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Astrology and longevity

There are many types of longevity . A man can live upto 120 years 5 days.People have short , medium and long lives. short life means upto 32 years,medium life is upto 64 years, long life means 96 years ,above 96 years is poornaayus.

  1. vultures ,owl,snakes and parrot live for 1000 years
  2. monkeys,frogs and bears live for 300 years
  3. rakshasas live for 150 years
  4. elephant lives for 120 years
  5. horse for 32 years
  6. donkeys live 25 years
  7. cows 24 years
  8. sheep 16 years
  9. falcon 14 years
  10. Dogs live 12 years
  11. cock 8 years
  12. sparrows 7 years.

Amitayu is limitless,divyaayu is 1000 years,muni ayus is beyond a yuga , yugantayu is upto one yuga. Parsurama existed before Srirama and he taught astras to Bheeshma , Drona,and Karna late till 5000 years ago. Similarly Sage gautama existed in ,treta ,Dwapara as well in kaliyuga. Sage vashistha was Kulguru for Harishchandra and Srirama as well there are many kings in between . So was Sage vishwamitra.

Longevity can change only from one set to another ie. from short to medium ,or medium to long. One loses longevity if he illtreats parents, teachers, and vishnu bahkta, Longevity lost thus cannot be recovered by any means. Sometimes elders can donate their longevity through Yoga.every form of life in universe except Bhagvaan Vishnu has a longevity.


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