Hitherto Unknown Secrets !

Sanskrut Shabdartha Kosha !


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  1. Hariprasad Alur said:

    Pranams to Acharya


    PRAKRITI = PRA+KRUTI = That which is created by PRA [Supreme]

    NITYA = Eternal

    MUKTA = Liberated

    BADDHA = Bounded

    TATTVA = virtues

    BHEDA = Difference

    JIVA GANA = Living beings

    ANUCHARA = Followers

    NICHA = Inferior

    UCCHA = Superior

    BHAVA = Feeling

    GATAH = Exists

    MUKTI = Salvation

    NAIJA = Without

    SUKHA = Bliss

    ANUBHUTI = Felt/ Experienced

    HYA = Conclusion


    Humble Regards


  2. yamatharajabanasalagam..Yagaana..magana, thagana…ragana..jagana add gana to all letters ..


  3. Hariprasad Alur said:


    1) VANAJA

    VAN = Water, Jal, Jala, Paani

    AJA = Born in

    VAN+AJA= VANAJA = That which is born in water = Lotus, Kamal


    VANAJA = Lotus, Kamal

    VANAJA+AJA = VANAJAJA = One who is born in a Lotus = Bramha [He is also addressed as Kamalodhbhava]

    VANAJAJA = Bramha


    VANAJAJA+ANDA = Vanajaja’s creation [as per Hari sankalpa] = Bramhand

    VANAJAJANDA = Bramhand

    Sri Krishnarpanamastu


    • @Hariprasad ji namaskara

      This word is used in Narasimha sulaadi… ‘laTa laTaa laTa laTaa, laTa kaTisi vanajajanDa….’
      Can you please explain what this line means ?



      • Hariprasad Alur said:

        Ushaji Namaskara,

        I attempt to explain.

        Vanajajanda is also Vishnu.

        As mentioned earlier, Bramha has the capacity to create … only by Hari sankalpa.

        JagannAtha dasaru has very beautifully explained this.

        A child makes castles out of sand plays enjoys spends time and at the end, jumps on the castle and tramples, destroys it. In a similiar way Vishnu creates and destroys the Creation effortlesly again and again without any body’s assistance. HE does not depend on anybody for his Srishti karya.

        Hence Vishnu is VANAJAJANDA

        Narasimha as you know is Vishnu’s avatar.

        Dasaru in the suLadi is using the prakrit language, brought to the fore the fiery temper of the Lord Narasimha using the words “la ta la taa”…. kata kata halkadedu…. puta puta negedu etc.


        Sri krishnArpaNamastu


  4. Hariprasad Alur said:

    Lord Vishnu is also addressed as SARASIJA NAYANA, SARASIJAKSHA, SARASIJASANA etc.



    SARAS = Lake, pond, sarovar

    AJA = Born in

    SARASIJA = That which is born in a lake = Lotus, Kamal

    Lord’s eyes are compared to the shape of lotus petals = SARASIJA NAYANA, SARASIjAKSHA

    Lord [Savitru namak paramatma] is contemplated as seated on a 8 petal lotus = SARASIJASANA

    Sri Krishnarpanamastu


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