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18th Day – Lord Krishna resents Yudhishthir

A malefic in the third and kendras makes one put heavy efforts to accomplish the task
Similarly many malefic in tenth shows one has to make Mahaprayatna

After the deat of Karn Shalya and Shakuni ,Duryodhan was very unhappy . Kritavarma , Ashvaththama and Kripacharya were repeatedly troubled by  Bheem and Arjun finally they fled to nearby Forests .

Dhritarashtra send Sanjay to know the welfare of Duryodhan , Satyaki captures Sanjay . Vedvyasa urges to Set free Sanjay . Duryodhan angered runs towards the battlefield all alone . He defeats Sahadev Nakul . With his arrows he hits Arjun hard and Arjun falls unconscious . Then Bheemsen runs after him and destroys his chariot .
Duryodhan mounts a elephant and attacks Satyai , Satyaki fall unconscious . Duryodhan taking a pras weapon attacks Yudisthir . Nakul and sahadev , All hit sit on the chariot motionless . Bheemsen kills the elephant and cuts out Pras . Then Duryodhan mounts a horse as the horse is killed by BHEEMSEN . Duryodhan flees the battlefield and enters Dwaipayan sarovar with his gada .

There in the Dwaipayan pond , he undertakes jalsthambhan . Duryodhan undertakes the japa of mantra given to him by Durvasa muni , This japa if continued for 7 days would bring back from death entire army of the kauravas and they would never die again in battlefield .

Out of 11 akshouhini sena 6 were killed by BHEEM and 5 by Arjun  , whatever was left was killed  by Dhristadhyumna , Gatotkach and Abhimany  Satyaki .other pandavas .  seven akshouhini of PAndavas , three was killed  by Ashwaththama , rest by Bheeshma Drona Karna kritavarma each less than the former .
Panadavas happy about victory went to Dwaipayan sarovar , there Ashwaththama seeing them alongwith Krishna ran away .

krishna ordered Yudhisthir to use harsh language against Duryodhan .
Yudhisthir said come out for a fight , Duryodhan replied , ” You enjoy the Kingdom ” Yudhisthir said Duryodhan you had said not even a size of needle head would be given to PAndavas , now after taking bali of Bheeshma DRona , talking this does not make sense ,we cannot enjoy the kingdom without killing you, I dont think so you are a Kuru born for you are denying war “

Aggravated Duryodhan rose from the water and came to the shore . he said ” yudhisthir , you all are with kavach and armoury and weapons , i have none . still i will fight with you all single handedly ”
Yudhisthir said ” you  will be provided weapons and kavach , and you can choose anyone of us to fight and if you kill anyone of us , rest of us will go to the forest and if you die we will all together rule ” .
duryodhan ‘ Arjun and sahadev nakul and yourself are all too meek to fight with me , Only Bheem is fit for me . I choose a the gada “
Bheemsen takes a gada 1 and half times more heavier than Duryodhan’s gada and fight begins .

Krishna resnts Yudhisthir , says your giving choice to Duryodhan to fight was wrong . If Duryodhan had chosen Arjun , or any other four other than Bheem all these efforts uptill now would have gone waste .
Because the other four are no match for him . Even Bheem would kill him ” somehow “.
Duryodhan  if he holds mace [ gada] none in the three worlds not even Indra and all deities put together can defeat him . This is because he is very ‘nipuna ‘.

Krishna shows utter displeasure towards Yudhisthir .

Many doubts arise with these words of krishna towards Duryodhan . Also to be noted is Duryodhan praises Bheema before fight begins as someone worth fighting . Better than Arjun .

This incident also Shows Krishna rating Bheema higher than Arjun .
Now the doubts ?
Duryodhan is nipun , does that mean Bheem is not nipun or not as nipun as Duryodhan ?

secondly Krishna says Bheem would kill Duryodhan ‘ somehow’? Somehow means  , Does Bheem have to struggle to kill him . or is Bheem not as strong as Duryodhan etc etc .

