if neecha, neecha stree
  • Uday lagna for stree shubhashubha and Arudha for purusha shubhashubha and Chatra rashi for type of women
  • If odd sign lagna and aspecting planet also in odd sign then coition was only once. if dual sign arise then twice. if venus and mars aspect then many times. if mars shadvarga or venus shadvarga comes, then also many times
  •  If lagna is sun’s varga then in morning times if in moons varga then it was in night
  •  If mars and or moon happens to be in 5th and 9th from lagna then both wife and husband were in anger , they fought and yet had good coition. But if saturn comes in 5th nd 9th then coition was only in dreams.
  •  if mars moon involve in above combination, such coition will result in Pregnancy …
  • if sun moon involve in the 5th and 9th . then couples might have involved in just guhya sparshan but actual maithun did not take place. THIS iS very important because in villages many feel they have done maithun and yet woman has not become pregnant and woman will be blamed. But truth will be that, there would have been no maithun at all for months years. This happens with modern couples too. There are many on wordpress site who have got married for months but maithun did not happen at all.
  •  if venus stands in 5th and 9th then there were multiple partners
  • Mars gives fear of fire
  • Saturn fear of thieves
  • If shani was in lagna and mars in seventh or vice versa then maithuna was out of fear. Some kind of bijalii kadki and then ganaga jamuna saraswati.
  •  If moon afflicted in seventh there was violence and fight between couples while maithun. Woman would have been responsible for violence. if sun is in lagna, then man was responsible for violence
  • if venus was associated with sun then couples have used somebody else’s bed
  • But if venus is associated with both mars and satun then both wife and husband slept separately in different beds .
  •  if mars in 3rd than they slept separately after a big fight
  •  If venus is in kendra in above combination then dress was torn in the fight. if seventh is male sign then it was male who tore the dress in fight. But if above planets are not in kendra then wife tore the dress. if mars is in seventh then other woman was the reason for the fight and woman slept on the ground.
  • If ketu is aspected by venus in above combination, all night both were awake
  • If jupiter aspects ketu, woman had alankaar
  • If mercury then then both spent time talking and arguing
  • Jupiter ‘s aspect on lagna will give a good son and delivery will be painless …


|| Om AINDHANAAY namaha ||

  1. If there are benefics shubh grahas in the first house [lagna ] then one will be longlived [deerghayushi ] and wealthy and wise . If papa evil grahas are there in lagna in exaltation or own house we will see similar results .
  2. if Lagna is mesha vrishchik and if SUn is there one will be wealthy
  3.  for vrushabha tula – sun in lagna – one will be blind in night ,
  4. for mithun kanya -sun in lagna will give broad eyes and one will be fool
  5. for karkataka sun in lagna – one will have eye problems
  6. for simha sun in lagan will give problems with sight
  7. for tula sun in lagna , one will be abandoned by the parents
  8. for makara kumbha  sun in lagna one will be greedy
  9. for Meena dhanush sun in lagna will make one slave to  woman
  10. if sun in lagna is with malefics or especially Rahu and moon is in 8th , child will die during the birth while surgery or by sharp instruments or weapons
  11. if lagna lord is rahu and jupiter   and in 1 6 8 12  and sun is also with malefics then one will be always troubled by diseases
  12. if lagna lord is malefic and lagna is also weak then one will be ever angry and dissatisfied , and diseased .
  13. Lagnadhipati in kendra trikona one will not have any diseases ..
  14. if the lord of bhava where  lagnadhipati  is deposited ,if it is in 6 8 then one will be weak constitution
  15. if 5th and 9th from lagna have shani afflicted with malefics or rahu ketu , or if rahu is in lagna with malefics and 5 9 from there have gulika , or rahu in lagna with gulika or lagnadhipati in lagna with malefics and rahu , one will be troubled by snakes , thieves and deciet .. [ fraud ,scam concipiracy ]
  16. if lagna is with shani and sun then also one will be troubled by thieves again and again  ,  iN previous life such people would have looted a temple ..especially a shivalinga … REMEDY – chandrayan rudra homa .. and at river bank surya japa 51000 and shani 1 lakh with shivaling daana ..
  17. if SHani is with rahu in LAGNA then one will have swollen testicles .. in the rpevious life one would have killed a pregnant cow raised in own house ..- remedy = prajapatya homa , and godaana with milk and 10000 gayatri .
  18. Mars in lagna , navel and cheeks and testicles will be enlarged
  19. SUn aspecting lagna one will have his fathers property and will be liked by govt ..and will get favours and wealth from govt .
  20. one will be obese if sun aspects 3rd house and one will be adicted to prostitutes and will be wealthy and happy and make good progress socially
  21. Saturn aspecting lagna will make one always lusty even in old age will be associated with women
  22. SUn aspecting lagna will make one follow fathers profession , will be brave and bold and will be liked by his father . MOON aspecting will make one famous and educated wise .. mars aspecting lagna will make one writer and mercury’s aspect will make one  designer sculptor , Jupiter aspecting will make one disciplined , liked by all and will have fortunes that others will be envy of …venus aspecting makes one attractive and will be liked by opposite sex and will be wealthy .. saturn’s aspect will make one be a fool  , suffering from poverty and anti social ..
  23. Jupiter venus aspecting lagna will make one a minsiter
  24. if friendly planets but malefics aspect lagna then one will be brave and difficult to control by others … if three benefics aspect lagna then he will be very wealthy and equal to KING .. if jupiter and friendly planet aspect then there will be wealth and diseases .. if none aspect lagna then one will not have any special qualities ..
  25. if there are only benefics in 6 7 8 from lagna then king minister or senapathy is born
  26. if full moon is there in lagna one will be trader of preciosu stones , if ksheena chandra is there then one will be lustful , angry , evil , and cheat
  27. if lagna is meena and budha in it then one will be slave ..
  28. if tula lagna has shani then one born will be wise , and will head a state or village or city ..
  29. If benefics aspect lagna one will be famous , wealthy and beautiful and happy .
  30. if all benefics aspect then all the yogas in the horoscope will give only benefic results .if moon also joins them then even if one is harsh and eveil one will stay as king for a long time ..  If moon is in debilitation then much miseries will strike ..if exalted then all evils will dissapear ame will happen if  moon aspects the lord of the rashi in which it is placed ..


GAnesha Sadhana !

IF one gives abhisheka to Ganapaty antargat Mukhyapranantargat Vishwambhar murty Shrihari with atharvasheersham he will become an orator

if anyone wants name and fame one should do homa with atharvasheersha using Laza …

    • 1000 modaka homa will give everything wished for on this earth
    • just a homa with ghee and samit gives immense prosperity … children , knowledge , power etc
    •  If one feeds 8 bramhanas  after reciting atharvanasheersha … he will get radiance of SUN .. one will become a tejasvi //
    • 1000 recitation of this atharvasheersha [ by bramhanas . others should get recitation by bramhanas by giving dakshina ] will give the desired without fail.. it will remove all fears .
    •  the mantra embedded in this atharvasheersha if one does japa of it .. he will become VIDYAVAAN
       Nobody in this three world can be called as INTELLIGENT wise etc if he has not done GANAPATY sadhana .. ie all those who are acclaimed as wise intelligent etc muct have done ganapa…in some janma definitely .. So if one needs intelligence one must worship GANAPATY ..else no luck .. one will wander as fool forever
    • One will always be surrounded by SINS . panchpataka till one starts ganapaty sadhana .. one will never get success unless untill he realises importance of GANAPATy ..Worshipping him [ Vishwambhar murty ] will open gates for happiness else one will face obstacles hurdles and will always be unhappy ./. and NO other dieties will help .. so one must always WORSHIP VISHWAMBHAR MURTY HARI without fail ..  EVEN MOKSHA SADHANA does not begin without his blessings .. and even if it somehow begins FOR COMPLETION oF SADHANA without obstructions  from[ failures like loss bramhacharya , falling for a beauty , getting carried away in prosperity , sudden disinterest in upasana . mind not getting any concentration , abhichara , daridrya wch can cause vipareet gyana . bad company . daitya avesha ..dushta prarabdha , yati bramhanadooshan which will put brakes on sadhana ] such obstruction should not come and sadhna to go smoothly … We require GANAPATY anugraha .

      ALL types of siddhi are possible only through GANAPATY anugraha
    •  There is PASHA NAMAK VAYU AVESHA always in GANAPATY .. so since VAYU is always present HE is MOST powerful and PRATHAM poojita Ganappa is AKAASH abhimani devata and hence SHabda is guna of Akaasha .. so to get vyakaran siddhi shabda shastra siddhi GANAPPA anugraha is must .. without the knwoledge of words one can know nothing in this world ,, thus to study and read and know GANAPATY upasana is must
    •  SHabda is also speech .. FOR speech related research GANAPATY upasana is must
       Pooja of ganapaty is must BUT MORE IMPORTANT  is donating Silver ganapaty  with dakshina to a BRAMHAAN .. if one cannot donate idol then he can donate a square jaggery and a supari and give DANA as per capacity .. this gives phala
    •  Eight things that should be offered to GANAPATY are 1> MODAKA 2> Pruthuka 3>saktu 4> laza  5> rasalka 6>nalikera 7>tila 8> rambha  lso guda madhu ajya are to be used
    • 1>vighnanasha 2> sthiratva 3> kaanti 4> aishwarya 5> ayu 6> raksha 7> samruddhi 8 >bahupraja are the 8 phala of 8 dravyas .. those wishing for chiildren should donate banana on ganesh chaturthi …if one wants progress one should donate til // for safeguarding and removal of fear .. donate coconut .. //  if one wants good longevity donate sugarcane  // for wealth and vehicles  donate saktu   .. for getting radiance and brightness and blemishless face and skin and to attract opposite .. donate  lazaaa  …/// for getting stability in job place and career …. donate Pruthuka …//// for getting relief from frequent hurdles donate MODAKA ..

    Deepa mahatmya !


    King Dhridhdhanva asks VALMIKI rishi ” oh maharshi ! what is the phala of making a
    deepa daana in adhika masa ‘?

    Valmiki rishi “Oh King I shall narrate to you a great story ,just listening to which even
    panchamahapataka gets destroyed ! once upon a time In the city of SAUBHAGYA there lived a King by name CHITRABAHU ” He was very brave intelligent and just ruler . very patient , truthful , very kind and compassionate and Righteous

    king always spent time in listening to bhaagvad katha and bramhana seva .. he was only
    interested in his wife and was never ineterested in other women ..he was full of four
    types of army and cattle and wealth equal to that of KUBERA. His wife the queen was
    Chandrakala by name was expert in 64 arts .. and was most beautiful women of her times
    she was pativrata and most fortunate women and had much Vishnu bhakti. The young
    King along with his wife was enjoying his kingdom justly as he had known other GOD as
    supreme other than KRISHNA

    One day Sage AGASTYA came to his KIngdom .. Chitrabahu made a dandavat pranaam and then gave arghya padya etc to MUNI and made him seat on his throne and standing in front of him with folded hands.

    King said ” oh MUNI ! you are great devotee of Sri KRISHNA you have come to my
    kingdom , its my great fortune ..and my birth has been a success by this … this day is actually a good a day for me my kingdom has become a fortunate one. My house has been purified by your arrival.
    Your glance has purified me from all the sins .. I offer you all my wealth , cattle chariots alongwith this KIngdom to you .. Oh muni ! you are one of the foremost of the devotees of VISHNU and nothing I have in my possesion that can actually please you

    But whatever little is offered to a Vishnu bhakta with devotion becomes manifold in
    giving result . The man who does not give at least a pence , a vegetable or good food to a VAISHNAV bramhana , that day of his has gone as waste is to be thought by him …so
    say the knower of vedas , vishnu bhakta bramhana [ can be anyone , a friend relative or any one ] they are all respectable. one must always show respect to such bramhanas by body mind and speech and worship them ..this is what I have learnt from garga gautam and sumanta muni. just as stars have light and presence felt only till SUNRISE .. so also other dwijas have importance only till a VAISHNAVA BRAMHAN arrives Having said so king made a namaskaar to AGASTYA MUNI . MUNI pleased with KING said ” You are indeed a fortunate being today Chitrabahu .. as you are a great Vishnu bhakta .. thsi kingdom is indeed a Fortunate one .. your subjects of this Kingdom are fortunate to have a Vishnu bhakta KING

    One must not at all stay in the Kingdom whose king is not a VISHNU BHAKTA ..It si
    better to reside in forest than to reside in kingdom where king is avaishnav .. Kingdom should be vaishnav and king should be vaishnav .. if not then it is like a body which has no eyes.

    an avaishnav rashtra is like a wife who does not have love …..it is like a illiterate
    bramhana , like an elephant without teeth , llike a bird without wings , like a ekadashi
    with vidhha dasahmi .. like all these the Just as a sandhayavandan done without darbha[ring ] does not fetch result , just as tarpana
    to pitrus without til is of no use , just as deva pooja done for the sake of filling stomach is seedless activity .. so also a avaishnav rashtra does not fetch any result. it is nirarathak and vyartha. just like vrata done without bath , just like a shudra who has a bramhna
    wife , so also is a avaishnav rajya ,,, THe true king is one who is always remembering Srkrishna such a kingdom will only prosper day by day his subjects will be real a happy people.

    Agastya muni says Oh king you are a VISHNU BHAKTA … seeing you today infact my
    eyes have become a sarthaka .. talking to you my speech has become a point of Use ..
    WHat you have offered me this your kingdom , you are the only fit person to look after
    it ..So you take back this kingdom and rule it justly , take it as MY ORDER .. think that
    i have installed you as the caretaker of thsi Kingdom ..let there be fortunes to you … and
    now I take your leave ”

    Saying so as AGASTYA muni was about to leave , CHANDRAKALA bowed to the
    sage .. and sage gave asheervaada ” always be a saubhagyavati oh fortunate one , let there
    be akhanda bbhakti in SRIKRISHNA ” as sage was giving this asheervada , KING asked
    AGASTYA MUNI .. oh sage ” I have got a immense wealth a trouble free kingdom a
    beautiful pativrata wife , what I ahve done which has given me these good phala ” what
    is the satkarma which i have undertaken .. you are a trikalagnya you know all my past ..
    kindly tell me ”

    Agastya muni with concentration looked at KING and said ” I have analysed your
    previous births .. and then seeing your previous history LISTEN to me ! You were
    a shudra in your previous in a beautiful city of CHAMATKAAR .. you name was
    MANIGREEVA ..you were living by killing animals , you were immersed in sins ,
    always running after other women ..looting people , killing them , given falsehood , you
    were atheist , completely characterless , ill-tempered person

    this chandrakala was your wife even then …very beautiful , and completely immersed in
    patiseva by body mind and speech ..she was very fortunate lady , virtuous and Vishnu
    bhakt ..she never ever thought bad about you and was engaged in dharma.

    all the relatives shunned Manigreeva as he was ill famed as bad person

    The king of that city became angry on MANIGREEVA and confiscated all the wealth of
    manigreeva and whatever was left was stolen by relatives and he was relegated to deep
    forest. Now in the forest oh king you were in your previous life killing many animals
    and eating them .. your wife accomapnied you to forest and she lived with you. one day
    to look for animals you headed for deep into forest with a bow and arrow .. and there he
    saw a muni [ his name was UGRADEVA ] and he was unconscious because of thirst ,,
    manigreeva lifted muni and took him to his hut … and then after fanning the muni and
    making him comfortable .. he saw to it that muni came to consciousness

    Ugradeva muni after regaining consciousness , asked how did he come here as he had
    lost way in forest .. Manigreeva said oh MUNI , kindly see here , there is a beautiful pond

    here .. it is full of loutus and trees around it are also of full sweet smelling flowers ..very
    pleasant is this water which is scented by them and muni please take bath here and after
    completing your daily chores .. please have this water to quench your thirst .

    then he asked his wife do we have ripe fruits .. do bring them let us offer this to this
    shreshta BRAMHANA . now you are safe here oh MUNI .. plaease take abreath and
    proceed to sarovar ..and please accept the fruits and make my life a good one .. kindly
    bless us by accepting my offerings oh muni.

    MUNI happy at manigreeva and placing a hand on his shoulder proceeded to the pond ..
    as he was very thristy … having taken bath and finished ahnika .. drinking water and
    taking a deep breath , Ugradeva sat under a vatvruksha .. tree.

    After taking rest he worshipped vasudeva and sat calmly under the tree … then
    MANigreeva taking fruits rushed to the MUNI along with his wife and sat before him ..
    said ” oh muni! it seems you ahve come only to bless me , just a look at you has relieved
    me of my sins , please accept these fruits and bless me and my wife ” uGradeva said ”
    oh god man who are you . kindly let me know about you .. a bramhana should not accept
    anything from unknown people , so introduce yourself ”

    Manigreeva said ” oh muni I am a shudra ! my name is manigreeva , everyone , relatives
    friends and good people have shunned me! ” knowing this Ugradeva accepted the fruits
    and drank water .. and started taking rest muni .. rested his back against the tree .. just
    then MANIGREEVA took the feet of the BRAMHANa and placing it on his thighs and
    pressing .. asked ‘ OH MUNI ! where were you travelling to ? how did you get into this
    dense forest full of wild animals ”

    Ugradeva said ” Oh punyatma ! I am a bramhana ! i was going towards PRAYAAG ,
    i have lost my way and got into this forest .. and then suffering from thirst i fell
    unconscious .. in such life danger situation you have saved me … ASK a boon what you
    want I shall give you ” what is the reason you are two living in this dense forest ? agastya
    says OH king then you happy with words of MUNI ugradeva , you asked the upaya
    solution to come out of this extreme poverty … and then narrated your life history

    MAnigreeva said ! ” i was residing in the city of chamatkaara which was full of good
    scholars / i ws also very wealthy and good natured person ..but by some reason and
    bad destiny I started behaving badly and left the good ways of life .. with evil acting on
    mind , i lost my senses and daily went after other women , drinking alcohol. slowly i
    started stealing , and also started killing people seeing all these people left me , they kept
    away from me

    The king Bruhadbal then ordered a loot on my house … whatever left was stolen by
    my relatives. When none gave shelter , i took shelter in this forest …. i am living by
    killing animals .. i am a sinner please show some mercy on me oh blessed one .. I dont
    know it must be some punya of many many births that a sinner like me is still having a
    conversation with a pious one in such a dense forest .. Please give me some upadesha and
    lift me up from this state .. I want this poverty end and live happily with wealth ..give me
    some solution oh MUNI.

    UGRADEVA said ” Oh both of you ! you have served me with devotion your hospitality
    has pleased me ….from here onwards you shall have a very good life …without doing any

    vrata niyama upavasa teerthayatra daan dharma or anything with efforts i shall preach
    you a solution that would fetch wealth effortlessly //..

    Listen corectly three months from now ..Starts Purushottama masa .. then both of you
    couple should with efforts light deepa ..to lord Purushottama ..this will remove your
    abject poverty ..from the roots … let me tell you the method of deepa daana

    In the house one should light ghee deepak if possible , else use til oil .. you are living in
    forest so both til oil and ghee is not possible for you ..

    Oh manigreeva you can use .. ingudi oil .. [ soapberry oil ] desert date oil … everyday
    both of you couple .. take bath in this pond and light the deep and do it for a whole
    month .. ‘ take it as my upadesha for you as this much only … this is ordained by vedas
    and i have told you .. in ordinary days lighting deepa increases wealth so in purushottam
    masa it gives immense wealth is no mystery .. there is no karma in veda .. which equals
    even 1/16th of this activity .. no amount of austeruities equals this actvity even upto 1/16
    krichcha chandrayan sankhya and other tantras equals this , nor 100 vyatipatas . nor 100o
    grahansa equals this.

    This is oh manigreeva most secret .. should not be given to anyone anywhere ..this gives
    everything wealth grains fame sons grandsons ..good wife good husband .. all fortunes. In
    this masa purushottam masa anyone who lights deepa wherever without procedures too
    even then he gets immense results .. if done procedurally it fulfills wishes is definite ..so
    one must make a deepa dana without fail.

    abject unbearable poverty can be eradicated from roots by this deepadaana . i have told
    only for you manigreeva .. . NOW you leave for your house and i shall go to prayaag

    MANIGRREEVA and his wife folowed UGRADEVA for some days and then leaving
    muni at the outskrits , they returned and waited for Purushottam masa .. so said agastya
    muni to CHITRA BAHU .

    Then having done deepa dana for a month long .. by the blessings of Ugradeva ,,
    both became comepletely cleansed and reagained wealth and the after death went to
    INDRALOKA .. then they took birth in the birth khanda as Kshatriyas. manigreeva is
    now son of veerabahu CHITRABAHU. That sundari the name of manigreeva’s wife is
    chandrakala , because she did pati seva the she could get half the punya of that deepa
    dana and she became your wife again ..only a pativrata stree can get half punya and not

    if only deepa daana can get so much , then vrata upavasa how much they can fetch
    phala .. so said agastya and left the city of SAUBHAGYA [ present HYDERABAD }


    Moral of the story !

    1. Upadesha of BRAMHANA should be taken with positive mind ,, however
    simple it may look … one must follow it sincerely without doubt … do vrata
    after upadesha only .. ONly a single karma with devotion [ in this case a
    simple deepa daana ] [ in entire life ] is enough to put on track multitude of
    lives ahead …
    2. even if husband goes astray temporarily woman should not lose her track but
    concentrate on vishnu bhakti

    3. always give something to a bramhana when you encounter them .. be it just a
    few pecks of grain or mustard ,,.but give .. it will give manifold back
    4. when you have everything dont hesitate to give everything also .. no satpatra
    takes away the kingdom .. sometimes the solution to gravest problems are
    very simple … belief does the magic ..
    5. Do not be very proud about you own character .. everybody was a sinner
    at sometime or other ..BUT that doesnt mean do not give credit to a good
    charactered , only you can know how many transitions it takes to be good ..
    so its hard work …. and time consuming … never try to step back.

    Adhika masa

    To Day  ADHIKMAS starts ! Also Known as Purushottam masa is a passport to
    VAIKUNTHA after one enjoys to the full in the world ..

    15 types of vratas can be undertaken in this month .. of which five are more rigorous 1.sampoorna upavasa 2. ratri bhojana 3. ekbhukta with water 4 dharan parana 5 ayachitvrata

    • whole month if one donates TAMBOOLA one will get saubhagya [ good fortunes ]
    • Monthlong if one LIGHTS a akhanda deepa before Hari sannidhi will give immese wealth
    • Every day if one takes early morning bath in ganga etc in ADHKAMASA will get relieved from all sins
    • 33 APOOP daana everyday will give anishta nivrutti and ishtaprapti
    • Grantha daana will give give vishesha anugraha of NARAYANA
    • EVERyday one must do BHAGAVAT shravan in this masa one gets infinite punya which even BRAMHa cannot describe
    • One must do one lakh tulasi archana in this masa to a saligrama
    • one who does this vrata , YAMADOOTA will run away just as elephants run away as lion approaches
    • One purushottam masa vrata is greater than 100 MAHAYAGNYAS
    • YAGNYA gives only SWARGA Purushottam masa vrata will give Vaikuntha
    • The vratacharana of this adhika give masa will relieve from DUHSWAPNA [ evil dreams] daridrya [poverty ] it also relieves kayik vachik and manasik TAAPA .. miseries arising out of sins from body speech and mind
    • ALL the DEITIES INDRA etc save the one who does this vrata from all the difficulties and troubles and obstacles [vighna ].
    • One who does this vrata wherever they are at that place Bhuta preta pisacha etc cannot stand.
    • With single minded focus on Purushottam one who does this vrata will get complete grace of the LORD
    • Everyday trikaala VSN with silver flowers.. take 100 silver and repeat ten times … offer same again and again .. so after 30 days you will have completed 1 lakh)


    • ONE who donates DEEPA in this month … he will get money , grains , cattle , sons ,grandsons, fame easily …. EVEN a barren woman will beget a child if she donates a DEEPA .. women will get saubhagya , her husband will like her and stay with her …separated will reunite … One who has lost job will get it back .. Kings will get kingdom back ..it fulfills all wishes … DONAte silver Deepa .in adhika masa.
    • Deepa daana will get a compatible husband that is the husband of her choice and dreams he will be longlived and sadguNi … and BOYS unmarried will get a anooroop sushil pativrata wife .. ..
    • those desirous of knowledge will get knwoledge of shastras .. they will get siddhi ,
    • one who is desirous of money will get lot of money and one who seeks MOKSHA will get doubtlessly moksha by DEEPA DAANA.
    • wick can be changed everyday after bath …

    MUKHYA kartavya [ very important duty ] of a person in ADHIKAMASA is one must
    donate APOOPA 33 in numbers made of RICE JAGGERY and GHEE ….[ apoop means anaras ] to a yogya bramhana [ remember the preparation should be in madi so give dravya in matha ] everyday.

    One must put apoop in a kansya patra and give dana reciting daana mantra meditating
    on 33 devatas and 33 VISHNU RUPAS .. one will get Prithvi daana phala ..This will
    gradually give GYANA and then moksha .. without doubt

    one must pour ample GHEE on APOOP and amppe dakshina should be given to

    FOr every vrata undertaken specific daana should be given

    ‎1 ratri bhojana vrata [ eating only in night for 30 days ] one must give BRAMHAN
    bhojana DAKSHINA

    ‎2. AYACHIT VRATA [ asking nothing and living by whatever got ] one must give
    suvarna daana

    ‎3. AMLA snana daily vrata … curds and milk daana

    ‎4.Phalahaara niyama – donate fruits

    ‎5. NOT applying oil Vrata [ daily giving taila deepa ] — donate ghee

    ‎6. ghruta vrata .. eating only liquid ghee [ or daily lighting ghee lamp ] – donate milk.
    donate curd at the end of VRATA …

    7. DHANYA VRATA .. worshipping LORD in heaps of Grains .. and not consuming
    grains .. vrata —— donate rice or wheat

    8.BHUMISHAYAN vrata – sleeping on ground – donate bed pillow and chadar blanket ..

