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Superiority of Arjun vis-a-vis Karna – A Debate

Karna failed in Swayamvar . HE failed to even string the bow .
Surya counters  Radha’s son is not KARNA but brother of Karna
“And that bow which Rukma, Sunitha, Vakra, Radha’s son, Duryodhana, Salya, and many other kings accomplished in the science and practice of arms, could not even with great exertion, string”
Views of Prof Pandurangi
HOD Sanskrit  Bangalore University Rashtrapati awardee , MAHAMAHOPADHYAYA Tirupati Sanskrit University
“First Shishupala tried and failed. Then, Jarasandha, Shalya tried and failed. In the case of Karna a ticklish point is raised. According to North India recession of Mahabharatha Draupadi remarked that “Naham Variyam Sutham” I do not like to marry a charioteer. On the other hand when Arjuna asks Dhristadyumna whether a Brahmana can participate in the svayamwara contest, Dhristadyumna replies that “Brahmano Vatha Rajanyo Vaishyo va shudra aeva va?” Whetehr one is Brahmana, Kshatriya, Vaishya or Shudra if he can wield the bow and hit the mark, I shall give my sister. From this it is clear that Karna lost the chance by his incapacity bit not on the ground of his caste. The North Indian version seems to be interpolation.
…………..end of extract ……………….
C Rajagopalachary view 
Sisupala, Jarasandha, Salya, and Duryodhana were among these unsuccessful aspirants. When Karna came forward, all the assemblage expected that he would be successful but he failed by just a hair’s breadth and the string slid back flashing and the mighty bow jumped out of his hands like a thing of life.
Vivekananda View
Now, there came kings and princes from different parts of India, all anxious to win the hand of the princess, and one after another they tried their skill, and every one of them failed to hit the mark.When all those princes failed in hitting the mark, then the son of King Drupada rose up in the midst of the court and said: “The Kshatriya, the king caste has failed; now the contest is open to the other castes. Let a Brahmana, even a Shudra, take part in it; whosoever hits the mark, marries Draupadi.” Among the Brahmanas were seated the five Pandava brothers. Arjuna, the third brother, was the hero of the bow. He lifted the bow in his hand, strung it without any effort, and drawing it, sent the arrow right through the wheel and hit the eye of the fish. 
Then there was great jubilation. Draupadi, the princess, approached Arjuna and threw the beautiful garland of flowers over his head

Nara Narayan and Karna

Karna was a demon by name Dambhodbhav in his previous birth . Dambodbhav did penace to Sun for many years . Pleased with his penace Sun appeared before him and asked him to partake a boon . Dambodbhav asked for immortality . Sun said no one can become immortal as all those who have taken birth should die , this the law of the nature set by NARAYANA , thus he can ask for something else .

Dambodbhav asked something that would be akin to immortality . HE asked ” Oh Lord Sun kindly give me a 1000 KAvach – Kundal that should not break for atleast 1000 years and one who breaks it should die immediately . ” Sun grants him the boon .

Dambodbhav smitten with pride created havoc in the world and none could kill Dambodbhav and none dared to fight as that would mean definite death . SO when the world was besieged with the cruelty of Dambodbhav , sages and devatas went to Lord NArayana asked for the relief .

Lord Narayana took the form of two sages along with NARA . NARA-NARAYANA . The sages confronted the Demon , Narayana sat in meditation tapasya, for a 1000 years with mrit sanjeevani vidya , while nara would fight with Dambhodbhav , after 1000 years Nara would break the kavach and die , NArayana would bring him back to life and continue the fight , nara would comlete the tapasya for 1000 years as Narayana fought the battle and break another kavach , thus each would alternatively fight and practise tapasya and cut the kavach . This continued for 999 times in 1000000 years . The fight went on for 1000000 years . and when the last Kavach was left , Dambhodbhav fled the battle field and hid behind SUN in surya mandal , Sun gave him shelter . Nara Narayana demanded the demon to be handed over but SUn pleaded on behalf of him . Thus Nara cursed SUn to be born along with the demon and be killed .

For having given shelter to Demon and going against NArayana , Sun took the birth as KARNA along with suryavarman demon [ Dambhodbhav] . This time he was born with the 1000th kavach kundal naturally by the grace oF previous boon by SUN .

Nara and NARAYANA were born again as Arjun and Krishna .

