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Numerology ?

People are mad about numerology, There are many numerologist who vow to give you accurate predictions on just your date of birth.What is a date of birth ? why does it affect my life? Does this have any scriptural backing?

lets say somebody’s born on 10 august in a year 1956 .

what is number 10 , is it 10th day on a given month. but what astrological phenomenon does it represent? It is just a number for reference ,a reference from Jan 1st which also does not have any astro significance. Surely sun might not have crossed exact 10degrees in a given month on 10 day. ie 10 august does not necessarily means 10degrees leo for sun. so how can it be governed by sun.

after 12 midnight you are governed by another number, but I was taught days are governed by sunrise and sunset. how can my characteristics change by midnight. There is astro phenomena at midnight except for activities of extraterrestrial according to horror films.

By what means is august 8th month. Capricorn is by no means 1st month by any scriptures or astrological study. Leo is governed by sun, but 8 is governed by saturn (numerology). then 1956 what is the reference for this number to govern my destiny, from where did this number spring up. AD1 itself is subject of dispute.

Where is the sanction of these theories by eminent rishis or backing of astrology(finally numerology relies on planets to accord predictions).

This numerology is guffaw of so called people of intution based soothsaying .#

But yes people born on same day share some common qualities and events because Atmakaraka remains same for all of them , sometimes these may share a moon sign also , hence most of the events may match among these same day borns irrespective of place and time of birth. But these acnnot be predicted through some accorded numbers of convenience that we call as date of birth.


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