    9. niyama of eating only on PATRAVALI [ leaves ] – donate ghee and sugar

    10. Mauna vrata – donate excellent GHANTA , til or gold

    ‎11 . Not shaving beard , not having hair cut or nails no cosmetics vrata – donate MIRROR

    12. Not using chappals shoes – donate shoes or padaraksha

    13. Not using salt vrata – DOnate variety of liquids

    14 . Vrata of lighting akhanda deepa – Give daana of the deepa in which vrata has been undertaken

    15 . DHaran paran vrata – donate clothes vastra .. or gold or copper vessel

    If one cannot donate 33 apoopa everyday then one can donate on krishn ashukla
    dwadashi , poornima amavasya .. bahula ashtami .. navami , chaturdashi … vaidhruti
    vyatipaat yoga. as many holes in the apoopa that many thousand years one will spend in swarga


    achamaan ! pranayama ! deshkaal uchcharan ! evam guna visheshan vishishTayaam ,
    shubha tithau shruti smriti puraNokta phalaprapthyartham Vasu rudra aditya prajapati
    vashtakaarantargat bharatiramaNa Mukhyapranantargat maas niyamak purushottam
    preraNaya Purushottama prithyartham ………………..gotray …. ………..sharmaNe
    brmahNaay mama Nikhil paapkshyapoorvak puNyabhivruddhyartham Dhan
    Dhaanya kshema samruddhi lokdwayasukhahetu bhudaan phalapraapyaiy
    apoopchidrasamasankhya varsha sahasravadhi svarloka nivasaadi phalsidhdhyartham
    Purushottam masa prayukta trayastrinshat apoopdaanamaham karishye ! tadangataya
    pushotam poojaam bramhana bhojanam ch karishye

    note: Purushottama is RADHIKA SAHITA KRISHNA is what writen in

    deepa daaana means .. two deepa whose weight should be 40 gms .. and should hold
    40 gms batti .. and month long supply of ghee or til oil .. along with dakshina to the
    bramhana ,..silver , bronze , brass panchaloha .. as per capacity …

    Tamboola Dana: In Tambool, ilaichi lavanga karpoor ,beetle leaves, kasturi , jayaphal ,
    chunna , kadhir …

    one can stay away from one vegetable month long and then donate it at the end so that he can consume regularly late

    Apoopa dana: one 33 apoopa is ideally done by 1 kg rice 1 kg jaggery and 1 kg ghee.
    apoopa should be fried in ghee not oil. ghee should be extra ,, as apoopa daana should be
    in kansya patra and ghee should be placed with it .. and with dakshina … patra should be
    two … one above and one to hold .. [ this is ideal ] but one can give yatha shakthi

    Two types of karma 1> ananyagatik 2> sagatik are there


    Vishnuroopi saharanshuh sarvapaap praNashanah | apoopaanna pradaanena
    mama paapam vyapohatu || narayaNa jagadbeeja bhaskar pratiroopadruk |
    vratenanen putranshch sampadam chabhivardhay || yasya hastagadaachakre
    garudo yasya vahanam | shankha karatale yasya sa me vishnu praseedatu
    || kalaakashThaadirupeNa nimesha ghatikadina | yo vanchayati bhutaani
    tasmai kaalaatmane namaha || kurukshetra mayodeshah kaalah parva dwijo
    harih | prithvisamamidam daanam gruhaaN purushottama || malaanaam ch
    vishudhdhyartham paapprashamanaay ch | putra pautraabhivrudhdhyartham tein

    daasyaami bhaskar ||



    tamadBhutam baalkambujekshaNam chaturbhujam shankhagadaryudayudham | srivatsalaxmam galashabhikaustubham peetambaram saandrapayodasaubhagam || mahaarhavaiduryakiriTkunDalatvisha parishvatkasahasrakuntalam | uhdhamkaanchyangadakanKanadibhirvirochamaanam vasudev ekshat ||

    iti dhyanam

    Vishnu sahsranaam , krishnaastottarshatnaam stotram keshavaadi chaturvimshati naam , mastsyaadi dasha naam … with that Tulasi archana

    Give DHOOP [ agarbatti ]

    dhoopam dugdhabdishayanam gandhadyaih sumanoharam | sarvabhiShTapradam deva gruhaNasurbhanjan ||Shri baalkrishNay namaha , Dhoopam samarpayaami


    saajyam trivartisamyuktam jnanam vaijnaansaadhanam | deepamgruhaaN devesh kaivalaphal daayakam || Shree baalkrishnay namah , Deepam samarpayami

    give deepaarti


    sprinkle some water on ground  , make a square mandal .. write shree on it ..put a plate and naivedya on it .. [ butter , fruits , poha , dry fruits ]  put tulasi ..[moolmantra japam ] show tarkshya etc mudra ..

    with vyahruti parishinchan

    Shree Baalkrishnaya namaha

    • aaposhanaartham uakam samarpayaami
    • pranatmane NaraYanay svaha
    • apaanatmane vasudevaya svaha
    • Vyanatmane sankarshaNaya svaha
    • udanatmane pradyumnaya svaha
    • samanatmane  aniruhdhaya svaha
    • bramhane purushottamaya svaha
    • bhakshyabhojyaphalopetam dadhyodanamanvitam |naivedyam sveekurushaththavedam devakya saha Keshava |
    • Shree baalkrishNaya svaha Naivedyam samarpayaami

    Amrutapidhanamasi svaha

    • SHree BaalkrishNAya namaha “Uttaraposhanarthe ” udakam samarpayaami
    • SHree BaalkrishNAya namaha ” Hastaprakshaalanarthe ” udakam samarpayaami
    • SHree BaalkrishNAya namaha ” Gandoosharthe ” udakam samarpayaami
    • SHree BaalkrishNAya namaha ” karodvanarthe ” chandanam samarpayaami

    leave a water in a bowl and at the same time take a flower apply some sandal paste and offer it To LORD ..


    taamboolam ch sakarpooram sugandhadravamishitam | naagvallidalairyuktam  GruhaaN varado bhava | Shree BaalkrishNay namaha , Taamboolam samarpayaami

    place a beetle leaves with dryfruits and supaari ..

    DakshiNaam |

    sauvarNaam rajatam taamra nanaratnasamanvitam | karma shadGunyasidhyartham dakshiNa  pratigruhyatam || Shree BaalkrishNay namaha , DakshiNaam samarpayaami || place  tulasi and some coins ..

    Phalaani ||

    Rambhaphalam naarikelam tathaivaamraphalaani | poojitoasi surshreshTha gruhyataam kansasoodan || shree BaalkrishNay namaha Nanavidhaphalaani samrapaaami || keep fruits , coconut .. etc .. with tulasi

    Mangalaarti ||

    Agyaandhwaantshamanam jnanasadhanamuttamam | Neerajanam GruhaaNedam Krushnakarpoorsamyutam || karpoorakam maharaaj rambhodbhutam ch deepakam | mangalaanthe mahipaal sangruhaaN jagatpate || Shree BaalkrishNay namaha Neerajanam karpoorartikyam ch samarpayaami ||

    make an aarti


    Pushpanjalim gruhaNemam vividhaih kusumairyutam | moordhni chaaropitam bhaktya tava saanidhyamichchita || SHree baalkrishnay namaha, mantrapushpanjali samarpayaami ||


    Shree balkrishnay namha ,rajopachaaraan samarpayaami


    pour water tulasi in shankha and make three rounds ..


    devakigarbhsambhoota kamsapranaapaharaka | idamarghyam pradasyaami mama krishna praseed bho || shree Baal krishNaya namaha prasannaarghyam samarpayaami ||

    • Vishnave namaha Prasannarghyam samarpayami
    • govindaya namaha Prasannarghyam samarpayami
    • garuddhwajaya namha Prasannarghyam samarpayami
    • hrishikeshaya namaha Prasannarghyam samarpayami
    • padmanabhaya namaha Prasannarghyam samarpayami
    • jishnave namaha Prasannarghyam samarpayami
    • haraye namaha Prasannarghyam samarpayami
    • Shree Narayanay namaha Prasannarghyam samarpayami


    yani kani ch papani janmantar krutaani ch| tani tani vinashyantu pradakshina  pade pade | damodar padmanabh shankha chakra gadadhar |pradakshinaam karishyaami kalpasadhan me prabho ||

    shree balkrishnay namaha , Pradakshina samarpayaami

    Namaskaar ||

    anagham vaamanam shaurim govindam purushottamam | vaasudevam hrishikesham madhavam madhusudanam || daamodaram padmanabham keshavam garuddhwajam | govindamachyutam krishNamanantamparajitam || adhokshajam jagadbeejam argasthithatyantkaariNam | anadinidhanam vishnum devdevam trivikramam || narayaNam chaturbahum shankhachakragadadharama | peetambaradharam saumyam vanamaalvibhshitam || srivatsavakshasam shresham shreedharam shreepatim harim || upendram devakisunum praNamami prajapatim || krushNay vaasudevay haraye paramatmane | pranatkleshanaashay Govindaay namo namaha || namo bramhanyadevay go bramhanhitay ch | jagaddhitaay krushnay govindaya namo namaha || namastubhyamjagannatha devakitanay prabho vasudevatmajanant yashodanandvardhan | govinda gokulaadhar gopikant namostute  ||

    make sastanga namaskaar

    Kshamaapanam ||

    aparaadh sahasraaNi kriyante aharnisham maya | taani sarvaani me deva kshamasva purushottama ||

    Prarathana ||

    devakinandan shreesh hare sansaarsaagaraat | durvruttaamstraayase VisHno ye Smaranti sakrut sakrut || soaham devaatidurvrattah  traahi mam shokasaagaraat || pushkaraksha nimagroham vahatyajnanasaagare || traahi maam devedevesh tvamruteanyo na rakshita || paapoham paapkarmaaham paapatmaa paapsambhavah || Traahi maam krupaya dev sharaNagat vatsal ||  anytha sharaNam naasti tvameva sharaNam mama | tasmaat kauNyabhaaven raksha raksha janardhan || krishNa KrishNa sadananda bhaktaabhishtapradayak ||

    putrapautraadisampattim dehi me madhusudan || kale varshatu parjanya prithvi sashyashalini | deshoyam kshobharahito bramhaNah santu nirbhayah || aputra putriNah santu putrinah santu poutriNah |    adhanaah sadhnaah santu jeevantu sharadaam shatam || shree BaalkrishNay namaha Prarathanaam samarpayaami ||

    KrishNArapanam ||

    kayen vaacha  manasendriyairva budhdyatmana va prakrutisvabhavaat | karomi yadyat sakalam parasmai narayaneti samarpayaami ||

    vartmane ,samvatsare , dakshinayane , varsharutau , shravanmase krishNapakshe , ashtamayaam tithou …vasaare , Shree vishnupreranaya Shree Vishnu preetharthaam  chandrodaykaale anena mayaacharitena Shree Krishnajanmashtamivratena .. Shree baalkrishnapoojaaradhanena Bhagavaan Shree BALKRISHNA priyataam preeto bhavatu |

    SHreekrishNa pratigruhNaati Shree KrishNO vai dadhaati ch | ShreeKrishnaastaakobhabhyaam shreekrishNAy namo namah ||

    iti SHreepadmapuraNokta Shree baalkrishNapooja sampoornaa ||  Krishnarpanmastu


    chandrodaya arghya ..

    Once Ravan with folded hands and extreme devotion and politeness asked in solitude  Son of BRAMHA ,SAGE SANATKUMAR  – “OH Sage ! who is supreme  most among devatas ? Who is the one , taking the shelter of whom devtas always win over their enemies in war ? Whom do the dwijas worship always  ? Whom do the Yogis meditate UPON ? Oh benevolent one ! kindly answer my questions as you know everything ! .”

    Sanatkumar through his divine sight[ yogadruk ] , found out the real intention of RAVANA behind these questions and then said -” Oh son RAVAN ! Listen as I give answer to your questions . One who regulates this UNiverse and sustains it always , one who does not have death and birth , one who is worshipped by both devtas and asuras That imperishable supreme being is HARI NARAYANA .. He is the one from whose navel was born BRAMHA He is the creator of this animate and inanimate world  , taking shelter of HIM al the devatas always win over their enemies in war . Yogis meditate on NARAYANA and dwijas engage in his japa …”

    Having listened to Mahrshi’s words , RAVANA again said thus ” Daitya danav always get killed by VISHNU , what happens to these daityas where do they go and what do they achieve ?”

    Sanatkumar rishi continues -” those who are killed by other Devatas , they go to the best of  Swarga heaven and after sometime they fall down to earth and according to their previous life’s good and bad deeds they attain births and deaths continuously . BUT those who die in the hands of VISHNU get their ultimate gati as ordained by HARI ”

    RAVAN with a happy disposition in mind thought for a moment and decided so I shall fight with HARI then . GUAGING the mind of RAVANA , Sanatkumar rishi proclaimed ” oh RAVAN your wish will be fulfilled ! you wait for some more time and enjoy ”

    HAving said so SAGE continued ” HEy RAVAN ! LORD VISHNU exists everywere , he is omnipotent , he is flowing as river in rivers , he is standing as dense forest among forests .. he is manifested everywhere in all shapes and sizes ..HE is in OMkara , truth , savitri , prithvi , and the He is in SHESHA the one wo is hodling this entire universe ” HE is as devatas among devatas , He is the kAALA , he is the MOON and SUN as present in them , He causes SUNRISE SUNSET day night , HE is in VAYU , he is in fire agni , HE is in INDRA , He is in YAMA , he is parjana , vasus , … Bramha Rudra and all devatas owe to their existence to HIM ,, He causes lighting hesports in all this creation ,and also protects it ..He is present everywhere in all creation and sustains it .. He is  of bluish in color and that too of hue that of lightning  and  wears a  peetambar , Like a golden [ of jambunad fame ] jewellery , MAHALAKSHMI is adorning his chest and she is embracing looking at him with awe …

    LORD VISHNU  cannot be seen by any daitya danav devata or nag etc ..ONLY those whom he graces [ yasya prasaadam kurute sa chainam drashtum arhati ] ,those with whom he is pleased only those can see him by his grace alone ..

    YAGNYA tapasya , daan or ADHYAYAN  or any other means does not qualify to be eligible to see HIM ..Only his devotees who with single mind  ever engage in his thoughts through unmixed VEDANTA [ unmixed with dirt of doubts ] , whose vision is totally pure and cleansed [ which has become malaheena -amala drushti  ] with vedanta vichaara Only they can see LORD NARAYANA ! ”

    SAge continues .. -‘RAVAN ! now if you want to have his vision easily without any such difficult means , Then in TRETAYUGA , for the welfare of devatas and humans , LORD is taking avatara in IKSHVAKU  lineage as the best of EMPERORS , as the SOn of DASAHRATH b name RAAMa !!!! He will leave for forest along with his brother and wife to uPHOLD the words of his Father . He will wander in DANDAKARANYA along with his wife SEETA who is [maya herself ] …I have told all these to you in details RAVAN ,now worship LORDRAAM along with his consort with continuous devotion[” bhajasva bhaktibhaven sada RAAMAm SHRIYA yutam “ ] ”

    thats the advice SANATKUMAR gives to RAVAN to fulfil his desire of having VISion of LORD RAM in his heart

    AGASTYA MUNI says to LORD RAAM ” thus having listened to SAge sanatkumar oh LORD RAM ! Ravan  went into introspection and contemplated thus , I shall make opposition with allthe devatas in the universe and LORD RAM will then oppose me. Ravan having decided so ,became very happy at the possibility of fulfilling his wish

    RAVAN thus went on war spree so that he would get a chance to oppose SHRI RAM and then to get KILLED by RAAM , the wise RAVAN  abducted  JAGANMATA devi JANAKI ”

    One who listens to this katha , or reads it or gives a discourse to others who are interested , he shall attain longevity , freedom from diseases , health and infinite prosperity happiness , he will gain his wishes and make extreme profits and his wealth will never decrease but  will keep  ever increasing


    गुरुराजाष्टाक्षरम् स्यात महापातकनाशनम् । एकैकमक्षरम् चात्र सर्वकाम्यार्थ सिद्धिदम् ॥ रकारोच्चारणमात्रेण रोगहानिर्न संशयः । घकारेण बलं पुष्टिःआयुः तेजश्च वर्धते ॥ वकारेणात्र लभते वांछितार्थान्न संशयः। द्रकारेणाघराशिस्तु द्राव्यते द्ृतमेव हि ॥ यकारेण यमाद्बाधो वार्यते नात्र संशयः । नकारेण नरेंद्राणाम् पदमाप्नोति मानवः ॥ मकारेण माहेंद्रमैश्वर्यम् याति मानवः। गुरुर्नाम्नाश्च महात्म्यम अपूर्वम् परमाद्भुतम् ॥ तन्नामस्मरणादेव सर्वाभिष्टं प्रसिध्यति । तस्मान्नित्यम पठेदभक्त्या गुरुपादरतस्सदा ॥श्रीराघवेंद्राय नमः इत्याष्टाक्षरमंत्रतः । सर्वान्कामानवाप्नोति नात्र कार्या विचारणा ॥ अस्टोत्तरशतावृत्तिम् स्तोत्रस्यास्य करोति यः । तस्य सर्वार्थसिद्धिस्यात गुरुराजप्रसादतः ॥ एतदष्टाक्षरस्यात्र महात्म्यम् वेत्ति कः पुमान । पठनादेव सर्वार्थसिद्धिर्भवति नान्यथा ॥ स्वामिना राघवेंद्राख्य गुरुपादाब्जसेविना । कृतमष्टाक्षरस्तोत्रमगुरुप्रीतिकरम् शुभम् ॥

    इतिश्रीगुरुजगन्नाथदासार्यविरचित श्रीराघवेंद्राष्टाक्षरस्तोत्रम संपूर्णम ॥ श्रीकृष्णार्पणमस्तु ॥

    Panchamukhi MARUTI !


    अस्य श्रीहनुमन्महामन्त्रस्य

    श्रीपंचमुखिहनुमान देवता

    हानुमाान इति बीजम्

    वायुसुत इति शक्तीः

    अंजनासुत इति कीलकं

    ॐ श्रीरामचंद्रवीरहनुमतप्रसादसिद्धयर्थंसकललोकोपकारार्थम्  पंचमुखिकवचस्तोत्रमंत्रजपे विनियोगः

    ॐ अंजनासुताय अंगुष्ठाभ्याम नमः

    ॐ रुद्रमूर्तये तर्जनीभ्याम् नमः

    ॐ वायुपुत्राय मध्यमाभ्याम् नमः

    ॐ अग्निगर्भाय अनामिकाभ्याम नमः

    ॐ रामदूताय कनिष्ठिकाभयाम नमः

    ॐ पंचमुखिहनुमते करतलकरपृष्ठाभ्याम नमः

    [ एवं हृदयादिन्यासः ]

    अथ ध्यानम्

    उद्यन्मार्तंडकोटीरुचिरमययुतम् चारुवीरासनस्थम् मौंजीयज्ञोपवीताभरणमुरुजटाशोभितम् कुण्डलाभ्याम  ॥ भक्तानामिष्टदम् तम् प्रणयमनुदितम् वेदनादप्रणादम् ध्यायेद्देवम् विधेयंप्लवगकुलपतीम गोष्पदीभूतवार्धिम् ॥

    श्रीरामचंद्रदूताय अंजनावायुपुत्राय महाबलाय सीतादुःखनिवारणाय लंकादहनकारणाय महाभयप्रचंडाय फाल्गुनसखाय कोलाहलसकलब्रम्हांडविश्वरुपाय सप्तसमुद्रनिरालंबिताय पिंगलनयनायामितविक्रमाय सूर्यबिंबफलसेविताय दुष्टनिरालंकृताय अंगदलक्ष्मणकपिसैन्यप्राणनिर्वाहकाय  दशकंठविध्वंसनाय रामेष्टाय फल्गुनसखाय सीतासमेतरामचंद्रप्रसादकाय ॥

    षटप्रयोगागम- पंचमुखिहनुमंतम् ध्यात्वा

    ॐ ह्रीं मर्कटमर्कटाय वं वं वं वं वं वषट स्वाहा ॥

    ॐ ह्रीं मर्कटमर्कटाय फं फं फं फं फं फट  स्वाहा ॥

    ॐ ह्रीं मर्कटमर्कटाय खें खें खें खें खें मारणाय स्वाहा ॥

    ॐ ह्रीं मर्कटमर्कटाय ठं ठं ठं ठं ठं ठं स्तंभनाय स्वाहा ॥

    ॐ ह्रीं मर्कटमर्कटाय ॐ ॐ ॐ ॐ ॐ  आंक्रसि सकलसंपतकराय स्वाहा॥

    ॐ कं खं गं ङ घं चं छं जं झं ञ टं ठं डं ढँ णं तं थं दं धं नं पं फं बं भं मं यं रं लं वं सं शं षं हं ळं क्षं स्वाहा ॥[इति दिगबंधः]

    ॐ पंचमुखिवीरहनुमते ऊर्ध्वमुखीहयग्रीवाय रुं रुं रूं रुं रुं रुद्रमूर्तये सकलनिर्वाहकरणाय  स्वाहा

    ॐ  पंचमुखिवीरहनुमते पूर्वेकपिमुखाय ढं ढं ढं ढं ढं कवचमूर्तये  सकलशत्रुसंहाराय  स्वाहा

    ॐ  पंचमुखिवीरहनुमते दक्षिणे नृसिंहायमुखाय  हां हां हां हां हां  करालमूर्तये  सकलभुतप्रेतदमनाय  स्वाहा

    ॐ  पंचमुखिवीरहनुमते पश्चिमे गरुडमुखाय  मं मं मं मं मं  नीलकँठमूर्तये  सकलविषहराय स्वाहा

    ॐ पंचमुखिवीरहनुमते उत्तरे वराहमुखाय लंलंलंलंलं आदिमुर्तये सकलदोषहराय स्वाहा

    पंचमुखिहनुमते अंजनासुताय वायुपुत्राय सीताशोकदुःखनिवारणाय द्रोणाद्रिवरहरणाय श्रीरामचंद्रपादसेवकाय माहावीर्यप्रथमब्रम्हांडनायकाय पंचमुखिमाहावीरहनुमतेनमः ॥ भूतप्रेतपिशाचब्रह्मराक्षसग्रहपरमंत्रपरतंत्रोच्चाटनाय स्वाहा ।सकलनिर्वाहकरणायपंचमुखिहनुमद्वरप्रसादकाय जंजंजंजंंजं इतिकवचम पठेत ॥


    || naraharyaShTakam ||

    om || yaddhitaM tava bhaktaanaamasmaakaM nRuhare hare |
    tadaashu kaaryaM kaaryaj~ja praLayaarkaayutaprabha || 1 ||

    raTatsaTograbhrukuTIkaThorakuTilekShaNa |
    nRupa~jchaasya jvalajjvaalojjvalaasyaarIn hare hara || 2 ||

    unnaddhakarNavinyaasa vivRutaanana bhIShaNa |
    gatadooShaNa me shatroon hare narahare hara || 3 ||

    hare shikhishikhodbhaasvadurukrooranakhotkara |
    arIn saMhara daMShTrograsphurajjihva nRusiMha me || 4 ||

    jaTharasthajagajjAla karakoTyudyataayudha |
    kaTikalpataTitkalpavasanaarIn hare hara || 5 ||

    rakShodhyakShabRuhadvakShorookShakukShividaaraNa |
    naraharyakSha me shatrupakShakakShaM hare daha || 6 ||

    vidhimaarutasharvendrapoorvagIrvaaNapu~ggavaiH |
    sadaa nataaMGridvaMdvaarIn narasiMha hare hara || 7 ||

    bhayaMkarorvalankaara varahu~gkaaragarjita |
    hare narahare shatroonmama saMhara saMhara || 8 ||

    vaadiraajayatiproktaM naraharyaShTakaM navam |
    paThannRusiMhakRupayaa ripoon saMharati kShaNaat || 9 ||

    || iti shreemadvaadiraajapoojyacharaNavirachitaM
    naraharyaShTakaM saMpoorNam ||

    Shri Krishna Stutih !

    ॐ॥ यदि दिशसि नयनपटुताम तर्हि भवच्चरणकमलसेवायै । आयास्यामि दयालो कृष्ण न चेत्पूजयामि कथमन्धः ॥

    सम्भावितस्य पुंसो मरणादतिरिच्यते किलाकीर्तिः । इति गीतासु हि गीतं भवता भवतापतिमिररवे ॥

    नानापराधशतकं हीने यद्यस्ति कृष्ण मयि मत्ते । दिनानामुद्धर्त्रा क्षन्तव्यं तत्क्षमावता भवता ॥

    कुंतलसंततिलसितं चूडात्रयशोभिमौलिभागमहं । शतपत्रपत्रनेत्रं शशिवदनं प्रतिदिनं दिदृक्षामि ॥

    कुण्डलमण्डितगण्डं कम्बुग्रीवं मनोरमोरस्कम् । दण्डं दाम च दधतं पाण्डवसखमर्च्यमर्चयामि कदा ॥

    रम्यतमोदरजघनं कम्रोरुं वृत्तजानुयुगजञ्गम् । रक्ताब्जसदृशपादं हस्ताभ्याम् त्वाऽर्चयामि सदय कदा ॥

    दोषातिदूरं शुभगुणराशिं दासिकृताखिलानिमिषम् । भूषणभूषितगात्रं नेत्राभ्यां चित्रचरित वीक्षे त्वाम् ॥

    मध्वप्रतिष्ठितं त्वां विध्वस्ताशेषकुजनकुलम् । मूर्धना प्रणम्य याचे तद्विरचय यद्धितं ममाद्य हरे ॥

    स्तुतिमिति पुण्यकथन ते प्रथितकृते वादिराजयतिरकृत । सततं पठतां हि सतामतिविशदां देहि कृष्ण विततमतिम् ॥

    इति श्रीमद्वादिराजपुज्यचरणविरचिता श्रीकृष्णस्तुतिः समाप्ताः ॥

    Note : this shloka was composed by Sri VAadiraj pujyacharan swamiji to aid a blind Bhakta to have vision . VAADIRAJARu asked him to recite this daily 100 times and the person got the vision . This shloka gives relief from all the trouble of eyes .

    SOmetime when Shree Vrundavanacharya was ruling , one of the bhaktas came to see SHREE KRISHNA and was unable to see the pratima of the LORD KRISHNA … Vrundavanaacharya  gave him this very shloka , after 1000 recitals LORD krishna could be seen by the Bhakta .

    So this excellent of shlokas can be recited by all those who have eye troubles , fear of loss of vision , or those aspiring regaining of vision , partial vision or those undergoing operation of eyes can recite these shlokas …

    Those desirous of having DARSHAN OF LORD in the heart can also recite this Shloka through purashcharana .


    ॐ ॥ विदारितनिशाचरौ विशदवेदविद्याकरौ प्रपन्नजनतावनौ प्रशिथिलीकृताश्वाननौ । मनोरमतमकृती मदनमानिताधःकृती वराहतुरगाननौ वनजलोचनौ नौम्यहम् ॥

    वराभयदरारिभिर्वलयवल्गुहस्तद्युभिः प्रबोधशुभपुस्तकप्रगुणशँखमाल्यैर्युतौ।हरिन्मणिमणिद्युती हरवितायमानस्तुती वराहतुरगाननौ वनजलोचनौ नौम्यहम् ॥

    मनोज्ञपदसारसौ महितजानुमध्योरसौ त्रिरेखशुभकन्धरौ त्रिजगदाद्ृतश्रीकरौ । विभुषणगणाश्रयौ विमलहारमालाश्रयौ वराहतुरगाननौ वनजलोचनो नौम्यहम् ॥

    रसामृतरसाञ्कितौ रसिकभक्तवर्गाञ्चितौ प्रसादभरितेक्षणौ प्रमथमण्डलीशिक्षणौ ।विरुद्धधुरसञ्गरौ महितशक्तितोऽभंगुरौ वराहतुरगाननौ वनजलोचनो नौम्यहम् ॥

    सुखानुभवविग्रहौ सुजनसँघरक्षाग्रहौ विनोदजितदानवौ विलसदाकृती श्रीनवौ । भवाब्धिभयभञ्जनौ निजपदं सदा ध्यायिनां वराहतुरगाननौ वनजलोचनो नौम्यहम् ॥

    वराहतुरगास्ययोर्वरनुतिं निजैर्वश्ययोः कृपानिलयनेत्रयोः कृपणभक्तहन्मित्रयोः । यतिः शमलशान्तये यमिविमृग्यह्रद्दान्तये व्यधत्त विलसत्पदां विमलवादिराजाभिधः ॥

    ॥इति श्रीमद्वादिराजपुज्यचरणविरचितं श्रीवराहहयवदनस्तोत्रम् सम्पूर्णम् ॥


    This stotra gives

    • Stability to people in business
    • stability for those struggling in career
    • gets you a stable job
    • gets you promotion in job
    • gets one a Govt. job
    • takes one to a top post
    • it gives stability and peace in life
    • it gives innovation in ones area
    • it gets good review in profession
    • it settles a person in best possible way
    • it brings still mind and Lord stays in it .
    • it brings satsanga
    • for students bad habits and bad influence will stop
    • it will give good education and admission into good institutes
    • It will give vashikarana of near and dear ones . [ already known people]

    Note-This post is intended for preists who unertake japa tapa homa on behalf of the yejamana to releive them of doshas … ordinary people should not chant these as only anartha will come by doing so .. those who have upadesha can chant them as per their upadesha ..

