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ArdhaikVimshopaka – Marriage Muhurta & SEETARAAMAKALYANA

  • What is the importance of VIVAHA muhurta ?
  • Why should a marriage be solemnised on a good auspicious time ?
  •  If man and woman and their married life is prewritten or predestined , then why people run helter skelter to PANDITS to get a muhurta !
  •  WHy one cannot marry as they wish at whaterver convenient time in a day or night on  a convenient SUNDAY where all the relatives and friends can attend the marriage without having to take a LEAVE from office .

Marriage is about getting a good wife . Who is a good wife , Shubh sheel sanyukta is what is called as good wife . Why it is required ? because it is then TRIVARGAkaranam ! what is that ?

dharma arth kaam are trivarga , this can be obtained only through a wife who is shubh and sheel sampanna . What makes a  marraige shubha sheela sanyukta ?

The vivaha lagna is largely responsible for subh svabhava and sheel and materialisation of trivarga sadhana .

And also the quality of progeny and their behaviour is also subjective to vivaha muhurta .

How should be a VIVAHA fixed ?

usually parents get a horoscope and and they refer to a pandit or if they are astro savvy , use software to know if the nakshatra are matching and then declare yes marriage would be good or bad as the case may be .

a PANDIT may at the most see additionaly the chart for  a possible manglik kuja dosha and reject or accept a horoscope for a yejamana , once a accepted then family bursts into happiness and a muhurta is chosen as per convenience ,  oh my daughter has no leave , uncle cannot come in may ,my best friend has to attend two more weddings on that day ,  all the bujjis have exams , groom wants to leave for offshore assignment , choultry is not available . PANDITJI give a convenient date ! Least people are bothered about importance of muhurta and whether it matches vadhu and vara for a long happy journey .

So what should be the right procedure ?

as soon as the horoscope probable comes , take it to a good astrologer with ratna vastra phala tamboola and dakshina . after paying respects to the astrologer , ask him a prashna , that daivagnya we have recieved the horoscope of  prospective groom and will it be suitable  for the groom or bride .

After seeing preliminary nakshatra etc … Astrologer in a good frame of mind should see the prashna chart .

if moon is in 10 , 11 , 3, 7 , 5 from ascedant lagna and if jupiter aspects this moon , then immediately the marraige will be fixed with said groom or bride .

if lagna is vrishabha tula or karka with benefics in it or aspected by benefics , even then marraige will take place .

if the question is from a girl asking ” panditji will I marry the person of my choice ?”

then if venus and moon are in odd signs in BHA AMSHA and if strong planet aspects the lagna or if lagna lord with strength aspects the moon . then girl will get the desired groom .

if the same question is from a boy then moon and venus should be in even signs in BHA amsha .

When the question is o behalf of girl , then in prashna moon should not be in 6 or 8th from asc ; mars planet should not be in seventh  or eighth , this would bring end within 8 years of marraige .

when a question is on behalf of boy , 5th house must be inspected especially during prashna , if it contains malefic , and if that is aspected by enemy and or is debilitated in fifth , the marraige will be trouble owing to misconduct of the girl . [ such a match should be avoided ]

if only fifth is afflicted then dead children will be born .

even if moon is exalted and in  own house in 6th or 8th , if aspected by inauspicious planets , engagement or marriage breaks .  

if such yogas are found and still couples insist on marraige then , girl should resort to savitri vrata or pippalavadh etc remedies should be undertaken and then given to a good longevity groom .

When looking  for bride , on nakshtras , uttarashadha , svati , shravana , purvaphalguni , poorvashadha , purvabhadra , anuradha , dhanishtha , krittika , after giving good dresses and fruits and gifts when girl is happy , she should be proposed for a marraige , such a marriage lasts longer .

when looking for  a boy , girls brother along with  a bramhin   and purohit on a auspicious day , with yagnyopaveet flowers ,sweet fruits and dresses , go to the groom on dhruv nakshtras , krittika purvaphalguni , poorvashadha and poorvabhadra and fix engagement or marraige date . [ such a act will not give shocks of negative behaviour from grooms ]

Boys should marry in odd years of their age , and girls in even years of age . girl should have guru bala and boy should have ravi bala . BOTH should have chandrabala on marraige day .