The answer to this should be contemplated against the background that , Bheem is the strongest has been declared by Krishna and Duryodhan himself in virat prasang also . Krishna while jarasandha episode declares him to be strongest . Also Krishna says Bheem you have many times  more qualities than what you actually think you have .
Vedayasa says There is none equal to Bheemsen in both the armies in terms of strength and knowledge as well .
So it cannot be dismissed that these words  Of krishna meant anythig less wrtr BHEEM.

The word nipuna in terms of Duryodhan is to indicate that , Duryodhan was mahaprayatna shali . Both Duryodhan and Bheem had learnt from Balaram . so only Duryodhan could have been nipun aowing to this training  from balaram .
Nipuna was due to extreme efforts he was putting in practising gada yudha to kill Bheemsen . This mahaprayatna was a plus factor in his favour [ excessive efforts and practise cannot be discounted it is a potent factor ]
Also Duryodhan had a mantrashakti . these factors weighed heavily against arjun and other four to counter Duryodhan .

Bheemsen was he not mahaprayatnashali . was Bheem not putting maximum efforts in his endeavour . No because killing duryodhan was not a very difficult task for Bheemsen . Putting extra extreme efforts on fairly simple tasks is not the quality of Uttam Purush , great personalities .

Bheemsen would kill somehow does not mean with little possibility .
what is meant by it ,Bheem had vowed to break the thighs of Duryodhan . hitting below the navel is adharm in gadyudh .
Now carrying out the Pratignya is more important dharma failure of which will give more adharma vartan [ failure to stick to dharma] if Duryodhan is killed by hitting above the waist , then pratignya will be broken . If he kills by hitting the thigh , then pratignya is upheld but gadayudh niyam will be broken . So without getting into situation of breaking some rule , Duryodhan cannot be killed , so the word somehow is used by the Lord Krishna .


Karna -The Astrologer

When Krishna the lord of Universe offers Karna the lordship of the World to leave Duryodhan and side with Pandavas .

Karn said – “You are right, Krishn, I now know that whatever you have said to me that  Kuntee bore me when she was a maiden through her connection with Soorya. At the command of Soorya she abandoned me as soon as I was born without thinking of my welfare. Soot Adhirath found me and took me home. There his wife Raadhaa brought me up with all her affection. Adhirath gave me the name Vasusen. When I grew up, I married the wives according to his selections. I have now sons grandsons through them. My all rites and religious duties are performed with Soot. With Duryodhan I have enjoyed sovereignty for over 13 years. Now when Duryodhan has decided to fight with Paandav considering me as against Arjun, I cannot go back because of fear, death or bloodshed. If I do not indulge with Arjun in single combat, it will be an insult to both of us. 

I am sure that Paandav will do whatever you have said but for now, you must hide this for the benefit of both of us. Let Yudhishthir be king for ever. He has collected a great crowd of warriors. I am repenting for what I said to Paandav. Duryodhan is going to do a Yagya. When you will see me slain by Arjun then Punachiti of this Yagya will begin, when you will see Bheem drinking the blood of Dushaasan’s chest then the Som drinking of this Yagya will take place, and when the two sons of Drupad – Shikhandee and Drishtdyumn will overthrow Bheeshm and Drone, then this Yagya will be suspended for interval. When Bheem will kill Duryodhan then the Yagya of Duryodhan will be concluded. When all Kuru women will lament for their husbands and sons in the battlefield without their protector, it will be the last bath of this Yagya. [ Karna predicts the future ]

I just pray you that don’t let these Kshatriya be perished miserably for thy sake. Let them die by weapons in the most sacred place among the three worlds. Whatever you have in mind, accomplish it on this spot only. Till I face Arjun in the field, keep our talks secret.”

