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Divine Seer -Shri Sushameendra teertha

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The Raghavendra swamy mutt at Delhi Moti bagh ,is constructed on a land actually allocated to German Embassy In India . German abassador in India used to everyday have a strange dream of a saint clad in saffron early in the morning and instructing him to relieve the land. THis was an incident the diplomat could not relate to anything in his surroundings , But his experience was there everyday . Once he happened to visit PM’s house in New Delhi , Prime minister then was known to be a ardent devotee of Shri Raghavendraswamiji , He had a large photograph at his PM residence at the entrance . The diplomat immediately recognised the saint as the one who appears in his dreams and instructs him to relieve the land . PM also surprised by the fact summoned the endowments officials to enquire about any mishaps or lacuna that has occurred with regards to mutt . After many a file search it was found that the land allocated to German embassy  was many years ago reserved for the construction of mutt to the Mantralayam trust . Immediately steps were taken to replace the land papers and permission to grant the construction of mutt was accorded . Sushameendra teertha performed holy yaga at this mutt and to this day it is a very bright pleasant,vibrant place to visit .

Years later I and my Vidyagurji had a small argument [ vada  between two learned people to enhance knowledge is encouraged in our philosophy ] . Th debate was when encountered with abhichara , [ deadly incantation ] , a bramhin can resort to ” maran ” this was my view . I had manusmriti verses backing me ;

My vidyaguruji was of the opinion , I being Simha lagna , was making this statement else , bramhin [ especially madhva] should not resort to ” maran ” . [ Prior to  using mantra , I was making statements like we must shoot people to death ,when faced with opposition , after initiation into mantra , my opponents dwindled automatically , I had no necessity to use harsh words either ] citing my own experience , my vidyaguruji opined , maran should never be employed ,Ahimsa is a must .

My nature was not accepting this , I was finding hard to digest the fact that we should be forced to meek submission before abhichara .[ even as a child , my uncles and father and relatives used to play chess without employing exchanges , idea was to conquer the enemy with all his forces intact , but I preferred a violent game ,  a fact that later enabled me to win intra university chess]  Again my teacher dismissed it as the compulsions of LEO ascendant and aspect of mars on lagna in navamsa .

I was looking for injunction and not opinion . SO my vidyaguruji suggested lets take direction from Sushameendra teertha . Swamiji as we approached him , he without speaking a word pointed to the MoolVrundavana . I did not understand . Then I learnt a new thing in my life , my teacher explained , everybody just visits Brundavana froa distant , even the most influential also just gazes the brundavana by a two or three feet distant even inside garbha griha . But stepping onto the brundavan is a divine experience , one cannot think even for a second anything wrong or mithya or fictitious ,[ the logic is Rayaru Shri Raghavendra swamiji being in asampragyat samadhi for more than 300 years now , as we ascend his Brundavana ,his TAPAS vibration creates a definiteness of thought ] .

SO my vidyaguruji said , i make a sankalpa of our question as ” whether one should resort to maran ” then he rectified , ” i will never , but can i allow my disciple [myself]  to resort to maran ” !” then I will ascend the moolbrundavan and chant 10000 times the moolmantra  , then whatever i get the answer , i shall relate it to you .”

meanwhile I sat by the Vadeendra brundavana gazing amazingly at this new phenomenon ,rather new methodology of getting answers .

After 10000 japa , my guruji came out , Sushameendra teertha had a peculiar smile on his face , my vidyaguruji was very serious , he took me to Tungabhadra ,at sunset , BY then BHeeman Katte Swamiji had also come for chaturmasa , Swamiji and my vidyaguruji were classmates at SUdha lessons ,At the behest of my teacher Bheeman katte  Swamiji initiated me into maran mantra ” saying , “I could resort to in extreme danger ”

Later my vidyaguruji confided that his guru late archaka of panchamukhi temple was and expert in maran vidya.


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