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Astrology and festivals

Why do we celebrate festivals. What is the importance of these? Is there any benefit in celebrating the festivals ,or is it just wastage of money and time.?

Man lives for a moment of happiness.Pursuit of pleasure and avoidance of pain is the goal of every man. So it is not surprising that people celebrate every occasion to derive pleasure from them.But in Indian tradition people act only if there is both eha and para sukha. Eha sukha is worldly pleasure of wealth, relations, health,prosperity. Para Sukha is one that will be enjoyed in heavens after death. A Karma should fetch us both eha as well as para sukha. A karma that gives eha sukha and hell in para , is rejected . But sometimes great people embrace eha dukha to attain parama sukha.

festivals are what in astrology we call as  Parva kala. It is in parva kala that planets do not show any malefic effect. A karma done in this period has multiplying effect. It ensures a lengthy para sukha. Swarga is assured for those who celebrate festival. Festivals are celebrated with pooja to ista devata . followed by gifts to the members of family , Bramhins, . Giving sumptuous meals to the relatives and friends invited. performing homa , feeding bramhins, giving alms to the needy. All this are done to please Hari in all the people we invite and offer. Giving happiness to others ensures swarga more than any karma.Our karma are rewarded 10000 times on a parva dina ,than if it is performed on an ordinary day. Celebrate and be Happy

Sarve jana sukhino bhavantu


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