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4th house-Vehicles

  • If fourth lord and fourth bhava is extremely strong and aspected by benefics ,one will have good vehicles.
  • If fourth lord is in kendra and that lord is in eleventh then one will have many vehicles.
  • If fourth lord along with lagnadhipati is in fourth ,ninth or eleventh then one will have many vehicles.
  • If fourth lord is in sixth eigth twelfth aspected by ninth lord not in debilitation one will have unlucky vehicles.

Arjuna had  a chariot which was earlier used by SriRamachandra. Now it is driven by Srikrishna , it had Hanuman on its Flag , it could move at such a speed that it would leave behind the arrows shot by Arjuna before hitting the target. It had horses that could not be killed. He was additionally protected by Bheema by being always by its side. Yet Arjuna. felt proud that  HE was invincible warrior all by himself . He was cautioned by Hanuman for forgetting the presence of Lord Sri Krishna

  • Arjuna is Jeeva ,
  • the chariot is the body ,
  • horses are the mind guided by God himself
  • and Protected by Mukhyaprana ,both inside and outside the body.
  • Yet jeeva attributes its actions to the self  and not to the God ,
  • who is personally guiding as the sarathi ,this human body in this mahabharatha called life.
  • where a soul[jeeva] constantly faces danger from sins[kauravas] ,
  • is constantly confronted and troubled  by jealousy [irshya asuya,krodha,Karna]
  • is swayed by illusion of indriyas [Bheeshma ,Drona Kripa , etc] ,
  • falls prey to dice of atheism[nastikvada  shakuni with astik Yudhisthira],
  • at crucial time loses hopes ,resumes after upadesha[divine blessings]
  • and fights with the help of virtues[ Pandava Sena],
  • headed by Dhrustadhyumna[fire,agni, sadhana] ,
  • accompanied by suneeti[nakula sahadev],
  • inspired by Draupadi[veda],
  • and wins over vipareeta gyana [dushyasana] and Agyana[Duryodhana] aided by ahankara[ashwaththama]
  • only by the grace of BHeemasena[ knowledge ,devotion and vairagya]


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