  • VISHAKHA nakshatra pada 1 2 3 girl will bring auspicious results to the younger brother of the groom .
  • MOOLA nakshatra pada 4 will bring auspiciousness to Father in law
  • ASHLESHA nakshatra pada 1 will bring auspicious results to MOTHER IN LAW
  • GANDANTA NAKSHATRAS like jyeshta revati ashlesha is insuaspicious only for the last 48 min
  • magha ashwini ,moola are inauspicious only in first 48 min .
  • As GANDANTA rashi only initial  12 minutes is inauspicious
  • As GANDANTA lagna only last 24 minutes is inauspicious .

the shadvarga of lagna should have atleast 4 benefic rashis .

The Vivaha muhurta shoudl not have a retrograde planet in second and a planet in 12th , this will bring misfortunes and misery owing to separation etc .

Vivaha moon with sun gives poverty , with mars gives death , with venus enemity and with shani it gives disinterest in sexual life after marriage .

Marriage in 8th lagna of girl will see her come back to her parents house after marraige .

If navamsa lagna of vivaha is 8th of girl’ asc or moon then wife and husband will quarrel and separate .

YOG PANCHAKA and BAANA should be seen properly for a muhurta to avoid , theft of jewelery , fire mishhaps , sudden attack of disease or any misfortunes like income tax raid or problems with authorities  on marraige day .

SHUBH navamsha is a must for vivaha muhurta  if one aspires pativrata stree .

where a planet should not be there !

  • 12th saturn ,
  • 10th mars ,
  • 3rd venus ,
  • afflicted  moon in asc ,
  • asc lord , venus or moon in 6th ,
  •  8th moon , asc lord ,benefics and mars
  • all planets in seventh are unfavourable

where planets do good !

  • ravi ketu rahu shani in 3 6 11 8
  • mars in 3 6 11
  • moon in 2 3 11
  • mercury and jupiter do good in places other than 7 12 8
  • venus does good in places other than 8 3 7 6 12

WIth a lagna having above said planetary positions  shoudl be chosen .

Ardhaikavimshopaka – 21and 1/2 point formula .

the following points are accorded to each planet

  • mercury – 2
  • venus – 2
  • moon – 5
  • sun – 3 1/2
  • jupiter – 3
  • shani 1-1/2
  • rahu 1-1/2
  • ketu 1-1/2
  • mars 1-1/2
  • total 21-1/2

In the previous paragraph Various places have been enumerated as good for a planet ,some places as bad .

  1. Cast a muhurta chart
  2. lacate the lagna ascendant
  3. count the positions of moon jupietr shani etc nine planets
  4. if the planet is in exact position as given in good placement table add its points .
  5. the planet placed in exact good position as per table will contribute full points
  6. the planets in other than good and bad positions table will contribute half
  7. the planets in exact bad positions will contribute zero points .
  8. Take only auspicous places of planets and add the points
  9. make a total
  10. if the total is below 5 do not even touch the muhurtha
  11. if the total is between 5-10 this is ashubha muhurta , [ should be used only in emergency ]
  12. if the total ARDHAIKAVIMSHOPAKA is between 10-15 it is medium muhurta
  13.  if the total ARDHAIKAVIMSHOPAKA is above  15 it is a good muhurta .
  14. see if doshas exist with some bad placements of planet in mixed muhurta .
  15. then if jupiter in kendra or 5th and 11 sun destroys doshas
  16. vargottama lagna or chandra destroy doshas
  17. mercury in kona and 1 4 10 [ not seventh ] destroys 100 doshas
  18. venus in same place destroys 200 doshas
  19. Jupiter in same place destroys 1 lakh doshas
  20. Just as fire destroys a  heap of cotton so also lagna lord in 11 1 4 10 places destroys evil .

VIVAHA lagna is the body of  bride , venus is mother in law , sun is father in law , seventh from lagna is groom , moon is mind of bride , BASED on these planets the happiness and misery of the following realations should be ascertained . The state of mind of the bride is known by moon on the day of marraige , CHANDRA BALA as per ashtakvarga will make it a happy event .

