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Marriages and Astrology- an opinion

Many a times we see People claim marriages are made in heaven.

  • Then we see many people calmouring after women folks to marry them . 
  • Parents of eligible girls flock around to get a suitable match for their daughters.
  • In the process many seems to be strongly opining their likes and dislikes wrt each groom or bride. 

If marriages were to be made in heaven , does this not seem to be a superflous exercise?

  • Just wait for a right right time and the prospective people would be married? is it possible. Do we believe in it? 
  • If marriages are made in heaven then why at all we see a break in a marriage ?
  • If marriages are made in heaven why one goes through so much of grind in identifying prospective groom or bride.
  • Finally almost every star matches with other star in some way or te other does that mean people of these stars eventually marry
  • even after Astrologer proclaims a match is good , people dont’ marry , talks fall off !
  • Even after horoscopes dont match people marry
  • Some elope to marry
  • some suffer in marriage
  • some elate in marriage
  • Some marry to be happy ever after!!! What’s so heavenly about it , how astrologer can say whether the two horoscopes in question will definitely marry or not?

Astrology does have answers to all this……………..?

WHen two horoscope are matched , its the nimmitta that suggests that whether the marraige will occur or not. The position held by the messenger speaks a lot about the marital proceedings . The nadi of astrologer primarily holds sway on the marriage to be solemned . Also muhurtha chosen sometimes lays foundation for destroyed marriages. Called off baraats.

There are three types of people in this world , for the fisrt category Marriages are indeed made in heaven. These people need not wory about their marraiges , they inavariably marry those they are destined to , whether the world agrees aor not , whether it is practical or or not aor howvevr impossible , the marriage takes place even if these two prospective groom and bride live at the opposite pole of earth  , they marry ,simply because they are destined.

The second type undergoes marriage yoga every 10 years and every month in a year. These people if make an effort end up marrying someone or the other and  its the muhurtha of the marriage that determines the qualities of this marraige. Here marraiges are not made in heaven. Its the instantaneous Karma that brings about such union.

The third type of people , marriages are only meant to give unhappiness . Such people invariable marry wrong types , get decieved in marraige, marriage is a curse for them ,they suffer for it . It is there destiny to suffer.

Most of the males if born as females in this birth , marry only for conveneince and rarely there is any sense of belonging between the pairs. 

For those who have been not lucky to have a partner born for them , usually with remedial measures marry the second types. 

So the real true devotees of God need not worry about the marriage at all . Just wait for heavens to shower the blessings. But excessive contemplation will result in early marriage with the second types. So choice is your’s.

Dara Pada -Supportive/Inimical Wife

When Lagna Pada and Dara pada are in mutual kona or kendra the realtionship between wife and husband will be friendly and supportive , if second from the Lagnapada contains a benefic exalted or aspected by exalted planets , one will have many beautiful and pativrata wives.

A supportive wife is one who cares  for her husband and always sides with him even if he is a debauch , evil or impotent. Such woman have been praised heavily in Puranas and are known to have stopped even Sun moon in their movements , some have reversed the cycle of time and other impossible feats have been accomplished by such women through the power of penace of Pativratya.

Mandodari the queen of Ravan was a very pious woman. She advised ravan against all evils yet she never deplored him for his dastardly acts. She always prayed the Lord in Him ,even if He went on to bring a thousands of  wives in a unethical manner .Even when the whole world was against her husband for taking a stand against the Lord Narayana, she stood by her husband , God Ram praised her  for her partivratya and granted her Mangalya . [ Ravana was dead ,yet she remained sumangali forever How?] .

In Vedic culture Woman are considered to be sumangali as long as the pyre of husband in the cremation ground does not subside. But Lord Ram granted that the Funeral pyre of Ravana be never subside and fire be always blazing from his funeral altar . This is known as Ravan kashtha which keeps blazing ever and Mandodari remains a sumangali.

similarly when Lagnapada and darapada are in mutual 6th 8th or 12th, there will be enemity between the wife and husband.

Prabhas the Vasu was cursed by the Rishi that he be born as human and because he had attempted to steal the cow on the insistence of his wife , there be enemeity between him and his wife in the human birth.

Prabhas was born as Bheeshma and his wife was born as AMBA . Amba vowed to kill Bheesma , As his wife was not available to him in this birth owing to rishis’ curse , Bheeshma converted the curse to his advantage by taking Bheeshma vrata [ ajanma bramhacharya] and advanced his spiriual journey.

For the greats and devotees of Vishnu even curse is a great source of sadhana.

