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When Death Nears!

  • Supreme God Pradyumna as present in the eye is present in Aditya.
  • Pradyumna present in the eye and Aniruddha in heart are one and the same.
  • Aniruddha in the heart and Pradyumna in Aditya are also one.
  • When these leave the body ,some indications occur to the individual:
  1. The sun is seen like a moon
  2. Sun’s rays are not visible
  3. sky looks red like manjishtha
  4. the bottom of the body [payu] opens up
  5. The head swells like a nest of crow and foul smell emanates
  6. This indicates death is nearing ,one should perform deeds ,that would be helpful in the other world.
  1. visible indications of nearing death are:
  2. one sees hole in the sun
  3. sees his shadow broken into pieces
  4. sees in the mirror one’s head upside down
  5. pupil of the eye seems to fall off
  6. one does not see white patches when his eyes are pressed
  7. on pressing the ear ,one does not hear the sound of burning fire or arrival of chariot
  8. seeing fire as blue as peacock neck
  9. seeing lightning without clouds
  10. Unable to see a lightning among clouds
  11. earth burning
  12. suns rays among thick clouds
  13. one must realise death is nearing ,when in dreams viz
  1. seeing a person with black teeth
  2. being beaten by such a person
  3. being beaten by boar
  4. being attacked by monkey
  5. being carried by storm
  6. eating and vomiting gold
  7. eating honey cake
  8. eating stalks of lotus
  9. holding a lotus on the head
  10. riding a sleigh drawn by donkeys
  11. taking a black cow and calf southwards wearing red garland
  12. these dreams are inauspicious ,

offer homa with ratrisukta ,eat homa sesha .


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