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Bhojan Patra Vichara – Dining Plates And Astrology

  • Second lord in trines or angle ,in vaisheshikamsa or second lord in deep exaltation in Mriduamsa ,one eats only in golden plates all through the life.
  • second lord in kendra or trikona with moon and venus ,one eats in silver vessels.if joined by jupiter alongwith moon and venus ,one eats in golden plates and cups.
  • If these moon ,venus ,jupiter and mercury are in own navamsas ,if second lord is also exalted in navamsa then the golden plates will be heavy and thick in its shape .
  • If second lord in kendra ,trikona in mriduamsa ,is aspected by a friendly planet ,then one eats in a bronze plates.
  • if second lord is strong in kendra , moon and venus not associated but in vaisheshikamsa ,then one eats in a strange and attractive (vichitra) type of plates.
  • if second lord’s dispositor is aspected by a malefic ,weak and karaka is also weak then one will eat in a plate made of two metals.
  • if second lord is in eighth with saturn then one will eat in iron plates.
  • if the lord of the rasi in which navamsa lord of second lord is disposed is associated with benefics , one will eat in bronze plates.
  • if second lord is with malefics in davagni,dandayudha and kala amsas or neech navamsa one will have uncontrolled hunger
  • If second lord is debilitated in navamsa one will always eat others food
  • if aspected by debilitated planet in navamsa one will speak ill of food given.
  • if second as saturn ,or saturn aspecting second lord itself being in debilitation ,one will live by eating  in shraddha ceremonies.
  • if second lord is with gulika ,saturn and mars in neecha navamsa ,one will eat burnt ,belated food.
  • one will eat fast and happily if the second lord is exalted in benefic shashtiamsa.
  • if second lord and lagna lord are associated one will have food from time to time without any difficulty.
  • if second lord is in vishesha amsas ,aspected by jupiter or venus ,one will eat with full satisfaction very tasty foods.

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