7th House – Chaste Wife -[Pativrata upakhyana]

  • If seventh is hemmed between benefics one will get good wife.
  • If 7th lord 7th house and venus are strong and aspected by jupiter one gets devoted wife.
  • If  sun is aspected by venus or mercury ,and 7th lord with jupiter ,the wife will be chaste and virtuous minded
  • seventh occupying quadrant ,and in a benefic navamsa the wife will be a paragon of chastity.

Shukamuni once asked his Father Shri VedaVyasa , ” kindly tell me the most interesting and surprising incident in this world that would bring lots of punya having listened to and destroy all the sins”.

Vedavyasa says”oh son listen to the conversation that once took place between a Bramhachari and a Pativrata

Once there was a bramhin named Kashyap ,well versed in all the vedas and neeti. He had the clear understanding of all the shastras and the meaning they conveyed, and and imparted it to many.He was completely immersed in his Dharma , performing agnihotra ,pitrukarya atithiseva and meditation of  Lord Narsimha .

He had a equally pious and very chaste wife named Savitri ,she was very dear to him because on account of  her excellence in household work she had attained the Paroksha Gyana and he was very proud of her.The very brilliant and learned couple lived happily in the Madhyadesha ,in a village named Nandigrama.

In the vicinity there lived another bramhin named YagnyaSharma ,highly learned in many fields alongwith his wife named Rohini.Excellently qualified Rohini gave birth to a male child to the happiness of the husband, who ,after having a holy bath , performed the jatahasamskara to the child .On twelfth day after the punyavachan ,he named him as “DEVASHARMA”

in the fourth month he took him a temple as nishkrama samskara ,sixth month he performed annaprashana and by the year end he performed choodakarma. In the eighth year he completed vratabandha. After completing upanayan samskara  ,devasharma without fault started his vedadhyayan . As he completed his first veda, his father died .

Having lost in grief both mother and son completed the last rites with difficulty , Devasharma in the company of sadhus thought of taking sanyasa and leaving his bereaved mother and after a bath in ganga started living on the banks of the river calmly chanting the japa and vedas. He was living by bhiksha in the nandigrama .

One day as he was drying his clothes ,two birds caught hold of his clothes in their beak , Devasharma tried to scare them , they after excreting on the clothes flew away , Bramhin gave an angry glance to the two flying birds , both birds burnt down and fell on the ground.

Devasharma was very surprised at his new found power on account of vedic study.completely arrogant of his power ,he went into the village still in an elated and excited state of mind.  Slowly he came to Savithri’s house and waited for the BHiksha . Savithri readied for the bhiksha just as her husband came by , she setting aside the bhiksha , offered a seat to her husband and washed his feet with warm water , having satisfied her husband ,she came back to Devasharma and offered him bhiksha .

The delay made devasharma angry and he glanced at her angrily , nothing happened , he glanced at her again and again . Savithri smiled and said ” oh Bramhin of a short tempered nature , I am not those two birds lying dead on the banks of the river ,whom you have burnt down, if you wish for bhiksha kindly take it” .

Surprised by her ability to know the things that have happened far away from her house ,he started thinking what could have made her amass so much power[shakti] , he after accepting the bhiksha , asked her ,” oh punyavati, kinldy tell me the truth as to how you have the knowledge of things that have happened far away at a distant place from your place of living”

Savithri said ” Oh bramhin listen to my words carefully ,I am always engrossed in my dharma , For  a woman , service of the husband is only primary dharma[Patiseva] ordained by God . oh intelligent and learned bramhachari , I am completely devoted to my husband and his well being I do this as my duty and worship and do not have interest in any other avocation except the means to make my husband happy .I do not get into any act that is not liked by him or not approved by him.Because of my swadharma nishtha ,i have the power of knowing things happening all over the world without actually having seen or hearing or reading about them.If you like to know sincerely then I have something more to tell you listen”

” Your father was excellent bramhin living only by unchhavrutti ,thus he was most purified being ,Having learned from him a Veda and having completed his last rites you have come here. Your mother is alone , unhappy ,miserable and widow , instead of looking after her ,you have deserted her come here to fill your belly daily in this village . One who has taken pains to give you a birth ,raised you , protected you and took care of you in the childhood ,you have shunned such mother in the name of Dharma.

What Dharma will you gain by deserting your mother drenched in misery and pain of separation of near and dears and roaming in the forests . Since you have ill treated your mother and caused her a pain , you are suffering from bad odour of the mouth .And because you have been taught by a illustrious father ,you have acquired the powers of tapasya. But oh sinner , what have you got by killing the birds unnecessarily .Your Tapasya has no meaning

  • One whose mother is suffering with pain and unhappiness [dukha] ,his life is utterly a waste and purposeless.
  • One who looks after his mother well with bhakti and vishvas[faith sincerity], his all karmas give good results
  • Those excellent among men ,who never transgress mother’s words , are worshipped in this and other worlds.
  • So you immediately go back to your mother and take care of her.
  • This is only the greatest dharma and tapasya for you .