If the above planets are in bad avasthas so shall be the rekationships and the marraige will result in unhappiness for ex if venus is badly placed , mother in law will be unhappy with the marriage . if sun is badly placed then Father in law will be uncomfortable with the marraige . ALL marraiges in month of oct nov and jan feb will bring misery to Father in law . Marriages in the month of march april brings enormous happiness to parents of grrom .

For all LOVE marriages gandharvadi vivaha tripadi nakshtra should be chosen for muhurta .

Count the days nakshatra from SUN’s nakshatra , first 4 are inauspicious , next 2 are good , next 3 ashubh , next 1 shubh , next 4 shubh , 6 ashubh ,3 shubh , 1 ashubh , 3 shubh .  choose shubh for love/ register marriages

WHEN cows are returning from the forests in the evening , the dust seems to be raising from the hoofs of the cows and atmosphere is filled with  dust and dispersion with rays of setting sun , SUCh a time is very auspicious and no lagn a planet placement dosha etc should be seen at this time , ie 12 minutes before and after sunset this time known as GODHULI MUHURTA is best for marraige .


SRIRAAMA and LAXMANA along with SAGE VISHWAMITRA stayed in the KINGDOM of SUMATI born to VISHAL who was son of IKSHVAKU [ ANCESTOR of RAAMA ] and very beautiful  apsara ALAMBUSA of swarga .

HAVING spent the night in his Kingdom , SRIRAMA left for MITHILA .

In the small forest[upavana] near Mithila ,sage Vishwamitra showed an ashram to RAAMA and said thus :

Oh RAAMA , to cut down the excess punya of sage GAUTAM , INDRA in his absence , mated AHALYA to accomplish the Devakarya .[surkarya ] 

note ::[ INDRA did not mate AHALYA with lust , he violated Ahalya for the welfare of GAUTAMA as decided once in the devasabha ]This point is enumerated in valmiki ramayana also

kurvata tapaso vighnam gautamsya mahatmana: | krodhamutpadya hi surkaryamidam krutam || -(valmiki ramayana 1/49/2 )

AHALYA too did not lust INDRA . she mated him as he was in the dsguise of GAUTAM rishi her husband . Indra having violated her did not annihilate her pativratya .

Gautama when he came back to ashrama ,with his divyadrushti came to know of the events and immediately in anger cursed INdra to have meshvrushana [ testes of sheep ] and one with 1000 eyes. HE cursed AHALYA to be immovable as stone [ not a stone ] and invisible to others . She remained as herself but immovable as stone and yet invisible for others .

INDRA having meshavrushana and 1000 eyes was his prarabdha and gautama curse was only a nimitta .

GAutama said AHALYA will be relieved off the curse BY SRIRAMA .

DEVATAS and pitrus cut out the extra teste of Sheep of INDRA by their yogasiddhi .

As Sage VISHWAMITRA retold the events to RAAMA , sage said , ‘OH RAAMA mahendra [ INDRA ] is your devotee , kindly fulfill his desire , please bless this auspicious women AHALYA . [ what was the desire of INDRA , INDRA thought AHALYA was unnecessarily punished , she did not do any wrong , she is VISHNU BHAKTA and her condition is definitely owing to the act of INDRA , though my act did not render her impure , though it was for the benefit of GAUTAMA ,yet she is pained and being VISHNU BHAKTA , this tantamounts to giving pain to vishnu devotee , thus he had the desire that RAAMA should immediately relieve her off the curse .

2. once misunderstandings between wife and husband creep in and they separate , usually the bitterness reamains for rest of the life . It is difficult for them to live harmoniously with same enthusiasm and love as before . this may be due to non forgiveness of either towards each other . EVEn if one has forgiven , the incidents might come to rememberance again and again , factors like jealousy attachments and anger may arise temporarily again and gain , thus creating unhappiness between them momentarily even after they come together .

SO INDRA pleads VISHNU in his heart , that let GAUTAM accept his wife AHALYA wholeheartedly and again the old incidents be not come to their memory ever again , and let the two live happily  with LOVE and affection of the kind even more than ever before . SATVIK INDRA thought of these wishes day and night and pleaded VISHNU and when SRIRAMA came to mithila upavana was eager to get his desire fulfilled and through his SON [ VISHWAMITRA is son GADHI incarnation of INDRA ] pleaded again LORD RAAMA to relieve AHALYA of her curse .

