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The planet in upasana sthana if it is sun or mercury than one will be adhere to vaishnav sampradaya . The asscociation of twelfth lord or sixth from amatyakaraka or amatyakaraka or jupiter with sun and mercury makes one a vishnu bhakta ,

  1. Vishnu bhakta has taken birth in our family ,he will relieve us from hell saying thus rejoice the pitrus[manes] and clap in ecstacy and grandfather dances .
  2. It is better to live for only five days as vishnu bhakta than living for a 1000 kalpa without devotion to keshava . [ without devotion many births do occur and death after death only unhappiness is encountered , but just a few days of bhakti towards Narayana will guarantee the path to salvation .
  3. A human birth is waste a burden onto earth and enemy to food if it does not worship vishnu , by chanting his name ,meditation .
  4. A birth as a bramhin if not as vaishnav one also should not be abhored but a Vaishnav outcaste is [ vishnu bhakta outcaste] cleanses the three world better .
  5. Yama says do not bring to me those people after death in whose house a vishnu bhakata has taken food , do not bring to me those who have friendship with Vishnu bhakta because these peoples sins are destroyed by the association of vishnu devotee .
  6. All the servants of devotee of Vishnu and all the bramhins who have been fed by Vishnu bhakta get sadgati relieved off their sansarik dukha [ miseries of the mortal world]
  7. All the intelligent beings should seek with with efforts the food from a vishnu bhakta’s house .this will destroy all the sins and give honour in Vishnu loka .
  8. Sinners with an aim to obsolution should go to the house of a vishnu bhakta and beg for the food [ naivedya of Hari] . If not food atleast water asked for will also relieve from terrible sins .
  9. All the sins get obsolved if the food offered to Narayana is partaken .
  10. Those Vaishnavas who chant the mantras [ narayanshtakshar and dwadashakshar mantras] after bathing as per vedas , and after duly completing anganyasa , karnyasa and rushichand devta and yantra namaskar , those mantras obtained form propoer guru , entitle him to be known as one with Vaishnav deeksha and vaishnav shreshtha . A look at the face of such people by those who are vishnu bhaktas [ ordinary] themselves get relieved off sins[ like bramha hatya etc] and go to MOKSHA .
  11. One who forgets the gratitude , one who kills the cow , one who seeks reason among the words of VEDA , one who has committed all the patakas get their sins desolved and become pure after coming into contact with GOPICHANDAN .
  12. One risen from the mud from the land of gopi and gopikas , that gopichandan if it is donated to a bramhin will relieve the sins of seven generations of forefathers [ dead manes] the donation can be as small as a piece of gopichandan of the size of mustard .
  13. Donation of grains or even a drop of water should not be made to those who are not Vishnu bhaktas . Donations should be made only to those bramhins who wear the marks of Shankhu and chakra and only then such donations bring happiness to devatas and pitrus .
  14. Veda VYASA says , “ tadvishnu: paramam padam “ with this veda mantra a bramhin should annoint chakra on his right shoulder and shankha on the left .
  15. Yagnyopavit bramhin should tie his shikha and wear the mudra of shankha nd chakra ,so says shruti [vedas] as ‘ pavitram te vitatam “
  16. Rudra [ shiva says ] those who have devotion to Narayana should always annoint themselves with chakra shankha and gada padma and narayana mudras of ayudhas . These panchayudhas must be annointed with gopichandana .
  17. Gada mudra on the forehead , dhanurbana on the head ,. padma on the chest , shankh chakra on the shoulders should be worn .
  18. Those who have seen GOD should also perform karma without aspiring the fruits as laid down by shastras [ vedas]
  19. Those who know past present and future [ trikalgyani] or those who have capacity to alter the events of three worlds should also perform karma as per the time and destiny as prescribed in vedas .
  20. One who performs the karma as per his capacity [ yogyata] and astikya bhavna coupled with guyana [ knowledge ] that gives infinite fruits .
  21. Humans should aspire to live for 100 years as one performs the karma ordained for him .Thus there will be no karma lepa even of sins . But if there is no performance fo karma [ as ordained ] then sins engulf .
  22. What is ordained in VEDA is dharma anything against VEDA is adharma . So also that which gives happiness to sajjanas and that is agreeable to their hearts is DHARMA .