After being advised thus by Savithri , devasharma  asked her to forgive him and further insisted on telling her about ” what should constitute his future course of action”

Savithri said” First go and protect your mother from succumbing to grief , Perform prayashchitta for killing the two birds and purify yourself . In the next street there is a bramhin named yagyasharma , his daughter will be your wife . If you go to him he will give his daughter’s hand to you in marraige. Live with her according to the dharma , you will beget a son worthy of your family. You will also live like your father by unchchavratti . After your wife would die ,you would take tridandi sanyasa . Having ordained in the yati ashrama and treading truthful path and prayer to Shri Narsimha , you would attain Vishnu Loka. If you believe in my words ,kindly go back to your mother”

Devasharma expressing gratitude towards the PATIVRATA ,hurriedly went back to his mother and having lead life as predicted by Savithri attained MOKSHA.

For a Man born on the earth protecting once mother is the greatest dharma and duty [ paramdharma ] One who follows and treads  this path of the Dharma , he will cut off the tree named samsara ,an  imprisonment due to avidya and agyana  and attain SHRI VISHNU LOKA ,thus said Vyasa to Shuka as per Sutas words to Bharadwaj .


7th House – Polygamy

  • If there are malefics in second house ,seventh house and if seventh lord is debilitated or combust ,one will have three marriages.
  • if seventh lord is exalted in kendra aspected or associated by 10 lord will give many wives.
  • 12 and 2 lord in third aspected by jupiter will give many wives
  • navamsha lord of the planet ,who is navamsha lord of the seventh lord in navamsha if exalted and associated with benefics in Rashi chakra will give 100 wives.
  • Lord of the rashi tenanted by second lord in rashi , if its lord in shastiamsha is exalted and itself in gopuramsa then one will marry 200 wives.
  • if a strong exchange of seventh and tenth lord and associated with strong second lord will give unlimited wives.

Moon was married to 27 daughters of Daksha Prajapati, Dharma married another 10 of his daughters ,Kahyap married 13 daughters of the Prajapati. Kashyap spread the population all over the earth in a diversified forms and species.

Dashrath[Illustrious father of Shri Ram] had three wives ,Vasudev[ Father of ShriKrishna] had 24 wives , Pandu[Father of Panadavas had two wives].Bheemsena had 28 wives ,Arjun had 16 wives.

  • ShriKrishna had 16108 wives ,He remained on the earth for 105 years .
  • ShriKrishna had 10 sons and 1 daughter from each of his wives.
  • This means he had 1 lakh 77 thousand one hundred and 88 children
  • By logic [ if he has spent one day each with one wife to impregnate them ] he should spend at least 177188 days/nights just consummating his marriage.
  • He married 16100 wives when he was 23 years old. that means till he left earth He had lived only 365*82=29930 days
  • How can one beget 177188 children in 29930 days from 16108 unless one spends his day and night with 6 of his wives this way his whole day and night would be spent only among his wives all the 100 years with an average of four hours to each .
  • But even this would give him a child of about 1 month old at the age of 105 , but contrarily ShriKrishna had all the 177188 children quiet grown up by the time he was 60 years , this makes this feat even impossible .
  • Also Shrikrishna was known to have been very close to Pandavas helping them across many places quiet far away from the Dwaraka , also HE did many other leelas in different parts and finally he is known to have spent full 18 days in Mahabharath war ,that makes the count even less .[so the whole feat is humanly impossible]
  • So how was that possible.
  • Narada rishis had a similar doubt so he decided to inspect the love life.He went to each of the palace where his each wife was staying and there he found a Krishna living happily merrily in the company of his wife . This surprisingly was same at every of the 16108 palaces , at the same time HE was also found with the Pandavas , exclusively he granted time for his friends and other yadavas. wherever Narada went he saw Krishna .
  • Lord Krishna [Paramatma] is present in everyone’s heart and governs our action.
  • He is inside and outside this world [vaasudev] supporting this universe/creation .
  • He is the one who has shown entire bramhanda in his mouth to Yashoda
  • He is omnipotent all pervasive
  • He is infinite with infinite roopas.
  • So this feat of having 10 lakh progeny[sons and grandsons] is just infinitesimal compared to what he does in controlling entire UNiverse.[Jagadoddhara]
  • krishnarpanamastu 

    177188   ,31025

    Marriage Compatibility

    The compatibility between the couples should be based on Janma Rashi. The following kutas should be considered while deciding the marriage they are

    1. Rashyadhipa
    2. Nakshatra
    3. Varna
    4. Gana
    5. Rishi
    6. Pakshi
    7. Mriga
    8. Vedha
    9. Bhuta
    10. Rajju
    11. Vasya
    12. Yoni
    13. Ashtakavarga
    14. Chitta

    Of these Maitri ,nakshtra,gana,rajju,vashya ,yoni are very important. so what they represent .

