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A day in the life of a sadhaka !

A day has 60 ghatikas [ 24 hours = 60 gh ] [ 1gh = 24 minutes ] …..

A night divided into two parts  15 gh each …

the latter part of night last 6 ghatikas remaining , one should get up …

off these 6 gh …….. 4 ghatikas one must contemplate on shastras .

remaining 2 ghatikas one must contemplate on HARI as per the method taught by guru ..

In 30 ghatikas of daylight ………

  • 2 ghatikas snana [ all morning chores details to be given in paradharmo section ]
  • 2 ghatikas Japa
  • 2 ghatikas Deva pooja
  • 2 ghatikas LUNCH bhojana
  • 2 ghatikas rest and break [ one can lie down , take  a nap ]
  • 20 ghatikas adhyapan … yaajan …. paath pravachan shastra shravan  and livelihood

In 30 ghatikas of night … first half of 15 ghatikas should be spent as

  • 2 ghatikas sandhyavandan deva pooja
  • 8 ghatikas  pustakavalokan [ studying books ]
  • 14  ghatikas of sleep …..

One must follow these steps to the best of one capacity and to get the swaroop yogyata expressed one must spend more and more time on shastra vyasanga …..

One must only do the work allocated by the LORD as per birth for  a livelihood …doing anything else even if 1000 sadhana other than one ordained by LORD [ varna ashrama dharma ] will only tantamount to disobedience towards the LORD’s command …

Doing anything else will only be a labour leading to more sweat tiredness and no result ….

One must always keep oneself engaged in activity till sleep and worldly pursuits will automatically follow us ..

To be satisfied with whatever comes naturally [ desire and gains and happiness ] is most important …even if one has to beg ,,, it should be limited to keep oneself alive ….. anything more would only contribute to excess labour …

It is only a good fortune to have descended on the human to be born in BHARATKHAND and to be sermoned with good tenets of shastras …leading to liittle knowledge about Paramatma …. instead of  making use of this good fortune and improving his knowledge of LOrd and improve parmartha …. if one pursues fame from ignorants ..little wealth or four days of living in ones own house …. having few good sweet dishes and few good copulation and knowing them to be a great achievement and disowning the life of knowing  LORD and yet calling themselves as successful and much intelligent and all knowing …. by engaging in the lifestyle which would only lead to nether world .. how on the earth can these claim to be realised ….. do they not feel ashamed of abusing their lives … given preciously  by HARI to to do moksha sadhana ?

To get into the mode of sadhana is very difficult ………. there are many obstacles ….They are –

  1. this is kaliyuga … yugadhipati is kali …
  2. Kali nearly destroys all the available resources of sadhana ..
  3. He stands in every major instrument of sadhana
  4. In every adhisthana he tries a pollution to destroy the punya collected by the sadhaka ..
  5. In a guru ,when near by tries to harm sadhaka by igniting svaninda and svottamaninda…
  6. One must ignore ones insult and curb the tendency to insult or point defects of elders …
  7. if one is not equipped mentally to ignore or curb …. if completeness [ pakvata] has not yet descended in the mind …. then one must maintain a distance from elders and always try to get affection from them …
  8. then after pakvata … practically people will like and affection will be permanent
  9. BUT Kali also enters wife/lover and in lonely moments makes her speak …” why on the earth are you so religious …. look people are making fun ….. why cant we be just normal …. is this much of devotion necessary ….. why cant we be like others …. I cannot bear people commenting on you … look your brothers make fun of you …. your sister is also a party to such loud talk …. these do not go well with me …. i feel very much pained when someone talks ill of you …. I want you to be appreciated , why not reduce some of your pooja time ,,,, you seem to be spending almost a whole day into it ,,…. you have stopped noticing me …..i am unable to answer them they seem to be thinking that I am less attractive thus you are drifting …. i will give my life away …. i rather die than listen to such words which i cannot defend ….. Come lets live a good life “
  10. these are the words till children come in the life …. once children comes ,.she laments again “ if only our child could get some better life … some better education …. look others are faring better where are we ? how can we not get all those to our child …. isnt it our responsibility ?  “
  11. then comes upanayana , marriage and now the new question is “ our daughter’s in laws are thinking like this …. we are allowing our children to be bogged down by their in laws …. why cant we do something ? “”
  12. and this dushtabhashana parampara continues till death knocks our doors …. only to be dragged into asaar sansaara again in next birth ,.,,,,
  13. This santaap yatra continues as kali takes on the [ avesha ] of guru . mata  pita bandhu , svashur , mitra , putra etc and in a most intimate way he troubles giving dukh santaap chinta of these relations …
  14. One who does not give away his manogranthi to these talks and stays still as a stone only to advance his sadhana is the wise man …
  15. One who can find out defects in the logic of relational talks and also is ware of his own weaknesses is the wise man …
  16. One who concentrates on HARI … and partakes only HARI granth anveshana food discarding the distastes arising out of the  Kali  relishing which only diseases spring which he effectively cures with a rasayan namely HAribhakti .. only to get all his desires fulfilled …….

Krishnarpanamastu ..

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