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Shubh Ashubh Karma

The good karma gives

  1. good health
  2. favours from rulers
  3. gain of money /vehicles /houses /clothes /ornaments
  4. gain of friendships
  5. success in enterprises or work undertaken
  6. ever at peace mentally
  7. Gaining promotions / positions of prominence
  8. Affection of people society [popularity]
  9. Fame
  10. Birth of children

BAd karma gives

  1. Death
  2. serious diseases
  3. danger to near and dear
  4. destruction of dwelling
  5. fall from position [ exile]
  6. wrath of rulers
  7. loss of reputation
  8. loss of wealth
  9. theft
  10. Ill fame [ insults]

Karma are

  • Shubh
  • Ashubh
  • Dridha
  • Adhridha
  • manasa
  • vacha
  • kaya
  • Benefics in 6 ,8 and 12th or malefics in 1,4,7,10,5,9 cause the bad karma [Ashubh karma]
  • The malefics or benefics if in chandra hora indicate Dridha karma [ karma done intentionally and deliberately]
  • If in Sun ‘s hora it is adhridha karma .
  • From chatra rasi it indicates wrath of divine beings as the cause of misery of humans
  • From Arudha Rasi these indicate the misery as result of Brahmins’ curse
  • From moon they indicate the misery on account of enemies
  • From Lagna they indicate the miseries as a result of general hatred of people.[ unhappiness caused to normal people]
  • When malefics are in 2nd house , evils are due to speech , they result in loss of money
  • When they are in 5th house , the evils are due to mental hurt ,careless attitude , results in loss of children
  • When  they are in 10th house the evils are due to evil acts and results loss of honour , position and job.
  • The debilitation brings about severe  results and exaltation reduces the malefic effects .
  • When benefics occupy kendra or kona and exalted the nature enjoys good fruits of the karma.[Shubh karma].
  • what is karma?

    It is often most used term KARMA ! But exactly what is Karma ?

    Karma is  the actions left behind by the soul .Actions from manasa vacha kaya!!!

    All these karma are interaction of 24 tattvas in the universe. Our bodies are made of 24 tatvas .

    1. Avyakta
    2. sookshma prakriti [satva rajas tamas]
    3. Mahat
    4. Ahankar
    5. 5 panch gyanendriya [chakshus ,shrotra,ghran,tvak ,jivha]
    6. 5 panch karmendriya [ hasta , pada , payu upastha , vaak]
    7. 5 panch tanmatra [ roopa,shabda ,gandha,sparsha ,rasa ]
    8. 5 panch bhoota [ tejas ,akash, prithvi, vayu, jal]

    Gayatri [24 syllables ] represents these 24 tatvas , its japa energises these tatavas . Human body [ infact entire creation] is made of these jada tatvas. When the world interacts , there is exchange of these tatvas from one body to other and one element to the other. Thus there arises a need for equilibrium of this tatvas both in micro and macro levels of creations[ pindanda and bramhanda] . This exchange of sookshma tatvas and its debt and credit are termed as Karma. Creation and its sustenance and destruction is process of bringing the cosmic balance of this tatvas .

    Thus we are born in the same city where we would have performed in our previous lives ; we use the same utensils that have been recycled from previously used materials. etc etc.

    As we think act and speak a huge amount of tatvas are used and expended forming a anubandha. This are depostied as karma [sanchita , agami ,prarabdha] as huge as mountains beyond Lokalok parvat. As the bramhanda is covered with 24 layers of Tatva [kharpar] like a coconut shell. The bookkeeping of these karmas are in the very nature and also inside our bodies in the form 72000 nadis. A look at a person’s astral bodies gives a picture perfect view of his karma , Astrology only reconfirms this Karma through mathematical calculations and planetary motion. So Planets are only indicative phenomena , real karma is our deeds , and is present in our own bodies.

    When we have excess of Papa karma , our antah karana is heavy and sagged due to presence of excess tamo guna and we are unhappy. Tamo guna is slow in movement and hence our thoughts move slowly and man is brooding . A visit to a temple removes this tamo pradhan akaash  from the mind and replaces with the satva pradaan antahkarna , we feel a sense of calmness and relief and our burdens are lightened. So we say we are at peace after visiting the temple.

    Such is the greatness of Lord vishnu that even if one bows to him in arrogance or ignorance or through hautiness or jokingly or with cunning attitude , Papa[sins] accrued in 100 births vanish .

    Shattyenapi yatkrutam namaskaram shata janma papam vinashyati.

