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Things governed by krittika nakshatra

White colored objects,flowers,one who performs agnihotra,  one who knows mantras , yagnya,grammarian,mines,sculpture,hair dresser,villager,potter,purohit,and astrologer all these people are governed by krittika star.

krittika is governed by sun. lord agni is the abhimani devata.This star is of mixed nature and simple in disposition. Day to day activities can be carried out on this star. Mixed works (one which consists of both bad and good) ,kamyavrushotsarga etc can be performed on this star.This star is adhomukha nakshatra , ie one can dig wells borewell in this star.one can buy cows and ox on this day.Selling on this star will yield profits.Krittika is a sulochan star , things lost on this day will not be obtained back. Normally harvest is done on this star.In the event of fever on this day, fever does not subside for atleast six days.

people born in krittika are gluttons,clever at amassing others’ belongings,they are very bright and achieve fame easily.


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