    Explanation : here acharya says ‘ acharshchaiva sadhunaam …..’

    1. what is given in vedas as vihit karma is dharma
    2. anything that is avihit is adharma
    3. but if greats have done something that is against the seemingly vihit dharma …then it os acharshchiva sadhunaam ….. whatever the greats have done is dharma only , just as pandavas marrying Draupadi . ….
    4. thus when pramanas seem to be doubtful and acharana different in such scenario also resort to acharshchaiva sadhunaaam ….. how our learned elders and forefather have done that itself stands good as dharma …….even if it seemingly is against dharma traditions hlds good . When?
    5. When ‘ sadhunaam atmatah tushtirev cha …’ that is when such acts brings happiness to the learned elders and sajjanas and is agreeable to their hearts , then such acts [ traditional if then it is dharma ] if not traditional and against normal dharma even then if it brings happiness to sajjanas [ leared in shastras] and if it is in agreement witheir hearts then even if its adharma it can be stated as dharma only.
    6. In such scenarios one must act as per the atma sakshi of sajjanas and elders.
  1. Karma is of two types nivrutta and pravrutta karma .the karma which gives Moksh is nivrutta . Its features are explained thus .
  2. Without aspiring for the fruits , with [ parmatma gyan ] knowledge of appeasing Lord if a karma is done then it is called nivrutta karma .such karma will lead to anadi nitya gunapoorna Parmatma HARI .
    1. ‘ NAHAM KARTA HARI KARTA TATPOOJA KARMA CHAKHILAM ‘ Lord is supreme and independent HE alone in me [ different from me] gets all the work done and let this work be as a worship to him . With such conviction if one does his karma without aspiring for the fruits , such a karma is nivrutta karma . This karma takes a bhakta closer to the LORD forever .
    2. Pravrutta karma should rejected or not adhered to .
  3. Vedas have proclaimed VAYU as supreme among devatas in Baliththa SUKTA , That bAliththa sukta words say three avataras of VAYU [ one who takes the bhakta nearer to HARI through sadhana as per his capacity in all his three avataras as well] such VAYU in first avatara of HANUMAN who is complete in knowledge and strength as equal in avataras as moolrupa VAYU ,
    1. that HANUMAN took the words of RAMA nearer to SEETA and also he taught the moolramayana to other students taking them nearer to RAMA and laid the path of MOKSHA among the satvik jeevas .
    2. Second one Bheemasena destroyed entire Kaurava army and established the greatness of KRISHNA , thus teaching the real essence of writings of VYASA .
    3. Madhvacharya , to grace the devotees with the knowledge of HARI has written this grantha to be offered to HARI as worship . Let this work fulfill all the wishes and desires of the devotees .

Baliththa sukta [ a vedic sukta ] extolls MADHVACHARYA as the third incarnation of VAYU and acharya himslef proclaims that he is avatara of VAYU incarnated to establish the supremacy of VISHNU .



Abhramam Bhangarahitam Ajadam Vimalam sada ! Anandteerthamatulam Bhaje tapatrayapaham!!