    Panchavidha Samvatsara

    There are five types of years in astrology. 1.solar year(saura mana 365.266 days) 2.lunar year(chandramana 354days ) 3.nakshatra mana(324 days) 4.brahaspatya (jupiterian year 395 days) 5. Savanamana (360 days year)

    Each has its own significance in astrology. For mass regulation solar year is best suited. for day today affairs lunar year should be adopted. For shanti  nakshatra year is adopted . For political forecast brahaspatya is used, For birthdays,longevity,dasas vrata,niyama,yagna,Savana year is used.

    Indian panchanga is soli-lunar calendar. It takes into account 360 tithis rather than days. it is unique and very apt for dharma shastras. This takes into account the tithi at sunrise, and this remains for entire day for the celebration of certain festivals. For example, if at sunrise ,it is Navami , then whole day that day will be considered as RAMNAVAMI , though in actual practise dashami might have come by noon.

    For shradhha , whatever tithi is at noon is considered as shrahdhha tithi . So eve if you have dwitiya in the morning , but  tritiya at noon then tritiya shradhha can be performed.For vratas , tithi mixed with previous tithi is prohibited, tithi mixed with forward tithi is auspicious. But for sankashta chaturthi , tithi at evening chandrodaya is only apt.Krishnaashtami is celebrated on a day when both rohini or ashtami is bound on midnight , it is more auspicious if it is wednesday on that day. Fasting is done till both ashtami and Rohini are exhausted.

    Thus panchanga enables us to perform our daily karmas (Nitya karmas and Naimittika karmas ,and kamya karmas) at a proper time to avail destined results. Nitya karmas are those that are must , like bathing everyday, sandhyavandane ,ekadashi etc.These if not done attracts sins. Naimittika are those which are done on special occassions like Magha snana , Kumbha snana etc. These if done gives merit ,but does not culminate into sin not done. Kamya karma are those which are done to achieve certain goals. All these should be done at right time to get results. Astrology helps to time these with the help of five types of calculation Panchavidha samvatsara.


    Astrology and importance of efforts

    Astrological charts shows the effects of past karma . What is past karma, the deeds we have done through,mind,speech and actions in the past lives.Are we not doing anything in this life as karma? Does this mean whatever Pooja, prayers ,good deeds I am doing now are only for next life? why then astrologers suggest remedy ? remedy that we do now are they not karma,do they give effect in this life or next life?

    Most of these questions we have answered in this article  that karmas done in this life also contribute to the present and alters effects we reap now, but when things go wrong even after extreme efforts , we leave it to fate and become passive.Does shastras permit such kind of behaviour. is there any incident highlighting this conclusion.

    We shall examine few incidence :

    1. Dharmashastra says whatever lost in the gamble or whatever given to a wife can be taken back ,and should not be considered as commitment. Hence when Yudhisthira lost his Kingdom in a gamble to kauravas , He could have claimed it back. Even Vidur suggests Dhritarashtra to return Kingdom on account of above shastra. Bheemasena asks his brother Yudhistira to attack Hastinapur after 12 months of vanvasa ( here for the purpose of keeping dharma 12 months of vanvasa was enough to have undergone 12 years ( there are many types of years in astrology, chandra, saura, btahaspatya, nakshatri,savanmana,pitrumana,devmana,bramhamana varying in number of days in a year, for various occassions various years need to be considered . This is dharma [right conduct]) . But Yudhistira refuses ( a tendency for lack of efforts). Finally when vanvasa is over Duryodhana refuses to accept chandraman, because he follows saura mana solar year of 365days ,and according to him 12+1 years was not yet over still few months left,Thus war breaks out due to dispute.
    2. Hanuman was a great astrologer too. He knew Ravana was to be Killed by Rama, So even if he was capable of killing Ravana , he spared him many times. yet when Ravan was taking away SeetaDevi , both Hanuman ans Sugreeva watch him take away, since Rama had not yet approached Sugreeva , he preffered inaction, But Hanuman flew immidiately ( here ramayana would have been over even before Rama meets Sugreeva) , so sugreeva stops him as an order from the King. Hanuman was minister. )
    3. Bheemasena and duryodhana both were special beings as they did not require formal education to get their respective knowledge. hence both from the day 1 of the birth knew that they were rivals and wanted to kill each other. Bheemasena had he been eldest among Pandavas, would have killed Duryodhana the day he was born, such is his zeal to perform duty towards the Lord Krishna. Yudhistira being eldest stops time and again to stretch mahabharath to point where it is fought when Arjuna was 68 years old . Duryodhan was 70 years of age at the time of war.
    4. Lord Krishna makes an effort for peace between Kauravas and Pandavas, (though HE knew there would be a war eventually according to the great prediction of VedVyasa , who had written Mahabharath even before Bheeshma was born) He made an effort by selecting a suitable muhurtha named “maitra” on a Dwadashi  day . He went to Hastinapur proposed peace but was rejected and insulted by Shakuni

     ( can we imagine God himself making a vain effort!)

