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Effect of Mantras -contd ……

IN the previous post we had come to conclusion that mantras do have effects . Then again the perrennial question arises , does that make a owner of mantra a invincible .

  • Can he change things ? and achieve indiscriminately anything and everything he wants ?
  • Does he superced the law of Karma ?
  • If yes why and if no then How these laws of Karma apply to the owner of the mantra ?

Man attains mantra siddhi during the period and sub periods of the planets having relationship with the ninth lord or jupiter . Mantras do not show effect during six and eight lord dasha bhukti . Mantra also does not work while saturn or mandi is in lagna

Mantras do not work when used on more powerful people , mantras do not work on a person having excessive punya [eve n if he is evil] Mantras do not work on people under vrata niyama etc . Mantras do not work in the state of impurity .Mantras do not work when used against wishes of elders. Mantras do not affect person in yogakaraka dasha . Mantra siddhi can never be achieved by persons who are , pardararat ,paranna bhakshi ,paradhanlolu !

Once in Vanavasa When Bheemasen urged Yudhisthir to wage a war on Kauravas , Yudhisthir replied ” Bheem you are foremost among bhagavatas , you will never wrestle with Bheeshma and Drona etc , at the same time even if you know you don’t use Astras , So Bheeshma and Drona etc can be won only by astras Arjun is yet to acquire astras to vanquish these , After he acquires them we shall wage the war ” . But having said that Yudhisthir was in deep thoughts abouts prospect of war and Arjun’s capability . Bythen Vedavyasa appeared and calmed Yudhisthir by saying “dont’ worry I shall give you the mantra , You in turn teach it to Arjun , this will enable him to win over Bheeshma and others With this mantra Arjun will never be defeated .” Yudhisthir taught the mantra to Arjun . Arjun then embraced his brothers and went to INdrakeel parvat to worship Shiva antaryami Vishnu .

After intense tapasya , one day mukasur a rakhshasa took the form of a wild boar and came to kill Arjun , Arjun  released many arrows simultaneously , At the same Rudra [Shiva] along with his wife took a form of hunter [Kiraat] and also chased and killed the boar , mukasur died but both arrows from Shiva and Arjun struck it simultaneously . Thus Kiraat spoke , since you have attacked my prey , you must fight with me to claim it . Arjun exclaimed you shall never be successful , come on for a fight .

Arjun used many astras , Rudra nullified it , Arjun finally hit Rudra with the gandiva itself , Rudra swallowed it . Then they wrestled each other , Arjun used his fist with the Mantra of Vedvyasa but Rudra used another and flung him in the air and Arjun fell unconscious on the Ground .

Arjun was defeated , How ?

  • Arjun had mantra siddhi
  • Krishna had given boon to Indra [during the episode of Parijata ] , that till HE is on the earth Arjun will never be defeated .
  • Vedavyasa had given a mantra that would give him Ever winning power .

Why did Arjuna Lose here ? The answer given By Acharya Madhwa is thus :

  1. Shiva is greater than Indra in valour and Qualities
  2. Shiva had asked a boon from Krishna that if ever he gives  boon of Invincibilty to any of his subordinates , they should still be defeated by Shiva . Krishna had granted it
  3. Vedvyasa had given Arjun the Vaishnav mantra , but it was not a ” KEVAL VAISHNAV ” mantra .
  4. There is difference between a mantra and keval Vaishnav mantra . A keval Vaishnav mantra posses the quality of having all the rishi chandas and Devata as Vishnu . But when the rishi changes then it becomes a just Vaishnav mantra .
  5. Rudra had used Keval mantra .
  6. Arjun had no knowledge of  KEVAL mantras uptill then .

Then Arjun getting up from slumber , made a sand linga and prayed with all the mantras he knew to the Rudra antargata Vishnu in Linga . But as he was offering the flowers to the Linga , it went onto the jata of Kiraata [ Shiva] . Arjun realised , his aradhya devata [nija guru] was Rudra and standing before him as kiraata . He made a sashtanga namaskara [bowed] to Rudra and prayed him with devotion .

Rudra happy with Arjun , gave him Pashupata astra – a Vaishnav Mantra with Rudra as rishi . Thus suddenly All the devatas appeared and gave him their respective astras . Thus INdra happy with his son’s performance took him to Swarga and taught him many more astras . Arjun spent next five years of Vanavaas in swarga vana .