    • Maitri[rashyadhipa] indicates friendship that would exist between the couples after the marriage . This involves understanding ,analysis ,feeling better ,counting on each other ,support etc that couple would be in a position to offer each other will be determined by Maitri.
    • Nakshatra will determine stree dheerghya ,that means it is the measure of closeness that a couple would feel or experience after marriage . Many a times it is seen a some people though in distant lands separated by miles still feel closer to each other mentally .Physical separation do not hinder them in loving each other and they don’t each other , time would have passed by in the measures of years ,yet when they meet again they would chat as if they had been together as always.On the contrary there are some who staying in the same house would be mentally apart ,they would never feel that each person is closer to the other the distant seems to be there in mind. Yet again some people forget each other the moment the other person is out of sight . Some carry them in heart even if the other has died long ago.
    • Gana shows the measure of compromise one would make for the other in the marriage.
    • Deva gana are known for giving and they are happy giving everything , they adjust and make room for the other partner.When marriage is between two devaganas ,it is complete with each person silently adjusting to he needs of other without expressing any pain ,the pain that does not exist and disappears with joy expressed by the other
    • Manushya gana is adjusting and compromises only when he needs something from the other ,at all other times he protests and expresses his anguish at the pressure that is being created by the others’ demands and needs. the other partners’ needs endangers his desires [such is the feeling of the manushya gana].
    • Rakshasa gana is ever demanding gives back nothing. He feels strange when someone expresses the need for sharing , though not sharing or adjusting himself ,asks others to make room for him and sometimes grabs it steals it to the discomfort of the other. His needs are paramount to him/her and others needs is invasion into his space.
    • when Devagana boy  marries manushya gana girl [ The girl will ask for the moon and boy earnestly will strive for it , even after getting it girl will keep saying why aren’t you excited ,look we are on the moon ,dont you think its wonderful , Dev gana will just admire her with a smile , and she would smiff ” aap to kuch bolte hi nahi”]
    • Manushya gana boys  marry manushya gana girls[ girl spots a donkey and says ” aji sunte ho aapka rishtedar ja raha hai “, snipes the boy ” namaste sasurji”]
    • Manushya gana girls marry Rakshas gana boy [ but they will be ever sobbing at their fates ,boy snipes ” woh pehli wali baat nahi rahi” ,girl says ” pata nahi kis kisko ghurte rehte ho”]
    • Raksha gana boys marry Rakshasa gana[ “dekhiye aisa kuch main hone nahi doongi ” ” tum boriya bistar bhandke ja sakti ho”]
    • Dev gana boy marries Rakshas gana girls[ ” boy ” hare Narayan eis sansar ke moh maya me mat pado priye”,girl ” Ghar me rashan khatm ho gaya hai “]
  • Rajju is the breath that flows constantly between the couples as they glance each other or come closer to each or whenever thoughts of each other crossover the minds. These breaths must be in a opposite direction for the boy and the girl. Eka nadi couples will always have wrong breath flowing and hence will always fail in responding to the stimulus of the other. When one will be thinking of something ,the other one would be caught napping or dreaming something else .
    • when a boy glances at the girl if they are at the time having opposite breaths there will be definite attraction between them , women will definitely glance back , when man touches the desired woman and breath flows through the right nostril then be assured woman will not resist him , he can be physical with his woman only till as his breath is in right nostril , the moment it changes to the left ,the activity stops . The ability to keep breath in the right goes a long way in amassing physical prowess. Nonetheless opposite rajju can always sustain the relationship and mutual attraction and sense of power exists all through.[the warrior class likes such relationships]
    • Children born to couples with varying breath patterns are healthier and stronger
    • Children born to couples with mismatched breath patterns are defective
  • Vasya is very important kuta , certain signs are naturally subservient to the other sign like capricorn can never say no to Pisces , there is natural vasya between the two signs , when vasya exists between the couples one will be very happy to boss around and the other will happy to have granted permission for such bossing.
  • Yoni is the method to estimate the sexual compatibility between the couples If yonis are matching , however different the views of the couples be they will never raise these issues during copulation . If yonis are mismatching then couples will spend most of the time in discussing their differences and inner thoughts rather then the actual act.Act remains just a formality to  declare  a cease fire . Most of the couples in todays’ era would like to keep marriage intact just because their yonis are matching. Thus among the majority this compatibility rates higher in keeping the marriage stronger .Couples agree to disagree/
  • Chittanukulyam sarvanukulyam , Couples hopelessly in love need not see any compatibility , if there is compatibility of minds then there is compatibility in everything.
  • Rasi on account of these kutas total upto 36 points , it is very rare to see marriages between such compatible stars. However an average of 18 points and above makes the marriage work . This is for the unintelligent. Intelligent must think and come to conclusion that while one cannot be completely happy with a woman he lives with , if he choose to count every virtue in her to his advantage , one must learn to live with the inabilities of the person we are destined to marry .The more we look at the positive aspects more compatible will be the married  life, If a woman is all adjusting then even if her horoscope does not match still she would make an excellent wife.