    1. When vastraharan of Draupadi Devi was taking place , Draupadi devi had her fists completely clenching her sari ( a sign of doubt on God and extreme confidence on one’s own strength , so that if god does not come to help atleast i can still hold on to the saree and avoid being stripped) as Dushyasana was pulling it. Draupadi devi was praying for help to Krishna , who had not yet come . Slowly draupadi devi realised she would not be able to hold on to the clasp of saree for long and hence she leaves the clasp and raises both hands to completely depend on God for help . here Krishna appears losing no time and supplies reams of saree such that her honour is saved and Dushyasan faints.

    from above incidents we can conclude that , though astrology says ( according to our past karma) we do not have luck to succeed immidiately , we should not remain passive like Yudhistira and Sugreeva but when it comes to duty we must immidiately rush for it irrespective of good days and bad days , irrespective of chances of succes or failure according to Astrology( if there is no chance of success we need not avoid a  duty [avashya karma]) like Hanuman and Bheemasena . if there is really a destiny to negate our efforts then it would come in a Godly inspiration as in forms of Yudhistira as elder brother or Sugreeva as a superior authority and we are spared from the clutches of karma. if destiny is favourable we shall succeed .

    Effort is an Effort , it should be made sincerely with all the might and force . Situation like good time and bad time should not downsize our efforts especially those which are our prime duty. Success and Failures are subject to God’s will . what counts for a soul  is only efforts . . In Bhagavadgeeta Arjuna asks” Hey Krishna what use is killing all my brethren and preceptors and relatives and friends, all i would get is only a kingdom that would end with my death as well is this war really worth it”  .Krishna says to Arjuna , ” hey Arjun even if you don’t fight , i would still get all these peple killed and that too by your own hands , but you shall go to hell for not obeying me . and you shall face disgrace in history for your cowardice too. But if willingly you fight you would attain my grace”.

    A soul’s Karma is judged more on the basis of his efforts rather than outcome of his karma

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    Qualities of an astrologer

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    Astrologer (daivagnya) is one who can see your destiny. As in any profession, there exists mediocre ,good and expert astrologers.

    Most common anguish is roadside astrologer, and a common discussion erupts , if he can dictate our fortunes, then why is he himself sitting by the roadside?

    Astrology is not soothsaying.so soothsayers should be avoided. Yet there are some who on account of mystic experiences ,try to forecast.People start saying ,oh his intuition is perfect. whatever he says does happen. But all this is superstition. People who do not base their predictions on correct knowledge and analysis, should not be consulted.

    Many astrologers vouch on their intution, varahamihira clearly warns people to stay away from such people.why?

    some fore cast with the help of mystical powers , even these people should not be resorted to. why?no use consulting these and then blaming efficacy of astrology.

    Mystical powers ,intution are not static and permanent attributes . They are susceptible to circumstances. They somtimes are accurate sometimes off the track , due to astrologers’ own problems and karma. example. Balarama was a great warrior , intelligent person ,who could drag whole hastinapur single handedly. being King of mathura, was known to have extrasensory powers ,so that none could fool him(even in his inebriated condition)Lord himself was his brother. yet when Arjuna disguises himself as a sadhu, enters his city , balarama himself entrusts Subhadra as a caretaker to this \sadhu . who eventually elopes with Subhadra.

    here Balarama the most powerful has faced delusion , his intution that Sadhu was for real failed. for many days he took care of this sadhu(ARJUNA). so intution is not a reliable factor it fails randomly and severally.

    shastra is always reliable. Then whom should we consult. According to Parashara rishi :

    astrologer should be a pious man with clean habits ,a good looking with well proportioned limbs,smiling and rich in appearance,pleasing manners, excellent grasp on language,never falling short of words , expert in mathematics ,geology,astrophysics knowing clearly the 10 types of movements of planets ,well versed in the philososphy,mantra shastra,rituals ,puranic lore, he should have excellent grip of the existing socio-political geographical and economic conditions of the place and time he is delivering the predictions. Above all this he should be able to create the confidence in the people that ‘\yes here my problem would be solved\’ . Such a persons’ words never fail .


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