The same Arjun when he forgot mantras as Srikrishna left the earth , could not even defeat ordinary theifs [ aabhirs] and save Krishna’s Wives . Thus Mantras dont make a person always invincible . They also are governed by the laws of Karma and are subservient and under the control of NARAYANA .

  • When Durvasa used mantra against Ambareesh it boomeranged to give extreme bruises and heat to Durvasa muni himself .
  • Vishvamitra expressed his inabilty to use mantras against Khar Dushana and asked Rama to kill him .
  • All the rishis giving shapa to RAVAN did not affect him , even Rambha’s curse also did not affect him .
  • Nahusha became immune to mantras of the rishis around him,
  • Chandra could not be subdued by mantras of Brahaspati himself.
  • Dyut mantra of Yudhisthir did not help him on a fateful day .
  • Abhimanyu’s forward mantra could not help him come out of VAishnav PadmaVyuha mantra of Dronacharya .
  • Bheema and others could not penetrate Shakatabj Vyuha mantra of Drona ,
  • But at the same shakatabja mantra could not ensure safety of Jayadrath .
  • Drona’s yantra to Duryodhan on the arms still could not save Duryodhan’s palms being slit by Arjun’s arrows.

SO one must not undertake abuse of people around them with mantras ,Mantras have to be used for only for good and self protection only like

  • Vashishtha  resisted entire army of Gadhi [ Vishwamitra] with the help of Bramhaneya mantra
  • Vishwamitra created artificial swarga [ Trishanku swarga]
  • Vishwamitra created vegetations
  • Vishwamitra taught Bala and ATIBALA to Ram and Lakshaman [ this mantra gives one power to live without food and water for ages ] .
  • Arundhati gives Seeta a mantra that could prevent her only dress in vanavasa from tearing and soiling .
  • Parashara uses mantra to make Satyavati Yojanagandha
  • Durvas gives Devavashikarana mantra to Kunti .
  • Ajun uses a wick of the candle as agneya astra with agni mantra
  • Arjun creates water fall to quench thirst of his horses .
  • Vichitravirya teaches Arjun Adrushyatva Mantra [ becoming invisible]
  • Yudhishir uses his swatmataijas mantra to kill Shalya .
  • Ashvaththama uses Bramhastra to kill Uttara’s womb .[ Abhimanyu’s son] .
  • Krishna uses Sudarshana to Protect Uttara’s womb

Lord says even bramhastra will not kill Pandava’s progeny because HE has resolved so that their progeny rule for 1000 years .


Mantras and Remedies

Most people feel mantras are magical cantation that will yield all the wishes. Is it really so. What are mantras ? how they act ? who gives results on behalf of mantra? what discretion exists in getting results?

Mantra is a secret arrangement of syllables ,governed by mantra purusha ,adhidevata,chandas and rishi.Nyasa sets the adhidevata into the body to create the kavach for the body. [this entails the asana purification ,driving away negative forces external,pranayama to cleanse and strengthen mind , digbandhana to restrict disturbing forces].This is called being mantrapoot.

The disturbing forces ,negative forces ,impurity of seat and mind ,these exist everywhere naturally by the order of Shiva. that means ,disturbance ,negativity ,impurity are bound to occur if one does not take care of it.Adhidevta cannot be set by mere physical exercise of nyasa. It can be set only with purity[gradually acquired by practice ] . Adhidevata sets pretext to Mantramoorty to occupy the heart of the sadhak. This mantramoorthy is described by the dhyana and is under the control of rishi of the mantra . Rishi’s blessings occur with chandas moorthy only when Mantra upadeshta [guru] is fully impressed with the disciple.

When the above conditions are fully followed ,then mantra activates for a sadhak. Even at this stage it is not potent to give results.Potency comes only when one recites mantra a Z= [number of aksharas X 1 lakh] times the mantra. This has to be followed by Z/10 tarpana [ to both rishi as well as devata] and then followed by homa of Z/100 ahutis followed by Z/1000 Bramhana bhojana and dana.

