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Sanskriti – a discussion !

A discussion on current state of affairs of bramhins , ways to improvise and stabilise the future .. the numerous ways that can be employed in uplifting madhvas living below poverty line . The challenges of establishing a ved pathshala and sustaining a eco system conducive for MAdhvas to live upto their sanskriti .

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  1. guruji, can you please enlighten us about skanda, subramanya, muruga. in tamilnadu, people worship muruga who has peacock as vehicle with 2 wives and in karnataka we worship as subramanya and consider him as snake. why so much of difference in the form of worship? was it muruga who explained the pranava manthra to ishwara in swami malai? and how was he born? can u pls explain guruji?


  2. Namaskar Acharya

    First step towards Madhva Ecosystem

    A Madhva ecosystem can be envisaged as woven around leading a full Happy vedic life this is the ultimate USP this is what everyone wants but doesn’t know how to get. I have personally witnessed if proper channels are followed relief and progress is very rapid!! In earlier times vedic rulers constantly engaged in organization of Mega Yagnas for public welfare. Rishis would penance for world peace and prosperity. Hence people gained tremendous punya just by being there. As such activities have stopped we have become pockets of punya entrepreneurs with an angel investor in form of Rayaru and few incubators and mentors like you.

    “Brhamanaru Brahamanare”: Why do we go to mutt to get our japas done to offer our prayers and plights through Brahman devatas because it is the only way the shastra abiding way. Most remedies work if we go through proper channels. Individual practices are for self development and long term progress. Desperate times need radical solutions immediate help. When people don’t know what to do they in their desperation turn to things they don’t fully understand and further invite misery. This culture of adhering to proper channels has to be cultivated, if solid channels are devised in form where in remedies poojas sanskars are done by Brahmins where efficacy would be self evident.

    These mutts and Brahmin priests as identified by you would form the core action team. Every identified mutt should have its own website with a front desk person (like Neelambar acharya) to walk them through any procedures and to act as interface between acharyas and sevarthis. Each mutt can also have regular Havans and Homas like the one conducted here for people who write Rayar name. Even family functions consultancies can be provided regular pujas for various mundane events can be organised over the net. After some familiarity people would be compelled to visit there mutts and consultants personally.

    E commerce is in vogue There should be place online where we can go and even get our sevas performed to our Aradhya Rayar through his best Brahmin Bhaktas. Your site is a perfect illustration of the fact this approach can work.

    Acharya Your Role: It would be that of a catalyst by providing an interface between Brahmin archaka sampradaya and common people in form of a website. You can easily make this interface work trouble shoot any glitches any hiccups minor or major! All the while being behind the scenes we need people with impeccable conduct and Hari bhakti to be the figure heads of these vedic enterprises there are quiet a few such people present here online (graduates from madhva gurukuls) even I can name a few. Further such presence needs to be consolidated. Once a chain reaction starts catalyst is free!! In essence the circle is complete a spinoff is created.
    Once a hub is created various vertical integrations can be effected by roping in Madhva BPL families. This in turn would empower and further strengthen the virtuous cycle. More vedic value creation each time a cycle gets complete. Here in future of Madhva gurukul comes in with creation of Madhva Administrative Services (MAS).

    For a test run one mutt can be identified by you where you think factors are most conducive for a trial run. We can also gain synergy by integrating certain aspects of your TV channel. Time seems ripe for experimenting with such ventures.

    Most important of all the groups proposed by you people identified by you here today would be at forefront of this experiment. Further various others details can be worked out once the proposal has been set into motion.

    Please excuse all shortcomings and have your grace on me !!

    Sri HariVayuGurubhyo Namaha
    Sincere Pranaams


  3. Acharya Sastang namaskars,

    We see many people addicted to some or the other bad habits.A rigorous exercise to see a young do not fall into addiction and who are addicted should come out,has to be implemented.



  4. Chiraanji

    Sri Lakshmi Nrsimha Para Brahmane Namaha!

    Your real-life illustration again shows that Sri Hari always provides us what is the best for us as long as we have unadulterated bhakthi on him. Sometimes I wonder that the sole cause of all our loukika problems are because of the fact that we assume that we know best what we want in our lives at any point in time but HE knows what he wants for us and provides it at the RIGHT time. Anything that we get very cheaply is not considered as valuable and I think that we have a lot of even minor incidents in our life that can vouch for this. Similarly, the wait that we endure to get the desired from HIM, once we get it finally, makes us enjoy the final outcome that much more better – A very beautiful side effect of this long (some times) wait is that our prarabdha is also possibly getting washed away… A lot of such experiences have happened to us in our life…..