    All veda mantras give phala with anushthaana .. Anushthaana is process which simplifies the difficult situation .. siddhi is dependent on the anushthaana .

    • Anushthana should be started on an auspicious day in shubh muhurta .. panchami poornima sunday thursday shbh tithi nakshatra should be known as per the prayoga ..  chitra or ashwin navaratri is best ,.
    • where the anushthaan is to be take up that place should be satvik clean and suchi . snana is imminent and swachcha vastra should be used for such purpose . always face east [ unless for maran mohan uchchatan ]  dhoop deepa should be there all through .
    • use mrugaasan for satvguna sadhana cotton dres .. rajoguni sadhan sutaasan yellow flowers reshmi vastra north facing .. tamoguna sadhna wollen asan red flowers wollen dress kambal etc ..wet facing ..
    • bramhcharya
    • do not sleep on bed or cot
    • do not use slippers /shoes
    • do not eat salt
    • one can take up vrata of annatyaga . both times milk fruits or one time food
    • no shaving hair cut
    • do not allow others to touvh you or your dress
    • do not take any help do your work your self
    • do shastradhyayan shravan manan dhyaan
    • speak only truth during anushthaana do not criticicse anyone, donot abuse , do not get angry , do not get into fight , do not cause any loss to anyone , do not use others money fortune or things , avoid tamoguni people , try to create satvik environment . increase sadaachaar .
    • take up ishta mantra do punahscharan ..[ every mantra has different tyoe of punahscharan method . must know them from guru and accordingly apply .. no general application ]
    • know any shapa is ther fo the mantra … know the upaya for removal of shaapa ..
    • know if mantra has keelaka .. ge upadesha of utkeelana .. else 1 lakh recitation will also not give any phala
    • know if rushi tarpana is required for the mantra …
    • know if shakti kunthan is thee for mantra
    • sankalpa is necessary
    • daily sankalpa is also necessary
    • know if ahuti is daily or at udyaapan for the mantra
    • knwo if pratistapana is required for mantra ..
    • knwo if  other shaktis are to be propietiated with mantra
    • know the havan samgri sambhar
    • know the havishya needed for mantra
    • know the vanaspati
    • know if vratbandha is necessary
    • know if mantap is required 
    • know if daana is required daily
    • know the mandal
    • know the number of kalash
    • know the aushadhi
    • know if any other moolmantra is also to be recited .. for sucess

    after knwoing all these

    YAjurved mantras

    pProtection from fire

    1> om aachyaa jaanu ……………….purushata karaam |

    general auspiciousness

    2> om yathema vacham …..maapo namatu | …abhi pravanta ………agnim |ghrutasya ………………………………………………..jaatavedah |

    for happy life

    1. om rutam ……aygnena kalpantaam |

    2> upayam ………..mahase tva ||

    3> om bheshajamasi …….meshye |

    for auspicous events in house

    om asau ……..esahe |

    sushloka sumangal satya rajan |

    for family peace

    om drushtva ……..prajapati | …….payomrutam madhu ||


    for releif from danger

    om samudrosi ……… devapane bhuyaat ||

    protection from demons and demonic forces

    om ye rupaani ……………………………………………………..bharantyagnishtanllokaatpranudatyasmaat ||

    for removing shatruvirodh

    devasya ……..seabhishinchaami ||

    for nirvighna pravasa

    om dropa …..kinchanaammat ||

    to get vashikarana

    eka ch me dash ch ….. |1

    …………………………………| 10

    shatam ch me sashsram …….rutajaat …..madhulakruti | 11

    to get good thoughts

    punantu ma devajanah …….. asmaan punihi chakshase |

    to get success in religious activities

    savita prasavaana …… devahutyaam svaha |1



    ———————————————————|devahutyaam svaha |17


    for quick progress in life

    hastivarchasam …………………………….

    aditi sajosha |1



    hasti mruganam …………………….

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,shinchaami mamaham|6

    for ending enemity fight between friends enemies and family members

    sahrudyam …………………..

    devaimamruta rakshamanah sayapraat saumanso vo astu |7

    for protection from enemies

    preinaan nrude … ……………………………nudamahe |

    if shatru is strnger than you

    tannatsyojah ….



    malvo …….muchyate | 10


    for bringing husband and wife together

    yatha nakulo …….dehi veeryavati


    for shoka nasha

    rudra sukta


    for daridrya naash

    durga sukta


    for roga nivaran  and veerya vriddhi

    soma sukta [ kaushitaki ]

    for court election exam etc

    vijay sukta

    for starting aventure

    sanrakshan sukta

    for external peace  ie in employment business general trasactions . court divorce litigations etc ..property division national calamity and for general when there is no mental peace

    bahya shanti sukta


    for internal peace .. like failure , stress , shoka bhya chinta nirasha , krodha kaam , kuvichara kusanskaara all these lead to continuous mental unhapiness ashantata for all such use

    antah shanti sukta for you have gained something and want to safeguard it and feel it can be destroyed by someone .. use

    bhadra sukta

    for in todays world one has totally materialistic objective .. gaining vehicles houses wealth and be among the most succesful is the motto of life .. when pursuing such motto one becomes totally shrewd and uses all kinds of tactics harmful or otherwise to reach one’sgoal this leads to degeneration of mind and sanskaar and is hurdle to adhyatmik development ..

    so one needs atma parikshan in such situation and to get knwoledge to lead life in right way and earn welath in right way .. for all this one needs to do

    pavaman sukta

    this purifies one and get him initiated into the path of devotion .. and sucess also ,.


    FOr those who have underconfidence .. their mansaik daurbalya leads even small problems into great troubles which cannot be handled ..

    for all such people to face problems with dhairya and win ..

    one must use


    HAVING good friends is great asset always .. some are without friends and get freinds of useless character .. who are of no use to themselves or others .. but a good friend wil always be the side in trouble or happiness .. such a friend is great boon ..

    use mitra sukta to befriend all in your vicinity ..

    Use yama sukta to get disciplines

    krishnarpanamastu ..






    गृहाणामादिरादित्योऽ लोकरक्षणकारकः । विषमस्थानसम्भूताम् पीडाम् हरतु मे रवी

    रोहिणीशः सुधामूर्तिः सुधागात्रः सुधाशनः । विषमस्थानसम्भूताम् पीडाम् हरतु मे विधुः

    भूमिपुत्रो महातेजा जगताम् भयकृतसदा । वृष्टिकृदवृष्टिहर्ता च पीडाम् हरतु मे कुजः

    उत्पातरूपी जगताम् चंद्रपुत्रो महाद्युतिः । सूर्यप्रियकरो विद्वान पीडाम् हरतु मे बुधः

    देवमंत्री विशालाक्षः  सदा लोकहिते रतः । अनेक शिष्य संपूर्णः पीडाम् हरतु मे गुरुः

    दैत्यमंत्री गुरुस्तेषाम् प्रणवश्च महाद्युतिः । प्रभुस्तारागृहाणाम् च पीडाम् हरतु मे भृगुः

    सूर्यपुत्रो दीर्घदेहो विशालाक्षः शिवप्रियः । दीर्घचारः प्रसंन्नात्मा पीडाम् हरतु मे शनिः

    महाशिर्षो महावक्त्रो दीर्घदंष्ट्रो महाबलः । अतनुश्चोर्ध्वकेशश्च पीडाम् हरतु मे तमः

    अनेकरुप वर्णैश्च शतशोऽथ सहस्रशः । उत्पातरुपी जगताम् पीडाम् हरतु मे शिखि

    ॥इति नवगृहपीडापरिहारस्तोत्रम् संपूर्णम् ॥



    प्रह्लादाह्लादहेतुं सकलगुणगणं सच्चिदानंदमात्रं  सैंहासह्योग्रमूर्तिं सदभयमरिशंखौ रमां बिभ्रतं च ।

    अंहस्संहारदक्षं विधिभवविहगेन्द्रेन्द्रचंद्रादिवंद्य रक्षोवक्षोविदारोल्लसदमलदृशं नौमि लक्ष्मीनृसिंहम् ॥

    वामंाकस्थधराकराञ्जलिपुटप्रेमातिह्रष्टान्तरं सीमातीतगुणं फणीन्द्रफणगश्रीमान्यपादाम्बुजम् ।

    कामाद्याकेचक्रशञ्ख ‍‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌सुवरोद्दामाभयोद्यत्करं सामादीडय्वराहरूममलं हे मानसे तं स्मर ॥

    कोलाय लसदाकल्पजालाय वनमालिने नीलाय निजभक्तौघपालाय हरये नमः ।

    धात्रीं शुभगुणपात्रीमादायाशेषविबुधमोदाय शेषे तमिममदोषे धातुं  हातुं च शंकिनम् शंके ।

    नमोऽस्तु हरये युक्तिगिरये निर्जितारये । सम्तगुरवे कल्पतरवे परवेदिनाम् ॥

    ॥इति श्रीमद्वादिराजपुज्यचरणविरचितं श्रीनृसिंहवराहस्तोत्रं संपूर्णम् ॥

    1. This stotra relieves one from doshas of RAHU .
    2. it removes guru chandal dosha
    3. it gives good mental state of mind
    4. it grants auspicious qualities
    5. it grants that special reasoning which would result in happiness ,pride among peers
    6. it removes doshas that are left even after performing japa homa tapa remedies .
    7. it removes fears of planets ,bad times and ill luck
    8. it gives a able guru
    9. it releases one from the grip of wrong people wrong philosophy
    10. This stotra brings the  grace of VARAH NARSIMHA who is  like kalpvruksha in granting the desires .


    || shrI nRusiMhavarAhastOtram ||

    OM || prahlaadaahlaadahEtuM sakalaguNagaNaM sacchidaanaMdamaatraM
    saiMhaasahyOgramoortiM sadabhayamarishaMkhou ramaaM bibhrataM cha |
    aMhassaMhaaradakShaM vidhibhavavihagEMdrEMdrachaMdraadivaMdyaM
    rakShOvakShOvidaarOllasadamaladRushaM noumi lakShmInRusiMham || 1 ||

    sImaatItaguNaM phaNIMdraphaNagashrImaanyapaadaaMbujam |
    saamaadIDyavaraaharoopamamalaM hE maasanE taM smara || 2 ||

    kOlaaya lasadaakalpajaalaaya vanamaalinE |
    nIlaaya nijabhaktoughapaalaaya harayE namaH || 3 ||

    dhaatrIM shubhaguNapaatrImaadaayaashEShavibudhamOdaaya |
    shEShE tamimamadOShE dhaatuM haatuM cha shaMkinaM shaMkE || 4 ||

    namOstu harayE yuktigirayE nirjitaarayE |
    samastaguravE kalpataravE paravEdinaam || 5 ||

    || iti shrImadvaadiraajapUjyacharaNavirachitaM shRInRusiMhavaraahastOtraM saMpUrNam ||

    courtesy Hariprasad

    || ಶ್ರೀ ನೃಸಿಂಹವರಾಹಸ್ತೋತ್ರಮ್ ||

    ಓಂ || ಪ್ರಹ್ಲಾದಾಹ್ಲಾದಹೇತುಂ ಸಕಲಗುಣಗಣಂ ಸಚ್ಚಿದಾನಂದಮಾತ್ರಂ
    ಸೈಂಹಾಸಹ್ಯೋಗ್ರಮೂರ್ತಿಂ ಸದಭಯಮರಿಶಂಖೌ ರಮಾಂ ಬಿಭ್ರತಂ ಚ |
    ಅಂಹಸ್ಸಂಹಾರದಕ್ಷಂ ವಿಧಿಭವವಿಹಗೇಂದ್ರೇಂದ್ರಚಂದ್ರಾದಿವಂದ್ಯಂ
    ರಕ್ಷೋವಕ್ಷೋವಿದಾರೋಲ್ಲಸದಮಲದೃಶಂ ನೌಮಿ ಲಕ್ಷ್ಮೀನೃಸಿಂಹಮ್ || ೧ ||

    ಸೀಮಾತೀತಗುಣಂ ಫಣೀಂದ್ರಫಣಗಶ್ರೀಮಾನ್ಯಪಾದಾಂಬುಜಮ್ |
    ಸಾಮಾದೀಡ್ಯವರಾಹರೂಪಮಮಲಂ ಹೇ ಮಾಸನೇ ತಂ ಸ್ಮರ || ೨ ||

    ಕೋಲಾಯ ಲಸದಾಕಲ್ಪಜಾಲಾಯ ವನಮಾಲಿನೇ |
    ನೀಲಾಯ ನಿಜಭಕ್ತೌಘಪಾಲಾಯ ಹರಯೇ ನಮಃ || ೩ ||

    ಧಾತ್ರೀಂ ಶುಭಗುಣಪಾತ್ರೀಮಾದಾಯಾಶೇಷವಿಬುಧಮೋದಾಯ |
    ಶೇಷೇ ತಮಿಮಮದೋಷೇ ಧಾತುಂ ಹಾತುಂ ಚ ಶಂಕಿನಂ ಶಂಕೇ || ೪ ||

    ನಮೋಸ್ತು ಹರಯೇ ಯುಕ್ತಿಗಿರಯೇ ನಿರ್ಜಿತಾರಯೇ |
    ಸಮಸ್ತಗುರವೇ ಕಲ್ಪತರವೇ ಪರವೇದಿನಾಮ್ || ೫ ||

    || ಇತಿ ಶ್ರೀಮದ್ವಾದಿರಾಜಪೂಜ್ಯಚರಣವಿರಚಿತಂ ಶೀನೃಸಿಂಹವರಾಹಸ್ತೋತ್ರಂ ಸಂಪೂರ್ಣಮ್ ||

    courtesy N Hariprasad

    Daksha Prajapati says ” father ,mother, guru, brother ,son, servants and dependents and those who look forward to us ..abhyagat, atithi and agni ..all these are to be looked after by a grahastha .. these come under POSHYA VARGA ..one must feed them at all times .. one must protect them at all times ..

    MANU says the above mentioned poshyavarga should be protected and for this one requires money , thus one has to do dhansanchay … ie earn money … to protect the bodies sharira deha of poshyavarga dependents .  For this one has to do dhan sanchay or sangraha according to the directions that has been laid for one’s jati and ashrama only  .  one must not push oneself into nindita [ shameful professions ] one should not do prohibited karya ,.. and one should also not earn wealth by giving lot of trouble to ones own body …

    Daksha says ” divide the part of dayinto 8 … and in that third part should be utilised for the earning of wealth for dependents . ”

    BRAMHANA  has to do 1.adhyaapan means teaching  lessons 2. adhyayan  learning lessons 3. yajan  means to do yagnya and other vedokta karya . 4. yaajan means getting yangya done for others 5 . daan to give daan 6. pratigraha means to take daana … these are six karmas

    but out of this six //  getting yagynas for others …. taking daana from parishuddha clean satvik yejamana … and teach the lessons … these three a bRAMHANA can keep as options for living an earning … BUT he should do them compulsorily is not a rule .

    GAUTAM says ” bramhana kshatriya vaishya are dwijatis because they are born aain by a upanayana .. these dwijatis /// should do compulsorily adhyayan yajan and daan ….

    But adhyaapan yaajan and pratigraha is exclusive rights of BRAMHANA only others must not do this .. BUT BRAMHANA should do them only when necessary not as compulsion ..

    apart from three KSHATRIYA should live by shastra and astra and he should protect the people ..that is kshatriyas jeevanopaaya .. OPENING a shop and doing trade and rearing cattle and protecting cattle and doing agriculture can be taken as jeevan upaya [modes of earning for ] vaishya .

    Yagnyavalkya says a vaishya should live by

    1. giving money on interest
    2. agriculture
    3. taking one good at lesser cost and selling at higher cost is known as vanijya
    4. protecting animals [rearing cattle ]

    among cattle SHANKHA muni has said some special about COW and its raising by vaishyas

    • one must not drink water before cows had drunk water
    • when cows are standing one must not sit
    • one must not move  a cow which is sitting or sleeping, by force
    • one must use green just erupted plants to wake up cows .. one must not use sticks or batons
    • one must not force ox into steep places or places where there is no water
    • one must take care personally by personal pesence the sick , young , or very aged or tired cattles with all possible upachaara .
    • one must relieve them from pain and difficulties as much as possible as far as possible within one limits .

    one who does not do as said above will get undesired results .

    there are seven ways in which a money can come to a person .

    1. daay means  wealth  which comes by inheritance of dynasty ..
    2. labh means wealth got from under the ground as nidhi ..
    3. kraya means getting a goods at a gain ..[ these three daaya labh and kraya is common for all the three bramhanas kshatriyas and vaishyas ]
    4. jaya means winning from enemies this is fit for kshatriyas
    5. prayoga means using the wealth for interest banking or transactions
    6. karmayoga means  agriculture and vanijya [ these are fit for vaishyas ]
    7. satparigraha means taking daana from sajjanas [ this is exclusively for bramhanas ]

    AMong all the means of wealth .. for second one VISHNU bhagavaan in Vishnu smriti has laid special rules ..

    • A bramhana if he gets wealth as treasure , he can keep everything for himself ..
    • if a kshatriya gets wealth as treasure then he has to make four parts of the wealth ..  one part he should give to KING second part he should give to bramhanas as daana … and rest two part he can keep it to himself
    • if a vaishya gets a treasure then he should also make three parts .. one he should give it to king and two parts he must give it to bramhanas … and one part he can keep it with himself ..
    • if a shudra gets treasure he should make twelve parts of it … five parts he must give to king and five parts to bramhanas .. and two parts he can keep it .. [ kanaka dasa did this thats why he was called kanaka dasa ]
    • One can live by two types of living .. ruta and amruta
    • one can also live by two more methods knwn as mruta and pramruta
    • sanyanruta means vanijya one cn live by it
    • serving menials [ neecha seva ] is known as shvavrutti this one should never do

    Smrutimuktavali –

    when a agriculturist has taken all his grains from the farm .. when his harvest is over .. and has left the farm for next season .. at that time when someone goes to the farm and collects left over dhanya grains and living by that is known as UNCH vrutti .. .. instead of that complete grains if one just picks up few strands  unplucked and lives by the grains in it .. is known as SHEEL vrutti ..

    this sheel and unch vrutti is known as ruta 

    living by something which comes all by itself without asking for is known as AMRUT

    everyday living by bheeksha is known as mruta

    living by agriculture is known as pramruta ..

    opening a shop and living is known as satyanruta which involves speaking some truth and lies .. it can also mean vanijya

    living by serving people lesser in qualities oneself is known as living by shvavrutti ..[ means living like a dog ]

    out of these under any circumstances a bramhana should not resort to shvavrutti

    out of six earlier once are better than later ones

    yagnyavalkya says –

    1. one who has capacity to save grains worth a box is kusuldhanyak
    2. four mushthi [ handful] grains is known as ” kudupa” …..four kudupa makes one “prastha ” four prastha makes one “adaka ”  four adaka grains makes one ‘DRONA ” two drona makes one “KHARIKA ”  three KHARIKAS makes one “BHAAR ”  four bhaar becomes one kumbhika .. SO second type of collector is one who saved KUMBHIKA DHANYA and is known as KUMBHIDHANYAK
    3. one who has saved for a three days worth food grains is known as “Tryahika “
    4. one who uses the grain brought the same day not keeping anything for next day is known as “Ashvastan”

    kusuldhanya is one who does all the six karmas of bramhana .. kunhidhanyak is one who does only three trayhik does only yaajan and adhyaapan .. ashvastan does only adhyaapan ..

    PARASHARA says in kaliyuga bramhana along with six karmas should do agriculture also but he must produce everything by himself and then do panchyagnya ..

    kshatriya must also do agriculture but all by himself .. vaishyas can do agriculture and vanijya and can do yajan and daana ..

    shudra must only do agriculture and vanijya … he must not do yajan etc ..

    HARITASA says ..

    eight bulls and agriculture with it is known as dharma .. six bulls can not  be sadhan to dharma  it can be only for self sustainance … using four is known as ghatuk .. and two bulls is known as neecha /// using calves , vehicles should not be used for agriculture .. old ox should not be used … one should use bulls only till afternoon fron morning aftre that one must bathe them .. decorate them and give them food fit for bramhanas ..

    1/30 part of agriculture should be used for bramhanas .. 1/20 part for devatas and pitrus .. by this sins acrued in kaliyuga by doing agriculture doesnt come for a bramhana kshatriya or vaishya …

    1/6 should be given as tax

    shudra should live by serving others .. and live by salary given … if salary is not given by others .. then he can live selling goods .

    devala says by which karm shudras can serve bramhana kshatriya vaishya … ? thaose work is known as shilpa karma [ engineering construction ] karuk karma panyavyavahara … finacial transacions .. process works .. designs chitra karma … sangeeta nartana .. music fashion …. veena tamata ..vaadya .. all these sudras can do ….

    when in need one can ask money …. a praja can ask money to a king …. a guru can ask money to shishya .. purohit can ask yejamaan 

    when in much troubles a bramhana can ask money from any jaati ….

    good money or bad money when it reaches raaj kosha it becomes pure .. so one can alwasy take money from king … fresh graduates must alwasy ask king for their livelihood …

    one must not take money from patit …

    the items that can be taken from patit also are

    • bed
    • grass
    • house
    • perfumes
    • iron parts
    • flowers
    • precious stones
    • curds
    • grains
    • fish
    • milk
    • meat
    • vegetables
    • these items if they come all by itselves without asking for even if they belong to patit can be accepted in apattakala
    • yagnyavalkya adds water to above items and says if they come all by itself it shoudl not be rejected

    but all the item are known as amrut vastu … hey can be accepted in toubled times … but then by accepting … for 15 years after acceptance pitrus will not accept pinda .. ie even if shraddha is done pitrus do not accept tem …

    agni does not take his havishya in homa to devtas

    amrut vastu can be accepted but if they belong to /// a vyabhichirini , napunsaka .. a hari nindak .shatru . vaidya ,hunter ,gambler murderer . it should not be accepted …  [YAMA VACHAN]

    bramhana when faced with death situation can give upadesha for saving his life ..he can do yaajan too .. he can eat at ayogya’s house too and take daana from him ..but he can do this only if he has a old parents to look after .. a pativrata stree .. a small child …one can do 100s of sins to save them and look afer them

    when faced with extreme hunger one can eat anything .. if one does not get anything to eat for six consecutive meals … then one can eat anything he will not get any sins … vaamdeva ate dog but did not get any sins … ajigarta muni killed his own child when unable to bear the hunger  he did not get any sins .. BHARADWAAJ muni unable to bear hunger accepted to eat infinite cows … pressed with hunger VISHWAMITRA snatched  the half eaten testicles of dog from the hands of chandaala … he did not get any asuchi or sin … no did he get any ill fame they all were praised as one who knew dharma and adharma ..

    so in nutshell in apatkaal one must do all akaarya also to save one’s life ..

    when there is scope for living with ones own way of life one should not live like others .. when there is no scope fo living in ones own prescribed method .. one should try for other living ..

    one should not live by giving money on interest ..  ieven if one gets lot of troubles .. says narad muni ..

    But koorma puraana says .. one can live by giving money on interest in tiimes of trouble but thye should try to leave it as early as possible ..

    now two authorities are contradicting … SMRITIMUKTAVALI reconciles thus ..

    taking money from other on interest and giving it at higher interest is known as VARDHOOSHIKI .. this should not be done .. one can give ones own money on interest and live with that interest till apatkaal is over ..

    vasishtha says .. keep in one side of scale the sins of abortion .. and on the other side the sins of  giving money through vardhooshiki .. the abortion one looks lighter ..

    for one year one must charge 25 paise interest on rs 100  .. ie 0.25% pa ..

    following should not be sold ..

    1. fruits
    2. ruby
    3. madi vastra
    4. somarasa
    5. humans
    6. sweet apup
    7. cane juice
    8. til
    9. cooked rice [hotel ]
    10. salt
    11. milk
    12. curds
    13. ghee
    14. water
    15. arms
    16. alcohol
    17. honey
    18. jaggery
    19. grass
    20. gopichandan
    21. skins
    22. flowers
    23. posion
    24. butermilk
    25. chamar
    26. resham
    27. lands
    28. meat
    29. horses
    30. glass
    31. ginger
    32. cattles
    33. perfumery
    34. sprouts
    35. liquids

    but  shudras can sell the above items  but not bramhanas ..

    GAUTAM says barter can be done in any form

    one can give milk can take curds … give cooked food and take liquids  in return or nay other cooked food ..

    when one wants to do dharma karya one can give him til and take in return equivalent of weight any other thing but  not money …

    One must earn to look after poshyavarga  ..all the earnings should be accomplished between 9 and 10.30 am .. only …

    one must spend less and keep oneself happy.  

    one should have hot rice to eat , he should have ghee to be put on it .. tht is enough .. the dress one wears if it is not tearing that is enough ./.. if there is no necessity to serve others .. that is enough ..

    having anna food as said above and dress as said above and does not have misfortune to serve a menial only that MAN IS FORTUNATE


    krishnarpana ..

    KAKOLA kshetra !

    Sripadarajaru is the first person o have started the dasa parampara . SriPadarajaru [ DHRUVA amsha ] ..had only sukha in his prarabdha ..so he enjoyed only success and happiness all through his life . Sripadarajaru has established a BRUNDAVANA anatargat  CHATURBHUJA VENUGOPALA SWAMY in this wonderful place of KAKOLA .

    KAKOLA is 30 km to the west of BANGALORE .This is very interesting place where much of action druing RAMAYANA and MAHABAHRATA has taken place here and place is full of HARI SANNIDHI with numerous incidents attributed to it and various temples of Heritage .

    To the west of Bangalore is a mountain by name RAAMGIRI where SUGREEVA has built a temple of LORD RAAMA during his times . KAKOLA is the place around it . there is pond by the name VYASARGHATTA [ which is now known as hesarghatte here which has history behind it ] .

    The kshetrapalak for this place is VEERBHADRA swamy and graam devata is benki maramma . KANAKADASARU has himself worshipped Bhakti lingeshwar here .

    VYASARAYA has established a pranadevaru here .