This kavach whoever breaks it would die and hence , had to be begged back by Indra . As demon would not give it Karna had SUN also born in this birth as Amsa . With the quality of giving dana readily , SUN gave back the KAVACH he had been tricked to offer by DAMBHODBHAV , and created havoc in the world . Thus Indra tricked Dambhodbhav and SUn rectified his mistake .

The presence of Dambhodbhav and Narkasur in the KArna made him undergo untold misery and misfortunes . But his previous tapasya and presence of SUN made him a hero as well . Apart from that due to immense devotion that Sugreeeva had done in Ramayana , Krishna himself Manifested in KARNA to make him unparalleled due to PArshuram’s chariot and Bhargava astra . WHenever the whole Pandava ARMY trembled on account of KARNA , it was actually Krishna in him that made the balance in the WAR . At all such times , Karna won and became difficult to conquer like swayamvar of Jarasandha’s daughter , use of Bhargav astra ,  use of shakti, use of Bramhastra , riding Chariot of Parshuram etc.

As with KAvach on HAd Arjun killed Karna , even Arjun would have lost his Life , just like previous birth fight . Thus Kavach was taken away and returned to Suryaloka . Now Sun had to be released from runanubandha of INdra , on account of shelter to demon and also on account of killing VALI .

Thus he was killed unarmed to set right the score and make way for sun to go back to Surya Loka and NARA NARAYANA to return to NARAYANAASHRAMA in upper BAdri .


Effect of Mantras -contd ……

IN the previous post we had come to conclusion that mantras do have effects . Then again the perrennial question arises , does that make a owner of mantra a invincible .

  • Can he change things ? and achieve indiscriminately anything and everything he wants ?
  • Does he superced the law of Karma ?
  • If yes why and if no then How these laws of Karma apply to the owner of the mantra ?

Man attains mantra siddhi during the period and sub periods of the planets having relationship with the ninth lord or jupiter . Mantras do not show effect during six and eight lord dasha bhukti . Mantra also does not work while saturn or mandi is in lagna

Mantras do not work when used on more powerful people , mantras do not work on a person having excessive punya [eve n if he is evil] Mantras do not work on people under vrata niyama etc . Mantras do not work in the state of impurity .Mantras do not work when used against wishes of elders. Mantras do not affect person in yogakaraka dasha . Mantra siddhi can never be achieved by persons who are , pardararat ,paranna bhakshi ,paradhanlolu !

Once in Vanavasa When Bheemasen urged Yudhisthir to wage a war on Kauravas , Yudhisthir replied ” Bheem you are foremost among bhagavatas , you will never wrestle with Bheeshma and Drona etc , at the same time even if you know you don’t use Astras , So Bheeshma and Drona etc can be won only by astras Arjun is yet to acquire astras to vanquish these , After he acquires them we shall wage the war ” . But having said that Yudhisthir was in deep thoughts abouts prospect of war and Arjun’s capability . Bythen Vedavyasa appeared and calmed Yudhisthir by saying “dont’ worry I shall give you the mantra , You in turn teach it to Arjun , this will enable him to win over Bheeshma and others With this mantra Arjun will never be defeated .” Yudhisthir taught the mantra to Arjun . Arjun then embraced his brothers and went to INdrakeel parvat to worship Shiva antaryami Vishnu .

After intense tapasya , one day mukasur a rakhshasa took the form of a wild boar and came to kill Arjun , Arjun  released many arrows simultaneously , At the same Rudra [Shiva] along with his wife took a form of hunter [Kiraat] and also chased and killed the boar , mukasur died but both arrows from Shiva and Arjun struck it simultaneously . Thus Kiraat spoke , since you have attacked my prey , you must fight with me to claim it . Arjun exclaimed you shall never be successful , come on for a fight .

Arjun used many astras , Rudra nullified it , Arjun finally hit Rudra with the gandiva itself , Rudra swallowed it . Then they wrestled each other , Arjun used his fist with the Mantra of Vedvyasa but Rudra used another and flung him in the air and Arjun fell unconscious on the Ground .

Arjun was defeated , How ?

  • Arjun had mantra siddhi
  • Krishna had given boon to Indra [during the episode of Parijata ] , that till HE is on the earth Arjun will never be defeated .
  • Vedavyasa had given a mantra that would give him Ever winning power .