All this has to be performed in one go.without anger ,greed and desire for the undesirable and yogic food and happiness and content in mind. Any lapse would nullify the effect. Thus at the end Mantrapurush accompanys the Sadhak , It is this Mantra purusha who fufills the wishes and not the mantra. Mantra Purusha immediately leaves in case of lapse of regulatory life style by sadhak or on account of sins. Somya mantras have cool Purusha , Ugra Mantras have agitated Purusha. These harm[punish] the Sadhak if a lapse occurs .

In today’s times , the points are impossible to follow for a normal person ,thus mantras always brings ill luck and troubled times.Those who do not indulge in these lead normal life. The former invites trouble ,the latter is free.

Mantra can be given by those who have completed Z times of chanting in single go . others are not eligible to give mantras.Mantra purusha definitely punishes those who transgress the rules. Mantra is a double edged sword that can end in HARAKIRI.

At the same time anything in this three worlds can be obtained by Mantras.

5th House – MantraSiddhi

  • Fifth house indicates Mantras earned by the Native.
  • Fifth lord in swanavamsha unaspected by malefics in mriduamsha gives mantra siddhi
  • Jupiter in own navamsha in gopuramsha gives mantra siddhi
  • Two malefics in trikona from Karakamsha gives Mantra siddhi
  • If these combinations are aspected by benefics ,mantras will be used for benefit of mankind
  • if aspected by malefic ,they will be used to destroy or terrorise people.
  • Mars when associated with mantra conferring planet gives killing power.[maran vidya praveen]
  • Mercury thus associated gives ability to carry out black magic.
  • Rahu gives expertise in energising chemicals through mantras.
  • Ketu employs kxhudra articles in rituals.

Mantra means one that is secret.

  • Mantra also means secret advise.
  • Mantra is also a consultation.
  • Mantra is one that nourishes the mind.
  • Mantra is one which cleanses the mind.
  • Mantra gives the desired .
  • Mantra which is recited without knowing the chandas ,rishi,devata and nyasa , reduces longevity.
  • Mantra recited without gurupadesha ,brings hell to the native after losing all wealth.
  • Mantra siddhi is obtained when Guru gives upadesha with complete satisfaction to a disciple on a eclipse day through abhisheka of mangal dravyas by the river side or agni or in a secret place .
  • Mantra without proper nyasa restrains itself .
  • Mantra when dissipated into body is self destructive.
  • Mantra which are locked ,if recited even for a crore times does not give results.
  • Mantra which have been themselves cursed , does not give results to the native even if it  is recited million times.
  • Mantra which are cursed have to be processed with shapvimochan kriya to obtain results .
  • Shapvimochan kriya is another mantra that had to precede it before activating.
  • without its knowledge no mantra gives result.
  • Mantra recited without giving rishi tarpana ,reduces wealth of the native .
  • Mantra reciting without knowing dhyana shloka of the devata brings insanity.
  • Mantra recited with anger destroys the near and dear of the natives.
  • Mantras recited with impurities of body and mind[dehashuddhi] brings misfortunes like theft to the native.
  • Mantras recited sitting on a plain ground ,near ocean etc brings downfall of the self.
  • Mantras recited without performing homa to the deity brings diseases.
  • Most popular mantras are locked.
  • All veda mantras are [tirroddhan]covered ,by heavy sheath which blocks its radiance. it has to be superlit[uddipan] to obtain results.
  • These have been carried out by Devatas ,since in Kaliyuga people easily given to anger and greed [by nature],thus use of mantras have been defferred in kaliyuga.[They do not give results].
  • Yet some secret mantras have been extraordinarily lit by ShriKrishna to give results in Kaliyuga.
  • Only these mantras give results.

Continuous chanting increases Taposiddhi.

After Pandavas lost Dyut , Duryodhan and brothers ,teases them a lot, asks his servants to snatch their clothes. Attempts to disrobe Draupadi . He asks her to leave Panadava and live with him in his house, orders her to be forcefully taken to his house. Bheemasena readies to attack them , Dhrutarashtra sees all kinds of Apshakun in Homashala , asks  Vidura , what are the results of this Apshakun . Vidura says your sons are going to die very soon by the siddhi of Draupadi. He asks for remedy , Vidura says give her boons.Drutarashtra asks her to take boons, Draupadi asks for release of her husbands from slavery.

Dyut was played a second time for Vanavas.

All Pandavas look downwards during the entire proceedings. WHY?

