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Vishnu Durga Pooja !

Sri Hayagreevaya Namaha
1. Upasana Moorty
• Ambika
• Mahalakshmi
• Saraswathi
[Choose one] or all three
2. Durga Kavach
3. Argala Stotra
4. Keelaka 
5. Navaarna Vidhi – Matrika Nyasa Dhyaan Japa [108]
6. Ratri Sukta
7. Charitra Traya Nyasa -Kara Nyasa Anganyasa Dhyaan
8. Prathama Charitra 
9. Madhyam Charitra 
10. Uttama Charitra [Uttama Pakhsha Is Saraswati Pooja]
11. Devisukta [Rigved]
12. Rahasya Traya
• Pradhanik
• Prakruti
• Moorti Rahasya
13. Aparadh Kshamapana.

The three  Rupas of Upasana of DURGA are
1. Chandi- this is Vishnu Maya Rupa, it can also be taken as Umahyamavati which gave Mokshopadesha to Indra in Kenopanishat– Vajseney Sanhita if you are following then this upasana becomes that of Rudra Sahodari, if Aitereya Upasana is to be done than this is Bhuvaneshwari and lord of night. rupa – ten heads
2. Mahalakshmi [ Ambhrani ] colour is RED 18 arms 18 weapons- Mahishasur Mardini Rupa
3. Saraswati — param satvik, 8 arms.This upasana is for brahmanas it is of fair colour very bright Shumbh Nishumbh sanhaara.
Devi can also be done upasana in following rupas:– Vidhwansini, Raktadantika Shatakshi, Shaakambari, Durga Bheema Bhramari.  Another form of upasana is of Durga Upavasa on Ashtami and reciting Durga Gayatri, Durga Utsav, Navaratri, Durga Ashtottar, Durga Sahasra Naam & Durga Katha Shravana.
Durga-upasana is the one upasanas, which puts an end to agyana and vipareeta gyana, those who do not do Durga Upasana it can be safely assumed [without a doubt] that they have vipareeta gyana. Durga sadhana is the ultimate point in moxa sadhana. Any work undertaken without praying to Durga will result in some kind of asamaadhaan.  Even Arjun and Yudhisthir worshipped Durga before  starting of  Mahabharata  war.
Before Ravan Samhaara Rama, before Tripura Samhaara Shiva and to get over Durvasa Shaapa even Indra worshipped Durga. This is very important to note.


1. Achamana
2. Pranayama
3. Sankalpa For All 13 Steps given
4. Ganapati Prarthana
5. Deepa, Stahpana, Panchopachaara, Pooja Prarathana
6. Saraswati Pooja – Keep Sarvamoola Grantha and recite Mantra “Om Namah Pisachinyi,” and Namo Devai Mantra, Avahayami, and do Panchopachaar Pooja to Sarvamoola Granthas
7. Shapodhdhara Mantra Japa
8. Utkeelan Mantra Japa
9. Choosing right tithi for parayana:-
• Ashtami
• Navami
• Chaturdashi
• Navartari is also good
One must do Durga Patha when one has bad dream, shanti karma, graha peedha, upadrava, civil war, agni karya balidaan pooja- Parayana must be done.
10. Kavach – one must do Parikalpana of Navadurga or Saptamartruka in the Beejakashar and then do aradhana.  This gives dharmasadhan (i.e. cleanliness to start the parayana), shubha, mrityu nivarana, dushta shakti, abhichara vishabadha mukti & kavach is important as it increases satva guna.
11. Argala Stotra –one must do parayan only after argala stotra (start as “jayanti mangala kali”) Argala stotra making one conducive for Parayana gives rupa, jaya, yashas, shatrunash, saubhagya, and arogya and most importantly sukha- happiness comes and gives Sampadvruddhi.
12.  Keelak — this stotra if done without krama does not get anugraha of Durga, hence Keelak is a must for ishtartha siddhi.
13. Uchchran Vidhi- [Durga Parayan should be done in Uchcha swara]
14. Navarnav Mantra Japa, Nyasa etc.
15. Japa Samarpana by Ratri Sukta
16. Tantrokta Devi Pooja– parayana nyasa etc.
17. Parayana
18. Phalastuti
19. Uttara Nyasa
20. Devi Sukta Pathan
21. Tantrokta Sukta Pathan
22. Rahsya Pathana
23. Kshamapana
24.  Krishnaarpana
If Durga is prayed as Maya then Harini Parshuram Anusandha, if Ambika or Saraswati then Laxmi Narsimha Anusandhan. Durga stotra is full of namo stute so involves lot of namaskaras. I discovereVishnu Durga when guruji prescribed Parvati Swayamvar Mantra to one of the persons, who are not getting married.
Durga has all three manifestations:-
1. Mahalakshami [as Vishnu Maya] – anusandhan is Durga antargat Parshuram.
2. Saraswati – anusandhan is Durga antargat Laxmi Narsimha.
3. Parvati– anusandhan is Shakambari antargat Laxmi Narsimha.
Parayan means recitation with particular Niyama, this niyama one should decide as per capacity and take sankalpa and should not do ullanghan. The paarayana can be done in the evenings.
These are tantra special: Utkeelan mantra, Navarnav mantra, uttara nyasa, rahsya pathana, keelak (Rahasy traya a>pradhanik b>prakruti c> moorti rahasya). One must know them when doing it after taking deeksha. The  naivedya krama for Shakambari Devi is after Rudra Deva.

||Sri Krishnaarpanamastu||

Chandramukhi – Saraswati VRAT katha !!!

