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Ketu in Astrology

Ketu is a mysterious planet in astrology.It is the body of the dragon(saimhikeya).Ketu is also a sarpa.Ketu is theplanet which gives mysterious results ,it keeps the matter in abeyance on all the issues concerned with it.
Ketu when in malefic rasi gives extreme difficulties. Associated with every planet it delays stubbornly every matter it giverns through that planet. At the same time ketu is chief of thieves when placed advesely in navamsa . I
t brings about deadly poisoning in navamsa ,when ill placed from karkamsa.Ketu also indicates mechanical engineering if placed well. It brings about courage and piousness. People with ketu in lagna invariably convert their weakness into forte.
Ketu gives troubles of the kind never understood , hence bends the mind philosophically and leads to Moksha.

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