Krishn said – “O Karn, Don’t you wish to rule over the whole world? You know that Paandav’s victory is certain. Divine Bhaum has set up Hanumaan banner like Indra’s banner. Extended for one Yojan it will never be obstructed by any thing. When Arjun will twang his bow then that signs off all Yug (Sat, Tretaa and Dwapar). All kings will get excellent state after dying for Duryodhan in the battlefield.” Karn worshipped Krishn and said – “Knowing everything why do you want to baffle me? This war is going to happen. The great fierce planet Shani (Saturn) is afflicting the Nakshatra Rohinee which indicates the destruction on Prithvi. Mars is coming to Nakshatra  Anuraadhaa through Jyeshthaa indicating a great a slaughter of friends. Certainly a great calamity will come over Kuru family when the planet Mahaapat will afflicts the Nakshatra Chitraa. Moon’s position has changed and Raahu is also proceeding towards Soorya. A black circle surrounding the solar disc appears to view.” [ Karna’s command on astrology can be seen here ]

Krishn said – “Yes, The destruction of the world is at hand but you are not agreeing for it.” Karn said – “If we have come out of the war then we will meet here again, otherwise we shall surely meet in Heaven.” and embraced Krishn very hard. Keshav dismissed him and he came back with us.”


Kunti went to Gangaa River where she heard Vedic mantra chanting by her son. Karn was standing facing east, so Kuntee stood waiting behind him burning in hot Sun. Then she shifted under the shade of upper cloth of Karn. And Karn continued his prayers until his back was very hot with Sun. Then he turned back and was surprised to see Kuntee standing there. He saluted her properly and bowing his head Vrish (Karn), the son of Vikartan (Adhirath), said to her – “I am Karn, Raadhaa and Adhirath’s sson. Why have you come here and what can I do for you?”

Kuntee said – “You are Kuntee’s son, not Raadhaa’s, nor your father is Adhirath, nor you are born in a Soot family. I bore you when I was a maiden. You were born in the palace of Kuntibhoj. I gave you birth in my father’s house along with Kavach and Kundal on your body. You stand in Duryodhan’s camp not knowing your brothers, is not proper. Duryodhan has wickedly snatched Yudhishthir’s wealth. You take that wealth back from them and enjoy it. Let people call you like Raam Balraam. If you both are united what is in this world which cannot be accomplished?”

As Kuntee finished, Karn heard a soft loving voice coming from Soorya – “What Prithaa is saying is true. Follow her words, it is for your good.” Karn could not answer immediately because his heart was following only truth. He said – “I cannot accept what you have said to me. Although I should obey you as you are my mother. You abandoned me as soon as I was born. This was the greatest injury you did to my life and fame. Thus I was deprived of all the rights of Kshatriya. You have never thought about my good before this and you are telling me something for my good today? Who is not afraid of Arjun? And if I go to Paandav today, people will say that “I did so because of fright”. Just to fulfill my own desires how can I leave Duryodhan’s friendship? They always respect me, bow down to me and wait on me. I will surely fight with Paandav. However except Arjun, your other four sons will not be slain by me. I will fight only with Arjun. Whether he will be slain, or me, in both cases my life will be glorified and your five sons will always be alive.”

————————————————————–end of extract ———————————————————

Points to be noted in the above speech by Karna ;

  • Karna Knew he was going to be slained by ARJUN
  • Karna had complete knowledge of the Planetary scenario at the MAhabharata WAR , he was great astrologer as he completely predicts the future about Bheem slaying Kauravs .
  • Karna was chanting Vedic mantra [ Only higher caste chant VEdic mantra , Karna was not considered Low born as depicted ,soota is not low caste or untouchable]
  • One’s birth is not alone important in determining caste as much as His Sanskara , Karna had sanskara as SOOTA ,mark Karna’s words , and hence He remained a SOOTA all along even if Duryodhan gave him Kingdom, even if he was born a Kshatriya  . This was the point made in Vidyapradarshan BY BHEESHMA , when he objected to Arjun fighting Karna . That a Kshatriya should not fight with Soota at the competition .
  • Karna admits to Duryodhan’s Soverignty to as recent as 13 years and Not from the day He was made the King . why?
  • Karna was made the King when Yudhisthir and Duryodhan were around 25 years of Age .
  • Then intermittently pandavas suffered treason in Varnavat .
  • Then they were married in disguise .
  • When Pandavas went to Vanvas , Yudhisthir was 57 years old .
  • When they came back Yudhisthir was 70 years old .
  • So Karna should have told 50 years of soverignty , why 13 years .
  • because After Raajsooya Yagnya his Kingdom was snatched by BHEEMASEN and given back to him after his  acceptance of soverignty  of Yudhisthir .
  • The kingdom of Yudhisthir was usurped in dice by Duryodhan and hence 13 years of soverignty .
  • Karna is persuaded by Lord ,but  to only Fight Arjun he refuses Krishna’s Proposal [  Lord’s command is not so important for him than his prestige [ego] that he will be declared coward . Lord could have as well made him a hero had he accepted , NO faith ! ]
  • Karna is persuaded by Kunti and SOORYA . He admits he must obey them but cannot for the desire of Fighting Arjun . Karna does not grant what his MOTHER asks for , only for his good ! [ DAANVEER of no use to MOTHER ].
  • krishnarpanamastu.