Why did Arjuna Lose here ? The answer given By Acharya Madhwa is thus :

  1. Shiva is greater than Indra in valour and Qualities
  2. Shiva had asked a boon from Krishna that if ever he gives  boon of Invincibilty to any of his subordinates , they should still be defeated by Shiva . Krishna had granted it
  3. Vedvyasa had given Arjun the Vaishnav mantra , but it was not a ” KEVAL VAISHNAV ” mantra .
  4. There is difference between a mantra and keval Vaishnav mantra . A keval Vaishnav mantra posses the quality of having all the rishi chandas and Devata as Vishnu . But when the rishi changes then it becomes a just Vaishnav mantra .
  5. Rudra had used Keval mantra .
  6. Arjun had no knowledge of  KEVAL mantras uptill then .

Then Arjun getting up from slumber , made a sand linga and prayed with all the mantras he knew to the Rudra antargata Vishnu in Linga . But as he was offering the flowers to the Linga , it went onto the jata of Kiraata [ Shiva] . Arjun realised , his aradhya devata [nija guru] was Rudra and standing before him as kiraata . He made a sashtanga namaskara [bowed] to Rudra and prayed him with devotion .

Rudra happy with Arjun , gave him Pashupata astra – a Vaishnav Mantra with Rudra as rishi . Thus suddenly All the devatas appeared and gave him their respective astras . Thus INdra happy with his son’s performance took him to Swarga and taught him many more astras . Arjun spent next five years of Vanavaas in swarga vana .

The same Arjun when he forgot mantras as Srikrishna left the earth , could not even defeat ordinary theifs [ aabhirs] and save Krishna’s Wives . Thus Mantras dont make a person always invincible . They also are governed by the laws of Karma and are subservient and under the control of NARAYANA .

  • When Durvasa used mantra against Ambareesh it boomeranged to give extreme bruises and heat to Durvasa muni himself .
  • Vishvamitra expressed his inabilty to use mantras against Khar Dushana and asked Rama to kill him .
  • All the rishis giving shapa to RAVAN did not affect him , even Rambha’s curse also did not affect him .
  • Nahusha became immune to mantras of the rishis around him,
  • Chandra could not be subdued by mantras of Brahaspati himself.
  • Dyut mantra of Yudhisthir did not help him on a fateful day .
  • Abhimanyu’s forward mantra could not help him come out of VAishnav PadmaVyuha mantra of Dronacharya .
  • Bheema and others could not penetrate Shakatabj Vyuha mantra of Drona ,
  • But at the same shakatabja mantra could not ensure safety of Jayadrath .
  • Drona’s yantra to Duryodhan on the arms still could not save Duryodhan’s palms being slit by Arjun’s arrows.

SO one must not undertake abuse of people around them with mantras ,Mantras have to be used for only for good and self protection only like

  • Vashishtha  resisted entire army of Gadhi [ Vishwamitra] with the help of Bramhaneya mantra
  • Vishwamitra created artificial swarga [ Trishanku swarga]
  • Vishwamitra created vegetations
  • Vishwamitra taught Bala and ATIBALA to Ram and Lakshaman [ this mantra gives one power to live without food and water for ages ] .
  • Arundhati gives Seeta a mantra that could prevent her only dress in vanavasa from tearing and soiling .
  • Parashara uses mantra to make Satyavati Yojanagandha
  • Durvas gives Devavashikarana mantra to Kunti .
  • Ajun uses a wick of the candle as agneya astra with agni mantra
  • Arjun creates water fall to quench thirst of his horses .
  • Vichitravirya teaches Arjun Adrushyatva Mantra [ becoming invisible]
  • Yudhishir uses his swatmataijas mantra to kill Shalya .
  • Ashvaththama uses Bramhastra to kill Uttara’s womb .[ Abhimanyu’s son] .
  • Krishna uses Sudarshana to Protect Uttara’s womb

Lord says even bramhastra will not kill Pandava’s progeny because HE has resolved so that their progeny rule for 1000 years .



when twelfth lord, twelfth house and 22nd drekkana all are exalted and aspected by benefic only then the subject achieves moksha . In all other cases one has to take a rebirth .

