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The two uses of Astrology is 1 Ayushcha 2.lokyatra . one is determing longevity and discerning the life events. The men with lower longevity cannot enjoy the yogas of the horoscope and fruits of dasha antardasha. In Kaliyuga it is very difficult to determine these with less intellect. However Deha and Jeeva sphutas make these very easy to understand . Jeeva determines longevity and Deha gives the life events.

Lagna is Deha  and eighth is JEeva;

malefics occupying 3 6 11 will give long life.If jeeva and deha are strong then long life is indicated , one is strong the other weak medium life is indicated and if both are weak then person die soon .

  • If lagna lord is strong and exalted , the person will have name fame ,wealth and overcome his enemies.
  • if in mooltrikona he will have plenty of clothes ornaments and happiness
  • if in own house friendly house , he will live happily  with money ,wife children, and relations overcoming difficulties;
  • if in inimical signs  there will be sickness ,troubles from kings and thieves , fear from fire and calamities to  wife children and friends;
  • if in debilitation the person lives in foreign lands being driven by poverty , loss of position etc.
  • if in combustion or in association with gulika or malefic planets , the person lives maimed in unknown place through incantations of enemies or orders of rulers or he will be executed.
  • if lagna is in urdhodaya rasi long life is predicted.
  • the longevity is predicted  from lagna , it is Pindayu , from SUN it is Amsa Ayu and from moon it is naisargik ayu .
  • Longevity is also predicted from ashtakvarka
  • longevity is also predicted from saturn .
  • Thus there are many ways of calculating longevity each giving different life span .
  • Which applies to a particualar horoscope is always a challenge to Astrologer.


once Three great astrologers[ who never failed in their predictions] from Kerala came to Raghavendra Swamy matt . Shri Raghavendra swamiji handed over a horoscope to each of them and asked them to calculate the longevity . After hours of calculation , the three Astrologers determined that

  • the owner of horoscope would live for 70 years
  • the other declared a 300 years
  • third one declared 700 years .

The sabha was surprised and eager to know whose horoscope that was; Raghavendra swamiji said the horoscope was his own. But what about the three different ages . Were the astrologers wrong in calculation . The astrologers came they cannot go wrong  But how can one man have three longevities.

This puzzled even astrologers . Then Great learned Shri Raghavendra Swamiji declared all the astrologers were correct , he would live with a mortal body for 70 years , after which he will take sajeeva samadhi and continue to live in samadhi Vrundavan of Mantralayam for 700 years and his books and teachings will be effectively preached till 300 years.The people and scholars gathered appreciated the astrologers and praised SHri Raghavendra swamy for his intense knowledge of jyotishya as well . The scholars were felicitated by the Mutt and swamiji with gold and cash and certificates citation etc.

Many years later , while teaching a bunch of students in an open ground , some airborne vehicle past by in the space , Swamiji at once stood up and raised his thumb in questioning mode , and then raising two waved it thrice . After some time he sat down. The students curious asked about his strange gestures in space ,

Swamiji explained , the person in the aerial vehicle were celestial beings , they were enquiring how many days he would still stay on the earth in mortal body. He had replied by waving two fingers thrice indicating two years two month and two days .

Thus tears rolled down the disciples eyes as Swamiji had indicated his departure from worldly affairs . their association was coming to an end .

Then one day he sought to cut a stone specially in the midst of forest to ready his Vrundavan mantle. WHy this particular stone only ? Then Swamiji replied this the stone on which SHri Ramchandra Prabhu had sat while moving towards Kishkindha. Thus it was very sacred stone and he wanted to take jeeva samadhi into this stone.

Then he chose to inspect his seat at a particular spot , saying this was the Place where he had performed the Yagnya to achieve Indra’s abode in his previous birth as Prahlad .

Thus Mantralayam is the place where Prahlad had performed yagnya and Shri Raghavendra swamy has sat here in asampragyat Samadhi  alive inside the Vrundavan made of the stone touched by Shri Ramchandra .What a holy place for the devotees to get their wishes fulfilled .

