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Dhanvantari Stotra – for good health !

श्रीगुरुभ्यो नमः

रोगनिवारण वागुवदिदु महा- । योगीगलु नेरेदु निगम सुपुराण ।भागवत पंचरात्रागमव शोधिसि । वेगदिंदलि दुग्धसागर मध्यदोलगे । नागराजनमेले योगनिद्रेयोलिप्प । वागीशपितन  इंबागिनेनिसलु । पोगुवुदघवेदु योगीश्वररु शिर ।दूगि सारुवरू चेन्नागि श्रीहरिनाम । ईग संसारवेंबो ब्यागि मध्यदि नररु ।जागुमाडदे बलु जागररागि तंबलागुवंते ऊंडु । तेऽगि तृप्तिबडुवुदु भोगानंद निमगे योगानंद । हागार हागवित्तु लोगर कैयिंद । तूगि बेलेगे वस्तु वेग तरुवुदल्ल । श्रीगुरु धंवन्त्री विजयविठ्ठल नाम द्वेष । भागिगलिगे सल्ल श्री गौरी पति बल्ल ॥॥

The above shloka will relieve one off all the long term diseases , it will give immense faith in LORD as present in DOCTOR , LORD as present in medicines ,, Lord as present in treatment ,,,,,and it will drive away daityas as present in diseases ,… it will give new strength ….. it will rejuvenate and make one fit for further sadhana through this body ….

it will destroy diseases arising out of eating unhygienic food , unhygienic lifestyle , by excessive work … excessive enjoyments by excessively keeping awake late till night ,,,  it will finally destroy the disease namely samsaara …

Shloka for heart disease …and diseases of mind …

Rudrantargat Srilaxminarsimha Shloka

रुद्रांतर्गत नारसिंह । पाहि । भद्रमूरुति निर्गताम्ह ॥ हृद्रोग कलेदु ज्ञानार्द्रस्वांतन् माडू । पद्र सामगघसमुद्र दाटिसो बेऽग ॥ एसेऽसु जन्म गलल्लि । निन्न दासनेन्दु  एन्न बल्लि ॥ ईश नीनेम्बुदु लेऽशवरिये क्लेश । नाशन प्रभुवे वाराशिजेवल्लभ ॥ वासवानुज वनधि शयन । महेश वंदित वरद हे करू । णा समुद्र करालवदनने ॥ नी सलहदिरे काणे कावरा॥ हेमकश्यपु तन्न सूतन नोयिेसे । श्री मनोहरने अनाथन । प्योऽमपर्वतांबुधि धामदोलुलुहिद । भौम सनमुनिगण स्तोमवंदित पाद ॥ सामजेंद्रन सरसियोलु सु- । त्रामनंदनना रणदि कुरु -। भूमिपति सभेयोलगे द्रौपदि -। या महात्मर काय्द करुणि ॥ वेदगम्य वेदव्यासाकपिल । यादवेश महिदासा ॥ श्रीद श्रीश अन्नद विश्वधन्वन्तरि । मेधाविपतिये वमादिरूपक विष्णु । कादुको निन्नवर मनद वि- । षाद रोगंगलनलिदुमहदादि देव जगन्नाथ विठ्ठल । आदरदि प्रह्लाद वरद ||

this stotra removes all kinds of epilepsy ,, mental tensions … mental disturbances ,,. mental instability … fears … phobias …. mental illness .. schizophrenia …. dementia … heart ailments … hypertension … disorders of blood … disturbances of tridosha ..Drishti dosha … administration of poison ….etc ..

Sometimes it becomes difficult to come out of infatuation for somebody , something or some issue ….even though brain says this is not good for us … heart makes in the invariable folly putting at risk reputation , self respect and honor …. sometimes it becomes impossible to come out of shackles of influence of people around us … sometimes due to some self imposed logic we cannot answer a certain person .. nor can we regulate them … all such mental weaknesses will be destroyed by this stotra

This also removes wrong notions about spirituality ,,, it gives clear conscience …. it creates fear of right and wrong ….. of hell and heaven …. it removes sins accumulated by mind ,,,,,, it gives clairvoyance needed for accurate vision ….. it brings one closer to JAGANNATH VITTALA ..