  • Madhvacharya is the incarnation of LORD HANUMAN .[MukhyaPrana] .
  • What is the purpose of this Avatar?
    Eternally evil and good [tamasic jeevas and satvik jeevas ] are at loggerheads.Tamasic jeevas continue their dwesha sadhana ,birth after births and satvik souls progress in Bhakti sadhana birth after births .
  • Tamasic souls initially in the SATYA yuga,due to yuga prabhava , also tend to do good and acccumulate lot of punya . In the tretayuga these acquire merits to get good births , but as dharma is on three legs , there is scope for some mischief and adharma within limits.So most of the tamasic souls resort to adharma in an inhibited manner . This is not liked by the God .Tamasic souls as long as they are inhibited , they are not entitled to being killed . only uninhibited sinning entitles one to killing . Thus God and [Mukhyaprana ] enact a plan , they send their own man [devotee] Ravana to go berserk with uninhibited crimes . All the tamasic souls [given their nature to sin] allign and group themselves under Ravana .Declare him as their King ,inspired by his uninhibited prowess. Now Lord and Hanuman [This is first Avatar] came down as Vanar and finished entire rakshasa clan gathered under Ravana in one single go.
    Round 2:
    All the Rakshasas gather and decide ,why are they always defeated by Lord Vishnu and killed .Now if only Lord Vishnu does not interfere ,then Its purely Rakshasas and Devatas . Devatas are very emotional people , so if we are all born as their relatives then there will be no stopping for us and we can freely sin. [So think Rakshasas and take birth as brothers uncle and relatives of Devatas] all are born as Kshatriyas. Krishna did not fight , Bheemasena[ second Avatar] and Arjuna killed all the relatives [with the effect of Bhagavadgeeta by Krishna ] without mamatva[me and mine ] .
    This strategy of Rakshasas failed .Krishna and Bheema won again in Dwaparayuga.
    Round 3:
    Rakshasas gathered at the Meru top and discussed , why does Lord favour Devatas and good people ? Because these people pray him through the teachings of Vedas and Puranas .
    What if these are misled from the path of God .[Lord will automatically stop his grace towards these good people as they faulter] .
    So what is the way to faulter good people from righteousness ? Just misinterpret the meaning of vedas and puranas . Just let it be shown that they actually mean nothing , they are all false [mithya] etc.Such misinterpretation is only possible and believable if it comes from the mouth of Sanyasis and Learned Bramhins and other influential people.So all the Rakshasas took birth in Kaliyuga as Bramhins and religious teachers and established many philososphies and misinterpreted vedas puranas and other shastras to suit the ways of sinning. Kaliyug as it were, the tendency of sinning is natural ,as dharma is only on one single leg. Also Gautam rishi had cursed all the Bramhins and learned to lose their learnings in the beginning of the KAliyuga . Aiding all these, many ways of reaching God concept ; gained popularity and people at large got deluded from the actual path of Sanatan dharma and many alternate ways of life emerged. This lead to fall of Yagnya ,dharma, karma and other vedic ways of life.
  • Everywhere a new teacher gave sermons on a new interpretation to Vedas . The world was pushed into Chaos.
    Slowly people lost faith in the dharma and became athiests by the onslaught of CHarvaak and other materialistic philosophies. Slowly absence of God [Nirishwar waada ] also gained strength. When world was reeling under this situation , All the devatas requested Lord Vishnu to re-establish the real meaning of Vedas. Lord has no Avatar in the Kaliyuga ,thus Mukhyaprana came down as Madhvacharya [ Moolaguru Jagadguru third avatar ] to dispel the misinterpreation of Vedas and establish the correct Dharma and ways of reaching GOD.
    This is known as Tattvavada.
    HE showed the lapses and lacuna in all the 21 prevalent interpretations of vedas and established Madhva Sidhdhanta through profound pramanas [proofs] .
  •  And thus even in the third round of VAagyudhdha [war of words] Devatas emerged victorious.
    The satvik found the right path to Moksha.
  • Na Madhava samo Devo ,Na Madhva samo Guru
    !! Acharya Srimadacharya Santu me Janma Janma ni!!
  • There is no God equal to or Greater than Madhav and no teacher like Madhva ! Let Acharya Srimadaanandateertha be my guru in this birth and birth after birth.

Today is Madhva Navami .By the grace of Shri  SarvagnyaAcharya  I have completed 100 posts . Hope readers are benefiting from these writings . Let us all take blessings of the great Guru to achieve Grace of Lord Narayana.

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