Its been 340 years since Shri Raghavendra swamiji entered Vrundavan at Mantralayam . He will continue to bless the devotees for another 360 years . LEt us all take the blessings of the great teacher and fulfill our desires in this and other world.

||Shri Gururajo vijayate ||


AyuhKshinam Ayuhvriddhi

When 8th and ninth lord in 12th then one will lose his longevity by the dishonouring the elders. Aspect of benefics on 8th house and its lord increases the longevity.Having good Ayur yogas also increases the strata of longevity .12th sun for libra ascendant also confers longevity.

One loses his longevity by

  • disrespecting elders, fire ,cow,idols
  • eating in iron plates
  • having hair cut on saturdays sundays and tuesdays or amavasya ,chaturdashi etc
  • having haircut in the noon
  • drinking curds in the night before sleep
  • going to places where one is not respected
  • when elders make sasthtanga namaskar [bow ]
  • marrying woman elder in age
  • having sex in the morning
  • having  intercourse for an unusually longer time

Once there was a very learned bramhin by name Srinivasachar in 18th century. He was a great scholar in sanskrit and philososphy . He was very proud of his scholarly aptitude . It was also around same time ,when bhakti movement had gained importance in south India and Das culture was on the rise . Das way of life was initiated by Purandardas [incarnation of Narada] in the south when Vijaynagar empire was at its peak under the able guidance of Vyasateertha [Incarnation of Balhik] a pontiff in the line of Madhvacharya. Das culture mainly emphasised the delivery of Vedic Knowledge in local language [Kannada] through poems and melodious songs for the Lord Vittala .Thus common men and women were suddenly bestowed the nectar of geeta and puranas in the common man’s language then prevalent. Vijaydas [ incarnation of sage BHrigu] was also one such illustrious personality of those times. VijayDas was also maternal uncle to Srinivasachar.

Srinivasachar owing to the pride ,he had cultivated, did not recognize the fact that philososphy could be delivered to common man in simple man’s language. The philosophy which could not be guaged by immense learning in sanskrit ,how could they be delivered in simple dismal languages.

True ! Sanskrit is a complex language ; its grammar is vast ; its difficult to master it ;perhaps takes many years for the same; Then comes the grasp poetry in sanskrit ! still difficult ; upon that philosophy ; its totally incomprehensible ; Almost all the philosophic literature is available in archaic sanskrit in poetry form ; difficult to decode. it takes many years of study and mastery to exhibit command over such philosophic understandings. All such efforts would seem ridiculous , if somebody claims he understands philosophy although he does not understand sanskrit. Amazing still will be the statement if one says he can express all the intricacies of the Vedas in common man’s language! even if we were to accept this  ; How come the common man is going to understand them; Can such claim be accepted ?

SrinivasAchar felt these Das culture guys were fooling people in the name of God for common man and dancing around with bells in their anklets;He seriously doubted their credentials and claims of sainthood.

One day VijayDas came visiting to his place and even visited his house. Srinivasachar out of ego and pride did not respect the Learned VijayDas and did not even welcome him in his house. VijayDas went away smiling .But soon after this insult , Srinivasachar started losing out on health.Slowly his health deteriorated. He contracted Kushtha [skin disease ] and slowly his moments became restricted.

SrinivasAchar  now contemplated he is heading for Apamrutyu [ his longevity has decreased ]. He however could not comprehend the loss of longevity[ Ayuhkshina] . So to gain longevity he prayed Lord Hanuman in the mountains near Panchamukhi on the banks of TungaBhadra river. After 42 days of Vayustuti Purascharan ,he had  a dream , where Lord Hanuman directed him to pray Shri Raghavendra swamy in Mantralaya for further directions. [ Shri Raghavendra has been specially sent from heavens by God to grant the wishes of the humans, hence the direction ].

Srinivas achar spent next few days under austere conditions as penace towards Shri Raghavendra Swamy  at Mantralayam. The following night Shri Raghavendra swamy appeared and explained to him the reason for his loss of longevity .[ Disrespect towards very learned VijayDas] ,so he asked him to seek his pardon and blessings.

Srinivas Achar went to VijayDas and sought pardon and accepted the supremacy of poetry and dance in gaining lords’ Grace . VijayDas directed him to go to his disciple Shri GopalDas [incarnation of Ganapathy] to seek blessings and accept him as Guru  .GopalDas was a very learned man , he kept the entire place clean of pebbles lest his disciple would be hurt [ Srinivasachar was troubled by lack of moment and kushtha ] .

