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There are 32 types of dashas in Astrology . Of which Vimshottari is followed universally.The other dasas are specifically applicable in unique cases. However vimshottari dasas change by months ,if birth data is inaccurate , but chara dasas remain fairly same even in the event of faulty birth time. Chara dasas give a broad outlook to a persons state and surrounding.Though every good and bad events should have a bearing in the minds of a person, vimshottari being nakshatra dasa instantly reflects good and bad events.

For a very successful person ( say a person just elected in national election, a star who is adorned and in his peak, a sportsperson who has just earned an award) , intermediary moments of unhappiness cannot be found through vimshottari alone. since they would be running major dasha and antardasa of a very strong planet.

consider a foreign minister in power.(his dasha will obviously be more powerful) , if he consults for about a particular foreign mission or diplomatic talks; its success and failure though bears a longing mark in his and nation’s career, cannot be predicted through vimshottari alone. here other dasa would reflect his success and failure. Similarly for a richest man a minor slide of market would result in losses , but his already rich position in dasa will not allow for this minor portrayal of loss, which still will be of huge importance to him.

Rishis have stated kalchakra dasha as more benign in giving accurate results , but in kaliyuga Vimshottari plays major role in giving good and bad results.Dasha has a intermediate dependency on its antar dasha. Antara on pratyantara, pratyantara on sookshma ,sookshma on \prana dasa. There is no interdependency on disjoint dasas, only two sets prevail. Divisional charts results are to be seen in the sub dasa only. Sookshma dasa give independent results. Kala hora reigns in supreme when giving definiteness to the results.

Position of moon on a particular day and its relative position in natal chart and dasa lord determines how one fares on a particular day in a given dasa. Also dasa lord in his gochara if debilitated , cannot give desired results. As dasa changes , there wont’ be an abrubt changes in life, smooth transitions are ensured , as in a new dasa , antardasa of dasa lord comes first. \this period continues the effects of previous dasa to superimpose new dasa , ensuring smooth transition in life.

Dasha though favourable if commences on a day when moon is debilitated , invariably gives bad results. No astrologer can point this out in the absence of faulty birth data. How a particular dasa gives way to another is also known by gochara .Thus a dasa to give positive and good effects ,it must start and end on a auspicious day.


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