    7th House – Polygamy

    • If there are malefics in second house ,seventh house and if seventh lord is debilitated or combust ,one will have three marriages.
    • if seventh lord is exalted in kendra aspected or associated by 10 lord will give many wives.
    • 12 and 2 lord in third aspected by jupiter will give many wives
    • navamsha lord of the planet ,who is navamsha lord of the seventh lord in navamsha if exalted and associated with benefics in Rashi chakra will give 100 wives.
    • Lord of the rashi tenanted by second lord in rashi , if its lord in shastiamsha is exalted and itself in gopuramsa then one will marry 200 wives.
    • if a strong exchange of seventh and tenth lord and associated with strong second lord will give unlimited wives.

    Moon was married to 27 daughters of Daksha Prajapati, Dharma married another 10 of his daughters ,Kahyap married 13 daughters of the Prajapati. Kashyap spread the population all over the earth in a diversified forms and species.

    Dashrath[Illustrious father of Shri Ram] had three wives ,Vasudev[ Father of ShriKrishna] had 24 wives , Pandu[Father of Panadavas had two wives].Bheemsena had 28 wives ,Arjun had 16 wives.

    • ShriKrishna had 16108 wives ,He remained on the earth for 105 years .
    • ShriKrishna had 10 sons and 1 daughter from each of his wives.
    • This means he had 1 lakh 77 thousand one hundred and 88 children
    • By logic [ if he has spent one day each with one wife to impregnate them ] he should spend at least 177188 days/nights just consummating his marriage.
    • He married 16100 wives when he was 23 years old. that means till he left earth He had lived only 365*82=29930 days
    • How can one beget 177188 children in 29930 days from 16108 unless one spends his day and night with 6 of his wives this way his whole day and night would be spent only among his wives all the 100 years with an average of four hours to each .
    • But even this would give him a child of about 1 month old at the age of 105 , but contrarily ShriKrishna had all the 177188 children quiet grown up by the time he was 60 years , this makes this feat even impossible .
    • Also Shrikrishna was known to have been very close to Pandavas helping them across many places quiet far away from the Dwaraka , also HE did many other leelas in different parts and finally he is known to have spent full 18 days in Mahabharath war ,that makes the count even less .[so the whole feat is humanly impossible]
    • So how was that possible.
    • Narada rishis had a similar doubt so he decided to inspect the love life.He went to each of the palace where his each wife was staying and there he found a Krishna living happily merrily in the company of his wife . This surprisingly was same at every of the 16108 palaces , at the same time HE was also found with the Pandavas , exclusively he granted time for his friends and other yadavas. wherever Narada went he saw Krishna .
    • Lord Krishna [Paramatma] is present in everyone’s heart and governs our action.
    • He is inside and outside this world [vaasudev] supporting this universe/creation .
    • He is the one who has shown entire bramhanda in his mouth to Yashoda
    • He is omnipotent all pervasive
    • He is infinite with infinite roopas.
  • So this feat of having 10 lakh progeny[sons and grandsons] is just infinitesimal compared to what he does in controlling entire UNiverse.[Jagadoddhara]
  • krishnarpanamastu 

