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Malapakarshana Snana

The snana carried out to cleanse oneself of dirt ,sweat and other doshas is known as malapkarshan snana . Abhyanga is also a kind of malapkarshana snana . Abhyanga snana should be done on monday wednesday and saturday only . monday abhyanga gives lustre to body ,wednesday gives allround health and saturday gives good enjoyments and pleasures . Dwitiya tritiya chaturthi panchami saptami trayodashi these days are good for abhyanga dahsmi dwadashi is good for children .

sunday tuesday thursday friday are not good for abhyanga snana , janma nakshatra , vyatipata yoga ,parva dina , ekadashi , jyeshtha nakshatra , shravana nakshatra , ardra nakshatra and night times are not good for abhyanga .

small children ,person with diseases ,aged these can take abhyanga on any day .and can also take bath with hot water without any dosha . 

when taking bath on prohibited day abhyanga oil should be mixed with ghee and water to give relief from dosha and the oil gets shuddhi .

On sunday put some flowers in oil to cleanse it , thursday use darba in oil for shuddhi . friday mix gomaya in oil and on Tuesday mix with soil , during grahan mix tulasi with oil to get relieved from doshas .

Dashami abhyanga for kshatriya causes loss of children , ,trayodashi abhyanga for shudra causes death similarly tritiya abhyanga for vaishya causes death . one must not do tailabhyanga on vrata shraddha and upavas days .

One has prayashchitta for those who take bath with alcohol but there is no prayaschitta for those who take abhyanga before 6 ghati of suryoday . But ashwij krishna chaturdashi is exception to this rule . narak chaturdashi one must take abhyanga before sunrise at the time of chandrodaya .. one who does not do abhyanga goes to hell …naraka bhaya  will be there for such and those who take abhyanga will not have narka bhaya thus it is naraka chaturdashi .

1.massaging oil onto the foot. 2, massaging oil on head . 3. cleaning the plates leaves in which bramhins have taken food

these give more punya than raajsuya yagny

krishnarpana mastu .

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