    Once during VANAVASA SRIRAMACHANDRA came to KAMYAKVANA  forest . there residing on this mountain RAAMGIRI ..LAXMAN goes down hill to bring some fruits ..and SRIRAAMCHANDRA is resting with his lap on the thighs of SEETAMATA … there on the hill was also residing a demon by name KURANGA . Kuranga infatuated with beauty of SEETAMATAji harboured a desire to touch her . But fearing the curse fo SEETADEVI , did not dare to do it directly … By then JAYANT the son of INDRA came there in the form of a crow … Kuranga entered JAYANT’s eye … and now JAYANT went forward towards SEETADEVI and pirced his beak into her breast ..SEETADEVI bore the pain such that SRIRAMA would not get disturbed .. but the blood that sprinkled onto the LORD RAAMA as crow bit SEETADEVI .. disturbed the sleep and LORD RAAMA angered at the mischief of crow took a grass and incanted an astra onto it and left the weapon  towards the crow ..  the crow ran for its life .. it went to each and every devata but everyone refused to give it shelter as astra was chasing it for fear of RAMA .. finally BRAMHAji asked JAYANT KAKASUR [ KAK + asur KURANGA ]  to seek pardon from LORD RAAMA himself .. LORD RAAMA forgave JAYANT but as astra could not go waste asked it to destroy the demon in the eye of JAYANT and thus from then on Crows are having only one eye .

    JAYANT asked pardon .. and to atone for his sins .. JAYANT stayed there and by the side of river ARKAVATY took a bath  in the pond nearby .. this pond relieved him of all the sins .. and then He built a great city on the banks of the riiver which came to be known as KAKASUR PAttana … over the period of time since it is related to KAKA and KOLA [ the pond in which he got relieved of sins ] the place came to be known as KAKKOLA … KAKOLA ..

    The pond is known as MARALUBHAVI …nearby was a AGRAHAAR[ the place of dwelling of only BRAMHANAs ] by name haarvarhalli .

    Once there lived a BRAMHANA who was very pious and was everyday taking bath in this KOLA pond as a part of his niyama . One day as the BRAMHAN was moving towards the pond for a bath , a dog was repeatedly obstructing his way .. however hard the bRAMHANA tried the dog was not leaving him and was hell bent upon preventing him from going to pond and was repeatedly threatening him to bite . BRAMHANA took a large stone and threw at the dog and it got badly bruised in the leg … but still limping its way from another route it preceded the pious BRAMHANA  and jumped into the pond ../ immediately a big crocodile hiding at the banks gulped the DOG .

    The scene pained the vipra very much , to some extent it surprised him too .. thinking it was He who should have actually become a victim of crocodile but DOG gave up its life to save him …Bramhana thought what could have been the runanubandha of previous life with this dog that it saved his life by sacrificing its own life … SO BRAMHANA did the uttarakriya of the dog to payback the runa … [ he did the death ceremonies to the dog to ensure its good after life ]

    BArmhana considered the dog as his aptabandhu , close relative and also stopped going to the pond as it had become apavitra by the death of a dog in it … and as the time passed by bRAMAHANA also left his mortals in the thoughts of dog and its sacrifice .. ..

    even though KAKASUR was relieved with sins by the pond the death of dog had reduced it to unused pond thereafter having a a negative vibe allthrough it lost its sanctity . and so also water dried in the pond …. For local festival of temples , the water from this pond was earlier used but now this practise had stopped completely and so also the festivities a sthere was no sacred water body nearby …KAKOL was considered as KURBURU KASHI for the community known as KURUBA’s .. now since there procession and festivities and village fair and community gathering had all stopped so to find a solution the the community decided to have a sabha .. Great KANAKADASARU also belongs to this community of KURUBa … so he brought his GURU SriVYASARAYARU  to the sabha to give them a solution and revive the fetsivities ..

    VYASARAYARU with his tapas shakti and samprokshan kriya etc ,. saw to it that WATER again sprouted in the pond .. as the water sprouted AGAIN [ MARALU in kannada ] this came to be knwon as MARALUBHAVI …

    Sripadarajaru [ guru of sri VAYASARAYRU ] used to everyday give naivedya of 64 sweets to SRIGOPINATH swamy which he was worshipping .. This tradition was incessantly without break going on for years .. one day his followers had daitya avesha .. they contemplated , why not bring a break to this tradition ,if we take SRIPADARAYRU to a jungle then he would not be able to prepare these many 64 sweets in jungle as there will be lack of raw material … so they started scheming to somehow take ACHARYA to a deep jungle ..

    One fine day followers said  ” SRIgale ! it has  been a long time since we have gon on sanchaar … sanchaar is necessary for mutt to keep in touch with other followers of our tradition and also common people will get your blessings .. why not go for sanchaara … ”

    ACHARYA having known the internal mindset and conspiracy of the shishyas .. and thinking these have not known yet that what ever happens is by the wish of loRD if he seeks 64 sweets from him daily , it is his wish and not that SRIPADARAYARU is offering it .. so if he wishes to have it elsewhere he will still have it . the moment this known , shishyas will get relieved of the ill feelings ”

    so ACHARYA said okay lets go , and all the  materials needed for one weeks time to prepare the sweets and naivedya for lord was loaded and travel began ..

    as the troop entered a deep jungle they stopped by evening sunset and BHAGAVAT lecture was daily conducted by acharya .. and during day the troop travelled .. but unfortunately the week got over … the stock also got over … the next day how the shishya will be fed .. was worry of some and some were rejoicing now let us see how guruji will prepare 64 sweets … meanwhile .. after taking bath .. Guru SRIPADARAYRU was enjoying  a mild sunshine coming through the leaves and bushes of deep jungle and was not at all worried about the empty stock .. and suddenly acharya was seeing the RAASKRIDA of KRISHNA before him ..in that beautiful jungle ..

    VRUND means group .. VAN means flora fauna and animals and flowers and rivers and the happines that this natural beauty gives rise to …DEVATAS run towards such a VRAUNDAVANA thinking KRISHNA Will come there for RAASKRIDA ..

    AFter having come to the beautiful place , INDRA and other devats plead KRISHNA to show his beautiful original rupa /… KRISHNA takes the form of chaturbhuja one with four hands .. WIth two hands he holds a shankhu and Chakra and with the other two he holds a flute and and plays a beautiful tune … the tune is so mesmerising that cows around run towards hima nd with raise ears immersed in his music lovingly look towards him gathered around him … this beautiful image of SRIKRISHNA GOPINATH is the aradhya moorty of the SRIPADARAJARU and he is visualising this in front of his eyes ..

    The gopikas after SRikrishna left for mathura were beareaved , as though there were beautiful rivers , the sounds of koyal . chirping of birds ., dry levaes onto the ground , dancing of peacock, running deers ,rabbits trotting around , soothing wind and sunshine yet absence of KRISHNA was looming largely in the minds of gopikas , just as SRPARAYARU was visualising all these . a servant came by and  said . ” oh Guruji there is nothing left in the stock for the naivedya how will we prepare 64 sweets ”

    acharya says ” SRIKRISHNA himself has called me to this place there is design of his behind this . he will make arrangements for his naivedya else I would ask KRISHNA to give us neccessary stock ”

    Thereby a group of bullockcarts with whictling sounds of calf bells came by .. a group got down and after paying obeisance namaskaara to ACHARYA one of the elders said ” oh great man . we are from KAKOLA , of the dynasty – shashthik , gotra HARITASA , name of familly avalakkimane …we are village heads by profession …we are a big family and own the entire land on he side of arkavaty river nearby ..

    We all together with family were going to TIRUPATI ..we had gathered stock for lasting many days to eat ..but we got a dream in the night by lord SRINIVASA that we should take the stock to nearby place , where we will get darshan of a great MAN whose darshan will fetch same punya of tirupati visit .. and at the same time not get bothered by the thought missing the visit , the HOLY man will arrange for a permanent darshan of mY own rupa and your family shall ever worship me in that form for generations .. and then a cow gave a cry AMBAA////

    Kinldy accept the stock ./// SRIPADARAYARU happy at the LORDS grace on him ./and saved him from vratabhanga …

    That day again in deep jungle 64 sweets were prepared for LORD GOPINATHA ..

    Then all the shishyas feel on the feet of ACHARYA and begged pardon ..

    ACHARYA forgave them .. and then asked the village heads that he has been seeing LORD KRISHNA of four hands all through the day so he would like to establish Vrundavanatargat CHATURBHUJA VENUGOPALA SWAMY .. a beautiful idol was created in coming days , and WIth VYASRAYA at the helm and all the mathadhipatis of three samparadayas [ advaita vishishtaadvaita and dvaita ] and KINGS of Vijayanagar a beautiful temple was erected and CHTURBHUJA VENUGOPALA SWAMY was installed on the banks of arkavaty ..iN AND AROUND THIS TEMPLE vyasaraya HAS ESTABLISHED 34 hanuman idols .. ALL THESE IDOLS HAVE  HANUMAN and to show BHEEMA hanuman is carrying SAUGANDHIKA flower and to symbolise MADHVACHARYA he is wearing tulasimala and carryinga  staff [danda ] and orange robes .. and there shanku chakra by the side ..

    vyasraya then worshipped for 48 days here ..

    In the ecstasy of building dam in 1920 this place on the banks of river along with divine temple got immersed in the dam construction activity to facilitate the waters to BANGALORE city .. the temple was relocated to KAKOLA .. and what exist today is this very new temple ..relocated .. …

    whole reloaction was going on a place was chosen ..the entire group of labourers started vomiting and falling uncosnscious … when work was stopped .. a snake cme by and showed a slab .. when that place was enquired about a old villagers said that place had beautiful krishna temple many years ago .. and snake was asking the new temple to be built here only .. and as everyone agreed snake left the place .. a beaufiful temple for a snake has also been built at this spot ..

    SO the temple has DHANALAKSHMIPATI  SRINIVASA as temple ..

    thsoe who pry him for them sansaara will be only till waist .and this swamy gives health wealth and relievs one off sins here ..

    there is DHANALASKMI which when worshipped gives much wealth and saubhagya ..many people have become millionaires worshipping this diety ..

    then there is DHANLAXMINARSIMHA temple when wrshipped would give relief from troubles .. all peple nearby start auspicious work after wroshipping this nARSIMHA .

    then there is AAGDEVATA PRATISTHA worshipping it will give relief from skin diseases , good progeny sarpa shaapa matru shaapa relief

    DATTATREYA temple .. worshipping in this temple would give peace and  to children and prosperity in their education … it gives CHETANA anubhava  ..

    DAkshineshwar .. this linga was obtained through dream while temple was being constructed .. this was already existing ling with a shaligrama below it .. normally rudra devaru is given ardha pradakshina but whereever there is shaligrama below it full pradakshina can be done .. there is mark of bow and arrow on the linga ,, this is said to be 1000 year old linga ..

    worshipping rudra here gives , peace of mind . good conjugal relationship .and longevity ..

    by the side of RUDRA is DAKSHAYINI ..it is said that gopikastree used to worship dakshayini to get their beloved KRISHNA .. so worshipping this gives good marraige ,

    By the side of this is DHANAVANTARI GANESH .. ganapaty in the pose of DHANVANTARI with amrutkalash ..shanku chakra ..

    worshipping this ganapaty gives good health relief from many diseases ..and vighna nasha ..

    Next is the prakara is DANDAPANI temple //

    worshipping him one can get relieved from hearing loss , speech defects , loss of concentration .  relief from barrenness .. expertise in MUSIC AND DANCE ..

    then there is navagraha temple // and entrance has a two poles with shanku chakra on outer side and innerside is idols of PURAMDARDASA and KANAKADASA .. and infront is HANUMAN and garuda ..









    Vyasaraja Vaishishtya !


    Vyasaraj pratishthita HANUMAN

    Bhrigu rishi is Manas putra of Bramha . Bhrigu rishi amsha came on to earth as Shri Vijaydasaru , who was aparoxa gyaani . NArad Muni the guru of Bhrigu rishi also became guru to Vijayadasru through Narad amsha Purandar Dasaru .

    As both of them  were aparoxa gyanis they could see many extraordinary events and have recorded them in their compositions

    Vijayadasaru says

    ” Prahalaadane Vyasmuni Raghavendraru | ahudendu bhajisiro vijayviththal oliva |”

    Madhvacharya says there is no difference between amsha and amshi ..so also there is no difference between VYASARAJ and RAghvendra Swamy , so also Vijaydasaru confirms that and directs all the devotees to believe that they are one and  same  jeeva and worshipping thus will only  bring the grace and favour of VijayVIththal

    Though a Rakshas Prahalaadraya did not have any qualities of demons . That is because he is a DEVATA in his moolaswaroopa . He is SHankukarna a devata in the service of LOrd Brahma ..Every day Shankukarna used to bring tulasi to the Pooja of MOOLARAMA in the Bramhaloka .. once he failed to bring Tulasi in time for the pooja of MoolRAAMA . Bramha Deva cursed him to be born as Demon ..

    MAdhvacharya says Devatas are all aparoxa gyaani , they do not have sanchita agaami karma phala .. so Shankukarna getting cursed is not owing to the mistake or karma [ either sanchita or agaami ] but it is Prarabdha ,. so therefore Bramhadeva cursing him is also a anugraha and not shaapa per se … the result of which is that even after being a DEMON , Prahalaad still had devaswabhava , he had divine qualities despite being born as Demon .

    Hiranyakashipu went into penace and with it he made all the lokas unbearable for dwelling due to the heat emanating from him .. pleased Bramha asked him to seek a boon ..

    Could he not ask for Gyaan Bhakti vairagya ! atleast some sadgunas , good qualities . BUt how could he ask for it ? his heart was filled with HALAHAL ..not a ordinary halaahal , but poison of HARIDWESHA in his heart [ by the avesha of KALI ] Dwesha means hate, this hate is reason for all the bad qualities [durgunas] in any person .

    Hiranyakashipu was this hate personified . his mind was boiling with the precipitated force of ahankaar and mamakaar . Siddhis obtained with such mind is of no use . The whole puranas stress this point .

    There is no enemy equal to fame and self honour ..Bhagavat upholds this view .

    ” I am great , all are my servants , everywhere my greatness should remain ” keeping this motive , without caring for society or good people  ,immersed in pride if one pursues his obstinacy and does all sorts of misdeeds is the trademark of evil .

    disturbing the family who is dependent on , or without realising being the centre of gravity for the well wishers , spreading terrorism,unhappiness,jealousy ,hate in society is the very personification of Hiranyak..

    By his radiance , knowledge devotion and vairagya ,one who demolished such a viewpoint , keeping self and others unaffected by such evil and upholding the EVERTRUE LORD and showing that he alone is ever  VICTORIOUS is the personality of PRAHALAAD .Who is first among the greatest DEVOTEES .

    OUR VYASARAJ is the avatara of Prahalaad and again took avataara as RAGHAVENDRA swamy .

    Madhvacharya says Same Prahalaad with special VAYU avesha took avatara as BALHIKA in the times of MAHABHARATA .

    BALHIKA raja took birth as VYASARAJ owing to the boon of BHEEMSEN .

    Vijayadasaru writes , BALHIKA raja was son of KING PRATIP and elder brother of SHANTANU [ uncle to BHEESHMA ]  . just before the Marraige of PRATIP , his father in law had asked for a promise that one of his sons will be given in adoption to the father of Bride … as father of bride did not have any sons and wanted a successor . This is known as PUTRIKA PUTRA arrangement , So he was given in adoption to BALHIKA king even though born in Kuru vansha he ascended the throne of BALHIKA .

    Balhika was a devamsha  kshatriya , every kashtriya desires to die in battlefield to reach higher lokas. In mahabharata war he fought from the side of Duryodhan . [ HE was more aged than BHEESHMA ] .

    Balhika raja had special VAYU avesha [ MADHVACHARYA confirms this tatparya nirnay ] ..SO he had tremendous strength . He could not be defeated or killed by anyone except BHEEMSEN .

    Bheemsen had taken  a vow  that He would not raise weapon first  all by himself against anyone who is VAISHNAV .BAlhika was VAishnav and had desired to die at the hands of BHEEMSEN . SO using the avesha strength of VAYU within himself ,RAJA BALHIKA hit BHEEMSEN with gada mace [ 732 times ] . This moved the body of BHEEMSEN a bit , owing to which in a reflex BHEEMSEN hit KING BALHIKA and he immediately rolled onto ground .

    BHEEMSEN  asked BALHIKA to seek a boon .BALHIKA offered his chariot and asked a boon to be born as bramhin [ as he knew Bheemsen would take birth as bramhana ] and ascend the peetha established by him ..and should get opportunity to worship all the idols that he is worshipping . Bheemsen said ‘tathastu’ THUS PRAHALAAD amsha Balhika took avatara as VYASARAAJ .

    Out of the 14 top gotras  Vishwamitra gotra is one such gotra . Sheshagiri Sharma belonging to Vishwamitra gotra was married to the daughter of landlord and village head of BANNUR village VALLABHDEVA , her name was BHARATIDEVI .

    JAYATEERTHA muni is one of the greatest peethadhipati of MAdhva Sampradaya . his sisters’ two sons were taught by him and made them great scholars . After VIDHYADHIRAj teertharu ascended the peetha of MOOLAMAHASANSTHANA , he gave sanyasa ashrama to the two scholars and named them Shri RAJENDRA TEERTHARU and Shri KAVEENDRA teertharu .. The peetha mahasansthaana was branched into two ..

    SHri MoolRAAMa and DIgvijay RAama were given to Kaveendrateertharu and Satybhama Rukmini sahit Gopala Krishna was given to RAJENDRAteertharu ,

    SHESHAGIRI SHARMA was sisters’ son of RAJENDRA teertharu . SHESHAGIRI sharma had five sons .. All the five sons became later in seriatim peethadhipatis namely

    1. Purushottam teertharu
    2. Swarnavarna teertharu
    3. Bramhanya teertharu
    4. Laxminarayana teertharu
    5. SURENDRA teertharu

    After Purushottam teertharu Bramhanaya teertharu came onto peetha . Bramhanya teertharu is amsha of SURYA .

    Braamhanya swamy once cane to BANNUR and there one BALLANA SUMATI along with his wife pleaded swamiji to bless them as they did not have any children for a long time after marriage .

    Swamiji blessed them under one condition that last born will be handed over to the mutt . As the couple agreed . Bramhanya teertharu made a YAGNYA and havishyashesha was given to the wife of Ballana  shrimati LAxmidevi . SHe became pregnant and gave birth to a girl by name BHEEMAKKA .  Second time she gave birth to a son by name MADHVAPATI .

    Third time when she was about to deliver she had in her womb PRAHALAAD with VAYu and Shesha avesha .

    Prabhava naam samvatsara ADHIKA VAISHAKHa sudhdha saptami  Sunday . AD 1447 april 22 .  VYASARAJA . was born .

    The Boy born was not touched on to the ground [ so was the order of BRAMHANYAteertharu ] ,  so as soon as the boy was delivered , he was taken in a golden HARIVAANA [ the plate on which saligrama is kept for abhisheka etc ..]  and taken to mutt and handed over to SWAMIJI ..

    Bramhanyateertharu took the baby to KANVA river , washed his umbilical chord and raised the new born baby with the milk given as ABhisheka to GOPALAKRISHNA .

     ” what was the reason for raising the baby without BHUSPARSHA? “

    Dasaru says ” Devatas when in womb also always do PARAMATMA dhyaana [ ie they could see the LORD and prasie him through stotras even in womb ], as they are delivered , after Bhusparsha [ touching of the ground ] the parmatma dhyaana suddenly disappears . SInce there was vayu avesha and SHesha avesha , Bramhanay teertharu knew it and without Bhusparsha , raised the baby so that its devata Dhyaana did not stop and continued even after it came into world out of the womb .”

    Secondly .. there is no instance of SANYASI raising a  baby that too from the day of birth ... this is the first instance .. and then Baby was named VYASARAAJ and this name continued even after SANYASA showing This boy was born to spread the LORD’s name like VEDAVYASA .


    at the age of 5 chaula , at six aksharabhyasa and at the age of SEVEN VYASARAJA was given sanyasa . YATI at the age of SEVEN that means VAIRAGYA was complete even by SEVEN . taking river bath at birth , growing drinking only abhsheka milk , raised by a Peethadhipati , all these are pointers to vishesha VAYU AVESHA and Vyasaraj being a devamsha .

    Further Vyasaraaj was sent to SHRIPADARAJ to study . Shripadaraja though lesser in tartamya [ sripadaraja is DHRUVA avatara ] but this gave Sripadateertharu immense fame and also contributed to event that VYASARAJ worshipped TIRUPATI BALAJI for 12 years continuously in garbhagudi [ even today VYASARAj mutt is famous in Tirupati and is accorded  morning pooja ] .. such a opportunity is not seen in anyone till date .

    AD 1500 Vyasaraaj established 732 HANUMAN temples . [ Pratishtha of 732 PRANA vigraha ] [ perhaps because of this RAYARU brundavana are twice thrice this number all over INDIA ]

    AD 1498 VYASARAJ came to Vijayanagar empire there He became RAAJ GURU to CHAKRAVARTI SALUVANARSIMHA  and NARSANAYAK’s son Veersinha and KRISHNADEVARAYA .

    AD 1521  Krishnadevaraya was forewarned of KUHUYOGA which endangered his KINGDOM and his LIFE . Then A congregation of all the scholars MAntrikas and MAntragya  were consulted and called to do remedies . BUT  the force of YOGA was so high that even the most able and stalwarts did not come forward to take on the remedies as they felt they were not capable to face it .

    Shri VYASARAAJ then sat on the throne of the KRISHNADEVARAYA . At that instance KUHUYOGA to swallow [ kill ] KRISHNADEVARAYA , came in the form of SNAKE .. while everyone ran helter skelter , SHRi VYASARAJ , threw his orange robe onto the snake and it died on the spot due to the TAPAH shakti [ also due to SHESHA AVESHA ] Krihsna devaraya was relieved of great danger ..

    To show his gratitude , KRISHNADEVARAYA  donated the village of KANDAKUR

    VYASARAYARu built a pond in KANDAKUR . and he donated all the lands to able bramhins .. these are recorded in the GAZETTE and can be seen even today .

    DAAN PATRA in the gazzte at present in museum on pages 269 to 271  says

    as having given to three sons of PURANDAR DASARU //

    ” dheeman Laxmandasakhya shri purandardasjah | vasishtha gotrajo vruttidwaya matriti yajush ||

    vashishthaanvaya sambhoota shri purandar dasajah | dwijo hevandasakhyo yajushotra dwivrittika ||

    vashishtha gotra sambhoota shree purandardasajah | shreeman madhvapatidasakhyo yajushotra dwivrittika || ”

    Quoting Vaaman purana MAdhvacharya says

    one who builds the tank pond lake etc gains Preeti of HARI , and give moksha . Vyasaraj did this great work .

    shi Vyasaraj took brundavan in AD 1539 -3-8 . Vilambi naam samvatsara phalguna bahula chauti shanivaar in NAVABRUDAVAN ,

    At the time of departure  vyasaraj left his mortals through BRamharandra .. He was taken to Vaikuntha through a divine plane , accompanied by gandharvas ,singing , devatas showering flowers and HARI himself giving him a hand to seat onto plane ..taking him to VAIKUNTHA ..

    PURANDAR DASA says he has seen him seated in adivine plane and leaving for VAIKUNTHA .

    Purandar dasaru writes ‘

    ” chittasida vyasaraya chitaajanayyan sabhege ….. ”

    these words have a special meaning ..

    MADHVACHARYA has explained chitti chitta two words as follows ..

    chittirbuddhirgnyeya chittantu smruti kaaranam ” – shabdanirnay

    the part of the buddhi which is responsible for reasoning and coming to stable conclusion is known as chitti …

    the part which is responsible for recollection and memory is chitta ..

    fixed minded [chitti ] vyasaraj  rasied his udaan vayu in the heart , lifting the jeeva in the hrudya kamala and slitting the head crown  he left for the abode through sushumna .Such a death takes one to VAIKUNTHA .

    Purandardasaru writes VYASARaj as ” suryamandalgeri ”

    Mahabharath says ” only two types of persons cut through Suryamandal  after death ..

    1. Kshatriya who die in the ranaranga ie battlefield
    2. sanyasi – yogi who does dhyaan of bramharandra .

    Vysarajaru went to  VAIKUNTHA through both types ..

    Purandardasaru says ” PURANDAR vitthaalanu sirisahitadi bandu karapididettiddu kande ”

    I saw ,LOrd VITTHALA alongwith sridevi , gave a helping hand to VYASRAJA into a plane .

    VYSARAJA stayed in AMUKTA VAIKUNTHA and enjoyed the closeness of HARI for over 50 years , After 50 years due to Prarabdha he came back to earth ..Vijayadasaru writes

    TImmanacharya even though he had a son .. to get a son who would enrich their dynasty he did tapasya for 12 years in TIRUPATI along with his wife .

    Venkateshwar as if to point out 12 years of WORSHIP of  VYASARAJ . gave the couples VYASARAJ himself as son .. VYASARAJ was born as VENKANNAchar to the divine couple .. later after study , Venkanna took sanyaasa under the tutorship of SHRISUDHEENDRA TEERTHA as SHRI RAGHEVNDRA SWAMY , who is sitting in MANTRALAYA for 700 years .

    AS VYASARAJ he worshipped MOOLGOPALAKRISHNA  for 86 years without a break of single day …. [ as BHEEMSEN had given boon to worship all the idols , by then MOOLRAMA was with KAveendrateertharu ] so HE again came back to WORSHIP MOOLARAMA as SHRIRAGHVENDRASWAMY for 50 years

    But didnt RAYARU sit in Samadhi then has he not stopped worship of IDOL ..

    MADHVACHARYA says[ quoting KAPIL samhita ]  if a ordinary jignyasu stops pratimaarchana he gets dosha ..but if APAROXA gyani does pratima archana he gets increase in happiness in moxa .. but if he stops worsip of pratima he does not get any dosha .

    GOPALADASRU says .. RAYARU has four HARI rupas in BRUNDAVANA ..

    1. RAAMA
    2. KRishna
    3. NARHARI
    • AS NARHARI sitting in brundavana , LOrd removes obstacles , miseries , dangers ,abhichara and bramhahatya dosha ..[ of devotees of RAYARU who do seva in mantralayam ]
    • As SRIRAAMA , staying in brundavana , Lord gives stability of career , food to those who have lost food , work , career due to displacement of place . those who are suffering from repeated transfers also get stability .
    • as Shri KRISHNA staying in Brundavana , Lord gives marraige , son ,festivities , upanayana and other desires [ mannat ] and fulfilling all those gives immense happiness .
    • As VEDVYASA Lord , drives away durvaadis , evil debators , and puts down their evil  philosophies . upholding the HARISARVOTTAMATVA .

    LORD can do all this activity in one single rupa only ..why he takes so many rupas ?

    Madhvacharya quoting bramhatarka in MADUKAUPANISHAT bhashya says

    Though there is no diference between HARI rupas ..due to vishesha bala ..He shows himself as BAHURUPA ..and he does only some karya through one rupa and others through other Rupa even though each rupa is capable of doing all karyas .

    Those who worship VYASARAJ and RAYARU [ as one and same ] will get complete anugraha of SRIHARI ..


    ” vyaasraaj vyaas raj  iti bhaktya japan | muchyate sarvadukhebhyo stadantaryamiNo balaat ”

    Those who say VYASARAj VYASRAj with devotion will get out of all miseries by the grace of NARAYANA as present in the Guru .