 SRIRAAMA casting his glance on AHALYA , immidiately made AHALYA visible and relived  her from the shilikrutavastha . [ note : popular belief is SRIRAMA touched the toe to the stone , in VALMIKI such a reference is not there , neither did AHALYA become a stone nor did SRIRAAMA touch his toe , he relieved her off thecurse by his GLANCE – sandarhana ] the verses in valmiki ramayana are thus

sa sangraha ramayan taddarshanmatrena kanta kantpriyaa babhau | – sangraha ramayana

sa hi gautamvakyena durnirikshya babhuva h | – valmiki ramayana

The lord who reduces to ashes the whole universe with his galnace , this should definitely not come as a surprise so says valmiki .

GAUTMA rishi seeing his wife became very happy and both couples having recieved new lease of life worshipped RAAMA in various ways . and also expressed gratitude towards sage VISHWAMITRA .

THEN proceeding towards northeast SRIRAAM came to the large yagnyashala of RAJA JANAK in mithila . HAving heard of arrival of a apoorvapurusha along with sage VISHWAmitra , KING JANAk along with his kulguru Sage SHATANANDA [ son of sage GAUTAMA and AHALYA ] came to welcom sage vishwamitra .

After yatha vidhi pooja of sage VISHWAMITRA , JANAKA alongwith his family , looking at the apoorvapurusha SRIRAAMA , said :

“oh sage , who is this radiant person , with the blueish hue of markatmani [sapphire ] , with eyes like that of lotusleaves and with full of new found youth ?

shoulders and back as a lion , very broad chest , face as beautiful and attractive as full moon , deep navel , who is this person with neck of the shape of Shankha and huge wellbuilt arms .

hey muni ! with a all knowing smiling face , movement of an elephant , absolutely humble ,knowledgeable and with a multitudely meaningful speech , who is this handsome man ?

who is he ,who seems like a MANMATH to women , a humble student to thyself , a freind to needy , and death personified [ yama ] to enemies , and verily LORD himself to the yogis , who is HE?

at the same time HE seems to be very mild and sukumar and infinitely tender and handsome as a festival to the eyes , as his tender feet lands on the earth , i myself cannot withstand the thought of it getting bruised .

And by his side who is this another gentleman just like HIM ?

[ note : LAXMANA is just like RAAMA because, VAYU is pratibimba of NARAYANA and rudra and sesha are pratibimba of pavan . more importantly LAXMANA IS SANKARSHAN avesha ]

JANAK amidst his subjects who had gathered to see the beautiful verily NARAYANA RAAMA having asked thus  , sage smiled and then said

RAJAN ! HE is purushottama manohar RAAMA , son of DASHARATH , has come for the devakarya . The one similar to him is his brother LAXMANA , i have brought them from AYODHYA to sidhdhashrama .

He has protected my yagnya by killing rakshasa with an illusive ease , He was relieved Ahalya the wife of GAutam rishi from the curse by just his glance . The foremost among the archers who yield the BOW , he has come to see your SHIVADHANUSH . He is akin to the gold of highest hue among the golden heaps of archers , with a valour quotient as large as ksheersagar the milkocean , he is Puranpurusha [ one extolled by puranas] full of auspicious qualities , Make him your SON IN LAW .

Listening to the words of VISHWAMITRA , sage SHATANANDA looking towards SRIRAAMA said with absolute happiness ,

” hey DEV SRIRAAMA ! JAGANNATH [ the creator of world ] Welcome alongwith your brother ! By your Kindness my mother has found a new life !

This sage for whom you oh RAAMA , purushottama , you are showing to be his disciple , sage Vishwamitra is highly blessed in this world ‘

story of VISHWAMITRA as told by shatananda

This sage , son of GADHI once ruled as a powerful KING . HE once stole the cow KAAMDHENU [ one which gave whatever desired ] from the great sage VASHISHTHA .