When SrinivasAchar came and bowed to GopalDas , he transfered his 40 years of longevity [ through yoga] to a Roti of Jowar[Bhakri] and asked him to eat it to gain a 40 years. When one loses longevity owing to disrespect no austerities can actually increase it . someone has to donate his longevity to make a person live more. [SO never ever lose longevity we would not find anyone to donate life] Without life and longevity all the riches and fame are useless.

Despite donating 40 years GopalDas lived for 80 years of age and gave to this world  a wonderful science and technique of Vishwopasana . He rechristened Srinivasachar as JagannathDas [ srinivasachar is incarnation of AHLAD brother of Prahlad , and hence had a very special relationship with Shri Raghavendra swamy ,a incarnation of Prahlad]

JagannathDas gave a magnum opus “HARIKATHAMRUTASARA” a treatise on the qualities of God Narayana in the comman man’s language specially to be read by women and others inelligible for Vedas.


Astrology and longevity

There are many types of longevity . A man can live upto 120 years 5 days.People have short , medium and long lives. short life means upto 32 years,medium life is upto 64 years, long life means 96 years ,above 96 years is poornaayus.

  1. vultures ,owl,snakes and parrot live for 1000 years
  2. monkeys,frogs and bears live for 300 years
  3. rakshasas live for 150 years
  4. elephant lives for 120 years
  5. horse for 32 years
  6. donkeys live 25 years
  7. cows 24 years
  8. sheep 16 years
  9. falcon 14 years
  10. Dogs live 12 years
  11. cock 8 years
  12. sparrows 7 years.

Amitayu is limitless,divyaayu is 1000 years,muni ayus is beyond a yuga , yugantayu is upto one yuga. Parsurama existed before Srirama and he taught astras to Bheeshma , Drona,and Karna late till 5000 years ago. Similarly Sage gautama existed in ,treta ,Dwapara as well in kaliyuga. Sage vashistha was Kulguru for Harishchandra and Srirama as well there are many kings in between . So was Sage vishwamitra.

Longevity can change only from one set to another ie. from short to medium ,or medium to long. One loses longevity if he illtreats parents, teachers, and vishnu bahkta, Longevity lost thus cannot be recovered by any means. Sometimes elders can donate their longevity through Yoga.every form of life in universe except Bhagvaan Vishnu has a longevity.


Poornayush,Poornasampathi – Fluctuating fortunes

We are all born with fixed longevity and fixed prosperity . With every success of accurate predictions by Astrologer , the Pruchchaka(client) wonders whether there is any scope for improvement in life , there seems to be definiteness in everything that this astrologer predicts. what am i doing.

a student thinks well i have good time i am going to get the grades , what use is extra study. what use is extra efforts?

shastra clearly reject such thinking.  a new born baby ‘s life is not predictable for atleast 24  years. because death may come to the child due to its own past sins within first four years, next  16 years child may die due to sins of mother and or father. hence child should be taken care of through medication , pious living, and homa and other autereties.

secondly longevity and wealth of the humans are fluctuating day by day with their deeds. a bad deed brings down life and wealth. a good deed increases. for eg. eating in a iron plate decreases life, cutting one’s hair on saturday decreases life span. irregular sexual habits decreases span of life. etc.

daily poojas , devotion to elders and dieties bring about good fortune and increase in wealth and longevity. Assume a man leads a 100 years life.

360 days for a year (savana year  not solar) makes up 36000 days and 36000 nights.Human body has 72000 nadis. As everyday/night  passes each nadi is swichted off .a mere look at man can tell about his age and fortunes by the study of his state of nadi , a knowledge held secret . With an evil karma , many nadis forcibly gets deactivated (devoid prana)as a result of divine will. and men loses his lustre. At the time of death soul resists yama pasa by hiding in each and available nadi. but finds no recluse.finally when prana is empty it has to leave along with yamaduta.

Men has to perform good deeds when there is strength and age on his side. increase his longevity. God brings humans into this world to understand HIM, eyes to look at his image, ears to listen about his Glory, mouth to eat his prasad, speak about his Glorious  qualities feet to visit his temple. hand to do his archana. Astrilogers can only predict they are not the masters of destiny, they are only for guidance , believe in purushartha.

so make hay when sun shines. Appease lord and get his blessings for Poorna ayus and poorna sampathi .

srikrishnarpana mastu

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