    After MADHVACHARYA , JAYATEERTHA if anyone on this earth can completely fulfill desires it is VYASARAAJ and RAYARU only if one worships them as one ..

    Oh RAGHEVNDRA SWAMIYE , you are a greatest YAti . you do not have any defects , but on the contrary infinite qualities are there in you like a ocean ,Those who believe in you , you remove all their defects ..You bestow all the desires of those who serve you near your brundavana like kamdhenu and kalpavruksha …. You are complete personality in all respects .. with a mine of good qualities , SRIKRISHNA could not leave you and came back to you as santaan gopala krishna .. and as you have infinite blissfull persona .. So also VISHWAKARMA NIRMITA BRAMHAKARARCHITA MOOLRAAMA came into your hands and thus JAGANNATHDASARU writes and praises RAYARU as


    krishnarpanamastu ..

    ShriHayagreeva stotram !

    ॐ ॥ हयग्रीव दयासिंधो बन्धो सज्जनसंततेः । त्रयीग्रीव नमश्चान्द्रसान्द्रकान्तिसमांशुमन् ॥

    स्वामिन्सघृण काप्यम्बा किं बालकममुञ्चत । पालय श्रीपते तस्मादस्मान्सेवकान् ॥

    ईश तेऽनीश जीव त्वं तत्त्वं वक्ति न युक्तिमान् । अश्वो भूत्वाऽपि यो मर्त्योऽमर्त्यो वाश्वो जगत्त्रये ॥

    हयास्य पश्य भृत्यं ते हन्तेमे भूतराक्षसाः । जिघांसंत्यात्तचक्रस्त्वं सत्वं विस्तार्य रक्षमाम् ॥

    यमोऽपि ते भटस्त्वं च पञ्चरूपो भवान्प्रभुः । आज्ञापयतु राजाऽसौ दासायं मयि मोचयेत् ॥

    अनन्तगुणसंपूर्ण धूर्न काऽप्यत्र मे प्रिया । तव पादाब्जसेवैव जैवबन्धविमोिचनी ॥

    सुरम्य सुखचिद्रूप धूपदीपार्चनादिकम् । तव प्रियं सदा कु्र्यां पुर्यां वा पर्वतेऽपि वा ॥

    विद्यां देहि  विवेकं च शं च सर्वत्र देहि मे । श्रद्धां देहि तथा पाहि मा हिनस्ति यथा परः ॥

    ससुरासुरगंधर्वपूर्वसर्वजगत्पते । शरणं भव वाणीशवीशभोगीशसेवित ॥

    हयाननं हर क्लेशं लेशं दर्शय नः प्रभो । भवन्मुखाम्बुजे  नृत्यच्छुत्यन्ताख्यवधूहृदाम् ॥

    वादिराजाख्ययतिना सादरं रचितां स्तुतिम् । श्रीधरांघ्रियुगे भक्तीं साधयान् सर्वदा पठेत्॥

    ॥इति श्रीमद्वादिराजपुज्यचरणविरचितं हयग्रीवस्तोत्रं समाप्तम् ॥


    SrimanMadhvacharya has been extolled in the vedas , I bow with reverence to the lotusfeet of  Great Srimadanandateertha and elucidate the order and  history of the dieties and idols worshipped at the Moolmahasansthaana of Srimadacharya .

    Srimadanandateertha installed on the peetha of paramhansa of the Moolmahasamsthaana Shri Padmanaabhteertharu . Shri Padmanabhateertharu was suceeded by Narhariteertharu ,Shri Madhavteertharu and Shri Akshobhya teertharu .

    ShriAkshobhyateertharu installed JAYATEERTHARU , succeeded by vidhyadheeshru who seated Kavindrateertharu on dvaitavedantasamrajya .

    Shri kaveendrateertharu gave sanyaasa to Vaageeshateertharu who in turn gave sanyaasa and peetha to ShriRaamchandrateertharu . Then ShriRaamchadrateertharu seated SHri Vibhudendrateertharu on the samsthana peetha of Srimadanadateertha and blessed him with pattaabhisheka as his successor .

    The world famous Vyasateertharu ‘s guru ShrilAxminarayana muni , whom one  had blessed and awarded  with the title of  famous “SHRIPADARAAJ”  ,such SHri Vibhudendra taught Shripaadraja with all the shastras and made him a very famous Yati .

    Shri raamchandra teertha gave the peetha to Shri Vibhudendra teertharu as his successor , yet others rumoured  SHri Vidhyaneedhi was given again sanyasa as kanishtha .

    Shri Vibhudendrateertharu gave the peetha to Shri Jitamitraru , Shri jitamitra made Shri Raghunandana teertha as his disciple and installed him on the throne of MAdhva Samrajya .

    SHRI RAGHUNANDAN TEERTHARU gave the moolsamsthana peetha of Srimadananada teertha to Shri Surendrateertharu

    Shri Vyasarajaru taught all the shastras and gave parivrajya to SHRI Vishnu teertharu and offered him to Shri surendrateertharu as disciple ..

    Shri Surendrateertharu renamed Vishnu teertharu with dandapallat mantramudradharana and gurupadesha as Shri VIJAYEENDRA TEERTHARU .

    thinking that having accepted the shishya from vyasarayaru might bring a break in tradition of  ashampradaan [ tradition of handing over sanyasashrama ] SrimanMADHVACHARYA , Shri Surendrateertharu again gave ashrama to Shri Sudheendra teertharu and made him disciple of Shri Vijayeendrateertharu  and declared him to be the next Peethadhipati of Moolsamshthaana .

    Shri Sudheendrateertharu gave the throne of Srimadanandateertha’s vedanta vidyasamrajya to Shri RAGHVENDRATEERTHARU

    Shri Raghvendra teertharu gave the peetha to Shri Yogeendrateertharu , from then it passed on to Shri Surindrateertharu . Shri Sumateendrateertharu ascended the throne of vednata samraajya ,who in turn gave the peetha and samsthana to SHri Upendrateertharu [ Shri Upendra teertharu gave sanyasa and made his successor the author of this work SHRI VADEENDRATEERTHARU ]

    note author is great grandson of Shri Raghvendra swamiji .

    Acharya Shri MAdhva once went to Badriashrama , He was graced with many saligramas and idols FROM LORD  NARAYANA himself popularly known as VYASAMUSHTI . These are still being worshipped in the MOOLMAHASANSTHANA even to this day . Now the history of these idols will be elucidated .

    Idols of SHriman MOOLRAMA along with Seeta which has been worshipped by Bramha sculpted by Vishwakarma , having round peetha , large ears and bent at three places .[ vruttapeetha , lamba karna and trivakra seetaya saha ]

    Shri Bramha along with Shriranganatha pratima idol gave these SeetaRaama idol to IKSHVAKU .

    note- [ Shri Bramha devaru everyday worshipped MOOLARAMA for many years with all the perfect procedures of archana worship . Then Bramhaji handed it over to JAABAALI muni . Jaabali muni worshipped it for long time and then after him it was handed back to RUDRA devaru .. Rudra devaru worshipped for many thousands years and gave it to PARVATI devi .  After many years of worship it reached hands of DAKSHA prajapati ..then it was handed over to SAUBHERI muni . later after many years as time progressed and these munis retired from world , the  MOOLRAAMA was restored to Satyaloka .

    IKshvaku after many years of Penace got these idols and worshipped it with devotion and handed it over to his SON VAIVASVATmanu .

    From then it came hand to hand as tradition in Ikshvaku dynasty through the hands of suryavanshi kings  MANDHAAT , Anaranya , Trishanku , Harishchandra , Sagar ,BHAGEERATH , Ambareesh , Dileep , RAghu, all these chakravarthis worshipped this Idol of RAMA .

    DASHARATH maharaaj worshipped this idol with lots of devotion and when a son was born to him HE NAMED IT AFTER THIS IDOL as SRIRAMCHANDRA , from then on this IDOL came to be known as MOOLARAMA  .

    SriRamachandra too worshipped this idol .

    Once during Raamrajya there was a Bramhin by name ‘ VEDAGARBHA ‘ in the city of AYODHYA . Vedgarbha had a niyam that he would partake food only after seeing [ havig darshana of LORD RAAMA , the KING OF AYODHYA ] . once LOrd RAMA was so busy with country affiars that he could not make himself available for Vedgarbha for four days , Vedgarbha went without food for 4 days , seeing this LORD RAAMA gave him MOOLRAMA idol and asked him to worship that have food without waiting for his darshan ..and feel the IDOL as LORD RAAMA’ swaroopa only .  Vedgarbha lived his full life worshipped MOOLRAMA and gave it back at the end to LORD RAAMA.

    SRIRAAMA then gave it to Seetadevi for personal worship . Seetadevi gave it to LAxman .  LAXMAN after many years of Worship Gave it TO JAMBAVAN . From JAmbavan it came to SRI HANUMAAN .

    HANUMANJI worshipped this idol all through Tretayuga an dwaparyuga and when BHEEMSEN went to bing Saugandhika Pushpa , there HANUMAAN gave these IDOL to LOrd BHEEMSEN and asked him to worship these idols and also reminded him to continue this in his avatara in kaliyuga as YAti .

    After Bheemsen it was worshipped by Pandava dynasty till KShemaka and then by the force of time it reached the ROYAL  stores of  Gajapati king in JAGANNATH Puri .

    Once Srimadanandateertha  after his visit to Badari came towards teh KALINGA DESHA. there a very talented statesman and literate in all shastras and mahapandita scholar Shri SHYAMA SHASTRI invited Acharya for a Vakayartha .[debate ] . After Losing to SRimadananda teerha , he accepted to be disciple of Acharya madhva . late Acharya MAdhva ordained Him to the sanyasa at UDUPI as NARHARITEERTHARU .

    Narhariteeraharu went to Kalingadesha on the instructions of Madhvacharya to bring the SeetaMOOL RAAMA idols . and there started doing tapasya for Karyasiddhi

    Gajapati kingha died and his wife was pregnant . in order for the new KIng to take birh and complete be able to rule the kingdom , it was decided by the Queen that a caretaker King be appointed , For this an ELEPHANT with a abhimantrit Kalash and garland was sent across the country . The ELEPHANT came to the place where NArhariteertharu was doing his nitya pooja and tapasya  and garlanded NARAHARITEERHARU .

    soon the ministers came looking for the elephant and took NArahariteertharu and gave him the KIngdom ..Narahariteertharu daily after completing his sanyasa krama pooja then attended to the affairs of the KIngdom .  during his kingdom every enemy was kept at check and kingdom attained prosperity to peak ,.,

    after the prince came to age , Narhariteerrharu installed prince as the KING and  Queen requested Narahariteertharu to accept anything from the royal stores as the mark of gratitude . Narahari teertha  took SRIMAN MOOLARAAMA and Seeta and came back to Udupi nd offered it to Acharya Madhva .

    note [ this part of story interestingly finds mention even in ADHYATMA RAMAYAMA 15th adhyaya ]

    Srimadanandateertha worshipped Moolarama alongwith seeta and other idols and saligrama for 80 days and ordered all his successors to worship them as tradition of MAHASANSTHANA .

    Just as Srimadanandateerrharu’s order Shri Padmanabhteertharu and other peethadipatis worshipped MOLARAMA .

    at the feet and head having sudarshan chakra and dashavatara at the peetha the idol of silver hue Sri DIGVIJAYRAAMA idol sculpted by Acharya himself is still being worshipped at the MAhasansthaana .

    Shri Vibhudendraru when he occupied the throne of Mahasansthana , as Shriramchandrateertharu  became ill , worshipped all the idols including MOOLARAMA . After Sri ARamchandrateertharu became normal and healthy again , he kept Sriman MOOLARAMA and handed over other idols to Sri Vibhudendrateertharu and asked him to spread the MADHVAMATHA all over the NORTH of the country and sent him for digvijayayatra , as Shri Vibhudendra teertharu was highly expert in debating skills and shastras .

    Travelling all over shri Vibhudendrateertharu came to Kashi and won many a debates in jalpa and vitanda .

    In the meantime SHri Raamchandrateertharu came to know that his end is nearing and thus  SHriRamchandrateertharu seeing that his disciple is not near , took all the idols of matha and MOOLARAMA and ordered them to be kept under a tree and asked a 64 member team to look after it guard and hand it over to SHRI VIBHUDENDRA TEERTHARU when he returns.. And he sent for Vibhudendrateertharu , but meanwhile left his mortals there itself ,.

    After some time a sanyasi by name VIDHYANIDHI came to the place and after  knowing about the idols under the tree hatched a conspiracy making a mutually  profitable deal with  64 members and usurped the IDOLS along with MOOLRAMA and went away .

    Shri Vibhudendrateertharu after knwoing about the demise of ShriRamchandrateertharu rushed towards the place and when asked about the idols , he came to know that  Vidhyanidhi had stolen them . So Shri Vibhudendrateertharu went to the Brundavan of Shri Raamchandrateertharu and after taking the darshan  met Vidhyanidhi and asked for the MOOLARAMA which having support of 64 member team  Vidhyanidhi refused to give back .

    Shri Vibhudendrateertharu as he was more interested in propagating philosophy went away to winover few more debates and did not pursue the matter with vengeance to get back the idols .

    ShrVibhudendra won 108 debates and got golden inscriptions[suvarna  jayapatrika ] from various Kings and made a garland of those golden plates and offered it LORD TIRUPATI VENKATESHWARA and worshipped him thus .

    note this 108 garland can still be seen in tirupati …

    But as per the order of Jitamitra [ disciple of VIBHUDENDRAteertharu ] , his disciple and the guru of SURENDRAteertharu Shri RAGHUNANDANteertharu  got back through one of his assistants MOOLARAMA from the place of those who had stolen the MOOLRAMA [ anyairapahrutaamarcha ]

    note -Surendra teertharu in charam shloka of his Guru RAgunandanteertharu has written

    parairaphruta moolramaarcha gururanugrahaat | yenaniita namastasmai raghunandan bhikshave ||”

    Large ears ,colour and round peetha and dimensions  of the Seeta devi worshipped in other paramata [ dubiously known  as uttaradi matha in todays world ]  is same in proportion and colour and in  made,   to the MOOLARAMA as worshipped in our Raghavendra Moolmahasanshthaan 

    Sri NArsimha deva vigraha idol was obtained by Shri Vibhudendrateertharu in a river [ it just came into his hands in river while taking bath ] as told to him in  a dream , this idol fulfills all the desires of the devotees and has 16 arms

    Similarly Sri Sudheendra teertharu’s favourite idol Shri GARUDVAHANA LAXMINARAYANA , these idols are still being worshipped in Srimadanandateertha moolamahasansthana till date .

    The one who is world famous as the destroyer of sins and giver of all desires instantly SHRI RAGHVENDRA SWAMY worshipped with his own hands Golden ShriSantaan gopala krishna  is also being worshipped in the mahasansthana .

    studded with priceless gems of all nine varieties , Lord SHeshashaayi VAsudeva along  sridevi bhudevi and durgadevi idol is  very pleasing to the minds of devotees . This was worshipped NEELADEVI one of astamahishi wives of SHRIKRISHNA , by the family dynastic tradition was being worshipped by Kings of PANDYA desha . they overwhelmed with devotion gifted  it  to Shri Sumateendratheertharu . This idol is still being worshipped at Mutt at Mantralayam .

    Thus SHri Upendrateertharu son [ one installed through him as sanyaasi] SHri VAdeendrateertharu sripadaru has elucidated lineage and history of Srimadanandateertha mahasansthana and the idols worshipped at this sansthana .







    BharatVarsha !


    Jambudweepa is 1 lakh yojan .. in the centre of Jambudweepa is Meru which is 16000 yojan at base and 32000 yojan at the top .

    At the base is ilavrata khanda which is squarish . ..Meru in between is like a karnika inside the lotus … just as the karnika inside the lotus has many kesaris ..there are many kesar pavats along the meru-border of ilavrat khanda ..each is 100 yojan in height and 80 yojan in circular periphery at base .  all along the ilavrat khnada boundary towards other khanda like Bhadrashva onthe east and ketumal on the west kuru on the north and bharat on the south .. are the series of mountain ranges which leave Ketumal bhadrashva Kuru and BHARAT VARSHA as a outer petal like structure for JAMBUDWEEPA .[ BHUPADMA PATRANI ]

    Nishad and neel parvat are 1 lakh yojan  along the east west samudra ..forming border for ketumal bhdrashva and ilavrat from east west direction .. Surrounding Ilavrat is MANDAR GANDHAMADAN SUPARSHAVA AND VIPULA ..On these parvat are big  1100 yojan JAMBU tree whose fruits keeps falling on these kesar parvats and break . The juice of the fruits falling continuously form a river called JAMBUNADI .. the grounds around the kesar parvat get drenched in this fruit juice as river soaks through it .. when wind blows the banks of this river soaked with the jambu fruit juice become dry and land mixed with this juice when dry become a gold mine of GOLD named JAMBUNAD GOLD which DEVATAS use for their jewellery known as divine GOLD . … JAMBUNAD GOLD .. there are vaibhraj ,forest , gandhamadan forest nandan and chitrarath forest are there . similarly there are ARUNOD MAHABHADRA SEETOD ad MAANAS sarovar ..which are always treaded by Devatas only .

    The people [ devatas ] who drink the water of this river JAMBU never get OLD nor do they have diseases .. They never become unhappy and are always in joyous mood . They dont get tired and uneasy feeling never bothers them . Hunger doesnt trouble them and they never fear anything . The people here in all the eight KHANDAS [except BHARAT VARSHA ] are always happy .. these land are like SWARGA On BHUMI .. the people here have varnashram dharma and YUGA never applies to them they remain truthful in all yugas and Miseries never touch people here .. The people of these Khandas live for 10000 and 12000 years with constant ayushya … Indra never gives rainfall here the water in these lands are sufficient for the people .

    People who have done extreme punya get birth here and live happily to enjoy their punya ..

    Bharat VArsha is the only land in entire universe where karma done in this land gives either Swarga or NARAKA ..and nishkaam karma gives moksha .. so one gets phala for the KARMA in BHARAT VARSHA .

    On the MERU parvat at the top by the side of BRAMHAPURI is three shringakaar Parvat which is 14000 yojan in height .. like a TRISHUL .. the SWARGA loka is based on this trishoolaakar Parvat … The Ganaga from the Bramhaloka falls amidst this TRishul onto MERU and divides into four stream .. SEETA towards Bhadrashva khanda ..  CHAKSHU nadi into  Ketumal , Bhadra Nadi into Uttarkuru and ALAKANANDA nadi falls towards  SOUTH and flowing through the sky falling on NISHAD HIMAKOOTA and HIMACHAL parvat via akaash marga it falls into BHARATVARSHA and divides into seven streams to flow into BHARAT and finally meets samudra .

    Bharat varsha is the only bhumi for KARMANUSHTHANA rest all are BHOGABHUMI … here there are kulagiri [ mountains ranges ] namely mahendra , malay sahyachal shuktimanta ruksha vindhya and PAriyatra ..among these mountains men do the karma which make them eligible to enjoy in other khandas , or do papakarma to go to naraka or take animal births or do tapasya etc to get higher lokas .thus this is sadhan bhumi .


    This BHARAT VARSHA is nine thousand yojana and has nine divisions


    This Bharat khanda is 1000 yojana was once rules SAAGAR . Sagarputra the sons of Saagar ploughed this land to look for the divine horse and cut through the mainland into EIGHT smaller upadweepa . [ continents ] and ocean rushed through in between these continents ,.. forming big sea known as Sagar .. these EIGHT dweepas are [ note the sanskrit name of modern continents ]

    3. AWARTAN
    4. RAMANAK
    8. LANKA

    The centre of the ninth dweepa BHARAT live bramhan kshtriya vaishya  shudra by doing yaga yagnya karma etc ..to the east are Kiratas ..to the west live yavanas .

    • Shatadru and chandrbahga rivers sprout from Himaparvat ,
    • vedasmriti srings from pariyatra parvat ,
    • narmada surasa  spring from vindhya parvat
    • tapi river,payokshini and nirvindhya  from Ruksha parvat
    • From the foothills of sahyachal the rivers whose names if taken with devotion alone destroys many sins ,such rivers are Godavari bheemarathi krishnaveni
    • krutamala tamraparni from malaya parvat
    • trisaama rushikul from mahendra parvat
    • kumaradhara from shuktimat parvat
    • These rivers further divide into many thousand smaller rivers

    Now the names of countries on earth ie Bharata khanda spread into east west north south and northeast southeast  northwest  and south west  directions from HASTINAPUR ..

    In the centre of Bharat dweepa are the countries ruled by Krittika rohini and MRIGASIRA . they are

    bhadra arimeda mandavya salva neepa ujjihan sankhyat maru vatsa ghosha yamun saaraswat matsyadesha , madhyamik desha , mathur , upajyotisha , dharmaranya ,shoorsen ,shaurgreeva uddehika pandudesha gudadesha ashwaththa panchaal saaket kanka kuru kaalkoti kukur paariyatra naha audumbar kapishthala and HASTINAPUR .

    Towards East are the countries governed by ARDRA PUNARVASU AND PUSHYAMI they are

    Anjan vrushabdhwaj padma maalyavaan giri, vyaghrmukha suhya karvat chaandrapura shoorpakarna khas MAGADH , shibirgiri MITHILA ,samathat ODRA ashvaavadan danturak , PRAGJYOTISH , Laohitya Ksheerodsamudra , purushad udaygiri Bhadra gaudak PAUNDRA utkala KASHI mekal ambhastha ekpad Tamraliptak kaushalak Vardhamaan

    Towards South EAST countries governed by Ashlesha MAGHA and Poorvaphalguni are

    Koshal KALINGA VANGA UPABANGA jatharanga shaulika vidarbha vatsa ANDHRA chedi urdhwakantha Vrush naliker , charmadweepa , Vindhyantvasinistripuri ..shmashrudhar ,hemakoot vyalgrev mahagreeva , KISHKINDHA kantaksthal ,NISHADRASTRA , PURIK dasharNa  , Nagna parna shaabar

    towards SOUTH countries giverned by uttara Hasta chitta  are

    LANKA kalajin saurikirna , TALIKAT , girinagar , malay parvat , dardur mahendra malindya BHARUKACHCHA , kankat , konkan , vanavasi ,shibika , phanikar , ABHIRA , aakar . ven , avartak , dashpur , gonarda . KERAL KARNAT , MAHATAVI , chitrakoot . nasikya . kollagiri , CHOLA , KRAUNCH , jatadhar , kaveri ,RUSHYAMOOK , Vaidurya shankhamuktakar desha . atriashram  varichar  Dharmapattan dweepa ,ganarajya , krushna vellur ,pishika , shoorpadri , kusum naag , TUMBAVAN KARMAENY KAYAMBO tapasashram . dakshin samudra ,rushika , kanchi , maruchipattanam , cheryay desha , SIMHALA rushabha , baladevapattanam , dandakavanam , TIMINGILASHAN , Bhadra , KUTCH , KUNJARDARI  TAmraparni

    SOUTHWEST countries governed by swati vishkha anuradha are


    WESTERN countries ruled by Jyestha moola and poorvashadha are

    MANIMAAN MEGHVAN Vanaough kshurarpan Astagiri aparantak ,shantik  HAIHAY , PRASHASTADRI , VOKKON , PANCHANAD , RAMATH , PAARAT TAAR   KSHITJRUNGHA VAISHYA KANK SHAKA , inhabited by nirmaryada mletcha


    North western countries ruled by uttarashadha shravan dhanishtha are

    MANDAVYA TUSHAR Taalhal MADRA  ashmak kuluth halada STREERAJYA  NRUSIMHAvana KHASTHA , VENUMATI . Phalguluka , guluha , marukuchcha charmaranga ekvilochana shoolik  deerghgreeva  aasykeshi

    Northern countries ruled by shatabhshaga uttarabhadra and poorvabhadra are

    Kailash himavaan vasumaan dhanushmaan krounch vasaati  merugiri uttarkuru kshudrmeena KEKAY YAMUN bhogaprastha ARJUNAYAN , AGNIDRA , adarshant dweepa trigarta , TURUGAAnan svamukha  keshdhar , chipitnasika , daserak vaatdhaan shardhaan  Takshasheela pushkalavat kailavat ,kantdhaan ambar madrak maalav paurav kachhar dandapingalak Maanhal  HUN kohal sheetak BHOOTAPURA gandhara yahsovati nagari hemataal  rajanya khachar gavyadesh yaoudheya dasameya shyamak kshemadhoorta

    Countries in NORTHEASTEN region governed by Revati ashwini Bharini are

    Meruk nastarajya pashupaal keer  KASHMEERA , Abhisaar , darad , tangan , kuloot sairandri vanarashtra bramhapura darvadamar vanrajya keerat CHINA KAUNINDA BHALLA PATOLA JATASUR Kunat Khas Ghosha Kuchika ekcharan anuvidhdha SUVARNABHU Vasudhan divishta Paurav cheeranivasi Trinetra  Munjadri gandharva

    EVEN devatas sing that a birth in BHARATVARSHA  is for the very fortunate among devatas for they can take  step forward towards MOKSHA .

    Krishnarpanamastu .


    ShriRAMA after reining Ayodhya for 13000 years once  visited Agastyashram . [ This is after killing Shambuka ] .

    Agastyamuni who is born out of pitcher is known as  Kumbhasambhava  . Immediately rose from his seat on seeing LORD RAAMA and offered his prayers .And after prayers offered one beautiful  MAALA [ garland ] which was clean and crystal clear and very pleasing to the mind –  nirmala amalina malaa . With devotion Agastya muni says ”

    HEY RAAM ! This garland has been given to me by KING SHWETA to be offered at your LOTUS feet .

    Once while Agastya muni saw a  dead body in the midst of the jungle . After sometime SAGE saw a very bright divine aircraft  descending from the heavens .From the PLANE alighted a Luminous KINGLY personality . The KING in divine heavenly form descended from the PLANE and started eating the flesh of the dead body . Looking at the ghastly sight .. Sage AGASTYA asked OH divine King who are You ? why are you performing this dastardly act . what besieges you to eat a dead mans’ flesh . You do not seem to be a demon or demonic creature either .. and you are descending from heaven so you must have done only good deeds in previous birth as you have reached heaven .. then why this evil has befallen you ?

    The KING said ” Oh salutation to you Oh Sage Agastya ! its my good fortune and end of bad karma that I have had a holy sight of divine person like yourselves .. Now my miseries have ended … ! Listen Oh pious Bramhin rishi … I am king Shweta .

    I was doing tapasya [ penace ] in this region known as Dandakaranya . This region was ruled by a KIng named DANDA . it was once a beautiful KINGDOM full of palaces and streets . Once Danda was infatuated with the daughter if SHUKRACHARYA . For this Shukracharya the guru of demons cursed him and his kingdom to become a uninhabited dense Forest . [ ie king became daridra for having lusted guru’s daughter  ] and this place came to be known as DANDAKARANYA .