    Even if the more than 18 points match and the kuta which is of paramount importance to a woman or man is mismatching , they would be lamenting and cursing entire life each other or perhaps one would silently sob in the darkness of the night at his fate [ such things frequently comes out in the fight ,” pata nahi meri woh kaun si manhoos ghadi thi jis din inse shaadi hui” pata nahi teri ammi ne us din chay me kya mila diya jo main tumhe dekhke latto ho gaya”]

    even if you see 100 horoscopes you reject them on one count or the other [“dil me woh ghanti nahi baj rahi] Yet again when time comes you marry a person with all the same defects which you earlier scorned at.[ dimag ki siti baj gayi]

    Its true the mind is never under control to decide these issues when it comes to marriage. The great Dushyant when he saw Shakuntala , he had unusual wave of passion .But what he was seeing was a rishi kanya ,He was a kshtriya King , he felt   How come my righteous mind is getting attracted to a  Bramhin girl [rishi kanya] ,which is prohibited by the shastras. The whole day during his shikar his mind could not move away from the sight of the beautiful Shakuntala , but his conscience was teasing him to be a unworthy man. Gathering his senses , Dushyant concluded if at all I am a high born righteous man then my thoughts cannot betray me , this  beaytifull lass must definitely be born off th loins of a Kshatriya. To ascertain he goes to her maid and asks her the caste of the Girl from whom he is unable to take off his eyes , Priyamvada consoles him by assuring that she is a Kshatriya lass girl born of Vishwamitra and Menaka.

    Similarly when smitten by love for Urvashi Pururava says , ” My state is like that of a donkey following the female even after repeatedly being kicked and turned around and made fool off, donkey religiously follows the other one for a mate”.

    When Shantanu meets YojanaGandha and is totally shaken by her beauty , he repeatedly thinks why is it that his steadfast mind wandering towards her beauty and captivating body fragrance that spread to a 8 miles in periphery .Why is it that very thought of foregoing her is causing one’s soul to leave the body dead. why is it he unable to stick to  Dharma and uphold the right of the Devavrata to the throne. Shantanu was a yogi of highest kind , he had the power to die at will , He was the only blessed Man on the earth to have a wife from Devaloka retaining Devata body , all others had to forego deva body and acquire human body.

    Shantanu had controlled his mind but his inabilty [ As Srikrishna says in Geetha ” I am the desire in the humans “] was sensed by his Son devavrata and he took a vow of celibacy and became BHEESHMA .


    7th House -Husband

    In stree jataka[female horoscopy] ,the planet in the seventh navamsa or the lord of seventh navamsha decides the quality of the Husband.

    • if sun is in the seventh or sun is the lord of the seventh then the husband will be of  very tender body or quiet spoken ,mild man. He will be a very hard worker . [atimrudu ,ati karmi]
    • If moon be similarly placed or if seventh house is cancer in the amsha , the husband will be one who will hanker after other women , he will also look after his wife well , he will be kind hearted soft personality.
    • If mars is present in the seventh house the husband will be very loving towards women , he will be easily given to anger and rash personality.
    • If mercury is in the seventh amsha or virgo/gemini is the seventh house  then he husband will be a scholar , he will have a good sense of humour ,if well placed he  may  a trader or accountant , when in the amsha of the venus it will give persons well versed in arts.
    • if jupiter becomes the owner of the seventh navamsha ,the husband will be highly educated ,blessed with many good qualities , and will have his senses and under control , will never look at other woman .
    • If saturn happens to be lord of seventh then the husband will either be a fool or the age difference between husband and wife will very high. he will be  a old man. if it is ketu then he will be impotent .if with Rahu he will be already married to someone else.
    • If Venus is the lord of the seventh navamsha then husband will be very handsome and will be very fortunate person. He will have excellent attractive features and a pompous style and blessed personality.

