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Purpose of remedy

Most of us are always puzzled at the uncertainty that life exhibits! In such scenario we are perturbed at the thought of losing the things dear to us . We have a desire to acquire  things that are not with us . Sometimes we succeed in acquiring the desired and sometimes we fail to protect the loss of precious possession.Sometimes there is fear of loss , we feel threatened at the prospect of loss of money,fame and life .This brings in grief ,the thoughts itself are disheartening and person is agitated. Those who are undergoing strenuous conditions in life hope for better days to come. They live on hope.Everyone consults an astrologer for betterment!

What can an astrologer do?

Astrologer can only predict .Predict what is destined in the horoscope.He is not the master of the destiny that horoscope reflects. What is the purpose of consultation? Sometimes it brings solace to the aggrieved . Sometimes an astrologer says ,he is forewarning ! Forewarning why ? Is astrologer a custodian of chronology of the world ? or can he regulate the chronology? The answer to both of these is no! Then what is the purpose of prediction ?

When we read the above notes , we can see only indefiniteness ,ambiguity in everything that is around us. for a successful life these very uncertainties should vanish. When you have a clear understanding of what you have to do and what you should not ,when you have descended on earth , we say life is successful!

How to remove uncertainty ? An astrologer helps in giving you a clear purpose of your life and life events that a person is going to face. As per the nature of the individual , these events bear different impact on the person. Some improve upon their knowledge  an understanding ,some wither away in the pursuit of pleasure.

When faced with bad times ; understanding of the cause of bad events gives rise to repentance towards the evil we have done . If this feeling arises in an individual then remedies suggested by the Astrologers to nullify the evil ,works wonders and life progresses. But if individual feels remedies are a way out, for a past karma and can just get away from it by dana ,homa ,yagnya etc. Then thousands of such remedies ,will never ever solve any problems. Sometimes remedies are prescribed to certain individuals whose events are unavoidable , remedies are performed and yet events takes place! was remedy ineffective ? if it was totally unavoidable event then why did remedies were prescribed.

Remedies never go unanswered!!!!! Remedies work for different people in different people in different ways. For stronger characters ,it gives strength to face the events . It gives a calmness of mind to digest events in all eventuality good or bad.

For advanced souls it helps in detachment of karma with its karma phala. For very determined soul it achieves the objective of the purpose of remedy irrespective of the outcome of Karma as destined. ie. Though Karma shows up in an unavoiding manner , the endresult doesnot affect the Indiviual . example : When Shachi devi ,Parvati ,Shaymala devi, Usha devi , Were cursed by Bramha for being born as humans and married away to other than their husbands ie Indra ,Rudra ,Yama And |aswini devatas . They performed remedies of 1000 years of tapasya to appease Bharati Devi [ wife of Vayu] . To protect them from losing their PATIVRATYA. [being married to other than their husbands on earth would still tantamount to loss of pativratya] But All these are blessed by Bharathi devi to protect their pativratya and yet the Bramha’s shapa [curse ] also was carried out . Thus was born Draupadi , Draupadi is the most PATIVRATA stree ever born and had yet had five husbands.

Had there been no remedy on part of these women then , they would be born as women on earth , but owing to their devata nature they would be extremely beautiful . In general these women are so chaste that they would marry only if their husbands would also be born on the earth else none else, but as Bramha had cursed them to lose their association with husband , the chances are Rakshasas can also take them away , this would mean loss of pativratya. To avoid this they did tapasya together  in a single body of INDRASENA . Thus their remedies were answered and Draupadi born out of Fire directly as a adult ,was married to all the five Pandavas.

Krishna says ” Ahalya ,Draupadi ,Tara ,tara, mandodari Panchkanya smare nityam ,panchpataka vinashayti ” Note the word PanchKANYA , these  are all the women who have some kind of blemish associated with them yet their names when taken removes even those sins which God never forgives. That means these are special women and very auspicious . And the word Kanya is very interesting Lord uses the word kanya even though these are marries woman. This points to a new concept of Nitya Kanyatva.

Thus remedies work for those events also which are unavoidable. And all avoidable events definitely vanish with remedies ,Like that in case of Chandrahasa ,in caseof Markandeya Dhruva etc.

So one must always undertake remedies with sincerity and devotion to obtain solace from graha and graha chara.


Ascendant – Qualities of Individual

Ascendant is the sign rising in the east ,at the time of birth. Ascendant determines the qualities of an individual.

  • When aspected by benefics one will have beauty and happiness of the body.
  • when tenanted by benefics ,one will have bodily beauty.
  • When moon is conjunct benefics , one will be beautiful.
  • when moon is aspected by benefics ,one will be beautiful.
  • when in good bhavas, one will be righteous.
  • Jupiter or venus in kendras will make one righteous

Pandu wanted a son who would justly rule the world. Thus he asked Kunti to pray Dharmaraj[Yama] to bestow a son by his grace who would be Just and righteous.Thus Yudhisthira was born.