note : GADHi is INDRA avatara in the lineage of moon chandravanshi kings . His daughter was wedded to RUCHIK sage . Sage RUCHIK had created two fruits with abhimantrana . [ one  to give birth to  a son full of bramhinical qualities to be taken by his wife  and another fruit with a mantra to give birth to a son full of kshatriya strength and violence to be given to GADHI’s wife ., Mother daughter duo met and unaware of the Mantra of the fruit , Gadhi’s wife thought , son inlaw might have made his own son more powerful , so she exchanged the fruits ; rishi having known that his wife has eaten KSHATRIYA fruit , expressed anger that son born would be violent . Ruchiks’ wife pleaded innocence and asked a way to mitigate the mistake , Ruchik said he can only delay the violent offspring by a generation . so JAMADAGNI was born to rRuchik in the next generation PARASHURAM the warrior bramhin rupa of HARI pradurbhava and here GADHI gave birth to a VISHWAMITRA who became bramharishi ] the reference GADHI is given by SHATANANDA is to show that VISHWAMITRA attained BRAMHANA caste by the abhimantrana  shakti of the RUCHIK sage and not by just efforts .

when VISHWAMITRA king took away the KAMADHENU , the cow created from its different organs , many armies of SHAKA , YAVANA , MLETCCHA , PALLAVA , all very powerful soldiers and destroyed the army of KING .

King then went away to forest to appease SHIVA and Rudra pleased gave him many divine astras and along with the bRAMHASTRA ,With all the astras , Vishwamitra came to fight with VASHISHTHA .

VASHISHTHA son of BRAMHA , with a VAISHNAV BRAMHADANDA , nullified all the astras of Vishwamitra got by SHAIVA aradhana .

Shatananda continues , this Sage vishwamitra created a TRISHANKU heaven for the king who had become chandal by the curse of offsprings of VASHISHTHA .

Sage accepted the meat of dog owing to hunger . Then finally decided to engage himself in the tapasya of VISHNU .

He encountered many obstacles and hinderances in his tapasya , and failed in his endeavours many times , once owing to kaama to menaka , owing to krodha to RAMBHA and again he continued his tapasya after lapses .

Completely fasting , with controlled breath , without making any movements and without any lapses and lacuna he meditated on chakrapani LORD NARAYANA  for tens of thousands of years ,  

Bramha and other devatas , at different stages of tapasya as it progressed ,  showered on Vishwamitra , rajarishitva , rishitva , maharshi and bramharishi posts .

Thus oh RAAMA , he is the most deserving and you being Bramhanpriya , you have chosen him with affection  , it comes as no surprise .

SriRaama listening to shatananda sage , looked at VISHWAMITRA [ though RAAMA is allknowing , his such action of feigning ignorance , asking approvals ,seeking  permission is only for daitya mohan , CAN there ever be darkness in the city of SUN .]

story of SEETA

Next day King JANAK , along with sages came to RAAMA near yagnyashala and said with complete devotion and humility .

” Hey Vishwamitra muni ! once while I was ploughing the the land for conducting a Yagnya , a girl incomparable to anyone in the world became pradurbhava [ manifested ] . I was struck with a happiness just as a impoverished man would be struck with joy on finding a large  hidden wealth , i found a girl struck to the edge of the plough .

note: a plough is known as ” SIRI”  , just as LORD NARSIMHA came out of pillar , so also LAXMIDEVI , came out of the LAND yagnyabumi from the PLOUGH . hence she became “SIRIJATA” the shortform of which became popularly as SITA . This is also pradurbhava .

Just as she grew from a child into a girl , I was filled with worry . How can I find a GROOM to her , just as SHRUTI [ vedas ] cannot be given to incapable people so also this beautiful incomparable girl cannot be given to an AYOGYA .

note: also JANAK was 99000 years old by then .

So I undertook a long tapasya and pleased SHIVA , who blessed me with a BOW . This bow could not be lifted by anyone other than PINAKIPANI [ shiva , the wielder of bow PINAK ] none can even touch or move it just as this earth cannot be raised by any other than VARAHA .

With this bow SHIVA had destroyed and cut to pieces DAKSHA in Dakshayagnya . and later with his power he had restored them . That kshipraprasad [ giver boons very quickly ] [ usually kshipraprasaad is GANESH but being his FATHER SHIVA is definitely a more KSHIPRAPRASAD .]

 JANAK said I did take a oath – that one who ties the string to this bow , I would  give the hand of this girl to HIM . This spread to all the directions like a sun’s rays .

