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Sudarshan Chakra

Ordinary people are affected by the planets in a repetitive manner. Most of the people out there have a routine life . But still these people have their own share of happiness and miseries. These are very important to them as individuals. These peoples horoscope may not be as eventful as very successful people like, Prime minister, superstar,superplayer or superachievers. Its easy to predict super horoscopes as they have many yogas and pretty laid out destiny. But a common man also lives a full life and everyday is eventful to him in his own way. A successful astrologer is one who can point out this subtle differences to such a normal person . How can this be achieved? The answer lies in sudarshan chakra.

Sudarshan chakra gives forecasts on a daily basis, monthly and yearly basis. With sudarshan chakra it  will be possible to yearmark eventful years, months and days in a man’s life for better days and miseries.

if someone wants to know what would happen in next few hours , the key lies in his  sudarshan chakra.Sudarshan chakra becomes more pronounced  to people born on amavasya, or those who have sun or moon in  the ascendant. Sudarshan chakra easily identifies when a man is going to be happy , in childhood or youth or old age. Thus Bramha told the secrets of sudarshan chakra for the sake of people in Kaliyuga, to understand the good and bad days , even if they cannot understand yogas and very deep astrology.


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