Not because they were ashamed ,but because their anger in eyes would have burnt the Kauravas . The anger in the eyes of tapasvi is always mixed with his Taposiddhi . This can kill  the perpetrator of Sin towards these . EXCEPT BHEEMA, all others did not have capacity to seperate anger from siddhi. Thus all kept their gage downwards. Dhoumyacharya [Purohit of Kuru vansha] recited Pretasukta denoting death to KAURAVAS.


Note: Duryodhana had siddhi of 3 thousand Kshudra mantras which he never used [lest their power would reduce] ,preserved them to use at a time on Bheemasena to kill HIM. Thus Krishna specially advised other Four Pandavas to stay away from him [None of them could have killed him]. Bheemasena had siddhi of 9 crore mantras. On the last day Duryodhana hid inside the river in the middle in the water by jalasthamaban siddhi. There he was performing a very rare secret sadhana , which  if completed would have brought back to life all the soldiers dead in the war again. He could have started Mahabharath all over again.

Thus his plans were foiled by Krishna ,who instigated him to stop his sadhana and come up to fight. Sadhana stopped in middle brings definite disaster.Yudhisthira offered him a choice to choose between 5 of them to fight and win back kingdom [ A folly for which he was taken severely to task by Krishna] Krishna induces Duryodhnans’ mind to choose Bheema only through his maya.Bheemasena killed Suyodhan and thrust his head into the ground under his heels. Balarama objected to such killing ,devatas welcomed Suyodhana to Swarga for dying in battlefield and washing feet of Durvasa [the only punya performed]. Bheema the greatest ended the evil with his Might single handedly reciting Vrushabha sukta and offering it as a service to Sri Krishna.


Astrology and Mantra Shastra -1

There are nine crores mantras in the world which could give various amazing results to the one who has siddhi. Hanuman has siddhi of all the 9crores mantras.Hanuman never uses any mantras not even to save himself from astras. He is shuddha Bhagavat .He never does any sakaam karma [only nishkaam karma]. Ordinary people resort to Mantras to obtain desired fruits.There are three crores satvik mantras,3 crores rajas mantras and 3 crores tamas mantras.

Different tantras are

  • Panchratra,brahmayamal,rudrayamal,shambhav,jamal,kalottar,
  • kakul,rajtantra,uddisha,batul,siddhayogeshwari,maul,siddha,
  • shabar,swacchanda,malini,bhutdamar,apara etc.different sadhanas are,
  • shatkarma,koutuk,indrajaal,chetika,anjan,paduka,gutika etc vidyas.

Shatkarma are

  1. shanti [rati devi] – ritual to calm/appease diseases,misfortunes etc
  2. vashikarana [vani] – ritual to attract people
  3. sthambana [rama] – ritual to immobilize
  4. vidweshan [jyeshta] -ritual to create hate
  5. ucchatan [Durga] – ritual to evacuate
  6. maran [Bhadrakali] – ritual to give death blow.

following tithis give success to shatkarmas.

  • 2,3,5,7 tithis wed,thu,fri and monday are best for shanti
  • 10,11,15,9,1st tithi , sun,friday for akarshan
  • saturday/sunday+poornima best for vidweshan
  • saturday+6,14,8th for ucchatan[evening]
  • krishna 14,8,15 +sat.tue sunday for marana
  • wed,monday+5,10,poornima for sthamban
  1. when benefics are rising ,shanti and pushti karma are successful
  2. malefics are rising ,sthamban,vidweshan etc .
  3. In mrutyu yoga marana will be successful.
  4. vishti vyatipata vidweshan ,uchchatan will be successful.

there are 51 syllables in sanskrit.This forms matrukadevi. mantras are formed from these . Mantras from these syllables cause fear in three worlds.

  1. one syllable[ekakshar] mantra is known as kartari
  2. suchi
  3. mudgar
  4. musal
  5. krur
  6. shrankhal
  7. vrukach
  8. shool
  9. vajra
  10. shakti
  11. parashu
  12. chakra
  13. kulish
  14. narach
  15. bhushundi
  16. Shodashakshari mantra  is known as padma

stamban is easily achieved through vajra ,maran by bhushundi,shanti pushti by padma,vidweshan by parashu etc.

Men when recite mantras with desire ,they get fulfilled.


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