    KING Shweta had done many tapasya and conducted many vratas , yagnyas . BUT after completing the VRATAS NIYAMA YAGNYA etc ,, KING did not do nay bramhana BHOJANA .. so all his yagnyas became anannayagnya . Because the yagnyas he did get Swarga  but there he could not  eat any food for himself .. All sort of food abhorred him … He was dissatisfied  even in HEAVEN among apasaras and all sorts of enjoyments but Hunger troubled him a lot and all the food available could not be eaten by him … SO unable to bear hunger He asked BRAMHA as to why this evil had befallen him . BRAMHA devaru said .. as he had not given for Bramhana bhojana and annadana after yagnyas …He will be dissatisfied even though he got heaven for his karma , he  will not be able to eat heavenly food . SO king asked where to seek satisfaction from hunger .. He said his heavenly body still in the DANDAKARANYA and he has no option but to eat his own flesh there to find satisfaction ..

    Unable to bear this bad situation .. KING shweta pleaded BRAMH deva to relieve him off his pain .. and give him some remedy for his FOLLY ..

    BRAMHA ji  took pity on him and said .. Oh KIng SHWETA .. take this garland .. and give it to SAGE AGASTYA to offer this LORD RAAMA .. THis will relieve you from this evil state .

    saying so King Shweta offered with devotion a divine garland to Sage AGASTYA .. and the dead body disappeared .. and again KING Shweta went to heaven peacefully in the divine plane .

    SAGE AGASTYA offered the GARLAND to LORD RAAMA narrating this incident.

    note – why did BRAMHAji not ask KING shweta to offer garland directly to LORD RAAMA .. ?

    ans – KIng’s problem was only to get relieved from the state of hunger .. Offering garland to RAAMA would have resulted in much more punya , which KING was not seeking .and was not eligible either … Thus BRAMHAJI asked KING to give garland to sage AGASTYA and it was Sage AGASTYA who offered GArland to RAAMA and became eligible for complete Punya arising out of such offering …

    special point to be noted – OFFERING GARLAND TO LORD RESULTS IN OBTAINING ANNA FOOD [ this is a great secret ] ..

    “devaay maalarpaNena analabho bhavatiti paramarahasyam ” – poojakalapalata grantham

    Thus while narrating this story SUN set in the west and SO LORD RAAMA spent the night among the sages in the ashram .

    NEXT day LORD RAAMA said ” punaste darshanam BHUYAAT ” .. to agastya muni that “We shall meet again .Oh Sage you are the one who cleanse the men off their sins and make them pure ” .. sage burst into tears and said ” Oh RAAM ! by constant remembrance of  lotus feet I HAVE BECOME CLEANSED myself  ! You are the very GOD Oh RAAM ! just by listening to your name , remembering your avataras and singing your praises , even those who have sinned with mahapatakas ie unpardonable sins also get purified cleansed and respected devout ”

    LORD RAAMA with a soft smile looking at the SAGE boarded the PUSHPAK VIMANA and reached AYODHYA .. and then asked PUSHPAK to return whenever called for .. Having said that PUSHPAK automatically left for KUBERA’s place . on a autopilot mode .

    THEN LORD SRIRAAMA invited BHARAT AND LAKSHMAN to his palace and decided to do a YAGNYA .. LAKSHMAN suggested ASHWAMEDHA YAGNYA ! .

    krishnarpanamastu .


    Namaste Oh  VEdvyasa and following the path of Shri  Sarvagnyacharya ..I write about the details of Bhumandal as laid down by SHri SUmateendrateertharu and Vadeendrateerthru .. This knowledge increases the wealth of man day by day …

    Sumateendra teerthatru is a magnanimous personality .. third in line occupying the seat of RAghavendra vidyasamsthaana ..

    The name Vidya sansthaana .. the throne of this peetha is VIDYA simhasana .. the throne of Knowledge .. SO much of research and study has been done by those occupying this seat that practically everything under the earth has been covered in this journey of masters ..

    Raghvendra Swamiji has writen more than 51 books .. when asked why it was necessary to write subject matter in so much depth while people around are merrymaking with influence of kaliyuga .. Raghvendra swamiji told that it is for someone named Sumateedra teertha who would be coming in this lineage that I write all these and he would elaborate it simpler manner for the world later.. Such is the stature of Shri Sumateendra teertharu who was praised by RAGHAVENDRA SWAMIJI even before he was born ..

    Sumateendra teertharu was grandson of Elder brother of RAGHVENDRA swamiji in poorvashrama ie before taking sanyaasa ..

    Raghvendra swamiji himself has taught him vedas in his childhood ..Sumateendra teertharu has written many many granthas ..and his compilation on BHUGOLA from various puranas and shastras is exemplary .. He was a bolder Scholar who would not hesitate in declaring that none other than HImwould be able to write the commentaries on certain subjects expounded by SUDHEENDRA teertharu ie Guruji of shri RAGHVENDRA swami ..

    Similarly VADEENDRA teertharu is another such great scholar ..whose Brindavan is just adjacent to that of RAGHVENDRA swamiji .. Raghavendra swamiji had got prepared a brindavan for himslef from the rock on which LORD RAAMA had sat for two minutes ..the first of the brindavana that was carved was kept aside [reserved ] by RAGHVENDRA swamiji for a yati yet to come in line [ not born even then ] .. and another one was carved for himself again …

    This reserved one was used for VADEENDRA teertharu ..who is incarnation of DRONACHARYA ..and is great grandson of SHRI RAGHVENDRA SWAMIJI ..Vadeendra teerthru was a composer and musician beyond comprehension because as He composed GURUGANASTAVANA in praise of SHRI RAGHEVNDRA swamy who was already in BRUNDAVANA … the entire brundavana [ the gigantic structure ] swung to rythm and tune of the singing of vadeendra teertharu … RAYARU enjoyed his music even from inside ..and proved that he is still alive inside ..

    Both sumateendra teertharu and Vadeendra teertharu have written exhaustively on BHUGOLA ..the extract of which is what I am presenting here ..

    before going into the details let me write what each acharya has written about this beautiful shastra ..

    ACHARYA says This is the ultimate tuth to be know by the jeeva .. and after knowing this truth only one gets the mOXA .. ie this penultimate round of realisation for MOXA ..

    So no way Tamoyogyas and nityasamsaaris can understand this subject ..

    This is so complicated that even if INDRA is show it he fails to understand completely the VINYAASA [ layout ] of BHUMANADALA …

    etadgyantva tu bhugolam yathavadanuvarNitam | sa muktah sarvabandebhyo yaati VISHNO param padam ||

    Yah pravruttamshrutim samyak shastram ch rushibhaashitam | dooshayedanbhgnyaay sa bhaved bramhaghatakah ||

    the first stanza says this shastra if known will get one relieved from sansaara and give moxa ..

    while the second verse says ..

    This shastra is rushi bhashitam ie told and retold by rishis ..in accordance with revealed  VEDAS .. not realising this as vedasammata .. ie approved by rishis and vedas  if one criticises this or falsifies this due to lack of grasp of words of rishis … such a person will fall prey to ignorance and will get bramha hatya dosha .. and will be termed as bramhaghataki .

    Till the place where the rays of SUN and MOON reaches that entire space which is filled with oceans mountains and rivers  is known as BHUMANDALA

    As much wide the BHUMANDAL is spread so also is spread the SPACE AKAASH above ..

    100 crore yojana is the diameter of the Enitre bramhanda .. So also BHUMANDALA is 100 crore yojanas in the centre of BRAMHANDA …

    In the centre of BHUMANDALA is circular shaped JAMBUDWEEPA .THis Jambudweepa is NAVAKHANDATMAK .. ie is divided into nine regions .


    Thus JAMBUDWEEPA has Nine Khandas .. surrunding ILAVRATA KHANDA in middle . In the ILAVRATA KHANDA .. at the centre is a GOLDEN mountain which is wider at the peak and narrow at the base .. and is in the shape of a GIANT GOLDEN EAR ..called MERU

    This mountain is 1 lakh yojan in hiegth .. Of this 84000 is above the BHUMANDALA .. and 16000 below the Bhumandala ..

    At the base in ILAVRATA KHANDA The mountain is 16000 yojan wide .. and at the peak has a surface of 32000 yojana ..


    AT the centre of this 32000 TOP .. [ above 84000 from base ] .. there is BRAMH PURI .. which is 1000 yojana and is 100 crores in height ..the city of BRAMHA [ this is akin to SUSHUMNA NADI In the navel of MAN ]

    GANGA NADI from Bramhanda kharpara actually falls here and divides into four streans Seeta alaknanda chakshu and bhadra ..

    The eight cardinal directions FROM the BRAMHA PURI is situated the eight cities of ASHTADIKPALAKAS ..each is 2500 yojana ..

    At the base of MERU  in each direction lies small kesar parvatas …ie mountains emanating as strands [ as in lotus flower ] by name kurang kurar kusumb vaikank trikuut shikar patang ruchak nishad shikhivas kapil shankh vaidurya jarudi hansa vrushabh naagkal anjana and narad parvat famous in history ..

    in the east of MERU is MANDAR parvat .south is merumandar , in the north is Kumud ..west is suparshva each is 10000 yojan in wide ..

    each of the FOUR mAHAPARVATAS have FOUR VERY LARGE TREES MAHAVRUKSHA 1100 yojan  in  width on  MOUNTAIN and 100yojana wide SAROVARS four of the kind ..

    There are valleys which are full of milk honey sugarcane juice and Sweeteed water ..these are inhabited y UPADEVATAS ..These valleys when touched upon gives YOG siddhi ..

    There are four gardens fit for only DEVATAS by name NANDANvan CHAITRARATH VAIBHRAJAK SARVATOBHADRA . East of meru are two big mountains by name JATHARGIRI and DEVAKOOT , it is 18000 yojana along NORTH SOUTH direction and 2000 yojan along EAST WEST .. Similarly to the SOUTH is KAILAS and KARVEER just as much as DEVAKOOT AND JATHAR in size . To the west is PARIYATRA AND PAVAN and to the NORTH IS SHRUNGI AND MAKAR

    Thus these eight mountains cover ILAVRAT KHANDA FROM ALL SIDES LIKE A SQUARE .

    In this ILAVRATA KHANDA UMAPATI AND JAYAPATI SANKARSHAN live .. this s squarish land and is 34000 yojana …whoever enters this land becomes a WOMAN .. there is always SUNSHINE in this LAND ..

    To be continued ..

    Next we shall see BHADRASHVA  KHANDA …

    31000 yojan is gandhamadan parvat forming a limit between bhadrashav khand and ilavrat khand ..,it is 2 housand yojana width .. and 34000 is length along north south …Lord Hayagreeva resides here in this Bhadrashva Khanda ..

    HariVarsha Khanda

    Nishad parvat is the limiting parvat between the Ilavrat Khanda and the HARIVARSHA Khanda ..two thousand is the width of the nishad parvat

    Harivarsha is wide from east to west samudar and is 9000 Yojana in width ie north south direction ..LORD NARSIMHA along with Prahalad resides here in the HARIVARSHA ,..


    Hemakoot Parvat is in between the HARIVARSHA and KIMPURUSH khanda ..

    it is two thousand yojan wide .. and 10000 yojann heightand is extended all along east west samudra ..KIMPURUSH is 9000 yojan in width along NS direction . Here LORD SRIRAMCHANDRA with HANUMAN resides .

    BHARAT Varsha

    Himachal Parvat is limiting parvat between KImpurush and Bharat Varsha  . This is two thousan yojan wide and 10000 yojan in height .. and BHara Varsha  is 9000 yojana in width and in length till east west samudra .. .

    Here there are kula parvats by name simhadri , malayachal ,venkatadri Shrishaila

    and nadis are tamraparni krutamala kaveri krushnaveni godavari and GANGA .

    In badrikashram NARA NARAYANA live in this Varsha ..

                                                    |OM HSYOM OM||

    Bramhanta guruvah sakshadishtam daivam shriyah patih | Acharya Srimadacharya santu me janmajanmani ||    

    Durvaadidhwantaravaye Vaishvendivarendave | Shriraghavendraguruve namoatyantadayalave ||

    havyavahansamahtejam hradabjiprakashitnarsimham | Raghvendramshasambhootam Sushmeendragurum bhaje


    Kamsadhwansipadambhojsansakto Hansapungavah| Bramhanya gururajakhyo vartataam mama manase ||

    padavakyapramanabdhivikridanvisharadaan | Laxminarayanmunin vande mama vidyagursadaan ||


    Arthikalpitkalpoyam Prathyarthi gajakesari | Vyasateerth gururbhuyaadasmad Ishtaarth siddhaye ||

    kaamdhenuryathaapurvam sarvabhishtaphalaprada | tatha kalau vaadiraajsripado abhishtadah ||

    manmanoabhishtavaradam sarvabhishtaphalapradam | Purundar gurum vande daasshreshtam dayanidhim ||

    agyaan timirchchedam budhdhisampat pradayakam | vigyaan vimalam shantam vijayaakhya gurum bhaje ||

    Bhoopalnatapadaabjam papaaliparihariNam | gopaladaasmeeDeham gopaalharidarshanam ||

    jalajeshta nibhaakaram jagadeeshpadashrayam | jagatital vikhyaatam jagannath gurum bhaje ||

    nityotsavo bhavetteshaam nityashreernityamangalam | yeshaam hrudistho bhagavaan magalaaytanam harih||

    || samastasanmangalaaNi bhavantu ||

    NARAYANA is SARVOTTAMA , the supreme !  VAYUDEVA is the HIghest among the DEVATAS .. HE is known as JEEVOTTAMA ! VAyudev is ever ready to Serve the Lotus feet of LORD NARAYANA in moolarupa as well as in AVATARA rupa ..

    In tretayuga When LORD took avatara as SHRIRAAM .. VAYUDEV took avatara as HANUMAAN to serve the LORD in establishing the Truth ..by Killing RAVANA who wanted to become Seetapati …and thought RAAMA as mere mortal .. HANUMAAN killed his enitre army single handedly and showed if a devotee of RAAM can cause such a devastation than HOW would be the wrath of MASTER ..

    When LORD came as KRISHNA in Dwapara VAYUDEV took form as BHEEMSEN and killed all the Kauravas ..and served LORD KRISHNA ..

    when LORD came as VEDVYASA to establish the Vedas and BRAMHA sutras and Puranas .. MADHVACHARYA upheld his views and wrote commentaries to serve the LORD ..

    Are the above sentences written in ecstacy ? are there any proof for such comments and conclusions ?

    here are the words of VAYU PURAANA 

    vayurdivyaani rupaaNi padmatrayayutaani ch | trikotimoorty sanyuktastretaayaam raakshasaantakah || hanumaaniti vikhyaato Raamakaarya dhurandharah | sa vaamurBheemsenoabhuuddwaparaante kurudvah || KrishNamsampoojayamaas hatva duryodhanaadikaan | Dvaipayanasya sevaartham badaryaam tu kalao yuge || vayushch yatirupeNa krutva dushashtra KHANDANAM |

    tatah kaliyugeh praapte tritiyo MADHVAnamakah | bhurekha dakshiNeh bhageh MANIMAdgarvashaantaye | dhikkurvanstprabhaam sadyoavateerNoatra dvijaanvaye ||

    the above vayupuraana shloka says ..

    VAYUDEVA  has 3 crore rupas in his moolarupa and is always at the service of LORD NARAYANA .. in treta yuga vayudeva took avatara as HANUMAAN and killed many rakshas and was famous for his strength intellegence and devotion and other such qualities  which he used to serve LORD RAAMA .. all this is conveyed by the word RAAMKARYADURANDHARA ..

    In dwwapara yuga when LORD took avatara as Krishna ,. to worship Krishna He took avatara as Bheesena in Kuru clan and kiled duryodhan and his brothers  ..

    when Lord came down as Vedvyasa [ krishna DWAIPAYANA ]to write down puranas .. vayudeva took avatara and as sanyasi condemned all the dushahstras ..

    In kaliyug he came for third time as MADHVA in south India  and shattered the ego of MANIMAN and made him lustrless as he was [ by the aid of RUDRA vara boon ] was brimming with pride that there is ‘NONE EQUAL TO HIM ”

    Sriman MADHVACHARYA has written Bramhasutra bhashya and other in depth granthas .. there is no dispute on this ..

    Now jeevas ae of three types .. devatas …manushyas and danavas ..

    among these those who have devotion on  Vishnu are known to be devatas is also undisputed fact .. Daityas have clear cut hate towards the VISHNU …this is time and again proven by Puranas …

    Manushaya have udaasen bhava towards GOD ,.. the are always in dilemma whether there is GOD or NOT .. they are always unsure about it … So manushyas have known to be powerless .. they do not have any special capacities is also a known fact ….

    So Manushyas cannot all by themselves create any granthas of deep philosophical impact [ as their own knowledge is always under doubt ] ,,,

    daityas though not capable of writing granthas but they have capacity to do tapasya and owing to these they get boons from RUDRA and other devatas to write ganthas and create shastras …

    Devatas by the grace of LORD vishnu are themselves capable of writing granthas ..

    MADHVACHARYA has writtena bramha sutra bhashya  and other granthas so HE cannot be normal human being …in all his granthas he exclusivley writes about VISHNU SARVOTTAMA .. so he has to be a devata only .

    By this logic those granthas which induce Vishnu bhakti are deva granthas and those which create VISHNU dwesha are those writtten by Daityas can be easily concluded ..

    In his granthas NARAYANA is Anantakayaangunapoorna is what MADHVACHARYA has written in a elaborate manner such a elaborate and absolute bhakti is exhibited by VAYU only and granthas does induce unparalleled bhakti in VISHNU ..

    so who are other granthakartas then? let us evaluate !

    In SrikRIshna’s time there was a daitya famous by name ‘ SALVA ”  . when we see his words spoken in mahabharta [ as written by VEDAVYASA ] and analyse it we see that Salva  repeatedly reiterates that KRISHNA is not there neither is any other jeeva  in this universe ..this was Salvas’s conclusion in deates with Bheemasena ..

    This is akin to saying GUNAPOORNA Krishna does not exist neither any gunapoorna soul exists  ie only nirguna bramha  is truth .. this is ADVAITA vaada which counts on prapanach ABHAAVA and its main propitiator is SALVA he is moolapurusha for advaita Siddhanta ..

    BAKASUR had a thought process that He should eat Krishna .. why ? because this entire UNIVERSE with charachar jeevajadatmak parapancha resides in KRISHNA and if Krishna is eaten entire universe is eaten and there will be no UNIVERSE at all .. thats why he also believed in PRAPANCHA ABHAAVA vaada of ADVAITA which says no GUNA to NARAYANA bramha and by saying so they feel BRAMHA becomes nirguna ..

    SO SALVA and BAKA should be daityas only for having thought this way and mool purushas of ADVAITA ..prapancha ABHAAVA .[ beleief in non existence of universe and attempting to create such a situation ] both are works of SALVA and BAKASuR ..

    NOw let us analyse DURYODHAN’s words ..” there cannot be a kingdom of even a pins head size for the PANADAVAS .. entire KINGDOM is mine ”

    With respect to PANDAVAs there is no kingdom .. ie the concept of KINGDOM for PANDAVAS is FALSE ie  not TRUE ie Sadvilakshan 

    BUTwith respect to himsef Duryodhan says KINGDOM is mine .. ie concept of kingdom is TRUE ie not FALSE ie asadvilakshan ..

    SO KINGDOM is satya as well as asatya sadvilakshan as well as asadvilakshan ..

    ADVAITI also say Prapancha is neither truth nor False ..sadvilaskhan nor asadvilakshan .. So this line of thinking is started by DURYODHAN only ..

    there is one sentence which DURYODHAN makes …He says ..” all kingdoms are under my sway I alone am the Supreme ruler  and there exists no other ”

    It is akin to saying ” I alone am GOD and there exists no other GOD ‘  even this sounds like ADVAITA isnt it .. SO who is the moolpurusha for ADVAITA ..

    this philosophy started by SALVA BAKA DURYODHANA ie Kali  can be contained by Equally powerful DEVATAS only .. In mahabharat we have seen even RUDRA ie ASHWATTHAMA and other deities like SURYA ie KARNA  BRAMAHSPATI DRONA etc come under the sway of DURYODHAN .. so these people could not have created a grantha to cut down such a mighty daitya philosophy ..

    It requires VAYUDEVA BHEEMSEN only to uproot DURYODHAN .. and SALVA  BAKASUR ///

    ADVAITA is crushed by MADHAVACHARYA as extolled by VAYUPURANA 

    So BHEEMSEN himself is MADHVACHARYA …only VAYU can cut down so heavily grown forest of MAYAVAADA ..

    In VEDAS there is one sukta by name BALITTHA SUKTA  in praise of VAYUDEV

    three words are exclusively used to describe the three avataras of VAYU .. they are

    ‘mati ‘ pitumaan’ ‘dashapramati’

    which words describe which avatara we shall analyse !

    with pitumaan there is a word ‘dwitiyam ‘ and with dashapramati there is word tritiyam succeeding ..

    so pitumaan should describe second avatara and dashapramati should describe third avatara .. but there is no prathamam word for ‘ mati ‘  in the beginning .. but mati clearly means HANUMAAN is what we shall see ..

    ‘han hinsagatyoh ‘

    this dhatu vyakhyaan shows that ‘ gati ‘ is the meaning that we get from the word ‘HAN’

    so HAn can mean gati .. BUT all dhatus which give meaning of gati gives the meaning of GYAAN also .. this is of common knowledge … SO HAN also means GYAAN .. but mati means GYAAN ..is well known .. thus MATI and HAN are synonyms ..

    WHEN a ‘u’ is attached to a HAN .. it becomes ‘HANU ‘ now ‘U’ is attached to show the meaning of ‘ SHEEL ‘ so HANU becomes GYAANsheel means one who IS NATURALLY KNOWLEDGED .. SVABHAVIK GYAAN [ NOT ACQUIRED IE NOT KRUTAK GYAAN ]


    iN THIS WORLD BUDDHI is the word ..which if it has to be used for  praise then one says BUDDHIMAAN .. but if one is very very knowledged then the person himself is sometimes called as BUDDHI .. this is a practical coloquial ways of the world calling a very highly wise man as ‘buddhi ‘ [how are you buddhi today ? is common usage for sanyasis or wise people by common men ] 

    SO when one has highest  svabhavik knowledge ie mati he becomes matimaan .. mati is hanu so HANUMAAN .. but when such buddhimatta is beyond imagination one is enititled to be called buddhi so also HANUMAAN ie MATIMAAN is entitled to be called as MATI in vedas ..

    BRaMHANA is that part of vedas which elaborates difficult aspects[ kathin bhaga vyakhyana ] .. there is one bramhanavakya ‘ piturityannanama’  

    here pituh word is used for ‘anna’ [ food ] .. why should we take recourse to bramhana vakyas in vedas because .. there is no prasiddha devata famous by name pitumaan in the universe .. so that is indeed difficult to decipher thus kathin and resot to kathin vyakhyaan …..

    now pituhmaan means one who has more food ie one who eats more food …

    but everyone eats food .. some eat more food so how can we attribute pitumaan to VAYUDEV only .. so the word should mean one who eats more food where more means the quantity ….. what quantity ?  the quantity which cannot be eaten by anyother … so one who eats more than others .. is none other than ..BHEEMSEN ..

    since there is word dwitiyam in sukta with pitumaan it means second avatra of VAYUDEVA ie BHEESEN .. pitumaan one who eats more quantity  food which cannot be eaten by any other person in this universe ….

    the third avatara is dashapramati .. we dont see any famous person by thus name as well .. So we must decipher the meaning of this word as well to know the person ..

    Dashapramati on the superficial level shows that one who has ten knowledges .. [ dasha means ten ]

    one multiplied by ten gives ten is known by ten …..ten multiplied by ten makes  hundred i known as ten times ten …similarly thousand is known by ten of hundred .. so on .. when ten is multiplied by ten .. it shows ten of a number .. so on .. infinite can be achieved by ten of tens of ten .. ie infinite = poorna .. so ten actuall represents a poorna ..

    thus dasha pramati can be said as POORNAPRAMATI ..mati is gyaan .. so PRAMATI is PRAGYAN .. POORNAPRAGYAN .. WHO is POORNAPRAGNYA

    none other than SRIMADANANDTEERTHA ie MADHVACHARYA … but same balittha sukta goes on to say ..’ matarishva madhva h ” in later parts of the sukta leaving no doubts at all ..

    now lets look into our ACHARYAs works ..

    ” Anandteerthavarnaamvati trityaa Bhaimi tanurmarut aha katha parasya | ” – mahabharat tatparyanirnay 3rd adhyaay 8th shloka

    meaning .- By the auspicious name of ANANDATEERTHA  BHAIMI = the vatara of BHEEMSEN —- maruta = vayudevs …… trityaatanu = third avatara .. parasya katha aha = is narrating this story of HARI ..

    ” chatuh sahsre trishatottare gate samvatsaraanam tu kalao prithvyaam | jatah punarvipratanuh sa BHEEMO daityanirgudham haritatvamaah ||” – mahabharat tatparya niranaya  32nd adhyaya 131 shloka

    after 4300 years of kali Bheemsen again comes back as BRAMHIN to reveal the shatras dear to HARI which was concealed by the daityas ..


    After MADHVACHARYA himself has written that he is BHEEMSEN .. he proves it by showing the place where BHEEMSEN had buried his gada [ mace ] at kurukshetra .. when it was dug .. a large gada made of gold was visible .. but scores of elephants and hundreds of men  together with lots of efforts pulled it out .. .. what took hundreds of men and elephants to pull .. MADHVACHARYA lifted the gada with ease showing and proving that HE IS BHEEMSEN ..

    TRIVIKRAMA PANDITACHARYA has written entire vayustuti praising MADHVACHARYA as VAYUDEV ..

    Teekacharya has praised MADHVACHARYA as VAYUDEVA ..

    VADIRAJARU says .. bheemen kalau grahitam Madhvakhyam rupam ..

    that in kaliyuga Bheemasen has taken avatara as MADHVA …

    In yuktimallika VADIRAARu says .. I rejoice in yukti … i dont rejoice in words of fools who say world is unreal .. BUt  my yukti are the pearls brought from the deep diving into the MADHVAMATA .which is vayumata ,,, dear to HARI ..

    RAGHVENDRA SWAMIJI says he is follower of VAYUMATA .. dvaita mata ie MATA of MADHVACHARYA ,,,

    Many more rigveda mantras to follow in forthcoming posts which talks exclusively about MADHVACHARYA ,…


    Pujyaay Raghavendraaya !

    Pujyaay Raghavendraay Satyadharma rataya ch | Bhajataam Kalpavrukshaaya Namataam Kaamdhenave ||

    Pujyaay – The most eligible to be worshipped by one and all sajjanas ..

    satyadharma rataay – one always engrossed only in Truthfulwords and the acts of  dharma

    bhajataam kalpavrukshaay – Kalpavruksha [ celestial tree which bestows everything desired when standing underneath it ] for those who serve with devotion

    ch – and

    namataam kaamdhenave – kaamdhenu [ celestial cow which grants all that is wished for ] for those who prostate before Him with folded hands or those who bow before him .

    shri raghavendray namah karomi – Oh sri Raghavendra I bow before thee …

    Taatparya –

    There is no kriyapad in this shloka ..SO many scholars feel this to be incomplete shloka …BUT from many centuries this shloka has been used for worshipping ShriRaghavendra swamy in a concise manner as tradition ..THus we cannot conclude this to be as incomplete shloka ..