    Amba was determined to Kill BHeeshma ,she undertook severe penace to shiva  to be born as man to kill Bheeshma . Shiva said woman cannot be born as Man ,however he gave her a boon to become the cause of death of Bheeshma. She insisted she wanted to become Man. Shiva said she would be assisted in becoming Man.

    Drupad prayed Lord Shiva for a son, soon Shiva appeared and said a son would be born . But a Drupad’s wife gave birth to a daughter , amused Drupad thought for a while , Shiva’s words cannot be futile , this must be some test of his faith.

    So he raised the girl child as a male ,he dressed her like a man and even taught her all the warfare and named as Shikhandi. When the child came of age , it was decided to marry the Prince[ss] . So neighbouring Kingdom’s King had a beautiful daughter , her hand was proposed in the marriage , Marraige took place grandly ,but later bride  found that Groom was actually a woman. Upset she left for her Parent’s House. Parent furious addessed Drupad [ Drupad said he has raised as  son and Shiva had told HIM that his child is male ] and agreed for a Angapariksha or war.

    Shikhandi fearing insult to her Father that night went deep into the forest ,deciding never to return . As she was contemplating suicide with heavy sobbing and cursing her destiny . Tumbur[ Gandharva ] was passing by ,He was cursed by the rishi to become a woman . He was also unhappy .But seeing the plight of the Shikhandi , he offered, He would lend his body [male] to her .But the problem is a female cannot control a male body , [but a male can take  a female body and control it and live in it] this is nature’s law. So Tumbur offered to control her body and she be just present in it[ Tumbur offered to be present in the manner devils possess the human body]

    Thus overnight Shikhandi acquired a Male body , she would desire , Tumbur would carry it out for her. She came back to palace , During Angapariksha , In laws were very happy to see a man for her daughter ,They scolded her for unusually doubting the groom[handsome gandharva] . Drupad thanked Shiva for a great miracle and happy to see his faith in Shiva honoured.

    Shikhandi later became cause for the Death of Bheeshma .


    7th House-Marriage Affairs Women

    • If moon and jupiter are in 7th from karakamsha the person will have very beautiful wife[Atisundari]
    • Venus in the seventh from karakamsha ,the wife will be sensuous[Kaamvathi]
    • While mercury indicates wife well versed in arts [ Kalaavathi]
    • The sun so placed will give wife well protected[Rakshitha]
    • Saturn well placed will give pious wife [ tapasvini]
    • Saturn weak will give sick wife[ rujadya]
    • Saturn afflicted will give wife elder in age [ Vayoadhika]
    • Rahu so placed will give a wife ,who is already somebody’s widow [ Vidhwa]
    • Seventh from upapada if there is a benefic , wife will be roopavati [beautiful],bhavya [fortunate],gunanvita[virtuous]
    • mercury and rahu there ,wife will be stout[ sthulangi]
    • if mercury is in rasi of mars then wife will have nasal disorders.
    • if shani and rahu then one will shun or desert  his wife  on account of calumny

    If one has vyabhichara yoga in the horoscope and if seventh house has :

    1. sun then one will have illicit relations with a barren woman
    2. moon then akin to sign,rasi[ virgo-virgins , libra-prostitutes etc]
    3. mars then with young models
    4. mercury then with wives of rich men or traders , or harlots.
    5. Saturn then with workers ,menials unclean etc
    6. Rahu ketu with minors

    The breasts of the would be wife will be :

    1. sick and weak if saturn is in the seventh
    2. sun will give urdhwa kooch [prominent]
    3. Jupiter will give hard [kathinstani]
    4. Mars will give attractive [sustani]
    5. venus will give sthulastani [bulky and excellent]
    6. moon will give small and uneven
    7. Rahu will give lambastani

    the seventh navamsa if it is exalted then one will marry woman of superior race.

    Bheemasena was the first to marry among Pandavas .He married even before Yudhisthira although Yudhisthira was elder , Vedvyasa appeared and urged Bheemasena to marry Hidimbi [mother of Ghatotkach] .

    Ulupi was a widow of a snake king from Naagloka , she was childless and hence urged Arjun to give her a child[ as per her husbands’ wishes] . Arjun initially refused but later after repeated requests obliged and Iravant was born. As he was born to a widow , he was exterminated from the land of Nagas , Ulupi raised him in Devaloka.

    Iravant fought bravely in Mahabharata , while fighting Alamban both used maya to counter each other , at one stage Iravant tooka a form of a huge snake covering entire battle field and challenged Alamban , Alamban then took a form of huge Garuda and killed him . Ghatotkacha killed Alamban to avenge his brothers death.


