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Qualities of an astrologer

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Astrologer (daivagnya) is one who can see your destiny. As in any profession, there exists mediocre ,good and expert astrologers.

Most common anguish is roadside astrologer, and a common discussion erupts , if he can dictate our fortunes, then why is he himself sitting by the roadside?

Astrology is not soothsaying.so soothsayers should be avoided. Yet there are some who on account of mystic experiences ,try to forecast.People start saying ,oh his intuition is perfect. whatever he says does happen. But all this is superstition. People who do not base their predictions on correct knowledge and analysis, should not be consulted.

Many astrologers vouch on their intution, varahamihira clearly warns people to stay away from such people.why?

some fore cast with the help of mystical powers , even these people should not be resorted to. why?no use consulting these and then blaming efficacy of astrology.

Mystical powers ,intution are not static and permanent attributes . They are susceptible to circumstances. They somtimes are accurate sometimes off the track , due to astrologers’ own problems and karma. example. Balarama was a great warrior , intelligent person ,who could drag whole hastinapur single handedly. being King of mathura, was known to have extrasensory powers ,so that none could fool him(even in his inebriated condition)Lord himself was his brother. yet when Arjuna disguises himself as a sadhu, enters his city , balarama himself entrusts Subhadra as a caretaker to this \sadhu . who eventually elopes with Subhadra.

here Balarama the most powerful has faced delusion , his intution that Sadhu was for real failed. for many days he took care of this sadhu(ARJUNA). so intution is not a reliable factor it fails randomly and severally.

shastra is always reliable. Then whom should we consult. According to Parashara rishi :

astrologer should be a pious man with clean habits ,a good looking with well proportioned limbs,smiling and rich in appearance,pleasing manners, excellent grasp on language,never falling short of words , expert in mathematics ,geology,astrophysics knowing clearly the 10 types of movements of planets ,well versed in the philososphy,mantra shastra,rituals ,puranic lore, he should have excellent grip of the existing socio-political geographical and economic conditions of the place and time he is delivering the predictions. Above all this he should be able to create the confidence in the people that ‘\yes here my problem would be solved\’ . Such a persons’ words never fail .


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