    177188   ,31025

    Krishna Satyabhama and Narakachaturdashi

    Triumph of Krishna over Narakasura ,with the help of Satyabhama ,is celebrated as Narakchaturdashi .Shrikrishna killed Narkasura who was like a big forest ,snatched his earrings and gave it back to Diti devi .There he saw Parijat tree in swarga.Parijata is a clestial tree whose flowers emanate a very pleasant aroma ,very dear to Lord. One must not use flowers ,that have been picked up from the ground, to the feet of Hari., but Parijata  is exception.it can be offered in any form to  Krishna,who fought with Indra and brought the tree  to the earth.

    A bath after applying oil on the body in the early hours of Narakchaturdashi ,washes off all the sins.Chaturdashi is a riktha tithi, any act which requires thorough riddance should be carried on riktha tithi. the other riktha tithis are , chaturthi,navami. chaturthi is chosen to get rid of obstacles.navami is used to get  rid of instability. chaturdashi rids one from all sins.


    Dashavatar and Astrology

    Sage Parashara says , in every human body ,there is Parmatma  amsa and Jeevatma amsa. Ther is no difference with respect to parmatma and parmatma amsa , amsa and amsi of Pamatma are same. But same cannot be said about the Jeeva. Amsa and amsi of Jeevatma are different . When Only Parmatma amsa takes over , it is declared as Avatara. Every Avatara also emanates from full manifestation of each planet .From

    1. Sun,    God  came as  Rama
    2. Moon ,God came as  Krishna
    3. Mars ,  God  came as Narsimha
    4. Mercury,God came as Buddha
    5. Jupiter ,God  came as  Vaman
    6. Sukra  God  came as    Parsuram
    7. saturn manifested as   Kurma
    8. Rahu  took avatar as    Varaha
    9. Ketu   God  came as     matsya
    10. when saptarishi enters cancer with jupiter in it , Kalki is born to clean the earth of mletchhas , who would be all but size of human thumb with maximum longevity of only 20 years.

    when sun rises with moon also entering cancer along with jupiter and saptarishi in cancer along with star agasthya,kaliyuga ends and  Satyayuga starts again .Saptarishis descend on earth to recreate this progeny who would be again 28 ft in height and longevity of 1 lakh years, Dharma will be totally on its four feet ,there will be no need to cultivate as crops will be available 12 months ,no rainfall would be neccessary , precious gems will be used in day today life. There would be peace everywhere. The great Manu will be born again and from him his sons would be known as \manavs\ .

    1. “Matsya”(the fish) will come to save Vedas from madhu and kaitabh 
    2. Devatas and Rakshasas will agree to skim the ocean for nectar “Kurma” (the tortoise)comes to hold the mount Meru for churning.
    3. Hiranyaksha abducts prithvi into the ocean “Varaha”(the boar) kills Hiranyaksha and lifts  the Prithvi from his tusk.
    4. “Narsimha”(half lion-half man) emerges from a Pillar to kill Hiranyaksha and graces Prahlada.
    5. “Vamana”(the dwarf) turns into “Trivikrama”(the dimensionless) to stop Bali.
    6. “Parsurama”(Bramhin with  axe) destroys all kshatriyas 21 times kills Kartyavirayaarjuna.
    7. “Rama”(one who attract everyone’s minds) The \king slays Ravana and Kumbhakarna
    8. “Krishna”(one who reduces the crest of demons) Kills Shishupal and Dantavaktra
    9. “Buddha” (the all knowing) destroys Tripurasura .
    10. “Kalki” destroys all the mletchas.