  • Sun-Birth of Ashwini Devatas The celestial Twins

    Aditya (sun) was born to Aditi ,the daughter of Daksha prajapati.Aditya was married to Sangya devi ,daughter of Tvashtrva (architect of devatas).Sangya was very beautiful and Sun was very happily living with her. However Sangya finding the heat of Sun as unbearable , one day went back to her father’s house. Father assured that he would reduce the brilliance of his son inlaw in due course ,but it is not wise of chaste woman to leave their husband. So Sangya returned and carried on with Sun, givimg birth to Manu , Yama,and Yami.

    But unable to bear Sun’s brilliance , Sangya created her replica ,Chayadevi [who resembled her in appearance] ,went away to forest in Uttara Kuru in the disguise of Mare [female horse] .Chayadevi serving Sun as Sangya (his wife), within one year gave birth to Manu,Sani and Tapti.

    However Chaya grew partial towards Sangya’s children and Yama noting this complained to Father . Father showed discern towards Chaya . Chaya out of anger Cursed Yama ,” You lord over the dead ” and to Yami as ” You be a river (yamuna)” . Sensing mother never curses her child , Sun suspected Chaya . Then He found out the truth and cursed Saturn ” You become lame and cruel planet” , Tapati to become the river.

    Sun out of his Divyadrishti found out Sangya was roaming in the forest of Kuru as mare , he took the form of Horse and lived with her again in the forest .Thus were born two beautiful horses(twins) Ashwini. Bramha came to the forest and appointed the Ashwini as Physicians of Devatas and offered them a boon of being extremely handsome .

    Vishwakarma then prayed Aditya and subsequently he reduced his brilliance to accomodate the growth of civilization on the earth .

    This story also gives the philosophical reason behind the results of Sun in seventh house.Sun in seventh house invites seperation from husband in a woman’s horoscope. Sometimes husband abandons the lady. In some cases lady has to compromise as second wife.

    Thus this story of birth of Ashwini devatas, narrated by Vyasa ,brings beauty and health to those who listen or reads it.


    Pati ,Patni aur Jyotish-[Husband,wife and Astrology]

    One of the astrological principle is , if the two people involved have friendly moon signs or ascendants , they become good friends, relationship between them is harmonious and happy. According to astrology seventh sign is that which describes wife.Seventh lord if it is friendly to ascendant lord then husband and wife will be coherent. But strangely no sign in astrology has its seventh as a friendly sign.

    1. Aries < libra         neutral/neutral
    2. taurus <scorpio     neutral/neutral
    3. gemini <saggittarius enemy/enemy
    4. cancer<capricorn  neutral/enemy
    5. leo <     aquarius   enemy/enemy
    6. virgo<pisces          enemy/enemy

    thus we can see nowhere freindship is found between the two signs showing this relationship can never be friendly and harmonious except when aries /libra taurus/scorpio pair have in their respective horoscopes ,venus and mars within four signs .This would make them temporary friends , and man woman can have very happy life. Incidentally , aries /scorpio is ruled by mars and libra /taurus belongs to venus. So it is only venus and mars pairs that can get happy in a marriage , all others brave a at the most neautral realtionship with either one of them dominating. This is perhaps a great balance levered by God to induce a person to seek other world , else man would never ever want to leave this world , when he is happy with his wife . He would like to have his time freeze forever . So what are a happy marriage combinations?

    1. seventh lord exalted in kendra
    2. aspect of jupiter on seventh house
    3. arudha lord and upapada lord in mutual angles
    4. jupiter in second from upapada
    5. jupiter and moon in seventh from  karkamsa
    6. Venus exalted/own house in other than seventh.
    7. venus seventh lord and seventh in Navamsa well disposed.

    moon in the seventh house gives shy and soft spoken wife . Sun gives wife who is always ready to pack bags to her mother’s house.mars gives a short tempered wife.mercury gives  a clever and communicative  wife.Jupiter gives a pious ,knowledged and well mannered wife.venus gives a voluptous wife with very attractive features but spoils happiness in  married life . saturn gives if placed well  a religious wife ,if otherwise a sickly woman,if afflicted, an elder woman as wife.

    Mars in seventh and fourth if unaspected by jupiter shortens  marital  life. Saturn denies marriage. Saturn with venus , aspect of saturn on seventh or rahu in seventh delays marriage. association of ketu with venus or seventh brings many obstacles in marriage. A  good wife indicates a person also enjoys good food . If somebody has abundance of Ghee and butter it indicates he will invariably marry a good girl . Those who eat in golden plates marry well. Those who are happy in marriage are also successful in transactions, travels,and almost always recover lost wealth. Marriages happen only by the will of destiny, when marriage yoga occurs irrespective of time, position and wealth ,marriages takes place. Like Draupadi marrying unknown, ordinary appearing, men ; who had won her swayamvar.

