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Effect of retrograde planet in Gochara

Once there lived a rich man .He had no children. Even after many years of marriage ,his wife was unable to conceive.Once  he went to a saint who was able to talk to God everyday in the night. He asked kindly see whether I have a yoga of the child in my destiny. Saint said I would ask tonight my God and let you know. In the night as usual the saint asked God ,whether this rich man has a yoga of child ,God replied “No” . next day saint said ,I am sorry you do not have a child in this birth.

Dejected ,Rich man spent next years in bewilderment. Once Sri Vadiraaj Swamy of Sondhe came to that city, Rich man went to pay his respect to the swamiji. Swamiji blessed him that he would soon father a child. And by the grace of the God in a  yaer the rich man got a son. Swamiji came by next year and rich man and saint came to Swamiji and narrated how he had personally asked God and got the reply that he has no yoga for child. Then How come God has blessed him a child. Swamiji said the saint had merely enquired to the Go d and God had replied the fact. But he had requested God to grant him a child. So God obliged.

But how come it is possible to have a child in the absence of destiny. The learned

swamiji said it is always possible to borrow our destiny from our sanchita karma , we can prepone what we are about to get in future lives in this birth by the grace of the God. This is called as “Praachinachirna Punya”.Fifth house in astrology denotes this.

In a dasha of a planet , if the planet is associated with 9th lord or jupiter in a yoga, such fortunes can be expected. Fructification of such results happen when jupiter or yogakaraka planet has just resumed the direct motion after freeing from retrogression.


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