    Shri Krishna,Astrology and Arjuna: The great Pandava

    Arjuna was born in utaraphalguni  nakshatra in the moon sign Virgo.This sign is compatible with taurus hence Arjuna was very close to Krishna born in taurus.Krishna explained Bhagavadgeetha to him,showed his Vishwaroopa to him. Arjuna could fight simultaneously with 10000 warriors  , Arjuna single handedly defeated entire Kaurava army consisting of Bheeshma, Karna, Duryodhana, Ashwatthama,Kripacharya,Dronacharya,Shalya,etc, thrice before Mahabharatha war . Arjuna had the great Gandeeva bow , which was 22000 kgs in weight , it could simultaneous expel eight kinds of arrows

    1. moorcha
    2. mohana
    3. bhranthi
    4. one that creates dazzling light
    5. one which multiplies in arrow after it leaves into thousands
    6. one which releases spirits and pisacha
    7. maya
    8. one which induces tendency of suicide in the opponent.

    Arjuna was very handsome,and expert in dancing and singing and disguising.Arjuna had a long belly as a result of which ,he always kept travelling and missing family life.Arjuna had  many wives too . Subhadra was most dear to Him. He had another wife from Tripura (kaamroopa desh) He had a son Babruvahan from her. He had another son who was incarnation of mars from Uluchi. These both sons of Arjuna unknowingly bring death blow to Him.

    Man according to astrology is born with a initial longevity at birth. A man can live maximum of 120 years and five days on earth. If one is careless with life , one can get premature death(apamrutyu). In case of premature death , one has to wander bodyless on the very earth till he allocated longevity is exhausted. Hence one has to take precaution with respect to safety of the self. Also every person born on this earth is allocated some work /achievements to accomplish. If his accomplishments are exemplary w.r.t efforts he puts in, God extends his life expectancy towards a full of 120 years .

    Arjuna defied death many times in his life. every time he died he was brought back to life by Krishna. such incidents are

    1. Laksha graha,( Bheema sena saves him by taking him on his shoulders)
    2. Yaksha prashna ( Yaksha Yama brings him back to life)
    3. Combat with Pasupati( Shiva blesses him with Pashupati astra)
    4. Combat with Babruvahan(krishna bringsback to life)
    5. Combat with son of Uluchi(krishna brings back to life)
    6. Curse of Urvashi ( he turns Transvestite , krishna makes it appear as a boon to him in vanavasa)
    7. Jarasandha chooses Bheemasena to fight instead of Arjuna( krishna influences his choice)
    8. Combat with Karna ( nagastra) [Krishna saves him by pressing his chariot one inch below ground ,thus astra hits crown]
    9. To bring back son of Bramhana (Krishna takes him Narayana loka ,shows him NaraNarayana)
    10. Attempt at suicide before killing Jayadrath (saved by krishna by stopping sunset with SudarshanChakra)
    11. Attempt at suicide for not being able to Kill Yudhistira ,  as latter had insulted Gandiva.( Saved by Krishna, who asks him to praise himself [akin to suicide])
    12. Combat with Shalya ( Krishna asks him step back to attain victory)
    13. Combat with Bhargavdatta( use of vaishnavastra Krishna taking it on himself as garland)
    14. Use of shakti by Karna on Ghatotkacha ( thus saving Arjuna)
    15. Burning of Chariot after Mahabharatha war ( Krishna asks Arjuna to step down first , and then steps down later after which chariot burns up)
    16. Duryodhan chooses Bheemasena to fight his last battle.( Krishna uses his maya avoids Arjun )
    17. Bramhastra by ashwatthama ( Krishna asks Ashwatthana to divert his brahmhastra )
    18. Ashwatthama killing all uppandavas thinking they are Pandavas.( Krishna takes Arjun away to another place.)

    Arjuna was saved many times from death,death like situations,and even after certain death he was brought back to Life. And all this because it was his progeny , son of Abhimanyu ( which Krishna wanted to save to rule the earth) , Parikshit who ruled the earth after MAhabharath , with great rulers like Janmejay ,shatanik,sahasranik, and finally Kshemak ruling this earth in the lineage of Somavansha , Pandavas.for 1000 years .

