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Astrology and Four types of people

Sage Parasara says there are four types of people in this world. Uttama, Madhyama,udaseena,and Adhama. Uttama the best seems to be indulgent in pious activities , loves simplicity, engages in study, austerities,patience and satisfaction. Madhyama loves pomp and splendor,activity,control over masses,fame,valour,cleverness,not retreating in war,protecting holymen, udaseena engages in agriculture,business,speaking both lies and truth,breeding cattle, Adhama is given to greed ,falsehood,idiocy,laziness,servitude. People should be classified after observing these attributes in them , and work allocated according to nature. Sun,moon,Jupiter  when they are associated with the ascendant , The birth is of UTTAMA. Venus ,mercury ,so placed gives Madhyama, Saturn,mars give a Adhama , When all the three are equally strong then it is udaseens. Out of many if two are predominant from same category ,then that quality prevails. In matters employee and employer and wife and husband,master servant , these factors be considered for long association.

When relationship is between two alternate categories it brings some bitterness. when uttama meets udaseena he is uncomfortable so is madhyama with adhama. but madhayama and udaseena makes a good pair. adhama tolerates udaseena and vice versa. employer with higher qualities can get along with his employees but otherwise relations end up disastrously . Uttama husband and madhyama wife can lead a good life.Thus this fourfold creation emanated from Kala namak Hari.

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