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Astrology and importance of efforts

Astrological charts shows the effects of past karma . What is past karma, the deeds we have done through,mind,speech and actions in the past lives.Are we not doing anything in this life as karma? Does this mean whatever Pooja, prayers ,good deeds I am doing now are only for next life? why then astrologers suggest remedy ? remedy that we do now are they not karma,do they give effect in this life or next life?

Most of these questions we have answered in this article  that karmas done in this life also contribute to the present and alters effects we reap now, but when things go wrong even after extreme efforts , we leave it to fate and become passive.Does shastras permit such kind of behaviour. is there any incident highlighting this conclusion.

We shall examine few incidence :

  1. Dharmashastra says whatever lost in the gamble or whatever given to a wife can be taken back ,and should not be considered as commitment. Hence when Yudhisthira lost his Kingdom in a gamble to kauravas , He could have claimed it back. Even Vidur suggests Dhritarashtra to return Kingdom on account of above shastra. Bheemasena asks his brother Yudhistira to attack Hastinapur after 12 months of vanvasa ( here for the purpose of keeping dharma 12 months of vanvasa was enough to have undergone 12 years ( there are many types of years in astrology, chandra, saura, btahaspatya, nakshatri,savanmana,pitrumana,devmana,bramhamana varying in number of days in a year, for various occassions various years need to be considered . This is dharma [right conduct]) . But Yudhistira refuses ( a tendency for lack of efforts). Finally when vanvasa is over Duryodhana refuses to accept chandraman, because he follows saura mana solar year of 365days ,and according to him 12+1 years was not yet over still few months left,Thus war breaks out due to dispute.
  2. Hanuman was a great astrologer too. He knew Ravana was to be Killed by Rama, So even if he was capable of killing Ravana , he spared him many times. yet when Ravan was taking away SeetaDevi , both Hanuman ans Sugreeva watch him take away, since Rama had not yet approached Sugreeva , he preffered inaction, But Hanuman flew immidiately ( here ramayana would have been over even before Rama meets Sugreeva) , so sugreeva stops him as an order from the King. Hanuman was minister. )
  3. Bheemasena and duryodhana both were special beings as they did not require formal education to get their respective knowledge. hence both from the day 1 of the birth knew that they were rivals and wanted to kill each other. Bheemasena had he been eldest among Pandavas, would have killed Duryodhana the day he was born, such is his zeal to perform duty towards the Lord Krishna. Yudhistira being eldest stops time and again to stretch mahabharath to point where it is fought when Arjuna was 68 years old . Duryodhan was 70 years of age at the time of war.
  4. Lord Krishna makes an effort for peace between Kauravas and Pandavas, (though HE knew there would be a war eventually according to the great prediction of VedVyasa , who had written Mahabharath even before Bheeshma was born) He made an effort by selecting a suitable muhurtha named “maitra” on a Dwadashi  day . He went to Hastinapur proposed peace but was rejected and insulted by Shakuni

 ( can we imagine God himself making a vain effort!)

  1. When vastraharan of Draupadi Devi was taking place , Draupadi devi had her fists completely clenching her sari ( a sign of doubt on God and extreme confidence on one’s own strength , so that if god does not come to help atleast i can still hold on to the saree and avoid being stripped) as Dushyasana was pulling it. Draupadi devi was praying for help to Krishna , who had not yet come . Slowly draupadi devi realised she would not be able to hold on to the clasp of saree for long and hence she leaves the clasp and raises both hands to completely depend on God for help . here Krishna appears losing no time and supplies reams of saree such that her honour is saved and Dushyasan faints.

from above incidents we can conclude that , though astrology says ( according to our past karma) we do not have luck to succeed immidiately , we should not remain passive like Yudhistira and Sugreeva but when it comes to duty we must immidiately rush for it irrespective of good days and bad days , irrespective of chances of succes or failure according to Astrology( if there is no chance of success we need not avoid a  duty [avashya karma]) like Hanuman and Bheemasena . if there is really a destiny to negate our efforts then it would come in a Godly inspiration as in forms of Yudhistira as elder brother or Sugreeva as a superior authority and we are spared from the clutches of karma. if destiny is favourable we shall succeed .

Effort is an Effort , it should be made sincerely with all the might and force . Situation like good time and bad time should not downsize our efforts especially those which are our prime duty. Success and Failures are subject to God’s will . what counts for a soul  is only efforts . . In Bhagavadgeeta Arjuna asks” Hey Krishna what use is killing all my brethren and preceptors and relatives and friends, all i would get is only a kingdom that would end with my death as well is this war really worth it”  .Krishna says to Arjuna , ” hey Arjun even if you don’t fight , i would still get all these peple killed and that too by your own hands , but you shall go to hell for not obeying me . and you shall face disgrace in history for your cowardice too. But if willingly you fight you would attain my grace”.

A soul’s Karma is judged more on the basis of his efforts rather than outcome of his karma

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Susharma and Susena- a story (asteek vs nasteek)

Vyam Vedvyasaya Namaha

Once two wise bramhins were travelling together .Susena and Susharma were their names . Susena was an atheist did not believe in God believed in his efforts alone. Susharma was asteek but believed only on relying on his luck and was happy with whatever he got without efforts. As they were travelling together both started arguing as to whose is the right path. While they were nearing a village there was a huge Vishnu temple . Susharma started walking such that temple was to his right ( as respect to God) so that he can do a pradikshina of the temple ( circumombulation) he was hurt on his toe profusely bleeding on his way along the temple. But Susena did not believe hence kept walking  keeping Temple on the left . he got a gold ring on his way towards the temple.

Susena made fun of Susarma and said look what you got for your faith, look at my efforts it made me richer? so I am right ” Susharma dejected wanted a clarification from someone wiser . In that kingdom King was a just and wise ruler both went to him to seek the answer. King angrily ordered “these men have no work seems idle tie them in the temple outside the town and let them starve”!

as the night fell both were hungry susarma cried oh God give me some food . Susena laughed said ” idiot use your hands and feet else you will go hungry look i have got something , a bowl full of sweets/kheer” But as he was eating something stuck in his mouth in the darkness he threw those hard thing in the mouth and they fell in the lap of susarma.

Next day King called both of them asked them what happened in the night both related their account susena boasted about his endeavour of filling his stomach through effort. and susarma showed he got some hard pebbles in his lap lo! it was precious stones. King said look at your luck susarma you have become richer . Susena not convinced both continued travel and met a wise sage and realted their account. the sage took them to the village where susarma was hurt . he showed there was a big treasure on the left of the temple guarded by a snake. Susarma at that point had a apamrutyu yoga ( he was supposed to die by the bite of snake) but his instant devotion saved him from imminent death but he got away with minor injury. Susena had a enormous luck to obtain that treasure trove instead beacuse of his irreverance  to GOD got only a ring which he was very happy about, ignorant of his loss.

Secondly in the temple Susena disrespectfully ate the Devi’s offering and susarma kept fast all the night . Susena threw away precious stones thinking as pebbles in the mouth while rejoicing food to fill his belly. yet susarma got the precious stones for his fast.

In all actions done in the right spirit with devotion to GOD is instantaneously rewarded , evils are avoided and benefits are increased manyfolds.Evil people never rejoice .their miseries increase and benefits shrink day by day .

Wise sage could see all this because of his mastery on astrology .only jyotish solves intricate problems of the life & leads to GOD Vision.

in the next post we shall delve deep into how astrology can unravel human goals.

sri krishnarpana


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