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Accuracy of predictions

Phalani grahacharena suchayanti manishinah ko vaktah taratamyasya tamekam vedhasam vina

Can astrologers claim he can give most accurate predictions?

The above shloka says Astrologers can only indicate the results of the planets , only Bramha can give exact quantum of the result.

This shows that when somebody has forecasted a good phase , it cannot turn out to be opposite. but how good? it is not the purview  of the astrologer. Only bramha can say that because he is the provider. lets dwell more on it.

a capacity of astrologer is limited to the domain he is inspecting. what are domains, luck pours from heavens, it also pours from blessings of elders, it also is enhanced by good wishes of friends and acquaintance. now how much each influence is subject to the domain under analysis. friends good wishes can get nullified by curses of elders. heavens gift can overcome a curse.

similarly a heavens wrath can overtake a boon.if you are predicting only considering a previous gift , and overlook a present curse , predictionswould go offtrack.

example: Shiva had given boons to jarasandha kichaka, bakasura,hidimba etc boons of being never faced with death, immortality. all astrologers looking at these horoscopes say they are immortals.even Indra and others  could not match these demons because of the boons and had to flee. suggesting immortality. Bheemasena killed all these ,that means he has overtaken these boons. Bheemasena was more powerful, for these demons a  brush with more powerful nullified their boons. Bheemasena was devotee of Krishna , if Bheemasena could kill these demons mean he is superior to Shiva, because He is devotee of Krishna , Krishna is supreme than Vayu (Bheema) and Shiva.

only to prove this Krishna avoided killing jarasandha ,to the extent he settledin Dwaraka than Mathura. he wanted to show if my devotee can nullify the boons of Shiva ,so can I. only superiors can overtake juniors’ orders.Hence when sages predict , they predicted immortality to jarasandha, because they fell short of analysis beyond Shiva. However VedVyasa predicted death to these.

Never hurt elders,superiors and Devatas, these can foretell misfortune ,even death,even if you are in good phase of your life.


Could Pandavas have avoided the dyut krida and Vanvaas?

shri gurubhyo namaha

Yudhistira was an expert in gambling . He could command dices to give out his favourable number.So was Shakuni adept with mystical dice in his hands. Pandavas , the last among whom Sahadeva was an excellent astrologer. He would always predict there would be great war and kauravas would be defeated. He knew they(Pandavas) would be defeated in the gamble.( such was greatness of Sahadeva that even duryodhana had his muhurta for Mahabharata war set by Sahadeva though a rival).

what made Yudhistira lose his magic touch. why did his knowledge of dice betray him on that fateful day? mind you dice was played twice in his life one succeeding other . The first one brought insult to his wife. second one robbed him off his kingdom of entire universe earned in Rajsuya yagna. Man can make mistake once  , but here is the wisest of all men succumbing to vice twice.

Was it really a vice? could Yudhistira put so much on stake? Did Sahadeva not forewarn him as astrologer. In case when we meet with misfortune our Astrologers suggest many remedies. mostly consisting of prayers. So it is meant to appease dieties and get away with the miseries written in destiny. But in our example Pandavas had very God Krishna by their side always ready to lend a helping hand whether asked or unasked for.( such was his love for Pandavas). Then why did he not give success in the Gambling to Yudhistira. Worst still his very art of dice control slipped away in favour of Shakuni.why in this case mighty men of the earth faced defeat/deciet ?

Is astrology really meant for changing our destinies?

we shall try to answer all these queries in our next posts. HOME


Navagraha Stotram

Vyam Vedvyasaya Namaha

Shri Gurubhyo Namaha

Bhasvanme bhasyet tatvam chandrshcha ahlaadkrudbhavet|Mangalomangalam dadhyatbudhascha budhatam dishet||Gururme  gurutam dadhyatkavishcha kavitam dishet|shanishcha sham prapyatu ketuh ketum jayerpayet||rahurme rahyedrogam grahah santu kargrahah| navam navam mamaishwaryam dishantvete navagrahah||shane dinamaneh suno svanekgunsanmane|arishtam haramebhishtam kuru ma kuru sankatam|| hareranugraharthaya shatrunam nigrahaya cha vadiraj yatiproktam graha stotram sada pateth||

Let sun give us knowledge of the philosophy and moon give the solace of mind.let mars give the auspiciousness mercury the intelligence. Jupiter confer the greatness and venus the ability to write.let saturn help obtain the peace and ketu lead us to victory. Rahu clear all the diseases and all the planets be handy towards the comforts.let nine planets increase the wealth nine folds and sani reveal all the many good atributes day by day.let all the undesired vanish and desirable be obtained and let not there be any dangers.With the grace of Narayana let enemies be vanquished as this prayer by the sage vadiraja read all the time.

With this prayer i present the tenets of astrology as taught to me in accordance with the words of sages. Astrology is one of the vedanga .means a study  helpful in understanding vedas.

Astrology is the eyes of vedas hence the name Jyotish. However one learns vedas hard ,it is only with help of astrology the great mystery can be unravelled. Once unravelled  by astrology,it leads to GOD vision.

Normal eyes  can see physical obstacles of life. they can avoid mishaps while walking on the road.what about those mishaps that befall men unknowingly in form of destiny. These are unseen obstacles (adrushta). Only  astrology shows these adrushta and also dryshta as well. so this is boon to mankind given by God to tide over the ocean of birth and death namely Life.

There is a bha chakra in the world in the heavens comprising of stars and zodiac. these are comprised of 12 rasis and twenty seven stars. Aso nine planets that revolve in this bha chakra . Sun is the chief among these planets represents soul. moon the mind .mars the strength.mercury the speech.jupiter the knowledge. venus the pleasures.saturn the miseries.rahu ignorance.ketu liberation.

every thing in this world is governed by these planets.Praying them brings about good fortune and success.

in the next post we shall see can we change destiny?



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