    King Drupad worried as to who had won the hand of his daughter, sent his son Dhrustadhyumna to spy on the Pandavas in disguise.(Pandavas were thought as dead in Laksha graha , their last rites were also performed ) .Dhrushtdhyumna finds that these men, though looking like ordinary people, were speaking extraordinarily and their gaits were kingly ,yet they were wearing a dress of brahmins, but living like ordinary peasants. to test them Drupad prepares four houses suitable for four castes.

    1. one with all the stores of articles for homa and yagnya
    2. second with arms and the articles of  weaponry
    3. third full of wealth/cattle
    4. last full of grains and pots

    pandavas enter second one ,giving immense pleasure to Drupad ,who asks why they were living a simple life when they were kshatriyas. To this Yudhistira replied “oh King you had not declared swayamwar only for kshatriyas ,ordinary men could also take part. Now are you repenting that? ”

    Then Yudhistira told they were pandavas ,to give immense pleasure to Drupad. Though a King, Pandavas married everytime they were either in exile or forest, in ordinary circumstances.

    One should marry good people ,giving preference to the qualities rather than pomp and show. King Manu gave away his daughter  to a Hermit in the forest ,after he came to know that he was the best in the qualities, instead of giving his daughter to a prince. Princess served her husband for many years in forest without having any  pleasure since rishi was engaged in penace . Both grew older and when rishi realised he had not given any happiness to his wife ad they had got older now , he acquired youth through penace for both himself and wife and enjoyed bodily pleasures for hundred thousand years by creating palaces , gardens, rivers through his mystical powers. and in the process creating the entire clan of human mankind. Thus is told the story of first man and woman who procreated manyfolds thus fortifying the belief of MANU.


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    Shri Krishna,Astrology and HIS 16108 wives

    Shri Krishna was born in rohini nakshatra  with a moon sign taurus. People born in this star are inimical to maternal uncles.Kamsa was maternal uncle of Shri Krishna whom shri krishna killed to relieve earth of a vile demon. Krishna was born when taurus was rising with moon and venus in it. seventh lord mars exalted in capricorn (9th house) , saturn exalted in libra (6th house) since 10th was in sixth Krishna never had a kingdom of his ( all though entire universe is his kingdom shown by exalted 10 th house). Sun was in leo the 4th house. exaltation of seventh lord alonwith its dipositor with venus in own house ,and aspect of moon on seventh makes one have innumerable wives. Lord krishna had 16108 wives. Aspect of moon and venus on seventh house also makes one have affairs.  Krishna gave sexual pleasure to a kubja . He had rasaleela with gopika stree and Radha in gokula although he was only ten years old then .(kishoreavastha) . Lord exists in everyone , it is he only who primarily enjoys in a Human body and gives enjoyment to the soul too. He existed even in husbands of the gopika stree(s). there was nothing he did not know about their bodies as their husband , or there was nothing extra/new that they could offer to Krishna in the absence of their husbands. Hence Krishna did not have any allegations on him on account of these affairs. Look at the aspect of exalted Jupiter from third house on seventh. Aspect or association of jupiter with seventh house gives rise to shuchi yoga ie. one who is  extremely clean with respect to sexual conduct. HE does not indulge in Vyabichara or illicit sex . Also this yoga gives one a pious and obedient wife Rukmini,Satyabhama,Jambavati,Neela,Mitravinda,lakshana,Kalindi,Bhadra devi. and 16100 kanyas released from the prison of Jarasandha.16108 wives.

    Shri krishna married  Neeladevi in a swayamvara , that was more difficult than Draupadi swayamvar. In Draupadi swayamvar a warrior was supposed to pierce the eye of the fish fixed on rotating disc by aiming at the reflection of the disc in the water kept in a bowl below the disc.Arjuna successfully claimed Draupadi.

    But in Neela swayamvar , the fish was on the upper side of the rotating disc. The mirror in which the reflection need be seen was fixed below  the disc to the ground . there was a hole in the disc .The warrior had to watch the fish on the cieling mirror once , hit his arrow through the hole observing it in the below mirror , it should get broken by another arrow hit through the hole and then when the broken arrow is in its trail  downwards,it should pierce the fish. Only Krishna could accomplish this feat rest all fail . Showing superiority of Krishna.

    to be continued………………………..                                         HOME PAGE              Astrology and importance of efforts

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