    So we can interprete and elaborate on the shloka by either

    1. taking any of the words in the shloka as a kriyapada
    2. taking kriyapad from the previous shloka and interpreting
    3. Or concatenating a suitable kriyapad [through rules of grammar ] and interpreting

    let us take recourse to 3rd one first ..

    So concatenating a suitable kriyapad – kriyapad adhyaahaar

    1> here SriRaghavendraay this word is ending in chaturthivibhakti …so naturally available word in natural language processing which can be concatenated with chaturthivibhaktyaant pada should be selected ..

    ‘namaha ‘  ‘svasti ‘ ‘svaha’ ‘svadha ‘ etc are words which go well with chaturthivibhaktyant pada as per panini sutras .

     SriRaghavendraya  [ in this shloka the shloka is mainly for stuti so ] namaha seems more apt and making adhyaahaar of this kriyapada “namaha” ,let us interprete this shloka …

    Oh SriRaghavendra Yatiraj

    1. You only speak Truthful words always and always are engaged in DHARMAkarya only
    2. SrimanNARAYANA is known as ‘Satya ‘ as HE is the creator [srishtikarta ] of the entire universe [all lokas ] and HE is known as ‘DHARMA’ because he holds supports [  dharaka -who holds ] the entire creation, all the lokas ..so NARAYANA is Satyadharma .. Oh rayare! you are always engaged in the dhyaan of this Satyadharma Narayana ..ie you are engaged in Satyadharma’s service only and nothing else except that .
    3. Dharma is of two types – kaamya & Akaamya . Dharma done with some desires towards the fruits of the Dharma is known as Kaamyadharma .. This does not become a means for MUKTI .. The dharma done without the desire for its fruits but only for the service of SHRIHARI gives rise to HARIPREETI and becomes means for MUKTI . Hence Akaamyadharma is uttama . Oh Raghavendra ! You are engaged in only Nishkaamdharma towards the SATYA naamak Hari .

    These three reasons entitle you to be known as SATYADHARMARATA … Oh RAGHAVENDRA ! I bow [ namaskaara ] to you .. kindly always make me speak truth and inspire me to be engaged in nishkaamdharma and Let HARIPREETI be graced upon me by your anugraha ,.. blessings .

    Whatever we desire is granted instantly by a plant in devaloka . It is known as Kalpavruksha . Similarly there is one cow by name KAAMDHENU which also grants within a second ,whatever is wished for ! Both these appeared during samudra manthan [ the great churning of ocean ] by the grace of SHRIHARI ..they have become the object of affection of LORD ..

    Oh Raghavendra ! You are also the object of affection for LORD NARSIMHA [ you have complete blessings of LORD NARAYANA ] and Oh gururaja ! you are also capable of fulfilling all the wishes of the devotees .. You grant all the wishes by the grace of immense blessings of HAri on you .

    Thus for those who serve you with devotion you are a Kalpavruksha and for those who do namaskaara with devotion , you are akin to KAamdhenu to those devotees .

    Thus I with devotion am in your service oh Pujya Rahavendra ! I with devotion bow before you Oh Satyadharmarata Raghavendra ! Kindly bestow all the desires [ishtaartha ] and Also make me eligible for MUKTI by the blessings of NARAYANA .

    2> or If we assume ‘bhajataam’ and ‘namataam’ as kriyapad then we can interprete the shloka as …

    can namataam be taken as kriyaapad ?… ‘Namu’ dhatu in panini vyakaraN is parasmaipada But Chandra and other shastrakaaras declare it as Ubhayapada ..Therefore atmanepada ‘Lot’ pratham purush ‘bhajataam ‘  can be applied to ‘Namataam ‘ as well … But we need to concatenate the word ‘ ‘Bhaktajanah ‘ …meaning the devotees like me bhaktajanah .. Sriraghavendraay – SriRaghavendra swamy to be pleased with them in all prospects ‘ Bhajataam ‘ let them serve and ‘ Namataam ‘ let them bow to Raghavendra who is pujya satyadharmarata and is akin to kalpavruksha and kaamdhenu . In this case namah need not be concatenated to complete the shloka .. Bhaktajanah we have concatenated though but except ‘aham ‘ ‘tvam ‘ all other words suitable according to the panini sutra ‘ Sheshe Pratahamah ‘ can be used ..without any defects …

    If we take ‘ bhajataam ‘ as kriyapad ..

    ‘namataam kalpavrukshaay kaamdhenave Sriraghavendraay Bhaktajanah Bhajataam ‘ 

    taking thus as above we can interprete

    Pujya Satyadharmarata Sriraghavendra who is akin to Kalpavruksha and kaamdhenu for those who bow before him ,to be pleased and to grace us with desires let the devotees like me serve him .

    here the contradiction to panini sutra regarding parasmaipada words does not arise ..

    3> suppose if we say let both ‘ namataam’ and ‘ bhajataam ‘ words be not taken as verbs but only as naampada ie nouns .. Then we must imagine a verb …suitable ..

    the poet Appanacharya has been large hearted  to give freedom to the devotee to imagine his own verb[ action ] to obtain the grace of SRiRaghavendra who is Pujya satyadharmarata and akin to kalpavruksha for those who serve and kamadhenu for those who bow ..

    here if devotee

    ‘ pujyaya satyadharmarataay bhajataam kalpavrukshay namataam kaamdhenave ch Raghvendraay ‘ [devotee can use ] pranamaami , namami , vande , namaskaromi etc infinite namaskaraath[ bow worthy verbs ] …

    else if he is doing pooja he can use

     pujyaya satyadharmarataay bhajataam kalpavrukshay namataam kaamdhenave ch Raghvendraay ‘ poojayaami archaami etc  etc infinite poojarth verbs ..

    else if devotee wishes to do stuti ..

     pujyaya satyadharmarataay bhajataam kalpavrukshay namataam kaamdhenave ch Raghvendraay ‘ [devotee can use ] staumi , abhishtavimi ,etc stutyartha dhatu ..

    similarly  raghavendraay which means for gururaja to become anukoola and bless us with desires,  devotees can choose to do any seva action fit for them or that which suits them interests them  as per their taste and choice to please Raghavendra and as per their actions ,use appropriate verbs in the shloka and get the blessings of RAYARU ; with this largehearted intention poet appanacharya ji has not used any verbs ..

    because had he used any verb like staumi or namaskaromi .. then people would think that RAGHAVENDRA swamy would bestow the desires instantly like KALPAVRUKSHA KAAMDHENU only if we do namaskara or stuti .. or if pooja is done .. and it becomes limited to that particular action …and thus by leaving out the action Appanacharyaji has indicated [ broadened the scope ] that whatever acts of devotion is done towards the RAGAHVENDRA swamy like writing japa tapa homa havana namaskara upavasa jagarana adhyayana , archana , abhisheka mridwlepana aarti naivedya bhajan etc he will give the desired like KAAMDHENU and KALPAVRUKSHA ..

    4> The shloka previous to this there is a word  ” krutam ‘ if we continue interpretation …

    what is the shloka previous to this shloka ?

    “iti sriraghavendrarya gururaajprasadatah | krutam stotramidam punyam shrimadbhihyappanabhidhaih || ”

    if we reconstruct the shloka thus

    Pujyaya Satyadharmaratay bhajataam kalpavrukshaay naataam kaamdhenave Sri raghahvendraay — shrimadbhih appanabhidhaih iti idam stotram sriraghavendraaryagururaajprasadatah krutam ”

    Pujya satyadharma rata [ etc qualities qualified with ] SriRaghavendra  in order to be pleased with us to be bestowed with desires .. the above mentioned divine punyakara  stotra [ entire raghavendra stotra ie ‘Sripoornabodha ..’ stotra  ] has been composed [krutam ] by APPANACHARYA who is full of gnyana bhakti and vairagya etc ..

    The stotra in the beginning has a word ‘ SRIPOORNABODHA ‘ which addresses complete and allknowing  LAXMIPATI NARAYANA ,,

    it also starts with ‘ SRI” the word which conveys the one who bestows all wealth and is abhimani devta for all the wealth and prosperity Sarvasampatniyamak SRIDEVI Mahalaxmidevi … ‘

     ‘Sri’ also conveys the knower of VEDAS and one who knows it to the full capacity is Sriman MADHVACHARYA and according as yogyata is JAYATEERTHA and Sri RAghavendra teertha etc all yatis till date occupying the seat of Moolramchandra sansthaana ..

    So this stotra starts with name of NARAYANA LAXMI AND MADHVACHARYA AND RAGHVENDRA swamy ..

    the end of the shloka contains ..the word KAAMDHENU … the one which gives all the desired …

    Thus this stotra when recited bestows the blessings of NARAYANA which is nothing but MOKSHA  , it bestows blessings of LAXMIDEVI which is the material pleasures and wealth of all kinds in this world .. and it bestows the blessings of MAdhvacharya and all the acharyas till Raghvendra swamy and present acharyas .which is nothing but the KNOWLEDGE of shastras which lead to MOKSHA ..there need not be an iota of doubt in these words ..

    The stotra Sripoornabodha can be divided into two parts …one beginning with  “Sripoornabodha ….. till …. mamagna roopam sadaa …..” here Rayaru mahima has been extolled in these shlokas and RAyaru has been declared as Pujya worshipworthy ..

    the second part begins with ” RAGHAVENDRA guru stotram …..and till end ” in every shloka Raghavendra stotra if recited, its phala results fruits have been declared in every verse ..second part  is phalashruti of the stotra as to how the devotee is benefitted by the reciting this stotra of RAghvednra swamy who is described and his mahima is described in the first Part starting from Sripoornabodha ‘

    similarly the words in present shloka  Poojyaya raghvendraya declared RAYARU as worship worthy and the words Namataam kalpavrukshaya bhajataam kaamdhenave is phalashruti .. ie declaration of fruits of the stotra .

    and SATYADHARMA RATAYA ch is the complete explanation of qualities of RAGHAVENDRA declaring him to be Pujya .

    thus first stanza of Shloka is the precise summary of the FIRST part of the stotra written by APPANACHARYA and the last stanza of the shloka summary of the phalashruti second part of the STotra sripoornabodha ..

    Thus this one stotra is akin to the summarised version of the entire RAYAR stotra as first part declares RAYARU as PUJYAY  RAGHAVENDRAAY through his mahima described in entire stotra which summarises SATYADHARMARATYACH  and second part summarises to phalashruti which can be realised by reciting raghavendra stotram , it is concisely written as NAMATAAM KAPAVRUKSHAAY BHAJATAAM KAAMDHENAVE ‘


    whatever is known to my mind I have written here as per my capacity .. any defects elders and scholars should forgive it as attempt of novice ..Let RAYARU antargat Mukhyapranantargata ShrimoolRAAMAdeva be pleased with this writing .. KRISHNARPANAMASTU ..



    पीठे रत्नोपक्लप्ते रुचिररुचिमणिज्योतिषा सन्निषण्णं ब्रह्माणं भाविनं त्वाम् ज्वलति निजपदे वैदिकाद्या हि विद्याः।     सेवंते मूर्तिमत्यः सुचरितचरितम् भातिगंधर्वगीतम् प्रत्येकम् देवसंसत्स्वपि तव भगवन्नर्तितद्योवधुषु ॥

    अर्थ ः –

    1. सुचरित ‘ – सबसे श्रेष्ठ आचरणवाले हे मध्वाचार्य
    2. ” निजपदे” – आपके स्वयोग्य पद जो कि सत्यलोक मे है।
    3. “रुचिर ” – मन को  एकप्रकार से आकर्षित करने वाली
    4. रुचि ” – प्रकाशमय
    5. “मणि ” – माणिक्यों के
    6. ” ज्योतिशा ” – किरणों से
    7. ” ज्वलति ” – प्रकाशित
    8. ” रत्न ” – रत्नो से (नवरत्न )
    9. ” उपक्लप्ते ” – सुसज्जित
    10. ” पीठे ” – सिंहासन पर
    11. ” सन्निषण्णं ” – चक्रवर्ति योगय वैभव से युक्त आस’न्न
    12. “भाविनम् ब्रह्माणम् “-  आगे आने वाले कल्प मे ब्रह्म पदवि पर विराजमाान होने वाले
    13. “त्वाम् ” – आप ,
    14. ” वैदिकाद्या ” – वेद संबंधी विद्या इत्यादि विद्याभिमानिदेवताआों द्वारा
    15. “मूर्तिमत्यः सत्यः ” – अपने निजस्वरूप को स्वीकारकर
    16. ” सेवंते “- ओ मध्वाचार्य आपकी सेव मे संलग्न हैँ
    17.  “अपि ” – एवं
    18. “भगवन ” – एैश्वर्यादि सकल गुणो से परिपूर्ण हे गुरुराज
    19. ” नर्तत ” –  नर्तन करते हुये
    20. “द्योवधुषु ” – देवलोक मे वास करनेवाली अप्सराएें
    21. “देवसंसत्सु ” – देवसभाओं मे
    22. प्रत्येकं “-  हर एक एेसे अन्य लोको के सभाओं मे
    23. “गंधर्वगीतम् ” – गंधर्व नामक देवलोक के संगीतकारो द्वारा गायन
    24. ” तव ” – आपके
    25. “चरितम् “- चरित्र कि गाथा आौर महिमा
    26. ” भाित ” – सुशोभित है
    27. “हि” – आौर यह विषय सर्वत्र अतिप्रसिद्ध  है

    तात्पर्य ः- सकलवेदविद्याभिमानि देवता अपने निजस्वरूप मे शरीर स्वीकार कर श्रीमध्वाचार्यजी (जो कि सत्यलोक मे अति प्रकाशमय नवरत्न खचित, मणियों से सुसज्जित सिंहासन पर विराजमान है अौर आगे भावी कल्प मे ब्रह्मा के पदवी पर अानेवाले  हैं)  की सेवा मे संलग्न है इस महिमा का गुणगान सर्व देवसभाआो मे अप्सराएेँ नर्तन करते हुये ,गंधर्व गायन करते है यह इस श्लोक से बोध होता है ।

    विस्तार ः-

    कलि अौर इतर दैत्यो के प्रवेश से सभी सज्जन अौर देवता प्रायः कभी कभी शास्त्र विरुद्ध मार्ग का अाचरण करते है । लेकिन ऋुजुगणों मे दैत्यावेश नामक दोष न होने के कारण वे सर्वथा शास्त्र विरुद्ध कार्य का आचरण नही करते है अौर एैसे आचरण के संदर्भ उनके जीवन मे सर्वथा नही आते है ।केवल शास्त्र सम्मत कर्म मे आसक्त होने के कारण अौर सदगुण परिपूर्ण होने से इनको “सुचरित” विशेषण उपयुक्त है ।

    ऋुजुगण अनादि काल से हरी के विशेष अनुग्रहार्थ तपस्या मे तल्लीन हैं । इनमे सबसे अधिक साधना का श्रेय प्रथम ब्रह्माजी को है अौर तदनंतर हे वायुदेव आपका है ।आपके उपरांत लातव्यजी का है अौर बाद गव्यजी का है।अनेक ऋुजुगण एक समान योग्यता के होने पर भी अपने अपने तपस्या अवधी के तारतम्यानुसार सत्यलोक मे अपने अपने स्थानो को गृहण करते हैं । इसमे ब्रह्माजी का स्थान अग्रगण्य है । ब्रह्माजी के मुक्तावस्था को प्राप्त होने पर , इस स्थान के दावेदार अाप स्वयं श्री वायुदेव हैं । वायुदेव के स्थान पर लातव्य अौर लातव्य के स्थान पर गव्य विराजमाान होंगे । इसी क्रम से इतर ऋुजुगण अपने स्थानो मे उन्नति पायेंगे। अौर क्रम से ब्रह्मा के पद को प्राप्त कर मुक्ती को प्राप्त होते हैं। ब्रह्म पदवी के प्राप्त होने पर ऋुजुगणों को सत्यलोक का अधिपत्य जो कि 14 लोको का अधिपत्य भी है वह प्राप्त होता है । इसी कारण से सत्यलोक को ऋुजुगणों का “निजपद “ के रूप मे कहागया है ।

    ऊपर कहे गये सर्व विषयो को अाधारकर प्रस्तुत ब्रह्माजी के मुक्त होने पर आप उस पद पर विराजमान होंगे इसलिये हे वायुदेव आपको भावी ब्रह्मा के रूप मे जाना जाता है ।

    समस्त ऋुजुगणों से भी अधिक तपस्या करने से आप अग्रगण्य हैं इसलिये आप सुचरित हैं । अौर सत्यलोक का सिंहासन आपकी प्रतीक्षा मे हैं , इस पर आपका निज अधिकार हैं ,इसलिये आप इसके सत्यलोक के युवराज हैं ।युवराज के लिये सिंहासन अपना होता है , अर्थात सिंहासन ‘ पद ‘ युवराज का अपना अर्थात ‘निज’ है ।ब्रह्माजी का सत्यलोक का पद श्रीवायुदेव के लिये ‘निजपद’ है । आपके आधिपत्य के योग्य पद ।

    ऋुजुगण सभी सत्यलोक मे ब्रह्माजी को प्रधान पद पर , आपको युवराजपद पर नियुक्तकर अपने अपने योग्य पदों पर तारतम्यानुसार विराजमाान होकर श्रीहरि की आराधना करते हैं ।

    आपसे सुशोभित इस आसन के वैभव का गाान करते हैं । आपका सिंहासन नवरत्नखचित है । उसमे उत्तम माणिक्य है । प्रत्येक मणि ,अनेको सूर्य के एक साथ उदय होने पर जो प्रकाश होता है , उस समान तेज से सुसज्जित है अौर नेत्र को भेदने का सामर्थ्य रखने वाले  प्रकाश से सुशोभित आपका सिंहासन है जिस पर आप युवराजयोग्य वैभव से  स्थित है । आप ! अनेक इतर युवराजों कि तरह  गर्व को प्रदर्शित करते हुए ,अहंकार से युक्त होकर सिंहासन पर नही बैठे है । श्रीहरि के अनुगृह से प्राप्त यह स्थान ,मुझे कर्तव्य निर्वाहन के लिये मिला है , इसका परिपालन हरि की सेवा है , इस भावना से , हरि को मनःपूर्वक एकनिष्ठ तरीके से स्मरण करते हुये ,हरि स्मरण से आनंद का अनुभव करते हुये अक्षों से अश्रुओं को बहाते हुये , हरिभक्तों के कल्याण की कामना करते हुये अौर उसके हेतु हि कार्यक्रमों का निर्वाहण करते हुए आप सिंहासन पर विराजमान  हैं । इस विषय को “संनिषण्णं “ शब्द से सूचित किया है । अौर उसी समय …

    वेद इत्यादि अपौरुषेय ( किसी भी व्यक्ती द्वारा न रचा गया अौर अनादि काल से उपलब्ध) एवं पौरुषेय अर्थात वेदव्यास आदि हरि के अवतारोंद्वारा अौर उनके शिष्यवृंदों द्वारा रचे गये मूलरामायण पंचरात्रागम इ॰ ग्रंथो को विद्या के रूप मे जाना जाता है । इनसभी विद्याओं के अभिमानी देवता, हे वायुदेव आपकी सदा सेवा करते रहते हैं। अन्य लोको मे यह विद्याएें कभी प्रत्यक्ष मे तो कभी अदृश्य रूप मे स्थित रहकर  सेवा करते रहते हेै । लेकिन सत्यलोक मे ये विद्याएँ अपने निज शरीर को धारण कर मूलरूप से आपकी सेवा मे संलग्न रहते है। यह विशेष है ।

    आपने भूलोक मे जन्म लेकर श्रीमन्मध्वाचार्य के नाम से प्रसिद्धि प्राप्त की ।आपने इस अवतार मे अनेक विद्याओं के अपव्याख्यान को निराकरण कर यथार्त को घोषित किया अौर इन विद्याओं को कृतार्थ किया । इस रक्षाकार्य एवं उपकार का स्मरण करते हुये इन विद्याओं के अभिमानीदेवता आपकी सेवा मे अपने मूलरूप मे प्रस्तुत हैं ।इसमे कोई आशचर्य नही ( रक्षक कि सेवा )

    ओ मध्वराया ! एैशवर्य इ॰ गुण रुद्रदेव इ॰ सभी देवताओं मे भी पाएे जाते हैं । लेकिन आपमे यह सर्वाधिक हैं । इसीलिये ‘भगवान” यह उपाधि आपको सुशोभित है ।

    देवलोक मे संगीतकारों मे गंधर्व नामक संगीतकार अतिप्रसिद्ध है । देवलोक मे नर्तन करनेवाले स्त्रियो मे अतिश्रेष्ठ श्रेणि के स्त्रियो को अप्सरा शब्द से संबोधित किया जाता है । हरि के अनुग्रह से इन अप्सराओं को सभी लोको मे वास करने की योग्यता उपलब्ध है । भिन्न भिन्न लोको मे भी देव सभा्एें है । उन समस्त लोको के देव सभाओं मे आपके भक्तगण ये गंधर्व अौर अप्सराएेँ ,आपके अवतार ( हनुम भीम मध्व ) मे अौर मूलरूप मे किये गये लीलाओं का गुणगान गायन द्वारा करते रहते है अौर उस गायन के अनुरूप  अपसराएें मधुर आभिनयन उत्तम नर्तन  करती है । इससे सभा मे उपस्थित सभी देवता एवं ऋुषिगण भक्ती मे लीन होकर खो जाते है  । “हि ” शब्द का प्रयोग कर श्री त्रिविक्रम पंडिताचार्य कहते है …हे मध्वाचार्या ! यहाँ  वर्णित अनेक विषय , मै अपनी कल्पना से नही कह रहा हूँ वरन् यह बात अनेक असंख्यप्रमाणो से स्वयंसिद्ध है ।एेसे समस्त लोको मे अतिप्रसिद्ध आपके असंख्य गुणों अौर माहिमाओं का संपूर्ण वर्णन करना असंभव है ।आपके गुण अौर महिमा अपरिमित है ।

    श्रीकृष्णार्पणमस्तु ॥


    The above shloka is from HARIVAYUSTUTI composed by Shri Trivikrampanditacharya in praise of Shrimanmadhvacharya …


    The words in the shloka and their brief meaning are thus –

    1. sucharita   – o’ madhvarya , your conduct is one of only auspiciousness and ever virtuous ,hence you are sucharita charitam
    2. nijpade – The position befitting your status and self righteously own ie the ownership of satyaloka
    3. ruchir – one attracting the minds incessantly
    4. ruchi – the glare ,glow of
    5. mani- the rubies
    6. jyotisha – the rays
    7. jwalati – emanating from
    8. ratna – gems [nine types of jewels ]
    9. upklupte – set in
    10. peethe – throne of
    11. sannishaNNam –  seated befittingly like a prince [ Emperor in waiting ]
    12. Bhavinam bramhaNam – The futuristic Bramha [ in next creation ]
    13. tvaam – thyself
    14. vaidikadya – vedas and other auxiliary studies and literature and its deities incharge
    15. moortimatyah satyah – in their most primal forms in person attending to
    16. sevante – in service of shri VAYUDEV
    17. api – and
    18. bhagvan – one complete in wealth and prosperity
    19. nartat – dancing
    20. dyovadhushu – the apsaras [nymphs] of the devlokas
    21. devsansatsu – in the devsabhas [courts of devatas ]
    22. pratyekam – ine every such devsabhas in each of the various lokas
    23. gandharvageetam –  songs sung by gandharvas
    24. tav – your
    25. charitam –  greatness and various acts of valor of VAyudev
    26. bhati – unparalleled ,gloriously displayed
    27. hi – thus famously renown everywhere in each loka ..

    excerpt – Oh Madhvacharya ! the vedas and other shastras like panchartra etc and its diety incharge always personally attend to your service in person in their original primal form [moolrupa ] as You are seated on the throne [which is bejewelled with nine types of precious stones and specially fatastically glowing rubies ]of Satyaloka befitting a crown prince , as You are the future Bramha the creator of the next cycle of creation by HARI , so enact the apsaras dancing to the tunes of gandharvas singing ode to the glorious qualities and  valorous acts describing the greatness of SHri VAyudev ..

    elaboration –

    Rujuganas are special type of Souls among the set foremost in the groups of Muktiyogyas . The other souls in course of their journey of life sometimes faulter in their conduct and act against the principle injunctions of Shastra . This is chiefly due to the possesion of daityas demons like KAli etc ..

    Rujuganas do not have defects like such possessions of demons , thus they never fault er in their conduct . They always act in accordance with dharma and tread the path laid down by shastras in a perfect manner .. Thus they are knwon as rujus and their conduct is always auspicious and virtuous and hence the adjective  ‘ SUCHARIT “is apt for them ..

    rujus are always engaged in the act of tapasya and seek on augmentation of  HARI anugraha [grace of LORD ] .. Among them BRAMHA has accumulated highest merit owing to tapasya of longest duration .. After Bramha . OH VAYUDEV ! you are the only next to be honoured with this reputation of having highest merit .. similarly LATAVYA occupies next position and GAVYA the next in succession .. Though they are all equals ,, owing to the length of duration of tapasya they were in since their manifestation into creation ,differentiates their position in subtle heirarchy . SO Bramha occupies the main throne of SATYALOKA .. and as Bramha attains Mukti in this creation , the next cycle of  creation sees Oh VAYUDEV ! yOu as the next BRAMHA .. thus Latvya becomes VAYU and GAVYA becomes LATAVYA .. so on so forth each of the rujus occupy their next preceding posts ..Thus this post of BRAMHA is the ownership of SATYALOKA , also the kingdom of entire 14 lokas , is occupied by each of ruju at some point in their sadhna and subsequently they attain MOKSHA .Thus this post of BRAMHA ie throne of Satyaloka is their selfrighteously their own place . thus it is reffered to as ‘ NIJAPADA’

    Oh Vayudeva ! you are one among the ruju and hence you are addresed as one having sucharita and after present Bramha attains Moksha will occupy Satyaloka throne thus this throne is your Nijapada ..as you are the crown prince of this LOka .

    You are seated on the throne befitting a crown prince . Your Throne is studded with precious jewels of all kinds . the rubies set in the throne is glowing and emanating rays as though many a  SUN have risen simultaneously at a time , the rays and glow of the throne is piercing the eyes of the beholder with its wonderful glare .

    You are seated onto this throne , not like other princes of world would seat themselves with pride and ego ..But You have seated yourselves with a feeling expressing gratitude towards HARI that he has bestowed upon you the KINGDOM of 14 worlds to rule and its your duty to carry out his wishes and you are seated with complete awareness of HARi’s grace on you owing to which you have surrendered yourselves to him your mind only occupied with his thoughts and tears of joy flowing through your eyes as LORD  is visible to you in your mind , and YOu oh VAYUDEV recommending the welfare the HARIBHAKTAS [ devotees of LOrd ] and carrying out the necessary chores of RULE of Kingdom in accordance to such desires of welfare of Universe in complete humility and devotion of LORD , with gait full of all charm and capabilities befitting the Prince .this is addressed with adjective ‘SannishaNNAM’

    Veda are Apourusheya ie not composed by any author and beginingless and others paurusheya compositions like moolramayana ,pancharatra agama etc composed by HARI in his avataras like vedvyasa and his disciples are collectively known as VIDYA . these Vidya have a deity incharge ,,all these deities incharge have a moolrupa which is completely potent and in full vigour ,,such primal presence is not everywhere in other lokas .. in other lokas these deities are visible partially and intermittently . But in satyaloka they are present in moolarupa in your service with complete devotion . as In one of your avataras You have resurrected these Vidyas from the abysmal commentaries they were subjected to by demons ,through beautiful commentaries  showing the true meaning and purpose of such shastras and Vidyas leading to LORD NARAYANA .and making these Vidyas a meaningful respected entity . You are exhibiting the full glory in this loka sitting on the throne , your wealth and possesions are unsurpassing greater than the prosperity of RUDRA and other deities in different lokas like maharloka and swargaloka . Thus BAGHAVAN is apt  description for you ..Thus sing the celestial nymphs of the court gatherings of the devatas dancing to the tunes sung by GANDHARVAS not only in satyaloka but each of such lokas and each of such gatherings .. As the nymphs enact the plays enumeration your stories of glorious avatars like HANUMAN BHEEMA AND MADHVACHARYA . oh Vayudeva beholding such a blisfull acts of Apsaras dancing  on songs of GAndharvas , devatas and rishis forget their minds and belongings completely immersed  in the bewitchment of your GLORY .

