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Chara dasa ,Devaki and Kamsa

Devaki was Lord Krishna’s Mother . She had a doting brother Kamsa. They shared a very loving and caring relationship . Kamsa had won three world and brought gifts for his sister, which none could have got. He personally looked after her marriage preparations.He was utmost respectful towards Vasudev ,his sister’s husband. He ,though being most powerful during his times, out of love offered to personally escort Devaki to her in-laws house. Such a loving relationship turned sour overnight ,as there was “AKASHVANI” that Devaki’s eighth son would kill Him.Kamsa imprisoned both his sister and her husband for many 18 years . He killed all her sons as soon as they were born. So drastic and extreme change in relationship!

What makes relationship  suddenly change ? how does something starts in a good and acceptable manner and suddenly ends up in a disaster. why do some events end up giving troubles ? sometimes some bad events also end up into good results.Say a King troubling a citizen to a nasty extent and then rewarding him with a post of minister. Vishwamitra troubling Harishchandra and eventually crowning him as the most truthful person ever born.

  • Chara dasa gives results according to the strength of the lord of the rasi, and also as to whether they are benefics or malefics.
  • When a planet  in a rasi  is benefic and rasi is owned by a benefic , invariably only good happens in that dasa.
  • when benefic is in the malefic rasi ,  that dasa starts in a favorable way and ends up giving unfavorable results.
  • similarly when malefic are in benefic rasi , dasa end yields  unfavorable results.
  • malefic in malefic rasi yields completely unfavorable results
  • When there are both malefic and benefics in a  malefic rasi , mixed results are to be seen.
  • When a benefic rasi is occupied by both benefic and malefic , then initially there will be adverse results and then favorable results will be experienced in the latter part.


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