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SHREE SEETAARAM STOTRA – for happy married life !

श्रीगुरुभ्यो नमः

नमो नमो रामा देवो ।त्तमांजनेय प्रेमा । क्षमापश्रितजनसमूह कल्प । द्रुमापराध क्षमापनम कुरू ॥ अजात नररूप रघुजाम् । जजाप्त कुलदीप ॥ अजेश भुजगाद्विजेंद्र मुखसुर ।व्रजाधिपति हरे गजेंद्रवरद ॥ अयोध्यापूरि निलया नित्याऽ-।वियोगिनि प्रिया ॥ दयाप अस्मदभयापहर  रुषि । सुयाग रक्षक त्रयिमयात्मा ॥ सनातन सुमित्रा दशश्यम् – । दनाख्य नृप पुत्रा ॥ अनादिमंगल सुनाम चरिता ॥ घनाशनभिनव जनार्दनविठ्ठल ॥

Those who long for happy married life …. those who have been separated and want to reunite .. those looking for loving husband …those looking for long lasting marriage .. those looking for infinite qualities in wife /. husband ….. those looking for a perfect spouse ….perfect relationship between spouse …. harmony in conjugal life ….. those aspiring for made in heaven jodi …..those struggling with dissatisfaction in mutual relationship …. those trying to mitigate misunderstandings amongst beloved couples ….. those who do not have access to estranged  spouse and yet aspire for a new beginning …. those who are missing something in marital aspects ,,,,,those who have committed grave sins against spouse and want to atone for it ….those who cannot come to terms with each other due to ego …… those who just want things magically to set up for themselves .

All those can recite this stotra daily with shuchi ….. and most importantly anusandha should be

seeta raama nityavayogini priya ……

SEETA RAAMA are never separated … RAMAYANA is for daitya mohana …. SEETADEVI always resides in the heart of RAAMA as Srivatsa mole .. she is never separated from her husband ….. neither was actual seeta at RAVANA’s ashoka vatika … it was seetakruti led by INDRA .. RAAMA never missed SEETA ..  RAAMA looking for Seeta in RAMAYANA is Lokvidamban ……

LORD RAAMA gives instant results … he gives all the desired to his devotees and his name is RAAMA …. one who attracts everyones and grants all his wishes to his fullest satisfaction and then seats permanently in their heart ,….

LORD RAAMA , as He is in our hearts similarly  HE is also present in others heart … RAAMA in our heart is no different than RAAMA in our spouse’s heart ,,,,  so if RAAMA in our heart is pleased with us  , so also the RAAMA in our spouse’s heart is pleased ,… thus when RAAMA in our heart is pleased with someone standing before us … we have a benign charm on them …. we think positively about the person and so also the other person responds favourably [ one need not ask a mortal spouse for our happiness when RAAMA does everything for us ] …. As RAAMA is especially a MODAMOORTY , he causes immense pleasure ….  RAAMA means one who gives bliss  happiness and creative sporting joy …  when he decides to shower his grace .. one finds heaven in his house …..

So oh HANUMADANTARGAT SEETA  RAAMA  be pleased with me !

With this anusandhana if one reads this stotra ,will get all his marital issues solved ….


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