    The other names of Arjuna are

    1. Arjuna
    2. anagha
    3. kapidhwaja [he had Hanuman on his Flag]
    4. kurushrestha
    5. kurunandan[ born in lineage of kuru]
    6. kurupravir
    7. kaunteya [ son of kunthi]
    8. gudakesha [performed penace alone in a cave on indrakeela parvat without food and sleep for pasupatastra ]
    9. dhananjay
    10. dhanurdhar
    11. parantap
    12. Parth
    13. purushvyaghra
    14. purusharshabha
    15. Bharath
    16. Mahabaho
    17. Pandava
    18. Bharathshreshta
    19. Bharathsattam
    20. savyasachi [one who can leave arrows from both hands simultaneously]
    21. Phalguna.


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    Shri Krishna,Astrology and HIS 16108 wives

    Shri Krishna was born in rohini nakshatra  with a moon sign taurus. People born in this star are inimical to maternal uncles.Kamsa was maternal uncle of Shri Krishna whom shri krishna killed to relieve earth of a vile demon. Krishna was born when taurus was rising with moon and venus in it. seventh lord mars exalted in capricorn (9th house) , saturn exalted in libra (6th house) since 10th was in sixth Krishna never had a kingdom of his ( all though entire universe is his kingdom shown by exalted 10 th house). Sun was in leo the 4th house. exaltation of seventh lord alonwith its dipositor with venus in own house ,and aspect of moon on seventh makes one have innumerable wives. Lord krishna had 16108 wives. Aspect of moon and venus on seventh house also makes one have affairs.  Krishna gave sexual pleasure to a kubja . He had rasaleela with gopika stree and Radha in gokula although he was only ten years old then .(kishoreavastha) . Lord exists in everyone , it is he only who primarily enjoys in a Human body and gives enjoyment to the soul too. He existed even in husbands of the gopika stree(s). there was nothing he did not know about their bodies as their husband , or there was nothing extra/new that they could offer to Krishna in the absence of their husbands. Hence Krishna did not have any allegations on him on account of these affairs. Look at the aspect of exalted Jupiter from third house on seventh. Aspect or association of jupiter with seventh house gives rise to shuchi yoga ie. one who is  extremely clean with respect to sexual conduct. HE does not indulge in Vyabichara or illicit sex . Also this yoga gives one a pious and obedient wife Rukmini,Satyabhama,Jambavati,Neela,Mitravinda,lakshana,Kalindi,Bhadra devi. and 16100 kanyas released from the prison of Jarasandha.16108 wives.

    Shri krishna married  Neeladevi in a swayamvara , that was more difficult than Draupadi swayamvar. In Draupadi swayamvar a warrior was supposed to pierce the eye of the fish fixed on rotating disc by aiming at the reflection of the disc in the water kept in a bowl below the disc.Arjuna successfully claimed Draupadi.

    But in Neela swayamvar , the fish was on the upper side of the rotating disc. The mirror in which the reflection need be seen was fixed below  the disc to the ground . there was a hole in the disc .The warrior had to watch the fish on the cieling mirror once , hit his arrow through the hole observing it in the below mirror , it should get broken by another arrow hit through the hole and then when the broken arrow is in its trail  downwards,it should pierce the fish. Only Krishna could accomplish this feat rest all fail . Showing superiority of Krishna.

    to be continued………………………..                                         HOME PAGE              Astrology and importance of efforts

    Astrology and importance of efforts

    Astrological charts shows the effects of past karma . What is past karma, the deeds we have done through,mind,speech and actions in the past lives.Are we not doing anything in this life as karma? Does this mean whatever Pooja, prayers ,good deeds I am doing now are only for next life? why then astrologers suggest remedy ? remedy that we do now are they not karma,do they give effect in this life or next life?

    Most of these questions we have answered in this article  that karmas done in this life also contribute to the present and alters effects we reap now, but when things go wrong even after extreme efforts , we leave it to fate and become passive.Does shastras permit such kind of behaviour. is there any incident highlighting this conclusion.