Oh SHaunak and other  rishis listen One should worship MAHALAKSHM , MAHAKALI as present in SARASWATI as also in the form of DURGA during the nine days starting from prathama of Ashwayuj shukla paksha.

For any reason one cannot worship all the nine days then one can start the worship from MOOLA NAKSHATRA ONWARDS . or atleast on the ninth day one should definitely worship godess saraswati .One will get permanent happiness through this vrat and all the sins will vanish .

we shall enumerate a practical example to highlight this vrat . ONCE upon a time in dwapar yuga there was a KING by the name RAAJVARMA of KINGDOM KAUTUMBI  . He was truthful and abiding by the dharma . He was very caring and towards his subjects and also towards his family .

He had a very beautiful , good looking bright  lusturous skinned women of good qualities as his wife by name CHANDRAMUKHI .

One day in kAUTUMBI war broke out among the brothers of the KING to divide the kingdom , All the aspirants of the throne waged the war along with their armies onto RAAJVARMA . 21 days day and night battle went on and lastly owing to vidhi [destiny] RAAJVARMA lost the battle as all his army was destroyed . RAAJVARMA along with his wife went into the forest hit by bad luck . Destiny as it were the king and wife went without food for many a days in the jungle which was dense .

Many days of hunger thirst and sleeplessness made the king suffer ill health and unable to walk in the deep jungle . Pativrata wife Chandramukhi , took her disease struck husband onto her back and making a loud cry went deeper into the jungle in search of shelter food and rest .

SAGE ANGEERAS [ ancestors of chiraan ] was deep into meditation in the forest , hearing the loud cry of anguish of a woman in the jungle sage Angeeras was deeply perturbed and curious too . He went into the direction of the cry and found a helpless woman struggling alongwith her diseased husband . The sage took pity onto the couple , brought them to ashram . after feeding them and medicating the KIng ,. ASKED about his state and advent into the forest ,

CHANDRAMUKHI retold the miseries they had to undergo as a result of defeat in the war and asked for the remedies to end their miseries .

Sage Angeeras said let me tell you the remedy for your miseries to come to an end ,10 yojan from here there is a Panchvati kshetra , by the banks of the river  Saraswati devi has appeared there in the form of DURGA , go and serve her alongwith your husband . Your sufferings will end ,

Ashwayuj month was approaching ,  Chandramukhi learnt all the methodology of the pooja of SARASWATI in the form of DURGA there with the help of a bramhin priest nearby . NINE days she worshipped with concentration and devotion . and on the nINTh day DEVI appeared in the dream of the Chandramukhi blessing her and her husband .

Happy at the dream  , both couples completed their VRATA by offering pada pooja to the Sage ANGEERAS and his wife and gathering whatever they could from nearby places , KHEER [ PAYASAM] was prepared as naivedya [prasad] to goddess Saraswati and with moolmantra of SARASWATI DEVI  a homa was conducted ther in the temple . After as completion of the vRATA Sage Angeerasa and his wife were given dana and CHandramukhi took blessing of the sage .

DEVI SARASWATI was  pleased by Chandramukhi and her vrata . SO chandramukhi became pregnant and after nine months a lovely boy was born . Sage Angeerasa did the jatahkarma to the boy and gave him the name ” SURYAPRATAP ” .

The prince was growing  like shuklapaksha moon . and by the grace of rishi Angeeras and his teachings learnt all the weaponry and astra shastras in a very short time , He was learned  in all the fields to become an able KING .

By the permission of his guru SURYAPRATAP waged a war onto KATUMBI kingdom and with a fierce fight defeated all his enemies and snatched back his Kingdom . Alongwith his mother and Father ascended the throne of KAUTUMBI ,

From that day onwards RANI CHANDRAMUKHI  carried out Saraswati vrat every year with pomp and gait and having obtained the grace of KALI MAHALAKSHMI SARASWATI in the form of DURGA lived happily with all the pleasures and fortunes .

Those born as humans should always yearn for the grace of Godess SARASWATI and by her graceful glance should obtain all the fortunes . Those who tell this story or listen to it get the KrUPAKATAKSH of GODDESS SARASWATI and his sins will be destroyed and one will obtain SAYUJYA by divine blessings of LORD PARSHURAM as present in MA SARASWATI in the form of DURGA .

krishnarpanamastu .



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