Many yaksha rakshas , princes , and daityas came to test their strength . Some ran away after seeing the bow , some touched and fainted , some gave up after trying to move . Many accepted their inability and went back , others went back seeing these greats failing ,.Some gave up trial owing to fear of failure .Ten faced RAVANA too tried and fainted , But some even after failing , tried to abduct SITA by force and then a war ensued for one year , and everyone fled , BRAMHA’s boon[ that none can forcefully take SITA away ] was in  a way helpful for me ,

So Let RAAMA tie the string to the bow and marry SITA just like light merges into SUn , chandrika merges into ful Moon , JANAK urges to fulfill his oath .

[ interesting to note is the point that in mahabharata , Bheshmak raja is said to have incurred sin owing to calling for swayamvar for Rukmini . But JANAK does not get this sin for arranging the swayamvar ,

reason ACHARYA MADHVA gives is, Bheeshmak under the influence of RUGMI his son , with an intent to give RuKMINI to SHISHUPALA , arranges the swayamvar , whereas JANAK with a resolute mind that let SITA marry RAAMA arranges swayamvar .

Bheeshmak is also SATVIK and hence this sin is washed off by KRSIHNA by showing him his VISHWAROOPA . ]

Vishwamitra asked to get the bow immediately .

By the order of the King , the bow was brought in a huge box mounted on eight wheels pulled by 5000 veerottama men who were given boon by SHIVA to be able to pull the bow well protected in the box .

the fact it was kept in box of eight wheels shows how huge the bow was . and fact that it was pulled with difficulty by 5000 very brave  men not by natural strength but due to boons , shows the wieght of the bow .

vishwamitra said RAAMA , tie the string to the bow ! RAAMA said ” Ok ” and Got up towards the box .

As RAAMA walked , the sound of his earrings and radiance of his body filled the atmosphere and looking at them the women in the vicinity exclaimed and conversed with each other

” The princess of KAusal KAUSALYA devi is very blessed for having given birth to such a radiant and brave RAAMA , a look at him reduces miseries of the world and Dasharath is really a happiest person when RAAMA calls him as FATHER .

Bramha could not have created with all his might the beauty known as SITA . She has come all by herself in the land with a beauty incomparable to any thing in this universe MAhalaxmi herself has been pradurbhava as SITA and she should marry RAAMA , He alone is capable and fit for her HAND . She is alone fit for HIM .

note : this goes on to show that even common man in MITHILA knew that SITARAAM are LAXMINARAYANA .

The tieing of Bow need not be the point of cognizance for RAAMA to be a fit husband for SITA . one need not test him through this , Just as one need not test the light of the SUN with a small lamp . RAAMA’s strength and SITAPATITVA is a foregone conclusion .

Let this PRINce RAAMa who is NARAYANA himself get the hand of SEETA and we ll be blessed with the view of this incident of marraige as we prepare ourself to surrender our punya through SEETA to NARAYANA RAAMA .

SRIRAAMA with his left hand easily lifted the SHIVA DHANUSH .as thousands viewed and JANAK RAAJA got up and VISHWAMITRA recited svastivachan , as LAXMAN smiled RAMA tied the string to the bow . As RAAMA pressed the bow head , the bow as high as baniyan tree , broke into pieces . in the hands of SRIRAAMA , just as sugarcane breaks into pieces in the trunk of INDRA’s elephant AIRAVAT . [ INDRA’s elephant is a huge elephant multitudes times stronger than ordinary elephants in the world , sugarcane stick breaks in any elephants trunk easily more so very easily like twig in the trunk of AIRAVAT ] breaking shivadhanush was pointer to enormous strength of LORD RAAM .

The sound of the bow breaking into two propagated into the space travelling fast in all direction in three worlds , as though it was eager to announce ” RAAMA has wed SEETA ” in all the world like a speeding messenger filled with joy and uncontrollable urge to spread  the message .

The sound triggered the celebrations in the three worlds with people devatas animals bursting into joy .

Accomplishing the feat not possible by anyone in the universe , exhibiting enormous unparalleled strength RAAMA with a smiling face akin to moon , stood gazing MUNI vishwamitra and his brother LAXMANA .

Just as VEDA emanated from creator BRAMHA , LAXMIDEVI in the form of Princess of mithila emerged from the palace . The rings of the bells in the anklet and with a walk and gait that would put RAJAHANSI to shame slowly walked towards RAAMA with extreme happiness increasing with every step and step after step .