Roga shamanam – Diseases and Astrology

A careful diagnosis of nature of disease ,its causes is essential to determine the nature of  treatment and course of medicine .Ishta Anishta sthanas[bhavas] determine health .Good health is indicated when

  • malefics in 3 and 11
  • benefics in other than 3,6,8,12
  • gulika in bhavas 3,6,11,2
  • other than these placements indicate ill health and disease .

Planets in favorable positon are known as susthas . otherwise they are known as dusthas .weak malefics in kendra kona ,8 ,12 or benefics in 6,8,12 are known as dusthas . Planets govern

  • sun-stomach
  • moon-heart
  • mars-head
  • mercury-chest
  • jupiter-thighs
  • venus-face
  • saturn-knees
  • rahu-feet
  • ketu-left foot

twelve houses signify parts from head to feet .

  • sun-pitta + vata
  • moon-vata +kapha
  • mars -pitta
  • budha -vata+ pitta +kapha
  • jupiter -kapha+vata
  • venus -vata+kapha
  • saturn- vata

Diseases are

  • nija
  • sarirotha
  • chittoth
  • drishta
  • adrishta
  • agantuka
    • vata
    • pitta
    • kapha
    • sannipata
  • sarirotha is determined by 8th house ,lord and planets aspecting and occupying it .
  • chittotha is determined by anger fear ,sorrow ,desires etc by 5th and 8th lord .
  • drishtanimmitaja are curses ,abhichara etc are determined by 6th ,lord and planet aspecting and occupying it .
  • Adrishtanimmitaja are know by badhaka grahas .
  • combination of eighth and sixth lord indicates curses
  • Lunacy – Unmada

    1. jupiter in lagna saturn in seventh causes unmada
    2. saturn in 1st and mars in 7th 5th 9th
    3. moon and mrcury combust in 1st
    4. afflicted mercury  in 3,6,12 ,8
      • the cuses for lunacy are excessive delight ,desire ,fear ,sorrow,inappropriate eating and wrath of deities and preceptors.
      • five types are caused by
      • vata ,pitta,kapha ,sannipata and agantav
    1. vata causes laughing ,clapping,loud speaking ,singing dancing crying ,moving shaking ,these are manifested more after meals .[vatonmada]
    2. seeking pleasure of women and solitude ,sleeping too much ,showing aversion for everything, speaking less ,drops of saliva trickling are kaphonnmada
    3. showering abuses ,ever angry ,longing to drink water and food impatience  and hating all are pittonmada
    4. All above characteristics are mixed in sannipata
    5. sometimes unmada is caused by Dev andAsura grahas when one is possesed .
    6. Devgraha he will talk like learned and be strong
    7. Asura grahas will make person abusive and uneasy in disposition with cannibalisitic attitude.
    8. medicated oils can cure vatonmada
    9. strong purgatives can cure pittonmada
    10. kaphonmada is cured by inhalations and vomiting
    11. there is no treatment for sannipata
    12. All types of madness can be cured by japa homa etc.

    Epilepsy – Apsmara

    • saturn in eighth
    • powerful malefics in trikona
    • sun and mars in 12th
    • these are causes of epilepsy

    symptoms of epilepsy are

    1. man faints all of a sudden
    2. dirty sphutum flows out of his mouth
    3. one makes strange sounds
    4. eyes roll
    5. bites ones teeth
    6. becomes pale ,thirsty and excited

    types of apsmara

    1. svasini
    2. malina
    3. nidra
    4. jrimbhika
    5. anashana
    6. trasini
    7. mohini
    8. rodani
    9. krodhini
    10. tapani
    11. soshani
    12. dhwamsini
    • kushmanda bali and tila homa with krodhagni mantra cures epilepsy .
    • herbs {sindhuth ,vrischikali ,kushta,vanga and bhangee} powdered and inserted in nose pacifies apsmara
    • herbs{ bramhi , vacha ,amaya , shankhapushpi ,dhatri } all these juices + honey + siddharta ,hingu,+ urine of cow inhaled or taken in can pacify apsmara
    • A lay man should not administer these herbs .


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