Again at the end of the year Pandu thought ,it will just be not enough to be good and righteous ,one requires strength to save oneself from the enemies , thus he asked Kunti to pray the most powerful in the universe to bestow son. Lord is most powerful ,after him Lord vayu is most powerful ,thus Kunti prayed Vayu to bestow her a strong son. Bheema was born. as she was holding him[child] on the peak of a mountain[shatshrunga] ,the child slipped , mother was in a state of shock ,but Lo! as the child fell on the mountain ,it broke it pieces [such was the strength of Bheema ,even as a child] ,now it rightly justified its shatashrunga[mountain with hundred peaks owing to cracks.]

Pandu again contemplated , when enemy attacks ,Bheema may save him from external aggression , on an expedition, other enemies might attack the land ,hence there has to be one more strong warrior son to save the land during such times. Now Vayu was the most powerful , he has already been approached , Kunti cannot call him again[ as per the boon of Durvasa], after Vayu , Garuda shesha and Rudra are powerful , Garuda does not take birth on earth[as principle] , Shesha and Rudra are very hot tempered personalities ,thus it would not be wise to have such sons. So next in line is INDRA , so Kunti prays Indra to bestow a son ,thus Arjuna is born.

Pandu now wished to have more sons ,but this time a handsome one, with bodily felicity. Kunti refused ,just as previous requests were justified for the sake of kingdom , this one was purely personal and did not justify the niyog process of obtaining a son.So Pandu insisted on giving the devavashikarana mantra to Madri , Kunti gave upadesha to Madri with a condition that she could use it only once [ because if she had more sons than her ,then they may engage in mutual fight] .Madri wanted two sons and hence thought to call Ashwini twins to get two sons in one stroke. thus Nakul and Sahadev were born .They were extremely beautiful.

Bheema and Arjuna were also beautiful[handsome] but their bodies were extremely hard and well toned . Probably people consider only tender bodies to be handsome and beautiful in the world.Beauty is of two types 1. inner beauty of qualities,beauty of mind[suniti] and external beauty of features.

Nakul was very handsome [beauty of body] and Sahadeva was extremely noble  with expertise in neetishastra[beauty of mind].

  • All women like people who are noble .[Sahadev]
  • Women like people who have good features more than noble persons. [Nakul]
  • Women like truthful people more than men with beauty.[Yudhisthira]
  • Women like dynamic ,brilliant, successful people more than truthful men[Arjuna]
  • Women like well built , intelligent saviour men more than anything else in this world[Bheemasena].

Thus Bheema was most liked by Both Krushnaa[Draupadi] and Krishna[Lord Vishnu].


5th House – MantraSiddhi

  • Fifth house indicates Mantras earned by the Native.
  • Fifth lord in swanavamsha unaspected by malefics in mriduamsha gives mantra siddhi
  • Jupiter in own navamsha in gopuramsha gives mantra siddhi
  • Two malefics in trikona from Karakamsha gives Mantra siddhi
  • If these combinations are aspected by benefics ,mantras will be used for benefit of mankind
  • if aspected by malefic ,they will be used to destroy or terrorise people.
  • Mars when associated with mantra conferring planet gives killing power.[maran vidya praveen]
  • Mercury thus associated gives ability to carry out black magic.
  • Rahu gives expertise in energising chemicals through mantras.
  • Ketu employs kxhudra articles in rituals.

Mantra means one that is secret.

  • Mantra also means secret advise.
  • Mantra is also a consultation.
  • Mantra is one that nourishes the mind.
  • Mantra is one which cleanses the mind.
  • Mantra gives the desired .
  • Mantra which is recited without knowing the chandas ,rishi,devata and nyasa , reduces longevity.
  • Mantra recited without gurupadesha ,brings hell to the native after losing all wealth.
  • Mantra siddhi is obtained when Guru gives upadesha with complete satisfaction to a disciple on a eclipse day through abhisheka of mangal dravyas by the river side or agni or in a secret place .
  • Mantra without proper nyasa restrains itself .
  • Mantra when dissipated into body is self destructive.
  • Mantra which are locked ,if recited even for a crore times does not give results.
  • Mantra which have been themselves cursed , does not give results to the native even if it  is recited million times.
  • Mantra which are cursed have to be processed with shapvimochan kriya to obtain results .
  • Shapvimochan kriya is another mantra that had to precede it before activating.
  • without its knowledge no mantra gives result.
  • Mantra recited without giving rishi tarpana ,reduces wealth of the native .
  • Mantra reciting without knowing dhyana shloka of the devata brings insanity.
  • Mantra recited with anger destroys the near and dear of the natives.
  • Mantras recited with impurities of body and mind[dehashuddhi] brings misfortunes like theft to the native.
  • Mantras recited sitting on a plain ground ,near ocean etc brings downfall of the self.
  • Mantras recited without performing homa to the deity brings diseases.
  • Most popular mantras are locked.
  • All veda mantras are [tirroddhan]covered ,by heavy sheath which blocks its radiance. it has to be superlit[uddipan] to obtain results.
  • These have been carried out by Devatas ,since in Kaliyuga people easily given to anger and greed [by nature],thus use of mantras have been defferred in kaliyuga.[They do not give results].
  • Yet some secret mantras have been extraordinarily lit by ShriKrishna to give results in Kaliyuga.
  • Only these mantras give results.