EVERY time as viewed SEETA DEVI looked anew , even though not smiling her radiance seemed to make fun of everyone else [ who looked ordinary before her ] even though silent her beauty seemed talking to everyone SEETADEVI was a bright festival to eyes of the people gathered .

The kindness , beauty and attraction and infinite qualities of SEETADEVI , who on this earth can describe? Those qualities when out of curiosity when attempted to describe , even CHATURAANAN would seem ACHATURAANAN ! wont’ he ?

note : LAXMIDEVI has all the qualities crores of times greater than rujus and even BRAMHA cannot describe qualities  her in words , if attempted even he would seem achaturanan [ with a mouth without chaturya ] even though he is chaturaanan [ four faced ]

As though a divine river dashed against a ocean , forcefully flowing river named shyness suddenly encountered a huge ocean of devotion , SEETADEVI shyly vieweing RAAMA by side glances , suddenly owing to devotion , gasped at RAAMA slowly . SEETADEVi initially had shyness and at the same time devotion towards RAAMA . finally devotion took upper hand and SHE GAZED at RAAMA .

HAPPY elated FACE , LOTUS EYES . BLUEISH hue , PERFUMED with shrigandha and devadaru ,an  epitome of bravery , youthful ,and shelter to his subjects ,Such a RAAMA is her HUSBAND , the very thought made her happy again and again.

SEETADEVI continuously gazes her husband as LAXMI she does that ceaslessly towards NARAYANA , yet NARAYANA seems evernew to her . This is a adbhut quality of BHAGVAAN VISHNU , that he always seems new to his WIFE every second he exhibits a new quality and new rupa to LAXMI and this activity goes on infinitely . [nityanutan navayauvanyukta  ] he gives happiness to his wife LAXMI again and again .

THEN SEETADEVI puts the garland of golden LOTUS smeared with newly grated chandan still wet and fresh ., onto SRIRAAMA . SRIRAAMA also immediately bestowed  the look swelled with wetness of  amritarasa [ nectar ]of affection and LOVE towards SEETADEVI .

LORD RAAMA’s marraige was fixed with SEETADEVI  on uttaraphalguni nakshatra , amidst loud music and stotras and vedaghosha entire universe including BRAHMA RUDRA AND INDRA and DEVATAS showered flowers from the heaven to their creator  PARAMPURUSHA ADIPURUSHA  SRIRAAMA and SEETADEVI.

Krishnarpanamastu . .

RAM ,Astrology and Ravan-2

Shri Rama was born in Punarvasu star , lakshmana and Shatrughna were twins born in Ashlesha , Bharat was born in Pushyami . Pushyami comes before Ashlesha hence Bharat was elder to Lakshmana by a day. Though All were born with same planetary combination as Ram ,only Ram ruled . This highlights the point that mere exaltation of planets alone do not ensure the kingship. Here navamsa comes into play , even if one planet is in enemy’s house or debilitation in navamsa , man has to serve somebody.one who does not have such planets in navamsa leads his life independently.

Ravana was born as his father copulated with kaikasi, in the evening. Cohabitation during prohibited hours give cruel offsprings. This brings into importance nisheka lagna( the time of coitus).

so what detrmines the characteritics of a person. time of coitus of parents or birth time. birth time can be , appearance of head of the child, cutting of umbilical chord, or crying of the child or placing the child down.

According to sage parashar , mans’ character is dependent on,

  1. genes of the father
  2. genes of mother
  3. time of the birth
  4. association and upbringing

the strength of the above being in the ascending order. Man who is in good association develops good qualities irrespective of his birth. But an evil man cannot become good ,like however you raise a neem tree you wont get sweet fruits on it. a snake even after drinking milk gives out poison. So avoid evil association.

Ravana was born 36000 years before Rama ,At that time parshuram was also born but he did not kill ravana , God took another avatar of Rama to kill Ravana, even sita was born before Rama . but sita married Ram at the age of eight when Ram was 24 years. How is that possible?

As sita was born she was taken away to Bramha loka, when you pass a single day there here many years pass away on the earth.As ram was born and became adult sita was discovered by Janak as a baby while ploughing hence name Sita.King janak was  99000 years old as he was a true karmayogi.


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