    This I am not addressing you thus in a poetic manner composed  out of my imagination taking poetic liberty BUT the facts enumerated in above lines are supported by inifinite pramanas in vedas and shastra and thus your GLORY and fame is inexplicable and infinite to be summarised by a human effort . and hence poet Shri TRIVIKRAMAPANDITACHARYA adds a word ‘HI’ to the couplet to indicate that mahima of SHRIMANMADHVACHARYA cannot be expressed in mere words .

    Krishnarpanmastu .


    Oh LORD , give me kaama to do the dhyana of your lotus feet always .
    give me lobha to acquire as much knowledge about shastras as possible …
    give me matsarya to compete with others to do more sadhana and earn more punya than others ..
    give me mada by drinking the intoxicating amruta of divine stories …
    give me krodha on your dweshis and evil people fit for andhatamas
    give me moha towards your devotees
    when one befriends a strong person or KING as ally .. all others get subdued and leave enemity with us , so also befriending YOU oh LORD all my enemies have subdued and act as friends . so give me more …and let year by year my shadvairis increase in your service !

    Snana -5 !

    Pratah snana vidhi


    as per panchasanskaarsangraha snana should be done in following way

    1. One desirous of nityasnana should go to the banks of the river or jalashay . while going one must take saligrama in a box . for abhisheka he must carry a harivaNa .. and for snana tulasi mrittika . he should take three dips in the river for cleaning sweat and dirt .
    2. then one should come to the bank .
    3. clean the body by rubbing it profusely and again take  a dip in the river
    4. again come back to the bank of the river and sit .
    5. open the box containing saligrama .
    6. remove the tulasi flower nirmalya and do visarjana of nirmalya
    7. keep the saligrama pratima sudarshan in the harivana .
    8. keep the tulasi mrittika before th LORD ..
    9. say the tithi day etc for sankalpa and ” vishnupreranaya vishnuprithyartham ” snana sankalpa should be done
    10. with pranava “OM ” one must do prokshana of mrittika
    11. do japa of gayatri for three times on mrittika
    12. make three parts of the mrittika
    13. take the first part in two hands
    14. show it to the surya .. if before sunrise do dhyana of surya and give samarpana
    15. ” nyona prithivi …” mantra should be chanted and with first part clean the foot from knees downwards
    16. wash the two hands
    17. repeat it second time
    18. take the second part of the mrittika
    19. show it to surya deva and do surya dhyana and samarpana
    20. rub it on the forehead forearms and legs chanting ” gandhadwaram …” mantra . two sides of the body should be rubbed with ” udhrutaasi varaheNa .. ” mantra
    21. wash the two hands
    22. repeat it second time
    23. ” namah kamalnabhaay namaste jalashayine | namastestu hrishikesh grahaNaamarghyam namostute || ” give arghya with this mantra for three times
    24. atitikshna mahakaay kalpantadahanopam | bhairavay namastubhyamanugnyam datumarha ||  with this mantra one must take the permission of BHAIRAVA who protects the teertha .
    25. “samasta jagadadhar shankhachakragadadhar | dev dehi mamanugnyam yushmatteerthanishaveNe || ” with this mantra one must take permission of teerthantargat Parmatma
    26. take the thrid portion of the mrittika in the right hand tightly .
    27. with left hand one must clean the place where mrittika has been kept
    28. one must do namaskaara to deva and guru
    29. get down into the river
    30. one must stand with water till waist or knees . one must stand opposite to the flow of river , if in jalashay one must face SUN .and take three dips
    31. keep the mrittika in the right hand on shoulder
    32. do achamana for three times
    33. do pranayama for three times
    34. take some part of mrittika on shoulder and mix it water
    35. rest of the part keep in the hand
    36. from head to toe cleanse with mrittika reciting OM .
    37. dip three times reciting dwadashakshar mantra three times . with ashtakshar three times . with shadakshar three times .
    38. while taking dip inside the water one must do smarane of NARAYANA as sleeping in the water .
    39. as much as possible recite the mantras being completely immersed in the water
    40. with OM come rise from the water .
    41. close all the fingers of left palm like a mushthi . inside this mushthi keep the right thumb and rest four fingers of right hand keep on the left mushthi .this is known as shankha mudra . ” aapo hishtha mayo bhuva …” etc mantras are knwon to praise AAP namak HARI .. hence they are known as ‘ablingmantras’. chanting these mantras with shankha mudra dipping in the water one must do prokshana of head heart  two shoulders and all the body .
    42. ” rutan ch satyam ..” three times recite this mantra OR in kumbhaka recite aghamarshana suktam
    43. DHYANA of NARAYANA in water
    44. rise from the water
    45. with shankha mudra recite purush sukta and do prokshana on head and do dhyana of NARAYANA having abhisheka in your heart …
    46. do achamaan  
    47. with water make urdhwapundra naam
    48. come to the banks of the river
    49. wash the place three times, where one  stands
    50.  yagnyopaveet should be apasavya [ only those who have pitru adhikaara ] ,    “ye ke chasmatkule jaata aputra gotriNo mrutaah | te gruhNantu maya dattam vastranishpeednodakam || ” with this mantra squeeze the clothe [vastra ] that one is wearing [wet ] .while squeezing pitru teertha in the palms must be facing downwards and rest of the part should be on vastra .
    51. second time achamaan
    52. deva saligrama abhisheka should be done [ savya ]
    53. that saligrama teertha should be given to sanakadi muni and other devatas
    54. put some teertha on the head
    55. give deva tarpana rishi tarpana and pitru tarpana [ those who have adhikaara ]
    56. do achamaan
    57. brush your hairs with hands till the water running from head stops . do dhyana of srihari during this time
    58. ” apavitra pavitro va sarvavasthaam gatopi va | yah smaret pundarikakasham sa bahyabhyantar shuchi ” do prokshan with this mantra on a clean clothe vastra .
    59. first cover the head with one vastra and use the other part to cover body and put kacche upper side .
    60. sit down
    61. wash the legs .
    62. rinse the mouth ..
    63. twice achamaan
    64. use gopichandan
    65. achaman
    66. sandhyavandan
    67. join two edges of the clothe , this is knwon as dwiguna, again join the edges of the cloth , this is chaturguna . this chaturguna vastra we should squeeze after coming out of the river .
    68. this vastra should not be kept on the wrist , if kept it will become asuchi .
    69. if done twice achamaan should be done for shuddhi
    70. one should not keep the squeezed clothe on the shoulder ..if kept it ios known as rakshas karma .. for shuddhi one must do snana again .

    Thus the different parts of the kriya known as PRATAH SNANA should be carried out to get proper snana phala .






    Malapakarshana Snana

    The snana carried out to cleanse oneself of dirt ,sweat and other doshas is known as malapkarshan snana . Abhyanga is also a kind of malapkarshana snana . Abhyanga snana should be done on monday wednesday and saturday only . monday abhyanga gives lustre to body ,wednesday gives allround health and saturday gives good enjoyments and pleasures . Dwitiya tritiya chaturthi panchami saptami trayodashi these days are good for abhyanga dahsmi dwadashi is good for children .

    sunday tuesday thursday friday are not good for abhyanga snana , janma nakshatra , vyatipata yoga ,parva dina , ekadashi , jyeshtha nakshatra , shravana nakshatra , ardra nakshatra and night times are not good for abhyanga .

    small children ,person with diseases ,aged these can take abhyanga on any day .and can also take bath with hot water without any dosha . 

    when taking bath on prohibited day abhyanga oil should be mixed with ghee and water to give relief from dosha and the oil gets shuddhi .

    On sunday put some flowers in oil to cleanse it , thursday use darba in oil for shuddhi . friday mix gomaya in oil and on Tuesday mix with soil , during grahan mix tulasi with oil to get relieved from doshas .

    Dashami abhyanga for kshatriya causes loss of children , ,trayodashi abhyanga for shudra causes death similarly tritiya abhyanga for vaishya causes death . one must not do tailabhyanga on vrata shraddha and upavas days .

    One has prayashchitta for those who take bath with alcohol but there is no prayaschitta for those who take abhyanga before 6 ghati of suryoday . But ashwij krishna chaturdashi is exception to this rule . narak chaturdashi one must take abhyanga before sunrise at the time of chandrodaya .. one who does not do abhyanga goes to hell …naraka bhaya  will be there for such and those who take abhyanga will not have narka bhaya thus it is naraka chaturdashi .

    1.massaging oil onto the foot. 2, massaging oil on head . 3. cleaning the plates leaves in which bramhins have taken food

    these give more punya than raajsuya yagny

    krishnarpana mastu .

    Snana – 3 !

    Jalashay Prabheda

    There are 14 types of water body fit for taking bath . they are

    1. Mahanadi
    2. nad
    3. srotah
    4. sarovar
    5. devakhaata
    6. naal
    7. taTaak
    8. kunD
    9. dhaara
    10. Koop
    11. Bila
    12. PrasravaN
    13. Udapaan
    14. KoTeer

    the jalashay from 1 -5 are uttama , 6-10 are madhyam and 11-14 are adhama . One must do nitya naimiitika and kaamya snana in these jalashaya only .

    MAHANADI Laxan

    1> It should be flowing all the three times a day [morning evening and night ] such a flow is known as jalasantati or jalapravaah . This jalasantati must begin from some mountain [parvat ] ,it should end in samudra ocean . Such a water flow jalasantati is known as MAHANADI . the snana here will destroy all the sins .

    2> Jalasantati beginning from a mountain parvat should travel atleast 100 yojana before reaching ocean . such a jalapravaah is known as mahaanadi .

    Nad laxan

    From eastern Mountains if jalasantati begins and ends in western ocean [paschim samudra ] is known as NAD

    Srotas laxan

    beginning from a mountain and ending in some river or taking a still form at some place on earth and ending inside the earth bhumi is known as Srota

    Sarovar LAxan

    The water body circular in shape either on the top of ,mountain or at the botto of the mountain , which never dries is known as sarovar . These are very wide and have many lotus in it .

    Devakhaat laxan

    Either in open place on earth or on the monutains when the banks of such water body are automatically generated by devatas and water in it never dies having broad mouth of the body with large banks natural in shape in known as devakhaat ..

    Naal laxan

    For the benfit of the village or for agricultural activity , those flow created by humans diverting water from the river is known as NAAL .

    taTAAk laxan

    In a village or mountain or in a forest , the water body in the shape of half moon [ardhchandra akaar ] is known as taTaak .

    KunDa laxan

    There should be four corners for the water body , no steps and banks should be formed with stones ,big or small full of water is known as KunDA

    Dhaara laxan

    the water flow should begin from a hole or opening in a mountain high above the sealevel , it should fall from a great height and fall on the ground and then without stopping there it should flow continuously .. such a jalasantati is known as Dhaara

    Koopa Laxan

    The water body as wide as five meters  ,circular in shape ,built with wood and bricks by humans full of water such a jalashay is known as koopa .

    Bil laxan

    water body in a desert under sand atleast 3 feet wide and full of water naturally  is known as bila by the scholars .

    Koteer laxan

    the lengthier canal in a mountain or forest or on a tree or natural wooden creek with evry little flowing water but never drying is known as koteer .

    Prasravan laxan

    either in monutain or at some place on earth , little by little water should get accumulated naturally and then it should start flowing as canal ..this is known as prasravan ..

    OOdapaan laxan

    In a garden or in aplace where cows tread , the small pond craeted with bricks or wood for animals to drink water is known as oodapaan

    Samudra laxan

    one which has natural waves , which acnnot be easily crossed , whose depth acnnot be easily estimated and one which is surrounded by a island or land all through its banks is known as SAMUDRA .


    NADISNANA phala

    Punya equivalent to One year continuous fasting will be got by taking bath in GANGA .. half of it will be the punya in Godavari snana .

    Mahanadi snana phala

    1.chandrayan Vrat 2. three krichcha vrata 3.10000 gayatri japa  4. Mahanadi snana all these are equivalent .

    Mahanadi Taartamya .

    1. saraswati nadi
    2. yamuna nadi
    3. ganga
    4. narmada

    these four rivers are knwon as best among mahanadi ..

    Ganga nadi immidiately destroys the sins as one takes bath .. saraswati nadi destroys after three days of bath .. narmada and yamuna destroys after 5 days of snana . All teertha created by Devatas and Bramhanas give same phala as mahanadi snana ..

    Those river that does not meet ocean gives phala of each snana equivalent to 5 days of ordinary snana at home .

    Those river that meet the ocean gives 15 days worth of snana phala by one snana in it … The snana is samudra itself will give one months snana phala .

    The water quenched from a well is inferior to natural water inside the earth , Prasravan water is better than water in the bhumi . Sarovar is better than prasrvan .rievr water is more punyakar than sarovar . Teertha jal is more shreshtha than nadijal .Godavari water is more punyakar than all the waterbodies .

    Deva rushi nirmita many teertha are fit for snana .. water from bila prasravan koteer and oodupaan shoudl not be used directly they must be taken in bucket and then used .. when there is dearth of water in any water body , they shoudl be taken ina  bucket and use .. but such a water in patra can be only fit for sandhyavandan but will not give any punya for snana ..

    Puraan prasiddha KIngs and other characters like muni devtas et who have created koop tataak etc are alwasy fit for snana .

    ONE must not take bath in a water bodies created by those

    1.  who are lesser in caste to ourselves and have earnt money in wrong way ..
    2. who are of same caste but have fallen due to non carrying of the duties of varnashram ..
    3. Vardhushika vrutti .. one who has earned money through commisions or by selling goods at a high price , which he himself has purchased at very low cost . such a trade is knwon as Vardooshika and is totally decried in shastras ,.. such a vaardhosshika vrutti person is disallowed in all ceremonies and food partaken in his house leads to all types of sins .
    4. If for any reason unknwoingly a bath has been taken in such a place then one must do prayashchitta and krichhvrata .
    5. Such a bath in nindita jalashya does not give any punya but gives the sins of the owner of the jalashay ..
    6. If one has to take the snana in a jalashay created by others eligible , than one must enter the jalashay and throw away atleast five or ten mushthi soil from it …and then take bath .. else one gets the sins of the owner .
    7. those jalashay which has been donated for saarvajanik use , taking bath in such jalashay one need not throw away mushthi soil ..,
    8. the jalashay to be created for public use must be constructed with two sanskarra a>  through vedic injunctions  b> it shoudl be donated in a vedic manner as daana for public use . After that the owner must never take bath in that jalashay
    9. The jalashay where there is no water enough to take a dip should not be used for snana .
    10. when there is scope and availability of deva nirmit better jalashay for snana , in such situations one must not take resort to jalashay constructed by others .The vaapi koopa tataak constructed by mletchas should never be used for snana or drinking . this gives mahadosha .. only prajapatya vrata ..this if done with knwoledge of such occurence .. if done unknowingly then one must do upavaasa for one complete day to get shuddhi and then with bramha koorcha panchagavya praashan one will get purification .. one need not do prajapatya in such case .  So says Vignyaneshwar rishi .

    krishnarpanamastu .






    Snana -2 !


    snana with indian gooseberry [ nellikayi ,amla ] and eating amla give VISHNUPREETI . HARI is especially pleased with those who take bathw ith amla powder on ekadashi day and dwadashi day both snana and eating of amla is very auspicious and gains special affection of LORD Vishnu

    VYASA rishi says ,

    those days where snana with amalaki is prohibited are

    1. saptami
    2. navami
    3. sunday
    4. tuesday
    5. eclipse
    6. sankranti
    7. sashti
    8. parvadina
    9. night times
    10. pournima
    11. amavasya

    shatataap rishi says one must not take snana with amalaki in the early morning hours .. this puts all the days as nishiddha .. then dwadashi one must do snana with amalaki becomes an exception …rest days afternoon bath ,evening bath can be done with amalaki .

    If one does snana with malaki on the nishiddha prohibited days than one will suffer poverty ..

    if prohibited days fall on ekadashi then amalaki snana on such days gives immense punya .. so say shattrinshansmriti …


    1. snana with til
    2. applying til powder to entire body
    3. homa with til
    4. pitru tarpana with til
    5. eating til and jaggery
    6. giving dana of til

    those who perform these six karmas will never get tired and tiredness will cease if any ..

    Vyasa says those who desire the betterment of servants ,friends and wife should never touch til  on

    1. amavasya
    2. sankraman
    3. ashtami
    4. sunday
    5. poornima
    6. vyatipaata
    7. eclipse
    8. vaidhruti yoga
    9. midnight
    10. ekadashi
    11. dwadashi
    12. vrata days

    during the evening and night times one must use oil or powders of til either for eating or snana ,eating food which is larger than its seed during night reduces wealth ..


    1. Pashaan mantra
    2. Avahana
    3. namaskaar
    4. arghya
    5. prarthana
    6. anugnya
    7. snana
    8. ten tarpana

    these eight kriya completes the samudra snana and makes one eligible to get samudra snana phala .

    these are :


    पिप्पलाादसमुत्तन्ने कृत्ये लोकभयँकरी । पाषाणम ते मया दत्त माहारार्थम प्रकल्पितम् ॥

    आ‌वाहन मंत्र

    पिशाची च घृताची च विश्वयोने विशाम् पते । सानिध्यम् कुरुमे देव सागरे लवणांधसि ॥

    नमस्कार मंत्र

    नमस्ते विश्वगुप्ताय नमो विष्णुवपां पते ।नमो जलधिरूपाय नदीनाम् पतये नमः ॥

    अर्घ्य मंत्र

    सर्वरत्नमयः श्रीमान सर्वरत्नाकराकर । सर्वरत्नप्रदातस्त्वं  गृहाणामर्घ्यम् महोदधे ॥

    प्रार्थना मंत्र

    पृथिव्याम् यानि तीर्थानि प्राविशंस्त्वाम् महोदधे । स्नातस्य मे फलम् देहि सर्वस्मादपि चांधसः ॥

    अभ्यनुज्ञा मंत्र

    समस्तजगदाधार शंखचक्रगदाधर । अनुज्ञाम् देहि मे देव युष्मत्तीर्थनिषेवणे ॥

    स्नान मंत्र

    वेदादयो वेदवशिष्ठ योनिः सरित्पतिः सागररत्नयोनिः । अग्निश्च मे तेज इला च तेजो रेतोधा यज्ञममृतस्य च नाभिः ॥इदं तेऽन्याभिरसमानमद्भिर्याः काश्च सिंधुम् प्रविशंत्यापः । सर्वो जीर्णामिव त्वचं जहाते पापं शरीरात्सशिरस्कोऽभ्युपेत्य ॥

    तर्पण मंत्र

    1. पिप्पलादम् तर्पयामि
    2. कविं तर्पयामि
    3. कण्वं तर्पयामि
    4. कृतांतम् तर्पयामि
    5. जीवकेश्वरं तर्पयामि
    6. मन्युम् तर्पयामि
    7. कालरात्रिम् तर्पयामि
    8. विद्यां तर्पयामि
    9. अहर्गणेश्वरं तर्पयामि
    10. समुद्रम् तर्पयामि

    तदनंतरं  देव तर्पणम्  ‍रिषि तर्पणम् पितृ तर्पणम्

    this completes the smaudra snana

    one must not do achamana with samudra water .. one must not do achaman with hot water and tarpana should be given from samudra water only ..





    Snana -1 !

    Snana is karma . it is just not cleansing of body with water but a karma that gives different results fruits in various situations.

    Snana is nitya karma , that we do on a daily basis in three sandhyas .

    Snana taken on specific occasion like 1> eclipse , 2>  after having touched rajaswala stree ,or antyaj mletch or 3> during asuchi  are all naimittika snana

    Snana undertaken to get the desires of the life fulfilled like increase in longevity ,wealth , health etc increase in beauty , lustre ,skin tone ,increase in radiance of body , etc .. OR having desires of other life like Svarga etc is known as KAAMYA SNANA .

    Those desirous of fruits of karma should carry out snana for phala those who do not desire fruits should carry out the SNANA for HARIPREETI ..

    How to do such SNANA we shall elaborate .

    PULASTYA rishi says :

    1. every month Pushya nakshatra
    2. ones own janma nakshatra
    3. vaytipaata yoga
    4. vaidhriti yoga
    5. amavasya
    6. dintraya

    SNANA on these days will release the seven ancestors from their sins .. that means a snana taken with proper instructions on these days will not only destroys one’s own sins but also destroys sins of father grandfather their father and forefathers seven generations .. and if done on dintraya it will grace a crore [kulkotim samuddharet ] generations .

    SUNDAY and TUESDAY one should take bath in river , for those who do that , just as LION does not have fear of other wild animals in forest similarly one will not have fear of diseases .

    One who takes bath in a river near the sannidhi of RUDRA DEVARU on CHAITRA KRISHNA CHATURDASHI one will never attain the pretatva [ one will never become preta ,bhoota pisacha etc ] . If done in GANGA river it is very much more effective .

    BHAVISHYA purana says

    The water body very near to a SHIVALINGA is known as SHIVAGANGA , those who take bath in this Shivaganga , get relived from all their sins and reach abode of RUDRA DEVA

    Yamasmriti says

    Kartik pournami bath in PUSHKAR and MAGH Pournami a snana in Prayaag will destroy all the sins of the person .

    Jyestha SHUKLA NAVAMI if there is hasta Nakshatra on that day the it is very auspicious .. a bath in ganga on this day will relieve one from the sins made in last 10 TEN BIRTHS .

    MAGH KRISHNA CHATURDASHI if one takes bath in YAMUNA river or VAISHAAKH SHUKLA TRITIYA [ akshya tritiya ] in GANGA will take away all the sins of this birth .


    Surya grahana -during solar eclipse a bath in GANGA will give punya equivalent to donating infinite cows in a proper vedic manner .

    Padma purana says

    KARTIK shukla  NAVAMI is very dear to Pitrus .. so a snana dana homa on this day by the side of river pleases the forefathers who have departed .


    MAGHA saptami is equivalent to Surya grahana .. a snana during arunodaya on this day will give immense punya .

    Chaitra shukla ashtami if it is with Punarvasu nakshatra and also if that day happens to be Wednesday than it is a very very auspicious day .. a  snana in river on this day will give punya of having done VAAJPEYA YAGNYA .- VISHNU vachan .

    SHATATAP rishi says

    On an amavasya if it is SUNDAY or Tuesday just a snana on this day in ganga will give punya equivalent to having donated 1000 cows .

    puranas say

    Ashwij pournami to kaartika pournami one should take bath everyday in river , do japa of vishesha mantras ,should eat only havishya items , and remain with complete indriya nigraha .. then one gets relieved from all sins and becomes purified in mind and body .

    The months of libra ,capricorn and aries , one should get up early in the morning and take bath in rivers and should be in bramhacharya vrata eat only havishya then one will get relieved from all sins of this birth .

    YAMA says

    Those who desire wealth and worldly pleasures and also svarga should take bath during lunar and solar eclipse . and should take bath before sunrise during pushya pournami to phalguna poornima  everyday .

    matsya purana says ,

    Four months from ASHADHA poorima to KAARTIKA poornima  everyday one should take bath early in the morning …everyday one should give bramhna bhojana andon KAARTIKA poornima one should give GODAANA … This is Known as  VISHNU VRATA . One gets Vishnuloka by doing this .


    The month starting the end of Pushya masa and before the beginning of Phalguna masa is known as MAGHA MASA . according to sage NARADA month occurs in three ways ..

    1. From poornima to poornima it is knwon as poornimaantamasa  … in this type pushya poornima to magha poornima is known as MAGHA MASA
    2. from amavasya to amavasya is known as amavasyantamaas ….in this krama pushya amavasya to magha amavasya will be magha masa . both above are chandra maana masa .
    3. from one solar ingress to another solar ingress is known as saurmasa  ,,, in this krama the month starting from makar sankranti to kumbha sankranti is known as magha masa .. this is saura maana masa ..

    In these three types of magha masa ,one can choose as per their tradition or can choose all the three types of months for snana which will give immense punya .

    In this month rivers keep saying aloud from arunoday time till suryodaya       .. ” please come take bath we shall relieve you of all sins ,.. lets see who is lucky among you .who is the fortunate one ! ”

    small children or young boys or old men women or transgenders , all and everyone should take bath during maghamasa in a river ..This will give all sorts of desires to the one who takes bath …

    While doing this snana ,one should not cover oneself with sweater or blanket while going to the river . If one gets troubles by the cold wind then one must resist such a cold weather and continue the snana .. One must never try to get rid of cold during the snana ..if one does the snana in this manner taking the cold into ones stride .. with each step he takes towards river while going and coming from river ONE GETS ASHWAMEDHA YAGNYA punya for each step .

    one should not use fire agni before or after snana .. to relieve oneself of cold weather .

    SNANA in river gives mahaphala … for those who do not have river …

    1. river water
    2. water flowing with quick speed
    3. water taken in a new pot a previous day ,if this water is kept in an open place below sky ,where wind flows freely .. if kept from night till dawn

    these three types of water is equivalent to Ganga . This water can be used for Snana and will give ganga snana phala .

    before starting MAgha snana , one should do snakalpa that I will do the snana daily in a river for a month .. Then one should recite what type of niyama one will undertake for the month .. and then start the snana …

    One must do sankalpa everyday before snana too

    MANTRAs to be recited while doing snana will be given in subsequent posts ..

    one must recite them ..With much devotion one must take bath month long in the river water ….

    After the snana one must take the mrittika of that teertha river and annoint himself .. one must also put the mrittika on ones head ..

    then one must put gopichandana and mudras …one must give arghya to SURYA in a vedokta manner .. one must give tarpana to Pitrus ..

    then one must come out of the water .. in any circumstance one must not speak ..JUST AS WOOD DOES NOT SPEAK .. one must be like wood … This is known as KAASHTHAMAUNA . One must come home with this type of mauna .

    One must worship with stotra the MADHAVA rupa of HARI which has SHANKHA CHAKRA .. one must give agnihotra in agni ..other homas should be done ..

    Entire month one must not travel anywhere .. one must reside at one place only ..one must sit in single aasan .  Those who are capable should do bramhacharya vrata and sleep on ground … those who are not capable and those who are rich can stay as they wish .. But in magha masa those capable or incapable must adhere to some special niyamas , that would give effective results ..


    to be continued …. this post will go on  for several days !




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