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IF there is Rahu or mars and Saturn inthe fourth house one will be kapati[ man of evil intentions]

When Pandavas were in exile , Duryodhana wanted to show his prosperity to them and wanted to make fun of them. So to show that he has performed better yagnya than Rajsooya of Yudhisthir , He opted for Paundrika yaag . Sent invitation to pandavas . Bhemasena sent away his emissary by saying there can be only one yagnya now and that is Yudhdha yagnya. Duryodhana completed yaag , but is intention of showing wealth to others and pandavas did not materialise as Pandavas did not attend .[ Yagnya or other austerities done without pleasing Vishnu bhaktas dont give good results] , unhappy Duryodhan and Karna went to forest to tease the Pandavas under the pretext of Go samrakshana [ yagnya ends withe cattle grazing and feeding them] . Since Duryodhanas main intention was to insult Pandavas , Indra [lord of yagnyas] wanted to teach Duryodhana a lesson and save pandavas from embarrassment. So he [ Bramha] and other dieties gave boon to one Gandharva Chitrasena as to be invincible for a day and sent to instigate Duryodhan.
Duryodhana was taking a bath in the pond , guarded by his soldiers . Just when gandharva descended to the pond. Guards objected , Gandharvas replied they were from heaven and were not obliged by the rule of a human king[chakravarti] . Duryodhana and guards became angry and waged a war.
Chitrasen with the boon soon overpowered duryodhan. Karna fought with him but as he was fighting with a jeal to insult pandavas,[ parshuram had cursed him if he fought with jeal or competition he would lose] , he lost and ran away .
Gandharva tied Duryodhan and dragged him towards heaven ,
Kaurav ministers ran to Pandava camp and asked Bheemsena to help to save family prestige. Bhema refused , But Yudhisthira was in a days’ deeksha and hence asked Bheema to rescue Duryodhana.
Bheema and others went and fought with Chitrasena and released Duryodan.
Chitrasen told in front of all the gathering the eveil intention of Duryodhan.Yudhisthir and other eldrs scolded him to discontinue his evil ways like a child.
Duryodhan totally ashamed returned to his camp and undertook fast unto death [for he could not avenge pandavas yet had to take their refuge ].

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