As mahabharaha war was being fought fiercely , Arjun with his Gandeeva ,[ with Srikrishna as charioteer , Bheema by his side and Hanuman on the Flag] was moving at a blazing speed vanquishing his enemies. Arjuna for a moment felt proud about his achievements and Said to himself ” oh what a great warrior I am ! There is none to defeat me , I am the best and Look I am responsible for this win “.

Immediately Hanuman on the flag cautioned Arjun of incoming astra and said ” hey! Pashu , watch out ” .Arjun immediately regained his self and realising he was carried away by pride apologised to Hanuman and insisted to explain , why Hanuman had chosen to address him as Pashu[Animal] . As Guru Hanuman does speak anything in vain  there must be something hidden in his  words.

Hanuman explained , ” If anyone is given a chariot [invincible] from Indra , possess a divine Gandeeva and With Srikrishna as guide and protector , and Supervision from Hanuman the vayu , is there anything special about such man being Invincible ! Yet Arjun you are attributing your success to your self . So conscious are you about the Lord’s presence and your dependency on him , yet you have acted independently ! You have heard Geeta so carefully yet you have forgotten its primary message .Thus you will be reborn as animal to fortify your knowledge about bhagvadgeeta ” .

Thus When Bheem came to the earth again as Madhvacharya , MAdhvacharya rote many commentaries on Vyas sutras and Geeta , totalling 37 in number . IN order to understand them one requires immense intelligence and concentration. A bull has supreme concentration. THus Arjun [Indra ] chose to become a bull to capture these teachings from MAdhvacharya . Everday this bull sed to carry all the granthas on its back and during pravachan ,it recapitulated Geeta with complete concentration sitting opposite Acharya.

Once all th pupil curiously asked Acharya as to who would be lucky enough to write notes and commentaries on Acharya’s works . Everyone was nourishing a thought that he would be assigned the job . But Acharya pointed to the bull .

Years later bull died and was reborn as  king of deccan in the Village of Mangalvedha , in maharashtra . The boy was named DHondurai ,by his father Raghunath .The boy was skillful in archery and horse riding . He had abundant riches and was married to two beautiful women . at the age of 17 , he had everything a person would long for in a material life.

Once when he was hunting by the banks of river sandhyavalli , he was thirsty and he rode alongwith his horse deep into the river and suddenly leaning down from the horse , he drank the water without getting down from the horse and riding it at high speed ,cutting through the river waves and water pouring into his mouth as a result of ride against the river flow.

On the banks was seated the disciple of Madhvacharya , Sri Akshobhyateertha swamy , The swamy looking at the lad asked ” were you an animal in your last birth that you are drinking water like an animal”

This sentence stunned the young boy , who at once shed his boyish nature and recaptured his past birth and he being Arjun the Sesha . His purpose of the birth to read and write the commentaries on Geeta and Sutras and gain better understanding of Principles taught by srikrishna , became clear to him . He decided to take sanyasa from the Swamiji.then and there itself.

Raghunath the father came abusing towards the Swamiji and accused him of brainwashing his young son to take up sanyasa. Swamiji denied the allegation and allowed Raghunath to take his son back if he can . Father took back his son and took to task his daughter in laws for failing in their duties to attract his son towards the Material life.

So a lavish room was adorned with all pleasurable articles to woo the boy towards the charms of life and wife was sent with all the decoration and bridal grandeur . But the wives instead found a 1000 hooded snake in the room rather than the 17 years boy , this terrified them and entire gathering alongwith the father witnessed the 1000 hooded Sesha [ Arjun] seated on the cot , Thus accepting the destiny , Raghunath brought the Boy back to Swamiji and the boy was ordained to Sanyasa as Sri Jayateerth Swamy . This is the highest form of Vairagya displayed by Arjun [ a rich family , kingdom , youth , two wives and pleanty of wealth and enjoyments , renunciated in minutes for the love of study and sadhana ] .

The Acharya Jayateertha wrote the magnum opus “Nyaya Sudha ” a commentary on the Anuvyakhyana of Shri Anandteertha[ MAdhvaharya] .Jayateertha wrote what he had listened to under the tutorship of MAdhvacharya as bull . This book is commentary and thus he is also known as Teekaacharya .

It is said of NyayaSudha that “there can be only two meaningful purpose of life , one has to be either born as king of entire Jambudweepa and lead a pompous life or one has to be intelligent enough to keep diving and surfing in the ocean of logic of Nyayasudha “


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