    By HIS anugraha, we were blessed with a beautiful girl in the year 2000. After a couple of years, we were planning for a second kid. Nothing happened for close to 2 years and everything apparently was normal. In Feb ‘2005, my wife had an ectopic and escaped from the jaws of the death by around an hour according to doctors. If it had been a little later than an hour, then it would have been a different story… The doctors then subsequently said that the chances are only 50% henceforth. We just left it stating that if this is what HIS sankalpa, then there is nothing much that we can do about it (At that time, unfortunately, since the right time had not come, we were not aware of the presence of this blog to get possible remedies!). In the middle of 2007, there was a new RAYAR mutt that had started in the heart of Chennai in a pretty sprawling space and we decided to visit this mutt to have Rayar’s darshan. It was a Guruvaar (Thursday) and when we visited the mutt, the brindavana was somewhat big and was not having a silver kavacha that adorns the brindavana in almost all the mutts on Thursday. While driving down after a very good darshan, I was just mentioning to my wife that we should possibly try to see if we can donate the silver kavacha for this brindavana and it looks like coincidentally during the darshan, Rayar had also seeded the same thought in her mind. Immediately we started the process of identifying photos for the design, asking jewellers for the estimated time and cost for the given dimensions of the brindavana etc.It was around 3 weeks for the Rayar aradhana to happen and we were running against time to complete this well ahead of that. After a lot of last minute escalations to the owner of the largest ornamental chain outlet in Chennai, the kavacha was ready just a couple of days before the start of the aradhana.

    After a couple of months passed, doctors confirmed that my wife is conceived and I was a little worried since both of us were in different phases of the seven-and-half-years saturn cycle. Things progressed smoothly for the first few months and things started getting worrisome around Mar ‘2008. Business came to a standstill with non-participating partners… My father was getting slightly immobile due to old age and started needing support for some activities. My mother was suddenly detected with multiple serious blocks in her heart and despite her age, all the top cardiologists in Chennai suggested that she has to undergo surgery to reduce the risk of fatal attack. And after a lot of deliberations, with two months due for the baby, my mother was taken for surgery and post operative care took almost 3 weeks before she was finally discharged. Just 2 weeks later, my wife got admitted and immediately, delivered a beautiful girl baby by grace of Sri Lakshmi Nrsimha. The three bedrooms in the house was populated with three different family members with different health conditions and the house was strewn with different medicines for each of them – all this at the peak of the Chennai humid and hottest summer – And added to all this, the business was in a continous downslide – Everyday, I used to think that it can not get any more down and it went further down – and with all this happening at home, my mind was just not working to concentrate on the business. By the end of 2008, things slowly started settling down.

    Now, almost three years later, after all this, my 3-year old daughter now is teaching the omnipresence of Sriman Narayana to a 75-year old person living downstairs in our house telling him that “Thatha (meaning grandpa), do not be afraid to go out in the dark. Just keep telling Narayana, Narayana,,, He will come and protect you like he did for Gajendra elephant”. We were all in a pleasant surprise when we heard her speak this!!! Similarly, a few days back, our servant maid just wanted to provoke her playfully and tried to corner her with some topic. Immediately, she retorted back saying “hey… You can not do all this to me as I am a Narayana Bhaktha.. I keep reciting his names every day in the morning and nothing will happen to me” 😉 These kind of incidents goes on and on pretty much on a daily basis….

    Every time, I see face to face all these talks by her, a few minutes goes to the moments and incidents around her birth time that happened in our house and what we were seeing now. In a maanasik manner, I thank Hari, Vayu and Rayar for the grace that they showered on us at that time and keep asking for the same grace and direction to go towards dharmic activities for performing saadhana to earn the preethi of Sri Hari finally. As an answer to those prayers, I guess that THEY directed me to this blog site a few years back as your student…. Bahut danyavadah for all that you have been doing to us ever since that time….

    Humble pranaams and sashtang namaskarams

    Sri Krishnarpanamastu


    • It is a great joy to see such little vishnu bhaktas coming into this world and getting their sadhanas forward ….
      My neighbour few days back concieved a girl for the second time a girl again …on the day of the birth of the child .. the whole house was in dark and there were no celebrations .. it s been a week now and the family is profusely crying in huddle as if there is no tommorrow .. their grief seems to be uncontrollable ..untill I lost the cool and took the eldest member of the family to task as what is this attitude a new memeber has come into the family and instead of celebrating everyone is sad and that too for weeks … the gentleman said radhe radhe …time has not been kind to us ..I thought krishna would come but …. [ i understood this radhe radhe NS ]
      no use giving lecture to him .. they can never be happy ..

      a birth of a girl is extremely fortunate event … it relieves one of all doshas and gives one scope for the highest dana ie kanyadaana ….
      those who do not have male child can also get a adopted child from the daughter herself … MAHABAHARATA is full of such illustrations .. KING PRATEEP ,.. BABRUVAHANA ….


      • Usually the bride’s father/parents perform Kanyadaana, but in absence of father someone else would perform, so who actually gets the merits? Would it mean the father/parents don’t get the merits for this dana?


        • it depends on the sankalpa .. if the doer makesa sankalpa that phala of kanyadaan go to the father of the girl , then it will reach ..


    • Pranaams to little stalwarts of Madhva sampradaya !!
      Hari is vismayakari so are his auspicious Bhaktas !!


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