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Four levels of astrological predictions

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Man is subjected to tapatraya – Adhibhoutic ,adidaivik,adhyatmic tapa. when we suffer in a natural way ,ie struggling around the surroundings etc , it is ahibhoutik tapa. that which arises due to panch bhutas. earth water ether light air . like natural deterioration of body due to old age , sickness sorrow or happiness on account of near and dear etc .

Certain sufferings do not seem manmade. earthquake ,volcano ,floods , our sufferings on account of these are termed as Adidaivik tapa. Even when we miss certain rituals assigned or undertaken by us , we undergo some mishaps ,which are just beyond our perception; these are also adidaivik.

When everything is allright in our life, we suddenly crave for more , and then a series of events unfold , forcing us to think why at all did I desire such things, now I am caught in a whirlwind of fate! . example Shantanu desiring Satyavati ,The whole act of Mahabharata is an outcome of this one desire. This is adhyatmic tapa.These occur only to teach us lessons of life. The others are result of our past karma.

How does astrology help us unfold these. when we take our horoscope we usually see only one janma kundali. But there are 16 such kundalis(16 charts) that govern one person.These are shodasa varga.16 divisions.

these are grouped into four ways.

  1. shadvarga ( rasi hora,drekkana,navamsa,dwadasamsa,trimsamsa) 6 charts.
  2. add saptamamsa to above you get saptavarga 7 chart scheme .
  3. add dasamsa ,shodashamsa ,shastiamsa to above list you get dasavarga scheme 10 charts.
  4. add rest of the charts and you get shoshavarga scheme.
  • so you can predict taking any of the schemes about one person. analysing only 1 st scheme gives your future as dependent on rasi (self) hora(wealth)drekkana(brothers) navamsa(wife) dwadasamsa(parents) trimsamsa( evils, miseries,enemies). these are the material level of sufferings a man can undergo along with these characters.
  • ADD saptamamsa(children) you get complete physical strata of human life. Adibhoutik.
  • 3rd includes dasamsa(achievements),shodasamsa(inner happiness) shastiamsa(inner conscience) apart from above.These are abstract strata of human life governed totally by Daivik forces(heavens) . we do not have any direct control over these issues. when these get afflicted we suffer unexplained miseries. Mostly these miseries are more felt in the mind than experienced.
  • Sashtiamsa is especially important Rishi Parashar has assigned a weightage of 5 as against 3 for the self janma kundali. this is a very puzzling aspect. A shastiamsa chart changes every 2 minutes.an error of two minutes in birth time can give faulty shastiamsa chart. hence it is difficult to accurately give this prediction in absence of accurate birth data.
  • A person born in sheetalamsa always suffers from cold  irrespective of good days bad days.
  • a person born in digambaramsa has unexplained fondness for roaming nude irrespective fo his status reflected in birth chart.
  • shasti amsa chart is very powerful . it acts only for a small phase on a person. it acts like a man possesed of devil where he loses his self to character of devil though momentarily.
  • shodashamsa also reflects minute happiness. sometimes we read a NGO takes all slum children on flight as social service. what a good fortune of air travel on just a single day. the boys might never have such a chance all their life owing to a ordinary birth chart. but only shodash amsachart shows this extraordinary experience for a short time.
  • shodashvarga includes vimsamsa( divine knowledge) chaturvimsamsa(divine powers sadhana) khavedamsa(aspects governed by chitta your sublimal thinking about life , that is taking roots as future action) etc we cannot dwell at length on this, as it is exhaustive.
  • the third category as seen  above deals more at sublimal level .it is sookshma even more than the abstract layer. here seeds of future life are laid. these indicate adhyatmic tapa.

so predicting only on one chart is sure blunder. This article gives enough thought for those who think astrolgers try to divide whole humanity into just 12 zodiac signs.(  just 12 groups, particularly those who are immature fans of linda goodman; read about book of signs without knowing astrology ).

the astrological combinations are [(9!*12!*27!)C16 ]*16 *12 arudhas*12karakamsa] these far exceeds human population on earth.

Is’nt astrology unique for each individual.


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