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Dara Pada -Supportive/Inimical Wife

When Lagna Pada and Dara pada are in mutual kona or kendra the realtionship between wife and husband will be friendly and supportive , if second from the Lagnapada contains a benefic exalted or aspected by exalted planets , one will have many beautiful and pativrata wives.

A supportive wife is one who cares  for her husband and always sides with him even if he is a debauch , evil or impotent. Such woman have been praised heavily in Puranas and are known to have stopped even Sun moon in their movements , some have reversed the cycle of time and other impossible feats have been accomplished by such women through the power of penace of Pativratya.

Mandodari the queen of Ravan was a very pious woman. She advised ravan against all evils yet she never deplored him for his dastardly acts. She always prayed the Lord in Him ,even if He went on to bring a thousands of  wives in a unethical manner .Even when the whole world was against her husband for taking a stand against the Lord Narayana, she stood by her husband , God Ram praised her  for her partivratya and granted her Mangalya . [ Ravana was dead ,yet she remained sumangali forever How?] .

In Vedic culture Woman are considered to be sumangali as long as the pyre of husband in the cremation ground does not subside. But Lord Ram granted that the Funeral pyre of Ravana be never subside and fire be always blazing from his funeral altar . This is known as Ravan kashtha which keeps blazing ever and Mandodari remains a sumangali.

similarly when Lagnapada and darapada are in mutual 6th 8th or 12th, there will be enemity between the wife and husband.

Prabhas the Vasu was cursed by the Rishi that he be born as human and because he had attempted to steal the cow on the insistence of his wife , there be enemeity between him and his wife in the human birth.

Prabhas was born as Bheeshma and his wife was born as AMBA . Amba vowed to kill Bheesma , As his wife was not available to him in this birth owing to rishis’ curse , Bheeshma converted the curse to his advantage by taking Bheeshma vrata [ ajanma bramhacharya] and advanced his spiriual journey.

For the greats and devotees of Vishnu even curse is a great source of sadhana.

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