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Mishra GUNI – The proverbial NS

When lagna is of mercury rashi in a majority of divisional charts , aspected/occupied  both malefics and benefics .
When saturn and mercury and venus are more powerful than other planets .
When bha amsa of mercury is of mitra /swaochcha and others are in ari neecha .
when shastiamsa of atmakaraka is not of shubh graha .

The person born will be of Mixed nature . Such people will be given to both good and bad deeds and always in a confused state of mind ,Their thoughts will be against that of social norms . 99% of these people are always mediocre and pessimists .
My interaction with such people always always ends up bitterly . The only thing I discern is  a company of mediocre or the pessimists . Those who have no thought process or any occupation for welfare or even a good words for members beyond the family limits . Life revolves and ends with their own family . Such people when in a phase of life where everything goes smoothly sets upon themselves a rigid cover of ignorance and  every member of their family walks into the same realm and boundaries .

I and few of the people who are “APNE JAISE TYPES ” call such set of people as NS.
The proverbial NS – NITYA-SAMSAARI , [ GOD forbid an interaction with such people ] .

Quiet a long ago when concept of Vairagya had not dawned , I was a kind of SAPNO KA Saudagar who would like to move even a stone with his flute of optimism .
Well Success follows in this aspect only untill you meet a classic NS .

A NS has n thought of his own . He is kismat ka mara [ good or bad] never makes an attempt to even think what’s wrong with him . He cries at every failure and is extremely fearful when faced with success and is cautious and sad that someone will rob his success . But at the same time so much without forethought that he would ignore the obvious threat .

There is a kind of sheath of ignorance covering eyes yet they say the world is ignorant .
These are not fighters , they never like wars and always shy away from confrontation . Such people seek consensus in putting forward their views and would lead only when they have assured a majority of their similar thinking persons are  accompanying them .

These people are popularly known as UDASEEN .
You cannot motivate them they run away at the slightest doubt of defeat . They crumble under slightest pressure . They  heap praises on the opposition for having crumbled them and encourage their own members to give up the fight or shun the idea of confrontation .

In a bad days , these people are greatest discouragement .
A crowd full of such people always makes for a great spectatorship .
When in bad days these people rejoice in saying

  1. Pata nahi mere hi saat aise qyun hota hai
  2. Bhagavan hamesha achche ke saath hi bura karta hai
  3. Bure log to maje karrahe hain unko to koi saja nahi hoti ,sani vani sirf humko hi lage rehte hai
  4. upar wale ko yeh sab karte bahut maja ata hai
  5. achche achchon ke bara baj  gaye hum log toh aise hi ud jayenge
  6. India ka kuch nahi hone wala
  7. Tum aise hi dev dev karte raho saamne wala baji mar jayega
  8. Dhanda bahut mand achal raha hai [ and if you say :kya baat kar rahe ho bhai , teji hai; he would say ” a are jane do yaar kahe ki teji , dhandhe me  pehli wali baat kahan  ]
  9. if you persist, nahi seth bahut achche din chal rahe hai , sabhi to kama rahe hai , tumne bhi to tarraki ki hai , NS would say  ” kya ise kabar me saath leke jayenge , sab chod ke hi jana hai ]
  10. Then at the same time if someone comes by asking for some relief .”  dekho bhai dosti ek taraf business ek taraf

before you could even try to figure out is he spiritual when he talks about kabar or is he materialistic when he talks about profits .That’s typical NS .

You talk about spirituality they talk about importance of money and you show them the importance of money they would pick up a spiritual line [ all these  only for  namesake internally he is neither ]

Such people always get mixed results  , when extreme happy moment hits their life simultaneously they get a equally a bad news . They are unable to decide whethere they should rejoice or cry .

If a success comes by perhaps they will be  in a jail and their fans will be celebrating their success .

Onec I was narrating [ to a NS ] a story of ” vyadh who was not ready to give his punya of EKADASHI to a rakshas in lieu of his life  , Rakshas insisted to give half the punya, he refused , he insisted on 1/4th , vyadh refused and accepted to be killed , Rakshas went on asking for less and less and vyadh kept on refusing , finally Rakshas asked for a punya accumulated in a second [of time] on ekadashi by vyadh to be given to Rakshas . Vyadh accepted and Rakshas was relieved off the curse and became a Gandharva . blessed the VYADH .

I narrated this story and told can you get the mora how important and precious is Ekadashi day in accumulating the punya . The NS said ” main point toh aap bhul gaye [ You have forgotten the main and important lesson ]
I asked him what ;

” Vyadh ki bargaining capacity solid thi , pehle maan jata toh phukat me adha punya jata , jaan bhi bach gayi aut punya bhi  ” [ VYADH had excellent bargaining capacity had he agreed earlier he would have lost half the punya , look he saved his life and also punya ]

I have  a feeling the world has a majority of such people otherwise the kind of lyrics that are becoming popular cannot be digested by any sane wise person . Most of them challenge GOD’s omnipotence and also attribute defects of anger , lust , sorrow and cruelty to GOD . Earlier people used to object and decry such thoughts and lyrics and sentences , but people use them liberally now .

  1. isko banate waqt khudha ki najare bhi lalchayi hongi
  2. Aaj uparwala bhi mujhe nahi rok sakta [ main jeetu yeh usko pasand nahi]
  3. Ae uparwale ,do ashq jaroor tune bhi bahaye honge
  4. duniya ke dene wale …. preet meri cheenke bata tujhe kya mila
  5. Rab ko kahin gussa to nahi ayega , kyunki mere liye tum rab se jyada ho
  6. Khush to bahut hoge tum
  7. Yeh UPAR bhaith kar tum kya karte rehte ho yaar
  8. Agar tumko kisi ko chheenna ho to [oh god]mujhe lelo magar ise jeene do
  9. sab achche logon ko upar bula leta hain
  10. uparwala pariksha le raha hai
  11. jitni pooja karoge utna dukh bahdta hai
  12. we can go on and on and on
  13. All these even if it seems innocent is actually a hate towards GOD

It shows reluctance to accept GOD as good supporting and one fulfilling all the wishes .
We become what we think or meditate about if we constantly meditate GOD as cruel sadist torturing , inflicting pain , we only get pain sorrow in our life .
To get happiness first thing is shun NS mentality . and start thinking positively . Optimism is the first step to MOKSHA , For optimism to build up , we need immense faith in Lord , faith in lord comes by shastras which keeps on bombarding that GOD is merciful , fulfilling all the wishes and one who gives rlief frompain and sorrow , this belief becomes stronger when we read BHAGAVAT . MAHABHARAT etc ,. and slowly when our belief becomes steadfast , we become liberated .
Else we remain nitya samsaari . NS one who keeps on rotating in samsara .

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