Continuous chanting increases Taposiddhi.

After Pandavas lost Dyut , Duryodhan and brothers ,teases them a lot, asks his servants to snatch their clothes. Attempts to disrobe Draupadi . He asks her to leave Panadava and live with him in his house, orders her to be forcefully taken to his house. Bheemasena readies to attack them , Dhrutarashtra sees all kinds of Apshakun in Homashala , asks  Vidura , what are the results of this Apshakun . Vidura says your sons are going to die very soon by the siddhi of Draupadi. He asks for remedy , Vidura says give her boons.Drutarashtra asks her to take boons, Draupadi asks for release of her husbands from slavery.

Dyut was played a second time for Vanavas.

All Pandavas look downwards during the entire proceedings. WHY?

Not because they were ashamed ,but because their anger in eyes would have burnt the Kauravas . The anger in the eyes of tapasvi is always mixed with his Taposiddhi . This can kill  the perpetrator of Sin towards these . EXCEPT BHEEMA, all others did not have capacity to seperate anger from siddhi. Thus all kept their gage downwards. Dhoumyacharya [Purohit of Kuru vansha] recited Pretasukta denoting death to KAURAVAS.


Note: Duryodhana had siddhi of 3 thousand Kshudra mantras which he never used [lest their power would reduce] ,preserved them to use at a time on Bheemasena to kill HIM. Thus Krishna specially advised other Four Pandavas to stay away from him [None of them could have killed him]. Bheemasena had siddhi of 9 crore mantras. On the last day Duryodhana hid inside the river in the middle in the water by jalasthamaban siddhi. There he was performing a very rare secret sadhana , which  if completed would have brought back to life all the soldiers dead in the war again. He could have started Mahabharath all over again.

Thus his plans were foiled by Krishna ,who instigated him to stop his sadhana and come up to fight. Sadhana stopped in middle brings definite disaster.Yudhisthira offered him a choice to choose between 5 of them to fight and win back kingdom [ A folly for which he was taken severely to task by Krishna] Krishna induces Duryodhnans’ mind to choose Bheema only through his maya.Bheemasena killed Suyodhan and thrust his head into the ground under his heels. Balarama objected to such killing ,devatas welcomed Suyodhana to Swarga for dying in battlefield and washing feet of Durvasa [the only punya performed]. Bheema the greatest ended the evil with his Might single handedly reciting Vrushabha sukta and offering it as a service to Sri Krishna.


Shri Krishna,Astrology and HIS 16108 wives

Shri Krishna was born in rohini nakshatra  with a moon sign taurus. People born in this star are inimical to maternal uncles.Kamsa was maternal uncle of Shri Krishna whom shri krishna killed to relieve earth of a vile demon. Krishna was born when taurus was rising with moon and venus in it. seventh lord mars exalted in capricorn (9th house) , saturn exalted in libra (6th house) since 10th was in sixth Krishna never had a kingdom of his ( all though entire universe is his kingdom shown by exalted 10 th house). Sun was in leo the 4th house. exaltation of seventh lord alonwith its dipositor with venus in own house ,and aspect of moon on seventh makes one have innumerable wives. Lord krishna had 16108 wives. Aspect of moon and venus on seventh house also makes one have affairs.  Krishna gave sexual pleasure to a kubja . He had rasaleela with gopika stree and Radha in gokula although he was only ten years old then .(kishoreavastha) . Lord exists in everyone , it is he only who primarily enjoys in a Human body and gives enjoyment to the soul too. He existed even in husbands of the gopika stree(s). there was nothing he did not know about their bodies as their husband , or there was nothing extra/new that they could offer to Krishna in the absence of their husbands. Hence Krishna did not have any allegations on him on account of these affairs. Look at the aspect of exalted Jupiter from third house on seventh. Aspect or association of jupiter with seventh house gives rise to shuchi yoga ie. one who is  extremely clean with respect to sexual conduct. HE does not indulge in Vyabichara or illicit sex . Also this yoga gives one a pious and obedient wife Rukmini,Satyabhama,Jambavati,Neela,Mitravinda,lakshana,Kalindi,Bhadra devi. and 16100 kanyas released from the prison of Jarasandha.16108 wives.

Shri krishna married  Neeladevi in a swayamvara , that was more difficult than Draupadi swayamvar. In Draupadi swayamvar a warrior was supposed to pierce the eye of the fish fixed on rotating disc by aiming at the reflection of the disc in the water kept in a bowl below the disc.Arjuna successfully claimed Draupadi.

But in Neela swayamvar , the fish was on the upper side of the rotating disc. The mirror in which the reflection need be seen was fixed below  the disc to the ground . there was a hole in the disc .The warrior had to watch the fish on the cieling mirror once , hit his arrow through the hole observing it in the below mirror , it should get broken by another arrow hit through the hole and then when the broken arrow is in its trail  downwards,it should pierce the fish. Only Krishna could accomplish this feat rest all fail . Showing superiority of Krishna.

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