    We shall examine few incidence :

    1. Dharmashastra says whatever lost in the gamble or whatever given to a wife can be taken back ,and should not be considered as commitment. Hence when Yudhisthira lost his Kingdom in a gamble to kauravas , He could have claimed it back. Even Vidur suggests Dhritarashtra to return Kingdom on account of above shastra. Bheemasena asks his brother Yudhistira to attack Hastinapur after 12 months of vanvasa ( here for the purpose of keeping dharma 12 months of vanvasa was enough to have undergone 12 years ( there are many types of years in astrology, chandra, saura, btahaspatya, nakshatri,savanmana,pitrumana,devmana,bramhamana varying in number of days in a year, for various occassions various years need to be considered . This is dharma [right conduct]) . But Yudhistira refuses ( a tendency for lack of efforts). Finally when vanvasa is over Duryodhana refuses to accept chandraman, because he follows saura mana solar year of 365days ,and according to him 12+1 years was not yet over still few months left,Thus war breaks out due to dispute.
    2. Hanuman was a great astrologer too. He knew Ravana was to be Killed by Rama, So even if he was capable of killing Ravana , he spared him many times. yet when Ravan was taking away SeetaDevi , both Hanuman ans Sugreeva watch him take away, since Rama had not yet approached Sugreeva , he preffered inaction, But Hanuman flew immidiately ( here ramayana would have been over even before Rama meets Sugreeva) , so sugreeva stops him as an order from the King. Hanuman was minister. )
    3. Bheemasena and duryodhana both were special beings as they did not require formal education to get their respective knowledge. hence both from the day 1 of the birth knew that they were rivals and wanted to kill each other. Bheemasena had he been eldest among Pandavas, would have killed Duryodhana the day he was born, such is his zeal to perform duty towards the Lord Krishna. Yudhistira being eldest stops time and again to stretch mahabharath to point where it is fought when Arjuna was 68 years old . Duryodhan was 70 years of age at the time of war.
    4. Lord Krishna makes an effort for peace between Kauravas and Pandavas, (though HE knew there would be a war eventually according to the great prediction of VedVyasa , who had written Mahabharath even before Bheeshma was born) He made an effort by selecting a suitable muhurtha named “maitra” on a Dwadashi  day . He went to Hastinapur proposed peace but was rejected and insulted by Shakuni

     ( can we imagine God himself making a vain effort!)

    1. When vastraharan of Draupadi Devi was taking place , Draupadi devi had her fists completely clenching her sari ( a sign of doubt on God and extreme confidence on one’s own strength , so that if god does not come to help atleast i can still hold on to the saree and avoid being stripped) as Dushyasana was pulling it. Draupadi devi was praying for help to Krishna , who had not yet come . Slowly draupadi devi realised she would not be able to hold on to the clasp of saree for long and hence she leaves the clasp and raises both hands to completely depend on God for help . here Krishna appears losing no time and supplies reams of saree such that her honour is saved and Dushyasan faints.

    from above incidents we can conclude that , though astrology says ( according to our past karma) we do not have luck to succeed immidiately , we should not remain passive like Yudhistira and Sugreeva but when it comes to duty we must immidiately rush for it irrespective of good days and bad days , irrespective of chances of succes or failure according to Astrology( if there is no chance of success we need not avoid a  duty [avashya karma]) like Hanuman and Bheemasena . if there is really a destiny to negate our efforts then it would come in a Godly inspiration as in forms of Yudhistira as elder brother or Sugreeva as a superior authority and we are spared from the clutches of karma. if destiny is favourable we shall succeed .

    Effort is an Effort , it should be made sincerely with all the might and force . Situation like good time and bad time should not downsize our efforts especially those which are our prime duty. Success and Failures are subject to God’s will . what counts for a soul  is only efforts . . In Bhagavadgeeta Arjuna asks” Hey Krishna what use is killing all my brethren and preceptors and relatives and friends, all i would get is only a kingdom that would end with my death as well is this war really worth it”  .Krishna says to Arjuna , ” hey Arjun even if you don’t fight , i would still get all these peple killed and that too by your own hands , but you shall go to hell for not obeying me . and you shall face disgrace in history for your cowardice too. But if willingly you fight you would attain my grace”.

    A soul’s Karma is judged more on the basis of his efforts rather than outcome of his karma

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