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Anadi karma

  • Anadi means that which does not have beginning .
  • We suffer or enjoy due to past karma
  • That means we have done some karma earlier that we are reaping today
  • So in the previous birth ,what were we suffering or enjoying ?our past karma again!
  • so if we go back each janma [birth] we will say it was all but past karma .
  • So are we not getting into infinite regress.
  • Where does this past karma begin.
  • Are there any initial conditions.
  • Who determines these initial conditions.
  • Were they same for each of us?
  • If they were same then why did we all not respond to it in similar way?
  • If at all we had responded similarly , wouldn’t we be all in a same equal position with equal happiness and unhappiness.
  • In that case we would be in a static world.
  • But this is not so ! Not only are we seeing the diverse world and diverse people but also diverse karma.
  • So initial conditions were not the same.
  • Were some initial conditions favourable to some and disadvantageous to others.
  • Then whoever has set these initial conditions he cannot be an impartial entity
  • Is God responsible for These initial conditions? NO.
  • Because God is Impartial.
  • Then is there really something called beginning of karma ? no
  • Because then it would give infinite regress
  • Then what id this beginning of Karma ? Infact it is beginingless karma
  • It is known as ANADI KARMA.
  • It is our linga deha
  • It comes natural as a banana fruit comes with a skin , as grains come with a outer layer.
  • So does soul comes into this world with a natural linga deha ,which sets pretexts to karma.
  • This linga deha [anadi karma] loosens its grip on the soul as the soul goes through the series of experiences good and bad .
  • As it loosens completely it becomes porous enough for the soul to see itself .
  • As soul sees more and more of its self , we call it has enlightened .
  • Finally when it has a dip in Viraja river that separates this universe from Vaikuntha
  • It attains Moksha.

Shrikrishna says in Bhagavadgeeta while explaining Jnyana Yoga ” I had taught this yoga of Nishkaam karma to Surya[Vivaswan] ,he in turn told it to his son Vivaswat manu .Manu taught it to Ikshvaku and slowly it spread to many rajarshis and other rishis as parampara. Then it lost into ignominy .You are my devotee and childhood friend thus I will reveal this most secret dictum to you.”

Arjuna says ” Recent is your birth in the time , Surya was born many lakhs of years ago ,then how did you teach him this yoga? “

Krishna says ” You and I have taken many births already .I remember all of them ,You do not know those auspicious births. I am beginning less and endless .My body and self is without end and enters prakruti through my own will .All my avataras are beginningless and permanent .I only appear with my will ,whenever there is lapse in Dharma and adharma vridhdhi ,to punish the sinner and to uplift the Sadhus and to protect and establish Dharma “



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